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Texas Woman's University, the Woman's Collection

Texas Federation of Women's Clubs Collection

Series 3: Administrations (Correspondence, 1962 - 1974)

Collection Summary

Creator:Texas Federation of Women's Clubs
Title:Texas Federation of Women's Clubs Collection
Date:1897 - .
Abstract:Constitution and bylaws, minutes, correspondence, reports, and published material created by the state organization, the districts, and over 2,200 individual member clubs. Also includes graphic material such as photographs and scrapbooks. Material documents the founding meeting in 1897 through the organization's growth in the twentieth century into the largest women's volunteer association in Texas.
Location:Mss. 32
Size:493 boxes.
RepositoryTexas Woman's University, the Woman's Collection


Arrangement of the Collection

The records are arranged into nine series:
Series 1: Historical Writings
Series 2: Legal and Financial Documents
Series 3a-j: Administrations - Correspondence and Reports
Series 4: Education Assistance
Series 5: Headquarters Building
Series 6a-c: Membership
Series 7: Printed Material
Series 8: Graphic Material
Series 9: General Federation of Women's Clubs and South Central Region


Access to the Collection:

Open for research.

Publication and Copyright Statements:

Permission to publish materials must be obtained in writing from the Coordinator for Special Collections. Where copyright is unclear, all responsibility must be assumed by the user.

Administrative Information


Material was collected and housed at the TFWC Headquarters until the organization designated the Woman's Collection as the repository for its archives in 1985. Material has been added on a continuing basis since that time.

Processed by

Ann McGuffin Barton, Morgan Davis, and Barbara Hotinski, 1997-2007.

Encoded by:

Ranu Singhvi, 2008

Detailed Description of the Collection


Series 3: Administration Records (Correspondence, 1962 - 1974)

3.112 - 3.128Correspondence
This section includes presidents Carlton,1962-1964; and Ginnings, 1964-1966.
Arranged alphabetically by originating correspondent (author) in order of presidential administrations. Correspondence by each president precedes the alphabetical listing. The name of the author, the town or city, the person's title, and a brief description of the contents of the letters is included.
3.112Carleton Administration, 1962 - 1964
Carleton, Winnie (Mrs. A.T.), Houston President (2 Folders).
Adams, Jesse L. Jr., Dallas, Treasury Department, U. S. Savings Bonds, State Director.
Ahlgren, Mildred, GFWC.
Allen, Mrs. Neil, Austin, Headquarters Maintenance Department, Chairman.
Alphin, Lillian (Mrs. Claude A.), Corpus Christi, GFWC, Community Improvement, Program and Contest Committees, Chairman.
Arnold, Margaret L (Mrs. Dexter Otis), Washington, DC, GFWC, President.
Bains, H.W., Dallas, The Baker Hotel, Sales Manager.
Barnes, Mary Katherine, Charleston, WV, GFWC, Public Affairs Department, Law Observance and Crime Prevention Committee, Chairman.
Barnhart, Alice O., Washington, DC , GFWC, Program Specialist.
Bateman, Dorothy “Dottye” (Mrs.Geo.T.), Garland, Trinity District, President.
Bennett, Mrs. Lily, Loraine, Mesquite District, Endowment Fund, Chairman.
Berry, Hortense (Mrs. A. A.), Edna, Eleanor Brackenridge Literary Club.
Besselieu, Mrs. Warren, San Antonio, San Antonio Woman’s Federation, Treasurer.
Bidwell, James T., Jr., Austin, United States Air Force, 4130th Combat Support Group (SAC) Bergstrom AFB, Claims Officer.
Bonner, Mrs. J.G., Gainesville, American Study Club.
Boyd, Mrs. Bryan, Three Rivers, Live Oak Study Club, President.
Boyd, Mae, Denton, Past TFWC President.
Boyer, D. Royce, Austin, University of Texas Longhorn Singers, Director.
Brewer, Bernice (Mrs. Maynard), Marlin, The Marlin Civic Club, Vice-President.
Brewster, Ruth.
Bridwell, Clara, Dallas, Trinity District, Women’s Chamber of Commerce, Treasurer.
Bright, Wm.T., Summersville, WV, Bright of America, Owner.
Brightwell, Mollie (Mrs. Wm.P.), Baird, Delphian Club, Past President, 1931 - 1933; 1942 - 1946; Wednesday Study Club, Past President, 1937 - 1939; 1962 - 1964.
Broaddus, Almeda, E., Colorado City.
Buie, John A, La Porte, La Porte Literary Club, Yearbook Committee, Program Chairman.
Burton, Mrs. Brock, Corpus Christi, The Nautilus Study Club, Hallmark Art Talent Scholarship Contest, Chairman.
Busch, Veirl, Washington, DC, GFWC, Treasurer’s Office.
Bushnell, Louise, New York, NY., National Association of Manufacturers, Women’s Department, Director.
Cabaniss, Eloise (Mrs. Cecil), Austin, Capitol District, President; Golden Book Project, Acting Chairman.
Caldwell, Mrs. Roy, McKinney.
Campbell, Eloise (Mrs. Byron), Raymondville, South Texas District, President; TFWC, Treasurer.
Canada, Verona, (Mrs. J.W.), La Porte, Elected Life Member 1961; Elected District Board Life Member, 1958; District President, 1924 - 25; 1937 - 39.
Carmichael, H.D., Austin, Texas Safety Conference, Governor’s Highway Safety Conference, Home Safety Section, Program Chairman.
Carr, Waggoner, Austin, Attorney General of Texas.
Castleberry, Robin, Vernon.
Castleberry, Vivian, Dallas, The Dallas Times Herald Women’s Editor.
Chancellor, Mrs. H.E., San Angelo, The Woman’s Club, President, 1962 - 63; 1961 - 62.
Chittenden, Mary M (Mrs. Joe D), Director of Legislation.
3.113Cockrell, Dwyce, Mrs. Austin, TFWC, Executive Secretary (5 Folders).
Collier, Lillian (Mrs. Jud), Mumford, Program Translation, Chairman.
Colson, Neveille H., Austin, Texas State Senate, District 5, Navasota.
Constance Condos.
Connally, John, Austin, Governor of the Sate of Texas.
Cook, Mrs. Bray, Memphis, 1913 Study Club,Treasurer.
Cooper, Chuck, Dallas, Glenn Advertising, Account Executive.
Coplon, Alva G., Dallas, Neiman Marcus.
Cox, Alva Young (Mrs. Orville I.), McAllen, TFWC, Public Affairs, Chairman.
Cox, Mrs. John C., Jr., Dallas, Women’s Chamber of Commerce.
Crawford, Alice (Mrs. Guy), Borger, Resolutions Committee, Top of Texas District, Chairman; Leadership Committee, Chairman.
Crittenden, Christine (Mrs. G.M.), Waco.
Curtis, Mrs. Marvin, Palacios, Alapha Club, President.
Davis, Mrs. Alden, Austin, TFWC, Board Meeting Arrangements, Chairman.
Davis, Bess, (Mrs. Herbert), Dallas, TFWC, Program Chairman.
Davis, Mrs. Bill W., O’Donnell, Caprock District, President.
Davis, Eugenia, San Antonio, San Antonio Women’s Federation, President.
Davis, Frank E., Midland, Shell Oil Company, Public Relations Representative.
Davis, Rubye D (Mrs. Frank E.), Trinity District, Past President.
Deisroth, Patience, New York, NY, Dudley-Anderson-Yutzy, Secretary to Mrs.Schoonover.
Dennison, R.E., Dallas, TFWC, Advertising Agent.
Dewees, Cheba (Mrs. C.B.), Fort Worth, Pioneer District, Board of Trustees.
Dotterweich, June (Mrs. Frank H.), Kingsville, American Studies.
Dudley, Loraine (Mrs. L.E.), Abilene, GFWC, Past President- 1941 - 45, Abilene City Federation of Women’s Clubs; Fine Arts Department, Literature and Drama, Chairman; Past President, Abilene Study Club.
Dunkum, Edith (Mrs. W.G.), Marlin.
Dunlap, Beulah (Mrs. T.L.), Littlefield, Caprock District, 3rd Vice-President.
Durban, Mrs., Abilene, Mesquite District, 58 Study Club, Treasurer.
Dyer, Beulah (Mrs. A.E., Sr.), Baird, Civil War Centennial, Chairman.
Eichelberger, Clark M., New York, NY, American Association for the United Nations, Inc., Executive Director.
Eisenberg, Eleanor (Mrs. Jack C), Austin, State Department of Public Welfare, Child Welfare Consultant.
Elliott, Mary Frances (Mrs. W.R.), Waxahachie, Trinity District, Board of Trustees.
Emerson, Irene (Mrs. A.D.), Waxahachie, Waxahachie Daily Light, Woman’s Editor.
Ewalt, H. Ward, Jr., O.D., St.Louis, MO, American Optometric Association, President.
Ewing, Mrs. Barr, Mercedes, Los Elbanos Study club, Program Chairman.
Fabian, Harold P., Washington, DC, United States Department of the Interior, Chairman of the Advisory Board.
Fick, Shirley, New York, NY, Cooperative for American Relief Everywhere, Inc.(CARE), Secretary to Frank J. Phillips, Director, Southwest Division.
Fields, Mrs. J.U., Haskell, State Board of Trustees, Member; Past TFWC President.
Flanagan, Mary, Dallas, House of Music, Inc.
Foster, Mrs. R.T., Sterling City, The First National Bank, President.
Fouts, Leslie (Mrs. Theran J.), Denton, Bylaws Committee, Chairman.
Fowler, Mrs. H. Clifford, Abilene, Mesquite District, 58 Study Club, President.
Foxhall, Mrs.F.W., Memphis.
Freidell, Grace (Mrs. W. Russell), Houston, TFWC, Religion Department, State Chairman.
Gaslusha, Mrs. Frank, San Antonio, San Antonio Women’s Federation, President, 1961 - 62.
Garcia, Maria Elisa, Austin, Texas State Library, Director, Reference Division.
Gault, Mrs. Howard W., Hereford, Bayview Study Club, Treasurer.
Genhart, Don E., El Paso, Hilton Hotel, Assistant Manager-Sales.
3.114 Gillette, Helen, Houston.
Ginnings, Blanche (Mrs. J.L.), Pilot Point, TFWC, 1st Vice-President.
Golden, Margaret (Mrs. Hawkins), Dallas, Dallas Federation of Women’s Clubs, National Defense Division, Chairman.
Green, Mr. Louis F., Albany, Bluebonnet Study Club, Program Chairman.
Griffiths, Evelyn (Mrs. Harry), Austin, Past TFWC President.
Haberman, Carol R, San Antonio, San Antonio Women’s Federation, Carnival of Nations, Chairman.
Haines, Kathy (Mrs. Richard D), Temple, the City Federation of Women’s Clubs, President.
Hale, Jean (Mrs. Sammy), Floydada, TFWC, Junior Director, Western Region.
Hammer, Kathryn (Mrs. William C.), New York, NY, Celanese Fibers Company, Consumer Relations Consultant.
Hampf, Cecile (Mrs. Emil R), Galveston, San Jacinto District, President.
Harkness, David J., Knoxville, TN, The University of Tennessee, Department of Program Planning and Library Service, Director.
Harrison, Ethel (Mrs. Thomas M), Ft.Lauderdale, FL, The Florida Federation of Women’s Clubs, Treasurer.
Hasty, Mrs. Jack, DeLeon.
Hawkins, Eudora, Abilene, TFWC, Chairman of Resolutions.
Heren, Anita (Mrs. R.W.), Haskell, Mesquite District, President.
Hildebrand, Fay, Sterling City, The Wimodausis Club, Treasurer.
Hill, Sarah, Eldorado, Americanism Committee, Program Chairman.
Hodge, Veda, Past TFWC President.
House, Bernice, Yoakum, Past TFWC President.
Hubbard, Mary Addie (Mrs. Jay), Port Lavaca, Federation Endowment Committee, Chairman.
Hughes, Lucy (Mrs. A.C.), Commerce, Key District, President.
Jacobs, Gerald I., Houston, The Shamrock Hilton, Sales Manager.
Jacobs, Ilene, Big Lake.
James, Rosemarie S., New York, NY, Celanese Fibers Company, Consumer Relations, Coordinator.
Jarrell, Mrs. J.C., Winters.
Jeanes, Helen (Mrs. C.Gerald), Hillsboro.
Jennings, Mrs. O.N, Muleshoe, Muleshoe Study Club.
Jobe, Bea (Mrs. E. B.), San Antonio, The Texas Clubwoman, Subscriptions.
Johnson, Mrs. Boy, Crowell, Rosa District, 1st Vice-President.
Johnson, Mrs. Grover, Wichita Falls, Santa Rosa District, President.
Johnson, Lyndon Baines, Washington, DC, United States Senator fromTexas.
Jones, Martha, Dallas, Civil War Centennial, Chairman, State Committee.
Joyner, Wylette, Dallas, Cooperative for American Relief Everywhere, Inc., (CARE), South Texas District, Chairman.
Keller, Marian (Mrs. Ross J.), Galveston, Fine Art Department, Art Division, Chairman.
Kelley, Ruth Marie (Mrs. George P.), Houston, Fine Arts Department, Chairman.
Kennedy, Roderick E., Austin, KHFI-FM, Manager.
Kilpatrick, Rufus U., Austin, State of Texas, House of Representatives, District 9, Jefferson County.
Kimsey, Ada R., GFWC, Club History, Program Coordinator.
King, Ida Joe (Mrs. T.W., Jr.), Denton, Pioneer District, President.
Kirk, Edna A., Gorman.
Knapp, Ruth Keith, Sweetwater, Delta Kappa Gamma Society, President.
Krueger, Culp, Austin, State of Texas, Governor.
LaDine, Venetta (Mrs. C.B), Indianapolis, IN, Indiana Federation of Clubs, 7th District, President.
Laney, Mrs. M.B, Kilgore, Kilgore Woman’s Club, Treasurer.
Lee, Ursella (Mrs. H.G.), DeLeon, Heart of Texas District, President.
Leverett, Mrs. Frank M., Port Arthur, Magnolia District, Musical Penny Scholarship Fund, Chairman.
Leverett, Mary Cee (Mrs.C. W.), El Paso, Community Improvement Contest, Western District, Chairman.
Lillard, Lillie V., Arlington, International Affairs Department, State Chairman.
Loftin, Paul A., Austin, Texas State Library, Director of Information.
Lowrance, Mrs. Garland, Cotulla, Woman’s Club of Cotulla, President.
Macatee, George P. III, Dallas, House of Representatives, State of Texas.
Magee, Mrs. Walter V., Lakewood, OH, GFWC.
Marberry, Anna K (Mrs. R.R.), Tivoli, The Pioneer Club, President.
Marshall, Bessie (Mrs. M.Frank), Hillsboro, State Board of Trustees.
Marshall, Mrs. Hugh T., Quanah, 1904 Club, Program Chairman.
Martin, Mrs. Donald, Dallas.
Martin, Grace, College Station, Executive Department, Division of Defense and Disaster Relief, State Consultant for Women’s Activities in Civil Defense.
Mason, Elizabeth, Washington, DC, United States Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Women’s Activities, Division of Information and Education.
McCracken, Vivian, Austin, TFWC, Executive Secretary.
McDaniel, Mrs. Guy E., El Paso, Western District, Recording Secretary.
McDonald, Ralph W., Washington, DC, National Committee for Support of the Public Schools, Executive Director.
McKnight, Arthur W., Dallas, The Arthritis and Rheumatism Foundation, Regional Executive.
McQuatters, Lula (Mrs. Roy), Littlefield, Texas Heritage Department, State Chairman.
Meley, Betty L. (Mrs.E. L.), Beaumont, Conservation Department, State Chairman.
Melton, Mrs. O.E., Burkburnett, Santa Rosa District, Art Division, Chairman.
Mengler, Johnonene B.C. (Mrs. Herbert E.), San Antonio, Writing Thesis on Eleanor Brackenridge.
Meyer, Agnes E., Washington, DC, National Committee for the Support of Public Schools, Executive Committee, Chairman.
Mimms, Audrey (Mrs.Geo.), Marfa.
Moore, Margaret, Indianapolis, IN, Indianapolis Federation of Clubs, 7th District, Member; The Indianapolis News, Anti-Crime Crusade, Coordinator.
Morris, Palma Lee (Mrs. E.H.), Canadian, Top of Texas District, President.
Musgraves, B.W., Austin, Texas Education Agency, Assistant Commissioner for Public Junior Colleges.
Musick, J.O., Austin, Texas Safety Association, General Manager.
Myracle, John, Wichita Falls, Darr Equipment Co., Assistant Sales Promotion Manager.
Nance, Mrs. Ollie, Moody.
Naylor, Pauline (Mrs. John W.). Fort Worth.
Neal, Margie E, Carthage.
North, Frank A., Dallas, Dallas Chamber of Commerce, Convention and Visitor’s Bureau.
Oliver, Virginia, Kansas City, MO.
Palmer, Hazel (Mrs. J. Frank), Mount Pleasant, Fine Arts Club, Treasurer.
Palmer, Lester E., Austin, Mayor.
Paramore, Mrs. John R., Grand Prairie, Grand Prairie Federation of Woman’s Clubs, Past President.
Pearce, Jessie June (Mrs. E.D.), Lakewood, OH, GFWC, 3rd Vice-President.
Pearson, Helen (Mrs. R.O), Austin, The National Foundation, The March of Dimes, State Advisor.
Perkes, Frances (Mrs. Charles H.), Reklaw, TFWC, Yearbook Chairman.
Petty, Campbell, Dalton, GA, Cabin Crafts, Inc.
Phillips, Frank J., Dallas, Cooperative for American Relief Everywhere, Inc. (CARE), Southwest Division, Director.
3.115Plain, J.P., Dallas, The Sears-Roebuck Foundation, Regional Director.
Plante, Lilian D., New York, NY, The Ford Foundation, Office of Reports.
Poenisch, Ruth (Mrs. Joseph), Jourdanton, Jourdanton Woman’s Club, President.
Pope, Mildred, Dallas, Scholarship Request.
Putnam, Margaret (Mrs. J.C.), Albany, Albany Study Club, Yearbook Chairman.
Ravell, Ruth, Groesbeck, Teacher of the Year, Committee Chairman.
Reed, Mrs. Bill, Stratford, Program Chairman.
Reid, Langhorne, Jr., Dallas, Braniff Airways, Traffic Administrator.
Reinarz, Ola Mae (Mrs. R.A.), San Antonio, Alamo District, Care-Literacy Committees, Chairman.
Riley, Dorothy, Victoria.
Robin, Emile A., San Antonio, National Decorators, Inc..
Rogers, Jeanne, Washington, DC , Chamber of Commerce of the United States, Director of Women’s Activities, Public Affairs Department.
Rudy, Elizabeth (Mrs. O.G.), Monahans, Board of Trustees, Western District.
Saunders, Alice, Paris, Coterie Club, President.
Schlayer, Mary Elizabeth (Mary Lou), Houston, The Texas Clubwoman, Editor.
Scott, Florence Johnson, Rio Grande City, Past TFWC President.
Scott, Mrs. W.L., Nocona, Maids and Matrons Club, Yearbook Committee, Chairman.
Seagert, George, Austin, Austin Chamber of Commerce, Convention Department, Manager.
Seay, Ann (Mrs. B.F.), Andrews, TFWC, 2nd Vice-President.
Seay, Mrs. Sam L.
Serio, Pearl (Mrs. Sam), Galveston, Special Days for Convention Observance, Chairman.
Shanklin, Alice (Mrs. Soulis S), Rocksprings, Alamo District, Fine Arts Department, Chairman.
Shaper, Celeste (Mrs. Henry F.S., Sr.), San Antonio, TFWC, 3rd Vice President.
Shepard, Sandra Lee, Austin, GFWC, Program Specialist.
Shepperd, John Ben, Odessa, Odessa Natural Gasoline Company, Texas State Historical Survey Committee, President.
Shirman, Lois S., Austin, City of Austin, Water and Light Department.
Shortland, James W., Washington, DC, GFWC, Addressograph Department.
Simpson, Mrs. John D., Austin, Golden Book for Club Presidents Project, Chairman.
Shuman, Frances, Washington, DC, GFWC, Treasurer’s Office.
Skiles, Frances (Mrs. Sammie), Weatherford, 20th Century Club, President.
Smith, Cookie (Mrs. Horton Wayne), Austin, Texas Association for Mental Health, Program Assistant.
Smith, Helen Livingstone, New York, NY, CARE, Inc., National Organizations, Director.
Smith, Mrs. Lee E., Corpus Christi, Corpus Christi City Federation of Women’s Club, Press Reporter.
Smith, Octavia (Mrs. Herbert A.), Sanderson.
Souther, Carol (Mrs. R. E.), Rosebud, Wednesday Study Club, Texas Old Mission Restorations Association, Secretary.
Soyars, Bernice (Mrs.), Sabinal, TFWC, Education Department, Chairman.
Spiller, Mabel, Washington, DC, Balfour Supply Service, Manager, Customer Service.
Staton, Mae (Mrs. J.L.), Waco, Fine Arts Department, Music Division, Chairman.
Stevens, John C., Abilene, Abilene Christian College, Assistant President.
Stinnett, Beatrice, Dr., Brenham, Yearbook Committee, Chairman.
Storie, Jo (Mrs. P.B.), Andrews, Western District, President.
Stitzenberger, Mrs. Virginia, Washington, DC, GFWC, Community Improvement Program.
Strauss, Gladys Mauritz (Mrs. Fred), Seguin, TFWC, State Safety Chairman.
Stump, Mrs.J.R., Waka.
Sturgeon, L.P., Austin, Texas State Teachers Association, Division of Public Relations, Director.
Sweet, Estelle, Mt. Pleasant, The Fine Arts Club, Vice-President.
Swift, Mrs. Walter A., Cleburne, Pioneer District, The Magazine Research Club, Recording Secretary.
Thomas, Mrs. Jessie G., Paducah, Santa Rosa District, Education Department, Chairman.
Hodges, Margaret, Washington, DC, Secretary to Homer Thornberry, United State Congress, House of Representatives, 10th District, Texas.
Tichnor, Louis, Boston, MA, Tichnor Brothers, Advertising.
Tinsley, Willa Vaughn, Lubbock, Texas Technological College, School of Home Economics, Dean.
Tobolowsky, Hermine D., Dallas, Texas, Federation of Business and Professional Women’s Clubs (BPW), Executive Secretary.
Todd, E.Lucille (Mrs. B.V.), Washington, DC, Automotive Safety Foundation, Women’s Division, Director.
Toups, Doris (Mrs, D.D.), GFWC, Raceland, LA, Louisiana Federation of Women’s Clubs, President.
Towery, Robert L., Austin, State of Texas, Office of the Secretary of State, Corporation Division, Director.
Turner, Mrs. Abe, Haskell, Mesquite District, The Progressive Study Club, President.
Via, Ted N., St.Louis, MO, American National Insurance Company, Accident and Health Department, Wholesale Department, Agent.
Ward, Marie (Mrs. John P.), Aspermont, TFWC, Recording Secretary.
Wardlaw, A.L., Fort Worth, Golden Jubilee Endowment Fund, Contribution.
Weant, Lilliye (Mrs. Howard), Falfurrias, TFWC, South Texas District, President.
Weaver, Elsie E., Moorestown, NJ, Earle S. Bowers Company, Sales Director.
Weber, A. Louise, Rising Star, Yearbook Committee.
Wells, Mildred White, Washington, DC, GFWC, Community Improvement Program, Director.
West, Helen, New York, NY, Woman’s Club Service Bureau, Information Department.
West, J.H., Bishop, Texas Farm Bureau, President.
Westphal, William H., Dallas, Westphalia Imports, Advertising Request.
White, Bess (Mrs.), San Antonio, TFWC, CARE-Literacy Division, Chairman.
Winn, Mrs.C.L, Balmorhea, Athenaeum Club, President.
Wise, Mrs. Oscar, Moran, TFWC Clubwoman, Funds Report, Chairman.
Wood, Mary H., Newtonville, MA, Massachusetts Federation of Women’s Clubs, 1st Vice-President and Finance Chairman.
Woods, Nadine, Liberty, Liberty Muscular Dystrophy Research Foundation, Board of Directors.
Wright, Jackson, Houston, National Association of Manufacturers, Program Director.
Yarbrough, Ralph, Washington, DC, United States Senate, Commerce Committee, Senator from Texas.
Yeager, Mrs. S.V., Bridgeport, Program Committee, Chairman.
3.116Ginnings Administration, 1964 - 1966
Ginnings, Blanche (Mrs. J. L.), Pilot Point, President (6 Folders).
Adkins, Effie Joe (Mrs. Teal), Beeville.
Ahlgren, Mildred, Washington, DC , GFWC, Public Relations Director.
Allen, Gladys (Mrs. Neal), Austin, Life Member Capitol District.
Allen, Kathryn (Mrs. Jack B.), Trustee, Top of Texas District.
Allman, Leona, Dallas, Department of Health, Education and Welfare, Food and Drug Administration, Consumer Consultant.
Appling, R.C., Houston, Continental Houston Hotel, Sales Representative.
Armstrong, Peggy, Denton, Vice-president, L’Allegro Club at TWU .
Arnold, Margaret (Mrs. Dexter Otis), Saguerties-on-Hudson, NY.
Aronofsky, Grayce Judd (Mrs. D.H.), Memphis, State Board member, Community Improvement Program.
Baron, Hazel (Mrs. E. J., Jr.), Port Arthur, Outstanding Clubwoman Committee, Chairman.
Barnhart, Esther N. (Mrs. Joe M.), Bellville, Penny Art Fund .
Beaman, Mrs. J.L.C., Alice, Trustee, South Texas District.
Berg, Ress H., Peru, Peace Corps volunteer, Centre de Capacitacien Campesina de Paz.
Bierschwale, Mollie, Mason, past District President.
Black, Mary (Mrs. Roy), Baird, Western Region Junior Director .
Block, Andree (Mrs. Gaston), Laredo, Hostess of International Clubs.
Blodgett, Dorothy (Mrs. W.T.), Austin, Consultant, Governor’s Conference on Libraries.
3.117 Bocock, Louise (Mrs. Oscar), Corpus Christi, Wednesday Study Club .
Bogert, Reid, Lima, Peru, Agency for International Development, Office of Special Projects, United States Mission to Peru.
Bolger, Mrs. David, Mt. Vernon, Mt. Vernon Jr. Shakespeare Club.
Bonilla, Tony, Corpus Christi, Bonilla, Thomas, De Pena, & Bonilla, Democratic nominee for State Representative (1964).
Boren, James H., Washington, DC, Department of State, Agency for International Development, Partners of the Alliance Programs, Director.
Brice, Dollie (Mrs. Henry J.), Snyder .
Brightwell, Mollie (Mrs. W. P.), Baird, International Affairs Department, Partners in Alliance for Progress, Peru, Chairman.
Brinkman, Mary (Mrs.), Houston, Continental Oil Company, Secretary to Christopher H. Lauck, Executive Assistant to Chairman of the Board .
Broaddus, Almeda, E, Colorado City, Life Member, State Board, TFWC .
Broun, Lutie L. (Mrs. T.Taylor), Commerce, Community Improvement Program Committee, member nomination refusal.
Bullard, Lucille (Mrs. Jack), Jefferson, President, Key District .
Burks, Lou E. Pilot Point, Community Improvement Program Committee, member.
Bushnell, Louise (Mrs.), New York, NY, National Association of Manufacturers, Director, Women’s Department.
Cabaniss, Mrs. Cecil, Austin, President, Board of Trustees, Capitol District .
Caceres, Marie Letica, Lima, Peru .
Calkins, Rachel.Mrs, Garland, Garland Public Schools, Counselor.
Carleton, Winnie (Mrs. A. T.), Past President, TFWC.
Carpenter, Mrs. Phillip A., TFWC Third Vice-President .
Cason, Nell (Mrs. Robert N.), Nacogdoches, Chairman of Redistricting Committee for Nacogdoches clubs from Magnolia to Key District.
Cavness, Don, Austin, State of Texas, House of Representatives, Travis County.
Chavez, Adam, San Antonio, Possible scholarship recipient.
Clark, Bess (Mrs. Jack T.), El Paso, President, Junior Woman’s Club of El Paso.
Clayton, Bill, Austin, State of Texas, House of Representatives, Springlake, TX.
Clements, Gregorio, Peru, representative of Mayobama library.
Click, William S., Terrace Motor Hotel, Director of Sales, Austin, TX .
Cloutman Mary D (Mrs. John F.), GFWC, Director of Program, Council of International Clubs, Washington, DC.
Cocanougher, President, Council of Federated Clubs of Lubbock, Lubbock, TX.
Cochran, Mary Jane.
Cockrell, Dwyce (Mrs.), TFWC, Executive Secretary.
Collier, Lillian (Mrs. Jud), Mumford, TFWC Legislative Chairman.
Collier, Margaret (Mrs. Jack).
Christian, George, Austin, Administrative Assistant to John Connally, Governor State of Texas.
Cordero-Mendez, Pasion Augusto, Primary School of Varones, Republic of Mexico, Director.
Couch, Gertie (Mrs. Earl J), Grand Prairie.
Cox, Alva (Mrs. Orville I.), McAllen, TFWC, South Texas District President .
Craig. Mrs. Thomas E., McKinney, The Owl Club.
Crawford, Alice (Mrs. Guy), Borger, Diamond Jubilee Committee member .
Darlington, M. R., Jr., Washington, DC, President’s Committee for Traffic Safety, Steering Committee for Women’s Conferences, Chairman.
Darnell, Mary Ruth (Mrs. B.C.), Beaumont, TFWC Group Insurance, Chairman.
Davenport, H. Marie, Houston, Ladies Reading Club, Corresponding Secretary .
Davis, Eugenia A., San Antonio, San Antonio Women’s Federation President .
Davis, F.E., Deer Park, Shell Chemical, Area Public Relations Representative.
Davis, Mrs. Jack H.Jr, Orange, TFWC Board Member.
David, Rubye (Mrs. Frank E.), Ennis, Past President Trinity District.
Davis, Linda (Mrs. Bill W.), O’Donnell, TFWC Treasurer.
Dennison, R. E., Dallas, TFWC, Advertising Agent.
Dial, Mamie (Mrs. Preston H.), Dallas, Chairman, International Affairs.
Doss, Mrs. M.S., Caprock District, Seminole, Seminole Study Club member.
Dotterwich, June (Mrs. Frank), Kingsville, TFWC, South Texas District President.
Douglas, Marion (Mrs. H.C.), Mineola, Delphian Club President .
Dozier, Bill, Austin, The Tyler Morning Telegram, Editor.
Dudley, Loraine, Austin, TFWC Past President .
Dunlap, Beulah (Mrs. T. L.), Littlefield, Diamond Jubilee Celebrations, Chairman.
Eggleston, Faye E, Mrs., Vernon.
Ezell, Helen (Mrs. Camp), Beeville, Hallmark Art Contest, Chairman.
Farmer, Louise (Mrs. R.R Jr.), West Columbia, TFWC Board of Directors, Endowment Chairman.
Field, Sara Jane, Bronco.
Fischer, Eula L (Mrs. Earl W.), Victoria, refusing appointment to Ways and Means Program committee.
Flagg, Robert F., Houston, The Flagg Agency, Advertising and Public Relations.
Franks, Ruth (Mrs. C. Gardner), Junction, Council of International Clubs, Hostess.
Fredeman, Sydalise (Mrs. William F.), Port Arthur, Port Arthur Department Club, President.
Freeman, Mrs. J. D., Austin, TFWC, 1903 Scholarship Committee, Chairman.
Freidell, Mrs. W. Russell, Houston, TFWC Pressbook, Chairman.
French, Louise (Mrs. Richard), Conroe.
Garrison, Homer, Jr., Austin, Texas Department of Public Safety, Director.
Gatlin, Thelma (Mrs. W.L.), Waco, Four Quarters for Headquarters, Capitol District, Promotional Chairman.
Gepp de Estaire, Sheila, Madrid, Spain, former scholarship recipient.
Gillette, Helen (Mrs. H. B.), Houston.
Goelet, Peter, New York, NY, National Audience Board, Inc.
Goodnight, Mrs. C. D., Holland, Women’s Study Club, Yearbook Committee.
Gordon, Roland E., Austin, Chariot Inn, General Manager.
Griffiths, Harry, Austin, American National Insurance Co., General Agent.
Guinn, John A., Denton, Texas Woman’s University (TWU), President.
3.118Hall, Opal (Mrs. Carl C.), Lefors, Top of Texas District, Public Affairs Department, Chairman.
Hancock, Mrs. Guy, Coolidge, Council of International Clubs.
Hardin, Charles L., Austin, Assistant Executive Secretary to State Chairman, TFWC.
Harmon, James S., Dallas, Southland Life Insurance Company, Supervisor - Advanced Sales.
Harral, Mrs. W. Alpheus, Fort Stockton, The Magno Usui Study Club, First Vice President.
Harris, Elizabeth (Mrs. C. S.), Beeville, Alamo District, Special State Board Committee, Community Improvement Program.
Harris, Eula Mae (Mrs. H. O.), Denton, Resolutions Committee, Chairman.
Harwell, Steve, Austin, Forty Acres Club, General Manager.
Hasebrook, Margaret E (Mrs. William H.), Washington, DC, GFWC, President.
Hawkins, Eudora, Abilene, State Safety Committee, Chairman.
Hayes, Pauline, Austin, TFWC, Past Social Director.
Haynes. William C. W., Houston, The Arthritis and Rheumatism Foundation, Texas Gulf Coast Chapter, President.
Hazelton, Lila (Mrs. Earl J.), Washington, DC, GFWC, Leadership Development Committee, Chairman.
Head, Betty, Galveston, GFWC, Eastern Region, Junior Director.
Heidt, Suzanne J., Austin, TFWC, Board Member.
Herren, Anita (Mrs. R. W.), Haskell, TFWC, Mesquite District, President.
Hicks, Imogene (Mrs. T. A.), Wichita Falls.
Hill, George W., Austin, Texas State Historical Survey Committee, Executive Director.
Hodge, Veda, TFWC, Past President.
House, Berenice, (Mrs. A. J.), Yoakum, TFWC, Past President.
Houston, Reagan T., Fort Worth, Hotel Texas, Executive Director of Sales.
Hudler, Jewell, McDade.
Hughes, Lacy (Mrs. A. C.), Commerce, Key District, Past President.
Hynes, Denise, Celanese Fibers Company, Consumer Relations Department.
Jackson, Winnie, (Mrs. Edwin), Austin.
James, Rosemarie S., Celanese Fibers Company, Consumer Relations, Coordinator.
Jennings, Mrs. O. N., Muleshoe.
Jobe, Bea.
Jeffcoat, Raymond, Dallas, Storm Printing Company.
Johnson, A.W. J. (Mrs. Grover), Wichita Falls, Santa Rosa District, President.
Johnson, Juanita (Mrs. Leroy), Morton.
Johnson, Lilas (Mrs. W. B.), Crowell, TFWC, Santa Rosa District, President.
Johnston, Helen E (Mrs. Douglas A.), Newington, CT, GFWC News Bulletin, Chairman.
Jones, Charles E., Denton, The Texas Clubwoman, Editor and Publisher.
Jones, Marjorie (Mrs. Tillman), Caprock District, Member.
Kazen, Abraham, Jr., Austin, Texas State Senate, District No. 21, Laredo.
Keefe, Betty (Mrs. Thomas M.), Austin, Texas State Historical Survey Committee, Publicity Committee.
Keys, Maxie (Mrs. Warren), Marshall, Key District, Trustee.
Keyserling, Mary Dublin, Washington, DC, U.S. Department of Labor, Women’s Bureau, Director.
Kimsey, Ada R., Washington DC, GFWC, Program Office, Coordinator.
Kinard, Lottie, Memphis, Santa Rosa District, Trustee.
King, Ida Fae (Mrs. T.W. Jr.), Denton, Pioneer District, President.
Kingsbury, Mrs. Jack, Crystal City, Twenty-Four Club, Secretary.
Kirby, Geneva (Mrs. Carney), Malakoff.
Kittel, Mary B. (Mrs. Howard S.), Fort Worth, Texas Garden Clubs, Inc., President.
Klicpera, Gladys Lee (Mrs. M. F.), Houston, TFWC, Council of International Relations, Hostess.
Kluge, Mrs. Henry, Austin, TFWC, Parliamentarian.
Koch, Rosalie M, Washington, DC, American Forest Products Industries, Women’s Affairs Division, Director.
Krimmel, Frances K., Washington, DC, Association of American Railroads, Public Relations Department, Women’ s Division, Manager.
Lane, Harry F., Temple, Holiday Inn, Innkeeper.
Lewis, Mrs. Glenn R., San Angelo, State Board of Directors, Member.
3.119Liles, Erma (Mrs. Ransom), Weinert, Mesquite District, President.
Lindsey, Jo Carol, (Mrs. R. T.), Top of Texas District, President .
Locklin, Nora (Mrs. Dee), McCamey, TFWC, Western District, President.
Lozano, Carlos, D.D. S., Texas State Department of Health, Division of Dental Health, Director.
Ludewig, Vesterlene (Mrs. F. W.), Three Rivers, Green Acres Ranch.
Magee, Jessie June (Mrs. Walter), Cleveland, OH, GFWC, Past Chairman, Community Affairs Department.
Magnusson, B., Fort Worth, Magnusson Advertising Agency, Bookkeeper.
Majors, Mrs. Sam L., Colorado City, TFWC, Board of Directors.
Mann, Gertrude (Mrs. James B.), Beaumont.
Mann, Mary Louise (Mrs. Robert), Woodville, Woman’s Study Club, Vice-President and Program Chairman.
Marcus, Edward, Austin, Texas Partners of the Alliance with Peru, Chairman.
Marshall, Bessie, TFWC, Member, Board of Directors.
Martin, Daisy (Mrs. Wm.M.), Hillsboro, TFWC, Member, Board of Directors.
Martin, Grace, Bryan, Past Chairman Department of National Defense (Hodge Administration); member State Department of Defense and Disaster Relief (Stubbs Administration).
Matthews, Pearl Boucher (Mrs. Robert H.), Canton, MO, GFWC, Chairman, Status of Women Division.
McAdams, Ina May, Austin.
McCracken, Vivian, (Mrs.), Austin, TFWC, Executive Secretary, (2 Folders).
McIlhany, Mrs. G. W., Wheeler, Member, Reception Committee.
McKee, Miss Cecil, Dallas, Southern Methodist University, Foreign Student Advisor.
McMahon, Billie Jean (Mrs. Joel D. Jr.), Cleveland, Magnolia District, President.
McMahon, Denise Hynes (Mrs.), New York, NY, Celanese Fibers Company, Consumer Relations Manager.
McMichael, Mary L. (“Mickey”), Refugio.
Meley, Betty, Member, TFWC Board of Directors.
Miller, Banks L, Jr., Austin, Texas Partners for the Alliance with Peru, Executive Director.
Miller, Mary Katherine (Mrs., Carroll E.), Missoula, MT, GFWC, Pubic Affairs Department and Crusade for Light, Chairman.
Miller, Richard E., San Antonio, HemisFair 1968, Administrative Assistant.
Miller, Rose, Cisco.
Mills, Mrs. J. O., San Angelo, President, Heart of Texas District.
Mocha, Inez S (Mrs. George L), TFWC, Member, Special State Board Committee, San Jacinto District.
Mock, Mrs. Edward, Rosebud, Ethel Green Study Club, Member.
Morris, Mrs. E. H., Canadian, Past President, Top of Texas District.
Mossley, Mrs. Richard, Austin, Heart of Texas District, Four Quarters for Texas, Promotional Chairman; Trustee, 1962 - 1964.
Moss, Mrs. D. L, Raywood, President, Hull-Daisetta Study Club.
Nicholas, Mrs. Stephen J., Austin, TFWC, Executive Secretary (1965).
Nieman, John, Austin, Nieman, Hanks & Puryear, Insurance and Realty Agents.
Newman, Guy D., Brownwood, Howard Payne College, President.
Nicholas, Grace D., GFWC.
Nichols, Ruby E (Mrs.), Seymour, Santa Rosa District.
O’Donnell, John B., Lima, Peru, Agency for International Development, United Stated Aid Mission to Peru, Special Projects Coordinator.
O’Neal, Ressie, TFWC, Member, Board of Directors.
Parmelee, Dedece (Mrs., D. M.), Austin, Director of Research, Texas State Historical Survey Committee.
Pearce, Mrs. E.D., Miami, FL, GFWC, Second Vice President.
Perkins, Emily (Mrs. Joseph), Donor of other Past TFWC President’s administration documents (House, Hodge, Van Hook Stubbs).
Phillips, Frank J., Dallas, CARE, Inc., Director, Southwest Division.
Poindexter, Mrs. T. B., Wortham.
Pope, Mrs. C. U., Spearman, Twentieth Century Club, Yearbook Chairman.
Pryor, Cactus, Austin, Entertainer.
Putnam, Ada (Mrs. Andrew Lee), Caprock District, Diamond Jubilee Honoree.
3.120 Rankin, Mrs. Bob, Pioneer District, President .
Raymer, Ottilie (Mrs. M.R.), Kennedy, TFWC, Member, Board of Directors; Member, Endowment Committee, 1964.
Richter, Walter, Austin, Texas State Senate, District 19, Gonzales.
Riley, Mrs. Claude, Victoria, Past President, Alamo District.
Ritchey, Grace (Mrs. Robert O.), Dallas.
Rivera, Milton, Dallas, The Baker Hotel, Sales Manager.
Rivero, Jose H., Lima, Peru, Institute of Agrarian Reform and Promotion, National Office of Agrarian Reform, Central Sierra Program, Center for Rural Training.
Rogers, Myrtle (Mrs. T. G.), Decatur, Pioneer District, President.
Sanford, Nora, (Mrs. Farley), El Campo.
Sanford, Vern, Austin, Texas Press Service, General Manager.
Scarbro, Maxine (Mrs. James A.), Washington, DC, GFWC, Community Improvement Program, Chairman.
Schlayer, Mary Elizabeth (Dr.), Houston, The Texas Clubwoman, Editor.
Seymour, Frances B., Houston, San Jacinto District.
Seyfrit, Emma (Mrs. E.F.), San Antonio, TX.
Shaper, Celeste (Mrs. Henry), San Antonio, TFWC, 2nd Vice President; Reports Chairman; Fifth District President (Boyd Administration).
Shary, Alyce, (Mrs. William S), Long Island, NY, International Affairs Department, Nationalities Division, Chairman.
Shelton, Dorothy (Mrs. Virgil), Pilot Point, El Progresso Club, President.
Sherer, Mabel (Mrs. Charles T.), Houston, TFWC, San Jacinto District, President.
Shirley, Virginia, (Mrs. Ray), Crowell, TFWC Department of Education, Continuing Education and Epsilon Sigma Omicron (ESO), Chairman.
Shuman, Frances, Washington, DC, GFWC, Treasurer’s Office.
Slay, Bess (Mrs. Reed), Hillsboro, Capitol District, President.
Smith, Bessie, TFWC, Past Member, Board of Trustees, 1964 - 1966.
Smith, Helen Livingston, New York, NY, CARE Inc., Director, National Organizations.
Smith, Mary Katherine (Mrs. Gordon B.), Gainesville, Pioneer District, First Vice President .
Southern, Lois (Mrs. S. C.), Rosebud.
Soyars, Bernice (Mrs. C. L.), Sabinal.
Spears, Lewis, Austin, Texas Education Agency, Health, Safety, and Physical Education, Program Development Division, Consultant.
Spencer, Mrs. D. W., Dalhart, 1928 Study Club, member; Endowment Committee member.
Spielhagen, Inez (Mrs. Eric J.), Beeville, Alamo, District, President.
Staton, Mrs., J. L., Sr., Waco, Triangle Club, member; Chairman, Civil War Centennial Committee.
Stewart, Mary Ellen (Mrs. Alvin A), San Saba, Heart of Texas District, Second Vice President.
Stewart, T.K., Houston, Shell Oil Company, Public Relations Department.
Stitzenberger, Virginia, Washington, DC, Community Improvement Program, Director.
Stump, Mrs. J.R., Waka, Member, Marshall Committee, State Conventions.
Tannery, Fladger F., Dallas, Frito-Lay, Inc., President.
Tate, Willis M., Dallas, Southern Methodist University (SMU), President.
Taylor, Barbara (Mrs.), Austin, Capitol City Area Dietetic Association, President Elect.
Taylor, Carl L., Austin, The Austin Convention and Visitor’s Bureau.Inc.
Taylor, Virginia (Mrs. C. Joe), Lockney, Caprock District, Junior Director.
Thomas, Jessie (Mrs.), Paducah, State Chairman, Civil War Centennial Committee.
Thompson, Jean, Dallas, Editor, The Texas Clubwoman, 1965.
Thomson, Seth, Brownwood, Brother of Mrs. T. Fisher, notice of his sister’s death.
Tipps, Eleanor (Mrs. Robert M.), Denver City, Caprock District, President.
Toone, Milton G., Austin, Texas State Chamber of Commerce.
Tye, Jessie (Mrs. J. M.), Lockney.
Uyema, Maria N. (Norma), San Jose, Costa Rica, Scholarship recipient.
Van Zandt, Mrs. C. J., Mobeetie, Wednesday Study Club of Wheeler, President.
Weant, Lillye (Mrs. Howard), Falfurrias, TFWC Education Department, State Chairman; Past President, South Texas District.
Weiler, Mrs. Chauncey, Iowa Park, Second Vice- President, Santa Rosa District.
Wells, Mildred White, Washington DC, GFWC, Diamond Jubilee Coordinator.
Wells, Wm., New York, NY, United States Stationery Company, Manager.
Whatley, Willis, Austin, State of Texas, House of Representatives, District 22, Houston.
Whitemore, Ruth (Mrs. J. F.), Wolfe City, District Maintenance Committee, member.
Wilke, Mrs. Ira, Austin.
Wilson, Mrs. R. T., Monahans, Wednesday Study Club, Vice President.
Windham, Inez (Mrs. Frank), Baird, State Community Improvement Board member.
Winfrey, Dorman H., Austin, Texas State Library, Coordinator; Director, First Texas Governor’s Conference on Libraries.
Yarbrough, Mrs. George, Brownwood, TFWC-CARE, Chairman, 1964 - 1966.
Yokley, Marjorie Yates, Mount Airy, NC, GFWC.
Zander, William L., Houston, Republican Legislative Candidate.
Zobel, Mrs. A. R., Houston, Monday Literary Club, President.
3.121Seay Administration, 1966 - 1968
Seay, Ann (Mrs. B.F.), Austin, President.
Alexander, Frank E., Austin, Southwestern Fine Arts Institute, Southwestern Division, President.
Anderson, Jim, Dallas, The Baker Hotel, Director of Sales and Public Relations.
Barnes, Ben, Austin, State of Texas, House of Representatives, Speaker.
Beaman, Bertha, Alice, 1968 Convention Committee Member.
Bergen, Rose K., Austin, Texas Historical Foundation, Assistant Director.
Burnham, Hubert, Jr., Dallas, The Sears-Roebuck Foundation, Vice-President.
Bush, Veirl, Washington, DC, GFWC, Treasurer’s Office.
Cabaniss, Mrs. Cecil, Austin, Board of Directors, Capitol District, President.
Caldwell, Mrs. Roy, McKinney, Life Member – Trinity District; State Courtesy Committee member; Past State Veteran’s Affairs Chairman.
Cochrane, Mary Jane (Mrs. George E.), Fort Worth, Pioneer District, President.
Couch, Gertie (Mrs. Earl J.), Grand Prairie, Grand Prairie Study Club, Yearbook Chairman.
Dofflemyer, Mrs. W. C., San Saba.
Dotterweich, June (Mrs. Frank H.), Kingsville, South Texas District, President; Community Improvement Program, Chairman.
Dudley, Harold K., Austin, Public Relations, Organization Management.
Dudley, Loraine (Mrs. L. E.), Abilene, Past President, TFWC.
Elkins, Maurine (Mrs.), Levelland, South Plains College, Public Relations, Director.
Farmer, Louise, (Mrs. R. R., Jr.), West Columbia.
Gannaway, Mrs. George, Monahans, Resolutions Committee Member.
Ginnings, Blancbe (Mrs. J. L.), Pilot Point, TFWC, Past President.
Hawkins, Eudora, Abilene.
Henington, Barbara, (Mrs. Bruce), Wolfe City.
Herren, Anita (Mrs. R. W.), Haskell, Mesquite District, Board of Directors, Trustee.
Inman, Bob, Dallas, Avis Rent a Car, Public Relations Director.
Jascobsen, Andy, Austin, University Typewriter Exchange, Owner.
Jessen, Wolf E., Austin, Texas Fine Arts Commission, Member.
Johnson, A. W. (Mrs. Grover), Wichita Falls.
Latimer, Truett, Austin, Texas State Historical Survey Committee, Executive Director.
Meley, Betty (Mrs. L), Beaumont, TFWC Land & Water Division, Conservation Department, Chairman.
Matthews, Jean L (Mrs. Mitchell D.), Princeton, NJ, The Woman’s Club of Princeton, Chairman ad hoc Building Fund.
Mathews, Kathie, White Plains, NY.
McAdams,Ina Mae (Mrs.Kelly E), Austin.
McCleskey, Lucile (Mrs. Fred), Stephenville, Stephenville Study Club, Arts & Crafts Sale, Chairman.
McCracken, Vivian (Mrs), Austin, TFWC, Executive Secretary.
Mihm, Ad (Mrs), Borger, Borger News-Herald, Women’s Editor.
Minter, George L. Abilene, Minter Dry Goods Company, Owner.
Morris, Don H., Andrews, Abilene Christian College.
Peck, Margaret, Austin, The University of Texas at Austin, Dean of Women.
Perner, Mrs. Stephen, Ozona, Ozona Woman’s Club, Corresponding Secretary.
Phillips, Mrs. V.C., Grandfalls, Arts, Crafts & Penny Art Chairman.
Roach, L. L., Dallas, Pinkerton’s, Inc., Manager.
Scott, Florence Johnson, Rio Grande City.
Shaper, Celeste (Mrs. Harry F., Jr.), San Antonio, TFWC, First Vice-President.
Shirley, Virginia (Mrs. Ray), Austin, Education Department, ESO and Adult Education Division, Chairman.
Smith, V. Marie (Mrs. A. J., Jr.), Anson.
Terry, Gladys (Mrs. W. V.), Sudan, Caprock District, Pennies for Art, Chairman.
Weant, Lillye, Falfurrias.
White, Bess, San Antonio.
Witte, Lonnie H., Dallas, The Baker Hotel, General Manager.
Woodburn, Charles R., Austin, Texas State Historical Survey Committee, Amarillo chapter, President.
3.122Shaper Administration, 1968 - 1970
Shaper, Celeste (Mrs. Henry F.), Austin, TFWC President 1968 - 1970 (6 Folders).
Adams, Dorothy (Mrs. Louis W., Jr.), Kingsville.
Ahlgren, Mildred Carlson (Mrs. Oscar A.), Washington, DC, GFWC, Public Relations Director.
Alexander, M.K., Pine Bluff, AK, Arkansas A .M. & N. College, Humanities and Philosophy Dept, Chairman; Advisor, UNVE Unit.
Alpert, Sam, New York, NY, Tracy Hamilton, Inc., President.
Alpin, Lillian (Mrs. Claude), Corpus Christi.
Anderson, D.A., College Station, Texas Forest Service, Information and Education Department, Head.
Andrews, Naomi, Houston, Home Care Specialists (vocational training).
Barnes, Ben, Austin, State of Texas, Lieutenant Governor.
Barry, Estelle (Mrs. J.R,), Aransas Pass, State Board Registration Committee, Member.
Bear, Eileen (Mrs. Glen H.), Burkburnett, Burkburnett Study Club, Member.
Biddy, Mrs. B.B., Paducah, Federation Goals Committee, Chairman.
Bodenhamer, Jessie K, Fort Sam Houston, Department of the Army, Information Office, Information Specialist.
Booth, Hilda.
Boutwell, Dorothy (Mrs. J.T.), Temple, Capitol District, President.
Bowen, Mrs. Ben R., Daisetta, Hull-Daisetta Study Club, President.
Bratton, Verne (Mrs. H.B.), Waco, Capitol District, Past President; TFWC Board of Directors; 3rd Vice-President, TFWC Board of Directors.
Brightwell, Mollie M (Mrs. W. P.), Baird, Delphian Club, President .
Broemer, Walter W., Livingston, Alabama-Coushatta Indian Reservation, Superintendent.
Buchman, Hazel (Mrs. Morris S.), San Antonio.
Bush, George, Washington, DC, Congress of the United States, House of Representatives, 7th District - Texas; Member, Ways and Means Committee.
Bushnell, Louise (Mrs.), New York, NY , National Association of Manufacturers, Public Information Department.
Cabaniss, Mrs. Cecil, Austin, Easy Money Campaign Committee, Chairman for Charitable and Educational Endowment Fund.
Campbell, Tom M., Tulsa, OK, Cities Service Oil Company (CITGO), Public Relations Division.
Carpenter, Virginia (Mrs. Phillip A.), Burkburnett, President Elect - TFWC .
Carroll, Gladys (Mrs. Roy R.), Dumas, TFWC Art Division, Chairman.
Casey, Bob, Washington, DC, Congress of the United States, House of Representatives, 22nd District - Texas: Committee on Appropriations; Subcomittees: Labor-Health-Education and Welfare; Legislative
Chabot, Jane, Dallas, Speakers Bureau, Dallas Police Department.
Chitwood, Winfred N., Austin, Certified Public Accountant regarding Charitable and Educational Fund.
Christian, Mrs. Wilson Y., Washington, DC, GFWC, Executive Secretary .
3.123Clements, Bette, Washington, DC, GFWC, Community Improvement Program, Director.
Cockrell, Dwyce, Austin, TFWC, Executive Secretary; Editor, The Texas Clubwoman (6 Folders).
Collier, Lillian (Mrs. Jud), Mumford, The National Foundation-March of Dimes, Volunteer State Advisor.
Collins, Nancy (Mrs. C.F.), Sherman, Sherman Shakespeare Club.
Condos, Connie, Denison, XXI Club, Past District President.
Copeland, Mrs. I.H., Nocona.
Craig, John P., Houston, Big Brothers of Houston, Inc., Executive Director.
Creager, Mrs. W. F., Kaufman, The Clover Club.
Crawford, Alice (Mrs. Guy), Borger, Texas Heritage Department, Chairman.
Cunningham, Mary S.(Mrs. Robert E.), El Paso, The Woman’s Club of El Paso, Member .
Czerkus, Elizabeth, Austin, Sheraton Crest Inn, Sales Representative.
Darnell, Mary Ruth.
David, Marie (Miss), Houston, The Houston Chronicle, Women’s Club section “Bouquet to the Ladies,” Editor.
Davis, Beatrice (Mrs. Bruce A.), Port Arthur.
Davis, Rubye (Mrs. Frank E.), Austin, Trinity District, Trustee; Resolutions Committee, member.
Decker, Lovene (Mrs. Lane), Floydada, Caprock District, President.
De La Garza, E (Kika), Washington, DC, Congress of the United States, House of Representatives, 18th District - Texas.
Dial, Mamie, San Antonio, TFWC, Department of International Affairs.
Dies, Martin, Jr., Austin, State of Texas, Secretary of State.
Doiron, Jeannette (Mrs. Burton), Beaumont, Magnolia District.
Downey Pauline H. (Mrs. Theodore J.), Houston.
Droemer, Lanonne (Mrs. William W.), Giddings, Outstanding Clubwoman; State Board, Member.
Dublin, Billybob (Mrs. Richmond), Odessa, Western District, President.
Dudley, Lorainne (Mrs. L.E.), Abilene, TFWC Convention Program Chairman; TFWC Past President; GFWC Education Department, Chairman.
Eckhardt, Bob, Washington, DC, Congress of the United States, House of Representatives, 8th District - Texas.
Elliott, Mrs. W. R., San Gabriel, TFWC C & E Fund, Secretary.
Estes, Margaret V. (Mrs. Carl L.), Longview, The Longview News Co., Inc.
Farenthold, Frances Tarlton (Mrs. George), Corpus Christi, Artmobile Project, Advisory Board.
Farnsworth, Junille G. (Mrs.), Austin, Office of Consumer Credit Commissioner, Consumer Services Division.
Ferguson, Mike, Jr., Austin, TFWC Bookeeper.
Fredeman, Sydalise (Mrs. W. F.), Port Arthur, Magnolia District, Chairman.
Gallander, Mrs. Thomas, Corpus Christi, Art Museum of South Texas, Director.
Garrahy, J. Joseph, Providence, RI, State of Rhode Island & Providence Plantations, Executive Department, Lieutenant Governor.
Gaston, Dorothy (Mrs. Frank), Plainview.
Gibney, Marie H., Dalhart, The Dalhart Publishing Co., Dalhart Texan; Sunray News, Society Editor.
Gillette, Helen (Mrs. H.B.), Houston.
Gilliam, Jack, Austin, Texas Education Agency, Division of Guidance Services, Director.
Gingrich, Dorothea (Mrs. J. E.), Seguin, Alamo District, President .
Ginnings, Blanche (Mrs.J.L.), Pilot Point, TFWC Past President,1964 - 1966.
Gonzales, Henry B., Washington,DC, Congress of the United States, House of Representatives, 20th District - Texas.
Graves, Louise (Mrs., J.D.), Gilmer, Key District, President.
Griffith, Harry, Austin, American National Insurance Company, Agent.
Guinn, Mabel L.
Gunn, Clare A,Dr., College Station, Texas A & M University, School of Natural Biosciences, Estuarine Technology Study, Director.
3.124Haislet, John A., College Station, Texas Forest Service, Texas Forest News, Editor.
Hale, Charlotte, (Mrs. Henry), Perryton, TFWC, Junior Director.
Hall, Mrs. Don, Jasper, TFWC State Board, Headquarters Maintenance Committee, Chairman.
Hall, Wood M., Austin, Texas Parade, Co-Publisher; Business Manager.
Hancock, Mrs. William C., Big Thicket Tours, BT Committee.
Hankins, Sarah (Mrs. Lowell F.), Rocksprings, Alamo District.
Hannan, Barbara, New York,NY, Shell Oil Company, Women’s Program Representative, Public Relations.
Hanszen, Myra (Mrs. A.H.), Stephenville.
Harlow, Lottie, Bishop, TFWC State Board, Member.
Harrison, Anne (Mrs. H.T.), Buchanan Dam, Women’s Culture Club, Llano, President.
Havard, Grace (Mrs. H.D.), Matagorda, Matagorda County Federation of Women’s Clubs, President.
Hawkins, Eudora, Abilene.
Hayes, Lorraine (Mrs. William S.), Commerce, TFWC, 2nd Vice President.
Heath, Lark, Roanoke.
Henninger, Mrs. Daisy, Austin, Villa Capri Motor Hotel, Banquet Manager.
Herren, Anita (Mrs. R. W.), Haskell.
Hill, Ethel Osborne, Port Arthur, TFWC Big Thicket Project, Member.
Hill, Louise (Mrs.), Silsbee, TFWC Big Thicket Project, Member.
Hines, Mrs. M.L., Iowa Park, Twenty-Three-Study Club, President.
Howell, Audrey W. (Mrs. Joel T.), Denton, Woman’s Shakespeare Club, President.
Hughes, Lucy (Mrs. A.C.), Commerce, TFWC, 2nd Vice President.
Hutchins, Dan E., New York, NY, American Telephone and Telegraph.
Jagoe, Edna (Mrs. M.H.), Port Arthur, Big Thickett Committee.
Jameson, R (Mrs. Henry), Albany.
Jamison, Noel L. (Mrs. J.D.), Sequin, TFWC Safety Chairman, Alamo District.
Johnson, Mrs. Rylis O., Denison, XXI Club, Trustee; Texas Heritage Chairman.
Johnson, Juanita, Caprock District, TFWC State Yearbook Chairman.
Jolly, Yukiko S., Austin, Scholarship request.
Jones, Arnold, Houston, The Shamrock Hilton, Convention Manager.
Jones, LuElise (Mrs. Clair), San Antonio.
Kluge, Mrs. Henry, Austin, The Texas Clubwoman, Editor.
Knowles, Warren P., Madison, WI, State of Wisconsin, Governor.
Kochwelp, H.L., San Antonio, IBM, Office Products Division, Branch Manager.
Kramer, Paul R., College Station, Texas Forest Service, Director.
Lawson, Josephine, Amarillo, District President.
Leesh, Jessie (Mrs. Vernon F.), Houston, Monday Literary Club, Recording Secretary.
Lester, Louise D. (Mrs. J.C.), Tyler, Trinity District, President.
Levingston, Lance, Houston, Greater Houston Convention and Visitor’s Council, Convention Sales.
Lillard, Lillie, Arlington, Past State Chairman, Latin American Scholarship Committee.
Lookingbill, Lillian (Mrs. L.H.), Hereford.
Lowry, Bob, Houston, Greater Houston Convention and Visitor’s Council, Convention Sales.
Lowrey, Lena (Mrs. Thomas M.), Denton, Pioneer District, President.
Maddox, Doris (Mrs. L.A.), College Station, San Jacinto District, President.
Magee, Jessie June (Mrs. Walter Varney), Washington, DC, GFWC, President.
Mahon, George, Washington, DC, Congress of the United States, House of Representatives, 19th District, Texas.
Malouf, Linda (Mrs. M.J.), Post, Woman’s Culture Club, President.
Markarian, Varkis A., Riverside, RI, Jewelart Company.
Martino, Jeannie, Riverside, RI, Jewelart Company, Executive Secretary.
McAdams, Ina May (Mrs. Kelly E.), Austin, Fine Arts Department, State Chairman, Public Speaking.
McAllister, Glenn E., Austin, 1970 White House Conference on Children and Youth, Executive Secretary.
McAllister, W.W., San Antonio, Mayor.
McCracken, Vivian (Mrs.), Austin, Executive Secretary, TFWC.
McCrea, Bernice Chelsey (Mrs.), Abilene.
McInhany, Dorothy (Mrs. Grainger), Wheeler, State Board Election Committee, Member.
McKee, Gay (Mrs. Terance), Houston, Former member, New Jersey Federation of Women’s Clubs, Roseland Juniors, Roseland, NJ.
McMahon, Mrs. Joel D., Jr., Cleveland, State Nominating Committee, Member.
McMath, Frances L. (Mrs.), Austin, The University of Texas at Austin, Assistant to the Dean of Students.
Michaels, Mrs. Paul, Wingate.
Miles, Helen (Mrs.), San Antonio, Express Publishing Company.
Miller, Mary Katherine (Mrs. Carroll E.), Washington DC, GFWC, 3rd Vice - President.
Miller, Patsy, Fort Worth, Fort Worth Star Telegram.
Minister, Ione (Mrs. Bob), Yerington, NV, Nevada Federation of Women’s Clubs, President.
Moore, (Mrs. Jack H.), Albany.
Moore, Margaret, Indianapolis, IN, GFWC, Law Observances and Crime Prevention Division; Crusade for Light.
Moore, Annie Laurie (Mrs. Lester T.), Seabrook, Past President, Ladies Reading Club of La Porte; TFWC Board of Directors, International Club Department, member.
Morris, Palma Lee, Canadian.
Murphy, Roger J., Austin, Commodore Perry Hotel, Director of Sales.
Mutscher, G. F.(Gus), Austin, State of Texas, House of Representatives, Speaker.
Newman, Guy D., Brownwood, Howard Payne College, President.
Noye, Concepcion, New York, NY, Mexican National Tourist Council, Director of Cultural Activities.
O’Leary, Robert J., White Sands Missile Range, NM, Department of the Army, Colonel, FA, Acting Commander.
O’Hara, William J., New York, NY, “Tell It To Hanoi” Committee, Chairman.
Patton, Madalene B., Austin.
Perry, George Wm., Dallas, Texas Safety Association, President.
Persch, Ruth, San Antonio, Epsilon Sigma Omicron (ESO).
Peticolas, Mary Linda, El Paso, TFWC Juniorette Co-ordinator.
Phelps, Juanita (Mrs. Russell R.), Beaumont, Magnolia District, 3rd Vice-President.
Pickle, J.J., Washington, DC, \ Congress of the United States, House of Representatives, 10th District - Texas.
Pinschmidt, Marjorie H., GFWC - CARE, Regional Director, Southwest Division.
Pipkin, Maurice S., Austin, State Judicial Qualifications Commission, Executive Director.
Plain, J.B., Dallas, Sears-Roebuck Foundation, Executive Director.
Polvado, Mrs. Bob, Morton, Past President, Texas Heritage Division, Historical Markers, Monuments and Buildings, Past member.
Prouse, Thelma (Mrs. Edwin).
Putnam, Margaret S. (Mrs. J.C.), Albany, TFWC District Goals Committee, Chairman.
3.125 Ragsdale, Mrs. Walker, Junction, Highland Study Club.
Ramon, Edna A. (Mrs. Felipe V.), Rio Grande City, Inter-American Affairs Division, Chairman.
Raymer, Otillie (Mrs. M.R.), Kenedy.
Reynolds, R. W., Putnam, Putnam High School, Superintendent.
Rich, Mrs. Donald V., McAllen, The Upper Valley Art League.
Roach, Dorothy, Austin, City of Austin, Secretary to Mayor LaRue.
Robertson, Mollie Lee (Mrs. R.C.), Waco, Capitol District.
Rogers, Geneva (Mrs. Ray D.), San Antonio.
Ross, Bob, Austin, Commodore Perry Hotel, General Manager.
Rudder, Earl, College Station, Texas A & M University, President.
Rule, C. W., Dallas, The Sears-Roebuck Foundation, Executive Director.
Satterfield, Blanche K. (Mrs. Dave E.Jr.), Richmond, VA, Miller & Rhoads, Trustee, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.
Schnabel, O.P., San Antonio, Beautify Texas Council, President; Jefferson Standard Life Insurance Company, Manager, Emeritus.
Scott, Dorothea F. (Mrs. Arthur E.Jr.), Corpus Christi, South Texas District, President.
Scott, Florence Johnson, Rio Grande City, Past President, TFWC.
Seay, Mrs. B. F., Austin, Texas Safety Association, Women’s Activities, Vice President; Past President, TFWC.
Serio, Pearl (Mrs. Sam), Conservation Department, Clean Environment State Chairman; Stratford Club, Galveston, Member.
Sexauer, Mary Helen (Mrs. Robert), Memphis, TFWC State Board Member, Santa Rosa District.
Shirley, Virginia M. (Mrs. Ray), Crowell.
Short, Augusta, San Antonio.
Shuman, Frances (Mrs. William I.), Washington, DC, Treasurer’s Office.
Silk, Charlotte (Mrs. Robert D.), Washington, DC, GFWC, Director of Junior Clubs.
Sims, Lennie Lou (Mrs.B.M.), Wellington, Top of Texas District, President.
Slay, Bess (Mrs. Reed), Hillsboro, Former Chairman Fashions for Fun; Trustee, Capitol District.
Smith, Preston, Austin, State of Texas, Governor.
Smith, V. Marie (Mrs. A.Y.), Anson, Mesquite District, 1st Vice-President; Tuesday Study Club, Anson, Program Chairman; Yearbook Chairman.
Spatz, Rhea (Mrs. John M.), Harrisburg, PA, Pennsylvania Federation of Women’s Clubs, President.
Stegall, Louise (Mrs. Howard), Franklin.
Stewart, Mary Ellen (Mrs. Alvin. A.), San Saba, Heart of Texas District, President .
Sullivan, Mrs. W. E., Palacios, Matagorda County Federation of Women’s Clubs, President.
Sydnor, Nora (Mrs. Edward), Houston, National Association of Parliamentarians, 1st Vice President, Chairman, Council on Standards.
Taylor, Mrs. Herman, Jr., Port Arthur.
Teubel, Vera R. (Mrs. Henry), Tulia, W.S.C.S, Chairman, Spiritual Growth.
Thacker, Leslie (Miss), Houston, Attorney.
Thedford, Betty Anne, Austin, The University of Texas System, Board of Regents, Secretary.
Thomas, Jessie Brown, Denton.
Tipps, Eleanor (Mrs. Robert N), Denver City, Community Improvement Program, Chairman.
Tisdale, Mrs. Charles E., Livingston, MT, Montana Federation of Women’s Clubs, President, 1966 - 1968.
Toler, June (Mrs. Glen), Cleveland.
Tower, John G., Washington, DC, United States Senate, Committee on Banking and Currency.
Tracy, Paul, Austin, The University of Texas, Department of Journalism.
Underwood, G.V., Jr., ENT Air Force Base, Colorado, Department of the Army, Lieutenant General, Commanding.
Van Ende, Richard, Abilene, McMurry College, Division of Fine Arts, Chairman.
Van Oosterhout, Ethel (Mrs. Martin), Orange City, IA, GFWC, Elections Committee, Chairman.
Vietas, Violet (Mrs.), Abilene, First National Bank of Abilene, Assistant Vice President.
Wagoner, E. R., Lufkin, Texas Forestry Association, Executive Director.
Waite, Mary George (Mrs. Dan, Jr.), Centre, AL, Alabama Federation of Women’s Clubs, President, 1968 - 1970.
Walker, Lucille (Mrs. J.W.), Plainview, TFWC, Past President.
Wasson, Judy (Mrs.N.E.), Patterson, LA.
Weant, Lillye (Mrs. Howard), Falfurrias, Hallmark Art Contest, State Chairman; GFWC, Member: South Texas District, Executive Board .
Webb, James Lee, Austin, Travis County Medical Society, Public Relations Director.
Weiler, Mrs. Chauncey, Iowa Park, Yearbook Committee Chairman.
Whatley, Harriette (Mrs. L.R.), Fairfield, Recording Secretary: former Treasurer, TFWC.
Wheeler, Pollye (Mrs. W. V.), Albany, Mesquite District, President.
White, Bess,( Mrs. R.N)., San Antonio, San Antonio Women’s Federation, Inc., President; Chairman, Board of Trustees; TFWC Convention Expeditor.
White, Judy (Mrs. H. C.), Houston, Fashions For Fun, State Chairman.
Whitney, Roger, Fort Sam Houston, Department of the Army, Colonel, GS, Information Officer.
Williams, Ruth, Moran, Family Life Division, Member.
Wolf, William F., Rutherford, NJ, Genni Corporation, Dress Sale Fund Raiser.
Wright, Jim, Washington, DC., Congress of the United States, House of Representatives, 12th District, Texas.
Yarborough, Ralph W., Washington, DC, United States Senate, Texas, Committee on Labor and Public Welfare, Chairman.
Zimmerman, Mrs. W.W., Port Isabel, Latin American Scholarship, Chairman.
3.126Carpenter Administration, 1970 - 1972
Carpenter, Virginia (Mrs. PhillipA.), Burkburnett, President, TFWC, 1970 - 1972.
Agan, Ray, Huntsville, Sam Houston State University, School of Education, Coordinator of Vocational Education.
Allison, Dot (Mrs. Harold, Sr.), Woodville, Magnolia District, President.
Apgar, Virginia, M.D.
Barber, Nadene (Mrs. J.M, Jr.), Refugio, Alamo District, President.
Bentsen, Lloyd, Washington, DC, U. S. Senate, Texas, Committee on Public Works re; rubella vaccination campaign.
Billups, Diana (Mrs.LynnT.), Heart of Texas District, re: resignation as First Vice - President.
Boelsche, Mrs. Edgar, Ballinger, Heart of Texas District.
Booth, Mrs. T. E., Longview, Key District, President.
Brightwell, Mollie M. (Mrs. W. P.), Baird.
Brown, Louise (Mrs. Earle A.), Washington, DC, GFWC, President.
Buchanan, Hazel Nelle, San Antonio, The Woman’s Club.
Burkholder, Annie Lee, Pecos, re: non - federated club - Texas Garden Club.
Campbell, Mrs. Frank, Rule.
Cannon, Mrs. Timothy, Dallas, Catholic Daughters of America, Court Our Lady of Lourdes No. 1784, Regent.
Chitsey, Henry E., Fort Worth, Tarrant County Junior College District, Program Development, Director.
Clements, Bette, Washington, DC , Community Improvement Program, Director.
Cockrell, Dwyce (Mrs.), Austin, Editor, Texas Clubwoman; TFWC Executive Secretary.
Cole, Mrs. M. C., Garland, Neoteric Club, President.
Davis, Vieda, La Mesa.
Dawson, Cleo, Lexington, KY, Psychologist.
Dublin, Billybob (Mrs. Richmond E.), Odessa.
Fenner, Jarri (Mrs. Arlan L.), Heart of Texas District, President.
Fleming, Mildred (Mrs. J.F.), Harlingen, Convention Committee Registration, Member.
Griffiths, Margaret W., Washington, DC, Member of Congress re: Equal Rights Amendment.
Hancock, Mrs. Wm Cx., National Legislative Chairman, re: ERA.
Haugan, Gladys S. (Mrs. Kermit V.), Washington, DC, GFWC, President.
Heath, Mrs. Lark, Roanoke.
Hennington, Barbara (Mrs. Bruce E.), Wolfe City.
House, Berenice (Mrs. A. J)., Yoakum, TFWC, Past President.
Howell, Audrey W. (Mrs. Joel T.), Denton, Woman’s Shakespeare Club, President.
Hughes, Lucy (Mrs. A.C.), Commerce, TFWC, 1st Vice-President.
Jacobsen, Clair B. (Mrs. Ivar), Houston, The Jacobsen House, Owner, Manager.
Jagoe, Edna, Port Arthur, re: saving the Big Thicket .
Jochim, Carol Anne (Mrs. R. J.), Garland, League of Women Voters, President.
Johnson, Juanita (Mrs. LeRoy), Morton, Caprock District, President.
Johnson, Mildred D., San Antonio, Lutheran Hospital Auxiliary, President.
Johnston, Laura (Mrs. Ted), Pecos, Past District President’s Club, Secretary.
Jones, Winnie (Mrs. H.A.), Balmorhea, Well Kept Community Club, Member; featured in Diamond Jubilee Magazine.
Kilpatrick, Bernie (Mrs. James), Killeen, Capitol District, President.
Landwer, Fifi (Mrs.), Chestnut Hill, MA, AITS, Travel Agent.
Lawson, Josephine (Mrs. Kermit), Pampa, Top of Texas District, President.
Lester, Louise D.(Mrs. J.C.), Tyler, Trinity District, President.
Liles, Erma (Mrs. Ramon).
Marshall, John B., Fort Worth, Tarrant County Convention and Visitor’s Bureau, Manager.
Martin, Crawford C, Austin, Texas Attorney General re: ability of Governor to veto constitutional amendments.
Matthews, Dean S., Dallas, Environmental Protection Agency, Acting Director Air and Water programs Division;re: Environmental Conference in November, 1971.
McCarley, Carolyn (Mrs.CW.), Harlingen, South Texas District, President.
McCracken, Vivian.
Michaelson, E. A.
Moore, Daphne (Mrs. Durwood), Mineral Wells.
Mosley, Nessye (Mrs. Richard), Rochelle, Heart of Texas District, President.
Neal, Katherine (Mrs. Overton), Quanah, Santa Rosa District, President.
Ochoa, Mrs. George, Cervantes Study Club, Secretary.
Olsen, Tommye (Mrs. R.), Killeen, former member of LaGrange,IL Woman’s Club.
Oster, Michelle, Houston, Scholarship applicant.
Palmer, Beryl.
Patman, Wright, Washington, DC, Congress of the United States, House of Representatives,1st District, Texas re; rubella vaccinations.
Perkins, Emily Gleason (Mrs. Joseph M.), Eastland.
Pickle, J. J., Washington, DC, Congress of the United States, House of Representatives, 10th District, Texas re; rubella vaccinations.
Price, James H, Jr., Austin, City Council Member.
Putnam, Ada (Mrs. Andrew Lee), Dallas.
Ramón, Edna (Mrs. Felipe V.), International Affairs Committee.
Robbins, Winna Bess (Mrs. Phillip), Fort Stockton, Western District, President.
Roos, Ruth C., Chicago, IL, Women’s National Safety Conference, Chairman.
Russell, Stephanie (Mrs. William E.), Van Horn, Davis Mountain Federation, President.
Scales, Anne (Mrs. T.R.), Huntsville, AL, Alabama Federation of Woman’s Clubs, President,re; Federated Cookbook.
Scott, Dorothea (Mrs. Arthur E Jr.), Corpus Christi.
Scott, Florence Johnson, Rio Grande City, TFWC Past President.
Senser, David J. M.D., Atlanta,GA , Department of Health, Education and Welfare, Assistant Surgeon General, Director.
Skiles, Frances (Mrs. Sammie), Weatherford, Pioneer District, President.
Slay, Bess (Mrs. Reed), Hillsboro, Capitol District, President.
Smith, Bessie (Mrs. E.N.), Marshall, Hodge Administration; Member of the Executive Committee; 3rd District - TFWC Headquarters Music Room Furnishing Committee; Life Member, TFWC Board of Directors.
Smith, V.Marie (Mrs. A. J. Jr)., Anson, Mesquite District,President.
Stewart, Mary Ellen (Mrs. Alvin A.), San Saba, Heart of Texas District, President.
Stubbs, Modene (Mrs.Van Hook), Wortham, TFWC Past President.
Tower, John G., Washington, DC, U.S. Senate, Texas.
Trotter, Cloma, (Mrs. Clyde P.), Midlothian, Trinity District, President.
Tuttle, Mrs. W. I., Sherman, College Hill Club, Treasurer.
Wakely, Norman C., Cannan, NH, Cardigan Mountain School, Summer School Director.
Walker, Lucile (Mrs. Julius. Waring), Plainview, TFWC Past President.
Westbrook, Linda (Mrs. Wm.H.), San Angelo, Director of Junior Clubs.
Whatley, Polly (Mrs. L.R.), Fairfield, TFWC, 2nd Vice President.
White, Audrey (Mrs. R.A.), La Porte, San Jacinto District, President.
Williamson, Winnie (Mrs. Zack A.), Chairman, Diamond Jubilee Plaque Committee.
Wilson, Mrs. F.N., Mt. Pleasant, Key District, Board of Trustees.
Wingo, Mrs. W. H. ,Jr., Wills Point, Past President, Federation Book Club.
Zimmerman, Myrl (Mrs. W.W.), Port Isabel, Rio Grande Valley Federation of Women’s Club, President.
3.127Hughes Administration, 1972 - 1974
Hughes, Lucy (Mrs. A. C.), Commerce, TFWC, President.
Adamson, Mrs. John R., SR., Turkey, Nuevo Study Club, President.
Altaras, Jack C., Cleburne, Altaras & Altaras, Travel funds reimbursement from Glenview Travel Service.
Bass, Roy, Lubbock, City of Lubbock, Mayor.
Baughn, Lota (Mrs. Milton H.), Austin, TFWC, Woman’s Club of San Antonio, President.
Beerli, Harold, Glenview IL, Glenview Travel Service, Director.
Bell. Mary E, Beniteau, Brownwood, CPA.
Benson, Elvita, Kopperl, Woman’s Literary Club, Morgan, TX, Secretary.
Beshears, Wayne W., Port Arthur, CPA.
Bright, William T. “Bim,” West Virginia, Bright of America, Chairman of the Board.
Brummal, R. H., Lubbock, Chamber of Commerce, President.
Byrne, George A., Austin, Internal Revenue Service, District Director’s Department, Exempt Organizations Specialist.
Butler, Roy, Austin, City of Austin, Mayor.
Cockrell, Dwyce, Austin, TFWC, Executive Secretary, Editor, The Texas Clubwoman (3 Folders).
Cowsert, Mrs. Gully, Junction, Heart of Texas District, President.
Crowley, Carrilee, Lamesa.
Cunningham, Mrs. T. M., Denton, City Federation of Denton Women’s Clubs, President.
Davis, Mrs. Lee W., Sr, Post, letter re: Glenview Travel Service.
Edwards, Mrs. Ronald C., Brownwood, The Woman’s Club of Brownwood, President.
Elliott, Mrs. W. R., Waxahachie, TFWC Resolutions Committee, Chairman.
Floyd, Maurine (Mrs. J.B.), Denton, Endowment Fund Committee, Chairman.
Gibbon, Mrs. Patsy, Harlingen, The First National Bank, Head Bookkeeper.
Haberman, Carol R., San Antonio, TFWC State Convention Chairman.
Haugan, Gladys (Mrs. Kermit V.), Washington, DC, FGWC, President.
Hobbs, Carl A., Austin, United States Post Office, Postmaster.
Johnson, Lady Bird, Stonewall, letter re: Philomath Study Club, Corpus Christi, and 1966 Study Club of Nocona donations to Town Lake Beautification Program.
Johnston, Laura, Pecos, Board of Trustee, Secretary.
Kivlin, Marguerite M (Miss), San Antonio, San Antonio Women’s Federation, Inc., Recording Secretary; 1974 Convention Planning Committee, Secretary.
Kuperman, David I., Austin, Hilgers, Daugherty, Fielder, Golden and Kuperman, Attorneys and Counselors at Law, re: 1972 Convention resolutions.
Lawson, Josephine Lane (Mrs. Kermit B.), Austin, TFWC, Recording Secretary.
Levering, Gary L., Houston, Vinson, Elkins, Searles & Connally, re: Houston Junior Woman’s Club, income tax exemption.
3.128 McCall, Mrs. C.A., Atoka, OK, Oklahoma State Federation of Women’s Clubs, President; South Central Regional Conference Bi-Centennial, Chairman.
McGaffey, Edna (Mrs. Claude W.), San Antonio, Alamo District, First Vice President.
Michener, Edward C., Harrisburg and Lancaster, PA, Edward C. Michener Associates, Inc., re: brochure “Why Go On Driving Blind?”
Monkres, Mrs.Johncie, Hamlin, re: Glenview Travel Service.
Obermiller, Sanna E., El Paso, Junior Woman’s Club, Member.
Peebles, Jamie Elizabeth (Mrs. Clay), Killeen, Junior Review Club, President.
Perkins, Emily Gleason, Glendale, MA, TFWC Past President; Honorary Member, Mesquite District.
Phillips, Mrs. V. C., Grandfalls, Western District, President.
Pierce, Cleo (Mrs. Ernest), Gordon, Pioneer District, President.
Pinschmidt, Marjorie H., Dallas, CARE Southwest Region, Director.
Porter, Mrs. Jimmie, Mexia, TFWC, Woman’s Friday Club.
Saegert, Clarence E., Austin, Texas Mailing & Printing Co., President.
Schmidt, Madeline (Miss), San Antonio, San Antonio Women’s Federation Inc., President.
Shephard, Charles Jr., San Antonio, St. Anthony Hotel, Sales Manager.
Shuman, Frances (Mrs. William I.), Washington, DC, GFWC, Treasurer’s Office.
Steinhauser, Jack M., Austin, Best Printing Company, Inc., President.
Stewart, Mary T. (Mrs.), Washington, DC, The President’s Committee on Employment of the Handicapped, Coordinator of Women’s Activities.
Tipps, Eleanor (Mrs. Robert N.), Denver City, TFWC, 2nd Vice President.
Toler, Mrs. Glen, TFWC State Nominating Committee, Chairman.
Turner, J.C., Hamlin, Attorney-at-Law, re: Glenview Travel Service.
Yarborough, Ralph W., Austin, TFWC General Counsel.
Weant, Lillye (Mrs. Howard L.), Falfurrias, TFWC, Treasurer.
Whatley, Harriett Williford, Austin, TFWC, First Vice-President.
Wilhelm, Nila, Garland, Garland Federation of Women’s Clubs, President.
Zobel, Mildred (Mrs. A.R.), Houston, TFWC, San Jacinto District, President.
Arranged in order of presidential administrations.
Formal and informal reports as well as printed material on special projects including libraries, Texas Woman's University, and M.D. Anderson Cancer Center.

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