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Texas Woman's University, the Woman's Collection

Texas Federation of Women's Clubs Collection

Series 3: Administrations (Correspondence, 1956 - 1962)

Collection Summary

Creator:Texas Federation of Women's Clubs
Title:Texas Federation of Women's Clubs Collection
Date:1897 - .
Abstract:Constitution and bylaws, minutes, correspondence, reports, and published material created by the state organization, the districts, and over 2,200 individual member clubs. Also includes graphic material such as photographs and scrapbooks. Material documents the founding meeting in 1897 through the organization's growth in the twentieth century into the largest women's volunteer association in Texas.
Location:Mss. 32
Size:493 boxes.
RepositoryTexas Woman's University, the Woman's Collection


Arrangement of the Collection

The records are arranged into nine series:
Series 1: Historical Writings
Series 2: Legal and Financial Documents
Series 3a-j: Administrations - Correspondence and Reports
Series 4: Education Assistance
Series 5: Headquarters Building
Series 6a-c: Membership
Series 7: Printed Material
Series 8: Graphic Material
Series 9: General Federation of Women's Clubs and South Central Region


Access to the Collection:

Open for research.

Publication and Copyright Statements:

Permission to publish materials must be obtained in writing from the Coordinator for Special Collections. Where copyright is unclear, all responsibility must be assumed by the user.

Administrative Information


Material was collected and housed at the TFWC Headquarters until the organization designated the Woman's Collection as the repository for its archives in 1985. Material has been added on a continuing basis since that time.

Processed by

Ann McGuffin Barton, Morgan Davis, and Barbara Hotinski, 1997-2007.

Encoded by:

Ranu Singhvi, 2008

Detailed Description of the Collection


Series 3: Administration Records (Correspondence, 1956 - 1962)

3.98 - 3.111Correspondence
This section includes president House, 1956-1958; Boyd, 1958-1960; and Griffiths, 1960-1962.
Arranged alphabetically by originating correspondent (author) in order of presidential administrations. Correspondence by each president precedes the alphabetical listing. The name of the author, the town or city, the person's title, and a brief description of the contents of the letters is included.
House Administration, 1956 - 1958
3.98 House, Berenice (Mrs. H.J.), Yoakum, President, 1956-1958 (2 Folders).
Personal Correspondence.
Adams, Vi (Mrs. Gilbert T.), Beaumont, Woman’s Club of Beaumont, Civil Defense, Chairman.
Adcock, Ella Mae (Mrs. D.L), Lamesa, The Lamesa Delphian Club, Chairman; Registration Committee, Member.
Adkins, Lenette Jeters, Tivoli, Pioneer Club, Program Chairman.
Adolphe, Edward, Mineral Wells, Brazos River Authority.
Alexander, Mary, Palestine, Texas Classroom Teachers Association, President.
Allen, Gladys (Mrs. Neil), Austin, Texas Heritage Department, Pioneer Personalities, Chairman.
Allen, Mrs. Gordon, Bogata, Bogata Garden Club, President.
Allen, Hallie, Childress.
Anderson, Mrs. Frank L., Rio Grande City, Youth Interest Committee, “Youth of the Year,” Chairman.
Andersen, Maurine (Mrs. L.O.), Pilot Point, Board of Directors.
Andrews, J.C., McKinney.
Anglin, Mrs. H.K., Smile.
Armstrong, Annie Bettie (Mrs. Willis), Victoria, 5th District, President.
Arnold, Mrs. Dexter O, Concord, NH, New Hampshire Federation of Women’s Clubs, Recording Secretary; Past District Vice President; Second Vice-President, First Vice-President; Parliamentarian, President.
Ashmore, Mrs. A.J., Corpus Christi.
Astin, Mae Belle (Mrs. Raymond), Stamford, Water and Soil Division, Conservation of Natural Resources, Chairman.
Avery, Mrs. E. Scott, Bowie, 1st District, The Thursday Club, Program Committee, Chairman.
Aviett, Elizabeth, Lamesa, 7th District, The Delphian Club.
Badge, Marjorie (Mrs. George G.), Brazoria, Fine Arts Department, Art Division, Chairman.
Baker, Joy (Mrs. Perry), Program Committee.
Baker, Lettie Lee (Mrs. Hubert), Ozona, Community Affairs Department, Chairman.
Baker, Lula Corbett, Houston, The Jeffersonian Club, President.
Ballard, Dorothy, Kansas City, MO.
Barnett, Mrs. T.R., Hillsboro.
Baron, Hazel (Mrs. E. J, Jr), Port Arthur, 4th District, State Board of Directors, Headquarters Maintenance Committee, Member.
Barron, Wanda, Jacksonville, Student, Lon Morris College.
Barry, Estelle (Mrs. J.R.), Aransas Pass, Rules and Procedures, Chairman.
Bateman, Mrs. Geo.T, Garland, 2nd District, Communications, Chairman.
Bates, Mrs. R.P., Colorado City, Hesperian Daughters, President.
Baum, Mrs. G.C., Whitesboro, Yearbook-Athenian Club, Chairman.
Bauman, Mrs. Frank, Gladewater, Gladewater Public Library.
Beaman, Bertha (Mrs. J.L.C.), Credential and Registration Committee, Member.
Beamer, Mrs. George C., Denton.
Bean, Lucie (Mrs. Ferris D.), Kirbyville.
Beard, Mrs. Geo.A., San Angelo, 6th District, Texas Heritage Department, District Chairman.
Beaton, Mrs., Washington, DC, Automotive Safety Foundation, Women’s Division, Director.
Beaumier, Mrs. Louis J, Brenham, Fortnightly Club, Past President.
Bell, Enid, North Bergen, NJ, Sculpture Loan Exhibit.
Bell, Mabel Claire Breeden (Mrs. John J.), Cuero, State Project Committee, Member.
Bennett, Lola (Mrs. Gordon), Abilene, City Federation of Women’s Clubs, President.
Berngen, Ida, Chillicothe.
Benton, Mable (Mrs. W.H.), Houston.
Berry, Ernestelle T., Hughes Springs.
Berry, Leola, (Mrs. Horace), Texarkana, International Relations Department, Scholarship Division; Junto Club.
Berry, Margaret, Commerce, East Texas State Teachers College, Dean of Women.
Bethell, Virgie (Mrs. Tom M.), Greenville, ‘Mother of the Year’ Committee, Chairman.
Blackburn, Corinne T (Mrs. L.L.), Baird, Policy Committee, Member.
Blacker, Mrs. David P., Odessa.
Blevins, Cathryn (Mrs. Roy), Paris, State Board of Directors, State Project Committee, Dorothy House Vieman Oriental Scholarship.
Boise, Shirley (Mrs. Fred D.Jr, ), Cheyenne, WY.
Bennett, Elsie (Mrs. W. F.), Frost.
Bookout, Mrs. John, Hartley, 7th District, Communications Division, Radio and Television Department, Chairman.
3.99 Bordages, B.W., Houston, Houston Poster Advertising Company, Vice-President.
Boren, Esther (Mrs. Wayne), Snyder, Fine Arts Department, Chairman.
Boren, Stella (Mrs. J.F.), Abilene, Texas Council for the Promotion of Poetry, Chairman.
Boyd, Mae (Mrs. Ben W), Denton, 2nd District, President.
Boykin, Hattie Marie, Beaumont.
Boykin, Clota, Fort Worth.
Bozek, Katherine, Ennis.
Bradford, Eula Mae, Weatherford, Originality Among Youth Committee, Essay Contest, Chairman.
Brain, W. F., Houston, Association of Manufacturers, Southwestern Region, Reginal Manager.
Branton, Eloise D, Fort Hancock, Press and Publicity Committee, Chairman.
Bratton, Verne (Mrs. Howard), Waco.
Brechtel, Mrs. John J, Baton Rouge, LA, Louisiana Federation of Women’s Clubs, 6th District, President.
Brightwell, Molle M (Mrs. W.P.), Baird, Near East, Africa and BC Division, International Affairs Department, Chairman.
Brindley, Arabella (Mrs. G.V), Temple, Cancer Research, Humanitarian Committee, Chairman.
Briner, H.L., San Antonio, Certified Public Accountant.
Bristow, Estelle (Mrs. J.Gordon), Big Spring.
Broaddus, Almeda (Mrs. H.B.), Colorado City, Life Member and Advisor’s Committee.
Brock, Mrs. R.T., Saint Jo.
Brown, Fred, Dallas, Adolphus Hotel, Director of Sales and Public Relations.
Brown, Mrs. James G., Montrose, CO.
Brown, Jimmy Kate Terry (Mrs. Carl), Program Making Committee, Antiques.
Brown, Mabel (Mrs. R.E.), Hearne.
Brown, Reagan, College Station, Cooperative Extension Work in Agriculture and Home Economics, Extension Service, County Agent Work, Extension Rural Sociologist.
Brown, Mrs. Albert, Dallas, Historical Records and Documents, Texas Heritage Department, Chairman.
Bruce, Clara (Mrs. Fred), Lytle, Medina Valley Woman’s Club, Program Chairman.
Bryan, Mrs. Tom T., Dublin, Woman’s Thursday Club, Corresponding Secretary.
Bryant, Mrs. C.W., Stephenville, Twentieth Century Club.
Buchanan, Mildred (Mrs.W.Earl), Fort Worth, 1st District, President.
Buckles, Susan (Mrs. G.L.), Monahans, State Board of Directors, Headquarters Endowment Committee, Member; Wednesday Study Club, President.
Bullard, Mrs. Jack, Jefferson, Crime Prevention Division, Community Affairs Department, Chairman.
Burger, Alvin A., Austin, Texas Research League, Executive Director.
Burnham, Mrs. M.T., Goldthwaite, Art and Civic Club.
Burson, Mrs. Bland, Channing, 7th District, Fine Arts Committee, Chairman.
Burton, Lodeana (Mrs. Harold P.), Denver City.
Bush, Mrs. Veirl, Washington, DC, GFWC Headquarters, Treasurer’s Office.
Bushnell, Mrs. Louise, New York, NY, National Association of Manufacturers, Women’s Organizations, Program Director.
Butz, Mrs. Walter, Ft. Stockton.
Byers, Winna Belle (Mrs. Earl L.), Fort Worth, Doorkeeper Committee, Convention Committee, Member.
Byrd, Patty, Holly Springs, MS.
Cade, Mrs. S.W., Sundown, Sundown Study Club, Courtesy Chairman.
Caldwell, Minnie (Mrs. Roy), McKinney, 2nd District, First Vice-President, Workshops, Chairman; Texas Veteran’s Affairs, Chairman.
Campbell, Eloise, (Mrs. Byron), Raymondville, Rio Grande Valley Federation of Women’s Clubs, President.
Campbell, Mrs. M.E., Henrietta, Secretary.
Carleton, Winnie (Mrs. A.T), Houston, Third Vice President, Executive Committee; Public Affairs Department, Industry Division, Chairman.
Carmichael, Marguerite (Mrs. John), Vernon, 1st District, Trustee.
Carpenter, A.M., Abilene, 6th District, Frances B. Fisk Student Art Loan Fund, Chairman; Abilene Fine Arts Museum, Inc., Exhibit Director.
Carpenter, Elizabeth,(Mrs. Granville E.), Fort Worth.
Carroll, Irene (Mrs. T.C.), Shepherdsville, KY., GFWC, Council of International Clubs, Chairman.
Carter, Ruth (Mrs. John R.), Edna, Board of Trustees.
Carter, Julie, Lampasas, Sub-Junior Pierian Club, Treasurer.
Casner, Kathryn (Mrs., Stanley W.), Presidio.
Castlebury, Robbie, Vernon.
Cave, Ruby E (Mrs. H. Bert), Fort Collins, CO, Colorado State Federation of Women’s Clubs, State Board.
Cheatham, Mrs. Bob, Texarkana.
Chrisman, Julia, Fort Worth.
Cobb, Mrs. Moulton (“Ty”), Weslaco, State Art Chairman.
Cocanougher, Ada (Mrs. A.T), Lubbock, State Project Committee, Member.
Cochrane, Minnie, Oxford, OH.
Coffield, Vivian (Mrs. T.Roy), Bowie, Transfer of Property, Americanism Department.
Coleman, Mrs. A.W., Nocona.
Combs, Mrs. Herschel, Memphis, The Memphis Democrat, Society Editor.
Collier, Mrs. Jud, Mumford, Pilot Traffic Court Program, Safety Division, Public Affairs Department, Chairman; Texas Legislation, Legislative Committee, Chairman.
Collins, Mrs. O.T., Waco, Penny Art Division, Fine Arts Department, Chairman.
Connel, A. L. O, Washington, DC, U.S. Treasury Department, Office of the Commission of Internal Revenue, Technical Reference Branch, Chief- Dorothy House Vieman Oriental Scholarship Fund.
Cook, Mrs. O.C., Hico.
Cooke, Mrs. J.B., Harlingen, City Federation of Women’s Clubs, President.
Cottrell, Mrs. C.L., Ralls, Texas Heritage Department, Chairman.
Couch, Gertie (Mrs. Earl J.), Grand Prairie, The Grand Prairie Study Club, President; State Project Committee, Member.
Cox, Mrs. R.E., Fort Worth.
Cox, Ruth (Mrs. Nolty O), 1st District, Penny Art Fund Chairman.
Craig, Mrs. Ed, Clyde, Clyde Study Club.
Crawford, Mrs. Guy, Borger, 7th District, Community Affairs Department, Chairman.
Cree, Ruby, 8th District.
Crews, Annie (Mrs. J.M.), Childress, Headquarters Maintenance Committee, Chairman.
Crouch, Mrs. Charlie, Blanket, Blanket Federated Club, Chairman.
Cunningham, Vinnie (Mrs. J.C.), Fort Stockton, Life Member; Member of Advisor’s Committee; Texas Clubwoman, Circulation.
Cunyers, Mrs. Paul A, Stephenville.
Curry, Rae, Fort Worth.
Curtis, Phyllis (Mrs. Leo Jr), Hammond, IN., GFWC Fine Arts Department, Chairman.
Cusebary, Mrs. Ben, Sonora.
Daniel, Price, Austin, State of Texas, Governor.
Daniels, Tom F., Kerrville, Kerrville Public Schools, Tivy Elementary School, Principal.
David, Effie B. (Mrs. J.H.), Orange, 4th District, US.O.Scrapbooks, Chairman; Old Grants/Town Histories, Past Chairman.
Davis, Gail, “Seeds for Democracy”.
Davis, Mrs. T.O., Liberty.
Daws, Nan (Mrs. Jim Bob), Throckmorton.
Dawson, Mr. L.E., Waxahachie.
Decker, Mrs. Lane, Floydada, 1950 Study Club, Junior Club.
Degrassi, Millie (Mrs. W.D.), Amarillo, Texas Congress of Parents and Teachers, President.
Dewees, Cheba (Mrs.C.B), Fort Worth, Religions of the World Department, Christianity Division, Chairman.
Dial, Mamie (Mrs. Preston), San Antonio, International Affairs Department, Chairman; Council of International Relations, President/ International Hostess.
Dickson, Sally, New York, NY., Woman’s Club Service Bureau, GFWC-Vogue Pattern Service, GFWC Fashion-Sewing Contest.
Dodd, Mary Ellen (Mrs. Laven C), Beaumont, The Woman’s Club of Beaumont, President; Youth Advisory Committee, Member.
Doffer, Mrs. I.W., Mt. Pleasant, Junior Delphian Club, Treasurer.
Donald, Clara (Mrs. Paul), Bowie, Old Forts and Missions Committee, Texas Heritage Department, Chairman.
Donoghey, Faye (Mrs. J.L.), West Columbia, Press Book Committee, Chairman.
Douglas, Laura (Mrs. John O.), Houston, 4th District, Board of Trustees.
Douglas, Mildred, Austin, The Texas Society for Mental Health, Public Information Director.
Dudley, Loraine (Mrs L.E.), Abilene, GFWC, Past President; General Federation Clubwoman, Subscriptions Chairman; The Hale-Akin Committee of Twenty-four (Study of Texas Public Schools).
Dulaney, Jessie (Mrs. T.O.), Clyde, Registrations Committee, Member.
Dutton, Mrs. W.A., Weinert, State Board of Directors, Sub Junior Area Chairman.
3.100 Eckhardt, Martha (Mrs. William F.), Wortham, 3rd District, President; Conservation and Natural Resources Department, Chairman.
Edens, Martha, Mrs., Austin, The Texas Society for Mental Health, Materials Center.
Edgar, Mrs. E. Eugene, Alice, Texas Heritage Department, Composers, Chairman.
Edwards, Ruth, Beaumont.
Eichler, Esther (Mrs. Hershell E.), Jacksboro, Policy Committee, Member.
Elliott, Omer, San Antonio, Gunter Hotel, General Manager.
Eplen, Mrs. John, Cameron, Cameron Delphian Club, Treasurer.
Eppright, Marcine E (Mrs. George J.), Manor.
Erwin, Dorothy, Crowell.
Estes, Mrs. Clark M, Lubbock, Lubbock Woman’s Forum, Vice-President.
Ethridge, Mrs. Dan, Friona, 7th District, Modern Study Club, International Affairs Department, Europe Division, Chairman.
Evans, Louis F., Dallas, Adolphus Hotel, Sales Manager.
Ezelle, Bess (Mrs. H.E.), Sanderson, Sanderson Culture Club, Safety Chairman.
Farley, Cal, Amarillo, Boys Ranch, Founder and President.
Fay, Johanna, (Mrs. Hugh), Port Arthur, Radio and Television Division, Communications Department, Chairman.
Field, Mattie (Mrs. Ty), Bronco, Indian Affairs Division, Public Affairs Department, Chairman.
Fields, Florence, (Mrs. J.U.), Haskell, Past President and Advisor’s Committee.
Flagg, May Dell, Houston, The Houston Post.
Flathman, Edith (Mrs. H.K.), Winters, Literary and Service Club, Program Committee, Chairman.
Fischer, Georgie, Amarillo, Twentieth Century Club.
Foreman, Wilson, Austin, Texas House of Representatives, State Representative, Place 1.
Foster, Ethel, Sterling City, Past President and Chairman, Council of International Clubs.
Fowler Alice, (Mrs. Paul), Ralls, Ralls Study Club.
Frazier, Mrs. Byron, Haskell, Haskell Business and Professional Women’s Club.
Fretz, Bernadette (Mrs. E.A.), Houston, The Texas Clubwoman, Subscriptions.
Fuller, Jean Wood, Battle Creek, MI, Federal Civil Defense Administration, National Headquarters, Women’s Activities, Director.
Fulton, Mrs. H.R., Jr., Canyon, 7th District, Fine Arts Department, Chairman.
Gaines, Joan, Washington, DC, GFWC, Publicity Associate, The Home Show.
Gardener, Bertha (Mrs. Howard W.), Beaumont, Federation Conferences, Chairman.
Gates, Laura Ruggles, (Mrs. R.), London, England.
Germer, Mrs. W.F., Edna.
Gilbreth, Mrs. Hey, Mt. Vernon, Three Arts Club.
Gillette, Mrs. H.B., Houston, Convention Coordinator.
Ginnings, Blanche, (Mrs. J.L.), Pilot Point, 2nd District, President.
Godfrey, Mrs. Elmore, Jr., Knoxville, TN., Tennessee Federation of Women’s Clubs, Inc., President.
Gonzales, Mary Magdalene, Corpus Christi, applicant for Latin American Scholarship.
Goolsby, Helen (Mrs. J.C.), Crockett.
Gorley, Mrs. A.L., Memphis.
Gotthardt, Naomi.
Gould, Laura, Washington, DC., McCalls, Office of the Director, Washington Bureau.
Grant, Bettye, (Mrs.Silas), Whitney, Water Safety, Promotion of Safety Committee, Chairman.
Greek, Mrs.C.M., Gainesville, American Study Club, President.
Green, Alice, Amarillo, Mary E. Blevins Memorial Library, City Librarian.
Greenhill, Mrs. E.W., Freer, Freer Study Club, Program Chairman.
Greer, Imogene (Mrs. Hilton R), Dallas, Life Member; Policy Committee, Member.
Griffith, Florence, (Mrs. E.C.), Palestine, State Project Committee, Member.
Grindstaff, Mrs. Ebb, Ballinger.
Grissom, (Mrs. G.R.), Henderson, The Modern Study Club.
Guest, Dorothea (Mrs. Harvey).
Gunter, Zora, Balmorhea, The Well-kept Community Club, President.
Hagman, Emma.
Hall, Mrs. Mack T., Carrollton, Carrollton Study Club, Reporter.
Hall, Mae, (Mrs. Marvin).
Hamilton, Mrs. B.T., Earth, Town and Country Study Club, Extension Chairman.
Hammer, Karlyn (Mrs. William C), New York, NY, Celanses Corporation of America, Consumer Relations, Director.
Hammond, F. Darley, Dallas, Southwestern Insurance Information Service, ExecutiveSecrtary.
Hampton, Dixie (Mrs. E.G), Clyde, Special Observances Committee, Brotherhood Week Chairman.
Hampton, Zoe (Mrs. J.W), Smithville, Project: Psychiatric Nursing, Mental Health Division; Community Affairs Division, Gerontology Division.
Hardy, Mrs. W.J., Marshall, 3rd District, Leadership Development, Chairman.
Harkrider, Mrs. Jim, Brady, 20th Century Club, Vice-President.
Harper, Jack, Dallas, Harper Standard Engraving Co., Owner.
Harrington, D. Roy, Austin, The State of Texas, House of Representatives, District 9, Place 3.
Harris, Evalyn (Mrs. Sidon).
Hartsfield, Jo (Mrs. Milton), Waxahachie.
Haskew, L.D., Austin, The University of Texas, Vice-President for Developmental Services.
Hatfield, Sadie, College Station, 4th District, Civil Defense Committee, Chairman; Texas Agricultural Extension Service, Extension Specialist.
Hawkins, Eudora, Abilene, Division of Safety, State Chairman.
Hawkins, Lu, Breckenridge, Texas Industries, Chairman.
Hawkins, Mrs. Wm.G., Ringgold.
Hayes, Mrs. W. C., Falfurrias, Falfurrias Self Culture Study Club, Program Chairman.
Henderson, Amelia (Mrs. E. F.), Alpine, Sorosis Club, President.
Hendrix, Beulah (Mrs. Chas), Texas Memorials and Shrines, Chairman.
Hendricks. Flora (Mrs. J.S.), Acala, Recording Secretary.
Henry, Frances A (Mrs. Mark), Crowell.
Hensley, Cora, Goliad.
Hensley, Mattie M, San Antonio, Convention Committee, Doorkeeper Committee.
3.101 Hickman, Erwin, Austin, Cook Printing Company, Sales Representative.
Hicks, Imogene (Mrs. T.A), Wichita Falls, Civil Defense Division, National Defense Department; U.N. Specialized Agencies Division, International Affairs Division, Chairman.
Hiett, Norris A., Austin, The University of Texas, Office of Extension, Office of the Dean, Executive Secretary.
High, Icy M., Long Beach, CA, City Federation of Women’s Clubs.
Hill, Darnell (Mrs. Charles A.), Texarkana, Junto Club, President; Safety in the Home Committee, Member; Promotion of Safety Committee, Member.
Hill, George W., Austin, Texas State Survey Committee, Texas Historical Foundation, Executive Director.
Hilliard, Annie Mae (Mrs. E. L.), Waskon, 3rd District, Yearbook Chairman.
Hinton, Anne (Mrs. Harry L.), Oakville, State Board of Trustees.
Hoffman, George W., Austin, The University of Texas, Office of the Dean of the College of Arts and Science, Chairman, Committee on Eastern European Studies.
Hollingsworth, Jerry, Austin, The Hogg Foundation for Mental Hygiene, Mental Health Information.
Holman, Mrs. G.G., Gainesville.
Holt, Mrs. A. T., Bridgeport, Woman’s Club of Bridgeport, President.
Holt, Julie K., Milford, NH, New Hampshire Federation of Women’s Clubs.
Holt, Mildred W. (Mrs. Russell D), Meridian, Poetry Division, Texas Heritage Department, Chairman.
Honiglum, H.W., San Antonio, Honigblum’s Distinctive Home Furnishings, Owner.
Hopper, Betty (Mrs. S.E.), Muleshoe, Junior Chairman, Conservation of Natural Resources; Los Planos Study Club, President.
Horrigan, Ruth, Executive Director (7 Folders).
3.102 Hood, Sue (Mrs. M.B.), Plainview, Public Affairs Department.
Hopson Bea W. (Mrs. Ben W.), Laredo, The Women’s City Club, President.
Houghton, Dorothy D. (Mrs. Hiram Cole), Red Oak, IA, Iowa Federation of Women’s Clubs.
House, Mrs. Mildred, Three Rivers.
Hoyt, Mrs. W. S, Hearne, 4th District, 3rd Vice-President.
Huff, Mrs. Joe, Midland, Junior Study Club.
Hubbard, Mary Addie (Mrs. Jay), Port Lavaca, Courtesy Committee, Chairman; Headquartes Maintenance, Chairman.
Huffines, Laura (Mrs. James L., Jr.), Commerce, The Psychology Club.
Hulsey, Mrs. R. B., Ladonia, Southern Literary Club, Program Chairman.
Humphreys, Mabel, Cushing, OK., Oklahoma Federation of Women’s Clubs.
Hunter, Mrs. Ann Gough, Dallas, Conservation-Wildlife-Minerals Committee, Chairman; Colonial Dames of the XVII Century, Governor Thomas Hinckley Chapter; Society for Animal Protection, President.
Imon, Carrie, Dallas, Highland Park High School, Department of Counselors, Texas Association of Deans of Women, President.
Irwin, Martha S (Mrs. Felix), Corpus Christi.
Jacobs, Sadie (Mrs. M.H.), Bellaire, Industrial Safety Committee, Chairman.
Jackman, Mrs. Loy, Hillsboro, 2nd District, President.
Jackson, Maude W (Mrs. O.B.), Plainview, Outstanding Club Program Chairman.
Jackson, Vickie (Mrs. Jeff. D), Lampasas, Program Making Committee, Insurance.
James, Mrs. Cleve, Longview, Defense Committee, Peace Division, Chairman.
Jeffs, Mrs. Bernice, Gorman, 6th District.
Jobe, Bea (Mrs. E.B.), San Antonio, GFWC, Publicity Chairman.
Johnson, Elizabeth, Austin, Austin Woman’s Federation.
Johnson, L. Russell, Modesto, CA, Heifer Project, Inc., “Cows for Korea” program, Executive Committee, Northern California.
Johnson, Lyndon Baines, Washington, DC, United States Senate, Office of the Democratic Leader, Texas Senator.
Johnson, Margaret L., Houston, Texas Dietetic Association, President.
Jones, Mrs. C.T., Weinert, State Project Committee; Matron’s Club, President.
Jones, Mrs. Clair L., San Antonio, American Home Department, Consumer Relations.
Jones, Mrs. Oscar B., Marshall, 3rd District, Written Club Reports, Chairman.
Jones, Mrs. R. B., Plains, 7th District, U.S. Savings Bonds division, Public Affairs Division, Chairman.
Jones, Mrs. Tillman L., Post.
Jones, W.J. (Bill), Houston, Convention Department Manager.
Keating, Robert B., Denver, CO, American Bar Association, Traffic Courts Committee, National Chairman.
Keith, Mrs. Harwood, Big Spring, Community Recreation, Community Participation Committee, Chairman.
Keller, Juanita (Mrs. Willis), San Antonio, Friendship Day Committee.
Keller, Marion,( Mrs. Ross J.), Galveston, Art Division Chairman.
Kelly, Mrs. P.M., Greenville, 3rd District.
Kelly, Zada S..
Kerr, Catherine Callahan (Mrs. Randle R.), Alpine, Board of Directors, Area Sub-Junior Chairman.
Keys, Anna, Waco.
Keys, Mrs. Felix W., Ballinger, The Fannie Stevens Study Club, Program Chairman.
Keys, Mrs. Warren, Marshall.
Kilpatrick, G.M., Atlanta, GA, The Lanier Company, Accountant.
Kinard, Lottie, (Mrs. D.L.), Memphis, Religions of the World Department, Chairman.
Kincaid, Mrs. Carson, Fort Stockton, Maglio Usui Study Club, Treasurer.
Kincaid, Mrs. Laurah, Wolfe City, Convention Committee, Convention Musician.
King, Mrs. Erskine, Hale Center.
Kirby, Mrs. Carney, Malakoff.
Kirk, Mrs. R. E., El Campo, Sorosis Club, President (1956-57); Yearbook Convention Program, Chairman.
Kirkman, Jewel.
Klicpera, Gladys Lee, Nominating Committee.
Kluge, Mrs. Henry, Austin, Office Assistant to Ruth Horrigan.
Knox, John M, M.D., Houston, Baylor University, College of Medicine, Department of Internal Medicine, Assistant Professor of Dermatology.
Koliba, Homer L., Sr., Austin, Texas House of Representatives, District 46.
Lacefield, Louella, Phillips, Effective Living Program.
LaGrange, Lenore (Mrs. Lester J.), Amherst, Program Making Committees, Flag Education.
Lamont, Mrs. S. F., Brownsville.
Laning, Mrs. J.A., Uvalde, Special Observances Committee, Hymn of the Month.
Larner, Mrs. Otis, Brownfield
Larsen, Ethel, Manistee, MI, GFWC, Conservation and Natural Resources Department, Consultant.
Latimer, Truett, Austin, Texas House of Representatives, District 84, Abilene.
Lawler, Mrs. Russell, Deport, Portfolio Club, Chairman.
Leaman, Mrs. Max, Crane, 8th District, State Professional Nursing Scholarship Fund, Chairman.
Leberman, Mrs. L. H., Commerce.
Lee, Pearl (Mrs. James L.), Lamarque, Americanism Department, Historical Restorations.
Longino, Mrs. George, Huntsville, The Home of General Sam Houston, Director.
Lookingbill, Mrs. L. H., Sr., Friona, 7th District, Religion of the Worlds Committee, Chairman.
Lott, Mrs. William, Georgetown, Woman’s Study Club, President.
Laughlin, Elizabeth, GFWC, GFWC Clubwoman, Editorial Assistant.
Love, Jackson B., Llano, Texas Law Enforcement Foundation, Board of Director, Member.
Lovett, Edith (Mrs. W.R.), Slaton, 7th District, Civic and Culture Club, Member.
Lowman, Harmon, Huntsville, Sam Houston State Teacher’s College, Office of the President.
Lowry, Louetta, Austin, The Hogg Foundation for Mental Hygiene, The University of Texas, Office of the Director.
Lyon, Mrs. J.W., Jr., Silverton 7th District, International Affairs Department, Projects, Chairman.
3.103 Mabry, G.A., Houston, Humble Oil and Refining Company, Advertising and Public Relations, Manager.
Malloy, Colette (Mrs. Frank J), Orange, 4th District, President.
Mann, Frank E., Austin, Texas House of Representatives, District 22, Position 1.
Marek, Lucille R (Mrs. E.H.), Yoakum, 5th District, Credentials Committee, Member.
Marshall, Mrs. Hugh, Quanah, 1904 Club, Program Chairman.
Martin, Arthur I., Dallas, AF-CAP Liaison Office, Southwestern Region, Civil Air Patrol, Aviation Educationalist.
Martin, Mrs. Fred C., Aspermont, Kachina Club, Junior Division, President.
Martin, Mrs. Grace M, College Station, Executive Department, Division of Defense and Disaster Relief, State Coordinator of Women’s Activities.
Mason, Elizabeth, Atlanta, GA., United States Department of Agriculture, in charge of Women’s Activities.
Masters, Nelle (Mrs. Julian), Arlington, VA., Past State President, Virginia P.E.O..
Matthews, Jessie R (Mrs. B.R.), San Augustine, Americanism Department, Program Chairman.
Matthews, Erma (Mrs. C.J.), San Antonio, Parliamentarian.
Mathis, Mrs. Edgar, Sour Lake, Publicity Chairman.
McCarty, Frances (Mrs. Paul), Abilene.
McCloud, Willie Mae, Bryson.
McCracken, Annie (Mrs. R.S.), Marfa, 8th District, Board of Trustees: Resolutions Committee, Member.
McFadden, E.C., Austin, Texas Safety Association, Inc., Vice-President.
McFarland, Ethel V., Ladonia, Southern Literary Club, Corresponding Secretary.
McGill, William L., Austin, Executive Department, Division of Defense and Disaster Relief, State Coordinator.
McGrath, Frances, Austin, Office Assistant.
McGrath, W. L., Cincinnati, OH, International Labor Organization Governing Body, United States Employee Representative.
McIlhany, Mrs. M. Wheeler, Program Committee, Chairman.
McKinney, Beulah K. (Mrs. A.J.), Wortham, 3rd District.
McLean, Mrs. M., 3rd District, Treasurer.
McMurtry, Mrs. C.T., Clarendon, State Project Committee, Member.
Merrick, Mrs. C.D., Lockney, 7th District, Americanism Department, Historical Committee, Chairman.
Metzger, C.E., Austin, The Commodore Perry Hotel, Sales Manager.
Meyer, Alpha G (Mrs. Joseph F., Jr), Houston, Woman’s City Club of Houston.
Miller, Ethel D (Mrs. R. C.), Orange Grove, 5th District, Adult Education Division, Chairman.
Miller, Mildred (Mrs. Theo), Quitman, Project Committee, Member State Board.
Miller, Rose (Mrs. Raby), Cisco, International Affairs Committee, Projects: Dolls for Foreign Children.
Miller, Sadie (Mrs. Carroll E.), Missoula, MT.
Millikan, Louise M (Mrs. George L), Beaumont, Eastern Region, Motion Pictures, Communications Department.
Mitchell, Dorothy (Mrs. Dan H.), Mt. Pleasant, Junior News, The Texas Clubwoman.
Macklin, Mrs. J.Geo), Fort Worth.
Monke, Mrs. Fred, Weinert, Humanitarian Committee, T.B.Seals, Chairman.
Moore, Bernice Milburn, Austin, The Hogg Foundation for Mental Hygiene, The University of Texas, Community Service and Professional Education, Assistant to the Director.
Moore, Ollie (Mrs. J.H.), Deport, Policy Committee, Member.
Moore, Veda (Mrs. R.H.), Fort Worth, 1st District, International Affairs Department, Chairman; Community Affairs Department, City Beautiful Division.
Morgan, Mrs. Roy, Sterling City.
Morris, Mrs. E. H., Canadian, Music Club.
Morris, Mrs. Harry Joseph, Dallas, 2nd District, Music, fine Arts Department, Chairman.
Morrow, Clara (Mrs. J.C.), Yoakum.
Moseley, Nessye (Mrs. Richard), Rochelle, Community Participation Committee, Community Council.
Mozley, Mrs. Jack C, San Antonio, Texas Heritage Department, Beauty Spots Committee; Public Welfare Department, Women’s Club of San Antonio, Chairman.
Muffly, Miriam Faust, Lewisburg, PA , GFWC Conservation of Natural Resources Department, Mineral and Wildlife Conservation Department, Chairman.
Mujica, Miryam R., Lima, Peru, Latin American Scholarship Recipient.
Muller, Irmgard, (Mrs. F.G.D.), La Porte, State Board of Trustees, Project Chairman.
Musick, J.O. Austin, Texas Safety Association, Inc., General Manager.
Myers, Mrs. Saint Andrew, Henrietta.
Nail, William A., Chicago, IL, Zenith Radio Corporation, Public Relations.
Neal, Margie E (Mrs. John S.), Carthage.
Neely, Mary Lucille, Denton, Senior Mary Arden Club, Junior Club, Member.
Neas. Sue (Mrs. Guy B.), Odessa, Headquarters Endowment Committee, Member.
Newborn-Humber, Loyce, Liberty, Junior Trivium Club, Program Chairman.
Nemir, Mrs. Allie D., Breckenridge, Yearbook Committee, Chairman.
Nicholas. Grace, (Mrs. Stephen J.), Washington, DC, GFWC, Executive Director.
Nicols, Mrs. Charles, Three Rivers, Pierian Study Club, Vice-President.
Odeneal, Hazel, Mrs. W. Clyde, Dallas, 2nd District, President; Community Affairs Department, Welfare Division, Chairman.
Oglsbee, Sara, Dallas.
Oldham, Mrs. J.W., Silsbee.
O’Neal, Ressie (Mrs. Claude), Lancaster, 2nd District, Board of Trustees.
Page, Carl M (Mrs. Jay), Grand Prairie, Grand Prairie Study Club, International Affairs, Chairman, “Cows for Korea”.
Pape, Mel, Austin, The Austin Civic Theater, Managing Director.
Parker, Mrs. Edward C., Fairfield, Area Sub-Junior Chairman.
Parker, Imogene (Mrs. Ray), Odessa, Odessa Study Club, President.
Parker, Marjorie D (Mrs. J. Adoue), Austin, Texas School of Fine Arts, Speech Instructor.
Parker, Mrs. Paul, Mexia, Mexia Junior Friday Club, President.
Parker, Peggy (Mrs. R. W.), Kemp.
Pankhurst, Maurine, Houston, Houston Chronicle, Society Department.
Payne, Bill (Mrs. Russell R.), Fort Stockton, 8th District, President.
Pearl, Dorothy W (Mrs. Norton H), Battle Creek, MI., Federal Civil Defense Administration, National Headquarters, Women’s Activities, Deputy Director.
Pearson, Helen9Mrs. R.O.), New York, NY., The National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis, Inc., Texas State Advisor on Women’s Activities.
Peck, Max E., Houston, Rice Hotel, Resident Manager.
Pedigo, Mary (Mrs. Clyde A), Hull, 4th District, Second Vice President; Texas Heritage Department, Texas Legends.
Pepper, Ethel (Mrs. John W, Sr.), Sweetwater, County-City Library, Librarian.
Perkins, Emily Gleason (Mrs. Joseph M.), Eastland, GFWC, The Thursday Afternoon Club of Eastland, Treasurer; Bible Chairman 1926-27; Credentials Chairman, 1927-28,1933-36; District President 1936-38; State Recording Secretary 1938-40; State President 1940-1957; continuous service as Program Chairman, Member of Board of Trustees; State Director General Federation 1940-42; Chairman of the Fine Arts Department 1944-47; Chairman of the Music Division 1950-52; Chairman of the Education Department 1954-56.
Perlstein, Frieda (Mrs. Saule), Ranger, The 1920 Club.
Perry, John, Crownpoint, Navajo Development Committee, Chairman.
Peterson, Mrs. E. N., Louise.
Petersen, Mrs. Verner, Danevang, 4th District, Secretary.
Phillips, Mrs. Billy, Saint Jo, Yearbook Committee, Chairman.
Phillips, Mrs. Clery, San Antonio, Courtesy Committee, Member.
Picras, Sadie (Mrs. George N.), Pecos, U.S.O. Scrapbook Committee.
Pippin, Rose, Waco, Board of Directors.
Poland, Mrs. Joseph J., Orange, Orange Women’s Club, Literature Department, Chairman.
Potter, Mrs. W. R., Roscoe.
Poulson, Mrs. George W., Lorenzo, 7th District, Club Reports, Chairman.
Powell, John, Austin, Austin Chamber of Commerce, Convention Department; Vice-President.
Preiss, Neata (Mrs. J.F.), Denver, CO., Colorado Federation of Women’s Clubs, President.
Price, Lillie (Mrs. Roy H), Atlanta, State Board of Trustee, Project Committee, Member.
Pridgeon, Mrs. B.J., San Saba, Pierian Study Club, President.
Gregory, Barbara, Washington, DC., Treasury Department, Fiscal Service, Treasury of the United States, Secretary to Ivy Priest Baker.
Prout Mabel, Mrs. I.R.C., Washington, DC., GFWC, President (1956-1958).
Puryear, Annie (Mrs. Douglas A.), Donna, Texas Garden Clubs, Inc., President.
Putnam, Ada M (Mrs. A. L.), Plainview, Plainview Woman’s Club, President; Policy Committee, Member.
Irwin, Mrs. Marion, Grand Saline, Grand Saline Study Club, President.
3.104 Ragsdale, Jessie (Mrs. Charles), Smithville, State Project Committee, Member.
Randel, Jo (Mrs. Ralph E.), Panhandle, 7th District.
Raney, Vi (Mrs. J.A.), Beaumont, National Defense Department.
Ravell, Ruth, Groesbeck, State Board of Directors Convention Doorkeeper Committee, Member.
Ray, Charity H (Mrs. William Lamkin). Lockhart.
Ray, Mrs. Guy, Cooper, Bay View Reading Club, Secretary/Treasurer.
Raymer, Mrs. M.R., Kenedy, Convention Committee, Sales Committee, Member; Progressive Club, Member; Alethian Study Club, Member.
Rasor, Frank W., Lufkin, United States Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Texas National Forests, Forest Supervisor.
Read, Florence (Mrs. Norman), Big Spring, Leadership Development, Chairman.
Reagan, Mrs. Rocky, George West.
Redwine, Mrs. R. M., El Campo, 4th District, Sorosis Club.
Reed, Joe A., Abilene, Hotel Windsor, Manager.
Rhamstine, Mrs. J.T., Harlingen, The Study Club, Yearbook Committee.
Richerson, Ruth M., Clarendon, Superintendent of Donley Schools.
Ricketts, Mrs. Carl H., San Antonio, The Woman’s Club, President.
Riley, Lelia, San Antonio, Special Observances Committee, Armed Forces Day, Chairman.
Ripley, Katie (Mrs. George A), Dallas, Party Platforms Report.
Ritchie, David G., Houston, Ritchie Advertising Agency, Owner.
Rivers, Mildred S. (Mrs. Andrew B), Hillsboro, Sub-Junior Chairman.
Robbins, Myrtle (Mrs. J.H)., Quitman.
Robbins, Winna Bess (Mrs. J.Philip), Fort Stockton, Communications Department, Chairman.
Roberson, Mrs. Forrest, Dalhart.
Robertson, Grace (Mrs. A.L.), Slaton, Slaton Civic and Culture Club.
Robertson, Mrs. R. C., Waco, Hospitality Committee, Member.
Robins, Barbara D., George West, Twentieth Century Club, Secretary.
Rogers, Mrs. Charles M., Amarillo, Amarillo Study Club, Member.
Rogers, Rose (Mrs. Robert R), Borger, 7th District, Department of Communication, Publicity Division, Chairman.
Rogers, Mrs. T. G., Decatur.
Rose, Mrs. John A., Denton, State Board of Directors, Headquarters Maintenance Committee, Member.
Rossebo, Rudd (Mrs. C.B.), Alice.
Rowell, Willie Mae (Mrs. R. C.), Terrell.
Rowntree Lou (Mrs. Roy), Houston, GFWC, Parliamentarian.
Rudy, Mrs. O.G., Monahans, Community Participation Committee, Migrants; Wednesday Study Club.
Russell, Raymond R., Jr., Austin, The State of Texas, House of Representatives, District 68, San Antonio.
Ryan, Mrs. Katherine, San Antonio.
Salem, Mrs. Michael, Dumas, Pierian Study Club of Dumas, President.
Sanders, Sallie Ross (Mrs. J.S.), La Feria, Americanism Department, Studies in American History.
Sandlin, Mrs. M.A., New Boston, Literary and Civic Club.
Sanford, Mrs. Farley, El Campo, 4th District, President.
Sanzenbacher, Mrs. Carle, Henrietta.
Saunders, Mrs. W. R., Longview.
Schultz, Harry, Dalhart, District Judge, 69th Judicial District.
Schultz, Mrs. V. Nixon, San Antonio, Woman’s Club of San Antonio, Literature Department.
Schulze, Jessie, Goliad, Goliad Reading Club, President.
Scott, Florence Johnson, Rio Grande City, TFWC Past President.
Seaberry, Virgil T., Eastland, State Bar of Texas, President.
Sears, Mrs. F. G., Snyder, State Board of Directors.
Seay, Ann (Mrs. B.F.), Andrews, 8th District, President.
Saggerman, Floy (Mrs. Frederick), Presidio, State Board of Directors, Headquarters Endowment Committee, Member.
Selcraig, Vietta (Mrs. J.), Colorado City.
Shaper, Celeste (Mrs. Henry F. Sr.), San Antonio, 5th District, Vice-President; City Federation of Women’s Clubs, President; Intrfaith Understanding, Friendship Department.
Shirley, Virginia (Mrs. Ray), Crowell, Epsilon Sigma Omicron Division, Education Department, Chairman.
Shockney, Robert C., Corpus Christi, Guaranty Title and Trust Company, Trust Officer.
Shoemaker, Blanche (Mrs.T.J.W), Fort Worth.
Shoulders, Mrs. Harold, Dumas, Pierian Study Club, Federation Counselor.
Simmons, Nanine, Mexia.
Simons, Mike, New York, NY, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Lowe’s Incorporated., Director of Customer Relations.
Sims, Mrs. G. M., Sr., Port Arthur, Greater Port Arthur Community Council, President.
Slay, Bess (Mrs. Reed), Hillsboro, Landmarks and Dwellings, Chairman.
Smith, Bert (Mrs. Sid), Austin, The Hogg Foundation for Mental Hygiene, The University of Texas, Mental Health Information Service.
Smith, Bessie (Mrs. E.N.), Marshall, 3rd District, Board of Trustees.
Smith, Eupha, Austin, Woman’s Study Club of Woodville, Past President, Honorary Member.
Smith, Mrs. Harry H., Daisetta.
Smith, Johnnie Ruttan (Mrs. Henry Lester), Bloomington, IN., Indiana Federation of Women’s Clubs, President.
Smith, Marie L (Mrs. R.D.), Victoria, 5th District, Secretary.
Smith, Mary Katherine (Mrs. Gordon B.), Gainesville, Registration Committee, Member.
Smith, Preston, Austin, The Senate of the State of Texas, State Senator, District 28, Lubbock.
Smith, W. H., Port Arthur, The Merchant’s National Bank of Port Arthur, Vice-President.
Snead, Mrs. Tom, Floydada, Past Presidents, Chairman.
Southwood, Dena (Mrs. J.E.), Panhandle, Yearbook Committee, Chairman.
Soyars, Bernice E (Mrs. E. L.), Sabinal, Federation Teacher of the Year Committee, Chairman.
Spiegel, W.F., Port Arthur, The First National Bank of Port Arthur, Vice-President.
Spielhagen, Inez (Mrs. E. J.), Beeville, 5th District, Leadership Development, Chairman.
Spreen, Frances Easley (Mrs. William J.), Brownfield, Program Making Committee, Chairman.
Staley, Mrs. V. E., Wink, The Wink Study Club, Corresponding Secretary.
Stevens, Mrs. E. M., San Antonio, 5th District, Public Affairs Department, Citizenship Division, Chairman.
Stevenson, Mrs.E.F, Quanah, 1904 Club, President.
Stewart, Rita (Mrs. C. Aubrey), Austin, Texas Safety Association, Inc., Vice-President for Women’s Activities.
Stillwell, Mrs. F.T., Victoria, The Morning Study Club, President.
Strauss, Gladys M (Mrs. Fred), Seguin, Texas Safety Association, Inc., Vice-President for Women’s Activities.
Strange, Mrs. Gwan, Westbrook.
Streetman, Louthene (Mrs. W.B.), Fort Worth, 1st District, Presdient; Friendship Department, Friendship Day.
Stubbs, Modene (Mrs. Van Hook), Wortham, TFWC Past President; Community Affairs Department, Mental Health Division, Chairman.
Sturrock, J.E., Austin, Texas Water Conservation, General Manager.
Sutherland, Robert L., Austin, The Hogg Foundation for Mental Health, The University of Texas, Director.
Sutton, Mrs. Harry Lewis, Orange, Orange Woman’s Club, Literature Department, Program Chairman.
3.105 Talbutt, Mrs. Glen, Cotulla, Women’s Club of Cotulla, President.
Taylor, Mrs. George, Lometa, Yearbook Committee.
Taylor, Mary McGinn, Washington, DC, GFWC, GFWC Federation Clubwoman, Editor.
Theriot, Bobbye (Mrs. Gilbert), San Angelo, 6th District, President.
Thomas, Mrs. Jesse R.Jr., Bryan, Yearbook Committee.
Thompson, Alletta, (Mrs. Boone), Alvin.
Thompson, Mrs. Albert, Moran.
Thompson, Imogene, Austin, The University of Texas, Division of Extension, Director.
Thornberry, Mrs. W. C., Clarendon.
Thornton, Mrs. Cecil, Van Alstyne, Yearbook Committee.
Thurmond, Mrs. Joe, Rhome.
Titus, Mrs. Homer, Celeste, Thursday Club.
Toler, June (Mrs. Glen), Dayton, 4th District, ‘In Memoriam’, Chairman.
Trayler, Mrs. Joe, Spearman, 7th District, Fine Arts Department, Penny Art and Penny Art Scholarship Division, Chairman.
Turberville, Mildred B., San Antonio, Community Service Division, Chairman.
Underwood, Annie (Mrs. F. H.), Corpus Christi.
Urschel, Reuby Lee (Mrs. J.E.), Mexia, Junior Friday Club.
Utesch, Dorothy (Mrs. L.P.), Brenham, Fortnightly Club.
Vanderwoude, Mrs. J.C., Dallas, National Shrines, Chairman.
Vaughn, Mrs. R. D., Dallas, 2nd District, ‘Outstanding Clubwoman’, Judging Committee, Chairman.
Vetler, Mrs. Lawrence, Seguin, Parliamentarian.
Vickers, Rose (Mrs. Clinton L.), Dallas, Communications Department, Motion Pictures Division, Chairman .
Verling, Mrs. George Jr., Junction, State Project Committee, Member.
Wagonseller, Mina F., Austin.
Waide, Nelle B (Mrs. J.B., Jr.), Dumas, 7th District, Get-Out-The-Vote Division, Americanism Department, Chairman; 1932 Study Club, Member.
Wakefield, Paul L, Major General, Austin.
Wallis, Amy (Mrs. Joe R)., Fort Worth.
Wathen Mamie (Mrs. L. J.), Dallas, Fine Arts and Drama Division, Literature and Drama Division, Chairman.
Walton, R. J., Baker Hotel, Sales Manager.
Wampler, Mrs. Clifton B., Burkburnett, The Contemporary Study Club.
Wardlaw, Marie (Mrs. A. L.), Fort Worth, Convention Committee, Marshal.
Warren, Barbara, Waco.
Wash, Mrs. C.V., Forsan.
Watson, May, Corpus Christi.
Webb, Anne Holiday, Austin, Texas Fine Arts Association, Executive Director.
Weber, A. Louise, Rising Star, Eastland County Federation of Women’s Clubs.
Wier, Myrtle, Brownfield.
Wells, Mildred White, Washington, DC, GFWC.
West, Mae (Mrs. T.M.), San Antonio, International Affairs Department, Projects Division, Chairman.
Westmoreland, Ilene, Mexia, 3rd District, President.
Westmoreland, Mrs. Stace, Huntsville, International Affairs Department, Europe and B.C. Division, Chairman.
Wheeler, Sterling, Dallas, Southern Methodist University, Vice-President.
Wheeler, Mrs. W. V., Albany, State Board of Directors, Area Sub-Junior Chairman.
White, A. F., Austin, C & S Sporting Goods Co., Sales Manager.
White, Mrs. David, Bloomington, 5th District, Penny Art Division, Chairman.
White, Mrs. E. S., Friona.
White, Mrs. Wilson, Morgan.
Whitehurst, Sara A. (Mrs. John L), Baltimore, MD,. GFWC, Education Department, Chairman.
Whitley, Vera (Mrs. Perry), Granger, Tuesday Study Club, Yearbook Committee, Member.
Whitney, Johnneal (Mrs.Chas.J), Raymondville, Rio Grande Valley Federation of Women’s Clubs, Corresponding Secretary.
Wilie, Victoria, Matador.
Williams, Mrs. D. V., Mason, 6th District, Heritage Division, Ranch Histories.
Williams, Hilda (Mrs. T. H.), De Leon.
Williams, Iva Jo (Mrs. Edwin), Weatherford, Program Chairman.
Williams, Leah (Mrs. Robert E.), McKinney, 2nd District, Fine Arts Department, Chairman.
Williams, Sylvia (Mrs. S. R.), Herne.
Williamson, Hugh, Dallas, Wm.A. Blakley for Senator Campaign.
Williamson, Winnie (Mrs. Zack A.), Beaumont, The Woman’s Club of Beaumont, President.
Willis, Doyle, Austin, Texas State Senator, District 10, Tarrant County.
Wilson, Frances Vallette (Mrs. John M.), Orange, Registration Committee, Chairman.
Wilson, Will, Austin, Attorney General of Texas.
Wamble, Emily (Mrs. John C.), Nocona, State Board of Directors, Convention Doorkeeper Committee, Member; The Thursday Literary Club, Member.
Wood, Mrs. R. C., Texas Home Demonstration Association, President.
Wooten, Mrs. Ralph, Hillsboro, Entre Nous Club.
Boyd Administration, 1958 - 1960
3.106 Boyd, Mae Wadley (Mrs. Ben), Denton, President (1 Folder).
Allcorn, Ben, Austin, Land Commissioner.
Beal, Roy F., Austin, Member American Institute of Decorators, Interior designs for fallout shelters.
Bell, Joe, Colorado City, Colorado City Record.
Bevis, Herbert A., Austin, Texas Department of Health, Division of Occupational Health, Ionizing Radiation Program, Chief.
Bierschwale, Mollie, Mason, District President.
Broaddus, Almeda E.
Carleton, Winnie (Mrs.A.T.), Houston, 2nd Vice-President.
Carson, Barbara, Barbara Carson School of Ballet, Tenant Agreement.
Cockrell, Dwyce, Executive Secretary.
Cocanougher, Ada (Mrs. A. T.), Lubbock, 7th District, President.
Craig, John, B., Austin, Accountant/Auditor.
Christopher, Betty (Mrs. H. R.).
Daniel, Jean (Mrs. Price), Austin, Texas’ First Lady of Texas.
Daniel, Price, Austin, Governor of Texas.
Dudley, Loraine (Mrs. L. E.), Abilene, Past President, TFWC.
Farmer, Louise (Mrs. R.R., Jr.), West Columbia, 4th District, Project Chairman; Texas Heritage Chairman.
Filbeck, Orval, Abilene, Abilene Christian College, Department of Education, Head.
Foster, Ethel, Past President, TFWC.
Fouts, Leslie (Mrs. T. J.), Parliamentarian.
Fulk, Louise (Mrs. Frank), Fort Stockton, In Memoriam; Policy Committee, Member.
Garrison, Mary Nell, Austin.
Gillette, Helen (Mrs. H.B), Houston.
Greenhill, Joe, Austin, Supreme Court of Texas, Associate Justice.
Griffiths, Evelyn (Mrs. Harry), Austin, TFWC 1st Vice-President.
Harrah, Mrs. Raymond W., Pampa.
Harrison, Lowell H., Canyon, West Texas State College, Department of History, Head.
Horrigan, Ruth H.
Jachetz, Milton, H., Krum, Krum High School, P.T.A. Study Group, Chairman.
Jones, Louella M, Hondo.
Keys, Maxie, Longview.
Kluge, Ruth (Mrs. Henry), Austin, The Texas Clubwoman, Editor.
Knowles, Mrs. H.C., Atlanta, Atlanta Woman’s Club, Recording Secretary.
Lynum, Curtis O, Dallas, United States Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Special Agent.
Macdonald, Helen L., Austin, National Library Week, University of Texas Press, Texas State Chairman.
Marinelli, Vicky (Mrs. Felix), Galveston, The Junior Wednesday Club, Member: Junior Chairman, Texas Clubwoman Magazine.
Martin, Mrs. Grace M., College Station, Executive Department, Division of Defense and Disaster Relief, State Consultant for Women.
3.107 McAdams, May, Texas Committee Member, White House Conference on Children and Youth; Board of Directors, Girlstown, USA, Whiteface, TX.
McCloud, Willie Mae (Mrs. Lloyd).
McCracken, Vivian, Austin, Executive Secretary, Headquarters Office, TFWC.
McFarland, John W., Houston, Houston Independent School District, Superintendent.
Morton, Mrs. Jack G., Lancaster, Government Studies and Agencies, Americanism Department, Chairman.
Musick, J.O., Austin, Texas Safety Association, Inc.
Neas, Sue, Abilene.
Nicholas, Grace (Mrs. Stephen J), Washington, DC., GFWC, Administrative Assistant to Chloe Gifford, President.
O’Neal, Ressie (Mrs. Claude), Lancaster, 2nd District, Board of Trustees.
Ozbirn, Katie, Oklahoma City, OK, Oklahoma Federation of Women’s Clubs, President.
Polichino, Joe, Houston.
Price, Pearl (Mrs. Leon S.), Dallas, Governor’s Committee, 1960 White House Conference on Children and Youth, Organization Coordinator.
Secrest, Mrs. Barbara, Galveston, Alert Advertising Agency, Advertising in Texas Clubwoman.
Singleton, Bob, Austin, Re-elect Will Wilson, Attorney General Campaign, Campaign Manager.
Smith, Joe, Houston, American General Life Insurance Company, Special Representative.
Streetman, Louthene (Mrs.W.B.), Fort Worth, Pioneer District, Board of Trustees; 1st District, Past President.
Thomas, Frances M., Abilene.
Tijerina, Felix, Houston, The Hale-Akin Committee of Twenty-Four, Houston Representative.
Todd, Mrs. B.V., Lake Arthur, LA., GFWC,Safety Division, Chairman.
Walker, Lucille, (Mrs. J.W.), Plainview, Board of Trustees, Chairman; Past President; Religions of the World Department, Chairman.
Wall, Sandy, Fort Worth, Texas Christian University, School of Education.
Wallace, Mrs. P.E., Mt. Pleasant, 3rd District, Credentials and Registration Committees, Member.
Walton, Mrs. T.O., Sr., College Station.
Wiley, Autrey Nell, Denton, TWU, Department of English, Director; College of Arts and Sciences, Dean.
Wilbanks, Elsie, Lubbock, South Plains Art Guild, Guild Historian.
Wilson, Will, Austin, Attorney General of Texas.
Wright, Jim, Fort Worth, United States Congress, Member.
Yarborough, Ralph, Washington, DC, United States Senator from Texas, Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce.
Griffiths Administration, 1960 - 1962
3.108 Griffiths, Evelyn (Mrs. Harry), President, 1960 - 1962 (3 Folders).
Personal Correspondence.
Adams, Jesse L. Jr., Dallas, Treasury Department, U.S. Savings Bonds Division, State Director.
Adams, Lela (Mrs. Phil), Midland.
Adkins, Effie Joe (Mrs. Teal), Beeville, Conservation Department, Chairman.
Allen, Kathryn (Mrs. Jack R.), Perryton, Top of Texas District, President.
Alphin, Lillian (Mrs. Claude A.), Corpus Christi, Public Affairs Department, Community Improvement Division, Chairman.
Armstrong, Anne Bettie (Mrs. Willis), Victoria.
Arnold, Mrs. Dexter, Concord, NH., GFWC, First Vice President.
Atkinson, Mrs. Emily E., Midland, Midland Savings Association, Assistant Vice-President.
Barclay, George E., Albuquerque, NM, United States Department of the Interior, Fish and Wildlife Service, Bureau of Sport Fisheries and Wildlife, Regional Supervisor.
Baze, Alberta, Fort Stockton.
Beaman, J.L.C., Alice, Epco Publications, Owner and Publisher.
Bierschwale, Mollie, Mason, Heart of Texas District, President.
Birwell, Norma (Mrs. E.A.), Silverton, Century of Progress Study Club, Yearbook Committee, Member.
Blalock, Bryan, Marshall, The Borden Company, Vice-President, Southern Division.
Bonifield, Loreta, Abilene.
Boren, Esther (Mrs. Wayne), Snyder, Mesquite District, Fine Art Department, Penny Art.
Boren, Mrs. J.F., Abilene, Fine Art Department, Literature and Drama.
Boyd, Effie (Mrs. A. E.), Plainview, Caprock District, President.
Boyd, Mae, Austin.
Brady, Mrs. Adelaide Burks, New York, NY, Girl Scouts of the United States of America, Adviser, Civic, Service and Fraternal Groups, Public Relations Department.
Bridge, Ruth (Mrs. H.A.), Granger.
Brightwell, Mollie M (Mrs. W. P.), Baird, Club Ethics, Chairman; Conservation of Natural Resources, Chairman; American Heritage Department, Member.
Broaddus, Almeda, Colorado City, State Board of Trustees.
Brookshire, Mrs. T. M., Kingsville, South Texas District, Kingsville Women’s Club, Member.
Campbell, Elouise (Mrs. Byron), Raymondville, South Texas District, President.
Carleton, Winnie (Mrs. A.T.), Houston, 1st Vice-President, TFWC; Dean of District Presidents, Institute Chairman; Past President, Woman’s Club of Houston; Breakfast Club, Member; Past President, City Federation of Woman’s Clubs.
Carpenter, Elizabeth, Fort Worth.
Casner, Kathryn (Mrs. Stanley W.), Presidio, International Affairs Department, United Nations.
Castleberry, Robbie, Vernon, Convention Program Committee, Credentials and Registration, Chairman.
Childers, Mrs. James, Ozona.
Clark, Mrs. Dale, New York, NY, National Audience Board, New York Coordinator.
Cocanougher, Ada (Mrs.), Lubbock, Home Life Department, Chairman.
Cockrell, Dwyce, Austin, TFWC, Executive Secretary.
Coffield, Vivian Potter (Mrs. T.R Ray), Bowie.
Cogdill, Alvin B., Austin, The University of Texas, Division of Extension, Visual Instruction Bureau, Supervisor, Materials and Services.
Collins, Ploma (Mrs. O.T.), Waco, Capitol District, President.
Cook, G.G., San Antonio, Continental Casualty Company, San Antonio Service Office, Supervisor.
Cooper, Virginia, Houston, Harris County Legal Secretaries Association, Federation Counselor.
Copus, Mrs. Dale W., Dallas, Dallas Federation of Women’s Clubs, Corresponding Secretary.
Couch, Gertie (Mrs. Earl J.), Grand Prairie, Grand Prairie Study Club.
Cox, Mrs. Orville I., McAllen.
Crawford, Alice (Mrs. Guy), Borger, Top of Texas District, Acting Corresponding Secretary; Chairman, Club Reports.
Crockett, Mrs. Harry, State Board of Trustees.
Crouse, Mrs. Howard, Marshall, The Woman’s Club, Corresponding Secretary.
Crowell, Mrs. H.B., Louise, Louise Woman’s Club, President.
Culberson, Mary Lu (Mrs. Olin), Austin, Texas Heritage Department, Club Reports, Chairman.
Cumley, R. W., Ph.D., Houston, The Medical Arts Publishing Foundation, Executive Director.
3.109 Daniel, Price, Austin, Governor of Texas.
Davenport, Mrs. S. T., Athens, Current Literature Club, President.
Dellone, Katherin B. (Mrs. Fred, Jr.), Monahans, Vogue Sewing Contest, Chairman.
Dennison, R.E., Dallas, Advertising Agent.
Dial, Mamie (Mrs. Preston), San Antonio, International Affairs Department, Chairman.
Dillard, Mrs. Frank, Mineola, The Mineola Delphian Club, Secretary.
Dillard, Lois, Rockwall, Friday Study Club, President
Donovan, Ruth D., Lincoln, NE, Speakers Service.
Douglas, W.R., Houston, Texas State Hotel, Assistant Auditor.
Eldredge, Marjorie (Mrs. I.F.), Silsbee, TFWC, U.S. Savings Bonds Division, Chairman.
Elliott, Mrs. L.R., Fort Worth, Monday Book Club, Past President.
Erhard, Mrs. W.P., Taft, South Texas District, Junior News Chairman.
Everett, Mrs. W.E., Snyder.
Ezell, Helen (Mrs. Camp), Beeville, Fine Art Division, Chairman.
Farmer, Louise (Mrs. R.R.), West Columbia, Civil War Centennial, Chairman.
Fields, Florence (Mrs. J.U.), Haskell, Past TFWC President.
Finley, Ada Betty (Mrs. Bryan), La Feria, Rio Grande Valley Federation of Women’s Clubs, Secretary-Treasurer.
Forsman, Eeva-Kristina, Washington, DC. Embassy of Finland, Attaché.
Foster, Ethel, Sterling City, International Clubs Department, Program Division, Past President; Council of International Clubs, President and Chairman.
Fortenberry, Mrs. Eddie, Lockney, Athena Junior Study Club, Secretary.
Founce, Wendy, Grand Lake, CO.
Fouts, Leslie (Mrs. Theron), Denton.
Galusha, Mrs. Frank, San Antonio, San Antonio Women’s Federation, President.
Gardner, Bertha C., Houston.
Garner, James H., Austin, Executive Department, Division of Defense and Disaster Relief, State Coordinator.
Gideon, W.S., Austin, Colorado River Authority, General Manager.
Gillette, Helen.
Ginnings, Blanche (Mrs. J.L), Pilot Point, TFWC, 2nd Vice-President.
Goldsmith, Helen (Mrs. Charles M.), Midland, Midland Woman’s Club, General Convention Chairman.
Grace, W.T., Midland, Plantation House, Manager.
Grant, Mrs. Silas, TFWC, State Legislative Chairman.
Gray, Nancy (Mrs. Jack), Denton, Public Affairs Department, Responsible Citizen Division, Chairman.
Griffin, Lura (Mrs. J.C), Lampasas, The Pierian Club, Program Committee, Chairman.
Haire, Mrs. J.H., Sugarland, The Woman’s Club.
Hammer, Kathryn (Mrs. William C), New York, NY, Celanese Fibers Company, Director, Consumer Relations Department.
Hampton, Zoë Austin (Mrs. James), Smithville, Capitol District, Care Incorporated, Chairman; Resolutions Committee, Member.
Harrell, W. Hugh, Lubbock, Attorney at Law.
Harris, Titus H., Dr., Greenwood, The Texas Association for Mental Health, Chairman.
Hasebrook, Margaret E (Mrs. William H,), West Point, NE, GFWC, 2nd Vice-President; Recording Secretary; Third Vice-President.
Haskew, L.D., Austin, The University of Texas, College of Education, Dean.
Hawkins, Eudora, Abilene, Public Affairs Department, Chairman.
Hayrimen, Ensio, Mikkeli, Finland.
Heckel, Ruby (Mrs. J.), Downers Grove, IL.
Henry, Mrs. Mark, Crowell, Past 1st District President.
Hill, Louise, Silsbee.
Hill, Margaret Louise, Austin, Texas Ornithological Society, Conservation Committee, Chairman.
Hockaday, Mrs. Benton S., Graham, C.L.S.C Club, Chairman.
Hodge, Veda, Midland.
Houghton, Mrs. David, Dallas, Resolutions Committee, Chairman.
Hoyt, Mrs. W. S., Hearne, Capitol District, Hearne Shakespeare Club, President.
Hubbard, Mary Addie (Mrs. Jay), Port Lavaca, Delphian Club.
Huffines, Launa (Mrs. J.L.), Commerce, Key District, President.
Hunter, Mrs. Ann Gough.
Hyatt, Carl B., Rockville, MD, National Conference on Citizenship, Executive Director.
Johnson, A.W. (Mrs. Grover C.), Wichita Falls, Public Education Department, Chairman.
Johnson, Margaret (Mrs. Frank C.), Kingsville, Kleberg County Federation of Women’s Clubs, Past President.
Johnson, Rex, Dallas, Marriott Motor Hotel, Sales Manager.
Jones, Lu Elise (Mrs., Clair L.), San Antonio, Fine Arts Department, Chairman.
Jones, May, Stephenville, Public Education Department, Scholarship Committee, Chairman.
3.110 Keith, Mrs.. Harwood, Big Spring.
Kelley, Ruth Marie (Mrs. George P.), Houston, San Jacinto District, President.
Keys, Maxie, (Mrs. Warren F., Sr.), Marshall, 3rd District, President; Past Recording Secretary.
Kinard, Lottie, Memorial Service Committee, Chairman.
Kirk, Louise, Austin.
Kirkwood, Patricia, Fort Worth.
Klicpera, Gladys Lee (Mrs.M.F.), Houston.
Kline, Aubrey N, San Antonio, Vice-President, Public Relations.
Kluge, Ruth (Mrs. Henry), Austin, The Texas Clubwoman, Editor.
Knickerbocker, Conrad, Kansas City, MO, Hallmark Cards, Public Events Manager.
Kugle, Bobbie (Mrs. Willard), Monahans, The Monahans News, Society Editor.
Lampley, Marie (Mrs. Paul), El Campo.
Laswell, Mrs. W. A., Big Spring, Modern Women’s Forum, 3rd Vice-President.
Lawler, Edna (Mrs. H.Hayden), Junction.
Leslie, Dorothy (Mrs. R. E. )., Woman’s Auxiliary to the Texas Medical Association.
Lewis, Jewell (Mrs. J. H.), Uvalde, Texas Heritage Department, Chairman.
Lewis, Martha, Houston, Club Bulletin, Chairman.
Lillard, Lillie V.
Lindsay, Mrs. R. F., Mt. Pleasant, Past President, 1929-1931.
Lindsey, Jacqueline (Mrs. Robert), Borger, Top of Texas District, Board of Trustees.
Locklin, Nora (Mrs. Dee), McCamey.
Long, Betty (Mrs. Bob), Austin, International Affairs Department, Latin American Scholarship, Chairman.
Long, John J, Norman, OK, The University of Oklahoma, Educational Materials Services, Coordinating Director.
Love, James L., Diboll, Friends of the Texas Libraries, President.
Ludden, Mrs. H.J., Corpus Christi.
Luther, Elsie (Mrs. Charles), Palacios, Athena Club, Secretary.
Magee, Jessie June (Mrs. Walter V.), Washington, DC, GFWC, Treasurer.
Manford, Durwood, Austin, Board of Water Engineers, Chairman.
Manning, Addie (Mrs. Tyler), Wednesday Book Club, Corresponding Secretary.
Martin, Mrs. Grace M, Austin, Executive Department, Division of Defense and Disaster Relief, State Consultant for Women’s Activities in Civil Defense.
May, Mrs. Tate, Hamlin.
McAdams, Ina Mae (Mrs. Kelly), Austin, 1960 Clubwoman of the Year; Public Relations Department, Chairman.
McCanlies, Alice (Mrs. H.A.), Cisco, Delphian Club.
McCaskill, Mrs. W. K., Plainview.
McCracken, Vivian, Austin, TFWC, Executive Secretary; Managing Director, Girlstown, Whiteface, Texas.
McCrum, Katherine (Mrs. Douglas I.), Fort Scott, KS, GFWC, Art Division, Chairman.
McDaniel, Mrs. John J., San Antonio, San Antonio Women’s Club, Press book, Chairman.
McDougald, Mrs. J. E., Corpus Christi.
McKee, Ruby Clayton, Dallas, The Dallas Morning News, Club Editor.
McQuatters, Mrs. Roy, Lifflefield, Heritage Department, Pioneer Families and Pioneer Personalities Committee, Chairman.
Meley, Betty (Mrs. Everett L.), Beaumont.
Miller, Mrs. L. R., Greenville, City Federation of Women’s Clubs, Vice-President.
Mitchell, Josephine (Mrs. T.A.), Fort Worth, Fine Arts Department, Music Division, Chairman.
Mitchell, Mattie (Mrs. T.L.), San Antonio, Woman’s Club of San Antonio.
Morrison, DeLesseps S., Washington, DC, United States Representatives of the Council of the Organization of American States, Department of State, Ambassador.
Moseley, Nessye, Rochelle, The Brady Tuesday Club.
Moyers, Bill D., Washington, DC, The Peace Corps, Associate Director.
Nagy, Bill, Houston, Continental-National Group, Assistant Director.
Neal, Daphne C. (Mrs. W. L.), Jasper, Woman’s Civic Club, President.
Ogilesby, Mrs. A.R., Abilene.
Oliphant, Mrs. Loa, Washington, DC, GFWC, Community Improvement Program, Assistant Director.
Oliver, Mrs., Waskom, Waskom Study Club, President.
O’Neal, Ressie (Mrs. Claude), Lancaster, Board of Trustees.
Orr, Edna (Mrs. Seth), Hillsboro, State Press Book Contest Committee, Chairman.
Ozbirn, Katie (Mrs. E. Lee), Washington, DC, GFWC, President.
Parkhouse, Lois, Austin, KLRN, Southwest Texas Educational Television Council, Community Coordinator.
Patterson, Willa B., Brownfield, Alpha Omega Club, Public Affairs Chairman.
Pennyquick, Roy A., San Antonio, Lentz, Newton & Co., Convention Speaker.
Perkes, Frances, Houston, San Jacinto District, Headquarters Endowment Committee, Chairman.
Perkins, Emily (Mrs. Joseph M.), Eastland, GFWC, Treasurer; Past TFWC President.
Perner, Mrs. Stephen, Ozona, Ozona Woman’s Club, Recording Secretary.
Peters, Lena W. (Mrs. H.N.), Waxahachie, 2nd District, Life Member.
Phillips, Frank J., Dallas, Cooperative For American Relief Everywhere, Inc.(CARE), Southwest Division, Director.
Plummer, Mildred Yates, Port Arthur, TFWC Poet Laureate.
Putnam, Ada M (Mrs. Andrew), Plainview.
3.111 Raney, Mrs. J.A., Beaumont.
Rankin, Mrs., James O., El Campo, The Woman’s Club, Corresponding Secretary.
Ransome, W.R., Austin, Texas Association for Mental Health, President.
Raymer, Mrs. Ottilie (Mrs. M. R), Kenedy, 20th Century Study Club, President.
Rivers, Mrs. W.H,.III, Fort Worth, Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association, Women’s Activities Committee, Chairman.
Roberts, Mrs. Jack, Jr., Crowell.
Roberts, Mrs. Mills, Memphis, 1913 Study Club, Member.
Robertson, Mrs. R. C., Waco.
Rogers, Mage (Mrs. Lee), Freer.
Roldan, Maria M, Austin, Latin American Scholarship Recipient.
Royce, Myrtle, Decatur, Pioneer District, 2nd Vice-President.
Rudy, Mrs. O.G., Monahans, Western District, Member, Board of Trustees; State Project Committee, Member.
Sanders, Sallie Ross (Mrs. J.D.), La Feria, TFWC CARE, Chairman.
Sandord, Nora, El Campo, El Campo Woman’s Club, Program Chairman.
Schlayer, Mary Elizabeth, Dr., Houston, San Jacinto District, Program Chairman.
Schlicher, Karl, Nacogdoches, Stephen F.Austin State College, Department of Art, Head.
Schons, Dorothy.
Scott, Mrs. Florence J., Rio Grande City, Past TFWC President.
Seay, Ann (Mr. B.F.), Andrews, TFWC, 3rd Vice-President.
Seppala, R.R., Washington, DC, Embassy of Finland, Ambassador.
Shaper, Celeste (Mrs. Henry F., Sr.), San Antonio, 5th District, Past President; Treasurer.
Sheppard, Frank W., College Station, Cooperative Extension Work in Agriculture and Home Economics, Extension Service, County Agent Work, Resource Development Specialist.
Shoemaker, Mrs. Hart, Abilene.
Simon, Lorena (Mrs. Samuel), Port Arthur.
Sinclair, H.M., Houston, Radio Free Europe Fund, Regional Vice President.
Sister Joan Margaret, Port-au-Prince, Haiti, St. Vincent’s School for Handicapped Children.
Smith, Bessie (Mr. E.N.), Marshall, Convention Program Chairman.
Smith, Mrs. E. Clyde, Odessa, Pioneer Study Club, Treasurer.
Smith, Helen Livingston, New York, NY, Cooperative for American Relief Everywhere, Inc., (CARE), Director, National Organizations.
Sneed, Robert C., Austin, Attorney at Law.
Steen, Kathryn (Mrs. J.B.), Marfa, Marfa History Club, 1st Vice-President.
Stewart, Mary (Mrs. Alvin A)., San Saba, Heart of Texas District, San Saba Study Club, Member; Program Chairman; Safety Chairman; Past President;Intrnational Affairs, Chairman.
Storie, Jo (Mrs. P.B.), Andrews, Western District.
Stubbs, Modine (Mrs. Van Hook), Wortham GFWC, Consultant, Home Life Department; Past TFWC President.
Suddath, Mrs. Edward, Stamford, The Pierian Club, Program Chairman.
Taylor, Ethel (Mrs. Volney W.), Past TFWC President.
Todd, Mrs. B.V., Washington, DC, GFWC, Pesident, South Central Conference, Automotive Safety Foundation, Women’s Division, Director.
Vance, Marvin, Austin, First Methodist Church, Minister.
Vance, Mary Lou (Mrs. Henry C), Grand Prairie, Twentieth Century Study Club, Program Committee, Member.
Wade, Mrs. W. E. Bluffton, Woman’s Culture Club, President.
Waide, Nellie B. (Mrs. J.B.), Dumas.
Walker, Lucile (Mrs. J.W.), Plainview, Past TFWC President; Chairman, Board of Trustees.
Ward, Marie (Mrs. John P.), Aspermont, Mesquite District, President.
Wardlaw, Marie (Mrs. A.L.), Fort Worth, Door Keepers Committee, Member.
Weant, Lillye (Mrs. Howard), Falfurrias, The Self-Culture Study Club.
Weber, A. Louise, Rising Star.
Wheeler, Mrs. W.V., Albany, Albany Study Club, Area Sub-Junior Chairman; Federation Chairman.
Whitaker, Betty Jane, Austin, Texas Committee on Migrant Farm Workers, Co-Chairman.
White, Bess B (Mrs. R.N.), San Antonio, CARE-Alamo District, Chairman.
White, Edna (Mrs. Ralph), Burkburnett, Santa Rosa District, Community Improvement Program, Division Chairman.
Whitehurst, Sara (Mrs. John L), GFWC, Maryland Federation of Women’s Clubs, President.
Wilie, Virginia (Mrs. U.L.), Matador.
Williams, Mrs. H.M., Monahans, Nu Gamma Study Club, Corresponding Secretary.
Williams Pearl, Mertzon, 48 Study Club, Member .
Williamson, Winnie (Mrs. Zack A), Beaumont, Recording Secretary.
Wylie, Ruth (Mrs. P.C.), Whitesboro.
Yarborough, Ralph, Washington, DC, United States Senator from Texas.
York, Nell (Mrs.Joe, Sr), Brackettville, Yearbook Committee, Chairman.

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