Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library, Texas Tech University

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An Inventory of Its Records [Part 1], 1858-1991, at the Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library

Descriptive Summary

CreatorTexas Tech University. Office of News and Publications
Title:Public Information Records,
Abstract:The records pertain to the activities of the the Public Information Department at Texas Tech University.
Collection #U 148.3
Quantity:41 Boxes (41.0 linear feet)
Repository:Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library, Texas Tech University

Biographical Sketch

The Department of Public Information, now called University News and Publications, handled publicity and presses releases for Texas Tech University. It also gathered news clippings and media information published on Texas Tech by outside entities.

Scope and Content

The collection primarily deals with press releases, news clippings, photographs and information on Texas Tech faculty, staff and activities.

Also, there are 10 boxes of photographic materials which consist of 18,149 negatives, 582 contact sheets, 3,583 prints, 3 transparencies, 2 slides, and 134 deep etched prints. The images date from 1925-1968. An unpublished inventory resides at the Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library.



The materials are arranged into the following two series: Manuscripts and Photographs. Due to the size of the inventory, this finding aid has been split into two files:
manuscript Boxes 1-21
manuscript Boxes 22-41


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Open for research

Index Terms

The subject headings used by the Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library are derived from the Library of Congress and/or locally developed.
Subjects (Persons)
Allen, James G.
Giesecke, G. E.
Hemmle, Gene
Holden, William Curry
Hurd, Peter
Johnson, Lyndon B.
Johnson, Mary Jane
Jones, Clifford B.
Jones, Edward Newton
Knapp, Bradford
Tinsley, Willa Vaughn
Weymouth, C. E.
Whyburn, William Marvin
Wiley, Dewey O.
Subjects (Organizations)
Air Force Institute of Technology
American Cotton Congress
Baptist Convention of Texas
Pantex Plant
Reese Air Force Base
University Interscholastic League
Texas Tech Dads Association
Ex-Students Association
Home Economics
Texas Tech University
Texas Tech University. Museum
Texas Tech University. Office of News and Publications

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Preferred Citation

Public Information Records, 1858-1991, Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas


Gift, undated

Processed by

Garrett Abbott, Kent Bowersock, Brenda L. Haes, Justin McDonald, Sameera Muthya, and Melinda Riddle, 2004

Collection Inventory


Manuscript Boxes 1-21

11Absence Regulation, 1953-1954
2Academic Vice President, 1960-1961 and undated
3Academic Vice President, 1961 and undated
4Academic Vice President- William M. Pearce, 1963-1965 and undated
5Accounting undated
6Accounting Business Education, 1963-1964 and undated
7Accounting Department, 1955 and undated
8Activities and Events, 1960-1961 and undated
9Activities of Exes, 1956 and undated
10Activities of Graduates, 1954-1955 and undated
11Activities of the President, 1953-1955 and undated
12Addresses, 1955 and undated
13Administration, 1955-1959 and undated
14Administration, 1955-1960 and undated
15Administration, 1956-1958 and undated
16Administration, 1958-1959
17Administration, 1959-1960
18Administration, 1961 and undated
19Administration, 1963-1964 and undated
20Administration- Clippings, 1933-1935 and undated
21Administration- Clippings, 1958-1959
22Administration- President’s Office, 1957
23Administration- President’s Office, 1958-1959 and undated
24Adult Education, 1953-1955
25Adult Education, 1954-1957 and undated
26Adult Education, 1957-1958 and undated
27Adult Education (stories), 1957 and undated
28Advancement of Science Committee, undated
29Adventure, Lubbock Advertising Club, 1959-1960
30Advertisements for Educational Sections, 1958 and undated
31Advertising Federation of America, 1955
32Agenda, Planning, Reports and Releases, 1961 and undated
33Aggie Student Organizations, undated
34Agricultural Bulletin, 1960 and undated
21Agricultural Chemicals, 1954-1955 and undated
2Agricultural Chemicals Conference (Agronomy), 1961 and undated
3Agricultural Economics, 1957
4Agricultural Education, 1957
5Agricultural Education, Agricultural Engineering, and Dairy Industry, 1961-1962 and undated
6Agricultural Education and Agricultural Economics, 1964-1965
7Agricultural Engineering, 1957
8Agricultural Engineering, 1965
9Agricultural Engineering, Education, Economic Dairy Industry, 1963-1964 and undated
10Agricultural Press Party for the Judging Teams of Texas Tech, 1953
11Agricultural Research, 1954 and undated
12Agriculture, 1934-1935 and undated
13Agriculture, 1953-1959
14Agriculture, 1956 and undated
15Agriculture, 1957
16Agriculture, 1957-1958 and undated
17Agriculture, 1959-1960
18Agriculture, 1960-1965 and undated
19Agriculture, 1961-1962
20Agriculture, 1963-1964 and undated
21Agriculture Agreement Tech and A & M, 1955 and undated
22Agriculture Bulletin, 1954
23Agriculture: Clippings, 1956 and undated
24Agriculture: Clippings, 1959 and undated
25Agriculture: Daily Industry, 1954 and undated
26Agriculture: Dean, 1925-1958 and undated
27Agriculture Division, 1957-1958 and undated
28Agriculture: General, 1954-1955 and undated
29Agriculture Industry, Fall 1960 and undated
30Agriculture: Judging Teams, 1954-1955 and undated
31Agriculture: News, 1907-1960 and undated
32Agriculture: Pan Tech, 1960-1961 and undated
33Agronomy, 1955-1957 and undated
34Agronomy, 1956-1958 and undated
31Agronomy, 1961-1962
2Agronomy, 1962-1963
3Agronomy, 1963-1965 and undated
4Agronomy Bulletin, 1955-1957 1955-1957
5Agronomy Scholarships, 1954-1955 and undated
6Air Force Institute of Technology, 1959
7Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC), 1954-1958 and undated
8Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC), 1958-1959
9Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC), 1959-1960
10Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC), 1960-1961 and undated
11Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC), 1961-1962
12Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC), 1962-1963
13Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC), 1963 and undated
14Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC), 1965 and undated
15Aldridge, Edith, 1955 and undated
16All-College Convocation, 1959
17All-College Recognition Service, 1964-1965 and undated
18Allen, James G., Dean, 1952
19Allen, James G., Dean of Students, 1963
20Allied Arts and Architecture, 1961-1962 and undated
21American Alumni Council, 1955 and undated
22American Association for the Advancement of Science, 1954
23American Association of Teachers of Journalism (AATJ), 1930-1946
24American Association of University Women Terminology, 1949
25American College Public Relations Association (ACPRA), 1954-1956 and undated
26American College Public Relations Association, 1954-1960 and undated
27American College Public Relations Association, 1955-1958 and undated
28American College Public Relations Association, 1961-1962 and undated
29American College Public Relations Association (ACPRA), 1962-1963 and undated
30American College Public Relations Association: Annual Reports, 1955-1956
31American College Public Relations Association: Communications, 1917-1960 and undated
32American College Public Relations Association (ACPRA): Convention, 1954
33American College Public Relations Association: District Director (negative), 1960-1961
34American College Public Relations Association: District Representative, 1959-1960 and undated
41American College Public Relations Association: District Ten Convention, 1954-1956 and undated
2American College Public Relations Association and Letter for Promotional Membership, 1960-1961 and undated
3American College Public Relations Association Meeting, 1965 and undated
4American College Public Relations Association: Membership, 1958-1961 and undated
5American College Public Relations Association Newsletter, 1960-1962 and undated
6American College Public Relations Association Newsletters, 1962-1963
7American College Public Relations Association Newsletters, 1965
8American College Public Relations Association: Photos, 1959 and undated
9American College Public Relations Association: Writing Awards, 1917-1965 and undated
10American Cotton Congress, 1953
11American Cotton Congress, 1956-1963 and undated
12American Cotton Congress, 1961 and undated
13American Education Week, 1958 1958
14The American Psychologist, 1955 and undated
15American Public Relations Association, 1954-1955
16American Society of Journalism School Administration (ASJSA), 1944-1947
17Americanism, 1951-1954 and undated
18Anderson, Stanley, A. H., 1955-1962 and undated
19Andrews, Ruth Horn, Mrs., 1955 and undated
20Anglin, Jerry, 1954-1955 and undated
21Animal Husbandry Department, 1954-1962 and undated
22Animal Husbandry Department, 1955-1956 and undated
23Animal Husbandry Department, 1957
24Animal Husbandry Department, 1959-1960
25Animal Husbandry Department, 1960-1961 and undated
26Animal Husbandry Department, 1963-1964 and undated
27Animal Husbandry Department, 1964-1965
28Anniversary (25th), 1925-1950 and undated
29Anniversary Activities, undated
30Anniversary Program, 1955 and undated
31Annual Report, 1958
32Applied Arts Department, 1954-1962 and undated
33Applied Arts Department, 1955 and undated
34Applied Arts Department, 1957
35Applied Arts Department, 1964
36Applied Arts Department, 1965 and undated
37April Releases, 1956
38Archeological Society, 1957 and undated 1957 and undated
39Architectural Forum, undated
40Architecture and Allied Arts, 1957
41Architecture, Allied Arts, and Engineering Education, 1963
42Architecture and Allied Arts, 1964-1965 and undated
43Architecture Department, 1954-1955 and undated
44Armour Research Foundation, 1954 and undated
45Armour Research Foundation: Annual Report, 1954
46Army and Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC), 1959-1960
47Army Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC), 1954-1958 and undated
48Army Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC), 1957
49Army Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC), 1959
50Army Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC), 1959-1960
51Army Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC), 1960-1961
52Army Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC), 1961-1962
53Army Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC), 1962-1963
54Army Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC), 1963-1964 1963-1964
55Army Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC), 1964-1965
56Artists Course, 1956-1957 and undated
57Arts and Sciences, 1957
58Arts and Sciences, 1957-1958 and undated
51Arts and Sciences, 1957-1959
2Arts and Sciences, 1957-1959 and undated
3Arts and Sciences, 1961 and undated
4Arts and Sciences, 1963
5Arts and Sciences, 1963-1964 and undated
6Arts and Sciences, 1965
7Arts and Sciences: Clippings, 1931-1935
8Arts and Sciences: Clippings, 1958-1959 and undated
9Ashdown, Donald, 1952
10Associated Women Students, undated
11Association of State Universities and Land-Grant Colleges, 1964-1965
12Association of Women Students, undated
13Astronomical Society, undated
14“At the Rampants”-The United States Air Force Academy, undated
15Athletics Department, 1956 and undated 1956 and undated
16Athletics Department, 1959-1960
17Athletics Department, 1959-1961 and undated
18Athletics Department, 1961-1962
19Athletics Department, 1963-1965 and undated
20Athletics Department, undated
21Athletics Department Questionnaire, undated
22Athletics Policy, 1954
23Athletics Publicity Office, 1954-1955 and undated
24Attendance, 1925-1956
25Audio Visual Department, undated
26Audio Visual Department, 1955 and undated
27Audio Visual Services, 1956-1959 and undated
28Audio Visual Services Committee, 1960
29Audio Visual Workshop, 1954
30Auditing Office, Walker, undated
31Auditorium-Coliseum, 1952
32Avalanche-Journal Marketing, 1954-1956 and undated
33B and J Camera-Various, 1943-1945
34Bailey, Laura Lou, 1955 and undated
35Band, 1954-1962
36Band, 1956 and undated
37Band, 1959-1960
38Band, 1960-1961 and undated
39Band, 1963
40Band, 1963-1964 and undated
41Band, 1964-1965
42Band, undated
43Band: D. O. Wiley, 1957
44Band: D. O. Wiley, 1957-1958 and undated
45Band: D. O. Wiley, 1958 and undated
46Baptist Convention of Texas, 1960
61Basketball Copy: Schools, 1958 and undated
2Basketball Program, undated
3Baugh, Sam, undated
4Baumgardners (Wellington), 1952
5Beauties, 1954-1955, 1954
6Beauty Contest: 1956 La Ventana (Negatives), 1956
7Bedford, Jerri 1955 and undated
8Biographical Data, 1961 and undated
9Biographical Data Sheets, undated
10ologygy, 1964-1965 and undated
11Biology, undated
12Biology and Chemistry, 1959-1960 and undated
13Biology and Chemistry, 1960-1961 and undated
14Biology and Chemistry, 1961-1962 and undated
15Biology and Chemistry, 1963
16Biology and Chemistry, 1963-1964 and undated
17Biology Department, undated
18Birkelbach, Mary Catherine (Sun Princess), undated
19Block and Bridle Club, 1962
20Board, 1954
21Board of Directors (old), 1923-1951 and undated
22Board of Directors, 1954-1956 and undated
23Board of Directors, 1955-1956 and undated
24Board of Directors, 1957-1959
25Board of Directors, 1958-1965 and undated
26Board of Directors, 1961-1963
27Board of Directors, 1962
28Board of Directors, 1964
29Board of Directors Agenda, 1959-1960
30Board of Directors, Clippings of “Other Matters," 1955-1958 and undated
31Board of Directors Meetings, 1960-1961
32Board Information, 1959-1960
33Board Meeting, 1957-1961 and undated
34Board Meeting, 1960-1961
35Board News Reports, 1959 and undated
36Board of Student Organizations, 1956 and undated
37Booklets, 1951-1955 and undated 1951-1955 and undated
38Bookstore, undated
39Bose, Floyd, Registrar, 1962-1964
40Bowers, Dr. David R., 1964
41Bowling, Lawrence E., 1952-1963 and undated
42Bowman Brothers, 1955 and undated
43Boy Scouts, undated
44Boy Scouts Visitation, 1964-1966
45Boze, Floyd, Registrar, 1961-1965 and undated
46Bradford, Dr. John R., Dean of Engineering, 1961
47Bradford, Dr. John R., Dean of Engineering, 1963
48Braniff, 1955 and undated
49Braniff Auxiliary Scholarship, undated
50Braselton, Mary Alice, 1954 and undated
51British Information Services, 1955
52Brochure, 1960-1961 and undated 1960-1961 and undated
53Brochure, undated
54Brochure Requests, 1962-1963 and undated
55Brownfield State Bank and Trust Company Scholarship, undated
56Builders of Southwest, 1958 and undated
57Buildings: Bids, 1956-1957 and undated
58Building Maintenance Department, 1956 and undated
59Bulletin, 1947-1952
60Bulletin of Texas Technological College, 1965
61Bulletin on Public Relations and Development for Colleges, Gosner, Gerber, Tinker, Stuhr, 1964-1965
71Business Administration, 1954-1965 and undated
2Business Education, 1955 and undated
3Business Education and Secretarial Administration, 1920-1965 and undated
4Business Education and Secretarial Administration, 1957 and undated
5Business Education, Secretarial Administration and Accounting, 1961-1962 and undated
6Business Research Bureau at Tech, 1956 and undated
7Butterfield, William H., Vice President for Development, 1962-1963
8Butterfield, William H., Vice President for Development, 1958-1965 and undated
9Buzzard, Charles: Speech, 1962
10Caldwell, Shirley, 1955
11Calendars, 1962
12Camp Fire, undated
13Camp Fire Girls, 1958-1960 and undated
14Camp George, undated
15Campus Activities Calendar, 1954-1955
16Campus Alarm System, 1965
17Campus Club, 1954-1956 and undated
18Campus Events Directory from Tech Union, undated
19Campus Guide, undated
20Campus Guides, 1955-1956 and undated
21Campus Map (one sheet), undated
22Campus Map (proof), undated
23Campus Maps, undated
24Campus Telephone Operator, undated
25Campus Traffic and Parking Regulations, 1962-1963
26Cancer Crusade, 1957 and undated
27Carpenter, Lois, 1956
28Carter, Inez: Scholarships, undated
29The Case for Texas Tech, undated
30Catalogue and Bulletins Committee, 1952-1955 and undated
31Catalogue and Bulletins Committee, 1955-1958 and undated
32Catalogue and Bulletins Committee, 1956-1962
33Catalogue and Bulletins Committee Minutes, 1951-1954
34Cattle Feed Day, 1961 and undated
35Centennial of Texas Education, 1954
36Cheerleaders, undated
37Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Electrical Engineering, 1961-1962 and undated
38Chemistry Department, 1954-1955 and undated
39Chemistry Department, 1957
40Chemistry Department, 1957 and undated
41Chemistry Department, 1964-1965
42Chemistry Department, undated
43Christmas Seals, 1955
44Christopher Contest, 1955
45Chronological Letters, 1954
46Chronological Letters, 1955
47Citizenship Education Program, 1955
48Civil Engineering Department, 1955-1956 and undated
49Clark, Becky: Secretary, 1964
50Classification of Accounts-Revised Copy, 1955
51Clipping Service, 1952
52Clipping Service, 1955
53Clippings, Information, and Releases, 1961-1962
54Clippings: Miscellaneous, 1954
55Clothing and Textiles, undated
56Clothing and Textiles, and Food and Nutrition, 1961-1962
57Clothing and Textiles, and Food and Nutrition, 1963
58The Code of Student Affairs, 1954
59Coliseum Auditorium, 1955-1956 and undated
60College Brochures, 1952-1955 and undated
61College Day Invitations, 1956
62College Grade Distribution, Fall Semester, 1953
63College Life at Texas Tech, 1951-1952 and undated
64College Publications, 1946-1959
81College Sports and Handbooks, 1944-1959 and undated
2College Transfers- Fall 1955, 1949-1955
3Commencement, 1953-1957 and undated 1953-1957 and undated
4Commencement, 1954-1955 and undated
5Commencement, 1954, Summer, 1957 and undated
6Commencement, 1955-1956 and undated
7Commencement, 1956
8Commencement, 1958 and undated
9Commencement, 1959
10Commencement, 1960
11Commencement, 1961
12Commencement, 1961-1962 and undated
13Commencement, 1963
14Commencement, 1964
15Commencement, 1965 and undated
16Commencement Exercises, 1963
17Commencement Speaker: Dr. Irons, 1958
18Communications Committee Report, 1953
19Community Ambassador, 1955 and undated
20Community Ambassador: Mary Randal, 1956 and undated
21Community Chest Public Relations, 1958-1959 and undated
22Conference on Education for Citizenship, 1956 and undated
23Conference Note Pads, 1952 and undated
24Contemporary Hand Weavers of Texas, 1953
25Convair Fort Worth, 1955-1956 and undated
26Convair Scholarship Program, undated
27Cook, O. R., Family, undated
28Correspondence, 1955
29Correspondence: Academic Vice President, 1961-1962
30Correspondence: Administration, Office of the President, 1955-1957 and undated
31Correspondence: Agriculture, Office of the Dean, 1955-1958
32Correspondence: Agricultural Engineering, 1958
33Correspondence: Student Life Dean, 1962
34Correspondence: American College of Public Relations Association, 1960-1961 and undated
35Correspondence: American Cotton Congress, 1954-1955
36Correspondence: Auditor’s Office, 1954-1956
37Correspondence: Avalanche-Journal, 1956-1957
38Correspondence: Band, 1956
39Correspondence: Banking Progress, 1955
40Correspondence: Baylor University, 1956
41Correspondence: Bookstore, 1956
42Correspondence: Business Administration, 1957
43Correspondence: Chamber of Commerce, 1954
44Correspondence: Chronological, 1955
45Correspondence: Civil Engineering, 1956
46Correspondence: College Bookstore, 1954
47Correspondence: Council of Deans, 1956
48Correspondence: Custodial Department, 1955-1957
49Correspondence: Drill Bit Publishing Company, Incorporated, 1956
50Correspondence: Educational Sections in Newspapers, 1955-1957
51Correspondence: Electrical Engineering, 1955
52Correspondence: Engineering, 1955-1957
53Correspondence: English, 1956-1957
54Correspondence: Foreign Languages, 1955-1956
55Correspondence: Forum, 1956 and undated
56Correspondence: Foundation, 1955
57Correspondence: Fraternities and Sororities, 1955-1956 and undated
58Correspondence: Gardner-Denver Company, 1955
59Correspondence: General, 1961-1962
60Correspondence: General Campus, 1964-1966
61Correspondence: General Campus, 1965-1966
91Correspondence: Government, undated
2Correspondence: Graduate Dean, 1956
3Correspondence: William E. Hall, 1954-1955
4Correspondence: Ron Hamm, 1966
5Correspondence: History, Anthropology, and Sociology, 1995
6Correspondence: John Hobbs, 1964-1965
7Correspondence: The Houston Post, 1956-1957
8Correspondence: Job Applicants, 1955-1956
9Correspondence: Journalism, 1955-1956
10Correspondence: Journalism, 1957
11Correspondence: KCBD-TV, 1956
12Correspondence: Tommy Keith and John W. Roppolo, 1961-1963
13Correspondence: KFYO Radio Station, 1956 and undated
14Correspondence: Kuykendall Scholarships, 1955
15Correspondence: La Ventana, 1927-1929
16Correspondence: La Ventana, 1955-1957
17Correspondence: Library, 1962 and undated
18Correspondence: Look Readers, 1953 and undated
19Correspondence: Lubbock Chamber of Commerce, 1955-1958
20Correspondence: McMurry College, 1956
21Correspondence: Midland Reporters-Telegram, 1955-1957
22Correspondence: Military, 1956-1957
23Correspondence: Miscellaneous, 1955-1958
24Correspondence: Museum, 1958
25Correspondence: News Releases, 1961-1962
26Correspondence: Pantex Agreement, 1955
27Correspondence: The Petroleum Engineer Magazine, 1956
28Correspondence: the Placement Office, 1952-1958
29Correspondence: Post Office, 1957
30Correspondence: Psychology, 1955
31Correspondence: Public Information, 1956-1958 and undated
32Correspondence: Public Information, 1963
33Correspondence: Purchasing Agent, 1956-1960
34Correspondence: Requests for Films, 1965-1966
35Correspondence: Research Office, 1957
36Correspondence: Scientific American Magazine, 1955
37Correspondence: The Snyder Daily News, 1955-1958
38Correspondence: Southern Fellowship Fund, 1955
39Correspondence: Southwest Conference Brochure undated
40Correspondence: Special Editors, 1955
41Correspondence: State Fair Exhibit, 1955-1956
42Correspondence: Student Life, 1955-1957
43Correspondence: Student Union, 1955-1956 and undated
44Correspondence: Tatum, W. R., 1958-1961
45Correspondence: Thompson, Charles C. (Chairman of the Board), 1955
46Correspondence: Traveling Seminar (European), 1955-1956
47Correspondence: Turner, Bill, 1955-1956
48Correspondence: United Church Women, 1957
49Correspondence: University of Texas, 1956
50Correspondence: Vaughan, Adrian, (Folder 1 of 2), 1959-1961
51Correspondence: Vaughan, Adrian, (Folder 2 of 2), 1959-1961
52Correspondence: Vaughan, Adrian, (Folder 1 of 2), 1961-1962
101Correspondence: Vaughan, Adrian, (Folder 2 of 2), 1961-1962
2Correspondence: Vaughan, Adrian, 1962
3Correspondence: Vaughan, Adrian, (Folder 1 of 2), 1962-1963 and undated
4Correspondence: Vaughan, Adrian, (Folder 2 of 2), 1962-1963 and undated
5Correspondence: Vaughan, Adrian, 1963-1964
6Correspondence: Vaughan, Adrian, 1964-1965 and undated
7Correspondence: Vice President’s Office, 1955
8Correspondence: Walters, Clyde, 1955 and undated
9Correspondence: Walters, Lee- KRLD-TV Dallas, 1956 1963-1964
10Correspondence: West Texas Chamber of Commerce, 1956-1957
11Correspondence: Western Livestock (Colorado), 1955
12Correspondence: Westminster Student Fellowship, 1956
13Correspondence: Weymouth, C. E., 1955
14Correspondence: Wightman, Marjorie, 1954-1955
15Correspondence: Williams Publishing Company, 1955
16Correspondence: Womack-Snelson Advertising Agency, 1956
17Cosmopolitan Club, 1955-1956 and undated
18Cost at Tech, 1956 and undated
19Cotton, 1957 and undated
20Cotton Gin Engineering, 1959 and undated
21Cotton Research, 1950-1954 and undated
22Cotton Research, undated
23Council for Financial Aid to Higher Education, 1959 and undated
24Council of College Presidents, State Supported Colleges, and Universities, 1952-1953 and undated
25Course Additions, undated
26Crops Cotton Congress, 1952-1956 and undated
27Cummings, S. T., 1958 and undated
28Cummings, S. T. : Purchasing, 1960-1961 and undated
29Curriculum and Materials, 1956-1957
30Curriculum Services, 1954
31stodial Department, 1954-1956 and undated
32Custodial Department, 1955 and undated
33Dad's Association, 1960-1961 and undated
34Cummings, S. T. : Purchasing, 1961-1962
35Dad's Association, 1963
36Dad’s Association, 1964-1965 and undated
37Dad's Day, 1955 and undated
38Dad’s Day, 1955-1959 and undated
39Dad’s Day Information and Pictures, 1955-1960 and undated
40Dad’s Day News Letter, 1959
41Dad's News, 1962
42Dad’s News, 1965 and undated
43Dad’s News Letter, 1961-1962
44Dairy Industry, 1956-1964 and undated
45Dairy Industry, 1957
46Dairy Industry Department, 1957 and undated
47Dallas Fair, June 22-24, 1955
48Dallas Morning News, 1956-1957 and undated
49Dallas Times Herald, 1947-1954 and undated
50Danforth Foundation, undated
51Danforth Graduate Fellowships, 1955 and undated
52Data of Lubbock, 1952-1954 and undated
53Dead Week, 1955 and undated
54Dean Allen, 1956 and undated
55Dean of Agriculture: Thomas, Dr. G. W., 1963-1964 and undated
111Dean of Arts and Science: Dr. S.M. Kennedy, 1961-1962
2Dean of Economics: Dr. W.V. Tinsley, 1964-1965 and undated
3Dean of Engineering: Dr. John R. Bradford, 1965 and undated
4Dean of Men: L. N. Jones, 1961-1962
5Dean of Student Life: James G. Allen, 1964-1965 and undated
6Dean of Women: Florence Louise Phillips, 1961-1962
7Dean's Office, 1943-1946
8Deaths: Students and Faculty, 1960
9December Releases, 1954
10Degree Candidate Stories, undated
11Department of Americanism, 1954
12Department of Foreign Language, 1954-1955 and undated
13Development Office, 1956-1957 and undated
14Development Office, 1957
15Development Office, 1957 and undated
16Development Office, 1958-1959 and undated
17Development Office, 1960-1961 and undated
18Development, Vice President, W. H. Butterfield, 1959-1964 and undated
19Dillon, Merton Lynn, 1956-1962 and undated
20Disaster Committee, 1948-1958 and undated
21Discipline Committee, undated
22Doctorial Degree Stories, 1955 and undated
23Doctorial Program, undated
24Dormitories, 1954-1956 and undated
25Dowling, John C., Foreign Languages, 1953-1963 and undated
26Dramatics Department, 1955 and undated
27Dunlap Scholarships, 1955-1956 1955-1956
28Dunlap Scholarships, 1956-1957 and undated
29Duplicate News Stories(Folder 1 of 2), 1963-1966
30Duplicate News Stories (Folder 2 of 2), 1963-1966
31Dupriest, Shirley undated
32Eastern New Mexico University, 1954-1959 and undated
33Economics Department, 1957
34Economics Department, undated
35Economics and Finance Management and Marketing, 1961-1962
36Economics and Finance Management, 1956 and undated
37Economics and Finance Management and Marketing, 1963
38Economics and Finance Management and Marketing, 1963-1964 and undated
39Editor and Publisher, 1954-1955 and undated
40Editor and Publisher, 1962
41Education Abstracts, 1964-1965 1964-1965
42Education Department, 1954-1956 and undated
43Education Department, 1956 and undated
44Education and Philosophy, 1956-1957
45Education and Philosophy, 1957-1958 and undated
46Education and Philosophy, 1959-1960
47Education and Philosophy, 1960-1961 and undated
48Education and Philosophy, 1963
121Education and Philosophy, 1963-1964 and undated
2Education and Philosophy, 1965 and undated
3Education Sections, 1958-1959 and undated
4Education Sections of Newspapers Containing Tech Ads, 1956
5Educational Editions, 1947-1953 1947-1953
6Educational Television, undated
7Electrical Engineering, 1957
8Electrical System, undated
9Elliot, Raymond P., 1952
10Emeritus Awards, undated
11Employment Memorandums, 1954-1955 and undated
12Engineering Department, 1957 and undated
13Engineering Department, 1957-1958 and undated
14Engineering Department, 1958-1959
15Engineering Department, 1959-1960
16Engineering Department, 1960-1961 and undated
17Engineering Department, 1963
18Engineering Department, 1964
19Engineering Department, 1964-1965 and undated
20Engineering Department: Bulletins, 1955-1960 and undated
21Engineering Department: Bulletins, 1956-1959 1956-1959
22Engineering Department, Civil, and Electrical Engineering, 1963
23Engineering Department, Chemical, Civil, and Electrical, 1964-1965 and undated
24Engineering Department, Clippings, 1934-1935 and undated
25Engineering Department, General, 1948-1950 and undated
26Engineering Division, 1954-1955 and undated
27Engineering Division, 1957 and undated
28Engineering Lecture Series, 1965
29Engineering: Mechanical, Industrial, and Textile, 1926-1965 and undated
30Engineering Research Institute, undated
31Engineering Societies, 1954-1955 and undated
32Engineers’ Show, 1948-1956 and undated
33English Department, 1954 and undated
34English Department, 1955
35English, 1957
36English Department, 1964-1965
37English and Foreign Language Departments, 1950-1960
38English and Foreign Language Departments, 1959-1962 and undated
39English and Foreign Language Departments, 1962
40English and Foreign Language Departments, 1963-1965 and undated
41Enrollment, 1954-1956 and undated
42Enrollment, 1956-1957 and undated
43Enrollment and Statistics: Clippings, 1934-1935
44Entrance Exams, undated
45Evening Programs, 1954 and undated
46Ex-Students Association, 1954-1958 and undated
47Ex-Students Association, 1955-1959 and undated
131Ex-Students Association, 1956
2Ex-Students Association, 1957
3Ex-Students Association, 1958
4Ex-Students Association, 1959-1960
5Ex-Students Association, 1960-1961 and undated
6Ex-Students Association, 1960-1962
7Ex-Students Association, 1960-1964
8Ex-Students Association, 1962-1963
9Ex-Students Association, 1963
10Ex-Students Association, 1964 and undated
11Ex-Students Association, 1965 and undated
12Ex-Students Association, undated
13Ex-Students Association: Journalism, 1949 and undated
14Ex-Students Association: Leaflets, 1953
15Ex-Students Meeting, 1955-1959
16Ex-Students Meeting, 1959-1960
17Ex-Students Meeting, 1962
18Exchange Students, undated
19Extension of Division, 1957-1958
20Extra Copies of Tech Times, 1963-1964 and undated
21Faculty, 1930-1931
22Faculty Activities, undated
23Faculty Advisory Committee, 1959-1963
24Faculty Biographical Information, undated
25Faculty: Clippings, 1934-1935 and undated
26Faculty Club, 1960 and undated
27Faculty Club and Staff, 1962-1963 and undated
28Faculty Handbook, 1955
29Faculty Handbook, 1955 and undated
30Faculty Handbook, 1957 and undated
31Faculty Information, 1950-1957 and undated
32Faculty List, 1954
33Faculty Members Activities, 1954-1955 and undated
34Faculty, Original, 1953
35Faculty and Staff List, 1956-1957
36Faculty Standing Committees, 1951-1956
37Faculty Welfare Committee, undated
38Fall Horticulture Festival, 1958 and undated
39Farm Journal, 1962
40Fashion Show, 1958-1959
41Faulk, Odie, 1962 and undated
42Favorites, undated
43Feature Clippings, 1933-1935 and undated
44February Releases, 1955
45Field Trip Clippings, 1934-1939 and undated
46Fiesta Pan American, 1955 and undated
47File Directory, undated
48Films on Tech, 1955 and undated
49Final Examinations, undated
50Fine Arts Festival, 1954
51First-All College Convocation, 1956 and undated
52Five Year Program, undated
53Food and Nutrition, 1957
54Food and Nutrition, 1965 and undated
55Food Strikes, undated
56Football Programs, 1963-1964 and undated
57Football Programs, 1964-1965 and undated
58For Your Information, 1963-1965
59Ford Foundation Grant, 1952
60Foreign Language Department, 1955-1965 and undated
61Foreign Students, 1954-1959 and undated
62Foreign Travel, undated
141Former Faculty, undated
2Fortenberry, Donald, 1953
3Forum, 1955-1956 and undated
4Foundation, 1954-1955
5Foundation, 1957 and undated
6Foundation Board Information, 1955-1957
7Foundation Data, 1954-1955 and undated
8Foundation Grants, 1964-1965 and undated
9Fraternity Month: “Tech Story,” 1954-1955
10Fraternity Sorority Magazines (featuring Tech), 1955-1958
11Fraternity Stories, 1955 and undated
12Freedom Foundation, 1955 and undated
13Freedom of Press, 1956-1957 and undated
14Freshman Honoraries, undated
15Fuller, Sterling Hale, 1950-1963 and undated
16Fund for Advancement of Education, 1954-1955 and undated
17Future of Texas Tech, undated
18Garden Clubs, 1955 and undated
19Garden Hints, 1954
20Gardner-Denver Scholarship, 1954 and undated
21The Gas Jet, 1959-1960
22Gates, William Bryan, Dean of Graduate School, 1963
23General Catalog, 1952 and undated
24General Catalog, 1955-1956
25General Electric Prospectus, 1955-1956 and undated
26General Information and History, 1951-1954 and undated
27Geology Department, 1954-1955 and undated
28Geology Department, 1957-1965
29German Club, 1955 and undated
30Gibson, Jack, undated
31Giesecke, Dr. G. E., 1953
32Dr. Giesecke’s Address to School Business Personnel, undated
33Gold Key Winners, undated
34Gonser and Gerber, 1954-1961
35Gonser and Gerber Bulletin, 1957-1960
36Goodwin, Robert C., 1952
37Gosdin, Mark, Grounds Superintendent, 1960 and undated
38Governing Boards Committee, 1960 and undated
39Government Department, 1954 and undated
40Government Department, 1960-1962
41Government Department, 1963-1964
42Government and Pre-Law, 1957
43Government, Health, and Physical Education, 1959-1960
44Graduate (Dean), 1957
45Graduate (Dean), 1958
46Graduate Bulletin, 1954-1959 and undated
47Graduate School, 1951-1964 and undated
48Graduate Thesis, 1955
49Graduates, 1957
50Graduation: August, 1962-1963
51Graduation: June, 1963
52Graduation Exercises, 1962
53Graduation Lists, 1955-1956 and undated
54Greater Lubbock, 1962-1963
55Greek Organizations, 1964-1965
56Ground Breaking, 1959-1960
57Guide Distribution, undated
151Guilds, John C., 1956-1962 and undated
2Gymnasium, undated
3Hall, William E., 1954-1955
4Handicapped Students, 1955 and undated
5Hanover Project, undated
6Health and Physical Education (Men and Women), 1960-1962 and undated
7Health and Physical Education (Men and Women), 1964 and undated
8Health and Physical Education (Men and Women), 1965
9Health, Physical Education, and Recreation, 1956-1958 and undated 1956-1958 and undated
10Health, Physical Education, Recreation, 1957
11Heather, George Gail, Dean of Business, 1952-1962
12Hemmle, Dr. Gene LeClair, 1952
13Hereford Band Scholarship, undated
14Hess, William, 1952
15Hicks, Jane, 1952-1953
16Higher Education and National Affairs, 1954-1957 and undated
17Higher Education Campaign, 1957
18Hilton, C. N., Scholarship, 1955 and undated
19History Department, 1945-1955 and undated
20History Department, 1956-1957 and undated
21History Department, 1960-1961 and undated
22History and Anthropology, 1959-1964 and undated
23History, Anthropology, and Sociology, 1957
24History of Texas Tech, 1927-1956 and undated
25Hobbs, John, 1964
26Holcomb, Dr. Dysart E. to Texas Western College, 1954-1955 and undated
27Holden’s Book (Hill of the Rooster), undated
28Holden, Dr. William C., 1952
29Holidays, undated
30Homecoming, 1954-1964 and undated
31Home Economics (Folder 1 of 3), 1956-1965 and undated
32Home Economics (Folder 2 of 3), 1956-1965 and undated
33Home Economics (Folder 3 of 3), 1956-1965 and undated
34Home Economics Bulletin, 1955-1960
35Home Economics Clippings, 1935
36Home Economics Division, 1950-1956 and undated
37Home Economics Education, 1957
38Home Economics Education, Home and Family Life, and Home Management, 1961-1965 and undated
39Hometown Stories, 1955-1957
40Honor Rolls of 1954 and 1955, 1955
41Honorary Degrees as of July 24, 1953
42Honorary Doctors, 1953
43Honorary Organizations, 1965 and undated
44Hoove, Roy Van, 1963 and undated
45Hopping, Connie Wray, Miss Texas, 1952 and undated
46Horses, undated
47Horticulture, 1957-1961 and undated
48Horticulture and Park Management, 1955 and undated
49House Bill 753, 1953
50Housing, 1954 and undated
51Houston Alumni Scholarship, undated
52The Hub, 1958-1960
53Hughes Tool Company Scholarships, undated undated
54Human Research: September 12-17, undated
55Hungarian Relief, 1956 and undated
56Hurd, Peter, 1955 and undated
161Ideas, 1955-1956 and undated
2Implications for Educational Re-Evaluation in the Southwest, undated
3Inauguration, 1960 and undated
4Inauguration of Dr. Edward Newton Jones, 1953
5Incoming Mail, 1964-1965 and undated
6Industrial Engineering and Engineering Drawing, 1957
7Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Textile Engineering, 1961-1962
8Infirmary, 1954-1955 and undated
9Infocade, 1966
10Information on Lubbock, 1959-1960
11Information Used in Previous Tech Times, 1958-1960 and undated
12Institutes of Arts and Sciences, and Home Economics and Music, 1959-1960
13Institutes of Science and Engineering, undated
14Insurance on Cameras, 1954-1955
15Inter-American School Services, undated
16Intercollegiate Press Bulletins, 1954
17International Business Machines (IBM) at Tech, 1952
18International Council of Industrials Editors (ICIE), 1954-1956 and undated
19International Relations Club, 1955 and undated
20International Trade Seminar, 1965
21Interscholastic League, 1957
22Interscholastic League, 1957 and undated
23Interscholastic League, 1959
24Interscholastic League, 1965 and undated
25Interscholastic League, undated
26Interscholastic League, 1961-1962
27Interscholastic League Contests, 1955 and undated
28Interscholastic League Results, 1960-1961 and undated
29Intradepartmental Order, 1960
30Inventory, 1953-1959 and undated
31Inventory, 1961
32Inventory, 1962
33Inventory Forms, 1956
34The Iowa Publisher, 1954
35Iowa State T.V. Releases, 1954
36Jackson, Dr. Doyle D., 1952
37Jackson, Merium, undated
38January Releases, 1954
39Jarman, Edgar Ray, 1955-1960
40Job Applicant, 1958
41Job Change Interest, undated
42Johnson, Cecil E., 1956-1958
43Johnson, Senator Lyndon B., 1950
44Johnson, Mary Jane, 1955
45Johnston, Meda Parker, 1956 and undated
46Joiner, Carolyn, 1952-1953
47Jones, Clifford B., 1938-1942 and undated
48Jones, Dr. Edward N., 1953-1959 and undated
49Jones Inaugural Program, 1953 and undated
50Jones, Lewis Norten, 1962
51Jones Stadium Ceremony, 1960 and undated
52Journalism Department, 1938-1955 and undated
53Journalism Department, 1949-1957 and undated
54Journalism Department, 1955-1957 and undated
55Journalism Department, 1957
56Journalism Department, 1959-1960
57Journalism Department, 1960-1961 and undated
58Journalism Department, 1961-1962
59Journalism Department, 1963
60Journalism Department, 1963-1964 and undated
61Journalism Department, 1964-1965 and undated
62Journalism Department Data, 1956-1958 1956-1958
63Journalism Magazine, 1956-1957 and undated
64Journalism Workshop, 1964-1965 and undated
171June Releases, 1955
2July Releases, 1955
3Justification of Photo Class Expenditures, undated
4Kaplan, Dr. Sylvan, 1956-1961 and undated
5Kappa Alpha Mu, 1950-1954 and undated
6Kappa Alpha Mu, 1955 and undated
7Kappa Alpha Mu: Biography Data, 1930-1954 and undated
8Kappa Alpha Mu: Constitution, 1954 and undated
9Kappa Alpha Mu: Correspondence, 1948-1954 and undated
10Kappa Alpha Mu: Correspondence, 1951-1953 and undated
11Kappa Alpha Mu: History (negatives), 1949-1958 and undated
12Kappa Alpha Mu: Minutes, 1949-1954 and undated
13Kappa Alpha Mu: National Convention, 1952
14Karper, Robert Earl, undated
15KDUB-TV, 1954-1955
16Keith, Tommy, 1961 and undated
17Kelley, Dr. David H., Anthropology, 1958-1963
18Kennedy, Dr. S. M., Dean of Arts and Sciences, 1962
19Kennedy, Sabe McClain, Jr., 1953
20King, Howard N., 1950-1956 and undated
21Kinnamon, Kenneth, 1959
22Knapp, Dr. Bradford, 1932-1936 and undated
23Knowles, Dr. Elmer, 1960-1962 and undated
24KSEL Radio Station, 1954
25KSKY-Dallas, 1954
26KTTC, 1955 and undated
27KTXT-TV, Radio, 1962
28KTXT-TV, Radio, 1964-1965 and undated
29Kuykendall Scholarships, 1954-1955 and undated
30Kuykendall Scholarships, 1955 and undated
31Lackey, W. W., 1941
32La Ventana, 1953-1965 and undated
33La Ventana, 1956-1957 and undated
34La Ventana Beauties, 1954
35Latin American Conference, 1957 and undated
36Latin American Teaching Opportunities, 1955 and undated
37Layout Samples, 1952-1953 and undated
38Leidigh, Arthur Henry, 1948-1955 and undated
39Letters of request, 1964-1965 and undated
40Levy, Lester, 1958-1962 and undated
41Library, 1954-1958 and undated
42Library, 1958-1959 and undated
43Library, 1959
44Library, 1959-1960
45Library, 1960-1961 and undated
46Library, 1961-1962 and undated
47Library, 1965
48Library Accessions, 1957
49Library Accessions, 1962 and undated
50Library Dedication, 1962-1963 1962-1963
51Lindsey, Jim, Board Member, undated
52List of Active Student Organizations, 1958
53Lubbock Advertising Club, Adventure, 1956-1959
54Lubbock Army Air Field (LAAF), 1947
55Lubbock Auto Company Fellowship, undated
55Lubbock Auto Company Fellowship, undated
55Lubbock Auto Company Fellowship, undated
55Lubbock Auto Company Fellowship, undated
55Lubbock Auto Company Fellowship, undated
55Lubbock Auto Company Fellowship, undated
55Lubbock Auto Company Fellowship, undated
55Lubbock Auto Company Fellowship, undated
55Lubbock Auto Company Fellowship, undated
55Lubbock Auto Company Fellowship, undated
55Lubbock Auto Company Fellowship, undated
55Lubbock Auto Company Fellowship, undated
55Lubbock Auto Company Fellowship, undated
56Lubbock Auto Fellowship, 1955 and undated
57Lubbock City, 1954-1956 and undated
58Lubbock Little Theater, undated
59Lubbock Tuberculosis Press Project, 1960-1963
60Luncheon: Governing Board of State Colleges and Universities, 1960 and undated
61Lutheran Student Center, 1965
62Magazines with Articles about Tech, 1954-1958
63Maid of Cotton Contest, 1951-1955 and undated
64Maid of Cotton Contest, 1955 and undated
65Maid of Cotton Contest, 1955-1956 and undated
66Maid of Cotton Contest, 1960-1963
67Mailing Lists, 1963 and undated
181Mailing Schedule for September 30-October 6, 1956
2Mailing Schedule for October 8-13, 1956
3Mailing Schedule for October 15-20, 1956
4Mailing Schedule for October 22-27, 1956
5Mailing Schedule for October 29-November 3, 1956
6Mailing Schedule for November 5-10, 1956
7Mailing Schedule for November 12-17, 1956
8Mailing Schedule for November 19-25, 1956
9Mailing Schedule for November 26-December 1, 1956
10Mailing Schedule for December 3-8, 1956
11Mailing Schedule for December 10-15, 1956
12Mailing Schedule for December 17-22, 1956
13Mailing Schedule for January 2-5, 1957
14Mailing Schedule for January 7-12, 1957
15Mailing Schedule for January 14-19, 1957
16Mailing Schedule for January 21-26, 1957
17Mailing Schedule for January 28-February 2, 1957
18Mailing Schedule for February 4-9, 1957
19Mailing Schedule for February 11-15, 1957
20Mailing Schedule for February 18-23, 1957
21Mailing Schedule for February 25-March 1, 1957
22Mailing Schedule for March 4-10, 1957
23Mailing Schedule for March 11-16, 1957
24Mailing Schedule for March 18-23, 1957
25Mailing Schedule for March 25-30, 1957
26Mailing Schedule for April 1-6, 1957
27Mailing Schedule for April 8-13, 1957
28Mailing Schedule for April 15-20, 1957
29Mailing Schedule for April 22-27, 1957
30Mailing Schedule for April 29-May 4, 1957
31Mailing Schedule for May 6-11, 1957
32Mailing Schedule for May 13-18, 1957
33Mailing Schedule for May 20-25, 1957
34Mailing Schedule for May 27-June 1, 1957
35Mailing Schedule for June 3-8, 1957
36Mailing Schedule for June 10-15, 1957
37Mailing Schedule for May 23-29, 1960
38Mailing Schedule for May 30-June 4, 1960
39Mailing Schedule for June 6-11, 1960
40Mailing Schedule for June 13-18, 1960
41Mailing Schedule for June 20-25, 1960
42Mailing Schedule for June 27-July 2, 1960
43Mailing Schedule for July 5-9, 1960
44Mailing Schedule for July 11-16, 1960
45Mailing Schedule for July 18-23, 1960
46Mailing Schedule for July 25-30, 1960
47Mailing Schedule for January 4-7, 1960-1961
48Mailing Schedule for January 9-14, 1960-1961
49Mailing Schedule for January 16-21, 1960-1961
50Mailing Schedule for January 23-28, 1960-1961
51Mailing Schedule for January 30-February 4, 1960-1961
52Mailing Schedule for February 6-11, 1960-1961
53Mailing Schedule for February 13-18, 1960-1961
54Mailing Schedule for February 20-25, 1960-1961
55Mailing Schedule for February 27-March 4, 1960-1961
56Mailing Schedule for March 6-11, 1960-1961
57Mailing Schedule for March 13-18, 1960-1961
58Mailing Schedule for March 20-26, 1960-1961
59Mailing Schedule for March 27-29, 1960-1961
60Mailing Schedule for April 3-8, 1960-1961
191Mailing Schedule for April 10-15, 1960-1961
2Mailing Schedule for April 17-22, 1960-1961
3Mailing Schedule for April 24-29, 1960-1961
4Mailing Schedule for May 1-6, 1961
5Mailing Schedule for May 8-13, 1961
6Mailing Schedule for May 15-20, 1961
7Mailing Schedule for May 22-27, 1961
8Mailing Schedule for May 29-June 3, 1961
9Mailing Schedule for June 5-10, 1961
10Mailing Schedule for June 12-17, 1961
11Mailing Schedule for June 19-24, 1961
12Mailing Schedule for June 26-July 1, 1961
13Mailing Schedule for July 3-8, 1961
14Mailing Schedule for July 10-15, 1961
15Mailing Schedule for July 17-22, 1961
16Mailing Schedule for July 24-29, 1961
17Mailing Schedule for July 31-August 5, 1961
18Mailing Schedule for August 7-12, 1961
19Mailing Schedule for August 14-19, 1961
20Mailing Schedule for August 21-26, 1961
21Mailing Schedule for August 28-September 2, 1961
22Mailing Schedule for September 6-9, 1960-1961
23Mailing Schedule for September 12-17, 1960-1961
24Mailing Schedule for September 19-27, 1960-1961
25Mailing Schedule for September 26-October 1, 1960-1961
26Mailing Schedule for October 3-8, 1960-1961
27Mailing Schedule for October 10-15, 1960-1961
28Mailing Schedule for October 17-22, 1960-1961
29Mailing Schedule for October 24-29, 1960-1961
30Mailing Schedule for October 31–November 5, 1960-1961
31Mailing Schedule for November 7-12, 1960-1961
32Mailing Schedule for November 14-19, 1960-1961
33Mailing Schedule for November 21-23, 1960-1961
34Mailing Schedule for November 28-December 3, 1960-1961
35Mailing Schedule for December 5-10, 1960-1961
36Mailing Schedule for December 12-17, 1960-1961
37Mailing Schedule for December 19-24, 1960-1961
38Mailing Schedule for October 1-6, 1962
39Mailing Schedule for October 8-13, 1962
40Mailing Schedule for October 15-20, 1962
41Mailing Schedule for October 22-27, 1962
42Mailing Schedule for October 29–November 3, 1962
43Mailing Schedule for November 5-10, 1962
44Mailing Schedule for November 12-17, 1962
45Mailing Schedule for November 19-24, 1962
46Mailing Schedule for November 26–December 1, 1962
47Mailing Schedule for December 3-8, 1962
48Mailing Schedule for December 10-15, 1962
49Mailing Schedule for December 17-22, 1962
50Mailing Schedule for January 2-5, 1963
51Mailing Schedule for January 7-12, 1963
52Mailing Schedule for January 14-19, 1963
53Mailing Schedule for January 21-26, 1963
54Mailing Schedule for January 28–February 2, 1963
55Mailing Schedule for February 4-9, 1963
56Mailing Schedule for February 11-16, 1963
57Mailing Schedule for February 18-23, 1963
58Mailing Schedule for February 25-March 2, 1963
59Mailing Schedule for March 4-9, 1963
60Mailing Schedule for March 11-16, 1963
61Mailing Schedule for March 18-23, 1963
62Mailing Schedule for March 25-30, 1963
63Mailing Schedule for April 1-6, 1963
64Mailing Schedule for April 8-13, 1963
65Mailing Schedule for April 15-20, 1963
66Mailing Schedule for April 22-27, 1963
67Mailing Schedule for April 29-May 4, 1963
68Mailing Schedule for May 6-11, 1963
69Mailing Schedule for May 13-18, 1963
201Mailing Schedule for May 20-25, 1963
2Mailing Schedule for May 27-June 1, 1963
3Mailing Schedule for June 3-8, 1963
4Mailing Schedule for June 10-15, 1963
5Mailing Schedule for June 17-22, 1963
6Mailing Schedule for June 24-29, 1963
7Mailing Schedule for July 1-6, 1963
8Mailing Schedule for July 8-13, 1963
9Mailing Schedule for July 15-20, 1963
10Mailing Schedule for July 22-27, 1963
11Mailing Schedule for July 29-August 3, 1963
12Mailing Schedule for August 5-10, 1963
13Mailing Schedule for August 12-17, 1963
14Mailing Schedule for August 19-24, 1963
15Mailing Schedule for August 26-31, 1963
16Mailing Schedule for January 3-7, undated
17Mailing Schedule for January 9-14, undated
18Mailing Schedule for January 16-21, undated
19Mailing Schedule for January 23-28, undated
20Mailing Schedule for January 30–February 4, undated
21Mailing Schedule for February 6-11, undated
22Mailing Schedule for February 13-18, undated
23Mailing Schedule for February 20-25, undated
24Mailing Schedule for February 27–March 3, undated
25Mailing Schedule for March 5-10, undated
26Mailing Schedule for March 12-17, undated
27Mailing Schedule for March 19-24, undated
28Mailing Schedule for March 26-31, undated
29Mailing Schedule for April 3-8, undated
30Mailing Schedule for April 9-14, undated
31Mailing Schedule for April 16-21, undated
32Mailing Schedule for April 23-28, undated
33Mailing Schedule for April 30-May 5, undated
34Mailing Schedule for May 7-12, undated
35Mailing Schedule for May 14-19, undated
36Mailing Schedule for May 21-26, undated
37Mailing Schedule for May 28–June 2, undated
38Mailing Schedule for June 4-9, undated
39Mailing Schedule for June 11-16, undated
40Mailing Schedule for June 18–23, undated
41Mailing Schedule for July 2-7, undated
42Mailing Schedule for July 16-21, undated
43Mailing Schedule for August 6-11, undated
44Mailing Schedule for August 29–September 3, undated
45Mailing Schedule for September 5-10, undated
46Mailing Schedule for September 12-17, undated
47Mailing Schedule for September 19-24, undated
48Mailing Schedule for September 26–October 1, undated
49Mailing Schedule for October 3-8, undated
50Mailing Schedule for October 10-15, undated
51Mailing Schedule for October 17-22, undated
52Mailing Schedule for October 24-30, undated
53Mailing Schedule for October 30–November 5, undated
54Mailing Schedule for November 7-13, undated
55Mailing Schedule for November 14-19, undated
56Mailing Schedule for September 26–October 1, undated
57Mailing Schedule for November 21-26, undated
58Mailing Schedule for November 28–December 3, undated
59Mailing Schedule for December 5-10, undated
60Mailing Schedule, Events for December 12-17 and 19-20, undated
61Mailing Schedule, Events for June 24-30, undated
62Mailing Schedule, Events for July 23-28, undated
63Mailing Schedule, Events for July 30–August 4, undated
64Mailing Schedule, Events for August 13-18, undated
65Mailing Schedule, Events, and Stories for July 9-14, undated
66Mailing Schedule, Scholarships for August 27–September 1, undated
67Majorettes, 1954 and undated
68Management, 1957
69March Releases, 1955
70Marching Band Programs, undated
71Marketing, 1965 and undated
72MARR Stencil Printing Press, 1956 and undated
73Marshall, D’Aun Music Scholarship, undated
74Mathematics Department, 1954-1965 and undated
75May Releases, 1955
76Mayor’s Committee on the Young Citizen and the Ballot, 1941-1956 and undated
211Mayor’s Committee on the Young Citizen and the Ballot, 1956-1957 and undated
2Mayor’s Committee on the Young Citizen and the Ballot, 1956-1958 and undated
3McCabe, Harriett, 1955
4McGeehee, Betty, 1953-1954
5McMurry College, undated
6McVay, Freda: Outgoing Mail, 1964-1965
7McWilliams, Dixie, Band Sweetheart, 1953-1954
8Mechanical Engineering Department, 1957
9Mechanical Engineering Department, 1963
10Meetings, 1963
11Meetings, Agenda, News Clips, and Releases, 1961-1962
12Meetings and Conventions Clippings, 1933-1935 and undated
13Members of the Board, 1959
14Men’s No. 10 Dorm, Girlstown March, 1966
15Mental Health, 1960 and undated
16Merriman, Zoe, 1953 and undated
17Michie Fellowships, undated
18Midland Reporter, Oil Edition, undated
19Mid-Winter Forum, 1953-1954 and undated
20Military, 1955-1956 and undated
21Military Activities, 1954-1955 and undated
22Military, Naval, and Marine Corps, undated
23Military Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) Sweethearts, 1954-1955 and undated
24Military Stories, undated
25Military Stories: Army, 1955-1956 and undated
26Millsaps, Knox, 1963 and undated
27Minutes of the Campus Planning Committee (Folder 1 of 2), 1960-1962
28Minutes of the Campus Planning Committee (Folder 1 of 2), 1960-1962
29Miscellaneous Clippings, 1933-1935 and undated
30Miscellaneous Information, 1953-1955 and undated
31Miscellaneous Inquiries, 1954-1956 and undated
32Miscellaneous Inquiries and Requests, 1957-1958 and undated
33Miscellaneous Publications, 1957-1959
34Miscellaneous Publications in which Articles about Tech Appear, 1884-1960 and undated

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