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The Marvin Cartmell (M. C.) Overton Family:

An Inventory of Its Papers, 1910-2012 and undated, at the Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library

Descriptive Summary

Creator Overton, Marvin Cartmell (M. C.)
Title: Marvin Cartmell (M. C.) Overton Family Papers,
Dates: 1910-2012 and undated
Abstract: The Marvin Cartmell (M. C.) Overton Family Papers contains primarily genealogical research and records, family photos, and correspondence.
Collection # S 1823.1
Quantity: 7 boxes, 1 oversized photo album, and 1 artifact (briefcase) (9 linear feet)
Language English
Repository: Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library, Texas Tech University

Biographical Sketch

Marvin Cartmell (M. C.) Overton (1878-1955) was born in Morganfield, KY, on June 13, 1878, the fifth of six children of George Buck and Sue Jane (Lawson) Overton, whose ancestral families had migrated from England to Virginia during the early colonial period. Overton's father, a Methodist minister, moved the family to Louisville, KY, in 1885. M. C. left high school after two years to become a cub reporter and then worked at other odd jobs, including four years with Bell Telephone ompany, before resigning to enter medical school. While an intern, Overton left Louisville for Emma in Crosby County, Texas. Instead, he would up in Lubbock, Texas, on April 16, 1901.

He received his M.D. in March 1902 from the Louisville School of Medicine and established his practice in Lubbock’s Nicolette Hotel, traveling by buggy as far as 150 miles to treat patients. Until 1906 he was the only licensed physician in a 23-county, 21,000 square mile area, forcing him to purchase the first privately-owned automobile in Lubbock in 1908. He carried a phone receiver with him in his car that allowed him to throw a wire across overhead phone lines to contact his office in Lubbock.

In 1908 Overton donated two lots on the corner of what now is Main Street and Avenue O in Lubbock, Texas, for the construction of the city's first hospital, the Lubbock Sanitarium, established by Drs. J. N. Stoops and G. S. Murphy. The facility closed in April 1912, so Overton and Dr. Charles F. Clayton opened the second Lubbock Sanitarium September of that year at the original sanitarium site, and later, under his own recognizance, the Overton Sanitarium.

He abandoned general practice in 1925 to specialize in pediatrics at Lubbock Sanitarium, helping it evolve in 1953 into the nine-story Methodist Hospital, the forerunner of Lubbock’s Covenant Hospital.

He served on the initial council of alderman for the city from 1909 to 1910. He also served on the Lubbock school board from 1910 to about 1925. An elementary school is named for him. In 1907 he established the first residential addition to the city, the Overton Addition, on 640 acres of land bordered by Fourth and 19th streets and Avenue Q and University Avenue.

Nan Overton West is Dr. Overton’s daughter, and a genealogist. She authored a biography of her father entitled "He Wore a Pink Carnation." West attended Lubbock Public Schools, Texas Technological College, Randolph-Macon Woman's College, and The University of Texas, where she graduated with a B.A. degree in 1941. After retiring from the family businesses, she published a genealogical history of her husband Pete's family, The Wests and the Rays and Their Allies: Southern Families from the Colonies to Texas. In 1991 this book was awarded first place for Family History and Grand Prize for Writing by The Texas State Genealogical Society. She also has written The Overtons: 700 Years with Allied Families from England to Virginia, Kentucky and Texas (1997). In 2006 she published Jennings-Dunlap Genealogy.

Scope and Content

The Marvin Cartmell (M. C.) Overton Family Papers contains research and documentation pertaining to the genealogical history of Nan Overton West, with special interest in her father, M. C. Overton, M.D. Nan wrote many books on her family history and genealogy, two of which are in the collection, unbound. The collection consists mostly of genealogical research and records, family photos, and correspondence about Nan’s books. A large collection of family film and CD-Rs with photos were removed and transferred to the Audio/Visual department, but are available for research.

Several donated artifacts are on permanent loan for exhibition, and are not included in the collection inventory.


The Marvin Cartmell (M. C.) Overton Family Papers are organized by the following series:
  • Awards and Certificates
  • Books
  • Book Advertisements
  • Book Research
  • Correspondence
  • Family
  • First Methodist Church
  • Miscellaneous
  • Newspaper
  • Overton's Practice
  • Periodicals
  • Photos
  • Medals
  • Plaques
  • Artifact
  • Oversized
  • Oversized Artifact
  • Audio/Visual


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Open for research

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Subjects (Persons)
Overton, M. C. (Marvin Cartmell), 1878-1955.
West, Nan Overton, 1919-
Subjects (Organizations)
First United Methodist Church (Lubbock, Tex.)
Lubbock Sanitarium.
Methodist Hospital (Lubbock, Tex.)
Overton Sanitarium.
Subjects (Places)
Lubbock County (Tex.)
Lubbock (Tex.)
Overton Addition.
Frontier and pioneer life.

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Marvin Cartmell (M. C.) Overton Family Papers, 1910-2012 and undated, Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas


Collection accession numbers:
2000-0348-B; 2011-0017-B; 2011-0033-B; 2011-0034-B; 2011-0105-C; 2012-0181-A; 2017-0003-B

Gift, 2000, 2011, 2012, 2017

Processed by

Sarah Stephenson, 2017

Additional Sources

West, Nan Overton. He Wore a Pink Carnation.1992.

Collection Inventory

box folder
1 1 Awards and Certificates


box folder
1 2 American Academy of Pediatrics, Fellowship List, January, 1956
3 City of Lubbock, Texas, Overton Revitalization Plan 2005, 1986
4 Colour Guide from Rothenburg, 1990
5 The Family of Frederick Lee and Ruth Culp, by Darcy Lee Howard, 2011
6 Growth of a City, a Man, and a Bank, undated
7 Jennings-Dunlap Genealogy, by Nan Overton West, photocopy, 2006
8 The Museum Journal, Volume 10, 1966
9 The Museum Journal, Volume 18, 1979
10 The Overtons: 700 years, with Allied Families, by Nan Overton West, photocopy, 1997
11 The Overtons: 700 years, with Allied Families, by Nan Overton West, unbound, 1997
12 Wagons West, by Tanner Laine, 1971
13 Your Baby and Child, by M.C. Overton, M.D., 1936

Book Advertisements

box folder
1 14 He Wore a Pink Carnation
15 The Overtons: 700 Years

Book Research

box folder
1 16 Correspondence and Articles for Overton Biography
17 Family Tree and Contacts, 1991, 1998
18 Files and Articles about Old Lubbock
19 M.C. Overton Biographies
box folder
2 1 Overton-Jennings Genealogy Printouts
2 Overtons of England, Virginia, and Kentucky
3 Partial Overtons Genealogy Book
4 Pete West
5 Reverend G.B. Overton
6 Sam West, Major League Baseball, 1926-1942
7 West-Ray Book


box folder
2 8 Family
9 M.C. Overton, Death of his Father, 1917
10 M.C. Overton, 1934-1938, 1966
11 Nan Jennings Overton
12 Nan Overton West, 1970-1988
13 Nan Overton West with Eugene Lucas, 2011-2012
14 Overton Book E-mail Correspondence
15 Overton Book Thank Yous
16 Pete West, 1945


box folder
2 17 50th Anniversary of the Lubbock HS Class of 1936 Reunion, September 12-13, 1986
box folder
2 18 Articles and Advertisements
19 Recollections and Photos, Ellen Brock,
20 Recollections and Photos, Frances Ballew
21 Recollections and Photos, Jack Barr
22 Recollections and Photos, Joyce Ward
23 Recollections and Photos, Various
24 Las Chaparritas
25 Nannie J. Overton Memorial Service, June 1, 1973
26 Nan Overton West at Randolph-Macon Women's College

First Methodist Church

box folder
2 27 Articles
28 Centennial Celebration Dinner, April 4, 1992

box folder
2 29 Lubbock Promotionals


box folder
2 30 TTU Graduation Intent Checklist

box folder
2 31 New Methodist Hospital Building


box folder
2 32 Articles about M.C. Overton
33 Articles about or important to Nan Overton West, 1970-1994
34 Nan Overton West's Books

box folder
2 35 Overton Area of Lubbock

Overton's Practice

box folder
2 36 Patient's Ledgers, 1953-1954
37 Stationary


box folder
2 38 Angels on Earth, November/December, 1997
39 Benefactor, Summer, 1993
40 The JobSource+, Fall, 1993
41 Lubbock First Methodist News
42 Methodist Hospital, Lubbock TX, Annual Report, 1976,1980
43 The Rotarian, July, 1953
44 Southern Accents, November/December, 1986
45 The Stimulator, Employee Publication of Methodist Hospital, June, 1968
46 Texas Parade, February, 1965
box folder
3 1 Texas State Journal of Medicine, Vol. 51, #10, pages 667-728, October, 1955
2 Texas Techsan, May/June, 1983
3 Today, Methodist Hospital, Lubbock TX, 1974,1976, 1979
4 West Texas Museum, Cow Trails to Rails, September 12-13, 1959
5 West Texas Today, November, 1937


box folder
3 6 Carlock Family (Ruth)
7 Early Lubbock Pictures
8 Family Photos
9 Jennings Family Fanfold Photos, 1954
10 M.C. Overton Portraits
11 Negatives and Printouts
12 Patricia Jennings and Richard Phillips Wedding, 1951
13 Reverend G.B. Overton and Sue J. Lawson Overton
14 Smith Family (Barbara)
15 Three Weddings, Same Dress. Nan, Martha, and Barbara, 1942-1974
16 West Family

box folder
3 17 Student Center Building

box folder
3 18 Talks Given by Nan West about M.C. Overton and Early Lubbock, 1994-1998

box folder
3 19 Texas Tech Museum Mural, 1954


box folder
3 20 M.C. Overton's Selective Service Medal


box folder
3 21 Daughters of the American Colonists
22 Daughters of the American Revolution
23 Reverend G.B. Overton Picture and Poem, 1917


box folder
3 24 Cinklox 16mm Motion Picture Camera with undeveloped film inside


box folder
4 1 Oversized Photos of Old Lubbock Iron Works
2 Selective Service Appreciation Certificate to M.C. Overton, M.D.
3 Large Portrait of small girl, unnamed, circa 1952
4 United Daughters of the Confederacy Certificate, March 31, 1988
5 The National Society Colonial Dames XVII Century Certificate, August 25, 1988
6 Framed Portrait of M.C. Overton, M.D.
box folder
5 1 Photo Album with family photos 1939-1970
2 Grand Prize Award to Nan Overton West for her family history book November 6, 1998
3 Distinguished Service to Lubbock Plaque to M.C. Overton as City Commissioner, 1910-1912
4 Framed art of Sam West's Baseball Career, By Jim Berryman of the Washington Post, 1933
5 Framed Letter to W.P. Dunlop from D.L. Arey Distilling Co.
box folder
6 1 Overton House Floor Plan and Concept Art c. 1922-1928
2 Oversized Photo Collage of the Overton Family, 1916-45
3 Household Arts Diploma from the College of Industrial Arts for Young Women for Nannie Jennings, May 29, 1912
4 First Prize Award to Nan Overton West for her family history book November 15, 1991
5 Overton Family Photo Album

Oversized Artifact

box folder
7 1 M.C. Overton's Briefcase


Film Reel
box folder
8 1 Canister of Kodascope 16mm Safety Film, #1
2 Canister of Kodascope 16mm Safety Film, #2
3 Canister of Kodascope 16mm Safety Film, #3
4 Canister of Kodascope 16mm Safety Film, #4
5 Canister of Kodascope 16mm Safety Film, #5
6 Canister of Kodascope 16mm Safety Film, #6 Spring, 1951
1 Small Reel of Film Labelled Overton, Robert, Gospel Observations and Religious Manifestations, and C. 1952
2 Pete West's Cine-Kodak Kodachrome 16mm Safety Color Film 1952
3 #9, Martha's 4th Birthday, 1953
4 # 10, Bee's 4th Birthday, 1953
5 #11, Christmas, 1953-1954
6 #12, Martha's 6th Birthday and Easter, 1954
7 #13, Bee's 5th Birthday, 1954-1955
8 #14, Christmas - 1953, and Martha's 7th Birthday, 1955
9 #15, Sammy - 5 Weeks Old, Bee's 6th Birthday, Sammy's Christening, 1956
10 #16, Christmas - 1954, Sammy's 1st Birthday, Easter - 1955 1956
11 #17, Bee's 7th Birthday, 1957
12 #18, Martha's 9th Birthday, Easter, Sammy's 2nd Birthday, 1958
13 #19, Tom's Christening, Bee's 8th Birthday, Christmas, 1958-1959
14 #20, Tom's 1st Birthday, Sammy's 3rd Birthday, Barbara's 9th Birthday, Christmas,
15 #21, Tom's 2nd Birthday, Barbara, Sammy, and Tom,
16 #22, Christmas - 1958, Tom's 3rd Birthday - 1959, October 26, 2006
CD-R 2001-2002
box folder
8 17 CD Containing Folder "Jennings Cousins Album" 2001-2002
18 Nan Mss., 2001-2002
19 Jennings-Dunlap and Overton Family Photo Album (1), 2001-2002
20 Jennings-Dunlap and Overton Family Photo Album (2), 2004
21 Nan West's Jennings-Dunlap Family Photo Album, 2006
22 Jennings-Dunlap Family Photo Album, Compiled by Nan West, 2001-2002
23 Postscript, 1649-2004, Compiled by Nan West, June 20, 2004
24 Jennings and Dunlap Album, Compiled by Nan West, June, 2004
25 Nan and Pete West Family Photo Flip Album CD, 1861-2002, Compiled by Nan West, July, 2004
26 For Joe, Postscript, July, 2004
27 Postscript Backup, January, 2005
28 West Postscript, undated
29 Postscript, Joe, c. 1979
30 West Postscript Backup, c. 1979
31 Postscript Backup, No dates, June, 2006
32 Carlock, Ruth Overton (1), May 6, 2002
33 Carlock, Ruth Overton (2),
34 Overton Reunion, September 6, 2002
35 Flip Album 3.1, West, Ray, Jennings, Overton, September 23, 2002
36 Jennings Allies, Jennings Documents July 12, 2001
37 Family Search, May 14, 2002
38 Jennings, Overton, Ray, and West,
39 Flip Album, 4 Families, July 12, 2000
40 Nan West's Albums, From e-books,
41 Jennings Album Pictures
42 Flip Album, 4 Families,
43 Joe's CD, Jennings, not the final album, no annotations
44 Flip Album, Jennings-Dunlap
45 Flip Album 4.1
46 Jennings-Dunlap, Nan West July 15, 2002
47 Nan Westin Transparencies March, 1951 - January, 1959
box folder
8 48 My Daddy Wore a Pink Carnation, by Nan Overton West, 1947-1950
49 West,
50 Anniversary
51 The Wests, In the Beginning, July, 2007
52 Nan Overton West, Overton School
box folder
8 53 Descendants of Edward Colley and Phyllis Salter of Norfolk, VA from 1698, Research and Compilation by Marshall L. Styles