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Texas Woman's University, the Woman's Collection

Texas Federation of Women's Clubs Collection

Series 3: Administrations (Correspondence, 1947 - 1949)

Collection Summary

Creator:Texas Federation of Women's Clubs
Title:Texas Federation of Women's Clubs Collection
Date:1897 - .
Abstract:Constitution and bylaws, minutes, correspondence, reports, and published material created by the state organization, the districts, and over 2,200 individual member clubs. Also includes graphic material such as photographs and scrapbooks. Material documents the founding meeting in 1897 through the organization's growth in the twentieth century into the largest women's volunteer association in Texas.
Location:Mss. 32
Size:493 boxes.
RepositoryTexas Woman's University, the Woman's Collection


Arrangement of the Collection

The records are arranged into nine series:
Series 1: Historical Writings
Series 2: Legal and Financial Documents
Series 3a-j: Administrations - Correspondence and Reports
Series 4: Education Assistance
Series 5: Headquarters Building
Series 6a-c: Membership
Series 7: Printed Material
Series 8: Graphic Material
Series 9: General Federation of Women's Clubs and South Central Region


Access to the Collection:

Open for research.

Publication and Copyright Statements:

Permission to publish materials must be obtained in writing from the Coordinator for Special Collections. Where copyright is unclear, all responsibility must be assumed by the user.

Administrative Information


TFWC designated the Woman's Collection as the repository for their archives in 1985. Material has been added on a continuing basis since that time.

Processed by

Ann McGuffin Barton, Morgan Davis, and Barbara Hotinski, 1997-2007.

Encoded by:

Ranu Singhvi, 2008

Detailed Description of the Collection


Series 3: Administration Records (Correspondence, 1947 - 1949)

3.49 - 3.55Correspondence
This section includes president Perry, 1947-1949.
Arranged alphabetically by originating correspondent (author) in order of presidential administrations. Correspondence by each president precedes the alphabetical listing. The name of the author, the town or city, the person's title, and a brief description of the contents of the letters is included.
3.49Perry Administration, 1947 - 1949
Perry, Ione D. (Mrs. John J.), Sweetwater, President.
Perry, Ione D. (Mrs. John J.), Sweetwater, President.
Perry, Ione D. (Mrs. John J.), Sweetwater, President.
Perry, Ione D. (Mrs. John J.), Sweetwater, President.
Abraham, Joyce, Denton, Chairman of the Junior Clubs - Second District.
Adams, Mrs. Alex, San Antonio, Chairman, War Veterans Committee.
Adams, Mrs. Bob, Killeen.
Adkins, Mrs. H. M., Amarillo.
Ahlgren, Mildred (Mrs. Oscar), Whiting, IN, Second Vice-President - General Federation of Women’s Clubs.
Allen, Aida (Mrs. Charles R.), San Antonio, President - Woman’s Club.
Allen, Mrs. Ernest, Benjamin.
Allen, Gladys (Mrs. Neil), Austin, Chairman, Headquarters Committee.
Allen, Hallie (Mrs. James A.), Childress, President - Seventh District.
Allison, Ann, Austin, Registrar Social Calendar Committee - University of Texas.
Altman, Avis (Mrs. Mason), Abilene, Member Sixth Unit - Abilene Woman’s Forum.
Alvis, Mrs. Truett, Rochester.
Angel, Mrs. Clyde, Hamlin.
Amundsen, Gus A. Jr., Galveston, Manager - Convention and Tourist Department, Galveston Chamber of Commerce.
Anderson, Marguerite, Abilene, Oscar H. Cooper Branch - American Association of University Women.
Archer, Mrs. L. E., Crowell.
Armstrong, Tila Mae, Denton, Chairman of Committee on Scholarship Awards- Texas State College for Women (TWU)
Arnette, Charlotte (Mrs. D. W.), Abilene.
Arnold, Mrs. J. L., Eastland.
Arnold, Lucy (Mrs. W. B.).
Avriett, Elizabeth (Mrs. W. P.), Lamesa, Federation Counselor - Lamesa Delphian Club.
Bacon, Elizabeth (Mrs. William), Dallas, National Director - Association of Army and Navy Wives.
Baccus, Mrs. Roy C., Sudan.
Bailey, Mamie (Mrs. Vaughn B.), Agua Dulce, Fifth District President.
Balentine, Dorothy P. (Mrs. Jack), Rocksprings, Fifth District Second Vice - President.
Bales, Edith (Mrs. Leo), Lampasas, Year Book Committee Chairman - ’36 Club.
Barclay, Mrs. R. L., Temple.
Barhorst, R. Lois, Houston, Houston Scenic Studios.
Barron, Helen, Dallas.
Barry, Estelle (Mrs. J. R.), Aransas Pass, Board Member.
Bartosh, Mrs. T. D., Granger.
Becker, Annie (Mrs. E. H.), Houston, President - Texas Congress of Parents and Teachers.
Bell, Beryl B., El Paso, First Vice-President, Eight District.
Benbrook, Joyce, Houston, Associate Professor of Education - University of Houston.
Bennett, Eloise (Mrs. R. L.), Rhome.
Bentley, Imogene, Denton, Dean of Women - North Texas State Teachers College (UNT)
Beresford, Martha, Dallas.
Berryman, Mrs. W. Hood, Kemp.
Best, Elizabeth (Mrs. Joseph), Wink, President - Eighth District.
Bethell, Virgie (Mrs. Tom E.), Greenville, Education Department Chairman.
Bishop, Alma R. (Mrs. W. I.), Justin, Second Vice-President - Second District.
Black, Hermon M., Austin, Manager - Student’s Clipping Bureau, University of Texas.
Blackburn, Corinne (Mrs. L. L.), Baird.
Blackburn, Mrs. George S., Throckmorton.
Blackburn, Jennie G., Abilene.
Blackwell, Edith (Mrs. T. H.), Dickens, Cancer Control Chairman - Seventh District.
Blackstone, Sonoma (Mrs. Nip), Ozona.
Blohm, Gladys (Mrs. J. Al), Gainesville.
Bluntzen, Anabel (Mrs. Paul), Corpus Christi, First Vice-President - Fifth District.
Bolton, Mrs. Walter J., Kirbyville.
Boren, Esther (Mrs. Wayne), Snyder, Chairman of Youth Cooperation.
Boren, Stella James (Mrs. J. F.), Abilene, Chairman of Department of Education, Higher Institutions.
Bovell, Florence M. (Mrs. S. C.), Dallas, Second District President.
Bowers, Ethel (Mrs. David A.), Granger, Corresponding Secretary - Lovers of Good Literature Club.
Bown, Pearl Boyce, Houston.
Boyce, Margaret Canon, Amarillo.
Boyd, Mae (Mrs. Ben W.), Denton, Second District President.
Boykin, Clota (Mrs. Stanley), Fort Worth, Parliamentarian.
3.50Bracewell, Muriel, Houston, Houston Junior Forum.
Branch, Isabel (Mrs. T.), Port Lavaca.
Brand, Eulalia W. (Mrs. Wayne E.), Austin, Executive Secretary.
Branton, Mrs. E. F., Knox City, First District Second Vice-President.
Brightwell, Mollie W. (Mrs. W. P.) Baird, Chairman of Fine Arts Department, Texas Composers
Brite, Eddie M. (Mrs. L. C.), Marfa, Life Member.
Brittain, Frances, Denton, President - Student Council of Social Activities and member Philomathian Club.
Brittain, Mrs. James, Pittsburg.
Britton, Mrs. J. W., Plano.
Brock, Elizabeth W. (Mrs. J. L.), Bryan, Chairman of Resolutions Committee.
Browder, Geraldine, Ft. Worth.
Brown, Mrs. Jack D., Ft. Worth.
Bruckner, Edith (Mrs. William), Hinsdale, IL, Mental Hygiene Chairman - GFWC.
Buck, Dorothea D. (Mrs. J. L. Blair), Washington, D.C., President - GFWC.
Buck, Mrs. L. L., Sundown.
Buckner, Mrs. T. E., Lubbock, Chairman of Immigration Trends Committee.
Bunton, Mrs. O. M., Marfa.
Burk, Mrs. B. B., Menard.
Burtnett, Alice M., Youngstown, OH.
Burnside, Helen (Mrs. W. T.), Henrietta, Treasurer - Clay County Federation of Women’s Clubs.
Butler, Jessie (Mrs. Hugh), Washington, D. C.
Beverley, Ruth (Mrs. L. G.), Midland, Chairman, Community Service Committee.
Cage, Rufus, Houston, Agent - Jarrell, Cage & Faught Insurance.
Campbell, Josephine (Mrs. B. B.), Knox City.
Campbell, Leah (Mrs. J. S.), Paint Rock.
Campbell, Rimarize (Mrs. Lionel L.), Temple.
Cantrell, Nita (Mrs. W. E.), Lometa, Sixth District President.
Capers, Betty (Mrs. Milton), Fort Worth, Junior Clubs, Extension Secretary.
Capps, Ella (Mrs. Roy), Mason.
Carleton, Winnie (Mrs. A. T.), Houston, Fourth District.
Carmichael, H. D., Austin, State Relations Officer - The American Red Cross.
Carothers, D. Anne.
Carpenter, Elizabeth (Mrs. G. E.), Leonard, Fannin County Federation.
Carpenter, A. M., Abilene, Chairman of Division of Art Chairman.
Carroll, Irene (Mrs. T. C.), Shepherdsville, KY, Chairman of Citizenship Department - GFWC.
Cartwright, Herbert Y. Jr., Galveston, Mayor of Galveston.
Cashin, Jack W., Austin, Austin Flower & Gift Shop.
Childress, Daisy E., Canadian.
Chinn, Bertie W.
Churchillo, Roy, Boston, MA, China Restorer.
Clark, Julia (Mrs. B. P.), Austin, State Library Chairman.
Clark, W. C., Shreveport, LA, Passenger Traffic Manager - Kansas City Southern Lines.
Clarke, George, Austin, Managing Director - Texas Safety Association, Inc.
Clarke, Mrs. John R. Jr, Sherman, President of College Hill Club - Austin College.
Clarke, Mrs. Willis, Ranger, Treasurer- 1947 Club.
Cobb, J.E., Austin, Manager - Texan Hotel.
Cocanougher, Ada (Mrs. A.T.), Lubbock, Chairman of Public Welfare.
Coffield, Vivian Potter, Bowie, Chairman of Rules and Procedure.
Coleman, Sue (Mrs. Floyd), Midland, Society Editor - The Reporter Telegram.
Collier, Lillian (Mrs. Jud), Mumford, Chairman of Safety.
Conley, Mrs. Audie, Perryton, President- Sorosis Club.
Cook, Wilda (Mrs. Marion D.), El Paso, Vice President, Aide to President - Texas Congress of Parents and Teachers.
Cooper, Mrs. Carl B, Houston, Program Chair- Houston Junior Forum.
Corvelesion, Alice, - New Jersey, New Jersey Federation of Woman’s Clubs.
Cox, Bertha (Mrs. R.E.), Ft. Worth, Chairman of Investments.
Craddock, Alpha (Mrs. E. Wayne), Palestine.
Craig, Edwin P., Denton, Texas Representative - Noble and Noble Publishers.
Crofford, Connie Mae, Quitman.
Cruse, Julia, Anahuac, Anahuac Fine Arts Club.
Cummings, Ernestine, Dallas, Assistant Secretary.
Cunningham, Winnie (Mrs. J.C.), Ft. Stockton, Chairman of Registration.
Currie, Pearl, Paint Rock, Texas Federation News Circulation.
Curry, Mrs. A. Foy Jr., Ft. Worth, Chairman, First District - American Cancer Society.
Dakan, May (Mrs. H.C.), San Antonio, Chairman, Fifth District Credentials and Elections.
Dameron, Mrs. J.L., Van Horn, Corresponding Secretary.
Danforth, Marion (Mrs. W.J.), Ft. Worth, Chairman, Public Welfare and Chairman, Nursing.
Davenport, Mrs. John B., San Angelo.
Davis, Bess (Mrs. Harry G.), Elgin.
Davis, Juanita (Mrs. Clyde), Weatherford.
Davis, Mrs. L.G., Abilene, City Federation of Women’s Clubs.
Davis, Ouida, Abilene.
Davis, Uta (Mrs. J Thomas), Stephenville.
De Grummond, Mary L., (Mrs. H.C.), Temple.
Delany, Bill, Fort Smith, AR, Orion Book Service.
Dellis, Orleon, Abilene.
Detterick, Zola (Mrs. Judd), Las Vegas, NM, President, New Mexico Federation of Women’s Clubs.
Dial Mamie (Mrs. Preston), San Antonio, Chairman, International Relations.
Dickinson, Lucy (Mrs. LaFell), President, General Federation of Women’s Clubs.
Dickson, Lillian (Mrs. R.E.), Spur.
Diggs, Terry M., Haskell, Chairman - First District Pan-American Relations.
Doss, Mrs. Henry, Colorado.
Douglas, Emma (Mrs. W.S.), San Angelo, Life Member- Chairman of Penal Art
Douglas, Laura (Mrs. John O.), Houston, Appointed Board Member.
Doyle, Gertrude, Newburyport, MA, Style Consultant - Towle Manufacturing Co.
Du Bosse, Jean, Victoria.
Dublin, Mrs. Paul, Jacksonville, Jacksonville Federation of Women’s Clubs.
Dudley, Lorraine (Mrs. L.E.), Abilene, Chairman of Fine Arts Committee.
Dunham, Ella (Mrs. Frank), Ft. Worth, Member - Ft. Worth Federation of Women’s Clubs.
3.51 Earney, J.R., Terrell, Earney Monument Works.
Eckert, Carolyn, Ft. Worth.
Edge, Bert Murphee (Mrs. Claude), Bryan, General Chairman, Convention Committee, Fourth District.
Edwards, Haynie E., Ft. Worth, Law Offices of Phillips, Trammel, Edwards & Shannon.
Edwards, Wildring (Mrs. Pryan), Lubbock.
Egg, Norma, El Paso, College of Mines and Metallurgy - University of Texas.
Eichler, Esther, (Mrs. Hershell), Jacksboro, President, First District.
Eidson, Margaret (Mrs. Chas), Waco, President, Texas Council of Church Women.
Elder, Mrs. I.D., Pilot Point, Treasurer, Denton County Federation of Women’s Clubs.
Ellis, Mabel.
Epperson, Mrs. Everett, Rocksprings.
Fain, Thelma (Mrs. Pat), Mexia.
Farmer, Louise (Mrs. R.R. Jr.), West Columbia, Chairman, Fine Arts Committee, Fourth District.
Farris, Mrs. J.B. Jr., Sherman, Program Chairman, Second District.
Fergus, Mrs. M.V., Killeen.
Ferguson, Mrs. C.M., Groesbeck.
Ferris, Mrs. L.E., Houston, Chairman, Public Welfare Committee.
Fielder, Johnny, San Antonio, Convention & Tourist Department, Chamber of Commerce.
Fields, Florence (Mrs. J.U.), Haskell, Life Member.
Fincher, Pearl (Mrs. J.W.), Houston, Chairman Board of Trustees.
Fisher, Mrs. W.T., Brownwood.
Florence, Fred, Dallas, Dallas County Chapter, National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis.
Foley, Mrs. W.F., Plainview.
Forchheimer, Mrs. L., Alpine.
Ford, Catherine, Fairfax, VA, Librarian - GFWC.
Forester, Mrs. Joe, Ballinger.
Foster, Ethel, Sterling City, Finance Committee - GFWC.
Fox, Katherine (Mrs. G.C.), Childress.
Francis, Ruth, Stamford.
Franklin, Lulie, Commerce, President, The Les Premieres Club.
French, Robert W., Austin, Director - University of Texas Bureau of Business Research.
Friend, Joyce, Marshall, Marshall News Messenger.
Galvin, Carrie, Washington D.C., Assistant Treasurer - GFWC.
Gamble, Bessie K.
Gannet, Mrs. J.P., Pittsburg.
Gardner, Bertha (Mrs. Howard), Beaumont, President, Fourth District.
Garrision, Mary Nell (Mrs. Homer).
Gay, Ruth B., Washington D.C., Secretary, Build a Better Community Contest - GFWC.
Gebauer, Dorothy, Austin, Dean of Women, The University of Texas at Austin.
Gehr, Mabel (Mrs. F.L), Wink, Secretary/Treasurer, Eighth District.
Gentry, Mrs. Lee, San Angelo.
Gibson, Louise (Mrs. M. Howard), Waxahachie, First Vice President.
Gibson, Mrs. W.J., Bronte.
Gillette, Helen (Mrs. H.B.), Houston, Recording Secretary.
Glardon, Lynette (Mrs. LeRoy), El Paso, Second Vice President, Eighth District.
Glimp, Mrs. Tom, Menard.
Goode, Matt, M. Muzquiz, Coah., Mexico, M.G. Michaelis Jr. Hereford Cattle and Quarter Horses.
Goodfriend, Jeannette, Austin, Goodfriend’s.
Gorman, Mrs. Shiloh, McGregor, Gorman’s Flowers.
Gough, Mrs. John T., El Campo.
Greenwood, Mrs. P.G., Harlingen.
Greer, Imogene (Mrs. Hilton R.), Dallas, Honorary President - The Poetry Society of Texas.
Greer, Laura (Mrs. Sam), Tyler, Chairman, Garden Committee.
Gribble, Mrs. A.T., Sherman.
Gribble, Mrs. T.M., Waco, Bauer-McCann “The Fashion Center of Central Texas”.
Griffiths, Evelyn (Mrs. Harry), Austin, Legislation Department.
Grigg, Joseph, Galveston, Pacific Employers Insurance Company.
Grimes, Mrs. W.C., Amhert.
Grobowsky, H.E., Austin, Assistant Cashier, The Austin National Bank.
3.52Haberlin, George R., Austin, Capital Printing Company.
Haden, Mrs. J.B. Jr., Ladonia.
Hagaman, Emma (Mrs. M.H.), Ranger, Sixth District Board of Trustees.
Hain, Ruth.
Haletull, Mrs. Corrad, Quanah.
Hall, Mae (Mrs. Marvin), Austin, Chairman of Latin American Scholarship.
Hall, Mary Ann.
Hall, Raymond F., Dallas, Resident Manager, The Baker Hotel.
Hambright, Marjorie Allen (Mrs. J.F.), Ft. Worth.
Hamby, R.M., Austin, Millican & Hamby.
Hamilton, Francis (Mrs. G.M.), Austin, Social Director, TFWC Headquarters.
Hammer, Kathryn (Mrs. William C.), New York, NY, Celanese Corp. of America.
Hampton, Zoe Austin (Mrs. James W.), Austin, Chairman, Public Welfare Department.
Harrell, Mrs. F.E., Cisco.
Harris, Pearl B.
Harrison, Anne, Plano.
Heaton, Bessie S. (Mrs. H.L.), College Station.
Henry, Mrs. Mark, Crowell , Life Member.
Hermann, Mildred.
Herr, AW, Ft. Worth, Division Passenger Agent - Missouri, Kansas, Texas Railroad Co. of Texas.
Hesler, Pearl, Beaumont.
Hicks, Imogene (Mrs. T.A.), Wichita Falls, Chairman, Consumer Affairs - American Home.
Hill, Mrs. I.A., Canyon.
Hill, Sallie (Mrs. Guy), Mt Vernon.
Hillard, Mrs. W.T., Ingleside.
Hodge, Veda Wells (Mrs. J. Howard), Midland, Appointed Board Member.
Hodson, Martha, Austin, Co-Chairmen, 1949 Swing-Out - The University of Texas of Austin.
Holly, Mary De Bush, Lubbock, American Red Cross.
Holmes, Dorothy, New Orleans, LA.
Holt, Mrs. Noble, Big Lake.
Hord, Mrs. H.L., Marfa.
Houghton, Dorothy (Mrs. Hiram), Red Oak, IA, First Vice President - GFWC.
Houghton, Thelma (Mrs. David), Dallas, Chairman, President’s Council - Dallas Federation of Women’s Clubs.
Howell, Olive Wister, Austin.
Hubbard, Mrs. O.J., Midland.
Hudson, Mrs. W.A., Rankin.
Hudspeth, Mary (Mrs. Claude B.), San Antonio, Board of Trustees.
Hughes, Mrs. S.W., Brady.
Hutchison, Eleanor (Mrs. A.G.), Putnam.
Izzard, Helene (Mrs. Wesley), Amarillo, Chairman, Credentials and Elections.
Izzard, Wesley S., Amarillo.
Jackman, Mrs. Loy, Hillsboro, Second District, Second Vice-President.
Jackson, Beatrice (Mrs. T.J.), Robstown, Chairman, Fine Arts Committee.
Jackson, Jane, Corsicana.
Hudgens, Mrs. James, Pecos.
Jackson, Leila (Mrs. Reuben), Dallas, Chairman of Club Ethics.
Jackson, Maude J. (Mrs. O.B.), Plainview, Treasurer.
Jackson, Verlie (Mrs. Jeff D.), Lampasa, President, Sixth District.
Jaquet, Mrs. Harold, Brazoria.
Jerkins, Mrs. R.W., Houston, Fourth District Board of Trustees.
Jennings, Jonnie.
Jester, Beauford, Austin, Governor. Texas.
Jester, Mabel (Mrs. Beauford), Austin, First Lady of Texas.
Johnson, Augusta Wisdom (Mrs. Grover), Wichita Falls, Chairman of International Relations.
Johnson, Eloise, College Station, Family Life Education Specialist - Cooperative Extension Work in Agriculture and Home Economics.
Johnson, Ethel (Mrs. Sam), Longview, Chairman, Consumer Relations Committee, Third District.
Johnson, William, Chicago, ILL., Time.
Jolly, Mrs. Weldon, Borger.
Jones, Hubert B., Austin, Chairman, Housing Authority of the City of Austin.
Jones, LuElsie (Mrs. Claire), San Antonio, President - CFWC.
Joseph, Lily (Mrs. Lee), Austin, Life Member.
Keith, Meta Alice, Ft. Worth.
Keller, Juanita (Mrs. Willis), San Antonio, President, Fifth District.
Kelly, Zada S. (Mrs. C.D.), Groesbeck, Chairman, Religious Education.
Ketterer, Mrs. Gustav, Brownsville.
Kinard, Mrs. D.L.C., Memphis, President, Seventh District.
Kincaid, Laurah, Wolfe City, President, Third District.
Kincaid, Lottie.
Kincaid, Mrs. Merl, Crowell.
Kingsbury, Mayme (Mrs. Walter E), Dallas, Chairman, Public Welfare.
Kinney, Mrs. Geo, Stamford.
Kirklaud, Dorothy.
Kyle, Mrs. Roy. E., Hillsville, VA., President, Virginia Federation of Women’s Clubs.
3.53 Laning, Norma (Mrs. J.A.), LaPryor.
Larsen, Ethel L., Menisfee, MI., Chairman, Conservation Natural Resources - GFWC.
Latham, Jean L., Austin, Executive Secretary - TFWC.
Lawler, Mrs. Russell, Deport.
Ledbetter, Mrs. Allan, Melvin, Corresponding Secretary, Education Study Club.
Lehman, J, Houston, Office Manager - The Smart Shop.
Lewis, Adelaide (Mrs. R.D.), College Station.
Lewis, Margaret, Bay City.
Lichenstein, Mrs. Sam, Austin, Corresponding Secretary - The Woman’s City Federation.
Liles, Mrs. Kenneth, Throckmorton.
Liles, Mrs. S.D., Throckmorton.
Lilliard, Lillie V.
Lilly, Leila (Mrs. Clyde A.).
Lindley, Mrs. T.F., Seminole.
Linkenbager, Mrs. W.W., Eastland.
Locke, Howard W., New Braunfels, Manager, New Braunfels Nursery & Floral.
Lodholz, Mrs. Edward, Philadelphia, PA., Chairmen, Art Division - GFWC.
Luckie, Mrs. S. Blair, Swarthmore, PA., Chairman, Emblem Committee - GFWC.
Lummas, Auda (Mrs. Carl).
Lyles, Bennie Belle (Mrs. H.Q.), Ft. Stockton, Eighth District Chairman of the Program Planning and Extension Division - TFWC.
Lynch, Lila Moore Stanton (Mrs. N.W.), SC, President, South Carolina Federation of Women’s Clubs.
Marchman, Lorna (Mrs. O.F.), Wichita Falls, Chairman, Fine Arts, First District.
Marshall, Bessie (Mrs. M Frank), Hillsboro, Chairman, Mothercraft.
Martin, Grace M., College Station, District Agent - Cooperative Extension Work in Agriculture and Home Economics.
Martin, Mrs. Joe.
Martin, Mrs. Sam, Morgan.
Marvin, Mrs. Russ.
Maxwell, Gladys (Mrs. H.D.), Rockdale.
McCaffrey, Evelyn (Mrs. L.J.), Miami, Dean of State Presidents - GFWC.
McCall, Mrs. George M., Temple, Member, Committee to Formulate Rules and Regulations.
McCollum, Mrs. Edwin, Alpine, Chairman, Loan Fund Eighth District.
McCracken, Anne (Mrs. R.), Marfa.
McCracken, John E., Dallas, Special Agent in Charge- U.S. Department of State.
McCuiston, Roy T.
McElroy, Gloria Dawn, Sweet Briar, VA & Dallas.
McGee, Mrs. M.P., Marshall.
McGinty, Mrs. O.M., Spur.
McGrail, Catherine, Mexia.
McGrill, Tony (Mrs. James R.), Austin, Editor/ Adv. Manager, Texas Federation News.
Metzler, Mrs. J.W., Houston, Fourth District Chairman. Texas Folklore and Writers.
Miles, Mrs. C.A., Liberty.
Miller, Mrs. D.B., Mathis.
Miller, Mrs. James E., Sinton.
Moeller, Gloria, Treasurer- Zeta Tau Alpha.
Moffatt, Mrs. D.W.
Molloy, Mrs. T.J., Timpson.
Montgomery, Pearl (Mrs. J.M.), Ft. Stockton, President, Eighth District.
Moody, Mrs. Roy, Sinton.
Moore, Alice, Longview.
Moore, Bernice Milburn, Austin, Consultant, Home and Family Relations Homemaking Division, State Board for Vocational Education and The Hogg Foundation for Mental Hygiene- The University of Texas.
Moore, Joan, Denton, President, Student Council of Social Activities-TSCW (TWU).
Moore, Ollie (Mrs. J.H.), Deport, President- TCPT.
Murfee, Mae, Lubbock.
Musslewaite, Mrs. R.C., Lufkin, Third District Chairman of the Committee on Life Members.
Myers, Ruby (Mrs. C.D.), Temple.
Nash, Macon Moore (Mrs. Herschel), Weatherford, President, First District.
Neal, Joe, Austin, Advisor - The University of Texas.
Neas, Pearl, Georgetown, Chairman of Adult Education.
Neely, Florence, Amarillo.
Neff, J. Lewis, Houston, Executive Director, American Cancer Society.
Nesbit, Almedia.
Newell, Dell (Mrs. W.H.), Wichita Falls.
Newton, Mrs. R.J., Bertram.
Nicherson, Mrs. W.J., Crystal City.
Nix, Mrs. R.D., Sudan.
Noble, Mrs. Ben, Houston, President, Houston Save A Life League.
Norton, Birdie Louise (Mrs. R.A.), Dallas.
Novosad, Mrs. W.C., Houston, President, The Woman’s Forum.
Nyhus, N. Sidney, Washington D.C., Secretary/Treasurer, United States Travel Agency.
Oglesbee, Sara McCurry (Mrs. Hunter C.), Waco, President, Waco Federation of Women’s Clubs.
Oppenheimer, Evelyn, Dallas, Melrose Hotel.
Orynski, Wanda, Salt Lake City, UT.
Owen, Julia D., Navasota.
Owens, Harry, Dallas, State Director for Texas, Treasury Department.
Owens, Wroe, Austin, Chairman, Entertainment Committee, Ben Hur Temple.
Page, Elizabeth, Austin, Claims Department, Southern Medical & Hospital Service.
Patton, Laurine (Mrs. Frank), El Paso.
Patton, Offa Ione, Jacksboro.
Payne, Mrs. W.R., San Saba, Vice President, Sixth District.
Peckham, Mrs. J.R., Alvin.
Pegues, Betty, Baton Rouge, LA.
Perkins, Emily (Mrs. Joseph), Eastland, Chairman, Programs.
Perlman, Phoebe Sue, Carthage.
Peters, Lena (Mrs. H.N.), Waxahachie, Chairman, Fine Arts/Poetry.
Petitt, Mrs. P.A., Paola, KA, Chairman, Music - GFWC.
Pickens, Mrs. J.L., Lometa.
Pierce, Mrs. John M., Springfield, VT., Chairman of Fine Arts.
Pitts, J. Lee.
Poole, J., Dallas, Adjustment Bureau, Neiman-Marcus.
Pope, Mrs. A.W., Sanderson.
Pope, Mrs. F.M., Vernon, Home Science Club of Vernon.
Potter, Fannie (Mrs. W.R.), Bowie, Life Member.
Proctor, Hal, Midland.
Prosser, Mrs. L.L., Abilene.
Provine, Madge (Mrs. O.T.), Wolfe City, Chairman, Fine Arts.
Privitt, Mrs. Paul, Goree.
Putnam, Ada (Mrs. A.L.), Plainview, Chairman, Finance and Insurance.
3.54Ragan, Dorothy, Big Spring, Chairman of Program Committee.
Ramsey, Henry T.
Randall, Mrs. L.B., San Antonio, Life Member.
Randle, Gibson R., Austin, Law Offices of Blair, Kendall, & Randle.
Ray, Mrs. Counts, Breckenridge.
Recknagel, Mrs. Geo, Marshall, Life Member.
Reddell, Mrs. Doyle, Palmer.
Reed, Darsey, Ballinger, Chairman, Program.
Richardson, Maud Gerald, Beaumont.
Riddle, Maria, Eagle Pass.
Riley, Edna (Mrs. Lincoln), Wink, Eighth District First Vice President.
Ripley, Mrs. George, Dallas, President- Dallas Federation of Women’s Clubs.
Rippel, Margaret (Mrs. Karl W.), Borger.
Ritchie, Mrs. Horace, San Gabriel.
Roberts, Mrs. Sherman, Wichita Falls.
Robertson, Mrs Geo. S., Childress, President, The Woman’s Department Club.
Rohde, Mary (Mrs. Henry N.), Bryan.
Rohlfinig, Evalyn, Farmington, ILL., Illinois Federation of Women’s Clubs.
Rominger, E.E., Austin, Rominger Advertising Agency.
Ross, Mrs. Ray, Del Rio.
Rowntree, Lou (Mrs. Roy), Houston, Chairman, Foreign & Territorial Clubs- TFWC.
Rowntree, Mary Ann (Mrs. Robert Howard), Houston, Junior Page Editor- TFWC.
Rubert, Rebecca, Port Lavaca.
Russell, Louise, Ft. Worth.
Rutherford, Mrs. G.W., Mt. Vernon, Chairman, Fine Arts Antiques.
Sandefer, Lucile (Mrs I.D.), Abilene, Daughters of American Revolution.
Sanger, Madelon, Dallas, Sanger Bros.
Saulson, Elconon H., Austin, Director, B’nai B’rith Hillel Foundation, University of Texas.
Saunders, Mrs. John W., Coleman, Treasurer.
Schlieder, Hulda E. (Mrs. Ben), Austin, Social Director.
Schulz, Sara Upshaw, Temple, City Federation of Women’s Clubs.
Scott, Florence Johnson, Rio-Grande City, Chairman, Board of Trustees.
Scruggs, Mrs. J.H., Roscoe.
Scurlock, Stella, Washington D.C., Chairman, Youth Conservation Program - GFWC.
Seay, Mabel Cole (Mrs. Sam L.), Amarillo, Chairman, Scholarships and Loans.
Seggermann, Mrs. Fred, Presidio.
Selz, Mrs. J. Earl, Pilot Point.
Shaw, Mrs. H.E., Normangee, President, 20th Century Club.
Shelby, T.H., Austin, Dean, Division of Extension - The University of Texas.
Shepperd, John Ben, Tulsa, OK., President, The United States Junior Chamber of Commerce.
Shirley, L.E., Dallas, Field Engineer - Standard Electric Time Company.
Shore, Mrs. D.P., Ft. Worth.
Shotwell, Mrs. P.E., Abilene.
Simmons, Geraldine D (Mrs. James O.), Midland.
Singleton, D.F., Fort Smith, AR.
Slump, Mrs. Cheste A., San Antonio.
Smith, Bessie (Mrs. E.N.), Marshall, President, Third District.
Smith, Mrs. Bill, Lefors.
Smith, Mrs. C.E., Burnet.
Smith, Frank C., Houston, President, Texas Division - American Cancer Society.
Smith, Harrey E. MD, Austin, Director, Tuberculosis Division - Texas State Department of Health.
Smith, Mrs. J.B., San Angelo, Chairman, GFWC Clubwoman for TFWC.
Smith, Mrs. Sloan.
Smyers, Mildred (Mrs. L. Carroll), Lubbock, Chairman, Seventh District Golden Jubilee Committee.
Sowell, Mrs. Carl, Dublin.
Spencer, Gene, Milford, NY.
Spencer, Mrs. George, Teague.
Spencer, Mrs. J.E., El Dorado.
Stamper, Mrs. Walter, Chairman Zone Three - GFWC.
Stewart, Mrs. Wirt, Pittsburg.
Stowers, Mrs. V.C., Royce City.
Stubbs, Mrs. Van Hook, Wortham, Board of Trustees, Third District.
Sudduth, Clark, Houston, Director of Public Relations - American Cancer Society.
Swartz, Zelma Moore (Mrs. Robert Henderson).
Swift, Helen, College Station, Sociologist, Rural Women’s Organizations - Cooperative Extension Work.
3.55Taylor, Ethel (Mrs. Volney), Brownsville, Chairman, Transportation.
Taylor, Mrs. Hugh, Snyder.
Teague, Lucille Welch (Mrs. C.S.), Tom Bean, Chairman of Safety, Second District.
Theis, Jacqueline, Midland.
Thiqpen, Mrs. W.S., Daingerfield.
Thompson, Irene, Austin, Executive Secretary - TFWC. (1947)
Thompson, Irene, Austin, Executive Secretary - TFWC. (1948-1949)
Thomson, Mrs. R., Brownwood.
Tippit, Mrs. R.L, Tyler, Tyler Woman’s Forum.
Tirey, Mrs. Shell, Waxahachie.
Todd, Mrs. Earl, Brady.
Todd, Mrs. Walker, Quanah.
Travis, Mrs. Walter, Dumas.
Tubbs, Eleanor, Sweetwater, J.H. Tubb Wholesale Grocery.
Tubbs, Ethelmarie C., El Paso, Treasurer.
Tucker, Viva, Baird, Chairman Musical Penny Fund.
Turner, Mrs. H.H., Bay City, Secretary, Matagorda County Federation of Women’s Clubs.
Turrentine, Mrs. Richard, Denton, Life Member.
Tyson, Myrle Dauney, Houston, President, State Association of Alpha Delta Pi.
Tyson, Mrs. Peter, Rosebud.
Vaelkel, Shirley, Cuero.
Vandevere, Hester B. (Mrs. W.E.), Abilene, Chairman, Fine Arts Department.
Van Zant, Gertrude, Ft. Worth.
Vaughan, Christine, Paris, Personal Shopper - Perkins Brothers Company Associated Stores.
Vaughn, Mrs. R.D., Dallas, President, Women’s Chamber of Commerce.
Vickers, Martha, Belmont.
Wagner, Katherine (Mrs. Lawson Libby), Corpus Christi, Chairman, Fine Arts.
Waide, Glenn, Sanger, Hiltop House.
Walker, Mrs. W.L., Plainview, Secretary/Treasurer, The Junior Travel Study Club” of Plainview.
Wallace, Mrs. Emmette, Bryan, President, Bryan Chapter.
Wallace, Mrs. Wm. R., South Carolina, President, South Carolina Federation of Women’s Clubs.
Walthen, Minnie (Mrs. L.J.), Dallas.
Walton, Mrs. Gordon, Del Rio.
Wardlaw, Marie (Mrs. A.L.), Ft .Worth, First Vice President, First District.
Watson, Doris (Mrs. Hubert), Stamford, President,The Pierian Club.
Watson, Mrs. Harry H., Corpus Christi, Chairman of Emblems- TFWC.
Weber, H. Louise, Rising Star.
Welder, Katie (Mrs. James), Victoria.
Wells, Mrs. D.R., Quanah.
Wells, Mrs. L.A., Amarillo.
Wells, Mildred White, Washington, D.C., General Federation of Women’s Clubs.
Wells, Mae S. (Mrs. T.M.), San Antonio, Second Vice-President.
Westbrook, Betty, College Station, Texas A & M University.
Westmoreland, Ilene, Mexia.
Whitaker, Ruth (Mrs. E.B.), Jacksboro.
White, Mrs. Glen, Shamrock.
White, Mrs. R.S., Clarendon, Clarendon Public Schools and Junior College.
Whitehead, Elane (Mrs. James E.), Houston.
Whitehurst, Sara A (Mrs. John L.), Washington D.C., GFWC.
Wiese, Mrs. Albert D., Wiese, Mrs. Albert D.,
Wilie, Virgina (Mrs. U.L.), Matador, Chairman, Citizenship.
Wilson, Mrs. W. Ben, Clyde.
Windham, Mrs. Richard, Baird, Corresponding Secretary, Junior Wednesday Club.
Winston, Mrs. Harry, Weatherford, President, First District.
Wofford, Margery, Austin, President, The Delta Kappa Gamma Society, Alpha Chapter.
Wood, Mrs. C.A., Linden, Corresponding Secretary, Linden Garden Club.
Wood, Mrs. J.H., Austin.
Wood, Mrs. W.H., Beaumont, Life President, Woman’s Auxiliary to the State Medical Association of Texas.
Woods, Thalia S., Washington D.C., Executive Secretary, GFWC.
Wooten, Mattie Lloyd, Denton, Dean of Students, Texas State College for Women (TWU).
Yancy, Mrs. John, San Angelo, Secretary, Texas Home Demonstration Association.
Young, Mrs. Leroy, Grand Prairie, Secretary/Treasurer, Second District.
Young, Ola (Mrs. J.L.), Mineral Wells.
Unsigned Letters.

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