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An Inventory of Its Records, 1975-2000, at the Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library

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Creator Texas Tech University. Library
Title: Library Records,
Dates: 1975-2000
Abstract: Records of the Texas Tech University Library from 1975-2000.
Collection # U 112.22
Quantity: 3 Boxes (2.0 linear feet)
Language English.
Repository: Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library, Texas Tech University

Biographical Sketch

The first library, with approximately 11,000 books and pamphlets according to Tech's 1925-26 catalog, was located on the main floor in a room in the west wing of the Administration Building and was opened in 1925 with Elizabeth Howard West as its first librarian. Accredited to Elizabeth West's "awareness of the advantages in the Library of Congress Classification for an academic library" from the time spent working at the Library of Congress, the Texas Tech Library has used the Library of Congress Classification from its beginning. Miss West has also been credited with giving the name La Ventana, "the window," to the Tech annual.

The library remained without a building of its own until June, 1937 when an appropriation bill was signed. This new library building, "an L-shaped three-story building situated northwest of the Administration building," was "completed in 1938 at a cost of $275,000." "The ground breaking for the new library building took place Wednesday, October 27, 1937 at 11 A.M.; the cornerstone was laid at 2 P.M., March 8, 1938." The original plan located the library building southwest of the Administration Building, but the library was constructed northwest of the Administration Building. Interestingly, the present library building is located southwest of the Administration Building. Later, this building completed in 1938 became the Social Sciences building and is now the Mathematics building presently housing the Southwest Collection.

Elizabeth Howard West retired in 1942 and died January 4, 1948. In 1942 Emma Lillian Main became Acting Librarian and was succeeded by Augustine Smith Gaylord, Jr. as Librarian in 1945. During the year 1948 Lulu Stein was Acting Librarian. Then in 1949 Ray Curtis Janeway came to Tech as the new librarian and remained until 1982 when he retired. Under Janeway's leadership a new library building was constructed from 1960 to 1962 which is now the front part of the current site. The architectural firm for this east wing of the present library was Pitts, Mebane, and Phelps, a firm from Beaumont, Texas. The books were carted from the Social Sciences building to the current location by some of the staff members still working at the Library today. On June 19, 1962 the Library opened at its new and current location.

In the fall of 1975 the west wing of the current library was completed and opened. This addition includes the current Stacks, Reference area, and Advanced Technology Learning Center (ATLC). Architects on the west wing were Atcheson, Atkinson, Cartwright and Rorex; Stiles, Roberts, Messersmith and Johnson; and Schmidt, Tisdel and Associates. The total square footage of the Library is now 303,150, with 273,578 square feet as assignable or usable space.

In 1982 Dr. E. Dale Cluff became the Director of Libraries. The University Library currently houses 1,320,225 books, 1,260,758 government documents, 7,000 journal titles, and 941,315 microforms. A large new building housing the Southwest Collection, University Archives, Vietnam Archives, Conradiana, Koger Science Collection, and other Special Collections is scheduled to open in 1996 just north of the present Library building. The retirement of Cluff in 2001 ushered in the new administration of Dr. Donald Dyal, who was formerly Associate Dean for the Libraries of Texas A & M University

Scope and Contents

The collection contains various administrative reports, meeting minutes, media placements concerning library activities and personnel, committee materials, and search committee information. The photographs, and audio and video recordings also pertain to library activities and personnel.



The collection is divided into four sections: manuscripts, audio recordings, photographs, and video recordings.


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Open for research

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The subject headings used by the Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library are derived from the Library of Congress and/or locally developed.
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Texas Tech University. Academic Council
Texas Tech University. Library--Administration
Texas Tech University. Library--Planning
Texas Tech University. Libraries
Academic libraries--Texas--Lubbock--Administration
Library administrators--Texas--Lubbock
Library administration--Texas--Lubbock

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Administrative Information

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Library Records, 1975-2000, Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas


Collection accession #(s):
1990-0207-X, 1998-0109-B, 1998-0170-B, 2001-0242-B, 2002-0066-B

Processed by

Lynn Whitfield, April 26, 2002

Collection Inventory


I. Manuscripts

box folder
1 1 Achievement Reports 1982-1986
2 Achievement Reports 1983-1985, 1988
3 Administrative Council Meetings, 1982-1985
4 Cooper, Pamela Ann, 1995-1996
5 Invitations 1997-1998
6 Media Placements for Library Activities, September 1997-August 1998
7 Media Placements for Library Activities, September 1998-August 1999
8 Presentation by R. C. Janeway to Board of Regents, May 16, 1975
9 Readings in Literature, 1995
10 Search Committee for Associate Dean for Special Collections, 1996
11 User Instruction Committee Report, 1984
12 University Library Committee, 1983-1988
13 University Library Committee, 1986-1989


II. Audio Recordings, 1998-2000

1 Backstage at the Opera: An Evening with Mary Jane Johnson; 0:31 spots x 2, October 28, 1998
2 Big Ed Show- David Marshall, Cavazos, Johnson, October 9, 1998
3 KRFE-AM 580- Daniel Sanchez and Jennifer LeNoir interview, June 14, 1999
4 KRFE-AM 580- Jim Niessen, July 14, 1999
5 KRFE-AM 580- Texas Treasures, July 26, 1999
6 KRFE-AM 580- Daniel Sanchez on the Hispanic Symposium, September 15, 1999
7 KRFE-AM 580- Bruce Cammack interview, December 1, 1999
8 KRFE-AM 580- International Week, Jennifer, February 24, 2000


III. Photographs, 1990s

Included in the collection are 23 negatives, 19 contact sheets, and 59 prints. The images are of Library staff and administration; Texas Tech Library's induction into ARL; dedication and groundbreaking of the Southwest Collection/Special Collection's building; and author David McCullough signing books. 1990s


IV. Video Recordings, 1989-2000

1 Building Bridges to the 21st Century- Library Tip-Off Luncheon, Texas Tech University, Croslin Room, 46 minutes, April 28, 1989
2 Using a Research Library: a Project of Texas Tech University Libraries Reference Services, Library Instruction Program, Texas Tech University [3 copies], 1991
3 KLBK-TV, Ch. 13 (CBS)- Window of West Texas- new holdings at the SWC, February 17, 1998
4 Harry Igo and World War II Exhibit- TV news coverage, August 3, 1995
KAMC-TV, Ch. 28 (ABC)- Southwest Athletic Conference, March 1998
6 KAMC-TV, Ch. 28 (ABC)- The Music of History- Friends of the Library Event, March 10, 1998
7 KAMC-TV, Ch. 28 (ABC)- Elmer Kelton's visit, April 1, 1998
8 KAMC-TV, Ch. 28 (ABC)- "Library Faculty/Staff Book Exhibit, April 23, 1998
9 KAMC-TV, Ch. 28 (ABC)- "Turkish Archive/BBC Documentary, May 4, 1998
10 KCBD-TV, Ch. 11 (NBC)- Noon Notebook- guests Tai Kreidler and Abel Ramirez talk about newly processed collections, June 11, 1998
11 KMAC-TV, Ch. 28 (ABC)- "Book donation of Hells Angels, Eighth Air Force bombardment group; interview with Library Dean Cluff and WWII veterans, July 3, 1998
12 KLBK-TV, Ch. 13 (CBS)- July 4th story- book gift: 303rd Bomb Grp., July 3, 1998
13 KCBD-TV, Ch. 11 (NBC)- July 4th story- book gift: 303rd Bomb Grp.; raw footage of Elmer Kelton, July 3, 1998
14 KAMC-TV, Ch. 28 (ABC)- WTHA Reception, September 19, 1998
15 KLBK-TV, Ch. 13 (CBS)- "WTHA Reception, September 19, 1998
16 KAMC-TV, Ch. 28 (ABC)- "Gator Bowl Reception, Note: There is a oral history interview at the end of the tape. October 10, 1998.
17 KAMC-TV, Ch. 28 (ABC)- "Good Morning West Texas- Anne Burkeholder, October 6, 1998
18 KLBK-TV, Ch. 13 (CBS)- Window on West Texas- Mary Jane Johnson, Anne Burkeholder interview, November 5, 1998
19 Compilation of 15 Library publicity [2 copies], December 4, 1998
20 Compilation video done by Richard Kyle, January-November 1999
21 KLBK-TV, Ch. 13 (CBS)- Coronelli Globe Lecture- Friends of the Library Event, January 25, 1999
22 KAMC-TV, Ch. 28 (ABC)- Good Morning West Texas- Hutton Lecture, April 1, 1999
23 KAMC-TV, Ch. 28 (ABC)- "Si Se Pueda- Daniel Sanchez talking about oral history, April 4, 1999
24 KCBD-TV, Ch. 11 (NBC)- Que Pasa- Daniel Sanchez talking about oral history, April 11, 1999
25 KCBD-TV, Ch. 11 (NBC)- ICC Library, Bosnia-Hercegovina Exhibit, Jim Niessan interviewed, April 12, 1999
26 KAMC-TV, Ch. 28 (ABC)- Good Morning West Texas- Daniel Sanchez talking about the oral history program and the Hispanic community, April 28, 1999
27 KLBK-TV, Ch. 13 (CBS)- Noon News- Daniel Sanchez talking about the oral history program and the Hispanic community, May 4, 1999
28 KLBK-TV, Ch. 13 (CBS)- Wyman Meinzer Pre-publicity, interview with Associate Dean Bill Tydeman, August 11, 1999
29 KAMC-TV, Ch. 28 (ABC)- Wyman Meinzer Exhibit Opening, August 14, 1999
30 KAMC-TV, Ch. 28 (ABC)- Noon News- David Marshall talking about the Buddy Holly Roots Symposium, September 2, 1999
29 KAMC-TV, Ch. 28 (ABC)- Si Se Pueda- Daniel Sanchez talking about the Hispanic Symposium, September 19, 1999
32 KCBD-TV, Ch. 11 (NBC)- 5th Floor Stack Renovation Opening, November 15, 1999
33 KLBK-TV, Ch. 13 (CBS)- What's Going on Interview with Katie Parks, February 27, 2000