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Texas Woman's University, the Woman's Collection

Texas Federation of Women's Clubs Collection

Series 3: Administration Records (Correspondence, 1974 - 2000; Reports, 1897 - 2004)

Collection Summary

Creator:Texas Federation of Women's Clubs
Title:Texas Federation of Women's Clubs Collection
Date:1897 - .
Abstract:Constitution and bylaws, minutes, correspondence, reports, and published material created by the state organization, the districts, and over 2,200 individual member clubs. Also includes graphic material such as photographs and scrapbooks. Material documents the founding meeting in 1897 through the organization's growth in the twentieth century into the largest women's volunteer association in Texas.
Location:Mss. 32
Size:493 boxes.
RepositoryTexas Woman's University, the Woman's Collection


Arrangement of the Collection

The records are arranged into nine series:
Series 1: Historical Writings
Series 2: Legal and Financial Documents
Series 3a-j: Administrations - Correspondence and Reports
Series 4: Education Assistance
Series 5: Headquarters Building
Series 6a-c: Membership
Series 7: Printed Material
Series 8: Graphic Material
Series 9: General Federation of Women's Clubs and South Central Region


Access to the Collection:

Open for research.

Publication and Copyright Statements:

Permission to publish materials must be obtained in writing from the Coordinator for Special Collections. Where copyright is unclear, all responsibility must be assumed by the user.

Administrative Information


Material was collected and housed at the TFWC Headquarters until the organization designated the Woman's Collection as the repository for its archives in 1985. Material has been added on a continuing basis since that time.

Processed by

Ann McGuffin Barton, Morgan Davis, and Barbara Hotinski, 1997-2007.

Encoded by:

Ranu Singhvi, 2008

Detailed Description of the Collection


Series 3: Administration Records (Correspondence, 1974 - 2000)

3.129 - 3.143Correspondence
This section includes presidents Whatley, 1974-76; Tipps, 1976-78; Bratton, 1978-1980; Sims, 1980-1982; Skiles, 1982-1984; Green, 1984-1986; Silvus, 1986-1988; McMahon, 1988-1990; Boutwell, 1990-1992; Roberson, 1992-1994; and Gamertsfelder, 1998-2000.
Arranged alphabetically by originating correspondent (author) in order of presidential administrations. Correspondence by each president precedes the alphabetical listing. The name of the author, the town or city, the person's title, and a brief description of the contents of the letters is included.
3.129Whatley Administration, 1974 - 1976
Whatley, Harriett Williford, Austin, TFWC, President (5 folders).
Abbott, Mrs. Everett, Jr., Sour Lake, Magnolia District, Headquarters Maintenance Committee.
Adams, Virginia (Mrs. Jig), Corpus Christi, South Texas District, President.
Archer, Bill, Washington, DC, Congress of the United States, House of Representatives, 7th District, Texas, Ways & Means Committee member.
Bankston, Alice (Mrs. W. L.), San Angelo.
Barber, Nadeane (Mrs. J.M.), Refugio.
Bentsen, Lloyd, Washington, DC, United States Senator from Texas.
Berry, Thelma (Mrs. John), Clyde, Mesquite District, President.
Bickley, Peggy (Mrs. C.A.).
Blank, Freda (Mrs), Philadelphia, PA, The Bellevue Stratford, Credit Department.
Blanton, Mrs. Jack, Austin, TFWC Executive Secretary.
Blumberg, Jane Weinert (Mrs. Roland K.), Sequin.
Bocock, Mrs. Oscar L., Corpus Christi, TFWC Board of Trustees, Chairman.
Booth, Hilda (Mrs. T. E.), Longview, Key District Executive Board member; Scholarship Representative.
Bradford, Rita G., West Virginia, Bright of America, National Coordinator GFWC Bicentennial Plate Project.
Bratton, Verne (Mrs. H.B.), Waco, TFWC 2nd Vice-President; Reports Committee, Chairman.
Britt, Paula (Mrs. David), Wheeler, Top of Texas District, President.
Brown, Thelma (Mrs. A.B.), Littlefield, Littlefield Woman’s Club, member; re: Mrs. Roy B. (Lula) McQuatters.
Bussey, Mrs. C.T., Baytown.
Calhoun, Ann (Mrs. Elton E.), Victoria, TFWC Associate Junior Director.
Canada, Brenda, Plains, Tsa Mo Ga Club, Corresponding Secretary.
Carleton, Winnie (Mrs. A.T.), Past President, TFWC, 1962 - 64.
Cherry, Estelle, Tolar.
Christian, Grace (Mrs. Wilson V.), Ventnor, N.J., former GFWC Executive Secretary, re: Mildred Ahlgren’s 20th Anniversary Party.
Coats, Maurice, Austin, Texas Commission on the Arts and Humanities, Executive Director.
Cooper, Wanda (Mrs. Marshall W.), Whiteface, Girlstown, U.S.A..
Courson, Jane, Perryton, Pollyanna Club.
3.130Crippen, Lee (Mrs. John T.), Washington, DC, GFWC, Executive Secretary.
Davidson, Mrs. D. A., Jr., Odessa, Thursday Study Club, Presdient.
Davis, Leona (Mrs. Roy N.), Elgin.
Deck, Gray (Mrs. William H.), Washington, DC.
Devitt, C.F., Dallas, Sears, Roebuck & Co., Director of Civic Affairs.
Doughty, Mrs. James, Bowie, Amity Club.
Dudley, Loraine (Mrs. L.E), Abilene, TFWC Past President.
Dunlop, Beulah (Mrs. T.L.), Littlefield, The Woman’s Club.
Easley, Mrs. Jim, Marshall, Cypress Jr. Women’s Club.
Farrow, Mrs. Earl, Itasca, Mai Kai Sub Junior Club.
Fitch, Lois, Nacogdoches, Koinonia Study Club, President.
Floyd, Maurine (Mrs. J. B.), Denton, Women’s Shakespeare Club.
Foster, Mabel (Mrs. Ruric W.), Orange, Magnolia District, President.
Friedman, Jeffrey M., Austin, Mayor.
Fry, Emma Lou (Mrs. Louis), Lockney.
Fulton, Janet (Mrs. Ben M.), Quanah, Santa Rosa District, President.
Fuqua, Georgia (Mrs. Truman), Cleburne, Pioneer District, President.
Gingrich, Dorothea (Mrs. J.E.), Seguin, Alamo District, Headquarters Maintenance Committee, Chairman.
Goodwin, Greneta (Mrs. Jack), Dallas, Trinity District, President.
Graves, Martha, GFWC.
Green, Bettye (Mrs. Harold), Tahoka, Caprock District, President.
Grethel, Sue (Mrs. Robert), Cincinnati, OH, GFWC, Public Affairs Department, Junior Chairman.
Grimes, Dena D., Dallas, Bauer Video, Inc., Accounts Receivable.
Haden, Nellie B., Austin, TFWC, Treasurer’s Office.
Harrison, Mrs. Joe B., Odessa, Odessa Study Club, Vice-President.
Harter, Linne (Mrs. Charles), Canyon, Top of Texas District, Headquarters Maintenance Committee, Chairman.
Heberlein, Mrs. Carlton L., Galveston, Wednesday Club, President.
Heck, Grace (Mrs. Henry), Plainview, Woman’s Club of Plainview, President.
Henry, Mark W., Houston, Greater Houston Convention and Visitor’s Council, Convention Sales.
Hill, Margaret Louise, Austin, Special Assistant to the President of TFWC.
Hodge, Veda (Mrs. J. Howard), Austin, Parliamentarian, TFWC.
Holland, Geraldine, Denison, Ladies Auxiliary of the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States, Secretary.
Hot, Sally, Kingsville, Woman’s Club of Kingsville, Fashions For Fun (FFF) Chairman.
Hughes, Mrs. A. C., Austin, , TFWC Treasurer’s Office.
Huls, R. Jeane, Arlington, Aaron Liggett, Inc., former member Arlington Woman’s Club.
Hutchins, Dan E., New York, NY, American Telephone and Telegraph Company, Advertising Manager.
Ireland, Mrs. H.F., Houston, The Parliamentarians of Texas, President.
James, Susan, Commerce, Thalian Culture Club, Treasurer.
Jernigan, Mrs. Luther, Brady, Brady Tuesday Club, President.
Johnston, Laura (Mrs. Ted), Pecos, Modern Study Club, Past District President; Past District Trustee.
Jordan, Leslie, Rockwall, Nursing Scholarship recipient.
Justiss, Mrs. Johnny, Coahoma, re: Equal Rights Amendment.
King, Alice Neill, Stephenville, re: J.C. Neill and Col.Andrew Neill in relation to the Alamo.
Kolterman, Jean.
Lathem, Mrs. Clyde, Dalhart, Dalhart Contemporary Study Club, President.
Lehman, Claudine, Canyon, Heritage Woman’s Club, Treasurer.
Levitwyler, Mary, Austin, TFWC Hostess.
Lewis, Mrs. E. G., Houston, Woman’s City Club, Houston; San Jacinto Woman’s Club of Galveston-Houston. Says “Together we helped them [Alabama0Coushatta Indians] to their feet, but federal funds and oil leases have made our aid unnecessary at this time.”
Liles, Erma (Mrs. Ramon), Beaumont, TFWC Resolutions Committee Chairman.
Lillard, Lillie V., Arlington, Carleton Study Club, President.
Livermore, Elizabeth (Mrs.F.S.), Fort Worth, Fort Worth Federation of Women’s Clubs, President.
Locke, Jeanne, Levelland, Progressive Junior Study Club, Secretary.
Loving, Mrs. E.A., Royse City, Book Lover’s Club, Treasurer.
Locklin, Mrs. Dee, McCamey.
Luker, Vera S (Mrs. Joe F.), Dallas, Town North Woman’s Club, President (1974 - 75).
Lumry, Mrs. R. H., Canyon, Sue Hite Club, Treasurer.
Mann, Edna (Mrs. Gerald), Weatherford, The Twentieth Century Club, President.
Matteson, Peg.
McCauley, Carolyn (Mrs. C. W.), Harlingen, Scholarship Committee member.
McClendon, Sarah, Washington, DC, Convention Speaker, Lubbock, 1976.
McGaffey, Edna (Mrs. Claude W. Jr.), San Antonio, Alamo District President.
McGlasson, Mary Evelyn (Mrs. Ernest), Roxton, Roxton Book Club, Federation Counselor (1974 - 1976).
McMaster, Mrs. W. J., Memphis, Pathfinder’s Council Recording Secretary.
McNail, Eddie (Mrs. John E.), La Feria, The Valley Federation of Women’s Clubs President.
Mellun, Margaret A., Washington, DC, GFWC Program Office.
Miller, Katie (Mrs. Frank E.), Burkburnett, Santa Rosa District Art Department Chairman.
Miller, Mary Katherine (Mrs. Carroll E.), Washington, DC, GFWC President.
Mills, Penny, Austin, TFWC Executive Secretary.
Moore, Annie Laurie (Mrs. Lester T.), Seabrook, San Jacinto District President.
Moore, Mrs. John T., Kirbyville, Woman’s Civic Club.
Moore, Mrs. Tom, Midland, The Junior Women’s Association, President.
3.131 Newsom, Evelyn (Mrs. Tom), Mt. Vernon.
Nugent, Luci Johnson, Austin, declining as speaker at South Central Conference, GFWC, January 1976.
Overfelt, Mrs. Ethel D., Bowie.
Owens, Mrs. Carl, Avinger.
Paige, Mrs. Ray F., Huntsville, re: Bicentennial Plates.
Painter, Audrey L., Alpine, The Woman’s Club.
Parish, Mrs. C. E., Ralls, Ralls Study Club President.
Pierce, Cleo (Mrs. Ernest), Gordon.
Poole, Wynne (Mrs. Clay), Presideo, Presideo Valley Women’s Club.
Powell, Mrs. M.B., Bowie, The Thursday Club, President.
Purcell, Mabelle (Mrs. Stuart M.), Austin, re: Waller County Centennial Plate presentation to Southwest Texas State University Library.
Ravelle, Ruth, Groesbeck.
Reynolds, Mrs. R. B., Crosby, Sorosis Club President.
Roberts, LaNelle (Mrs. C.W.), Abilene, TFWC Treasurer.
Ross, Billy (Mrs. William R.), Morgantown, WV, GFWC Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Division Chairman.
Russell, Louise (Mrs. Ralph C.), Kingsville, Kingsville Woman’s Club, member; Home Life Department, Consumer Concerns Division, Chairman.
Salmon, Nancy (Mrs. T. C.), Fort Worth, Woman’s Wednesday Club Corresponding Secretary.
Sandel, Bonnie (Mrs. Frank), Big Lake, Western District President.
Scoggins, Mrs. Loretta, San Angelo, The Junior Woman’s Club Treasurer.
Scott, Jeff (Mrs. W. E.), Atlanta, Key District President.
Shuman, Frances (Mrs. William I.), Washington, DC, GFWC Treasurer’s Office.
Shumpert, Katherine, re: Outstanding Clubwoman Contest.
Sims, Birdie, Austin, TFWC Executive Secretary (2 folders).
Smith, Mrs. A. K., Dumas, Pierian Study Club Treasurer.
Smith, V.Marie (Mrs. A. J., Jr.), Anson, TFWC Scholarship Fund Chairman.
Smith, Mrs. William C., Pecos, Merry Wives Club Treasurer.
Stamford, Mrs. R. W., Bryan, Bryan Woman’s Club, 1973 Federation Chairman, re: Bicentennial plate order.
Story, Frank J., Dallas, Story Stamps, Owner.
Sweatt, Mrs. Billy A., Amarillo, Amarillo Federation of Women’s Clubs Treasurer.
Toler, June (Mrs. Glen), Cleveland, Magnolia District President.
Treacy, Mrs. Patrick R., Palacios, Program Chairman.
Trotter, Cloma H. (Mrs. Clyde), Midlothian.
Turnage, Lynne, Austin, re: National Women’s Speak-Out film.
Wagner, Jerri (Mrs. Harry, Jr.), Washington, DC, GFWC President.
Wallace, Ruth (Mrs. George), Coolidge, Capitol District President.
Ware, Mrs. J.M., Port Arthur, Department Club/Civic Club, Corresponding Secretary.
Weinzierl, Mary Marrs (Mrs. John), Riverside, re: Magnolia District list of club presidents.
Wheeler, Pollye (Mrs.W. V.), Albany, Mesquite District Secretary.
White, Janice L., Midland, Bicentennial Authors Society, Executive Director.
Williams, Frances (Mrs. Bryan), Dallas.
Wilson, Jean, Nederland, Epsilon Sigma Alpha.
Winnigham, Barbara (Mrs. James), Bowie, re: daughter Donna’s scholarship from TFWC.
3.132Tipps Administration, 1976 - 1978
Tipps, Eleanor (Mrs. Robert N.), Austin, President, 1976 -1978 .
Akin, Hazel (Mrs. Jack M.), Denver City, Caprock District, President.
Bickley, Betty (Mrs. Cecil .A.), Denver City, Member State Executive Committee, Chairmen of Trustees.
Blanton, Marian (Mrs. Jack), Austin, TFWC Executive Secretary.
Bocock, Louise (Mrs. Oscar L.), Corpus Christi.
Brandon, Harriett (Mrs. Larry), Canyon, TFWC Director of Junior Clubs.
Bryant, Lois, Canadian.
Burket, Eula Lay, Sandia.
Carruth, Mrs., M. F., Victoria.
Coates, Peggy (Mrs. Harry H), Galveston, Member: San Jacinto District; Chairman, TFWC Nominating Committee for 1978 - 1980.
Coker, Mrs. Bill, Pittsburg, President, 20th Century Study Club.
Combs, Lillie (Mrs. L. M.), Whitesboro, President Western District.
Davis, Betsy, Austin, Office of the Governor, Criminal Justice Division, Co-editor, Criminal Justice Highlights.
Davis, Creath, Dallas, Christian Concern Foundation.
Fry, David C., Austin, Advertising Director, Texas Clubwoman.
Glober, Mary Agnes, Brady.
Green, Bettye (Mrs. Harold), Tahoka, Caprock District President, Program Chairman TFWC.
Hamilton, Jewel (Mrs. W. Ed)., Washington, DC., GFWC Executive Secretary.
Harper, John W.Jr., Summerville, WV, Bright of America. National Sales Director, Special Women’s Groups.
Hickey,Jr., Mrs. Scott, Crane.
Hurley, Eugenia, Austin, Sheraton-Crest Inn, Catering Manager.
Kemp, Dorothy (Mrs. Leonard), Houston, TFWC Liaison to M. D. Anderson Cancer Center.
Kenney, J.F., Business for Beauty, Merchandising Manager.
Lake, Mrs. Cloise, Fort Worth.
Lewis, Jessie A., Huntsville, Magnolia District, Huntsville Woman’s Forum, Corresponding Secretary.
McKinney, Mrs. Edith, Quanah, 1904 Club Program Chairman.
Mills, Penny, Austin, TFWC Executive Secretary.
Moore, Annie Laurie (Mrs. Lester T.), Seabrook, San Jacinto District, Public Affairs Club.
Phillips, Mrs. V.C., Grandfalls, Past President Western District.
Pierce,Cleo (Mrs. Ernest), Gordon, Hands Up volunteer.
Roberts, La Nelle, TFWC Secretary.
Schmidt, Madeline (Miss), San Antonio, Convention Registration Chairman.
Sims, Lennie, (Mrs. B.M.), Wellington, 2nd Vice President TFWC.
Skiles, Frances,(Mrs. Sammie), Weatherford, 3rdd Vice President TFWC.
Tilson, Betty (Mrs.), Stonewall, Staff Assistant to Mrs. Lyndon B. Johnson.
Trotter, Cloma, (Mrs. Clyde), Midlothian, Trinity District Treasurer.
Tudor, Mrs. M. O., Seagroves, TFWC Finance Chairman, Caprock District.
Turnage, Lynne, Austin, Editor, The Texas Clubwoman.
Wagner, Jerri (Mrs. Harry, Jr.), Washington, DC, GFWC 1st Vice President.
Wallace, Ruth (Mrs. George), Coolidge, Capitol District Trustee.
Ward, Marie (Mrs. John P.), San Angelo, Heart of Texas District President.
Warren, Carolyn,(Mrs. M .K.), Mt. Vernon, Key Club President.
Wertheim, Mary Carole, (Mrs. Jerry), Santa Fe, NM, President, New Mexico Federation of Women’s Clubs.
Wheeler, Pollye (Mrs. W.V.), Albany, TFWC Scholarship Committee Secretary.
Wood, Mrs. Bill, Burkburnett, Contemporary Study Club President.
Wong, Lillian, Dallas, Scholarship recipient, soloist for Convention.
3.133Bratton Administration 1978 - 1980
Bratton, Verne (Mrs. H.B), Waco, President, TFWC.
Alphin, Lillian (Mrs. Claude), Corpus Christi, South Texas District, Board of Trustees.
Bryant, Juanita (Mrs. J.Frank), Boonville, NC, GFWC First Vice President.
Bush, John R., Houston, The University of Texas System Cancer Center, M.D. Anderson Hospital and Tumor Institute, Development Officer.
Deaton, Ella J.
Green, Bettye (Mrs. Harold), Tahoka, TFWC, 2nd Vice President.
Kemp, Dorothy (Mrs. Leonard D.), Corpus Christi, TFWC Home Life Department, Health Division, Liaison, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center.
Le Maister, Charles, A., M.D., Houston, The University of Texas System Cancer Center, M. D. Anderson Hospital and Tumor Institute, President.
Mills, Penny, Austin, TFWC Executive Secretary.
Moreton, Robert D., M.D., Houston, The University of Texas Systems Cancer Center, M.D. Anderson Hospital and Tumor Institute, Vice President for Professional and Public Affairs.
Palmer, Beryl, Fort Worth.
Sims, Lennie (Mrs. B. M)., Wellington, Preisdent Elect, TFWC, 1980 - 1982.
Steffes, Mrs. Dale, Houston, Junior Trustee, Chairman, Budget Committee.
Williams, Ruby (Mrs. Orval), Anton.
3.133Sims Administration: 1980 - 1982
Sims, Lennie Coleman (Mrs. B. M.), Wellington, TFWC President.
Abbott, Joe, Lubbock, South Park Inn, Assistant General Manager, Sales.
Allison, Susan, Lubbock, Holiday Inn, Director of Sales.
Anderson, Harlene, Denton.
Bullock, Bob, Austin, Comptroller of Public Accounts.
Clements, William P. (Bill), Austin, Governor, State of Texas.
Fain, Constance, Houston, Scholarship request.
Henry, Richard L. W., Abilene, First State Bank, Vice President-Trust Officer.
Hill, Shirley (Mrs. Harry B.), Alice, South Texas District, District President Elect.
Iacocca, Lee A., New York, NY, Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Centennial Commission, Chairman.
Johnson, Henry J., Jr., Austin, Certified Public Accountant.
Karrh, Mrs. Tom, Plainview, Caprock District.
Kemp, Dorothy (Mrs. Leonard), Corpus Christi, Home Life Department- Health Division, Liaison, M.D. Anderson Project.
Lawrence, Tom, Dr., Abilene, American Cancer Society, Nominating Committee Chairman.
Nesbitt, Maxine, Sanger.
Quint, Mrs. A, M., Washington, DC, GFWC, President.
Runnels, Nancy (Mrs. Charles), Bowie, Pioneer District, President.
Stavinoha, Suzanne, Dallas, Texas Homes, Assistant to the Publisher.
3.133Skiles Administration, 1976 - 1978
Skiles, Frances (Mrs. Sammie), Weatherford, TFWC President.
Alphin, Mrs. Claude A., Corpus Christi, TFWC, Chairman of Trustees.
Barber, Joe M., Refugio, re Nadean Barber’s illness.
Bickley, Peggy (Mrs. C.A.), Denver City, TFWC By-Laws Chairman.
Bocock, Louise (Mrs. Oscar L), Corpus Christi, TFWC Parliamentarian.
Brown, Cheryl, (Mrs. Homer), Victoria, Director of Junior Clubs.
Brown, Margie L., Austin, TFWC Executive Secretary.
Bryant, Juanita M (Mrs. J. Frank), Washington, DC, GFWC International President.
Carriker, Steven A., Austin, Texas House of Representatives District 78.
Cavendish, Brad, Austin, Travis County Appraisal District, Tax Exemption Investigator.
Clapp, Kenyon F., Austin, Texas Employment Commission, Commissioner.
Green, Bettye (Mrs. Harold), Tahoka, TFWC President Elect.
Henry, Richard L.W., Abilene, First State Bank, Vice President, Trust Officer.
Huddleston, Carl T., Austin, American National Bank of Austin, Assistant Vice President, Professional Services Department.
Johnson, Henry J Jr., Austin, Certified Public Accountant.
Kriegel, Margaret (Mrs. Leonard), Giddings, TFWC Recording Secretary.
Laney, James E. (Pete), Austin, State of Texas House of Representatives, District 85.
McBride, Bonnie (Mrs. L.H.), Hamlin, Mesquite District.
McMahon, Billie Jean Lindley (Mrs. Joel J., Jr), Cleveland, TFWC Treasurer.
Mauzy, Oscar H., Austin, Texas State Senator, 23rd District.
Neely, Jim, Austin, Gibson Johnson & Co., Certified Public Accountants.
Randle, Edward L., Austin, Gibson Johnson & Co., Certified Public Accountants.
Rudd, Jim D., Austin, Texas House of Representatives.
Seaholm, Megan, Houston, Rice University, Department of History, Researcher, early Texas clubwomen.
Turner, Mrs. Tommy, Jr., Waco, Waco Junior Woman’s Club, President.
Weant, Lilly (Mrs. Howard), Trustee, South Texas District.
Whatley, Harriett Williford, Fairfield, Past President, TFWC.
Winger, Jeri (Mrs. Wendell O.), Springville, UT, GFWC President Elect.
Yarborough, Ralph W., Austin, Attorney.
3.134Green Administration, 1984 - 1986
Green, Bettye (Mrs. Harold), Tahoka, TFWC President (2 Folders).
Green, Bettye - Invitations (1 Folder).
Ahlgren, Mildred Carlson, Washington, DC, GFWC.
Akin, Hazel, Denver City.
Allen, Allene, Fairfield.
Alphin, Lillian,(Mrs. Claude), Corpus Christi, Chairman, South Texas District Life Membership.
Andrade, Sally J., Austin, Women and World Issues Community Workshop, Chair.
Arndt, Joyce (Mrs. James), Giddings, Chairman, TFWC Scholarship Fund Committee.
Barrett, Margaret, (Mrs. Ray R.), San Angelo, Member, Literature Review Club.
Barrientos, Gonzalo, Austin, Texas State Senator, Chairman, Senate Select Committte on Elderly Abuse.
Baze, Roy A., Snyder, Petroleum Management Consultant, re: Martha Ann Woman’s Club, Inc.
Beaman, Margarine G., Austin, Capitol District, President; Austin Junior Woman’s Federation, Project Chairman.
Benefield, Robert O, Denton, Texas Woman’s University, Vice-President for Fiscal Affairs.
Blagg-Huey, Mary Evelyn, Denton, President, Texas Woman’s University.
Bocock, Louise (Mrs. Oscar L.), Corpus Christi, TFWC Parliamentarian.
Boone, Pat (Mrs. William H.), San Jose, CA, GFWC, California Federation of Women’s Clubs, President.
Booth, Hllda (Mrs. T.E.), Longview, Chairman, International Policy.
Boutwell, Dorothy (Mrs. J.T.), Temple, TFWC Treasurer.
Bowen, Shirley, Burnet, Scholarship Application request.
Bowler, Iris B (Mrs. H.P.), Orange, Magnolia District, President.
Branch, Violet, Orange.
Bratton, Juanita, Conroe.
Bright, William T., Summersville, WV, Bright of America, Chairman of the Board.
Brown, Margie L., Austin, TFWC Executive Secretary.
Brown, Millie C (Mrs. Norman L.), Hampton, VA. GFWC, Parliamentarian, 1982 - 1984.
Bryson, Clova, Rochelle.
Bullock, Bob, Austin, Comptroller of Public Accounts.
Burleson, Mildred (Mrs. H.A.), Wortham, Trinity District, President.
Campbell, Mrs. A.H., Ralls, Caprock District.
Campbell, Grace, Santa Rosa District, TFWC Scholarship Committee Member; Public Affairs Department, Citizenship Division Chairman; Americanism Day and Life Membership Committee’s member.
Casey, Leta, Brady.
Champion, Ronald D., Austin, Office of the Governor, Criminal Justice Division, Assistant Director.
Cherry, Edna, Lorenzo, Lorenzo Woman’s Study Club.
Christensen, Glen, Fort Worth, Craftmark Products Incorporated, General Manager.
Coates, Peggy, (Mrs. Harry H.), Galveston.
Collazo, Frank, Jr., Austin, Texas House of Representatives, re HR 248 Missing Children and Young Adults.
Cook, Kerry Kay (Mrs. Tom R.), member,” Betty’s Belles.”
Cooper, Marshall W., Whiteface, Girlstown, Executive Director.
Cox, Mary Lee (Mrs. William D, Jr.), Dallas, State Chairman, International Affairs Department.
Craig, Bettie, Amarillo, Top of Texas District, President, GFWC member.
Crowder, Lillian F., Lorenzo, Caprock District, Lorenzo Women’s Club.
3.135David, James F, III, Lubbock, IDS Financial Services, Inc., Divisional Manager.
Diamante, Etta (Mrs. Lee J.), Helper, UT, GFWC Chairman of GFWC International Hostesses.
Donahue, Alice (Mrs. Thomas H. III), Barrington, RI, GFWC First Vice President.
Drain, Dorothy, Stamford, Mesquite District, President.
Drake, Betty J .(Mrs. Earl E), Orange, TFWC State Crime Reduction Committee, State Chairman, Child Abuse Neglect Education.
Dudenhoffer, Phyllis (Mrs. William H.), Indianapolis, IN, GFWC 2nd Vice-President.
Earlenbaugh, Charles, Oakland, CA, re: artwork by Bonnie MacLeary.
Edmands, Isabel R., Franklin, TN, GFWC Convention Chairman, 1985.
Ellett, Jackie (Mrs. Joe), Burkburnett, Santa Rosa District, President.
Erwin, Gay, Austin, Governor’s Office of Community Leadership, Director.
Faubion, Jeannine (Mrs. Raymond), Fort Myers, FL, GFWC Treasurer.
Faulkner, Cindy, Kansas City, MO, Lincoln House, Vice President - Sales.
Fisher, Ellen R., Austin, Center for Battered Women, Executive Director.
Fishman, HY, New York, NY, Hy Fishman Furs, Inc, Owner.
Forward, Heather, Duncanville, Women’s Organization Network, Calendar Coordinator.
Franklin, Mrs. M.C., Port Arthur, Delphian Club, Secretary.
Fry, Karen (Mrs. Lee), Denton, Pioneer District.
Fuchs, Carole, Balboa, CA, GFWC.
Gingrich, Dorothea (Mrs. J.E.), Sequin, Alamo District, Resolutions Committee Chairman.
Greer, Evelyn, (Mrs. Jerrell), Lorenzo, Caprock District, Lorenzo Women’s Club.
Gregory, Bobby Keith, Lorenzo, Lorenzo Women’s Study Club scholarship recipient.
Griffith, Lisa, Dallas, Marriott Hotels-Resorts, Dallas Marriott Park Central, Convention Sales Manager.
Gunter, Jewell (Mrs.), Houston, GFWC, Convention Co-chairman.
Harvey, Nancy (Mrs. Ollie M.), Ripley, WV, GFWC - CIP Chairman.
Hendricks, Jackie (Mrs. Vance), Midland, Yearbook Chairman GFWC/TFWC.
Hernandez, Barbie, San Antonio, Office of the Mayor, Appointment Secretary.
Herndon, Joyce, Houston, TFWC, Public Relations Committee, member.
Hetrick, David, Houston, The Metzdorf Marschalk Company, Account Executive.
Hobby, William P (Bill), Austin, Lieutenant Governor, State of Texas.
Huey, Mary Evelyn Blagg, Denton, President, Texas Woman’s University.
Janecek, Larry, Austin, Office of the Governor, Assistant Director, Criminal Justice Division.
Johnson, Henry J., Jr., Austin, Certified Public Accountant.
Johnson, Juanita, Georgetown.
Jones, Sandi (Mrs. Donald L.), Concord, NH, GFWC, Director of Junior Clubs.
Jordan, D. Wylie, M.D., Austin, City of Austin, President, Sesquicentennial Coordinating Committee.
Judge, Donna, Wichita Falls, Wichita Falls Board of Commerce and Industry, Manager.
Kemp, Dorothy (Mrs. Leonard D.), Corpus Christi, GFWC/TFWC Liaison, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center Project.
Keyser, Dan, Dallas, Dallas Marriott Hotels - Resorts, Sales Manager.
Kirby, W. N., Austin, Texas Education Agency, Commissioner of Education.
Kramer, Stuart W., Fairfax, VA, Robinson-Kramer Incorporated, GFWC Insurance Plan Administrator.
Landers, Murriel (Mrs. Orval), Anton, Editor, Texas Clubwoman
Lawson, Dee, Wichita Falls, Wichita Falls Hilton, Corporate Sales Manager.
Leberman, Lowell H. Jr., Austin, State Preservation Board, President, The Capitol Committee.
Lee, Randy, Austin, Texas 1986 Sesquicentennial Commission, Executive Director.
Lewis, Irene G (Mrs. E. G.), Houston, San Jacinto District, President; GFWC/ TFWC Secretary.
Lyon, Lawrence C., Chestnut Hill, MA, Vantage Travel Service, Inc., Vice-President-Sales.
Lyons, Fern (Mrs. E. A., Jr.), Houston, GFWC/TFWC President, San Jacinto District; Chairman, Scholarship Fund.
3.136 Manning, M.Eileen,(Mrs.), Prairie Grove, Executive Board, TFWC, South Central Conference, 1984 - 1986.
McArthur, Edith L., La Mesa, CA, La Mesa Woman’s Club, President.
McCarley, Carolyn (Mrs. C.W.), Harlingen, TFWC, First Vice President.
McKay, John J., Jr., Austin, Texans’ War on Drugs, Executive Directory.
McLaughlin, Nela, Temple.
McMahon, Billie Jean (Mrs. Joel D.), Cleveland, TFWC, 2nd Vice-President.
Mebane, Connie (Mrs. Jimmie), Borger, Director of Junior Clubs.
Meltzer, Faye (Mrs. Jack C.), Luling, Program Chairwoman, Luling Study Club.
Miller, Florine W., Mission, KS, Florine Inc., Owner.
Moore, Annie Laurie, Seabrook.
Moreton, Robert D., M.D., Houston, The University of Texas System Cancer Center, M.D.Anderson Hospital and Tumor Institute, Vice President Emeritus and Special Assistant to the President.
Nesbitt, Maxine, Sanger, Pioneer District, GFWC/TFWC Scholarship Representative.
Norris, Pat, Burkburnett, Santa Rosa District.
Nguyen, Minh Chau, South Vietnam.
Nicholson, Zola R., Victoria, GFWC, Chairman, Special Projects, Fine Arts; Currer Bell Study Club, Alamo District, TFWC, member.
Orr, Marcia J., Dallas, Springer - Blandford Association, Inc., Representing Highland Park Village.
Pearce, Carolyn L. (Mrs. D.), Coral Gables, FL, GFWC, Past President.
Pelegrino, Linda E., Los Angeles, CA, Hugh O’Brien Youth Foundation, Vice-President and Chief Operating Officer.
Pena, Mandy (Mrs. Pablo, Jr.), Rio Grandy City, South Texas District, President.
Pena, Gilbert, Austin, Office of the Governor, Criminal Justice Division, Executive Director.
Perkins, Emily (Mrs. Joseph M.), Eastland, Treasurer; TFWC, Past President.
Perkins, Lois B., Ft. Lauderdale, FL, GFWC Free Enterprise Chairman.
Pierce, Cleo (Mrs. Ernest), Gordon.
Pierce, Ella M, Itasca, Senior Advisory Sponsor, Mai Kai Juniorette Club.
Pirtle, Ruby (Mrs.), Cisco, First Industrial Arts Club.
Randle, Edward L., Austin, Gibson Johnson & Co, Certified Public Accountants.
Rhoderick, Loretha (Mrs. J.C., Jr.), Plainview, Caprock District, President.
Rickard, Frances, Austin, Texas Historical Commission, Research and Marketing Department, Historian, Research and Markers.
Rife, Beulah (Mrs. Thomas), Euless.
Roberts, Phyllis V. (Mrs. James B), Fairfax, VA, GFWC President - Elect.
Roldan, Mercedes, Argentina, former TFWC scholarship recipient 1959 - 1961.
Russell, Eileen C., Enfield, CT, GFWC of Connecticut, Inc., President.
Russell, Rose (Mrs. Andrew, Jr.), Schererville, IN, Chairman, GFWC Membership/Volunteers.
Schneeman, Elizabeth (Mrs. Arnold), San Angelo, Heart of Texas District, President.
Schramm, Winifred (Mrs. Arthur F.), Victoria, TFWC Poet Laureate of Texas, 1984,Fine Arts Chairman, Currer Bell Club, Alamo Club.
Scobie, Ingrid W., Denton, Texas Woman’s University, Department of History and Government, “Women in Politics” Symposium Coordinator.
Semos, Sue, Dallas, International Affairs Department Chairman.
Shain, Izetta (Mrs. Charles), Muleshoe.
Shoemaker, Thelma (Mrs. Billy B.), Marshall, Key District, President.
Silvus, Carol (Mrs. H.S., Jr.), San Antonio, GFWC/TFWC President-Elect; Past TFWC 2nd Vice-President.
Simons, Marla A., Gaithersburg, MD, Member, Junior Suburbian Women’s Club of Montgomery County.
Sims, Lennie Coleman (Mrs. B.M.), Wellington, Chairman, Past President’s Luncheon; Past President, TFWC, 1980 - 1982.
Skinner, James R., Dallas, The Cotton Bowl Council, Executive Secretary.
Sloan-Price, Judith L., Austin, Family Violence Assistance, Coordinator.
Snapp, Elizabeth, Denton, Texas Woman’s University, Mary Evelyn Blagg-Huey Library, Director.
Snider, Lucille.
Snyder, Juanelle, (Mrs. Morris), Moran.
Spencer, Sara M., Pleasanton.
Stark, Reg, San Antonio, The Gunter Hotel, Sales Manager.
St. Clair, Gloriana, Houston, Texas Library Association, Acting Editor, Texas Library Journal.
Storie, E.P”EPS”(MrsC.H.), Jefferson, Key District, Chairman of Trustees.
Stange, Gladys, Houston.
Stubbs, G. Stephen, Austin, Office of the Governor, Grant Manager, Criminal Justice Division.
Sutton, Helen H., Greensboro, NC.
Sutton, Charlotte D., Hewitt.
3.137Taylor, A. Starke, Jr., Dallas, City of Dallas, Mayor.
Thiesen, Mimi (Mrs. Dick G)., San Antonio, San Antonio Women’s Federation, Inc., President.
Thomas, Margaret Allen (Mrs. Walter L), Newport News, VA, GFWC, Southeastern Region, President.
Townsend, Terry, Austin, Texas Motor Transportation Association, CAE, President.
Tucker, Kay, Summersville, West Virginia, Lincoln House –Stationery and Gifts, Customer Service Representative.
Tyler, Roy T., Dallas, North Texas Youth Leadership Seminar, Hugh O’Brien Youth Foundation.
Utesch, Dorothy (Mrs. Luther Paul), Brenham, GFWC/TFWC Chairman, Outstanding Volunteer Contest; Parlimentarian, San Jacinto District, 1984/1986;Co-Chairman, GFWC Convention, 1985.
Utley, Dan K., Austin, Texas Historical Commission, Director, Research and Markers.
Ward, Ollie (Mrs. W. H.), Port Arthur.
Watkins, Daniel Alan, Chico, TFWC (Pioneer District) Scholarship Winner, 1985 - 1986.
Watson, Virginia (Gin), Washington, DC, GFWC, Director, Meetings and Conventions.
Webb, Jennifer, Denton, Recipient, TFWC Penny Art Scholarship.
Westroad, Mable, Knoxville, TN, Tennessee Federation of Women’s Clubs, Past President, 1982-1984; GFWC, Chairman, Arts Department.
Williford-Whatley, Harriette, Fairfield, Past President, TFWC.
White, Audrey (Mrs. Robert A.), La Porte.
White, Marion, Midland.
White, Mark, Austin, Governor, State of Texas.
Wilder, Don, Dallas, Marriott Hotels-Resorts, Marriott Park Central, Catering Manager.
Williams, Nancy, Golden, CO, Coors Gallery of Women, National Program Director.
Williamson, Barbara, Snyder, Martha Ann Woman’s Club, Inc., President.
Winger, Jeri J., Washington, DC, GFWC International President.
Williams, Ida B., Orange, GFWC, 3rd place winner “Brights of America” contest, 1985.
Yarborough, Ralph W., Austin, Attorney.
Young, Hazel (Mrs.Ed), Lubbock.
Young, Victorene, Paris.
Youngblood, Pat (Mrs. Harry W.), Lefors, Top of Texas District, Coomunity Improvement Program, Chairman.
3.138Silvus Administration, 1986 - 1988
Silvus, Carol L. (Mrs. H.S.,Jr.), San Antonio, TFWC President.
Brown, Margie L., Austin, GFWC/TFWC Executive Secretary.
Gunter, Jewell B., Houston, TFWC 1985 State Convention Program Chairman.
Hughes, Lisa, Washington, DC, GFWC, GFWC Program Assistant.
Kriegel, Margaret, Giddings.
Lewis, Irene G. (Mrs. E. G.), Houston, TFWC Parliamentarian.
McMahon, Billie Jean (Mrs. Joel D.Jr.), Cleveland, TFWC President-Elect.
Loftis, Janette (Mrs. J.A. Jr.), Waxahachie, President, Trinity District.
Roberts, Phyllis V., Washington, DC, GFW, International President.
Wallace, Barbara Livingstone, Big Rapids, MI.
Wheeler, Pollye (Mrs.W.V.), Albany, TFWC 2nd Vice-President.
3.139McMahon Administration 1988 - 1990
McMahon, Billie Jean Lindley (Mrs. Joel J., Jr.), Cleveland, TFWC President.
Bocok, Louise (Mrs. Oscar L.), Corpus Christi, TFWC Parliamentarian.
Boutwell, Dorothy M, (Mrs. J.T.), Temple, TFWC President Elect.
Donahue, Alice C. (Mrs. Thomas H.III), Barrington, RI, GFWC, International President.
Duddenhofffer, Phyllis J., Indianapolis, IN, GFWC President-Elect.
Faubion, Jeannine C. (Mrs. Raymond), Fort Myers, FL, GFWC.
Grimmett, Beulah, Cleveland.
Gunter, Jewell B., Austin, Convention Planning Committee.
McLaughlin, Nela, Temple, Nominating Committee Chairman.
Silvus, Carol L., San Antonio, TFWC Past President; Home Life Department, Chairman.
3.140Boutwell Administration 1990 - 1992
Boutwell, Dorothy M., (Mrs. J.T.), Austin, President, TFWC, 1990 - 1992; Texas Women’s Library Chairman, 1992 - 1994.
Boutwell Admin, Invitations .
Abbey, Joan, Farmers Branch, GFWC Arts and Crafts Divison, State Chairman.
Adams, Katherine J., Austin, The General Libraries, The University of Texas at Austin, Eugene C. Barker Texas History Center, Assistant Director.
Allen, Maria C., M. D., McAllen, McAllen Federation of Women’s Clubs, President.
Alpin, Mrs. Claude, Corpus Christi, TFWC Headquarters Fund, Chairman.
Arnold, Margaret, Washington, DC, AARP, Manager, Women’s Activities, Organization and Govt., Liaison.
Beaman, Margarine G., Austin, Austin Junior Woman’s Federation, Community Improvement Program, State Chairman.
Berrier, David R., Austin, Berrier, Darling & Co., P.C., CPA.
Botsonis, Kerri, Amarillo, Amarillo Convention and Visitors Council, Convention Development.
Brady, Kim, McAllen, Holiday Inn, Catering Director.
Brantley, H.R., Jefferson.
Bratton, Juanita, Conroe.
Brooks, Chet., Austin, Texas State Senator.
Brown, Margie L., Austin, TFWC Executive Secretary.
Brust, Bette L., Washington, DC, GFWC International, Legislation Chairman.
Campbell, Grace B., Matador, Santa Rosa District, Member, TFWC Scholarship Committee.
Cava, Angela, Austin, Marriott Hotels - Resorts, Sales Manager.
Ciavarra, Bernell.
Chadwick, Kim, Amarillo, Amarillo Kingston Hotel, Convention Sales Manager.
Childers, Nell, Georgetown, San Gabriel Woman’s Club, First Vice-President, Programs.
Clarke, Christie K., Dallas, Plaza of the Americas Hotel, Senior Sales Manager.
Clements, William P., Jr., Austin, Governor, State of Texas, Chairman, State Preservation Board.
Cooper, Laurie D., Washington, DC, GFWC International, Staff Assistant.
Crawley, Hazel, Amarillo, Amarillo Federation of Women’s Clubs, Inc., President.
Dawson, Martha Page, Houston, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Director, Volunteer Services.
Dickson, Joann, Anson, TFWC In Memoriam Chairman.
Dudenhoffer, Phyllis J., Washington, DC, GFWC International President.
Farley, Fayrene, Granbury, Chairman, TFWC President’s Special Projects Committee.
Farrar, Rebecca “Becky,” (Mrs. C. J.), Hico, Capitol District.
Faske, Lay, Ryon, & Singhaus, Austin, Certified Public Accountants.
Faubion, Jeannine (Mrs. Raymond), Fort Meyers, FL, GFWC First Vice President.
Finch, Leabelle.
Gamertsfelder, Marion, Dalhart, TFWC Secretary.
Gerard, David G., Austin, City of Austin, Department of Public Works, Manager, Transportation Engineering and Signals Division.
Green, Bettye, Tahoka, TFWC Past President.
Gunter, Jewell, B., Houston, 94th Convention Program Chairman.
Hendricks, Jackie, Midland, TFWC PR/Communications Chairman.
Herndon, Dealey, Austin, State Preservation Board, Executive Director.
Holden, Janelle, Beaumont, The Woman’s Club, Corresponding Secretary.
Holland, Ann L., Washington, DC, GFWC International, President Elect.
Jackson, Virginia, P., Houston, Texas Mothers Association, Search Chairman, Texas Mother of the Year, 1991.
Johnson, Reba, Killeen.
Judd, Odessa Sallling, Whitesboro, History Club of Whitesboro, Chairperson, Tour of Homes.
Kemp, Dorothy, (Mrs. Leonard D., Sr.), Corpus Christi, 1st Vice President, TFWC; South Texas District, Secretary.
King, C. Richard, Stephenville, re: Alice Nell King, his mother, and her service to the Federation.
Korthauser, Alice (Mrs. Wilfred), Brenham, Chairman, Resolutions Committee.
Kramer, Stuart W., Chantilly, VA, GFWC Insurance Plan Administrator.
Kranz, Sally, Washington, DC, GFWC, Director of Public Relations.
Kreigel, Margaret, (Mrs. Leonard), Giddings, TFWC Resolution Chairperson; Parliamentarian.
Lawson, Martha Page (Mrs.), Houston, M.D.Anderson Hospital and Tumor Institute, Director, Volunteer Services.
Landers, Evangeline, Eagle River, AK., GFWC of Alaska,, President.
Liles, Erma Monke (Mrs. R.C.), Member, Mesquite District; Life Member - District; TFWC; State Treasurer (Bratton Admin), Chairman, Constitution Committee (Whatley Admin); State Life Member.
Littlefield, Amy, Washington, DC, GFWC International, GFWC Legislative Director.
3.141Marshall, Bernell B., Washington, DC, GFWC Director of Membership Service.
Massey, Louise, Stamford.
Mays, Lee Thompson, Amity Study Club, President.
McCarley, Carolyn, Harlingen.
McCree, Allen, Austin, State Preservation Board, Architect of the Capitol.
McKenzie, Cecilia A., Austin, Texas Department of Health, Program Administrator, Sexual Assault Prevention and Crisis Services.
McMahon, Billie Lindley, “Billy Jean,” (Mrs. Joel D. Jr.) Cleveland, Chairman, President’s Special Project Committee.
McMahon, Danette, Coconut Creek, FL, Convention Soloist, daughter of Billy Jean McMahon.
Merriman, Monette, Canyon, Texas Panhandle Heritage Foundation, Inc., Office Manager.
Munn, Emily Delle, San Angelo.
O Brian, Hugh O., Los Angeles, CA, Hugh O’Brian Youth Foundation, Founder and CEO.
Parker, Jane, Edinburgh, Texas Youth Commission, Evins Regional Juvenile Center, Regional Coordinator of Volunteers.
Pease, Vona D. (Mrs. William), Salem, OR, Oregon Federation of Women’s Clubs, President.
Pennington, Mary, Temple, Trade and Aid-International Affairs, Chairman.
Reed, Janey Orr, Kenosha, WI, GFWC International, PR/Communications Chairman.
Roberson, Mary Margaret, (Mrs. Champion), Dallas, TFWC President Elect.
Runnels, Nancy, Bowie, TFWC Treasurer.
Sanchez, Tammy, McAllen, Holiday Inn, Director of Sales.
Sandel, Bonnie, Big Lake, TFWC, 2nd Vice President.
Schneider, Elaine H., Loreauville, LA, GFWC South Central Region, President.
Sheingold, Marcia N., Dallas, Plaza of the Americas Hotel, Director of Sales and Marketing.
Siegfried-Giles, Patricia, Dallas, TFWC, Assistant Program Chairman.
Simmang, Minnie, Giddings, TFWC Protocol and Platform Chairman.
Smith, Phyllis, Cleveland, TFWC Resolutions Committee, Chairman.
Smith, V. Marie, Austin, TFWC Outstanding Federation Day Program, Chairman.
Shaw, Martha, Amarillo, Harvey Hotel, Director of Catering.
Stebbins, Bernice L., Odessa, Progressive Study Club, Vice President and Program Chairman.
Steen, Kathryn, Western District, President Elect.
St. Romain, Mary Jo, Plains, TFWC Women’s History and Resource Chairman.
Sudarshan, Beth A., Austin, Fulbright & Jaworski, 501(c )3 status.
Sutton, Charlotte D., Auburn, AL, Auburn University, Assistant Professor, Department of Management.
Swift, Dave, Austin, Austin Marriott at the Capitol, Sales Manager.
Tate, Sharon, Dallas, Plaza of the Americas Hotel, Catering Manager.
Thompson, Mrs. Bobby, Austin, Austin Woman’s Federation, 2nd Vice President.
Tippit. Juanita C., Hearne, Today’s Woman, Outstanding Clubwoman/Volunteer.
Utesch, Dorothy (Mrs. L.P.), Brenham, TFWC Home Life Department Chairman.
Visir, George, Corpus Christi, Continental Airlines, South Texas, District Sales Manager.
Wallace, Aliceanne, Belton, TFWC Legislation Chairman.
Ward, Marie B., Aspermont, TFWC Yearbook Chairman.
Weingarten, Ruthe, Austin, Past Research Director, Texas Foundation for Women’s Resources.
Williford-Whatley, Harriett, Fairfield, Past President, TFWC.
White, Audrey J.(Mrs. Robert A.), La Porte, San Jacinto District, GFWC Centennial Celebration Chairman; Ladies Reading Club of La Porte, Ninetieth Anniversary celebration, Mistress of Ceremonies.
White, Betty Ann, Gilmer, TFWC Trade & Aid Division Chairman.
Wicker, Mary A., GFWC Member, TFWC Caprock District President, 1990 - 1992.
Wiggins, Joy, Houston, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Volunteer Services.
Wilder, Don, Austin, Austin Marriott at the Capitol, Director of Catering.
3.142Roberson Administration: 1992 - 1994
Roberson, Mary Margaret, Dallas, TFWC President.
Bonham, Dee, Paris, American Literature Club, President.
Enochs, Jean Gibson, Commerce, Key District, Delphian Club, President.
Green, Bettye (Mrs. Harold), Tahoka, State Chairman for GFWC Convention.
LeFlore, Carmelita, Paris, Paris Woman’s Study Club, President.
Mays, Lee Thompson, Atlanta, Amity Study Club, President.
Preas, Mary E., Cooper, T.A. Lambeth Dramatic Club, President.
Sigfreid-Giles, Patricia, Dallas, Chairman of Volunteers/GFWC International Convention.
Threadgill, Marilyn, Key District, Modern Study Club, President.
White, Betty, Gilmer, Key District, President.
Young, Victorene, Paris, Paris Noon Study Club, President.
3.143Gamertsfelder Administration, 1998 - 2000
Gamertsfelder, Marion, President, TFWC, 1998 - 2000.
Barton, Ann, Denton, TFWC/TWU Liaison.
Sims, Lennie(Mrs. Billie Mack), Wellington, TFWC Program Director, GFWC- WHRC Regional Representative, South Central.
Wheeler, Pollye, Albany, TFWC 2nd Vice-President, Membership Chairman.
3.144-3.207Series 3: Administrations: Reports, 1897 - 2006
Arranged in order of presidential administrations.
Formal and informal reports as well as printed material on special projects including libraries, Texas Woman's University, and M.D. Anderson Cancer Center.
Reports may also be included in minutes and published in the annuals and newsletters.
3.1441897 - 1904
Rotan Administration
Terrell Administration
Pennybaker Administration
3.1451904 - 1906
Pennybacker Administration
Turner Administration
3.1461907 - 1909
Dibrill Administration
Wright Administration
No date – Miscellaneous papers - “metal box”
Fall Administration - Redmond Adminis
3.1481925 - 1927
Fields Administration
3.1491927 - 1935
Porter Administration
Linday Administration
Fincher Administration
Taylor Administration
3.1501936 - 1938
Turrentine Administration
3.1511936 - 1938
Turrentine Administration
3.1521938 - 1940
Turrentine Administration
Perkins Administration
Perkins Administration
GFWC Golden Jubilee
Pioneer Clubwoman - 1946
3.1541940 - 1941
Walker Administration
3.1551940 - 1942
Walker Administration
3.1561942 - 1945
Foster Administration
3.1571945 - 1947
Scott Administration
3.1581947 - 1949
Perry Administration
3.1591947 - 1948
Miscellaneous Programs
3.1601949 - 1951
Miscellaneous Reports
3.1611949 - 1951
Departmental Reports
3.1621949 - 1951
Hodge Administration
3.1631951 - 1953
Stubbs Administration
3.1641951 - 1953
Stubbs Administration
Austrian Care
Gonzales Warm Springs
3.1661953 - 1955
Dudley Administration
3.1671953 - 1955
Dudley Administration
3.1681956 - 1958
House Administration
3.1691956 - 1958
House Administration
3.1701958 - 1960
Boyd Administration
3.1711958 - 1960
Griffiths Administration
3.1721962 - 1964
Carleton Administration
3.1731962 - 1964
Carleton Administration
3.1741964 - 1966
Ginnings Administration
3.1751964 - 1966
Ginnings Administration
In Memorium
Loyalty Service
Golden Book
3.1761966 - 1968
Seay Administration
3.1771968 - 1970
Shaper Administration
3.1781970 - 1972
Carpenter Administration
Pioneer Clubwoman
Golden Jubilee Clubwoman -1972
3.1791970 - 1972
Carpenter Administration
3.1801972 - 1974
Hughes Administration
3.1811974 - 1976
Whatley Administration
3.1821947 - 1976
Whatley Administration
3.1831976 - 1978
Tipps Administration
3.1841978 - 1980
Bratton Administration
3.1851980 - 1982
Sims Administration
3.1861982 - 1984
Skiles Administration
3.1871984 - 1986
Green Administration
3.1881986 - 1988
Silvus Administration
3.1891986 - 1988
Silvus Administration
3.1901986 - 1988
Silvus Administration
Stop Elder Abuse
3.1911988 - 1990
McMahon Administration
3.1921990 - 1992
Boutwell Administration
3.1931994 - 1996
Roberson Administration
1996 - 1998
Kemp Admimistration
3.1941998 - 2000
Gamertsfelder Administration
3.1952002 - 2004
Mitchell Administration
Friendship Day (in honor of Eleanor Brackenridge)
Interracial Studies
Progress of the Negro in Texas (pamphlet)
Negro Health - 1930 - 1939
Report - Chairman - Interracial Committee - 1939
Negro Youth - 1939
Statistics - Interracial Committee
Negro Education - 1934 - 1939
Library Histories:
Alpine - Kirbyville
Library Histories:
Lampasas - Winters
Library Projects
TLA Convention 2002
Educational activities 1897 - 1937
TFWC Federation News 1931, 1947
TFWC Convention/Board Minutes - 1901
State Library Commission Report 1902 - 1903
Correspondence - Mrs. Terrell 1901 - 1904
Traveling Libraries
TLA Centennial Handbook 1902 - 2002
TFWC Involvement in libraries 1898 - 1919
TFWC Libraries - Information - photocopies - 1901 - 1904
Carnegie Libraries
Correspondence - Photocopies
Libraries - Terrell 1901 - 1904
Libraries - Extension Loan System
Pamphlets for Programs
Installation Ceremonies
GFWC - TFWC Foundation Information
E. Snapp article on Libraries
TFWC Yearbooks 1901, 1914
Convention programs 26th, 29th
Comprehensive Report 1907 - 1912
M.D. Anderson Cancer Center
History of TFWC relationship with M. D. Anderson Hospital
1978 - 1980 - M. D. Anderson TFWC Projects Report
1999 -M.D. Anderson Status Report
Santa Fe Cultural Colony, Santa Fe, New Mexico
Texas Womans University
History of association - 1903 - 2006
Shared Goals, Shared Leadership (booklet on TFWC/TWU)
Reproduction of newspaper clippings - 1st Graduation (June 1904)
College of Industrial Arts (C.I.A.) Bulletin, 1905 - 1906
State Dairy & Food Commissioner - Dr. J. S. Abbott
Outline for study of Domestic Sciences and Domestic Arts
Library Dedication - 1928
Texas Federation News - partial copies: 1922, 1928,1931,1937,1938
TWU Jubilee - November 6, 1952
Leadership Seminar 1988
TWU Centennial Exhibit - 1997
Founders Day 1999

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