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Texas Woman's University, the Woman's Collection

Texas Federation of Women's Clubs Collection

Series 3: Administrations (Correspondence, 1940 - 1947)

Collection Summary

Creator:Texas Federation of Women's Clubs
Title:Texas Federation of Women's Clubs Collection
Date:1897 - .
Abstract:Constitution and bylaws, minutes, correspondence, reports, and published material created by the state organization, the districts, and over 2,200 individual member clubs. Also includes graphic material such as photographs and scrapbooks. Material documents the founding meeting in 1897 through the organization's growth in the twentieth century into the largest women's volunteer association in Texas.
Location:Mss. 32
Size:493 boxes.
RepositoryTexas Woman's University, the Woman's Collection


Arrangement of the Collection

The records are arranged into nine series:
Series 1: Historical Writings
Series 2: Legal and Financial Documents
Series 3a-j: Administrations - Correspondence and Reports
Series 4: Education Assistance
Series 5: Headquarters Building
Series 6a-c: Membership
Series 7: Printed Material
Series 8: Graphic Material
Series 9: General Federation of Women's Clubs and South Central Region


Access to the Collection:

Open for research.

Publication and Copyright Statements:

Permission to publish materials must be obtained in writing from the Coordinator for Special Collections. Where copyright is unclear, all responsibility must be assumed by the user.

Administrative Information


TFWC designated the Woman's Collection as the repository for their archives in 1985. Material has been added on a continuing basis since that time.

Processed by

Ann McGuffin Barton, Morgan Davis, and Barbara Hotinski, 1997-2007.

Encoded by:

Ranu Singhvi, 2008

Detailed Description of the Collection


Series 3: Administrations Records (Correspondence, 1940 - 1947)

3.34 - 3.48Correspondence
Arranged alphabetically by originating correspondent (author) in order of presidential administrations. Correspondence by each president precedes the alphabetical listing. The name of the author, the town or city and the person's title are identified.
This section includes presidents Walker, 1940-1942; Foster, 1942-1945; and Scott, 1945-1947.
3.34Walker Administration, 1940 - 1942
Walker, Mrs. Julius, Plainview, President.
Personal Correpondence.
3.35 Walker, Mrs. Julius, Plainview, President.
Personal Correpondence.
3.36Adams, Maide (Mrs. Alex), Mission Road Association.
Alatorre, F., National Railways of Mexico.
Alexander, Ruth, Austin.
Allen, Elizabeth, Overton, Fourth District Youth Cooperation Committee.
Allensworth, Mrs. M. R., Clarendon, Les Beaux Arts Club.
Anderson, Mamie D. (Mrs. G. D.), Wichita Falls, Chairman American Citizenship.
Andrews, Fannie M., "Ye Qualitye Shoppe."
Armstrong, A. J., Baylor University.
Austin, Mrs. Willie, California Federation of Women's Clubs.
Bacon, Mrs. William, Dallas, Chairman of Industry.
Baker, Ella C. (Mrs. F. A.)
Baker, F. J., Dallas, The Baker Hotel.
Bailey, Mamie (Mrs. Vaughn), Agua Dulce, Fifth District.
Bailey, Odessa (Mrs. H. Stanley), Virginia Federation of Women’s Clubs.
Bair, J. C., Schutze-Bair Printers.
Ballard, Louise (Mrs. O. O.), Houston.
Bangs, Grace Allen, New York Herald-Tribune.
Bannowsky, Ida Dell (Mrs. Chester), Sixth District Chairman Consumer Information.
Barnett, Ruth C., Dallas, The Historical Association of American Women.
Barrow, D. B., Austin, Texas State Board of Insurance Commissioners.
Barry, Maggie W., College Station, Life Member, Texas A & M Extension Advisor.
Beal, Worth, Modern Floors.
Benefield, June, Society Editor – "The Brady Standard".
Beretta, Sallie Ward (Mrs. Jon King), San Antonio, Chairman - Committee of Motion Pictures.
Berry, Mrs. Geo S., Sate Chairman – War Veterans.
Black, Z. E., Dallas Chamber of Commerce.
Blackstone, Mrs. J. K., San Antonio. Interstate Club Service.
Bolin, Mrs. Herbert, Austin.
Booth, Nell (Mrs. S. P.), President – Fifth District.
Boren, Esther (Mrs. Wayne), Snyder, Chairman – Fine Arts.
Bovell, Florence (Mrs. S. C.), Dallas, Chairman – Motion Picture Committee.
Bracken, Mrs. W. E., President - Texas Federation of Colored Women's Clubs.
Bratley, Hazel, Federal Security Agency.
Brewer, Mrs. B. F., Fort Worth, First District Secretary.
Britt, Mrs. Buck, Wheeler, Seventh District.
Brock, Elizabeth (Mrs. J. L.), Fourth District Board of Trustees.
Brooks, Marietta (Mrs. R. Max), Austin, Publications Business Manager.
Brooks, Mrs. T. R., Denton Second District.
Brown, Mrs. Aubyn Taylor, Melrose Hotel.
Bruce, Leona (Mrs. C. D.), Owens, Chairman – American Home.
Bryant, Blanche (Mrs. B. M.), Greenville.
Buchanan, Eunice (Mrs. R. E.), Fort Worth, Life Member.
Buchanan, Mrs. S. F., Yoakum.
Buehner, C. E., Better Business Bureau of Houston.
Burch, J. Fair, Merchant's Bank of Dallas.
Busch, Adolphus, Adolphus Hotel.
Bush, Grace, Los Angeles, CA.
Callaghan, Mrs. Asberry, Panhandle.
Callaway, Mrs. T. J., Carlsbad, NM.
Campbell, Josephine (Mrs. B. B.), Knox City, First District Second Vice-President.
Campbell, Madelon (Mrs. A. M.), Fort Worth, President Fort Worth Federation of Women's Clubs.
Cattrell, Nita (Mrs. W. E.), Lometa, Consumer Information Chairman.
Carlisle, Margaret (Mrs. O. H.), Houston, Appointed Member of Executive Committee & Federation News Business Manager.
Carpenter, Mrs. H. F.
Carr, William G., Education Policies Commission.
Challis, E. D., Seth Thomas Clocks.
Clark, J. Mabel, Austin, Federation News Editor.
Clark, Rada.
Cole, Mrs. Ida, Amarillo, Chairman – Scholarships and Loans.
Collier, Lillian (Mrs. Jud), Mumford, Legislation Chairman.
Collins, Frank C., Midwest Badge and Novelty Company.
Collins, Mrs. George H., Greenville, Chairman – Character Education.
Conner, J. E., Texas College of Arts and Industries.
Cook, Ellen Booker, Houston, Author.
Covington, M. Collie, GFWC Division of Family Security.
Cox, George W., Texas Sate Board of Health.
Cox, Howard T., Maxwell and Cox Auditors.
Cox, J. E., Texas State Teachers Association.
Cox, Mrs. R. E., Fort Worth, Chairman – Club Ethics.
Crawford, Mrs. Harry, Galveston.
Crews, Mrs. J. M., Seventh District 2nd Vice-President.
Culberson, Olin.
Cullers, E. W., Agua Dulce Public Schools Superintendent.
Criswell, Mrs. T. F.
Cunningham, Minnie Fisher, GFWC.
Cunningham, Winnie K. (Mrs. J. C.), Fort Stockton, Fort Stockton,
Davis, Anna G., Royse City, Second District Character Education Chairman.
Davis, Annie D (Mrs. W. E.), Childress, Delphian Club.
Davis, Mrs. J. Thomas, Stephenville, First District Program Chairman.
Davis, Luda Mae, National Advisory Defense Committee.
Dennis, Gladys (Mrs. Claude), Dallas, Second District Motion Picture Chairman.
Dennison, Mary W. (Mrs. R. A.), Weslaco.
DeYoung, H. A., San Antonio, Artist.
Dial, Mamie (Mrs. Preston), San Antonio, Pan-American Relations Chairman.
Dickinson, Lucy (Mrs. LaFell), GFWC Second Vice-President.
Dimmitt, Lenior, University of Texas – Loan Library Program.
Dixon, Mrs. J. W., Sixth District.
Doty, E. W., University of Texas – College of Fine Arts.
Douglas, Ruth, Denton, Press and Publicity Chairman.
Douglas, Mrs. W. S., San Angelo, Art Appreciation Chairman.
3.37 Earles, Mrs. John, O’Donnell.
Eaton, Robert F., American Red Cross.
Eidson, Margaret L. (Mrs. Charles), Houston, Spiritual Guidance Chairman.
Ekam, Marguerite, Office Secretary.
Eppwright, Ercel S., Texas State College for Women.
Estill, Mary, Huntsville.
Evans, Ama, Orthopedic Crippled Children's Hospital.
Evans, Lucille (Mrs. R. T.), Vernon, First District Chairman - American Home.
Ewell, Mrs. James, H., Goliad, Corresponding Secretary - Goliad Reading Club.
Fairchild, Mrs. I. D., Lufkin, Chairman - Resolutions Committee.
Ferguson, Mrs. Bassett.
Fields, Florence, Haskell, Chairman - Public Welfare, Inter-racial Division.
Fincher, Mrs. J. W., Houston, Investments Chairman.
Fisk, Mrs. Greenleaf, Abilene, Art Exhibit Chairman.
Flatt, Mary, Morrison and Formy Directory Company.
Fletcher, Mary Carson, Sherman.
Ford, Mrs. Jim, Sinton.
Fortner, Mrs. John, Presidio.
Foster, Ethel, Sterling City, Treasurer.
Fouts, Leslie (Mrs. Theron), Denton, Chairman – Department of Education.
Friend, Kate, Waco.
Fussell, Elizabeth, Ozona.
Galvin, Carrie, GFWC Assistant Treasurer.
Garner, Robert J., Texas State College for Women.
Gates, Margaret E, Gatesville.
Gay, Mrs. R. C., Sixth District.
Gilbert, Minnie, "Valley Morning Star"
Gleason, Mary F.
Godeke, Mrs. H. F., Lubbock, Seventh District President.
Goatman, James H.
Goodman, Laura (Mrs. James H.), Midland, American Citizenship Chairman.
Gracey, Mrs. H. C.
Greenhill, Violet S., Texas State Department of Welfare.
Green, Mrs. Hilton R., Dallas, Chairman – Fine Arts Literature Department.
Griffin, Mrs. Meade F., Plainview, Chairman – Law Pertaining to Women and Children.
Grove, Bess.
Gunstream, John W., Texas Department of Education.
Haberlin, George R., Capital Printing.
Haddon, Ruby, Automatic Sales Corp.
Hagaman, Emma (Mrs. M. H.), Ranger, Board of Trustees.
Hamby, Kathleen, Executive Secretary.
Hamby, Robert.
Hamilton, Frances B., Headquarters Hostess.
Hamilton, G. M.
Hammach, Bobby.
Hankins, Mrs. J. H., Lubbock, American Music and Folksong Chairman
Harrison, Mrs. Will N., Third District.
Hayes, Frank, US Department of Commerce.
Hearne, Maurine, Texas A & M Cooperative Extension Work.
Heflin, Bess, Texas Home Economics Association.
Heitner, Maria (Mrs. Theodore).
Herverman, Mrs. E. J.
Hill, Constance (Mrs. Frank), Executive Secretary.
Hill, Mrs. J. A., Canyon, Appointed Member of Board.
Hill, Shirley Bates
Hipps, Herbert E., Orthopedic Crippled Children's Hospital.
3.38Hogsett, Mrs. Curtis.
Hooe, Dodie.
Hoover, Mrs. A. C., Ozona, Chairman- Mothercraft.
Horton, Mildred, Texas A & M Cooperative Education.
House, Bernice.
Hunter, Ann G., Housewives Chamber of Commerce.
Issacs, Mrs. Sam, Texas Composers Chairman.
Izzard, Helen (Mrs. W. S.), Amarillo, Chairman – Junior clubwomen.
Jackson, Mrs. O. B., Plainview, Seventh District Board of Trustees.
James, Mrs. Cleve, Henderson, Fine Arts – Bible as literature Chairman.
Janzen, Anna.
Jenson, Frank, Texas and Pacific Railway Company.
Jernigan, Mattie (Mrs. J. H.), Childress, Law Observance Chairman.
John, Mrs. C. L., Sulpher Springs, Third District Vice-President.
Johnson, A. W. (Mrs. Grover), Wichita Falls, Secretary, First District Chairman of Mothercraft.
Joseph, Lilly.
Judd, Mrs. C. D., Texas State College for Women.
Kaldenback, Ray J., GFWC.
Kay, Mrs. Cam.
Keen, John H., American Red Cross- Travis County.
Keller, Juanita (Mrs. Willis)
Kelly, Mrs. W. R.
Kelly, Zada (Mrs. C. D.), Groesbeck, Fine Arts Chairman.
Key, Constance.
Kidwell, Edith R.
Kimball, May Dickinson.
Kinard, Mrs. D. L. C., Memphis, Youth Cooperation Chairman.
King, Meredith W. (Mrs. Robert Henry)
Kinsley, Pearl
Kirby, Bess (Mrs. F. F.), Clubwoman Circulation.
Kirkpatrick, Elevita.
Krey, Laura.
Kulzer, Marie Wilmer (Mrs. Albert), GFWC Director for Washington.
Lake, Mary D. (Mrs. Will), Texas Federation of Garden Clubs.
Lancaster, Cora, "The Woman's Club"
Lang, Otto, Lang Floral and Nursery Co, Inc.
Latham, George B., Federation News Advertising Manager.
Lawrey, P. L., Capital Printing.
Lee, Bertha, Reader's Digest.
Lee, Ray E., Austin, US Post Office.
Leverett, Mrs. Mark, Sixth District President.
Ligon, Jessie Lee.
Lindsay, Mrs. R. F.
Liston, Mrs. W. D.
Little, Fayane (Mrs. George S.)
Littlepage, Claude L, Western Union Telegraph Co.
Locke, Bessie, National Kindergarten Association.
Loop, Kellie, Dallas Public Library.
Loughridge, Walter, Attorney.
Lyons, Jane k.
Maas, Frances.
Mabry, Mrs. A. G.
Mahon, A. B., Postal Life Insurance Co.
Malone, Mayesie, US Department of Agriculture.
Malone, Tennessee, West Texas State College – Librarian.
Mauire, Robert A., Texas State Board of Vocational Education.
Marth, Fred C.
Mattews, Emma (Mrs. C. J.), San Antonio, Parliamentarian and Revisions Committee Chairman.
McAlister, Estelle (Mrs. J. W.), Fort Worth, First District President.
McCollum, Jessie C. (Mrs. Burton), Texas League of Women Voters.
McConnell, Alice, Gladewater, Chairman – Public Infrastructure.
McCullough, Helenq
McDonald, Mrs. Fred, Fourth District Publicity Chairman.
McEntire, Lula Belle
McGowan, Mrs. Joe
McKnight, Mrs. Roy L.
McTeonan, Agnes, Program Magazine
Meade, E. Victor, Wolverine Art Shop
Meadow, Meta, Texas Federation of Business and Professional Women.
Merritt, Mrs. J. G., Colorado City, Registration Chairman.
Miller, Allen F., US Department of Agriculture.
Montgomery , Pete, Delta Tau Fraternity .
Moore, Mrs. J. H., Deport, Third District President.
Morek, Lucille.
Muller, Mrs. August, Victoria, Chairman - Yearbook Judging Committee.
Murchison, J. S., Texas Department of Public Welfare.
Myers, Katherine Holman.
Myers, Nettie S., Austin, Chairman Public Welfare.
Naylor, Joe O., Naylor Publishing
Nela, Mrs. Arthur, Sixth District Conservation Chairman.
Neal, Margie E.
Novy, L., Interstate Circuit Inc.
Ore, Paul, Mineral Wells Chamber of Commerce.
3.39 Palmer, C. E., Texarkana Gazette.
Perkins, Mrs. J. M., Eastland, GFWC Director.
Perry, Julia (Mrs. E. H.), Plainview, Program Chairman.
Philips, Elizabeth Sue, Executive Secretary.
Philips, Mrs. Lloyd.
Plunkett, Catherine, Texas State Department of Public Welfare.
Poole, Mrs. W. J.
Potter, Mrs. W. R., Bowie, History Chairman.
Powell, Mrs. Sid
Powell, Tinnie Byrd (Mrs. S. B.), Sanger, Second District Press and Publicity.
Price, Elaine.
Provine, Madge (Mrs. O. R.), Wolfe City, Chairman – Fine Arts and Dance
Puckett, Nellie, Texas Electric Service.
Randall, Mrs. L. B., San Antonio, Life Member.
Rennick, Ada (Mrs. Sam), El Paso.
Rice, E. G., Quitaque, Chairman – Fine Arts/Penny Arts.
Richards, Ruth (Mrs. E. C.), Jacksboro, First District Vice-President & Membership Chairman.
Ripley, Mrs. Geo. A., Dallas, Second Vice-President.
Ritchey, Mrs. G. R., Itasca.
Roberts, Mrs. Tom.
Rodgers, Mrs. H. Buford.
Rodgers, Evelyn (Mrs. T. Jean), Quanah, Program Building Chairman.
Rogers ,Mrs. Fred.
Rountree, Fannie B.
Rowland, Mrs. H. O.
Sadler, M. E., Texas Christian University.
Sandlin, Geo. W., United Services Organizations.
Saylor, Mrs. Jacob, Sixth District.
Schaper, Mamie, Waco, Waco Federation of Women’s Clubs – Treasurer.
Scott, Florence Johnson, Rio Grande City, Chairman – International Relations.
Scott, Mrs. G. R., Corpus Christi, Life Member.
Scott, Ruth, Montague County.
Sexauer, Mrs. G. W., Memphis, Credentials and Elections Committee.
Shelton, Horace, American Legion Post #76.
Shipley, Neil.
Shore, Mrs. D. P.
Simon, L. G., Bowen Motor Coaches.
Slate, Mrs. S. E., Transportation Chairman.
Slaydon, Mrs. William Waller, GFWC Club Extension Committee.
Smith, Alta, De Sota Celebration Corp.
Smith, Mrs. Henry, Executive Secretary.
Smith, Mae Belle, Texas A & M District Agent.
Smith, Mrs. Pete, Plainview, Registration Committee.
Smith, Rebecca, Texas Christian University English Department.
Smith, Mrs. Sam, Austin, Chairman - Board of Trustees.
Sommers, Elsie (Mrs. Charles).
Sowers, Mary Ethel (Mrs. Harry B.), Dallas, Public Welfare Chairman.
Spies, John W., University of Texas.
Spinks, Jewall, Tyler Community College.
Steger, Grace, Revell.
Stinnett, Mary (Mrs. H. G.), Plainview, Chairman – Indian Welfare.
Stoermer, Clara Lee, Austin, American Red Cross – Travis County.
Stokes, Sam.
Stubbs, Mrs. Van Hook, Wortham, Chairman - Fine Arts.
Sullivan, Mrs. J. H.
Swarrs, Alma (Mrs. James W.), Van Horn.
Sykes, Regina (Mrs. Ira D.), Clubwoman Circulation Manager.
Taylor, Ethel Cook (Mrs. Volney), Brownsville, Appointed Board Member.
Taylor, H. H.
Thelin, Mrs. M.
Timm, Tyrus R., Texas A & M Cooperative Extension Work.
Traylor, Mrs. C. L.
Trussel, Alice B. (Mrs. M. W.)
Turner Jr, M.C., Dixie Bureau.
Turrentine, Mrs. Richard, Denton, Trustee.
Vance, Grace, Rufugio, First Vice-President.
Venner, Mrs. Henry, Chairman - Third District Motion Pictures.
Vickers, Paul T., McAllen Chamber of Commerce.
Vogel, Jules, US Department of Agriculture – Forest Service.
Von Kalow, Mrs. H., Von Kalow School of Stenography.
3.40 Wacker, Mrs. J. R.
Wallace, Elizabeth.
Wardlaw, Mrs. Ariel L., Fort Worth, First District Chairman - Fine Arts.
Wardlaw, Mrs. Louis, Fort Worth, First District Chairman - Department of Education.
Wathum, Mrs. L. J., Second District President.
Watkins, C. L. (Mrs. J. E.)
Watkins, Jewell.
Welder, Mrs. James, Fort Worth, Life Member.
Wentland, Mrs. W. H., Manor, Travis County T. B. Association, Press and Publicity.
Wessendorff, Jane (Mrs. Joe), Texas Congress of Parents and Teachers.
West, Mae S. (Mrs. T. M.), San Antonio, Board of Trustees.,
Whitacre, Jessie, Texas A & M Rural Home Research Division Chief
White, Lyda S., Federal Works Agency Project Administration.
White, Mrs. T. J.
Whitehurst, Mrs. John, GFWC Golden Jubilee Celebration, GFWC President.
Whitney, Sam H., Society for Crippled Children Inc.
Wilbor, S. W., Southland Cotton Oil Company.
Williamson, Virginia.
Willoughby, Mrs. O. H., Sixth District First Vice-President.
Winner, Vella, GFWC “Clubwoman” Publicity and Publication.
Woodall, Mrs. Ross, The Woman’s Forum.
Woodruff, Jane.
Woods, Dee.
Wood, James A., Stephens College – Columbia, MO
Wright, Mrs. S. J.
Yarborough, Ralph W.
3.41Foster Administration, 1942 - 1945
Foster, Ethel, Sterling City, President.
Personal Correspondence
Foster, Ethel, Sterling City, President.
Personal Correspondence
Allen, Leila (Mrs. Cecil), Bowie, President - City Federation of Bowie, Chairman of the Yearbook Committee - The Thursday Club of Bowie.
Allensworth, Grace (Mrs. J. C.), Lubbock, State Art Chairman.
Anderson, Mrs., Grenada, MS.
Baer, David C., Omaha, NE., Architect.
Bailey, Lizzie (Mrs. B. P.), Austin.
Bailey, Mrs. C. J., Goose Creek, Treasurer.
Bailey, Mamie (Mrs. Vaughn D.), Agua Dulce.
Bales, Edith (Mrs.), Lampasas.
Balko, Dixie (Mrs. J. H.), Pasadena.
Bannaugh, Mrs. Chester, Cleo, Sixth District President and Publicity Chairman.
Bardin, Mrs. J. Carter, Dallas, President - Dallas Pen Women, Historian - Dallas Federation of Women’s Clubs.
Barker, Beulah S. (Mrs. W. H.), San Antonio, State Chairman Motion Pictures.
Barker, Mrs. Bob, Austin.
Barron, Helen, Dallas.
Barrow, Mrs. H. D., Jourdanton.
Bartha, Maria A., San Antonio, Incarnate Word College.
Batey, Annie Lea, Tyler.
Benge, Mrs. Arch, San Angelo.
Bettes, Sgt. Bill.
Bevill, Leslie (Mrs.), Pecos, Eighth District.
Biard, Lida (Mrs. W.W.), Kaufman.
Biggs, Lt. Col. Howard, Washington, D.C., United States Army.
Bird, Ollie, Denison.
Bishop, Evangelist J.C., Redsprings, Club auditorium.
Bloxham, Mrs. James M., New Boston, Industry Chairman of Third District.
Bode, Ruth (Mrs. Ed), Junction, Portraits.
Boudreaux, Mrs. L. M., Erath, LA.
Boykin, Mrs. Stanley, Fort Worth, President - Fort Worth Federation of Women’s Clubs.
Brammer, K. F., New York, NY, Lord & Taylor.
Brieger, Myrtle, Winchester.
Brock, Elizabeth (Mrs. J. L.), Bryan, Fourth District Board of Trustees.
Brooke, Charles P., Camp Swift, Army Service Forces.
Brooks, Mrs. Max, Austin.
Brown, Rose L. (Mrs.), St. Louis, MO, Chairman of Press and Publicity Committee - General Federation of Women’s Clubs.
Bruce, Leona (Mrs. C. D.), Santa Anna, Sixth District President.
Bryant, Vera (Mrs. Howard), Tyler, 3rd District President.
Buchanan, Eunice (Mrs. R. E.), Fort Worth, TFWC Life Member.
Bull, A. C., Austin, Chairman - Travis County Chapter of the American Red Cross.
Burgess, Lena (Mrs. J. Warren), Tulsa, OK, Chairman of Fine Art Department - General Federation of Women’s Clubs.
Burnett, Bertha (Mrs.), San Antonio.
Burritt, C. G., Dallas, Branch Manager - Johnson Service Company.
Burrows, Amy, San Antonio, Director of Nurses - Medical and Surgical Memorial Hospital.
Bush, Mrs. Guy, Princeton.
Butts, Mrs. J. C., Hillsboro, Second District Nursing Chairman.
Campbell, Mrs. B. B., Knox City, Mothercraft Committee.
Cantrell, Nita, (Mrs. W. E.), Lometa, Chairman of Credentials and Elections.
Carleton, Mrs. A. T., Houston, President - City Federation of Women’s Clubs.
Carpenter, A. M., Abilene, Chairman of Art of Sixth District.
Carpenter, Mrs. G. E., Leonard.
Caskey, Margaret.
Chandler, Edith B. (Mrs. H. Grady), Austin, Andrew Carruthers Chapter - D.A.R.
Christoffer, Dorothy (Mrs. O. T.), Mexia.
Collier, Lillian (Mrs. Jud), Mumford.
Collins, Carr P., Dallas, President - Fidelity Union Life Insurance Company.
Connery, Louise Taylor (Mrs. C. W.), Fort Worth, TFWC Life Member and President of the Past President Council.
Cope, Mrs. Robert S., Mc Comey.
Cox, Lil (Mrs. Sam), Mexia.
Cox, Mrs. R.E., Fort Worth, Appointed Member of the Executive Committee.
Cox, Mrs. L. T., Plainview, Secretary for Mrs. Julius Waring Walker - Director to the General Federation of Women’s Clubs.
Coyne, Sgt. Ralph H., Camp Forrest, TN.
Crain, Mrs. J. M., Amarillo, Secretary and Treasurer - Seventh District.
Cravens, Daisy, Fort Smith, AK.
Crawford, Mrs. Harry S., Galveston, Delegate - Galveston Women’s Bureau.
Cunningham, Winnie (Mrs. J. C.), Fort Stockton, 2nd Vice-President, and Chairman of Federation Extension.
Curry, Mrs. C. S., Nixon.
3.42 Danforth, Mrs. W. J., Fort Worth, War Veterans Committee.
Daniel, Myrtis (Mrs. Milton), Tyler, President - Tyler Woman’s Forum.
Davis, Anna (Mrs.), Royse City.
Davis, Mrs. E. H., San Antonio.
Davis, Mrs. J. Thomas, Stephenville, President - First District.
Dennison, Mary W. (Mrs. R. A.), Weslaco, President - Rio Grande Valley Federation of Women’s Clubs.
Dewey, Mrs. Floyd A., Youngstown, OH, Secretary - Ohio Federation of Women’s Clubs.
Douglas, Ruth, Denton, General Federation of Women’s Clubs.
Drew, Homer M., Dallas, Assistant Secretary - United Fidelty Life Insurance Company.
Dudley, Mrs. L. E., Abilene.
Dunlavey, Bess, McAllen, City State Bank & Trust Co.
Edmondson, Mrs. M. H., Greenville, Credentials and Election Chairman - Third District.
Eidson, Margaret L. (Mrs. Charles G.), Houston, President - Fourth District.
Evans, Mrs. Bob, Alvin.
Ewell, Mrs. J. H., Goliad.
Ferris, Mrs. L. E., Houston, Chairman of Nursing - Fourth District.
Fincher, Pearl (Mrs. J. W.), Houston, Investment Committee.
Fisher, Mrs. W.T., Brownwood.
Fisk, Mrs. Greenleaf, Abilene.
Fitzhugh, J. G., Galveston, Gulf, Colorado and Santa Fe Railway Company.
Fleming, Rita M., San Antonio, Our Lady of the Lake College.
Foltz, Katherine (Mrs. George A.), Tyler, President - Tyler Woman’s Forum.
Foote, Rachel M., Dallas.
Forbis, Dorothy Margaret, Urbana, IL.
Ford, Catherine (Mrs.), Washington, D.C., Dept. Programs and Club Service - General Federation of Women’s Clubs.
Ford, Marie K. (Mrs. Joseph A.), Longview.
Fouts, Leslie Vann (Mrs. Theron), Denton, Treasurer.
Fowler, Paullin J. (Mrs. Charles S.), South San Antonio, President - City Federation of Women’s Clubs.
Fox, Mrs. Chris, El Paso, Publicity Chairman.
Frances, Nell (Mrs. Charles Murphy), Stamford.
Fraser, Alice, Assistant Secretary.
Friend, Mrs. Frank, San Angelo.
Frutos, Beatriz Antillon, Austin, Exchange Student from Costa Rica.
Fussell, Elizabeth, Ozona, Board Member - Ozona Woman’s Club.
Galvin, Carrie, Washington, D. C., Assistant Treasurer - General Federation of Women’s Clubs.
Gebauer, Dorothy, Austin, Dean of Women - The University of Texas.
George, Opal Lois (Mrs.), Austin, Executive Secretary - Texas Federation of Women’s Clubs.
Gerhardt, Maude H., Corpus Christi, Probation Department, Nueces County Juvenile Court.
Gibson, Louise W. (Mrs. M. Howard), Waxahachie, President - Second District.
Gillette, Mrs. H. B., Houston.
Godeke, Daisy (Mrs. H. F.), Lubbock, President - Seventh District, and Appointed Member.
Goens, Lena B. (Mrs. Ernest S.), Tyler, Chairman Junior Clubs.
Goldsborough, Annette (Mrs. J. C.), San Antonio, Chairman Penny Art Fund - Fifth District.
Goodman, Lena Williams (Mrs. James H.), Waco, Chairman - Department of Legislation.
Graham, Matt, Austin, State Board of Education of Texas.
Graves, Mrs. Quintin B., Austin, The Child Study Association.
Gray, Mrs. Lee Hendrix, Tyler.
Greer, Mrs. Hilton R., Dallas, Member of the State Nominating Committee - Second District.
Grillo, Edna, Washington, D.C., Addressograph Office - General Federation of Women’s Clubs.
Grove, Bess (Bee), South Kortright, New York.
Gustafson, Carl, Austin.
Guy, Mamie M., Greensville, S. C.
3.43Haberlin, George R., Austin, Capital Printing Company.
Hagaman, Emma (Mrs. M. H.), Ranger, Board of Trustees - Sixth District.
Hall, Mae (Mrs. Marvin), Austin, Business Manager - Texas Federations News.
Hamby, R. M., Austin, Millican & Hamby Insurance.
Hamilton, Frances B. (Mrs. G. M.), Austin, Social Director - Texas Federation Headquarters. 1942, 1943.
Hamilton, Frances B. (Mrs. G. M.), Austin, Social Director - Texas Federation Headquarters. 1944, 1945.
Hammersmith, Hazel, Houston.
Hampton, Zoe Austin (Mrs. James W.), San Antonio, Chairman of Nursing Committee.
Harrah, Mrs. Raymond, Pampa.
Harris, Lucy, Fort Worth, Harris Memorial Methodist Hospital.
Haskett, Fred L., Dallas, Fred L. Haskett Travel Service.
Hightower, Jessye, Olney.
Hill, Alma (Mrs. D. C.), El Dorado, Honorary Member for Life.
Hill, Mrs. J. A., Canyon, Chairman - Department of Education.
Hilton, Mary Louise (Mrs. Richard), Bryan, The Bryan News.
Hiltson, Mrs. S. E., Cisco, Sixth District.
Hodge, Veda Wells (Mrs. J. Howard), Midland, President - Eighth District.
Holt, Mrs. R. J., Wheeler, Corresponding Secretary - Wednesday Study Club.
House, Bernice (Mrs. A. J.), Yoakum, President - Fifth District.
House, Mrs. E. W., Kingsville, Kingsville Woman’s Club.
Houston, Ira (Mrs.), Austin, Program Chairman.
Hughes, Lillian (Mrs. B. H.), Beaumont, Fine Art’s Chairman - Fourth District.
Hughes, Mrs. Martin C., College Station, Vice Chairman.
Hunter, David R., Dallas, Regional Group Services Officer - Office of Price Administration.
Izzard, Helen (Mrs. Wesley), Amarillo, President - Seventh District.
Jackson, Leila (Mrs. Reuben), Dallas, Chairman - Department of Fine Arts.
Jackson, Mrs. O. B., Plainview, Board of Trustees - Seventh District.
Jackson, Verlie (Mrs. Jeff D.), Lampasas, President - Pierian Club.
Jackson, Mrs. Walter L., Ranger, Chairman of Nursing - Sixth District.
Jarman, L. Wilson, Staunton, VA., President - Mary Baldwin College.
Johnson, Atemsa (Mrs.), Austin, Executive Secretary - Texas Federation of Women’s Clubs.
Johnson, Bascom, New York, NY, Director of Legal and Protective Activities - The American Social Hygiene Association, Inc.
Johnson, Dr. J. Edward, Austin, President - Travis County Tuberculosis Association.
Jones, Anne, Winnsboro.
Jones, Emma, Austin.
Keller, Mrs. Willis, San Antonio, Fifth District.
Kelly, Cora Matlock (Mrs. James E.), Stanton, Chairman of Federation News - Eighth District.
Key, Carolyn Swamm (Mrs. David R.).
King, Minnie Clark (Mrs. William), San Antonio, The Woman’s Club of San Antonio.
Kreisler, Margaret.
Lawson, Adele Underwood (Mrs. H. H.), Corpus Christi, Secretary - Corpus Christi Art Foundation.
Lee, Ray E., Austin, Assistant Postmaster - United States Post Office.
Lehmann, Helen H., Dallas, Dean - School of Nursing, Baylor University Hospital.
Leiper, Mrs. R. E. L., Houston, Secretary - Fourth District.
Leverett, Mrs. Mark H., Wichita Falls, Chairman of Yearbook Judging.
Lewis, Mrs. Henry, Uvalde, Chairman of Folklore - Fifth District.
Lewis, Willie M. (Mrs. William J.), Dallas, President - Dallas Shakespeare Club.
Little, Mrs. Jack M., Dallas, President - Texas Congress of Parents and Teachers.
Little, Phyllis, Donie, Fairoaks Public School Senior Class.
Little, Ruth (Mrs. W. E.), Winters, Sixth District.
Lockhart, O. P., Austin, Chairman of the Board of Insurance Commissioners.
Long, Rev. Flynn V., Austin, First Southern Presbyterian Church.
Manton, Fred A., Paris, President and Treasurer - Manton-Fry Company Funeral Home.
Mapp, Ina J. (Mrs. W. E.), Odessa.
Martin, Grace M., Conroe, Chairman of Nutrition - Fourth District.
Mary Florence, Sister, Dallas, Director - School of Nursing, St. Paul’s Hospital.
Mayne, W. T., San Antonio.
McCallister, E. Jean, Austin, Executive Secretary - Texas Federation of Women’s Clubs.
McCullough, Stella, Abilene, Superintendent of Nurses - Hendrick Memorial Hospital.
McElroy, H. D., Dallas.
McFarlin, Mrs. R. W., Bertram.
McGee, Mrs. M. P., Marshall, Penny Art Fund Chairman - Third District.
McGlann, Rosalie (Mrs. W. A.), Snyder.
McKay, Mrs. Sparks, Mexia.
McKee, Nannie May (Mrs. A. W.), Lubbock, Chairman of Fine Arts Department Seventh District.
McSween, John, Pastor - Fourth Presbyterian Church.
Metzler, Mrs. J. W., Houston.
Mills, Martha B. (Mrs. John), Alexandria, LA.
Morris, Mrs. Milton, Austin, Secretary - Ex-students Association of Live Oak and Stuart Seminaries.
Moore, Mrs. J. H., Deport, Chairman - Department of American Citizenship.
Moss, Fanny F. (Mrs. J. S.), Miami.
Motyloff, Lucille, New York, NY.
Murphy, Ruth J., Paris.
3.44 Nevell, Jessie, Huntsville, Dean of Women - Sam Houston State Teachers College.
O’Brannon, Mary E. (Mrs. Prentice H.), Houston, Publicity and Press Chairman.
Offutt, Mary W., Executive Secretary.
Olinger, Mrs. Ray, Garland.
Oppenheimer, Harriet B. (Mrs. Julian), Fort Worth, State Chairman - Penny Art Fund.
Orynski, Wanda, Washington, D. C.
Payne, Mrs. W. D., Rule, Chairman of Conservation of Natural Resources - First District.
Pechal, Elsie.
Perkins, Emily Gleason (Mrs. Joseph M.), Eastland, Chairman of Fine Arts Department - General Federation of Women’s Clubs.
Perry, Mrs. John J., Sweetwater, War Service Department Chairman.
Peterson, Sibyl (Mrs. Verner C. J.), Houston, President - The Parliamentary Law Club of Houston.
Phillips, Elizabeth Sue, Denton, Executive Secretary.
Poage, Alberta, Bay City, Secretary and Treasurer - Matagorda County Federation of Women’s Clubs.
Potter, Mrs. W. R., Bowie, State Chairman of History and Life Member.
Pounders, Nell (Mrs. W. R.), Tyler, Third District.
Powell, Mrs. Ballard, Sanger, Press and Publicity - Second District.
Purcell, Lel R., Sunnyside Farm.
Purcell, Mabelle, Brownsville.
Rall, Mrs. Guy, Houston.
Read, Mrs. Norman H., Coahoma.
Redmond, Ida Durand (Mrs. Henry), Corpus Christi, Life Member.
Reed, Keith B., Dallas, Insurance and Tax Consultant.
Reid, Elizabeth (Mrs. John B.), Woodville, President - Big Thicket Federation.
Renfrew, Ruth Kelso (Mrs.), St. Louis, MO., Secretary - Foreign and Territorial Clubs of General Federation of Women’s Clubs; Missouri Federation of Women’s Clubs.
Rennick, Mrs. Sam, El Paso, Credentials and Elections Committee.
Richardson, Mary (Mrs.), Waco, Executor Decca Lamar West Estate.
Roberts, Mary M., Editor - American Journal of Nursing.
Rodgers, Mrs. H. Buford, Paris.
Rogers, R. A., Los Angeles, CA., Senior Accountant - University of California.
Rugel, Clara Hood (Mrs.), Midland, Director - United Service Organizations, Inc.
Rushing, Mrs. A. O., San Augustine.
Sanders, Mrs. J. S., La Feria, Secretary and Treasurer - Rio Grande Valley Federation of Women’s Clubs.
Sanderson, Ada B. (Mrs. Brown), Pine Bluff, Arkansas.
Schlade, Slyvia (Mrs. A. R.), Chicago, IL.
Scott, Florence Johnson (Mrs.), Rio Grande City, First Vice-President - Texas Federation of Women’s Clubs.
Scott, Mrs. G. R., Corpus Christi, Life Member.
Scott, Mrs. D. Werden, San Saba, Sixth Disrrict.
Scudder, J. L., Waco, Auditor - The Citizens National Bank.
Seabury, Virgil, Eastland.
Selz, Nina Moody (Mrs. J. Earl), Pilot Point, Division of Music Chairman - Texas Federation of Women’s Clubs.
Shaw, Marion (Mrs. Albert W.), San Antonio, President - The City Federation of Women’s Clubs of San Antonio.
Shuler, Meredith, Washington, D.C., Programs and Club Service - General Federation of Women’s Clubs.
Sindlinger, Maureen (Mrs. Frank E.), Terre Haute, IN.
Slaughter, Lomis, Austin, General Supervision - The Slaughter Stores.
Small, Joe Austell, Publisher.
Smith, Mrs. Burnett, Fort Worth, President - Monday Book Club.
Smith, Elinor (Mrs. Henry), Austin, Executive Secretary - Texas Federation of Women’s Clubs.
Smith, Mrs. J. B., San Angelo, Circulation Manager and Clubwoman - Texas Federation of Women’s Clubs.
Smith, Mrs. Nelson, Waco, Fourth District.
Smith, Mrs. Sam J., Austin, Board of Trustees Chairman - Texas Federation of Women’s Clubs.
Spangler, Mrs. A. J., Stephenville, Secretary and Treasurer - First District.
Spence, Mrs. Cleo, Pampa.
Stallings, Mrs. Luster, Leonard, Penny Art Fund Chairman - Second District.
Stinnett, Genevieve (Gene).
Storemont, Mary Claire Finner (Mrs. John), Kerrville, Schreiner Institute.
Stubbs, Mrs. Van Hook, Wortham.
Sublett, Linnie Lee (Mrs. L. R.), El Campo, Extension Chairman - Fourth District.
Swann, Eugenia, Treasurer - The Big Thicket Federation.
Sweeney, Mary Lou, Austin, Secretary - Sigma Delta Pi.
Skyes, Regina (Mrs. Ira D.), Houston, Secretary - Texas Federation of Women’s Clubs.
3.45Taylor, Ethel (Mrs. Volney W.), Brownsville, Department of International Relations Chairman - Texas Federation of Women’s Clubs.
Taylor, Nelle Hoffman (Mrs. W. M.), Austin.
Teasdale, Flora (Mrs. Howard), Marble Falls, Business Manager - Fifth District.
Thomas, Mrs. Marion A., Trinidad, Trinidad Pioneer Club.
Thompson, Blanche, Fort Worth, Director of Nursing - City-County Hospital.
Thomson, Geila A. (Mrs. H. B.), Dallas, Treasurer - The Dallas Shakespeare Club.
Tremaine, C. M., New York, NY, Secretary - National and Inter-American Music Week Committee.
Trussell, Alice B. (Mrs. Marshall W.), San Saba, War Service Library Chairman Sixth District.
Turrentine, Mrs. Richard J., Denton, Life Member - Texas Federation of Women’s Clubs.
Tyler, Mrs. Fisher A., Austin, Corresponding Secretary - Junior League of Austin.
Underwood, Annie (Mrs. F. H.), Corpus Christi, President - Wednesday Study Club.
Urschel, Mrs. J. E., Mexia, Chairman - Women’s Friday Club.
Vance, Grace F. (Mrs.), Refugio.
Vanderwoude, Nora (Mrs. J. C.), Dallas, President - Dallas Federation of Women’s Clubs.
Vaughan, Mrs. Glenn, Seguin.
Vieux, Shirley (Mrs. Ernest M.), Austin, Assistant Secretary - Texas Federation of Women’s Clubs.
Waggoner, Beatrice (Mrs.), El Paso.
Walker, H. E., Dallas, Service Department - Johnson Service Company.
Walker, Jack V., El Paso.
Walker, Lucile (Mrs. J. W.), Plainview, Director - General Federation of Women’s Clubs.
Watson, Mrs. H. H., Corpus Christi.
Watson, Mrs. Harry.
Wayman, Linda (Mrs.), Camp Hood, Civilian Personnel Division.
Webster, Maud, Commerce, Division - Fine Arts Department.
Welder, Mrs. James F., Victoria.
Wertbaugh, Jewel, Norman, OK., Professor of English - University of Oklahoma.
Wessler, Mrs. Geo. H., Arlington.
West, Mae S. (Mrs. T. M.), San Antonio, President - Fifth District.
Wetzel, Mrs. Jess, Winters.
White, Elizabeth S. (Mrs. J. T.), Texarkana, Texarkana Woman’s Club.
Whitehurst, Sara A. (Mrs. John L.), Washington, D. C., President - General Federation of Women’s Clubs.
Wilke, Ira W., Austin, Heating Engineer - Texas Public Service Company.
Wilkerson, Bettye, Freer.
Williams, Edith, Paris.
Wilson, Dick, San Antonio, Bexar Chemical Company.
Wise, Helen, Greenville.
Wood, Lula (Mrs. D. L.), Dallas.
Wood, Mrs. W. A., Waco.
Woods, Thalia S., Washington, D. C., Secretary to the General Federation of Women’s Clubs President, Mrs. John L. Whitehurst.
Woodward, Mrs. Mark, Chairman - T. F. M. C. War Service Department.
Woosley, Mrs. Ralph, Olney, First District.
Unsigned Letters, incomplete, illegible.
3.46Scott Administration, 1945 - 1947
Scott, Mrs. Florence Johnson, Rio Grande City, President.
Scott, Mrs. Florence Johnson, Rio Grande City, President.
Adams, Nathan, Dallas, State Chairman - Texas Advisory Committee, U.S. Treasury Saving Bonds Division.
Adams, Mardis (Mrs. Alex), San Antonio, President - Texas Mission Road Association.
Ahlgre, Mrs. Oscar A., Indianapolis, IN.
Alderdice, J. B., Austin, Chief Accountant - Department of Public Safety.
Allen, Walter L., San Antonio, Price Specialist - Price Division.
Anderson, Charles W., San Antonio, County Judge - County of Bexar.
Bachman, Bill, Fort Worth.
Ballantyne, Mrs. Burn, Brackettville.
Baggett, C. W., Dallas, Assistant Secretary - Reserve Life Insurance Company.
Barker, Mrs. Bob, Fort Worth.
Barton, Helen Lane, Bastrop.
Bauer, Adelaide Baldwin.
Bennett, Fred T., Austin, Engineer, Traffic Services - Texas Highway Department.
Bettes, Lotta.
Borrett, Lloyd M.
Bourne, Bonnie.
Braden, Lucille, San Antonio, Processing Clerk - Office of Price Administration.
Brindley, Dr. G. V., Temple, Scott & White Clinic.
Brinkerhoft, Mary, Waco.
Brock, Carolyn.
Browning, Augusta G., Paris.
Bruce, Leona (Mrs. C. D.), Santa Anna, President - Sixth District.
Carlisle, Margaret (Mrs. O. H.), Houston, President - Jeffersonian Club.
Carpenter, A. M., Abilene, Division of Art Chairman - Sixth District.
Carpenter, Elizabeth (Mrs. G. E.), Leonard, President - Second District.
Carpenter, Maude B., Brownwood.
Carroll, Joe C., Port Arthur.
Cassity, R. D., Houston, Manager - Drapery & Carpet Department, G. A. Stowers Furniture Company.
Chase, Kate F., New York, NY, National Federation of Music Clubs.
Chinn, Bertie W. (Mrs. J. H.), Uvalde.
Clopton, Julian C., Austin, Attorney At Law - Capital National Bank Building.
Cloudt, Norma, Social Chairman - Delta Zeta Sorority.
Coats, Drusilla (Mrs. John D.), Austin.
Cocanougher, Mrs. A. T., Eugene OR.
Coffer, Mrs. Claude, Amherst.
Coffield, Mrs. T. Roy, Wichita Falls.
Collins, Carr P., Dallas, Fidelity Union Life Insurance Company.
Conney, Louise Taylor (Mrs. Charles W.), Fort Worth.
Cox, Bertha (Mrs. R. E.), Fort Worth.
Cox, Howard T., Austin, Certified Public Accountant - Howard T. Cox & Company.
Cox, Lil (Mrs. Sam), Mexia, Board of Trustees - Third District.
Cruger, Harriet F. (Mrs. J. S.), San Antonio, Corresponding Secretary - The City Federation of Women’s Clubs of San Antonio.
Davis, Uta (Mrs. J. Thomas), Stephenville (?)
Decherd, W. T., Austin, Assistant Manager, American Surety Company of New York.
Dick, Louise, Columbus.
Dickinson, Mrs. Lafell, Washington, D. C.
Dillis, Lena (Mrs. J. L.), Abilene.
Dodson, Sarah, Austin, English Instructor - University of Texas.
Doherty, H. W., San Antonio, Acting Allotment Specialist - Office of Price Administration.
Douglas, Laura, Houston.
Dudley, Lorraine (Mrs. L. E.), Abilene, President - Sixth District.
Eastwood, Mabel, Wanatchee, WA.
Edwards, D. M., San Antonio, Star Chemical Company, Inc.
Ehlinger, Leo, Brownwood, District Engineer - Texas Highway Department.
Eidson, Margaret L., Decatur, GA.
Farabee, Ethel.
Ferris, Mrs. L. E., Houston, President - City Federations Women Clubs of Houston.
Fields, Florence (Mrs. J. U.), Haskell, Chairman - Department of American Home.
Fincher, Pearl (Mrs. J. W.), Houston, Chairman - Board of Trustees.
Foote, Rachel M., Dallas.
Foster, Bettye.
Foster, Ethel, Sterling City, Appointed Board Member - Texas Federation of Women’s Clubs.
Foster, June (Mrs. William).
Fouts, Leslie Vann, Denton.
3.47Gaines, E. K., Paris.
Galvin, Carrie, Washington, D. C., Assistant Treasurer - General Federation of Women’s Clubs.
Gann, J. E., Austin.
Garwood, J. J., Austin, Sales Representative - International Business Machines Corporation.
Giesecke, Bertram E., Austin, Chairman - Texas Roadside Council, Texas Highway Department.
Gibson, Louise (Mrs. M Howard), Waxahachie, Second Vice-President - Texas Federation of Women’s Clubs.
Gillette, Helen (Mrs. H. B.), Houston, President - Fourth District.
Goldsmith, Oliver, Waco, Oliver Goldsmith Exterminating Co.
Gray, Mrs. C. F., Tyler.
Greene, Mrs. John W., President - Texas Garden Clubs, Inc.
Greer, D. C., Austin, State Highway Engineer - Texas Highway Department.
Griffin, Lass (Mrs. L. J.), Waco, Bauer-McCann.
Griggs, Mary A.
Grove, Bee, Tyler.
Gubbels, Jac L., Austin, Head Landscape Architect - Texas Highway Department.
Haberlin, G. R., Austin, Capital Printing Company.
Haden, Mrs. J. B., Ladonia, Headquarters Library Chairman - Second District.
Hagaman, Emma (Mrs. M. H.), Ranger, Board of Trustees - Sixth District.
Hamby, R. M., Austin, Millican & Hamby Insurance.
Hamilton, Frances B. (Mrs. G. M.), Austin, Social Director - Texas Federation of Women’s Clubs (1945).
Hamilton, Frances B. (Mrs. G. M.), Austin, Social Director - Texas Federation of Women’s Clubs (1946).
Hamilton, Frances B. (Mrs. G. M.), Austin, Social Director - Texas Federation of Women’s Clubs (1947).
Harris, T. A., Kerrville, Manager - Blue Bonnet Hotel.
Hawkins, R. M., Alpine, President - Sul Toss College.
Hay, Elizabeth, Dallas.
Head, Nettie K. (Mrs. Thomas. H.), San Angelo.
Hinojosa, Elvira Elba, Rio Grande, Secretary to President, Mrs. Florence Johnson Scott.
Hodge, Veda (Mrs. J. Howard), Midland, First Vice-President - Texas Federation of Women’s Clubs.
Holcomb, Lelia, Austin, Assistant to the Dean - The University of Texas.
Houghton, Dorothy, Red Oak, IA.
Howell, Hugh E., Houston.
Hudspeth, Mrs. Claude B., San Antonio.
Hunnicutt, Helen, Austin.
Hurt, George E., Austin, The University of Texas.
Jackson, Leila (Mrs. Reuben), Dallas, Appointed Board Member - Texas Federation of Women’s Clubs.
Jackson, Mrs. O. B., Plainview, Board of Trustees - Seventh District.
Jenkins, Edward T., Paris, E. Jenkins Granite Monuments.
Jenkins, Mrs. R. W., Houston, Board of Trustees - Fourth District.
Johnson, Mrs. Grover C., Wichita Falls, War Service Department - Texas Federation of Women’s Clubs.
Johnson, Sarah E., Rio Grande City.
Johnson, Mrs. Sam D., San Angelo, President - Westland Park Woman’s Club.
Johnstin, Ruth, Wellesley, MA, Professor of Chemistry - Wellesley College.
Jones, Constance J., San Antonio.
Joseph, Lily T. (Mrs. Lee), Austin, Life Member - Texas Federation of Women’s Clubs.
Kiker, Mrs. George W., Sweetwater, President - The Sorosis Club.
Kluge, Ruth (Mrs. Henry), Austin, Executive Secretary - Texas Fine Arts Association.
Knopp, Jo (Mrs. John), Sacremento.
Lee, Ray E., Austin, Postmaster - United States Post Office.
Long, Flynn V., Austin, Pastor - First Southern Presbyterian Church.
Looney, Lawrence P., Austin, Treasury Department - Internal Revenue Service.
Lounsbury, S. H., Austin, Area Rent Director - Office of Price Administration.
Mann, Hazel, Brady.
Marshall, Bessie M. (Mrs. M. Frank), Hillsboro.
Marshall, W. C., San Antonio, Allotment Specialist - Office of Price Administration.
Massey, Otis, Houston, Mayor - City of Houston.
Mason, Gussie C. (Mrs. Henry), Vernon.
McAllister, Joseph R., Austin, St. Mary’s Church.
McCallister, E. Jean, Fincher, GA.
McCleery, F. G., Dallas, Claim Department - Reserve Life Insurance Comapany.
McCracken, Mrs. R. S., Marfa, President - Eighth District.
McCuiston, Roy T., Austin, Frank R. Rundell General Contractor.
McKellar, Emily, Forney.
Miller, Mrs. Demrie B., Mathis.
Miller, Elizabeth.
Miller, Wm. Kay, Austin, Attorney at Law.
Moore, Claudine, Texarkana.
Myers, Nettie S., Fort Worth.
3.48Nash, Mrs. Herschel, Weatherford.
Naylor, C. E., Houston, President - Houston Chamber of Commerce.
Newell, Jessie, Huntsville, Dean of Women - Sam Houston State Teachers College.
Oakley, Mrs. L. S., San Angelo.
Offutt, Mary W., Tyler, Executive Secretary - Texas Federation of Women’s Clubs.
Perkins, Emily (Mrs. Joseph), Eastland, Department of Fine Arts - General Federation of Women’s Clubs.
Perry, Ione D. (Mrs. John), Sweetwater, Fine Arts Chairman.
Phipps, Pella, Austin.
Potter, Mrs. W. R., Bowie.
Pulliare, Estelle (Mrs. Gordon), Dallas.
Raike, Kate C.
Rauhut, J. A., Austin, Powell, Wirtz, Rauhut, & Gideon Law Offices.
Rea, Mrs. H. E., Bryan.
Redmond, Ada Durand (Mrs. Henry), Corpus Christi, Life Member - Texas Federation of Women’s Clubs.
Rennick, Ada (Mrs. Sam), El Paso, Board of Trustees, Eighth District.
Rogers, Jane, Austin, Texas Federation of Women’s Clubs.
Rolfe, Mary M.
Rosborough, Harriet B. (Mrs. O. A.), Chicago, IL., Indian Welfare Chairman - General Federation of Women’s Clubs.
Rowe, Adelyne, Dallas, The Bride’s Shop - Neiman Marcus.
Rudavsky, Rabbi Joseph, Austin, B’nai B’rith Hillel Foundation - The University of Texas.
Russell, Alice (Mrs. John A.), Greenville, SC.
Rutland, Willie B., Austin, E.Ney Museum.
Sammons, Thomas B., Mission, Hayes-Sammons Hardware Company.
Sanger, Madelon, Dallas, Personal Shopper - Sanger Bros.
Schleider, Hulda E. (Mrs. Ben).
Schroeder, Roxie (Mrs. H. W.), Paris.
Scott, Mrs. G. R., Corpus Christi.
Shaffer, C. S., Kansas City, MO, Postal Life & Casualty Insurance Company.
Shaw, Marion (Mrs. Albert W.), San Antonio, President - The City Federation of Women’s Clubs of San Antonio.
Sheffield, Beverly S., Austin, Business Manager - Austin Symphony Orchestra Society Inc.
Smith, E. H., Boulder, CO, Assistant Manager - The Boulder Sanitarium and Hospital.
Sternberg, Lorraine, Washington, D.C., Program and Club Service - General Federation of Women’s Clubs.
Stout, Dorothy, Dallas, Reader Service Editor - Holland’s, The Magazine of the South.
Stubbs, Mrs. Van Hook, Wortham, Board of Trustees - Third District.
Surratt, L. R., J. R. Reed Music Company.
Swartz, Zelma Moore (Mrs. R. H.), Houston, Life Member - Twenty Six Literary Club.
Sykes, Regina (Mrs. Ira.), Houston, Secretary.
Taylor, Barbara.
Taylor, Ethel (Mrs. Volney W.), Brownsville, Treasurer - General Federation of Women’s Clubs.
Thompson, Irene J., Executive Secretary - Texas Federation of Women’s Clubs.
Tuck, Mrs. H. G., Sherman, Chairman Aviation Division.
Turrentine, Dodo (Mrs. Richard J.), Denton, State Manager.
Ulbricht, Janel, Austin.
Van Zandt, Gertrude, Fort Worth.
Wagner, Meyer C., Houston, Wagner & Wagner - Attorneys at Law.
Walker, Kay A., Austin, Department of Public Safety.
Walker, Lucille (Mrs. J. W.), Plainview, War Finance Committee.
Walker, Mary Martha (Mrs. Webb), Fort Worth.
Walton, Jean.
Warren, Vivian Potter (Mrs. David), Bowie, President - First District.
Wathen, Muriel (Mrs. L. J.), Dallas, Secretary - Texas Federation of Women’s Clubs.
Watt, Gilbert, Austin.
Weisinger, Nina Lee, Austin, University of Texas.
West, Mae S. (Mrs. T. M.), San Antonio, War Service - Texas Federation of Women’s Clubs.
West, Mary (Mrs. W. L.), Brackettville.
West, Virginia, Denison.
White, B. O., Austin.
Whiteside, Barleigh, Coral Gables, FL.
Willie, Mrs. U. L.
Wiley, Alba (Mrs. Wade), Houston.
Unsigned Letters

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