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Athletic Media Relations:

An Inventory of Its Photographs, 1928-1999 and undated, at the Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library

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CreatorTexas Tech University
Title:Athletic Media Relations, Photographs,
Dates: 1928-1999 and undated
Abstract:Photograph collection of Athletic Media Relations from 1928-1999 and undated.
Collection #U 193.1
Quantity:21 boxes (21.0 linear feet)
Repository:Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library, Texas Tech University

Biographical Sketch

Texas Technological College was chartered in 1923, and its first football coach, E. Y. Freeland, was hired in 1925. The first football game was held at the Fair Grounds. In 1947, the Clifford B. and Audrey Jones Stadium was completed and originally held 18,000 seats. The stadium was renovated in 1959 to increase the seating capacity, with subsequent renovations occurring in 1969, 1972, 1990, and 2000. The Athletics Training Center was opened in 1986 and included facilities for indoor track, volleyball, tennis, baseball, and golf. Completed in late 1999, the 15,000 seat United Spirit Arena became the new home for the university's basketball and volleyball teams.

Baseball, track and tennis were played at Texas Tech beginning in 1926. Golf was begun in 1936. The university also at one time maintained a swim team. Since 1925, the university's football team, The Red Raiders, has participated in over 22 bowl games and produced numerous notable athletes. Texas Tech joined the Border Conference in 1932 and became a member of the Southwest Conference in 1956. The disbanding of the Southwest Conference in 1996 led to Tech's joining the newly formed Big 12 Conference the same year.

Scope and Contents

The collection consists of individual player files from various Texas Tech sports and contains 32,101 prints, 1,306 slides; and 855 negatives. The player files also contain news clippings, statistical information and personal information sheets filled out by the players before they joined the sport.

Additons have been made to the collection as new files, photographs, news clippings and obituaries have been donated to the University Archives.



The collection is organized alphabetically by the athletes' last names, and unidentified individuals are listed by sport under unknown. Due to the size of the inventory, this finding aid has been split up into two pages:
Athletes last names A-L
athletes last names M-Z


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Athletic Media Relations Photographs, 1928-1999 and undated, Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas


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2000-0030-B; 2000-0104-B

Gift, 2000

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Lynn Whitfield, August 2000

Additional Sources

Pollard, Norval. Red Raiders: Stories, Stats, and Stuff about Texas Tech Sports. Wichita, Kansas: Wichita Eagle and Beacon Pub., 1996.

Grimsley, Will. Football: the Greatest Moments in the Southwest Conference. Boston: Little, Brown, 1968.

Matsler, Jimmy L. An Analysis of Basketball Game and Personnel Statistics as Determinants of Team Success. Thesis (M. Ed.)-- Texas Tech University, 1984.

Tips, Kern. Football, Texas style: an Illustrated History of the Southwest Conference. Garden City, N. Y., Doubleday, 1964.

Collection Inventory


Players last name starting with "A"

11Abbot, Pat (Baseball), undated
2Aber, Gary P. (Swimming), undated
3Aberson, Bobby (Swimming), undated
4Abilene Area (Football), 1964
5Achilles, Jon (Baseball), undated
6Ackridge, Dale (Golf), 1984-1986
7Acree, Jim (Coach), undated
8Acuff, Robert (Football), 1969
9Adams, Blake (Football), undated
10Adams, Don (Tennis), 1974-1977
11Adams, James (Basketball), undated
12Adkins, Brad (Assistant Basketball Coach), undated
13Adkins, Gregg (Football), undated
14Agan, Johnny (Football), undated
15Agnimel, Aristide (Unknown), undated
16Ahrens, Elmer (Unknown), undated
17Ahrens, Elmo (Football), undated
18Aiello, Michael (Swimming), undated
19Akeroyd, Lynn (Basketball), 1982
20Akin, Benny (Football), undated
21Alberson (Unknown), undated
22Aldridge, Joe (Football), undated
23Alexander, Ben (Golf), undated
24Alexander, Chuck (Football), undated
25Alexander, David (Baseball), undated
26Alexander, Keith (Track), 1979-1980
27Alexander, Paul (Track), 1979-1980
28Alexander, R. G. "Wick" (Unknown), undated
29Alford, Chris (Football), undated
30Alford, Larry (Football), undated
31Alfred, Bart (Baseball), undated
32Alkeki, Eddie (Football), undated
33Allbritton, Kenny (Baseball), undated
34Allcorn, R. V. (Football), undated
35Allen, Charles (Football), undated
36Allen, Dave (Baseball), undated
37Allen, Dennis (Football), undated
38Allen, Jeff (Baseball), 1983
39Allen, Mark (Football), undated
40Allen, Robert (Football), undated
41Allen, Willie (Football), undated
42Allison, Daryl (Tennis), undated
43Allwein, Monte (Swimming), undated
44Amaya, Felix (Tennis), 1978
45Amerson, Glen (Football), undated
46Ammons, David (Unknown), undated
47Anderson, Daniel (Baseball), undated
48Anderson, Eddie (Football), 1987
49Anderson, Glenn (Unknown), undated
50Anderson, Gunilla (Track), 1993
51Anderson, Larry (Football), undated
52Anderson, Phil (Football), undated
53Anderson, Phillip (Football), undated
54Anderson, Terry (Football), 1974
55Andrew, John (Football), undated
56Andros, Dee (Assistant Football Coach), undated
57Anqual (Football), undated
58Anthony, Alton (Football), undated
59Anthony, Don (Football), undated
60Apple, Don (Basketball), undated
61Arbubakrr, Hasson (Football), undated
62Arista, Danny (Football), undated
63Armstrong, Nathan (Football), undated
64Armstrons, Charles (Football), undated
65Arnold, Earl (Baseball), 1987
66Arnold, Jim (Football), undated
67Arnold, Jim (Track), undated
68Arrington, Gene (Basketball), undated
69Arterburn (Unknown), undated
70Ashby, Gary (Baseball), 1978
71Askey, Presley (Basketball), undated
72Atkins, Frederick (Track), undated
73Aufricht, Cody (Swimming), undated
74Austin, Carnell (Unknown), undated
75Austin, Kenny (Unknown), undated
76Avent, John (Football), undated
77Avner, Malcolm (Tennis), 1975
78Ayala, Marco (Baseball), undated
79Ayers, Ross (Unknown), 1965


Players last name starting with "B"

180Bach, Jennifer (Basketball), undated
81Badalich, David (Football), 1999
82Bader, Anne (Soccer), 1994
83Baecker, Roque (Golf), undated
84Bailey, Phil (Basketball), 1974
85Bailey, Sam (Football), undated
86Bain, Mike (Football), undated
87Bain, Ty (Unknown), undated
88Baine, Michael (Football), undated
89Baird, Rick (Swimming), 1964
90Baker, Art (Football Coach), 1969-1972
91Baker, Byron (Football), undated
92Baker, James (Football), undated
93Baker, Kenny (Football), 1966
94Baker, Robbie (Baseball), 1976-1978
95Baker, Sarah (Softball), 1995
96Balch, Jerry Don (Football), undated
97Baldwin, Vicki (Volleyball), 1986
98Ballard, Virgil (Unknown), undated
99Barber, Don (Football), undated
100Barber, Frank (Track), undated
101Barber, Lawrence (Football), undated
102Bares, Matteo (Tennis), 1992
103Barginear, Wayne (Football), 1965
104Barker, Kent (Swimming), undated
105Barker, Renie (Football), undated
106Barker, Richard (Football), undated
21Barksdale, David (Football), undated
2Barlow, Joe (Baseball), undated
3Barnes, Mike (Football), undated
4Barnett, Gene (Unknown), undated
5Barney, Phillip (Football), undated
6Barree, William (Track), 1976
7Barrett, Mike (Football), undated
8Barrier, Bryan (Basketball), undated
9Barrier, Gary (Football), undated
10Barron, Mickie (Football), undated
11Barron, Vernon (Unknown), undated
12Barry, Floyd (Unknown), undated
13Bartlett, Burl (Football), undated
14Bartley, Richard (Unknown), undated
15Barton, Brent (Football), undated
16Bass, Jeff (Basketball Trainer), undated
17Bates, Ricky (Football), undated
18Baty, Gaines (Football), undated
19Baugh, David (Football), undated
20Baxley, Tim (Football), undated
21Baxter, Amy (Volleyball), 1992
22Baxter, Joe (Basketball), undated
23Baxter, Kevin (Baseball), undated
24Beadle, Adam (Basketball), 1977
25Beall, Tana (Volleyball), undated
26Bean, Gerald (Football), undated
27Bearden, Bob (Football), undated
28Beavers, Mame (Tennis), undated
29Beck, Brent (Football), undated
30Beck, Gerald (Baseball), undated
31Beck, Steve (Manager), undated
32Beene, Andy (Baseball), undated
33Beene, Mike (Tennis), undated
34Beer, Eddie (Baseball), 1978
35Beery, Charlie (Football), undated
36Beicker, James (Football), undated
37Beimer, Anthony (Unknown), undated
38Beiras, Mike (Baseball), 1988
39Bell, Jerry (Football), 1955-1958 and undated
40Bell, Richard (Unknown), undated
41Bell, Roger (Football), undated
42Bennett, Jimmy (Football), undated
43Bennett, John (Unknown), undated
44Bennett, Kristi (Cheerleader), undated
45Bennett, Shannon (Football), undated
46Benson, Gary (Football), undated
47Benson, Matthew (Baseball), undated
48Bentley, Gene (Football), undated
49Bentley, Johnnie (Football), undated
50Benton, David Allen (Unknown), 1975
51Berg, Rockland (Tennis), 1977
52Berger, George (Football), undated
53Bergman, Kim (Football), undated
54Bergmann, Patrick (Football), undated
55Berlingeri, Angel (Football), undated
56Berly, Jim (Football), undated
57Bernal, Margie (Track), undated
58Bernwanger, Brian (Football), undated
59Bertram, Jeff (Golf), undated
60Best, Robert (Football), undated
61Bevers, Brusse (Football), undated
62Bewley, Lisa (Tennis), undated
63Bewley, Mike (Baseball), 1974
64Biddy, Stephen (Unknown), undated
65Biffle, Ronny (Track), undated
66Biggs, Karl (Football), undated
67Bingham, Lance (Track), undated
68Bingham, Park (Unknown), undated
69Bingham, Walter (Baseball), undated
70Biorkman, Carey (Tennis), 1996
71Birdwell, Jason (Football), undated
72Bischoff, Hans (Football), 1979
73Bissel, Bob (Football Trainer), undated
74Blaas, Tony (Unknown), undated
75Black, Bob (Football), undated
76Black, Emory (Football), undated
77Black, Joe (Football), undated
78Black, Keith (Track), undated
79Black, Pat (Baseball), undated
80Black, Tom (Baseball), 1976
81Blackburn, Fran (Volleyball), undated
82Blackman, Esten (Basketball), undated
83Blackshear, DuWayne (Basketball), 1953
84Blair, Roy (Football), undated
85Blake, Gregory (Unknown), undated
86Blake, Terry (Unknown), undated
87Blanton, Russell (Track), undated
88Blasingame, Stacey (Volleyball), undated
89Blocker, Chris (Golf), undated
90Blonien, Greg (Unknown), undated
91Bloxom, Tom (Football), undated
92Boeker, Winston (Football), undated
93Boesianer, Brian (Baseball), undated
94Boles, Crystal (Basketball), undated
95Bolton, David (Baseball), 1976
96Bolton, Wymon (Football), 1981
97Bomar, Jerry (Football), undated
98Bond, Charles (Tennis), 1973-1976
99Bon Durant, Joey (Football), undated
100Bonner, Trenton (Basketball), undated
101Booras, Pam (Tennis), undated
102Bosher, Ron (Football), undated
103Bosse, Dick (Tennis), 1986
104Bosse, Michael (Unknown), undated
105Boswell, Roland (Football), undated
106Bothwell, Bob (Football), undated
107Bouldin, Bob (Basketball), undated
108Bourland, David (Baseball), undated
109Bowdre, David (Football), 1983
110Bowe, Gary (Track), undated
111Bowes, Harrison (Tennis), 1975
112Bowes, Mickey (Women's Tennis Coach), undated
113Boxwell, Becky (Volleyball), 1984-1987
114Boyd, Bruce (Baseball), undated
115Boyd, Shane (Football), undated
116Boyd, Willard (Football), undated
117Boydstun, Eddie (Football), undated
118Boysaw, Rick (Football), undated
119Bozeman, Mike (Football), undated
120Bozeman, Randy (Football), undated
121Bradfield, Howard (Football), undated
122Bradford, Cody (Track), 1978
123Bradic, Robert (Football), 1987
31Bradshaw, R. D. (Football), undated
2Brady, Scott (Football), undated
3Brady, Steve (Unknown), undated
4Bragg, Walter (Football), 1978
5Bramlett, Jeff (Tennis), 1979
6Brandon, Ramey (Baseball), undated
7Brandon, Tommy (Baseball), undated
8Bratcher, Bill (Assistant Baseball Coach), 1981
9Bratton, Wes (Swimming), 1983
10Braxton, Thomas (Track), 1979
11Breegle, Cindy (Tennis), undated
12Breur, Louis (Football), 1966
13Brewer, James (Golf), undated
14Brewer, Mike (Football), undated
15Brewer, Scott (Football), undated
16Brewster, Ralph (Baseball), 1979
17Bridge, Terry (Football), undated
18Brietbarth, Fred (Football), undated
19Briggance, Paula (Tennis), 1985-1988
20Briggs, Jerry (Football), undated
21Brinkley, Mark (Football), undated
22Brixey, Jeryl (Football), 1986
23Broadfoot, Hal (Football), undated
24Brock, Harold (Football), undated
25Brock, James (Football), undated
26Brock, Jerry (Track), undated
27Brock, Steve (Baseball) undated
28Brogdon, Gregg (Unknown), undated
29Bronk, Kelley (Volleyball), 1987
30Brooks, Don (Football), undated
31Brosseau, Tom (Football), 1969
32Brothers, Buddy (Unknown), 1988
33Brotherton, Jon (Tennis), 1975
34Brown, Abe (Track), undated
35Brown, Chase (Basketball), undated
36Brown, Chris (Golf), 1978
37Brown, Gary (Football), undated
38Brown, Gary (Track), undated
39Brown, Joe (Football), undated
40Brown, Kalith (Track), 1975
41Brown, Marshall (Unknown), undated
42Brown, Mike (Unknown), undated
43Brown, Roy (Football), undated
44Brown, Sylvester (Football), undated
45Brown, Weldon (Football), undated
46Browning, David (Football), undated
47Broyles, A. J. (Unknown), undated
48Broyles, Bobby (Football), 1948-1950
49Bruce, Stacy (Unknown), undated
50Bruno, Kerry (Football), undated
51Bryan, Bill (Football), undated
52Bryan, Walter (Football), undated
53Bryant, Cecil (Football), undated
54Bryant, Dewey (Baseball), undated
55Bryant, John (Football), undated
56Bryant, Keith (Track), undated
57Bryant, Kreg (Track), undated
58Bryant, Marc (Football), undated
59Bryant, Robert (Baseball), 1978
60Bucker, Rod (Tennis), undated
61Buell, Harold (Football), undated
62Buescher, Phillip (Track), undated
63Bufkin, Ray (Football), undated
64Bullard, Gary (Track), undated
65Burnett, Larry (Football), 1969
66Burns, Chris (Football), undated
67Burns, George (Football), 1976
68Butler, Mike (Swimming), 1964
69Butler, Tony (Football), undated
70Butler, Walter (Football), undated
71Buzzard, Danny (Football), 1984
72Bybee, Arthur (Football), undated
73Byerly, Daylon (Football), 1973
74Byers, Ronald (Football), 1981
75Byington, Russ (Basketball), undated
76Byrd, Hal (Football), undated
77Byrne, Shawn (Baseball), undated
78Byrum, Jay Dean (Football), undated


Players last name starting with "C"

379Cade, Mac (Basketball), undated
80Caffee, Ronald (Baseball), undated
81Cagle, Ashley (Football), undated
82Caldwell, Jerry (Football), undated
83Calhoun, Charles (Football), 1939
84Callender, Guy (Unknown), undated
85Callender, Mel (Golf), 1975
86Callerman, David (Baseball), 1966
87Calloway, P. C. (Unknown), undated
88Campbell, Chris (Football), undated
89Campbell, Clifford (Unknown), undated
90Campbell, Doug (Football), undated
91Campbell, George (Unknown), undated
92Campbell, Pat (Football), undated
93Campbell, Ray (Football), undated
94Canaday, Robert (Unknown), undated
95Cannon, Doug (Baseball and Football), undated
96Cannon, Shawn (Unknown), 1981
97Cantine, Scott (Tennis), undated
98Caperton, Glenn (Baseball), 1983
99Capps, Buddy (Football), undated
100Carden, Ricky (Baseball), undated
101Carillo, Sandra (Tennis), 1979-1980
102Carlen, Jim (Football Coach), 1970-1974
103Carlisle, Larry (Football), undated
104Carlson, Cathy (Tennis), undated
105Carlyle, Glenn (Golf), 1971-1974
106Carmichael, Alan (Golf), 1974-1976
107Carmichael, Jimmy (Football), 1970 and undated
108Carpenter, George (Football), undated
109Carpenter, Scott (Football), undated
110Carpenter, William "Red" Hurley (Football and Track), 1925-1927
111Carr, Don (Football), undated
112Carr, Steve (Football), 1991 and undated
113Carrell, John (Football), 1965 and undated
114Carroll, David (Baseball and Football), 1981-1983
115Carroll, Lane (Tennis), 1979-1980
116Carruth, Johnny Bob (Masked Raider), 1968
117Carson, Greg (Diving), 1980-1981
118Carson, Lisa (Basketball), undated
119Carter, Andrea (Basketball), undated
120Carter, Carl (Football), 1985 and undated
121Carter, Jay (Football), undated
122Carter, Jeff (Football), undated
123Carter, Noel (Track), undated
124Carver, Roy (Baseball), undated
41Case, Harry (Football), undated
2Casey, Marvin Leland (Football), undate
3Castle, Noah (Baseball), 1975
4Castro, Abel Jr. (Unknown), undated
5Cato, Paul (Baseball), undated
6Caudle, Craig (Football), undated
7Caughlin, Robert (Football), 1977-1979
8Cecil, James (Football), undated
9Chafin, Greg (Football), undated
10Chaidez, Lucio (Baseball), undated
11Chambers, Sid (Football), undated
12Chambliss, Steve (Golf), undated
13Champion, Don (Baseball), undated
14Chance, Gregory Andrew (Football), undated
15Chancellor, Carl (Unknown), undated
16Chandler, Fred (Football), undated
17Chao, Sherry, (Track) 1987
18Chapin, Craig (Baseball), undated
19Chapman, Tamy (Unknown), undated
20Chase, Darin (Unknown), undated
21Chase, Joe (Football), undated
22Chavez, Luis (Baseball), undated
23Chavez, Sammy (Baseball), 1983
24Chenault, Harold (Football), undated
25Cherry, Regina (Basketball) 1982
26Chrischuk, Amy (Volleyball), 1994-1995
27Christiansen, Brian (Baseball), undated
28Christopher, Alan (Tennis), 1990
29Cisco, Bob Jr. (Track), undated
30Clark, David (Tennis), undated
31Clark, Jimmy (Football), undated
32Clark, Mickey (Football), undated
33Clark, Randy (Football), undated
34Clark, Susan (Volleyball), undated
35Clark, Tom (Basketball), undated
36Clasen, Randy (Football), undated
37Clay, Tricia (Basketball), undated
38Claybrook, Vance (Football), undated
39Clayton, Randy (Tennis), 1978-1979
40Clements, Beckie (Track), 1988-1989
41Clements, John (Tennis), 1975
42Clements, Sid (Tennis), 1973-1975
43Clepper, Ed (Track), undated
44Cleveland, Todd (Baseball), undated
45Clifton, Gary (Unknown), undated
46Cline, Bobby (Football), undated
47Clinger, Cynthia (Basketball), 1991-1992
48Close, Bobby (Football), undated
49Cluff, Ronald V. (Football), undated
50Coats, Gilbert (Football), undated
51Coats, Mike (Football), undated
52Cockburn, Jack (Football), undated
53Cockrell, Joe (Football), 1983 and undated
54Cogdell, James (Baseball), 1978
55Cole, Ansel (Football), 1983-1985
56Cole, Curt (Football), 1979
57Cole, Floyd (Football), undated
58Cole, Regina (Volleyball), undated
59Coleman, David (Baseball), undated
60Collen, Scott (Swimming), undated
61Collins, Bryan (Football), undated
62Collins, Chad (Football), undated
63Collins, Denton (Football), undated
64Collins, Jim (Football), undated
65Collison, Jeff (Swimming), undated
66Colvaro, Bob (Baseball), undated
67Combs, Eddie (Basketball), undated
68Comeaux, John Lee (Baseball), 1983 and undated
69Comstock, Wendell (Football), undated
70Condron, Bob (Sports Information Assistant), undated
71Cone, Larry (Football), undated
72Cones, Tommy (Football), 1975 and undated
73Conners, Scott (Football), undated
74Connor, Julius (Track), 1976
75Conrad, Scott (Football), undated
76Conway, Randy (Football), undated
77Cook, Arley (Football), undated
78Cook, Bowden (Football), undated
79Cook, Cliff (Football), 1969
80Cook, Gary (Track), undated
Cook, Phil (Football) -- see Winston Reeves Photograph Collection no. wr.c.150.1.4, undated
481Cooper, JoAnne (Volleyball), undated
82Copeland, Greg (Track), 1974-1975
83Copeland, Jeff (Football), 1979 and undated
84Corley, Davis (Football), 1972 and undated
85Cornelius, Sam (Football), 1963 and undated
86Correia, Mike (Baseball), 1980-1981
87Cosby, John (Football), undated
88Costas, Nick (Football), undated
89Cotter, Mike (Golf), undated
90Courtney, Lucy (Assistant Volleyball Coach), 1987
91Covington, Rick (Tennis), undated
92Cowan, Boyd (Football), undated
93Cowan, Bryan (Baseball), 1974
94Cowan, Jim (Football), undated
95Cowan, Robert (Football), undated
96Cowell, Billy (Football), undated
97Cowell, Shawn (Track), undated
98Cox, George (Football), undated
99Cox, Thomas (Swimming), undated
100Crammer, Larry (Football), undated
101Cranford, Kyle (Graduate Assistant for Track), 1993
102Crawford, Dan (Baseball), undated
103Crawford, Roger (Track), undated
104Crawford, Tim (Football), undated
105Creamer, Fred (Swimming), 1980
106Crennel, Romeo (Football), 1975
107Crenshaw, Ray (Football), undated
108Crist, Bill (Golf), undated
109Cristiani, Paul (Swimming), undated
110Criswell, Martin (Football), undated
111Crocker, Don (Football), undated
112Crombie, Jeff (Football), 1979
113Crosby, Shayne (Football), undated
114Crosley, Lewis (Football), undated
115Crowell, Gary (Dean), undated
116Crown, Debbie (Volleyball), 1985
117Crutchfield, Jill (Tennis), 1979
118Cummings, Billy (Football), undated
119Cummings, L. M. (Football), 1977
120Cummings, Lloyd (Baseball), 1975
121Cummings, Logan (Basketball) undated
122Cunningham, Bob (Baseball), undated
123Cunningham, Keith (Football), undated
124Cunningham, Walter (Track), undated
125Cunningham, Wilbert (Football), undated
126Curfman (Football), undated
127Cursel, Dan (Unknown), undated


Players last name starting with "D"

4128Dale, Bouvier (Football), 1985
129Dampeer, Mac (Football), 1969
130Daniels, Clay (Track), 1978
131Daniels, H. L. (Football & Track), undated
132Dannemiller, Jeff (Swimming), 1975
133Darr, Gene (Football), undated
134David, Robert (Football), undated
135David, Stan (Football), undated
136Davidson (Golf), undated
137Davidson, Jon (Baseball), 1972-1975
138Davidson, Tim (Baseball), 1994
139Davie, Jackie (Soccer), undated
51Davis, Billy (Football), undated
2Davis, Bob (Football), undated
3Davis, Bret (Baseball), 1982
4Davis, Cagle (Baseball), undated
5Davis, Charlie (Football), undated
6Davis, Christian (Track), 1988
7Davis, Clarence (Football), undated
8Davis, Danny (Assistant), undated
9Davis, Danny (Basketball), undated
10Davis, Dingy (Track), undated
11Davis, Don (Football), undated
12Davis, Don (Unknown), undated
13Davis, Doug (Tennis), 1978
14Davis, E. H. (Football), undated
15Davis, Eddie (Football), undated
16Davis, Greg (Football), 1977
17Davis, Gregg (Tennis), 1975
18Davis, Guy (Basketball), undated
19Davis, Hollice (Football), undated
20Davis, Jack (Football), undated
21Davis, James (Basketball), undated
22Davis, Janice (Basketball), undated
23Davis, Jeff (Baseball), 1983
24Davis, Keith (Football), undated
25Davis, Lane (Baseball), 1978
26Davis, Lisa (Tennis), undated
27Davis, Louise (Basketball), 1979
28Davis, Mark (Baseball), 1973
29Davis, Mark (Unknown), undated
30Davis, Mike (Football), undated
31Davis, Robert (Football), undated
32Davis, Robert (Tennis), 1978
33Davis, Ronald (Track), undated
34Davis, Scott (Football), undated
35Davis, Tommy (Track), undated
36Dawn, James (Basketball), 1983
37Dawson, Andy (Baseball), undated
38Dawson, Steve (Football), 1978
39Dawson, Wayne (Football), undated
40Dawson, Wesley (Basketball) 1989
41De Gaish, Shaff (Football), undated
42Deacon, William (Football), undated
43Deal, Randy (Baseball), undated
44Dean, Bill (Baseball), undated
45Dean, Matthew (Baseball), undated
46Degenfelder, Steve (Swimming), 1975-1979
47Dehaven, Coby (Baseball), undated
48Delgadillo, Javier (Unknown), undated
49Delgado, Juan (Football), undated
50Deller, Bob (Baseball), 1988
51Dellinger, Floyd (Football), 1957-1958
52Deloatche, Darren (Football), undated
52bDenham, Claude Spaulding (football?), 1927-1932
53Denham, David (Unknown), undated
54Denham, Melinda (Unknown), undated
55Dennis, Steve (Baseball), 1977
56Denny, Harold (Basketball), undated
57Dent, Robbie (Baseball), 1976
58Denton, James (Football), undated
59Derkowski, James (Basketball), undated
60Derryberry, Mike (Football), 1986-1991
61Dial, Prennis (Track), undated
62Dillon, Jack (Football), undated
63Dixon, Devon (Track), 1988
64Dixon, Marchelle (Track), 1988
65Dobyns, Tommy (Baseball), 1983
66Doda, Tobin (Basketball), 1982
67Dodd, Julia Smith (Track), 1987-1990
68Doherty, Cyd (Track), 1987
69Doiron, Gary (Football), undated
70Donelson, Norman (Track), undated
71Donley, Ben (Unknown), undated
72Donney, Debbie (Tennis), 1977-1978
73Dooley, Kevin (Football), 1969
74Dopson, Richard (Tennis), undated
75Dopson, William (Tennis), undated
76Douglas, Don (Football), undated
77Douglas, Early (Track), 1982
78Douglas, Ron (Basketball), undated
79Dove, Marc (Football), undated
80Dowdy, Bruce (Football), 1970
81Dowell, G. C. (Track), 1934-1935
82Dowlin, Kerry (Golf), 1988-1991
83Doyle, Tommy (Football), undated
84Draper, Charles (Tennis), undated
85Draper, Charlie (Track), undated
86Driscoll, Ken (Football), undated
87Drury, Scott (Baseball), undated
88Dubiski, Brian (Football), undated
89DuBose, Bill (Football), 1990
90Dudley, David (Football), undated
91Dudley, John (Baseball), undated
92Dudley, John (Baseball), undated
93Dudley, Norman (Football), undated
94Duewel, Todd (Baseball), undated
95Duffer, Fred (Unknown), undated
96Dukes, Grant (Basketball), 1973-1976
97Dunaway, Wayne (Football), undated
98Duncan, Doug (Football), undated
99Duncan, Leonard (Football), undated
100Duncan, Todd (Basketball), 1987-1988
101Dundore, David (Baseball), undated
102Dunlap, Tom (Football), undated
103Dunn, Johnny (Football), undated
104Dunn, Ray (Swimming), 1978
105Dunn, Steve (Basketball), 1976
106Duport, Paul (Swimming), undated
107Dupre, Larry (Football), 1976
108Durden, Tony (Football), 1987 and undated
109Durham, Denzil (Basketball), 1950
110Durham, James (Baseball), 1983
111Duvall, Jason (Football), 1990
112Dyas, Harry (Football), undated
113Dye, Nancy (Graduate Assistant), 1990
114Dyer, Jim (Football), undated
115Dyer, Tom (Football), undated
116Dyson, Charles (Track), undated


Players last name starting with "E"

5117Eakin, J. C. (Basketball), 1975
118Earhart, David (Tennis), 1980-1983
119Earhart, Ralph (Football), undated
120Earl, Don (Football), 1978-1980
121Early, Jeff (Diving), 1979
122Easterwood, Bill (Baseball), undated
61Echols, Robert (Baseball), undated
2Eckhart, Chad (Swimming), undated
3Eddleman, Koy (Football), undated
4Eddy (Unknown), undated
5Edgemon, Charles (Football), undated
6Edgeworth, Dale (Track), undated
7Edwards, Jimmie (Football), 1966
8Edwards, Stanley (Football), 1966-1967
9Edwards, Timothy (Track), undated
10Elam, Joe (Swimming & Diving Coach), undated
11Elam, Mickey (Football), undated
12Elam, Royce (Basketball), undated
13Elbert, Jerry (Football), undated
14Elder, John (Football), undated
15Elder, Kenneth (Track), undated
16Elder, Steve (Baseball), undated
17Elely, Rodney (Basketball), 1985
18Elias, Kirk (Track), 1993-1995
19Eliff, David (Football), undated
20Elledge, Ben (Football), 1963
21Elliot, Ferlis (Football), 1986
22Elliot, Jackson "Jackie" (Football), 1977
23Elliot, James (Football), 1959
24Elliot, Jimmy (Basketball), undated
25Elliot, Lynn (Football), undated
26Elliot, Thom "Tommy" (Football), undated
27Elliot, Tom "John" (Football), undated
28Ellis, James (Football), 1961-1964
29Ellis, Roger (Track), 1972-1975
30Ellsworth, Danny (Football), 1963
31Elmore, Kenneth (Football), undated
32Elsenbrook, Thomas (Tennis), 1975-1978
33Emerson, Alan (Football), 1973
34Engebretson, Christopher "Chris" (Track), 1988
35Enriquez, Francisco "Frank" (Baseball), 1983
36Ephriam, Tyree (Football), undated
37Equiluz, Helios (Swimming), undated
38Ernst, Barry (Swimming), undated
39Erwin, Alvis (Basketball), 1941-1942
40Erwin, Paul (Football), 1950
41Eschenburg, Blaine (Track), undated
42Escue, Tim (Football), undated
43Estes, Patrick "Pat" (Football), 1972-1975
44Etheredge, Rusty (Football), undated
45Ethridge, Richard "Richy" (Football), 1977-1981
46Evans, Charlie (Football), undated
47Evans, Craig (Football), undated
48Evans, Dale (Coach), 1974
49Evans, Emilia (Tennis), undated
50Evans, Kirk "Mo" (Football), undated
51Evans, Richard "Ricky" (Football), 1970-1973
52Evans, Robert "Bob" (Basketball), 1982
53Evans, Roger (Baseball), 1961-1962
54Ewing, Donald (Baseball), undated


Players last name starting with "F"

655Faculjak, Claire (Unknown), 1998
56Fahrenthold, Kyle (Baseball), 1979-1980
57Fairley, Jerry (Football), undated
58Faith, Louis (Football), undated
59Farley, Mike (Basketball), 1961-1963
60Farmer, David (Golf), undated
61Farmer, James (Baseball), 1975-1979
62Farmer, John Marsh (Track), 1939-1990
63Farquhar, John (Unknown), undated
64Farrell, Byron (Baseball), 1987
Farrell, Jim (Football) -- see Winston Reeves Photograph Collection no. wr.c.150.1.3, undated
665Farris, John "Jack" (Unknown), undated
66Farrish, Mike (Tennis), undated
67Farst, Michael "Mike" (Football), 1975
68Faught, Ray (Football), 1962
68BFavre, Dudley (Football), 1987
69Feathers, Beattie (Baseball Coach), undated
70Featherston, Joel "Joe" (Football), 1970
71Fedore, Len (Track), 1984
72Feldt, Blake (Football), undated
73Felux, Patrick "Pat" (Football), 1971-1975
74Ferrelly, Stephen (Baseball), 1987
75Ferullo, Carmen (Unknown), undated
76Fewin, Hugh (Football), undated
77Fielder, Charles (Unknown), undated
78Fields, Keith (Football), undated
79Fikes, Jay (Football), undated
80Fincannon, Mark (Football), undated
81Fincher, Kevin (Football), undated
82Fink, Randy (Golf), undated
83Finley, Tom (Football), undated
84Finn, Lawrence "Mickey" (Football), undated
85Fisher, David (Football), undated
86Fisher, Dee (Football), undated
87Fisher, Erika (Tennis), 1993-1997
88Fisher, Jarrod (Football), undated
89Fisher, Kevin (Swimming), undated
90Fisher, Lane (Track), 1976-1980
91Fittener, Barbara (Unknown), undated
92Fitzgerald, Mike (Football), undated
93Fitzhugh, Lawrence (Football), undated
94Fitzpatrick, John (Football), undated
95Flanagin, Charles (Unknown), undated
96Florence, Donald (Unknown), undated
96BFlorence, Willie Z. (Track and Field), 1948-2009
97Ford, Kyle (Football), undated
98Ford, Kyle (Tennis), undated
99Ford, Steve (Football), undated
100Ford, Tim (Basketball), 1982
101Foster, George (Sports Information Directors), 1972
102Foster, Pat (Baseball), 1973
103Foster, Robert (Football), undated
104Fouts, Bob (Baseball), undated
105Fowler, Mike (Football and Baseball), undated
106Fox, Eldon (Baseball), undated
107Fox, Joe (Basketball), undated
108Fox, Shane (Golf), 1973-1974
109Frampton, Jack (Football), undated
110France, Roger (Basketball), undated
111Francis, Byron (Track), 1983
112Franklin-Beck, Lisa (Golf), undated
113Franse, Nelson (Basketball), 1979
114Fraser, George (Football), undated
115Frasure, Jim (Football), undated
116Freeman, Mark (Track), 1974
117Freeman, Roger (Football), 1968
118Freeman, Vincent (Football), 1969
119Fricks, Scott (Baseball), 1984
120Frisbie, Duke (Football), 1956
121Fritz, Becca (Tennis), 1979-1980
122Frost, Eldon (Baseball), 1963
123Fuertges-Lindley, Kathy (Unknown), undated
124Fuller, Bob (Football), 1963
125Fullerton, Jimmy (Basketball), undated
126Funk, Don (Football), 1953
127Furgerson, Tom (Football), 1972
128Furgeson, Royal (Basketball), undated


Players last name starting with "G"

71Galanos, Chris (Football), undated
2Galloway, Doug (Baseball), 1982
3Gamble, Phil (Football), undated
4Gamble, Tony (Track), undated
5Gandy, Kevin (Football), undated
6Gann, Ricky (Football), 1981-1984
7Gannt, Robert (Football), undated
8Garcia, Jesse (Football), 1981
9Garcia, Lanny (Baseball), 1977
10Garcia, Saul (Swimming), undated
11Gardenhire, Tal (Football), undated
12Garner, Jim (Assistant Athletic Director), undated
13Garner, John (Football), 1974
14Garrett, Larry (Football), undated
15Garrett, Ray (Football), undated
16Garrett, Wendel (Football), undated
17Garrison, Gehrig (Baseball), undated
18Garrison, Jerry (Football), undated
19Garton, Cary (Tennis), 1979-1980
20Gatlin, Carl (Football), undated
21Gatlin, Max (Football), undated
22Gault (Football), undated
23Geck, Dave (Baseball), 1987
24Geisler, Missy (Track), undated
25Gentry, Mike (Track), 1975
26George, Jermay (Track), undated
27Gerstenberger, Brian (Football), undated
28Gesch, Mark (Football), undated
29Gettys, Marshall (Football), 1946-1950
30Gibbins, D. (Baseball), undated
31Gibson (Basketball), undated
32Gibson and Lynch (Basketball), undated
33Gibson, Sterling (Basketball), undated
34Gilbert, Kelly (Football), undated
35Gilbert, Larry (Football), undated
36Gilbreath, Billy (Track), undated
37Gilbreath, Jerry (Track), undated
38Giles, Jamie (Football), 1979
39Gill, Kenneth (Football), 1961
40Gill, Roger (Football), undated
41Gill, Sonny (Track), undated
42Gilliam, Sue (Unknown), undated
43Gillispie, Renee (Softball), undated
44Gillmore, Wilson (Track), 1933-1935
45Gilmore, Mark (Unknown), undated
46Gilmour, Scott (Basketball), undated
47Gilpin, Harry (Football), undated
48Giorgi, Donald (Track), 1978
49Gipson, Sam (Baseball), 1962
50Gladson, Charles (Football), undated
51Glenewinkel, Joseph (Football), undated
52Glover, Bob (Basketball), undated
53Glover, Jerry (Football), undated
54Glover, Smiley (Football), undated
55Goff, Robert (Basketball, Baseball, Football), undated
56Goins, Clarence (Football), undated
57Gold, Mark (Football), 1981
58Golden, Gary (Football), undated
59Golden, Guy (Track), undated
60Gonzales, Andy (Baseball), undated
61Good, Greg (Swimming), 1975
62Goode, Carl (Baseball), undated
63Gooden, Mike (Basketball), undated
64Goodroe, Whitney (Track), undated
65Goodson, Harold (Football), undated
66Gorman, Tony (Football), undated
67Gottschall, Jon (Tennis), 1961
68Goulding, Gil (Baseball), 1978
69Gowan, Billy Edd (Tennis), undated
70Graham, Charles (Football), undated
71Graham, Gene (Baseball), undated
72Graham, Loren (Track), undated
73Grammer, Kelly (Football), undated
74Granberry, Lance (Football), undated
75Graner, Walter (Football), undated
76Grant, Chad (Track), undated
77Grant, Lacretia (Golf), undated
78Grant, Tom (Swimming), 1980-1981
79Grantham, Terry (Football), undated
80Graves, Jerry (Basketball), undated
81Graviss, Eddie (Swimming), 1975
82Gray, Billy Joe (Football), undated
83Gray, Don (Football), 1950
84Gray, Harvey (Football), undated
85Green, Bill (Football), undated
86Green, Charles (Track), 1977
87Green, Darryl (Football), undated
88Green, Donnie (Football), undated
89Green, Pat (Football), 1953
90Green, Ronnie (Track), 1988
91Green, Samuel (Football), undated
92Green, Timothy (Track), undated
93Green, Tony (Football), 1973-1975
94Greer, Amos (Basketball), undated
95Gregory, Manley (Basketball), undated
96Gressett, Raymond (Football), undated
97Greve, John (Football), 1980-1981
98Grief, Ross (Football), 1960
99Grier, Nathaniel (Track), undated
100Griffin, Erin (Track), 1987
101Griffith, Randal (Football), undated
102Griffith, Stanley Dax (Baseball), undated
103Grigg, Richard (Football), 1969
104Grim, Joseph (Baseball), undated
105Grim, Ron (Unknown), 1963
106Grimes, Lynn (Baseball), undated
107Grimes, Raymond "Dennis" (Football), 1961-1962
108Grimes, Robert (Football), 1985
109Gross, Bob (Baseball), 1983
110Group Golf (Golf), undated
111Grove, Donald (Unknown), undated
112Grundy, Robert (Unknown), undated
113Grundy, Scotty (Basketball), undated
114Gulley, Jim Jr. (Unknown), 1981
115Gurley, Dan (Football), 1960
116Gutierrez, Rudy (Tennis), undated
117Guy, Ricky (Basketball), undated
118Guzman, Moses (Baseball), undated
119Guzman, Oscar (Tennis), 1978
120Gwandu, Zach (Track), 1987


Players last name starting with "H"

81Hacker, Jimmy (Football), 1961
2Haddock, Neil (Golf), 1974-1975
3Hadley, James (Swimming), undated
4Haggard, Jerry (Basketball), undated
5Hahn, Jamie (Football), undated
6Hahnel, Max (Baseball), undated
7Haley, Jerry (Basketball), undated
8Haley, Tommy (Baseball), 1975
9Hall, Randal, (Track), 1974
10Hall, Ricki (Baseball), 1977
11Hall, Von (Football), undated
12Hamilton, Larry (Football), undated
13Hamilton, Larry (Football), undated
14Hamilton, Mark (Tennis), 1979
15Hamm, Jimmy (Basketball), undated
16Hammock, William (Football), undated
17Hancock, Jim (Track), 1977
18Handle, Dan (Football), 1964
19Hanst, John (Unknown), undated
20Hardaway, Cynthia (Volleyball), undated
21Hardin, Steve (Basketball), 1969
22Hardy, Jack (Football), 1997
23Hardy, Richard (Track), 1966
24Harger, Lyle (Basketball), 1956-1957
25Hargrave, Larry (Football), 1969-1970
26Hargrove, Mark (Golf), 1975-1976
27Harland, Claude (Football), 1954
28Harlien, Matt (Football), 1980-1983
29Harp, Jeffery (Baseball), 1980
30Harper, Kelvin (Football), 1982
31Harrelson, Mark (Football), 1977-1978
32Haris, Dennis (Football, Golf), 1976
33Harris, Denny (Football), 1977
34Harris, Donald (Football), undated
35Harris, James (Football), undated
36Harris, Jamie (Football), 1980-1981
37Harris, John (Softball Coach), undated
38Harris, Leonard (Football), 1981-1983
39Harris, Lewis (Unknown), undated
40Harris, Robert (Baseball), 1975-1976
41Harris, Timothy (Diving), undated
42Harris, Tony (Track), 1973-1976
43Harrison, Andra (Football), undated
44Harrison, Charles (Football), 1962-1966
45Harrison, Leonard (Track), undated
46Harrison, Scott (Football), 1985-1988
47Harrison, Tommy (Baseball), undated
48Hart, Curtis (Track), 1962
49Hartsfield, Pat (Football), 1957
50Hartz, Alvin (Football), undated
51Harvey, Jim (Football), undated
52Harycki, Jim (Baseball), 1983
53Hatch, William Alan (Football), undated
54Hatchett, Jerry (Football), undated
55Hatfield, Derek (Baseball), undated
56Hatler, Belinda (Track), 1985-1987
57Hattaway, Trey (Unknown), 1997
58Havens, Liz (Unknown), undated
59Hawkins, Howard (Football), undated
60Hawley, Eldon (Football), 1962
61Hay, Phil (Football), undated
62Hayes, Hilton (Football), undated
63Hayes, Robert (Baseball), undated
64Hayes, Tommy (Football), 1960
65Hays, Rod (Football), undated
66Hazard, John (Baseball), 1978
67Hazelwood, Mark (Football), undated
68Hazuka, Paul (Swimming), 1981-1983
69Hazzard, David (Baseball), undated
70Head, Garland (Basketball), undated
71Head, Glenn (Baseball), 1977
72Heaney, Jim (Swimming), 1983
73Heji, Daniel (Baseball), 1977-1980
74Helms, Mark (Baseball), undated
75Helton, Connie (Volleyball), undated
76Helwig, Ernie (Baseball), 1975-1977
77Henderson, Gene (Baseball), 1967-1969
78Henderson, Jim (Football), undated
79Henderson, Joe (Football), undated
80Henderson, Johnny (Unknown), undated
81Henderson, Keith (Football), 1984-1986
82Henderson, Monroe (Baseball), undated
83Henderson, Rodney (Basketball), 1987
84Hendley, Jeff (Football), 1977
85Hendrick, Carlos (Baseball), 1962
86Hendrix, Tim (Football), undated
87Henkel, James (Football), 1963-1966
88Henning, Dan (Football), 1961
89Henning, Roger (Basketball), 1961-1962
90Henning, Weldon "Ray" (Football), 1970-1972
91Hennington, Troy (Football), 1985-1987
92Henry, Jack (Football), undated
93Henseler, Dave (Track), 1975-1976
94Henson, Todd (Football), undated
95Henthorne, Barry "Mike" (Football), 1970
96Herchman, Bill (Football), 1955
97Hernandez, Thomas "Tommy" (Baseball), 1988
98Herndon, Bev (Football), 1961
99Herdon, Bill (Football), undated
100Herr, Ronnie (Football), 1955
101Herring, Doyle (Track), undated
102Herro, George (Football), 1971-1974
103Herron, Steve (Football), undated
104Hetterich, Allison (Volleyball), 1986
105Hibler, Milton (Football), 1970
106Hickman, Ronand "Ron" (Unknown), 1977
107Hicks, Randy (Football), undated
108Higginbotham, Robert (Basketball), undated
109Highberg, John (Swimming), undated
110Highfill, Mark (Track), 1963-1964
111Hightower, James (Tennis), 1974-1975
112Hill, Ben F. (Basketball), undated
113Hill, Buddy (Football), undated
91Hill, David (Football), 1978-1979
2Hill, Jon (Football), undated
3Hill, Leon (Basketball), undated
4Hill, Norman (Football), undated
5Hill, Volney "Satch" (Football, Baseball), 1965
6Hilton, Joe (Football), undated
7Hines, Michael (Track), undated
8Hitt, Jimmy "Rex" (Basketball), undated
9Hix, Kenneth (Football), undated
10Hobson, Jimmy (Track), undated
11Hobson, Roderique (Coaching), undated
12Hodde, Henry (Golf), undated
13Hodges, Gerald (Football, Baseball), undated
14Hoel, Mark (Track), 1978
15Hoffman, Mike (Football), undated
16Hoffmans, Jim (Swimming), undated
17Holladay, Mike (Football), undated
18Holland, Jerome (Football and Track), undated
19Holley, Donald (Football), undated
20Hollmann, Bob (Football), undated
21Hollock, Clay (Baseball), 1983
22Holloway, Richard (Football), undated
23Holly, Ronald (Baseball), undated
24Holman, Wooduronn (Track), undated
25Holmes, Pat (Football), undated
26Holt, Don (Track), undated
27Hood, Floyd (Football), undated
28Hopper, Randy (Football), undated
29Hopson, Kevin (Tennis), 1978
30Horton, Dean (Baseball), 1973-1975
31Hoskins, Cliff (Football), 1974 and undated
32House, Doug (Baseball), 1976 and undated
33Houston, (Basketball), undated
34Howard, Chester (Football), 196301965
35Howard, Elton (Baseball), undated
36Howard, John (Football), undated
37Howard, Ray (Football), 1952-1953
38Howey, Tom (Football), undated
39Hoyle, Andy (Football), 1968-1971
40Hrncair, Jerry (Golf), undated
41Hrncair, Patrick (Football), undated
42Hubbard, Vince (Football), undated
43Huber, Joe (Golf), undated
44Hubertus, Charles (Football), undated
45Huckabay, Bryant (Track), 1974-1977
46Huckaby, James (Baseball), undated
47Hudgens, Harold (Basketball), 1961-1962
48Hudson, Curt (Football), undated
49Hudson, Hal (Football), undated
50Hudson, John (Football), undated
51Hudson, Randy (Football), undated
52Huffman, James (Baseball), 1976
53Huffman, Walter (Football), undated
54Hugh (Baseball), undated
55Hughes, Gary (Football), undated
56Hughes, Van (Football), undated
57Huling, Janice (Volleyball), undated
58Hull, Jerry (Baseball), 1983
59Hummel, Jon (Football), undated
60Humphrey, Don (Football), 1977
61Hunt, Bobby (Football), undated
62Hunt, Coolidge (Football), 1962 and undated
63Hunt, Cullen (Baseball, Football), undated
64Hunt-Lovelace (Football), undated
65Hunter, Kim (Baseball), 1975
66Hunter, Mike (Football), 1969
67Hurley, Joe (Football), 1964-1966
68Hurry, Simon (Tennis), 1986
69Hurst, Harold (Football), undated
70Hurst, Jessie Jr. (Football), undated
71Hurt, Howard (Football), 1954
72Hutchinson, Mark (Swimming), undated


Players last name starting with "I"

973Ibarguen, Stephen (Baseball), 1978-1980
74Ince, Carl (Basketball), 1954 and undated
76Ingram, Dickie (Football), 1969-1971 and undated
77Ingram, Russel (Football), 1972-1973 and undated
78Invine, Ted (Unknown), undated
79Inzer, Thomas (Baseball), 1977-1979
80Irvin, Ray (Basketball), undated
81Isaacks, Darla (Basketball), 1984-1988
82Ivey, Danny (Basketball), 1975 and undated


Players last name starting with "J"

983Jackie, Miller (Football), undated
84Jackson, Dick (Football), undated
85Jackson, Earl (Football), undated
86Jackson, John H. (Baseball), 1965
87Jackson, John R. (Football), 1960
88Jackson, Leete (Unknown), undated
89Jackson, Michael "Mike" (Football), 1980
90Jackson, Tony (Football), 1970-1972
91Jaimie, Benito "Benny" (Baseball), undated
92James, Kenneth (Football), 1978
93James, Mark (Football), 1979-1980
94James, Norman (Football), undated
95Janak, Johnny (Football), undated
96Janigian, Anthony "Tony" (Swimming), undated
97Janke, Albert (Football), undated
98January, Glenn (Football), 1970-1973
99Jenkins, Hamilton Jr. (Football), undated
100Jennings, Darrell (Basketball), undated
101Jennings, Morley (Unknown), 1985
102Jennings, Rick (Golf), undated
103Jennings, Wayne (Unknown), undated
104Jernigan, Harlan (Football), undated
105Jeschke, John (Baseball), 1978-1979
106Jeter, Bill (Unknown), undated
107Jezek, David (Swimming), 1980
108Jobe, Jeff (Football), 1972-1999
109Joeckel, David (Football), 1982
110John, Greg (Football), undated
111Johnson, Anthony (Football), undated
112Johnson, Charles "Chuck" (Baseball), 1977-1980
113Johnson, Charles (Basketball), 1981-1983
114Johnson, Clint (Unknown), undated
101Johnson, David (Basketball), 1969-1971
2Johnson, Derrick (Football), undated
3Johnson, James "Jay" (Swimming), 1978-1980
4Johnson, James "Jimmie" (Golf), undated
5Johnson, James (Football), 1986-1987
6Johnson, Jerry (Football), 1951-1954
7Johnson, Jerry Don (Football), 1962
8Johnson, Jimmy (Baseball), undated
9Johnson, John "Brick" (Football), undated
10Johnson, Johnny (Football), undated
11Johnson, Kenneth (Football), undated
12Johnson, Kevin "Bubba" (Baseball), 1990
13Johnson, Marc (Track), undated
14Johnson, Mark (Football), 1977-1979
15Johnson, Michael (Football), 1985-1987
16Johnson, Miles (Basketball), undated
17Johnson, Nedra (Basketball), 1988
18Johnson, Robert (Football), undated
19Johnson, Roger (Unknown), undated
20Johnson, Rufus (Football), undated
21Johnson, Tom (Basketball), undated
22Johnson, Tommy (Football), 1960
23Johnson, Tony (Football), undated
24Johnson, Virgil (Basketball), undated
25Johnson, Willie (Football), 1981
26Johnston, Mark (Baseball), 1976-1979
27Johnston, Morgan (Baseball), undated
28Johnston, Paul (Baseball), 1974-1975
29Jones, (Football), undated
30Jones, Allan (Football), undated
31Jones, Bill (Unknown), 1962
32Jones, Calvin (Football), undated
33Jones, Cedric (Football), 1969
34Jones, Charlotte (Basketball), 1986-1988
35Jones, Chris (Unknown), undated
36Jones, Debby (Basketball), 1986
37Jones, Emmit (Football), undated
38Jones, Georgianna (Track), 1985-1987
39Jones, Gregg (Golf), undated
40Jones, Jimmy (Baseball), 1979
41Jones, Jimmy (Track), undated
42Jones, John Paul (Football), undated
43Jones, Larry (Football), 1962
44Jones, Leonard (Football), 1986
45Jones, Louis (Football), undated
46Jones, Mitchell (Baseball), 1983
47Jones, Rick (Football), undated
48Jones, Roger (Football), 1976-1979
49Jones, Scott (Football), undated
50Jones, Walter (Football), undated
51Jordan, Cole (Football), undated
52Jordan, Michael (Football), undated
53Jordan, Trent (Football), undated
54Jucha, Jennifer Lee (Track), 1986-1987
55Julian, Mark (Football), undated
56Junell, Robert (Football), 1968
57Junior, Rick (Baseball), undated
58Justis, Daniel (Football), undated


Players last name starting with "K"

1059Kaberline, Gene (Basketball), undated
60Kaelin, Paul (Football), undated
61Kaplan, Don (Golf), 1954-1956
62Karl, Tim (Swimming), undated
63Kase, Adam (Golf), 1983
64Kattner, Ken (Football), 1968-1969
65Kautz, Karl (Football), undated
66Kavanagh, Kevin (Tennis), 1981
67Keasler, Reina (Unknown), undated
68Kenney, Floyd (Football), undated
69Kenney, Mike (Football), undated
70Keith, Jeff (Football), 1985-1987
71Keliehor, Bobby (Football), undated
72Keliehor, Mike (Football), undated
73Keliehor, Tom (Football), undated
74Keller, James (Baseball), undated
75Keller, John (Baseball), 1976-1979
76Keller, Kenny (Basketball), undated
77Kelley, John Ray (Football), undated
78Kelley, Larry (Basketball), undated
79Kellner, Russell (Football), undated
80Kellogg, Bob (Football Coach), undated
81Kelly, Bill (Unknown), undated
82Kelly, Don (Football), 1976-1978
83Kelly, Susan (Volleyball), undated
84Kelly, Susan and Clark, Lisa (Volleyball), undated
85Kemp, Michael (Swimming), undated
86Kempf, Rick (Football), undated
87Kennedy, Gary (Football), undated
88Kensing, Tracy (Football), 1977
89Kent, David (Tennis), undated
90Kent, William (Football), undated
91Kerr, Jim (Basketball), 1928
92Kerrick, Gary (Basketball), undated
93Kestner, Jason (Baseball), undated
94Key (Basketball), undated
95Key, Chuck (Basketball), 1958
96Key, Dwayne (Basketball), undated
97Kibler, Andrea (Tennis), 1988
98Kilcullen, Bob (Football), undated
99Killough, Lynn (Basketball), 1984-1988
100Kimbrough, Jesse (Football), undated
101King, Coach and Hunt, Coolidge (Football), undated
102King, Eldon (Football), 1957
103BKing, J. T. (Football Coach; includes photo with King and Hunt [Coolidge?]), 1965-1980
104King, Nancy (Track), undated
105King, Robert (Football), undated
106Kinman, Joe (Football), 1969
107Kinter, Ray (Football), 1969
108Kirkpatrick, Jack (Football), undated
109Kirkpatrick, Paul (Football), undated
110Kirksey, Gary (Football), undated
111Kissell, Glenda (Unknown), undated
112Kitten, Karla (Unknown), undated
113Kittle, Donald (Football), 1986
114Klaerner, Carlos (Football), 1963
115Klein, Ronnie (Football), undated
116Kleine, Wally (Unknown), undated
111Kleinert, John (Football), undated
2Kleinmann, Laura (Golf), 1987
3Kleinsorge, Eric (Baseball), 1988
4Klemmer, Joe (Golf), 1990
5Kinger, John (Football), undated
6Klinkerman, (Unknown), undated
7Knaus, David (Football), 1971-1974
8Kniffen, John "Johnny "(Tennis), 1958
9Knight, Larry (Baseball), 1970
10Knight, Pat (Football), 1965-1966
11Knox, Jimmy (Football), 1956-1958
12Kobza, Gregory "Greg "(Baseball), undated
13Koch, Glen (Football), 1962-1963
14Koester, Edward "Ed" (Football), 1973
15Kohler, Robert "Bobby" (Baseball), 1978-1981
16Kolander, Jerry (Unknown), undated
17Kolbye, Kevin (Football), 1978-1980
18Kordas (Unknown), undated
19Kothman (Tennis), 1963-1964
20Kothmann, Eldon (Football), undated
21Kovac, Dave (Unknown), 1963
22Krahl, Jim (Football), 1973-1975
23Krempin, James (Football), 1969
24Krischke, David (Football), undated
25Krueger, Steve (Swimming), 1977
26Kucel, Scott (Swimming), 1974
27Kuehler, Glen (Baseball), undated
28Kummer, George "Ken" (Football), 1951
29Kuper, Holly (Football), undated
30Kuykendall (Football), undated
31Kyzer, Bobby (Football), undated


Players last name starting with "L"

1132LaFrance, Jody (Track), undated
33Lamar, Russell "Rusty" (Baseball), 1983
34Lamb, Bill (Unknown), undated
35Lamberson, Todd (Football), undated
36Lambert, Bobbie (Football), 1952
37Lamey, John (Unknown), undated
38Lancaster, Randy (Football), 1971-1974
39Lancaster, Robert (Football), 1960
40Lance, Billy (Baseball), undated
41Landers, Jerry Don (Track), 1959
42Landry, Greg (Baseball), undated
43Lane, Dennis (Football), 1967-1969
44Lange, Cie (Unknown), undated
45Lange, Norma (Unknown), 1998
46Langehennig, Miles (Football), 1972
47Langford, Christopher "Chris" (Tennis), 1983
48Langford, George (Coach), 1943-1953
49Langford, Monty (Football), undated
50Lankford, Scott (Baseball), undated
51Lansing, K.P. (Unknown), undated
52Larimore, Jack (Football), 1963
53Larsen, Scott (Golf), 1977
54Larson, Jimmy (Football), undated
55Laughlin, Lewis "Rusty" (Baseball), 1977-1981
56Lautenslager, Gregory "Greg" (Track), 1976-1977
57Law, Milton "Dee" (Baseball), 1978-1979
58Law, Samuel "Sam" (Basketball), 1982
59Lawhorn, Floyd (Unknown), undated
60Lawson, Steven (Football), 1970
61Lawson, Ted (Football), undated
62Layne, Robert (Basketball), undated
63Leach, T.L. (Unknown), undated
64Leatherwood, David (Tennis), undated
65Lebold, Lisa (Unknown), Undated
66Ledet, Harold (Track), 1978
67Lee, Bryan (Football), 1985-1990
68Lee, Gerard "Jerry" (Baseball), 1972-1975
69Lee, John (Football), undated
70Lee, Leslie (Track), 1964
71Lee, Richard (Unknown), 1983
72Lee, Stanley (Basketball), 1974-1975
73Lee, Steve (Basketball), undated
74LeeLum, Paul (Tennis), 1975-1977
75Leier, Steven (Tennis), 1983-1984
76Leimgruber, Scott (Baseball), 1976-1978
77Lemmons, John (Basketball), undated
78Lemon, Kurt (Unknown), undated
79Lenneman, Timothy (Swimming) 1982-1983 and undated
80Leonard, James (Track), 1957
81Leonard, Renaldo (Football), undated
82Lepard, Robert (Track), 1976-1980
83Lepard, Russell (Football), 1973-1976
84LePori, Mark (Baseball), 1974-1975
85Lerma, Carlos (Football), undated
86Levens, Randy (Football), 1970-1972
87Lewellen, Tim (Football), undated
88Lewis, Benjamin (Basketball), undated
89Lewis, Bobby (Baseball, Football), 1970
90Lewis, Byron (Football), 1959
91Lewis, Deanie (Football), undated
92Lewis, Don (Unknown), undated
93Lewis, Donald "Don" (Football), 1950
94Lewis, Howell "Howie" (Football), 1975-1979
95Lewis, Larry (Basketball), 1965-1966
96Lewis, Randy (Track), 1975
97Lewis, Robert (Football), 1981-1982
98Liggins, Demetrius "Rudy" (Basketball), 1974-1975
99Light, Lonnie (Unknown), undated
100Lillard, Douglas (Football), 1961
101Lillpop, Mike (Football), 1972-1975
102Limbaugh, Tommy (Coach), 1975
103Linscomb, A. Joe (Football), 1971
104Lipsey, Bradley Scott (Football), undated
105Lipsey, Charles (Unknown), undated
106Lister, Scott (Track), 1982-1983
107Little (Basketball), undated
108Little, Alton (Football), undated
109Little, Douglas "Doug" (Baseball), 1978
110Little, James "Jimmy" (Football and Basketball), 1961
111Little, Randy K. (Unknown), undated
112Littleton, Scottie Lee (Football), undated
121Lloyd, Bernard (Basketball), 1994
2Lloyd, Dave (Football), undated
3Lobo, Joao Decio Buffara (Tennis), 1983
4Locke, Kyle (Baseball), undated
5Lodgson, Lisa (Basketball and Women's Student Assistant), 1985 and undated
6Loftis, Howard (Track), undated
7Lokey, Lance (Golf), 1990
8Long, Gary (Baseball), 1975-1976
9Long, John (Unknown), undated
10Long, Steve (Golf), 1973-1976
11Lorenz, Larry (Football), undated
12Loter, James (Baseball), 1976
13Lovelace, Jerry (Football), undated
14Lovelace, Johnny (Football), 1963 and undated
15Lovelace, Leon (Football), undated
16Lovell, Bob (Baseball), undated
17Lowe, Andy (Football), 1969
18Lowe, Andy (Football), undated
19Lowery (Unknown), 1964 and undated
20Lowery, Floyd (Football), undated
21Lowery, Greg (Basketball), 1977
22Lowery, Kevin (Baseball), 1987-1988
23Lowery, Leo (Football), 1963-1964 and undated
24Lowrie, Douglas (Unknown), undated
25Loyd, Gary (Football), 1964
26Lozano, Charles (Unknown), undated
27Lozano, Tony (Track), undated
28Lubbock Raiders (Basketball), undated
29Luig, Eddie, Jr. (Baseball), undated
30Lunn, Nat (Baseball), undated
31Lusk, Tommy (Football), undated
32Lussier, Mark (Football), undated
33Lutrick, Carrie (Basketball), undated
34Lyle, Joe (Basketball), undated
35Lyle, Joe (Unknown), 1964 and undated
36Lyles, Jimmy (Basketball), undated
37Lynch, Charles (Basketball/ Coach), 1957-1965 and undated
38Lynch, Howard (Football), undated
39Lynch, Max (Basketball), undated
40Lynch, Terry (Football), 1988 and undated
41Lyons, Harold (Football), undated

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