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Civil Engineering- Water:

An Inventory of Its Records, 1910-1988, at the Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library

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Creator Texas Tech University
Title: Civil Engineering- Water Records,
Dates: 1910-1988
Abstract: Records of the Water Resources Center, established by the Texas Tech University Board of Regents in 1965.
Collection # U 205.2
Quantity: 5 boxes (5.0 linear feet)
Language English.
Repository: Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library, Texas Tech University

Biographical Sketch

The use of water resources was of great concern to many departments at Texas Tech, civic government, and private industry. To meet their needs for research and water resources advancement, the Texas Tech University Board of Regents established the Water Resources Center in 1965. Members from civic government, chemical and civil engineering and the College of Agricultural Sciences (to name just a few) serve an advisory function.

Scope and Contents

The collection pertains to water use and practice throughout Texas and the United States. The collection was originally the subject files of Robert V. Thurmond, Associated County Agricultural Agent out of Texas A & M in the 1950s. Dr. Marvin J. Dvoracek acquired the papers, adding his own materials to the collection. Dr. Marvin J. Dvoracek is Associate Professor of Civil Engineering, Emeritus, 1962-1994 at Texas Tech.



The periodicals, government studies, and other printed materials were organized in subject files. Topics include irrigation, water use and policy, soil suitability, tillage practices, wells, ground water development, water law, fertilizers, hydrology, pipeline materials, etc. There was also one object, a Compact Whirling Hygrometer/Sling Psychrometer with Instructions.


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Subjects (Persons)
Dvoracek, Marvin J.--Archives
Thurmond, Robert V.
Subjects (Organizations)
Texas Technological College. Water Resources Center
Texas Tech University. College of Agricultural Sciences
Texas Tech University. College of Engineering--Faculty
Texas Tech University. Water Resources Center
Integrated water development
Irrigation water
Water use--Texas
Water resources development--Texas

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Civil Engineering- Water Records, 1910-1988, Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas

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94-0386-B, 97-0189-B

Gifts, 1994-1997

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Lynn Whitfield, July 1998

Additional Sources

Land, Larry F. U.S. Geological Survey Ground-Water Studies in Texas Microform. U.S. Geological Survey, Dept. of the Interior: Books and Open-File Reports Section, distributor, 1988.

Texas. Dept. of Water Resources. Water planning projections for Texas, 1980-2030. Austin, Tex.: The Dept., 1982.

Water use, Projected Water Requirements, and Related Data and Information for the Metropolitan Statistical Areas in Texas. Austin, Tex.: Texas Dept. of Water Resources, 1985.

Collection Inventory



box folder
1 1 Conveyance: Aluminum, 1949-1957 and Undated
2 Conveyance: Canals, 1947
3 Conveyance: Concrete Pipe, 1932-1956 and Undated
4 Conveyance: Concrete Pipe Standards, 1955-1957
5 Conveyance: Ditches, 1947-1957 and Undated
6 Conveyance: Linings, 1946-1957 and Undated
7 Conveyance: Plastic, 1953-1957 and Undated
8 Conveyance: Seepage Investigations, 1948-1955 and Undated
9 Conveyance: Steel, 1954
10 Conveyance: Transite, Undated

box folder
1 11 Compact Whirling Hygrometer / Sling Psychrometer with Instructions, Undated

box folder
1 12 Farming and Ranching Risk as Influenced by Rainfall, 1956-1957



box folder
1 13 Fertility- Fertilizers: General, 1922-1958 and Undated
14 Fertility- Fertilizers: Irrigation and Fertility, 1944-1958 and Undated
15 Fertility- Fertilizers: Soil Test, 1948-1951

box folder
1 16 Garden Irrigation, 1917-1953, and Undated

box folder
2 1 General, 1933-1958

box folder
2 2 High Plains Irrigation Survey, 1965-1968

box folder
2 3 Hydrology, Snow Survey and Silt Control, 1930-1953 and Undated

box folder
2 4 Infiltration and Permeability, 1948-1951 and Undated

box folder
2 5 Inventory: Miscellaneous, Undated



box folder
2 6 Irrigated Acreage in Texas, 1939-1948
7 Irrigated Crops: Vegetables, 1938-1956
8 Irrigated lands of Nevada, 1949
9 Irrigation General in U.S., 1941-1958 and Undated
10 Irrigation History, 1910-1952
11 Irrigation Institutions and Organizations, 1936-1953
12 Irrigation Practices, 1950 and undated
13 Irrigation Projects, 1949
14 Irrigation Projects: Texas, 1932-1946
15 Irrigation Projects in U.S., 1930-1949 and Undated
16 Irrigation in States, 1936-1958 and undated

box folder
2 17 Legal Aspects Relating to Irrigation, 1956



box folder
2 18 Moisture: General, 1927-1957 and undated
19 Moisture: Methods of Measuring, 1940-1957 and undated
20 Moisture: Water Holding Capacities, 1922-1955

box folder
3 1 Pasture, 1942-1957 and undated

box folder
3 2 Proceedings of the American Society of Civil Engineers, 1960-1974

box folder
3 3 Proceedings 1961 Biennial Conference on Ground Water Recharge, 1962

box folder
3 4 Quality, 1934-1955 and undated

box folder
3 5 Report of Committee for the Study of Land Use and Environmental Control, 1969

box folder
3 6 Reprint of Portions of the Revised General Irrigation Act of 1917

box folder
3 7 Saline and Alkali, 1925-1958 and undated

box folder
3 8 Saline-Water Resources of Texas, 1956

box folder
3 9 Soil Surveys, 1926-1956 and undated

box folder
3 10 Sprinkler Irrigation, 1942-1955

box folder
4 1 Supplemental Irrigation, 1952-1956 and undated

box folder
4 2 Texas General Sanitation Law, 1945

box folder
4 3 Texas Water Problems, 1946-1956 and undated

box folder
4 4 Tillage Practice: Conversation, 1941-1958 and undated

box folder
4 5 Tillage Practice: Miscellaneous, 1927-1952 and undated



box folder
4 6 Water, 1937-1954 and undated
7 Water: Miscellaneous, 1918-1957
8 Water: Miscellaneous, 1946-1974 and undated
9 Water: Miscellaneous, 1955-1988 and undated
10 Water: Miscellaneous, 1964-1971 and undated
11 Water Analysis Forms, undated
12 Water Laws, 1950-1951
13 Water Rates, 1940
14 Water Supply and Sewerage, 1915-1950
15 Water Supply and Storage: Dams and Ponds, 1937-1957 and undated
16 Water Supply and Storage: Farm Water System - Domestic, 1940-1956 and Undated
box folder
5 1 Water Supply and Storage: Ground Water, 1954
2 Water Supply and Storage: Storage Reservoirs, 1944-1956 and undated
3 Water Supply and Storage: Water Supply, undated
4 Water Supply and Storage: Reservoir Lining, 1948-1958 and undated
5 Water Quality in Texas, 1941-1950

box folder
5 6 Weed Control and Maintenance, 1948-1958 and undated

box folder
5 7 Wells, 1957-1958

box folder
5 8 Wells: Chemical Treatment, 1945-1958 and undated