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An Inventory of Its Collection, 1962-2003, at the Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library

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Creator Texas Tech University. Office of News and Publications
Title: University News and Publications Collection,
Dates: 1962-2003
Abstract: Records of the University News and Publications Department of Texas Tech University from 1962-2003.
Collection # U 185.8
Quantity: 6 Boxes (6.0 linear feet)
Language English.
Repository: Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library, Texas Tech University

Biographical Sketch

Organized under the Chancellor's Division to handle news and information for the Texas Tech University system, the Office of News and Publications is the central clearinghouse for publications produced for the system. It is also responsible for placing stories and sources in the state and national media and for bringing more prominence to the system.

The Office of News and Publications is divided into several bureaus: news for the University; news for the Health Sciences Center; publications; video news releases; advertising campaigns and various publications.

Scope and Contents

The collection consists of 201 video tapes concerning Texas Tech university and its faculty, as well as 104 contact sheets and 27 photos.


The collection is organized into two series: videos and photographs.


Access Restrictions

The collection is open for research.

To view one or more of the recordings the researcher will need to contact the Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library in advance. The recordings will need to be converted to current playable digital format first before the researcher can view them.

Index Terms

The subject headings used by the Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library are derived from the Library of Congress and/or locally developed.
Subjects (Organizations)
Texas Tech University--Press coverage
Texas Tech University--Public relations
Press releases--Texas--Lubbock
College publicity--Texas--Lubbock
School publicity--Texas--Lubbock

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University News and Publications Collection, 1962-2003, Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas


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Gift, 2004

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Lynn Whitfield, August 2004

Collection Inventory


Videos, 1962-2003

box item
1 1 Freshman Picador Team: Halftime Recognition (Texas Tech vs Iowa State), 1962-1963
2 TTU Red Raider Football: 30-second spot, 1998-1999
3 25 Years of Rotary, undated
4 5 Minutes to Remember: Freshman Orientation- Blythe Clayton, 1999
5 82 Year Old Bill Whitfield Graduates from Texas Tech: CNN Headline News; produced by Advertising Information Services, Inc. - New York, NY 10016 May 17, 2003
6 82-year-old student earns degree: Old Grad on Fox 34 May 15, 2003
7 9/11 Ceremony, September 14, 2001
8 Academic Campus (video news release): Video news release (VNR), undated
9 Ad (TTU Basketball) - Campus Spirit, Campus Tour-1: Mesonet (TTU)-2, TTU Statue of Liberty or Statue of Liberty (TTU)-3, undated
10 Ag Day-1: E-coli Story-2, July 5, 2002
11 The Aggie Quarterly: 1st quarter, Vol. 12; Association of Former Students, Texas A & M University (College Station, TX), 1995
12 ALF Break-in of Dr. Orem's Lab" (TTUHSC): Press conference (TTUHSC), July 5, 1989
13 Animal Rights Activists Renounced: Ch.11 News Story, June 7, 1990
14 Art of the Eye: produced by TTU News and Publications (Lubbock, TX), undated
15 Auburn University Television Services: 1. Field, 2. Field, 3. Beat Bama/Field, 4. Water, 5. Bridge, 6. Poultry, 7. When You Think, 8. Bullet Proof, and 9. Rock-A-Bye, undated
16 Board of Regents, undated
17 Bats: Aired on KJTV FOX News 34 (Lubbock, TX), October 28, 2000
18 Beauty Shops Have A Place in American History: SOT: Julie Willett, Ph. D. Associate Professor at TTU, Contact: Angela Loston, undated
19 Ben E. Keith donation: Texas Tech University Local News Coverage, undated
20 Black Mold: Texas Tech University Dr. Straus, undated
21 Board of Regents Meeting: Highlights by TTUS News and Publications Broadcast Bureau, December, 2001
22 Border Health: El Paso TV coverage, undated
23 A Brief History of Time: The life and theories of Stephen Hawkins, undated
24 Bubonic Plague news conference, January 15, 2003
25 Buddy Holly, The music never died: Contact: Leslie Woodard, undated
26 Bug Bites and Bee Stings-1: Also on tape "Preparing Your Child for Surgery" (2), June 2001
27 Building Communities, Families and Computers: College of Engineering, 2002
28 A Call to Respond: For use with church members; acquired from Area Resource Center (Lubbock, TX), undated
29 Celebrate Recovery: Center for the Study of Addiction, undated
30 Center for Study of Addiction: SOT- Dr. Kitty Harris / Director for the Center of Addiction at TTU; SOT: Justin: TTU Student; SOT: Austin: TTU Student; Contact: Sally Logue Post, undated
31 Century of Change-1: Texas Tech University President David Schmidly VNR; "LED Lights" (2), undated
32 Chancellor John Montford Resignation: Local newscast, undated
33 Chancellor's Office (Chancellor Speaking), undated
34 Cindy Rugeley, Assistant Vice Chancellor for News and Information-TTU: aired on ABC News Channel 28, July 9, 1999
35 College Rankings: ABC Work News Tonight, undated
box item
2 1 Chancellor on CNN: David Smith, undated
2 College Tuition: Aired on ABC World News with Peter Jennings, undated
3 Colorado River Municipal Water District 50th Anniversary Video, undated
4 Commencement (TTU) at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday, May 12, 2001
5 Commentary Fox 34: Acquired from Walker Communications, January 6, 2003
6 Commercial Demo: Digital Base Productions, undated
7 Concrete Canoe Races, 1988
8 Consultation Excerpts: "Narrated Baby Tape"-1; "Tumor Board/Melanoma"-2' "Narrated Baby Respiration"-3; Separation fo MCPL Epiphysis-11 month old; produced by Texas Tech MEDNET, undated
9 Cow and Arena Report: KLBK-TV News Channel 11 (Local), Lubbock, Texas, September 8
10 Crystal Contemplation - Gail G. Barber: Relaxing and inspiring visual and musical video, 1989
11 Dairy Queen Doc: Aired by KAMC-TV, February 18, 1993
12 David Smith Chancellor-1, Athletics Cookbook-2: Aired on WFFA / WJW; acquired from Walker Communications, undated
13 Dr. David Smith: "Yoga for Pain Control"-1; "Onions Could Help Fight Cancer"-2; "Castor Beans: Source for a Cancer Treatment"-3; "Pain Center Helps People with Chronic Pain"-4; "Going to School to Learn and Stay Healthy"-5, July 27, 1999
14 Dr. David Smith, President/Chancellor: News coverage, April, 2002
15 The Day of the Dead: SOT- Tina Fuelites, Contact Sally Post, undated
16 Dell: News segment aired on KCBD-TV Channel 11 (Lubbock, TX), April 20, 1999
17 Doctor Dave: Texas Cable News - Dallas, TX, undated
18 Double-T Days: TTU Freshman Orientation (DUB), 1999
19 Image spots: 1- Dr. Bernard Harris, 1999; 2- Rene Hanebutt; 3 and 4- Image 2000; 5 and 6- Today’s Education Tomorrow’s Dreams; 7- Dr. Bernard Harris; 8- Rene Hanebutt, 1999-2000
20 Dr. Manny: DEMO, undated
21 Dr. Schmidly-1: VNR; Dr. Smith-2 (VNR), undated
22 Endless Horizons-1: x-ref: Lawless, Dr. Robert; Dream Series-2 and License Plate PSA-3 (3-91), December 20, 1989
23 Entry in CASE IV Awards Competition, Category 3, Exhibit 5: "Disaster Research"-1 (CNN-March 1988), "Glass Research"-2 (CNN-March 1988); "Tornado Story"-3, March, 1988
24 Executive Forum: "Multi Media," acquired from HBO Studio Productions (New York, NY), undated
25 Executive Forum: Promo Reel, acquired from HBO Sutdio Productions (New York, NY), undated
26 Firing Line Debate #105: Resolved:The Cold War Is Not Coming To An End, undated
27 Firing Line Debate #106: Resolved:Free Market Competitiveness Is Best for America; produced by PBS at the University of Mississippi, undated
28 John Scott Ford and Toby McWilliams- Ph.D. Recital: Hemmle Recital Hall - Texaxz Tech University, August 11, 1997
29 Foundation video: Texas Tech Foundation, Inc., foundation for Texas Tech University and Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, undated
30 Frontline NBC News: VHS of TV news broadcast August 15, 1997
31 Gala (The Horizon Campaign): Two 30-second spots; x-ref Horizon Campaign, The Gala, January 1998
32 Gala Celebration "Highlights" (The Horizon Campaign Kickoff): 5 miniutes; x-ref Horizon Campaign, The Gala Celebration "Highlights," undated
33 Gambling Addiction: Video news release (VNR), undated
34 Gilbane Gold- A Case Study in Engineering Ethics: Produced for National Society of Professional Engineers, undated
35 Glen Provost (HSC): Aired on KJTV FOX News 34 at 4:00 p.m. (Lubbock, TX), January 16, 2003
36 Golf Course (TTU) Story: VHS acquired from Texas Size KAMC Channel 28 News, undated
37 Teacher You Can Count On: Aired weekly on KCBD-TV news channel 11 (Lubbock, TX), undated
box item
3 1 Governor's Visit to Lubbock (Rick Perry): Local TV coverage- channels 11, 34, 13, 28 (Lubbock, TX), January 5, 2001
2 Graduation Day (Texas Country Reporter): Texas Tech University commencement; aired on syndicated Texas Country Reporter (purchase), 2000
3 Hampton University: Press conference (VHS video and audio), undated
4 Hampton University News Story: VHS of TV news broadcast locally on the 10:00 p.m. news of KLBK-TV 13 and KAMC-TV 28 (Lubbock, TX), November 18, 1998
5 Haragan, Donald (Ph.D): Feature story on Donald R. Haragan, Ph.D. aired by KCBD-TV Channel 11 (Lubbock, TX), undated
6 Hard Lessons: Video on housing safety; acquired from Instructional Technology, U of Md Baltimore County, undated
7 High School Focus Group: Aired on 6:00 p.m. local TV news broadcast (Lubbock, TX), July 8, 1999
8 Higher Education (message): Higher Education Message Video; acquired from PSI-Austin, TX, January 15, 1999
9 Home of Champions (TTU): Video produced by News and Publications (TTU-Lubbock, TX), January 4, 1996
10 The Horizon Campaign: Texas Tech University press conference, undated
11 Horizons Unlimited: General PSA for Texas Tech University recruiting video, 1992
12 The Horizon Gala: Texas Tech University Local News Coverage, undated
13 HPCC (demo), undated
14 Immunizations in Texas: TTU press conference, undated
15 Inspiration to Greatness: Texas A & M University Overview, June 5
16 Jerry Rawls $25 Million Gift: News Coverage, December 15-16, 2000
17 John Montford and David Smith: Local news coverage, undated
18 The Junction Experience: Red Raider Camp, Texas Tech University, undated
19 Lady Raider Grades-TTU: Aired on KCBD-TV News Channel 11 (Lubbock, TX); acquired through Walker Communications (Lubbock, TX), March 21, 2000
20 A Laundress's Legacy: The American Benefactor Magazine, undated
21 Local News Coverage, undated
22 The Lost Presidio: Grant Hall; acquired from Texas Country Reporter, Show # 740, November 3, 2001
23 Lubbock: Past - Present - Future: VHS acquired from News Channel 13 Production (Lubbock, TX), 2000
24 Lubbock Lake Landmark Video, undated
25 March of Dimes "Prematurity" Launch - Dr. David Smith: Texas press conference (TRT: 20 min.), February 18, 2003
26 Marsha Sharp Video, Texas Tech University, undated
27 Meetings Bloody Meetings, undated
28 Memorial to Honor Columbia: A Service to Honor the Crew of STS-107, February 4, 2003
29 Midland Surgical Residency (TTUHSC-Odessa): Local coverage of news conference with Tom Craddick (Odessa, TX), undated
30 Montford Presentation: VHS acquired from Fox 34 Production (Lubbock, TX), January 30, 2001
31 More Ideas for Our Next Century: Vision production of Carnegie Mellon University, undated
32 Movie Tone News Foundation, undated
33 The Museum of Texas Tech University, undated
34 Museum of Texas Tech University: Orientation Video, undated
35 National Day of Prayer and Remembrance: TTU participation in prayer and remembrance after bombing of the World Trade Center twin towers in New York, NY, September 11, 2001
36 NCAA Spot, 1988
box item
4 1 Mail Tech: Handling suspicious mail, undated
2 NCAA Spot, 2002
3 Need for Prevention, A - Ken Wooden: Video on personal safety by Ken Wooden, undated
4 A New Way of Thinking: Texas Performance Review Video, State Comproller's Office, June, 1991
5 Nightline: John Gooch, undated
6 Norte Dame/Vision: Life Choices- "Marriage:Building a Lasting Friendship"; produced by Golden Dome Productions, South Bend, IN, undated
7 One-On-One with Dixon Platt, December, 1999
8 Paso del Norte Scholarship, undated
9 Peter Hurd: Aired on PBS KENW-TV Channel 3 (Portales, NM), undated
10 The Power of Vision: TTUHSC School of Medicine, undated
11 President Reagan Announcement of New Secretary of Education- Lauro Cavazos: CNN, MacNeal-Lehrer, Ch5, Ch4 NBC Nightly News Ch9, CBS Net, Ch7 ABC Net, August 8, 1988
12 Presidential Update: Texas Tech University, undated
13 President's Appointment Announcement: Aired by KCBE-TV News Channel 11, undated
14 Project 2020 Vision: Texas Tech University, Dept. of Agricultural Education and Communications - Matt Baker, Chair, undated
15 Pumpkins-1, undated
16 Quality Service- ServicePlus Class: Video of Chancellor, undated
17 A Question of Safety: The importance of product safety testing; tape acquired from Foundation for Biomedical Research, New York, NY, undated
18 Raiders Are Ready-1 (30 seconds): Produced by TTU News and Publications (Lubbock, TX); Heart of a Champion-2 (7 minutes), 1997
19 Recruitment video, undated
20 Regent Lunch (5 minutes), February, 1998
21 Revised Mail Tech video, undated
22 Rick Husband- Discovery: Alumnus in the NASA Space Shuttle Program, 1999
23 Road Trip to Raiderland: Red Raider Camp, undated
24 Salt and Children and Baclofen Pump (TRT: 14:30): Acquired from VNR-1 Communications, Inc. (Arlington, TX), undated
25 SBC Donation: Local TV news coverage (Lubbock, TX), November 18, 1999
26 SBC/Jones Stadium (TTU): News conference, undated
27 Scholarship Game Story: Aired on KCBD-TV News Channel 11 (Lubbock, TX), August, 2000
28 Secret Service in Lubbock (press conference), undated
29 Shake Hands with your Future: Session II, June, 2000
30 Shapleigh, Strelzin, Marquez: News 7 Extra, December 7, 1998
31 Sherry and Mark proposal air check, August 14, 2000
32 Sick Building Syndrome: Texas Tech Medical Center (3 versions: one in English and one in Spanish), undated
33 Smith, David: CNN appearance, September 31
34 Statue of Liberty: Mapping, undated
35 Sunbowl - Texas Tech: Texas Tech Sunbowl #1, December 10, 1993
36 TASCO Segment: Discovery Channel, July 4, 2002
37 TASP: Skills for Success: Project of TTU Texas Academic Skill Program Office, 1990
38 TCU in the News: Sampling of significant TV news stories about TCU activities, people and programs, Fall, 1998
box item
5 1 Tech and Lubbock: Aired on KJTV FOX News 34 (Lubbock, TX), undated
2 Tech Media coverage: General, undated
3 Texas Country Reporter: The Vatican Exhibit: Acquired from Texas Country Reporter, May 19, 2002
4 Texas Higher Education Coalition Focus Group (stereo): Acquired from PSI Media and Research (Austin, TX), December 29, 1998
5 Texas Tech (Sally Post): Aired at KCBD-TV News Channel 11 at 5:00, 6:00 and 10:00 p.m., November 25, 2002
6 Texas Tech 70's Graduation (TRT 1:38 / TRT 2:36), August 12-13, 2000: CBS Evening News [8/12/2000] and WFAA-TV (ABC) Dallas [8/13/2000], August 12-13, 2000
7 Texas Tech Four Year Medical Center (12 clips): Produced by Video News Service / (915) 532-5231, August 13, 1999
8 The Texas Tech Masked Rider: A Traditions Reins (TRT:10:35), undated
9 Texas Tech Medical Center: Acquired from Video News Service (El Paso, TX), January 8-9, 2003
10 Texas Tech University: An introduction of prospective students by Texas Tech University New Student Relations, undated
11 Texas Tech University: Message by the Texas Tech University System, undated
12 Texas Tech University - Dr. Lawless TTU 8901; Endless Horizons TTU 8902, undated
13 Texas Tech University: Orientation Video, 1994
14 Texas Tech University and Texas Tech Medical Center: National and State TV coverage, undated
15 Texas Tech University System:ServicePlus video (TRT-6:30 minutes): Re-edit; Chancellor's Closing-2 video, October 1, 2000
16 Texas Tech University Task Force on Anti-Terrorism and Public Safety, undated
17 Texas Tech University Tornado Research: WFAA News 8 Daybreak-6:00 a.m., 3:00 p.m. (Dallas, TX), May 9, 2003
18 Texas Tech University Vietnam Center: Aired on KXAN-TV, April 30, 2000
19 Texas Tech University- Image Spots: Spot #1 Bernard Harris, M.D. - "Growing Leaders #1"; spot #2 Rene Hanebutt - "Growing Leaders #2", 1999
20 Texas Tech University: News Coverage of Vatican Museum Exhibit, undated
21 Texas Tech University: Terrorism News coverage, April, 2002
22 Texas Tech University: The Visitor Center Video, undated
23 Texas Tech vs Texas A & M: Postgame Coverage: Produced by TTU News and Publications (Lubbock, TX), undated
24 Texas Tech vs. Texas A & M - Post Game: Aired on Raidervision, undated
25 Texas Tech vs. Texas A & M - Postgame video: Aired on Channel 13 KLBK / Channel 28 KAMC, undated
26 Texas Tech- Home of Champions (10:30 minutes): Produced by News and Publications-TTU (Lubbock, TX), undated
27 THEC Message Video - Revised 2 (stereo): Produced by Public Strategies Inc. - Austin, TX (TRT-17:15 minutes), February 9, 1999
28 Together for the Health of Texans: Texas A & M University Health Science Center, Overview of A & M Health Science system, 2000
29 Tornado Research: Today Show, June 13, 2004
30 Tornados: Dr. Ernst Kiesling on CNN Paula Zahn Show, May 5, 2003
31 Training Video: Mail Tech (Revised), undated
32 TTU news coverage, undated
33 TTUHSC video (Tim), undated
34 United Spirit Arena Opening: Local TV coverage (Lubbock, TX), September 30-October 1, 1999
35 Unknown: Note- Kippie, Copy of tape - not labelled. Pam, undated
box item
6 1 Concrete Canoe Races: Video Press Release (BCA-10 Format), undated
2 KTXT-TV: Center for Financial Responsibility, undated
3 Medieval Frescos from the Vatican Museums Documentary, Museum of Texas Tech University, undated
4 A Most Significant Journey: Chronicles the life-changing impact of Baylor University, 1999
5 Schmidly Leaving Tech: David Schmidly, TTU President, accepts presidency at Oklahoma State University (Lubbock coverage), November 25, 2002
6 Texas Tech University Horizon Campaign: "Victory Celebration Thank You PSA" (Cutoff 03/08/02), March 8, 2002
7 University World: Texas Tech University "Textile Research Center" (5 minutes), undated
8 Unknown: Note- Margaret, Here's a copy of the tape you asked for. Let me know if there is anything else. Thanks, ??, undated
9 The Use of Animals in Bio-Medical Research-1: Also on tape "A Book for Doctors"-2 and "When I was Young"-3, undated
10 Using A Research Library-TTU (11:26 minutes): Project of the Library Instruction Program, Reference Services of the TTU Libraries, 1999
11 Vaccines- Dr. David Smith: Aired on KRONN-4, undated
12 Vida Y Salud / TV Demo (TRT-8:15 minutes): Multimedia Southwest Communications (Lubbock, TX), undated
13 Virtual Reality: Aired on ABC Evening News, July 9, 1999
14 The Visitor Center (revised): VHS produced by TTUS News and Publications Video Services, September 10, 2001
15 Ken Walker News Conference: local TV news broadcast (Lubbock, TX), November 18, 1998
16 WFAA-TV 8: Fort Worth, TX, undated
17 Zit Band Spot: Ad (comercial) -"The Goin' Band from Raider Land", undated


Photographs, 1990 and undated

box folder
6 1 Photographs A-B
Agricultural Economics: Cost of Education (1 contact sheet). Film roll #040489, undated
Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources: Plant and Soil Science- green house, corn research (1 contact sheet). Film roll #052197, undated
Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources: Animal Science and Food Technology- distinguished alumni? (1 contact sheet). Film roll #071197, undated
Architecture (1 contact sheet). Film roll #042793, 1990
Bernard Harris: NASA Space Program (2 contact sheets). Film roll #042093 and #052093, undated
Black Tie event, includes Chancellor John T. Montford (6 contact sheets). Film roll #110796, undated
Boys: Young boys of various ethnicities jumping rope (3 contact sheets). Film roll #060898, undated
box folder
6 2 Photographs C-E
Chancellor for a Day (4 contact sheet). Film roll #112096-1, 112096-2, 112096-3 and 112096-4, undated
Chemistry: Presentation of $2,000 award from Hoechst-Celanese to the Chemistry dept. (1 contact sheet). Film roll #101290, undated
Chemistry: Portraits of John Marx and Sandy Dasqupta (2 contact sheets). Film roll #121785, undated
Chemistry: Denise Sheley [or Dick Shelby?] (1 contact sheet). Film roll #030392, undated
Chemistry: Banquet (2 contact sheets). Film roll #142691-1 and 042691-2, undated
Continuing Education: Complete high school by correspondence, gift student program. (3 contact sheets). Film roll #081698, undated
Crimonology Science Class? (3 contact sheets). Film roll #112396-1, #112396-2 and #112396-3, undated
Development: TTU license plates, pictured are Chancellor John T. Montford and wife Debbie, Bill Burett, and Steve West (3 prints). Film roll #040497, undated
Development: Dr. Noe and Braddock Chair; Jones reception (3 contact sheets). Film roll #032593, undated
Development: Nations Bank check presentation (1 contact sheet). Film roll #101592, undated
Development: Human Sciences- Davidson gift (4 prints). Film roll #030296 and #030496, undated
Engineering (4 prints). No film roll #, 1990
English building (1 contact sheet). Film roll #020494, Spring, 1990
box folder
6 3 Photographs F-J
Female in front of computer (1 contact sheets, 2 prints). Film roll #010389, undated
Glenna Goodacre, sculptor (2 contact sheets). Film roll #051096-1 and #051096-2, undated
Graduate School (5 contact sheets). Film roll #031398, undated
Graduate student in speech hearing sciences: students from left to right are Deborah Moore, Elaine Smylie (seated), Katherine Bevins, and in the background is the department chair, Dr. Raymond Linville. (1 contact sheet, 1 print). Film roll #081590, undated
Graduation fellowship donations (3 contact sheets). Film roll #011397-1, undated
Home Economics: Portraits of various students in the department (6 contact sheets, 1 print). Film roll #081889 and #092587, undated
Human Sciences: Presentation of award and gift (1 contact sheet). Film roll #0111690, 1990
IFC check presentation (1 contact sheet). Film roll #050197, undated
International Cultural Center: World globe sculpture located in front of the building (4 contact sheets). Film roll #072296, undated
ISQS check presentation (1 contact sheet, 1 print). Film roll #012289, undated
Jackrabbit historical marker (1 contact sheet). Film roll #090195, undated
box folder
6 4 Photographs K-N
Law School: Rodrick Schoen (1 contact sheet). Film roll #041593, undated
Lubbock Area Mass Communications Alumni Council [LAMCAC]: Officers- Jan T. Childress, president; John Robertson, secretary/treasurer; and Sherry Wood, vice-president (1 print). No film roll #, undated
Masked Rider and horse: Passing of the reins during the half-time ceremony- includes Dr. Lawless; Bangin' Bertha; the care, training, preparation and practice riding of the horse; and the Masked Rider riding during game time (11 contact sheets). Film roll #090493, undated
Walt McDonald: Portraits and photos with students (2 contact sheets). Film roll #111092 and #11392, undated
Meat Juding Team in gear in the meat locker with score sheets practicing for competitions (1 contact sheet, 1 print). Film roll #092198, undated
Miscellaneous photos: 1) T. J. Patterson hand-in-hand with black Tech students, all singing and walking from Holden Hall across Memorial Circle (1 print). No film roll # ; 2) Unidentified male faculty member? (2 prints). No film roll # ; 3) Unidentified male faculty member? (1 print). No film roll # ; 4) Unidentified male student (3 prints). No film roll # ; 4) Two unidentified female faculty members? (1 print). No film roll #, undated
Museum Lab press conference center (2 contact sheets). Film roll #021297, undated
New Deal Farm Cattle, Feed and Feedlot Research: External and internal views, cattle feedlots, computerized feed mix and dispense center (2 contact sheets). Film roll #013186, undated
Dr. Carl Noe on a sailboat (1 contact sheet). Film roll #082793, undated
box folder
6 5 Photographs O-S
Ranching Heritage Center: Various buildings and windmills (2 contact sheets). Film roll #082284, undated
South Plains Foundation Fellowship in Psychology presentation: Presenter Dr. Robert Anderson, Executive Director of the South Plains Foundation; recipient Roseann DiBello, a graduate student in Clinical Psychology; and chairperson of the Department of Psychology, Dr. Richard McGlynn (3 prints). No film roll #, undated
Spur Society Dinner? (4 contact sheet). Film roll #072795, undated
Southwest Collection: Building construction (1 contact sheet). Film roll #072795, undated
box folder
6 6 Photographs T-Z
University Library: External view of the building front; also front entrance of the University Center (1 contact sheet). Film roll #072491, undated
Unknown subjects: Two unidentified men (1 contact sheet, 1 print). Film roll #111689, undated
Vistas: Law School construction plan, and Playground Access Team (1 contact sheet). Film roll #111092, undated
Peggy Willis: Arts and Sciences, left to right- Dean Goodin, Peggy Willis, Patrick Laveque, Natilia Krassovska, Valery Panov, Dr. Martin McIntyre (1 print). No film roll #, undated