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An Inventory of Its Records, 1896-2001, at the Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library

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Creator Texas Tech University. Water Resources Center.
Title: Water Resources Center Records,
Dates: 1896-2001
Abstract: The collection, dated from 1896-2001, contains administrative and research files of the Water Resources Center at Texas Tech University.
Collection # U 295.1
Quantity: 27 boxes and 1 oversized folder (28.0 linear feet)
Language English.
Repository: Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library, Texas Tech University

Biographical Sketch

Established in 1965 by the Board of Regents, the Water Resources Center (WRC) researches water issues on the state, national and international level, and in particular water concerns of the Texas High Plains. The WRC is housed in the Civil Engineering building and its researchers are comprised of Civil and Environmental Engineering faculty.

"The operating philosophy of the WRC is that the highest priority for research activities should be accorded to concerns inherent in ensuring the High Plains region has water supplies that are adequate in quantity and quality to meet the region's needs. Thus, three objectives have been identifies: 1)Augmentation- increasing the supply of available water; 2) Conservation- reducing demands by increasing the efficiency of water use; and 3) Protection- preventing the pollution of existing supplies. Education and the WRC go hand-in-hand."

More information on the WRC can be found at

Scope and Content

The collection deals with various water related subjects, such as the Canyon Lakes Project, Construction Engineering Research Laboratory, Crosbyton Solar Power Project, High Plains Ogallala Area Regional Water Management Plan, Lubbock Christian College Institute of Water Research, Ogallala Aquifer and Symposium, Recreational Reuse of Municipal Wastewater, Superconducting Super Collider Project, Texas Water Resources Institute, United States Bureau of Reclamation, and Urban Runoff. It also includes blueprints and maps, such as the Approximate Altitude of the Base of the Ogallala Formation, Approximate Altitude of the Water Table in the Ogallala Aquifer, Big Spring Quadrangle, and South Lubbock Drainage Study.



The collection is arranged in alphabetical order.


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The subject headings used by the Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library are derived from the Library of Congress and/or locally developed.
Subjects (Persons)
Sweazy, Robert M.
Urban, Lloyd V.
Subjects (Organizations)
Texas Tech University. College of Engineering
Texas Tech University. Water Resources Center
Subjects (Places)
Lubbock (Tex.)
Plainview (Tex.)
Ransom Canyon (Tex.)
Aquifers--Great Plains
Brazos River Authority
Canadian River Municipal Water Authority
Canyon Lakes Project (Lubbock, Tex.)
Crosbyton Solar Power Project
Goodfellow Air Force Base (Tex.)
Groundwater--Texas--High Plains
High Plains--Water supply
High Plains States Groundwater Demonstration Program (U.S)
High Plains Underground Water Conservation District No. 1
Land use--Planning
Llano Estacado
Lower Colorado River Authority
Lubbock Christian College
Ogallala Aquifer
Ogallala Aquifer--Great Plains
Ogallala High Plains Study
Playas--Arid regions
Playas--High Plains (U.S.)
Reese Air Force Base (Tex.)
Superconducting Super Collider
Texas Water Development Board
United States Bureau of Reclamation
Urban runoff--Texas
Water reuse--Texas
Water resources development--Texas
Water-supply--Texas--West Texas region
Water quality--Texas
Water use--Arid regions
Watershed management--Texas

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Water Resources Center Records, 1896-2001, Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas

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Gift, 2003

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Garrett Abbott, Charla Booth, Brenda L. Haes, Justin McDonald, and Sameera Muthya from August-October, 2003.

Collection Inventory



box folder
1 1 Abilene MSA Directory, 1990
2 Achievement Report and Planning Statements, 1978-1988
Advisory Board
box folder
1 3 Advisory Board, 1987-1990
4 Advisory Board (1 of 3), 1989-2001
5 Advisory Board (2 of 3), 1989-2001
6 Advisory Board (3 of 3), 1989-2001
7 Advisory Board Meeting, 1988
8 Aerodynamic Smoke Tunnel, undated
9 Alidrain, undated
10 American Water Works Association Contract: “Audit,” 1987
11 Analysis of Alternative Recreational Lake Scenarios at Goodfellow Air Force Base, 1985
12 Andrews County/Hazardous Waste Disposal, 1993
13 Annual Report, 1978
14 Application for Federal Assistance, 1973
15 Applications of Remote Sensing to Watershed Management, 1975
16 Applications for Water Well Permit, 1956-1977
Aquifer Recharge
box folder
1 17 Aquifer Recharge from Playa Lakes Research Status, 1982
18 Aquifer Recharge Phase IV, 1986-1988 and undated
19 Aquifer Recharge Utilizing Playa Lake Water, 1985
20 Aquifer Recharge Utilizing Playa Lake Water, 1986
box folder
2 1 Aquifer Recharge Utilizing Playa Lake Water, undated
2 Aquifer Recharge Utilizing Playa Lake Water and Alidrain Filters, 1982-1983
3 Aquifer Recharge Utilizing Playa Lake Water and Filter Underdrains, 1984-1985
4 Aquifer Recharge Utilizing Playa Lake Water and “Wick” Filter Underdrains, undated
5 Aquifers and Models, undated
6 Archaeologists: List for United States Board of Reclamation Project, 1983–1990 and undated
7 Article Catalogue, undated
8 Article 8–Environmental Quality Review, 1978
9 Articles: Playa Lake, 1969-1985
Artificial Recharge
box folder
2 10 Artificial Recharge Experiments at McDonald Well Field, Amarillo, Texas, 1957
11 Artificial Recharge of Playa Water through Filter Drains, 1988
12 Artificial Recharge Project, 1984-1987
13 Artificial Recharge Research, 1987
14 Atomic Absorption Methods, 1992
15 Attitudes and Public Participation on the High Plains toward Alternative Groundwater Planning and Management Institutions, 1975
16 Bantam 75–Swimming Pool Chlorinator, 1971
17 The Basic Science of Poisons, 1989
18 Battelle, 1976-1977
19 Bibliography, 1974
20 Bio-Technology, 1964
21 Biofouling, 1967-1987
22 Biomass Environmental Impact Analysis, 1976–1983 and undated
23 Bolsa Island Nuclear Power and Desalting Plant, 1969
24 Brazos River Authority Playa Study, 1992
25 Brick in the Commode, undated
26 Budget, undated
27 Budget Information, 1967–1983 and undated
28 Budget Justification, 1930-1989
box folder
3 1 Bulletin 5206: Artificial Recharge, 1952
Bureau of Reclamation
box folder
3 2 Bureau of Reclamation: Lubbock Country Estacado Area Project, 1989-1990
3 Bureau of Reclamation: Proposal, 1987
4 Bureau of Reclamation: Proposal, undated
5 Bureau of Reclamation: Recharge Demonstration, 1985-1986
6 Bureau of Reclamation Recharge Project: Environmental Protection Agency Study, 1989–1990 and undated
7 Bureau of Reclamation: Recharge Project Proposal, 1991–1993 and undated
8 Bureau of Reclamation: Recharge Proposal, 1984–1986 and undated
9 Bureau of Reclamation: Wetlands Information, 1980-1987
10 Calculation of Physical Plant Effluent, 1983 and undated
11 California: Alameda Creek Watershed, 1977
12 Campus Groundwater Study, 1980-1983
13 Canadian River Municipal Water Authority, 1983-1985
14 Canadian Water for Texas, undated
Canyon Lakes
box folder
3 15 Canyon Lakes: Correspondence, 1973-1987
16 Canyon Lakes Project, 1969-1987
17 Canyon Lakes Project, 1970-1977
18 Canyon Lakes Water Quality, 1971–1997
19 Carotenoid in Diets for Salmonids, 1987
20 Chemical Water Analysis Reports, 1970-1990
21 Changes in EQ’s for Corrections, undated
22 Characteristics of Terrestrial and Aquatic Ecosystem, 1984
23 Chemical Analysis of the City of Lubbock Water Supply, undated
24 Chic–All–Go, undated
25 Civil Engineering, 1982
26 Clarification of Playa Lake Water, 1961
27 Cleaning Wells with Sound, 1966
28 Composting Facility, 1990
29 Computer-Aided Planning of Regional Sludge Disposal Systems, 1976
30 Computerized Flood Ratings, 1975
31 Conservation of Water in Agriculture, Industry, and Municipal Use, 1966
box folder
4 1 Construction Engineering Research Laboratory: Goodfellow Air Force Base, 1975-1985
2 Construction Engineering Research Laboratory: Leachate Recycling Experimentation and Leachate Management Study, 1984
3 Construction Engineering Research Laboratory: Task Order, 1987-1988
4 Construction of Twin Buttes Dam, 1962
5 Construction Standards for Private Sewage Facilities, 1977
6 Contracts: High Plains Ogallala Area Regional Water Management Plan, 1997-1998
7 Contracts to Determine Feasibility, 1981
8 Contributions, 1984
9 Control of Sediment Deposition, 1992
10 Control of Water Pollution from Cropland, 1976
11 Cooperative Agreement, 1966
12 Cooperative Agreement between Texas Tech University and Bureau of Reclamation, 1989
13 Corps Environmental Impact Assessment: Comments, 1974
box folder
4 14 Correspondence, 1983
15 Correspondence, 1984-1991
16 Correspondence: High Plains Ogallala Area Regional Water Management Plan, 1994-1996
17 Cost Estimates: United States Bureau of Reclamation Recharge, 1989-1991
18 Council on Environmental Quality Regulations, 1978
Crosbyton Solar Power Project
box folder
4 19 Crosbyton Solar Power Project, 1983–1986 and undated
20 Crosbyton Solar Power Project: Environmental Analysis, 1986
21 Crosbyton Solar Power Project: Environmental Impact Assessment, 1977–1979 and undated
22 Crosbyton Solar Power Project: Monthly Progress Reports, 1983–1986
23 Cytopilot: Modular Fluidized Bed Bioreactor, undated
24 Data City Playa, 1984-1985
25 Data Recharge 1985
26 Decker Creek Project, 1966
box folder
5 1 Demonstration of CO2 Scale Control Technology in Hard Water Systems, 1998
2 Demonstration Project Site Plans, undated
3 Demonstration Project Site Plans: Presentation, 1988
4 Denitrification by Anaerobic Filters and Ponds, 1971
5 Department of Agriculture undated
6 Desalination of Agricultural Tile Drainage, 1971
7 Desertification, undated
8 Desertification Workshop Agenda, undated
9 Determination of Water Use by Phreatophytes, undated
10 Development and Evaluation of Emerging Technologies, 1987
11 Dialog Files–Recharge, , 1982-1985
12 Dissolved Oxygen SAG, 1977
13 Domain Variations in Channel, undated
14 Drainage Study: Alta Evans Hendrickson Property, 1980
15 Drainage Study of Playa Lake Systems in South Lubbock, 1988
16 East Bay Municipal Utility District, 1988-1991
17 Ecology and the Use of Water Resources, undated
18 Ecology Survey of Playa Lakes by Todd Anderson, Botany 1403, 1987
19 The Effect of Agricultural Waste Water Treatment on Algal Bioassay Response, 1971
20 Effect of Mine Drainage on Quality of Streams in Colorado, 1971-1980
21 Effective Wastewater Management Planning for Small Communities, 1980
22 Effects of Soil Conservation Service Structures on the Annual Flood Series from Honey Creek Basin, Texas, 1974-1976
23 Electrophoretic Water Clarification Techniques 1969
24 Emerging Conflicts in Water Use, 1967
25 Energas, undated
26 Environment Views, 1994
27 Environmental Assessment: Deaf Smith County Site, Texas, 1986
28 Environmental Business World, 1994
29 Environmental Controls on Groundwater Chemistry in New Mexico, 1975
Environmental Impact
box folder
5 30 Environmental Impact Analysis: A New Dimension in Decision Making, Volume I (Folder 1 of 2), 1973
31 Environmental Impact Analysis: A New Dimension in Decision Making, Volume I (Folder 2 of 2), 1973
box folder
6 1 Environmental Impact Analysis: A New Dimension in Decision Making, Volume II (Folder 1 of 2), 1973
2 Environmental Impact Analysis: A New Dimension in Decision Making, Volume II (Folder 2 of 2), 1973
3 Environmental Impact on Upper Brazos: Correspondence, 1971
4 Environmental Impact Statement, 1976
5 Environmental Impact Statement: Public Involvement Evidence, Part A, 1993
6 Environmental Impact Statement: Public Involvement Evidence, Part B, 1993
7 Environmental Impact Statement: Volume I-B, 1993
8 Environmental Impact Statement: Volume II, 1993
9 Environmental Impact Statement Review Paper, 1975 and undated
box folder
7 1 Environmental Laws, 1899-1985
2 Environmental Measurements Interpretations and Conclusions: Dr. Donald W. Pritchard, 1963
3 Environmental Mobile Lab, 1970
4 Environmental Pollution Control Alternatives: Municipal Waste Water, 1973 and undated
5 Environmental Protection Agency, 1989-1994
6 Environmental Protection Agency: Analysis of State Laws and Regulations Impacting the Management of Animal Wastes, 1976
7 Environmental Protection Agency: Chemical Conversion to Minimize Pollution from Cattle Feedlot Runoff, 1972-1973
8 Environmental Protection Agency: Quality Assurance Program, 1980
9 Environmental Protection Agency: Soil Root Zone Report, 1985
10 Environmental Protection Agency Bibliography, 1977
11 Environmental Protection Agency’s Quality Assurance Program, 1980-1985
12 Environmental Statement: Operation and Maintenance Programs, 1977
13 ESL Budget Justification, undated
14 Estacado Site, undated
15 Evaluation of Salinity Created by Irrigation Return Flows, 1974
16 Evaluation of Water Pollution Control Measures, undated
17 Evaluation of Water Supply and Distribution Facilities Using a System Approach, 1984
18 Evaluation of the Water Supply for Midland, 1987
19 Feasibility Study, 1994
20 Feasibility Study for a Recreation Lake: Goodfellow Air Force Base, 1985
21 Feasibility Study to Determine the Practice of Using Portable Municipal Water Supplies, 1978
22 Feed Management, 1991
23 Fifteenth Quarterly Report, 1982
24 Figures for Horizontal/Vertical Drains, 1982 and undated
25 Final Environmental Impact Statement, 1976
26 Fish and Wildlife Plan: United States Bureau of Reclamation Project, 1990
27 Flow in Heterogeneous Porous Mediums, 1966
28 Free Trade/Infrastructure Committee, 1990-1991
box folder
8 1 Funded Research, 1985-1990
2 Funded Research, 1986-1988
3 Future of the Mississippi River, 1967
4 Generation and Application of Ozone, undated
5 Geotechnical Fabrics Report: Specifer’s Guide, 1993
6 Geotextiles: Information, 1983
7 Goodby Sand Drains? New Method is Easier... Faster... Cheaper, 1981
8 Goodfellow Air Force Base, 1985
9 Goodfellow Air Force Base: Installation EIC, undated
10 Grant Application to the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation for a Ground-Water Recharge Demonstration Project in the High Plains of Texas, 1986-1989
11 Graph Paper, undated
box folder
8 12 Groundwater Conservation District: Permission Agreements, 1989-1990
13 Groundwater Conservation Manual, undated
14 Groundwater Control of Evaporite Deposition, 1990
15 Groundwater Recharge Advisory, 1989
16 Groundwater Recharge Advisory, 1992
17 Groundwater Resources of the Balmorhea Area, 1938
18 Groundwater Resources of the Texas High Plains, 1978
19 Groundwater Resources of Tom Green County, Texas, 1954
20 Guide to Irrigation Tailwater Recovery, 1977
21 Guidelines for State and Areawide Water Quality Management, 1976
22 Hazardous Materials Control Research Institute, 1988
23 Health Effects Studies, 1984-1987
24 Health Effects Study for Lubbock Land Treatment Project, 1978-1980 and undated
25 Health Effects Study for the Lubbock Land Treatment Project, 1980
High Plains
box folder
8 26 High Plains Groundwater, 1990-1999
27 High Plains Irrigation Survey, 1967
28 High Plains Ogallala Area Regional Water Management Plan, 1979-1995
29 High Plains Ogallala Area Regional Water Management Plan, 1993-1996 and undated
30 High Plains Ogallala Aquifer Area Study, 1979
box folder
9 1 High Plains Ogallala Study, 1982
2 High Plains Project, 1977-1982
3 High Plains States Groundwater Demonstration Program, 1989 and undated
4 High Plains States Groundwater Demonstration Program, 1989-1990
5 High Plains States Groundwater Demonstration Program, 1989-1991 and undated
6 High Plains States Groundwater Demonstration Program, 1990
7 High Plains States Groundwater Demonstration Program: Sixth Annual Report to the Congress, 1994-1995
8 High Plains States Groundwater Demonstration Program: Texas High Plains Project, undated
9 High Plains States Groundwater Demonstration Project, 1992-1993
10 High Plains Underground Water Conservation District Number 1, 1977
11 High Plains Underground Water Conservation District Number 1: Memo of Agreement, 1984
12 High Plains Underground Water Conservation District Number 1: Recharge Project, 1986
13 Historical Precipitation Measurements and Averages, 1911-1989
14 History and Operation of Alameda County Water District, 1989-1990
15 Hydraulic Laboratory (Flumes), 1970-1988
16 Hydrologic Atlas for Crosby County, 1981
17 Hydrologic Atlas for Hockley County, 1981
18 Hydrologic Atlas for Lubbock County, 1981-1982
19 Hydrologic Atlas for Lynn County, 1981
20 Illinois State Water Survey, 1968
21 Illinois State Water Survey, 1977
22 Importance of Irrigation Water to the Economy of the Texas High Plains, 1965
23 Installation Restoration Program Phase 1: Goodfellow Air Force Base, 1985
24 Institutional Constraints and Conjunctive Management of Water Resources in West Texas, 1974
25 International Flood Control Project, 1962
26 Inter-Regional Transfer of Water, 1967
27 Interuniversity Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1968-1969
28 Interuniversity Agreement, 1965-1969
29 Intragranular Diffusion: Science, 1990
30 Inventory List, undated
31 Irrigation Volumes in Acre–Feet, 1996
32 Irrigation Water from Sewage, 1983-1984 and undated
33 Justiceberg, 1962
box folder
10 1 Justification of Special Line Item: Coordinating Board, 1988
2 Laboratory Investigation of Cyclic Vertical Water Table Modulation, 1989-1991
3 Lactose, 1985
4 Land Application of Waste Water a Bibliography, 1977
5 Land Treatment Papers, 1974-1976
6 Landfill Liners and Covers: Properties and Application to Army Landfills, 1984
7 Land Owners In and Around Study Area, undated
8 Large-Scale Laboratory for Forced Air Volatilization of Hydrocarbon Liquids in Soil, 1988
9 Large-Scale Test of Ogallala, 1987
10 Leakage of Underground Storage Tanks, 1988-1989
11 Levelland Charette-aPrimer, 1985-1986
12 Line Item Request, 1990-1991
13 Line Item Request, 1992-1993
14 Linear Programming Model from the University of Illinois, 1977
15 List of Active and Completed Research, 1967-1991
16 List of Participants: Desertification Workshop, 1980
Literary Production
box folder
10 17 “Absorption of CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) in Algal Mass Culture Systems: A Difficult Characterization Approach,” by P. Talbot, et al., 1990
18 “Acceleration of Ethanol Production from Paper Mill Waste Fiber by Supplementation with B-Glucosidase,” by Zhao Xin, 1993
19 “Accounting for Hazardous Waste,” by Allan John Ross, 1985
20 “Accuracy of Canopy Temperature Energy Balance for Determining Diurnal Evaporation,” by Claudio O. Stockle, et al., 1994
21 “Adsorption and Reuse of Cellulases during Saccharification of Cellulosic Materials,” by Ajay Singh, et al., 1990
22 “Advances in Applied Microbiology,” by William J. Oswald, 1960
23 “The Algae-A Future Source of Protein,” by R. K. Robinson, et al., 1982
24 “Algae and Crustaceans as Indicators of Bioactivity of Industrial Wastes,” by Gerald E. Walsh, et al., 1990
25 “Algae Culture-from Laboratory to Pilot Plant,” edited by John S. Burlew, 1953
26 “Algal Mass,” by G. Shelef, 1980
27 “Alternative Wastewater Treatment Systems for Small Communities,” by Ian Gunn, et al., 1994
28 “Anaerobic/Aerobic Combination Treats High-Strength Wastewater,” by Roeland P. Ulrix, 1994
29 “Anaerobic and Micro-Algal Process Kinetics for Swine Waste,” by P. Y. Yang, 1981
30 “The Anaerobic Bacteria of Soil,” by F. A. Skinner, 1968
31 “Anaerobic Gasification Advances,” by Jan Skajaa, et al., 1991
32 “Analysis of Turbulent Fountain Trash Screens,” by J. L. Smith, et al., 1991
33 “Animal Feedlot Waste Program Research Needs,” by Manon R. Scalf, et al., 1969
34 “Animal Wastes Media for Spirulia Production,” by Francisco J. Ayala, et al., 1984
35 “Annual Convention of the National Water Resourced Association,” by Wayne N. Aspinall, 1971
36 “Annual Meeting of the National Water Resources Association in Dallas, Texas,” by Ellis L. Armstrong, 1971
37 “Annual Review of Plant Physiology,” by A. S. Crafts, et al., 1957
38 “Antifungal Activity in Crude Extracts of Marine Red Algae,” by V. N. Tang, 1991
39 “An Applicator for Side Dressing Row Crops with Solid Wastes: Part II: Field Evaluation,” by J. L. Glancey, et al., 1995
40 “Aquacultural Engineering,” 1991
41 “Aquaculture Springs Up in West Virginia,” 1993
42 “Arkansas Pollution Control Commission: Regulation Establishing Water Quality Criteria for Interstate Streams,” 1967
43 “Artificial Groundwater Recharge for Water Supply,” 1986
44 “Automated Control of a Closed, Recirculation Mariculture System with Attached Denitrification Filter,” by Phillip G. Lee, et al., 1995
45 “Batch and Continuous Culture Experiments on Nutrient Limitations and Temperature Effects in the Marine Alga Tetraselmis Suecica,” by V. Weiss, et al., 1984
46 “Bending Properties of Treated and Untreated Spliced Nail-Laminated Hardwood Posts,” by S. B Taylor, et al. 1992
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64 “A Checklist of the Cave Fauna of Texas. IV. Additional Records of Insecta,” by James R. Reddell, 1970
65 “Climate Control,” 1987
66 “A Clinical Study on the Role of Fish Oil in Alleviating Human Heart Disease,” by M. Stansby, undated
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71 “Comparison of Methods for the Removal of Suspended Particles from Aquaculture Effluents,” by S. J. Cripps, 1991
72 “Compilation of Information on Alternative Barriers for Liner and Cover Systems,” by David E. Daniel, et al., 1991
73 “Composting-An Innovation in Dead Swine Disposal,” by Stephen T. Henry, 1995
74 “Composting Pulp Mill Sludge,” by C. A. Valente, et al., 1987
75 “A Comprehensive Methodology for Assessing Environmental Impact,” by Mark W. Sondheim, 1978-1979
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78 “Computer Automation for Recirculating Aquaculture Systems,” by Phillip G. Lee, undated
79 “Computer Model for Wastewater Management in a Fish Production Facility,” by Sahdev Singh, 1995
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81 “Conference on the Ecological Aspects of International Development,” by Julian McCaull, undated
82 “Control of Algal and Cyanbacterial Growth,” by M. Shilo, et al., 1980
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95 “Designing for Optimum Land Application Systems,” by Clifford B. Fedler, et al., 1995
96 “Designing Intensive Land Bases Aquaculture Systems for Resource Sustainability,” by Alan Ismond, undated
97 “Development of an Automated System for On-Farm Lactic Acid Fermentation of Poultry and Swine Carcasses,” by L. F. Stikeleather, et al., 1995
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99 “Developments in Food Proteins,” by B. J. F. Hudson, 1982
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102 “Direct Filtration of Chlorella with Cationic Polymer,” by Johannes Haarhoff, et al., 1989
103 “The Distribution and Abundance of Penaeid Shrimp in the Lower Laguna Madre of Texas, with a Description of the Live Bait Shrimp Fishery,” by Gary M. Stokes, 1974
box folder
11 1 “Distribution, Excretion, and Absorption of Toxicants,” by Curtis D. Klaassen, undated
2 “Distribution of Phototrophic Microorganisms in the Anaerobic and Microaerophilic Strata of Lake Vechten,” by C. L. M. Steenbergen, et al., 1982
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99 “Weather Modification Activities in the Southern Plains,” by Ellis L. Armstrong, undated
100 “What will Bacteria do next?,” by Monica Winstanley, 1989
101 “Wedge Wire Filters Show Promise for Dewatering Sludge,” by Donald M. Parmelee, 1970
102 “The West Texas Feedlot Industry: An Interdisciplinary Case Study of Environmental Pollution,” by George F. Meenaghan, 1970
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104 “Wisconsin Interstate Water Quality Standards,” 1967
105 “Yard Waste Composting: A Summary of Eight Programs,” by Richard M. Kashmanian, 1989
106 “Yield and Metal Uptake of Cynodon Dactylon (Bermudga Grass) Grown on Refuse-Compost-Amended Soil, M. H. Wong, et al., 1985
107 Livestock and the Environment, 1974
108 Livestock and the Environment, 1977
109 Llano Estacado Total Water Management, 1978
110 Lower Colorado River Authority, 1970
box folder
14 1 Lower Rio Grande River Flows: Simulation Model, 1986
Lubbock Christian College
box folder
14 2 Lubbock Christian College, 1982
3 Lubbock Christian College: Correspondence, 1985
4 Lubbock Christian College: Eleventh Quarterly Report, 1981
5 Lubbock Christian College: Proposals and Contracts, 1962-1983 and undated
6 Lubbock Christian College: Quarterly Reports, 1980-1983
7 Lubbock Christian College: Research Proposals (Folder 1 of 2), 1976-1983
8 Lubbock Christian College: Research Proposals (Folder 2 of 2), 1976-1983
9 Lubbock Christian College: Seventh Quarterly Report, 1980
box folder
15 1 Lubbock Christian College: Tenth Quarterly Report, 1981
2 Lubbock Christian College Institute of Water Research: Lubbock Land Treatment System Research and Demonstration Program Work Plan, 1979-1980
3 Lubbock Christian College Institute of Water Research: Research Proposals, 1977-1983 and undated
4 Lubbock Christian College Institute of Water Research: Research Proposals, 1989
5 Lubbock Christian College Institute of Water Research: Research Proposals for Lubbock Land Treatment System Research and Demonstration Program, 1980
box folder
15 6 Lubbock County, undated
7 Lubbock County: Permission Agreements, 1989-1990
8 Lubbock Drainage Study, 1987
9 Lubbock Drainage Study, 1988 and undated
10 Lubbock Energy Recovery Study Plan, 1980
11 Lubbock Land Treatment System Research and Demonstration, 1986
12 Lubbock Land Treatment System Research and Demonstration Program, 1982
13 Lubbock Rainfall, 1911-1976
14 Lubbock Sewage Farm, 1988
15 Management 1991
16 Management Strategies for Energy Efficient Operation of a Municipal Water Supply, 1988
17 Manual of Practice Water Reuse, 1970
18 Materials and Measurements for Alidrain and Dupont, undated
19 Mathematical Modeling of Secondary Recovery of Water Form the Vadose Zone by Air Injection, 1983
20 Meetings: Advisory Board, 1995-1999
21 Memorandum: Playa Recharge Project, 1989
22 Memorandums to Persons Interested in Water Resources Research and Advisory Committee, 1973-1987
23 Method of Energy Conservation Operation and Management, undated
24 Methods and Practices for Controlling Water Pollution, 1974
25 Microbiological Aspect (Recharge), 1985
26 Minutes: High Plains Ogallala Area Regional Water Management Plan, 1994-1996
27 Minutes: High Plains Ogallala Area Regional Water Management Plan Meeting, 1992-1998
28 Modification and Testing of Digital Groundwater Model for Anisotropic Aquifers, 1972
box folder
16 1 Municipal Wastewater: Articles, 1974-1979
2 Municipal Wastewater Regulations in Texas, 1990
3 Municipal Water “Audit,” 1975-1985 and undated
4 Municipal Water Board, 1990
5 Municipal Water Resources Audit, 1982-1986
6 National Needs Graduate Traineeship Program, 1976-1977
7 Newspaper Clippings, 1976-1985
8 Nineteenth Quarterly Report, 1983
9 Nitrogen Mass Balance Determination for Simulated Wastewater Land-Spreading, 1972-1974
10 Nitrogen Transformations in Wetland Soils, 1974
11 Nuclear Regulatory Commission Order, undated
12 NUS Corporation Consulting Project, 1979-1985
13 Nutrients from Tile Drainage Systems, 1971
box folder
16 14 Ogallala: Here Today, Here Tomorrow If, 1985
15 Ogallala Aquifer: Availability of Storm Runoff for Recharge, 1986
16 Ogallala Aquifer: Frequency of Significant Recharge, 1985
17 Ogallala Aquifer: Six State High Plains Study, 1981
18 Ogallala Aquifer Regional Study: Summary of Results, 1982
19 Ogallala Aquifer Study: Plan for New Mexico, 1979
20 Ogallala Aquifer Regional Resources Summary, 1982
box folder
17 1 Ogallala Aquifer Symposium, 1983-1984
2 Ogallala Aquifer Symposium II, 1984
3 Ogallala High Plains Study: Colorado Study Elements, undated
4 Ogallala Regional Water Management Plan Management Team, 1995-1998
5 Operations Management for Underground Water Conservation District, 1998
6 Overheads: Recharge Project, 1990
7 Owner/Operator List of Playa Lake Resamplings, 1993
8 Permanent Files in Basement, undated
9 Persistence of Viruses in Desert Soils, 1991
10 Photographs of Sites, undated
11 Pipe Design Calculators, 1957-1977
12 Plan of Work for New Mexico State Level Research on the Six-State High Plains-Ogallala Aquifer Study, 1979
Playa Lakes
box folder
17 13 Playa Lake Data, 1984 and undated
14 Playa Lake Data Collection: Texas High Plains, 1980
15 Playa Lake Data Sheets, 1985
16 Playa Lake Information: Wetlands, 1979-1986
17 Playa Lake Recharge, 1985
18 Playa Lake Recharge: Alidrains, 1981-1982
19 Playa Lake Water Quality, 1985
20 Playa Literature Search, 1972-1985 and undated
21 Playa Recharge, 1971-1988
22 Playa Recharge: Figures and Drawings, 1985-1987
23 Playa Recharge: Phase II, 1982-1983
24 Playa Recharge: Proposal to High Plains Underground Water Conservation District, 1982
25 Playa Recharge Drainage Materials, 1984
box folder
18 1 Playa Recharge Project: Migratory Wildlife and their Habitats, undated
2 Playa Recharge Project: Migratory Wildlife and their Habitats (proposal), undated
3 Playa/Recharge Texas Department of Water Resources, 1984-1985
4 Playa Research, 1982
5 Playa Sediment, 1983 and undated
6 Playa Weed Control, 1977 and undated
7 Political Ecology of Irrigation Systems, undated
8 Pollard Creek, Texas: Topographic Map and Test Sites, 1955-1989
9 Potential Pollution of the Ogallala by Recharging Playa Lake Water, 1970-1984
10 Presentation Made to Texas Department of Transport: “Environmental Research at Texas Tech University: Experience, Capabilities, Facilities,” 1994
11 Proceedings of the Third National Ground Water Quality Symposium, 1977
Project Reports, Summaries and Proposals
box folder
18 12 Project Report (Folder 1 of 6), 1982
13 Project Report (Folder 2 of 6), 1982
14 Project Report (Folder 3 of 6), 1982
15 Project Report (Folder 4 of 6), 1982
16 Project Report (Folder 5 of 6), 1982
17 Project Report (Folder 6 of 6), 1982
18 Project Summaries, 1993
box folder
19 1 Proposal Review/Status, 1987-1988
2 Proposals Funded, 1987-1988
3 Proposals Funded, 1987-1989
4 Proposals Funded, 1989
5 Proposed Demonstration Project, undated
6 Proposed Rules: Department of Energy, 1978
7 Proposed U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Playa Lakes Contaminants Study, 1989 and undated
8 Public Perceptions, 1991
9 Pump: Torque Test, 1971 and undated
10 Pump Curves, undated
11 Putting Our Water Act Together, 1977
12 Quality Assurance Project Plan for the High Plains of Texas, Ogallala Formation Recharge Demonstration Project, 1989
13 Quality Determinations of Texas Tech Wastewater and Groundwater, 1980-1983
14 Quality of Groundwater in Floydada, 1993
15 Quality of Groundwater in Lorenzo, 1993
16 Quality of Groundwater in Muleshoe, 1993
17 Quality of Waters from Playas on the Southern High Plains, 1968
18 Quarterly Progress Reports, 1980–1981 and undated
19 Ransom Canyon, 1983
20 Reactions of Heavy Metals with Soils with Special Regard to their Application in Sewage Wastes, 1972
box folder
19 21 Recharge: Figures, undated
22 Recharge: Root Control, 1988-1989
23 Recharge Budgets, 1990-1991
24 Recharge Demonstration Project, 1990
25 Recharge Drawings, undated
26 Recharge of Playa Lake Water: Approval Sheet for Proposal, 1983
27 Recharge of Playa Lake Water with Underdrains, undated
28 Recharge Report: Original Figures, 1986-1987
29 Recharging Underground Water Aquifers, 1985
30 Recommended Plan for Action for Development of Additional Surface Water Supply, 1975
31 Record Winter Storms in Illinois, 1977-1978
32 Recreational Reuse of Municipal Wastewater, 1972-1977
box folder
20 1 Recreational Reuse of Municipal Wastewater, 1973
2 Recreational Reuse of Municipal Wastewater, 1973-1974
3 Recreational Reuse of Municipal Wastewater: Phase II, 1973-1977
4 Recreational Reuse of Waste Disposal Sites: Chanute Air Force Base, Illinois, 1983
5 Recreational Valuation, 1977
6 Reese Air Force Base Reuse Study Phase 1 Report: Volume 1, 1996
7 Reese Air Force Base Reuse Study Phase 1 Report: Volume 2, 1996
8 Reese Reuse Plan, undated
9 Region of Planning, 1997-1998
10 Remediation of Polychlorinated Biphenyl Contaminated Soil and Groundwater, undated
11 Removal and Disposal of Phosphorus at the Texas City Wastewater Treatment Plant Number 2, 1969
12 Removal of Capillary Water from the Ogallala Aquifer, 1981
13 Removal of Nitrate by an Algal System, 1971
14 Removal of Nitrogen from Tile Drainage, 1971
15 Report: Tests to Compare Hydraulic Conductivity of “Geodrains” and “Alidrains,” 1977
16 Report on Makeup Water for the Upper Canyon Lakes, 1971
17 Report on Water Distribution System Analysis, 1972
18 Report to the California Water Commission, 1999
19 Report to the Congress: Environmental Assessment Efforts for Proposed Projects Have Been Ineffective, 1975
box folder
20 20 Research, 1997-1998
21 Research (Fiscal Year 1999), 1998-1999
22 Research (Fiscal Year 2000), 1999-2000
23 Research (Fiscal Year 2001), 2000-2001
24 Research Project, 2001
box folder
21 1 Research Project Proposal, 1979
2 Research Project Proposal to Lubbock Christian College, 1979
3 Research Projects Funded, 1981–1982 and undated
4 Research Projects Funded, 1981–1983 and Undated
5 Research Projects Funded, 1983-1984
6 Research Reports, 1976-1977
7 Research Reports, 1983-1992
8 Research Reports, undated
9 Research Reports: Water Research and Technology, 1976
10 Resource/Energy Impacts, undated
11 Rough Drafts, 1982
12 San Luis de la Paz (Folder 1 of 2), 1987-1988
13 San Luis de la Paz (Folder 2 of 2), 1988 and undated
14 Sand Dollar Apartments: Drainage Study, 1984
15 Sand Drain and Alidrain Literature, 1972-1980
16 Sawyers Case, 1993-1995
17 Secondary Recovery of Groundwater: Ogallala Aquifer, 1982
box folder
22 1 Secondary Recovery Study: Ogallala Aquifer, undated
2 Six State EDA High Plains Ogallala Aquifer Study, 1979
3 Six State High Plains: Ogallala Aquifer Study, 1979
4 Sludge Information, 1989-1992
5 Sodium Adsorption Ratio Article, 1972-1984
6 Soil Chemical Changes and Infiltration Rate Reduction Under Sewage Spreading, 1966
7 Soil Fertility Analyses, 1986
8 Soil Legend, undated
9 Soil Mechanics Aspect of Oroville Dam, undated
10 Soil Root Zone and Hydrogeologic Investigation, 1982
11 Soil Survey: Gray Country, Texas, 1966
12 Solar Energy: Environmental Impact Assessment, 1976–1978 and undated
13 Solar Energy Information and Data for Illinois, 1978
14 Solar Program Plan, 1978
15 Solid and Hazardous Waste Management Seminar Steering Committee, 1990
14 South Lubbock Drainage Study, 1986
17 South Lubbock Drainage Study, 1986
18 South Lubbock Drainage Study, 1987-1989
box folder
23 1 South Plains Association of Government: Solid Waste Management, 1976
2 Southwest Rangeland Watershed Research Center, 1959-1975
3 State Employee Charitable Campaign, 1995
4 Statement of Qualifications, 1989
5 Statement of Texas Agricultural Experiment Station Texas A&M University on the Need for Groundwater Recharge Research in the Texas High Plains, 1967
6 Statewide Watershed Management Approach for Texas, 1997
7 Stormwater, 1992-1993
8 Stormwater II: Parkhill, Smith, and Cooper, 1991-1993
9 Stormwater III: Parkhill, Smith, and Cooper, 1993
10 Stormwater Control Guidebook: Information on Sediments, 1967 and undated
11 Storm Water Control Looks Like Costliest Pollution Fight Yet, 1966
12 Storm Water Discharge Permit, 1991
13 Subsurface Investigation Waste Disposal Site: Goodfellow Air Force Base, 1977
14 Summary of Study: Secondary Recovery of Groundwater, 1982
15 Summary of Study of High Plains Formation, 1982
box folder
23 16 Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage, 1988-1989
17 Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage/Engineering Test Model: Climatological Data, 1984-1988 and undated
18 Superconducting Super Collider, 1985-1987
19 Superconducting Super Collider: Ecology, undated
20 Superconducting Super Collider: Formats, undated
21 Superconducting Super Collider Hydrology, 1981-1987
22 Superconducting Super Collider Information, 1980-1987
23 Superconducting Super Collider Maps and Profiles, 1987 and undated
24 Superconducting Super Collider Project (Background), 1987 and undated
25 Superconducting Super Collider Report: Lubbock Chamber of Commerce, 1987
26 Superconducting Super Collider Water Quality, 1970-1987
27 Supplemental Water Level Data and Observation Water Level Data, 1989 and undated
28 Supply List, undated
29 Survival of Pathogens and Related Disease Hazards of Harvested Crops, Stuart G. Dunlop, undated
30 Synoptic Climatology of Blowing Dust on Texas South Plains: Kenneth A. Wigner and R. E. Peterson, 1947-1984
box folder
24 1 Testimony on the Water Problems of Texas, 1970
2 Texas: Plat Maps, undated
3 Texas Agricultural Extension Service: Research Papers, 1972-1993
4 Texas High Plains Project: Work Plan, 1993
5 Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission: Innovative Technology Symposium, 1994
6 Texas Prison uses Biological Additive to Reduce Lagoon Sludge, 1993
7 Texas Technological College: Water Resources Center, 1957-1989 and undated
8 Texas Technological University Groundwater Study, 1977-1984
9 Texas Water Development Board, 1990
10 Texas Water Resources Institute (Fiscal Year 1990), 1990
11 Texas Water Resources Institute, 1993
12 Texas Water Resources Institute Proposals (Fiscal Year 1986), 1987-1989
13 Thirteenth Quarterly Report, 1982
box folder
25 1 Toxic Effects of Military Wastewater Effluents, 1972-1973
2 Treatment of Urban Storm-water Runoff, 1967
3 Twelfth Quarterly Report, 1981-1982
4 United States Army Corps of Engineers: Fact Sheets, 1987-1990
5 United States Army Environmental Training, 1990
6 United States Bureau of Reclamation: Recharge Demonstration Project, 1989-1990 and undated
7 United States Bureau of Reclamation: Recharge Project, 1989-1990 and undated
8 United States Bureau of Reclamation for a Groundwater Recharge Demonstration Project in the High Plains of Texas, 1987-1990 and undated
9 United States Bureau of Reclamation Proposal Revision, undated
10 United States Bureau of Reclamation Recharge Project, 1983-1985
11 United States Bureau of Reclamation Work Plan, 1993
12 United States Department of the Interior Bureau of Reclamation: Project Agreements, 1984-1990
13 United States Geological Survey: Water Withdrawals and Consumptive Use, 1985
14 The Universities Council on Water Resources, 1994
15 Universities Council on Water Resources: Annual Meeting, 1977
16 Unsolicited Water Research Proposal, 1984
17 Urban and Industrial Stormwater Needs, 1976
18 Urban Hydrology, 1976
Urban Runoff
box folder
25 19 Urban Runoff, 1970-1971
20 Urban Runoff, 1971
box folder
26 1 Urban Runoff, 1972-1975
2 Urban Runoff, 1975
3 Urban Runoff: Annual Report, 1970-1972
4 Urban Runoff: Budget, 1968-1969
5 Urban Runoff: Correspondence, 1968-1969
6 Urban Runoff: Ledger Payroll, 1971
7 Urban Runoff: Project Completion Report, 1971
8 Use of Bentonite for Soil Sealant, 1985
9 Van Nostrand Reinhold Company: Environmental Impact Assessment, 1980
10 Vibroflotation Report: Final, 1982
11 Visitors, 1984
12 V-Notch Weir for Pan: Shallowater, 1988
box folder
25 13 Water: Newspaper Clippings, 1975-1985
14 Water Analysis Summary, 1980
box folder
26 15 Water Center Review Report, 1995
box folder
25 16 Water Conservation Strategies for the Urban Arid Landscape, undated
box folder
26 17 Water Level Fluctuation in Evapotransmeter, 1968
18 Water Pollution, undated
19 Water Quality Management in the Yellowhouse Canyon Lakes, 1983
Water Resources Center
box folder
26 20 Water Resources Analysis of Alternative Recreational Lake Scenarios: Goodfellow Air Force Base, 1985
21 A Water Resources Audit for Small Communities, undated
22 Water Resources Center: Advisory Board Meeting, 1988-1989 and undated
23 Water Resources Center: Biennium, 1986-1987
24 Water Resources Center: Budget, 1966-1971
25 Water Resources Center: Budget, 1972-1980
box folder
27 1 Water Resources Center: Budget, 1976-1988
2 Water Resources Center: Budget, 1979-1981 and 1984-1985
3 Water Resources Center: Budget, 1985
4 Water Resources Center: Budget, 1985-1986
5 Water Resources Center: Budget, 1986-1987
6 Water Resources Center: Budget, 1988-1989
7 Water Resources Center: Membership List, undated
8 Water Resources Center: Newsletter, 1992-1998
9 Water Resources Symposium, 1967
10 Water Resources Vehicles 1992
11 Water Reuse Research Project, 1967
12 Watershed Impacts of Recreation Development-Guadalupe Mountains, 1976
13 Watershed Impacts of Recreation Development-Guadalupe Mountains: Phase 2, 1976-1980
14 Weather Modification Workshop, 1995
15 Weekly Well Pumpage, undated
16 Well Analysis: Campus Report, 1983-1985
17 Well Field Computer Algorithm, 1990
18 West Texas Water Conference, 1990-1991
19 Western Water, 1991
20 Wilde, Benemann, and others, 1991
21 Williams Papers, 1991
22 Work Plan: Texas High Plains Ogallala Aquifer Area Study, 1979
23 Working Draft– Description and Assessment of Floodplains and Wetlands, Deaf Smith et al., 1985
24 Workshop: Trip to San Luis de la Paz, Mexico, 1988
25 WWTP–Lubbock, Schematic, undated
26 Xeriscape Video, undated
27 York Groundwater Recharge Demonstration Project: Proposal, 1984-1989


Oversized Materials

folder item
1 1 Approximate Altitude of the Base of the Ogallala Formation, undated
2 Approximate Altitude of the Base of the Ogallala Formation, Crosby County, Texas, undated
3 Approximate Altitude of the Base of the Ogallala Formation, Hockley County, Texas (2 copies), undated
4 Approximate Altitude of the Base of the Ogallala Formation, Lubbock County, Texas, undated
5 Approximate Altitude of the Base of the Ogallala Formation, Lynn County, Texas, undated
6 Approximate Altitude of the Land Surface, undated
7 Approximate Altitude of the Land Surface, Crosby County, Texas, undated
8 Approximate Altitude of the Land Surface, Hockley County, Texas (2 copies), undated
9 Approximate Altitude of the Land Surface, Lubbock County, Texas, undated
10 Approximate Altitude of the Land Surface, Lynn County, Texas, undated
11 Approximate Altitude of the Water Table in the Ogallala Aquifer, 1985
12 Approximate Altitude of the Water Table in the Ogallala Aquifer, Crosby County, Texas, 1980
13 Approximate Altitude of the Water Table in the Ogallala Aquifer, Crosby County, Texas, 1990
14 Approximate Altitude of the Water Table in the Ogallala Aquifer, Hockley County, Texas (2 copies), 1980
15 Approximate Altitude of the Water Table in the Ogallala Aquifer, Hockley County, Texas (2 copies), 1985
16 Approximate Altitude of the Water Table in the Ogallala Aquifer, Lubbock County, Texas, 1980
17 Approximate Altitude of the Water Table in the Ogallala Aquifer, Lubbock County, Texas, 1990
18 Approximate Altitude of the Water Table in the Ogallala Aquifer, Lynn County, Texas, 1980
19 Approximate Saturated Thickness of the Ogallala Formation, 1985
20 Approximate Saturated Thickness of the Ogallala Formation, Crosby County, Texas, 1980
21 Approximate Saturated Thickness of the Ogallala Formation, Hockley County, Texas (2 copies), 1980
22 Approximate Saturated Thickness of the Ogallala Formation, Lubbock County, Texas, 1980
23 Approximate Saturated Thickness of the Ogallala Formation, Lynn County, Texas, 1980
24 Big Spring Quadrangle: Drainage Basin, Site, and Sample Location, 1977
25 Big Spring Quadrangle: Phase I Stream Sediment, Canadian Symbol Plot, 1977
26 Big Spring Quadrangle: Phase I Stream Water, Canadian Symbol Plot, 1977
27 Big Spring Quadrangle: Phase I Well and Spring Water, Canadian Symbol Plot, 1977
28 Big Spring Quadrangle: Site and Sample Location, 1977
29 Buchanan Dam Gate Tables, undated
folder item
2 1 Buchanan Dam Power Plant: Generator Output undated
2 Campus Site Plan: Building Maintenance and Utilities, 1974
3 Canyon Lakes Map, Lubbock, Texas, undated
4 Canyon Lakes Map: 1 through 6 (3 copies), undated
5 Canyon Lakes Project: Bridge Section-Elevation 07, undated
6 Canyon Lakes Project: Foundation Plan 01, undated
7 Canyon Lakes Project: 26th Street Storm Sewer, undated
8 City of Lubbock, Texas, Map, undated
9 Design for Future Filtration Research, undated
10 General Soil Map, Crosby County, Texas, 1964
11 General Soil Map, Lubbock County, Texas, 1977
12 Goodfellow Air Force Base: Development Plan, 1977
13 Goodfellow Air Force Base: Non-Potable Irrigation System, 1984
14 Goodfellow Air Force Base: Potable Water Line East of Apron, 1984
15 Goodfellow Air Force Base: Storm Sewer and Drainage System, 1971
16 Goodfellow Air Force Base: Storm Sewer and Drainage System, 1980
17 Goodfellow Air Force Base: Voice Processing Training Facility, Boring Logs, 1984
18 Goodfellow Air Force Base: Voice Processing Training Facility, Boring Logs and Location Map, 1984
19 Hale County, Texas Map, undated
20 Interpretative Map of Agricultural Land Distribution, Hockley County, Texas, 1986
21 Lower Colorado River Authority Daily Net System Peak Load, 1970
22 Lower Colorado River Authority Hydro Operations, 1966
23 Lower Colorado River Authority Hydro Operations, 1967
24 Lower Colorado River Authority Hydro Operations, 1968
25 Lower Colorado River Authority Hydro Operations, 1969
26 Lower Colorado River Authority Hydro Operations, 1970
27 Lower Colorado River Marshall Ford Development, 1942
28 Lubbock Land Treatment System Research and Demonstration Project: Hancock Site Wastewater Irrigation and Storage Facilities and Gray Site Wastewater Irrigation Facilities, 1980
29 Lubbock Quadrangle: Drainage Basin, Site, and Sample Location, 1977
folder item
3 1 Lubbock Quadrangle: Phase I and P Stream Sediment, Canadian Symbol Plot, 1977
2 Lubbock Quadrangle: Phase I and P Stream Water, Canadian Symbol Plot, 1977
3 Lubbock Quadrangle: Phase I and P Well and Spring Water, Canadian Symbol Plot, 1977
4 Lubbock Quadrangle: Site and Sample Location, 1977
5 Moore County, Texas Map, undated
6 Petersburg, Texas Quadrangle: Topographic Map, 1965
7 Plainview Quadrangle: Drainage Basin, Site, and Sample Location, 1977
8 Plainview Quadrangle: Phase I Stream Sediment, Canadian Symbol Plot, 1977
9 Plainview Quadrangle: Phase I Stream Water, Canadian Symbol Plot, 1977
10 Plainview Quadrangle: Phase I Well and Spring Water, Canadian Symbol Plot, 1977
11 Plainview Quadrangle: Site and Sample Location, 1977
12 Pollard Creek NW, Texas (2 Copies), 1972
13 Predevelopment Saturated-Thickness Changes in the High Plains Aquifer in Parts of Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Texas, and Wyoming, 1980
14 Predevelopment Water-Level Changes in the High Plains Aquifer in Parts of Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Texas, and Wyoming, 1980
15 Proposed Hydraulic Laboratory: Texas Technological College, 1948
16 Proposed Location of the Texas South Plains SSC, undated
17 Randall County and Deaf Smith County Map, undated
18 Rating Curve for Canyon Dam I, undated
19 Rating Curve for Canyon Dam II, undated
20 South Lubbock Drainage Study: Base Map, 1987
21 South Lubbock Drainage Study: Future Land Use, 1987
22 South Lubbock Drainage Study: SCS Soil Types, 1987
23 Terra Dynamics Incorporated, Location of Site Investigation Cross Sections (Map 1 of 2), 1993
24 Terra Dynamics Incorporated, Location of Site Investigation Cross Sections (Map 2 of 2), 1993
25 Terra Dynamics Incorporated, Cross-Section C-C’, 1993
26 Texas Clean Water Act: Listed Stream, Reservoir, and Bay Segments, 1996
27 Texas Water Development Board: Lorenzo and Petersburg Area Map (2 copies), undated
28 Texas Water Development Board: Lorenzo Quadrangle Map(2 copies), undated
29 Water-Level Changes in the High Plains Aquifer of Texas, 1980-1990