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Gretel Ehrlich:

An Inventory of Her Papers, 1923-2005 and undated, at the Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library

Descriptive Summary

CreatorEhrlich, Gretel
Title:Gretel Ehrlich Papers,
Dates:1923-2005 and undated
Abstract:Papers of author Gretel Ehrlich from 1923-2005 and undated.
Collection #R22.1
Quantity:68 boxes (52 linear feet)
Repository:Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library, Texas Tech University

Biographical Sketch

Gretel Ehrlich, a writer of nonfiction, fiction, and poetry, born in Santa Barbara, California, January 21, 1946, writes about such diverse places as Wyoming, China, and Greenland. Her unique point of view on humans and the environment has earned Ehrlich a place among the best nature writers of our time. The collection contains correspondence between Ehrlich and some of these important authors, including Barry Lopez, Ted Hoagland, William Kittredge, and Terry Tempest Williams. In addition to her writing, Ehrlich is also known for her work in film editing and producing, beginning with her studies in film at UCLA and culminating in several productions as well as a 1976 PBS grant, which led to a documentary about sheep herding in the Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming. The National Endowment for the Humanities has twice recognized the importance of Ehrlich’s work in both a creative writing fellowship award and a humanities grant. Besides her books and film work, Ehrlich has also published poems, screen plays, and numerous magazine articles.

A list of her publications include:

  • Ehrlich, Gretel. Geode/Rock Body. Santa Barbara: Capricorn, 1970.
  • Ehrlich, Gretel. To Touch the Water. Boise: Ahsahta Press, 1981.
  • Ehrlich, Gretel. The Solace of Open Spaces. New York: Viking, 1985.
  • Ehrlich, Gretel. Wyoming Stories.New York: Viking, 1986.
  • Ehrlich, Gretel. Heart Mountain. New York: Viking, 1988.
  • Ehrlich, Gretel. Islands, the Universe, Home. New York: Viking, 1991.
  • Ehrlich, Gretel. Drinking Dry Clouds: Stories from Wyoming. Santa Barbara: Capra Press, 1991.
  • Ehrlich, Gretel. Arctic Heart: A Poem Cycle. Santa Barbara: Capra Press, 1992.
  • Ehrlich, Gretel. Yellowstone: Land of Fire & Ice, photographs by Willard and Kathy Clay. San Francisco: HarperCollins West, 1994.
  • Ehrlich, Gretel. A Match to the Heart: One Woman's Story of Being Struck by Lightning New York: Pantheon, 1994.
  • Ehrlich, Gretel. Questions of Heaven: The Chinese Journey of an American Buddhist. Boston: Beacon, 1997.
  • Ehrlich, Gretel. The Horse Whisperer: An Illustrated Companion to the Major Motion Picture, photographs by Jay Dusard and others. New York: Dell, 1998.
  • Ehrlich, Gretel. A Blizzard Year: Timmy's Almanac of the Seasons. New York: Hyperion Books for Children, 1999.
  • Ehrlich, Gretel. Cowboy Island: Farwell to a Ranching Legacy, text by Ehrlich, edited by Nita Vail. Santa Barbara: Santa Cruz Island Foundation, 2000.
  • Ehrlich, Gretel. John Muir: Nature’s Visionary. Washington, D.C.: National Geographic, 2000.
  • Ehrlich, Gretel. This Cold Heaven: Seven Seasons in Greenland. New York: Pantheon, 2001.
  • Ehrlich, Gretel. The Future of Ice: A Journey into Cold. New York: Vintage, 2005.
  • Ehrlich, Gretel, producer. Jockey. PBS, 1969.
  • Ehrlich, Gretel. Autopsy. PBS, 1972
  • Ehrlich, Gretel, producer. Journey, PBS, 1973.
  • Ehrlich, Gretel, producer. One-Man Sawmill, PBS, 1974.
  • Ehrlich, Gretel. Counting on Breath, PBS, 1976.
  • Ehrlich, Gretel. Lives, PBS, 1976.
  • Ehrlich, Gretel, producer. Laura Gilpin: Portrait of a Photographer, PBS, 1976.
  • Ehrlich, Gretel, producer. Herders, PBS, 1976.

Scope and Contents

The collection has a variety of materials detailing the literary works of Gretel Ehrlich. It includes business and fan correspondence, manuscripts to published books and articles, reviews, some artifacts, miscellaneous publications, photographs, films and audio recordings, and lecture and teaching notes.

The collection is in good condition and is part of the James Sowell Family Collection in Literature, Community and the Natural World. Some items with previous water damage were photocopied.



The collection is organized by book titles and by types of materials such as correspondence, book reviews, project files, research materials, resumés, business and financial materials, journals, and audio visual material. Word documents on computer disks were printed by the SWC/SC Library staff and disks were retained. Some disks and files could not be opened.
Due to the size of the inventory, this finding aid has been split into two files:
Correspondence, Literary Production, Research and Project Files, Photographs, Slides, Negatives, Journals and Notebooks, and Periodicals, Boxes 1-51.
Print outs from computer disks, audio-visual material, computer files, calendars, and oversize material (newspapers, posters, brochures), Boxes 52-68.


Access Restrictions

Open for research. Researchers wishing to view the original films are urged to make an appointment prior to coming to the archive. Copyright is retained by the authors of items in this collection, or their descendants, as stipulated by U.S. copyright law.

Index Terms

The subject headings used by the Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library are derived from the Library of Congress and/or locally developed.
Subjects (Persons)
Ehrlich, Gretel.
Ehrlich, Gretel- --Archives
Ehrlich, Gretel- --Correspondence
Ehrlich, Gretel- --Manuscripts
Arctic regions
American literature--21st century
Natural history
Natural history in literature
Novelists, American--20th century--Correspondence
Japanese Americans--Evacuation and relocation--1942-1945

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Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Gretel Ehrlich Papers, 1923-2005 and undated, Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas

Collection accession #(s):

Purchase, 2005

Processed by

Michelle Roberts, Bonnie Hanson, Jamie Wormsbaker, Dr. Diane Warner.

Collection Inventory


Print outs from Computer disks

521SOL [Solace of Open Spaces], 1996
2SOL [Solace of Open Spaces], 1996
3Solace Treatment, Feb. 1995 and Santa Rosa Island, 1996, 1995-1996
4Heart Mountain Screenplay, Act I and II, 1st draft, Feb. 1992
5Lightning, 2nd draft, Aug. 1993
6Lightning, Good one, 2nd draft, undated
7Questions of Heaven, China, undated
8Horse Whisperer I, undated
9A Blizzard Year, MS-DOS Word Perfect 5.1, draft, April 20, 1999
10A Blizzard Year, March 27, 1998
11Blizzard, July 1998
12John Muir, Ehrlich, MS-DOS, Chapters 1-4 and ¾ of Chapter 5, May 17, 2000
13This Cold Heaven, final-saved to this disk, [2000]
14Final, Oct. 2000
15Any CLR [Any Clear Thing That Blinds Us With Surprise], MS-DOS Word Perfect 5.1, Nov. 15, 2000
16This Cold Heaven, Darkness -final, Aug. 21, 2000
17This Cold Heaven, Greenland/Any Clear, Aug. 20, 2000
531This Cold Heaven, GR-3, Aug. 18, 2000
2This Cold Heaven, GR-JUL new draft, Aug.8, 2000
3This Cold Heaven, GR-3 reused text II, Aug.4, 2000
4This Cold Heaven, GR-JUL, June 17, 2000
5This Cold Heaven, Adventure–Torben’s letters, Aliberti’s Ride–Nanuq, June 16, 2000
6This Cold Heaven, Greenland: Preface, Prologue [Any CLR], June 1, 2000
7This Cold Heaven, Any CLR, Preface, Prologue, inserts and Rossmussen 2nd and 5th, Oct. 1999
8This Cold Heaven, Darkness – final edit, Oct. 19, 1999
9This Cold Heaven,GR-3 final draft, Oct. 1999
10This Cold Heaven, GR-JUL final draft, Oct. 1999
11This Cold Heaven, Any Clear Thing, GR, Aug. 1999
12This Cold Heaven, Greenland – Part I, Any CLR, Aug. 1999
13This Cold Heaven, GR-JUL, March 1,1997
14This Cold Heaven, GRN-JUL, Feb. 1997
15This Cold Heaven, Greenland, Dec.-July 1996
16This Cold Heaven, Greenland: Darkness and Any CLR complete draft and dump, before Harper’s cut, March 1996
17This Cold Heaven unlabeled disk, undated
18This Cold Heaven, unlabeled disk, “A dogsled trip in Greenland,” undated
19This Cold Heaven, unlabeled disk, “Any Clear Thing the Blinds Us With Surprise,” undated
20Unlabeled disk, Any CLR, undated
541GR-3, Nov. 1997
2GR-3, June 1997
3GR3 – Microsoft, June 1997
4GR3, April 1997
5GR-JUL, March 12, 1997
6GR-JUL, Jan. 1997
7GR-JUL, Dec. 1996
8Adventure–Torben’s letters, Aliberti’s Ride–Nanuq, Aug. 22, 2000
9Adventure, final draft, Oct. 1999
10Africa, Jan (?)-March 2002
11Africa, June 8, 2001
12Re: Allan Savory, Letter to Kathryn Bouton, NYT Mag., June 1999
13Cowboy, Take Me West intro. final draft for Kendall Nelson, Sun Valley, Feb. 1. 2000
14Darkness (re and copy editing), Dec. 11, 2000
15Darkness – Word Perfect 5.1 (Dan’s version), Nov. 15, 2000
16Darkness, March 5, 2000
17Darkness #2 (before final edit for book), undated
18[Early morning at the] Bird Café, July 1998
19[Early morning at the] Bird Café, 2nd draft, Dec. 1997
20[Early morning at the] Bird Café, April 20, 1997
21The Feel of Snow, undated
22Freuchen: Intro to Arctic Adventure, 2002
23Freuchen, Intro, updated, March 22, 2002
24Freuchen, Intro, March 2, 2002
25Gin Chow, April 2002
26Greenland Part IV, Excerpt, Adventure Travel, Aug. 1998
27Happiness, Oprah Mag., Sept. 2000
28Pearyland, NGS Adventure, Mark Jannot (?), March 2002
29Pearyland, March 4, 2002
30Pearyland, NGS Adventure, final draft, Feb. 16, 2002
31Pearyland, NGS Adventure, revision, Feb. 14, 2002
32Unlabeled disk, “Pearylan,” undated
33Ray Hunt/Shambala Mag., April 4, 1998
34St. Francis, long version from NYT Mag., March 1999
35Summer Song, Shape, Word Perfect 5.1, 1998
36“The Violin,” Ehrlich, Word Perfect 5.1, [May 16, 1998]
37Wind Bell and Fearless intros, [at?] Zen Center, 2001


Audio Cassettes

551Tape II – Fred Murdi, Sheepherder – Lovell, Wyoming, Jan. 26, 1975
2Al 2, undated
3Writing Inside Out, Morning Panel–Tape 1: A. Ginsberg, A. Waldman, G. Ehrlich, #100, undated
4Writing Inside Out, Sunday Panel – All, #200, undated
5Writing Inside Out, Gretel Ehrlich – Sunday, #221, undated
6Seder (?) 1, undated
7New Letters on the Air, Contemporary Writers on Radio, Gretel Ehrlich, 11/91, Nov. 1991
8Wade Davis, S.F. State, Christmas Tunes, Struck by Lightning, April 23, 1990
9Gretel Ehrlich, SBMNH, Dec. 4, 2001
10The Closing of the Frontier: The West and the American Imagination, LA Times Festival of Books, undated
11A Keynote Talk by Pulitzer Prize Winner David McCullough, Sun Valley Writers’ Conference, Aug. 23-Aug. 26, 2002
12Living Dialogues with Duncan Campbell and Gretel Ehrlich – “This Cold Heaven,” 90', Nov. 5, 2001
13Writing Inside Out, Gretel Ehrlich, Saturday, #111, undated
14Gretel Ehrlich Lecture, AWC, 1988
15A Tribute to Wallace Stegner, City Arts of San Francisco, undated
16National Public Radio on “Solace,” 6:20 p.m., Feb. 3, 1986
17“Solace of Open Spaces,” Angle of Vision Project, Voice:Sylvia Vizcava, Nov. 1986
18Gretel Ehrlich Reading, Aspen Writers’ Conference, 1988
19Gretel Ehrlich, Breakout Session #1, Literary Women – Long Beach Festival of Authors, Feb. 20, 1999
20Arctic Heart, undated
21Minnesota Public Radio, Good Evening, [1988]
22Unlabeled, TDK D60 Dynamic Cassette, undated
23Al and Russ, 1996
24Lela Kalman, tape #4, undated
25Lela Kalman, tape #5, undated
26McConahay, #3, undated
27Stuff on here – tests, etc, undated
28Lela Kalman, Tape #2, undated
29McConahy, undated
30Al #8, undated
31Al and Harry (?) #6, undated
32Fred Murdi – Sheepherder -- Lovell, Wyoming, Jan. 27, 1976
33#2, undated
34Al, #7, undated
35unlabeled, Fliptape, FL90, undated
36Tashi Plays Shubert/ The “Trout” Quintet, 1977
37Laura Bell, undated
38Big Ed, #2, undated
39Addison Brown, undated
40unlabeled, Concertape C-90, undated
41David, undated
42unlabeled, Sony C-30, undated
43Lela Kalman Tape #3, undated
44Lela Kalman Tape #1, undated
45Piano, April 8, no year
46Big Ed #3, undated
47Big Ed #1, Transcribed Sides A and B, Nov. 1977
48Mavis Peavy, May 14, 1976
49Best American Travel Writing, 4 cassettes in case, with business card of Wendy E. Holt, 2001
50Best American Essays of the Century, Vol. 1, 4 audio cassettes in box, 2001
51Best American Essays of the Century, Vol. 2, 4 audio cassettes in box, 2001


Videocassettes - VHS

5552Struck by Lightning, a film by Jan Andrews, undated
53#1-710 KTWO Special Report on Gretel and “Solace” by Terry Hood, undated
54Good Morning America, 1995


Audio CDs

5555Best American Travel Writing, 5 audio CDs in box, 2001


Computer Disks

5556Box of 85 (3 1/2) computer disks: 79 with printouts made by SWC/SC Library; 6 unable to open: 1) Happiness, Gretel Ehrlich, MS-Dos, Wordperfect 5.1; 2) Greenland, Ehrlich, wordperfect; 3) unlabeled disk; 4) unlabeled disk; 5)Gretel5 final draft;, Oct. 9, 1999 6)Gretel6, unable to open, Sept. 1, 1999, [1990-1999?]
571 floppy disk (5 1/4) in mailer : Islands, the Universe, and Home, “Islands” complete manuscript, undated
58CD: Backup all files, Jan. 8, 2004
59CD: pg 1-88 revised so far, Feb. 7, 2004
60CD: The Future of Ice (aka The End of Cold), with blue post-it note, Nov. 11, 2003


Printed Material with AV

5561Miscellaneous printed material accompanying items and list of audio cassettes, 1994 and undated


Sound Recordings on Tape

561LG SR #1, “sorting platins,” 1977
2LG SR #2, “sorting platins, Laura Gilpin,” 1977
3LG SR #4, “Gilpin,” 1977
4LG SR #5, “Judy Dater,” 1977
5LG SR #6, “Judy Dater, Gilpin,” 1977
6LG SR #7, “Gilpin,” 1977
7LG SR #8, “Laura and Judy Dater,” 1977
8LG SR #9, “Laura and Paula having lunch,” 1977
9LG SR #10, “”loading [meadlist?], driving to airport, meeting pilot,” undated
10LG SR #11, “flying,” undated
11LG SR #12, “shiprock and landing,” undated
12LG SR #13, “dictating letter, Grant and LG and Sena,” undated
5713LG SR #14, “Sena talking with young man in gallery,” undated
14LG SR #15, “Laura doing portrait, talking about turkeys,” undated
15LG SR #16, “portrait studio with Margret,” undated
16LG SR #17, “in Laura’s studio and at chamber music concert,” undated
17LG SR #18, “chamber music concert,” undated
18LG SR #20, “LG in darkroom,” undated
19LG SR #21, “darkroom and watching TV,” undated
20LG SR #22, “LG in darkroom,” undated
21LG SR #23, “preparing a platinum printing,” undated
22LG SR #101, unlabeled, undated
23LG SR #102, unlabeled, undated



581Return to the Heart II, a second intimate look at Heart Mountain, as seen through the pen and ink artistry of Mitchial L. Lange, 1988
2Wonders of Wildlife, 1998-1999
3Cowboy Calendar, 1998
4Cowboy Calendar, 1997
5Sierra Club Wilderness Calendar (2 copies), 1989
6Paris, 2000
7Ray Hunt, Clinic Schedule, 1998
8Himalaya, photography by Galen Rowell, 1996


Oversize Materials

591John Muir, galleys, 2000


Oversize Materials: Newspapers

601UC Davis Arts, Spring 1988
2Denver Post, Sunday, June 1, 1997
3NY Times, National, Sunday, Feb. 9, 1997
4NY Times, Science Times, Tuesday, Feb. 11, 1997
5Bloomsbury Review (2 copies), Nov/Dec 1988
6Santa Barbara Independent, Jan. 27-Feb. 3, 2000
7Wyoming Horizons, July 1985
8Wyoming Horizons (2 copies), Feb. 1984
9Wyoming Horizons (2 copies), Jan. 1984
10Wyoming Horizons, Feb. 2, 1986
11NY Times, Living Arts, Aug. 9, 1990
12NY Times, Living Arts, Aug. 16, 1990
13Philadelphia Inquirer, Sunday, Nov. 13, 1988
14Wild Duck Review, Spring/Summer 1998
15NY Times Book Review (2 copies), Oct. 27, 1985
16NY Times, Science Times, Tuesday, Oct. 5, 1993
17NY Times, Environment/Sports, Tuesday, Oct. 5, 1993
18San Francisco Chronicle, Thursday, Dec. 30, 1993
19Anchorage Times, Saturday, Jan. 28, 1989
20Anchorage Daily News, Saturday, Jan. 28, 1989
21Plains Indian, June 14, 1979
22NY Times, Science Times, Tuesday, May 2, 2000
23Secret Sahara, Feb. 15-22, 1980
24NY Times, Science Times, Tuesday, Oct. 26, 1999
25NY Times, Science Times, Tuesday, Oct. 10, 2000
26NY Times Book Review, July 16, 2000
27NY Times, Living Arts, Wednesday, March 15, 2000
28NY Times, Science Times, Tuesday, Feb. 29, 2000
29NY Times, Science Times, Tuesday, Jan. 21, 1997
30NY Times, Tuesday, Jan. 21, 1997
31NY Times, Science Times, Tuesday, Dec. 19, 2000
32NY Times, Science Times, Tuesday, Jan. 9, 2001
33NY Times, Science Times, Tuesday, April 13, 1999
34Denver Post, Travel, Sunday, June 1, 1997
35Yosemite Guide, Spring, 2000
36NY Times, Science Times, Tuesday, April 17, 2001
37Naropa! 20th Anniversary Alumni, undated
38NY Times, Science Times, Tuesday, March 31, 1992
39NY Times, Environment, Tuesday, May 24, 1994
40NY Times, Science Times, Tuesday, July 26, 1994


Oversize Materials: Newspapers

611Bloomsbury Review, Nov./Dec. 1988
2Lovell Chronicle, Thursday, July 14, 1977
3Lovell Chronicle, Thursday, July 15, 1976
4Yellowstone Today, Summer 1989
5Yellowstone Fires, 1988
6Jackson Hole News, Wednesday, Aug. 31, 1988
7NY Review of Books, Feb. 15, 1996
8High Country News, Aug. 12, 1991
9NY Times Science Times, Tuesday, May 10, 1994
10NY Times, Travel, Sept. 14, 1986
11NY Times, Science Times, Tuesday, June 14, 1994
12NY Times, Science Times, Tuesday, July 12, 1994
13Independent, Wednesday, Sept. 25, 1991
14Idaho State Journal, March 20, 21, 22, 1986
15Casper Star Tribune, Sunday, Sept. 26, 1982
16Casper Star Tribune, Sunday, Aug. 11, 1985
17NY Times Book Review, Nov. 6, 1988
18Santa Barbara News Press, Sunday Books, Dec. 12, 2004
19NY Times Book Review, Dec. 2, 2001
20Children’s Books, Sunday, Nov. 18, 2001
21NY Times, Sunday, Aug. 29, 1993
22Times Literary Supplement, Jan. 9, 1998
23NY Times Magazine, Dec. 21, 1981
24San Francisco Chronicle, This World, June 14, 1981
25NY Times [p.A1-A2], Sat., June 5, 1999


Oversize Materials: Newspapers

621NY Times, Science Times, Tuesday, Oct. 20, 1998
2NY Times, Sunday, Aug. 27, 2000
3NY Times, Weekend, Friday, April 9, 1999
4Wyoming Horizons, April 1984
5High Country News (2 copies), June 25, 1984
6NY Times Science Times, Tuesday, July 4, 2000
7NY Times, Saturday, Aug. 19, 2000
8NY Times Science Times, Tuesday, May 9, 2000
9NY Times, Travel, Sunday, July 11, 1999
10NY Review of Books, June 10, 1999
11Washington Post, Style, Tuesday, May 30, 1989
12USA Today, Tuesday, Aug. 9, 1994
13Santa Barbara News-Press, Thursday, June 2, 1994
14San Francisco Chronicle, Review, Oct. 16, 1988
15LA Times Book Review, Sunday, July 10, 1994
16Santa Barbara News-Press, Travel, Dec. 3, 1995
17LA Times, View, Sunday, April 1, 1990
18Greybull Standard and Tribune, Thursday, Aug. 4, 1988
19LA Times, View, Sunday, Aug. 7, 1988
20Santa Barbara News-Press, Sunday, Aug. 7, 1988
21Washington Post, Show, Sunday, Oct. 11, 1992
22NY Times, Science Times, Tuesday, Nov. 11, 1997
23Philadelphia Inquirer, View, Sunday, Dec. 11, 1988
24Stepping Out, Dec. 7-13, 1988
25Greybull Standard and Tribune, Thursday, Dec. 1, 1988
26Philadelphia Inquirer, View, Sunday, Nov. 13, 1988
27Santa Barbara News-Press, Local, Jan. 11, 1995
28LA Times, Wednesday, Jan. 11, 1995
29Santa Barbara News-Press, Wednesday, Jan. 11, 1995
30Casper Star-Tribune, Friday, Dec. 6, 1985
31Northern Lights, July 1989
32The Contemporary, Summer 1986
33Japan Times, Aug. 17-23, 1992
34Rafu Shimpo, Wednesday, Aug. 26, 1992
35NY Times, Thursday, June 6, 1968
36LA Times, Monday, July 21, 1969
37The Nation, Feb. 12, 1983
38Days of ‘49, 1986
39Days of ‘49, 1985
40San Francisco Chronicle envelope, June 18, 1981
41Santa Barbara News-Press, Jan. 21, 1995
42Santa Barbara News-Press, Jan. 19, 1995
43Denver Post, New Indian Wars, special reprint, undated


Oversize Materials: Maps, Brochures, Posters, and Misc.

631Square Books, Fall Author Appearances newsletter, Oct. 1989
2Christmas card, 1998
3Photocopy of Life article, “An American Place,” undated
4Santa Barbara Independent envelope, Dec. 5, 2001
5Marsha Burns letter, May 3, 1981
6Fed Ex envelope, July 28, 2000
7Victoria Street Theater Event Calendar, March-April 1992
8Photocopy of Books article, undated
9Photocopy of San Francisco Chronicle, Review, Dec. 22, 1985
10Photocopy of “A Wyoming Love Story” from The Denver Post, Dec. 29, 1985
11Photocopy of “The Real Cowboy” from The World, Dec. 8, 1985
12Newsday, Book Review, Oct. 24, 1985
13Photocopy of “Solace” article from Dubois Frontier, Thursday, Feb. 27, 1986
14Islands, the Universe, Home galley pages, undated
15Photocopy of “Trails of the Wild West” by Paul Robert Walker, undated
16Photocopy of “Lewis and Clark Voyage of Discovery” by Stephen E. Ambrose, undated
17Photocopy of “Hunting with the Moon,” by Dereck Joubert, undated
18Photocopy of “Everest: Mountain without Mercy” by Broughton Coburn, undated
19Photocopy of article from The Rafu Shimpo, Dec. 19, 1981
20Heart Mountain galley pages, undated
21Photocopy of “Bad Days at ‘Big Dry’” from NY Times Magazine, Aug. 14, 1988
22Racing Program, Crow Celebration, Rodeo and Race Meet, 1983
23Sandy Walker, Riverside Art Museum brochure, 1989
24Your Traveling Companion: Japan brochure, undated
25Soei Ogura, An Exhibition of Noh Masks, brochure, undated
26Ashanta Press: Poetry of the West, catalogue (2 copies), undated
27Photocopies of panoramic photos, pages 2-11, undated
28Book lists, 28 pages, undated
29A Match to the Heart, photocopy of book cover, undated
30New American Filmmaker Series, Whitney Museum of American Art flyer, undated
31Santa Cruz Island Preserve News, Winter 1987
32SEA Center Field Trips guide, Feb. 1988
33Santa Cruz Island Preserve News, Spring 1988
34Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History Bulletin, Feb. 1988
35Santa Cruz Island Project brochure, undated
36Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History brochure, undated
37Point Reyes Bird Observatory brochure, undated
38Print of man rowing by iceberg, 1992
39Photocopy of picture of dogsled in sunset, undated
409th Annual Bellevue Film Festival poster, July 1975
41Solace of Open Spaces book jacket (3 copies), undated
42Anaconda Company brochure (2 copies), undated
43Lucien Freud, Metropolitan Museum of Art brochure, Dec. 16–March 13, 1994
44Yellowstone National Park Day hike Sampler, undated
45Yellowstone National Park Books, Maps and Pamphlets mailer, undated
46Third Annual Lightning Strike/ Electric Shock Conference program, May 14-15, 1993
47A Match to the Heart book jacket (2 copies), undated
48East West Players Season Program, 1991-1992
49Photo Metro, Sept. 1988
50The Cubiculo program, undated
51The Jose Limon Dance Company at Hunter College mailer, May 1972
52Santa Barbara Museum, Gretel Ehrlich reading poster, undated
53William Stafford broadside, undated
54“Nuna Eqqissisi” article, undated
55China brochure, Nakhi Music, undated
56Questions of Heaven book jacket, undated
57National Palace Museum Newsletter and Gallery Guide, April-June 1995
58Tokyo String Quartet program, Friday, Jan. 9, 1998
59Print of rundown bar, undated
60Walker Center, Beyond Landscape brochure, May 17, 2000
61Life Magazine cover, Oct. 3, 1969
62A Program of Dance, July 15-16, 1966
63Henry Street Settlement Playhouse program, Sanctum, undated
64Larry Richard’s Dance Gallery program, May 15-17, 1975
65Dance Theater Workshop flyer, undated
66A Program of Modern Dance Theater, Oct. 8-10, 1970
67Prism, American Theater Laboratory program, undated
68Clyde Morgan and Carla Maxwell Dance at Riverside Church poster, April 26-28, 1971
69Cook Inlet Book Company mailer, undated
70Two Evenings of Dance by Jeff Duncan mailer, undated
71Photocopies of Marsh Burns Portfolio pictures, 8 pages, undated
72Napa Valley Writers’ Conference brochure, July 25-30, 1999
73Idaho Falls brochure, undated
74The Central Idaho Rockies Recreation River brochure, undated
75The Writer’s Voice events schedule, Spring 1988
76Assisi brochure, undated
77The Thurber House Evenings with Authors schedule of events, undated
78Canyon de Chelly brochure, Nov. 1970
798th New York Film Festival special events schedule, Sept. 1970
808th New York Film Festival poster (2 copies), Aug. 23, 1970
81Christmas card (from “Babs” and Blaine), undated
82Wedding invitation, May 16, 1980
83Crescent H Ranch brochure, undated
84Tassajara brochure, April 30, 1997
85Boojum Expeditions newsletter, 1994
86American Museum of Natural History floor plan, 1998
87Heart Mountain cover drawing, undated
88Capra Press poster, undated
89Photocopy of War Department proclamation, Aug. 13, 1942
90Music Road Hotel brochure, undated
91Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History Bulletin, June/July 1987
92William Heinemann Author’s Questionnaire, undated
93Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History Bulletin, Oct. 1987
94Heart Mountain book jacket (2 copies), undated
95“Correspondence 1992” folder, 1992
96Literary Series brochure (2 copies), 1999-2000
97Brooklyn Philharmonic Orchestra poster, undated
98Game and Fish in Uummannaq Greenland brochure (2 copies), undated
99Western North Carolina brochure, undated
100Photocopies of Greenland maps, 2 pages, undated
101Greenland maps (5), undated
102Photocopies of Greenland maps (4), undated
103Alaska and the North map, undated
104Milepost Plan-A Trip Map, undated
105Fort Jefferson brochure, undated


Oversize Materials: Maps, Brochures, Posters, and Misc.

641U.S. Postal Service envelope, from Jay Dusard, undated
2Fed Ex envelope, undated
3Envelope, from U.S. Department of the Interior Geological Survey, undated
4Crosley Portable Fan instructions, undated
5Print of plate 34 and 35 pictures, undated
6Nature Conservancy Reporter, Summer 1996
7“The West of True Myth” galleys, March 21, 1989
8Photocopies of Islands, The Universe, Home cover, 2 pages, undated
9Cahiers d’Extreme-Asie booklet, 1989-1990
10“Yellowstone” galleys, pages 10-120, Nov. 9, 1994
11Travertine Terraces diagrams, 5 pages, undated
12“Canyons of Color” galleys, pages 99-107, Nov. 15, 1994
13“Stockhausen,” article, 2 pages, undated
14“Yellowstone-2” galleys, pages FMA- FML, Nov. 10, 1994
15“Yellowstone-2” galleys, pages 1-11, Nov. 9, 1994
16Photocopies of Boston Globe article on Solace of Open Spaces (4 copies), Nov. 29, 1987
17Envelope, to Lilla Kalman, April 12, 1998
18Denver Post article (4 copies), Monday, Oct. 10, 1983
19Time Magazine, pages 45-48, Nov. 6, 1995
20“The Origin of Aids” article from Rolling Stone, March 19, 1992
21“This Autumn Morning” galleys, undated
22“Pearl Harbor” article from NY Times Magazine, Nov. 3, 1991
23Envelope, to Tehabi Books, Oct. 14, 1994
24Photocopy of San Francisco Chronicle human smuggling article, Tuesday, April 27, 1993
25Photocopy of San Francisco Chronicle human smuggling article, Thursday, April 29, 1993
26Photocopy of San Francisco Chronicle human smuggling article, Friday, April 30, 1993
27Photocopy of San Francisco Chronicle human smuggling article, Wednesday, April 28, 1993


Oversize Materials

65Oversized box with original artwork undated


Film in AV Vault

661-2LG, R#10, Dk-RM, undated
3-4Laura Gilpin, Reel 2, AB Roll outs, undated
5R 2, sound car shiprock, undated
6Unlabeled, undated
7Unlabeled, undated
8-9Unlabeled, undated
10-11Cedarwood #2, undated
12-21Small reels unlabeled (2 unspooled), undated
22Sawmill composite (2 unspooled), undated
6723Dailies and cut scene, undated
24Jockey, undated
25One-Man Sawmill, undated
26Sawmill, undated
27One-Man Sawmill, 12-31 minutes, undated
6828[Sheepherder], 1979
29Sheepherder, 1979
30The Rim (in mailer from Andy Warhol) 2 reels in box, 1968
31 undated
321 box miscellaneous tapes, need conservation attention, undated

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