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McEntire Family Papers:

An Inventory of Their Papers, 1821-2000 and undated, at the Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library

Descriptive Summary

Creator McEntire family
Title: McEntire Family Papers,
Dates: 1821-2000 and undated
Abstract: Personal family papers of the McEntire Family who live in Sterling City, Texas, and operate the U Ranch.
Collection # S 1612.1
Quantity: 4 boxes (4.0 linear feet)
Language English.
Repository: Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library, Texas Tech University

Biographical Sketch

The U Ranch is located 10 miles northwest of Sterling City in Sterling County, Texas. The ranch was founded by Col. W. R. McEntire, a Civil War Confederate Veteran, when he acquired the land from M. B. Stephenson in 1880. Some of the land was passed down to W. R.'s children. George H., Sr. received title to the ranch in 1906. Each of his children, George H., Jr. and Virginia, inherited half of the ranch in 1962. Virginia ran the ranch the under the name VJ Ranch while George H., Jr. called his the U Ranch. Currently, the ranch is owned by Ruth McEntire Caldwell, the daughter of George H., Jr.

Scope and Contents

The collection consists of correspondence, financial materials, and scrapbook material that detail the activities of the McEntire family from the late 19th Century to the 1990s. It includes personal materials of Ruth McEntire's great grandfather, W. R. McEntire, as a Civil War veteran and rancher, her grandfather George H. McEntire, Sr., her father George H. McEntire, Jr., her grandmother Elliott Taylor McEntire, and her mother Geraldine Cowden McEntire. The Civil War materials include responses from Confederate veterans detailing their military experiences. George McEntire, Sr. was an amateur writer who wrote poems, short stories, and letters between 1930-1950. Copies of his materials are included. They describe daily life on the ranch, history of the region and people, local events, family humor, and philosophy of life. Also includes the air service records of George, Jr. who was a test pilot for Lockheed. Of interest is the Koon Kreek Klub file, a fishing, hunting, and boating organization in Dallas, Texas.


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Index Terms

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Subjects (Persons)
McEntire, W. R.
McEntire, George H., Sr.
McEntire, George H., Jr.
McEntire, Geraldine Cowden
McEntire, Elliott Taylor
Subjects (Organizations)
Koon Kreek Klub
U Ranch (Tex.)
Sterling City (Tex.)
Sterling County (Tex.)
United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865--Personal narratives
Ranch life--Texas--History--19th century--Anecdotes.
United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865--Societies, etc.

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McEntire Family Papers, 1821-2000 and undated, Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas

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2002-0023-B and 2002-0203-B

Gifts, 2002

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Abel Ramirez, October 2002

Collection Inventory



box folder
1 1 Family and Business, 1821-1926
2 Family and Business, 1870-1923
3 Postcards, 1894-1917


Civil War Material

box folder
1 4 Confederate Veterans comments, 1861-1920
5 Confederate Veterans magazine, 1920
6 George H. McEntire, Jr.'s hand note on W. R. Entire, undated
7 Truth of the War Conspiracy of 1861, by H. W. Johnstone, 1921
8 We Are Old-Time Confederates song, undated


Literary Production

box folder
1 9 Untitled Story by Virginia McEntire, 1915
10 This Heart is Thine, poem, author H. F., 1860s


Printed Material

box folder
1 11 Livestock Weekly, news articles, 1972-1974
12 Masonic publications, 1903-1921
13 Merchandise publications, 1882-1920 and undated
14 Miscellaneous booklets, 1913 and undated
15 Texas Indexed Pocket Map and Auto Road Guides, 1918 and undated


Scrapbook Material

box folder
1 16 Business cards and blank postcards, undated
17 Cowboy cartoons from newspapers, 1924-1927
18 George McEntire, Sr. and W. R. McEntire, news clippings, 1848-1975
19 Koon Kreek Klub, 1902-1908
20 Lula McEntire and George McEntire, Sr., Civil War materials and letters, 1870-1914 and undated
21 McEntire Family news clippings, 1912-1954
22 Miscellaneous, 1866 and undated
23 Wallets, empty, Property of W. R. McEntire, 1870s-1910s


W. R. McEntire

box folder
1 24 Correspondence: W. L. Mosley, 1907
25 Correspondence: J. M. McCormick, 1906
26 Correspondence: Miscellaneous, 1896-1917
27 Financial Material: Cancelled Checks and Receipts, 1887-1922
box folder
2 1 Financial Material: Loose Notes and Receipts, 1880-1897
2 Financial Material: Notebooks and Small Ledgers on Expenses, 1880s-1910s
3 Financial Material: Receipts, Loan Payment Notes, and Expenses, 1865-1910
4 Legal Material: American National Bank of Dallas Shareholder's document, 1904
5 Legal Material: Promissory Note for State of Georgia Property, 1870
6 Literary Production: Civil War Record, 1920
7 Literary Production: Journal of W. R. McEntire, 1873-1878
8 Printed Material: Probate Record of McEntire's Will, 1920
9 Scrapbook Material: Fiftieth Anniversary Card, 1915
10 Scrapbook Material: Wedding Invitation for Lula Elizabeth, 1887


George H. McEntire, Sr.

box folder
2 11 Correspondence: Western Union Telegram Messages, 1907-1923
12 Literary Production: Copies of Letters, 1931-1943
13 Literary Production: Copies of Poems, 1931-1938
14 Literary Production: Copies of Short Stories, 1930-1933 and undated
15 Literary Production: Stories and Poems, additional material, 1930-1951
16 Legal Material: Bill of Sale for Land, 1930
17 Scrapbook Material: News clippings, 1947
18 Scrapbook Material: Personal Cards, Letters, and Publications, 1889-1949


Elliott Taylor McEntire

box folder
2 19 Correspondence: The Alamo and Cannonball, 1980
20 Correspondence: Cousin Annie, 1941
21 Correspondence: Genealogy Papers and Birth Certificate, 1940-1951
22 Correspondence: Mitchell and Margaret Harvin, 1961
23 Correspondence: Letters Sent while in the hospital, 1919
24 Correspondence: Marshall McCrea, 1931
25 Correspondence: Neiman-Marcus, 1947
26 Correspondence: Unknown, undated
27 Financial Material: Anvil Rock Mining Company share certificate, 1890
28 Legal Material: Wills of George, Sr., 1920-1962
29 Literary Production: George, Sr.'s Speech on Closing of San Jacinto School, Dallas, 1897
30 Printed Material: The Cattleman, magazines, 1930-1937
31 Printed Material: The Favorite Pictorial Dictionary, 1900s
32 Printed Material: Oliver Optics Annual, book, 1888
box folder
3 1 Printed Material: "Lady Jane" book by Mrs. C. V. Jamison, 1891
2 Printed Material: The Security News, 1920
3 Scrapbook Material: George, Sr.'s High School graduation announcement, 1902
4 Scrapbook Material: Linden Hall Seminary, 1901-1906
5 Scrapbook Material: News clippings on McEntire's Marriage, 1907
6 Scrapbook Material: Memorial Book for Elliott, 1967
7 Scrapbook Material: Marconi's Wireless Telegraph Blueprint, 1900
8 Scrapbook Material: News clipping on George, Jr., 1908
9 Scrapbook Material: Obituaries of McEntire's, 1960-1967
10 Scrapbook Material: Order of the Eastern Star Papers, 1906
11 Scrapbook Material: Miscellaneous, 1905-1907 and undated
12 Scrapbook Material: Scrapbook of Correspondence, 1902-1962


George H. McEntire, Jr.

box folder
3 13 Correspondence: Boyle Valve Company, 1929
14 Correspondence: George and Geraldine to McEntire's Parents, 1925-1948
15 Correspondence: Jenemaia U. Natoko, 1948
16 Correspondence: McEntire Parents to George H. McEntire, Jr., 1943-1947
17 Correspondence: Miscellaneous, 1926-1990
18 Correspondence: Rosa, 1970
19 Correspondence: Telegrams to Parents, 1940-1948
20 Correspondence: Ernest O. Thompson, 1940
21 Correspondence: Ruth Elliott McEntire to Grandparents, 1946-1947
22 Air Service Record: Essie Stafford's Pilot Log Book, 1943
23 Literary Production: Cowden Genealogy Book, 2000
24 Literary Production: Hand Written Autobiography, undated
25 Printed Material: "Description of Airports and Landing Fields in the U.S.," manual, 1938
26 Printed Material: Geraldine Cowden's High School Year Book, Midland, 1922
27 Printed Material: "Line of Position Book" by P. V. H. Weems, 1940
box folder
4 1 Printed Material: "The Ready Room" and "Hangar Flying" Newsletters of Lockheed, 1940s
2 Scrapbook Material: Business Cards, 1938-1989
3 Scrapbook Material: Currency Souvenir, 1947
4 Scrapbook Material: George McEntire, Jr., news clippings on, 1926-1989
5 Scrapbook Material: Name Tag and Badge, undated
6 Scrapbook Material: Scottish Rite of Freemasonry Papers, 1956-1984
7 Scrapbook Material: Airline Ticket, 1948
8 Scrapbook Material: Passport, 1984
9 Scrapbook Material: Poems, 1969-1970
10 Scrapbook Material: George, Jr.'s Baby book, 1908
11 Scrapbook Material: George, Jr.'s School Days in Sterling City, Texas, 1917-1918
12 Scrapbook Material: Marriage License, 1936
13 Scrapbook Material: Santa Claus Letters, 1913 and undated
14 Scrapbook Material: Schreiner Institute, Kerrville, Texas, Certificate, 1928
15 Scrapbook Material: Passports and Vaccination Records, 1946-1971
16 Scrapbook Material: Bumper Sticker, undated
17 Scrapbook Material: Memorial Card for Geraldine Cowden McEntire, undated
18 Air Service Record: Departure and Arrival Reports, 1942-1944
19 Air Service Record: Pilot Log Books, 1931-1974
20 Air Service Record: Copy of Pilot Log Books, 1931-1974
21 Air Service Record: Correspondence and Publications, 1930-1992
22 Air Service Record: Airman Certificate, 1948-1982
23 Air Service Record: Fragile Documents, 1941-1966
24 Air Service Record: "Practical Radio Range Data," notebooks, 1941