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Texas Woman's University, the Woman's Collection

Texas Federation of Women's Clubs Collection

Series 8: Graphic Material

Collection Summary

Creator:Texas Federation of Women's Clubs
Title:Texas Federation of Women's Clubs Collection
Date:1897 - .
Abstract:Constitution and bylaws, minutes, correspondence, reports, and published material created by the state organization, the districts, and over 2,200 individual member clubs. Also includes graphic material such as photographs and scrapbooks. Material documents the founding meeting in 1897 through the organization's growth in the twentieth century into the largest women's volunteer association in Texas.
Location:Mss. 32
Size:493 boxes.
RepositoryTexas Woman's University, the Woman's Collection


Arrangement of the Collection

The records are arranged into nine series:
Series 1: Historical Writings
Series 2: Legal and Financial Documents
Series 3a-j: Administrations - Correspondence and Reports
Series 4: Education Assistance
Series 5: Headquarters Building
Series 6a-c: Membership
Series 7: Printed Material
Series 8: Graphic Material
Series 9: General Federation of Women's Clubs and South Central Region


Access to the Collection:

Open for research.

Publication and Copyright Statements:

Permission to publish materials must be obtained in writing from the Coordinator for Special Collections. Where copyright is unclear, all responsibility must be assumed by the user.

Administrative Information


Material was collected and housed at the TFWC Headquarters until the organization designated the Woman's Collection as the repository for its archives in 1985. Material has been added on a continuing basis since that time.

Processed by

Ann McGuffin Barton, Morgan Davis, and Barbara Hotinski, 1997-2007.

Encoded by:

Ranu Singhvi, 2008

Detailed Description of the Collection


Series 8: Graphic Material

Music to songs honoring the federation, photographs and negatives of individuals and meetings of local clubs, districts, and the state organization. Scrapbooks and news clippings are also included.
8.1 TFWC Sheet Music Collection
8.2 Negatives - 1980 - 1982
8.3Photos - Sims Administration
8.4Photos - Individuals
Baker, Mrs. Hubert, Ozona.
Barton, Ann (Mrs. Woodrow L.), Sanger.
Beretta, Sallie Ward (Mrs. J. K.), San Antonio.
Bland, Kathleen Lomax, (Mrs. D. C.) , Orange.
Boutwell, Dorothy (Mrs. Johnnie T.), Temple.
Boyd, Mae Wadley (Mrs. Ben), Denton.
Bratton, Verne (Mrs. Howard B.), Waco.
Buchholz, Ruth (Mrs. Don A.), Garland.
Carleton, Winnie (Mrs. A. T.), Houston.
Carpenter, Virginia (Mrs. Philip A.), Burkburnett.
Collier, Lillian, Mumford.
Connery, Louise Taylor (Mrs. C. W.), Fort Worth.
Cunningham, Mrs. J. C., Fort Stockton, San Angelo.
Curry, Mrs. M. H., Bryan.
Daniel, Jean (Mrs. Price), Austin.
Davis, Mrs. Luther.
Dibrell, Ella (Mrs. Joseph), Seguin.
Dudley, Lorraine (Mrs. L. E.), Abilene.
Dyer, Mrs. Frank, Houston.
Fall, Florence ( Mrs. Henry B.), Houston.
Farr, Mrs. Robert, Seymour.
Fields, Florence Baldwin (Mrs. J. U.), Haskell.
Fincher, Pearl (Mrs. J. W.), Houston.
Fleming, Dora (Mrs. Fred), Dallas.
Floore, Mrs. Florence Childress, Cleburne.
Foster, Ethel, Sterling City.
Gamertsfelder, Marion Evelyn Gray (Mrs. Joe Ray), Dalhart, Amarillo.
Garrison, Mrs. R. H., Denton.
Ginnings, Blanche (Mrs. J. L.), Pilot Point.
Green, Bettye (Mrs. Harold), Tahoka.
Griffiths, Evelyn (Mrs. Harry), Austin.
Guy, Mary Beth (Mrs. C. R. “Doc”), Kirbyville.
Hamilton, Frances B. (Mrs. Gaines M.), Austin.
Hertzberg, Anna Goodman (Mrs. Eli), San Antonio.
Hodge, Veda (Mrs. J. Howard), Midland.
House, Berniece (Mrs. A. J.), Yoakum.
Hughes, Lucy (Mrs. A. C.), Commerce.
Johnson, Eliza “Birdie” Robertson (Mrs. Cone), Tyler, Washington.
Joseph, Lily (Mrs. Lee), San Antonio, Austin.
Kemp, Dorothy (Mrs. Leonard D.), Corpus Christi.
Lindsay, Miriam P. (Mrs. R. F.), Mount Pleasant.
Magruder, Bettie (Mrs. E. G.), San Angelo.
McMahan, Billie Jean (Mrs. Joel D., Jr.), Cleveland.
Mills, Mrs. Charles H., Corsicana.
Mitchell, Bobbe (Mrs. Malone), Sanderson.
Mohl, Aurelia Hadley, Houston.
Pace, Louise, Corsicana.
Pennybacker, Anna J. Hardwicke (Mrs. Percy V.), Tyler, Austin.
Perkins, Emily Gleason (Mrs. Joseph M.), Eastland.
Perry, Ione Dulaney (Mrs. John J.), Sweetwater.
Potter, Fannie C. (Mrs. W. R.), Bowie.
Redmond, Ida Durand (Mrs. Henry), Corpus Christi.
Roberson, Mary Margaret (Mrs. Champion), Dallas.
Rotan, Kate (Mrs. Edward), Waco. (2 photos, one oversize).
Rountree, Lou (Mrs. Roy), Houston.
Scott, Mrs. Florence Johnson, Rio Grande City.
Scott, Mrs. G. R., Corpus Christi.
Seay, Ann (Mrs. B. F.), Andrews.
Shaper, Celeste (Mrs. Henry F.), San Antonio.
Shaver, Mrs. Lillie Terrell, San Marcos.
Silvus, Carol (Mrs. H. S., Jr.), San Antonio.
Simmang, "Minnie" Mary Ellen Kemper (Mrs. Michael), Giddings.
Sims, Lennie (Mrs. B. M.), Wellington.
Skiles, Frances (Mrs. Sammie), Weatherford.
Smith, Bessie (Mrs. E. N.), Marshall.
Stubbs, Modene (Mrs. Van Hook), Wortham.
Taylor, Ethel Cook (Mrs. Volney Wright), Brownsville.
Terrell, Mary Peters Young (Mrs. J. C.), Fort Worth.
Tipps, Eleanor (Mrs. Robert N.), Denver City.
Turner, Adella Kelsey (Mrs. E. P.), Dallas.
Turrentine, Jennie “Dodo” (Mrs. Richard J.), Denton.
Walker, Lucile (Mrs. John Waring), Plainview. [Mss. 311]
Wentland, Tina Margaret Billeson (Mrs. W. H.), Manor.
Whatley, Mrs. Harriette Williford, Fairfield.
Whitehurst, Mrs. John L., Baltimore, MD.
Willis, Mrs. Mattie D., Waco.
Winingham, Barbara (Mrs. James), Bowie.
Wright, Ione (Mrs. S. J.), Paris.
8.5 TFWC Groups and Special Events - 1970
1929 -
President Mrs. R. F. Lindsay and Executive Committee: Mrs. John J. Perry, Mrs. E. E. Maloney, Miss Marion Mullins, Mrs. Ben G. O’Neal, Mrs. F. R. Pettengell, Mrs. Sam Cox, Mrs. J. W. Fincher, Mrs. Volney Taylor. Baker Hotel, Mineral Wells.
1946 -
Reception at Tea Room. TFWC Headquarters, Austin.
1948 -
Wedding, TFWC Headquarters, Austin. (2 photos)
1950 -
Mrs. Hodge accepts appointment from Governor Shivers, Austin.
Mrs. Hodge and luncheon group, Tea Room at TFWC Headquarters, Austin. (4 photos)
Mrs. Hodge and Mrs. Lourah Kincaid, President of Third District. District President’s tour of Gonzalez Warm Springs Foundation.
Mrs. Hodge at M.D. Anderson groundbreaking ceremony, Houston.
1951 -
Mrs. Hodge named Outstanding Woman of Texas with former U.S. Vice President John Nance Garner. (4 photos)
1956 - 1958 -
Mrs. House with various club groups and a trip to Greece. (15 photos)
1958 - 1960 -
Mae Boyd; other TFWC presidents including House, Perkins, Turrentine, Griffith, Carleton, and Jennings. (16 photos)
1958 - 1960 -
Mae Boyd with various TFWC women including the district presidents and executive committee. (43 photos)
1958 - 1960 -
Mae Boyd and unidentified woman dressed in aprons with Texas shaped cookie cutter, rolling pin. A fundraiser during Boyd’s administration was the cookie-cutter and Mrs. Price Daniel’s recipe for a rolled cookie for $1. (1 photo)
1958 - 1960 -
TFWC Convention and planning. (10 photos)
1958 - 1960 -
Miscellaneous photographs from Boyd administration. (23 photos)
1958 - 1960 -
Mae Boyd with: Lady Bird and Lyndon Johnson, Opal and Ralph Yarbrough, Senator Blakeley, and Bennett Cerf. (4 photos)
1961 -
TFWC President Griffiths with Alice Jane Morrison, State Poster Girl, Dallas.
1962 -
TFWC 65th Annual Convention, “Carnival in Rio” float sponsored by Sears Roebuck on San Antonio River, San Antonio. (2 photos)
TFWC 65th Convention, San Antonio. (2 photos)
1963 -
Friendship Day Proclamation. Governor Connally designating March 7 Friendship Day in honor of Eleanor Brackenridge. From left to right, Mrs. J. Walter Pierce, TFWC Friendship Chairman, Gov. Connally, and Mrs. A. T. Carleton, TFWC President.
1967 -
“Operation Understanding” Tour, Fort Sam Houston.
TFWC State Convention, dinner at Baker Hotel, Dallas.
1966 - 1968 -
Mrs. J. Howard Hodge, Ann Seay, Leona McCormick Bryant and Floy Michelka at a75th anniversary celebration.
1968 -
Leadership Seminar, St. Mary’s University, San Antonio. (6 photos)
1968 -
TFWC South Texas District Planning Session. Mrs. A. C. Scott, Jr., Mrs. J. Sakie Harlan, Mrs. W. W. Zimmerman, Mrs. Wasson, Mrs. Ocsar Bocock, Mrs. E. H. Green, Mrs. Frank Dotterweich, and Mrs. Claude Alpin. Round Table Inn, Kingsville.
1968 - 1970 -
Mrs. Henry Shaper and GFWC President Magee. (3 photos)
Snapshots taken during Shaper administration. (34 photos)
1969 -
Beautify Texas Planning Meeting. Mrs. Henry F. Shaper, Mr. Jake Plain (Sears-Roebuck Foundation) and Mrs. R. N. White, Chair of TFWC Trustees.
TFWC Magnolia District Meeting. Mrs. W. F. Fredeman, district president; Mrs. E. L. Boykin, TFWC Golden Book chairman; and Mrs. Henry Shaper.
Mrs. Henry Shaper and March of Dimes poster boy Ken Browning at tea given by Mrs. Preston Smith at the Governor’s Mansion, Austin.
Texaco Marine Tour, Port Arthur. (15 photos)
Trustees at convention, Houston.
8.6 1970 - 1990
1970 -
TFWC State Convention, Villa Capri Motel, Austin. Mrs. Philip Carpenter, Mrs. Henry Shaper, and Mrs. Kermit Haugan. Villa Capri Motel, Austin. (3 photos)
Arbor Day, Temple. Mrs. Henry Shaper at tree planting. (4 photos)
District presidents at planning session for GFWC convention: Mrs. A. A. Stewart, Mrs. J. G. Lester, Mrs. Philip Robbins, Mrs. W. T. Boutwell, Mrs. Thomas Lowrey, Laverne Moore, Mrs. L. A. Maddox, Mrs. J. E. Gingrich, Mrs. W. V. Wheeler, and Mrs. W. F. Fredeman.
Committee chairmen planning GFWC convention: Mrs. Joseph Perkins, Mrs. Glen Tolar, Mrs. Frank Galusha, Mrs. Ray Rogers, Mrs. Edwin Seyfrit, and Miss Eudora Hawkins.
1970 - 1972 -
Mrs. Philip Carpenter with different groups. (4 photos)
1971 -
Arbor Day, San Antonio. Mrs. Henry Shaper at tree planting. (7 photos)
1979 -
M.D. Anderson Hospital and Tumor Institute. Lennie Sims, Bettye Green, other clubwomen, and Anderson personnel during events at the hospital during TFWC state convention.
1980 -
Lennie Sims. Photographs from her administration including TFWC, GFWC and South Central events.
1981 -
Lennie Sims, TFWC president, and group presenting appreciation plaque to Governor Bill Clements on Crime Prevention legislation, June.
1985 -
Executive Committee-presentation of Texas Sesquicentennial flag, July 17.
1990s - 2004 -
Miscellaneous, mostly unidentified. (174 photos)
1996 -
Minnie Simmang Installation, TFWC Headquarters, Austin. Snapshots of the ceremony and reception Images include executive committee, past state presidents, and Faye Dissinger from GFWC Also includes Simmang family and other TFWC members. (30)
2000 -
TFWC Fall Board Meeting, Town Lake Holiday Inn, Austin. Snapshots including district presidents; Mary Beth Jamison and Ann Barton. (3 photos)
2001 -
TFWC Spring Convention, San Angelo. Delegates from Pioneer District: Marilyn Doughty, Patricia Wallace, Mary Jane Browne, Barbara Winingham, Frances Skiles, Ann Barton, Toni Kidd, Elaine Davis.
TFWC Fall Board Meeting, TFWC Headquarters, Austin. Snapshopts including Mary Jane Browne, Audrey White, Beth Duke, and Ramona Nance. (3 photos)
2002 -
TFWC Spring Convention, Midland. (2 photos)
Texas Library Association Centennial Conference, Dallas Public Library, Dallas.
Mary Beth Guy receives medallion honoring TFWC from the library association. Also present: President elect Bobbe Mitchell, Janoma Stephens, and Ann Barton.
Texas Library Association Centennial Conference, Women’s Museum, Dallas.
Mary Beth Guy presents retiring TWU Library Director Elizabeth Snapp with a plaque of appreciation. Also present: President elect Bobbe Mitchell, Janoma Stephens, Mary Jane Browne and Ann Barton.
2004 -
TFWC Fall Board Meeting, Austin. (6 photos)
2005 -
TFWC 108th Annual Convention, Beaumont. Nederland High School Performers, April 29.
“Fashions for Fun” Entries in the contest.
“Pick Cotton” Group of women around card table with sign.
8.7 Clubs/Districts/ TFWC, South Central (GFWC)
Baytown The Woman’s Club, including Veda Hodge, 1950s. (7 photos)
Crane Study Club, 1958 - 1960
Denton City Federation, 1927.
Denton County Federation, probably during Boyd Adm. 1958 - 1960. (3 photos)
Denton Garden Club, 1958 - 1960 (4 photos)
Denton Woman’s Service League 1958 - 1960. (5 photos)
Denton Woman’s Shakespeare Club. (8 photos)
El Campo Woman’s Club.
Haskell Progressive Study Club. (6 pictures on one sheet)
Huntsville (no club indicated).
Justin Mae Boyd at Justin unidentified club meeting.
Kirbyville Woman’s Civic Club. New flagpole and flag at Community Houst, March 14, 2002. (5 photos).
Odessa (No club indicated).
Panhandle Mother’s Self Culture Club.
Pecos Twentieth Century Club.
Pilot Point Nineteenth Century Club, 1958 - 1960. (1 photo)
Sanger Wednesday Study Club, 2006. (20 photos)
Seguin Shakespeare Club, 1900, 1907.
Stamford Pierian Club.
Stephenville Twentieth Century Club, ca. 1910. (oversize)
Whitesboro Federated Club presidents, 1958 - 1960.
Wichita Falls Woman’s Forum Reassembly, 1958 - 1960.
Districts - Numbered
First District, 1958 - 1960, (2 photos)
Second District, 1951, 1958 - 1960. (2 photos)
Eighth District, Past 8th District presidents with Mae Boyd, 1958 - 1960.
Districts - Named
Capitol Meetings and Executive Committee, 2002 - 2004.
Magnolia Fall Board Meeting, 2004.
San Jacinto, Spring Convention, Brenham, 1986. (6 photos)
South Texas Summer Workshop/TFWC Traveling Team, Kingsville, 2004. (9 photos, CD)
Trinity Executive Committee, 2004 - 2006.
Western Various meetings, 1980s - 1990s. (27 photos)
1953 Exterior.
1981 Interior (11 photos)
n.d. Interior and exterior snapshots (15 photos)
South Central Region
1955 Regional Conference, Hotel Texas, Fort Worth. (4 photos)
2006 Regional Conference, Fort Worth. (9 photos)
General Federation of Women’s Clubs
GFWC Convention, San Antonio. (oversize)
1958 - 1960
Fashion-Sewing Contest. Winner Mrs. Fred Dellone, Jr., Monahans, TX.
GFWC Convention, Boston, MA.
Mrs. Shaper at ceremony proclaiming Mrs. Walter Magee and Mrs. E. D. Pearce, GFWC president, ambassadors at the HemisFair. (2 photos)
Mrs. Walter Magee, GFWC president, Sears-Roebuck Foundation president, winner of the Community Improvement Program, and Mrs. Henry Shaper, TFWC president.
Community Improvement Program Planning Meeting. Mrs. Walter Magee, GFWC president, and Mr. William McCurdy, Sears-Roebuck Foundation president.
Leadership Workshop for GFWC Board conducted by Mrs. Earl Hazelton of California. She is pictured with Mrs. Henry Shaper, TFWC president.
Mrs. Walter Magee, GFWC president (with glasses), and Mrs. E. Parker Brown, Home Life Dept. Chair (seated in sweater), reviewing artist’s designs for the State of the Family Award Citations. Also picture are other members of the GFWC Home Life Dept.: Mrs. J. Claude Barnett, Mrs. Clarence Hendeickson, and Mrs. Robert Ernst. (2 photos)
GFWC Convention, San Antonio.
Included are Texas convention chairman Mrs. Henry Shaper; co-chairs Mrs. A. T. Carleton and Mrs. L. E. Dudley, GFWC president Mrs. Walter Magee, Texas Governor Preston Smith, Mrs. Halton, and Mrs. Ray Rogers. (12 photos)
GFWC Broadcaster’s Award. Ken Duke and Mrs. J. B. Waide.
GFWC Bicentennial Plate. First Lady Betty Ford and GFWC President with plate.
Numerous unidentified photographs.
Amarillo Convention
Austin, October
Abilene, Spring - A, B, C, D, E, F
Odessa and Midland, Fall - H, I, J, I
Fort Worth, Spring - L, M, N, O, P, Q
Austin, Fall - R, S
8.8 Photos - Clubhouses
Correspondence, 1925 - 1926
Article on the pros and cons of owning a clubhouse.
Albany. History.
Anson. History, photograph.
Beaumont. History, photograph.
Caldwell. Photograph.
Childress. History, photograph.
Cisco. History, photograph.
Denison. History.
Eastland. History.
Denton. Photographs: Woman’s Club Building, Mary Arden Lodge at North Texas State Normal College/UNT. (3)
Elgin. History, photograph.
El Paso. Photograph.
Fort Hancock. History, photograph.
Fort Worth. Photograph.
Friona. History, photograph.
Haskell. History, photographs (2).
City Federation of Houston: History, photograph.
Houston Woman’s Club: History, photograph.
Jasper. History, photograph.
Kirbyville. History, photograph.
Knox City. History, photograph.
La Grange. History.
Lamesa. History, photograph.
Lockhart. History, photograph of library where clubs meet.
Lubbock. History, photograph.
Marshall. History, photograph.
Mineral Wells. History.
Orange. History, photograph.
Rocksprings. History, photograph.
Rule. History, photograph.
San Antonio. History, photographs (2).
Seguin. History, photograph.
Stephenville. History, photograph.
Teague. History on letterhead that has picture library where the club meets.
Temple. History, photograph.
Weatherford. History, photograph.
Wichita Falls. Photograph.
Woodsboro. History, photograph.
8.9 Photographic Printing Plates
8.10 Photographic Printing Plates
8.11 Photographic Printing Places
8.12 Dallas Saturday Night - oversize
8.13 News clippings - undated
8.14 News clippings - 1903 - 1930
8.15 News clippings - 1914 - 1920
8.16 News clippings - 1920 - 1940
8.17 News clippings - Undated
Presidential Scrapbooks
8.181939 - Perkins
8.191949 - 1951 Hodge
8.201953 - 1956 Dudley
8.211953 - 1956 Dudley
8.221953 - 1956 Dudley
8.231956 - 1958 House
8.241958 - 1960 Boyd
8.251966 – 1968 Seay
8.261966 – 1968 Seay
8.271968 – 1970 Shaper
State Scrapbooks
8.28TFWC Certificate Awards
8.29Education Department - Diamond Jubilee
8.30International Affairs - 1966 - 1968
8.31Art Week 1945 - 1947
8.32Second District 1947 - 1949 “Young Art”
8.33Second District 1949 - 1950
8.34Second District 1950 - 1951
8.35Third District 1937 - 1949
8.36Third District 1947 - 1948
8.37Sixth District 1919 - 1952
Club Scrapbooks
8.38Austin - Capital Study Guild 1937 - 1961
8.39Austin - Capital Study Guild 1961 - 1984
8.40Austin - Woman’s Federation 1957 - 1959
8.41Baird Wednesday Club: 1985 - 2002, 1995 - 1999, 1996 - 2002, 2002 - 2004
8.42Corpus Christi 20th Century Club (1 book)
City Federation (2 books)
8.43Dalhart 1928 Club
8.44Dallas Woman’s Chamber of Commerce CIP 1956 - 1958
8.45Dayton Lakata Club: 1956 - 1958
8.46El Campo - The Woman’s Club: 1956 - 1957
8.47Georgetown Study Club: 1962 - 1964
8.48Lewisville Study Club: 1914 - 1990
8.49Midland Study Club Press Books: 1952 - 1953, 1959 - 1960, 1966 - 1967
8.50Midland Study Club Clippings Books: 1951-1952 (2 books)
8.51Midland Study Club: 1970 - 1996
8.52Midland Study Club Press Books: 1962, 1963, 1965 - 1966
8.53Orange - The Woman’s Club (undated)
8.54Paris - Caira Study Club: 1947-1952
8.55Pilot Point - 19th Century Club
8.56Pioneer District: 1996 - 1998
8.57Roscoe - Altruesa Club 1958
8.58San Angelo Woman’s Forum: 1942 - 1951, 1961 - 1966 , 1966 - 1967
8.59San Angelo Woman’s Forum: 1952 - 1954, 1966 - 1971,1 961 - 1964
8.60San Angelo Woman’s Forum
8.61San Antonio Junior Woman’s Club: 1974 - 1975
8.62Santa Rosa 2000 - 2002
8.63Santa Rosa 2000 - 2002
8.64Sterling City - Wimadosis Club - Art Appreciation Book 1950 - 1951
8.64aWhitesboro History Club: 1988 - 1990
8.64bAddendum: Midland, 20th Century Study Club; 1957 - 1958, 1973 - 1974 (2 books)
Audio - Visuals
8.65Film Reel: “Industry on Parade - Design for Highway Safety”
8.66Film Script: “TFWC Clubhouse”
8.67Film Reel: “TFWC Clubhouse”
8.68 Film Reel: Where Have All The People Gone”, #2
8.69GFWC “Unity in Diversity” Program, Slides 1 - 77
8.70“GFWC in Action Worldwide”, Slides 1 - 79, Script
8.71GFWC Volunteer - 1982 - 1984, Script, Slides 1 - 80, 2 Audio cassettes
8.72TFWC Convention 1997 - 14 Audio Cassettes
8.73TFWC/GFWC Multiple Club Histories - 12 Audio Cassettes
1) Rochelle Study Club, Eastland Hawthorne Club, De Leon Shakespeare Club, San Saba Pierian Club
2) Seymour Perian Club
3) History of the Clio Club - 1916 - 1980
4) Highlights of Western District - 1966 - 1968 Laura Johnston
5) Western District - Mrs. B. F. Seay 1966 - 1968
6) GFWC - Mrs. Kermit Lawson, Top of Texas President (1970 - 1972)
7) GFWC - Mrs. Donald Britt (Paula), Top of Texas District (1975 - 1977)
8) GFWC/TFWC - Mrs. Jack Allen, Top of Texas District (1960 - 1962)
9) GFWC/TFWC - Mrs. Bill Reed, Top of Texas District (1976 - 1978)
10) GFWC/TFWC, Mrs. B.M. Sims(Lennie), President, Top of Texas District (1968 - 1970)
11) GFWC/TFWC, Mrs. Robert Lindsey, President, Top of Texas District (1964 - 1966)
12) One cassette unidentified
8.74 Filmstrip (GFWC ) “The Story of Unity in Diversity”
8.75Recordings (45 RPM, 78 RPM, 331/3 RPM)
1) “Strengthen the Arm of Liberty”
2) “You and Muscular Dystrophy”
3) “Woman to the World” by Mrs. Dexter Arnold (4 parts)
4) Labor - Management Relations(4 parts)
5) "To Strengthen the Arm of Liberty” Report to 1963 GFWC Convention
6)"Guideposts to Freedom” (parts 1-12) 1952 GFWC Convention
7)"Woman to the World”(6 records)
8) GFWC 1951 Convention
8.76TFWC 1997 Convention (15 Video Cassettes)
8.77TFWC Oral History Project (Video Cassettes)
1) Centennial Celebration
2) Youth Service
3) Unity - Caring and Sharing
4) History of Past President’s, Trinity District; Pioneer members of Shakespeare Club
5) Interview - Mrs. Dee(Nora) Locklin
6) Cassette - History of 20th Century Club, Big Lake, TX
7) History Interview Agreement - Hazel Aken 1990
8.78Videos- Oral History Project
1) Lorene Collinsworth Mary Margaret Roberson, April 6, 1990 (Includes interview agreements)
2) Jacqueline Hendricks - Western District President (1980 - 1982) Interviewed March 16, 1990
3) Hazel M. Aken, President, Caprock District (1976 - 1978)
4) Pioneer District Oral History ( edited version) Interview Agreement - Virginia Curry, April 11, 1990
5) History of Las Fidelis Study Club - Levelland, TX 1946 - 1990
6) Magnolia District - GFWC - March 23, 1990
7) TFWC 1984 - 1986: Mrs. Harold Green (Bettye),Tahoka, Caprock District, Filmed March, 1990
8) GFWC Bicentennial Signing of Constitution
1926 Study Club
Matron’s Study Club
Las Fidelis Study Club, Levelland, TX, Sept, 1984
9) Administration of Mrs. J.W. Walker, TFWC President (1940 - 1942)
10) “GFWC - A Past to Remember, A Future to Mold”, May 1, 1989
11) Wednesday Study Club, Canton Tx, Taped July 1990
12) Alamo District History

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