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Texas Woman's University, the Woman's Collection

Texas Federation of Women's Clubs Collection

Series 3: Administration Records (Correspondence 1897 - 1936)

Collection Summary

Creator:Texas Federation of Women's Clubs
Title:Texas Federation of Women's Clubs Collection
Date:1897 - .
Abstract:Constitution and bylaws, minutes, correspondence, reports, and published material created by the state organization, the districts, and over 2,200 individual member clubs. Also includes graphic material such as photographs and scrapbooks. Material documents the founding meeting in 1897 through the organization's growth in the twentieth century into the largest women's volunteer association in Texas.
Location:Mss. 32
Size:493 boxes.
RepositoryTexas Woman's University, the Woman's Collection


Arrangement of the Collection

The records are arranged into nine series:
Series 1: Historical Writings
Series 2: Legal and Financial Documents
Series 3a-j: Administrations - Correspondence and Reports
Series 4: Education Assistance
Series 5: Headquarters Building
Series 6a-c: Membership
Series 7: Printed Material
Series 8: Graphic Material
Series 9: General Federation of Women's Clubs and South Central Region


Access to the Collection:

Open for research.

Publication and Copyright Statements:

Permission to publish materials must be obtained in writing from the Coordinator for Special Collections. Where copyright is unclear, all responsibility must be assumed by the user.

Administrative Information


Material was collected and housed at the TFWC Headquarters until the organization designated the Woman's Collection as the repository for its archives in 1985. Material has been added on a continuing basis since that time.

Detailed Description of the Collection


Series 3: Administration Records (Correspondence, 1897 - 1936)

Correspondents in this section include some of the most prominent figures the history of the organization and early women leaders in Texas during the Progressive Era: Anna Pennybacker, Mary Peters Young Terrell, Eliza "Birdie" Robertson Johnson, Eleanor Brackenridge, Annie Webb Blanton, Elizabeth Ring, Olga Kohlberg, Maggie Barry, and Phebe K. Warner.
This section includes presidents Rotan, 1897-1899; Terrell, 1899-1901; Pennybacker, 1901-1903; Turner, 1903-1905; Johnson, 1905-1907; Dibrell, 1907-1909; Wright, 1909-1911; Hertzberg, 1911-1913; Fall, 1913-1915; Fleming, 1915-1917; Connery, 1917-1919; Floore, 1919-1921; Joseph, 1921-1923; Redmond, 1923-1925; Fields, 1925-1927; Potter, 1927-1929; Lindsay, 1929-1931; and Taylor, 1933-1936.
Arranged alphabetically by originating correspondent (author) in order of presidential administrations. Correspondence by each president precedes the alphabetical listing. The name of the author, the town or city, the person's title, and a brief description of the contents of the letters is included.
3.1Rotan Administration, 1897-1899
Rotan, Mrs. Edward (Kate), Waco, TFWC President.
Letter to Mrs. Pennybacker discussing committee assignments, financial arrangements within TFWC, including Dallas news expense payments, her provision of a travelling library for McLennan County and a trip to Weatherford to organize new club out of an old Chatauqua Circle and concluding with the hope Pennybacker will accept the work in federation.
Terrell Administration, 1899-1901
[There is no correspondence from the Terrell Administration.]
Pennybacker Administration, 1901-1903
Pennybacker, Mrs. Percy V. (Anna J. Hardwicke), Austin, TFWC President. [3 folders: 1901, 1902, 1903] Also member Texas Women's Press Association, president American History Club (1902); author of A History of Texas, state adopted school textbook.
1901 - Letter asking Mrs. Terrell for critique of writing to be included in year book.
1902 - A very heated letter in reply to Mrs. Potter concerning the appointment of a librarian in Tyler.
1903 - Topics of letters: asks Miss Brackenridge's to respond to her offer of delegationship to National Federation; form letter regarding location of meetings, and "educational weeks."
Alford, Mrs. Lida Bakey, San Antonio, Chairman Household Economics Committee.
Letter concerns transfer of materials and duties to the new chairman of committee
Allen, Mrs. M. E., Victoria, President Bronte Club.
Letter accepts position as alternate delegate to General Federation.
Baker, Bertha Kunz, New York, professional speaker.
Letters concern arrangements for speaking engagements, possibly in conjunction with the YMCA Secretaries.
Ballinger, Miss Betty, Galveston, TFWC State Secretary to GFWC.
Personal letters, as well as accounts of expenses incurred.
Bass, Mrs. J. M., Temple, Chairman History Committee.
[President Texas Women's Press Association, 1903] Letters concern selection of delegates from districts, a decline of delegationship to the Biennial, an acceptance of the chairmanship of the history committee. Lavish praise of Mrs. Pennybacker's "able representation of the womanhood of Texas."
Benson, B. K., Austin, Agent for Texas/Southwest D. C. Heath & Co. (publishers of text books).
Letters lists superintendents of several school districts in Texas, 1901.
Bonner, Mrs. Charles T.(Mary D.), Tyler, Appointed Member Executive Board.
Letters are both personal and club related, including her stance on the poll tax issue, and other club business.
Boydston, Mrs. F. B. (Essie), McKinney, TFWC Auditor.
Letter inviting Mrs Pennybacker to Texarkana.
Brackenridge, Miss Mary Eleanor, San Antonio, President Woman's Club of San Antonio; member of Board of Regents, Girls Industrial College (TWU).
Letters discuss her loss of the TFWC chief office to Mrs. Pennybacker and declines other offers. Letter concerning clubs wishing to enter the Federation.
Bridges, Mrs. M.V., Mason, President, Woman's Literary Club.
Letter states that none of the delegates will be able to attend the Beaumont meeting.
Brown, Mrs. G. A. (Adele Hart), Vernon, TFWC Treasurer. [4 folders: 1901, 1902, 1903, 1904]
Letters concern finances, officers, committee work, location of federation meeting, suggestions for redistricting, etc. Various topics discussed.
Brown, Mrs. Kate Moore, El Paso, Music Committee.
Butler, W. D., Hillsboro, Superintendent Hillsboro Public Schools. Urges women's clubs to beautify school grounds and houses and support school libraries.
Buttrick, Wallace, New York City, Secretary and Executive Officer General Education Board.
Letters regarding aid to Southern schools, including the University of Texas and the Girls' Industrial College (TWU) and the work of TFWC.
Callaway, Isadore Minor, (Mrs. W. A.), [Pauline Perriwinkle], Dallas, Dallas Federation of Women's Clubs; editor of the woman’s page, Dallas Morning News.
Letter discusses the need for a "distinctive state badge " to be given to each president, past and future, to signify the services they have rendered. Urges Mrs. Pennybacker to convince Governor Sayers to take up the Texas bill on bird extermination
Carlton, Miss Sallie, Bonham, Chairman Music Committee.
Letters mostly concern duties of the Music Committee.
Carmichail, Nannie L., Partial letters references the observance of "Texas Day."
Carter, Mrs. H. C. (Ella Goodwyn), San Antonio, Appointed Member of Board, Chairman Program Committee.
Letters discuss a purchasing a pin for Mrs. Terrell, an outbreak and quarantine of Yellow Fever in Ft. Worth, the organization of annual meeting and the printing of the program, and declines an offer of executive board appointment.
Casis, L.M.,
Letter regarding a translation of a particular phrase from a poem by Goethe.
Chapin, Will E., Los Angeles, Supt. Times Mirror Company Art Dept.
Letter requesting photographs for a special issue devoted to the GFWC meeting in Los Angeles.
Clark, Luther W., Dallas, [editor?] The Dallas News.
Letters regarding poll tax amendment and Pennybacker written article, 1902, 1903.
Clark, Mrs. Luther W. (Lucy), Dallas, Chairman Art Committee.
[2 folders: 1901, 1902] Letters concern the traveling art gallery as well as the sale of some works of art.
Claybrook, Elvie Smith,
Letter inquiring about the American History Club.
Cockrell, Miss Ella, Abilene, TFWC Fifth Vice President, President First District. Includes typed circular addressed to "The Five Thousand Club Women of Texas," the topic of which is the poll tax amendment.
Coit, Ida B. (Mrs. J. C.), Denton, President, Ariel Club.
Letters regarding plans for Pennybacker’s trip to Denton to participate in the program for the laying of the cornerstone for the College of Industrial Arts (TWU) and a report on relations between the Ariel Club and Woman’s Shakespeare Club, 1903.
Connell, J. H., Dallas, President Texas State Farmers' Institutes.
Letter urges publicizing issues effecting rural women and farmers, 1903.
Crossley, C. W., Secretary Corpus Christi Public Free Schools.
Letter urges women's clubs supply library for each grade, 1901.
Daffan, Miss Kate, Ennis, President United Daughters of the Confederacy.
Letter reports on the affairs of the UDC, among them the beautification of a public park in Ennis.
Dallam, Mrs. I. S., Palestine, Program Committee.
Partial letter only.
Davis, Mrs. W. O., Gainesville, Education Committee.
Telegram: "cannot go."
DeWitt, Mrs. E. A. (Imogen), Dallas, Chairman Club Extension Committee.
[2 folders: 1901, 1902] Letters discuss new clubs to become federated, club endorsements and clubs that vote against federation. Also includes a list of new clubs and home cities for 1901.
Dibrell, Mrs. Joseph B. (Ella Dancy), Seguin, Chairman Literature and Lectures Committee.
[2 folders: 1901/02, 1903] Letter discusses new clubs and stationary.
Dilworth, Miss Nola Ellen, Austin, TFWC Corresponding Secretary.
Multiple letters.
Dunklin, Mrs. Hallie M., Waco, President Texas Woman's Press Association.
Letters asking Mrs. Pennybacker to Waco to meet members of the City Federated Clubs. Also Editress Confederate Soldier and his Daughter.
Fallan, Blanche Weeks, President Twelfth Night Club.
Letter includes a list of influential Texas Women.
Fitzgerald, H. N., Dallas, Managing Editor The Dallas News.
Letters regarding TFWC news in paper and staffing involved including news of poor health of Isadore Callaway who is unable to assume club reporting duty, 1901.
Fleming, Mrs. Fred (Dora), Corsicana, Chairman Art Committee.
Letters concern art committee business.
French, J.A., Austin, Pastor - First Baptist Church.
Letter in reply to Mrs. Pennybacker, answering that she may form whatever religious alliance she thinks best, 1900.
Friend, Miss Kate, Waco, Chairman Reciprocity Committee.
[3 folders: 1901, 1902, 1903 ] Letter suggesting a "clipping bureau" to save and disseminate news clipping about clubs.
3.2Gasey, M.V., Houston,
Letter accepting position.
Gearing, Miss Mamie, Houston, President Houston Woman's Club.
Letter discusses the "Women's Exhibition" to be held in New York under the auspice of Professional Woman's League, and expresses a wish that Texas women be represented somehow.
Glover, C. J., Waco, Manager, The Waco Times-Herald.
Application for endorsement as organ of TFWC with assurance Kate Friend will continue to supervise this Sunday feature.
Goldman, Mamie Williams, Gildings.
Letter declines attendance at Beaumont convention due to illness in the family.
Goodhue, Mrs. John B., Beaumont, TFWC Third Vice President, President Fifth District, Chairman Committee on University Hall (Galveston), Program Committee.
[3 folders: 1901, 1902, 1903] Letter accepting chairmanship, agrees to work with Mrs. Randall concerning University Hall. Discusses accommodations for the Beaumont meeting, and plans for Mr. Routzhan to speak to the club and the general public. A criticism of Miss Friend’s reporting. Various other letters.
Goodwin, Mrs. Osce (Rosa M.), Waxahachie, President Shakespeare Club.
Declines, then accepts appointment for Beaumont Convention, 1902.
Gordon, Mrs. W. J., Jr., Corsicana, Library Committee.
Letter thanking Mrs. Pennybacker for appointment to library committee.
Gould, Florence Finch. Palestine.
Letter of thanks in response to being nominated to serve on the Resolution Committee.
Greer, Mrs. Robert A.(Jeanette S.), Greenville, Chairman Club Extension Committee.
Letter of thanks for appointment to Chairman of Club Extension.
Grubbs, V. W., Greenville, Proprietor Weekly Headlight and Representative in Texas House.
Letter asks Pennybacker to represent the female viewpoint at a Democratic Party committee meeting on industrial school organizations at College Station, 1902.
Hardwicke, Sarah Holmes. (Mrs. Pennybacker's sister), Dallas,
Letter concerning a presentation of "musical kindergarten" to the federation.
Hardwicke, Martha Dews, (Mrs. Pennybacker's mother) concerning recent stay at Pennybacker’s home, 1902.
Hardy, F.E.,
Letter acknowledging Mrs. Pennybacker's plans.
Harris, T. G., Austin, Superintendent Austin Public Schools.
Letter requests Pennybacker to urge American History Club to support local school tax election.
Harrison, May M.,
Letter making arrangements to pick up Mrs. Pennybacker from the train station.
Harrison, Sarah W., Chairman Scholarship Committee.
Letter declines offer to attend Beaumont convention.
Hay, Mary Garrett, New York City, Secretary-Treasurer The Club Woman Magazine.
Urges TFWC clubwomen subscribe to periodical and letter of introduction for Annette Finnigan, head of suffrage work in Texas who is currently in Houston but had lived in New York.
Hertzberg, Mrs. Eli (Anna), San Antonio.
Letter describes the process by which women must convince male voters to carry the poll tax amendment.
Hill, Mrs. Robert Howard, Waco, Corresponding Secretary Texas Women's Press Association.
Notification of TWPA meeting and asks for suggesting to increase membership.
Hillyer, Mrs. F. L. (Maud), Lockhart, Library Committee.
Letter accepting appointment to library committee. Contains the summary of library reports including statistics on Carnegie libraries.
Inice, E.M.,
Letter asking Mrs. Pennybacker to accept a gift.
Jackson, Mrs. J. A. (Pearl Cashill), Austin, Chairman Printing Committee.
Letters involve the printing of the yearbook.
Jenkins, Mrs. E. H.,. Bastrop, Printing Committee.
Johnson, Mrs. Cone (Birdie Robertson), Tyler, Member Board of Regents Girls Industrial College (TWU).
Includes draft of TFWC resolution to establish the college. [2 folders: 1901, 1902]
Johnson, Mrs. W. A. (Laura), Greenville, TFWC Recording Secretary.
Letter concerns scholarship and endowment fund.
Keesee, Mildred Woodley.
Letter asking Mrs. Pennybacker to mention her song, "Lone Star of Texas!," in club meeting or elsewhere. Includes copy of the song. 1902
Kendall, J. S., Denton, Principal North Texas Normal School.
Regrets school cannot provide venue for the lecture series Pennybacker and Mrs. Dibrell are promoting.
Key, Mrs. Edmund (Connie), Marshall, TFWC Fourth Vice President, President Third District, Town Improvement Committee.
[3 folders: 1901, 1902, 1903] Includes the "Village Improvement" prospectus statement of 1901. Many other letters of personal and club related issues.
Knox, Bettie. Gildings,
Letter accepts invitation to serve on the "Cre. Com." at the Beaumont convention.
Kohlberg, Mrs. Olga, El Paso, President El Paso Woman's Club.
Includes letter urging TFWC to work towards women being allowed to serve on school boards.
Lang, Josephine Allen,
Letter consists of name card with personal message written on back.
Langston, Mrs. George, Cisco, Reciprocity Committee.
Letter discusses new clubs in Eastland, DeLeon, and Cisco.
Leith, Mrs. J. E. (Kate), Terrell, Town Improvement Committee.
Letter concerns a misunderstanding about delegation to the biennial.
Lewin, Mrs. R. W. (Birdie May), Denison, Education Committee.
Letters concern scholarship funds and recipients.
Lockett, Mrs. L. J. (Alice), Brenham, Club Extension Committee.
Letter accepting appointment to committee.
Long, J. L., Dallas, Superintendent Dallas City Public Schools.
Asks Pennybacker to direct work of Woman's Council.
Mabb, P. L., Chicago, Illinois, Secretary-Treasurer The Sorosis Publishing Co.
Requests photograph of Pennybacker for a portfolio to be published entitled "Prominent Club Women of America," 1903.
McCaleb, David Courtland, Fort Worth, Reporter Fort Worth Record.
Compliments Pennybacker on being "the finest chairman of any meeting he has ever reported."
McCallum, Mrs. A. N.(Jane Y.), Seguin.
Letter concerning candidates for district office including Mrs. Dibrell.
McCammon, Maggie.
Letter concerns the federation yearbook.
McMurray, DeWitt, Dallas, Editor Woman's Century (published by A. H. Belo & Co.).
Thanks Pennybacker for letters sent for publication and in another letter discusses problems of putting Mrs. J. C. Terrell's name over the page devoted to women's clubs in the Dallas News, 1902.
Mills, Mrs. Andrew G. (Lucy B.), Galveston.
[2 folders: 1901, 1902] Letter references Pennybacker's A History of Texas.
Moores, Mrs. Annie McLean, Mount Pleasant, TFWC State Secretary to GFWC, 1901-02.
Letter addresses the need to look upon the "color question" with "dignity and level headedness." Various other letters relating to the secretary position.
Neal, Mrs. H.L (Mr. W.R. Neal),
(Letter, possibly in response to a lecture given at C.A.I. (TWU), thanks Mrs. Pennybacker for inspiring the girls she spoke to.
Neathery, Mrs. Will C.(Essie), Farmersville, Chairman Badge Committee.
Gives address of badge maker. Mention to Mrs. Pennybacker that "a hundred years from now the women of Texas will call you blessed."
Norman, Louis E. Van, Springfield, Ohio, Editor Home and Flowers.
Request for photograph of Pennybacker for article on American League for Civic Improvement officers.
O'Hair, Mrs. Mary McClellan, Coleman, Treasurer Texas Women's Press Association.
Letter regarding conflicting dates for TWPA and TFWC meetings, 1901.
Orand, Mrs. J. W., Morgan, Reciprocity Committee.
Discuss work of reciprocity committee.
Orgain, Mrs. Kate Alma, Temple, Executive Board of Texas Women's Press Association.
Requests picture of Pennybacker for American Home Journal of Dallas woman's page.
Osborn, Mrs. J. D. (Julia P.), Cleburne, TFWC Second Vice President, President Second District, President Woman's Club of Cleburne.
[3 folders: 1901, 1902, 1903] Letters concern the filling of delegate positions, among other topics pertaining to club business.
Ousley, Clarence, Houston, Managing Editor Houston Daily Post.
Letters requesting Pennybacker's appearance at laying of cornerstone of Girls Industrial College (TWU), 1902, 1903.
Pace, Louise, Corsicana, Delegate to GFWC convention.
Letter concerning delegationship.
Parker, Miss Lila, Calvert, Household Economics Committee.
Letter accepting appointment.
Perkins, Annisquam, Massachusetts,
Letter inviting Mrs. Pennybacker to lunch.
Ponder, Mrs. William, (Cora Lee), Denton, President Woman's Shakespeare Club.
Accepts appointment to Rules and Regulations Committee for Beaumont convention, 1902, and letter praising Pennybacker’s decision to come to Denton [1903?].
Porter, Florence Collins, Los Angeles, Editor Los Angeles Herald Sunday Magazine.
Letter requests photographs and information concerning the Los Angeles meeting.
Potter, Elizabeth Herndon, Tyler. President The University of Texas.
Letter urging Mrs. Pennybacker to reconsider accepting membership on the Executive Committee of the Texas State Library Association.
Prather, William, Austin,
Letters regarding Tyler library and schools.
Price, Mrs. D. J. (Mary), Palestine, Chairman Transportation Committee.
Letters concerning rail fares for women travelling to convention, and routes necessary for travel to Beaumont.
Pritchett, H. C., Huntsville, Principal Sam Houston Normal Institute.
Letters regarding possible speakers, 1901. Includes "Prospectus of the Village Improvement Committee."
3.3Randolph, Mrs. B. A. (Jennie S.), Houston, Town Improvement Committee.
[2 folders: 1901, 1902] Letters concern the actions being undertaken as "village improvements."
Reynolds, Mrs. Jennie, Mason, Printing Committee.
Acceptance letter.
Ring, Mrs. Henry (Elizabeth L.), Houston, Library Committee.
Letter discusses the travelling U.S. library, efforts to develop collections on limited budgets and other library matters.
Roberts, Mrs. J.C., Dallas,
Letter agreeing to lead a discussion at Beaumont.
Routzahn, R. G., Dayton, Ohio, American League for Civic Improvement.
Letters concern speaking tour and League convention in St. Paul.
Rotan, Mrs. Edward (Kate), Waco, Honorary Member, Past TFWC President, Committee on University Hall (Galveston).
Letter accepting invitation to accompany Mrs. Pennybacker to California.
Sadler, Mrs. W. C., Granbury, Badge Committee.
Letter accepts position on badge committee.
Samuell, Gert. V., Greenville.
Letter criticizing Mrs. Pennybacker's rudeness, 1903.
Saunders, Mrs. Bacon (Ida), Fort Worth, Program Committee, 1902-03.
Letter concern arrangements for the Ft. Worth convention: sleeping and carriage accommodations, building rental for meetings, etc.
Sayers, Joseph D., Austin, Governor of Texas, 1902.
Thanks TFWC for complimentary resolution and plans to continue watching progress of Girls' Industrial School (TWU) after leaving office.
Shelley, Lydia D.,
Letter asking for yearbooks and pamphlets.
Shindler, Mrs. R. C. (Emma B.), Nacogdoches, Art Committee.
Letter accepting position on art committee.
Scott, Mrs. G. R. (Ella D.), Corpus Christi, President Woman's Monday Club.
Letters report the Federation work that the Woman's Monday Club has undertaken.
Sims, Mrs. Milton W. (Pattie Wilson), Bryan, TFWC Sixth Vice President, president Fourth District, Reciprocity Committee, Town Improvement Committee, 1903.
[3 folders: 1901, 1902, 1903] Letters of various subject including: redistricting, proper apparel for Federation meetings, reports to be given in Ft. Worth, poll tax amendment.
Smith, Annie.
Letter asking for admission to the university to study Librarianship. 1901.
Smith, Mrs. C. H., Decatur, Household Economics Committee.
Letter accepting placement on committee.
Smith, Mrs. Cecil (Mary Wade), Sherman, Appointed Member Executive Board.
[ 3 folders: 1901, 1902, 903] Letters concern standard business issues and address matter of Mrs. Pennybacker not seeking re-election.
Smith, Chas F.
Letter addresses education week activities. 1902.
Smith, Lucy D.,
Letter regarding the traveling art exhibits. 1902.
Smith, Mrs. Sydney (Belle Gay), Dallas, Transportation Committee.
[2 folders: 1901, 1902] Letters concern rates for travel and appointments to commitees. Also names additions to the public art gallery and the first anniversary of the Dallas Public Library.
Smoot, Martha B., Colorado, President Colorado Women's Club.
Letter Discusses representative to Beaumont meeting, and issues to be addressed such as poll tax and child labor.
Steyton, Mrs. J.W., Chiro,
Letter declining invitation to Beaumont meeting.
Stinger, Mrs., Dallas,
Letter of praise for Mrs. Pennybacker.
Stone, Mrs. C. L., Pilot Point, Music Committee.
Letter accepting committee position.
Stone, Mrs. Cornelia Branch, Galveston, TFWC First Vice President.
[3 folders: 1901, 1902, 1903]. Also member of Texas Women's Press Association Executive Board. Letters include a list of "women of influence who might control legislation."
Swearingen, Mrs. P. H. (Winifred M.), San Antonio, Appointed Member of Board, 1901-02.
[2 folders: 1901, 1902] Letters address scholarship and university work as well as Mrs. Pennybackers trip to visit the local club.
Terrell, Mrs. J. C. (Mary Peters Young), Fort Worth, Chairman Library Committee.
[3 folders: 1901, 1902, 1903]. Extensive correspondence regarding libraries.
3.4Thompson, Mrs. J.A., Taylor.
Letter reports unavailability for the Beaumont meeting.
Tillar, Mrs. Ben J. (Genevine E.), Cuthbert, Music Committee.
Letters regarding committee report.
Tracy, Mrs. Elizabeth Strong, Houston, Corresponding Secretary Texas Women's Press Association.
Letter regarding TWPA meeting in Waco and excursion to Stamford, 1902.
Turner, Mrs. E. P. (Adella Kelsey), Dallas, President Standard Club, President City Federation.
Thanking Mrs. Pennybacker for recognizing her work in Dallas and Oak Cliff. Preparation for Beaumont and Dallas meetings.
Tyler, Mrs. Louis (Lela), Dallas, Chairman Program Committee.
[2 folders: 1901, 1902] Letters accepting chairmanship and discussing various business of the program committee.
Vaughn, Mrs. B. H., Hillsboro, Literature and Lecture Committee.
Letter accepting position on committee.
Voiers, Mrs. G. W., Forney, Chairman History Committee.
Letter accepting position on committee.
Watson, Mrs. S. H., Waxahachie, History Committee.
Letter accepting position on committee.
West, Decca Lamar, Waco, Editor United Daughters of the Confederacy Dept. of the Waco Times-Herald.
Letter inquiring about starting a scholarship fund and paying delegates expenses to convention.
Wickes, Mary B.,
Letter addresses accommodations for the Library meeting in Austin. 1902.
Wilkins, Mrs. A. H. (Ella), Dallas, Chairman Education Committee. [3 folders: 1901, 1902, 1903]
Letters discuss a compulsory education requirement of clubs in the state federation and a state compulsory school law due to the "alarming number of native born illiterates." Also discusses University Fund, scholarship committee and work undertaken by the education committee.
Wilson, Oswald, Houston, Secretary-Treasurer Texas State Farmers' Institutes.
Letters regarding Mrs. Pennybacker speaking before agricultural organizations meeting on "Rural Schools," 1903.
Winn, Jane F., St. Louis, Missouri, Staff St. Louis Globe-Democrat.
Requests photograph for publicity regarding Louisiana Purchase Club Women, 1902.
Woodward, C. H., Dallas, Editor McMath Lithograph and Printing.
Informs Pennybacker of new magazine to be published, The New South, and asks her to furnish a series of articles, 1901.
Wright, Bessie, Twentieth Century Club.
Letter is incomplete.
Wright, Mrs. Samuel J. (Ione), Paris, Art Committee.
Letters concern the work of the art committee.
Wyche, Benjamin, Austin, Secretary Texas State Library Association.
Letter urges TFWC to work for Library Commission, 1903.
Young, Bessie L., Tyler,
Letter praising Mrs. Pennybacker's work. 1903
Young, Miss Berenice Fearn, Waco,
Name card on which a Waco address and a Massachusetts address is given.
Young, Bessie L., Tyler,
Letter praising Mrs. Pennybacker's work. 1903
Young, Miss Berenice Fearn, Waco,
Name card on which a Waco address and a Massachusetts address is given.
General Correspondence - TFWC
Letters of recommendation. [1 folder]
Letters of introduction. [1 folder]
Letters declining positions offered. [1 folder]
TFWC Convention: Beaumont, 1902
TFWC Convention: Fort Worth, 1903
Yearbook printing.
General Correspondence - Outside Texas
Letters from other states. [3 folders: 1901, 1902, 1903]
Letters from GFWC. [3 folders: 1901, 1902, 1903]
Requests for publicity material GFWC Biennial, Los Angeles, 1902
Transportation to GFWC Biennial, Los Angeles, 1902. [3 folders]
3.5General Subjects
Art Exhibit
Child Labor -
Letters discusses children employed in Dallas mills, and the condition of the work environment. Includes copy of the child labor bill written by Dallas Federation of Women's Clubs.
College of Industrial Arts (TWU)
Industrial Education
Kindergartens -
Letters discuss a lecture to be given by Prof. Claxton on the subject of education.
Labor Unions -
A letter of thanks to Mrs. Pennybacker for "upholding the methods of labor unions" during a meeting of the NFWC.
Libraries -
Letters concern librarian education, library politics, the ALA and library building in Tyler and Bryan.
Poll Tax -
Letters of various authorship, both in favor and against the poll tax amendment. Authors of note includes Arthur Lefevre, State Superintendent, who writes that the poll tax should be passed in order to keep the ignorant from selling their votes and ex-confederate soldier J.S. Waldox who writes against the poll tax saying "a mans vote is the next thing to his god."
[2 folders: 1902, 1903] Personal letter letters requesting scholarships from the Federation as well as letters to colleges asking for girls to be let in on scholarships.
Texas Loan Fund
Texas Voting List
University Hall, Galveston
University of Texas Woman's Building
3.6Turner Administration
Turner, Adelle (Mrs. E.P.), Dallas, President TFWC.
Letters to Pennybacker re various TFWC matters.
Allen, Mrs. M .E., Victoria, Library Committee.
To Pennybacker asking her to speak at close of meeting in Cuero.
Anderson, W. H., Elkhart, Indiana, Art Club.
To Pennybacker re Art Club address.
Bixler, Minnie, Beaumont, Chairman Reciprocity Committee.
Letter re reference sources.
Brackenridge, Eleanor, San Antonio, President Woman's Club of San Antonio, Board of Regents Girls Industrial College (TWU).
Letter to Pennybacker reporting she has paid her pro rata part, congratulates Pennybacker on her “honors,” but she does “not envy any of the officers their work.”
Bramlette, Mrs. E. E., Stephenville, 1st District President.
Letter announces First District of Federated Clubs annual meeting. Includes specific "lines of effort" to be discussed.
Brismade, Ella (Mrs. Hobart), St. Louis, Missouri. Treasurer General Federation of Women's Clubs Local Biennial Board.
Letter to Pennybacker enclosing reimbursement check to GFWC.
Buchanan, Mrs. A. C., Temple, Texas Woman's Press Association Corresponding Secretary.
Letter to Pennybacker concerns a misunderstanding of a particular bylaw, with reference to Section 1 Article 5.
Buckwalter, C. B., Springfield, Ohio.
Letter to Pennybacker discusses Ohio State Federation candidate choice for GFWC President (Mrs. Decker), asks for Texas' support of candidate.
Carter, Ella Goodwyn (Mrs. H. L.), San Antonio. Program Committee Chairman.
Letters to Mrs. Pennybacker regarding travel arrangements to St. Louis.
Cartwright, Mary (Mrs. Matthew), Terrell. Chairman Lecture Committee.
Letter requests Mrs. Pennybacker to speak in St. Louis at the World's Fair on the topic of Texas history.
Christian, M. E. (Mrs. William), Houston, Recording Secretary. Chairman Biennial Transportation Committee.
Letters re travel to St. Louis and reports needed from the Pennybacker administration.
Churchill, Isabelle (Mrs. Harry E.), Greeley, Colorado. 1st Vice President Colorado Federation of Women's Clubs.
Letter to Pennybacker re speech she will make in Washington on suffrage in Colorado and wish that “we can count on Texas for Mrs. Decker.”
Danielle, Maria,Temple.
To Pennybacker explaining why she has to decline invitation for Sunday.
Denison, Dimies T. S., President General Federation of Women's Clubs.
Letter informing Mrs. Pennybacker of her appointment to GFWC Executive Committee. Also includes GFWC "Open Letter from the Executive Committee."
Dibrell, Ella Dancy (Mrs. J. B.),Seguin, Third Vice-President, Fifth District President.
Extensive correspondence to Pennybacker regarding Fifth District business, remarks on Mrs. Turner’s enjoyment at Chatauqu, and Miss Clara Driscoll’s plans at the St. Louis meeting. List of donors to "Pennybacker Loving Cup."
Dodd, Mrs. E.C., Laredo, Library Committee.
Letter inviting Mrs. Pennybacker to visit the Laredo club.
Fleming, Dora (Mrs. Fred), Corsicana, President Third District, Fourth
Vice President. Multiple letters to Pennybacker re district.
Fox, Emma. Detroit, Michigan. GFWC Second Vice-President.
Letter to Pennybacker re GFWC business.
Friend, Kate. Waco. Waco Times Herald.
Letters to Pennybacker re St. Louis meeting and summer plans.
Hamlin, Lenora, New York City.
Letters to Pennybacker concerning amendments to GFWC regulations.
Hassel, Roxie. Paris. Traveling art exhibit conductor.
Letters to Pennybacker re exhibit and her position.
Hawley, Anntoinette, Denver, Colorado. President Women's Christian Temperance Union.
A letter to Mrs. Pennybacker volunteering to speak on the "national results of the WCTU" at the upcoming "Woman's Forum."
Hertzberg, Mrs. Eli., San Antonio. Treasurer TFWC.
Letter to Pennybacker address budgetary matters, including the expenses acquired for the St. Louis exhibit. Also telegram to Mrs. Turner reporting $520.00 in treasury.
Hinton, Antoinette (Mrs. Henry), Correspondence Secretary TFWC.
Letters to Pennybacker regarding organizational matters.
Hyer, Robert Stewart., Georgetown. Southwestern University Regent.
Letter to Pennybacker concerns a scholarship award.
Johnson, Laura.
Letter to Pennybacker addresses neglect of duties due to serious illness and death of a friend.
Key, Connie (Mrs. Edmund)., Marshall. Third District President.
Letters to Pennybacker re district concerns and personal plans.
Kohlberg, Olga., El Paso.
Letter to Pennybacker declines the offer for the federation to meet in El Paso, as the El Paso club "is not in a position to entertain," congratulates Mrs. Pennybacker on election to the National Federation, and discusses work in the El Paso library.
Lane, A.V., National Exchange Board.
Letter to Pennybacker concerns a list of subscribers to the University of Texas Loan Fund.
Lewis, Mrs. James M. (Cora), Kinsley, Kansas. President Kansas Social Science Federation.
Letter invites Mrs. Pennybacker to speak at a program, the Decker candidacy, and St. Louis Exposition.
Lewis, Margaret. San Antonio.
Letter to Pennybacker re San Antonio Federation and Miss Brackenridge.
Looscan, Adele B, Houston. History Committee Chairman.
Letter to Pennybacker inquires about photos from the Battle of San Jancinto and the surrender of Santa Anna for exhibit in St. Louis.
McMurray, DeWitt, Dallas Morning News.
Letter to Pennybacker regarding attempts to meet with her in Denver and suggests she contact him the next time she is in Dallas re “the matter you had in mind.”
Moore, Annie McLean, Nashville, Tennessee. Louisiana Purchase Exposition.
Letter invites Mrs. Pennybacker to stay with her in a rented flat during the St. Louis exposition.
Moore, Eva P. (Mrs. Phillip), St. Louis, Missouri, President Local Biennial Board.
Letter to Pennybacker concerns quality, safety and price of reserved hotel accommodations for the World's Fair and Exposition. Letter to Presidents of the State Federations.
Neal, Margaret, Helena, Arkansas.
Letter asks for Mrs. Pennybacker to name the topic which she has chosen to speak on at the annual meeting.
Page, Mrs. Heber. Printing Committee.
Letter concerning Mrs. Pennybacker's book on Texas history.
Prather, William L. University of Texas President.
Letters to Pennybacker concerning the scholarship and endowment funds.
Ring, Mrs. H. F., Houston. Houston Lyceum and Carnegie Library Association.
Letters to Pennybacker re plans for Mrs. Decker’s visit.
Rotan, Kate (Mrs. Edward), Waco, State Secretary to GFWC.
Letter to Pennybacker in regard to support of Mrs. Prather and need to strengthen organization or loose support of older clubs, need to “stamp out the political manipulation.”
Runkle, Lizzie. Caldewell.
Letter to Pennybacker inquiring about scholarship.
Saunders, Ida (Mrs. Bacon), Ft. Worth, Program Committee Chairman.
Letter to Pennybacker concerns time slots for Dr. Sullivan and Cree T. Work, President of the Girls Industrial School (TWU) in Denton on program.
Shelton, Anna, Ft. Worth. Chairman Voting Committee.
Letter to Pennybacker address concerns of "irregularities in the conduction of our election," and the "unwillingness of the masculine mind to admit the efficiency of women in matters of business."
Smith, Mary Wade.,
Letter to Pennybacker addresses accommodations in St. Louis.
Stierwood, Jean (Mrs. John B.), Chicago, Illinois,
Letter to Pennybacker suggests a study of Modern Art as represented in St. Louis.
Stone, Cornelia Branch., Galveston, Chairman Education Committee.
Letters to Pennybacker concern introducing Kindergarten into public schools, curriculum, scholarships for girls deserving of higher education, and "lawless" youth.
Terrell, Mary Y. (Mrs. J. C.), Ft. Worth, First Vice President Texas State Library Association.
Letters to Pennybacker on numerous topics.
Torbert, Maria K. Dallas, St. Mary's College.
Letter to Pennybacker re concerning scholarships at St. Mary’s.
Whitmore, Annie G. Denver, Colorado, The Woman's Club of Denver.
Wilkins, A.H., Dallas, American Book Company.
Wilson, Allie (Mrs. Reese). Lockhart, First Vice President TFWC.
Wright, Ione (Mrs. S.J.), Paris, Chairman Art Committee.
E.G.C., San Antonio.
Misc: no name/no date
3.7Johnson Administration 1905-1907
Johnson, Mrs. Cone, Tyler,
President; Board of Regents, College of Industrial Arts (TWU) Letters include invitation to TFWC meeting in Washington notification of the formation of the Press Committee, and a letter urging Mrs. Wright not to resign from the district presidency. Also includes a letter outlining proposed changes to the TFWC constitution and another announcing the formation of the Outlook Committee. She also discusses the pure food bill and the creation of a dairy and food commission overseen by the College of Industrial Arts.
Aplington, Kate A., Council Grove, Kansas.
Letter nominating Mrs. Lucy B. Johnson to the Executive Board of the General Federation.
Bonner, Mary, Tyler, Chairman Printing Committee.
Letter recommending Palestine as the site for the next district meeting.
Christian, Mrs. William, Houston, Chairman Libraries Committee.
Letter suggests the formation of a state wide traveling library to be overseen by the TFWC. Includes "Suggested topics for travelling libraries owned by the Federation."
Connery, Louise Taylor (Mrs. C.W.), Fort Worth, Chairman Music Committee.
Letter accepting invitation to district meeting.
Cook, Bertie, Polytechnic.
Letter request information on women's suffrage.
Edwards, Ione N., Terrell, 3rd District Chairman Pro Tem.
Letters concern the nomination of delegates, library work, and preparation for district meeting.
Evans, Sarah A., Portland, Oregon, 1st VP Oregon State Federation.
Letter requesting a photo of Mrs. Pennybacker for inclusion in newspaper.
Fisk, Robert, Gettysburg, South Dakota.
Letter remitting dues from SDFWC to GFWC.
Flagg, Katherine E., Brockton, Mass.,
Personal letter to Mrs. Pennybacker.
Flemming, Dora (Mrs. Fred), Dallas.
Letters concerning district meeting and library commission.
Forter, Mrs. Samuel, Chairman Legislative Committee.
Letter urging Mrs. Pennybacker to write her congressman concerning the need for public parks and playgrounds. Also includes clipping from Washington Times (March 7, 1906) "Playground idea is now of voting age."
Foster, Elizabeth, Boston, Mass, GFWC Pure Food Committee.
Letter asking Mrs. Pennybacker to interest other club women on the subject of pure food.
Friend, Kate, Waco, Delegate at Large.
Printed circular concerning the 10th annual TFWC convention in Waco. Also includes a letter addressing the need to support the Times Herald.
Garvin, Mary Knox, Philadelphia, Secretary State Federation of Pennsylvania Women.
Letter requesting a bill for dues owed to GFWC.
Grubbs, V.W., Greenville, State Board of Industrial Education.
Letters discuss educational reform and the industrial education movement. Includes printed circular "Outline of work of State Board of Education of the Farmers Educational and Cooperative Union."
Hertzburg, Anna, San Antonio, Chairman Art Committee.
Letters urging Mrs. Wright to run for president and another discussing the need for "juvenile delinquent" laws. Also includes many letters concerning the art committee and traveling art gallery.
Houston, David F., Austin, President University of Texas.
Letter in regard to a scholarship recommendation.
Howard, Mrs. W.S., Palestine, Biennial Delegate at Large.
Letter declining invitation to speak at meeting.
Honeycutt, Margaret E. (Mrs. A.B.), Cleburne.
Letter suggesting that Mrs. Wright would garner much support if running for president.
Key, Connie (Mrs. E.H.), Marshall, Chairman Club Extension Committee.
Letters concern appointments to positions and new clubs.
Kohlburg, Olga, El Paso, 1st Vice-President Executive Committee.
Letter concerning rule changes and travel arrangements.
Martin, E.A., El Paso, City Editor El Paso Herald.
Letter requesting photo of Mrs. Wright for newspaper.
McKay, F.B.,Midland, Railroad Agent.
Letters concerning travel arrangements and an exhibition baseball game to be played in Paris.
McKinney, Mrs. J.C.,Honey Grove, Educational Aid Fund Committee.
letters concern fundraising efforts for the educational fund and included a list of all club donations.
Mitchell, Martha E.,
Letter concerns the art exhibit in Paris.
Morris, B.Y., Tyler, Letter concerns the collection of money from "delinquent clubs."
Murphy, Claudia Quigley,Grand Rapids, Michigan.
Includes printed literature on "wall sanitation" and a letter reporting the growing trends in wall sanitation.
Murry, Dewitt,Dallas Morning News.
Letters discuss publication of club news.
Ousley, Clarence,Fort Worth, President Fort Worth Record.
Letter requesting a photo of Mrs. Wright.
Pennybacker, Mrs. Percy V., Austin, Program Committee.
Letter declining invitation to attend district meetings and requesting clarification about a club admission.
Peterson, Mrs. P.S., Chicago, Ill., GFWC Chairman Forestry Committee.
Printed circular addressed to all club women informing them on issues of maintaining forests within the states, and the work of women's clubs towards that goal.
Preston, Cinnie, Jefferson, Jefferson City Public Schools.
Letter requesting more time to give her presentation at the convention.
Price, Mrs. D.J., Chairman Transportation Committee.
Letter concerning train fares for the Honey Grave district meeting.
Rotan, Mrs. Edward, Waco, Honorary Member.
Invitation to lunch.
Smoots, Mary Winn, Sherman, Editor Texas Woman.
Letter agreeing to publish Mrs. Wright's speech and asking for the endorsement of the Paris clubs towards making Texas Woman the official organ.
Thomas, Naomi (Mrs. R.T.), Honey Grove, Transportation Committee.
Threadgill, Mrs. John, Oklahoma City, President Oklahoma and Indian Territories Federation of Women's Clubs.
Letter asking if the Texas federation who be interested in meeting with Emma A. Fox, author of parliamentary rules.
Townsend, Mrs. J.E., El Paso, Chairman Civics Committee.
Letter asking that the "forestry bill now pending in our legislature" be discussed at the district meeting.
Turner, E.A., Waxahachie, President Trinity University.
Letter thanking Mrs. Wright for sending students to the university.
Turner, Adele (Mrs. E.P.), Dallas, Appointed Member Executive Board.
Letters speak of general federation business. Also includes a message from the "Dallas Woman's Forum" asking for a juvenile court system to be established.
Whitman, Walter B., Dallas, Editor Holland's Magazine.
Letter asking for endorsement of the Women's Club on the topic of pure food legislation.
Wiley, Mrs. T.W., McKinney, 5th Vice-President.
Letters concern arrangements for district meetings.
Work, Mary B. (Mrs. Cree T), Denton, Home Economics Committee Chairman, wife of the President College of Industrial Arts (TWU).
Letter volunteering demonstrations and speeches, on behalf of the university, to be presented to the district meeting.
Wright, Mrs. John W., Tyler, Corresponding Secretary.
Invitation to Executive Board meeting and various letters discussing district meetings.
Wright, Mrs. S.J., Paris, 3rd district President.
Letter asking Mrs. Ekiner to become chairman of Household Economics.
Miscellaneous Letters -
Letters concern the travelling art gallery being called off, buying a gift for Mrs. Rotan, and musical entertainment for a convention.
Other Clubs / Out of State - Woman's Literary Club, Mena, Arkansas; LFWC; Editors and Journalists League, Fort Collins, Colorado; The North End Club, Chicago, Illinois; Woman's Club of Seward, Nebraska; Society of American Women in London; Forum Club, San Francisco, California.
Scholarship Recommendations -
Three letters concerning Mrs. Isla Marlar.
3.7Dibrell Administration, 1907 - 1909
Dibrell, Mrs. Joseph S., San Antonio, President TFWC.
Letter wishing a happy new year.
Bidwell, Eleanor (Mrs. B. G.), Weatherford, President First District.
Letters concern arrangements for a board meeting to be held in Colorado and additions to the "Rules for District President."
Carlisle, Mary, Fort Worth, United Daughters of the Confederacy.
Letter enclosing a list of "The Greatest and Most Readable Books of Southern Writers" compiled by Dr. Killis Campbell of the University of Texas.
Saunders, Ida (Mrs. Bacon), Fort Worth, Program Committee.
Letter concerning the need for more clubs to take advantage of the travelling art gallery.
Wright, Mrs. S. J., Paris, 1st Vice-President. Printed circular announcing Mrs. Wright's intention of running for President.
Letter also outlines the work that has been completed by the club and her plans for the future.
3.7Wright Administration, 1909 - 1911
Allen, Mary Sherman, Dallas, American National Red Cross.
Letter informing Mrs. Wright that she was elected an honorary member of the Red Cross Dallas Chapter and explaines the work of the Red Cross in Texas. Includes receipt for sale of stamps from Red Cross and two Red Cross Christmas cards.
Auber, Dora Fowler, Austin.
Letter declining invitation to attend state meeting at Denison.
Aubrey, Llewellyn, Waco, Attorney.
Letter declining position.
Baker, Elizabeth H, Fort Worth.
Letter congratulating Mrs. Wright and discussing personal issues.
Barry, Kitty, Austin.
Letter requesting that Mrs. Wright submit some personal information for a newspaper article.
Barry, Maggie, Sherman, Chairman Education Committee.
Letters concern the need for the "Mother's Clubs" to change their name to more adequately represent their purpose - that of being a connection between home and school and discusses the new "educational movement.'
Barthold, Mrs. Oscar, Weatherford.
Letter declining appointment to Press Representative for the First District.
Beale, Myrtle, Houston.
Letter asking for information concerning Angelos University.
Bierly, H. E., Chattanooga, TN, Secretary, Southern Educational Association.
Letter asking for Mrs. Wright's opinion on the "most desirable lines of work and subjects and methods for systematic study."
Bradford, Anne (Mrs. C. L.), Bonham, Chairman Printing Committee.
Letters concern printing.
Bramlette, Mrs. E. E., Huntsville, Appt. Member Executive Committee.
Letters discuss the new "official organ," scholarship appointments, and appointments to committee.
Brackenridge, Eleanor, San Antonio, Standing Committee.
Letter volunteering to help the Federation in any capacity, and stating the need to "reach out morally" to the coming generations.
Buchanan, Mrs. R. E., Fort Worth, Literature Committee.
Letter accepting position on committee.
Callaway, Isadora (Pauline Periwinkle), Dallas.
Letter urging Mrs. Wright to recognize the efforts of Miss. Brackenridge, as she is upset over losing the presidency and poses a threat to the Federation in her backing the "Mother's Club" movement.
Carpenter, Ann Hughes, Brownwood, Chairman Music Committee.
Letters concerning musicians for the First District meeting and the disbursement of scholarships.
Carson, H. C., New York, New York Central Lines.
Letter advertising train fares for the GFWC convention in Cincinnati.
Clark, Mrs. O. L., Galveston Civil Service Reform Committee.
Letter accepting committee appointment.
Cody, Mrs. C. C., Georgetown.
Letter stating that she was unsuccessful in finding someone to take the chairmanship of the Art Committee in Georgetown and suggests asking a woman from Dallas.
Cofer, Connie A. (Mrs. R. E.), Gainesville, Outlook Committee.
Letter accepting position.
Collins, Mrs. George, Greenville,Third District President.
Letters concern the Parents and Teachers Clubs and various committee appointments.
Coker, Mrs. George W., Mt. Pleasant.
Letter declining appointment to Civics Committee.
Crane, Mrs. R. C., Angleton. Special Committee on Laws Affecting Women and Children.
Dancy, Mrs. R. R., Houston- Educational Extension Committee.
Daniel, Mary T. Nance (Mrs. W. L), State Rural School Improvement Association.
Letter requesting materials relating to School Improvement Leagues and rural education.
deBreton, Marie, Port Author, Waterways and Forest Committee.
Letter accepting position.
DeWitt, Alice M., Paris.
Letter thanking Mrs. Wright for loaning her the book "The Unhabitual Way." Also discusses the book.
Decker, Sarah S. Platt, Denver, Colorado,GFWC Civil Service Reform Committee.
Letter encouraging Mrs. Wright to devote meeting time to "civil service reform."
Dibrell, Mrs. Joseph B., Seguin,TFWC Secretary to GFWC.
Letter urges Mrs. Wright to avoid organizing work with other organizations and to hold the Federation "separate and apart from all other bodies" with specific reference to the "Congress of Mothers."
Dilgarde, Mrs. Belle,San Antonio,President Playground Association of San Antonio.
Letter asking the federation to help in establishing playgrounds.
Dupree, Mrs. J. L. Victoria, Chairman Civics Committee.
Letters concern the observance of Arbor Day, the work of civic clubs and the various activities of other clubs.
Edwards, Ione N.
Letter asking for information on "Practical Education for Girls."
Ellis, Dr. A. Caswell, Austin, Univ. of Texas Department of Education.
Letter discusses why "Mother's Clubs," and "School Home Clubs" do not join the Federation. Reasons cited include the cost of membership dues and lack of interest in delegationships.
Ellis, Mrs. Hudson Pomeroy.
Calling card, "congratulations" written on back.
Emmert, Alice, Jefferson, Education Extension Committee.
Letter discusses a vote in the education committee, and the committee meeting.
Evans, Mrs. Robert, Pilot Point.
Telegraph accepting appointment.
Evans, C. E., Austin, Conference for Education in Texas.
Invitation to attend the Conference for Education in Texas to discuss "Cooperation in the Campaign for an Efficient System of Public Schools."
Ewell, Mrs. J. H., Goliad, Chairman History Committee.
Letters concern history programs for club study.
3.8Faires, Edna Foster (Mrs. W. S), Denison, Kindergarten Committee.
Letter concerns writing a column for the Argosy.
Fall, Florence (Mrs. Henry),Houston, Chairman Waterways and Forest Conservation.
Letter discusses the lack of direction of the committee.
Fenwick, Marin., San Antonio, Program Committee.
Telegram: "Miss Brackenridge has written to you."
Finty, Tom, Dallas, Dallas Morning News.
Letter concerns TFWC involvement in prison reform.
Fleming, Dora (Mrs. Fred), Dallas, Chairman Program Committee.
Discusses plans for the next meeting and includes a printed advertisement from "A Tale of Two Cites - Two Special Lectures With Stereopticon."
Fogler, Miss Alice Adele, Cincinnati, Ohio, Local Biennial Board.
Letter requests information concerning the upcoming Biennial meeting.
Ford, Mrs. N. B., Dallas, Editor The South Publishing Company.
Letter offering to print notices regarding club work in publications.
Friend, Kate, Waco.
Letter explaining the extensive work of the Waco women. Also discuses appointments to committees and publishing club news through an "official organ."
Furey, Mrs. W. N., Paris, Correspondence Secretary.
Letter requesting reimbursement for out of pocket expenses.
Garnet, Maggie B., McKinney.
Letter declining chairmanship of Literature Committee.
Garrison, Mrs. R. H., Denton. Chairman Home Economics Committee.
Letter encloses a statement on the children of Texas.
Gilmore, C. F., Willis Point Will Point Chronicle.
Letters concerning the prison reform movement, and offers to start circulating petitions through the clubs supporting prison reform.
Griffen, Mrs. John R., Itasca. Program Committee.
Letter discusses proposed topics for discussion at the next meeting, including "What is Child Study," and "The Value of Parents and teachers Clubs."
Grubbs, V. W., Campbell. President, Grubbs Self-Help and Industrial College.
Letter expressing frustration over lack of action taken towards establishing industrial schools in Texas. Cites unnecessary building appropriations at CIA and a "policy of exclusion" on the part of the board of regents as sources of frustration.
Hale, Naomie M., Fort Worth.
Letter discusses a sermon against the teachings of "Mrs. Eddy."
Hall, Mrs. A. P., Galveston, Chairman Art Committee.
Letter discusses the children of Texas as assets to the state and requests materials relating to the art committee.
Haltert, Annie R., New York City.
Letter declining position.
Henderson, Cordelia (Mrs. R. H.), San Angelo, Chairman Committee on Revised Constitution.
Letter accepting position.
Hertzburg, Anna (Mrs. Eli), San Antonio, Chairman Educational Extension Home and School Clubs.
Letter includes statement on the special extension committee for educational organizations.
Hinton, Antoinette, Shreveport, LA.
Personal letters.
Holman, Charles M., Dallas, Associate Editor Farm and Ranch Journal.
Letter requesting the name of the person in charge of the travelling library.
Honeycutt, Mrs. A. B., Cleburne, Second District President.
Letter concerns district business and preparation for the board meeting in Hillsboro.
Hopkins, Nida H., Dallas, Landon National Conservatory.
Letter announces that a department called "The Art of Homemaking" will be established at the Conservatory.
Howard, Katie B. (Mrs. A. R.).
Letter accepting position on committee.
Hughes, Mrs. F. M., Wharton, Press Committee.
Letter requesting photographs and press releases.
Johnson, Mrs. Cone, Tyler, Appointed Board Member.
Letter declining appointment to committee due to health reasons.
Kersh, Mrs. M. C., Dallas, Chairman Press Committee.
Letters regarding the need for all clubs to subscribe to the Argosy.
Key, Constance, Marshall.
Letter concerns a report on the history of Denison.
Key, Mrs. Jno, Brenham, Club Extension Committee.
Letters concern new or unfederated clubs.
King, Mrs. Chas., Cleburne, Pure Food Committee.
Letter concerns the plans of the pure food committee.
Kohlburg, Olga, El Paso.
An answer to the question "What is the state’s best asset?" Letter nominating women for committees.
Langston, Carrie, Cisco.
Letters suggests possible committee placements.
Leeper, Lizzie May, Waxahachie, History Committee.
Letter accepting position.
Love, Mrs. W. D., Uvalde, Civics Committee and Health Department.
Letter accepting position to General Federation.
Maxwell, Mrs D. T., Cisco, Civics Parks/School Grounds Committee.
Letter accepting position on committee.
McClellan, Mrs. W. R., Stephenville, Library Committee.
Telegram accepting position on library committee.
McKnight, Mrs. O.L., Center, President Fourth District.
Letter concern arrangements for the state meeting.
Morris-White, Burk Y., Tyler
Letter concerning club study plans.
Morrow, J. B., Dallas, Railroad Agent.
Letter advertising rail service to the Cincinnatti Convention.
Mosely, Margaret, Weatherford, Art Committee.
Letter agreeing to work on art committe and asking for suggestions on art committee work.
Muse, Katie C., Dallas.
Letter declining position on the "Laws affecting Women and Children" committee.
Noble, Mrs. Hal, Fort Worth, Transportation Committee.
Telegraph accepting position on transportation committee.
Obenchain, Mrs. Harry, Dallas.
Partial letter discussing appointments.
Owens, Mrs. Jno. E.,
Letter discussing the auditing committee.
Pennybacker, Anna, Austin.
Letter congratulating Mrs. Wright on becoming President.
Porter, Ella C. (Mrs. J. N.), Dallas, Texas Organizer - National Congress of Mothers.
Letter discussing the relationship between the TFWC and the National Congress of Mothers. Addresses the need for harmony and cooperation between the two groups and differentiates their missions.
Poston, Mrs. J. B., Denison, Recording Secretary.
Letter addressing the need for a stronger relationship between parent and teacher and encouraging the new "Parent and Teacher Club."
Pridham, Mrs. F. R., Beeville.
Letter declining appointment.
Reade, Addie, Seguin.
Letter concerning club material that was shipped to the wrong address.
Reppert, Mrs. E. B., Dallas, Program Committee.
Letter discussing automobile races sponsored by the Dallas Women's Club to raise money for the new playground being built.
Rotan, Kate, Waco, Perpetual Ex-Official Member of Board.
Wedding announcement for Mrs. Rotan's Daughter and a letter declining invitation to Greenville.
Saunders, Mrs. Bacon, Henderson, First Vice President.
Letter discusses appointments to library and fine arts committees, as well as preparation for district meetings.
Scott, Mrs. G. R., Corpus Christi, President Fifth District.
Letter discussing appointments to committees and state chairmanships.
Sedberry, Mrs. W. J., Jefferson, Civics, Waterway and Forest Conservation Committees.
Letter accepting position and requesting information.
Shelton, Anna, Fort Worth.
Letter discusses delegates and minutes.
Shindler, Emma (Mrs. R. C.), Dalhart.
Letter discusses printing a history of the federation and the cost of printing annual yearbooks.
Shuttleworth, Frances, Shreveport, LA, LFWC Corresponding Secretary.
Letter asking questions about the structure of the TFWC.
Sims, Pattie Wilson (Mrs. M. W.), Bryan.
Letters are mostly personal.
Smith, Frances G. (Mrs. B. Holly), Baltimore, MD, Maryland Federation Corresponding Secretary.
Printed circular stating resolutions passed by the Maryland Federation concerning the need for club women of all states to endorse President Taft in his recommendation that special inspectors be hired to capture those involved in the white slave trade.
Speer, Florida, Fort Worth.
Letter asking for Mrs. Wright opinion of women's suffrage.
Spoonts, Mrs. Marshall, Fort Worth, President First District.
Letter discusses district meeting and committe work and mentions that fathers should be more interested in their children's schooling.
Stone, Cornelia Branch, Galveston, Appointed Member of Board.
Letter refers to the naming of the "Home School Club" and the question of "What is the states best asset?"
Stover, Bettie W. (Mrs. E . B.), Mexia, Chairman Literature Committee.
Letters concern developing a course of study for club work, the general quality of the yearbook and a contest intended to stimulate interest in literature.
Tabor, Mrs. I. C., Corpus Christi, Literature Committee.
Letter accepting position and reporting the state of the Corpus Christi clubs.
Thomas, Mrs. R. J. Honey Grove, Treasurer.
Letter concerns past due club dues, and other federation expenses.
Threadgill, Mrs. John, Oklahoma City, President Oklahoma Federation.
Letter concerns Mrs. Wright addressing the Oklahoma Women on the topic of "Texas Scholarship and Education Fund."
Tilson, Mrs. M. D., Texarkana, Education Committee.
Letter accepting position.
Wells, Pearl (Mrs. L. A.), Amarillo, Chairman Pure Food Committee.
Letter outlines plans of the Pure Food Committe, including sanitation, bakery and dairy inspections.
West, Mrs. J. A., West, Chairman Badge Committee.
Letter asking for instruction on what the badge committee does.
Wiley, Mrs. T. J., Tyler, Home Economics Committee.
Telegraph accepting appointment.
Winchell, B. L., St. Louis, Rail Road President.
Letter enclosing a railroad pass.
Willacy, John G., Corpus Christi.
Letter concerns state statutes.
Wilson, Kate, Dallas, Dallas Morning News Woman's Page Editor.
Letter concerns an error made in the paper, and information on what is going to be printed.
Work, Mary (Mrs. Cree T.), Denton.
Letter resigning from chair of home economics committee and suggesting people to take her place.
Young, Bamah (Mrs. Lee),
Letter declining position on the Library Committee.
Young, Mrs. T. P., Marshall.
Letter declining position on Pure Food Committee.
Zimmer, Mrs. Grace E., Auditor.
Answer to "What is a states best asset?"
Personal Letter to Mrs. Wright - Wedding invitations and personal letters.
Answers to "What are the State's Best Assets?"
Misc./Congratulations, Suggesting appointments, declining appointments.
3.9Hertzberg Administration, 1911 - 1913
There is no correspondence from the Hertzberg administration in the collection.
Fall Administration, 1913 - 1915
Fall, Florence, Houston, President TFWC.
Letters concern press releases and the papers that will carry the club news. Encourages press secretary to limit each district's news in order to include all clubs. Includes a listing of all delegates to the Chicago Biennial.
Andrews, Jessie, Austin.
Letter discusses a gavel and a poem to be read at the convention.
Battle, W. J., Austin, President University of Texas at Austin.
Letter thanking the Women's Press Association for the scholarship donation.
Brown, Florence A., San Antonio,President Fifth District.
Letter enclosing a copy of the program for the Fifth District meeting to be held in Lampass.
Carter, Bernice, College Station, Agent in charge of home demonstration work.
letter enclosing copies of a report that should have been given at district meeting.
Clark, Grace Julilan, Indianapolis, Press Committe Chairman GFWC.
Letter asking Mrs. West to join the GFWC Press Committee.
Gailbreath, Mrs. W. V., Fort Worth, Texas State Training School for Girls.
Letter acknowledging receipt of monies received from J.P. Taylor.
Hughes, Mrs. C. M., Wharton, Chairman Literature Committee.
Letter concerns the winners of the literary contest to be published and Mrs. Hughes induction into the National Geographic Society.
Hurd, Dena (Mrs. Burton), Collegeport, Chairman Education Committee.
Letter concerns publicizing club information.
Irby, Mrs. B, Beaumont, Fourth District Secretary and Treasurer.
Letter concerns Mrs. Hurds report and new resolutions.
Mansbendal, Peter, Austin, Interior Decoration.
Letter concerns a gavel ordered through Mr. Mansbendal to be given at the GFWC meeting. The gavel portrays four symbols of the Federation: Love, Liberty, Unity and Charity.
McDonald, Mrs. J. Alex, Laredo, Chairman Civics Fifth District.
Letter discusses Miss Van Buran's visit to the district and the "Mexican element" in Laredo.
Outsley, Clarence, College Station, Cooperative Extension Work in Agriculture and Home Economics.
Letter discusses confusion over the Smith-Lever Act, and expresses Mr. Ousley's opinion on extension work.
Perry, Halling Bryan, Bay City, National League for Women's Service.
Letter discussing the origin of the name of the city Bryan and the attribution of a famous speech.
Polley, J. B.. Floresville.
Letter inviting Miss West to the Reunion of Hood's Texas Brigade. 1915.
Shepard, Mrs. James W., Brownwood, State Chairman Fire Prevention Committee.
Letter submitting information for publication.
Waters, Harriet Bishop, New York, GFWC Magazine.
Letter enclosing pictures of the Federation Gavel and requesting that pictures of the new President and executive board be sent.
West. Decca Lamar, Waco, Chairman Press Department.
Letter concerns press releases to the GFWC Magazine and press releases within the state.
Wood, Mary I., New Hampshire, Manager Bureau of Information GFWC.
Letter advertising a competition between states for subscription to the GFWC Magazine.
3.9Fleming Administration, 1915 - 1917
Fleming, Mrs. Fred, Dallas, President TFWC.
Announcement of a board of directors meeting.
Evans, Mrs. E. V., Jewett, Chairman Home Economics Committee.
Letter asking to be replaced as a speaker at the district meeting.
Hollingsworth, Lena D., Sherman, State Endowment Fund Committee.
Letter concerns collecting unpaid pledges to the endowment fund.
Lovejoy, Mrs. J. L., McKinney, Second District Vice President.
Letter asking for assistance in district operations.
Montgomery, Julia, Houston, Manager The Tex-Y Quintet.
Letter requesting the Southwestern Press be paid money owed by the Federation.
Terrell, Mrs. J. C., Forth Worth, State Chairman Library Extension Committee.
Printed Circular asking all club women to help in establishing a free library in each county.
Wentland, Mrs. W. H., Manor.
Letter giving Mrs. Wentland's history of service for the Federation. Includes a photograph and a newspaper clipping.
3.9Connery Administration, 1917 - 1919
Ashbaugh, Mrs. Delphine Dodge, Chairman GFWC War Victory Commission.
Letter addressed to the State War Victory Commission Chairman asking the an effort be made to increase funding for the war effort and also requests that names be submitted of women willing to serve in furlough homes in France.
Floore, Florence, Cleburne, State Chairman Civics Committee.
Letter announcing a state competition for the "courthouse which is the most sanitary and has best kept grounds." Also includes a drawing of a house.
Hamil, Marguerite, Dallas, Food Conservation Committee.
Letter includes the program for "Conservation Week for World Relief."
Pace, Louise, Corsicana, Chairman Music Committee.
Letter accepting position.
Taylor, Clara Sears, Washington, Director Division on Women's War Work.
Letter requesting information on personnel of organizations within the TFWC who are active in war work. This information once assembled was said to be the "history of American women in war."
West, Decca Lamar, Waco, Chairman Press Committee.
Letters concern press work for the state and the federation magazine.
3.9Floore Administration 1919 - 1921
Floore, Florence, Cleburne, President TFWC.
Letters discuss the Child Survey of Texas, improving the state prison system, forming a commission to inspects women's prison farms and a resolution sent to Governor Hobby to this effect.
Beretta, Mrs. J. K., San Antonio, State Chairman H.C.L. (High Cost of Living) campaign.
Letter encouraging women to continue the downward trend in pricing by wearing "home-made or made-over gowns."
Blanton, Annie Webb, Austin, Superintendent State Board of Vocational Education.
Letter inviting Mrs. West to participate in a conference on vocational training for women.
Brown, Alecia,Dallas, Director of Public Welfare, City of Dallas.
Requests assistance and suggestions from club women on Mothers’ Pension Law revision.
Christian, Stella C.,
Letter discussing the compilation, printing, sales and distribution of the TFWC Club History book.
Cowles, Ione V. H., Los Angeles, CA, President GFWC.
Letter discusses the Publicity Fund.
Galvin, Carrie, Cleburne, Corresponding Secretary Executive Committee.
Letter concerns the writing of articles under the topic "two strong women of each southern state." Mrs. Galvin gives suggestions as to possible inclusion of women from the west.
Henderson, R. L., Austin, Texas House of Representatives.
Letter thanking Mrs. West for her letter concerning the Forestry Bill.
Johnson, Helen Louise, New York, Editor General Federal Magazine.
Letter discussing the need for more subscribers and ways to get people to subscribe.
Jones, W. Goodrich, Temple, President Texas Forestry Association.
Letter urging people to not allow the state forestry work to come under the control of the State Commissioner of Agriculture. Also mentions a lumber tax that if enacted would allow new trees to be planted where others were taken for lumber.
Lea, Linda, Washington, U.S. Department of Labor.
Letter concerns an exhibit to be loaned to the TFWC on the subject of Women's Labor.
McBurnett, Madeline, Dallas, Dallas Saturday Night.
Letters concern photos and articles to appear in the "official organ of the Texas Federation."
Parson, Ethel, Austin, Field Director Bureau of Child Hygiene.
Letter concerning a request for posters and literature on child hygiene.
Quicksall, J. L., Austin, Texas House of Representatives.
Letter agreeing to look into the issue of state forestry.
Sells, Dorothy M., Austin, State Board for Industrial Education.
Letter asking club women to support resolutions on industrial education for women and inviting then to attend a conference. Includes schedule for the State Conference on Industrial Education for Women - 1920.
Shaver, Lillie Terrell, San Marcos, President Fifth District.
Letter outlining a plan for the "Americanization" of citizens.
Sutherland, Frances E., Austin, Texas Industrial Welfare Commission.
Letter requesting Mrs. West to give testimony before a commission hearing on the establishment of a legal minimum wage for women and minors.
West, Decca Lamar, Waco, Vice-President at Large.
Letters include a copy of a letter written to Governor Neff asking that he pass three educational appropriation bills and the Greeting to The State Federation of Music Clubs urging the music clubs to stay in the Federation.
Williams, N. B., Austin, Texas House of Representatives.
Letter agreeing to consider the Forestry Bill.
Witt, Edgar E., Austin, Texas Senate.
Letter addresses the Forestry Bill.
3.9Joseph Administration, 1921 - 1923
Joseph, Lilly T., San Antonio, President TFWC.
Letters concerning the "Who's Who of the Womanhood of Texas," international relations, the importance of district meetings, the purchase of a GFWC HQ in Washington D.C., appointments and state committee work.
Arnold, Ida Evans (Mrs. W. L.), Chicago, Chairman GFWC Road - Lincoln Highway Committee.
Letter concerns Texas' plan for memorial tree planting and roadside tree planting.
Baldwin, A. C., Austin, State System Public Highways.
Letter thanking the TFWC for their support of the Road Amendment
Barry, Maggie, College Station, Perpetual Ex-Officio Member Executive Board.
Reorganization plan concerning committees and departments of the TFWC.
Blanton, Annie Webb, Austin, Elimination of Illiteracy State Chairman.
Includes an informational circular entitled "Our Public Schools - What Can Women of Texas Do in Our Present Crisis," written in question and answer format.
Boydston, Mrs. Ben F., Greenville, State Forestry Chairman.
Letter concerns the efforts of the Forestry Committee in highway and memorial tree planting.
Browning, Mrs. Robert, Terrell, Chairman Bureau of Information.
Letter addressing topics of concern for the Bureau of information including the formation of new committees and relationships with the federal government.
Criddle, Mrs. E. D., Denton, President Second District.
Letter concerning the Good Roads Committee.
Floore, Florence, Cleburne, GFWC Director.
Letter thanking Miss West for the gift of a bowl. Also discusses Mrs. Floore running for Treasurer of the GFWC.
Fox, Nelle, San Antonio, Executive Committee Corresponding Secretary.
Official notice of board of directors meeting. Subjects to be discussed include reorganization, Educational Week, Scholarships and Loans, campaign for Treasurer or GFWC, junior section and official organ.
Guernsey, Sarah E., Chatauqua, Chairman Local Committee GFWC.
Letter concerns arrangements for the 1922 Biennial to be held in Chatauqua.
Henry, Frances (Mrs. Mark), Crowell, State Chairman Thrift Committee.
Letter concerning Thrift Committee work.
Hodge, H. H.
Letter asking that the clubs consider a resolution mandating that a system be established for the publication of school textbooks inside the state of Texas.
Hughes, F. M. B. (Mrs. C. M.), Wharton, President Texas Press Woman's Association.
Letter discussing annual meeting. Also discusses a plan to run for Congress in the Ninth District in order to generate publicity.
Humphries, Lillian, Denton, Secretary Department of Extension CIA.
Letter discussing "the problem of woman citizenship."
King, Mrs. J. Robert, Huntsville, Chairman Walker Co. League of Women Voters.
Letter asking the club women to write Governor Neff and ask that Mr. Sanford Dean be appointed Rail Road Commissioner.
Law, F. M., Houston, VP First National Bank Houston.
Letter declining invitation to speak at the state convention.
Lindsay, Mrs. R. F., Mt. Pleasant President Third District.
Letter discusses the efforts undertaken by the third district for good roads. Mentions the Jefferson Highway.
Lovejoy, Mrs. J. L., McKinney, Credential Committee.
Letter concerns war work and the sale of Liberty Bonds.
Martin, Mrs. W. C., Dallas, Chairman Committee of Publication.
Letters concern the printing of "Who's Who of the Womanhood of Texas." Includes reservation agreement for inclusion to the book.
McCallum, Jane Y., Austin, Ex. Secretary Joint Legislative Council.
Press releases explain the new relationship between the Joint Legislative Council and the five largest women's organizations of Texas, including TFWC. Includes press releases on numerous subjects including a Bill of Rights, birth registration, emergency appropriations for public schools, a survey of the penitentiary system, the Sheppard-Towner Act, prohibition and education.
Nagle, Emily (Mrs. J. C.), College Station, State Chairman Department of Americanization.
Letter concerning the good roads program and Americanization.
Nagle, J. C., College Station, Director Texas Engineering Experiment Station.
Letter discusses good roads and highways, and topics for discussion along those lines. Includes a list of bulletins issues by the Texas Engineering Experiment Station.
Neff, Pat M., Austin, Governor or Texas.
Letter agreeing to speak to the convention on the subject of conservation.
Nicholl, Mrs. W. P., Lockhart, Good Roads Committee.
Letter concerns efforts to rename Highway 29, from "Middle Buster" to something more appropriate.
Parnell, Joseph D., Wichita Falls.
Letter agreeing to be present at the meeting and lead a discussion on good roads.
Pennybacker, Anna, Austin, Chairman Dept. of American Citizenship GFWC.
Letter inquiring as to Mrs. Floore’s candidacy and the appointment of honorary chairmen.
Phillips, Mrs. Dury M., Port Arthur, Seretary-Treasuer TFWC.
Letter reports the success of the fourth district meeting.
Robertson, Ola, Wichita Falls, President First District.
Letter inviting Miss West to the first district meeting.
Scarborough, Jewell Davis, Abilene, Recording Secretary.
Letter concerns the establishment of a Texas Highway Association.
Sharp, Estelle (Mrs. Walter B.), Houston.
Telegram refers to work done as chairman of war work committee.
Shiris, Tom, Austin, Texas House of Representatives.
Letter in reference to the Texas Forestry Bill.
Sims, Mrs. M. W., Bryan, Perpetual Ex-Officio Member.
Letter concerns the toast at the Pioneer Dinner.
Smith, Mrs. Reet, Killeen.
Letter asking for information on the Jefferson Davis highway and the Old Spanish Trail.
Tillotson, Leonard, Sealy, President Sealy National Bank.
Letter accepting invitation to speak at the TFWC on the subject of the Texas Highway Association.
Turner, Mrs. E. P., Dallas, Chairman Conservation and Civics Committee.
Letter concern preparations for meeting.
Turner, Martha M., Austin, Director Woman's Division Bureau of Labor Statistics.
Letter concerns arrangements for program of study on the subject of Industrial Conditions. Includes two pamphlets "Industrial Standards and laws of Texas Affecting Women and Children," and "Minimum Wage Law for Women and Minors,"
Webb, Mrs. D. C., Fort Worth, Chairman Home Demonstration Committee.
Letter encouraging the growth of the home demonstration project and asking to have a home demonstration agent in each county.
Wells, Pearl (Mrs. L. W.), Amarillo, Chairman of Special Programs.
Letter requesting information on specific clubs. Includes Federation Day program.
West, Decca Lamar, Waco, Historian and Chairman Good Roads Committee.
Letters concern gathering information from district presidents and committee chairmen for historical records. Also includes letters discussing the biennial meeting and Mrs. Floore's candidacy for GFWC.
Folder 2 - Letters discussing the importance of joining the Texas Highway Association in order to effect positive changes in road construction. Also includes a resolution asking that trees be protected along highways and roads.
Wheeler, W. T., Waco, Secretary Texas Highway Association.
Letters concern dues and club memberships ncludes a list of all clubs which joined the Texas Highway Association.
Young, Luella C, Executive Secretary GFWC.
Letter concerns room reservations for the 1922 biennial.
Young, Ola E. (Mrs. J. L.), Mineral Wells, Speaking Bureau.
Letter asking Miss West to serve on the Speaking Bureau.
Miscellaneous -
Includes: list of district presidents, campaign committees for Mrs. Floore, address of Mrs. Jas B. Wallace and a receipt for printing.
3.10Redmond Administration, 1923 - 1925
Redmond, Ida Durand (Mrs. Henry), Corpus Christi, President TFWC.
Letter asking that the issue of the Library at Louvain in Belgium be brought before the clubwomen. The library was destroyed during the war and money is being collected to rebuild it. Also letters concerning appointments, a bill creating an illiteracy commission in Texas and the program for TFWC convention in Austin.
Albee, Miss Alice Gwendoline, Worchester, MA, Chair, Dept. Press and Publicity Massachusetts Federation of Women’s Clubs.
Enclosed state bulleting and press booklet.
Averill, Blanche M. (Mrs. A. P.), El Paso.
Explains recent responsibilities looking alter her family in Ohio.
Barton, Mrs. C. A., Weinert.
Requests help on Federation Day program.
Blanton, Annie Webb, Austin, Chair, Dept. of Applied Education. Also faculty in Dept. of Education Administration/UT Austin.
Letters regarding scholarships and departmental activity as well as comments on her application for the presidency of the College of Industrial Arts (now Texas Woman’s University) in Denton.
Blind, Alpha PennMrs. C. A.), Waxahachie.
Asks for copy of Year Book.
Bonner, Mrs. A. Q., Dalhart, Secretary/Treasures Seventh District.
Letter asking if clubs with male members can become federated.
Brindley, Mrs. H. S., Maypearl.
Asks for copy of Year Book.
Britain, Mrs. James A., Seymour, First District President.
Postcard giving the name of 1st district chairman of scholarships.
Brogdon, Mary C., Sam Marcos, Dean of Women Southwest Texas State Teachers College.
Letter listing the four campus clubs for inclusion as junior members of the federation. One club known as "The Pennybackers."
Brown, Marguerite L. (Mrs. Robert H.), Houston, Corresponding Secretary, City Federation of Women’s Clubs.
Asks for copy of annual.
Browning, Mrs. Robert L., Terrell, Chair, Information Bureau.
Asks for list of Pioneer Clubs in TFWC.
Burcham, Mrs. W. J., Georgetown.
Telegram regretting cannot attend Fifth District meeting and hopes they will come next year to Georgetown.
Carter, Mrs. Ponder S., El Paso, Chair, Dept. of the American Home.
Asks for a dozen copies of the Year Book.
Carter, Mrs. Stanley, Crosbyton. Asks for copy of the Year Book.
Clark, Ruth. (Mrs. F. B.), College Station, Secretary-Treasurer, Fourth District.
Discusses plans for a Fourth District meeting.
Clarke, Mrs. C. Fox, Graham.
Asks for last four annuals in order to do program on TFWC history.
Cogdell, Mrs. Earl, Granbury, Chairman Indian Welfare TFWC.
Cowan, Alice, Alpine, Sul Ross Teachers College.
Letter stating that there are currently no clubs on campus.
Cox, Mrs. R. E., Stephenville, President elect, 1st District.
Asks for a coy of the Year Book.
Cranfill, Miss Mabel, Dallas.
Asks for two copies of the Year Book.
Crow, Mrs. Walter, Dallas, Second District Program Chairman.
Letter asking Miss. West to speak at the district meeting on the subject of "history of the state federation and importance of pursuing duties."
Fall, Florence (Mrs. H. B.), Houston, President, Houston Art League.
Replies to letter Miss Shelton has written regarding a possible pledge the Art League may have made to the General Federation of Women’s Clubs Headquarters.
Floore, Florence C., Cleburne, Treasurer, General Federation of Women’s Clubs.
Thanks the TFWC secretary for sending an itemized statement of work done at the Headquarters Office.
Friend, Miss Kate, Waco.
Reports that she is sending three boxes of unsold Federation History books including 138 copies which are an outright gift from her. Compliments how proud Texas club women should be of the headquarters.
Graham, Mrs. John G., Mound City, MO, President 1st District, Missouri Federation of Women’s Clubs.
Asks for a copy of Year Book and Precinct Program since Missouri is trying to “work out the Rural Club plan.”
Griffen, Eleanor (Mrs. Meade), Plainview, Fire Prevention Committee.
Letter inquiring about scholarships.
Hanner, Mrs. N. P., Atlanta, TX, Third District Junior Work.
Letter resigning position and forwarding a request for information.
Harper, Mrs. B. F., Amarillo.
Letter discussing junior clubs and summer camps.
Harris, Mrs. Walter, Lamesa,
Requests information for Federation Day program.
Jones, Mrs. Joe A., Rule.
Requests copy of year book.
Joseph, Lily (Mrs. Lee), San Antonio, Member, TFWC Executive Committee also Director of Organization Texas-Oklahoma for the League of Nations Non-Partisan Association.
Requests clarification of the method of paying Headquarters secretary and need to promptly address the situation and promises to provide a suitable photograph.
Junkin, Miss Josephine, Washington, DC, Director of Headquarters, General Federation of Women’s Clubs.
Discusses questionnaire of State Headquarters and solicits orders for Mrs. Winter’s new book, The Business of Being a Club Woman.”
Keeling, Grace Carter (Ms. Ernest), Cotulla, President, The Woman’s Club of Cotulla.
Requests guidance on club establishing a scholarship.
Lee, R. Q., Cisco, Chairman Finance Committee 6th District.
Letter agreeing to cooperate with Mrs. Ware on work.
Lindsay, Mrs. R. F., Mt. Pleasant, Third District Program Chairman.
Letter accepting Miss West as a speaker for the district meeting to speak on the subject of the importance of federation history.
Maloney, Mrs. E. E., Commerce, President Third District.
Letter acknowledging Miss West's request to speak at district meeting.
Martin, Ophelia, Beaumont.
Letter inquiring about duties.
Martin, Mrs. W. C., Dallas, Chair, Finance Committee.
Letters regarding payment of secretary at Headquarters.
McCall, Aileen (Mrs. H. S.), Green Bay, Wisconsin, Fourth District Junior Work.
Letter concerns junior club work.
McCallum, Jane Y. (Mrs. A. N.), Austin , Executive Secretary Joint Legislative Committee.
Asks clubwomen to contact legislators urging support of the Emergency Appropriation and the Sheppard-Towner bills which the Joint Legislative Council has endorsed
McCarter, Thos B., Canyon, Professor West Texas State College.
Letter discussing student clubs and federation.
McGarity, Mrs. William B., Belton, Registrar Baylor College for Women.
Letter concerning a meeting of the educational committee to be held at Baylor.
Merrit, Mrs. J. G., Colorado, TX, Sixth District Scholarship Chairman.
Letter asking about duties as scholarship chairman.
Miller, Helen Guthrie (Mrs. Walter McNab), St. Louis, MO, Chairman, GFWC Dept. of Public Welfare.
Announcement of a contest to study “ the laws of the community as they effect the general welfare.” The Metropolitan Life Ins. Co. is assisting with this project.
Newby, Leone C. (Mrs. A. K.), Houston, President, City Federation of Women’s Clubs.
Requests a copy of State Annual.
Pennybacker, Anna J. H., Chautauqua, NY, Austin, TX, President Chautauqua Woman’s Club; Chairman, Dept. of American Citizenship, GFWC.
Letters regarding scholarships and a portrait.
Peters, Lena Williams, Waxahachie, Second District President.
Letter referring Miss West to the second district program chairman.
Pettus, Mrs. Wheeler, San Antonio, Fifth District President.
Listing of clubs in the district.
Pool. Mrs. J. P., Victoria.
Letter concerning scholarship work.
Potter, Mrs. W. R., Bowie, Executive Committee Second V.P.
Letter describing work for disbursing scholarships and loans.
Proal, Sara S., Nutley, NJ, Chairman, Public Instruction, GFWC.
Urges state chairmen emphasize vocational training in publich school system.
Randall, Mrs. L. B., Program Chairman, Fifth District.
Reassures Decca Lamar West she will be on the program for the upcoming district meeting.
Reagan, Mrs. William, Cisco, President Sixth District.
Letters concern speakers for the district meeting and scholarship funds.
Robertson, Ola Chastain (Mrs. Walter S.), Dallas, Treasurer, TFWC.
Letters regarding various problems relating to expenses.
Ruckus, Mrs. A. R., Angleton, Fourth District President.
Letter concerning Miss West's request to speak at district meeting.
Shelton, Ann, Fort Worth, Director for Texas to GFWC.
Letters requesting report for GFWC on the number of counties in the districts which do not have a federated club.
Skiles, Mrs. R. T., Dallas, Chair Music Committee, TFWC.
Requests copy of Year Book.
Sterling, Florence M., Houston, Founder and Publisher, The Woman’s Viewpoint Publishing Co.
Letters regarding subscription to the Woman’s Viewpoint.
Sterne, Mrs. Goodwin, Matagorda, President, Matagorda County Federation of Women’s Clubs.
Trying to establish if her federation pledged $25.00 to the GFWC Headquarters purchase. They are trying to finance a scholarship.
Swann, Eugenia, Jasper, County Clerk of Jasper County.
Requests year books and programs pertaining to civic improvement, literary and musical programs.
Tatum, Mrs. Reese, Dalhart, President Seventh District.
Letter appointing Mrs. J. D. Stocking to Scholarships and Loans.
Taylor, Mrs. Edna B., Fort Worth, Secretary TFWC Headquarters.
Letters responding to request for address and pledge of he Athenaum Club, Alvin, to purchase of GFWC Headquarters.
Tottenham, Mrs. J. W., Brownwood, Sixth District Junior Section.
Letter concerns junior clubs in the district.
Townsend, E. G., Belton, Dean Baylor College for Women.
Letter concerning campus clubs.
Webb, Emma S.
Summation of TFWC legislative program: child welfare, general welfare, prison welfareincluding establishment of a school for delinquent Negro girls, and adoption of a state bird.
Wentland, Anna B. (Mrs. W. H.), Manor, Home Economics.
Letter concerns minutes of the convention and board meeting.
West, Decca Lamar, Waco, Good Roads Committee. Contains three resolutions pertaining to road and highway construction.
Letters concern the Jefferson Davis Memorial Highway and the duties of federation historian. Also includes information on the Lamar Resolution.
Will, Marjorie E., San Antonio, President, San Antonio Speech Arts Teachers Assn.
Asks for a director of the literary clubs of Texas.
Wright, Mrs. S. J., San Antonio.
Discusses plans to get her photograph to Headquarters.
Young, Ola E., Mineral Wells, Chairman Rural Life Committee.
Letter includes information on the yearbook.
Youngblood, Lotus, College Station, Fourth District Program Chairman.
Letter accepting Miss West to speak at district meeting.
3.11Fields Administration, 1925 - 1927
Fields, Florence B., Haskell, President TFWC.
Letters discuss various club issues. Includes a Christmas letter, schedule for the 29th annual convention, and many letters concerning state and district meetings. One folder contains printed invitations, thank you cards and name cards.
Alford, Miss Ursie Sarah, Hico,
Asks if their club year book will go to an awards committee.
Ashcroft, Mrs. Chas F., Sulpher Springs, Third District President.
Letter requesting a copy of the federation history.
Austin, E. L., Philadelphia, Director Sesquicentennial International Exposition.
Includes official pass to enter events, brochure from "High Street," opening day program and invitation to opening ceremonies.
Bandeen, D. A., El Paso, VP El Paso Chamber of Commerce.
Letter detailing what the chamber of commerce will furnish to the TFCW state convention in El Paso.
Barry, Maggie, College Station, Chairman Department of the American Home GFWC.
Responds to a request for information and her request about loan funds for a special student.
Blanton, Annie Webb, Austin, Dept. of Education Administration, University of Texas/Austin.
Enclosing Mrs. Gould’s reports which were sent to her too late to distribute at the convention.
Bowers, Mrs. D. A., Granger, Chairman, Indian Welfare TFWC.
Telegram saying she won’t be able to attend 5th District meeting and a request for information of the Collect.
Broaddus, Media E. (Mrs. H. B.), Colorado, TX.
Letter discussing district meeting.
Browning, Mrs. Robert, Endowment Committee.
Personal note.
Brumner, Betty, El Paso, Street and Highway Safety Committee.
Letters concern making arrangements for the Biennial.
Buchanan, Eunice (Mrs. R. E.), Fort Worth, Parliamentarian TFWC.
Request loan for deserving girl wanting to attend C.I.A. (now Texas Woman’s University).
Buchholz, Mr. F. E., Georgetown, President, Georgetown Chamber of Commerce.
Telegram inviting Fifth District to meet in Georgetown next year.
Burcham, Mrs. W. J., Corpus Christi.
Telegram that she won’t be attending the Fifth District meeting.
Carson, Mrs. E. L., Corpus Christi, Fine Arts Department.
Letter concerning the 5th district meeting.
Chamberlain, Mary, New York, Circulation manager The Woman Citizen.
Letter advertising a new magazine.
Cogdell, Gertrude W. (Mrs. Earl), Granbury, Chair Indian Welfare TFWC.
Letters concerning typing and distributing information to her committee.
Cohn, Mrs. M., Mineral Wells, Chair Transportation Committee, First District.
Letters regarding getting information to her committee.
Coit, Ruth, San Antonio, Head Mistress St. Mary's Hall.
Letter concerns an advertisement in the yearbook.
Cole, Mabel (Mrs. I. D.), Amarillo, State Chairman Committee on Religious Music.
Letter compliments the quality of the new yearbook.
Cosby, Mrs. C. Y., Bowie.
Requests copy of annual
Cox, Mrs. R. E., Stephenville, First District President.
Letter declining invitation to attend the sixth district meeting at Cisco.
Crites, Mrs. C. A., Mineral Wells, State Chairman Committee County Co- operation.
Letter asking to have copies made of two documents: observance rules for flag and American Creed.
Cunningham, Minnie Fisher. Washington D.C., Woman’s National Democratic Club.
Thanks the Texas delegates for the "round robin" and tells them how much it means to her to see friendly faces.
Davenport, Elizabeth (Mrs. Herbert), Brownsville, Public Welfare - Narcotics Division.
Letter asking Mrs. Gerhardt to speak at the district meeting on humane education.
Davidson, Mrs. G. B., Victoria.
Returning Year Book saying her club was the oldest in the state and she didn’t see any new material to use for programs in the book.
Davis, Mrs. Thomas, Stephenville, First District Secretary and Treasurer.
Letter requesting that a copy of the yearbook be sent to the Tarlton Campus Club.
Day, Ella Hudson, Rotan.
Letter discussing stamps and stationary.
Dimmitt, Miss LeNoir, Austin, Extension Librarian, University of Texas/Austin.
Describes plans to contact all the federated clubs in Texas to inform them of the services offered by the Extension Loan Library.
Donald, Clara Meyer (Mrs. Paul), Bowie, Chair Junior Membership.
Seeks help for information on junior program.
Elley, Estelle, Suffolk, VA.
Letter congratulating Mrs. Fields on the yearbook and complimenting the work done in Texas.
3.12 Fall, Florence, Past President.
Letter praising the new yearbook.
Felton, Mrs. Wallie, Dallas, President, Dallas Kindergarden, Nursery and Infant Welfare Association.
Invitation to lunch during state board meeting.
Fergueson, Miriam, Austin, Governor of Texas.
Letter thanking the TFWC for agreeing to represent Texas at the Sesquicentennial.
Fleming, Dora A. (Mrs. Fred), Corsicana.
Arrangements about providing photograph to TFWC.
Floore, Florence, Cleburne, GFWC Treasurer.
Letter concerns a letter received from Mrs. Palmer, President Illinois Federation of Women's Clubs, in which she was critical of the use of the Confederate flag used on the Texas doll.
Friend, Kate, Waco.
Explains her efforts to preserve photographs for the Federation history of the first ten presidents which she gave to Decca Lamar West who seems to have lost the one of Mrs. Dibrell.
Garner, John Nance, Washington D.C., Congressman 15th districts Texas.
Letter explaining why he could not meet with the clubwoman in Washington.
Gerhardt, Maude H. Corpus Christi, Fifth District Secretary and Treasurer.
Letter concerns payments of yearly dues.
Gethos, Fay G., San Antonio.
List of counties that have no affiliation with the state federation.
Glasscock, Mabel (Mrs. S. F.), Morgantown, WV. President West Virginia Federation of Women's Clubs.
Letter thanking Mrs. Fields for sending a Texas yearbook.
Goodheart, William R., Fort Worth.
Letters concern preparations for the printing of the yearbook, both regular and deluxe editions.
Gould, Mrs. Henry, Amarillo, Chair, Scholarship and Loans Committee.
Letters regarding applicants for scholarships and loans.
Griffin, Eleana L. (Mrs. Meade F.), Plainview.
Offers support to Mrs. Gould for her candidacy for TFWC Treasurer and wants her help on another project.
Hagaman, Eunice W. (Mrs. M. H.), Ranger, Second Vice-President TFWC.
Letter discussing the 1928 Biennial to be held in Texas and Mrs. Hagaman's plans to run for President. Also letters regarding scholarships.
Hancock, Mary (Mrs. Walter C.), Philadelphia, Chairman Doorkeepers for Pennsylvania.
Letter acknowledging the Texas doll "Blue Bonnet" displayed at the sesquicentennial. Includes certificate awarded to TFWC for "co-operation and exhibition of doll displayed in historical, colonial, and state dolls exhibit."
Harvey, Paul, El Paso, Hotel Paso del Norte.
Letters concern securing room rates and reservations for the convention in El Paso.
Hayes, William Z., Dallas, Republic National Bank.
Letter concerning an advertisement in the yearbook.
Hill, Mrs. J. A., Canyon, Chair, American Citizenship, Seventh District.
Questions how to better reach applicants for scholarships.
Hincey, A. S., St. Louis, St. Louis Button Company.
Letters concern printing badges and ribbons for the convention.
Hubbard, L. H., Denton, President College of Industrial Arts (now Texas Woman’s University).
Regrets Mrs. Gould cannot attend dedication of new library. Also letters regarding Second District scholarships at the college.
Johnston, Mary H., San Antonio, Fifth District Bible Literature Committee.
Letter asking that changes be made to her report.
Junkin, Josephine, Director of headquarters GFWC.
Letters in reply to requests for program information.
Kitchen, Mrs. L. W., Post.
Requests information on history of club movement in Texas.
Lancaster, Mrs. H. E., Beeville.
Suggests her clubs would like Mrs. Wm. Gerhardt to speak on “some phase of unselfish service in club work.”
Langford, Mrs. P. P., Wichita Falls, Club Houses Committee.
Letter concerning the Fort Worth club building.
Langston, Mrs. George, Ranger.
Requests a list of state federation presidents.
Leach, J. S., Houston, The Texas Company.
Letter in response to advertisement.
Lee, Mrs., R. Q., Cisco, Executive Committee Treasurer.
Letter concerns the collections of dues from clubs.
Lilly, Leila (Mrs. Clyde A.), Fort Worth, Standing Committee Transportation.
Letter discusses the collection of advertisements for the yearbook.
Lipscomb, Mrs. A. B., Wichita Falls.
Requests minutes of last TFWC meeting.
Lovejoy, Mrs. J. L., McKinney, Chair, Department of Finance and Endowment.
Discusses rules for scholarship applicants and also states “Personally I hope to add another thousand to the fund this year.”
McCormick, W. C., Houston, Southern Pacific Rail Lines.
Letter acknowledging an advertisement paid for to appear in the yearbook.
McMillin, Portland, TX.
Letter asking for information on prominent Texas women.
Merrie, Mary E., Philadelphia, PA, Temple University Woman's Club.
Letter concerns the Miss Texas doll being exhibited in Philadelphia.
Morris, Mrs. C. L., Whitesboro.
Encloses ten cents in stamps and requests a list of clubs in the Second District.
Mother Superior, El Paso, Superior, Loretto College.
Letter concerns meeting Mrs. Fields at the GFWC Biennial to be held in Texas and invites the clubwomen to tour the new buildings at the college.
Murchison, Mary E., Haskell, Corresponding Secretary.
Letter concern postage due and expenses incurred by a committee.
Murphy, Mrs. Horace, Ballinger.
Requests information about “a few of the outstanding achievements of the TFWC.”
Nagle, Mrs. J. C., Dallas, First Vice President; Editor, Texas Federation News.
Recommends a young woman for a scholarship and an announcement about preparing reports for last issue of current administration.
Oberndorfer, Anne F., Chicago, IL, Chairman of Music GFWC.
Explains project for National Music Week.
Oppenheimer, Harriet B., Fort Worth, Fine Arts Committee.
Letter asking that Mrs. Fields assist in reimbursing the Fine Arts Committee $50 for expenses.
Orndorff, R. Burton, Hotel Ornforff.
Letter describing room rates and services that will be provided for the convention.
Palmer, Mrs. George Thomas, Springfield, Illinois, Illinois Federation of Women Clubs.
Letter discusses the Texas doll, which was displayed at the Sesqui-Centennial holding a confederate flag, and objections to the flag.
Pedan, E. A., San Antonio, Pedan Iron and Steel.
Letter acknowledging an advertisement in the yearbook.
Pennybacker, Anna (Mrs. Percy), Chautauqua, President Chautauqua Women's Club.
Letter discussing the Biennial and the yearbook.
Pierce, Josephine L., Lima, Ohio, President Ohio Federation of Women's Clubs.
Letter involves a motion passed by the Ohio Federation expressing appreciation for the support of Mrs. Fields.
Potter, Fannie (Mrs. W. R.), Bowie, Applied Education Department.
. Letter concerns a play entitled "Who is thy neighbor?"
Powell, Mrs. W. M., Electric Mills, MS.
Requests information for program on need for a state headquarters and how to finance and maintain one.
Price, Mrs. J. B., Bastrop.
Wants to informed of her duties before accepting position on Fifth District board.
Price, M. L., Austin, H.C. Burt and Company.
Letter concerns an advertisement in the yearbook.
Price Mrs. W. B., Lubbock, President Seventh District.
Recounts problems securing a district chairman for scholarships and loans.
Priddy, Mrs. Walter M., Wichita Falls.
Requests material for a club paper on Federation.
3.13 Purdy, Grace, Mount Vernon, NY, President New York State Federation of Women's Clubs.
Letter of thanks for a complimentary Texas yearbook.
Randall, Mrs. L. B., San Antonio, Chairman Scholarship and Loans, Fifth District.
Numerous letters relating to scholarships and loans.
Riley, A. B., El Paso, Hotel Orndorff.
Letters describing room rates and services for the Texas convention. Includes color brochure nd postcard from the hotel.
Rochail, Mrs. J. S., Itasca.
Letter asking for information on a poem about the Texas blue bonnet.
Rogan, Octavia, Austin, State Librarian - Texas Library and Historical Commission.
Letter agreeing to send a copy of "How to secure a county library." Also states that Texas is very far behind in securing libraries.
Reqgan, B.,Big Spring.
Recommendation for scholarship recipients.
Redmond, Ida Durand, Corpus Christi.
Letters addressed to Mrs. Taylor discussing various issues including her hopes that “by this time you have a full understanding of some things you and Miss Shelton blamed me for heretofore.”
Richard, Mrs. J. S., Itasca.
Asks for a copy of a poem on the Texas blue bonnet.
Robertson, Ola Chastain (Mrs Walter S.), Dallas.
Discusses scholarships and corresponds with Mrs. Gould on her running, and then withdrawing, for the office of TFWC Treasurer.
Rogan, Octavia F., Austin, State Librarian, Texas Library and Historical Commission.
Sending two copies of “How to Secure a County Library” and urges clubwomen to continue their efforts.
Robbins, Lillian K., Bradenton, FL.
Telegram sending “loving greetings” to Mrs. G. R. Scott.
Rucks, Pearl Jarrison (Mrs. A. R.), Angleton, Chair Dept. of Public Welfare.
Discusses applicants for scholarships.
Sauders, Mrs. J. M., Center.
Letter asking for information on how the Texas Federation headquarters was secured.
Scott, Florence Johnson (Mrs. E. Owen), Rio Grande City, Chair, Publicity, Fifth District.
Requests list of the counties in the Fifth District, publicity activities of the district, and railroad travel rates for district meetings.
Seaward, Josephine, El Paso, President Woman's Club of El Paso.
Letter discussing preparations for the state federation convention to be held in El Paso. Plans for the Pioneer dinner, pageant and meetings.
Shelton, Anna, Fort Worth, Secretary TFWC Headquarters.
List of unpaid pledges for GFWC Headquarters.
Shoemaker, Mrs. Willie, Itasca.
Requests material for Federation News.
Shultz, Mrs. E. R, Alvarado.
Requests information “about the cost, maintenance, and description of Woman’s Club Building in Fort Worth.”
Simons, E. H., El Paso, Secretary El Paso Chamber of Commerce.
Letter discussing a proposed excursion to Carlsbad Caverns during the El Paso convention.
Sipple, Bettie, Baltimore, Maryland, Director GFWC.
Letter thanking Mrs. Fields for the Texas yearbook and a positive write up in the Texas federation magazine.
Smith, Marsh F., Georgetown, President Georgetown Chamber of Commerce.
Telegram inviting Fifth District to have 1927 convention in Georgetown.
Speer, Mrs. Elizabeth M., Austin, Executive Secretary, Texas Committee on Prisons and Prison Labor.
Letters regarding support for a pending bill in the legislature.
Stephens, Mrs. D. L., Anson, State Program Committee Chairman.
Letter thanking Mrs. Taylor for the invitations.
Sterling, Florence M., Houston, Editor and Publisher, The Woman’s Viewpoint Publishing Co., Inc.
Solicits subscriptions to The Woman’s Viewpoint as Christmas presents.
Stewart, Mrs. W. G., McAllen.
Telegram notifying she won’t be attending Fifth District meeting.
Stone, Mrs. O. M., Jasper.
Requests information for talk on the history of TFWC.
Sutton, Mrs. E. C., Gorman.
Encloses fifty cents for subscription to Federation News.
Sutton Willie M. (Mrs. C. R.), Marfa.
Returning information for program on federation she gave to the clubs in Marfa.
Swan, Cele, Normanna.
Thanks Mrs. Gerhardt for her offer of hospitality during the Fifth District meeting. Expresses her difficulty in attending meetings.
Swann, Eugenia, Jasper, County Clerk of Jasper Co., Member Woman’s Civic Club.
Requests Year Book and information on federation work.
Taylor, Edna Beard, Fort Worth, Secretary Texas Federation headquarters.
Letters concern changes to the yearbook and information on prominent Texas women. Prominent women mentioned in letter are: Mrs. J. E. King, Mrs. Maggie Barry and Miss Mary Scarbrough.
Tompkins, Mrs. Frank A., Corpus Christi, President Fifth District.
Printed invitation and program for the fifth district meeting 1926. Also includes a list of new clubs and the letter announcing Mrs. Tompkin's candidacy for first vice president.
Toomey, Mary Carter, Dallas.
Letter thanking the Texas delegates for the gift of some bracelets.
Warner, Phoebe K., Washington D.C., GFWC.
Letter stating that Texas' Fifth district has had the largest growth in new clubs, with 10 over the last year.
Watson, Rachel, Denison, Chairman Citizenship Training, Second District.
Request for copying at Headquarters for district mail out.
Watts, Lala Fay (Mrs. Claude De Van), Austin, President Texas Women’s Christian Temperance Union.
Urges Mrs. Bob Barker to come to meeting at the Driskill Hotel to work with the Council [Joint Legislative Council] “and have a part in what promises to be an historical period in Texas advancement.”
Waugh, Mrs. R. M., Bastrop.
Requests what her duties would be if she accepts chairmanship of Public Welfare Committee.
Webb, Mrs. J. C., Harlingen.
Note to Mrs. Gerhardt regarding train tickets.
Wentland, Tina B. (Mrs. W. H.), Manor.
Letters regarding a district meeting and TFWC convention minutes.
West, Decca Lamar, Waco, Historian.
Letter concerning the current administration's lack of interest in maintaining a history. Also discusses sales of the history.
West, Elizabeth Howard, Lubbock, Librarian, Texas Technological College.
Requests copy of current Year Book and asks if she should send her records in Austin to Headquarters.
White, Mrs. Ben L., Slaton.
Requests copy of Year Book.
Williams, Mrs. V. O., Memphis.
Requests copies of any club year books from other clubs her to get ideas.
Wood, Mrs. O. E., Dallas, Finance Chairman.
Letters discussing finances and reimbursements for expenses.
Young, Mrs. J. L., Mineral Wells, Chairman American Home Committee.
Postcard enclosing pictures of the clubhouse in Mineral Wells, as requested for the headquarters files.
Zeigler, Mrs. B. A., Shamrock.
Enclosing fifty cents in stamps for a year’s subscription to Federation News.
TFWC Headquarters Secretary. Administrative correspondence. (3 folders)
Requests for TFWC Year Book.
Miscellaneous. Unidentified correspondence.
3.14Potter Administration, 1927 - 1929
Potter, Fannie, Bowie, President TFWC.
Letters cover various topics including the biennial, appointments, meetings and resolutions. The creation of the club history is discussed in depth and Decca Lamar West is urged to finish it as soon as possible.
Blanton, Annie Webb, Austin, University of Texas Department of Rural Education.
Letter describes plans of the applied education committee.
Bradford, Ralph, Corpus Christi, Corpus Christi Chamber of Commerce.
Invitation, on behalf on the Chamber and the Fifth District to attend the annual district meeting. Includes brochure with photos of Corpus Christi landmarks.
Browne, Mabel, Houston.
Requests a copy of the "winning" yearbook.
Carson, Mrs. F. L., San Antonio, Chairman Biennial Juniors.
Discusses the junior program for the Biennial.
Chamberlain, Mary, New York, Circulation manager The Woman's Journal.
Describes the magazine and subscription rates.
Coffield, Mrs. Walter, Bowie, Bible as Literature Committee, First District.
Postcard stating that every club is to have at least one bible lesson program and requests that each club report on it.
Collins, Mrs. F. T., Amarillo, Seventh District President.
Report on the activities of the Seventh District including work toward establishing a county free library and library extension.
Cook, Ellenor, Hartford, Connecticut, Entertainer.
Letter advertising the eastern European songs and dances performed by Mrs. Cook. Includes brochure.
Davis, Mrs. J. Thomas, Stephenville, Biennial Finance Chairman First District.
List of clubs in the First District and the amount that each club has put towards the Biennial.
DeZavala, Adina, San Antonio, The Menger Hotel.
Letter requesting a copy of the yearbook.
Drought, Mrs. Henry, San Antonio, Fine Arts Department/GFWC Convention Chairman.
Invitation to attend the Executive Biennial Board dinner.
Estes, Mary Lou, Commerce, Junior Membership, Third District.
Requests information on junior memberships in the TFWC and specifically about federating Girl Scouts and Camp Fire Girls.
Fagg, Edna R. (Mrs. C. A.), Greenville, President Third District.
Report of the Third Eistrict activities.
Fields, Mrs. J. U., Haskell.
Letter enclosing information for the new yearbook
Floore, Florence, Cleburne, Public Welfare Department - Problems in Delinquency.
Describes the confusion surrounding the GFWC Biennial to be held in Texas and the question of whom is to chair the local (Texas) committee, the reports that are due, and available funding.
Ford, James, Washington D.C., Executive Director Better Homes in America.
Letter describing The Better Homes Campaign, in which cities will display modern homes and have contests for home improvement. Also includes the questionnaire to be used for reporting local Better Home activities.
Griffin, Eleanor (Mrs. Meade F.), Plainview, Editor The Texas Federation News.
Letter concern gathering news from state and local chairman to be printed in the Federation News and various state newspapers.
Joseph, Lily T., Austin, Chairman Cooperation with State Federations Committee.
Letter requesting that a copy of the yearbook be sent to the Boulder Chautauqua Association.
Junkin, Josephine, Washington D.C., Director of Headquarters GFWC.
Letter enclosing copies of outlines and programs for each department of the GFWC for use at state headquarters.
Karlsburg, Mrs. Harry, Bowie, Chairman First District American Citizenship Committee.
Outlines the American Citizen program including: "Americanization of foreign and Negro populations," citizenship at home and at school, voting obligations and county leadership.
Lawton, Elizabeth B., Glens Falls, NY, Division of Art - Committe on Billboard Restriction.
Letter concerning the arrangement of lectures on billboard restriction.
Malone, Tennessee, Canyon, West Texas State Teachers College Librarian.
Requests yearbooks from every year up to the present to be kept as a record at the college.
Miller, Helen Guthrie (Mrs. Walter McNeb), New York City, NY, Associate Director, Publications and Promotion, American Child Health Association.
Announces resignation as chair of GFWC Public Health Dept.
Mills, May June (Mrs. Day), Texarkana, GFWC Director.
Letter inviting Miss West, as historian, to the "State Directors Breakfast" to be held during the Texas Biennial. Emphasizes that the breakfast will be a "Texas affair."
Moore, Mrs. W. H., Fort Worth, Official timekeeper.
Letter inviting Miss West to speak on the subject of "Texas Newspapers" during the TFWC convention.
Mullins, Marion, Fort Worth, Headquarters Director TFWC.
Letters concern general correspondence of Federation Headquarters.
Perry, Mrs. John, Sweetwater, Sixth District President.
Letter discusses library resolutions passed at the board meeting and plans for the district meeting.
Peters, Lena Williams, Waxahachie, Second District Program Chairman.
Letter confirming Miss West as a speaker for the district meeting.
Preliminary Committe - US Federation of Justice, Washington.
Form letter urging TFWC president to join the US Federation of Justice, a national movement for better justice including a survey to determine best practices.
Price, Edith R., Baltimore, MD, Campaign Chairman.
Letter promoting Mrs. Sipple's candidacy for GFWC President.
Ring, Mrs. H. F., Austin, Department of Public Welfare.
Letter discusses the child welfare committee and current legislation pending in Texas.
Rumpler, Mrs. E. C., Indianapolis, Campaign Manager Indiana Federation of Women's Clubs.
Letter in support of Indiana's candidate for GFWC President.
Shaver, Lillie T., Chautauqua,NY. Executive Committee.
Asks that a copy of the Federation News be sent to a delegate who had questions about the chairmanship of the Biennial Board, which was discussed at the executive committee meeting and included in the Federation News. Also includes a postcard featuring the Hall of Philosophy at Chautauqua.
Shelby, T. H., Austin, University of Texas - Division of Extension.
Letter enclosing a bulletin, and encouraging future cooperation between the University and the Federation.
Sherman, Mary, Estes Park, CO, President GFWC.
Letter asking that club presidents put on a subscription campaign, encouraging women to subscribe to the General Federation News.
Vance, Julie E., Austin, University of Texas Extension Division.
Letter explaining that the University has arranged a series of group study courses especially for clubwomen. Includes application for group study courses.
Wade, Mrs. Homer D., Stamford, Chairman of Finance.
Letters concern distribution of Federation funds to committees.
West, Decca Lamar, Waco, Historian.
Letters concern the writing of the Texas Federation history. Especially concerned with securing a fund from which expenses pertaining to the history could be paid.
Program Notes -
Handwritten draft and typed program for the Board Luncheon. Also includes a poem "The Tapestry Weaver."
Requests for yearbooks
3.15Lindsay Administration, 1929 - 1931
Lindsay, Mrs. R. F., Mount Pleasant, President TFWC.
Letters concern arrangements for district meetings and correspondence with Miss West concerning the history of the Federation.
Adams, Maidie (Mrs. Alex), San Antonio, Department of Fine Arts.
Letter concerning an art contest and plans for city beautification.
Bailey, Mrs. G. H., Dallas, Chairman Program Committee.
Letter requesting information from the College of Industrial Arts on summer programs for clubwomen.
Bird, Ollie, Denison, Chairman Finance Committee.
Letter dealing with auditing fees and funds.
Brightwell, Mrs. W. P., Baird, Chairman "Problems in Industry."
Letter agreeing to work with Mrs. Ring.
Corbit, Leffler, Austin.
Invitation to a party honoring Mrs. Pennybacker.
Fincher, Mrs. J. W., Houston, Fourth District President.
Letter concerns plans for building a federation headquarters in Austin and details how individuals or clubs can contribute.
Floore, Florence, Cleburne, GFWC Vice-Chairman.
Letters concern the Public Welfare Department and appointments to committees within the department.
Hamilton, Hal A., Del Rio, US Highway No.90 Association.
Letter inviting Mrs. Adams to attend a meeting of the Highway No.90 Association.
Hubbard, L. H., Dallas, President College of Industrial Arts.
Letter declining invitation to speak at the TFWC convention.
Humphries, Jessie H., Denton, Associate Dean CIA.
Letter requesting a list of all women who were delegates to the TFWC convention so that she could send them information on Texas State College for Women's educational extension program.
Leslie, Mrs. H. T., Dallas, Oak Cliff Society of Fine Arts.
Letter concerns an article about Mrs. Turner.
Livingstone, Mrs. H. T., Waxahachie, Second District Secretary.
Letter accepting chairmanship of Industrial and Social Conditions Committee.
Mayfield, John S., Southern Methodist University.
Letter concerns the erection of a memorial to Sidney Lanier at the Menger hotel. Complains that after his initiative for erecting the monument he was not invited to the dedication.
Middleton, Mrs. Earl, Beaumont, Chairman Correction and Prison Reform.
Letter asking about what information should be included in a presentation on prison reform.
Mills, Nellie, Houston.
Telegram stating that she will be on the train tomorrow.
Minor, Katherine (Mrs. Fred B.), Denton, Chairman Child Welfare Committee.
Letter concerns the establishment of the University of Texas Foundation for Child Welfare and Parent Education.
Mobley, Mrs. H. B., Dallas, Chairman Second District State Education Institution.
Letter asking Mr. Hubbard, President College of Industrial Arts, if he has any issues he wants brought before the Federation.
Mullins, Mrs. Marion, Fort Worth, Treasurer TFWC.
Letter discusses money owed on notes.
Oppenheimer, Harriet (Mrs. Juilian), Fort Worth, Chairman Folk Music Committee.
Letter stating that she will not be able to attend meeting, but offering the slogan "Radiating cheer through folk music."
Pennybacker, Anna, Austin, Life member.
Letter clarifying her travel plans and supplying information requested by Miss. West.
Potter, Fannie (Mrs. W. R.), Bowie, Chairman Committe in Scholarships and Loans GFWC.
Letter to Miss West emphasizing the need for the history of the Federation to be completed and requesting that Miss West set a definite date for the work to be completed.
Redmond, Ida Durand (Mrs. Henry), Corpus Christi, Chairman Committee on Library Extension.
Letter to Miss West detailing her history with the Federation for inclusion in the history.
Reeves, Mrs. T. V., Canyon, West Texas State Teachers College.
Letter giving suggestions on the organization of the Department of Public Welfare. Includes a survey to be completed locally, designed to emphasize areas of work within Public Welfare.
Smith, Corinna Lindon, New York, Chairman Division of Indian Work GFWC.
Letter requesting that all information pertaining to activities conducted for Indian Welfare be forwarded to the state chairman for Indian Welfare so that a national report can be compiled.
Strauss, Mrs. Sidney, Houston.
Letter in response to a request for a list of the women who attended the TFWC convention in Houston.
Swartz, Zehna M, Houston, Chairman Home Demonstration.
Letter asking that an assistant in home demonstration be assigned.
Wade, Mrs., Homer, Stamford, Finance and Executive Committees.
Letter describing outstanding bills from the Biennial Convention, one of which is Mrs. Pennybacker's hotel bill for the week which the club seems to feel is exorbitant and are unwilling to pay.
West, Decca Lamar, Waco, Historian.
Folder 1:
Letters describe progress on the Federation history as being slowed by a lack of information from clubs and former presidents as well as a need for a fund to aid in secretarial and printing expenses. Miss West complains that she feels she has been treated unjustly. Also includes letters about a poem by Edwin Markham.
Folder 2:
Invitation to the Sidney Lanier tablet dedication, and a letter in reply to Mr. Mayfield stating that his invitation to the dedication had gone to the wrong address. Also includes a paper entitled "To Advance the Name of Sidney Lanier ," which provides some biographical information on the poet Lanier.
3.15Fincher Administration, 1931 - 1933
Adams, Mrs. Alex, San Antonio, Fifth District President.
Letter describing the Longhorn Cavern and State Park and agreeing to send a list of names as requested.
Beretta, Sallie Ward, San Antonio, President San Antonio Girl Scouts.
Letter enclosing the Federation History of San Antonio as requested by Mrs. West. Also announces that she has been elected to the SA Museum Association, the first woman to receive such honor.
Brock, Elizabeth, Bryan, Fourth District President.
Letter enclosing a complete list of offices, department, division and committee chairman of the Fourth District.
Douglas, Mrs. S. W., Sweetwater.
Telegram stating that she would be unable to reach Waco before Friday.
Humphries, Jessie H., Denton, Asso. Dean College of Industrial Arts.
Letter requesting a club roster of the Second District.
Illig, Marjorie B., Onset, Massachusetts, Chairman Division of Public Health GFWC.
Letter addressed to all state chairmen of public health outlining steps that can be taken on the state or local level towards increasing public health.
Judson, James, Dallas, First National Securities Company.
Letter listing various securities pledged by Mrs. Lindsay to secure a recent loan.
Lewis, Mrs. A. S., Dallas, Second District President.
Letter in reply to a request for a list of names of women in the Second District.
Moore, Jane, Houston, TFWC Executive Secretary.
Letter telling of the death of Mrs. Nagle of Navasota.
Mullins, Marion, Fort Worth, Chairman Investments Committee.
Letter in reply to Mr. Judson concerning receipts for securities of the TFWC.
Pennybacker, Anna (Mrs. Percy), Austin, Life Member.
Letter congratulating Mrs. Ring on being named as a Regent to the College of Industrial Arts lso asks Mrs. Ring to consider giving Ruth (Mrs. Pennybacker’s daughter) a position teaching at the college.
Randall, Mrs. L B., San Antonio, Chairman Committee on Scholarships and Loans.
Letter discussing the payment of credits.
Walker, Mrs. James, Dallas, Second District Correspondence Secretary.
Letter in reply to a request for a list of women in the second district.
West, Decca Lamar, Waco, Historian.
Letters concern the Texas Federation History, still being written by Miss West. Topics include a fund established for the publication and money given towards secretarial help. Miss West contends that Mrs. Fincher is somehow opposed to the printing of the history.
3.16Taylor Administration, 1933 - 1936
Taylor, Ethel Cook (Mrs. Volney), Brownsville, President TFWC.
Folder 1:
Copy of a letter sent to Mrs. McBurnett, later intercepted by Mrs. Carlisle, in which Mrs. Taylor says that hiring Mrs. Carlisle as business manager of the Federation News was a big mistake, and that it only gave her "the opportunity she wanted." Also a letter to Mrs. Carlisle in which Mrs. Taylor says that she will take over the business management of the Federation News. A reply to Mr. George Phillips concerning expenses his daughter has incurred.
Folder 2:
Letter enclosing checks for subscriptions to the Federation News.
Folder 3:
Letters concerning disbanded clubs and clubs resigning from the federation.
Folder 4:
Letters discuss: the first board meeting to be held in the permanent headquarters; exchanges with Mrs. Carlisle concerning payment of vouchers and other treasurer relater duties and meetings of the finance committee; and an affiliation between TFWC and Delta Kappa Gamma.
Adams, Mrs. G. W., Andalusia, Alabama, President Alabama Federation of Women's Clubs.
Averitt, Nancy (Mrs. W. P.), Lamesa, Seventh District President.
Letters concern new clubs in the Seventh District and club dues.
Bacon, Mrs. William, Dallas, Chairman Division of Community Service.
Letter discusses the Texas Museum of Natural History and its status within the Federation.
Blanton, Annie Webb, Austin, Department of Education.
Letter stating that she will not be present at board meeting.
3.17 Carlisle, Margaret, Houston, Treasurer.
Letters concern confusion surrounding the duties of treasurer, contracts for advertising in the Federation News, "selling out the Federation to the movies," and an ongoing "disagreement" between Mrs. Carlisle and Mrs. Taylor concerning her motives behind garnering contracts for advertisement. Includes mention of insulting remarks made by Mrs. Taylor about Mrs. Carlisle. Also includes a list of clubs and contacts.
Carpenter, John W., Dallas, Texas Power and Light Company.
Letter discussing terms through which they will agree to take out an advertisement.
Carson, Ida, Ozona.
Letter stating that she will not be in attendance at the meeting.
Chiles, George, Fort Worth, First National Bank.
Letter concerns TFWC bank accounts.
Cochran, Louise (Mrs. John D.), Sinton, Fifth District President.
Letter discussing Fifth District clubs and departmental money.
Coulter, Lillian M., Columbia, Mississippi, GFWC Director for Mississippi.
Letter declining invitation to attend TFWC convention.
Cox, Maude (Mrs. George W.), Del Rio, Department of Fine Arts.
Letter accepting position as Chairman of Committee on Safety in the Home.
Cristenberry, Agnes, Corresponding Secretary.
Letters concern the scholarship fund.
Fincher, Mrs. J. W., Houston, Director GFWC.
Letter concerns money received towards the GFWC Endowment Fund.
Foresman, Mrs. D.H., Meridian, Mississippi, GFWC Pin Chairman.
Letter concerns receipt of money for pins.
Friend, O. B (Mrs. Frank), San Angelo, First Vice-President.
Letters concern the payment of club dues.
Galloway, Laura F., Sanford, Florida, GFWC Group 2 Trustee.
Letter declining invitation to attend TFWC Conference.
Gavlvin, Carrie, GFWC Assistant Treasurer.
Letters concern club dues.
Godfrey, Mrs. H. S., Minneapolis, Chairman Department of Fine Arts GFWC.
Letter declining invitation to attend TFWC Conference.
Hall, Mrs. H. E., Sherman, Second District Secretary.
Letter asking Mrs. Turrentine to attend an executive board meeting.
Hamilton, Mrs. J. H., Waxahachie, Second District President.
Letter concerns payment of dues by clubs.
Heneley, Louise M. (Mrs. Eugene), Grinnell, Iowa, GFWC Director for Iowa.
Letter declining invitation to TFWC Conference and mentioning the Phoebe K. Warner Memorial.
Hentrick, Ethel, Brownsville, Secretary to Mrs. Taylor.
Letters concern payment of club dues, advertising costs and Federation News subscriptions. Also discusses a check which had been altered and was refused payment.
Horton, Lillian, Eastland, Sixth District Secretary.
Letters concern payment of club dues.
Hudnell, Julia B., Austin.
Letter concerns transcription work requested by the Federation.
Hughes, Mrs. Tilford, Atlanta, Texas, Third District President.
Letter discussing district finances.
Jenkins, Mary Louise, Daingerfield, Third District Vice President.
Letters concern payment of club dues.
Johnson, Bessie Kirkland (Mrs. G. W.), Brownsville, Finance Committee Chairman.
Letter concerns payment of vouchers and outstanding bills, and the working conditions at the Federation News.
Kelly, Zada S., Groesbeck, Past Treasurer.
Letters concern the closing of Federation bank accounts, the transfer of money into another account and payment of club dues.
Keyworth, Ora G. (Mrs M. R.), GFWC Americanization Division.
Letter declining invitation to TFWC conference.
Latham, Murine Brown (Mrs. R. H.), Asheville, North Carolina, GFWC Director for North Carolina.
Letter declining invitation to attend TFWC conference.
Lindsay, Mrs. R. F, Louisville, Kentucky, Past President.
Letter in reference to an audit of the TFWC and money owed to her for past expenses. Another letter describing the “great embarrassment” faced by the TFWC after being delinquent in payment of dues to the GFWC. Also includes a correspondence between Mrs. Lindsay and the Charles L. Armstrong Company discussing whether or not Mrs. Volney Taylor had access to papers delivered by Mrs. Lindsay to Mr. Armstrong.
Lockie, Mrs. John, Kerrville.
Letter discusses a resolution that was passed allowing for donations to be made for a portrait of Mrs. Percy V. Pennybacker, past president of both TFWC and GFWC. The portrait is to be displayed I the permanent TFWC headquarters.
Mason, Gertrude T. (Mrs. Frank), Rhode Island, President RI Federation.
Letter acknowledging receipt of Official Call to Convention.
McBurnett, Madeline, Dallas, Department of Press and Publicity.
Letters discuss the ongoing controversy surrounding Mrs. Carlisle, Mrs. Taylor and the Federation News. Also includes an announcement that Mrs. McBurnett was dismissed as an officer of the Federation and as editor of the Federation News by Mrs. Taylor and a hearing was set in Dallas to determine if Mrs. Taylor had the authority to take such action. Mrs. McBurnett calls Mrs. Taylor "Mrs. Hitler."
McKenna, Mrs. Gerald, Harlingen.
Letter detailing expanses incurred in proof reading the Federation Yearbook.
Miller, Mrs. Geo.W., Graham, Chairman Penny Art Fund.
Post card advertising “last call” for women to join the Penny Art Fund.
Morris, Annie Rose, Chico, First District Vice President.
Letters discuss payment of club dues.
Mullins, Marion, Fort Worth.
Letter discussing a photograph to be made of Mrs. Rotan.
Oliveros, C.A., Houston.
Letter discusses the Federation Fund balance.
Pearson, Lola Clark, Marshall, Oklahoma.
Letter declining invitation to attend TFWC conference.
Perkins, Emily (Mrs. Jos. M.), Eastland, Sixth District President.
Letter discusses club dues and Federation News subscriptions.
Phillips, Elizabeth, Tyler, Recording Secretary.
Letter enclosing two club’s dues payments that were sent to her by mistake.
Phillips, Geo. R., Tyler, Father of Elizabeth Phillips.
Letter describing the expenses his daughter has incurred as secretary, and asking for repayment.
Randall, Mrs. L. B., San Antonio, Chairman Scholarships and Loans.
Letter discusses repayment of loans.
Scott, Florence Johnson, Rio Grande City, Chairman Department of Education.
Letter discusses a luncheon at the state convention.
Senter, E. G., Dallas, Attorney to Mrs. McBurnett.
Letter describes the proceedings of the injunction filed by Mrs. McBurnett as a result of her being dismissed as a federation officer by Mrs. Taylor. Describes the attorneys examination of the Federation charter and by-laws.
Sutton, Florence L., Greenwich, Connecticut, President CFWC.
Letter declining invitation to attend TFWC conference.
Thrift Packing Company, Dallas.
Letter discusses an upcoming TFWC demonstration featuring Texas made products. Thrift Packing buys Texas grown foods and cans food in Dallas and wishes to have their products included in the demonstration.
Turner, P. L., Dallas, Southwest Press.
Letter concerns the printing of the Federation History and includes price quotes.
Turrentine, Dodo (Mrs. Richard), Denton, Second District Vice-President.
Letters concern the collection of club dues.
Welder, Mrs. James F., Victoria, Permanent Headquarters Committee.
Letter discusses the opening of the permanent headquarters.
West, Decca Lamar, Waco, Historian.
Letters concern the preparation of the Federation History and the gathering of photographs for inclusion.
White, Agnes (Mrs. Fred A.), Port Arthur, Fourth District President.
Letters concern the payment of club dues.
White, Stella C., Port Arthur.
Letter concerns a secret society "The Supreme Order of the Butterfly," whose aim is to be "happy, carefree and friendly." The letter is very sarcastic, and "The Order of the Butterfly" may be real or facetious.
Winner, Vella, GFWC Editor/Manager Clubwoman.
Letter declining invitation to attend TFWC conference.
Unsigned letter concerning Mrs. Carlisle's attempts to garner advertisers for the Federation News on terms that are not agreeable to Mrs. Taylor.

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