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Texas Woman's University, the Woman's Collection

Texas Federation of Women's Clubs Collection

Series 3: Administrations (Correspondence, 1936 - 1940)

Collection Summary

Creator:Texas Federation of Women's Clubs
Title:Texas Federation of Women's Clubs Collection
Date:1897 - .
Abstract:Constitution and bylaws, minutes, correspondence, reports, and published material created by the state organization, the districts, and over 2,200 individual member clubs. Also includes graphic material such as photographs and scrapbooks. Material documents the founding meeting in 1897 through the organization's growth in the twentieth century into the largest women's volunteer association in Texas.
Location:Mss. 32
Size:493 boxes.
RepositoryTexas Woman's University, the Woman's Collection


Arrangement of the Collection

The records are arranged into nine series:
Series 1: Historical Writings
Series 2: Legal and Financial Documents
Series 3a-j: Administrations - Correspondence and Reports
Series 4: Education Assistance
Series 5: Headquarters Building
Series 6a-c: Membership
Series 7: Printed Material
Series 8: Graphic Material
Series 9: General Federation of Women's Clubs and South Central Region


Access to the Collection:

Open for research.

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Permission to publish materials must be obtained in writing from the Coordinator for Special Collections. Where copyright is unclear, all responsibility must be assumed by the user.

Administrative Information


TFWC designated the Woman's Collection as the repository for their archives in 1985. Material has been added on a continuing basis since that time.

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Ann McGuffin Barton, Morgan Davis, and Barbara Hotinski, 1997-2007.

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Ranu Singhvi, 2008

Detailed Description of the Collection


Series 3: Administrations (Correspondence, 1936 - 1940)

3.18 - 3.33Correspondence
Correspondents reflect the expansion of the organization and the growing impact of the depression. Underlying this period is the pressure to meet the debt incurred from the building of the clubhouse. Clara Driscollherself a clubwoman, assumes the debt and then forgives it. Preparations for the coming war have also begun.
This section includes presidents Turrentine, 1936-1938 and Perkins, 1938-1940.
Arranged alphabetically by originating correspondent (author) in order of presidential administrations. Correspondence by each president precedes the alphabetical listing. The name of the author, the town or city, the person's title, and a brief description of the contents of the letters is included.
3.18Turrentine Administration, 1936 - 1938
Turrentine, Dodo (Mrs. Richard), Denton, President.
Folder 1: 1936, n.d.
Circular type letters asking for additional donations to the permanent headquarters as well as general invitations to the convention. Some letters appear to be rough/working drafts.
Folder 2: Jan.-June, 1937.
Letter concerning details of the loan made by Mrs. Fincher to the TFWC. Other letters concern payment of various loans and bills. Letters mostly discussing financial matters. One letter discussing the rumors that the Federation was taking money from the general account to use for the headquarters. ("This is really only a part truth which is very dangerous propaganda. Not one penny of the regular Federation funds shall be used in this expense except to tide the emergency.") Letter to Mrs. Fincher describing the renewal terms of her note. Letter to Mrs. Walker mentioning that there might not be a yearbook for 1937 due to the indebtedness of last year's yearbook.
Folder 3: July–Oct., 1937.
Letter to Mrs. Fincher describing the manner in which the renewal note will be signed. Letters to district presidents asking them to publicize a contest hosted by the Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS). CBS was hosting a series of Shakespeare's plays on the radio and offered a prize to the woman who wrote the best paper on them. Fundraising letter details the history of the indebtedness of the permanent headquarters. Letter to Mrs. Welder asks her to cancel her note to the Federation as a "love gift." In exchange Mrs. Turrentine offers to have the next issue of the Federation News dedicated to Mrs. Welder "as the fairy god mother of the club house."
Folder 4: Nov.-Dec., 1937.
Letter discussing changes made in the Federation charter that disbanded the permanent headquarters committee and allowed for an elected board of trustees to oversee the headquarters. Letter asking the Secretary of State how to legally make changes to the charter. Letters thanking clubs for attending and giving their opinion of the convention. Fundraising letters and letters to the bank and mortgage companies describing the financial situation of the headquarters. Letters to Mrs. Fincher discussing an audit of the records kept by her and payment of the loan made by her to the Federation.
Folder 5: 1938, no month.
Fundraising letters asking influential men in key areas of the state (Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, Amarillo, San Antonio) to help solicit funds. Letter thanking Judge Elkins for his contribution.
Folder 6: Jan.-April, 1938.
Letters between Mrs. Turrentine and the Federation lawyer discussing the law suit filed by Mrs. Fincher against the Federation. More fundraising letters. Letter describing the difficulties in running the tea room and the profits, or lack thereof, from the tea room operation.
Folder 7: May-Sept., 1938.
Letter to Miss West concerning the Federation history. Fundraising letters and thank you letters for donations received. Letters to district presidents discussing the possibility of publishing a clubwoman's handbook and asking for clubs to send in information to be included. Letters discussing the state fair and Big Bend National Park.
Folder 8: Oct.-Dec., 1938.
Fundraising letters reach a fervent tone. Mrs. Turrentine writes that there is no way that the $5000 payment due in August can be met and that she fears the bank will foreclose on the house after the Federation has already paid over $100,000 into it. Mrs. Turrentine asks several men to buy the house. Letter to the music director for Texas State College for Women discussing the resolution passed by the Federation urging school boards to adopt accrediting plans for music study by high school students under private teachers.
Abrams, Mrs. Harold (Blanche), Dallas, Chairman Permanent Headquarters Committee.
Letters discuss the TFWC's difficulty in payment of loans on the permanent headquarters in Austin. Discusses possibly using part of the building as a girl's dormitory or tearoom. Some letters concern an audit and possible misuse of funds in connection with the permanent headquarters fund. Decorations, furnishings and china for the headquarters are also discussed.
Adams, Mrs. Alex, San Antonio, President Bexar Co. Federation of Women's Clubs.
Letter concerns the end of Mrs. Adams administration and the payment of a pledge.
Allen, D. Louise, Austin.
Letter discussing the tearoom at the Austin headquarters and a visit from Mrs. Turrentine.
Ambrose, Elizabeth F., Fort Worth.
Letter to Mrs. Turrentine declining invitation to make a contribution to her campaign.
Andrew, A. R., Dallas, Andrews-McDowell Insurance Company.
Letters discuss fire and explosion insurance on the permanent headquarters building.
Armstrong, Chas A., Houston, CPA.
Letter qualifying the name of the accountant responsible for auditing the records of the permanent headquarters account.
Arnold, Mrs. Dexter Otis, Concord, NH, President NH Federation of Women's Clubs.
Letter accepting invitation to high tea at the Houston Club.
3.19 Atkins, Margie, Austin, Executive Secretary.
Letters discuss finances of the headquarters and the success of the tearoom.
Avriett, Mrs. W. P., Lamesa, 1st Vice President Membership Committee.
Letters discuss new club recruitment and collections of dues from clubs. Includes list of the 61 new clubs for 1937.
Barnes, Mrs. Willard.
Telegram announcing the death of Mrs. Turrentine's mother.
Benbow, Paige, Austin.
Letter requesting Mrs. Turrentine to sign and notarize social security forms.
Belcher, Mrs. Ernest, Stevphenville, First District Secretary.
Letter discuss confusion over a club name and payment for federation stationary.
Brightwell, Mollie M. (Mrs. W. P.), Baird.
Letter discusses the successes of the past state convention.
Brocker, W. H., Houston, The Cargill Company.
Letter enclosing proff of proposed record sheet submitted for approval.
Brocker, W. H., Houston, The Cargill Company.
Letter enclosing proof of proposed record sheet submitted for approval.
Burford, Freeman W., Dallas.
Letter regretfully declining invitation to make a donation to Mrs. Turrentine.
Caldwell, J. B., Houston, The Cargill Company.
Letter enclosing an itemized statement against the Federation.
Carleton, Mrs. A. T., Houston, Fourth District Chairman Credentials and Election Committee.
Letter informing Mrs. Cochran of a change in host city for the Fourth District convention and requesting that credentials be sent there.
Carlisle, Mrs. O. H., Houston, Executive Committee Member and Former Treasurer.
Letters discuss the finances and audits of the TFWC. "Never in the history of the Federation have we needed more harmonious cooperation of all Federation women to lift the load of indebtedness under which we struggle. .." Mentions the "usual number of gold-diggers" in seats of power. Letter references a loan underwritten by Clara Driscoll for the headquarters, and efforts being made to repay that loan.
Carneiro, Chumney & Co., Corpus Christi, CPA.
Letter enclosing the TFWC report as of October 31, 1938.
Carter, Amon, Fort Worth, President Fort Worth Star-Telegram.
Letter responding to Mrs. Turrentine asking for help in raising money for the TFWC. Mr. Carter declines to help in raising money, as he has "taken a solemn pledge that he would not harass [his] friends any more in raising funds." However, as he is sympathetic to the needs of the Federation and suggests names of other men who might help and encloses a $250 check with the letter.
Carnes, Dona Coulter, Bryan, President Texas Woman's Press Association.
Telegram congratulating Mrs. Turrentine on the 40th annual state convention.
Casey, Mrs. T. Y., Pecos, Eighth District President.
Letters discuss the $100 pledge requests being made of all clubs to put towards the permanent headquarters.
Clark, Genella, Breckenridge, Chairman Art Department.
Postcard requesting reports of all art related programs and activities undertaken by clubs in the past year.
Clemens, Frank C., Houston, The Cargill Company.
Advertisement letter enclosing pictures of popular office furniture for sale.
3.20 Cochran, John, Sinton, Husband of Louise Cochran – Treasurer.
Letters discuss loan payments and refinancing of the headquarters. Mr. Cochran urges Mrs. Abrams to convince the club women to keep paying off the headquarters even though it is a major source of debt. Also discusses club dues payment and income from advertising contracts.
Cochran, Louise (Mrs. John), Sinton, Treasurer.
Folder 1 - 1936
Letter discusses the auditors report and the necessity of paying an additional fee for a "procedure" lesson from the auditor. Discusses the possibility of her husband becoming the bonded bookkeeper for the Federation, at a fee of $300 a year.
Folder 2 - 1937
Letter addresses the death of Mrs. Pennybacker, "a great shock to us all, and her loss will be felt for many years to come." Discusses the payment of club dues and confusion over dues paid to the former treasurer. Mentions a plan to have 1,000 women pay $100 each to have the headquarters debt erased.
Folder 3 - 1937
Letters discuss an upcoming audit of Federation records, and the need to show receipts for expenditures. Other letters concern the payment of club dues and advertisement fees.
Folder 4 - 1938
Telegrams to Mrs. Fincher (Permanent Headquarters Chairman) concerning a law suit brought against the Federation. Later telegram offers payment of $1,510 to stop suit. Includes summary of the report from the auditor on the permanent headquarters finances. The total amount owed as of 1938 is $92,000. Discusses new plans for raising money.
Coddou, Julia, Houston, Registration Chairman.
Letter enclosing a check for club registration payments.
Cole, Mrs. I. D., Amarillo.
Telegram wishing Mrs. Turrentine a good convention and congratulations on accomplishments in the Federation.
Collier, Lillian (Mrs. Jud), Mumford, Fourth District President.
Letters mention the payment of club dues and the Trade Barrier Resolution.
Connery, Mrs. C. W. Telegram expressing love for the Federation.
Letter of reference for Mrs. Muckleroy who was later hired as manager of the tearoom in the permanent headquarters.
Conon, Mrs. Finis.
Letter of reference for Mrs. Muckleroy who was later hired as manager of the tearoom in the permanent headquarters.
Cox, Maude (Mrs. Geo W.), Austin, Fifth District President.
Letter describes inequities in the dues paid by clubs in the Fifth District. Also mentions the various plans devised to pay for the headquarters.
Creswell, Gillian (Mrs. Wm.), San Antonio.
Report from the History Club of San Antonio. Includes mention of Federation voting procedure and "the supreme concern of all club women, the debt on our building."
Crozier, N. R., Dallas, Superintendent of Schools.
Letter of reference for Mrs. Muckelroy.
Cunningham, Minnie Fisher, College Station.
Letter congratulation Mrs. Turrentine on the convention.
Davis, Mrs. H. S., Rocksprings.
Letter giving a report on the Austin convention.
Davis, Uta (Mrs. J. Thomas), Stephenville, First District President.
Letters concern club dues payments and registration of new clubs.
Doty, E. W., Austin, Dean College of Fine Arts.
Letter thanking Mrs. Taylor for speaking out about the difficulties of the College of Fine Arts.
Douglas, Ruth, Denton, Chairman Press and Publicity.
Letters concern payment of Federation News subscriptions.
Driscoll, Clara, Corpus Christi.
Letter addressed to the Convention Assembled agreeing to underwrite the debt of the permanent headquarters.
Duffy, Madelyn, Hearnes.
Letter congratulating Mrs. Turrentine on the convention.
Easterwood, Mae (Mrs. W. E.), Dallas.
Letter enclosing a $5.00 check to be put towards dishes for the permanent headquarters.
Edwards, Jane (Mrs. R. J.), Denton, Chairman Program Committee.
Letter discussing closing a bank account and writing a final report.
Elliot, Mrs. L. B., Colorado, TX.
Letter in response to Mrs. Turrentine's request for a report of the convention. Mrs. Elliot writes that the state convention was equal in value to the national convention because of the nationally known speakers present. She especially enjoyed the lectures by the Public Welfare Committee on "cancer control" and "infantile paralysis."
Elliot, Louise, Amarillo.
Letter discussing a plan to establish a fine arts school within an unnamed university. The plan concerns mailing a petition to club women to be forwarded to state representatives and senators urging them to vote favorably on the bill to establish the fine arts school.
Estes, Mary L., Tyler, Chairman Junior Club Women.
Postcards to Mrs. Cochran and Mrs. Carlisle asking about the number of good standing junior clubs in Texas, as well as the names of clubs who have not federated or have become delinquent.
Fairchild, Marguerite (Mrs. I. D.), Lufkin, Chairman Division of Public Instruction.
Letters outline the work of the Public Instruction Committee. In response to 1937 keynote "education for living," Mrs. Fairchild encourages clubs to become involved in their local public schools. ("Do the schools have enough funds? Do you know the trustees? )
Fenly, Mrs. Curtis, Austin.
Telegram stating that a founder had paid $100 to federate a club in 1916.
Fincher, Pearl (Mrs. J. W.), Houston, Permanent Headquarters Treasurer.
Letters discusses Mrs. Fincher's request for Mrs. Turrnetine to sign a loan note and return it to the Permanent Headquarters. Mrs. Fincher repeatedly threatens to take action if her note is not signed, returned and paid off including interest. Also discusses the disagreements over the finances and bookkeeping of the headquarters and mentions Mrs. Fincher's opposition to the "Love Gift" fundraising plan. Another letter discusses the proposed tea room in the headquarters and plans for furnishing and management. Next letter describes Mrs. Fincher's opposition to all decisions being made concerning the headquarters due to the fact that in her opinion the President and Executive Board have no control over the Permanent Headquarters Committee. She arrived at this conclusion through the fact that the Permanent Headquarters Committee was established by the Federation body, not the President. Mrs. Fincher also claims that prior votes concerning the Permanent Headquarters Committee are invalid because the standing Chairman of the committee is not eligible to serve. She argues against the establishment of Mrs. Muckelroy as tea room manager and house mother. Discusses the audit of Permanent Headquarters funds and Mrs. Fincher's insistence that the record books be returned to her and not to the incoming Treasurer.
Fisk, Mrs. Greenleaf, Abilene, Chairman Sixth District Permanent Headquarters Committee and Program Committee.
Letters discuss the "new" plan for raising funds for the Permanent Headquarters and how the "new" plan will effect funds raised under the "old" plan. Postcard voting in favor of the proposed furnishings for the house.
Foster, Ethel, Sterling City, President Sixth District.
Letter describing clubs moving between districts and redistricting the state. Mentions going to see Mrs. Roosevelt speak in Denton. Letter also discusses Mrs. Fincher and her "domineering" of the Permanent Headquarters as well as the law suit brought against the Federation that was settled out of court.
Fouts, Leslie Vern (Mrs. Theron J.),Denton, Chairman Finance Committee.
Letters enclosing vouchers authorizing payments to be made. Discusses the abolition of a separate treasurer for the Permanent Headquarters.
Francis, Chas. I, Houston, Vinson, Elkins, Weems & Francis Attorneys at Law.
First letter agreeing to help raise funds for the Federation. Letter contains a list of 80 name and address to which fundraising letters can be sent. Further letters enclose checks and names of donors which are being forwarded to the Federation for deposit.
Francis, W. H., Dallas.
Letter suggesting his brother, Charlie, as a possible fundraiser for the Federation. Also suggests, with assurance of confidentiality, the names of other local well to do men such as Amon Carter, Nathan Adams and Fred Florence.
Frazier, Mrs. Kenneth C., Dallas.
Telegram stating her inability to be in Austin for the convention.
Friend, Kate, Waco, Chairman Committee on Humane Education.
Letter detailing the evolution of the Federation history from Decca Lamar West defaulting on volume II to the assignment of Mrs. Potter to finish volumes II and III.
Friend, Ollie (Mrs. Frank), San Angelo, Chairman Committee on Scholarships and Loans.
Letter returning the working funds made available to her for committee work.
Galvin, Carrie, Washington D. C., GFWC Assistant Treasurer.
Letter asking for payment of a past due bill to the GFWC.
Gebauer, Dorothy, Austin, University of Texas Dean of Women.
Letter agreeing to view the accommodations offered by the TFWC headquarters in respect for allowing it to become a dormitory for women.
Gray, Jno. A., Austin, Vice President The Capitol National Bank.
Letter outlining the status of accounts held at the bank.
Greene, W. A., Dallas, W. A. Greene Company.
Letter declining to make a contribution to the TFWC.
Griffin, Eleanor (Mrs. Meade F.).
Letter outlining the plans for the Seventh District convention at which Mrs. Turrentine has been asked to speak.
Hall, Mrs. H. E., Sherman, Second District Secretary.
Letter asking about funds that were to be forwarded to the district from the TFWC for working expenses.
Hamby, Robert, Austin, Millican and Hamby Insurance.
Letter thanking Mrs. Turrentine for payment of the insurance on the headquarters and mentioning that his wife is also a member of the Federation.
Hamilton, Francis B., Austin.
Letter asking to be considered for the position of executive secretary.
Harris, Ollie Kate, Fort Stockton, Eighth District Fine Arts Chairman.
Letter suggesting that there be a showing of school art at the convention.
Harrison, O. C., Dallas, Huey and Phillip Restaurant Supply.
Letter enclosing quotes on items requested.
Heffington, S. D., Austin, Travis County Tax Assessor-Collector.
Letter asking that back property taxes on the Permanent Headquarters be paid from 1931 until 1935 when a law was passed exempting the headquarters from state taxes.
Herron, W. P., Farmersville, Chairman Committee on Fire Prevention.
Letter concerns reports on fire prevention that were presented at the state convention.
Heyne, F. J., Houston, President The Commerce Company.
Letter enclosing check in response to a letter from Jesse H. Jones.
Hoblitzelle, Karl, Dallas, Interstate Circuit, Inc.
Letter declining offer to lead a fundraising campaign in Dallas for the Permanent Headquarters.
Hoger, Fanna (Mrs. Emory), Denton, Secretary to Mrs. Turrentine.
Letters detail the busy schedule of Mrs. Turrentine, outlines plans for travel and speaking engagements.
Howell, Mrs. W. S., Bryan.
Letter requesting an article on the Fine Arts Department for the Federation News.
Hudson, Sarah, Dallas.
Letter of reference for Mrs. Muckelroy, who was hired to serve as tea room manager and house mother for the permanent headquarters.
Hutchinson, Belle (Mrs. R. E.), Denison, Second District Appointed Member.
Letter requesting more information from Mrs. Turrentine concerning the programs on conservation the Big Bend National Park and the library movement.
Jackson, Mrs. O. B., Plainview.
Letter detailing a new plan to pay off Federation debt. Also discusses Mrs. Fincher's suit against the Federation and the trustees meeting.
Jaffey, Julie K., New York City, Chairman Division of Economics Adjustment.
Letter enclosing a report on virgin and reclaimed wool. Letter urges women to act upon the Wool Bill currently before Congress that would force manufacturers to disclose when reclaimed wool is being used.
Jenkins, Margaret, Houston, President Fourth District.
Letters discussing club dues and new clubs in the Fourth District. Also discusses Mrs. Jenkins opposition to the new financial plan for the headquarters. ("I do not think it can be put over in the fourth district now or ever!")
Johnson, Mrs. Grover C., Wichita Falls, First District President.
Letters concern club dues and fundraising for the headquarters.
Jones, Jesse H., Washington D.C.
Letters stating that the company does not make loans to clubs.
Keeton, Boone, Dallas, Aetna Casualty and Surety Company.
Letter stating that the company would take no action before the proper papers were filed by the TFWC.
Kelly, C. D., Groesbeck, Hartford Fire Insurance Company.
Letter asking permission to renew the insurance policy on the headquarters.
Kendall, Clarence, Houston, Lawyer.
Letters concerning the suit brought against the Federation by Mrs. Fincher. Mr. Kendall represented the Federation and settled the suit out of court.
Kuhn, Leo, Austin, Cashier Capitol National Bank.
Letter concerning the withdrawal of monies from the Federation bank account to avoid garnishment.
Larkins, Anne B., Galveston, Education Department.
Telegram stating inability to go out due to sinus infection.
Lawson, Roberta Campbell, Tulsa, OK.
Telegram: "Greeting to Mrs. Dunbar you and Texas women fondly."
Leverett, Mrs. Mark, Menard, Sixth District Junior Chairman.
Telegram stating that she would be unable to attend the conference because of the death of a friend
Lee, Nola R., Houston.
Letter asking about a position as hostess at the federation headquarters.
3.21 Lofitn, J. O., Kingsville.
Telegram: "regret unable to join your group today."
Long, M. E., Austin, Manager Chamber of Commerce.
Letter discussing the "club building situation."
Long, Mrs. Davis, Harrisonville.
Telegram declining invitation to visit Mrs. Turrentine.
Lybrand, Ross Bros. & Montgomery, Houston, Auditors.
Letters describing the cost of the audit and the records received from Mrs. Fincher.
Magee, J. R., Denton, Insurance.
Letter regarding a loan application.
Marcus, Stanley, Dallas, Neiman-Marcus Company.
Letter alerting Mrs. Turrentine that Mr. Marcus is out of town.
Marshall, T. B., Austin, City Tax Assessor.
Letter detailing delinquent taxes on the headquarters building.
Martin, James, Austin, Secretary of State.
Letter discussing proposed changes to the TFWC charter.
Martin, John W., Houston, Attorney.
Letter discussing monies owed on a note from the Wm. A. Smith Construction Company.
McCullough, Tom L., President Praetorian Co.
Letter discussing the fundraising efforts of the Federation with respect to monies owed to this company.
McFarland, Mrs. I. B., Galveston, Co-Chair American Citizen Department.
Letter explaining delay in arriving due to sudden on set of hay fever.
McGhee, Willie M. (Mrs. H. W.), Brownwood.
Letter insisting that Mrs. Dobbs be paid the $25 dollars owed to her for her state winning pageant.
Meachum, McDonald, Houston, Senator.
Letter stating that Mr. Meachum is out of town.
Mergela, C. J., Galveston, National Insurance Company – Mortgage Loan Department.
Letter advising that the company would not offer a $90,000 loan for the headquarters building because "the income derived from the property indicates that is insufficient to warrant the company making further investigation."
Miller, Fred H., Denton, Lawyer.
Letter concerning amendment to the TFWC charter being prepared by Mr. Miller.
Miller, Mrs. Henry D., Mangum, OK, Oklahoma Federation of Women's Clubs.
Letter accepting invitation to high tea at the Houston club.
Miller, Mrs. Roy, Corpus Christi.
Letter to Mrs. Carlisle acknowledging that she is anxious to meet with Mrs. Driscoll concerning a loan Mrs. Driscoll was to make to the TFWC. Another letter to Mrs. Driscoll's secretary asking that Mrs. Carlisle be notified immediately when Mrs. Driscoll arrives in Corpus Christi.
Montague, Mrs. E. M., Stephenville, District Chairman.
Letter asking clubs to prepare reports about "aesthetic training in the home."
Morelock, H. W., Alpine, President Sul Ross State Teachers College.
Letter asking Mrs. Turrentine to attend a meeting of the executive committee of the Big Bend State Park to help begin a campaign to make Big Bend a national park. Another letter asks that the Big Bend campaign be written up in the Federation News. Also asks Mrs. Turrentine to encourage clubs to present programs on the Big Bend park issue.
Morris, Mrs. Lee, Chico, Second Vice President.
Postcard stating her agreement to the plan for installing a tea room in the headquarters.
Olivares, C. A., Houston, Auditor and Accountant.
Letter asking that he be reinstated as Federation auditor, after "having gained the ill will of Mrs. Fincher and not permitted to make the last audit of the Permanent Headquarters accounts." Later letter asking to be paid.
O'Quinn, Trueman, Austin, Assistant City Attorney.
Letter declaring that the City of Austin has filed suit against the TFWC for collection of back taxes on the permanent headquarters building.
Parter, J. R., Houston, Oil and Gas Producer.
Letter enclosing a $25 check.
Pearce, P. T., Houston, The Cargill Company.
Letters concerning printing work being done by the company.
Penick, D. A., Austin, Assistant Dean - College of Arts and Sciences.
Letter of reference for Mrs. Muckelroy.
Pennybacker, Anna (Mrs. Percy), Austin, President Chatauqua Women's Club.
Letter congratulating Mrs. Turrentine on her presidency and pledging her support for Mrs. Turrentine's administration.
Perkins, Emily (Mrs. J), Eastland, Secretary.
Letter discussing local gossip, meetings, minutes and the lawsuit brought by Mrs. Fincher. ("What would an administration be like with out one suit?")
Potter, Mrs. W. R., Bowie, Chairman Education Department.
Telegram stating inability to attend convention.
Quinn, Marguerite, Eastland.
Letter giving a report on the state convention.
Rainey, Mrs. J. W., Bonham.
Letter discussing the annual convention.
Randall, J. W., Dallas, Attorney.
Letters agreeing to forward abstracts.
Ripley, Kate, Dallas, Second District Trustee.
Letters concerning fire and explosion insurance on the headquarters building.
Ritchie, Edith A.
Telegram advising against making a trip.
Roberts, Mrs. J.
Post card concerning the minutes of the board meetings.
Rupert, Ray, Dallas, State Fair of Texas.
Letter discussing the fair opening after being closed for three years.
Rutherford, Mabel, Chillicothe, Seventh District President.
Letter enclosing convention report.
Rutland, Willie B., Austin, Texas Fine Arts Association.
Letter of reference for Mrs. G. M. Hamilton, candidate for Club Headquarters Director.
Sanger, Eli, Dallas, Vice-President Sanger Bros.
Letters concern requests for store credit and corporate donations to the Federation.
Savage, Russel, Corpus Christi, Attorney.
Letter discussing the need for clarification on finances and a written report that can be shown to Mrs. Driscoll. Also discusses the act passed by the legislature exempting the headquarters from property taxes, mentioning that the law passed is probably unconstitutional.
Schroeder, A. G., Victoria, Assistant Cashier Victoria National Bank.
Letters concerning notes held against the Federation by Mrs. J. B. Woods.
Scott, Mrs. G. R., Corpus Christi.
Telegram: "love and best wishes for a successful convention."
Sheppard, Morris, Senator.
Letters enclosing checks payable on a $125 pledge made to the TFWC.
Slaughter, Lomis, Austin, Wholesale and Retail Grocer.
Letter of reference for Mrs. Muckelroy.
Smith, Mrs. Sam. Austin.
Letter refering a question about refinancing to Mrs. Turrentine.
Smith, Wm. A., Houston, Wm. A. Smith Construction.
Letters concerning payment of a note owed to the company.
Spears, Mrs. Alex, Denton.
Letter discussing the convention report given to Mrs. Spears club.
Stark, H. J. Luther, Orange.
Letter saying that he can not comply with the request made of him by the Federation. (Likely a request for assistance in fundraising.)
Sturve, Frida C. (Mrs. C. A.), Anson, First District Scholarship/Loans Committee.
Letters include a reply to a questionnaire concerning contributions to the scholarship/loan fund. Also include a report from the convention.
Stubbs, Mrs. Van Hook, Wortham, President Third District.
Letters concern new clubs and the payment of club dues. Some letters discuss Mrs. Stubbs attempts to gather donations for the permanent headquarters from state senators and representatives. Of 41 requests only 2 replies were received.
Summers, Jack, Houston, Jack Summers Advertising.
Letter demanding that a voucher or check be sent regarding an advertisement that ran in the 1936 yearbook.
Swearington, Mrs. Partick H., San Antonio.
Letter enclosing a contribution to the memorial fund for Mrs. Pennybacker, "in memory of our friend who was always ready with encouragement and praise."
Taylor, Ethel (Mrs. Volney), Brownsville, Former TFWC President and GFWC Director for Texas.
Letters discussing the situation with the permanent headquarters. Mrs. Taylor discuses the back taxes owed on the headquarters and states that it was her understanding that a tacit agreement existed between a judge and the county that the back taxes would not be collected. Letter also discusses the possible repeal of the bill exempting the headquarters from property tax. In another letter she resigns her position as vice-president of the legislative committee. Letter discussing alleged "unkind remarks" made by Mrs. Taylor during an executive board meeting that can not be substantiated because many executive board meeting minutes have been lost. Mentions that Mrs. Taylor will be doing a radio broadcast from Corpus Christi for Bill McGraw's candidacy for governor and asks that several prominent club women be present at the studio to lend their support.
Taylor, James E., Kerens, Publisher.
Letter enclosing checks for advertisements in the Federation News.
Taylor, Mrs. M. A., Bonham, President Texas Congress of Parents and Teachers.
Telegram stating that she regrets she can not attend the convention.
Taylor, Marian (Mrs. Q. C.), Austin, Chairman Division of Music.
Letter discussing the $25 award for "best folk song program."
Thompson, Ernest O., Austin, Railroad Commission.
Letter enclosing a $25 donation to the permanent headquarters fund and materials concerning Mr. Thompson's campaign for governor.
Townsend, Edyth B. (Mrs. Robert),El Paso, Chairman Eighth District Division of Community Service.
Letters enclosing payments on her Founder's pledge to the permanent headquarters fund.
Tuck, Wren (Mrs. H. Q.), Sherman, President Second District.
Letters discuss possibly using an artist from the "college for women" to paint Mrs. Turrentine's portrait as well as discussing meetings and new clubs. Includes a roster of the Second District clubs.
Tutt, Mrs. Edward N., Taft, Chairman Conservation of Youth.
Letter enclosing a questionnaire designed to be sent out to clubs to determine how they are working for the conservation of youth. Questions on the questionnaire concern vocational guidance, free library services for youth, scholarship availability, play areas and educational programs for youth.
Tuttle, W. B.,San Antonio, San Antonio Public Service Co.
Letter advising against any attempts to raise the entire sum of the Federation indebtedness due to the "disturbed business condition that now exist."
Vanderewoode, Nora, Dallas, Chairman State Radio Council.
Letter concerning resolution to be signed by the radio council.
Vineyard, Mrs. G. T., Amarillo, Chairman American Citizenship Committee.
Letter to district chairmen describing the effects of crime and lawlessness on Texas and the steps that clubs should take to increase societies awareness of law observance.
Walker, Mrs. Albert, Amarillo, Chairman Farm Relief.
Letter declining an invitation to attend the board of directors meeting.
Walker, Lucile (Mrs. J. W.), Plainview, President Seventh District.
Letters discussing the Seventh District convention.
Wardlaw, Jessie Pringle, Fort Worth, Chairman Press and Publicity.
Letter to Mrs. Turrentine discussing a new method of publicity for the Federation.
Watson, May, Gregory, Chairman Commission on Creative Arts.
Letter giving convention report.
Watson, W. O., Galveston, National Insurance Company.
Letter concerning loan application.
Welder, Kate, Victoria, GFWC Division of Indian Welfare.
Letter discussing the state of the clubhouse and whether or not the women who unanimously voted for its construction realized the burden it would place on the Federation.
West, Mae S., San Antonio, Fifth District President.
Letter thanking Mrs. Cochran for being the state treasurer.
Whaley, Porter A., San Antonio, Texas State Manufacturer's Association.
Letter concerning a campaign by the TFWC calling for the use of Texas manufactured products in Texas.
White, Ike D., Austin, White, Taylor and Gardner.
Letters from the Federation lawyers concerning the taxation of the headquarters property and a law suit filed against the Federation by a man who says the Federation agreed to buy his lot on Rio Grande St. for the headquarters.
Whitis, Thos. P., Austin, Mortgage and Loans.
Letter asking about refinancing the headquarters.
Wiesman, Carl, Dallas, Texas State College for Women.
Letter stating that he would be unable to appear in Austin to discuss the matter of high school music credits.
Wood, J. B., Victoria.
Telegram offering to cancel all interest outstanding loans held by himself if the principal sum $5,000.00 is paid in full.
Wooldridge, Francis, Terrell, Manager of tea room.
Letter detailing the mismanagement of the headquarters building including the house mother allowing relatives and personal guests to stay and eat at reduced costs, the sale of food and beverages not reported as income, and the allowance of liqueur to be served during sorority dances at the headquarters.
Wooten, Mattie Lloyd, Denton, Dean of Women Texas State College for Women.
Letter congratulating Mrs. Turrentine on the state convention.
Wright, Annie, Paris.
Letter declining offer to serve as state chairman.
Wright, J. L., Denton, Mayor of Denton.
Letter asking Mrs. Turrentine to sit on the committee for Denton's sesquicentennial celebration.
Young, Mrs. Davis., Commerce.
Telegram stating that she would be unable to attend convention.
Zentman, P. S. Houston, Wm. A. Smith Construction Company.
Letter to the Federation lawyers describing monies owed to the company.
Zirjacks, Chas C., Victoria, Victoria National Bank.
Letter concerning notes held against the Federation.
3.22Perkins Administration, 1938 - 1940
Perkins, Emily Gleason (Mrs. Joseph M.), Eastland, President.
Folder 1: n.d., 1938.
Folder begins with a confidential note marked "For the wastebasket and not to be filed!" Short memos discuss people, travel and Federation business matters. Several letters discuss Clara Driscoll Day and Mrs. Perkins meeting with Mrs. Driscoll.
Folder 2: Jan.-April, 1939.
Letter describing information Mrs. Perkins wants inserted into the Federation News including: Mrs. Barry's award from the Texas Agriculture Workers, Mrs. Perkins appointment by President Herbert Hoover as co-director of the Finnish Relief Fund, Mrs. Clara Driscoll's sponsorship of Mrs. Nancy Armstrong's Good Will tour of South America and the placement of Mrs. Terrell's picture in the Federation Headquarters. Letter discussing Federation finances and an executive board review of account books. Letters discuss preparation for the Wichita Falls convention. A letter to Decca Lamar West asking her to donate any historical Federation materials she has and explaining that the unexpended History Fund will be consolidated into Austin accounts. Letters discussing the GFWC convention in San Francisco.
Folder 3: May-July 1939.
Letter discussing national park legislation, specifically for the John Muir-Kings Canyon and Big Bend National Parks. Other topics include: dedication of the music room to Mrs. R. F. Lindsay, preparations for Clara Driscoll Day, Mrs. Perkins' travel plans, repairs to the Headquarters, and the opposition to the Federation entering into news loans.
Folder 4: Aug.-Dec., 1939.
Folder begins with a letter to Mrs. Hamby describing her trip to New York. Describes an event at the New York World's Fair called "Tel and Tel" in which a long distance phone call is broadcast for everyone to hear through earphones. Letter describes how busy Mrs. Perkins has become, saying, "What a fool a woman is to believe that she can run a magazine, a tea room, a dormitory, a bank account, an art gallery, a family a church and be a professional lecturer on the side!" Letters to Clara Driscoll.
Folder 5; Jan-July, 1940.
Letters concern district reports and conventions. A copy of the President's Message. Letters discussing the emphasis on Red Cross work and the Red Cross training being conducted at the Headquarters Building. A copy of a letter to Senator Morris Shepard discussing the unfair provision of cotton allotments in the state of Texas under the Agricultural Adjustment Act. Letter discussing the organization and replacement of missing Federation records including files of Federation News , correspondence and photographs. Letters concerning position appointments and travel.
Folder 6: Aug-Dec., 1940.
Letter discussing a trip to visit Miss Decca Lamar West in which Mrs. Perkins "let her talk to me day and night…while there, I acquired many of the files of information and finally completed many gaps." Another letter to Miss West describing a trip to Washington D.C. in which she donated a poem written by Edwin Markham, previously in the possession on Miss West, to the Library of Congress manuscript division. A letter from Washington D.C. dated 8/25/1940 describing the "mothers of America", women in black veils on the steps of the capitol, who are protesting the conscription of soldiers. (The conscription bill passed on 9/16/1940.) Mrs. Perkins writes, "We have visited the Congress and feel too close to history for comfort."
Unsigned letters.
Correspondence discussing the Driscoll loan and a possible exemption from property taxes on the Federation Headquarters. Includes official correspondence from Federation Headquarters.
Abrams, Blanche (Mrs. Harold), Dallas, Investments Chairman and Chairman Board of Trustees.
Letters concern finances and payroll including liens placed against and loans made towards the federation headquarters.
Achelis, Elizabeth, New York City, President World Calendar Association.
Letter enclosing a pamphlet on the newly proposed "World Calendar." Pamphlets were requested by GFWC President to be sent to all state presidents.
Adams, Mrs. Alex, San Antonio, Chairman Division of Texas Writers.
Letter enclosing text to be printed in the Federation News : "A Plea for Texas Books." Asks that women send first editions of books by Texas authors to be included in the headquarters library.
Allen, J. R., Austin.
Letter concerning ads taken out in the Federation News.
Allen, Dr. K., Kansas City, MO, National Association of Parliamentarians.
Postcard informing Mrs. Perkins that her application for membership has been accepted.
Allen, Ruth, Sterling City, Registration Chairman.
Postcard announcing 478 visitors and delegates to the convention in Wichita Falls.
Anderson, Linda, Brenham, Fourth District Vice-President.
Letter enclosing $25 towards her founders pledge for the headquarters.
Andrews, Jessie, Houston, Fourth District.
Letter enclosing $110 worth of checks to be applied to the Army of Democracy Fund in the International Relations Department.
Andrews, Thelma, Abilene, Abilene Reporter.
Postcard asking Mrs. Perkins to give permission for her picture to be run in the paper with a story about her as a speaker for the Delta Kappa Gamma society.
Angell, James R., New York City, National Broadcasting Company.
Letter asking Mrs. Perkins to serve as an advisor to NBC for public service programs.
Armstrong, Mrs. A. J., Waco, Chairman Division of Literature.
Letter asking that the duties of the office which she has been elected to be explained to her.
Armstrong, Nancy Rupley, Houston, Chairman International Relations Committee.
Letter asking that Board of Directors approve a plan for the International Relation Committee that would urge clubs to undertake study of Pan American countries. Other letters discuss efforts undertaken to increase Pan American goodwill with America.
Arnold, Gradie (Mrs. Fred), Graham, First District Education Department.
Letter asking Mrs. Perkins to be the guest speaker at a library benefit.
Ashcroft, Mrs. Chas. F, Sulfur Springs, Third District President.
Letter introducing Mrs. W. W. Sherrill as Third District Chairman of Scholarships and Loans.
Atcheson, W. H., Houston, Gulf Publishing Co.
Letters concerning the publication of the Federation News.
Avriett, Mrs. W. P., First Vice-President.
Note authorizing Mrs. Perkins to act as agent of the TWFC in executing a loan for repairs and purchases for the Federation headquarters. Others letters discussing a Federation loan from her daughter to go to college.
3.23 Baer, David C., Austin, Architect.
Letters discussing contracts for repairs to the Federation Headquarters.
Bailey, Mrs. Vaughn D., Agua Dulce.
Letter enclosing subscription costs for the Federation News.
Baker, Hines D, Houston, Humble Oil Refining Company.
Letter requesting the names of TFWC club presidents and state presidents outside of Texas so that information on a political situation can be forwarded to them.
Balz, Mrs. Fredrick, Indianapolis, IN, GFWC Golden Jubilee Celebration Chairman.
Letter encouraging Mrs. Perkins to make sure that district presidents are sending funds towards the GFWC birthday celebration.
Bangs, Grace Allen, New York City, National Conference of Christians and Jews.
Letter asking Mrs. Perkins to choose a study program for presentation to state clubs.
Baker, Mrs. W. H., San Antonio, Federation News Circulation.
Letter discussing the possibility of a “special edition” newspaper celebrating the birthday of the Federation and the Clara Driscoll gift. Paper would be published by either the San Antonio Express or the Austin American Statesman.
Barker, Bob, Austin, Secretary of the Texas Senate.
Letter enclosing a copy of Senate Resolution No. 56 which expresses the gratitude of the State of Texas for the work of Clara Driscoll and the TFWC.
Bandeen, D. A.Abilene, Secretary Big Bend Park Association
Letter describing a change in the charter of the Big Bend Park Association as well as a letter asking Mrs. Perkins to testify in a rate hearing.
Barker, Nora (Mrs. Bob), Ft. Worth, Legislation Chairman.
Letters asking Mrs. Perkins about legislation passed at the last convention and arrangements for the Senate Ladies Luncheon.
Barnes, Katherine B. (Mrs. Courtlandt), New York, National Advisory Committee on Women’s Participation in the World’s Fair.
Letter of invitation to the opening ceremonies of the 1939 World’s Fair and directions for reaching the fair from New York City.
Barnett, Ruth C., Dallas, Executive Director Historical Association of American Women.
Letter inviting Mrs. Perkins to become one of 200 “Founders” to be published in a volume compiled by the association. Also asks that a list of all clubhouses and building be compiled for addition to a list of Women’s Buildings in Texas.
Barry, Maggie, College Station, Life Member.
Letter enclosing a copy of the greeting for the July 1940 edition of the Federation News. Short editorial urges women to strengthen their ideals of freedom, justice, tolerance and humanity.
Beasley, Tom S., Austin, Board of Insurance Commissioners: Fire Division.
of fires in the home. Asks that she support an educational program on fire safety and publish a fire safety article in the Federation News. Includes a fire safety cartoon.
Beasley, Ruth, Houston.
Letters asking for a list of the new clubs and their officers.
Beaty, John O., Dallas, Author and Southern Methodist University English Professor.
Letter asking that his new book be considered for study by women’s clubs or be reviewed in the Federation News. Includes a pamphlet on the book “Image of Life.”
Beck, J. W. E. H., Austin, American Legion Chairman Public Health Committee.
Letter discussing the weeklong program constructed by the American Legion for child health awareness. Includes a copy of activities to be undertaken each day of the week and stresses cooperation between groups such as the PTA and the girl and boy scouts.
Bedford, Mrs. W. C., Desdemona.
Letter asking Mrs. Perkins to greet a special friend at the Eighth District convention since she will be unable to attend. Mrs. Bedford describes the friendship between herself and Mrs. G. W. Rose of Fort Stockton and stresses that a personal introduction from Mrs. Perkins would be very meaningful.
Behlke, Helen Jane, Fort Worth, Texas State Network.
Letter referring Mrs. Carlisle’s previous letter to the Program Department of the Texas State Network.
Bell, Gail (Mrs. Clarence),Pecos.
Letter asking Mrs. Perkins to consider changing the way the club reports are delivered at district convention. The present method of delivering reports is deemed childish and boring by Mrs. Bell, and the competitive nature of the club reports is “abhorrent” to her.
Bell, Nancy (Mrs. Fred), Rushville, IN, Indiana FWC Trustee.
Letter describing the newly formed Federation Honor Society – Epsilon Sigma Omicron. Asks that steps be taken to create a society chapter in Texas.
Bennett, Irene (Mrs. Frank R.), Saugus, MA, Chairman GFWC Committee on War Veterans.
Letter urging Mrs. Perkins to appoint an individual to act as Chairman of War Veteran Work instead of putting War Veterans into the Public Welfare department work.
Bentley, Max, Abilene, West Texas Chamber of Commerce.
Letter thanking Mrs. Perkins for traveling to Austin in support of the Freight Weight Equality hearings. Also agrees to publicize the upcoming Federation convention in the West Texas Today magazine.
Beretta, Sallie Ward (Mrs. J. K.), San Antonio, Chairman Committee on Motion Pictures.
Letter addressing “distasteful and undignified” film publicity. Also discusses a movement to ban the filming of “The Grapes of Wrath” as it is unfair to the fruit growers of California and would encourage others to read the book.
Biggers, Ellen (Mrs. A. T.), Lubbock, Seventh District Parliamentarian.
Letter enclosing an article on the value of parliamentary rules as requested by Mrs. Perkins.
Bird, Mrs. H. B., District Publicity Chairman.
Letter asking Mrs. Perkins for a photograph to be included in publicity material for the district convention.
Blackburn, Corrine (Mrs. L. L.), Baird, GFWC “The Clubwoman” Chairman.
Letter reporting on various club activities.
Blackstone, Mrs. A. L., GFWC “The Clubwoman” Subscription Chairman.
Letter encouraging more subscriptions.
Blackwell, H. J., Dallas, Assistant Cashier First National Bank.
Letter inquiring about the debt owed to the bank by the TFWC.
Blackwell, Jack, Gonzales, Gonzales Warm Springs Foundation for Crippled Children.
Letter asking Mrs. Perkins to send a list of club presidents so that the Foundation can advertise the “Jinky Contest” and send out informational literature. Includes an informational booklet.
Bland, Kathleen, Austin, University of Texas Dean of Women.
Letter asking if any clubs would be interested in studying the possibility of promoting a “Dean of Girls” in Texas high schools. Also asks for Mrs. Perkins opinion of instituting a “Dean of Girls” in high schools.
Blanton, Annie Webb, Austin, Executive Secretary Delta Kappa Gamma.
A letter to Mrs. Cork enclosing a statement of what it means to be a member of the TFWC.
Boone, Mary Lena (Mrs. C. S.), Woodsboro.
Letter enclosing a copy of an article on the Fifth District convention and asking for a copy of the picture that was taken of the board members and delegates.
Boothe, Nell (Mrs. Sterling Price), Cuero, Fifth District Vice-President.
Various letters dealing with business matters of the Fifth District.
Boren, Stella James (Mrs. J. F.), Abilene, Sixth District Junior Clubwomen.
Letter asking Mrs. Perkins to install the new officers at the district convention. Also inviting Mrs. Perkins to spend the night.
Bratton, Mrs. W.A., Pampa, Seventh District Golden Jubilee.
Letter addressed to the clubs of the Seventh District suggesting arrangements for the Golden Jubilee birthday party.
Breg, W. Roy, Washington D.C, Executive Secretary Allied Youth.
Letter asking that he be allowed to present the alcohol awareness program called “Allied Youth” at the next Federation Convention.
Bridwell, J. S., Abilene, West Texas Chamber of Commerce.
Letter addressed to the Freight Weight Equality Federation Affiliates asking that letters be set immediately to the Railroad Commission to protect the ruling reducing the class rates in Texas.
Brite, Mrs. L. C., Marfa, Eighth District.
Letter enclosing a report on family relationships.
Brock, Elizabeth (Mrs. J. L.), Bryan, Fourth District.
Letter discussing Red Cross contributions and Federation News subscriptions.
Brooks, Lila (Mrs. J. W.), Pecos, Eighth District.
Letter discussing pledge payments.
Brophy, Nell (Mrs. F. J.), San Antonio.
Letter asking for a position in the club headquarters.
Brown, J. J., Austin, Texas State Board for Vocational Education Crippled Children Division Director.
Letters concerning arranging medical treatment for a destitute girl.
Brown, Madie (Mrs. Edmund), Berkeley, CA, GFWC Chairman of Conservation.
Letter asking for club or personal endorsements of a house bill that would create the John Muir-Kings Canyon National Park in California. Another letter announcing the passage of the House bill and asking for support of the Senate bill.
Brumley, Mrs. Homer, Hereford, Co-Chairman Seventh District Juniors.
Letters discussing Junior news to be included in the Federation News.
Bryant, Vera (Mrs. W. Howard), Tyler, Public Safety Chairman.
Letter enclosing the Public Safety report.
Buffum, Mary S., Denton, Librarian Texas State College for Women.
Letters renewing the libraries subscription to the Federation News.
Bunch, Susan (Mrs. W. F.), Jacksonville, FL, Lake Shore Women’s Club.
Letter asking to buy or borrow a copy of the latest Texas Federation yearbook, which was rumored to have been “unusual.”
Calvert, Robert W., Hillsboro.
Letter enclosing a $10 donation towards the Federation Headquarters.
Camp, Jennie, Secretary Texas Committee on Nutrition and National Defense.
Letter detailing the changes that that the Texas committee would lie to make to a brochure that the Bureau of Home Economics created.
Carlisle, O. H., Houston, Gulf Oil Corp.
Letters concerning advertisements in the Federation News.
Carlisle, Margaret (Mrs. O. H.), Houston, Appointed Member Executive Committee, Business Manager Federation News.
Folder 1 - n.d.-1939
Letters concerning advertising and subscription accounts for the Federation News. One letter thanking Mr. Groff of the Electrolux Corporation for the donation of two vacuum cleaners to the Federation Headquarters and another letter discussing a rose garden at headquarters. Letters to Clara Driscoll’s Attorney discussing the refinancing of the headquarters and a letter to Mrs. Welder discussing why Mrs. Driscoll refused to pay back the $5,000 loan that she personally (Mrs. Welder) made towards the headquarters.
Folder 2 - 1940
Letters concerning Federation News accounts.
Carpenter, Alma (Mrs. F. N.), Indianapolis, IN, American Legion Auxiliary.
A letter describing the work she had done as Chairman of the War Veterans committee. Describes intentions to build a facility in Kerrville, the location of the state Veteran’s hospital, where families of injured men could stay.
Casey, Clyde (Mrs. T. Y.), Pecos, Chairman International Relations.
Letter describing the purpose of the International Relations Committee, “to create an interest in all matters of international importance and to lend aid to the establishing of international peace,”
Chambers, Mrs. W. B., Sanger.
Letters concerning payments on a Founder's Pledge to the Federation Headquarters.
Clark, B. C., Houston, Gulf Oil Corp. Law Department.
Letter asking questions about the legalities of a new TFWC charter.
Clark, Geo, Austin, Texas Safety Association.
Letters asking the Federation News to run copy concerning drivers safety courses.
Clausen, Eleanor (Mrs. F. H.). Horicon, WI, Chairman GFWC Department of American Citizenship.
Letter thanking Mrs. Perkins for sending a reprint of Mrs. Pennybacker's book.
Clements, Mrs. Harold, Sudan
Postcard asking for material on Federation presidents.
Clements, J. A.
Telegram inviting Mrs. Perkins to sit on the speakers platform during a program.
Clinchy, Everett R., New York City, Director National Conference of Christians and Jews.
Letter reporting to Mrs. Perkins the work of the Conference of Christians and Jews in Texas. States that all stops in Texas were successful in stopping hatred against Jews and uniting the religions.
Cochran, Louise (Mrs. John D.), Sinton, Chairman Education.
Letters regarding a plan to encourage 1,000 Federation women to contribute $100 apiece to pay off the Permanent Headquarters. Some letters discussing Mrs. Cochran's temporary duties as treasurer.
Cogdell, Dorothy, Dallas, Secretary.
Letter verifying the shipment of a mailbox ordered from Potter Art Iron Studios.
Cogdell, Gertrude (Mrs. Earl), Granbury, GFWC Division of Indian Welfare.
One letter discussing a report on Indian Welfare and another discussing a delay in the receipt of Federation News magazine.
Cole, Mrs. Irvine, Pampa.
Letter requesting a back issue of the Federation News in preparation for a report on "the unique function of education in American Democracy."
Coleman, Miriam, Paris, Texas Federation of Business and Professional Women's Clubs.
Letter discussing publication and distribution of a "Jury Service for Women Kit."
Colley, Norma, Vernon.
Letter asking for information on Women's Exchanges, specifically information on successful exchanges in small towns.
Collier, Lillian (Mrs. Jud), Mumford, Fourth District President.
Letters and postcards discussing club roster changes, new clubs and Federation News subscriptions. A form letter addressed to "All Club members" describes the work Mrs. Collier did with regard to the Freight Weight Structure laws, including lobbying congress and testifying before the House Ways and Means Committee.
Collins, Frank C., Minneapolis, MN, Midwest Badge and Novelty Co.
Letter soliciting the business of the Federation for their upcoming convention.
Colin, Mrs. H. J., Houston, Fourth District Golden Jubilee Chairman.
Letter inquiring about a source for the history of the Texas clubs.
Connally, Mrs. D. L., Brownwood, Sixth District International Relations.
A letter to Mrs. Perkins asking her, for the third time, if she would attend a meeting as an honored guest. Another letter asking for information on International Relations.
Connally, Tom, Washington D.C., US Senator.
Several letters discussing the procurement of a flag that had flown over the capitol for the Federation Headquarters. Other letters discuss cotton acreage allotments in Texas under the new Agricultural Adjustment Act of 1939.
Connery, Louise (Mrs. C. W.), Ft. Worth, Life Member.
Letter sent at the request of Mrs. Perkins detailing Mrs. Connery's thirty-nine years as a clubwoman. Other letters discuss an honor to be given to Mrs. Hertzberg.
Cook, Anita, Publicity Secretary.
Letters concern business matters of the Federation News including settling advertising accounts and securing photographs and ad copy.
Cook, S. G., Austin, Cook Printing Company.
Letters enclosing price quotes for the printing of the Federation News, a leaflet and the 1940 Federation yearbook.
Coon, Ollie, Greenville, 3rd District Press and Publicity.
Letters enclosing material for publication in the Federation News.
Coursey, Clark, Fort Worth, West Texas Chamber of Commerce.
Letter acknowledging receipt or membership dues in the Freight Rate Equality Federation and returning photos of the district presidents that were printed in an issue of West Texas Today.
Coward, Mrs. S. J., Refugio, Fifth District President.
Letter inquiring about why the author of a poem printed in the Federation News was not identified.
Cox, Lil, Mexia.
Letters discuss furnishing the music room of the federation headquarters in honor of Mrs. Edmund Key. Another letter states that the Third District has procured two English Chippendale chairs, a Virginia sofa, a gold mirror and a Hardman piano for the music room.
Cox, Maude, Austin, First Vice President.
Letter from Washington D.C. describing social functions attended there as the wife of a public health official including dinner at the White House. Letters concerning new clubs entering the Federation. One letter stating a clubs membership has been deferred until the club can verify that it has no active male members.
Cox, Mrs. Sam, Mexia, 3rd District.
Telegram giving best wishes for the convention.
Coyne, Edith Grahm (Mrs. Leonard), Waco.
A letter to Mrs. Perkins discussing a meeting they had the previous week with Decca Lamar West. Letter gives details as to Miss West's failing health and alludes to a project she is working on for the Federation. Mrs. Coyne admits to taking a poem by "Markham" from Miss West's house and having photo-static copies made. Also mentions searching through Miss West's files for certain items that Mrs. Perkins wants.
Craig, Mrs. R. T., Athens, President Texas Federation f Music Clubs.
Telegram inviting the TFWC to help secure a four-year course in fine arts to be taught at universities and a music program to be taught in all public schools.
Crane, E. C., Houston, General Agent Gulf Building.
Letter rebuking a charge for an ad that ran in the Federation News due to the fact it was never authorized to run.
Crawford, Mary, Galveston.
Telegram congratulating Mrs. Perkins on the arrival of the new baby.
Crews, Mrs. J. M., Childress, Seventh District.
Letter inquiring when the First District of the TFWC was federated.
Criddle, Mabel (Mrs. E. D.)., Denton.
Letter enclosing the last payment of her pledge and asking that her husband’s name be placed on the plaque since he had always supported her club work.
Cummings, Katherine (Mrs. F. C.), Midland.
Postcard asking for suggestions for a program on Texas Composers. Also asks for a list of notable Texas composers and their works.
Cunningham, Minnie Fisher, Washington DC, US Department of Agriculture.
Several letters enclosing books for the Agriculture Reference Library promised to the Federation by Mrs. Cunningham. Another form letter sent out to all GFWC State Chairmen of Urban-Rural Cooperation urging them to focus on international relations. One letter from Mrs. Cunningham's secretary informing Mrs. Perkins that Mrs. Cunningham has been hired by the Department of Defense and therefore cannot be in Texas for as long as she hoped to be.
Curtis, Elza, Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad.
Telegram quoting train fares from Eastland to Washington.
Cutlip, Arrio B. (Mrs. C. Guy), Wewoka, OK, President – Oklahoma State Federation of Women's Clubs.
Postcard asking Mrs. Hamby which GFWC representative will be at the Texas convention and that if the two states had their conventions near the same date they could "economize" with respect to GFWC representatives.
3.24 Davis, Dan, College Station, Texas A & M College – Dept. of Rural Sociology.
Letter enclosing a pamphlet called "The Influence of the Home on Success of Children. " Letter asks Mrs. Perkins to distributed the pamphlet to clubwomen and to forward any suggestions.
Davis, Helen (Mrs. Edward Everett), Arlington.
Letter thanking Mrs. Perkins for her praise of her husband's book (see above).
Davis, J. Thomas., Stephenville, Dean - John Tarlton Agricultural College.
Letter asking Mrs. Perkins to give a lecture to the student body of the college.
Davis, Mrs. J. Thomas, Stephenville, Chairman American Citizenship.
Letter explaining the status of district reports on American Citizenship which have been delayed due to neglect on the part of district chairmen.
Davis, Matty Ive (Mrs. W. C.), Memphis, Seventh District Scholarships.
Telegram to Mrs. Perkins inviting her to speak to the Federated clubs of Memphis.
Davis, T. H., Austin,
The Austin National Bank. Letter inviting the TFWC to establish their bank account at the Austin National Bank.
Davis, Willam C., Austin, Texas Assistant Attorney General.
Thirteen page letter in which the Asst. Attorney General outlines the basis for the ruling that established the TFWC as an “educational and charitable institution within the meaning of the Texas Constitution and the laws of the state.” This ruling exempted the Federation Headquarters from city, county and state taxes. (May 3, 1935)
Dawson, Mrs. Edwin, Rosco.
Letter thanking Mrs. Perkins for being so helpful in the organization the Alpha Delta Gamma chapter of Austin, adding that her daughter is a member. Mrs. Dawson states that she herself was a charter member of Alpha Gamma Delta.
Dealey, Ted, Dallas, Vice President Dallas Morning News.
Letter to Mrs. Perkins in which Mr. Dealey asks for her opinion on the “Gallup Survey” so that her quote, alongside her picture, can be run in the paper. According to Mr. Dealey, Mrs. Perkins is one of only 24 “prominent Texas” who are being asked to give their opinions. Another letter encloses the book "35,000 Days in Texas,” which documents the history of the Dallas Morning News, he is donating to the Federation Library.
Dealey, W. L., Dallas, Regional Press Inc.
Letter asking if the mailing list for the Federation News has been received and acknowledging receipt of $6 towards “Search the Scriptures” project account.
DeGarmo, Mary (Mrs. Frank), Corpus Christi, 1936 Centennial Memorial Museum Committee.
Letter congratulating Mrs. Perkins on the publication on the Federation News and explaining her affiliation with the Tuesday Literary Club of St. Louis.
Delzell, Ruth E., Amarillo, Librarian - Potter County Library.
Letter suggesting that clubs undertake a course of study that examines the history of libraries in the middle western states as it would reveal “the fact that club women were responsible for the establishment and maintenance to a degree of the early libraries.”
Depew, Wayne C., Houston.
Letters dealing with the issue of the Federation headquarters being exempted from taxation, stating that the 1935 Attorney General opinion was not well founded. Another letter to an architect hired to make repairs to the Federation Headquarters asking that he will ensure “portions of the contract work which were somewhat vague will be preformed in compliance with the instructions to you from the ladies.”
Dickinson, Mrs. LaFell, Keene, NH, GFWC Second Vice President.
Letter to Mrs. Perkins explaining her delay in answering and making arrangements to be present at the Texas convention.
Dimmitt, LeNoir, Austin, University of Texas – Extension Library, Director of Library Loan Bureau.
Letter enclosing a list, as requested, of magazines that would be appropriate for the Federation Library. Another letter enclosing a sheet of statistics for the UT Austin Loan Library.
Doggett, Josephine Junkin, Washington DC, GFWC Research and Club Service.
Letters requesting information as to the activities and departments of the TFWC for statistical compilation by the GFWC. Another letter to Mrs. Perkins discussing loaning a gavel to be displayed by the TFWC.
Doney, Lou Corder, Houston.
Letter requesting to know why her name has not been placed on the “Memorial Scroll” as a donor to the Federation Headquarters.
Douglass, Ruth, Denton, Editor – Texas Federation News
Letter enclosing a copy of a photo of Mrs. J.W. Walker standing in front of the Pioneer Woman statue at TSCW (TWU.) Other letters dealing with subscription accounts, material to be included in the News and complaints from districts.
Douglas, Mrs. W. C., San Angelo, Chairman Penny Art Fund.
Letter requesting stationary and inviting Mrs. Perkins to visit her club.
Drabing, Faith, Saint Jo.
Letter asking for material on the TFWC and the GFWC involvement in the Consumer’s Movement.
Dirscoll, Clara, Houston.
Letter from Mrs. Driscoll’s Secretary discussing the delay in passing the title to the Headquarters on the Federation. A copy of a telegram from Mrs. Driscoll accepting the Federation’s invitation to have a portrait of her painted and making arrangements for a sitting time. Another telegram giving regrets for not being able to attend the Federation Convention. A news clipping concerning the payment of the Headquarters debt by Mrs. Driscoll. A letter to Mrs. Walker explaining that the decision to pay the debt of the Headquarters was not influenced by anyone, and that rumors of some women being unappreciative of the gift are untrue.
Drummer, Ortha G. (Mrs. Manuel), Columbia, MO, Mrs. Carlisle’s mother.
Letter describing a trip she took to Alaska with the “Texas Delegation.” Thanks Mrs. Perkins for her hospitality while she was visiting the Federation Headquarters.
DuBois, Charlotte, Shreveport, LA.
Letter from a newly hired faculty member at UT-Austin asking to stay at the Federation headquarters while looking for a permanent residence in Austin.
DuBose, Adele, Westhoff.
Letter from a UT-Austin student inquiring into renting a room in the Federation Headquarters.
Duggan, I. W., Washington DC, US Department of Agriculture.
Letter outlining the specific provisions of the Agricultural Adjustment Act of 1938 and the implications on cotton acreage allotments.
Dunbar, Saidie Orr, Washington DC, GFWC President.
Letters giving regrets for not being able to attend the Texas state convention and thanking Mrs. Perkins for sending material for inclusion in the GFWC Research Office. Another letter discussing the upcoming publication of a biography of Mrs. Pennybacker and the symbolism in the “Texas Gavel” designed by Peter Mansbendel.
Dunham, B. C., San Antonio.
Letter discussing a fundraising plan.
Dupuis, Mrs. A. A., Port Arthur, Credential Committee.
Letter enclosing a signed copy of “Where the Storm God Rides” by Mrs. Bruce Reid, a member of the Port Arthur Department Club, for inclusion in the Federation Library.
Dyche, Loutie, Fort Stockton, City Federated Clubs.
Letter enclosing $5.50 for purchase of a President’s Pin to be presented to Mrs. J. C. Cunningham of the Fort Stockton City Federation.
Eads, Alice B., Legion
Letter asking that funds previously donated towards the Federation Headquarters by the Kerrville clubs can be diverted back to Kerrville for investment in a library.
Earnest, Edna (Mrs. W. T.), Dallas, Chairman Agriculture Division.
Letter asking for prices on personalized stationary and postcards.
Edwards, Bess, College Station, Texas A & M Extension Service.
Letter enclosing a copy of the Adult Short Course and inviting Mrs. Perkins to attend.
Edwards, Jane (Mrs. R. J.), Denton, Junior Clubs Publicity.
Letter enclosing publicity material for junior clubs.
Elliott, Mrs. L. B., Colorado City, Sixth District Chairman Club Clippings.
Postcards requesting issues of the Texas Federation News.
Ellis, Nancy, Bertram, Fifth District.
Letter asking for a list of clubs in the Fifth District and inquiring about why a new club has not received their charter.
Evans, C. M. Dallas, US Department of Agriculture.
Letter inviting Mrs. Perkins to sit in on an advisory committee for the Texas Farm Tenancy Committee of the Texas Agricultural Workers Association.
Evans, Lillian (Mrs. R. T.), Vernon, First District.
Fairchild, Mrs. I. D. , Lufkin, Education Chairman.
Letter giving regrets for not being able to attend the Federation convention and recommending girls for scholarships.
Ferguson, Ted B., Dallas, Texas Power and Light Company.
Letters concerning subscriptions to the Texas Federation News and advertising costs.
Fields, Florence (Mrs. J. U.), Haskell.
Letters discuss the "clippings file" being compiled by Mrs. Perkins and the donations being made by Mrs. Fields.
Fincher, Mrs. J. W., Houston, Permanent Headquarter Committee.
Letters contain reports money given to the Federation Headquaters Fund and keep track of club "Founder" and "Patron" pledges. One letter discussing who is responsible for paying for a case of figs delivered to the Headquarters building.
Finnegan, Marie (Mrs. John), Kingsville.
Personal letter to Mrs. Perkins describing various family activities and a recent crime involving local boys accused of shooting four people.
Fisk, Mrs. Greenleaf, Abilene, Sixth District Trustee, Fine Arts Chairman.
Letters discuss club headquarters payments as allotted to each Texas district. Mrs. Fisk complains that the sixth district is not in the "rich belt" that other districts are, and can not be expected to pay as much as the wealthier areas. One letter is a response to a request by Mrs. Smith which details the provenance and appraisal value of paintings inside the Federation Headquarters.
Floore, Florence, Cleburne, Life Member.
A letter to Mrs. Cook enclosing a handwritten speech requested for an undisclosed event. The speech highlights the shift from "self-improvement" to "community improvement" in the clubs objectives. Relates an anecdote wherein one woman listening to Mrs. Terrell speak at a convention remarks "Why, she has a mind like a man." She also points to the increased respect from men for the work of the TFWC.
Flasdick, Clara (Mrs. R. E. A.) Arp.
Letter to Mrs. Hamby requesting information on the nine departments of the Federation for a club paper she is writing.
Fondren, Edna J., Weatherford.
Letter to Mrs. Perkins asking for assistance in finding a charitable donor to help pay her mortgage or to buy her house and give her a job. Letter expresses the dire situation in which the former school teacher finds herself ("…alone in the world, facing a very serious problem.")
Foster, Ethel, Sterling City, Finance Chairman.
Many letters concerning traveling, family, friends and club work. Letters are mostly of a social nature and contain information on the well being of many clubwomen. (Mrs. Turrentine was in a car accident, Mrs. Perkins was "strutting around" Washington.)
Fouts, Mrs. Thereon, Denton, Conservation Chairman.
Letter concerning money transferred into the operating account for the headquarters.
Fox, Mrs. Emma A., Detroit, MI.
Letter is from Mrs. Fox, author of a book on parliamentary procedure. She asks if Mrs. Perkins would like to purchase some copies in advance to put on sale at the Texas convention.
Gallemore, Mrs. James, Calvert.
Letter requesting a subscription to the Federation News and asking about the 1940 "Blue Book."
Galvin, Carrie, Washington D.C., GFWC Assistant Treasurer.
Letter concern payment of GFWC club dues through the state. Letters suggest that Texas was somewhat tardy in forwarding this money.
Gambill, Mrs. Judge, Denton.
Letter asking for sample copies of club yearbooks and for information on their club program "International Goodwill."
Garcia, J. P., Calvert .
Letter requesting an invitation for Clara Driscoll Day.
Gebauer, Dorothy, Austin, University of Texas - Dean of Women.
Letter thanking the TFWC for awarding a scholarship to a UT student.
Gill, H. R., Chicago, IL, Textile Bag Manufacturer Association.
Letter asking Mrs. Perkins to aid the association by mailing out flyers to the Texas clubwomen which promote the use of cotton.
Godeke, Daisy, Lubbock, Chairman American Citizen Div.
Letter thanking Mrs. Perkins for making a trip to their club and congratulating her on the birth of her granddaughter.
Goldberg, Hyman, Wichita Falls, US Department of Agriculture - Forest Service.
Letter announcing the completion of the "shelterbelt" program which was successful in planting 11 million trees across Texas to protect the soil from erosion.
Goodman, Mrs. James, Midland, Program Chairman City County Federation.
Letter asking Mrs. Perkins to speak at their meeting.
Goree, Edwin Sue, Texas Library Association - Ex. Secretary.
One letter referring Mrs. Hamby to another source of information, another from the "People's Library Movement" encouraging people to personally interview their state senators and representatives to garner support for library legislation.
Grace, Hybernia, Anson, President - Delta Kappa Gamma.
Letter giving Mrs. Perkins preparatory information before her trip to speak to the Delta Kappa Gamma society.
Gracy, Mrs. H. C., Rising Star, Sixth District.
Letter asking Mrs. Perkins to attend a tea in her honor.
Granbery, Irene, Paris.
Letter inquiring about a subscription to the Federation News that has never been delivered.
Greathouse, Rebekah, Washington DC, National Woman's Party.
Letter asking if Mrs. Perkins would allow a member of the National Woman's Party to speak at the TFWC conference on the subject of the proposed Equal Rights Amendment.
Greenhill, Violet S., Texas State Board of Control - Child Welfare Division.
Letters concerning children who do not attend school and their welfare.
Griffin, Mrs. Meade F., Plainview, Seventh District.
Letter and telegram protesting the unequal representation of TFWC presidential candidates in the Federation News, in particular protesting the lack of attention given to Mrs. Walker over other candidates.
Griggs, Millie (Mrs. J. E.), Amarillo.
Letter enclosing a bibliography of the American Home Department and asking what the duties of the department will be at the convention.
Gubbel, Jac L., Austin, State Highway Department - Roadside Development.
Letter enclosing copies of a list a list of wild flowers.
3.25 Hagaman, Emma (Mrs. M. H.), Ranger, Sixth District President.
Letters enclosing district reports and district letters for publication in the Federation News.
Hale, Eunice, Tennessee Federation of Women's Clubs.
Letter informing Mrs. Hamby of the exact dates of the Tennessee Federation Convention.
Hall, Mrs. D. C.
Letter asking for information about the Federation library.
Hall, Mae (Mrs. Marvin), Austin, Fifth District.
Letter discussing rumors that the Federation Headquarters policy on clubs meeting in the building is discriminatory because some clubs are forced to pay to meet there and some meet there for free.
Hamby, Kathleen, Executive Secretary.
Folder 1: n.d., 1938
Letters in response to people asking questions requesting materials. Thank you letters written on behalf of Mrs. Perkins.
Folder 2: April-June, 1939
Letters in reply to questions and referrals to other sources of information. Letters describing the news of the Driscoll gift and the financial repercussions. Letters also dealing with Headquarters business and club dues and registration.
Folder 3: July – Sept., 1939
Letters discuss: obtaining a piano for the music room, roof repairs to the headquarters building, responses to invitations, Federation News submissions and subscriptions, state convention and various other Federation business and club matters.
Folder 4: Oct. – Dec., 1939
Series of letters describing the illness and subsequent emergency operation of Mrs. Perkins daughters, Dorothy. One letter details arrangements for an out of town surgeon to be brought in and driving Mrs. Perkins 150 miles to be with her daughter. Other letters discuss club business, Federation News, and convention preparations.
Folder 5: Jan. – March, 1940
Letters concern headquarters business and renovations, particularly the purchase of new chairs and repairs made to the boiler. Other letters discuss club business and dues. Mrs. Hamby responds to invitation for Mrs. Perkins to speak at or attend functions.
Folder 6: April – June, 1940
Letter discuss Federation accounting and expenses. Mrs. Hamby acknowledges letter for Mrs. Perkins and responds to inquiries.
Folder 7: July – Sept, 1940
Letters in response to questions and requests for club materials. Letters acknowledging receipt of books for the Federation Library and a request for a signed copy of "An Appreciation of Mrs. Percy V. Pennybacker."
Folder 8: Oct. – Dec, 1940
Letters concern club dues and membership. Mrs. Hamby responds to a variety of requests for information and material.
Hamby, Lewis M., Austin, Architect.
Letter contains an estimate for various repairs and supplies for the Headquarters building.
Hamilton, Frances B. (Mrs. G. M.), Austin, Social Director/Hostess.
One letter discussing Mrs. Hamby and asking permission for her to have a room in the Headquarters. Other letters discuss headquarters renovations and preparations for Clara Driscoll Day. Mrs. Hamilton makes arrangements for women to stay overnight in the headquarters and arranges luncheons.
Harben, Sam P,. Dallas, Harben-Spotts Company.
Letters regarding printing contracts for the Federation News.
Hardaway, Mrs. T. E., Calvert.
Postcard requesting information on recent southwest literature.
Hardeman, Gladys, Nacogdoches.
Letter requesting information on child labor laws and child welfare in Texas.
Harris, Morris, Dallas, Fair Park Catering.
Letter asking if the TFWC was planning on a day at the Sate Fair, and if so soliciting their business for a catered lunch.
Harrison, Hastings, Dallas, National Conference of Christians and Jews.
Letter inviting Mrs. Perkins to attend the National Conference of Christians and Jews. Includes convention brochure.
Hawkins, Eudora, Abilene, West Texas Utilities.
Letter requesting that a photo of her that appeared in the Federation News be returned.
Hawkins, Gaynell, Dallas, Texas Conference of Social Welfare.
Letter inviting Mrs. Perkins to attend the Texas Conference for Social Welfare.
Head, Virginia (Mrs. John), Odessa, Eighth District.
Letter inquiring about federating the local garden club.
Hearn, Maurine, College Station, Texas A & M Cooperative Extension.
Letter concerning Mrs. Perkins work with the extension service and plans to use A & M materials for an upcoming convention.
Heironimus, Gordon, Austin, Gordon's Radio and Sound Service.
Letter giving a quote for installation of a microphone and amplifier in the Headquarters.
Heller, Gertrude, Louisville, KY, GFWC.
Letter describing the Birthday party funds that are being forwarded to the GFWC.
Helm, Drury, Dallas.
Telegram alerting Mrs. Perkins that Clara Driscoll, "our mutual friend," would be speaking over the radio that evening and asking that she get as many of her friends to listen in as possible.
Hensley, Mrs. Harvis, Guthrie, Friendship Club.
Letter asking Mrs. Perkins to visit the club.
Herzog, O. C., Houston.
Letter quoting the expenses involved in mailing releases, miscellaneous mail and other items involving Clara Driscoll Day.
Hester, Marie G. (Mrs. C. E.), Tallulah, LA, Louisiana Federation of Women's Clubs.
Letter making arrangements to share state convention speakers to save on expenses.
Heyser, Mrs. J. W., Cisco.
Letter asking for information on the artist Hans Hubbard.
3.26Hickey, J. C., Dallas.
Postcard asking for a copy of a speech Mrs. Perkins made over the radio.
Highsmith, Mrs. J. F., Menard.
Letter asking to be enrolled as a singer at the Golden Jubilee Convention.
Hill, Mrs. D. C., Eldorado.
Letter typed upon a founder pledge invoice stating that neither she nor her club had not made a founder’s pledge.
Hill, Kate Adelle, College Station, Texas Federation of Business and Professional Women's Clubs.
Form letter sent to club presidents urging clubs to take a course of study in women's jury service. A bill had recently been defeated in the senate that would have give women to right to serve on juries. Letters informing women where they can receive educational kits on the subject of jury service for women. Another letter describing a joint resolution being passed by the TFWC and the Texas BPWC on women's jury service. A letter describing the club affiliation of Judge Sarah T. Hughes.
Hill, Roscoe R., Washington DC, National Archives.
Letter giving permission for Mrs. Armstrong to distribute copies of a speech he made. Also giving praise and suggestions for the "Army of Democracy" project.
Hill, Sue (Mrs. Albert), Greenville, GA, Georgia FWC.
Postcard reminding Mrs. Perkins of the Georgia Women's Institute to be held at the University of Georgia.
Hinds, Kittie (Mrs. H. E.), San Antonio, President San Antonio City Federation.
Letter asking Mrs. Perkins to visit the opening meeting of the San Antonio Federation.
Hipps, Herbert E., Marlin, Marlin Hot Wells for Crippled Children.
Letter containing a history of the Marlin Hot Wells and details the beginning of the "Ethel Taylor Endowment Fund for Crippled Children." Also includes a list of clubs that have donated money towards the endowment fund and toy towards the toy library.
Hobby, Oveta Culp, World's Fair 1940 - National Advisory Committee on Women's Participation.
Letter to Mrs. Perkins describing two activities of the Advisory Committee on Women's Participation in the Worlds Fair: the Opinion Round Up, in which women are urged to send in their opinions of the Fair's theme, "for Peace and Freedom," and the "Peace and Freedom Mass Flight" in which women from around the country will fly in cavalcade to the fair.
Hoffman, Carrie R.
Letter informing Mrs. Cook that a postcard addressed to Mrs. Rosrustein of Gainesville was not received by her because she had died.
Hogg, Ima.
Letter enclosing a check as a contribution towards Mrs. Armstrong's "Army of Democracy" project.
Holt, Paul, Austin, Travis County Attorney.
Letter to Mr. Kendall describing the property taxes stilled owed on the Federation Headquaters building.
Hoover, Herbert, New York, Chairman Finnish Relief Fund.
Letter asking the TFWC to aid the Finnish people with donation and money raising campaigns.
Horger, Fanna (Emory G.), Denton, Secretary to Mrs. Turrentine.
Letter in reply to Mrs. Perkins as to where Mrs. Turrentine was and a letter to Mrs. Hamby requesting club information for Mrs. Wooten who is writing a dissertation that will partly focus on the woman's club movement.
Horton, Mildred, College Station, Texas State Nutrition Commission.
Letter discussing the program to use excess cotton in making mattresses.
Howenstein, E. Jay, National Society for Crippled Children.
Letter discussing Mrs. Perkins appointment to the Host Committee for the Annual Joint Convention of the National and International Societies of Crippled Children.
Hubbard, Bertha A. (Mrs. L. H.), Dallas, National Conference of Christians and Jews.
Letter asking Mrs. Perkins to consider a course of club study on Christians and Jews.
Hunter, E. P., Waco, Wm. Cameron and Sons.
Letter agreeing to pay for advertisements that appeared in the Federation News, and asking to have their ads stopped.
Hunter, Eula, Fort Worth, American Association of University Women.
Letter asking Mrs. Perkins to speak to the Fort Worth AAUW.
Hunter, Mary Waurine, Austin, Associate Editor "Texas Parade" Magazine.
Letter congratulating Mrs. Perkins on her election and asking for a glossy photograph and a biographical sketch for the magazine.
Huntress, Frank G., San Antonio, San Antonio Express Publishing.
Letter discussing the loss the Express suffered as a result of the Clara Driscoll gift. The Express had planned, and spent preliminary funds, on a special issue to help the Federation raise funds.
Hutcheson, Mrs. Frank, Kentucky Federation of Women's Clubs.
Letter inviting Mrs. Perkins to the gala trip to the GFWC convention being planned by the Kentucky Federation.
Hutchison, Mrs. R. E., Denison, Second District Gardens.
Letter congratulating Mrs. Perkins on the convention and proposing a merger between some garden clubs and TFWC clubs.
Hyde, Eleanor, Dallas, Regional Press, Inc.
Letter discussing changes in features and advertising for the Federation News.
Issacs, Mrs. Sam, Canadian, Seventh District.
Letter discussing the name used on her checking account for purposes of the TFWC cashing a check written by her.
Izzard, Mrs. Wesley, Amarillo, Chairman Education Committee.
Letter enclosing the report of the Character Education Committee.
Jackson, Eluie (Mrs. W. K.), San Antonio, Chairman Transportation Department.
Letter inquiring about a gift subscription to the Federation News that was never received and requesting that information on an award won by Mrs. Jackson be included in the next issue.
Jackson, Maude (Mrs. O. B.), Plainview, Seventh District.
Letter enclosing check for a memorial funs a junior club that wants to become a senior club.
Jackson, Mrs. Ralph S., San Antonio City Federation of Women's Clubs.
Letter enclosing subscription costs to the Federation News.
Jackson, Verlie (Mrs. Jeff), Lampasas, Chairman American Home.
Letter requesting a Federation News subscription and a copy of the "Little Blue Book."
Jaffray, Julia.
Letter asking Mrs. Perkins to help the passage of the Wool Labeling Bill by writing to her senator.
Jamison, Mrs. John A., Pleasanton.
Letter thanking Mrs. Hamilton for visiting the club.
Jenkins, Mrs. H. L. D.
Letter enclosing subscription costs for the Federation News.
Jenkins, Mrs. R. W., Houston, American Home Chairman.
Letter expressing outrage over the perceived mistreatment of Mrs. Walker in the Federation News candidate spread. Another letter welcoming Mrs. Perkins into the C.O.G. Club (Crazy Old Grandparents.)
Johnson, Adam, Austin, Texas Relief Commission.
Letter acknowledging receipt of letter.
Johnson, Mrs. Grover, Wichita Falls, First District President.
Letter detailing the news and events of the first district.
Johnson, Mrs. John, National Parliamentary Club President.
Letter congratulating Mrs. Perkins on an article that appeared in the National Parliamentary magazine.
Johnson, Mary (Mrs. Perry L.), Sinton.
Letter asking Mrs. Perkins to visit the Sinton clubs.
Johntz, Daisy (Mrs. J. E.), GFWC Credentials Chairman.
Letter complementing Mrs. Douglas on the Federation News.
Jones, Floyd, Mayor of Breckenridge, Texas.
Letter welcoming Mrs. Perkins to Breckenridge.
Jones, Ivan H., Texas Forest Service.
Letter disclosing the exact location of the "Federation Forest," a parcel of land dedicated to the Federation. The location is on Highway 22 between Palestine and Rusk.
Jones, Mrs. Ottto.
Letter requesting information on the state and local organization of the women's clubs.
Joseph, Lily (Mrs. Lee), Life Member.
Letter appealing to the TFWC to keep high standards in their leadership.
Kaldenbach, Ray, GFWC Printing Manager.
Letter accepting changes to the Texas directory.
Keller, Juanita (Mrs. Willis), San Antonio, Legislation.
Letter discussing plans for "Friendship Day."
Kelley, Mrs. Sam.
Letter requesting a blue book.
Kelly, Zada S. (Mrs. C. D.), Groesbeck, Fine Arts Pageantry Chairman.
Letter suggesting a possible project.
Kendall, Clarence.
Letters concerning loan repayments.
Kenny, Dorothy.
Letter requesting payment of salary owed to her.
Kidwell, Edith, GFWC Research and Club Service Director.
Letters regarding TFWC pins and guards.
King, Clinton B.
Letter regarding a portrait painted of one of the presidents.
King, Mrs. J. E., Life Member.
Letter welcoming the new clubwomen.
Kingsburg, Mrs. Walter,. Dallas, Radio Chairman.
Letter asking Mrs. Perkins to prepare a speech for WFAA radio.
Kinne, Lillie Belle, Texas A & M Cooperative Work.
Letter requesting the dates of the state conventions.
Kirby, Mrs. Carney, Kirby and Sons General Merchandise.
Letter enclosing a donation for the TFWC library.
Kirk, R. E., Commercial State Bank.
Letter concerning a check returned for insufficient funds.
Kirk, Lorena, Texas State College for Women State President.
Letter enclosing checks from federated clubs at the college.
Kirkpatrick, Elintra, Paris, Fine Arts - Poetry Chairman.
Letter enclosing the 1940 poetry contest report.
Kittredge, Frank A., US Department of Interior - National Park Service.
Letter recognizing the efforts of the TFWC in establishing the John Muir - King Canyon National Park.
Knight, Henry Coke, Architect.
Letter concerning discrepancies in payment.
Knott, Sarah Gertrude, National Folk Festival.
Letter asking the TFWC to sponsor a dance group from San Antonio to perform at the Folk Festival.
Knox, Helen.
Letter from the author of "An Appreciation of Mrs. Percy V. Pennybacker."
Knox, Mrs. J. A., Quanah, 1904 Club.
Letters making arrangements for Mrs. Perkins to visit the 1904 club.
Lakes, Mary D. (Mrs. Will), President - Texas Federation of Garden Clubs.
Letter discussing the Road Beauty Conference as written up by Pauline Naylor in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. Asks Mrs. Perkins to speak at the conference on the subject of "Roadside Beautification" and the work of women's clubs towards the cause.
Lammers, Marjorie (Mrs. Edwin Stanton), Alamo,
Daughters of the American Revolution State Regent. Letter appointing Mrs. Perkins to the Vice-Chairman position of the Correct Use of Flag Committee of the DAR.
Landow, C. Henry, Atlantic City, NJ, Hotel Knickerbocker.
Letter requesting the return of a cut that ran with their ad in the Federation News.
Largent, Minnie Margaret.
Letter from a former student who lived in the Federation Headquarters asking for a description of the building to show her friends at home.
Larvers, Mrs. Horace, Memphis.
Letter thanking Mrs. Perkins for forwarding materials an inviting her to attend the seventh district meeting.
Laudin, Luella S., National Council of Women of the U.S., Inc.
Letter alerting Mrs. Perkins that the National Council of Women of the U.S., Inc. is sending an exhibit for display at the Eighth District Convention. Letter acknowledges that Mrs. Perkins is already familiar with the organization and quoted council member and materials in previous talks.
Laurito, P. J., Automatic Light Control.
Letter requesting time at the next board meeting to demonstrate "the newest life-saver in night driving, " which promises to "eliminate an estimated 50% of deaths occurring during the night."
Lawson, Wm. J., Austin, Secretary to the Governor of Texas.
Letter to Mrs. Perkins apologizing for the Governor's lack of time to meet with her and outlining the Governor's position on industrialization and safety in Texas.
Leddy, Virginia, Dallas, Dallas Historical Society Archivist.
Two letters addressed to Mrs. Perkins. One discussing reprints of speeches delivered during a Democracy Program and another discussing the plans of the Dallas Historical Society to build a museum dedicated to Texas history inside of the Hall of State building.
Lee, Bertha, Reader's Digest Program Planning Service.
Letter asking Mrs. Perkins to evaluate a sample club study program developed by the Reader's Digest. Another letter requesting a Federation yearbook so that study programs can be sent out to clubs.
LeMasters, Ida Lee (Mrs. R. R.), Goliad, Fifth District.
Postcard complimenting Mrs. Perkins on her picture in the Federation News and asking for a yearbook study course for her club.
Leonard, Mrs. J. D., Big Spring.
Letter enclosing money to pay for a "star guard," and complaining that the color of the guard is not complimentary to the color of the pin.
Leonard, J. M., Fort Worth, Leonard Bros.
Letter to Mrs. Hamby stating that the newly appointed Welfare Board will forward the literature requested by her.
Laverett, Mrs. Mark, Menard.
Postcard stressing the need for a conference with Mrs. Perkins and giving news on the local Red Cross activities.
Lewis, George Chase.
Letter enclosing a copy of a speech made by Mr. Lewis to the New York Federation on Women's Clubs entitled "Patriotism and National Defense." (Speech included in folder.) In the letter Mr. Lewis states that three of his relatives were killed at the Alamo.
Lewis, Mrs. William E., GFWC Crime Prevention and Control Chairman.
Letter inviting the Texas Federation to add a sub committee to the State Committee on Crime Prevention, which would study state and county jails, parole and administration of correctional institutions.
Lilly, Leila (Mrs. Clyde), Fort Worth, Girls Service League, Inc.
Letter asking for information on securing work for female students at UT-Austin and asking for the name of the Dean of Women there.
Lindsay, Mrs. R. F., Former TFWC President.
A variety of letters discussing several topics: Mrs. Perkins proposed record organization for the Federation Headquarters, records and photos to be donated by Mrs. Lindsay, and Mrs. Lindsay's work in Ohio for the Bureau of Internal Revue.
Littleton, Fannie Lee (Mrs. J. Henry), Hamlin.
Letters requesting Federation News subscriptions and copies of the yearbook.
Locke, Bessie, National Kindergarten Association.
Letter requesting an updated copy of the Federation yearbook so that circular letters con be sent to clubs describing the help the organization can offer in helping mothers obtain pre-grade education for their children.
Long, Berta Hare (Mrs. David), GFWC Department of Junior clubwomen.
Letter asking that the TFWC Juniors come into full membership with the GFWC by paying their dues.
Love, A. L., Austin City Attorney.
Letters concerning the law suit filed against the TFWC by the City of Austin for back property taxes.
Lowell, Christine, The Atlantic Monthly.
Letter concerning contest rules.
3.27 Mace, A. C.,
Gulf Publishing Co. Letters enclosing quotes for printing of the Federation News.
Malone, Carolyn, Austin, Students Clipping Bureau.
Letter describing the services of the Student Clipping Bureau and another clarifying a clipping.
Malone, Tennessee, West Texas State Teachers College Librarian.
Postcard requesting missing issues of the Federation News.
Manbey, B. F., US Department of Interior, National Park Service.
Letter concerning support for the John Muir Kings Canyon National Park.
Mangum, Valerie Beth, East Texas State Teachers College.
Letter offering to send Mrs. Perkins a copy of a photo taken of her while at the 3rd district luncheon.
Marsh, W. J.
Letter enclosing Composer's Guild materials.
Martin, J. B. Texas Hardware and Implement Association.
Letter asking for additional copies of the Federation News.
Martin, R. M., Gulf, Colorado and Santa Fe Railway Co.
Letter enclosing train schedules for Texas women traveling to the GFWC convention in San Francisco.
Matthews, Mrs. Chas J., San Antonio, Fifth District Parliamentarian.
Letter enclosing a lesson for inclusion in the Federation News.
May, Alice (Mrs. Reed).
Letter informing Mrs. Hamby that a picture of Mrs. E. P. Turner is being donated by the Oak Cliff Society of Fine Arts and the Dallas Woman’s Forum to be hung in the Federation Headquarters.
McBurnett, Madeline, National Federation of Press Women.
Letters requesting Texas Federation “bluebooks” and lists of club presidents and state officers. Also discusses a new type of hosiery.
McCartney, Mrs. F. A., Alabama Federation of Women’s Clubs.
Letter discussing the trip to San Francisco and the board meeting.
McKee, Ruby Clayton, Dallas, Dispatch-Journal.
Telegram to the Headquarters requesting news releases and a letter asking for information about the speakers and reports to be given at the Wichita Falls convention.
McKennon, Mrs. F. A., Waxahachie, Second District Rules and Procedures.
Letter asking for information on the work of the Rules and Regulations Committee.
McKinney, Viola W. (Mrs. T. O.), Bishop.
Letter enclosing $6.00 towards the sinking fund.
Medford, Beulah, Texas Library and Historical Commission.
Postcard notification of a Federation News issue not received by the state library.
Meyers, Lillian, Business and Professional Women’s Club.
Letter apologizing to Mrs. Perkins for mistakenly calling her by the wrong name and asking her to speak to the Dallas BPWC.
Miller, L. Ruth.
Letter asking for the names of the women’s clubs in south central Texas.
Milligan, Lucy R. (Mrs. Harold V.), GFWC Committee on Radio.
Letter asking Mrs. Perkins to use her influence to convince the NBC station in Texas to carry the GFWC radio program.
Ming, Nettie Collins.
Letter presenting the book “Dodging the Shadows” to the Federation library.
Moore, Mrs. J. H., Depot, Third District First Vice-President.
Letters discussing district conventions and thanking Mrs. Perkins for speaking.
Moore, Mary, GFWC Committee on Public Safety.
Letters encouraging highway and driving safety. Includes "The Motorists Prayer," and a discussion of women's responsibility in encouraging men to be safe drivers.
Morehead, Arthur O., Austin, Texas Conference on Social Welfare – Executive Secretary.
Letter to Mrs. Perkins giving the dates of the upcoming Social Welfare Conference, nine months in advance, so that Mrs. Perkins can make plans to attend.
Morelock, Mrs. H. W., Alpine, Eighth District President.
Letter to Mrs. Perkins enclosing the Eighth District annual report and financial statement. Also discussing disappointment at not having the funds to purchase a cabinet. Includes report and financial statement.
Morris, Mrs. Curtis, Longview, Morris Publishing Co.
Letter to the Regional Press Inc. requesting the most recent photograph of Mrs. Perkins.
Morris, Mrs. Lee, Chico, Golden Jubilee Chairman.
Letters discussing the Golden Jubilee plans. Another letter is a submission of resignation from the Chairmanship position due to ongoing health problems. Following letter from Mrs. Morris' husband discussing her health problems and the reluctance with which she resigned her position.
Morrison, R. C., Holland's – The Magazine of the South.
Letter promoting the "Town Building" club study program created by Holland's magazine. Includes the information pamphlet "Holland's Southern Institute for Town Improvement" which discusses the reasons why the south is "the nation's No. 1 economic problem," and what clubs can do to improve the south.
Motheral, J. E., Austin, City Engineer.
Letter enclosing the costs of paving the street in front if the Federation Headquarters.
Mulligan, Lucy V., National Association of Manufacturers.
Letter describing the convention services provided by the National Association of Manufactures. Educational speakers and sound/motion picture services offered.
Mullins, Marion, Fort Worth, State Regent – Daughters of the American Revolution.
Letter thanking Mrs. Perkins for an invitation to the institute of the Department of Welfare and another declining an invitation to speak at the TFWC convention.
Murray, L. T., Waco, Texas Cotton Association.
Letter describing an initiative by the Texas Cotton Association for the manufacture of cotton bags for household goods. Letter encourages women to only buy goods in cotton bags. Includes a flyer, "Cotton Bags Mean Jobs," that details the number of labor hours supplied by the farming and processing of one bale of cotton. Another letter discussing an agreement made with Mrs. Perkins to send out information to all TFWC clubs.
Muray, Laura, University of Texas Program Committee.
Letter asking Mrs. Perkins to speak to the Seventh District convention.
Meyers, Nettie S., Austin, Texas State Board of Control, Division of Child Welfare.
Letter concerning requests made by the TFWC for information on: the influence of motion pictures on children, marihuana, radio programs for children, library service for youth, influence of the family on development of the child, and crime problems in youth.
Meyers, Mrs. J. Allen.
Letter acknowledging Mrs. Perkins agreement to speak before their club.
Nash, Gladys (Mrs. E. B.), Mississippi FWC President.
Letter discussing the Mississippi convention plans and asking Mrs. Perkins if any speakers could be shared between the states.
Neal, Margie, Social Security Board.
Letter containing information on the educational facilities of the Social Security Board for women's groups. Publications, exhibits, speakers and films are available to educate women on their rights and obligations under the 1939 Social Security Act.
Neatehry, Hattie.
Letter asking Mrs. Perkins to speak to the Second District past president club.
Neuhaus, R. R.
Letter concerning a canceled check.
Neville, Mrs. R.C.
Letter discussing the possibility of employment as a hostess or secretary with the TFWC.
Newby, Leone (Mrs. A. K.), The National Parliamentarian.
Letter discussing the Red Cross donations and volunteer efforts during the war. Another letter enclosing a series of books on parliamentary law for the Federation Library.
Newcomer, Claire S., Ohio FWC.
Postcard thanking the TFWC for the subscription to the Federation News.
Newell, Mrs. Martin, GFWC Chairman Housing Committee.
Letter describing the hotel and travel accommodations available for the GFWC Convention in San Francisco.
Northe, Gail, Texas State Network.
Letter discussing a Red Cross fundraiser in which she will travel around the state giving fashion slide shows and radio addresses.
O'Daniel, Mrs. W. Lee, Austin, First District Education.
Letter thanking friends who attended a tea given in her honor.
Oliveros, C. A., Houston.
Letters concerning the audit of architecture costs charged for designing the Federation Headquarters.
Olson, Mrs. A. J., Cisco, Sixth District Character Education.
Report on character education.
Oneal, Cora M. (Mrs. Ben G.), Wichita Falls.
Letter concerning locating a copy of the book "Prize Winning One Act Plays."
Oppenheimer, Harriet B., Fort Worth, First District.
Letter concerning the delegation of the duties of Chairman of the Golden Jubilee.
Orr, Mrs. Jack, Dallas.
Letter concerning Federation News subscriptions.
Overholt, Mary Olive (Mrs. R. H.), Arkansas FWC.
Postcard concerning the Arkansas convention.
Patterson, Ina (Mrs. Alfred M.), Devine, Fifth District.
Letter inviting Mrs. Perkins to a garden party in Devine. Describes the party and the appropriate clothes for Mrs. Perkins to wear.
Peck, Mrs. Hal C., Midland.
Letter asking Mrs. Perkins to write the Governor and request that Mrs. Peck be re-appointed to a second term as Commissioner of the Texas Game and Fish Commission. Letter ends by saying "After all, why should not women be even closer to Old Mother Nature."
Perry, Ione (Mrs. John), Sweetwater, Program Chairman.
Letters discussing Federation convention plans including a plan to have the Presidents of three Texas universities at the convention. Letters also discuss the death of Mrs. Perry's father.
Philippi, Grace, Southwestern Library Association.
Letter to Mrs. Douglass asking that the Federation News publicize the upcoming Southwestern Library Association Meeting.
Picon, Elsie (Mrs. J. R.), Detroit, MI.
Letter to Mrs. Perkins asking for more information on the Latin American Scholarships and Pan-American Round Table, saying "it will be an inspiration to other clubs."
Pierson, Mrs. G. G., Club House Chairman.
Report urging women to make the community feel like a part of the clubhouse, especially in small towns. Letter discussing plans to compile a list of all the clubhouses in Texas.
Pond, James B., Program Magazine Editor.
Letter discussing free sample copies of the magazine. Program magazine is for club presidents, department heads and program chairmen.
Pool, Miriam (Mrs. C. D.), Beaumont, Chairman International Relations Committee.
Letter discussing convention program and a clipping book on Federation articles on Foreign Relations.
Poston, Bertha (Mrs. Edwin), GFWC Committee on Club Institutes.
Letter concerning club institutes, discussions, and forums. Urges women to engage more readily in the democratic process rather than having just one speaker.
Potter, Mrs. W. R., Bowie, First District.
Letter to Mrs. Perkins asking her to send any material that would aid in the writing of the Federation History. Another letter discussing a tribute to Mrs. G. R. Scott.
Powell, Mrs. S. B., Sanger, Second District, Appointed Member.
Letter complimenting Mrs. Perkins on her public speaking and submitting club information for publication in the Federation News.
Prater, P. F. W., US Department of Agriculture - Texas National Forest.
Letter requesting the name of the TFWC Conservation Chairman, to be added to a list of individuals concerned with forestry and conservation of natural resources.
Price, Warren, University of Texas Professor of Journalism.
Letter of recommendation for Mrs. Anita Cook for a job working on the Federation News.
Ragby, Mary (Mrs. M. J.), Third District Bible Chairman.
Letter asking for information on the club president of the third district and wishing TFWC a success on Clara Driscoll day.
Rainey, Homer P., University of Texas President.
Letter concerning a recent meeting with Mrs. Perkins and thanking Mrs. Perkins for giving him a set of water color prints.
Ramsey, Margaret, Texas State College for Women Round Table.
Letter enclosing club dues for all TSCW clubs on campus. Includes a list of the clubs.
Randall, J. W.,
Second page of a letter that mentions Clarence Kendall and a bank transaction.
Randall, Mrs. L. B., San Antonio, Life Member.
Letter complimenting Mrs. Perkins on her presidency and declining offer to sit on Board of Directors.
Razor, Mac Ray, University of Texas - Department of Journalism.
Letter of recommendation for Mrs. Anita Cook.
Reagan, Mrs. William, Cisco.
Letter resigning position of State Chairman of Club Institutes.
Reddick, DeWitt, University of Texas Professor.
Letter of recommendation for Mrs. Anita Cook.
Redmond, Ida Durand (Mrs. Henry), Corpus Christi, Life Member.
Letter addressed to "The New Clubwomen of Texas," which contains a poem entitles "Straight Forward and Unafraid." Another letter addressing Mrs. Redmond's concern over Mrs. Scott's false claims of accomplishments made during her administration. Other letters discussing Federation materials that Mrs. Redmond wants to donate to Mrs. Perkins files at the clubhouse.
Reed, Mrs. Houston, Holland, Fourth District Club House.
Postcard to Mrs. Hamby asking why materials sent in to the Federation News were never published.
Reed, J. R., J. R. Reed Music Company.
Letter quoting prices for a public announcement system in the Federation Headquarters.
Reed, Mrs. T. S., Beaumont.
Postcard discussing the fine arts program.
Reinken, Mrs. Katherine, Plainview.
Letter protesting the discriminatory practices of the Federation News in not recognizing Mrs. Walker as a TFWC presidential candidate.
Reynolds, Grace Morrison, GFWC Trustee.
Letter to Mrs. Perkins discussing a scholarship open to club members daughters.
Richardson, Maud Gerald.
Letter describing plans for the club's Golden Jubilee celebration and asking for clarification on the presentation on medals.
Riddings, Grace Dupree, National League of Pen Women.
Letter enclosing payments on her Headquarters pledge.
Ridgeway, E. M., Ridgeway Mailing Company.
Letter quoting prices for mailing the Federation News.
Ring, Elizabeth (Mrs. H. F.), Houston, Life Member.
Letter discusses encouraging future club women.
Ripley, Kate (Mrs. Geo), Dallas, Welfare Chairman.
Letters enclosing checks for club dues and Headquarters funds. Letters discussing the program of the Welfare Institute and thanking speakers who appeared at the Institute.
Ritchie, David G., Ritchie-Safford Advertising.
Letter enclosing checks covering advertising costs in the Federation News.
Ritchie, Edith (Mrs. H. B.), GFWC Secretary.
Letters concerning making copies of articles for addition to the GFWC library.
Rivera, R. O., Duke University Press.
Letter regarding the book "The Small Town in American Literature."
3.28 Roberts, Frank S., Breckenridge Chamber of Commerce.
Letter to the First District women welcoming them to Breckenridge.
Robertson, Lexie Dean, Texas Poet Laureate.
Letter describing the sonnet written for Clara Driscoll.
Rodgers, Evelyn (Mrs. Jack).
Letter requesting a subscription to the Federation News.
Rogers, Marjorie, Attorney.
Letter requesting that an article on taxation be printed in the Federation News.
Rucker, Mrs. Lamar Cobb.
Letter to Mrs. Perkins describing the club institute held at University of Georgia.
Rutherford, Mrs. G. W., Mount Leon, Chairman Education & Youth.
Letters enclosing Permanent Headquarters payments.
Rutherford, Mabel (Mrs. J. M.), Chillicothe, Seventh District President.
Letters concerning Seventh District Business.
Rutland, C. J., Texas Safety Association.
Letter enclosing $2.00 for a phone call made to Senator Collie regarding the drivers license law.
Sandefer, G. B., Abilene, Hardin-Simmons University.
Letter requesting a Federation Blue Book.
Savage, Russell, Attorney.
Letters concerning Headquarters business.
Saylor, Mrs. Jacob, Goldthwaite, Sixth District.
Letter asking for Federation News circulation information.
Scarborough, Anita.
Letter asking for a reprint of a particular article in the Federation News.
Schiwetz, Ted, Houston, Franke, Wilkinson, Schiwetz Advertising.
Letter requesting invoices for advertising costs.
Schrank, Gertrude (Mrs. L. T.), Llano.
Letter asking for information on the topic "What we can do as clubwomen to keep our country out of war."
Schoen, Paul W., Texas Forest Service.
Letter asking for the names of clubwomen in East Texas so that information on the Texas forests can be sent out.
Scott, Florence J., Rio Grande, American Citizenship Committee.
Letters include tributes to Mrs. Lovejoy and Mrs. Fred Fleming. One letter discusses a meeting with Clara Driscoll.
Scudder, Ruth, Dallas.
Letter concerning renting a room for a month in the Federation Headquarters.
Scurlock, H. V., Dallas, First National Bank Vice-President.
Letter concerning printing cost invoices that were turned over to the bank.
Shapiro, Victor M., Director of Publicity - Selznick International Pictures, Inc.
Letter thanking Mrs. Perkins for recommending Mrs. William Bacon, and saying that the studio agrees to utmost cooperation between his organization and the TFWC.
Sharp, Mrs. W. R., Houston.
Letter enclosing a check for $100.
Shepherd, T. Gay.
Letter listing the names of members on the Senate Highway and Motor Traffic Committee and suggesting member that could be swayed by letter writing.
Shepherd, Morris, Washington DC, United States Senate.
Letters discussing the cotton acreage allotments in Texas.
Shore, Mrs. D. P., Lott, Fourth District Library Committee Chairman.
Letter discussing local subscribers to the Federation News and donations for the Federation Library.
Short, Paul, Dallas, Imperial Press President.
Letter advertising the sale of a new book and another enclosing a donated, signed edition, of same book.
Sickle, Mrs. W. Van, Alpine, Eighth District Scholarship.
Letter enclosing an article written by the Eighth District President.
Sickles, Mabel (Mrs. J. E.), GFWC President of President's Council.
Letter describing the silk and cotton flags to be used at the GFWC Convention.
Slagle, Julia, Hearne, Fourth District Secretary.
Letter enclosing resolution of the Fourth District Convention.
Slate, Mrs. L. E., Sudan, Seventh District President.
Letter protesting the noticeable preference show to Mrs. Carlisle as opposed to Mrs. Walker in their representation in the Federation News.
Slayden, Mrs. William Waller, GFWC Committee on Federation Pin.
Letter discussing guard for Federation pin.
Smith, Dorothy D., Denton.
Letter enclosing dues for clubs at the Texas State College for Women.
Smith, George, Dallas, Texas Newspaper Features.
Letter to Mrs. Perkins informing her that Miss Clara Driscoll will be the first women ever to be featured as a "Texan of Today." Letter offers to sell the Federation a bronze cast of the feature as it would appear in newspapers.
Smith, Lon A., Railroad Commission.
Telegram wishing "good luck" on the convention.
Smith, Mrs. Sam J., Austin, Life Member.
Letter advising the new club women to remember "we pass this way but once, let us beautify the way we go, so the world will know which way we went."
Spence, Elizabeth, GFWC Secretary to Mrs. Cunningham.
Letter acknowledging Mrs. Perkins request that Mrs. Cunningham write a letter for the Federation News.
Stark, W. L., Manger Driskill Hotel.
Letter quoting room rates for ladies attending the meeting honoring Clara Driscoll.
Stillman, Chas. L., General Manager – Time Magazine.
Letter asking for the opinion of Mrs. Perkins on a series of advertisements to be run in Time magazine concerning the ethics and methods of journalism.
Stokes, Mrs. W. N., Amarillo, Seventh District Fine Arts.
Letter concerning the unfair placement of Mr. J. W. Walkers picture in the Federation News section on presidential candidates.
Stoner, Marian (Mrs. W. L.), Victoria, Chairman Committee on Wildflowers and Wildlife.
Letter concerning the establishment of a state botanical garden which would preserve native Texas plants and flowers.
Strong, Beeman, Beaumont, Attorney.
Letter acknowledging the Federation's support for the State Board of Public Welfare.
Stubbs, Mrs. Van Hook, Wortham, Secretary.
Letters concerning minutes of the convention and a list of telegrams received during the convention to be added to the minutes.
Sula, Lillian, Temple.
Letter requesting the history of the TFWC.
Sweeney, Mrs. Albert E., Austin.
Letter concerning cataloging the Texas Federation library.
Sykes, Regina (Mrs. Ira D.), Houston, Fourth District Club Institute.
Letters concerning a state club institute and press releases to be sent out to major newspapers.
Talley, Dora Alexander, National President Supreme Forest Woodmen Circle.
Letter inquiring about her Federation News subscription.
Taylor, Ethel Cook (Mrs. Volney), Appointed Member Board of Directors.
Letter asking Mrs. Perkins to speak at the San Francisco convention. Other letters discussing meetings and conventions. One letter discusses transferring funds into the Cancer Work account, which Mrs. Taylor was heavily involved with. Letter forwarding information regarding a scholarship.
Taylor, Mrs. Gaddis, Tyler.
Letter concerning invitation to Clara Driscoll Day.
Teller, Ruby, San Antonio, Maverick Clark Department Store.
Letter concerning invitations for Friendship Day.
Thames, Mrs. C. B., Hearne, Fourth District Press and Publicity.
Letter enclosing articles for the Federation News.
Thompson, Paul J., University of Texas Department of Journalism.
Letter of recommendation for Miss Anita Cook, in application for student employment with the Federation News.
Thwing, Mrs. F. M., Waco, Fourth District Credential Committee.
Letters concerning Fourth District contributions towards Headquarters and Golden Jubilee Funds.
Tilley, Mrs. Harris, Shamrock.
Letter requesting information of the life and works of Sinclair Lewis.
Tompkins, Mrs. Frank, Corpus Christi, Life Member.
Letter protesting the unfair treatment and untrue representation of Mrs. Carlisle in her bid for TFWC President. Another letter detailing Mrs. Tompkins role as a TFWC charter member.
Tranchese, C., San Antonio, Guadalupe Church.
Letter discussing Miss Knott's plans to have the Matachines dance group perform at a national folk festival. Letter from a member of the group appealing to Mrs. Hamby to convince Miss Knott that the expense involved in traveling to the festival is too expensive for the group to manage. According to Mr. Tranchese, he has explained this to Miss Knott but she refuses to listen, and has even gone so far as too put the groups name on the performance list.
Traweek, Irene (Mrs. E. E.), Abilene, Sixth District.
Letter discusses the "Education Through Federation" theme for the Sixth District convention.
Traweek, Ed.
Telegram expressing appreciation for Mrs. Perkins work for Thompson's election as Governor.
Trimble, Ruth, (Mrs. John W.), Grand Prairie, Second District Secretary.
Letter concerning a subscription to the Federation News.
Trotter, T. B.
Letter regarding the annual audit of the Federation.
Tucker, E. B.
Letter discussing an endowment made to Austin College.
Tuck, Wren (Mrs. H. G.), Sherman.
Letter discussing Mrs. Perkins lecture to the Delta Kappa Gamma club of Sherman and inviting her to a dinner n er honor.
Tunstill, Mercedes (Mrs. Orville), Junior Women's Clubs Chairman.
Letters concerning junior activities at the state convention.
Turrentine, Mrs. Richard, Denton, Director.
Letters concerning local clubs and organizational matters.
Turrentine, Richard, Denton, Texas State College for Women.
Letter volunteering services. Letters also concerning scholarships and loans.
Tuttle, F. Clyde, Southern Life Magazine.
Letter asking for the names and addresses of club presidents so that they may receive free issues of the magazine.
3.29Upchurch, J. T., Berachah Junior Kingdom.
Letters to Mrs. Greenhill addressing the "100,000 lost children of Texas."
Vance, Grace (Mrs. J. T.), Refuguio, Fifth District President.
Letters discussing the traveling party which visited the GFWC convention from Texas and the pioneer women from the fifth district.
Velvin, Mrs. J. W., GFWC Division of Community Service.
Letter discussing plans for community service programs.
Vickers, Norma, Secretary to Mrs. Perkins.
Letter to Ted Dealey, Vice-President of the Dallas Morning News, discussing the Gallup Poll and thanking him for publicizing TFWC events. Letters in reply to Mrs. Perkins correspondence while she was out of town.
Wakefield, A. P., Austin, Burroughs Adding Machine Company.
Letter concerning the purchase of a Burroughs Adding Machine for the Federation Headquarters.
Walker, Lucille (Mrs. J. W.), Plainview, Treasurer.
Letters, most addressed to Mrs. Hamby, concerning payments of pledges and club dues. Letters also concern treasurer’s reports, bookkeeping and collecting over-due student loans.
Wallace, Mrs. P., Houston.
Letter inquiring about entering her club yearbook in the state year book contest.
Walton, T. O., College Station, Texas A & M President.
Letter describing the establishment of a Nutrition Committee for the State of Texas. The committee is formed at the request of the US Department of Agriculture and will serve in relation to the National Advisory Committee on National Defense. Letter asks Mrs. Perkins to serve on the committee.
Wardlaw, Mrs. Louis J., Fort Worth, Newspaper Chairman.
Letters regarding the "Truth-in-Fabric" bills in legislation. Letter asking clubwomen to support the legislation and interview storeowners about their opinions of the bill.
Watkins, A. F., Tyler, Dixie Rose Nursery.
Letter enclosing payment for an advertisement in the Federation News.
Watson, J. C., Abilene, Oil Belt Safety Conference.
Letter requesting the names of club presidents and secretaries located in the oil belt territory.
Watson, May (Mrs. H. H.), Corpus Christi, Fine Arts Chairman.
Letter enclosing a report of the Fine Arts Committee and discussing a Thanksgiving dinner.
Weatherby, Annie( Mrs. J. N.), Brownwood, Gardens Chairman.
Postcard asking how many clubs are in each district.
Webster, Maud, Commerce, Third District President.
Letter discussing the "indignation meeting" being held by the Wednesday Study Club in response to the fact that neither the club president, nor the district president, is receiving the Federation News. Letter asks that a subscription be started. Telegraph reporting the Pioneer Women of the Fifth District: Mrs. Edmund Key Marshall, Mrs. Robert Browning Terrell, Mrs. Fred Fleming and Mrs. S. J. Wright.
Weinert, Mrs. Hilmer, Seguin.
Letter thanking. Perkins for her interest in the Gonzalez Warm Springs Foundation.
Welder, Mrs. James, Victoria, Life Member.
Letter in response to the question, "What has Federation service given me?"
Welling, Mrs. W. B., Houston.
Letter requesting stationary and enclosing the outline for the division's work. Later letter resigns position.
Wells, Mildred, Florida Federation of Women's Clubs.
Letter to Mrs. Perkins informing her that she "borrowed" the idea for the Florida Convention from the Texas Convention.
Wells, Theresa, The Good Housekeeping Service.
Friendly letter to Mrs. Perkins discussing a "stunt" she pulled and the work she does for the Federation.
Wentland, Mrs. W. A, Manor, State Federation News Circulation.
Letters describing her prolonged illness and inability to complete work.
Wessendorf, Jane (Mrs. Joe), Texas Congress of Parents and Teachers.
Letter inviting Mrs. Perkins to be a panel member for the "Changing Family in a Changing World" discussion.
Wesson, Mary B., Denton, North Texas State Teachers College.
Letter requesting issues of the Federation News for campus clubs.
West, Decca Lamar, Waco.
Letters concerning the Federation history. Provides an outline of Miss West's work on the history.
West. Mae S., San Antonio, Fine Arts Chairman.
Letters concerning dues, reports and membership of clubs.
Whitacre, Jessie, College Station, Texas A & M Rural Home Research.
Letter enclosing a copy of a paper entitled "Change in the Southern Diet Proposed by Food and Nutrition Research."
White, Agnes (Mrs. Fred), Port Arthur.
Letter requesting that each department send a report to Headquarters.
White, Ike D.
Letters concerning a lawsuit that was filed by a property owner for lost money after the Federation failed to purchase land adjacent to the Headquarters Building. The lawyer is asking to be paid for his work on the case, although the Federation contends that he agreed to do the work for free.
Whitehurst, Sarah A., GFWC Golden Jubilee Chairman.
Letters concerning preparations for the Golden Jubilee Celebration and the local publicity of the celebration in the Federation News.
Whitely, Lucie Love.
Letter enclosing clippings about Mrs. Perkins.
Whitley, Sam H., East Texas State Teachers College.
Letter enclosing a copy of the student paper which covered Mrs. Perkins visit to East Texas.
Wilderman, Mrs. W. T., Lott, Fourth District Circulation.
Letter enclosing names and checks for new subscribers to the Federation News which had been mistakenly sent to the district chairman instead of the state office.
Wilfong, Mrs. Jim, Gainesville, Second District President.
Letters concerning Second District clubs and business. Another letter discussing a loan made to a girl in the district.
Wilie, Mrs. U. L., Matador.
Letter enclosing check for founder’s pledge.
Williams, Florence, Time Magazine Club Bureau.
Letters discuss sending club materials to Texas clubs.
Williams, Opal, Commerce, Librarian East Texas State Teachers College.
Letter asking for back copies of Federation yearbooks to complete the file at the college library.
Williams, Mrs. Peter, Waco.
Letter enclosing information on the Pioneer Women of the Fourth District.
Williams, Louis, Chairman Texas Bluebonnet Festival.
Letter advertising the Texas Bluebonnet Festival.
Willson, J. M., West Texas Chamber of Commerce.
Letter asking members of the Freight Weight Equality Federation to send in membership dues and help secure witnesses for a hearing.
Wilson, J. B., National Wood Growers Association.
Letter thanking the Federation for their interest in the "Truth in Fabric" bills.
Winner, Velle, GFW Clubwomen Press and Publicity.
Letter advertising a book Mrs. Winner wrote titled "What Makes You Think So?" Letters also discussing Clubwoman circulation.
Winter, Alice (Mrs. Thomas G.), Motion Picture Producers and Distributors of America.
Letter discussing the lack of regulation with regard to movies, radio and newsreels.
Witt, Gwynne (Mrs. Edgar), Waco, Chairman War Veterans Committee.
Telegram complementing and congratulating Mrs. Perkins.
Wolford, R. B. Texas State Board of Health.
Letter inviting Mrs. Perkins to be on the panel discussing Public Health during the Public Health District Association Meeting.
Woodeel, Mrs. Walter.
Letter declining invitation to a dinner honoring Mrs. W. Lee O'Daniel.
Woods, L. A., Texas State Department of Education Superintendent.
Letters concerning the work of the Texas State Music Advisory Committee.
Woods, Thalia, GFWC Secretary to the President.
Letter to Mrs. Perkins saying that the GFWC President would be unable to come to the TFWC convention.
Woodson, Glen, Coca-Cola Bottling Company.
Letter agreeing to pay advertisement fee when the Federation returns their cut.
Woolfolk, Mrs. J. B., Pecos, Eighth District.
Letter concerning a Federation Headquarters payment.
Wooten, Mattie Lloyd, Denton, Texas State College for Women.
Letter discussing dues for clubs on campus.
Worden, Mary (Mrs. A. H.), San Antonio.
Letter concerning a check sent through the mail that was never received.
Wright, Ione (Mrs. S. J.).
Letter contains an address written as being the only living TFWC president among the first ten.
Yates, Frances.
Letter discusses a thesis Mrs. Yates is writing on the subject of the cultural influence of Texas clubwomen.
Young, Virginia (Mrs. Arthur), Hillsboro.
Letter thanking Mrs. Perkins for sending her song to the National Song Contest.
Zertman, P. S., William A. Smith Construction.
Letter notifying the Federation that their account will be drafted for monies owed to the construction firm.
3.30Bound correspondence:
District Presidents.
Letters to district presidents, including one which addresses the Federation News controversy. Also included in this folder are state convention programs, Federation Headquarters "House Rules" and a copy a booklet dedicated to Clara Driscoll entitled "Do You Know? – Facts About the Federation Headquarters."
Correspondence with First District President.
Letters to and from Mrs. Grover Johnson and Mrs. Joseph Perkins.
Correspondence with Second District President.
Letters to and from Mrs. J. M. Wilfong and Mrs. Joseph Perkins.
Correspondence with Third District President.
Letters to and from Miss Maude Webster and Mrs. Joseph Perkins.
Correspondence with Fourth District President.
Letters to and from Mrs. Jud Collier and Mrs. Joseph Perkins.
3.31Correspondence with Fifth District President.
Letters to and from Mrs. Grace Finger Vance and Mrs. Joseph Perkins.
Correspondence with Sixth District President.
Letters to and from Mrs. M. H. Hagman and Mrs. Joseph Perkins
Correspondence with Seventh District President.
Letters to and from Mrs. J. M. Rutherford and Mrs. Joseph Perkins.
Correspondence with Eighth District President.
Letters to and from Mrs. H. W. Morelock and Mrs. Joseph Perkins.
Correspondence with Chairmen of Departments.
General Correspondence.
Correspondence with Life Members.
Correspondence with Legislative Committee.
3.32Clara Driscoll Party Regrets and Accepts
Clara Driscoll Day Book.
This wooden scrapbook begins with a photo of Mrs. Driscoll and a handwritten statement from her. The book was then used as a guestbook for people attending the party.
3.33Clara Driscoll Day Program.
Program contains information on the Headquarters debt.
Clara Driscoll's Handwritten Speech.
Texans of Today News Release.
Texas Federation News with Clara Driscoll cover.
Clara Driscoll Day Poem by Mabel Law Fish.
Clara Driscoll Day Banquet Tickets.
Correspondence regarding Clara Driscoll Portrait.
Correspondence regarding Clara Driscoll Day.

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