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Water Resources Center:

An Inventory of Its Records, 1883-2003, at the Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library

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Creator Texas Tech University. Water Resources Center
Title: Water Resources Center Records,
Dates: 1883-2003
Abstract: The collection, dated from 1883-2003, contains administrative and research files of the Water Resources Center at Texas Tech University.
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Quantity: 3 Boxes and 1 Oversized Folder (4.0 linear feet)
Language English.
Repository: Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library, Texas Tech University

Biographical Sketch

Established in 1965 by the Board of Regents, the Water Resources Center (WRC) researches water issues on the state, national and international level, and in particular water concerns of the Texas High Plains. The WRC is housed in the Civil Engineering building and its researchers are comprised of Civil and Environmental Engineering faculty.

"The operating philosophy of the WRC is that the highest priority for research activities should be accorded to concerns inherent in ensuring the High Plains region has water supplies that are adequate in quantity and quality to meet the region's needs. Thus, three objectives have been identifies: 1)Augmentation- increasing the supply of available water; 2) Conservation- reducing demands by increasing the efficiency of water use; and 3) Protection- preventing the pollution of existing supplies. Education and the WRC go hand-in-hand."

More information on the WRC can be found at

Scope and Content

The collection deals with water related subjects, primarily related to the environment and the Pantex Plant, outside of Amarillo, Texas.



The materials are arranged into alphabetical order.


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Subjects (Persons)
Claborn, B. J.
Mollhagen, Tony R.
Rainwater, Ken
Ramsey, R. H.
Urban, Lloyd V.
Subjects (Organizations)
High Plains Underground Water Conservation Agency
Texas Department of Water Resources
Texas Water Quality Board
Texas Tech University. College of Engineering
Texas Tech University. Water Resources Center
Subjects (Places)
Lubbock (Tex.)
Pantex Plant (Amarillo, Tex.)
Water resources development--Texas

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Water Resources Center Records, 1896-2001

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Water Resources Center, 1883-2003, Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas


Gift, 2004

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Justin McDonald, Sameera Muthya, and Brenda L. Haes, 2004

Collection Inventory



box folder
1 1 Amarillo National Resource Center for Plutonium, 1996-1997
2 Amarillo National Resource Center for Plutonium Proposal Guidelines for Fiscal Year 1998, 1997
3 Amarillo National Resource Center for Plutonium Quarterly Reports, 1996 and undated
4 Biodegradation of High Explosives, 1993-1996 and undated
5 Bioremediation Cartoons, 1993 and undated
6 Bioslurry Demonstration Visitor’s Day, 1997
7 Boom Book: Everything We Need to Know About High Explosives, vol. 1, 1995-1997 and undated
8 Brochures, 1995
9 Clear Lake Watershed Waste Treatment Management Agencies Population Study, 1983
10 Correspondence, 1964-1965
11 Correspondence: Battelle Pantex Plant, 1988-1996 and undated
12 Correspondence: Hicks-Ray Associates, 2001
13 Correspondence: Sixth Annual Symposium on Emerging Technologies in Hazardous Waste Management, 1994-1996
14 Disc: Water Stats Survey, 1996
15 Environmental Management and Compliance, Inc., 1996 and undated
16 Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Method 8330, undated
17 Environmental Restoration at the Pantex Plant, 1996
18 Environmental Study of Lake Houston-Phase II, 1983
19 Facilities Plan Guidelines, 1980
20 Film Reel: NAWAPA, undated
21 Ground-Water Remediation Technologies Analysis Center (GWRTAC), 1996
22 Guidelines for Preparation of Fiscal Year 1998 Proposals, 1997
23 Hazardous Waste Products and Services, 1993
24 High Explosives: Current Quarterly Reports/Deliverables, 1995-1996 and undated
25 High Explosives: Quarterly Reports, 1994-1996
26 High Explosives: Work plans, Proposals, and Deliverables, 1996
27 High Explosives Analyses (PAUL), 1996
28 High Plains Underground Water Conservation, 1961-1963
29 High Plains Underground Water Conservation, 1962-1963
30 High Plains Underground Water Conservation, 1963-1964
31 Hydrology Field Book, 1964-1970 and undated
32 Instructional Software for General Chemistry, 1994-1995
33 Kelley, Jack B., Inc., undated
34 Lake Houston (incomplete report), undated
35 List of Explosives, Pesticides, Herbicides, Metals, Radionuclides, and Miscellaneous, undated
Literary Productions
box folder
1 36 Ampe, Frederic, Jean-Louis Uribelearrea, and Glaucia M. F. Aragao, et al., 1997
37 Anaerobic Microbial Transformations in Subsurface Environments, Brookhaven National Lab, 1985
38 Atlas, Ronald M., 1995
39 Binks, Peter R., Stephen Nicklin, and Neil C. Bruce, 1995
40 Biodegradation of Nitroaromatic Compounds, undated
box folder
2 1 Bolen, Eric G., “Multiple-Use Modifications of Playa Lakes for Agriculture and Wintering Waterfowl,” 1981
2 Borneman, James and Eric W. Triplett, 1997
3 Burd, Ronald M., 1976
4 Cairns, John, Jr. and Kenneth L. Nickson, 1976
5 Capone, Douglas G. and Ronald P. Kiene, 1988
6 Card, Robert E., Jr. and Robert L. Autenrieth, 1996
7 Corbett, James A., 1976
8 Cropp, Barbara J. and Carl A. McMillan, 1993
9 Debono, Manuel and Robert S. Gordee, 1994
10 Dennehy, K. F., D. W. Litke, and P. B. McMahon, 2002
11 Diffendal, Robert F., Jr., Thomas C. Gustavson, Vance T. Holliday, et al., undated
12 Dutka, Bernard J., 1976
13 Environmental Management, 1994
14 “Explosives Safety Training,” by Mason and Hanger-Silas Mason Co., Inc., 1991
15 Garg, Rajat, Domenic Grasso, and George Hoag, 1991
16 Guerinot, Mary Lou, 1994
17 Guru, Majula V., James E. Horne, and the Kerr Center for Sustainable Agriculture, 2000
18 Gustavson, T. C., D. G. Bebout, and P. C. Bennett, 1995
19 Guthery, Fred, Jean M. Pates, and Fred A. Stormer, 1982
20 Harvey, P. I. and F. K. Crundwell, 1997
21 Jafvert, Chad T., 1996
22 Janse, B. J. H., J. Gaskell, D. Cullen, et al., 1997
23 Jonish, James E., Rasheed Al-Hmoud, Melissa Wiseman, and David Yoskowitz, 1994-1995
24 Kaiser, Ronald and Frank F. Skillern, 2001
25 Karlin, Samuel and Lou R. Cardon, 1994
26 Krause, Birgit and Kenneth H. Nealson, 1997
27 Lipscomb, John D., 1994
28 Loeppky, Richard N., 1994
29 Margesin, R. and F. Schinner, 1997
30 Masai, Eiji, Akihiro Yamada, Judith M. Healy, et al., 1995
31 Matanic, H., Z. Grabaric, F. Briski, and N. Koprivanac, 1996
32 Matheson, V. Grace, Junko Munakata-Marr, Gary D. Hopkins, 1997
33 McDonald, Jacqueline A. and Michael C. Kavanaugh, 1994
34 Microbial Metabolism of Aromatic Compounds Under Anerobic Conditions, 1986
35 Microbiology of Surface Environments, 1986
36 Nealson, Kenneth H. and Daad Saffarini, 1994
37 “Neutron-Probe Measurements of Deep Soil Moisture as an Indication of Aquifer Recharge Rates,” by Klemt, William B.,” 1981
38 “A New Day at Savannah River,” Fiori, Mario P., 1994
39 Nishino, Shirley F. and Jim C. Spain, 1995
40 Osterkamp, W. R. and Warren W. Wood, 1987
41 Palumbo, A. V., S. P. Scarborough, S. M. Pfiffner, et al., 1995
42 “Pantex Plant: Site Specific Drilling, Sampling, and Surveying Plan,” Knudsen, Morrison, 1994
43 Prusiner, Stanley B., 1994
44 Qualicon, Wiedman, Martin, James L. Bruce, Ruth Knorr, et al., 1996 and undated
45 Rainwater, Ken, Lloyd Urban, Dean Muirhead, et al., 1999
46 Rhee, Sung-Keun, Gyun Min Lee, Jung-Hoon Yoon, et al., 1997
47 Snaidr, Rudolf Amann, Ingrid Huber, et al., 1997
46 Tabak, Henry H. and Rakesh Ground, 1997
49 Timmis, Kenneth N., Robert J. Steffan, and Ronald Unterman, 1994
50 “Treatment of HMX and RDX Contamination,” Card, Robert E. and Robin Autenrieth, 1998
51 Urban, Lloyd V., B. J. Claborn, and R. H. Ramsey, 1958
52 Vidic, Radisav D. and Frederick G. Pohland, 1996
53 Weichart, Dieter, Diane McDougald, Daniel Jacobs, et al., 1997
54 Wood, Warren, Ken A. Rainwater, and David B. Thompson, 1997
55 Young, C. A., 1883
56 Zartman, R. E. and E. B. Fish, 1992
57 Zartman, Richard, Ernest Fish, Gary Comer, et al., 1995 and undated
58 Llano Estacado Regional Water Planning Group, 1999-2003 and undated
59 Microfiche: Applied Stochastic Techniques User Manual, 1987
60 Microfiche: Jarrett, Robert D. and Lappala, E. G., et al., 1983-1985
61 Negatives, undated
62 Other S-Triazines, 1998
Pantex Plant
box folder
2 63 Bioremediation, 1996-1997
64 Bioremiation of Contaminated Soil and Groundwater, 1994-1996
65 Current Budget/Account Reports, 1994-1997
66 Fire Safety Requirements, 1990-1991
67 Quarterly Reports and Deliverables, 1996-1997
68 Site Visits and E-Mail, 1997
69 Pantex Plant Proposals, 1995-1997
box folder
3 1 Pantex Plant Proposals/Letters of Intent (LOIS)/Budgets, 1993-1996 and undated
2 Pantex Plant Reports (Meeting Reports and Written Reports), 1994 and undated
3 Photographs, undated
4 Program Announcement for Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program, 1998
5 Progress and Quarterly Reports, 1995-1996
6 Progress Report, 1994-1996
7 Proposal Information and Sheets, 1997
8 Proposals, 1996-1998
9 Proposals, 1996-1998 and undated
10 Quarterly Reports for Amarillo National Resource Center for Plutonium, 1997
11 Remediation and Bimonitoring of Projects, 1994-1996
12 Remediation Technology Resources, undated
13 Savannah River Research Campus, 1993-1995
14 Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program, 1999
15 Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program Proposal, 1998
16 Successful Solutions for Waste Disposal, undated
17 Texas Department of Water Resources Public Meeting, 1980
18 Texas Water Quality Board, 1974
19 U. S. Fish and Wildlife Services Draft Substantiating Report for the Clear Creek, 1977
20 University Consortium/Environmental Restoration, 1995
21 University Consortium Semiannual Environmental Meeting, 1996
22 Waste Load Evaluation for Water Quality Segment No. 1101, 1974
23 Water Quality Criteria, 1972
24 Water Resources Center Advisory Board, 1997-2001 and undated


Oversized Folder

folder item
1 1 Playa Lake Study, Lake No. 2, Land Surface Elevations, undated