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Barbara Vacker Papers

An Inventory to the Collection


Creator: Vacker, Barbara.
Title: Barbara Vacker Papers
Date: 1972-1979
Abstract: The bulk of the collection consists of printed material related to Texas and national women's conferences on women's rights and passage of the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) held in the 1970's and documents prepared by the White House Interdepartmental Task Force on Women headed by Sarah Weddington during the Carter Administration.
Location: Mss. 019
Size: 1.5 cubic feet
Repository Texas Woman's University, the Woman's Collection

Biographical Note

Barbara Vacker graduated from Southwest Texas State University with a degree in home economics. Her first job was at the University of Texas as a food service supervisor; later, she was promoted to Director of Special Events for the President's office. She was founder and president of Vacker Associates, a firm which did political consulting, lobbying, and advising. She was also vice-president of Vacker Interests, Inc., which was formed to arrange a project financing land acquisitions. As an active supporter of women's rights, she served as director of Texans for ERA. In 1979, she worked for nine months in the White House office of presidential assistant Sarah Weddington planning national strategies for securing adoption of the ERA. In 1980, she ran for County Democratic party chairman.

Scope and Contents of the Collection

Pamphlets, programs, news releases and fliers from the Conference on Women in Public Life, Austin, Texas (1975), the National Women's Conference, Houston, Texas (1977), the Texas Women's Political Caucus ERAmerican Strategy Session, and the ERA Summit Conference (1979) at the White House. Also includes speeches, news clippings, women's political publications, and magazine reprints pertaining to the status of women, equal rights events and Vacker's political activity as well as publications, newsletters, fact sheets, and a poster from the White House office of Sarah Weddington, chair of the Interdepartmental Task Force on Women which dealt with the accomplishments of the Carter Administration in the Women's Equal Rights Movement.


Arrangement of the Collection

Series 1: Women in Public Life Conference
Series 2: Texas Women's Political Caucus
Series 3: Texas Women's Meeting
Series 4: Texans for ERA
Series 5: Literary Productions
Series 6: Miscellaneous


Access to Collection:

Researchers may access the Barbara Vacker Papers Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm in the Woman's Collection. The Woman's Collection is located on the second floor of the Blagg-Huey Library. All materials are viewed in the Catherine Merchant Reading Room, and photocopies are provided at the discretion of the Woman's Collection.

Publication and Copyright Statements:

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Administrative Information


Collection donated by Barbara Vackar, 1983.

Encoded by:

Ranu Singhvi, 2008

Detailed Description of the Collection


Series 1: Women in Public Life Conference

Box Folder
1 1 Correspondence
To Barbara Vacker from Liz Carpenter, 10/3/75.
To Barbara Vacker from Liz Carpenter, 10/10/75.
To Barbara Vacker from Beryl A. Radin, 10/14/75.
2 UT News Releases
"Women Officials," 9/30/75.
"Spelce Painting," 10/27/75.
"Rogers Speech," 11/3/75 (2 copies).
"Women's Entertainment," - Texas Gala, 11/3/75.
"Women's Medley," 11/3/75.
"Women in Public Life: 1848-1931," LBJ Exhibit, 11/5/75.
"Women in History, Photographic Exhibit at UT Visitor Center...," 11/5/75.
"Photo Exhibit," 11/5/75.
"Women's World," 11/6/75.
"Media and Women," 11/6/75.
"Gain and Gaps - Panel I ," 11/11/75.
"Gain and Gaps - Panel II ," 11/11/75.
"Griffith's Address," 11/11/75.
"Summary Panel," 11/12/75.
3 Invitations and Programs
Invitation to have Sangria and cheese before Texas Gala, 11/10/75.
Benefit Reception for ERA, 11/9/75 (3 copies).
To Barbara Vacker from Martha Smiley, 10/29/75 re: thank you for sponsoring reception.
Program, Conference on Women in Public Life, Texas Gala, 11/10/75.
4 Invitations and Programs continued
Program, Conference on Women in Public Life, Theater Party, 11/75.
5 Newspaper Clippings
"Conference on Public Life," On Campus, Vol.3 #11, 11/17- 30/75.
"Steinem: No 'Great Emancipator'," Texan, 11/75.
"UT Conference to Feature Leaders," 11/75.
6 Miscellaneous
Advisory Committee, 11/75.
Resume of Garland C. Shearer, "Daughter of Naval Officer".
Questionnaire on Women's Issues.
Fact Sheet.
Schedule of Events.
Women in Power Committee.


Series 2: Texas Women's Political Caucus

Box Folder
1 8 Convention, 1976
Resolution Committee Report.
TWPC Political Action Activity Report, 1975-1976.
Election Procedures.
Proposed Bylaws Changes.
TWPC Convention Schedule, August 6-8, 1976, Sheraton-Dallas.
Map of Sheraton-Dallas, 2 nd floor.
Resolutions Committee Rules and Procedures.
Campaign Techniques Classes.
'Parliament Procedures at a Glance: Printed as a Community Service by the Houston Chronicle.'
TWPC 1975 Convention Schedule.
Report of the Political Action Committee by Ernestine Glossbrenner.
TWPC Legislative Report.
Resolution, re: new constitution for Texas.
TWPC Convention Rules, 8/76.
9 Women's Political Serials
"The Caucus and the ERA," by Mimi Purnell. Women's Political Times , Vol. 3 #2, Summer, 1978.
Women: 1977 The Status of American Women, National Women's Conference 11/18-21/77, Houston, Texas(3 copies).
What Happens if this man Leaves the Picture ..., by Common cause for ERAmerica, Washington, D.C. (5 copies).
National NOW Times, Vol. 10 #12, 12/77.
New Directions for Women, Vol. 6 #3, Autumn, 1977.
Daily Breakthrough Where Women Are News, 11//19/77 (2 copies).
White House News on Women, Vol. 11, #7, 8/80 'Sarah Weddington'. (moved to Box 3, Folder 12)
11 Pamphlet Series
Regional Workshop for Texas Women, Policy Research Project for the Status of Women, LBJ School of public Affairs, UT Austin.
a) Commission on the Status of Women.
b) How to Assert Yourself.
c) Legal Services for Women.
d) Minority Women & the Women's Movement.
e) Political Skill Techniques
f) Texas Family Law.
g) Women's Health Needs.
h) Women and Education.
i) Women and Employment.
j) Women, Credit, and the Law.
12 House Bills
Typed text of House Bill # 162, 32 pages.
TDC, 1979 Rescission Attempts.
12 Miscellaneous
21 Women & Addresses.
"Quotable Quotes".
Planning and Agenda.
Legislative Issues.
List of 19 possible friendly groups.
List of 14 unpersuaded powerful groups.
Electoral Politics.
Communication Network.


Series 3: Texas Women's Meeting

Box Folder
1 14 Convention, June 24-26, 1977
"International Women's Year Poem," by Judith Cody, Kikimova Publishing Co., Los Angeles, CA, 1975, 1977.
"Budget for Planning, Implementing & Reporting on the Texas Women's Meeting to be held in June, 1977."
"Election of Texas Delegates to the National Women Conference, 1977."
"Texas Women's Meeting, June 25-26, 1977, Proposed Resolution, Employment Workshop."
"Vote for Pro-Women's Rights Delegates Nominees," (List of 58 women).
15 Booklets
"Rules for Texas Women's Meeting, 6/24-26/77, Austin."
Texas Women's Meeting "Women at the Grass Roots: Growing Towards Unity," June, 1977. Austin: University of Texas.
Statement of the Equal Rights Amendment, US Commission on Civil Rights, Clearinghouse Publication #56, 12/78.
American Women on the Move, National Women's Conference, 11/18-21/77, Houston, Tx (2 copies).


Series 4: Texans for ERA

Box Folder
1 16 Newsletter
"Texans for ERA: Let the Record Speak," Austin Tx (2 copies).
17 Typed Documents
"Ratification of the ERA: A question of Time."
18 Typed Documents Continued
"Text, Development & Implication of ERA."
"House of Representative Committee on Constitutional Amendment - Special Rules of Procedure Hearing on HCR #35."
"Public Hearing on HCR #57, Special Rules of Procedure," 4/14/75.
"Senate Concurrent Resolutions," SCR #12.
"Equal Rights Amendments - Fact Sheet," By ERAmerica.
"Service Organizations," [List of 48].
19 Pamphlets and Fliers
"Only the Beginning: A blueprint for Equality," International Women Year Conference, Mexico City, Mexico 1975. New York: United Nation Association of U.S.A., nd.
"There Oughta Be A Law !," Houston Tx: Women's Advocates, Inc., nd.
"Why Religion Groups Supports the Equal Rights Amendment," prepared by the Religious Committee for the ERA, New York, nd.
"ERA - Equal Rights Amendment: Ratification & the 7 - Year Provision ," New York : Now Legal Defense and Education Fund, nd.
"For Full and Permanent Equality...The Equal Rights Amendment," Washington, D.C.: ERAmerica, nd.
"ERAmerica Benefit 11/18/77," Houston, prepared by ERAmerica, Washington, D.C., nd.
"The 27th Amendment to Our United States Constitution can help us fulfill the promise of America --- to ourselves and to our children's children," Austin, Tx: Texans for ERA, nd. (20 copies).
Flier, "You're In Good Company...," Washington DC: National Abortion Rights Action League, (NARAL), nd.
Flier "Catholic ERA Effort," Mr. Rainer, MD: Catholic Act for ERA, nd.
Flier "For Roman Catholics: ERA Not Linked to Abortion: New Study Explodes Myths on Catholics and ERA," Mr. Rainer, MD: Catholic Act fro ERA, nd.
Flier Fact Sheet: From the Office of Sarah Weddington, the White House, "Passage of the ERA - A Summary of the Efforts of the Jimmy Carter," Washington, DC, 6/80.
Flier "In Oklahoma...Just Because They're Women," Tulsa & Oklahoma City: Common Cause, Ok - ERA, nd.
Flier "Texas HERA," Homemakers' ER's Associations, Plano, Tx, 3/31/72.
Flier "ERA Month," prepared by Common Cause, nd.
20 Wall Map
Wall Map of the U.S.A.


Series 5: Literary Productions

[Items in this box are loose because of their bulk.]
2 The ERA Supporter's Handbook, by Virginia NOW, Box 8289 West Hampton Station, Richmond, VA 23226, 9/74.
Women in Politics: TWPC Conventions, 1974.
TWPC: Count Us In! Convention, 8/75, Corpus Christi, Tx.
Conference on Women In Public Life: An International Women's Year Symposium, co-sponsored by LBJ School of Public Affairs & LBJ Library, 11/9-11/75, Austin : University of Texas.
Equal Rights Amendment Project, prepared for California Commission on the Status of Women, by Anne K. Binaman, 1975.
TWPC: Fifth Annual Convention , Dallas, 8/6-8/76.
Women's Rights Handbook, Information Pamphlet #9, California Department of Justice, 11/1/76.
Women in Public Life: Report of a Conference, LBJ School of Public Affairs, edited by Beryl; A. Radin & Hoyt H. Purvis, Austin: University of Texas, 1976.
Proposed National Plan of Action..., National Women's Conference, Houston, 11/18-21/77.
Time Magazine, "What Next for U.S. Women...," 12/5/77.
Texans for Equal Rights Amendment, Austin: Texans for ERA, 1977 (3 copies).
The Spirit of Houston: The 1st National Women's Conference, An Official Report to the President, the Congress & the People of the United States , Washington, DC: National Commission on the Observance of International Women's Year, 3/78.
At Ease With ERA, prepared by Betty Gordon Becton & Betty Beek Moorhead, AAUW, 1979.
E.R.A.: A Workshop Guide, Washington DC: National Commission on the Observance of International Women's Year, nd.
[Handmade booklet with], "Sample Literature," [on ERA], nd.


Series 6: Miscellaneous

2 Four Political Buttons for ERA.
Box Folder
3 1 Correspondence, 1979-80
Letter from Sarah Weddington, 9/27/79, concerning a meeting with the President.
Letter of appreciation from "Missy", 10/10/79.
Letter from Sue Cameron, 11/8/79, concerning ratification of ERA.
Letter from Luci Johnson Nugent, 11/26/79, containing invitation to reception honoring Chuck and Lynda Robb.
Letter from "Sarah", 12/26/79.
Letter from "Cheryl", White House stationery, no date, concerning ERA fund drive.
2 Biographical News clippings and Photos
"A Busy Night, from Bomb Scare to Nacho Bombs", 8/15/80 concerning an evening in New York City.
Clippings (7) concerning Vacker's announcement to run for Democratic party chairman in Travis County.
Photo, 9/9/79, League of Women Voters Membership Event, Austin Public Library, Barbara Vacker (speaker), Dorothy Wimberly, and Jill Fain.
Photo, 1/80, Barbara Vacker, Child and Family Board Meeting.
News clipping, "ERA Objectives Easy to pin Down" no date.
2 Susan B. Anthony Event, 6/20/79
Negatives and photos of event.
4 Speech for American Association of Medical Assistants, 9/15/79.
Text of speech.
Letter from AAMA, 6/4/79.
Notes on speech.
Letter from AAMA, 9/9/79, with job description of a medical assistant.
5 Speech for American Study Class, University of Texas, 11/7/79
Letter from Melissa Hield, 9/10/79, discussing upcoming speech.
Note of appreciation from Melissa Hield,11/8/79.
Course requirement for classes.
6 Speech for Texas Association of Occupational Nurses, 2/23/80
Letter from Carolyn Gillmore, 9/18/79, concerning upcoming speech.
Letter from Barbara Vacker, 10/10/79, concerning upcoming speech.
Note from 'Setta Smith, R.N., 12/20/79, regarding outline of speech.
Outline of speech.
Letter from TAOHN, in appreciation of speech, 3/7/80.
Outlines of speech given at conference.
Text of speech.
Program booklet.
Austin Women's Databank and Questionnaire.
Letter from Women's Databank Committee.
Conference program.
Letter from Pet Frank, Florida State Senator, 12/20/79, concerning a women's network in Florida.
Booklet, Eastern's Businesswoman, concerning networking.
Handwritten notes on speech.
7 Speech Material
Magazine and news clippings describing the status of women in the labor force.
8 ERA Meeting at the White House, 6/21/79
Folder with White House emblem, containing the following:
List of attendees.
Summary of meeting.
Letter from Ann Richards to Lynda Bird Robb. 8/1/79, concerning ERA Summit Recommendations.
Reprint of "Appeal to patriotism..." by Shirley Polykoff.
Reprint of "Outline of Remarks about the Right Wing and ERA".
9 Proposed ERA Functions for Fall 1979
Draft, "Proposed ERA Functions Throughout the Fall", from Sarah Weddington, no date.
Memorandum from Sarah Weddington, "Proposed ERA Functions for the Fall", 8/17/79.
Memo to Sarah Weddington from Vacker, "Findings on Advisability of Interdepartmental Task Force on Women Holding a Seminar", no date.
10 ERAmerica Strategy Session, 8/18-9/79
ERA folder containing the following printed material:
List of participants.
Survey of ERA issues and questions.
From, "Resources Materials Evaluation".
"ERAmerica", statement of history and goals of organization.
List of states that have ratified ERA.
Board of Directors.
The Equal Rights Amendment.
Status of ERA Ratification.
State legislative voting requirements for approving Federal constitutional amendments.
Bibliography of ERA resource materials.
11 "ERA Summit Conference", White House Meeting, 10/21/79
Pamphlet, "A Presidential Salute to ERA".
News clippings (2) concerning the meeting and reception.
Copy of memo from Sarah Weddington to Hamilton Jordan and Jody Powell urging them to attend reception.
Suggested opening remarks from Task Force Chairs.
List of attendees by state.
12 Publication from the Office of Sarah Weddington
"Women and America: Rosalynn Carter Challenges Communicators", text of speech given by Mrs. Carter 4/26/79.
"Fact Sheet: Women in Public Office, 1979", listing the number of women in various segments of government.
"Fact Sheet: Directory", list of principle Federal agencies that address women's issues.
"Fact Sheet: Women and Security", problems and solutions of the Social Security System.
"Hispanic Women in Government", brochure listing names and addresses of top Hispanic women in federal government positions, May 1979.
"Women in Government", booklet listing names and addresses of over 400 women in Federal government positions, May 1979.
White House News on Women, newsletter prepared by the Interdepartmental Task Force on Women, v I (issues 1-5), v II (issues 2-7).
Letter from Sarah Weddington, 3/19/80, accompanying the February issue of the newsletter.
"Human Rights: Equality and Choices for Women in the Coming Decade: A Statement Submitted by Sarah Weddington to the Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe", April 4, 1979, 33p.
Letter from Sarah Weddington, 12/6/79, reviewing accomplishments of the year, and mentioning enclosed poster.
Poster, "Honoring a Commitment to the People of America: Presidential Appointees".
Booklet, "Honoring a Commitment to the people of America. The Record of President Jimmy Carter on Women's Issues", January 1980, 36p.
Booklet, "The United States Delegation to the United Nations Mid Decade Conference for Women, Copenhagen, July 14-30, 1980", 14p.
Reprint, "Who's Who in the Carter Administration", Washington Monthly, May 1977, 12p.
13 Executive Women International
List of Board of Directors.
Principles of Organizations.
membership Criteria.
Fact Sheet.
U.S. map showing chapters
Membership dues for Austin chapter.
14 Austin Women Center
Pamphlets concerning activities of organization, 2 items.
15 Doctors for the Equal Rights Amendment
Membership forms.
Text of slide show about ERA.
Memo to Texans for ERA, 9/30/79, containing suggestions fro ERA campaign.
Letter to Dr. McGill from Renta Yenta, regarding anti-ERA groups.
16 Miscellaneous Lists
Names of magazines publishing ERA articles.
Names and addresses, "Going out with a Bang Party", 8/31/79, Office of the President.
3 lists of names and addresses (9 pages), no titles, no dates.
17 Impact of ERA on the Military
Excerpts from an interview with Major General Jeanne Holm, concerning ERA and the military.
18 Miscellaneous material on ERA
Newsletters, pamphlets, requests for donations, news clippings, reprints, and news releases of various organizations supporting ERA (1979).
19 Miscellaneous material on lobbying
Workshops announcements, educational materials, reprints and directory of T.S.A.E. members.
20 Anti-ERA material
Pamphlet, "Beware of the Hook in ERA", prepared by STOP ERA.