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An Inventory of Its Records, 1964-1988 and undated, at the Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library

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Creator Texas Tech University
Title: Research Services, Records,
Dates: 1964-1988 and undated
Abstract: Records of Office of Research Services at Texas Tech University from 1964-1988 and undated.
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Repository: Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library, Texas Tech University

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The Office of Research Services (ORS) at Texas Tech University provides centralized administrative and management services for sponsored projects. Projects include grants, contracts, and cooperative agreements, from both the public and private sectors, which support research, instruction, and service.

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The collection consists of research-based projects and grants by graduate students and faculty at Texas Tech University.


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Research Services Records, 1964-1988 and undated, Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas

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1984-0026-B, 1984-0027-B, 1987-0061-B, 1987-0062-B, 1988-0050-B

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Collection Inventory


Box 1: Legal sized Office Files A-S

box folder
1 1 Appeal: Beth Grossman vs. TTU, Et. Al., 1970-1977
2 Biology: Burns, John M., 1980
3 Blackmer, Gary, 1972-1982 and undated
4 Chemistry: Sevall, J. Sanders, 1975-1981
5 Communication Service, 1971-1975
6 Fuller, Brian B., 1980
7 Haragon, Donald: "Satellite-Derived Cloud Climatology..," 1971-82
8 Lichti, Roger, 1980 and undated
9 Medical School: Everse, Johannes, 1978-1983
10 Milligan, W. D., 1972-1979
11 Mylers, Charles, 1980-1982 and undated
12 Physics: Agarwal, Vijendra, 1982-1986
13 Physics: Marshall, Billy J., 1965-1979
14 Physics: Marshall, Billy J., 1973-1980
15 Physics: Menzel, Roland E., 1980 and undated
16 Research Computer Usage, 1973-1975
17 Schafer, Susan: "Arts Management in the 80's," 1982


Box 2: Letter sized Office Files A

box folder
2 1 15th Anniversary Activities, 1973-1975
2 AAHE/ Syndicated Newspaper Column 1977-1979
3 Academic Council, 1971-1972 and undated
4 Academic Council, 1971-1974 and undated
5 Academic Council, 1973-1976 and undated
6 Academic Council, 1974-1975 and undated
7 Academic Council, 1975-1976 and undated
8 Academic Leadership Development Propsal, 1979-1981
9 Academic Priorities, 1973-1976 and undated
10 Account: 12G001-2, 1979-1980
11 Accounting Method Patent Policy, Invention.., 1976-1978 and undated
12 Advisory Council, 1970-1973
13 Agenda: Energy Foundation of Texas, 1975-1979 and undated
14 Agenda/Meetings, 1975-1979 and undated
15 Agricultural Education, 1980
16 Agricultural Sciences, 1983-1984
17 Ainsworth, Len: "Bilingual Summer Institute," 1981
18 Ainsworth, Len: Bilingual Summer Institutes Texas Ed. Ag., 1980
19 Alley, Lee: "Energy and Economic Assessment of Solar Ponds," 1981
20 Allen, B. L.: "Soil Series Map Development," 1981-1982
21 Alliance for Progress, 1973
22 American Association for the Advancement of Science, 1970-1975 and undated
23 American Institute of Biological Sciences, 1973-1974 and undated
24 Anderson, John: "Clavine Alkaloid Biosynthesis," 1970-1982
25 Anderson, John: "Cytochrome P-450 in Ergot," 1979-1984
26 Anderson, Robert: "Development of a Recognition," 1979
27 Anderson, Robert: "Improving Teaching at the University Level," 1979
28 Anderson, Robert: "Symposium: Therapeutic Interventions with Minority Clients," 1982
29 Anderson, Robert: "Mainstreaming Educator's Resources for General Education," 1978-1979
30 Anderson, Robert: "Development of a Cognitive Test," 1979-1982
31 Animal Science, 1982-1983
32 Annual Report, 1977-1980
33 Anthropology, 1976-1983 and undated


Box 3: Letter sized Office Files A-B

box folder
3 1 Area of Accounting, 1974-1982
2 Area Traffic Engineer/TTU: Mezack, M., Continuing Education and OTS, 1978-1980
3 Armstrong, Daniel, 1983-1984
4 Art, 1972-1984 and undated
5 Arts and Sciences, 1977-1983 and undated
6 Articles and By-Laws: "Correspondence Concerning," 1975-1978 and undated
7 Asher, R. and; Gustafson, D.: "Adaptive Control and Estimation Techniques for Large Antennas," 1977-1978
8 Asher, Robert and Walkup, John: "Use of Estimation Theory in Multidither," 1976-1977
9 Ater, Carolyn: "Expansion of Consumer Education for the Elderly," 1976-1977
10 Auditors, 1976-1978 and undated
11 Ayoub, M. M.: "Atlas of Strength," 1980-1982
12 Ayoub, M. M.: "Determination and Modeling of Lifting Capacity," 1975-1979
13 Ayoub, M. M.: "Development of an Atlas of Strength and Establishment," 1979-1981
14 Ayoub, M. M.: "Effects of Task Variables on Lifting Capacity," 1979-1983
15 Ayoub, M. M.: "Equipment Handling Models Evaluation and Development," 1974-1980
16 Ayoub, M. M.: "Establishing Criteria for Assigning Personnel," 1978-1982
17 Ayoub, M. M.: "Factors for Establishing Permissible Limits for One Handed," 1979-1981
18 Ayoub, M. M.: "Interim Modification of the X-Factor Test," 1981-1982
19 Ayoub, M. M.: "Support for Static and Dynamic Anthropology for Computer," 1980-1981
20 Ayoub, M. M.: "Update Military Standard 1472-B," 1977-1978
21 Baccour, Dr. Abdelmajid: "Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Associates Ltd.," 1976
22 Baggerman, Franklin: "Vegetable Insecticide Research," 1981
23 Baier, John L.: "University AIDES Program," 1982-1983
24 Baird, Frank L.: "Coping with West Texas' Twin," 1979
25 Baker, Robert: "Evolutionary Studies of Phyllostomatid Bat Faunas of Caribbean Island," 1972-1973
26 Baker, Robert: "Role of Chromosomal Change in Evolution," 1980-1983
27 Baker, Robert: "Study of the Role of Chromosomal Change in Mammalian Evolution," 1976-1979
28 Baker, Robert: "The Systematics and Evolutionary Strategy," 1977-1978
29 Baker, Robert J.: "Role of Chromosomal Change in Evolution," 1975-1983
30 Baker, T. Lindsey: General, 1977-1978
31 Bartell, Daniel: "Research in Insecticides Associated with Vegetables," 1980-1981
32 Bartsch, Richard: "Ionophoric Stabilization of Carcinogen Intermedinates," 1978-1980
33 Bartsch, Richard: "Complexed Diazonium Ions," 1976-1979
34 Bartsch, Richard: "Crown Ether Chemistry," 1980-1982
35 Bartsch, Richard: "Ionic Association in Base Promoted B Elimination Reaction," 1975-1979
36 Bartsch, Richard: "Leaching of Lignite Ash by Rain and Acid Rain," 1981-1982
37 Bartsch, Richard: "Metal Ion Complexation by Ionic Crown Ethers," 1981-1983
38 Bartsch, Richard A.: "Analysis of Tars from Corn Cob," 1979-1980
39 Bartsch, Richard A.: "Improved Diazonium Ion," 1977-1982
40 Bartsch, Richard A.: "Leaching of Lignite Storage Piles by Rain and Acid Rain," 1980-1981
41 Bartsch, Richard A.: "Metal Ion Complexation by Ionic Crown Ethers," 1979-1980
42 Bartsch, Richard A.: "New Nitrogen Leaving Groups for Elimination Reactions," 1976-1978


Box 4: Letter sized Office Files B

box folder
4 1 Beck, S. R.: Alcohol Fuels Workshop, 1979-1980
2 Beck, S. R./ Parker, H. W.: "Technology Assessment on Energy...," 1978-1979
3 Beck, Steven: Application of SGFM Technology to Other Feedstocks, 1977-1979
4 Beck, Steven: "Conversion of Cattle Feedlot Wastes to Ammonia Synthesis Gas," 1972-1974
5 Beck, Steven: "Conversion of Cattle Feedlot Wastes to Ammonia Synthesis Gas," 1975-1981
6 Beck, Steven: "Use of Ethanol as a Diesel Fuel," 1980-1981
7 Bech, Steven: "Cooperation Between Education Service Centers," 1979-1980
8 Beckner, Weldon: "National Center for Smaller Schools," 1981 and undated
9 Beckner, Weldon: "Small Secondary School Improvement Project," 1979-1981
10 Beckner, Weldon: "A study of Leadership Processes In Exemplary Small Secondary School...," 1979-1982
11 Behnken, Fred H.: "Permian Conodont Paleoecology, Wyoming Shelf...," 1976-1978
12 Behr, Kiesling: "Economical Earth Sheltered Housing for Flat Sites," 1979-1981
13 Behr, R. A.: "Improved Structural Systems for Earth Sheltered Housing," 1980-1982 and undated
14 Behr, Richard: General, 1980 and undated
15 Behr, Richard and Kiesling, Ernst: "Energy Conserving, Earth-Sheltered Dome House...," 1979-1980
16 Bell, C. A. and Clements, L. D.: "Solar-Thermal Jet Educator Pumping for Agricultural...," 1979-1980
17 Bell, Camille: "An Analysis of Problems as Perceived by Male Student in VHE," 1979-1981
18 Bell, Camille: "Establishing a Communication Model for Changing Attitudes, " 1981
19 Bell, Camille: "HE-VEH Instruction Materials," 1977-1979 and undated
20 Bell, Camille: "Home Economics Instructional Materials for the Disadvantaged," 1978-1979
21 Bell, Camille G.: "Consumer Education in Vocational Homemaking Education in Texas," 1979-1981
22 Bell, Camille G.: "Development of a Handbook for Programs in Vocational Ed.," 1977
23 Bell, Camille G.: "Special Workshop for Coordinated Voc-Academic Education...," 1971-1977
24 Bell, Camille G.: "Special Workshop for Coordinated Voc-Academic Education...," 1979-1982
25 Bell, Camille G.: "Workshop for Beginning HECVAE and HEVE for Handicapped Vocation Home...," 1980-1982
26 Bell, Nancy: "Sex of Child as a Determinant of Adult Reaction," 1977-1978
27 Bell, Nancy J.: "Family Constellation," 1979-1982
28 Bell, Robert W.: "Behavioral and Social Factors Affecting Expressivity...," 1979-1981
29 Bell, Truman T.: "A Follow-Up System for Graduating and Non-Returning Students in TX...," 1978
box folder
Box 4 30 Bennett, Harold: "Linearly Ordered Topological Spaces and the R Space Conjecture," 1979-1981
box folder
4 31 Bennett, W. F.: "Peace Corps Recruiting (Action)," 1977-1981
32 Bennett, W. F.: "USDA Agricultural Projects Analysis," 1981 and undated
33 Bensberg, G.: "Extending Rehabilitation Services to the Multiply Handicapped," 1974-1977
34 Bensberg, G.: "Planning and Implementing Advocacy Systems for the DD," 1976-1979
35 Bensberg, G.: "Rehabilitation Regional Short Term Training," 1977-1978
36 Bensberg, Gerard: "Coordination of Vocational Rehabilitation," 1979-1981
37 Bensberg, Gerard: "Fort Worth State School," 1980-1982
38 Bensberg, Gerard: "Interdisciplinary Training of Specialized Personnel," 1977-1981 and undated
39 Bensberg, Gerard: "Muleshoe Interview Project," 1981
40 Bensberg, Gerard: "Rehabilitation Counselor Training Program," 1979-1980
41 Bensberg, Gerard: "Research and Training Center in Mental Retardation," 1971-1977


Box 5: Letter sized Office Files B

box folder
Box 5 1 Bensberg, Gerard: "Research and Training Center in Mental Retardation," 1977-1982
box folder
5 2 Bensberg, Gerard J.: "A Regional Technical Assistance Program," 1976-1980 and undated
3 Bensberg, Gerard J.: "Technical Assistance to DD Citizen Consumer Advocates," 1978-1981
4 Berlin, Jerry: "Effect of Water Stress on Cell Structure and Chemistry," 1982
5 Bethea, Robert: "Evaluation of Occupational Cotton Dust Control," 1978-1980
6 Bethea, Robert: "Evaluation of Occupational Cotton Dust Control," 1979-1980
7 Bethea, Robert: "Letter Proposal," 1982
8 Bilimoria, Shanti L.: "Genotypic and Phenotypic," 1979-1980
9 Biological and Economic Management Implications for Big Game in West Texas, 1976-1980
10 Biological Sciences, 1977-1984 and undated
11 Blackburn, Gary: "Preparation of Professional Personnel in the Education for Handicapped Children...," 1977-1980
12 Blackburn, Gary: "Preparation of Professional Personnel in the Education of Handicapped," 1977-1979
13 Blackmer, Gary L.: "Synthesis and Complexation of Isotopically," 1977-1979
14 Bodden, Jack L.: "Rehabilitation Counselors Training Program," 1976-1978
15 Bolen, Eric: "Economic Characters of Farm Enterprises in the...," 1982
16 Bolen, Eric: "Winter Condition of Mallards," 1981-1982
16 Bolen, Eric: "Winter Condition of Mallards," 1981-1982
16 Bolen, Eric: "Winter Condition of Mallards," 1981-1982
17 Bolen, Eric: "Winter Conditions of Pintails...," 1978-1979
18 Bolen, Eric G.: "Winter Ecology of Sea Ducks on the Laguna Madre of Texas," 1978-1979
19 Boren, Angela: "Improvement in a Basic Scientific Nutrition Course," 1979
20 Boren, Angela: "Interactive Study Group," 1977-1981
21 Brandy, Thomas E.: "In Situ Localization of the Storage Protein Subnit Genes," 1979
22 Broderick, James: "Artists Critics Photographers and Craftsmen in Residence," 1977-1979
23 Brothers, Gene: "Water Quality Analysis in Guadalupe Mountains," 1980
24 Bryant, Fred: "Improving Small Ruminant Nutrition...," 1979-1982
25 Bryant, Fred: "Improving Small Ruminant Nutrition," 1982
26 Bryant, Fred: "Use or Productivity of Mule Deer," 1979-1982
27 Bubany, Charles: "Adjustication of Traffic Violations Texas Dept. of Highways and Public Transportation," 1980
28 Budget: "University," 1973 and undated
29 Budgets, 1977-1979
30 Bulletin Review Committee, 1972
31 Burkes, T. R.: "E-Beam Laser Support," 1976


Box 6: Letter sized Office Files B-C

box folder
6 1 Burkes, T. R.: "Airborne Power Systems Analysis and Definition," 1975-1979
2 Burkes, T. R.: "A Critical Analysis and Assessment of High Power Switches," 1976-1981
3 Burkes, T. R.: "High Power Spark Gap Development," 1979-1980
4 Burkes, T. R.: "International Pulse Power Conference," 1976-1977
5 Burkes, T. R.: "Power System Analysis," 1976-1979
6 Burkes, T. R.: "Pulse Power Research," 1979-1980
7 Burkes, T. R.: "Veradyne Switch Test Program Los Alamos," 1979-1980
8 Burns, J. M.: "Endocrine Regulation of Reproduction in Sexually Mature Larve," 1979-1981
9 Burzlaff, Donald: "West Texas Deer Research Project," 1979
10 Business Administration, 1979-1984
11 Case, Evelyn Jackson: "HEW Investigation," 1978-1979 and undated
12 Caskey, Owen: "Improving Mental Acuity in Generic Education," 1978-1979
13 Castro, Carmen: "Nutrition/Molecular Biology," 1977-1979
14 Cayer, Joseph: "Cities and Their People," 1978-1979
15 Cayer, Joseph: "Interns-Governor's Office of Energy," 1979
16 Cayer, Joseph: "Labor Relations Training Workshops," 1980
17 Cayer, Joseph: "Municipal Supervisor Improvement," 1979
18 Cayer, Joseph: "Public Service Institutional Program" 1978
19 Cayer, Joseph: "Strengthening Public Service Education..," 1977-1978
20 Cayer, Joseph: "Summer Intern Program," 1980
21 Cayer, N. J.: "Feasibility Study of a Municipal Data Processing Consortium," 1979
22 Cayer, N. J.: "Personnel Systems Development," 1978
23 Cayer, N. J.: "Public Service Education," 1978-1979
24 Cayer, N. Joseph: "EDP Workshops for Local," 1979
25 Cayer, N. Joseph: "Municipal Supervisor Improvement and Development," 1979
26 Cayer, N. Joseph: "Texas Statewide Corrections Internship Program," 1978
27 Cayer, N. Joseph: "Texas Statewide Corrections Intern Program," 1979-1980
28 Cepica, M. J.: "Development of FFA Voc. Ed.," 1979-1982
29 Cepica, Marvin: "An Asmnt. of Vocational Agriculture Pgms. as Perceived by Female...," 1979-1982
30 Cepica, Marvin J.: "Establishing Guidelines for Summer Vocational Agriculture," 1978-1979
31 Chamberlain, Valerie M., General, undated
32 Chanda, Kamal: "NonParametric Estimation of Signals," 1978-1979
33 Chanda, Kamal: "Nonparametric Estimation of Signals Mixed with Noise," 1979
34 Chanda, Kamal: "Nonparametric Estimation of Signals Mixed with Noise," 1981
35 Chao, Kwong Shu: "Continuation Methods in Computer-Aided Design," 1977-1979
36 Chao, Kwong Shu: "Continuation Methods in Nonlinear Network Analysis," 1981
37 Charter Day, 1972-1973 and undated
38 Chatfield, Douglas: "Appraisal Alternatives to Current Systems Evaluation Techniques," 1977-1978
39 Chatfield, Douglas: "Survey of the Literature on Human Conceptual Behavior," 1976-1978
40 Chatfield, Douglas C.: "Cause," 1979-1982
41 Chatterjee, Sankar: "The Geology of Marie Byrd and Ellsworth Lards Antarctica," 1980-1981
42 Chemical Engineering: Mann, Uzi, 1982-1986
43 Chemistry, 1979-1984
44 Chesnavich, Walter J.: "Molecular Collision Theory Approach to Nucleation American Chem. Soc.," 1981
45 Child and Family Studies, 1981-1984
46 China Project, 1972-1975
47 Claborn, B. J.: "Analysis of Open-Channel Flow in Plastic Sewer Pipe," 1979-1980
48 Claborn, B. J.: "Llano Estacado Total Water Measurement Phase 1," 1977-1979
49 Claborn, B. J.: "Playa Lake Data Collection," 1979-1981
50 Claborn, B. J.: "Playa Lake Data Collection-Texas High Plains," 1980
51 Clark, James: "Environmental Influences on Reproductive Efficiency in Swine," undated
52 Clark, James R.: "Reproduction Problems in Swine Houston Livestock Show," 1978-1980
53 Classical and Romance Languages, 1980-1984
54 Clements, L. D.: "Effects of High Temp/High Heat Flux Environments," 1979-1980
55 Clements, L. D.: "Fluid Degredation Failure Modes of Organic," 1978-1979
56 Clements, L. Davis: "Particle-to-Fluid Heat Transfer," 1979-1980
57 Cochran, Clarke: "Responsibility, Commitment and Community," 1978
58 Cogan, Dennis: "The Use of Experimental Sim. in Introduction," 1978
59 Cogan, Rosemary: "Development of Certified Exam," 1981-1983


Box 7: Letter sized Office Files C

box folder
7 1 Committee of 50, 1974-1976 and undated
2 Complex Committee, 1972-1974
3 Complex Organization Chart, 1972
4 Complex Center, 1970-1974 and undated
5 Conover, William J.: "An Evaluation of Literature Relevant to Accident Statistics," 1977-1979
6 Conover, William J.: "Robust Discriminant Analysis," 1977-1978
box folder
Box 7 7 Contract: "Subcontract Between Lubbock Christian Col. Institute of Water Research and TTU," 1978-1980
box folder
7 8 Contract: "Texas Tech University and Lubbock Lake Development Corporation," 1979-1980
9 Coordinating Board, 1975-1980
10 Coordinating Board, 1975-1980
11 Coordinating Board: "Advistory Committee on Off-Campus Instruction," 1979-1980
12 Coordinating Board and Reports, 1970-1975 and undated
13 Correspondence: Architecture, 1980-1984
14 Correspondence: Chemical Engineering, 1978-1983
15 Correspondence: Civil Engineering, 1982-1984
16 Correspondence: Computer Utilization, 1975-1977
17 Correspondence: Dahl, B. E., 1980-1981
18 Correspondence: Davenport, James, 1978-1981
19 Correspondence: Draper, Arthur L., 1978
20 Correspondence: Electrical Engineering, 1980-1984
21 Correspondence: Energy Foundation of Texas, 1975-1980
22 Correspondence: Felkner, Ira C., 1977-1979
23 Correspondence: Food and Nutrition, 1978-1983
24 Correspondence: Gupta, Kamalaksha Das, 1980
25 Correspondence: Home Economics, 1980-1984


Box 8: Letter sized Office Files C-D

box folder
8 1 Correspondence: Industrial Engineering, 1981-1984
2 Correspondence: Kice, John L., 1980-1982
3 Correspondence: Medical School, 1981
4 Correspondence: Museums, 1974-1979 and undated
5 Correspondence: Quinn, William, 1982
6 Correspondence: Schultz, Ned, 1980
7 Correspondence: Senqupta, A. N., undated
8 Correspondence: Sherrod, L. B., 1976
9 Correspondence: Sollie, Donna, 1980
10 Cost Sharing, 1970-1973 and undated
11 Coulter, Kyle Jane: "Residential Real Estate Program Development," 1976-1979
12 Council of Graduate Schools, 1971-1974 and undated
13 Council of Graduate Schools, 1975
14 Courtney, James: "Development of Integrated Word and Data Processing Systems for SPAG," 1982
15 Craddock, Frank: "The Effects of Sodium Hydroxide-Treated Cotton Plant By-Product and Rolro Implants on Feedlot Performance and Carcass...," 1982
16 Craig, John P.: "Power System Analysis," 1975-1978
17 Craig, John P.: "Special Purpose Motor Test and Analysis," 1982
18 Craig, John P.: Internal Memo, 1977-1981
19 Crowder, Alex: "Model for a Comprehensive Interdisciplinary Teacher Training Program," 1979-1980
20 Dahl, B. E.: "Post-Hurricane Survey of Experimental Dunes on Padre Island," 1981-1982
21 Dahl, B. E.: "Range and Wildlife Management Research in South Texas," 1972-1982
22 Das Gupta: "File #2 X-Ray Laser (Stimulation of Kossel by Lines)," 1979
23 Das Gupta: "File #3 (Stimulated X Radiation)," 1978-1979
24 Davies, David: "Detailed Geological and Geophysical Studies in Marie Byrd Land," 1975-1978
25 Davies, David: "Detailed Geological Studies in Marie Byrd Land Antarctica," 1977-1979
26 Davies, David K.: "Continental Volcaniclastics, Volcan de Fuego, Guatemala," 1978-1980
27 Davies, David K.: "Reservoir Properties of Point Lookout Sandstones...Canadian Hunter Expl. Ltd.," 1977
28 Davis, Bob: "Small Business Administration Support," 1977-1980
29 Davis, Gordon: "Development of a Beef Pork Hamburger Patty," 1980-1981
30 Development of Health, Education, and Welfare, 1970-1973
31 Development of Design Guidelines to Wind Load Provisions: CE and NSF/ASRA, 1978-1980
32 Dixon, Kenneth: "Proposed Visual Arts Exhibition," 1979-1980
33 Dixon, Paul: "The Development of Research Potential and Professionalism," 1979-1982
34 Dometrius, Nelson: "Planning Training Project," 1981
35 Dometrius, Nelson: "Public Service Education Fellowship and Institutional Grant," 1978-1981
36 Downes, John: "Rural Economic Development-Durango, Mexico," 1979-1982
37 Dregne, H. and Lee, Hong: "Inventory of World Agricultural..." 1978-1979
38 Dregne, Harold: "Conference On Managing Saline Waters for Irrigation," 1975-1977
39 Dregne, Harold: "Specialized Training Program," 1978
40 Drew: "Research and Development of an Interpretative Program for the Ranching Heritage Center," 1974-1981


Box 9: Letter sized Office Files D-E

box folder
9 1 Drew: "Stipend Support for Graduate/Professional," 1975-1978
2 Drew, L.: "Institute for History Museums and Secondary Education," 1977-1978
3 Drew, L.: "Participation in Academic Enrichment Program," 1979
4 Dudek, Richard: "Technology Assessment: Human...," 1976-1978
5 Dudek, Richard: "THEMIS Proposal/Contract," 1968-1972
6 Dudek, Richard and Burns, J. R.: "Productivity Improvements...," 1979-1982
7 Dudek, Richard: "Photovolcanic Utility Customer Interface Study," 1978-1980
8 Dunn, Jerry: "Demonstration of a Low Cost, Indirect, Evaporative Cooling...," 1978-1979
9 Dunn, Jerry: "Research Initiation and Support," 1977-1981
10 Dunn, Jerry R.: "The Design Evaluation of an Improved Indirect Evaporative Cooling System," 1980-1981
11 Ebanks, Bruce: "Some Functional Equations," 1979-1981
12 Economic and Financial Analysis of Rough Land- Improved Mixes for Wildlife Habitat and Agricultural Commodity Program, 1979-1981
13 Economics, 1974-1984
14 Education, 1980-1984
15 Eggenberger, Lewis: "Special Workshop in General Agricultural Mechanics for Vocational Agriculture Teachers," 1980-1981
16 Eggenberger, Lewis: "Workshop in General Agricultural Mechanics for Vocational Agriculture Teachers in High School...," 1981-1983
17 Eggenberger, U. L.: "Special Workshop in General Ag. Mech. For Voc. Ag. Teachers in High School Conducting Pre-Emp. Lab. Pro. in GA Mech. Train.," 1974-1978
18 Elbow, Gary: "Guided Design," 1978-1979
19 Emre, Erol: "An Approach to Adaptive Control & Adaptive Observers for Multivariable Systems," 1982-1984
20 Energy: "General," 1971-1973 and undated
21 Energy Conference, 1979
22 Energy Reports: "Drafts," 1978
23 Energy Reports: "Texas Tech House of Representatives," 1975-1979 and undated
24 Energy Task Force Draft: "Gully," 1981
25 Engineering, 1980-1983
26 English, 1979-1984
27 Entomology, 1980-1983 and undated
28 Environmental Research Council National Association of State University and Land Grant Colleges, 1972
29 Environmental Studies Committee, 1971-1972 and undated
30 Ethridge, Don: C "ED/ERS/USDA," 1976-1981
31 Ewalt: "Special Services for Disadvantaged Students," 1976-1982


Box 10: Letter sized Office Files E-G

box folder
10 1 Ewalt, R/Llanas, J.: "Upward Bound," 1974-1978
2 Facilities: "Solar Energy," 1975-1976 and undated
3 Family Management, Housing and Consumer Service, 1981-1983
4 Fish, Ernest B.: "Watershed Impacts of Recreational Dev. In Guad. Mts...," 1976-1983
5 Fish, Ernest B.: "Water Quality Analysis of McKittrick Canyon Stream in Guadalupe Mountains," 1979
6 Fish, Ernest B.: "Evaluation of Aerial Imagery for Cultural Resource Inventories," 1981
7 Foerster, Eugene: "Preparation of Abasic Design of A Long Term Plan/Yemen AG...," 1979
8 Food Science Advisory Committee, 1972-1974
9 Food Technology, 1980
10 Ford, Wayne: "Fixed Point Formulation of Porons Media Problem," 1979-1980
11 Ford, Wayne: "Mathematical Analysis of Porons...," 1978-1981
12 Ford, Wayne: "State of the Art Seminars in Complex Fluid Flow," 1976-1977
13 Ford, Wayne T.: "Survey of Simulation of Porous Media Problems," 1978-1979
14 Foster, David, 1974-1976
15 Foundation Accounts: 72-F117-200000, 72-F167-200000, 1979
16 Fredricks, G. A.: "Canonical Forms for Linear Partial Differential Operators," 1979-1981
17 Freeman, Billy: "An Economic Analysis of Alternative Wildlife Enterprises in the Southern Great Plains," 1979-1980
18 Freeman, Billy: "A Study of Governmental Response to the Mid-70's Drought in Three States," 1982 and undated
19 Freeman, Kenneth, 1972
20 Funded Undergraduate Research Proposals, 1979-1980
21 Garcia, John D.: "Effects of herbicides from Range Watersheds on Fish Growth," 1976-1980
box folder
Box 10 22 Garcia, John D.: "The Herpatotaune of the Guadalupe Mountain National Park," 1978-1980
box folder
10 23 Garcia, John D.: "Induced Water Quality Changes in Lakes Resulting from Fertilizer, Herbicide and Insecticide Use on Crop and Range," 1976-1980
24 Garvin, W. L.: "Solar-Assisted Residential Air-Conditioning System," 1979-1982
25 Geders, Jane: "Effects of Zinc Supplementation...," 1979-1981
26 Geography, 1974-1983
27 George, Clay: "The Effects of Sex and Race on Managerial Superior - Subordinate," 1980-1981
28 George, Clay: "Proposal Literature Review on Motion Sickness...," 1979-1980
29 George, Edward V.: "Humanities Offerings Survey," 1980 and undated
30 George, John E.: "Ecology and Sensory Physiology of Tics," 1970-1975
31 George, John E.: "The Ecology and Sensory Physiology of Ticks," 1974-1977
32 Geosciences/Atmospheric Science, 1975-1984
33 Germanic and Slavic Languages, 1978-1982
34 Gillas, John: "Joint Musical Production," 1981
35 Gillett, Paul E.: "Request For Equipment to Monitor Soil Temperatures," 1979
36 Gilliam, David: "Wave Propagation Phenomena Described by Symmetric...," 1978-1981
37 Gipson, Jack: "Influence of EL-500 on Ornamentals," 1987
38 Glosson, L,: "Home Economics Instructional Materials Center #4," 1980-1982
39 Glosson, Linda: "Determination of Appropriate Content for a Clothing and Textiles Specialized Course," 1981
40 Glosson, Linda: "Multimedia Nutrition Education Project," 1981-1982
41 Glosson, Linda: "Post Secondary Vocational H.E. Instructional Materials Exchange Network Program," 1981-1982
42 Glosson, Linda: "Post-Secondary Vocation Home Economics Instructional Materials Needs Assessment Project," 1980-1981
box folder
Box 10 43 Goldman, Allen L.: "Darrieus Turbine Array Spacing..," 1979-1982
box folder
10 44 Goldman, Allen L.: "Numerical Analysis of Flow in Connecting Passage Between the Fom Section and High Pressure Section of a turbo Jet Engine,"
45 Goodin, J./Northington, D.: "Ecology of Arid Land Halophytes," 1976-1979
46 Goodin, Joe R.: "International Arid Lands Conference on Plant Resources," 1978-1979
47 Goodin, Joe: "Morama Bean Propagation in Texas," 1980-1981
48 Goodin, Joe R.: "Maximizing Biomass Production in Semi-Arid Regions: Genotypic Selection, " 1981
49 Gott, P.F./Myles, C.: "High Resolution Holography..," 1979-1980
50 Governor's Energy Advisory Council, 1974-1977 and undated


Box 11: Letter sized Office Files G-H

box folder
11 1 Graduate Council, 1974-1975
2 Graves, Jama: "Development of Background Knowledge for an Economic Analysis of Wildlife Management on the High Plains," 1979-1981
3 Greene, Roger L.: "VA Counceling Contract," 1974-1979
4 Grover, James: "External Economics for Farmer Feeders," 1978-1979
5 Guidelines for Faculty Participation, undated
6 Gulf University Research Consortium, 1974-1975
7 Gully, A. J.: "Ceta," undated
8 Gundersen, M.: General, 1976-1980
9 Gundersen, M./Williams, P. F.: "Spectroscopic Study of Impurities..," 1978-1980
10 Gunderson, Martin: "Infrared Laser Conference," 1979-1980
11 Gunderson, Martin: "Laser and Related Pulse Power," 1975-1980
12 Gunderson, Martin: "A Negative Electron Affinity Infrared Detector," 1980-1983
13 Gunderson, Martin: "Studies of Transient Behavior in Laser Gases and Potential Laser..," 1977-1979
14 Gundersen, Martin A.: L "aser Research, " 1982
15 Guntermann, Karl L.: "The Efficiency of the Single Family Housing Market, Texas A&M, " 1977-1981
16 Gustafson, D. L. and Ketner, K. L.: "Interactive Teaching of Logic Using Peirce's Existential Graphs," 1981
17 Gustafson, Donald and Krile, Thomas: "Digital and Optical Signal Processing and Dectection, " 1982
18 Gustafson, W. H.: "Topics in Representation Theory," 1979-1982
19 Guthery, Fred: "Analysis and Interpretation of Data on Pheasant Land Use Relationship in the Texas Panhandle," 1982-1983
20 Guthery, Fred: "Effects of Grazing on Range Vegetation of the Southern Great Plains," 1981
21 Guthery, Fred: "The Effects of Macrohabitat on Pheasant..," 1979-1980
22 Guthery, Fred: "Exploratory Study of a Method for Characterizing Playas of the Southern High Plains..," 1980-1981
23 Guthery, Fred: "Food Habits and Preferences of Scales Quail in the Texas Panhandle," 1981-1982
24 Guthery, Fred: "Playa Lake Slide Tape Presentation/Brush-Upland Game Bird Bibliography," 1980-1982
25 Guthery, Fred: "Validation and Refinement of Wintering Waterfowl Habitat Model," 1982-1983
26 Guthery, Fred: "Waterfowl and Pheasant Macrohabitat Relationship/Grazing, Brush, and Wildlife Relationships," 1981
27 Guthery, Fred: "Characteristics of Playas Near the Canadian River, Texas," 1982-1983
28 Guthery, Fred: "Ecology and Management of Ring-necked Phesants in the Texas Panhandle," 1978-1983
29 Guthery, Fred: "Selectivity and Effectiveness of Drop Baits for Depredation Control," 1980-1982
30 Guthery, Fred: "Status of Knowledge on Lesser Prairie Chickens," 1978-1979
31 Guthery, Fred: "A Slide-type Presentation on Lesser Prairie Chickens," 1979-1980
32 Guven, Necip: "Characterization of Mineral Matter in Texas Lignite," 1982-1983
33 Guven, Necip: "Clay-based Geothermal Drilling Fluids," 1979-1981
34 Guven, Necip: "Contribution of Polymers to the Fluid Rhelogy of Fluids," 1984-1986
35 Guven, Necip: "Formation of Cement Minerals in Drilling Fluids," 1981-1982
36 Hagler, Marion and Kristianson, M.: "Investigations of RFPlasma Heating in Toroidal Geometry," 1980-1981
37 Halcomb, C.G. and Ramsey J.: "Psychomotor Battery Approaches to Performance Predictions..," 1976-1977
38 Halcomb Charles: "Modification and Evaluation of an Underwater Test Battery," 1978-1979
39 Hanna, Paul and Broderick, James: Glass Conference, 1981-1982
40 Haragen, Donald: "Preciptiation Climatology for the Hiplex Southern Region," 1977-1978
41 Haragan, Donald: "Technical Hydrometeorological Studies of the Edwards Plateau Region of Texas," 1980-1981


Box 12: Letter sized Office Files H-J

box folder
12 1 Harden, Margarette: "Textured Vegetable Protein," 1979
2 Harden, Margarette L.: "Scientific Equipment for the Improvement," 1979-1982
3 Harris, Gary A.: "Local Function Theory and Geometry of Real Submanifolds of Cn," 1978-1980
4 Hartman, H. Bernard: "Equilibrium Deprivation and Its Effects on the Nervous System," 1980-1981
5 Hatfield, Lynn: "Laser Triggered Spark Gaps," 1978-1980
6 Health, Physical Education and Recreation, 1972-1983 and undated
7 Heira, J.: "Preparation of Video Tape for Appaloosa Horse Club, Mowcow, Idaho," 1980-1981
8 Hellman, J. M.: "Effect of Dietary Calcium Levels on Tetracycline Blood Levels of Young Pigs," 1981
9 Heird, James: "Effect of Varying Amounts of Early Handling at Weaning and Later Ages on the Subsequent Learning Ability of Horses," 1980
10 Heird, James: "Effect of Early Experience on the Learning Ability of Yearling Horses," 1977-1978
11 Henson, John: "Community Service Grant- FY '81," 1980-1981
12 Henson, John: "Fiscal Year 1980 Community Service," 1980-1981
13 Henson, John: "FY '83 Community Service Grant," 1983
14 Henson, John: "Fiscal Year 1979 Community Service Grant," 1978-1979
15 Henson, John: "To Improve Noncommercial Television Broadcast Facilities," 1978
16 Henson, John: "Public Telecommunications Facilities Program," 1979-1981
17 Hill, L.: "Solar Energy-An Economic Analysis," 1978
18 History, 1976-1984
19 Holwerda, R. A.: "Substituent Effects on the Electron Transfer Reactivity of Polyphenols," 1977
20 Holwerda, R. A.: "Studies of Induced Electron Transfer Reaction," 1979-1981
21 Home and Family Life, 1978-1983
22 Hons, F. M.: "Agricultural Utilization of Sewage Effluent," 1979-1982
23 Hons, F. M.: "Nutrient Extraction Efficiency, Root Development, and Yield of Grain," 1978
24 Hopkins, Leon: "The Bioactivity of Trace Elements in Beef," 1979-1980
25 Hopkins, Leon: "Human Bioactivity of Heme Iron and Glucose Telerance..," 1979-1980
26 Hora, Stephan C.: "An Analysis of Concentrated Recreation..," 1979-1981
27 Horridge, Patricia: "An Assessment of the Natural Fibers in Multi-Layer Fabrications as they Pertain to Energy Conservation... -- Part II," 1982
28 Horridge, Patricia: "Fabric Testing Contract," 1978
29 Horton: "Pantex Research Trials," 1980
30 Horton: "Pantex Research Trials," 1982
31 Horton: "Environment and Foodchain Pathway Analysis Regarding Pantex Nuclear Weapons Plant," 1981-1982
32 House, Gail: "Model Rural Project," 1976-1977
33 House, Gail: "Model Rural Project for Homemaker," 1976-1978
34 House, Gail: "Model Rural Project for Homemaker Service Aide Program," 1977-1978
35 House, Gail: Retired Volunteer Program, 1981-1982
36 House, Gail: RSVP- Senior Olympics, 1982
37 Hsia, H. J.: "Communication Behavior/Life..," 1979-1980
38 Hsia, H. J.: "An Integrated Approach to Consumer Education," 1978-1980
39 Hsia, H. J.: "An Integrated Approach to Popularize Water," 1979-1980
40 Hsia, H. J.: "Popularization and Adoption of Energy Conservation Methods," 1978-1979
41 Hsia, H. J.: "A Slide and Photo Exhibition of Propaganda Based Upon Nazi Paintings," 1979-1980
42 Hsia, H. J.: "Understanding China," 1979-1980
43 Hsia, H. J.: "Conserving Texas Soil and Water Resource TS and WCB," 1982
44 Hunt, J. G.: "Seventh Biennial Leadership Symposium," 1981-1983
45 ICASALS, 1964-1974
46 Ickes, William: "A Program to Prepare Personnel to Serve Preschool," 1976-1978
47 Impact of Recreational Development on Water Quality and Yield, 1978-1980
48 Institute of Ecology, 1971-1973 and undated
49 Insurance, 1978
50 International Studies, 1970
51 Janeway, R. C.: "College Library Resources Grant," 1981-1982
52 Janeway, R. C.: "College Library Resources Program," 1974-1977
53 Jenkins, Jeanette: "Training Srevices for Child Care Involved Persons," 1976-1980
54 Jenson, Olive: "Arts Integration: In Service Training of Elementary Teachers," 1977-1979
55 Johnson, Eileen: "Archeological Survey of Proposed Radio Tower Site in Lubbock, Texas," 1978
56 Johnson, Eileen: "Lubbock Lake Project," 1976-1980
57 Johnson, Eileen: "Lubbock Lake Project-National Register," 1977-1979
58 Johnson, Eileen: "Lubbock Lake Site," 1976-1978
59 Johnson, Eileen: "A Pilot Program," 1979-1980
60 Johnson, Eileen: "Texas Department of Parks and Wildlife," 1979


Box 13: Letter sized Office Files J-K

box folder
13 1 Jones, Betsy: "Graduate and Professional Opportunities," 1979-1981
2 Jones, Knox: "Fur Bearing Mammals of the Northern Great Plains," 1977-1979
3 Jones, Thomas: "Preparation of Profession Personel In Education of Handicapped," 1979-1980
4 Jonish, James: "Examine and Evaluate Statistical Methodology," 1980-1982
5 Jonish, James: "Texas National Energy Modeling Project: Purpose, Organization and Work Plan," 1978-1979
6 Juarez, Leo: "Parents' Attitudes Toward Desegregation Under Six Conditions," 1978-1979
7 Junction: "Texas A&M Research," 1971-1972 and undated
8 Junior College Center Committee, 1969-1976 and undated
9 Jurica, Gerald: "Hiplex," 1982
10 Keim, Kent: "Plant Breeding in Sorghum/International Program," 1983
11 Kelly, Joan: "Satisfaction and Dissatisfaction of People in Traditional and Non-Traditional," 1981-1982
12 Ketner, Kenneth: "The Philosophy of Charles S. Pierce," 1978-1980
13 Ketner, Kenneth: "The Role of the History of Mathematics and of Science," 1979-1980
14 Kice, John: "Research Instrument Proposal," 1979-1980
15 Kice, John L.: "Mechanistic Studies of Organosulfur," 1975-1980
16 Kidwell, Jeannie S.: "Sibling Configuration, Intelligence, and Personality," 1980-1982
17 Kiesling, Ernst: "Proposal for Public Education Booklet on Earth-Sheltered Housing," 1978-1979
18 King, Joseph: "Proposal for an Historic Preservation Curriculum," 1980-1981
19 King, Mary: "Museum Internships," 1977-1979
20 Kitchen, Bill: "A Master Plan for Parks and Recreation," 1977-1978
21 Kitchen, Bill: "Master Plan for Parks and Recreation, Plainview, Texas," 1979-1980
22 Kitchen, Bill: "Recreation/Interpretation Practicum Program," 1980
23 Kitchen, James: "Academic Enrichment Program," 1978-1979
24 Kitchen, James W.: "Collin County Farm Museum-Master Plan for Development," 1981
25 Kitchen, James W.: "Comprehensive Plan Development for Park Welder..," 1981-1982
26 Kitchen, James W.: "Master Plan Development for Lake Fryer, Ochiltree County, Texas," 1983
27 Kitchen, James W.: "A Master Plan for Parks and Recreation," 1980
28 Kitchen, James W.: "Comprehensive Plan for Parks and Recreation, City of Perryton, Texas," 1980
29 Knaff, David: "Electron Flow in Photosynthetic Organisms," 1978-1981
30 Knaff, David: "Photosynthetic Electron Transport," 1976-1978
31 Knaff, David: "The Role of Ferredoxin..," 1979-1982
32 Knaff, David: "Transport and Taxes," 1979-1981
33 Knipping, McKim Fay: "Community Service Advisory Program," 1979-1980
34 Knipping, Paul: "Centeron Aging Current Health, Social and Economic Issue in Gerontology Training," 1979
35 Knipping, Paul: "Center for Aging Legal Services," 1978
36 Knipping, Paul: "Center on Studies in Aging," 1978-1979
37 Knipping, Paul: "Community Senior Advisory Service," 1978-1979
38 Knipping, Paul: "Current Health, Social and Economic Issues in Gerontology Training," 1979
39 Knipping, Paul: "Telephone Reassurance and Information," 1978
40 Knipping, Paul: "Title III Training Program," 1978-1979
41 Koeller, S.: "Integrating Social Sciences and Maintenances Using Natural Resources, K-6," 1980-1981
42 Kofner, Jacob: "Quasi-metric Spaces, Transitive Spaces," 1979-1981
43 Komkov, V.: "Theoretical Investigation of the Mechanics of Weapon Systems," 1976-1978
44 Kramer, Bruce: "Legal Guide for Use and Development of Wildlife Resources on Private Land: Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Oklahoma, Kansas," 1979-1980
45 Kramer, Bruce: "Regulatory Impacts on the Development and Use of Lignite," 1981-1982
46 Kramer, Bruce M.: "Legal Constraints on Locating, Designing, and Managing Recreation Related Developments Due to Air Pollution Problems," 1978-1980
47 Krieg, D.R.: "Sorghum Genotype Response to Available Soil Moisture," 1976-1977
48 Krieg, Dan: "Genetic Physiologic and Cultural Components of Crop Water Use Efficiency," 1980
49 Krieg, Dan: "Water Stress Tolerance Mechanisms in Plants," 1981
50 Krieg, Dan: "Factors Limiting Photosynthetic Processes in Arid Land Cotton and Sorghum," 1982-1983
51 Krieg, Daniel: Title XII-USAid, 1978-1983


Box 14: Letter sized Office Files K-L

box folder
14 1 Krille, Thomas F.: "Fiber Optic Experiments for Undergraduate Engineers," 1980-1982
2 Kristiansen M.: "Coordinated Research Program in Pulsed Power Physics," 1979-1980
3 Kristiansen M.: "Coordinated Research Program in Pulsed Power Physics," 1981-1982
4 Kristiansen M.: "Coordinated Research Program in Pulsed Power Physics," 1981-1983
5 Kristiansen M.: "High Power Switch Development," 1976-1980
6 Kristiansen M.: "Surface Flashover Mechanisms," 1977-1980
7 Kristiansen M.: "U.S.-Police Joint Fund," 1983-1986
8 Kristiansen Magne: "Coordinated Research Program in Pulsed Power Physics," 1980 and undated
9 Kristiansen Magne: "Dense Plasma Heating and Radiation Generation," 1976-1978
10 Kristiansen Magne: "Dense Plasma Heating and Radiation Generation," 1974-1979
11 Kristiansen Magne: "Dense Plasma Heating and Radiation Generation," 1979-1980
12 Kristiansen Magne: No Cost PO # 13-8379, 1979-1984
13 Kristiansen Magne: "Pulsed Power Research Colloquium," 1978
14 Kristiansen Magne: "Second International Pulsed Power Conference," 1978-1980
15 Kristiansen Magne: "Small Toroidal Plasma Devices Users Meeting," 1978
16 Kristiansen Magne: "State-of-the-Art Report," 1978-1979
17 Kristiansen Magne: "Theoretical and Experimental Investigations of RF Plasma Heating," 1979-1980
18 Kristiansen Magne: "Workshop on Diffuse Discharge Modeling," 1980-1982
19 Kristiansen Magne: "Workshop on Repetitive Opening Switches," 1981
20 Kunhardt, E. E.: "The Arc Phase of Breakdown..," 1979-1980
21 Kunhardt, Eric: "Advanced Study Institute on Breakdown and Discharge in Gases," 1980-1982
22 Lamb, Neven: "Anthropology Courses Expansion," 1978 and undated
23 Lambert, Brian: "Analysis of Industrial..," 1979-1980
24 Langford, Thomas: "Graduate and Professional Opportunities Program," 1978-1980
25 Larsen, Russell: Chemistry, 1983 and undated
26 Latin America Area Stdies, 1972-1974 and undated
27 Latin America Scholarship: Texas Good Neighbor Scholarship, 1971-1975
28 Latin American Students, 1972
29 Law, Cylian, 1978
30 Law School, 1979-1981 and undated
31 Lee, Hong: "Logistics and Transportation of Upland Cotton for Export," 1979-1981
32 Lee, Larry and Davies, David: "Changes in Slope Stability, Stream Form.., " 1978-1981


Box 15: Letter sized Office Files L-Mc

box folder
15 1 Lennon, A. Max: Regional Assessment.., 1978-1980
2 Lennon, M. and Wilcox, J.: "Market Development Needs for West Texas..," 1978-1979
3 Lennon Max: "Sorghum-Millet Management Program," 1977-1978
4 Lichti, R. L.: Physics, 1982-1986
5 Lodni, M. A. K.: "Basic Research in Energy Related Problems," 1981-1982
6 Lodhi, M. A. K.: "Support of the International Symposium on Superheavy Elements," 1977-1978
7 Longley, Nelson: "Texas Opera Theatre Residence and Paul Taylor Dance Touring Res.," 1981 and undated
8 Luce, Harold: Joint Musical Production, 1979
9 Luchsinger, Vincent: "Socio-Economic and Behavioral Dimensions of Land Use for Wildlife..," 1979-1982
10 Lutzer, D. J.: "Computer Literacy for Middle School Mathematics Teachers," 1982-1983
11 Lutzer, David: "Topology Borel Structure and Certain Axiomatic Problems..," 1977-1981
12 Macy, Barry: ERDL Data Bank, 1980-1981
13 Mann, Uzi: "Advanced Polymercation Techniques," 1981-1982
14 Mann, Uzi: "Determination of Gastification Kinetic Parameters," 1980-1981
15 Mann, Uzi: "Gel Permeation Chromatography Unit," 1979-1981
16 Marcy, W.: Subcontract for Honeywell, 1979-1982
17 Marcy, W. and Dudek, R.: "The Trans-Pecos Photovoltaic Concentration Experiment," 1978-1982
18 Marcy, W. and Dudek, R.: "The Trans-Pecos Photovoltaic Concentration Experiment, " 1978-1982
19 March, William: "RFP-Regional Assessment Study," 1978
20 Marshall, Philip: "Age Related Factors in Error..," 1979-1981
21 Martin, Andrew: "Models for Services to the Severely Handicapped," 1977-1980
22 Martin, John L.: "Second International Symposium on Selenium in Biology and Medicine," 1979-1980
23 Martin, John L.: "Selenium in Biology and Medicine: Second International Symposium," 1980 and undated
24 Martin, John L.: "Selenium and the Immune Response, Selenium-Tellurium, Inc.," 1978-1980
25 Marx, Draper: "An Investigation of Some Quinacridone Pigments," 1978-1979
26 Marx, John: "Migration Tendency- A Mean to Predict Relative Rates of Cationic Rearrangement Reactions," 1979-1983
27 Marx, John N.: "Migration Tendency..," 1980-1983
28 Mass Media Campaign, 1979-1980
29 Masten, L. B.: "Engineering Tech. Laboratory Equipment for Power Technology Program," 1979-1981
30 Mathematics, 1979-1984
31 Matthews, Jerry: "Texas Statewide Corrections Internship Program," 1976-1978
32 Matthews, Jerry B.: "Title XX Long Term Training Grant for Undergraduate Social," 1978-1980
33 Mayer-Oakes: "Cultural Resources Management Operation," 1977-1978
34 Mayer-Oakes, William: "Archeological Assessment of a 9-Acre Tract," 1978
35 Mayer-Oakes, William: "Archeological Mitigation of Impacts at Golf Resort," 1977-1978
36 Mayer-Oakes, William: "Archeological Remote Sensing Research with Seismology," 1978
37 Mayer-Oakes, William: "Contract Archeology Process," 1978
38 Mayer-Oakes, William: "Cultural Resource Inventory, Santa Ana Mesa..," 1977-1978
39 Mayer-Oakes, William: "Heritage, Conservation, and Recreation Services," 1978-1979
40 Mayer-Oakes, William J.: "Archeological Excavation Study of Two Sites in Canyon Lakes," 1976-1981
41 McCarron, Larry: "Programming Independent Living Skills for Development," 1980-1981
42 McCarron, Lawrence: "Programming Independent Living Skills for the DD in Secondary Schools," 1979-1983


Box 16: Letter sized Office Files Mc-M

box folder
16 1 McCool, Audrey: "Identification and Evaluation of Food Technologies Service Systems," 1979-1980
2 McCool, Audrey: "Researchable Question H-2," 1980-1982
3 McDonald, J.: "A Study of Building Damage Caused by Wind Forces," 1976-1978
4 McDonald, Linda: "Lubbock Educational Personnel Development," 1978-1983
5 McDonald, Linda: "Teacher Corps, College of Education," 1980-1982
6 Mclntyre, Martin: "Physical Abilities Testing Research," 1981-1982
7 McKown, Cora: "Attitudes, Knowledge and Behavior of Residential..," 1979-1980
8 McKown, Cora: "Consumer Acceptance of Alternative Housing," 1979-1981
9 McKown, Cora: "Consumer Satisfaction with Mobil..," 1978-1979
10 McKown, Cora: "Housing and Energy As Consumer Issues," 1980
11 McKown, Cora: "Policies and Procedures for Funding Alternative Residential Energy," 1979-1980
12 McKown, Cora: "Texas Guide to Earth Sheltered Structures," 1981-1982
13 McLauchland, R.: "Equivalent Linerization and Related Methods..," 1979-1981
14 Medical School: Lombardi, John, 1982-1986
15 Medical School: Sridhara, S., 1982
16 Medical School: Williams, Charles, 1982-1986
17 Meenaghan, G.: "Administrative Services and Contract Coordination," 1978-1979
18 Mehaffie, Shamus: A "cademic Assistance and Tutoring: A Postsecondary Response," 1979-1981
19 Mehaffie, Shamus: "Master Teacher Program..," 1978-1981
20 Mehta, Kishor: "Regional Wind Energy Resource Assessment," 1979-1980
21 Menzel, E.R.: "Optimized of Dusting, Staining and Chemical..," 1984
22 Menzel, E. Roland: "Photophysical Studies of Organic Solar..," 1979-1983
23 Mertes, Burford: "Trial Application and Evaluation of a Transportation Made Alternative Analysis and Specification Procedure," 1976-1979
24 Mertes, J.: "Development of an Action Program to Meet Objections of Eisenhower..," 1977-1978
25 Mertes, J.: "Site Planning Guideline for Maintaining Visual Quality in Second Home Development," 1977-1979
26 Mertes, J.: "Survey of the Range and Adaptability of the Ring Necked Pheasant..," 1976-1979
27 Mertes, J. and Simpson, David: "Survey of Playa Lakes on the Southern High Plains..," 1976-1978
28 Mertes, James and Skillern, F.: "Project to Identify Legal and Administrative Effects on the Planning and Management Function," 1977-1978
29 Mertes, James and Musiak, T. A.: "Development of a Landscape Architectural," 1978-1979
30 Mertes, James and Musiak, T. A.: "Field Monitoring of the Construction of a Large Resort," 1978-1981
31 Mertes, James and Musiak, T. A.: "Technology Transfer for Visual Resource Management," 1978-1979
32 Mertes, James: "Eisenhower Consortium Research Plan," 1978
33 Mertes, Marlett: "Visitor Use Survey in Guadalupe Mountains National Park," 1977-1978
34 Metha, Kishor: "Pressure Coefficients for Transmission Tower Structures: State-of-the-knowledge," 1981-1982
35 Metha, Kishor C.: "Report on Structure Damage Caused by Hurricane Frederic," 1980-1982
36 Mezach: PES/Texas Tech University- Public Education Specialist/TTU, 1979
37 Mezach: Safety Education Program/Texas Tech, 1979
38 Mezach: Judges Training/TTU State Dept. of Hwy. Transportaion, 1979
39 Mezach: ATE-Tech University, 1978-1979
40 Mezach, M.: "Application for Equipment and Materials to Improve Undergraduate..," 1977-1978
41 Mezach, M.: T "raffic Safety Coordination Program," 1979
42 Michael, Marion C.: "Variorum Edition of the Works of Joseph Conrad," 1975-1980
43 Mies, William L.: "Evaluation of CL 221006 for finishing Steer American Cyanamid Co.," 1977-1978
44 Mies, William L.: "Economic Evaluation of Starlass," 1978-1979
45 Mies, William L.: "Parameters Associated with Lactic Acidosis," 1976-1978
46 Mies, William L.: "Evaluation of Alcohol and Cat. D. Co. Liquid Supplements in Finishing Ration," 1979
47 Mies, William L.: "Evaluation of Lasaloacid for Finishing Heifers," 1977-1978
48 Miller, Ronald Max: "Effects of Application of Certain Pesticides on Quality of Cabbage Products," 1976-1979
49 Mills, Jerry L.: "Chemistry of Dipnictide Molecule ACS," 1979
50 Mills, Jerry L.: "Chemistry of Dipnictide Molecules," 1980
51 Minor, J.: "New Mexico Historic Engineering Site Inventory State of N. M.," 1977-1978
52 Minor, J./Baker, T. L.: "Nevada Engineering Site Inventory," 1979
53 Minor, J./Henson, R.: "Arizona Historic Engineering Site Inventory," 1979-1982


Box 17: Letter sized Office Files M

box folder
17 1 Minor, J.E. and Robinson, W. B.: "Architectural/Historical Survey... New Mexico State Historical Press Office," 1979-1980
2 Minor, Joe: "Yellowhouse Canyon Lake Research Lubbock Co," 1976
3 Minor, Joseph E.: "Kansas Historic Engineering Site Inventory: Phase 1 Kansas State," 1979
4 Minor, Joseph E.: "Unified Approach to the Design of Window Glass," 1978-1982
5 Minutes: Academic Council, 1976-1980
6 Minutes: Faculty Council, 1975-1976
7 Miscellaneous Correspondence and Memos, 1975-1980 and undated
8 Mississippi State University: Zoology Program Review, 1974-1975 and undated
9 Mitchell, Robert: "A Survey of the Non Acarine Arachnid Funa of the Welder Wildlife Refuge," 1978
10 Mitchell, Roy E.: "Scientific Feasibility of Cultivating Grapes-Wines Quality, University of Texas," 1976-1977
11 Moak, David: "Special Functions and Arthogonal," 1979-1980
12 Moore, Vardeman: "Degrees of Unsolvability," 1979-1980
13 Morey, Philip: "Anatomical Analysis of Cotton Wastes," 1975-1981
14 Morey, Philip: "Epifluorescence Study on Cotton Dust," 1975-1979
15 Morey, Philip: "Source of Respirable Raw Cotton and Oil Mill Dust," 1979-1980
16 Morey, Philip: "Trash Analysis in the Cotton Garnetting Industry," 1977
17 Morrison, W. P.: "Grain Insect Pest Research," 1979-1981
18 Morrison, W. P.: Correspondences, 1979-1980
19 Movement of People from Urban to Wildland Areas, 1974-1980
20 Muma, John: "Regional Education Program for the Deaf..," 1980
21 Muma, John: "Impact of High Risk Infants..," 1979
22 Muma, John: "Innovative Undergraduate Laboratory Program in Speech-Communication," 1979
23 Murphy, Tom: "Preparation of Clinical Supervision Materials," 1978
24 Murrah, David: "The American Southwest: Its Railroads," 1982
25 Murrah, David: "Guides to Collections Project, Phase 1," 1979-1980
26 Murrah, David: "Manuscript Guide Project," 1981-1983
27 Murrah, David: Printing, 1978-1979
28 Murrah, David: "Symposium: The American Southwest: Viewpoints of Seven Distinguished Historians," 1980
29 Murray, Grover: "Niger Cereals Project," 1977-1980
30 Murray, Grover, 1968-1974 and undated
31 Murray, John: "Application of Crossed Products to the Stability and designing of Time-Varying Systems," 1978-1981
32 Murray, John: "A Design Procedure for Two-Dimensional Recursive..," 1979-1980
33 Museum, 1972-1975 and undated
34 Museum Director Search Committee: Appointment, 1975-1976 and undated
35 Museum Science, 1979-1982
36 Museum Search: Director and Coordinator Nominations, 1975-1976 and undated
37 Museum Search: General Correspondence, 1975-1976 and undated
38 Music, 1980-1984
39 Myles, Charles: "Theory of Alloys," 1980
40 Myles, Charles: "Theory of Elementary Excitation Spectra in Disordered Alloys..," 1979


Box 18: Letter sized Office Files N-O

box folder
18 1 National Association of State Universities and Land Grant Colleges, 1973-1975 and undated
2 National Association of State Universities and Land-Grant Colleges, 1974
3 National Fibers of Food Protein Committee of Texas, 1973-1974
4 Nelson, Paul and Ray, A.: "Computation or Critical Lengths..," 1979
5 Nelson, Paul/Victory, H.: "Computation and Mathematical Aspect of Radiation Transport," 1977
6 Nelson, Paul: "Applications of Invariant Imbedding," 1980-1982
7 Nelson, Paul: "High-Order Methods for Solutions of a Partial Differential Equation," 1979
8 Nelson, Paul: "Seventh International Conference in Transport Theory," 1981
9 New Faculty Research Grants, 1974-1975
10 Newman, Thomas: "Lie Groups and Lie Algebras in Video Tracking," 1979-1980
11 Noble, Dorinda: "Child Welfare Training," 1981-1983
12 Norman, Mark: Lubbock Cultural Affairs, 1979-1980
13 Norman, Mark: Public Telecommunications Facilities, 1979
14 Northington, David: "Systematics and Phyloeny of the Herbaceous Species of Sophora," 1979
15 Northington, David: "Systematics of the Fleshy-Fruited Yuccas in the Chihuahuan Desert," 1980-1982
16 Norville, Scott: "Investigations of the Character of Surface Flaws on Window Glass Plates," 1982
17 Norville, Scott: "Probabilistic Behavior of Elastoplastic Columns Due to Horizontal-Vertical Earthquake Loads," 1981-1982
18 O'Brien, Thomas: High School Science Faculty Institute, 1977-1979
19 Oler, J. W. and Strickland, J. H.: "Dynamic Stall Regulation of the Darrieus Turbine," 1980-1981
20 Organization for Tropical Studies, 1974-1975
21 Organization for Tropical Studies, 1975-1976
22 Organization for Tropical Studies, 1976-1979


Box 19: Letter sized Office Files O-P

box folder
19 1 Organization for Tropical Studies: La Selva Fund, 1975
2 Organization for Tropical Studies: Meetings and Agenda Material, 1976-1977
3 Organization for Tropical Studies: Treasurer, 1968-1974
4 Orr, Donald: "Effect of Flavor on Variability of Diurinal Patterns of Eating and General Activity on Weaned Pigs," 1981
5 Orr, Donald: "Influence of Energy Intake During Lactation and From Weaning to Estrus on Rebreeding Performance and Reproductive Efficiency of Sow," 1984
6 Orr, Donald: "Relative Palatability of Basic Feed Ingredients for Weaned Pigs (Taste Measure) Phase II," 1981-1982
7 Orr, Donald E.: "Relative Palatability of Basic Feed Ingrediants... National Feed Ingred. Association," 1978
8 Orr, Donald E. Jr.: E "valuation of Lactobacillus Planatum for Weaned Pig and as a Partial Replacement for Soybean Meal for Growing Swine," 1981-1982
9 Orr, Donald E. Jr.: "Evaluation of Wean-Ade as a Feed Source for Neonatal Pigs," 1981
10 Outstanding Graduate Students, 1974-1976
11 Owens, T.: "Eco. Cotton Ginning Industry Cotton Inc.," 1978
12 Pantex Research Farm, 1970-1973 and undated
13 Panwalker, Shrikant S.: "Incentives for Irrigation Water Conservation in Agriculture," 1980-1981
14 Parham, J. D.: "Advocacy for the Handicapped Rehabil," 1979
15 Parham, J. D.: "Integration of Vocational Rehabilitation," 1979
16 Parham, J. D.: "Job Placement for Severely Handicapped-Use of Job Rehab," 1979
17 Parham, J. D.: "Rehabilitation Counseling Training Program," 1978-1983
18 Parham, J. D.: "SPAG/CETA Vocational Evaluation Services," 1981
19 Parham, J. D.: "Title V of the VR Act of 1973..," 1978
20 Parham, Jerry: "Establishment Grand for Vocational Evaluation Center," 1979-1980
21 Parham, Jerry: "Respite Care Material Development," 1979
22 Park Administration and Landscape Architecture, 1979-1984
23 Parker Harry: "Laboratory Determination of Leaching Rates from Oil Shale Retorted Under Simulated in Situ Retorting Conditions," 1975-1978
24 Parker Harry: "Mechanisms of Leaching from in Situ Retorted Oil Shale," 1977-1979
25 Parker, Harry W.: "Interdisciplinary Program in Enhanced Oil Recovery," 1977-1979
26 Parker, Harry W.: "Interdisciplinary Program in Tertiary Oil Recovery," 1975-1978
27 Parker, Harry W.: "Utilization of Biomass to Power Internal Combustion Engines," 1978
28 Parker, Harry W.: "Vegetable Oil Monoesters for Diesel Fuel..," 1982-1983
29 Parker, J.: "Memorandum Agreement, In Cooperation with Natural Fibers and Food Protein Comm.," 1975-1979
30 Partners, 1972-1977
31 Pasewark, W. R.: "Vocational Office Teacher Education Development," 1979-1980
32 Paxton, Steve: 33rd Annual Symposium of Contemporary Music, 1981-1983
33 Paxton, Steve: "Leading Edge Music Series," 1982
34 Paxton, Steve: "Leading Edge Series," 1981-1982
35 Paxton, Steve: "Symposium of Contemporary Music," 1982-1983
36 Pederson, R. J.: "Cavity Convection Heat Loss," 1979
37 Pellegrino, R.: "Contemporary Music Symposium," 1980-1981
38 Pellegrino, Ron: "Leading Edge Music Meet the Composer," 1979-1981
39 Peng, G. T. C. and Chang, R. T.: "Public Meetings for Eagle Pass..," 1979-1980
40 Peng, George: "A Strategic Planning Design..," 1980-1982
41 Peng, George T. C.: "A Strategic Planning Design," 1979


Box 20: Letter sized Office Files P-R

box folder
20 1 Personal Record: 12-0018-100000, 1979
2 Personnel: 22-c195-200000, 1978-1980
3 Peru, 1972-1974 and undated
4 Pesticides Center: Carl Nav, 1975
5 Peterson, Richard: "Kinetic of Translating Tornado Wind," 1977-1979
6 Pettit, Russ: "Desertification Assessment and Management in Coastal Las Bela," 1985-1988
7 Pettit, Russ: "Grazing Management Following Sand Shinnery Oak Control with Graslaw," 1981-1982
8 Pettit, Russ: "Plant Ecological Studies on the Los Medanos Site," 1978-1979
9 Pettit, Russ: "Sand Shin Oak Control with Vel-5026 Eli-Killy-Velsicol Chem. Crop.," 1978-1979
10 Pettit, Russ: "Vegetation Studies on the Los Medanos WIPP Site with Special... Westinghouse," 1980
11 Phase III Self-Study Committee, 1973-1974
12 Philosiphy, 1979-1982
13 Photographs and Maps, undated
14 Physics, 1979-1984
15 Pimm, Stuart L.: "Ecology of Hawiian Honeycreepers National Geography and World Wild Life," 1979
16 Plant and Soil Science, 1978
17 Portnoy, W.: "Undergraduate Semiconductor Device Fabrication Project," 1978-1981
18 Portnoy, W. M.: "New Material and Structure for a Power Semiconductor Switch," 1979-1980
19 Portnoy, W. M.: "Workshop on Solid State, Pulsed Power Switching," 1982
20 Portnoy, William M.: "Switching Device Analysis Sandia Labs," 1979
21 Portnoy, William M.: "University/Industry/Government Microelectronics Symposium," 1979
22 Preston, Rodney: "Pantex Research Trials," 1982-1983
23 Prime Cintract, 1977-1978 and undated
24 Priorities and Procedures, 1973
25 Proctor, V. W.: "Patterns of Genetic Variability among the Charophyta," 1979
26 Proctor, Venon: "Patterns of Genetic Variation and Phylogeny in the Charophyta," 1980-1982
27 Proposals and Preproposals, 1975-1976 and undated
28 Psychlogy, 1978-1984
29 Psychology: "West Texas Regional Alcoholism Training Project," 1975-1978 and undated
30 Purchase Reg. 22-c195-200000, 1978-1980
31 Quade, C. Richard 1973-1974 and undated
32 Quade, C. Richard: "Vibration-Rotation Interaction..," 1979
33 Ramsey, Boyd: "Special Workshop in Meat Processing for Vocational Agriculture," 1980-1981
34 Ramsey, Boyd: "Special Workshop in Meat Processing for Vocational Agriculture Teacher in HS Conducting Pre-Employment Lab Programs..," 1977-
35 Ramsey, J. D.: "Evaluation of Current Military Standard for Thermal US Navy," 1979
36 Ramsey, Jerry D.: "Heat Stress Threshold Values," 1978-1979
37 Ramsey, R. H.: "Energy and Man: A Workshop for Teachers in Grade 3 thru 6," 1979
38 Ramsey, R. H.: "Feasibility Study to Determine the Practicality of Using..," 1978-1979
39 Ranch Headquarters, 1970-1973 and undated
40 Range and Wildlife Management, 1978-1984
41 Ray, Asok: "Safety Analysis for Pipeline Transmission of Hydrogen," 1978-1979
42 Reavis, Charles A.: "Organizing School for Supervision/Instructional Improvement," 1979
43 Reavis, Charles A.: "Principal Thought Processes about Time Allocation," 1979-1980
44 Reavis, Charles A.: "Representative and Innovation..," 1979
45 Redington, R. L.: "Ramon Spectrometer Shared," 1979
46 Redington, Richard: "Formic Acid Water Exchange Kinetics," 1976-1977


Box 21: Letter sized Office Files R

box folder
21 1 Redington, Richard L.: "Studies of HnFn Oligomeric Species," 1973-1978
2 Reeves, C. C.: "Sedimentary Zonation of Ogallala Aquifer, Southern High Plains, Texas and New Mexico," 1978-1980
3 Regional Public Education Specialist/TTU: Mezack, Stueck, Continuing Education and OTS, 1980
4 Reichert, J.: Crosbyton Solar Power Project, 1978-1979
5 Richert, John: "Analysis of Unstable Optical Resonators," 1975-1979
6 Richert, John: Crosbyton Solar Power Project, 1975-1976 and undated
7 Richert, John: Crosbyton Solar Power Project, 1978
8 Richert, John: Crosbyton Solar Power Project, 1976-1981
9 Report: Energy Foundation of Texas Annual Report, 1975-1978
10 Report: "Review of DHW Grants for the Period Sept. 1, 1967 through Aug. 31," 1969, 1970
11 Reports: Speeches, Misc., 1971-1975 and undated
12 Requirement for the Ph.D., 1979
13 Research Advisory Cabinet, 1971-1974 and undated
14 Research Services Information Sheet, 1973-1974
15 Researchers: Relate to Child and Parent Services, 1977
16 Richardson, C. R.: "Digestibility of Cotton, Inc. Processed Cotton Gin Trash," 1978-1979
17 Richardson, C. R.: "Digestibility of Cubed Cottonseed Hulls and Hydrolyzed Linters," 1979
18 Richardson, C. Reed: "Efficacy of Feeding Sodium Hydroxide Treated... Houston Livestock Show," 1978-1979
19 Richardson, Reed: "Digestibility and Metabolism of Cal II by Growing Wethers," 1982
20 Richardson, Reed: "Effects of Processing Method, Treatment with Wetting Agents..," 1980-1982
21 Richardson, Reed: "Effects of Supplementary Feedlot Cattle Diets with Protected Methionine," 1979
22 Richardson, Reed: "Effects of Feeding Hydrolyzed," 1979
23 Richardson, Reed: "Efficacy of Feeding Sodium Hydroxide Treated Cotton Gin Waste to Growing Steers," 1978-1979
24 Richardson, Reed: "Enzymes Plus a Surfactant as Grain Conditioners," 1980
25 Richardson, Reed: "Intermittent Feeding of Bovatae or Tylan to Finishing Steers," 1983-1984
26 Richardson, Reed: "Mechanical Processing and Alkali Treatment," 1980-1981
27 Richardson, Reed: "Nutritional Value of Different Grades of Corn..," 1982-1983
28 Richardson, Reed: "Palleted Whole Cottonseed as a Source of Protein," 1980
29 Richardson, Reed: "Responses of Beef Cattle to AS-VFA Blend," 1982-1983
30 Richardson, Reed: "Temper-Me-8 and Water as Grain Conditioners," 1980-1981
31 Rio Grande Project, 1969-1970
32 Robert, Larry S.: "Development Physiology of Cestodes," 1979-1980
33 Robinson, G. Wilse: "Picosecond Radiation Transitions in Polyatomic Molecules," 1976-1977
34 Robinson, G. Wilse: "Subnanosecond Primary Events in Biology," 1976-1980
35 Rohring, Thomas T.: "Identification and Evaluation of Methods of Acquiring Corporate Annual Repors in Texas Academic and Public Libraries," 1980-1981
36 Ronshausen: "West Texas Metric Education Program," 1980
37 Ronshausen, Nina: "Pre College Teacher Development in Science," 1980-1982
38 Rose, F. L.: "Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center," 1979-1983


Box 22: Letter sized Office Files R-S

box folder
22 1 Ross, Billy: "Technical Communications for US Army Technical Writers," 1980
2 Roy, Sujit: Agricultural Economics International Students, 1980
3 Rubenfeld, Ruben: "Union Management in Urban Transit, University of Wisconsin," 1979-1980
4 Saeks: "Fault Analysis in Electronics and Systems," 1978
5 Saeks, R.: "Resolution Space, Networks and Non-Self-Adjoint Spectral Theory," 1977
6 Saeks, Richard: "Fault Diagnosis," 1980
7 Saeks, Richard: J "oint Services Electronics Program," 1982
8 Saeks, Richard: "Large Scale Systems: The Commonality and Diversity," 1978-1981
9 Saeks, Richard: "Symposium on the Operator Theory of Networks and Systems," 1979
10 Schaefer, Susan, 1980
11 Schaefer, Susan: "Gerontology Career Preparation..," 1979
12 Schaefer, Susan H.: "Prime Time for Women," 1979
13 Schaefer, Suzan: "Current Issues in Gerontology, 1980: Quality of Life," 1979-1980
14 Schaefer, Suzan: General, 1978-1985 and undated
15 Schaefer, Suzan: "Participants to Attend and Take Part in Elderhostel," 1981
16 Schaefer, Suzan: "Quality of Life: Humanities Perspectives on Aging," 1980
17 Schaefer, Suzan: "A Relevant Approach to Teaching Consumer Action Training," 1980
18 Schaefer, Suzan: Various SPAG Contracts, 1981
19 School of Medicine Foundation: Vice-president for Research and Graduate Studies Account #72-F105-400000, 1976
20 Scott, Jean Pearson: "Older Rural Adults: Perspectives on Status and Needs," 1980-1982
21 Security Clearance, 1975 and undated
22 Seed Proposals, 1976-1978 and undated
23 Seidal, R. W./ Kolarik, W. J.: "Corporate Strategy," 1979-1980
24 Selim, M. Sam: "Manufacture of Fertilizer-Grade Ammonium Thiosulfate..," 1979
25 Sengupta, A. N.: "Mass Transportation Models," 1979-1980
26 Sevall, J. S.: "Analysis of Nonhistone Protein Bound Repetitive DNA Sequences," 1981
27 Sevall, J. Sanders: "Control of Transportation by Microinjection of Nonhistone Subgrant (Penn State)," 1979-1981
28 Sevall, J. Sanders: "Isolation of a Family of Transcribed DNA Sequences with Common Nonhistone March of Dimes," 1979-1981
29 Sevall, Sandy: "Analysis of Nonhistone Protein Bound Low Repetitive DNA Sequences in Rat," 1979-1980
30 Shaw, Robert: "Electron paramagnetic Resonance Spectroscopy of Biological Systems," 1982
31 Sherrod, L. B.: "Avreomycin-Monesin Combination," 1979
32 Shine, H.: "Hydrazoaromatic Chemistry: Reactive Intermediaries and the Transition State in Benzidinal Rearrangement..," 1977-1979
33 Simmons, Barbara: "Relationship of Childrearing factors," 1979
34 Simpson, C. D.: "Population of Elk in the Guadalupe National Park," 1979
35 Simpson, C. David: "Development of Bibliography of Fauna and Flora of Playa Lakes," 1980-1981
36 Simpson, C. David: "The Dispersal and Establishment of Barbary," 1978-1980
37 Simpson, C. David: "The Ecological Impact of Large Game Animals in the Guadalupe," 1978-1979
38 Simpson, C. David: "Effects of Fire on Desert Wildlife," 1978
39 Simpson, C. David: "Impact of Forest Resource Use on Elk in the Southwest," 1978-1980
40 Simpson, C. David: "Investigation of the Impatience of Playa Lakes to Wildlife,"(1 of 2) 1979-1981,
41 Simpson, C. David: "Investigation of the Impatience of Playa Lakes to Wildlife,"(2 of 2) 1979-1981,


Box 23: Letter sized Office Files S

box folder
23 1 Simpson, C. David: "Economics of Playa Lakes Under... Rocky Mountain Forest and Range," 1978-1981
2 Simpson, C. David: "Predator Scat Analysis," 1980-1981
3 Simpson, Miles, 1974-1975
4 Simpson, Travis: "First Semi-Annual Small Power Systems Program Review," 1980
5 Skillern, Frank: "Analysis of Federal and State Environment Statutes to Determine," 1977-1980
6 Skillern, Frank: "The State/Federal Relationship and Commerce Clause Issues," 1981
7 Skillern, Frank: "Federal Water Quality Standards," 1980
8 Skoog, Gerald: "Tutoring Program," 1979-1980
9 Smith, Charles: General, undated
10 Smith, J. H.: "Dynamics of Complex Structures-Analysis and Experiment," 1977
11 Smith, M. L.: "Analysis of Hailstone Properties Affecting Solar Collections," 1977-1979
12 Smith, M. L.: "Optimum Systems for Cotton Harvest, Storage, and Handling," 1978
13 Smith, M. L.: "Optimum Systems for Cotton Harvest, Storage, and Handling," 1976-1979
14 Smith, M. L./ Kolarik, W. J.: "Cotton Harvester Efficiency," 1979
15 Smith, Maria: "Music Education Series for Television," 1978-1980
16 Smith, Maria: "Jazz Jam: Music Education Series for Television," 1981-1982
17 Smith, Milton/ Kolarik, W. J.: "Investigation of Uniformity of Cotton Lots," 1978
18 Smith, Milton: "Analysis of Centralized Lint Processing Facilities," 1981
19 Smith, Milton: "Monitoring Hail at Photovoltaic Collector Sites," 1980
20 Smith, Milton/ Kolarik, W. J.: "Economic Evaluation of South Plains (Texas) Ginning Waste," 1978
21 Smith, Ronald: "Comparative Growth Studies with Radiant Panels," 1978
22 Smith, William: "Spectral Measures in Topological..," 1979-1980
23 Smithsonian Institution, 1971
24 Sociology, 1976-1984
25 Song, Pill-Soon: "Aneural Photosensory Transduction in Steutor Coeruleus," 1979-1985
26 Song, Pill-Soon: "Characterization and Function of the Stentor," 1978-1979
27 Song, Pill-Soon: "Configuration Analysis of the Electronic..," 1978
28 Song, Pill-Soon: "Interactions Between Nuclei Acids and Skin-Sensitizing," 1978-1982
29 Sosebee, Ronald: "Influence of Spike on Forage Quality," 1981
30 Sosebee, Ronald: "Effects of Mesquite Spraying on Other Rangeland," 1978-1979
31 Sosebee, Ronad: "Improvement of Instructional Capabilities," 1979-1980
32 South Plains Association of Governments, 1980-1981
33 Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, 1972
34 Southern Association of Land-Grant Colleges and State Universities, 1971-1976 and undated
35 Southwest Alliance for Latin America, 1970-1974 and undated
36 Sowell, Virginia: "Consulting Teachers Programs for Visually Handicapped," 1981-1984
37 Sowell, Virginia: "Planning Grant for Preparation of Personnel," 1976-1979 and undated
38 Sowell, Virginia: "Preparation of Counsulting Teacher Personnel in the Area of Multihandicapped/Blind," 1977-1981
39 Sowell, Virginia: "Preparation of Consulting Teacher Personnel in the Area of Multihandicapped/Blind," 1979-1982
40 Spallholz, J. E.: "Identification of (GTF) Glucose Tolerance Factor," 1969-1979
41 Speech and Theatre Arts, 1979-1984
42 Steele, Connie: "Training for Development Programs for Infants," 1977-1980
43 Spallholz, Julian: "Assessment of Zero Dietary Selenium on Cancer Induction and Development," 1982


Box 24: Letter sized Office Files S-T

box folder
24 1 Stoecker, Arthur: "Input Output Data," 1979-1980
2 Stoecker, Barbara: "Carcinogenesis as Affected," 1979-1980
3 Stoecker, Barbara: "Interactions and Bioavailability in Rats of Chromium from Meat and TVP Sources," 1980-1982
4 Strandtmann, Russell: "Terrestrial Arthopods of Marie Byrd Land, Antaractica," 1976-1978
5 Strauss, Monty: "Uniqueness and Norm Convexity in the Canchy Problem," 1979-1980
6 Strickland: "Analysis of Extreme Winds on Solar Tower," 1976-1978
7 Stuyt, Jeff: General, 1980
8 Summer Research Assistantships, 1979-1980
9 Sweazy, Robert: "Environment Education Program," 1979-1980
box folder
Box 24 10 Sweazy, Robert: "Groundwater Resources of the Texas High Plains," 1978 and undated
box folder
24 11 Sweazy, Robert: "National Needs Trainships for 1977-1978," 1977
12 Sweazy, Robert: "Removal of Capillary Water from the Ogallala Aquifer," 1981
13 TTU School of Medicine Liason Advisory Committee, 1971-1973
14 Tallgrass Prairie Inc., 1974 and undated
15 Tan, Alexis: "Assimilation of Vietnamese," 1979 and undated
16 Taylor, Hazel: "Desegregation Institute for Teachers," 1978-1980
17 Taylor, Hazel: "Civil Rights Technical Assistance and Training," 1979
18 Telephones, 1975 and undated
19 Templer, Otis: "Problems of Public Access to Water in Texas Lakes and Streams: An Analysis," 1977
20 Texas Association of College Teachers, 1973-1974 and undated
21 Texas System of Natural Laboratories, 1974-1975 and undated
22 Texas Tech University Foundation, 1970-1974 and undated
23 Textile Research Center: General, 1973-1976 and undated
24 Tock, Dick: "Research in the Field of Transport of Polymer Films..," 1982
25 Tock, Richard: "Characterization and Treatment of Waste Water," 1980-1984
26 Tock, Richard: "Superabsorbent Polymers," 1978-1979
27 Tock, Richard: "Treatment of Waste Waters," 1979-1984
28 Tock, Richard: "Development of a Macromolecular Science Laboratory," 1980
29 Tock, Richard: "High Temperature Composite Coatings," 1979-1982
30 Tock, Richard W.: "Development of Macromolecular Science Laboratory," 1979
31 Tock, Richard W.: "High Temperature Composite Coatings," 1979-1980


Box 23: Letter sized Office Files T-W

box folder
25 1 Traffic Safety Coordination Program, 1980 and undated
2 Travel: 12-0018-100000, 1979-1980
3 Travel: 22-C195-200000, 1978-1980
4 Tribble, L. F.: "Evaluation of Feed Additives for Sows at Farrowing," 1979
5 Tribble, Leland: "Depletion of Furazolidone Residue from Swine Tissues," 1980-1981
6 Tribble, Leland: "Value of Supplemental Biotin For Sows in Confinement," 1981-1983
7 Trost, T.: "Radio Propagation Via Transponder," 1977-1978
8 Trustees/Officers, 1976-1979 and undated
9 Tucker, Wendell: "Comprehensive Personnel Management Improvement Training Program," 1980-1981
10 Turian, Raffi: "Assessment of Research Needs in Concentrated Fire..," 1979-1980
11 Turian, Raffi: "Basic Studies on the Flow of Settling Slurries," 1979-1981
12 Urban, Lloyd: "Research Monitoring and Advisory Survey on Canyon Lakes Water Quality," 1973-1985
13 Urban, Lloyd V.: "Development of a Procedure to Review Army Environmental Impact Assessments and Statements," 1973-1978
14 Urban, Lloyd V.: "Development of an Outline Manual on Stormwater," 1977-1979
15 Urban, Lloyd V.: "Review and Summary of State Environmental Laws Regarding the Disposal of Reservoir Clearing and Cleaning Debris," 1977
16 Vallabham, C. V. G. and Smith, Jimmy H.: "Missile Impact and Spall Behavior," 1979-1981
17 Vann, W. P.: "Refined Methodology for Solar Isolation," 1979-1980
18 Vann, W. P.: "Single Degree of Freedom Evaluation," 1978
19 Vann, W. P. and Smith, J. H.: "Earthquake Resistance of Earthcovered Buildings," 1979-1980
20 Vengroff, Richard: Tec "hnical Training for Mali Rural Development Program," 1977-1979
21 Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies: Account Number: 72-f117-200000, 1976
22 Vice President for Research and Special Programs: Role and Responsibilities, 1970-1974
23 Walkup, Hagler: "Space-Variant Optical System," 1977-1979
24 Walkup, John: "Space-Variant Optical Systems," 1978-1979 and undated
25 Wang, Stuart S.: "Jacobian Problem," 1977-1979 and undated
26 Warren, Robert J.: "Orphaned White-Tailed Deer Game Conservation International," 1979 and undated
27 Weiner, Jane: "West Texas Regional Alcoholism Training Project," 1978
28 Weiner, Jane: "West Texas Regional Alcoholism Training Program for Paraprof.," 1974-1975
29 Weiner, Leonard: "Program Verifer and Formatter," 1978 and undated
30 Wells, Dan M.: "Analysis of State Laws and Regulations Impacting the Management of Animal Wastes," 1977-1978
31 Wilde, Richard E.: "Energy Transfer Processes and Molecular," 1979-1980 and undated
32 Williford, J. H.: "Texas Tech Programs for Older Texans Gov. Off. On Aging, " 1975-1978 and undated
33 Windhausen, R. A.: "Establishment of a Latin American Mass Communication Center," 1979-1980
34 Winer, Jane: "Science Career Workshop," 1978-1980
35 Workshop: "Geographical Distribution of Wind Climate," 1979-1980
36 Wray, W. K.: "Effect of Climate on Design of Residential Stiffened Slabs on Ground," 1979-1984
37 Wray, W. K.: "Investigation of the Duomorph and its Potential for Making in Situ Soil Property Measurements," 1979-1981
38 Wray, W. K.: "Longevity Aspects of Permanent Ground Anchors," 1979
39 Yang, S. P.: "Effect of Graded Levels of Corn Oil and Coconut Oil on Chemcal Carcingenisis," 1978
40 Yang, S. P.: "Effect of Lipid on Metabolism of Chemical Carcinogens," 1977
41 Yang, S. P. and Stoecker, B. and Felkner, L.: "Effect of Sodium Ascorbate on Carcinogenesis," 1980-1982
42 Wright, Henry: "Effect of Prescribed Burning on Soil Loss, Water Yield, and Water Quality from Steep Range Watersheds," 1976-1980
43 Wright, Henry: "The Use and Control of Fire in Rangeland Management," 1977-1978
44 Wright, Henry A.: "The Role and Use of Fire in Southern Desert Grassland," 1978