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Texas Woman's University, the Woman's Collection

Texas Federation of Women's Clubs Collection

Series 3: Administrations (Correspondence, 1953 - 1956)

Collection Summary

Creator:Texas Federation of Women's Clubs
Title:Texas Federation of Women's Clubs Collection
Date:1897 - .
Abstract:Constitution and bylaws, minutes, correspondence, reports, and published material created by the state organization, the districts, and over 2,200 individual member clubs. Also includes graphic material such as photographs and scrapbooks. Material documents the founding meeting in 1897 through the organization's growth in the twentieth century into the largest women's volunteer association in Texas.
Location:Mss. 32
Size:493 boxes.
RepositoryTexas Woman's University, the Woman's Collection


Arrangement of the Collection

The records are arranged into nine series:
Series 1: Historical Writings
Series 2: Legal and Financial Documents
Series 3a-j: Administrations - Correspondence and Reports
Series 4: Education Assistance
Series 5: Headquarters Building
Series 6a-c: Membership
Series 7: Printed Material
Series 8: Graphic Material
Series 9: General Federation of Women's Clubs and South Central Region


Access to the Collection:

Open for research.

Publication and Copyright Statements:

Permission to publish materials must be obtained in writing from the Coordinator for Special Collections. Where copyright is unclear, all responsibility must be assumed by the user.

Administrative Information


Material was collected and housed at the TFWC Headquarters until the organization designated the Woman's Collection as the repository for its archives in 1985. Material has been added on a continuing basis since that time.

Processed by

Ann McGuffin Barton, Morgan Davis, and Barbara Hotinski, 1997-2007.

Encoded by:

Ranu Singhvi, 2008

Detailed Description of the Collection


Series 3: Administration Records (Correspondence, 1953 - 1956)

3.84 - 3.97Correspondence
This section includes president Dudley, 1953-1956.
Arranged alphabetically by originating correspondent (author) in order of presidential administrations. Correspondence by each president precedes the alphabetical listing. The name of the author, the town or city, the person's title, and a brief description of the contents of the letters is included.
3.84Dudley Administration, 1953 - 1956
Dudley, Loraine (Mrs. L.E.), Abilene, President (4).
Abbott, Mrs. Roy W., Vernon, Sorosis Club, President.
Abney, Carolyn, ( Mrs. James K), Marshall, District 1, Former Chairman, Club Ethics.
Adair, A, Garland, Austin, Texas Heritage Foundation, Inc., Executive Director.
Adcock, Ella Mae (Mrs. D.L.), Lamesa, Registration Committee, Member.
Adler, Clarie, 1956 State Historian.
Ahlgren, Mrs. Oscar A., Washington, DC., GFWC Past President.
Albert, Carl,. Washington, DC., United States Congress, House of Representatives, Democratic Whip, Third District, Oklahoma.
Allen, Mrs. C.S., Jr., Calvert.
Allen, Doris, Dallas, The Daily Times Herald, Society Editor.
Allen, Hallie, Childress, Board of Trustees, Member.
Allison, Anne, New York, NY, National Association of Manufactures, Coordinator of Women’s Activities.
Amsler, Jean, New York, NY.
Anders, Mrs. Curtis L, Lufkin, 3rd District Chairman, Texas Clubwoman subscriptions.
Anderson, Mrs. Clarence, Silverton.
Anderson, Stella W, (Mrs. Ed.M), Jefferson, NC, National Club of Past State Presidents, Secretary.
Anderson, Mrs. W.H., Calvert.
Andrews, J.C., McKinney, Veteran’s Hospital Organization.
Antonione, Josephine, Austin, The University of Texas, Department of Music, Performer at San Antonio Symphonetta.
Archambeau, Marilyn (Mrs. Ernest R. Sr.), Odessa.
Archer, Mrs. Milton, Giddings, Giddings Study Club, Chairman.
Armstrong, Mrs., Waco, Armstrong Browning Library, Baylor University, Director.
Arnold, Mrs, Dexter O., Concord, NH, GFWC Communications Department, Radio and Television, Chairman.
Arp, Marjorie L., Brenham.
Arrington, Mrs. U.S., McKinney.
Ashby, L., Dallas, The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company, Southwestern Passenger Agent.
Astin, Mrs. Raymond H, Stamford, State Youth Conservation, Public Affairs Department Chairman.
Atwood, Olga (Mrs. Jefferson D), Roswell, N.M.
Aubry, Joanne, California Federation of Women’s Clubs, Press Club.
Avent, Mrs. Jewell, Tulia.
Ayers, Mrs. W.R, Denver City.
Badge, Bella, Velasco.
Bailey, Mrs. Belven, Childress, Home Arts Club, President.
Balentine, Mrs. Jack, Rocksprings, 5th District, First Vice-President.
Banning, Margaret Culkin, New York, NY, National Fund for Medical Education, Vice Chairman, Clubs and Organizations.
Barbee, Jr., Mrs. Fred, Lamesa, The Lamesa Daily Reporter, Society Editor.
Bardin, Mrs. J.S., Ft. Worth.
Barker, Mrs. W.H., San Antonio, Communications Department, Motion Picture Division, Chairman.
Barnes, Flavel, New York, NY., Cooperative for American Remittances to Everywhere, Inc.(CARE), Advisor, CARE Book Fund.
Barron, Catherine (Mrs. George P.) Yoakum, Calendar Committee, Chairman.
Barron, Mrs. F.C., Monahans, Program Chairman.
Bartlett, Eve.
Barton, Mrs. H.M., Fort Worth.
Bartosh, Mrs. T.D., Granger.
Bateman, Mrs. George T., Garland, Garland Federation of Women’s Clubs, President.
Baum, Mrs. Al. W., Whitesboro.
3.85Beam, Mrs. J.A., McCamey, Women’ Study Club, Corresponding Secretary.
Beaman, Mrs. J.L.C., Alice, South Texas District, Board of Trustees.
Bean, Lucy Claire (Mrs. Ferris D), Kirbyville, Conservation Department, Forests and Recreation Department, Chairman.
Beanland, Mrs. E.K., Marfa.
Beaumier, Velma (Mrs. Louise J), Brenham, 4th District, State Hospitality Committee, Member; Fortnightly Club, President.
Beck, Vera (Mrs. W.M.), Fort Payne, AL., Alabama Federation of Women’s Clubs, President.
Becker, Ethel, Austin, Stanley Home Products, Branch Manager.
Bedicheck, Wendell, Austin, Texas Research League, Assistant Director.
Beeman, Mrs. Bess, Austin, City of Austin.
Begeman, Thelma (Mrs. Roy), Amarillo.
Behrens, Vivian (Mrs. Kendrick), Presidio, 8th District.
Belcher, Page, Washington, DC., United States Congress, First District, Oklahoma, Congressman.
Bell, John J., Washington, DC, United States Congress, 14th District, Congressman.
Bell, John J., San Antonio, Southern Music Company, Vice-President and General Manager.
Bell, Mabel Claire, (Mrs. John J), Cuero.
Bencal, Darnell (Mrs. J.R.), Houston, City Federation of Women’s Clubs, Corresponding Secretary.
Bennett, Mrs. A.O., Paducah.
Bennett, Alma Sue (Mrs. N.B.), Goliad, Goliad Reading Club, President.
Bennett, Carmen, Paducah.
Bennett, Thelma (Mrs. James A.), San Angelo, Credentials Committee, Chairman.
Benson, Eula (Mrs. J.R.), Shamrock, Yearbook Committee, Chairman.
Benton, Leslie B (Mrs. A.F.), Merced, CA, California Federation of Women’s Clubs, Vice-President.
Benton, Mabel (Mrs. W.H.), Houston, Parliamentary Law Club.
Berry, Thelma McCarly (Mrs. John), Clyde, Community Services Division.
Bethea, James A., M.D., Austin, Board for Texas State Hospitals and Special Schools, Executive Director.
Bethell, Virgie (Mrs. Tom M), Greenville, Scholarship and Fellowship Division, Education Department, Chairman.
Binford, Martha, Dallas, Seaboard Oil Company of Delaware.
Bingham, Mrs. Kelly, Plainview, Junior Delphin Club, Secretary -Treasurer.
Bishop, Selma L, Mrs., Abilene, Abilene High School, Department of English, Chairman.
Blackburn, Corinne T. (Mrs. L.L.), Baird, 6th District, Historian.
Blanton, Mrs. W.E., San Angelo, Women’s Club of San Angelo, President.
Blessing, Mrs. Ray, Amherst, Amherst Study Club.
Block, Audrie, (Mrs. Gaston), Laredo, 5th District.
Blount, Mrs. Lamar, San Augustine.
Bock, Ellen (Mrs.Lester C), Smithville.
Boice, Shirley, (Mrs. Fred D. Jr.), Cheyenne,WY., Wyoming Federation of Women’s Clubs, President.
Boren, Esther (Mrs. Wayne), Snyder, Fine Arts Department, Chairman; The Texas Clubwoman, Editor.
Boulware, Marguerite, Prairie View, Scholarship request.
Bovell, Florence M.( Mrs. S.C)., Resolutions Committee, Member; Past President Dallas Federation of Women’s Clubs.
Bowers, Mrs. R.M., Fort Worth, Cadmean Club; 1st District Hospitality Board.
Bowers, Kate L (Mrs. A. S.), Port Lavaca, Woman’s Study Club, President.
Boyd, A.L. Houston, The Gulf, Colorado and Santa Fe Railway Company, Advertising Agent.
Boyd, Bessie (Mrs. J.R.), Houston, Credentials Committee, Member.
Boyd, Mrs. George. Drayton, Jr., Board of Directors.
Boyd, Mrs. J.R., Rochelle, Rochelle Study Club, Program Chairman.
Boyd, Mae B (Mrs. Ben W.), Denton, Chairman of the Budget, Graduate Texas State College for Women (TWU), Multiple Club Memberships and Offices.
Boyd, Mary, Houston, Ladies’s Reading Club, President.
Boyd, Mary Effie (Mrs. A.E.), Plainview, Child Welfare Division, Welfare Department, Chairman; Past Chairman, Division of Religion.
Boyd, Mrs. G.D. Jr., Teague, Registration Committee, Member.
Boykin, Clota (Mrs. Stanley), Fort Worth, Hospitality Committee, Member; Past Chairman, Folklore and Texas Writers, Chairman; Revisions Committee, Chairman.
Bradford, Eula May, Weatherford, 1st District, 20th Century Club.
Brady, Earl B., Austin, Executive Department, Office of the Governor, Executive Assistant.
Branton, Jim, Cisco, Cisco Public Schools, West Point attendee.
Breedlove, Charles, Tyler, Breedlove Nurseries-Retail.
Breshears, Mrs. F.S., Alpine, El Progresso Study Club, President.
Brightwell, Mollie M. (Mrs. W.P), Baird, Texas Composers Committee, Texas Heritage Department, Chairman; International Affairs Department, Projects Division.
Brindley, Arabella (Mrs. G.I.), Austin.
Bristow, Estelle (Mrs. J.), Big Spring.
Brite, Eddie (Mrs. L.C)., Marfa, Life Member.
Broaddus, Almeda E (Mrs. H.B.), 1921 Study Club; Life Member Board of Directors.
Bronstad, Polly (Mrs. Byron), Kilgore, 3rd District.
Brooks, Mrs. E.T.
Brooks, Marietta (Mrs. R. Max,) Austin, Defense Advisory Committee for Women in the Armed Services, Member.
Benavides, E.J., Mineral Wells, the Baker Hotel, Co - Manager.
Brown, Flo (Mrs. M.H., Jr.), Groesbeck.
Brown, Mrs. Guy J., Wichita Falls, 1st District, Chairman.
Bowen, Ida Mae (Mrs. Edwin E), Christoval.
Brown, Nelson, Austin, Texas Commission on Alcoholism, Executive Director.
Brown, Roy, Austin, Braniff International Airways, District Sales Manager.
Brown, Zaida, Snyder, Business and Professional Women’s Club, President.
Brownlee, Ruth D. (Mrs. Geo.D), Jacksboro, Jack County Association, W.M.U, President.
Bryant, Mrs. Bobby, Hartley.
Buchanan, Mrs. J.S., San Angelo, 6th District, ’48 Club, Junior Club, Yearbook Chairman.
Buchanan, Mrs. Lois, Gorman, Parliamentarian.
Buchanan, Mildred (Mrs. W.E.), 1st District, 2nd Vice–President; Past Chairman Gardens Division, American Home Department.
Buchanan, Mrs. M.J.
Bunton, Katheryn, Marfa, Jr. Chairman, Texas Heritage Department – see also Mrs. Jim, Steen.
Burditt, Mrs. Allen L, Edna.
Burger, Alvin A., Austin, Texas Research League, Executive Director.
Burkett, I.V., Livingston, Big Sandy Independent School District, Superintendent.
Burleson, Omar, Washington, DC, United States Congress, 17th district, Congressman.
Burnett, Dorothy June, Brownfield, Junior Women’s Club.
Burnett, Ulala H, (Mrs. J.R.), Cisco.
Burns, Floy, Caradan.
Burns, Sammie C., (Mrs. Lightner), Anthony, NM, New Mexico Federation of Women’s Clubs, President.
Burris, Bebe Mrs., Brackettville, New World Study Club, Corresponding Secretary.
Bushnell, Louise Mrs., New York, NY, National Association of Manufacturers, Program Director, Women’s Organizations.
Butler, Jessie H., Washington, DC.
Buttry, Pat, Mrs. Fabens, International Affairs, Public Affairs Department, Jr. Chairman..
3.86 Caldwell, Minnie.
Caldwell.. Mrs. Roy, McKinney, State Veteran’s Affairs Division, Chairman.
Calhoun, Nina (Mrs. Edwin C.), San Antonio, City Federation of Women’s Clubs, President.
Campbell, Eloise, Raymondville, Family Living and Mothercraft, State Chairman.
Canada, Verona K. (Mrs. J.W.).
Cantrell, Nita (Mrs. W.E), Lometa, Western Region, Vice-President, Districts 7 and 8.
Carleton Winnie (Mrs. A.T.), Houston,. Convention Program, Chairman; Americanism Department, Forums Committee; Public Affairs Department, Industry Division; Past President 4th District
Carmichael, Marguerite (Mrs. John), Vernon, America Home Department, Gardens Division, Chairman.
Carpenter, A.M., Abilene, Abilene Museum of Fine Arts, 1st Vice President.
Carpenter, Elizabeth (Mrs. Granville E.), Vernon.
Carpenter, Maude B.(Mrs. John R.), Brownwood, Ethics Club, Chairman.
Carrington, Stacey, Marshall.
Carter, Ruth, Port Lavaca, 5th District, Junior Clubs, Chairman.
Carver, Mildred (Mrs. Geo. L.).
Cargile, Mrs. H.W., Snyder, 20th Century Study Club, Treasurer.
Castleberry, Mrs. Frank, Eastland.
Castleberry, Robbie, Soffard, AZ.
Caudle, Mrs. T.G., Cisco, 20th Century Club, Program Committee Chairman.
Chadwick, Mrs. J. Carroll, Center, Women’s Reading Club, Chairman.
Chandler, J.V., Dr, Kingsville, Rotary International, Past President.
Chapman, Helen (Mrs. Theodore S.), Washington, DC, GFWC President.
Charbonneau, Mrs. W. F., Fort Worth, Allied Youth Committee, Chairman.
Chase, Jacqueline Hawking (Mrs. Paul M.), Wheat Ridge, CO.
Chavez, Genevieve (Mrs. David, Jr,). Santa Fe, NM, Santa Fe Woman’s Club Library Association, Program Chairman.
Cheatham, Mrs. R.P., Texarkana, Junto Club, President.
Chinn, Mrs. R.L., El Paso, Education Department, Junior Chairman.
Christopher, Betty B (Mrs. Harry Robert), Baltimore, MD., GFWC Status of Women Committee, Chairman.
Clark, Margaret S., Austin, Texas State Bank, Vice-President; District 31, Women’s Activities Committee, Chairman.
Clark, R. Lee, Jr., M.D., Houston, M.D. Anderson Hospital, Director and Surgeon in Chief .
Clark, Velda, Sudan, 1950 Junior Study Club, President.
Clinton, Mrs. R.L., Putnam, 6th District.
Cocanougher, Mrs. A.T, Lubbock, 7th District, President.
Cochran, Louise (Mrs. John D.), San Antonio, The Woman’s Club, President; Labor-Management Relations Committee, Chairman; Americanism, Department, Chairman
Cochrane, Minne T., (Mrs. John P.).
Cockrell, Mrs. Frank, Seymour.
Coffee, B, Denton, Texas State College for Women,(TWU), Assistant to Dean Hufford.
Coffey, Mrs. J.O., Crane, Program Committee, Chairman.
Coffey, Nena, (Mrs. L.P.), Bryan, Board of Trustees, Member.
Coffield, Vivian, Bowie, 1st District, Parliamentarian.
Colburn, Helen, Austin, Texas Tuberculosis Association, Public Information.
Cole, Dorothy Bushnell, Monterrey, Mexico.
Collier, Lillian (Mrs. Jud), Austin/Mumford, The March of Dimes, Women’s Organizations, Volunteer Staff Member.
Conner, Mrs. Earl., Sr. Eastland, Club Historian.
Connor, Mrs. Curtis, Daingerfield.
Cook, Constance, Moral and Spiritual Values, Chairman.
Cooke, Grace (Mrs. F.D), Fabens, Epsilon Sigma Omicron Division, Education Department, Chairman.
Cooper, Mrs. James, Goldthwaite, Art and Civic Club, Corresponding Secretary.
Cooper, Mary E. (Mrs. H.P.), Monahans.
Copeland, Mrs. Bob, Floydada, 1950 Study Club, President.
Copeland, James W., San Antonio, Attorney at Law.
Corbett, Ella M (Mrs. W.CC.), Houston, 4th District.
Corbett, Willa Wales, Riverton, WY. Mayor.
Cornelius, Joann, San Angelo.
Cosby, Mrs. Earl B., Tulia, Study Club Program Chairman.
Covington, R.L., Dallas, Club Wholesale Division.
Cowan, Mrs. Robert W., San Antonio.
Cox, Bertha (Mrs. R.E.), Fort Worth.
Cox, Mrs. E. H., Ft. Stockton.
Cox, Jack, Austin, State of Texas, House of Representatives, District 108.
Cox, Mrs. Jack R., Teague.
Cox, Mrs. Jim, Muleshoe.
Cox, Lil H.( Mrs. Sam), Mexia, Life Member.
Coyle, Anita (Mrs. E.W), San Antonio.
Craig, Billye (Mrs. M.J, Jr.), Brownfield, Council of International Clubs, Junior Club Extension, Chairman.
Crawford, Mrs. J.I., Cleveland.
Cree, Mrs. A.M., Odessa, Publicity Chairman.
Crenshaw, Charles S., Austin, Hollers, O ’Quinn & Crenshaw, Attorney.
Crews, Annie, (Mrs. J.M), Childress, 7th District, Treasurer.
Crews, Mrs. Jon, Raton, NM.
Crom, Millie (Mrs. Arthur), San Diego, CA, GFWC, Junior Clubs, Director.
Crone, Anita K, (Mrs, Douglas C), Corpus Christi, Junior Women’s Club, Member.
Cross, Patsy, Denton, Denton Record Chronicle.
Crossett, Mrs. E.N., Anthony, NM, New Mexico Federation of Women’s Clubs, Corresponding Secretary.
Culbertson, Mary Lou (Mrs. Olin), Austin.
Cunningham, Winnie (Mrs. J.C.), Fort Stockton, Life Member, Board of Trustees.
Currey, Mrs. Palmore, Mt. Pleasant.
Curvie, Pearl, Paint Rock, 6th District, President.
Curry, Mrs. A. Foy, Jr., Fort Worth, Community Achievement Contest, State Chairman; Recording Secretary.
Dabaghi, Beth, (Mrs. Abe), Huntsville, 4th District, Americanism Committee, Chairman.
Dangforth, Marion G (Mrs. William D), Fort Worth, Psychiatric Nursing Scholarship Committee.
Daniel, Price, Austin, United States Senate, Texas, Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs.
Daniel, Mrs. T.S., Trinidad, Trinidad Pioneer Club, Program Chairman.
Daughtry, Mrs. Horace, Quanah.
Davenport, Mrs. Wayne, Elgin, New Century Club, President.
Davidson, Mrs. F.E., Benjamin.
Davis, Edna (Mrs. Arthur), Washington DC, D.C.Federation of Women’s Clubs, President.
Davis Gail (Mrs. E. C)., Brownfield, Texas Heritage Departmemt, Folklore and Texas Writers Committee, Chairman.
Davis, I.W (Stormy), Austin, Southwestern Bell Telephone Company, District Manager.
Davis, Janet.
Davis, Mrs. J. Thomas, Stephenville.
Davis, Leita (Mrs. Chas.), Hughes Springs.
Davis, Mrs. Leroy P., Plainview, Plainview Delphian Club, Program Chairman; Chairman of the Year, Books Committee.
Davis, Mabel, Austin, Latin American Scholarship Committee, Chairman.
Davis, Nettie (Mrs. John R.), Weston, WV, GFWC Council of International Clubs, Projects and Programs Chairman; Veterans Division.
Davis, Rubye (Mrs. Frank E), Ennis, Community Affairs Division, Housing Division.
Dawson, Cleo, Lexington, KY, Psychologist, Speaker.
Delaney, W.S. (Bill), Fort Smith, AK, Orion Book Service, Owner.
Dean, Mrs. Clinton H, El Paso, Youth Cooperation under Union Club, Chairman.
Denney, Mrs. Lorene, Matador, Yearbooks.
Dennis, Mary Lou (Mrs. James R, Jr), Jacksboro, 1st District, Youth Cooperation Committee, Junior Department, Chairman.
Devoto, Donald J., Dallas, The Statler Hilton, Assistant Sales Manager.
Dial, Mamie, San Antonio, 5th District, The Council of International Relations, Latin American Fund, Chairman.
Dickerson, Amy, (Mrs. C.O.), Rosenberg.
Doelling, Laura, Clifton, NJ.
Donaho, Bessie (Mrs. M.O.), Alice, Music Lovers Club.
Donald, Clara (Mrs. Paul) Bowie, 1st District, Texas Heritage Department, Division of Old States and National, Sub-Chairman.
Donovan, Ruth G., Lincoln, NE, Speaker’s Service.
Doss, Mrs. M.S., Seminole, Indian Affairs Committee, Western Region, Districts 7 and 8, Chairman.
Douglas, Laura (Mrs. John O.), Houston, 4th District, Board of Trustees.
Douglas, Lois Smith, Waco, Baylor University, Department of English.
Dowdy, John, Athens, Congress of the United States, 7th District, Member of Congress.
Doyle, Bettie (Mrs. Jack), Brownwood, Regisration Committee, Member.
3.87 Draddy, Mrs. Robert E., New York, NY, The Golden Rule Foundation, American Mother’s Committee, Chairman.
Drago, R.L.Jr., Houston, American Surety Company of New York, Payroll Auditor.
Driver, Mrs. Warren G., Sudan.
Dugan, Howard F., New York, NY, Hotels Statler Company, Inc., Vice-President.
Dugan, Mrs. John, Teague, Tuesday Study Club, Secretary.
Dunlavey, Bess, Austin.
Eckhardt, Martha, (Mrs. William F), Wortham, 3rd District, President; Public Speaking Consultant.
Edgar, J.W., Austin, Texas Education Agency, Commissioner of Education.
Edwards, Haynie E., Fort Worth, Phillips, Trammel, Edwards & Shannon, Attorney.
Edwards, Mrs. M.M, Big Spring, 8th District, American Home Department, Consumer Division, Chairman.
Edwards, Mrs. W.K., Menard, Library Club, Chairman.
Eichler, Esther (Mrs. Hershell E), Jacksboro, District 12 ,W.M.U., Recording Secretary.
Elberson, Don, New York, NY, Care Development Corporation, Field Representative.
Eldridge, Marjorie (Mrs. I.F.), Kirbyville.
Elkins, Mrs. W.E., Ballinger.
Elliott, Elizabeth (Mrs. L.B.), Colorado City, Education Department, Public Education, Chairman.
Elliott, Evelyn (Mrs. Paul M, Jr.), Bishop.
Elliott, Mrs. John M., Wichita Falls, Women’s Forum.
Elliott, Mary Frances (Mrs. William R), Waxahachie, 2nd District, President.
Ellis, Mrs. J.E., Huaco, Huaco Study Club, President.
Elliott, Kathleen, (Mrs. Winfred T.), Houston, Lady’s Reading Club, President.
Ellison, Marie (Mrs. C.E.), Millican.
Emery, Frances, (Mrs. Herbert).
Emig, Peter, Houston.
England, Natalie (Mrs., Loy D.), Magnolia, AK,. Arkansas Federation of Women’s Club, President.
Evans, Audie Reynolds (Mrs. R.D.), Fort, Worth, Texas Heritage Department, Chairman.
Evans, Louis F., Dallas, Hotel Adolphus, Sales Representative.
Fain, Anna K, Livingston.
Fairchild ,Don, Austin, The University of Texas, Department of Romance Languages.
Farber, Mrs. Harry, Denton, Denton City Federation of Women’s Clubs, President.
Farmer, Louise (Mrs. Robert R., Jr.), West Columbia, 4th District, President.
Fenner, Nell, Austin, Austin American Statesman.
Field, Mattie (Mrs. Ty M.), Bronco, 7th District, Indian Affairs Chairman.
Fields, Florence, Haskell, Past TFWC president.
Fisher, O.C., Washington, DC, United States Congress, 21st District, Congressman.
Fisher, Mrs. W.F., Brownwood, Entrenous Club.
Fleming, John M., Dallas, The Dallas Times Herald.
Folweiller, A.D., College Station, Texas Forest Service, Director.
Forrester, Mrs. Delia (Mrs. W.L.), Snyder.
Foster, Ethel, Sterling City, Finance Committee, Secretary; Co-chairman-Program Committee; Council of International Relations, Past TFWC president.
Foster, Margaret, (Mrs. Robert Lee), Canyon.
Foster, Mrs. J.Q., Sterling City, International Affairs Committee, Junior Chairman.
Fowler, Margaret,( Mrs. William B.), Memphis, TN, GFWC Community Affairs Department, City Beautiful, Chairman.
Franco, Lucy Rede.
Franklin, Mrs. J.E., Grand Prairie, Grand Prairie Federation of Women’s Clubs, Treasurer.
French, Paul Comly, New York, NY, CARE, Executive Director.
Freundlich, Hertha Gree, New York, NY, Austrian Consulate General, Information Department, Executive Secretary.
Fulk, Mrs. Frank, Ft. Stockton, Ft. Stockton Literary Club, President.
Fuller, Jean Wood, Battle Creek, MI, Federal Civil Defense Administration, Women’s Activities, Director.
Fulton, Mrs. E.C., Delphian Club.
Gallagher, Eunice F (Mrs. Earl S.), Eastland, Civic League, Garden Club.
Galvin, Carrie, Washington, DC., GFWC.
Ganey, Madge M., Abilene.
Garcia, Mrs. Mary, Corpus Christi, Cervantes Study Club, President.
Gardner, Bertha ,( Mrs. Howard W.), Beaumont, The Woman’s Club, President; Eastern Regional Vice-President.
Garrett, Mrs. O.F., Ysleta, Corresponding Secretary.
Garrett, Johnnie (Mrs. Floyd), Dallas, DFWC President; Department of Communication, Radio and Television Division, Chairman.
Gary, Elizabeth, Self-Study Club.
Garman, Frances (Mrs. J.W.Jr), Pampa, State Board of Trustees.
Gay, Mrs. R.C., Santa Anna, 6th District, Musical Penny Fund, Chairman.
Gay, Ruth B. Washington, DC, GFWC Community Achievement Contest, Director.
Gibbons, Lotta, (Mrs. C.H.), Coweta, OK, Oklahoma State Federation of Women’s Clubs, Historian.
Gibson, G.G., College Station, Texas A & M College Station and United States Department of Agriculture Cooperating, Cooperative Extension Work in Agriculture and Home Economics, Director.
Gibson, Louise, Waxahachie, Program Chairman.
Gillette, Helen (Mrs. H.B), Houston, 4th District, Communications Department, Radio and Television Department; Federation Coordinator; Convention Coordinator.
Gillory, Mrs. David, Longview, Pan American Relations Committee, Chairman.
Gills, Mrs. L.V., Wink, 8th District, Housing Division.
Glass, Willie, Bryan.
Glore, N., Denver, CO., Cosmopolitan Hotel, Catering Secretary.
Goerz, Elinor, New York, NY, Cooperative for American Remittances to Europe, Inc. (CARE), Donor Division, Director.
Gooch, Ora, (Mrs. J.W.), Shamrock.
Graham, Mrs. D.R. Dallas.
Graham, Doyle, Galveston, Hotel Galvez and Villa, Manager.
Graham, Mabel (Mrs. Joe M.), Atlanta, International Club, Program Chairman.
Grant, Bettye, Whitney.
Gray, Mrs. L.C, Lytle, Medina Valley Women’s Club, President.
Granberry, C. Read, Austin, Texas Legislative Council, Executive Director.
3.88Green, Charles E., Austin, The Austin American Statesman, Executive Director.
Green, Mrs. E.E., Rosebud.
Greene, L.D. (Mrs. James H.), Port Lavaca, Women’ Study Club, Recording Secretary - Treasurer.
Greene, Mrs., William S., Clarendon.
Greer, Imogene (Mrs. Hilton R), Dallas, 2nd District, Nominating Committee, Member, Life Member.
Greer, Laura (Mrs. Sam R), Tyler, United Nations Specialized Agencies Division, International Affairs Department, Chairman; Past District President.
Griffis, Faye C., Weatherford, TFWC, Social Studies teacher.
Griffiths, Evelyn (Mrs. Harry), Austin, 5th District, Western Regional Vice-President.
Griffiths, Mrs. F.P., Weslaco, Fine Arts Club, Yearbook Committee, Chairman.
Grizzard, Mable Youree, Waxahachie, Independence Hall Project Committee, Americanism Department, Chairman: Historical Committee, Chairman.
Groebeeck, Blanche (Mrs. John N), El Paso, State Historian.
Guinn, John A, Denton, Texas State College for Women (TWU), President.
Guthrie, Mrs. Roy L., Memphis.
Haberlin, George R., Austin, Capital Printing Company, Inc., Secretary -Treasurer.
Hagaman, Emma (Mrs. M.H.), Ranger, Life Member; Advisor’s Committee.
Hainish, Henrietta, Vienna, Austria, National Council of Austrian Women’s Associations, President.
Hamilton, G.V., Austin, Howard. Cox & Company, Auditor.
Hamilton, Jack R., Galveston, Alert Advertising Agency.
Hamlett, Sara, (Mrs. Earl G.), Amarillo, The Methodist Church, State Federation, President.
Hammer Kathryn (Mrs. William C.), New York, NY, Celanese Corporation of America, Consumer Relations, Director.
Hammonds, Holly N, Dallas, The Wall Street Journal, Secretary.
Hampf, Cecile (Mrs. Emil), Pilot Point.
Hampton, Dixie, (Mrs. E.R.), Clyde, 6th District, Friendship Committee, Chairman.
Hampton, Zo Austin (Mrs. James), Smithville, Public Welfare Department, Chairman.
Haney, Marie, Sweetwater, County-City Library, Librarian.
Hankins, Sara (Mrs. Lowell), Rocksprings, Republican Vice-Chairman, Edwards County.
Hargrove, Willa, Acala, Hudspeth Valley Women’s Club, Chart Clerk.
Harpin, Mrs. Charles, Harlingen.
Harrah, Icey, Pampa.
Harrington, M.T., T., College Station, Texas A & M College System, Chancellor.
Harrison, Anne, (Mrs. H.T.), Llano, Woman’s Culture Club, President.
Hart, D.C., Austin, The Steck Company, Assistant Credit Manager.
Hart, Doris (Mrs. Tom), Jasper, Jasper Chamber of Commerce, Manager; 4th District, City Beautiful, Chairman.
Harvie, Catherine, El Paso, The Woman’s Club.
Harwell, Eunice (Ms. E.L.), Abilene.
Hasebrook, Margaret E. (Mrs. William H.), West Point, NY, GFWC Public Affairs Department, National Defense Chairman.
Hawkins, Eudora, Abilene, West Texas Utilities Company, Public Service Department; Conservation Department, Chairman.
Hawkinds,Lu (, Mrs. L.D.), Breckenridge, Government Studies Committee, Americanism Department.
Hay, S.J., Dallas, Great National Life Insurance Company, President.
Hayes, Mrs. N.G., Whitesboro.
Haynes, Mrs. Comer, Merkel, Yearbook Committee, Chairman.
Heberlein, Myrtle Hodges (Mrs. Carlton L.), Sweetwater, In Memoriam, Chairman.
Heflbower, Roy C., M.D., Houston, The University of Texas, M.D. Anderson Hospital for Cancer Research, Assistant Director.
Hefner, A.C., Forth Worth, Hotel Texas, Sales Manager.
Heironimus, Frank J., Austin, Structural and Reinforcing Steel, Superintendent.
Helloway, Zenechia, Pampa.
Helscher, Fern, Brackettville, Fort Clark Ranch Art Show.
Henderson, Olin, Borger, American Home Department, State Board Chairman.
Hendricks Flora (Mrs. John Stanley), Acala, 8th District President.
Henry, Frances (Mrs. Mark), Crowell, Life Member.
Hensley, Mattie Menard, (Mrs. William Nicholas), San Antonio, The Woman’s Club of San Antonio, President.
Herman, Ethel (Mrs. Henry), Winters.
Herring, Mrs. S.C., Jr., Abilene, Junior Clubs, Moral and Spiritual Values, Chairman.
Heslar, Pearl J. (Mrs. J.H.), Beaumont, 4th District, Member, Policy Committee; Housing, National Defence,Chairman.
Hickey, Margaret, Philadelphia, PA, Ladies’ Home Journal, Public Affairs Department, Editor.
Hicks, Imogene (Mrs. T.A), Wichita Falls, 4th District.
Hiett, Norris A., Austin, The University of Texas, Division of Extension, Associate Dean.
High, Ivy M, Long Beach, California Federation of Women’s Clubs, Chairman of California Doorkeepers.
Hill, George W., Austin, Texas State Historical Survey Committee, Texas Historical Foundation, Executive Director.
Hinchey, A.S., St.Louis, MO, St. Louis Button Company, Inc., Secretary.
Hiner, Adelaide Payne, Abilene.
Hobby, Oveta Culp, Washington, DC, Department of Health, Education and Welfare.
Hoblitzelle, Karl, Austin, Texas Heritage Foundation, Executive Board, Chairman.
Hodge, Veda (Mrs. J. Howard), Midland, GFWC, Public Affairs Department, Safety Committee, Chairman; Board of Trustees, Chairman, Past TFWC president.
Hodges, Betty (Mrs. James Allen), Littlefield, Communications Department, Press and Publicity Chairman.
Hogue, Ruby (Mrs.J.Kenneth), Dalhart, 7th District, Convention Publicity Chairman.
Hollar, Rosita H, Abilene, McMurry College, Librarian.
Hood, Sue (Mrs. M.B.), Plainview, Credentials Committee, Member.
Hooper, Lucille (Mrs. W.N)., Houston, International Affairs Department, International Hostesses Division, Chairman.
Hopkins, Elise (Mrs. Jack), Dallas, Treasury Department, U.S. Savings Bonds Division, State Women’s Advisory Committee, Chairman.
Horner, Jean, Denton, Communications Department, Junior Forum, Chairman.
Horrigan, Ruth, Austin, TFWC Executive Director (4 Folders).
3.89Horrigan, Ruth, Austin, TFWC Executive Director (X Folders).
3.90Horrigan, Ruth, Austin, TFWC Executive Director (X Folders).
3.91Horton, Gerry.
Horton, Lillian.
Houghton, Thelma (Mrs. David), Dallas.
House, Bernice (Mrs. A.J.), Yoakum, First Vice President.
Howe, Mrs. Thorndike, Waco.
Hubbard, Berta Lee (Mrs. R.M.), New Boston.
Hubbard, Mary Addie (Mrs. Jay), Port Lavaca, 5th District, Second Vice - President; Hospitality Committee, Member.
Hudspeth, Mary (Mrs. Claude B.), San Antonio.
Huey, Ethel,( Mrs. B.S.), Cisco, Convention Committee.
Huey, Ruth, Austin, Texas Education Agency, Home and Family Life Education, Director.
Huff. Lloyd D., Abilene, McMurry College, Department of English.
Huffines, Launa (Mrs. J.L. Jr.), Commerce, 3rd District.
Hufford, Mary, Denton, Texas State College For Women (TWU), Dean of Women.
Hughes, Lucy G., (Mrs. A.C), Commerce.
Hulsey, Mildred, Tulia, Future Teachers of America, Sponsor.
Humphrey, Mercy, (Mrs. Henry P.), Osgood, IN, Indiana Federation of Clubs, President.
Humphreys, Sue Hite (Mrs. John G.), Canyon.
Hunt, Patsy, (Mrs. O.O.), Atlanta, Athenaeum Club.
Merrill, Mrs. Stella, Washington, DC., Secretary to Frank Ikard, United States Congress, House of Representatives, 13th District.
Ingels, Albert A., Dallas, Adolphus Hotel, Sales Manager.
Irving, Mrs. F., New York, NY, Children’s Friendship Fund, Assistant Chairman.
Izzard, Helen (Mrs. Wesley), Amarillo.
Jackman Verna, (Mrs. Loy), Hillsboro, 2nd District, The Texas Clubwoman, Subscriptions; District President.
Jackson, Mrs. G.K., Waco, 4th District, Pan American Relations, Latin American Scholarship, Chairman.
Jackson, Maude, (Mrs. O.B.), Plainview.
Jackson, Mrs. Reuben, Dallas.
Jackson, Verlie (Mrs. Jeff D.), Lampasas, The Jackson Business College, Owner: Pierian Club, Member.
Jacobs, Sadie (Mrs. M.H.), Houston, City Federation of Women’s Clubs, President.
James, Mrs. Clide, Longview, Fine Arts Club.
James, Phil, Mineral Wells, The Baker Hotel, Food Manager.
Jacqua, Evelyn (Mrs. George W.).
Jarrett, Mrs. Leah, Dallas, The State Fair of Texas, Woman’s Department, Director.
Jay, Ethel M. (Mrs. G.A), El Paso.
Jeanes, Mrs. E. Paul, Comanche, Comanche Study Club, Treasurer.
Jefferis, Mary K. (Mrs. Clarence R), Tularosa, NM.
Jenkins, Margaret, (Mrs. R.W.), Houston, 4th District, Board of Directors; Life Member.
Jernigan, Mattie (Mrs. J.H., Jr.), Childress.
Johnson, Beatrice L (Mrs. Jed), New York, NY, The Golden Rule Foundation, American Mothers Committee, National Chairman.
Johnson, Mrs. Durwood, Levelland.
Johnson, Ethel (Mrs. Sam D.), Santa Fe, NM, Santa Fe Woman’s Club and Library Association, Board of Managers, Committee Chairman; Red Cross Board, Chairman; Country Cancer Unit, Chairman, Civilian Defense, State Director on Woman’s Affairs, Sorority Counselor- Santa Fe Chapters of Beta Sigma Phi.
Johnson, Mrs. Grover C, Wichita Falls, Club Institutes, Chairman.
Johnson, Mrs. J.R., Temple, 20th Century Club.
Johnson, Lyndon B. Washington, DC, United States Senate, Office of the Democratic Leader, Senator.
W.B. Johnson, Mrs., Crowell.
Jones, Mrs. C.C., Big Spring.
Jones, C.H., Jr., Livingston, Alabama - Coushatta Indian Reservation, Superintendent.
Jones, Mrs. C.J., Weinert, Weinert Matron’s Clubs, Acting President.
Jones, Mrs. Clair L., San Antonio, Public Affairs Department, Indian Projects, Central Region, Chairman.
Jones, Dorothy, Sudan, Tuesday Study Club, Recording Secretary.
Jones, Ina, San Angelo, San Angelo High School, Vocational Education Department, Home Economics Department.
Jones, Kathleen, Tulia.
Jones, Margie (Mrs. E.K ), Wellington, Welfare Department, Health Division, Chairman.
Jones, Odelia.
Jones, Oscar, (Mr. and Mrs.), parents of TFWC President Dudley.
Jones, Mrs. R. Q, Megargel.
Jones, Warren (Mrs. Charlie Culberson), Big Spring, Credentials Committee, Member.
Key, Frances.
Kay, Mrs. Harry P., 1st District, Chairman.
Keenan, Lola (Mrs. W.D.), Indianapolis, IN, GFWC Education Department, Epsilon Sigma Omicron, Chairman.
Keith, Desiree (Mrs. Harwood), Big Spring, 8th District, President.
Keller, Juanita (Mrs. Willis), San Antonio, 5th District, President; Friendship Day, Chairman.
Kelley, Mrs. Donald, Earth, XIT Study Club, Treasurer.
Kelly, Mrs. .Van C., Austin, Texas Fine Arts Association, Executive Secretary.
Kelly Zada, (Mrs. C.D), Groesbeck, Chairman of the Budget.
Kemmerer, W. W., Houston, Houston World’s Fair, Executive Director.
Kempf, Mrs. B.C., Fabens, Rio Valle Woman’s Club, Press Reporter.
Kendall, Mrs. G. D., Amarillo.
Kent, Kitty (Mrs. Leo R), Fort Worth, Department of Public Parks, Commissioners, Secretary; Penny Art, Chairman; Fort Worth Federation of Women’s Clubs, President.
Kerr, Robert S., Washington, DC, United States Senate, Committee on Finance, Oklahoma.
Keys, William E., Austin, The University of Texas, News and Information Service, Director.
Kienast, Margaret S., Washington, DC, United States Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Division of Information and Education, In, Charge, Women’s Activities.
Kieth, Mrs. H., Louise.
Kilday, Paul J., Washington, DC, Congress of the United States, House of Representatives, 20th District, Texas.
Kilgore, Joe M., Washington DC., "Congress of the United States", House of Representatives, 15th District, Texas.
Killian, L.W., Gonzales, Gonzales Warm Springs Foundation, Business Manager.
Killingsworth, Mrs.C.A, Paducah, Paducah Garden Club, Treasurer.
Kimrey, DeDe, (Mrs. W. E., Jr.), San Angelo, Family Councils Committee, Junior Department, Chairman.
Kinard, Mrs. Dewitt, Port Arthur, Port Arthur Department Club, Secretary.
Kinard, Lottie,( Mrs. D.L.C), Memphis, Central Region, Vice-President.
Kinard, Mary Lynne (Mrs. Knox), Pampa, Adult Education.
Kincaid, Mrs. Laurah, Wolfe City, Board of Trustees.
King, Mrs. Anthony E. Forney.
King, Mrs. J.B., Austin.
Kingsbury, Mayme, Dallas, National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis, The March of Dimes, Dallas County Chapter Women’s Division, Chairman.
Kinnaird, Anna Barbara (Mrs. D.L.)., Eastland, Thursday Afternoon Club, Corresponding Secretary.
Kinney, Helen T (Mrs. D.W. Randolph), Fort Worth.
Kirschoff, Mary (Mrs. John J.), Plainview, Americanism Department, Junior Division.
Klein, Mrs. Norbert J., Milwaukee, WI. , GFWC, International Affairs Department, Chairman.
Kliepera, Gladys Lee (Mrs. M.F.), Houston, President’s Highway Safety Traffic Conference, Member.
Kluge, Ruth, (Mrs. Henry), Austin, Fine Arts Division, Art Division, Chair.
Kveton, Beth N., Mrs. Pat H.), Dallas, Americanism Department, Forums (Town Hall Meetings), Chairman; State Board of Directors.
Lackland, Ray, Galveston, Galveston Chamber of Commerce, Convention and Tourist Department, Manager.
Lackner, Mrs. E. E., Houston, Delphian Club.
La Grange, Lenore (Mrs. Lester), Amherst, Yearbooks, Chairman.
Lambert, Glenda, San Angelo, Lake View High School, Tornado Relief Fund recipient.
Landiss, Georgia Belle (Mrs. Carl W), College Station, 4th District Convention Committee Chairman.
Lane, Bertha (Mrs. John E.Jr.), Kaufman, Convention Delegate, Clover Club.
Lanning, Norma (Mrs. J.A Sr.), La Pryor, 5th District.
Laskin, Mrs., Allen, Austin, The Hogg Foundation for Mental Hygiene, The University of Texas, Office of the Director, Secretary.
Lauderdale, Vennie H (Mrs. Henry), Mercedes, Home Crafts Division, Chairman.
Lawler, Mrs. Russell, Deport, Portfolio Club, Secretary.
Leach, Wm .O., Coleman, City of Coleman, Mayor.
Lee, Gladys.
Lehman Alma (Mrs. H.H), Weslaco.
Lennox, Bernice M, Denver, CO., GFWC Convention Committee, General Chairman.
Leonard, Louise, New York, NY.
Leonard, W.F., Jr., Dallas, The Southland Corporation, Director, Safety and Insurance; Oak Farms Dairy, Driver Education Department, Director.
Lewis, Jewell (Mrs. Henry)., Uvalde, 5th District, First Vice-President; Texas Heritage Department, Texas Brands, Chairman.
Lillard, Lillie V., Stephenville, 1st District, President; International Affairs Department, Chairman; Tarleton College.
Lindsay Mirium, (Mrs. Robert.), Mount Pleasant.
Lindsey, Jacqueline (Mrs. Robert R), Borger, Department of National Defense, Chairman; Character Education, Chairman.
Littlefield, Mrs. Eugene, Happy.
Livingston, Helen, New York, NY, Trans World Airlines, Director, Social Activities.
3.92Loebs, Ruth L (Mrs. Gilbert Frederick), Waterville, MN., GFWC Home Department, Chairman.
Logsdon, John M., Dallas, Hotels Statler Company, Inc., Sales Offic.
Long, Betty (Mrs. Bob), Austin, National Defense Department, Mobilization Division, Chairman; Credentials Committee, Member.
Longbotham, Mrs. J.G., Wortham, Wortham Study Club, President.
Luck, Mildred (Mrs. Earle), Austin, Cook Printing Company.
Magee, Jessie June (Mrs. Walter V)., Lakewood, OH, GFWC Community Affairs Department, Chairman; Youth Conservation Department, Chairman.
Monroy, A.S.Mike, Washington, DC., United States Senate, Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce, Oklahoma.
Mahler, Rena M.(Mrs. Theodor), Brackettville, New World Study Club, President.
Mahler, Edw. R.
Mahon, George, Washington, DC, Congress of the United States, House of Representatives, 19th District, Texas.
Mahood, Violeta (Mrs.), Stamford, Pierian Club, Chairman.
Majors, Mrs. Sam L, Sr., Colorado City.
Mallas, A., Austin.
Malloy, Mrs. Frank J., Orange, Revisions Committee, Chairman; Get-Out-The-Vote Committee, Chairman.
Mandigo, Pauline E., New York, NY, GFWC, Public Relations Director.
Manning, Mrs. David, Leonard.
Marshall, Bessie M., (Mrs. M.Frank), Hillsboro, Credentials Committee, Member.
Martin, Mrs. Doris Mullins, Loraine, 6th District, 1921 Study Club; Junior Music Club.
Martin, Grace M. Mrs., College Station, Executive Department, Division of Defense and Disaster Relief, State Coordinator of Women’s Activities.
Martin, Mrs. Scott H, San Angelo, Public Affairs Department, Legilative Division, Chairman.
Martin, Louise (Mrs.V.I.). Sherman, Communications Department, Junior Chairman.
Martin, Lucile, Mrs. E.L., Pierian Club.
Martin, Mildred (Mrs. Link), Longview, 3rd District, Club Institutes, Chairman.
Martin, Susie L (Mrs. Chester E), Atlanta, GA., GFWC Home Department, Honorary Consul for Guatemala.
Matthews, Erma (Mrs.), San Antonio, Parliamentarian.
Maupin, Vivian M., San Antonio, 5th District, The Ladies Auxiliary, Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States, Motor Transport Auxiliary, # 1533, Secretary.
May, Ana (Mrs. Eugene), Kingsville.
McAdams, Ina Mae (Mrs. Kelly), Austin, Outstanding Clubs Program Chairman; Texas Society United States Daughters of 1812, State President; Good Neighbor Commission: Promotion of Women Committee, Chairman.
McAlister, Caroline, Denton, Junior Page Editor, The Texas Clubwoman.
McAlpin, Janie, Seminole.
McArthur, Mrs. Bill, Snyder, Epsilon Alpha, Corresponding Secretary.
McClamroch, Nettie Mae (Mrs. R.S.), Beaumont, Liaison Officer, Alabama - Coushatta Indian Reservation.
McCloud, Mrs. Lloyd, Bryson, 1st District, President; Resolutions Committee, Member.
McConnell, Zeluea (Mrs. Earl), Galveston, Registration Committee, Member.
McCracken, Annie (Mrs. R. S). Marfa, 8th District, Board of Trustees.
McCracken, Vivian.
McCrum, Katherine,( Mrs. Douglas), Fort Scott, KS, Kansas Federation of Women’s Clubs, President.
McCulloch, Mrs. Ophelia, Fort Worth, TX, Penelope Club, President.
McCullough, Mrs. Rose, Austin, Belle Donna Civic, Charity and Social Club, President.
McDonald, M.L., State Committee for Community Improvement, Member.
McElroy, Mrs. S.I., Baird, American Home Department, American Antiques Division, Chairman.
McFarlin, Tammy, Dumas, Debettes, Corresponding Secretary.
McFaul, Mrs. W.G., Roscoe, Altruesa Club, Parliamentarian.
McGee, Fannie Gene.
McGee, Florence, Waxahachie, Waxahachie Daily Light, Society Editor.
McGill, William L., Austin, Executive Department, Division of Defense and Disaster Relief, State Coordinator.
McGinty, Montie (Mrs. O.M.), Spur, 7th District, President.
McGraw, Mrs. J.Raymond, Dallas.
Mcllhany, Mrs. M., Wheeler.
McKee, John, Dallas, Texas Citizen’s Committee on Public Schools Week, Chairman.
McKee, Ruby Clayton, Dallas, The Dallas Morning News.
McKendy, Mrs. N.J., Winnsboro, Fine Arts Club, Treasurer.
McKenna, Verna J., Harlingen, Harlingen Public Library, Librarian.
McKinney, Ava, Sherman.
McKnight, Felix R., Dallas, The Dallas Morning News, Managing Editor.
McLure, Dessie (Mrs., Chas. E.), Van Horn, Van Horn Woman’s Club.
McMillan, Mrs. Frank, Calvert, 4th District, 2nd Vice-President; Credentials Committee; State Board of Directors.
McNall, Ms. Maurine S., Waco, Home and Family Life, Consultant.
McNickle, D’Arcy, Denver, CO., American Indian Development, Denver Art Museum, Director.
McNatt, Ermyntrude, Bowie, The First National Bank of Bowie, Assistant Cashier.
McQuatters, Mrs. Roy, Anton, Old Forts and Missions, Chairman.
McVicker, Harriett (Mrs. Roy, Jr.), Denver, CO.
Meley, Helen (Mrs. Everett L., Jr) , Houston, 4th District, Psychiatric Nursing Scholarship Committee, Chairman.
Nell, Eugenia (Mrs. M.P.), Gilmer, The Woman’s Forum, President.
Meriweather, Mrs. L.L., Pleasanton.
Merrill, Pauline (Mrs. Roy Lee), Midland, 20th Century Study Club, President.
Merrill, Mrs. Ronald, Throckmorton, Americanism Club.
Merrill, Treesa (Mrs. Wm.O), Bloomfield Hills, MI, GFWC, Literature-Drama Division, Chairman.
Metany, Jesse P., Waco, Woman’s Club of Waco.
Metcalfe, H.O., Marfa, Attorney at Law.
Miller, H.B., Washington, DC, Planning Committee, Women’s Group-White House Conference on Highway Safety, Director.
Miller, Paula, New York, NY., Lane Bryant, Fashion Director.
Miller, Mrs. R.C., Orange Grove.
Miller Rose (Mrs. Raby), Cisco, Americanism Department, Historical Committee, Chairman.
Milligan, Mrs. Harold V., New York, NY. American Cancer Society, Inc., Volunteer Recruitment and Training, Director.
Mitchell, Dorothy D. (Mrs. Dan H), Mt. Pleasant, Junior Department, Chairman.
Mizen, Frederick, Waco, Artist.
3.93 Mock, Mrs. Raymond A., Amarillo, Amarillo Study Club, President.
Molina, Betty (Mrs. Osiris Limon).
Montgomery, Dorothy B., Ozona.
Montgomery, Pearl (Mrs. J.M.), Austin, Past President, 8th District.
Montgomery, Tuggie (Mrs. Lyle), Denton, Education Department, Chairman.
Moore, Bernice Milburn, Austin, The University of Texas, The Home and Family Life Education Service, The Hogg Foundation for Mental Hygiene, Consultant.
Moore, Mrs. Donald L, Midland, Modern Study Club, Press Book Chairman.
Moore, Ollie (Mrs. J.H.), Deport.
Moore, Veda (Mrs.), Fort Worth , 1st District, Historical Chairman; Pages and Ushers Committee; Hospitality Committee, Chairman.
Moorhead, Betty (Mrs. Paul), Austin, The University of Texas, The Hogg Foundation for Mental Hygiene, Administrative Secretary.
Moorhouse, Allie C.
Morgan, Mrs. Joe, Childress, Woman’s Department Club, Treasurer.
Morgan, Mrs. W.A., Harlingen, Contemporary Study Club.
Morris Mrs. E. H., Canadian.
Morris, Marilyn, Abilene, Monday Review Sub-Junior Club, President.
Morrison, Ms. Aubree, Wichita Falls, 20th Century Club, Secretary - Treasurer.
Moss, Mrs. L.D., Seagraves.
Moss, Mrs. Robert, Memphis, Women’s Culture Club, Program Chairman.
Mott, Bessie Q., Charlottsville, NY., GFWC Convention Committee, Exhibits and Sales, Chairman.
Muchmore, Lena (Mrs. E.C.), Dallas, 2nd District, Indian Affairs, Chairman; El Progresso Book Club, Member.
Mund, Gretchen (Mrs. Arthur J), Eldorado, Eldorado Woman’s Club, Secretary of Extension.
Mundy, Mrs., Shamrock, 7th District, President.
Murph, Gladys (Mrs. Clyde L), Wichita Falls, 20th Century Club, Treasurer.
Murrell, Helen, Eastland.
Musick, J.O., Austin, Texas Safety Association, General Manager.
Nabours, Mrs. Floye P., Batesville, Amity Study Club, Member.
Nash, Macun Moore (Mrs. Herschel), Weatherford, Resolutions Committee, Member.
Nash, Mrs. Betty W, San Antonio, Communications Department, Temporary Chairman.
Naylor, Pauline, Fort Worth.
Neal, Margie E, Carthage, Historical Records and Documents, Chairman.
Neas, Pearl A., Georgetown, Southwestern University, Registrar.
Neas, Sue (Mrs. Guy B), Odessa, 8th District, Board of Trustees; Convention Committee, President’s Aide.
Neff, J. Louis, Austin, American Cancer Society, Executive Director.
Nelson, Alice.
Nevins, Tommye (Mrs. James), Winters.
Newell, Dell, Wichita Falls, Progressive Study Club, Member.
Newsome, Vivian (Mrs. Ralph), Palacios, Athena Club, Yearbook Chairman.
Nicholas, Grace (Mrs. Stephen J), Washington, DC., GFWC, Administrative Assistant to the President.
Nimms, Audrey (Mrs. George), Marfa.
Oatman, Mrs. Duke, Corpus Christi.
Odeneal, Hazel (Mrs. W. Clyde), Dallas, 2nd District, Convention Program Chairman; Welfare Division, Department of Community Affairs, Chairman.
Oglesbee, Mrs. H.C., Waco, 4th District, President.
Oglesby Mrs. Ford, Mertzon, The ’48 Study Club, Vice-President.
Ohlendorf, George, Lockhart, First Alternate, National Conference on Community Improvement.
Oldham, Nell (Mrs., John C.), Lubbock, Club Ethics Committee, State Chairman; Lubbock Woman’s Forum, Member.
Oliver, Virginia (Mrs. Leonard E), Kansas City, MO., GFWC, Fine Arts Department, Art Division, Chairman.
O’Neal, Mrs. T.K., Pittsburg, Pittsburg Study Club, President.
Ozbirn, Mrs. E.Lee, Oklahoma City, Ok, DC., GFWC, 3rd Vice-President.
Palmer, Elizabeth, Boulder, CO, Colorado Federation of Women’s Clubs, President.
Palmer, Hazel (Mrs. J), Mt. Pleasant, Fine Arts Club, Member.
Parker, Ernestine, Dallas, Tracy-Locke Company, Inc., Director of Media.
Parker, Maria (Mrs. R.W.), Kemp, Woman’s Wednesday Club, Corresponding Secretary.
Parks, Laura Lane (Mrs. Luther L.), International Affairs Department, Junior Chairman.
Pasamore, Mrs. B. H., San Antonio, 5th District, City Federation of Women’s Clubs, President.
Patman, Wright, Washington, DC., Congress of the United States, House of Representatives, 1st District, Texas.
Patrick, Mrs. Cecil, Bishop.
Paul Mary Brown (Mrs. Bard W.), Dallas, Dallas Federation of Women’s Clubs, President.
Payne, Bill (Mrs. Russell R.), Ft. Stockton, 8th District, Program Committee, Chairman.
Pearson, Mrs. Houston, Lubbock, State Board of Directors, Education Department, Chairman.
Pearson, Helen (Mrs. R.O.), New York, NY, The National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis, Inc., Texas State Advisor on Women’s Activities.
Peck, Max, New York, NY, Hotels Statler Company, Inc., Sales Manager.
Pedersen, Lurlie (Mrs.Arne), Port Arthur, 4th District, Community Affairs Department, Division of City Beautiful, Chairman.
Pedigo, Mary (Mrs. Clyde), Hull.
Perkins, Emily Eleanor (Mrs. Joseph M.), Eastland, GFWC, Education Department, Chairman; Public Education (Guidance), Chairman; President, Past President’s Club.
Perry, Ione (Mrs. John), Sweetwater, Americanism Department, Get-Out-The-Vote Committee, Past TFWC President.
Perry, Julia, (Mrs. E.M.), Plainview, As You Like It Club, President.
Peters, John L., Washington DC, World Neighbors, Executive Director.
Peters, Lecca (Mrs. H.N.), Waxahachie, Life Member.
Pettit, Mrs. D.B., Ozona.
Phillips, Clevy, San Antonio, Permanent Convention Committee, Timekeeper.
Phillips, Pearle L. (Mrs. H.L.).
Picras, Sadie (Mrs. George N), Pecos, International Affairs Department, U.S.O. Scrapbooks Committee, Chairman.
Pickle, J.J., Austin, Price Daniel for Governor Campaign Manager.
Pickus, Mrs. Lois, Lomita, 6th District.
Pierce, Marianna, R.N., Galveston, Texas State College for Women (TWU), Student, Parkland School of Nursing, Public Health Coordinator program.
Pippin, Rose (Mrs. Duard B), Waco, 4th District, Program Chairman; Board of Directors, Public Education, Chairman.
Pittard, Elva Mae, Woman’s Club, Program Committee, Chairman.
Platzer, Mrs. Ralph S., Phillips.
Poage, W.R., Washington, DC, Congress of the United States, House of Representatives, 11th District, Texas.
Pool, Mrs. Mickey, Dumas.
Pool, Wynne, Presidio, Presidio Valley Woman’s Club.
Pope, Mrs. Bowen, Hamlin.
Porter, Mrs. C.M., Mathis.
Potter, Mrs. W. R., Bowie, Past TFWC President, Life Member, Historian Emeritus.
Powell, John, Austin, Hotel Stephen F. Austin, Manager.
Price, Mrs. H.E., Greenville, The Woman’s Review Club, President.
Price, Pearl (Mrs. Leon S.), Dallas, Texas Congress of Parents and Teachers, President.
Proctor, Bernice, Austin.
Prospat, Mrs. Paul, Presidio, Presidio Valley Woman’s Club, President.
Provine, Browne N. (Mrs. Joe Finley, Sr.), Fabens, Rio Valle Woman’s Club.
Provine, Mrs. O.T., Wolfe City, Fine Arts Department, Penny Art Division, Chairman.
Puchett, Mrs.Jenny, Fort Stockton, Magnolia Club, Program Chairman.
Pulley, Ozella, Gorman, Woman’s Study Club, Yearbook Chairman.
Putriam, Ada M. (Mrs. A.L.), Plainview.
3.94 Quinby, Mrs. J. Roy, Chillicothe.
Ragland, Ela B (Mrs. Carl), Sweetwater.
Rand, Mrs. H.N., Jr., El Paso, Junior Woman’s Club, Treasurer.
Randel, Jo Stewart (Mrs. Ralph E.), Panhandle, Program Chairman.
Raper, R.S., McKinney, The American Legion, Jimmie Geigas Post 96, Commander.
Randolph, Eleanor, San Benito, 5th District.
Ravel, Gene P., Austin, Alamo Products Company.
Ray, Ed, San Antonio, Express Publishing Company, Executive Editor.
Rayburn, Sam, Washington, DC., U.S. House of Representatives, 4th District, Texas.
Rasor, Frank W., U.S.Forest Service, Forest Supervisor.
Read, Mrs. Dorsey, Ballinger, Runnels County Carnegie Library, Board President.
Read, Florence, Big Spring, 1905 Hyperion Club, Corresponding Secretary.
Reece, Anita B (Mrs. Wade W.), Chicago, Il, Illinois Federation of Women’s Clubs, President.
Reid, Mrs. J.J., Bay City, Matagorda County Federation of Women’s Clubs, Bay City Art Guild, Secretary -Treasurer.
Reilly Florence H (Mrs. D.R.), San Angelo, Victory Study Club, President.
Rembolt, Mrs. E.K., Gackle, N.D, North Dakota Federation of Women’s Clubs, Executive Committee, President.
Rennick, Mrs. Sam, El Paso, Woman’s City Government Club.
Rennie, Irma W., Kansas City, MO., GFWC, Convention Committee, Chairman.
Reuter, Richard W., New York, NY, Cooperative for American Remittances to Everywhere, Inc.(CARE), Deputy Executive Director.
Richards, Mrs. Dan, Paducah, Paducah Garden Club, Corresponding Secretary.
Richards, Eleanor (Mrs. L.K.), Waco, League of Women Voters of Texas, President.
Richards, Mrs. T.J., Paducah, 7th District, Fine Arts Division, Musical Penny Fund, Chairman.
Rigby, Mrs. John H., Burkburnett, University Study Club.
Ripley, Katie R. (Mrs. George), Dallas.
Rippy, Edwin, L., M.D., Austin, Texas Conference on Education, Steering Committee, Chairman.
Rivera, Mrs. A.B., Hillsboro, 2nd District, Hospitality Committee, Chairman.
Roberson, Mrs. O.H., Sherman, College Hill Travel Club, Yearbook Committee, Chairman.
Roberts, L.C., Dallas, Lone Star Gas Company, Advertising Director.
Roberts, Irena (Mrs. Sherman).
Robertson, Mattie Lee (Mrs. R.C.), Waco, The Sesame Study Club.
Robin, Mort, Dallas, Lone Star Wholesalers Incorporated, Sales Promotion Manager.
Robinson, Mrs. P.T., Ozona.
Rodgers, Edna Cristler (Mrs. J. Woodall), Dallas, The State Fair of Texas, Woman of the Year Award, Chairman.
Rogers, Maye G. (Mrs. Lee), Freer, 5th District, Second Vice-President.
Rogers, Myrtle (Mrs. T.G.), Decatur, Rogers Hospital, Superintendent.
Rogers, Walter, Washington, DC., Congress of the United States, House of Representatives, 18th District, Texas.
Ross, Bob, Willis, IFYE to Austria, 1954.
Rountree, A.L. (Mrs. Carl), Lamesa.
Rowe, Willlie Reed (Mrs. Henry Hilliard), Fort Stockton, Comanche Springs Chapter, Regent.
Rowntree, Lou (Mrs. Roy), Houston, Austrian Aid Program.
Rubotton, Eleanor, Brownwood.
Rudolph, Mrs. J.C., Bryson, Library Chairman.
Rudolph, Willette (Mrs. Romney), Waxahachie, Shakespeare Club, Chairman.
Rudy, Elizabeth (Mrs. O.G), Monahans.
Russell, Charles B, Dallas, Charles B.Russell & Associates, Inc., D.D. Feldman Collection of Contemporary Texas Art.
Russell, Mrs. J., Turkey.
Rutherford, J.T., Washington, DC, Congress of the United States, House of Representatives, 16th District, Texas.
Ryan, Mrs. Katherine, San Antonio, Americanization Day Program, Chairman.
Sadler, Christine, Washington, DC, McCall’s, Washington Bureau, Director.
Sanford, Mrs. Farley P., El Campo, 4th District, Fine Arts Chairman: State Gerontology Chairman.
Sauer, Miss Else, Brackettville.
Saxon, Mary (Mrs. Kenneth W.), Las Vegas, NV, Nevada Federation of Women’s Clubs, Courtesy Chairman.
Schieble, R.C., Beaumont, City of Beaumont, Conventions Committee, Chairman.
Schifer, E., Houston, Roberdeau Insurance Agency, Insurance Agent.
Schober, Becky (Mrs. Carl F.)., San Antonio.
Schons, D.
Schwarz, Mrs. George, Mercedes, Woman’s Study Club.
Scott, Mrs. Cecil, Slaton, Daughters of Pioneer Study Club, Chairman.
Scott, Florence Johnson, Rio Grande City, Woman’s Club of Rio Grande City.
Scott, Mrs. Frank, Amarillo, Amarillo Study Club, Treasurer.
Seay, Ana (Mrs. B.F.), Andrews,. Community Affairs Department, Health and Welfare Division, Chairman.
Seay, Mabel (Mrs. Sam L), Amarillo, Fine Arts Department, Musical Penny Committee, Chairman.
Seligman, Louise (Mrs. Morris), Edna, Eleanor Brackenridge Literary Club, President.
Sensabugh, L.F., Dallas, The National Conference of Christians and Jews, Inc., Southwestern Division, Program Director.
Serio, Pearl (Mrs. Sam), Galveston.
Shaddox, Mrs. R.H., Corpus Christi, Coterie Club, Member.
Shaper, Celeste (Mrs. Henry Francis, Sr.), San Antonio, Resolutions Committee, Member.
Shaw, Barbara E., Roslindale, MA, GFWC Junior Clubs, Director.
Shaw, Mrs. Guy, Abilene, Junior Americanism Committee, Chairman.
Sheehan, Valerie, Dallas, Student, Southwestern Medical School.
Sheets, Mrs. Esther J., Waco, Baylor University Library, Serials Librarian.
Sheubert, Mrs. Victor, Dalhart, Contemporary Study Club, Vice-President.
Shivers, Allan, Austin, Governor of Texas.
Shoemaker, Rebecca (Mrs. Hart), Abilene, 6th District, President.
Short, W.W., Davis OK, National Congress of American Indians, President.
Shouse, Mrs. Andy, Merkel, 6th District, The Fortnightly Study Club, President.
Simmons, Etta (Mrs. B.W.), Mexia, Friday Club.
Simmons, Nanine (2 Folders), Mexia, Public Affairs Committee Chairman; Convention Program Chairman.
Sims, Mrs. G.M., Port Arthur, Communication Department, Chairman.
3.95Slack, Mrs. Clay, Presidio, 8th District, Latin American Scholarship Fund, Chairman.
Sleicher, Mrs. Myra P., Washington, DC, GFWC, Program and Research Office.
Slocomb, Mrs. Roy E., Atlanta.
Smith, Allen, Jr., Sherman, Wedding Photography by Allen, Photographer.
Smith, Bessie (Mrs.E.N.), Marshall, Leadership Development, Chairman; Convention Program Chairman.
Smith, Betty (Mrs. T.J.), Midland, Modern Study Club, Member; Past President.
Smith, Blake, Dr., Austin, University Baptist Church.
Smith, Mrs. Jack, Rankin, 8th District, The Rankin Study Club.
Smith, Mrs. Ray, Llano.
Smith, Robert J., Dallas, The National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis, Inc., The March of Dimes, State Chairman.
Smith, Mrs. Sam J., Austin, Board of Trustees, Chairman.
Smith, William A., Reverend, Livingston, Indian Presbyterian Church, Pastor.
Sockwell, Mrs. J.G., Greenville, Monday Review Club, Treasurer.
Spangler, Mrs. A.J., Stephenville, 1st District, Eunice Buchanan Scholarship Fund, Chairman.
Sparks, Dorothy Nell, Austin, People’s Business College, Student.
Sparks, Mrs. Walter, Groesbeck 3rd District, Old Forts and Missions, Chairman.
Sporberg, Constance A (Mrs. William Dick), New York, N,Y, New York State Federation of Women’s Clubs, Board of Trustees.
Stark, Paul C, St.Louis, MO, The National Council for Community Development, President.
Starkweather, Effie (Mrs. E.R.), St.Paul.MN, GFWC Water and Soil Division, Chairman.
Steakley, Mrs. H. June, Colorado City, The 1949 Study Club, Corresponding Secretary.
Steed, Tom, Shawnee, OK., Congress of the United States, House of Representatives, 4th District, Oklahoma.
Steele, Mrs. Andrew L, Pampa, 7th District, Twentieth Century Forum, Program Chairman.
Stephens, Gene, Abilene, A.B. Barrow Furniture Co., Accountant.
Stevenson, Marguerite (Mrs. Cole R), Junction, Landmarks and Dwellings Committee, Texas Heritage Department, Chairman.
Stewart, Mary Belle (Mrs. Carl L), Shreveport, LA, Louisiana Federation of Women’s Clubs, President.
Stewart, Maryvenice E., Austin, The University of Texas, The Board of Regents, Secretary.
Stewart, Rita (Mrs. C.Aubrey), Austin, Texas Safety Association, Inc., Safety Chairman.
Stone, Elise (Mrs. E.J.), Sudan, Transportation, Chairman;1935 Study Club, Member.
Stone, Mrs. Foy, Olton, The Olton Study Club.
Stone, Stanton, Austin, The State of Texas, House of Representative, District 23, Freeport.
Strad, Denney, Houston, Playwright, Poet.
Strauss, Oscar S, II, New York, NY, Theodore Roosevelt Association, President.
Streetman, Louthene, Fort Worth, 6th District, International Affairs, International Understanding Division, Chairman.
Strickland, Mrs. Chester, Denton.
Denton, Newark, NJ, Around-The-World Shoppers Club.
Stubbs, Modene (Mrs. Van Hook), Wortham, TFWC, President, 1951-1953; Mental Health Division, Welfare Department, Chairman (Dudley Administration, 1953-1955).
Sturm, Josephine A, Austin, Texas State Teacher’s Association, Public Relations Division, Secretary.
Sullivan, Ruth Delmar, Corpus Christi, Chamber of Commerce, Texas Women of Distinction Day, Chairman.
Sumner, Miss F.L., Austin, Civilian Personnel Office, Employee Utilization Officer.
Summers, Mrs. George W, Jr., El Campo, Sesame Club, Program Chairman.
Sutherland, Robert L., Austin, The Hogg Foundation for Mental Hygiene, Office of the Director.
Suthers, Marie H (Mrs. W. Glenn), Chicago, IL, GFWC, Parliamentarian.
Swart, Mrs. W.C., Christoval, El Concho Study Club, President.
Tankersley, Mrs. Max, Mertzon.
Tapper, Ruby P (Mrs., B.W.), El Paso.
Tate, Robert S., Jr., Austin, Texas Social Welfare Association, President.
Taylor, Bertha, Wichita Falls, Dundee Study Club, Secretary.
Taylor, Ethel (Mrs. Volney), San Antonio, Past TFWC President.
Taylor, Helen, McAllen, Valley Evening Monitor, Women’s Editor.
Taylor, Mrs. Herman, Jr., Port Arthur, 4th District.
Taylor, Mary McGinn, Washington, DC, GFWC Clubwoman, Editor.
Teague, Dawn, San Angelo, Tornado Clothing Drive Recipient.
Teague, Olin E., Washington, DC., Congress of the United States, House of Representatives, 6th District, Texas.
Terrell, C.V., Austin, Texas Heritage Foundation, President.
Terry, Emalita, College Station, Art Show exhibitor.
Terry, Gladys, Sudan, Credentials Committee, Member.
Terry, Linda, De Leon, 3rd District, President.
Thomas, Albert, Washington, DC., Congress of the United States, House of Representatives, 8th District, Texas.
Thomas, Mrs. F.N., Colorado City.
Thompson, Clark, W., Washington, DC., Congress of the United States, House of Representatives, 9th District, Texas.
Thompson, Mrs. E.P., Crane, Crane Study Club, President.
Thompson, Imogene, Austin, The University of Texas, Package Loan Library Bureau.
Thompson, Mrs. Raymond, Vega.
Waldron, Bob, Washington, DC., Congress of the United States, House of Representatives, 10th District, Texas.
Tipps.Mrs. Thos.V, Carrollton, Carrollton Woman’s Study Club, President.
Tolleson, Mrs. H.R., Henderson, 3rd District, The Wednesday Study Club, Joinerville; Yearbook Chairman, Henderson.
Torbert, Mrs. H.G., Vienna, Austria, Children’s Friendship Fund, Chairman.
Trammell, Mrs. Troy, Denver City.
Traweek, Irene, Abilene.
Trenfield, Mrs. Paul, Higgins.
Tribble, Mrs. G.O., Greenville.
Trussell, Alice (Mrs. Marshall W)., San Saba.
Triplett, Mrs. Fred, Hillsboro, Monday Review Jr. Club, President.
Tubbs, Mrs. W.M., El Paso, Young Matrons Auxiliary, President.
Tully, Grace G., Washington, DC., United States Senate, Office of the Democratic Leader, Executive Secretary to Lyndon B. Johnson, Texas.
Turnbladh, Will C., New York, NY, National Probation and Parole Association, Executive Director.
Turner, Joe W., Big Spring.
Turner, Mrs. E.H., Pagosa Springs, CO., Colorado Federation of Women’s Clubs, Minnie L. Harding Educational Loan Fund Committee, Chairman.
Turner, Mary E (Mrs. James D.), GFWC, New Mexico Federation of Women’s Clubs.
Turpin, Katy and John, Denver, CO., Souvenir spoon collectors.
Tyson, Mrs. R. B., Higgins.
Underwood, Fred R., Dallas, D.C. Heath and Company, Manager.
Urschel, Mrs. J.E., Mexia, Woman’s Friday Club.
Urschel, Reuby Lee, Mexia.
Utterback, Glee (Mrs. A.P.) Brackettville, 5th District, The New World Study Club.
Van Oosterhout, Ethel (Mrs. Martin), Orange City, IA., GFWC Welfare Division, Chairman.
Vaughn, Stevie, City Federation of Women’s Clubs, Corresponding Secretary.
Vernon, Mrs. Hope J., Cotulla, Program Chairman.
Von Bronneck, Rennee, Amarillo, Lecturer on Austrian Culture, Costumes and People.
3.96Wade, Mrs. Mary D., Austin, The University of Texas, Program Consultant for Women’s Clubs.
Wagner, Katheine R.(Mrs. Lawson L), Corpus Christi, 5th District, President.
Wagoner, E.R., Lufkin, Texas Forestry Association, Executive Secretary.
Waid, Mrs. W.O., Tyler, State Board Of Directors, United Nations and Specialized Agencies, International Affair, Chairman.
Wakefield, Lois, Austin, Texas State Historical Survey Committee, Member.
Walcutt, W.C., Austin, W.C.Walcutt and Associates, Owner.
Walker, J.Dave, Corsicana, Collin Street Bakery, Vice President.
Walker, Jimmie, Austin, Committee on Civic, Professional, and Patriotic Organizations Influence Local School Districts, Member.
Walker, Lucille (Mrs. J.W.), Plainview, GFWC, Economic Security, Chairman; Past President; Life Member; The Texas Clubwoman, Editor.
Walker, Sally, Stamford. Great American Reserve Insurance Company.
Wallace, Travis T, Dallas,
Walker, Mrs. W.L., Tulia, Progressive Study Club, Chairman.
Walkup,. Mrs. B.L., Mexia, Woman’s Friday Club.
Wallace, Mrs. Emma F., Marfa, Hotel Paisano, Owner.
Wallace, Lurline (Mrs. P.E.), Mt Pleasant, 3rd District, The Culture Club, Secretary.
Wallace, Madge N, Bryan, The Scribe Shop.
Wallace, Mrs. Roger, San Angelo, 6th District, Know Your America Week, Chairman.
Ward, Mrs. W.L., Baytown, The Women’s Club, Treasurer.
Ward Lady ( Mrs. W.W)., Beaumont, Resolutions Committee, Member.
Ward, Marie B., Aspermont, Aspermont,.
Wardlaw, Mrs. A.L., Fort Worth, 1st District, Board of Trustees, Policy Resolutions Committee.
Waters, Monette (Mrs. Wilfred), Dallas, 2nd District, Membership Chairman.
Watson, Doris (Mrs. Hubert L.), Stamford, st District.
Watson, Mrs. G. H., Wichita Falls, Junior Travel Club, Treasurer.
Watts, Mrs. W. R., Galena Park.
Weber, A. Louise, Rising Star.
Webster, Jake, Galveston, The National Hotel Company, Director, Sales and Conventions.
Weeks, Julien D., Gift recipient, Texas Conference on Education Steering Committee.
Weinert, Willie Mae (Mrs. Max), Sequin, Seguin Conservation Society; Arts and Crafts of Early Texas, Chairman.
Weismann, Donald L., Austin, The University of Texas, College of Fine Arts, Department of Art.
Weitzel, M.K., Austin, Texas Water Resources Committee, Administr.
Welder, Mrs., Victoria.
West, Mae S (Mrs. T.M.), San Antonio, Board of Directors, 2nd Vice-President; International Affairs Committee, Letter Writing Committee.
West, Wanda, Winters, 3rd District, Future Homemakers of America, Vice-President.
Westmoreland, Eva (Mrs. Stace), Huntsville, Huntsville Woman’s Forum, President.
Westmoreland, Miss Ilene, Mexia, 3rd District, President; Americanism Department, Government Studies Committee, Chairman.
Whatley, Jess, Austin, The Driskill Hotel, Manager.
Wheat, James E., Austin, Texas State Historical Survey Committee, Texas Historical Foundation, President.
Wheat, Ruby (Mrs. J.E.), Woodville.
Wheatley, Edith M (Mrs. Robert), Haskell, 1st District, Americanism Division, Chairman.
Wherry, Mrs. Gerald L., Sunray, Past President, Twentieth Century Study Club, Dumas.
Whistler, Mrs., F.C., Levelland, 1926 Study Club.
White, Irene (Mrs. Frank), Tornado Clothing Committee, Treasurer.
White, Mrs. James M., Canyon.
White, Mrs. Lewis H., Borger, Conamour Club.
White, Stella C (Mrs. Carl), Port Arthur, Texas Heritage Department, Old Forts and Missions Committee, Chairman.
White, Mrs. Wilson, Morgan, Woman’s Literary Club.
White Eagle, Chief, Livingston, First Texas Indian Baptist Church, founder and pastor.
Whitehurst, Sara A (Mrs. John L), Washington, DC., GFWC Americanism Department, Chairman; Council of International Clubs, Chairman.
Wichers, Willard C., Holland, MI., The Netherlands Information Service, Director, Midwestern Division.
Wier, Mrs., Frank F., Brownfield, Maids and Matrons Study Club, Program Chairman.
Wilcox, Mary (Mrs. Rufus C), Houston, City Federation of Women’s Clubs, Program Chairman; Club Reports, Chairman.
Wilks, Nettie Ruth, Corpus Christi, Robert Driscoll and Julia Driscoll and Robert Driscoll, Jr. Foundation, Secretary.
Williams, Mrs., Hollis, Cooper, Jr. Afflatro Club, Program Chairman.
Williams, Leah (Mrs. Robert E.), McKinney, Edelweiss Club, President.
Williamson, Winnie (Mrs. Zack A.), Beaumont, The Woman’s Club, President; First Vice-President; Get-Out-The-Vote Committee, Member.
Wilson, Evie (Mrs. E.M.), Hamlin, Business and Professional Women’s Club of Hamlin, Program Chairman.
Wilson, Frances V (Mrs. John M.)., Orange, Permanent Convention Committee, in charge of Exhibits and Sales.
Wilson, Gertrude S. (Mrs. A. Randolph), Waco, Texas Garden Clubs, Inc., President.
Wilson, Hazel, McKinney, Avant Club, Treasurer.
Wilson, Nell Dean (Mrs. Burhl Wheeler), Weatherford, 20th Century Club.
Winston, Eula M.., Weatherford.
Winston, Marie, Cisco.
Winston, Pompei (Mrs. Arney), Mt. Pleasant, Culture Club, President; Credentials Committee, Member.
Witting, Betty (Mrs. Gus A., Jr.), Junction, Daedalian Study Club, President.
Wolff, Max, New York, NY, Columbia University, Teacher’s College, Institute of Adult Education, Research Associate, Community Consultant.
Wolford, Roy A., M.D., Washington, DC., Veteran’s Administration, Acting Chief Medical Director.
Woodard, Mrs. Tommy W., Dallas, Psychiatric Nursing Scholarship, Chairman.
Wooten, Carolyn W.
Worthington, Mrs. Thomas, Seminole.
Wright, Christine (Mrs. Homer), Forth Worth, Public Affairs Department, Indian Projects, Eastern Region, Chairman.
Wright, Jim, Washington, DC., Congress of the United States, House of Representatives, 12th District, Texas.
Wroe, Mrs. O.M., Groesbeck.
Wyatt, Mrs. E.R., Pleasanton.
Wynne, Mrs. T.R., Palmer, 2nd District, Therapy Scholarship Club, Chairman.
Yandell, Mrs. Fred, Brownfield, Delphian Study Club, President.
Yarbro, Jannie (Mrs. Eli), Commerce.
Yarbrough, C.L., Snyder, Snyder Public Schools, Superintendent; Natinal Commission for Safety Education for NEA, Member.
Young, Ruth.
3.97 Replies to Convention Invitations (1955), No signature.

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