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Allan McMurty-Zelner:

An Inventory of His Papers, 1550-1962, at the Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library

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Creator McMurty-Zelner, Allan
Title: Allan McMurty-Zelner Papers,
Dates: 1550-1962
Collection # S 1524.1
Quantity: 3 boxes (3.0 linear feet)
Language English.
Repository: Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library, Texas Tech University

Biographical Sketch

Information on the donor is limited. He was obviously interested in music and the arts beyond it being a hobby. The sheet music suggests that he played music with a recorder (instrument) with others, perhaps in an ensemble.

Scope and Contents

This is a collection of sheet music of numerous famous composers including Bach, Beethoven, Handel, Haydn, and Genzmer. In addition, there are 31 editions of the journal: "Masters in Art, "dated 1900-1906.



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McMurty-Zelner, Allan
Flute and recorder music
Recorder music

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Allan McMurty-Zelner Papers, 1550-1962, Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas

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Gift, 1995

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A. Ramirez, June 13, 2000

Collection Inventory


Manuscript Files

box folder
1 1 Masters in Art, 1900
2 Masters in Art, 1901
3 Masters in Art, 1902
4 Masters in Art, 1903
5 Masters in Art, 1904
6 Masters in Art, 1905
7 Masters in Art, 1906


Sheet Music - Composers "A"

Abel, Karl Friedrich
box folder
1 8 Abel, Karl Friedrich (Hurt), Quartet in G, undated
9 Abel, Karl Friedrich, Trio-Sonate, undated
10 Albrechtsberger, J.G./A.M. Owen, Enigmas, Canons,Fugues, undated
11 Alemann, Eduardo Armando, Spectra, undated
12 Angerer, Concerto, 1962
13 Appleby and Fowler, Two trebles, undated
Arne, T. A.
box folder
1 14 Arne, T. A., The Morning, undated
15 Arne, T.A., Under the Greenwood Tree, undated


Sheet Music - Composers "B"

Bach, J. S.
box folder
1 16 Bach, J. S., Andante, From Brandenburg IV, undated
17 Bach, J. S., Art of the Fugue, undated
18 Bach, J. S., Chorale-Prelude
19 Bach, J. S., Chorale-Prelude Fourth, toward the throne, (Sherman), undated
20 Bach, J. S., Eight Chorales (with words), undated
21 Bach, J. S., 18 Chorales & Harmonizations
22 Bach, J. S. (Murray), Four Chorale Preludes, undated
23 Bach, J. S. Four Part Chorale, undated
24 Bach, J. S., Fuga "Allein Gott in der hoh", undated
25 Bach, J. S., Fughetta on Diess sinddie, Heil gen zehn Gebot, undated
26 Bach, J. S., Fugue No. 1, From the "48", undated
27 Bach, J. S., Little Bach Suite No. 1, undated
28 Bach, J. S., Nine Pieces from the Anna Magdalena, Bach Book, undated
29 Bach, J. S., Passion Chorale, undated
30 Bach, J. S., Seven Chorales, undated
31 Bach, J. S., 6 Chorales, undated
32 Bach, J. S., Twelve Chorales, undated
33 Bach, J. S., 22 Chorale Preludes, Vol. I, undated
34 Bach, J. S., Three Chorale Preludes, Vol. II, undated
35 Bach, J. S., 22 Chorale Preludes, Vol. III and IV, undated
36 Bach, J. S., 22 Chorale Preludes, Vol. V, undated
37 Bach, J. S., Two Canon-Fugue, Art of the Fugue, undated
38 Bach, J. S., Two Fugues, from Art of the Fugue, undated
39 Bach, J. S., Two Fugues, (Small Preludes & Fugues), undated
40 Bamforth, Dennis A., Quartet No. 1, Op. 6, undated
Banchieri, A.
box folder
1 41 Banchieri, A., From Canzoni alla Francese, undated
42 Banchieri, Adriano, 12 Pieces from the Cartella Musicalle, undated
box folder
1 43 Barenreiter, der Mond ift aufgegangen, undated
44 Barenreiter, Little Mozart Book, undated
45 Bartok-Kodaly, Hungarian Folktunes, undated
46 Bauer, F., Variations on a Folksong, undated
Baumann, Herbert
box folder
1 47 Baumann, H., Little Quartet, undated
48 Baumann, Herbert, Tanzerische Invention, undated
49 Bedford, Its Easier Than it Looks, undated
Beethoven, L. V.
box folder
1 50 Beethoven, L. Von., (Spiegel), Adagio For a Flute Clock, undated)
51 Beethoven, L. Von., Allegro and Menuet for a Flute Clock, undated
52 Beethoven, L. Von., German Dances, undated
53 Beethoven, L. Von., Minuet for a Musical Clock, undated
54 Beethoven, 6 Easy Variations on a Swiss Song, undated
55 Beethoven, Trio, Op 87, Vol. II, Adagio and Menuetto, undated
56 Beethoven, L. Von., Trio OP.87, Vol. 3, undated
57 Beethoven, Two Marches, undated
58 Benaglia, John, 5 Vignettes, undated
59 Bendik, Max, Chorales and Hymns, undated
60 Bency, A. W., Tunes From German, undated
Bergmann, Walter
box folder
2 1 Bergmann, Walter, The Drummer Boy, undated
2 Bergmann, Walter, Duets from Many Lands, undated
3 Bergmann, Walter, From the Adopted Book of Country Dances, undated
4 Bergmann, Walter, Matilda, undated
5 Bergmann, Walter, (arr), Purcell Album, undated
6 Bergmann, Walter, 6 Sixteenth Century Quartets, undated
7 Bergmann, Walter, 60 Daily Hymns, Vol.I, undated
8 Bergmann, Walter, Antonin Dvorak, Slavonic Dance, No.8, undated
9 Bergmann, Walter, Slavonic Tunes, undated
10 Bergmann, Walter, Slavonic Tunes, undated
11 Bergmann, Walter, Three Study Duets, undated
12 Bergmann, Walter, 12 English Country Dances, undated
13 Bergmann, Walter, Variations on LeMois de Mai, undated
14 Bizet, Georges, Adagietto from L'Adrienne, undated
15 Bizet, (Maza), Melodrama from L'Adrienne, undated
16 Blitherman, William, Recorder Consorts, undated
Bonsor, Brian
box folder
2 17 Bonsor, Brian, Beguine, undated
18 Bonsor, Brian, Fiesta, undated
19 Bonsor, Brian, Second Beguine, undated
20 Bonsor, Brian, Second Beguine, undated
21 Bonsor, Brian, Valerie, undated
22 Bowers, Katherine, 3 and 4 Part Rounds, undated
Bresgen, Cesar
box folder
2 23 Bresgen, Cesar, Music for the Day, undated
24 Bresgen, Cesar, Nachruff Fur Eine Amsel, undated
25 Bresgen, Cesar, Stornelli, undated
26 Bresgen, Cesar, 12 Songs and Dances of Hungarian Gypsies
27 Bruckner, Anton, Three Organ Pieces, undated
28 Burakoff, Gerald and Willy Strickland, The Quartet Recorder, undated
29 Byrd, William, Rowland from the Fitzwilliam undated


Sheet Music - Composers "C"

box folder
2 30 Cameron, In Nomine, undated
31 Carvlli, Duos, Op. 241, undated
32 Carvlli, Largo and Rondo, undated
33 Champion, Stephanie, Chorale, undated
34 Charlton, A. (Anonymous), Alman, undated
35 Charlton, Andrew, 3 Movements for 4 Recorders, undated
36 Clementi, Muzio, Canon, undated
37 Cook, Douglas, Octave Variations, undated
38 Corelli, A., Selected Pieces, undated


Sheet Music - Composers "D"

box folder
2 39 Dart, R. Thurston, Menuet, undated
Davenport, LaNoue
box folder
2 40 Davenport, LaNoue A Day in the Park, undated
41 Davenport, LaNoue, 5 Carnival Songs
42 Davenport, L., 4 Italian Dances of Renaissance undated
43 Davenport, L. Variations on "Three Ravens," undated
44 Dawes, Three Trios from Mulliner's Book, undated
45 Deering, Richard, Pavan and Motet, undated
46 Degen, Dietz, Old English Tunes, undated
Demantius, Johann Christoph
box folder
2 47 Demantius, Christoph, Deutsche Tanze, undated
48 Demantius, Johann Christoph, Nurnberg Tanzbuch, undated
49 Desprez, J., La Plus des Plus, undated
Dietrich, Fritz
box folder
2 50 Dietrich, Fritz, Little Pastoral Book of Christmas, undated
51 Dietrich, Fritz, The Yuletide Flute, undated
52 Dietrich, Fritz, "Variations: When All Little Springs Flow," undated
Dinn, Freda
box folder
2 53 Dinn, Freda (arr), In Bethlehem City, undated
54 Dinn, Freda, Music for Love's Labour's Lost undated
55 Dinn, Freda, Ten Dovetailed Tunes, undated
56 Dinn, Freda, Three Folk Tunes, undated
box folder
2 57 Dolmetsch (ed.), Consorts from 4 Nations, undated
58 Dolmetsch (Hayne, Busnois, des Pres), Three Chansons, undated
59 Dolmetsch, Arnold, Fantasie, Ayre and Jigg, undated
60 Dolmetsch, Carl, Assorted Consorts in Four Parts, undated
61 Dolmetsch, Carl and Lyton Ring, Old Polish Dances, undated
62 Dolmetsch, Nathalie, 16th Century Fantasy, undated
box folder
2 63 Doppelbauer, Divertimento in E minor, undated
64 Doppelbauer, Josef Friedrich, Little Suite III, undated
65 Dorough, Robert, Homophonic Suite in 4 Movements, undated
66 Draths, Willi, Easy Boroque Pieces and Dances, undated
67 Duschenes, Mario, Studies in Recorder Playing, undated


Sheet Music - Composers "E"

box folder
2 68 East, Michael, 3 Fancies, undated
69 Erdmann, Dietrich, Suite of Folk Dances, undated
70 Erdmann, 24 Anon. English Duets, 18th century, undated
71 Erhardt, E., Five Flute Pieces, undated
72 Erig, Richard, Music From Old Basle, undated
73 Erlebach, Philipp Heinrich, Drei Arien, undated
box folder
2 74 Etler, Allegro Gioloso, undated
75 Etler, Alvin, Music for Three Recorders, undated
76 Etler, Alvin, Music for Three Recorders, Pensieroso, undated
77 Etler, Scherzo Capricciaso, undated
78 Etler, Alvin, Three Pieces, undated
79 Etler, Alvin, Two Pieces for Recorder Trio, undated
80 Evans, Edward, Rome, Bibliteca Casanatense, undated


Sheet Music - Composers "F"

Faber, Joh. Chr.
box folder
3 1 Faber, Joh. Chr., Dance Suite for Recorders, Undated
2 Faber, J. C., Partita, undated
3 Faber, J. C., Suite for Recorders, undated
4 Farnaby, Giles, Eight Pieces for Recorder Trio, undated
box folder
3 5 Fegers, Karl, Acht Zwiefache, undated
6 Fegers, Eight Zweifache, undated
7 Fegers, Karl, European Dance Tunes, undated
8 Fegers, Karl, European Dance Tunes, undated
9 Fegers, Karl, Suite After Scottish Folk-Tunes, undated
10 Finke, Fidelio F., Suite HOF, undated
11 Fischer, Hans, Der Kreis Um Handel, undated
12 Fischer, J. K./A. Charlton, Calliope Suite for 3 Recorders, undated
13 Forster, G., Manificant V, undated
14 Franco, Hernando, Dios Itlazo Natzine, undated
box folder
3 15 Frescobaldi, Cappriccio, undated
16 Frescobaldi, Canzona On "Ruggiero", undated
17 Frescobaldi, Canzoni a due canti, undated
18 Frescobaldi, Canzoni, Francese, undated
19 Frescobaldi, Girolamo, Three Canzonas, Vol. 5, undated
20 Frescobaldi, Three Toccatas, undated
21 Frescobaldi, 2 Ricercari, undated
22 Fricker, Peter Racine, Suite for Three Recorders, undated
23 Froberger, Two Fantasias, undated
24 Funccius, David, Suite for Four Recorders, undated
25 Fux, Caldara and Albrechtsberger, (Transcribed by A.M. Owen), 4 Little Fugues, undated


Sheet Music - Composers "G"

Gabrieli, Giovanni
box folder
3 26 Gabrieli, Giovanni, Canzoni per sonar a quattro, undated
27 Gabrieli, Vinzeno, Ricercari a quattro voci, undated
28 Gals, Hans, Divertimento, undated
29 Gange, Festive Suite, undated
Genzmer, Harald
box folder
3 30 Genzmer, Harald, European Folksongs, undated
31 Genzmer, Harald, European Folksongs, undated
32 Genzmer, H., Five Bagatelles, undated
33 Genzmer, Harald, Quartettino, undated
34 Genzmer, Harald, Sonata, undated
35 Genzmer, H., Tanzstucke, undated
36 Genzmer, Harald, Trio, undated
37 Gervaise, C., Four part Dances, 1550
Gibbons, Orlando
box folder
3 38 Gibbons, Orlando, (arranged by Dom Gregory Murray), Fantazia of Foure parts, undated
39 Gibbons, Orlando, Seven Hymns for Four Recorders, undated
40 Gibbons, Orlando, The Lord of Salisbury's Pavan & Galliard, undated
Giesbert, F. J.
box folder
3 41 Giesbert, F. J., Altenglische Videnmusik, undated
42 Giesbert, Deutsche Volkstanze, undated
43 Giesbert, Musikalische Tafel-Erlustigung undated
44 Goldstein, Chanukah Suite, undated
45 Gostena, G.B. dalla, Two Fantasies, undated
Gounod, C.
box folder
3 46 Gounod, C. (Waddington and Benoy), arranged, Funeral March of a Marionette, undated
47 Gounod, (Waddington and Benoy), Funeral March of a Marionette, undated
48 Granados, Enrique, Andaluza, undated
49 Grove, Jonathan, Earls Court Repertory for Recorder, undated
50 Gumbel, M., Five Short Pieces, undated
51 Gumpelzhaimer, A., Twelve Little Fantasies, undated


Sheet Music - Composers "H"

box folder
3 52 Hand, Colin, (arranged), Ten French Songs, undated
Handel, G. F.
box folder
3 53 Handel, G. F., A Suite, undated
54 Handel, G. F., Fughetta in F, undated
55 Handel, G. F., Little Handel Suite, undated
56 Handel, G. F., Musick for the Royal Fireworks, undated
57 Handel, G. F., Rodrigo Overture, undated
58 Handel, G. F., Seven Pieces, undated
59 Handel, 6 Pieces from the Water Music, undated
60 Handel, G. F., Trios, undated
61 Handel, G. F., 12 Original Trio Pieces, undated
62 Hanson, Elloyd, Glogauer Songbook Settings, undated
63 Hart, Philip, Proceed, Sweet Charmer of the Ear, undated
64 Houghton, P. J. (arranged), 12 Trios for Descart Recorders, undated
65 Hayden, F. J., (Hand), Toy Symphony, undated
66 Hayden, Joseph, Concerto No. 5 in F, undated
67 Hayden-Strauss, Little Dance and Marches Undated
68 Hechler, Duett-Buch, undated
69 Henning, Ervin, Chorale and Variation for Recorder Trio, undated
70 Hermann, Willy, Ein frohlich Mulizierer, undated
71 Hermann, P., Flute Music on a Nightingale's Song, undated
box folder
3 72 Heyden, Dance Movements, Bach, Haydn, Mozart, undated
73 Heyden, 16-3 part pieces: Bach, Telemann, Haydn, Mozart, undated
74 Heyer-Boetticher, 31 pieces from Old Suites, undated
box folder
3 75 Hillemann, Willi, Easy Trios, undated
76 Hillemann, Willi, Easy Trios, undated
77 Hillemann, W., The Flourishing Baroque, undated
78 Hilleman, Willi, Fur angchende Haydn freunde, undated
79 Hilleman, Willi, Fur Angehende Mozartfreunde, undated
80 Hilleman, Willi, German Masters of the Baroque Era, undated
81 Hilleman, Handel and Bach, undated
82 Hilleman, Willi, Haus and Kammermusik des deutschen Barock, undated
83 Hilleman, 67 Short Pieces (beginners Alto), undated
84 Hilleman, 12 Old French Dances, undated


Sheet Music - Composers "M"

box folder
3 85 Melchior, Franck, Baroque Trio Pieces, undated
86 Melchior, Franck, German Songs and Dances, undated


Sheet Music - Composers "P"

box folder
3 87 Purcell, Henry, Hark, how the songsters, undated


Sheet Music - Composers "T"

box folder
3 88 Tartini, Giuseppe, Andante Cantabile, undated