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Texas Woman's University, the Woman's Collection

Texas Federation of Women's Clubs Collection

Series 3: Administrations (Correspondence, 1949 - 1951)

Collection Summary

Creator:Texas Federation of Women's Clubs
Title:Texas Federation of Women's Clubs Collection
Date:1897 - .
Abstract:Constitution and bylaws, minutes, correspondence, reports, and published material created by the state organization, the districts, and over 2,200 individual member clubs. Also includes graphic material such as photographs and scrapbooks. Material documents the founding meeting in 1897 through the organization's growth in the twentieth century into the largest women's volunteer association in Texas.
Location:Mss. 32
Size:493 boxes.
RepositoryTexas Woman's University, the Woman's Collection


Arrangement of the Collection

The records are arranged into nine series:
Series 1: Historical Writings
Series 2: Legal and Financial Documents
Series 3a-j: Administrations - Correspondence and Reports
Series 4: Education Assistance
Series 5: Headquarters Building
Series 6a-c: Membership
Series 7: Printed Material
Series 8: Graphic Material
Series 9: General Federation of Women's Clubs and South Central Region


Access to the Collection:

Open for research.

Publication and Copyright Statements:

Permission to publish materials must be obtained in writing from the Coordinator for Special Collections. Where copyright is unclear, all responsibility must be assumed by the user.

Administrative Information


Material was collected and housed at the TFWC Headquarters until the organization designated the Woman's Collection as the repository for its archives in 1985. Material has been added on a continuing basis since that time.

Processed by

Ann McGuffin Barton, Morgan Davis, and Barbara Hotinski, 1997-2007.

Encoded by:

Ranu Singhvi, 2008

Detailed Description of the Collection


Series 3: Administration Records (Correspondence, 1949 - 1951)

3.56 - 3.66Correspondence
This section includes president Hodge, 1949-1951.
Arranged alphabetically by originating correspondent (author) in order of presidential administrations. Correspondence by each president precedes the alphabetical listing. The name of the author, the town or city, the person's title, and a brief description of the contents of the letters is included.
3.56Hodge Administration, 1949 – 1951
Hodge/Perry - TFWC
Joint Correspondence
Hodge, Vera. (Mrs. J. Howard), Midland, President.
4 Folders.
Abernathy, Mrs. H.R., Victoria, Corresponding Secretary, Decora Study Club.
Abernathy, Mrs. M.D., Commerce, Treasurer.
Acers, Maurice, Mission, TexaSweet.
Acton, Mrs. Sam, Wichita Falls.
Adams, Fayman.
Adams, George B., Houston, Executive Assistant Manager, Rice Hotel.
Albright, Sue, Commerce.
Alexander, Mrs. R.W.
Allen, Doris, Dallas, The Daily Times Herald.
Allen, Hallie. (Mrs. James), Childress, President, Seventh District.
Allen, Mrs. Henry A., Weatherford.
Alsup, Mrs. Joe, Corpus Christi, Secretary, Bluntzer Study Club.
Amos, June, Ft. Worth, Advertising Manager.
Anderson, H.H. “Andy”, Ft. Worth, Managing Director, Hotel Texas.
Anderson, Mrs. K.M., Sweetwater.
Anderson, Marguerite, Abilene, Librarian, Abilene Christian College.
Anderson, Stella. (Mrs. Ed. M.), West Jefferson, NC, Editor - The Skyland Post.
Andrews, Mrs. Clyde, McLean, President, McLean Progressive Study Club.
Andrews, Thelma, Abilene, Librarian, Hardin-Simmons University Library.
Angrover, Mrs. L.H., Bowie.
Archer, Mrs. H.E., Lubbock.
Arnold, Gradie (Mrs. Fred).
Astin, Mrs. John C., Bryan, Chairman, Pattie Simms Scholarship Fund.
Atchison, J.C., Harlingen, Atchison Lumber Company.
Aueritte, Ruth, Ft. Worth.
Bagby, Nathe, Dallas, Executive Vice President, Leche & Leche, Inc.
Baker, Mrs. Jessie, Sweetwater.
Balentine, Dorothy. (Mrs. Jack), Rock Springs, Second Vice President, Fifth District.
Bales, Robert V., Ft. Worth, Advertising Manager, Leonard’s Department Store.
Barber, Mrs. Dell, Colorado City, President, Athenaeum Study Club
Barker, Beulah. (Mrs. W.H.), San Antonio, Chairman, Transportation.
Barnes, Flavel, Parcelus, NY., Advisor, Book Fund - CARE (Cooperative for American Remittances to Europe, Inc.)
Barnett, Mrs. W.S., Grand Prairie, Treasurer.
Barrett, Mrs. Ray, San Angelo.
Barrington, Mrs. O.D., Freer, Texas Garage.
Bartlett, Mrs. E.F., Wellington.
Barton, Mrs. H.M., Ft. Worth.
Bass, Mrs. Joe, Dalhart.
Baxter, Audrey, Lometa, President- L.M. Study & Civic Club.
Beaman, Mrs. J.L.C., Alice, Epco Publications.
Beard, Mrs. Sam. H., Canton.
Bearman, R.E., Houston, Sales Manager, Crown Can Company.
Beaton, Agnes, Washington D.C., Director, Women’s Division - Automotive Safety Foundation.
Beckworth, Lindley, Washington D.C., Member, House of Representatives, U.S. Congress.
Beene, Mrs. O.J., Friona, Finance Committee, Modern Study Club.
Belknap, D.W., Ft. Worth, Manager, Ft. Worth House - Montgomery Ward.
Bell, Mary, Kemp.
Bennett, Mrs. A.O., Paducah.
Bennett, James, Washington, DC, Executive Secretary, National Academy of Broadcasting Foundation, Inc.
Benny, Mrs. H.L, Lomenta.
Bentsen, Lloyd M., Washington DC, Member, House of Representatives, U.S. Congress.
Berry, Esther, Joinerville, Postmaster, United States Post Office.
Berry, K.L., Austin, Adjutant General, State of Texas.
Berry, Margaret, Commerce, Dean of Women, East Texas State Teachers College.
Best, Elizabeth. (Mrs. Joseph), Wink, President, Eighth District.
Bethell, Vergie. (Mrs. Tom), Greenville, Chairman, Scholarships.
Bettes, Della, Clarksville.
Beys, Helen, Denton, President, Federated Club Council.
Bickley, Mrs. C.A., Denver City, Tejas Study Club.
Bishop, Alma R., Denton, President, Second District .
Bissett, Mrs. Gerald, Refugio.
3.57Black, Harmon, Austin, Manager, Student Clipping Bureau, The University of Texas.
Blackburn, Corinne. (Mrs. L.L.), Baird.
Blackmore, J.H., Detroit, MI., Department of Public Relations - General Motors Corporation.
Blackstone, Mrs. J.K., San Antonio, Manager, Interstate Club Service.
Blackstone, Janoma. (Mrs. Nip D.), Ozona.
Blackwell, Jack, Gonzales, Executive Secretary, Gonzales Warm Springs Foundation.
Blalock, Bertha. (Mrs. D.R.), Meridian.
Blanton, W.B., Houston, Executive Vice President, Houston Chamber of Commerce.
Block, Mrs. A.D., Treasurer, Dewitt Co. Federation.
Blodgett, Jean. (Mrs. W.T.), Austin.
Bluethman, G.W., Ft. Worth, Safeway Stores.
Bluntzer, Anabel. (Mrs. Paul), Corpus Christi, First Vice President, Fifth District.
Boatman, Mrs. Elbert, Ft. Stockton.
Bohn, W.J., Dallas, Production Manager, McKee Thompson & Associates, Inc.
Boldrick, Neill, Ft. Worth, General Sales Manager, Acme Brick Company.
Boone, Graham B., Houston, Meradco Company.
Booth, Ross, Gonzales, President, The Gonzales Warm Springs Foundation for Crippled Children, Inc.
Boren, Stella. (Mrs. J.F.), Abilene.
Boren, Mrs. Wayne, Snyder, Chairman, Forums and Institutions.
Botta, Robert A., Houston, Executive Assistant Manager, The Shamrock. Hotel
Bourn, Sally F., San Antonio, Manager, Menger Hotel.
Bovell, Florence. (Mrs. S.C.), Dallas, Second District.
Bowen, Mrs. Joe. (Mrs. Joe), Sweetwater.
Boyd, Mrs. A.E., Plainview.
Boyd, A.L., Galveston, Advertising Agent, The Gulf, Colorado and Santa Fe Railway Company.
Boyd, Bertie Simmons, Houston.
Boyd, Mae. (Mrs. Ben W.), Denton, President, Second District.
Boykin, Mrs. Stanley, Ft. Worth, Chairman, Fine Arts Department.
Bozarth, Mrs. Jas, Lampasas, Secretary, Sixth District.
Bracewell, Elizabeth (Mrs. Search), Houston, Chairman, Junior Clubs.
Bracewell, Muriel, Houston, Houston Junior Forum.
Bracher, Margaret, College Station, District Agent, Co-operative Extension Work in Agriculture and Home Economics - Texas A & M College Station and US Department of Agriculture Cooperating.
Bradford, Chas W., Austin, Sweeney’s Paint & Wallpaper Co.
Branch, Frances, Dallas, Tracy- Locke Company, Inc.
Brand, Eulalia (Mrs. Wayne), Austin, Executive Secretary.
Braznell, Mrs. Edward, Ft. Worth, Chairman, Cancer Education, First District.
Bremond, Walter, Austin, President, The Capital National Bank in Austin.
Brewster, Ruth, El Campo, Temporary President, Brewster & Duncan.
Brice, Mrs. Henry, Snyder.
Bridge, Mrs. Harry, Abilene.
Briggs, Mr. John L., Dallas, Vice President, Southland Life Insurance Company.
Brightwell, Mollie. (Mrs. W.P.), Baird.
Britt, Mrs. T.M., Wheeler.
Broadus, Almeada.
Brock, Ada, Winnsboro.
Brock, Blanche, Winnsboro.
Brooking, Mrs. Garland M., Palacios.
Brooks, C.N., Houston, Division Manager, Sales Department - The Texas Company.
Brooks, Marietta, Austin.
Broughes, Mrs. John, Calvert.
Brown, Bert B., Austin, President, The Brown Schools.
Brown, Mrs. D. Carlyle, Mathis.
Brown, E.A., Austin, Manager, Commodore Perry.
Brown, Fred, Mineral Wells, Assistant Manager, The Baker Hotel.
Brown, Mrs. Gus.
Brown, Mrs. Guy, Wichita Falls.
Brown, John W., Paducah.
Brown, Lena S. (Mrs. Clark), Cavalier, ND, President, North Dakota Federation of Women’s Clubs.
Brown, R.W., Gainesville, Chairman, The Sweeney Diabetic Foundation.
Brown, V.I., Hawkins.
Brownfield, Mrs. Maurice, Snyder.
Bruck, O.N., Austin, Assistant Postmaster, U.S. Post Office.
Buck, Mildred. (Mrs. J.L. Blair), Washington DC, President, General Federation of Women’s Clubs.
Bunch, Mrs. T.H., Victoria.
Buford, Mrs. Blant, Dallas, President, Wednesday Morning Choral Club.
Burnham, James D., Austin, Secretary/Treasurer, Bradford Paint Company.
Burkes, Mrs. E.J., Cameron.
Burrage, Frances, Brownwood, Librarian, Howard Payne University.
Burrus, L.G., Camp Lejeune, NC, Office of the Senior Chaplain Force Troops, Fleet Marine Force, Atlantic Camp Lejeune, NC.
Bursey, Edith M., Brackettville.
Burton, Ernestine (Mrs. Richard H.), Richmond, Virginia Federation of Women’s Clubs.
Butterfield, Inez, Houston, City Federation of Women’s Clubs, Inc.
Buttrill, Stella (Mrs. W.J.B.), Denton, President, Denton Federation of Women’s Clubs.
Butz, Mrs. Walter, Ft. Authur, Postmaster, USPO.
Buzzell, Grace D., Dallas, State Director, The Planned Parenthood League of Texas, Inc.
Byerley, Ruth (Mrs. L.G.), Midland.
Cake, Lutie, Portland, OR., Chairman, Scholarship Loan and Fellowship Fund Board, Oregon Federation of Women’s Clubs.
Calhoun, Mrs. M.S., Falfurrias.
Callahan, Una, Austin.
Campbell, Mrs. B.B.
Cannon, Marie, Gainesville, Chairman, Year Book Committee of the Music Department, XLI Club.
Cantey, Sam, Ft. Worth, Assistant Cashier, The First National Bank of Ft. Worth.
Cantrell, Nita (Mrs. W.E.), Goldthwaite, Secretary, TFWC.
Carden, Charles E., Dallas, Executive Director, The Committee of Texas COMPO Showman.
Carleton, Winnie (Mrs. A.T.), Houston, 4th District President, TFWC.
Carlisle, Mrs. E.L., Ralls.
Carlsen, Dwight, Corpus Christi, Vice President & Advertising Manager, Central Power and Light Company.
Carney, Avis (Mrs Freeman), Denison, Treasurer, TFWC.
Carpenter, A.M., Abilene, Chairman, Fine Arts, TFWC.
Carter, R.M., Dallas, Magnolia Petroleum Company.
Cartwright, Mrs. W.V., Austin.
Casey, Mrs. Arthur, Rosebud, Treasurer, TFWC.
Chandler, C.C. & Audrey Turner, Ft. Worth, Rowland Broiles Company.
Chapman, Helen (Mrs. Theodore), Chautauqua, NY., Chautauqua.
Christian, Mrs. E.H., Amarillo, 7th District Publicity Chairman, TFWC.
Clarborne, J.C., Dallas, Assistant Sales Manager, Texas Employers’ Insurance Association.
Clark, Mrs. B.P., Austin, Chairman, Headquarters Library.
Clark, H. Lee, Ft. Worth, General Agent, Missouri Pacific Lines.
Clark, R. Lee, Austin, Director and Surgeon in Chief, Anderson Cancer Hospital.
Clayton, Mrs. W.T., Springlake.
3.58Cocanougher, Ada (Mrs. A.T.), Lubbock, Chairman, Council of International Clubs.
Cochran, Mrs. J.S., Atlanta, Atlanta Woman’s Club.
Cochran, Mrs. W.W., Burleson.
Coffey, Nena (Mrs. L.P.), Bryan, L.P. Coffey Wholesale Candies.
Cole, Mrs. Omer, Talco, Talco Fine Arts Club.
Collier, Lillian (Mrs. Jud), Mumford, Chairman, Safety.
Collins, Mrs. Charles, Talco, Chairman, War Veterans.
Collyer, Paul A., New York, NY, Associate Secretary - Foreign Division, American Bible Society.
Colvert, C.C., Austin, President, Austin Kiwanis Club.
Connally, Tom, Washington, D.C., Chairman, Committee on Foreign Relations - United States Senate.
Conner, Mrs. E.M., Alpine, Study Club.
Cook, Mrs. Alton, Nixon, Shakespeare Study Club.
Cook, Winnie, San Antonio.
Cooper, Mrs. Clouis, Raxton.
Cooper, Harry A., Houston, Production Editor, Weirton Steel Company.
Cooper, Mrs. J.A., Hawkins, Corresponding Secretary.
Cooper, Mary, Houston, Chairman, 4th District Penny Art Fund - TFWC.
Cooper, Myrtle J., Amarillo, Adv. Rep., Special Services.
Copeland, Mrs. Jeff, Wolfe City, TX.
Coppedge, Mrs. J.W., Memphis, Tax Assessor and Collector-Hail County.
Cornelison, Alice (Mrs. Robert), Somerville, N.J., President, New Jersey State Federation of Women’s Clubs.
Cornelison, Mrs. Joe L., San Angelo, President, 48 Club.
Cosby, Mona (Mrs. A.A.), Falfarrias, The Falfarrias Reading Club.
Cotter, L.S., Amarillo, District Manager, Southwestern Public Service Company.
Couch, Edwardine Crenshaw, Bonham, Lawyer.
Craig, Mrs. C.L., Plainview.
Crandell, Mrs. Paul, Big Spring, Settles Hotel-Associated Federal Hotels.
Creed, Maurine, Vanderbilt.
Crews, Mrs. J.M., Childress, Chariman, 7th District Board of Trustees - TFWC.
Crisp, Mrs. G.O., Kaufman.
Croft, Mrs. J.L., Marshall, Chairman, Calendar Committee.
Crook, W.W., Dallas, Crook Advertising Agency.
Cropp, Frederick, New York, NY, Secretary, American Bible Society.
Cross, James, Ft. Worth, Advertising Manager, The Fair.
Crouch, Mrs. William, Madisonville, W.L. Crouch & Sons.
Crowell, Mrs. Ray, Abilene.
Cryer, Corita, Port Lavaca.
Cullen, M.P., Chicago, Von Arx Advertising Agency.
Cullinan, Craig, Houston, President, American Republics Corporation.
Culmer, Lessi Ellen, San Antonio, Publicity Director, Frost Bros.
Culp, George S., Chicago, ILL., Leo Burnett Company Inc.
Culp, Mrs. Jno W., Gainesville.
Cunningham, Mrs. W.E., Levelland, Corresponding Secretary, Junior Woman’s Club.
Cunningham, Winnie (Mrs. J.C.), Ft. Stockton, Circulation Chairman, TFWC Clubwoman.
Currie, Mrs. Herb, Crane, Crane Study Club.
Currie, Pearl, Paint Rock, Chairman, TFWC News Circulation.
Curry, Rae (Mrs. A. Foy), Ft. Worth.
Dakan, May (Mrs. Hosea).
Damuth, Mrs. Charlie, Magnolia.
Danforth, Marion (Mrs. W.J.), Ft. Worth, Life Membership Chairman, TFWC Clubwoman.
Davis, Anna G., Royce City, President, Book Lovers Club.
Davis, Marvin L. & Harding L. Lawrence, Dallas, Pioneer Air Lines, Inc.
Davis, Nettie Vass (Mrs. John R.), Weston, W.VA., President, West Virginia Federation of Women’s Clubs.
Davis, Mrs. M.W., Whitewright.
Davis, Mrs. R.M., Burkburnett.
Davis, Mrs. Tom.
Daws, Mrs. Jim Bob, Throckmorton.
Dawson, Cleo, Lexington, KY.
De Forest, Sara, New York, NY, Laymen’s National Committee, Inc.
DeLay, Kathleen (Mrs. Roy), Houston.
Dellasega, L.A., Bartlesville, OK, Phillips Petroleum Company.
Denton, Mrs. J.H., Cisco, Child Study Club.
Dial, Mamie (Mrs. Preston), San Antonio, The Council of Pan-American Relations.
Dickey, Vera Dial (Mrs. W.C.), Memphis, Chairman, Registration - TFWC.
Dickson, Roberta (Mrs. Fagan), Austin, Attorney-At-Law.
Dickson, Ruth R. (Mrs. Robert), El Paso, President, Lower Valley Women’s Club.
Diggs, Kathleen (Mrs. Terry), Haskell, First District Chairman, TFWC.
Donavan, Ruth G., Lincoln, NE., Speakers Service.
Doss, Meek (Mrs. M.S.), Seminole.
Douglas, Mrs. John O., Houston, 2nd Vice President, TFWC.
Douglas, Laura.
Douglas, Leslie H., Houston.
Douglas, Mrs. Walter Scott, San Angelo, Life Member, Penny Art.
Dudley, Lorraine (Mrs. R.E.), Abilene, State Parliamentarian.
Duggan, Anne Schley, Denton, Texas State College for Women.
Duke, Beatrice, Dallas.
Dunn, Mrs. Tim H.
Duvall, Frances G., Clarksville, MO, Scholarships & Loans, GFWC.
Eddins, Mrs. D.T., Estelline.
Edmondson, Minnie M. (Mrs. M.H.), Greenville, 3rd District Chairman, Penny Art Fund -TFWC.
Edwards, Jim, Ft. Worth, Advertising Department, Texas Electric Service Company.
Eichler, Ester (Mrs. Hershell), Jacksboro, 1st District President, TFWC.
Ellison, Mrs. C.E., Big Lake.
Endon, Helen, Dallas, Media Department, Tracy-Locke-Company Inc.
Ernest, E.J., Ft. Worth, Southern Bell Telephone Company.
Eubank, Mrs. Bob, Big Spring, Chairman, Resolutions - TFWC.
Eubanks, Mrs. W.G., Kingsville.
Evans, Cora, San Antonio, Treasurer, The City Federation of Women’s Clubs.
Ezelle, Bess, Sanderson.
Fahey, R.A., Austin.
Farmer, Louise, West Columbia.
Farnsworth, M, Houston, Division General Manager, Gulf Oil Corporation.
Faust, Mrs. John, Amherst, Treasurer, City Cleaners.
Ferguson, Mrs. Bassett, Ridley Park, PA.
Ferguson, Mrs. Clarence, Groesbeck.
Fernichis, Carrie, Round Table President.
Ferrell, Mrs. A.R., Justin, 2nd District Chairman, Musical Penny Fund -TFWC.
Fields, Florence (Mrs. J.U.), Haskell, Life Members, TFWC.
Fields, Mrs. Louis, Sudan.
Fincher, Mrs. J.W., Houston.
Findley, Mrs. R.J., Bishop.
Finchis, Carrie, Denton, President, Round Table.
Fischer, Eula (Mrs. Earl W.), Victoria, Chairman, Yearbook Committee, Morning Study Club.
Fisher, Kathleen (Mrs. Joe J.), Jasper, Law Office of Fisher & Tonahill.
Fisher, Mrs. W.C., Brownwood.
Fisher, Mrs. W.T., Brownwood, Chairman, Registration.
Fleming, Maj. Gen. Philip S., Washington D.C., The President’s Highway Safety Conference.
Fletcher, Mrs. Enoch, Grand Saline, Grand Saline Study Club.
Floore, Florence, Ft. Worth, Life Member, TFWC.
Flowers, Lora A. (Mrs. John), San Marcos.
3.59 Forrester, Mrs. Joe, Ballinger.
Forrest, Mrs. S.S., Slaton.
Fortner, Mrs. Clark A., Crosby, Crosby State Bank.
Fortune, Mrs. C.H., Colorado City.
Foster, Ethel, Sterling City, Chairman, Board of Trustees, TFWC.
Foster, Mrs. Lee, Canyon.
Foster, Margaret (Mrs. Lee), Canyon, Chairman, Fine Arts Department.
Foster, Margaret, Sterling City.
Foster, Mrs. R.H., Ft. Worth.
Foster, Mrs. Terry, Sterling City, The Wimodausis Club.
Fouts, Leslie Vann (Mrs. Theron), Denton.
Fowler, Mrs. L.P., Cleburne.
Fowler, O.L., Denton, Manager, The Denton Chamber of Commerce.
Frazier, Mrs. G.E., Odessa.
Freeman, Cornelia (Mrs. W.C.), Maysfield,
Friedell, Mrs. W. Russell, Houston, Treasurer, The Woman’s Club.
Furlong, William, Houston, The Shamrock Hotel.
Galvin, Carrie, Washington D.C., GFWC.
Galvin, Mrs. Wm, Washington D.C., Publicity Division, GFWC.
Galyean, E.L., Austin, Director of Research, Texas State Teachers Association.
Gardenline, Mrs. W.V., Cisco.
Gardiner, Mrs. Howard, Beaumont.
Gardner, Bertha, Beaumont.
Garrett, Clyde Jay, Brownwood, Dean, Division of Fine Arts, Howard Payne College.
Garrison, Homer, Austin, Director, Texas Department of Public Safety, Camp Marby.
Gary, Mrs. C.P., Colorado City.
Gatewood, Mrs. Glenn, Sudan.
Gay, Ruth B., Washington D.C., Contest Secretary, Build Freedom with Youth, GFWC.
Gay, Vera, George West.
Gee, James, Commerce, President, East Texas State Teachers College.
Gee, Mabel (Mrs. Harold L.), San Antonio, Chairman of Motion Picture, Communication Department, TFWC.
Gehr, Mabel (Mrs. F.L.), Wink, 8th District Secretary-Treasurer, TFWC.
Gentry, J. Roy, Atlanta, GA., The Coca-Cola Company.
Gentry, Mrs. Tyson, Sherwood.
George, Aileen, Ft. Worth, Assistant Secretary, Ft. Worth Hotel Association, INC.
Gibson, Anna Burt, Lubbock, Secretary, Texas Technological College.
Gibson, Louise (Mrs. M. Howard), Waxachachie, Appointed Board Member, TFWC.
Gibson, Mrs. Merrick, Graw.
Gibson, Mrs. P.C., Calvert.
Gillespie, Ruth, Woodville, District Clerk, Tyler County.
Gillette, Helen (Mrs. H.B.), Houston, Chairman, Program.
Gillin, Audrey, Dallas, Director, John Robert Powers School.
Glardon, Mrs. Le Roy, El Paso, 8th District Second Vice President, GFWC.
Goodley, Roy W., Cincinnati, OH., Kroger.
Goldsborough, Annette (Mrs. J.C.), San Antonio, 5th District Chairman, Penny Art-TFWC.
Good, Mrs. R.E., Carrollton.
Goodbar, Octavia W. (Mrs. Joseph E.), Portland, ME., Chairman, Forum Committee, Christ Church.
Goodwin, Mrs. Paul C., Port Arthur, 4th District Corresponding Secretary, The Woman’s Department Club.
Gore, Mrs. Jake, Brownfield.
Gould, H.P., New Orleans, LA., Plant Food Division, Swift & Company.
Grantham, Mrs. L.C., Gladewater.
Green, Mrs. A.B., Harlingen.
Green, Ed.V., Dallas, Texas Theatre Service Company.
Greenwood, Marion (Mrs. Paul), Harlingen, President, Rio Grande Valley Federation.
Greer, Imogene (Mrs. Hilton), Dallas, 2nd District Board of Trustees, TFWC.
Greer, Laura (Mrs. Sam R.), Tyler.
Gregory, Birge, Denton, Owner, Denton Flower Shop.
Gribble, Esther (Mrs. Luther), Wellington.
Griffin, Mrs. Oscar, Waco, Waco Press Club.
Griffin, F.B., Dallas, General Passenger Agent, Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad Company of Texas.
Griffin, Mrs. W.M., Elgin.
Griffis, Lassie Jane (Mrs. L.J.), Waco, Manager, Sales & Office, Bauer-McCann.
Griffith, W.A. & M. Hanson, Dallas, The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company.
Griffiths, Mrs. Harry, Austin, Chairman, Texas Legislative, TFWC.
Grizzard, Mabel, Waxahachie, President, Waxahachie City Federation.
Grubbs, Esther, Colorado City, Treasurer, Mitchell County.
Gruben, Mrs. Henry, Spur.
Guerra, Mrs. J.H., Rio Grande City.
Guinn, John A., Denton, President, Texas State College for Women (TWU).
Guthrie, Mrs. Beckham, Henrietta.
3.60 Haberlin, George R., Austin, Capital Printing Company.
Haden, Mrs. Clyde, Abernathy.
Hagaman, Mrs. M.H., Ranger, Life Member, TFWC.
Hale, Lois, Austin, Advertising Manager, E.M. Scarbrough & Sons.
Hall, Mrs. H.H., Hedley, H.H. Hall Service Station, Firestone.
Hall, Irene, Coleman.
Hall, Mary, Marshall.
Hall, Mita (Mrs. Hugh Edward), Sherman.
Haly, Mrs. A.C., Crosby, Treasurer, TFWC.
Ham, Ruth, San Antonio.
Hamby, Mrs. M.A., San Angelo.
Hampton, Zoe Austin, Registered Nurse, Field Supervising.
Haney, Mrs. F.W., Mt. Pleasant, Lilienstern’s Cash Store.
Hansen, Pearl (Mrs. Albert), Victoria, President, Texas Rural Letter Carrier’s Assistant.
Harden, Mary Louise (Mrs. L.B.), Bishop.
Hardy, Mrs. G. Rankin, Gainesville, President, Woman’s Auxiliary to The Texas State Dental Society.
Hamiliton, Frances, Austin, Social Director, TFWC.
Hamilton, Jack, Tremont, Alert Advertising Agency.
Hammer, Kathryn (Mrs. WmC), New York, NY, Consumer Relations, Celanese Corporation of America.
Hamner, Mrs. C.H., Longview, Chairman, Yearbook, TFWC.
Hanson, Pearl (Mrs. Albert), Victoria, 5th District Chairman, Charter Education, TFWC.
Harrigan, Ruth H., Tulia, Treasurer, TFWC.
Hargrove, Mrs. W.F., Acala.
Harlan, Mrs. J.S., Driscoll.
Harman, Theresa (Mrs. W.W.), Lampasas.
Harper, Mrs. Ira, Argonia, KA.
Harpin, Mrs. Chas, Harlingen.
Harris, Lucille, Abilene, Hendrick Memorial Hospital.
Harrison, Guy B., Waco, Professor of History, Baylor University.
Hartel, Mrs. G.H.
Harwell, Eunice (Mrs. E.L.), Abilene.
Harwood, Loflin E., Dallas, Director of Public Relations, Southwestern Life Insurance Company.
Hawkins, Eudora, Abilene, West Texas Utilities Company.
Hawkins, Mrs. Jack R., Groesbeck, Editor-Publisher, The Groesbeck Journal.
Haynee, Mrs. Comer, Merkel, Past President, TFWC.
Hazel, Mrs. W.D., Cisco.
Hecht, B., New York, N.Y., United States Pencil Company.
Hefley, Sue, Natchitoches, LA., Northwestern State College.
Hendler, Mrs. Arnold, Houston.
Hendrix, D., Houston, Assistant Manager, The Texas Company.
Henry, Mrs. Mark, Crowell, Life Member.
Herndon, Mrs. Maude, Bastrop.
Hernig, Mrs. L.R., Breckenridge.
Hesler, Pearl J. (Mrs. J.H.), Houston, Exhibits Director, American Cancer Society Texas Division.
Heyman, Mrs. R.M., Menard.
Hickman, Beulah Reaves (Mrs. Ace), Baird.
Hicks, Imogene, Wichita Falls.
Hicks, Mrs. T.A., Wichita Falls, TFWC.
Hicks, Mrs. Thomas A., Brownsfield.
Hinds, Elizabeth (Mrs. Joe V.), Plainview, Chairman of Homemaking, TFWC.
Hodge, Mrs. Allen, Littlefield, TFWC.
Hogsett, Vernetta (Mrs. H.L.), President, Idaho FWC.
Holbien, Mrs. George, Hebbionville.
Hollon, Mrs. Garland, Mathis.
Holmes, Mrs. L.C., New Orleans, LA.
Holsonbake, Mrs. W.B., Hughes Springs.
Hott, Mrs. Noble, Big Lake.
Holt, Mrs. O.C., Spearman.
Hood, Mrs. J.R., Waxahachie, Librarian, Nicholas P. Sims Library.
Hooser, Mrs. Ernest, Frost.
Hooton, Mrs. D.R., Greenville.
3.61Horrigan, Ruth, Executive Director (no signature) (6).
Horrigan, Ruth, Executive Director/Secretary (11).
3.62 Houghton, Dorothy (Mrs. Hiram Cole), Washington D.C., President, GFWC.
Houle, Floye (Mrs. Dudley), Eastland, D.L. Houle Shop.
House, Mrs. A.J., Yoakum.
Howard, Mary Ann (Mrs. Robert), Corpus Christi, Junior Page Editor, TFWC.
Howard, Mary C. (Mrs. Joseph B), Chatham, NY.
Howe, Mrs. J.B., Panhandle, Treasurer, TFWC.
Howell, Mrs. G.W., Kemp.
Hoyal, Margaret (Mrs. Wm), Kilgore, Librarian, Kilgore Public Library.
Hubbard, Mary Addie (Mrs. Jay), Port Lavaca.
Hudler, Jewell, Victoria.
Hudson, Iris (Mrs. Chester), Houston, President, Sorosis Study Club.
Hudspeth, Mary (Mrs. Claude), San Antonio, 5th District Board of Trustees.
Huff, Bert A., Wichita Falls, Huff Furniture and Art Galleries.
Hufford, Mary, Denton, Dean, Texas State College for Women (TWU).
Humphries, Lillian, Denton, Texas State College for Women (TWU).
Hunter, Waldine, Austin, The Delta Kappa Gamma Society.
Hurley, William T., Taunton, MA, Reed and Barton.
Huskey, Majorie, Denton, Secretary/Treasurer Texas State College for Women (TWU).
Hutcheson, Louise (Mrs. M.L.), Denton.
Hutto, Nevil, Austin.
Hyatt, Mrs. Paul, Littlefield, Treasurer, Littlefield Womans Club.
Hyde, Ara, Dallas, De Shazo & Hyde.
Hyman, Mrs. E.S., Mason, Blue Bonnet Club.
Irwin, Jess, Austin, House of Representatives, State of Texas.
Jackman, Mrs. Loy, Hillsboro, 2nd District President, TFWC.
Jackson, Leila (Mrs. Reuben), Dallas.
Jackson, Verlie (Mrs. Jeff), Lampasas, 6th District President, TFWC.
Jacobsen, Mrs. Harry, Dumas, Dilettantes Study Club.
Jagoe, Mrs. John, El Paso, Chairman of Guidance.
James, Mrs. R.O., San Angelo, 6th District Chairman of Penny Art Fund, TFWC.
Jarrell, Mrs. Jack, Bishop.
Jeffs, Bernice, Gorman, Gorman Insurance Agency.
Jenkins, Margaret (Mrs. R.W.), Houston, 4th District Chairman of Board of Trustees, TFWC.
Jessop, G.J., Quebec, Canada, Manager, Canadian Pacific Hotels.
Johnson, Annie Lee, Liberty.
Johnson, Mrs. C.M., Littlefield.
Johnson, Mrs. E.A., Chicago, IL, Illinois Federation of Women’s Clubs.
Johnson, Lyndon B., Washington, D.C., U.S. Senator, United States Congress.
Johnson, R.L., Dallas, Advertising and Sales Promotion, Texas Power & Light Company.
Johnson, Ruth R., Ft. Worth, Managing Editor, The Texas Outlook.
Johnson, Mrs. T.J., Daingerfield.
Johnson, Mrs. Archie, Victoria.
Johnston, Mrs. Joe, Big Lake, Corresponding Secretary, Twentieth Century Club.
Johnston, Mrs. W.H., Lockney.
Jones, Barbara, Denton, Office Secretary, The Denton Chamber of Commerce.
Jones, Gail D., Cisco.
Jones, J.A., Midland, Editorial Director.
Jones, Mrs. J.D., Falfurrias.
Jones, Mrs. John, Jayton, Program Chair.
Jones, Lu Elsir (Mrs. Claire L.), San Antonio, Consumer Relations, American Home Department, TFWC.
Jones, Paul, Chicago, ILL., Director of Public Information, National Safety Council.
Jones, Mrs. R.L., Commerce, Chairman, International Relations Department.
Jones, Mrs. Tillman, Post.
Jones, Virgina S (Mrs. G. William), Johnsbury, VT, President, Vermont Federation of Women’s Clubs.
Judge, Mrs. James, Mineola.
Kangery, Helen (Mrs. Joseph), Ironwood, President, Michigan State Federation of Women’s Clubs.
Keith, Mrs. Harwood, Big Spring, 8th District First Vice President, TFWC.
Keliehon, Mrs. Charles, Agua Dulce, 5 th District Chairman, Musical Penny Fund, TFWC.
Keller, Juanita (Mrs. Willis), San Antonio, 5th District President, TFWC.
Kelly, Zada, Groesbeck.
Kenner, Mrs. M.N., Crowell, Sponsor, Sub. Junior Columbian Club of Crowell.
Kent, Mrs. Bonar, Daingerfield.
Kerr, Jimmie L. (Mrs. R.M.), Holiday.
Kerr, Vera.
Kidd, Mrs. R.H., Menard.
Kidd, Mrs. W.L., Plainview.
Kieson, Mrs. G.W., Jacksonville, The Wednesday Study Club.
Kiker, Mrs. W.C., Selma City.
Kilday, Paul J., Washington D.C./San Antonio, Congressman, US House of Representatives.
Killman, L.W., Gonzales, Business Manager, Gonzales Warm Springs Foundation for Crippled Children, Inc.
Kimbrough, Mrs. Joe, Denton, 2nd District President, TFWC.
Kinard, Mrs. D.L.C., Memphis, Chairman, International Relations, TFWC.
Kincaid, Eva (Mrs Merle), Crowell, Chairman, Fine Arts Department, Folklore and Texas Writers Division, TFWC.
Kincaid, Laurah, Wolfe City, 3rd District President, TFWC.
King, Mrs. Hugh F., Austin, Chairman, Law Wives Club, TFWC.
Kingsbury, Mayme W. (Mrs. Walter), Dallas, State Chairman, Child Welfare.
Kingston, Kathryn (Mrs. O. Jay), Murray, UT, President, Utah Federation of Women’s Clubs.
Kirby, Mrs. F.F., Waco.
Kirk, Florence (Mrs. J.O), Sweetwater, President, Athenaeum Club.
Kirk, Mrs. R.S., Perryton, Program Chairman, TFWC.
Kirk, Ruth (Mrs. John J.), Albuquerque, NM.
Kirkpatrick, Van.
Kleinpell, Vi (Mrs. K.L.), Wortham, Chairman, Build Freedom with Youth Contest Committee.
Knoepfli, Ruth, Austin, Social Director.
Koonce, Mabel (Mrs. P.B.), Carthage, Chairman, Indian Welfare, TFWC.
Krog, Winifred, Wichita Falls.
Kuykendall, Mrs. W.S., Bonham, Member, Texas Delphian Club.
Kyser, May H., Minter, AL, President, Alabama Federation of Women’s Clubs.
Lacewell, Mrs. J.L., Jacksboro.
Lackey, Mrs. Claude, Tom Bean, Chairman, Library Service, TFWC.
Lackey, Mrs. H.L., Brady, Sorosis Club.
Lafferty, J.Lewell, Dallas, Vice President, Republic National Bank of Dallas.
Lagow, Mrs. Joe, Anahuac.
La Grange, Mrs. Lester, Amherst, Member, Credential and Elections.
Laird, Mrs. Buster, Kilgore, Treasurer, Club Au Courant.
Lamb, Russ N., Ft. Worth, KXOL Ft. Worth Broadcasting Company.
Lane, Joy, Houston, Advertising Manager, Battelsteins.
Langever, J.J., Ft. Worth, Owner, The Flag Shop.
Laning, Mrs. J.A., La Pryor, Club Secretary, La Pryor Study Club.
Largent, Pearl Sanders (Mrs. J.E.L.), McKinney.
Lauderdale, Mrs. Henry, Mercedes, Chairman, Constitutional Amendments.
Laughlin, Strelsa (Mrs. Rex), Las Cruces, NM, President, New Mexico Federation of Women’s Clubs.
Lawlor, Wm., Austin, Vice President, Southern Union Gas Company.
Le Blanc, Dudley J., LaFayette, LA, General Manager, The LeBlanc Corporation.
Lee, Geraldine S., Angleton, Brazoria County.
Lee, Mrs. R.E., Mason, Chairman, International Relation, Blue Bonnet Study Club.
Leser, Fred & Ira, Austin, Owners, Old Seville Restaurant.
Leverett, Mrs. Mark, Junction.
3.63Ligon, Jessie Lee, Eastland, Turner & Seaberry.
Lillard, Lillie V., Stephenville, Pan American Relations.
Lim, Pilar H., Manila, Philippians, Centro Escolar University.
Lindsay, Marion (Mrs. R.F.), Mt. Pleasant.
Lindsay, Mrs. Raymond.
Linn, Gertrude, Houston, Director of Field Activities.
Linz, Joseph, Dallas, Linz Jewelers.
Locke, Bessie, New York, NY, Executive Secretary, National Kindergarten Association.
Locke, Mrs. C.B., Beaumont.
Lockman, Hal, Houston, Space Buyer, Wilkinson-Schiwetz & Tips, Inc.
Loveless, W.M., Denton, Business Manager, Texas State College for Women (TWU).
Loving, Velera, Talco.
Lowry, Roy, Austin, Capitol Letters.
Lucas, Wingate H., Washington DC, U.S. Congress.
Luckenbach, Mrs. F., Menard, El Progresso Club.
Lynch, Norman W., Midland, President, SC FWC .
MacKay, Mrs. A.T., Gainesville, FL, President, Florida FWC.
MacKey, Mrs. A.B., Denton, Denton Garden Club.
Maddox, F.S., Austin, Assistant State Highway Engineer, Texas Highway Department.
McGill, George.
Mahon, George, Washington D.C., 19th District Representative, U.S. Congress.
Mahood, Violeta (Mrs. R.F.), Stamford.
Mann, Gertrude (Mrs. J.B.), Beaumont, Corresponding Secretary, The Woman’s Club.
Mansfield, Mrs. Homer, Roosevelt, President, Highland Study Club.
Mardis, Dorothy M. (Mrs. T.T.), Harrisburg, AK, President, Arkansas Federation of Women’s Clubs.
Marek, Lucille Robison (Mrs. E.H.), Yoakum.
Marsh, Estelle G., New Castle.
Marshall, Bessie (Mrs. Frank), Hillsboro.
Marshall, Mrs. Tommy, San Marcas.
Martin, Grace A., College Station, Assistant District Agent, Texas A & M Extension Service.
Martin, Mrs. Wm. B., Hillsboro, Corresponding Secretary of Philotechnos.
Martin, Wm. C., Dallas, Bishop, The Methodist Church of Dallas - Ft. Worth Area.
Massey, Mrs. Sam, Throckmorton, Chairman, Youth Contest, ’39 Study Club.
Masters, Ory, Austin.
Matthes, Margaret, Bay City, Secretary-Treasurer, Matagorda County Federation of Women’s Clubs.
Matthews, Erma (Mrs. Charles J.), San Antonio.
Matthews, J.C., Denton, President, North Texas State College (UNT).
Maxwell, Lillian, Sherman, Secretary-Treasurer, Grayson County Federation of Women’s Clubs.
Mayberry, Mrs. J. Ouid, Claremore, OK, President, Oklahoma State Federation of Women’s Clubs.
Maynor, Mrs. Morris, Atlanta.
McCandless, Mrs. W.L., Rule.
McClendon, Mrs. Dick, Denton.
McClendon, Mrs. H.C., Crystal City.
McCracken, Anne (Mrs. R.S.), Marfa, Chairman, Emblems.
McCray, Mrs. G.F., Big Lake, Corresponding Secretary, Progressive Study Club.
McElrath, Esta, Memphis.
McElroy, Mrs. S.L., Baird.
Mc Farland, Ethel, Ladonia.
McFarland, Kenneth, Topeka, KS, Educational Consultant and Lecturer, General Motors.
McGee, Mrs. D.S., Roscoe.
McGill, W.M., Dallas, Sales Department, The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company.
McGill, William L., Austin, State Coordinator, Civil Defense and Disaster Relief, State of Texas.
McGinty, Mrs. O.M., Spur, 7th District President-Elect, TFWC.
McGregor, Stuart, Dallas, Editor, Texas Almanac, The Dallas Morning News.
McKee, Ruby Clayton, Dallas, Society and Club Editor, The Dallas Morning News.
McKenzie, Mrs. F.A., Avinger.
McKinney, Mrs. C.L., Pampa.
McKinney, Mrs. N.E., Abilene.
McLane, J. Bonner, Austin, Austin National Bank.
McLaughlin, Ruth (Mrs. Jack), Lamesa, Lamesa Tire & Battery.
McMullan, Frances (Mrs. James), Sulphur Springs, Librarian, Carnegie Public Library.
McMullan, Mrs. J.K.
McReynolds, Mrs. Judd, Merkel.
Meadows, Earle, Austin, Consultant in Recreations, State Youth Development Council, State of Texas.
Meers, Mrs. A.S., Corpus Christi, Treasurer, City Federation of Women’s Clubs.
Mell, Eugenia (Mrs. M.P.), Gilmer.
Merchant, Mrs. John, Amarillo.
Miller, Vera (Mrs. Henry), Mangum, OK, President, Oklahoma State Federation of Women’s Clubs.
Millican, North, Austin, Millican and Robinson.
Mills, Jerry, Dumas, Secretary, 1947 Clubettes of Dumas.
Mitchell, Mrs. B.E., Ft. Stockton.
Mitchell, C.C., Austin, General Contractor.
Mittel, Mrs. Arch, El Dorado.
Montgomery, Mrs. Paul, Memphis.
Montgomery, Pearl (Mrs. J.M.), Ft. Stockton, Chairman, Citizenship Department, TFWC.
Montgomery, Tuggie (Mrs. Lyle), Denton, Member of Registration.
Mooney, Mrs. John R., Houston.
Moore, Mrs. A.E., Lone Oak.
Moore, Alice (Mrs. J.H.), Deport.
Moore, Mrs. Burton, Atlanta.
Moore, Ollie (Mrs. J.H.), Deport.
Moorman, Mrs. M.H., McCamey.
Moroney, Mrs. W.A., Houston, President, Houston Heights Women’s Club.
Morris, Mrs. C.D., Falfurrias, Secretary.
Morris, Mrs. Clarence, Memphis.
Morris, Mrs. E.H., Canadian, Treasurer, Canadian Woman’s Club.
Morris, Emma, Granbury.
Morris, Mrs. E.R., Maypearl.
Morris, Leopold, Victoria, United States Post Office.
Morrison, Sam E., Dallas, Texas Power & Light Company.
Mosely, Exa (Mrs. Tom), Ennis.
Motley, Claude F., Oklahoma City, OK., VideoTheatres, Video Independent Theatrers, Inc.
Mott, Bessie Q., Chairman of Subscriptions, GFWC.
Mullen, Jack, San Antonio, Manager, Public Relations.
Munn, Mrs. Thad, Van Horn.
Murphy, Pat, Austin, Al Campbell Agency.
Murray, Nancy Lee, Abilene, Abilene City Schools.
Musick, J.O., Austin, General Manager, Texas Safety Association, Inc.
Nash, Macon Moore (Mrs. Herschel), Weatherford, 1st District President, TFWC.
Neal, Mrs. Frank, Amarillo.
Neal, Margie E., Carthage.
Neal, Mrs. W.C., Abilene.
Neas, Pearl A., Kemp.
Nelson, E.J., Austin, Auditor, State Board of Education of Texas.
Nelson, Mrs. J.E., Navasota, Woman’s Reading Club of Navasota.
New, Mrs. Ralph, Lufkin, Ralph New Motor Company.
Newcomer, Mrs. J.H., Uvalde.
Nix, Mrs. Marvin, Gorman.
Noland, Mrs. H. Hall, Whitesboro.
Norlander, Mrs. W.E., La Feria, President, Culture Club.
Norment, Margaret (Mrs. Edw.), Paris.
Norton, Birdie Louise (Mrs. R.A.), Dallas, Chairman, Credentials and Elections.
Norton, Homer, Galveston, Convention Manager, The National Hotel Company.
Nunn, Mrs. G.J., Amarillo.
Oglesbee, Sara M. (Mrs. H.C.), Waco.
Omerson, Harriet, New York, NY.
O’Neal, Ressa (Mrs. Claude C.), Lancaster.
Osborn, Mrs. E.G., Elsa.
Owsley, Barbara (Mrs. Alvin M.), Austin.
3.64Page, Louise (Mrs. Joseph), Barlow, KY, President, Kentucky Federation of Women’s Clubs.
Painter, Mrs. Helen, Houston, Book-Keeper, Carroll Florist.
Parker, Clara, Austin.
Parker, Ernestine, Dallas, Tracy-Locke Advertising Company INC.
Parkman, Mary, Washington D.C., GFWC.
Patterson, Mrs. R.C., Whitesboro.
Patton, Mrs. Frank, El Paso.
Payne, R.I.
Payne, R.L., Dallas, Theatre Enterprises, Inc.
Payne, Mrs. W.R., San Saba, Treasurer, San Saba Study Club.
Pearce, Mrs. O.B., McNary.
Pearson, Mrs. H.C., Lorenzo.
Pendley, Frances, San Angelo, Angelus Bookshop.
Penrose, Neville G., Ft. Worth, Good Neighbor Commission of Texas in Austin.
Perkins, Emily (Mrs. Joseph), Eastland, Chairman, Public Education.
Perry, Ione D. (Mrs. John J.), Sweetwater, Past President, TFWC.
Peters, Lena (Mrs. H.N.), Waxahachie, Chairman, Finance and Insurance.
Pettus, June.
Pfister, Mrs. Roy, Ft. Stockton.
Phillips, Maidette (Mrs. C.A.).
Pittman, Crystal (Mrs. Lewis), Borger, President, Paragon Study Club.
Plowe, Elliott W., Naugautuck, Conn., Advertising Manager, Peter Paul INC.
Pope, Mrs. Ben S., Marshall.
Pope, Patty, Marshall.
Porter, Mrs. R.M., Ft. Worth, President, Woman’s Shakespeare Club of Ft. Worth.
Posey, Mrs. R.E., Amarillo, Program Chairman, TFWC.
Potter, E.B., Austin, The Hitchin’ Post.
Potter, Fannie C. (Mrs. W.R.), Bowie, Life Member, TFWC.
Potts, Mrs. Chas, Grandfalls, Executive Secretary.
Powell, John, Austin, President, Austin Hotel Association, Hotel Stephen F. Austin.
Powell, Tom L., San Antonio, Vice President & General Manager, The Plaza Hotel.
Power, Mrs. A.P., Galveston, Convention Publicity Chairman, TFWC.
Puckett, Jenny, Ft. Stockton.
Puratt, Laura Lu, Giddings, Giddings Study Club.
Purser, Mrs. Earl, Houston, Secretary, Houston Hotel Men’s Association.
Putnam, Ada M (Mrs. A.L.), Plainview, Chairman, Immigration Trends, TFWC.
Quinlan, Peggy L., Weslaco.
Quinn, Al, Waco, Director of Advertising.
Ratchford, Gloria, New Orleans, LA.
Ratcliff, M.K., Dallas, Ratcliff Advertising Agency.
Rathbone, Lucy, Austin, University of Texas at Austin.
Rathburn, Jack, Lafayette, LA., Advertising Director, The Le Blanc Corporation.
Reagan, Bruce, Corpus Christi, Chamber of Commerce of Corpus Christi.
Reed, Mrs. R.M., Colorado City.
Reese, Mrs. G.N., Morgan, Morgan Literary Club.
Reeves, Flora, San Angelo, President, Texas Library Association.
Reeves, Willa (Mrs. M.A.), Granbury.
Rennick, Mrs. Sam, El Paso, 8th District Trustee, TFWC.
Rentelen, Mrs. J.C.
Reynolds, Mrs. G.H., Monahans.
Rheubotham, Jean & Buff Hearne, Hearne, Austin, Advertising & Promotion Department, Walker’s Austex Chili Co.
Rice, Mrs. J.H., Beeville.
Rice, Roger E., Oklahoma City, OK, Video Independent Theaters Inc.
Richards, Mrs. Dan, Paducah.
Richardson, M.J., Austin, Steck Company.
Rigsby, Mrs. Tom, Beaumont.
Rinker, Virgina, Galveston, Alert Advertising Company.
Rintelen, Mrs. Joseph, El Paso.
Rippy, Mrs. S., Ft. Worth.
Robbins, Mariah H. (Mrs. Norman), Kennewick, WA, President, Washington State Federation of Women’s Clubs.
Roberts, L.C., Dallas, Lone Star Gas Company.
Robertson, Elizabeth, May.
Robertson, Margaret (Mrs. John Edward), Waxahachie, President, Shakespeare Club.
Robinson, Mrs. Bilse J., Albion, NE, President, Nebraska Federation of Women’s Clubs.
Robinson, Mrs. Omar, Meridian.
Robison, Mrs. P.T., Ozona, 6th District Chairman, Character Education, TFWC.
Roemmele, Mrs. R.E., Paris.
Rogers, Mrs. J.W., Quanah.
Rojers, May G. (Mrs. Lee), Freer, Chairman.
Roesendrill, O.F., Austin, Fox-Schmidt.
Roundtree, Mrs. Carl, Lamesa.
Roundtree, Eva, Mt. Vernon.
Rowan, Mrs. J.W., Dallas.
Rowntree, Lou (Mrs. Roy), Houston, Chairman, Education, TFWC.
Roy, Mrs. E.C., Breckenridge, Secretary.
Royall, Mrs. R.R., Houston, President, Houston Heights Woman’s Club.
Rundell, Frank R., Austin, General Contractor.
Runge, Mrs. Roscoe, Mason.
Russell, Mrs. Garland, Wichita Falls.
Ryan, Mrs. O.T., Plainview, Corresponding Secretary & Treasurer, Gamma Delphin Club.
Sadler, Mrs. M.M., Corpus Christi.
Sagstetter, Wm. J., Houston, Account Executive, Ritchie Advertising Agency.
Salazar, R.F., San Antonio, Secretary to Chairman of Special Committee of Tidelands, State Bar of Texas.
Sampley, Mrs. J.W., Quauah, 7th District Chairman, Musical Penny Fund.
Sanders, Mary Frances (Mrs. Clyde), Houston, Houston Junior Forum.
Sanders, Mrs. J.S., La Feria, Rio Grande Valley Foundation Women’s Clubs.
Sandow, K., Houston, Plastics Engineering Company.
Saunders, Mrs. E.A., Ballinger.
Saylor, Mabel (Mrs. Jacob), Goldthwaite.
Schmidt, Mrs. David, Harper.
Schulz, Mrs. Albert, Eola.
Scott, Florence J., Rio Grande City, GFWC.
Scott, Mrs. G.W., Rising Star.
Scroggins, Lawrence R., Houston, Claim Manager, American Surety Company.
Scruggs, Rachell (Mrs. J.H.), Roscoe, Corresponding Secretary, TFWC.
Scurlock, Stella, Washington D.C., Director, Youth Conservation Program, GFWC.
Searey, Mrs. T.A., Hearne.
Sears, Mrs. P.T., Albany, County Commissioner.
Shafer, Elizabeth Curry, New York, NY, Director, Women’s Division, TransWorld Airlines.
Sharp, Mrs. F.H., Meadow.
Shearer, Gordon, Austin, Executive Secretary, Texas State Parks Board.
Sheldon, Roger A., Houston, Assistant Campaign Director Public Relations, American Cancer Society.
Sheppard, John Ben, Austin, Department of State, Texas.
Shivers, Allan, Austin, Governor, State of Texas.
Shoe, Mrs. W.B., Austin.
3.65 Sieferth, T.A., Houston, The Shamrock Hotel.
Siekmann, I.W., Houston, Sales Manager, American Can Company.
Simborg, Phyllis, Dallas, Crook Advertising Agency.
Sims, Vilda (Mrs. G.M.), Port Arthur, President, Port Arthur Department Club.
Siptak, Mary (Mrs. Joe), Caldwell, Chairman, Build a Better Community Contest.
Slack, Mrs. Clay, Presido, Chairman, Natural Resources, TFWC.
Slack, Mrs. Joe & Veda Wells Hodge, Midland, Secretary & President, TFWC.
Slaughter, Mrs. George O.
Slaughter, Mrs. J.A., Carrigo Springs, Corresponding Secretary.
Sloan, Mary E. (Mrs. J.M.), Palestine, Secretary, The Woman’s Club.
Smith, Bessie (Mrs. E.N.), Marshall, Appointed Board Member, TFWC.
Smith, Mrs. Elton, Van Horn.
Smith, Mrs. Hobson O., Andrews, Chairman, 8th District, TFWC.
Smith, Howard N. & Dave McConnell, Dallas, Rogers & Smith Advertising.
Smith, Marie, Victoria.
Smyers, L. Carroll (Mrs. Harold), Lubbock, Chairman, Penny Art.
Snooks, Mrs. Carter, Refugio.
Snyder, Mrs. J.F., Pharr, Vice President, Pharr Progress Club.
Sommers, Elsie P. (Mrs. Charles), San Antonio.
Spangler, Mrs. A.J.
Spencer, Gene, Greenwich, Conn., Greenwich Lodge.
Stahl, Margaret (Mrs. C.R.), Borger, 7th District Chairman, Penny Art.
Stamps, Mrs. S.C., Atlanta.
Starrs, Mamie, Ft. Worth, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.
Stemmons, Gracie (Mrs. L.Storey), Dallas, Acting Corresponding Secretary, Dallas Federation of Women’s Clubs.
Stephens, Mrs. Ann, Ft. Worth, Actress.
Sterrett, W.L. “Lew”, Dallas, County Judge, Dallas County.
Stewart, Mrs. E.L., Electra, 1st District Chairman, Penny Music Fund.
Stone, Mrs. W.J., Nocona.
Strickland, D.F., Mission, Law Offices of Strickland, Wilkins, Hall and Mills.
Strope, Mrs. F.R., Houston, President, City Federation of Women’s Clubs.
Stubbs, Mrs. Van Hook, Wortham, President, TFWC.
Stubbkfield, Mrs. M.L., Baird.
Sudderth, Mrs. Billie, Bovina.
Sunnell, Mrs. C.A., Silverton.
Sutherland, Thomas S., Austin, Texas Council on Human Relations.
Sutton, Elizabeth, Denton, Secretary-Reporter, Fine Arts Department, Women’s Shakespeare Club.
Switzer, Sallie V.
Syers, W.E., Austin, Syers, Pickle & Winn Advertising.
Taggart, M.W., Ft. Worth, Director of Publicity, Ft. Worth Chamber of Commerce.
Tankersley, Mrs. Max, Mertzon.
Taylor, Arvilla, San Antonio.
Taylor, D.R. & Rudolph Jenkins & Leigh Doorly, Houston, Pan American World Airlines.
Taylor, Ethel (Mrs. Volney W.), Brownsville.
Taylor, Maie (Mrs. Gaddis), Tyler, 3rd District Publicity Chairman, 3rd District Convention.
Taylor, Marion K. (Mrs. Q.C.), Austin.
Taylor, Robert T., New York, NY., General Secretary, American Bible Society.
Temple, Mrs. M.D., Lubbock.
Terrell, Mrs. J.C., Stephenville.
Terry, Jimmie Kate, Mt Vernon.
Thomas, J.I./Jessie, Prairie View, Health Education Consultant, Prairie View A & M College & Field Representative, American Cancer Society.
Thomas, Mrs. L.R., Ft. Davis.
Thompson, Imogene, Austin, Director, Package Loan Library Bureau, The University of Texas.
Thompson, Irene, American Cancer Society.
Thompson, Mrs. R.W., Big Spring.
Thompson, Mrs. Robert, Hartley.
Thompson, W.L., Austin, The Steck Company.
Thorniley, Wm, New Orleans, LA., J. Walter Thompson Company.
Thorton, Dot, Austin.
Thurman, Mace B., Austin, Attorney.
Tips, Kern, Houston, Wilkinson-Schiwetz & Tips.
Todd, Mrs. Walker, Quanah.
Tolbert, Mrs. Vernon, Trinidad, 3rd District Chairman, Musical Penny Art Fund.
Travis, Ruby (Mrs. Walter), Dumas, Chairman, Adult Education, TFWC.
Traweek, Mrs. E.E., Abilene.
Tuck, Wren (Mrs. H.G.).
Tucker, Mrs. S.E., Sherman.
Turner, Audrey, Ft. Worth, Roland Broiles Company.
Turner, Edith Huck, Austin, Director of Nursing, Brackenridge Hospital School of Nursing.
Turner, M.C., Dallas, The Dixie Bureau.
Turrentine, Mrs. Richard, Denton, State Department of Public Welfare.
Tuzzio, F., New York, NY, United States Pencil Company.
Tyler, Myrtle (Mrs. Will), Rising Star, Credentials & Elections.
Van Arsdel, Lois, New York, NY, Life Magazine.
Varias, Josefina, Austin.
Varley, George, Manor.
Vaughn, Mrs. R.D., Dallas, President, Dallas FWC.
3.66Wade, Mrs. Willie, Iraan, President, Iraan BPW Club.
Wadley, Mrs. Harper, Palmer.

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