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Fred Rigby:

An Inventory of His Papers, 1955-1984 and undated, at the Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library

Descriptive Summary

Creator Rigby, Fred
Title: Fred Rigby Papers,
Dates: 1955-1984 and undated
Abstract: The material consists of mathematical treatises and other material generated by Fred Rigby during his careers at the Office of Naval Research and at Texas Tech University from 1955-1984 and undated.
Collection # S1686.1
Quantity: 2 boxes (2.0 linear feet)
Language English.
Repository: Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library, Texas Tech University

Biographical Sketch

Fred Rigby was born in Montana in 1914. He studied mathematics at Reed College in Oregon and State University of Iowa where he received a Ph. D. in 1940. During World War II, Rigby served in the United States Navy and afterwards joined the Office of Research and Inventions (later the Office of Naval Research) as a civilian. Within the Office of Naval Research he served as Head of Logistics Branch (1946-1958), Director of Mathematical Services Division (1958-1962), and Deputy Research Director (1962-1963) and was the founding editor of Naval Research Logistics Quarterly. In 1963, Rigby accepted the position of Dean of the Graduate School at Texas Technological College in Lubbock, Texas. He continued his career at Texas Tech, holding additional office as Vice President of Academic Affairs and Director of Institutional Study and Research, until his retirement.

Scope and Contents

The collection bulks with literary productions and printed material authored by Fred Rigby concerning his mathematical interests in computing, planning and logistics, and game theory. Additional material relates to his career at Texas Tech University and includes his involvement in an Institutional Self-Study and mathematical analysis of topics such as grading trends and funding.



Organized by the following series:
  • Correspondence
  • Coordinating Board- Texas College and University System
  • General Files
  • Literary Production- Manuscripts
  • Printed Material
  • Research Material
  • Texas Tech University


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Subjects (Persons)
Rigby, Fred D. (1914-?)
Rees, Mina (1902-1997)
Subjects (Organizations)
Texas Tech University
Mathematics--Study and Teaching
Office of Naval Research
Game Theory

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Fred Rigby Papers, 1955-1985 and undated, Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas

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Gift, 1994

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Karen Hicks, 2005

Collection Inventory


Correspondence, 1965-1982

box folder
1 1 To Lilly Chiu, with speculative notes on exploratory behavior of rats in a hexagonal maze, 1965
2 Mina Rees, 1973-1982


Coordinating Board - Texas College and University System, 1963-1973 and undated

Cost Committee
box folder
1 3 Correspondence, 1963-1964
4 Correspondence, Meetings, and Reports, 1968-1973
5 Reports, 1964-1969 and undated


General Files, undated

box folder
1 6 Instructions for using casting plastics, undated
7 Photograph, undated


Literary Production - Manuscripts, 1963-1973 and undated

box folder
1 8 Activity Analysis of Research Planning in ONR (Office of Naval Research), undated
9 Adsorption-Desorption Model: Simulation, undated
10 Attrition Probabilities for Combat Situation Models, undated
11 Compact Proper Tessellations, undated
12 A Doubly Adaptive Computer Program - Notes, undated
13 Duality, undated
14 Elementary Symbolic Logic and the Resolution Principle for Application to Modern Theorem Proving, Notes, undated
15 A Family of Discrete State, Continuous Parameter Stochastic Processes, undated
16 A Form of Optimality Among Permutations, working paper, undated
17 Re: Free Vector Model (incomplete), undated
18 The Game LCm, undated
19 General Sequencing, undated
20 Liar's Challenge - A Game, and Mathematical Analysis, undated
21 Logistics of Desert Fuel Transport - Problem and Solution, undated
22 Map work - Regularity in Polygonal Patterns, undated
23 Mathematical Programming, Volume I, circa 1973
24 Mathematical Programming, Volume II, 1973
25 Notes on Graduate School Enrollment at Texas Tech, 1966
26 Notes on Planning, 1963
27 Notes on Some Self-Organizing Systems, undated
28 Re: Number of commas in paragraph as indicator of complexity, undated
29 On Certain Types of Tessellations, undated
30 On the Depletion of a Resource Critical to ONR (Office of Naval Research), 1963
31 On Planning and Communication, undated
32 On Research Planning, undated
33 Regular Tessellations, undated
34 Some Sequencing Algorithms, undated
35 A Stochastic Model of Adsorption-Desorption, undated
36 A Stochastic Model of Adsorption on Plate-Like Surfaces - Brief Summary, undated
37 A System Including a Binary Learner, undated
38 A System Incorporating Both "Learning" and "Evolution" as Adaptive Processes, notes, undated
39 Transit Probabilities for a Markoff Rat in a Honeycomb Maze, undated
40 The Vector Game, undated


Printed Material, 1955-1971 and undated

box folder
1 41 An Analog and Derived Algorithm for the Dual Transportation Problem, by Rigby, Fred D., Naval Research Logistics Quarterly, Volume 9, Number 2, pages 81-96, June, 1962
42 A Demand Distribution Model, by Rigby, Fred, 1964
43 Electronic Computers for Navy Business, by Rigby, Fred D., Office of Naval Research, 1955
44 Goodness of Fit for "Nose-Heavy" Discrete Distributions, By Rigby, Fred, The George Washington University Logistics Research Project, 1966
45 Heuristic Analysis of Decision Situations, by Rigby, Fred, Human Judgments and Optimality, pages 37-44, 1964
News Clippings
box folder
1 46 Museum of Texas Tech University, 1964-1967 and undated
47 Texas Tech and Lubbock, 1966-1970
48 Pioneering in Federal Support of Statistics Research, by Rigby, Fred, Reprint, pgs. 403-418, undated
49 Programming Network Flows Parametrically via String Analog, by Rigby, Fred, The George Washington University Logistics Research Project, 1967
50 Scheduling, Sequencing and Networks, by Rigby, Fred, The George Washington University Institute for Management Science and Engineering Program in Logistics, 1971
51 The Texas Techsan, Texas Tech Ex-Students Association, "Why More Research at Texas Tech?" by Rigby, Fred, November, 1963


Research Material, undated

box folder
1 52 Miscellaneous Charts, Computations, and Notes, undated


Texas Tech, 1962-1984 and undated

box folder
1 53 Commencement Ceremonies, 1963-1966
54 Ex Libris, Friends of the Library, 1966-1975
55 Faculty Women's Club, 1963-1970
box folder
2 1 Inauguration of President Grover E. Murray, 1966
Institutional Self-Study
box folder
2 2 Steering Committees I and II - Minutes of Meetings, 1971-1973
3 Texas Technological College Report to Commission on Colleges, Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, 1962
4 Texas Tech University Report to Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, 1973
5 International Center for Arid and Semi-Arid Land Studies, 1967
Literary Production
box folder
2 6 Grading Trends at Texas Tech University - Partial Analysis, by Rigby, Fred, 1976
7 On the Evaluation of Budgeting Formulae for Instructional Administration, by Rigby, Fred, 1974
8 On Faculty Salaries - An Incomplete Analysis, by Rigby, Fred, undated
9 Museum of Texas Tech University, 1964-1972 and undated
Printed Material
box folder
2 10 Campus Directory, 1982-1984
10 Catalog of the Graduate School, Bulletin of Texas Technological College, Volume XLIV, No. 4, June, 1968
10 Faculty Handbook, Bulletin of Texas Tech University, volume XLVI, No. 9, August, 1970
10 General Catalog, Bulletin of Texas Technological College, April, 1964
10 General Catalog, Bulletin of Texas Technological College, volume XLIV No. 3, May, 1968
10 General Information 1962-1963, Bulletin of Texas Technological College, April, 1962
11 Name-Change News, No. 3, February, 1969
12 Rigby, Fred D. - Personal File (Employment Related), 1963-1980
13 Southwest Collection, 1967 and undated
14 Memorabilia, 1963-1977 and undated
15 Scrapbook Material, 1963-1977 and undated