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James W. Harper:

An Inventory of His Collection, 1848-1989 and undated, at the Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library

Descriptive Summary

Creator Harper, James W.
Title: James W. Harper Collection,
Dates: 1848-1989 and undated
Abstract: The collection consists of research material on Hugh Lenox Scott collected by Dr. James Harper as preparation for his writings.
Collection # S1291.1
Quantity: 4 Boxes (3.5 linear feet)
Language English.
Repository: Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library, Texas Tech University

Biographical Sketch

James Harper is a retired history professor who formerly taught at Texas Tech University. In researching his dissertation, Dr. Harper collected copies of documents pertaining to the military career and personal life of Major General Hugh Lenox Scott and his family. As a professor, Harper's continued research included conducting oral history interviews with some of General Scott's descendents.

Major General Hugh Lenox Scott was born in Kentucky in 1853. An 1876 graduate of the United States Military Academy in West Point, New York, Scott began his career as a 2nd Lieutenant in the United States Cavalry on the northern plains. During his time in the west, Scott studied Native Americans and used his knowledge and skill in sign language to promote peaceful relations. He served in the Spanish-American War and assisted in the reconstruction period in Cuba. Other offices held by Scott include Governor of Sulu Archipelago in the Philippines, Superintendent of the U. S. Military Academy at West Point, Chief of Staff of the Army, interim Secretary of War, Commandant of Fort Dix, Chairman of the New Jersey Highway Commission, and a member of the Board of Indian Commissioners. Scott's skill as a negotiator helped avert conflict in a number of incidents with Native Americans and with Francisco "Pancho" Villa on the Mexican border. Hugh Lenox Scott married Mary Merrill, daughter of General Lewis Merrill, in 1880. He died in 1934.

Scope and Contents

The collection contains copies of Dr. Harper's writings on General Scott and notes and materials used in his research. Types of material in the collection include personal and official correspondence, financial material, government reports, news clippings, and printed material. Much of the collection consists of photocopies or microfilm copies of selected material held in other archives or from descendents of Hugh Lenox Scott. Sources of material include the Library of Congress, United States Army Military History Institute - Carlisle Barracks, United States Military Academy Library - Special Collections, United States National Archives, and the University of Texas Library. The source collection and subject of contents is noted on each file and many leaves include additional location information.

The bulk of the collection consists of items from the Hugh Lenox Scott Family papers. In addition to correspondence between Scott family members, the Family papers contain documents and correspondence of the Lewis Merrill family. Scott's wife Mary was the daughter of General Lewis Merrill, a veteran of the Civil War and Indian campaigns in the western United States. Dr. Harper obtained photocopies from originals in the possession of Hugh Lenox Scott II, General Scott's grandson. Some of the correspondence had been arranged in chronological files by Dr. Harper and this arrangement was preserved in the files labeled "General." All the correspondence files contain similar material, comprised mostly of letters between General Scott and his wife Mary. At this time, the Southwest Collection has no confirmation as to the disposition of the original documents in the Hugh Lenox Scott Family papers. Copied microfilm rolls from the United States National Archives and the Library of Congress have been transferred to the Microfilm Collections of the Southwest Collection.



The collection is organized into the following series:
James W. Harper (Box 1)
Hugh Lenox Scott Family Papers (Boxes 1-2)
Library of Congress (Boxes 2-3)
United States Army Military History- Carlisle Barracks (Box 3)
United States Military Academy Library- Special Collections (Box 3)
United States National Archives (Boxes 3-4)
University of Texas Library (Box 4)


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Open for research

Index Terms

The subject headings used by the Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library are derived from the Library of Congress and/or locally developed.
Subjects (Persons)
Merrill, Lewis
Merrill, Annie
Scott, Hugh Lenox, 1853-1934
Scott, Mary Merrill
Scott family--Correspondence
Bliss, Tasker Howard, 1853-1930--Correspondence
Pershing, John J. (John Joseph), 1860-1948--Correspondence
Villa, Pancho, 1878-1923--Correspondence
Wilson, Woodrow, 1856-1924--Correspondence
United States. Army--Officers
United States. Board of Indian Commissioners
United States Military Academy
Indians of North America--Government relations
Military readiness
Spanish-American War

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James W. Harper Collection, 1848-1989 and undated, Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas

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Gift, 2002

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Karen Hicks, 2004

Collection Inventory


Harper, James W., 1878-1989 and undated

box folder
1 1 Correspondence - Harper, James with Hugh Lenox Scott descendents, 1975-1989
2 Genealogical Information - Scott Family, 1908-1981
Literary Production
box folder
1 3 Hugh Lenox Scott: Soldier Diplomat, 1876-1917, Harper, James W., unpublished Ph. D. thesis, University of Virginia, 1968
3 "The El Paso-Juárez Conference of 1916", Harper, James W., Arizona and the West, Volume 20 Number 3: 231-244, 1978
3 "Hugh Lenox Scott y la Diplomacia de los Estados Unidos Hacia la Revolución de Mexicana", Historia Mexicana, vol. XXVII No. 3:427-445, 1978
Printed Material
box folder
1 4 "The Army's Legendary Sgt. I-See-O", by Major General Robert P. Hollis, Army, June, 1977
5 Re: Court Martial of 1st Lieutenant Charles T. Weatherill, 19th Infantry, ("Goodfellow"), 1878
6 Government Reports, 1916-1918
7 Hugh Lenox Scott Biographical Information, 1928-1943 and undated
Research Material
box folder
1 8 Mexico - General, undated
9 Notes: "August Meeting", undated
10 Photocopy Orders, 1970-1976 and undated
11 Hugh Lenox Scott, "West Point and family", undated
12 Sources, 1973 and undated
13 Source not known - Re: Naco Agreement, 1914
14 Source not known, 1912 and undated
15 Spanish-American War, undated


Hugh Lenox Scott Family Papers, 1855-1976 and undated

box folder
1 16 General, 1871
17 General, 1872
18 General, 1875
19 General, 1876
20 General, 1878
21 General, 1879
22 General, 1880
23 General, 1881
24 General, 1882
25 General, 1887
26 General, 1888
27 General, 1889
28 General, 1895
29 General, 1899
30 General, 1902
31 General, 1908
32 General, 1910
33 General, 1917
34 General, 1918
35 General, 1919
36 General, 1920
37 General, 1921
38 General, 1922
39 General, 1923
40 General, 1924
41 General, 1925
42 General, 1926
43 General, 1927
44 General, 1928
45 General, 1929
46 General, 1930
47 General, 1931
48 General, 1932
49 General, 1933
50 General, 1934
box folder
2 1 Re: "Apache Prisoners", 1911
2 To Foulk, Sarah Houston Merrill Scott, 1900-1976 and undated
3 Merrill, Annie Houston - General, undated
4 Merrill, Lewis from Annie Houston Lewis, 1860-1880 and undated
5 Merrill, Lewis to Annie Houston Lewis, 1858-1870 and undated
6 Merrill, Lewis - General, 1858-1895
7 Merrill Children (Houston, Lulu, and Mary), 1869-1884 and undated
8 To Merrill Family Members, 1896-1921
9 Re: "Philippines", 1904-1934
10 Scott, Anna Merrill, 1900-1916
Scott, Hugh Lenox
box folder
2 11 From family, 1871-1900
12 To family, 1879-1898
13 General, 1869-1932 and undated
14 From Merrill, Lewis, 1882-1884
15 To Merrill, Lulu, 1891-1910
16 Re: Military, circa 1870s-1885
17 From Scott, Mary Merrill (Wife), 1883-1933 and undated
18 To Scott, Mary Merrill (Wife), 1892-1896
19 From Scott, Mary (Mother), 1871-1887 and undated
20 To Scott, Lewis Merrill, 1918
21 To Scott, Mary Merrill - General, 1895-1940
22 To Scott, Mary Merrill -Re: Finances, 1928 and undated
23 Miscellaneous, 1860-1883 and undated
24 Financial Material - Merrill Family Monthly Accounts, Grocery Purchases, 1887-1888
26 Indian Scouts and I-See-O, 1891-1927 and undated
Merrill, Lewis
box folder
2 26 Court Martial as United States Military Academy Cadet, 1855
27 Genealogy, 1884-1893 and undated
28 Miscellaneous Papers, 1880-1891 and undated
29 Statement of Military Service, 1937
30 Photocopies of Photographs and Clippings, 1904-1932 and undated
31 Printed Material - Re: West Point, 1898-1931
Scott, Hugh Lenox
box folder
2 32 Efficiency Report, 1890-1899
33 Memorial - 1939, 1936-1939 and undated
34 Miscellaneous Documents, 1882-1887
35 References, 1888
36 Transcript of meeting between Sultan and Governor Scott, Jolo, Philippines, 1903


Library of Congress, 1913-1934

Papers of Newton Diehl Baker, circa 1898-1962
box folder
2 37 Correspondence from Hugh Lenox Scott re: Russia, 1917
38 El Paso-Juarez Conference, 1916
39 Matter of Albert B. Dockery and Charles Young - 10th Cavalry, 1917
Papers of Tasker Howard Bliss, 1870-1930
box folder
2 40 Correspondence - various, 1914
41 Re: Mexico, 1913-1915
Henry Breckenridge Papers, 1909-1954, n.d. in the Breckenridge Family Collection
box folder
2 42 Excerpts from diaries - January 1914-August 1915, 1914-1915
Papers of William Jennings Bryan, 1877-1940
box folder
2 43 Re: Mexico, 1914
Papers of James Rudolph Garfield, 1879-1950
box folder
2 44 Re: Code, 1915 and undated
45 Re: Mexico, 1914-1915
Papers of Robert Lansing, 1831-1935
box folder
2 46 Re: German Submarines, 1916
47 Re: Mexico and German influence thereof, 1914-1915
48 Re: Vera Cruz, Mexico, 1914
Papers of John J. Pershing, 1882-1971
box folder
2 49 Correspondence with Hugh Lenox and Mary Merrill Scott, 1917-1934
50 Correspondence with Hugh Lenox Scott re: War Department, 1931
51 Re: El Paso-Juarez Conference, 1914-1917
52 Re: Mexico, 1914 and undated
Papers of Elihu Root, 1863-1937
box folder
2 53 Diplomatic Mission to Russia, 1917
Papers of Hugh Lenox Scott, 1582-1981
box folder
2 54 Re: "August Meeting", Telegrams from Francisco "Pancho" Villa, 1915
55 "Diary of H. L. Scott, Major General U. S. Army, U. S. Commission to Russia", 1917
56 Re: El Paso-Juarez Conference, 1916
57 Re: Mexico, 1914-1915
box folder
3 1 Re: Philippines, 1916
2 Re: Russia, 1917
Papers of John Sharp Williams, 1902-1924
box folder
3 3 Matter of Albert B. Dockery and Charles Young - 10th Cavalry, 1917
Papers of Woodrow Wilson, 1786-1957
box folder
3 4 Re: Assiniboine, 1915
5 Re: El Paso - Juarez Conference, 1916
6 Mexican song about Wilson (Spanish and English) with analysis, 1916-1958 and undated
7 Re: Mexico, 1913-1915
8 Re: Hugh Lenox Scott, Army Chief of Staff, 1915
9 Re: Vera Cruz, Mexico, 1914
10 Correspondence to Hugh Lenox Scott (Source collection not identified), 1915


United States Army Military History Institute Carlisle Barracks, 1903-1916 and undated

The Charles and Horace Hobbs Papers, 1864-1945
box folder
3 11 Re: The Philippines, 1903-1905 and undated
12 Printed Material - Hugh Lenox Scott, undated
Moses Thisted Papers, 1896-1917
box folder
3 13 Re: National Guard and Reserve - Mexican Border Duty, 1916
14 Various Collections - Re: Mexico, 1911


United States Military Academy Library - Special Collections, 1843-1878 and undated

Scott, Hugh Lenox, 1855-1934, USMA 1876 Papers
box folder
3 15 Correspondence, 1843 and undated
16 Correspondence from West Point, 1871-1874
17 Correspondence to Mary Scott (Mother) while stationed in the west, 1877-1878
18 Correspondence from W. B. S. (brother), 1878


United States National Archive, 1876-1917

Army War College
box folder
3 19 National Army Plan, 1916
20 "Office of the Chief of Staff - "The National Army Obtained by Universal Service…", 1917
Records of the Adjutant General's Office
box folder
3 21 Re: Apache Indians, 1897-1913
22 Re: "Apache Prisoners," 1911
23 General Correspondence, 1897-1903
24 General Correspondence - Re: Francisco "Pancho" Villa and Mexico, 1914-1916
25 General Correspondence - Re: Moqui (Hopi) Reservation School, 1911
26 General Correspondence - Re: Navajo Indians, 1913
27 General Correspondence - Re: Piute [sic] Indians, 1915
28 Re: Operations in the Philippines, 1903-1904
29 Report of Field Operations - Philippines, 1905
30 Report on Investigation of Actions of Captain Harry O. Williard Re: Navajo Indians, 1908
31 Re: Scott, Hugh Lenox, Application for Leave, 1878
32 Re: Scott, Hugh Lenox, Assignment/Appointment, 1876-1917
33 Re: Scott, Hugh Lenox, Examination for Promotion and Associated Documents, 1892
34 Re: Scott, Hugh Lenox, Service and Efficiency Reports, 1906-1911
35 Re: Strength and Organization of the Armed Land Forces, 1915-1916
36 Re: Miscellaneous, 1880-1909
Records of the Department of State Relating to Internal Affairs of Mexico, 1910-1929
box folder
3 37 Selections from File Number 812.63, Microfilm ID: M274, 1913-1915
Records of the Judge Advocate General's Office
box folder
3 38 General Court Martial for Captain C. W. Holsenpiller, 1877
box folder
4 1 Court Martial Case of Lieutenant C. J. Witherill, 1877-1878
Records of the United States Military Academy
box folder
4 2 Records of the Association of Graduates - News clippings, 1914-1933
Records of the War Department General and Special Staffs
box folder
4 3 Correspondence to Hugh Lenox Scott, 1895
4 Re: "Apache Prisoners", 1911
5 Army War College, 1916
6 Army War College - "Schedule of Priority of Shipments", 1917
7 Re: Chief of Staff - Duties, 1916
8 Kiowa and Comanche Agency, 1894
9 Re: Mexico, 1910-1916
10 Re: Scott, Hugh Lenox, Chief of Staff of Army, 1914-1916
11 Re: Universal Training and Service, 1916
12 Re: Villa, Francisco "Pancho" and Mexico, 1915-1917
13 World War I, 1917


University of Texas Library, undated

box folder
4 14 Re: Villistas; code, (collection unidentified), undated