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Gretel Ehrlich:

An Inventory of Her Papers, 1923-2005 and undated, at the Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library

Descriptive Summary

CreatorEhrlich, Gretel
Title:Gretel Ehrlich Papers,
Dates:1923-2005 and undated
Abstract:Papers of author Gretel Ehrlich from 1923-2005 and undated.
Collection #R21.1
Quantity:67 boxes (51 linear feet)
Repository:Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library, Texas Tech University

Biographical Sketch

Gretel Ehrlich, a writer of nonfiction, fiction, and poetry, born in Santa Barbara, California, January 21, 1946, writes about such diverse places as Wyoming, China, and Greenland. Her unique point of view on humans and the environment has earned Ehrlich a place among the best nature writers of our time. The collection contains correspondence between Ehrlich and some of these important authors, including Barry Lopez, Ted Hoagland, William Kittredge, and Terry Tempest Williams. In addition to her writing, Ehrlich is also known for her work in film editing and producing, beginning with her studies in film at UCLA and culminating in several productions as well as a 1976 PBS grant, which led to a documentary about sheep herding in the Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming. The National Endowment for the Humanities has twice recognized the importance of Ehrlich’s work in both a creative writing fellowship award and a humanities grant. Besides her books and film work, Ehrlich has also published poems, screen plays, and numerous magazine articles.

A list of her publications includes:

  • Ehrlich, Gretel. Geode/Rock Body. Santa Barbara: Capricorn, 1970.
  • Ehrlich, Gretel. To Touch the Water. Boise: Ahsahta Press, 1981.
  • Ehrlich, Gretel. The Solace of Open Spaces. New York: Viking, 1985.
  • Ehrlich, Gretel. Wyoming Stories. New York: Viking, 1986.
  • Ehrlich, Gretel. Heart Mountain. New York: Viking, 1988.
  • Ehrlich, Gretel. Islands, the Universe, Home. New York: Viking, 1991.
  • Ehrlich, Gretel. Drinking Dry Clouds: Stories from Wyoming. Santa Barbara: Capra Press, 1991.
  • Ehrlich, Gretel. Arctic Heart: A Poem Cycle. Santa Barbara: Capra Press, 1992.
  • Ehrlich, Gretel. Yellowstone: Land of Fire & Ice, photographs by Willard and Kathy Clay. San Francisco: HarperCollins West, 1994.
  • Ehrlich, Gretel. A Match to the Heart: One Woman's Story of Being Struck by Lightning. New York: Pantheon, 1994.
  • Ehrlich, Gretel. Questions of Heaven: The Chinese Journey of an American Buddhist. Boston: Beacon, 1997.
  • Ehrlich, Gretel. The Horse Whisperer: An Illustrated Companion to the Major Motion Picture, photographs by Jay Dusard and others. New York: Dell, 1998.
  • Ehrlich, Gretel. A Blizzard Year: Timmy's Almanac of the Seasons. New York: Hyperion Books for Children, 1999.
  • Ehrlich, Gretel. Cowboy Island: Farewell to a Ranching Legacy, text by Ehrlich, edited by Nita Vail. Santa Barbara: Santa Cruz Island Foundation, 2000.
  • Ehrlich, Gretel. John Muir: Nature’s Visionary. Washington, D.C.: National Geographic, 2000.
  • Ehrlich, Gretel. This Cold Heaven: Seven Seasons in Greenland. New York: Pantheon, 2001.
  • Ehrlich, Gretel. The Future of Ice: A Journey into Cold. New York: Vintage, 2005.

A list of her films includes:

  • Ehrlich, Gretel, producer. Jockey. PBS, 1969.
  • Ehrlich, Gretel. Autopsy. PBS, 1972
  • Ehrlich, Gretel, producer. Journey. PBS, 1973.
  • Ehrlich, Gretel, producer. One-Man Sawmill. PBS, 1974.
  • Ehrlich, Gretel. Counting on Breath. PBS, 1976.
  • Ehrlich, Gretel. Lives. PBS, 1976.
  • Ehrlich, Gretel, producer. Laura Gilpin: Portrait of a Photographer. PBS, 1976.
  • Ehrlich, Gretel, producer. Herders. PBS, 1976.

Scope and Contents

The collection has a variety of materials detailing the literary works of Gretel Ehrlich. It includes business and fan correspondence, manuscripts to published books and articles, reviews, some artifacts, miscellaneous publications, photographs, films and audio recordings, and lecture and teaching notes.

The collection is in good condition and is part of the James Sowell Family Collection in Literature, Community and the Natural World. Some items with previous water damage were photocopied.



The collection is organized by book titles and by types of materials such as correspondence, book reviews, project files, research materials, resumés, business and financial materials, journals, and audio visual material. Word documents on computer disks were printed by the SWC/SC Library staff and disks were retained. Some disks and files could not be opened.
Due to the size of the inventory, this finding aid has been split into two files:
Correspondence, Literary Production, Research and Project Files, Photographs, Slides, Negatives, Journals and Notebooks, and Periodicals, Boxes 1-51.
Print outs from computer disks, audio-visual material, computer files, calendars, and oversize material (newspapers, posters, brochures), Boxes 52-67.


Access Restrictions

The collection is open for research. Researchers wishing to view the original films are urged to make an appointment prior to coming to the archive. Copyright is retained by the authors of items in this collection, or their descendants, as stipulated by U.S. copyright law.

Copy requests in excess of 5 pages must be approved by the donor or her representative.

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American literature--21st century
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Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Gretel Ehrlich Papers, 1923-2005 and undated, Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas

Collection accession #(s):

Purchase, 2005

Processed by

Michelle Roberts, Bonnie Hanson, Jamie Wormsbaker, Dr. Diane Warner.

Collection Inventory



11Steven Barclay, 1995-1997
2Kurt Caswell, includes three manuscripts, 1997-1998
3Grant Crosby, “Crosby, Kalman, Indich,” 1979-1981 and undated
4Annie Dillard, 1991-1997
5Louise Erdrich, 1992-1994
6Robert Gay, 1994
7Lee Gutkind, July 3, 1997
8Jim Harrison, Dec. 12, 1990
9Edward Hoagland, includes “checklist” (bibliography) and manuscript, 1979-1996
10Pam Houston, May 28, 1995
11Pico Iyer, 1992-1999
12William Kittredge, undated
13Barry Lopez, April 15, 1998
14Takashi Masaki (photos removed for storage), 1991-1996
15Larry McMurtry, Nov. 15, 1990
16John McPhee, June 6, 1994
17W.S. Merwin, Oct. 22, 1993
18Howard Norman, Nov. 4, 1992
19Robert Redford, 1991-1997
20Bill Roorbach, Dec. 30, 1998
21Oliver Sacks, April 4, 1997
22Annick Smith (photocopy of letter in Kittredge file), undated
23Gary Snyder, and wife Carol Koda, 1988-1992
24Mark Spragg, 1997-1998
25William Stafford, letter and poem “Wyoming Circuit,” Aug. 17, 1979
26Press Stephens, includes course outline, 1981-1991 and undated
27Jack Swenson (photos removed for storage, invitation removed for flat storage), 1992-1998
28David Uhlir, (photos removed for storage), 1985
29Sandy Walker (exhibit catalog removed for flat storage), [1989] and undated
30Terry Tempest Williams, includes “The Dinner Party” and “Lodestar Broadsides,”(brochure removed for flat storages), 1990-1991 and undated
31“Letters A-L,” (photographs and letter removed for storage), 1980-1981 and undated
32“Letters M-Z,” includes Mary Oliver, Robert Peters, William Stafford, Lucien Stryk, Stanley Plumly, 1979-1981 and undated
33“Copies of letters, 1976-1977,” carbon copies of typed and handwritten Ehrlich correspondence, 1976-1977
34“Copies of letters – Wapiti – 78,” carbon copies of typed and handwritten Ehrlich correspondence, 1978
35Gretel Ehrlich, unmailed letter, 1995
36Literary Works, gifts from other people, John Brandi, “Why Climb a Mountain?” poem, undated
37Literary Works, gifts from other people, Todd J. Fross, “A Man Called Sheep,” letter and cartoon booklet, undated
38Literary works, gifts from other people, Edward Micus, 18 poems, 1 letter, undated
39Literary works, gifts from other people, David Stark, 12 poems, undated
40Literary works, gifts from other people, Yachiyo Uehara, “A Piece of Cake,” story, photocopy of typescript, undated
41Bennington, 1963
42Beacon Press, regarding presentations, readings, reviews, 5 catalogs, 1997-1998 and undated
43Buckland, 2 negatives and envelope moved for storage, 1993
44Capra Press, 1989-1991
45Center for Holistic Resource Management, 1989
46Centre Productions, 1981-1982
47Davis Canyon Land Purchase offer, 1971
48“Liz Darhansoff, contracts & corresp., 84-85,” literary agent, 1984-1985
49Harper’s, several letters to and from Harpers, 1980-1981
50Holistic Results, correspondence, flyers and itinerary for “The Future Resource Base Conference,” 2001
51Lee Levinson Productions, Ltd., includes letter from Ehrlich, 1980-1981 and undated
52Lyons Press, notes and correspondence about introduction to Peter Freuchen’s memoir, 2002
53Pacifica Graduate Institute concerning a visit from Ehrlich, including letters from Nina Falls and Dennis Slattery, also includes parts of a draft, May 1996 and undated
54Title Wave Books, Alaska, 2003
55Writers Guild of America, 1992
56Yellowstone Art Center, regarding “The Regional Writers Project Catalogue,” April 21, 1986
57Business and personal, 1975-1981
58Business and personal, 1989
59Business and personal (photo removed for storage), 1990
60Business and personal, Jan.-March, 1991
61Business and personal, April-May, 1991
62Business and personal, June-Sept., 1991
63Business and personal, 1992
64Business and personal, 1993
65Business and personal (photo removed for storage), 1994
66Business and personal, 1995
67Business and personal, (credit card receipt moved to restricted file, photographs moved for storage), 1996
68Business and personal (photographs removed for storage, brochure removed for flat storage), 1997
21Business and personal, includes letters from Ehrlich, (photographs removed for storage, brochure removed for flat storage, 1 item moved to restricted file), 1998
2Business and personal, (1 item removed for flat storage), 1999
3Business and personal, 2000
4Personal (photographs removed for storage; Christmas card and brochure removed for flat storage), undated
5Postcards and greeting cards, 1969-1995 and undated
6Postcards and greeting cards, 1982-1993 and undated
7Contracts, some originals moved to restricted file, 1998-2001 and undated



28Geode/Rock Body, correspondence with editor, galley sheets, promotional material, 1966, 1970 and undated
9Geode/Rock Body, galleys and envelope, 1970
10Geode/Rock Body, photocopy, 1970
11Counting on Breath, 1st drafts, 1970-1972
12Counting on Breath, 2nd drafts, 1971-1972
13Counting on Breath, poems, 1971-1972, version from, 1973
14Counting on Breath, poems, 1971-1973, version from, 1974
15Counting on Breath, poems, 1970-1974
16Counting on Breath, poems, 12 p., 1970-1973
17Counting on Breath, poems, 5 p., undated
18“Counting on Breath, Xerox of #1”, in black binder, 1971-1974 and undated
19“Counting on Breath, 1st drafts,” in black binder, 1973-1975 and undated
20“Counting on Breath #1, 1975,” in black binder, 1971-1975 and undated
21Counting on Breath; Autumn Burns the Body Bright as Leaf, in black binder, 1971-1976 and undated
22To Touch the Water in Your Body, typescript (photocopy) submitted to Ahsahta Press, correspondence, holographic list, 1978
23To Touch the Water, typescript with holographic corrections, envelope from Ahsahta Press, 1980
24To Touch the Water, final galley proofs, correspondence (Tom Trusky), 1981
25To Touch the Water, business correspondence, reviews (2 copies of catalog removed for flat storage), 1978-1984 and undated
26To Touch the Water, copyright registration (original placed in restricted file, 1981
27To Touch the Water, photocopy, 1981
31Arctic Heart, galley proofs and introduction, 1992
2Arctic Heart, typed drafts, holographic notes, photocopies, hand-drawn layout, correspondence, contract (original moved to restricted file), 1991-1992 and undated
3Arctic Heart, typescript, 12 p., undated
4Poems, miscellaneous materials (some moved for flat storage), 1970, 1971 and undated
5Poems, unfinished poems, holographic and typed, 1971 and undated
6Poems, “1st poems” typed and holographic, research materials, 1971 and undated
7Poems, 1972-1973 and undated
8Poems, “Portraits,” notes and drafts of poems, clippings from journals, Wyoming Council on the Arts newsletter, with black binder, 1972-1979 and undated
9Poems, 1st drafts, 1973 and undated
10“Poems,1970s,” typed drafts, 1971-1975
11Poems, “Events // Signatures” poems, newspaper clippings (photo removed for storage), 1973-1975
12Poems, “Poems – working on – ” [1976]
13Poems, “1st & 2nd drafts of poems,” [1978]
14“Poems,” includes newspaper clippings and handwritten notes, [1978]
15Poems “Current Poems Spring ’79,” typed drafts and holographic notes, includes copy of Ehrlich correspondence, poems by (?) David J. Fraher, 1979
16Poems, “Poems- 80,” typed drafts and holographic notes, includes “Recent Poems: Winter, 1979” and Ahsahta Press correspondence, 1978-1980 and undated
17Poems, “Notes & poems: 1980 – working on,” 1980
18Poems, “Notes – poems- etc. – 1981,” 1981
19Poems “Tributary: sonnets,” typed and holographic drafts, 1981-1986 and undated
20“Poems – 1980’s,” three typed pages, 1985 and undated
21“Poems copies, 1986-87,” 2 copies, 2 p. of notes, 1986-1987
22“Poems – 1989.” 5 p. typed drafts and holographic notes, 1989 and undated
23“Poems – Oct – 1994,” contents of unmailed envelope placed in restricted file, 1994
24“Poems – 1994,” handwritten drafts and drawings, some water-damaged items photocopied by SWC/SCL, 1994
25“Poems – 1995,” 7 p., typed and handwritten drafts, 1994 and undated
26“Poems – 1999-2001,” typed and handwritten drafts, magazine pages, 1995-1999 and undated
27Poems, “A wartime birthday poem,” March 23, 2003
28Poems, [To JoAnne Dornan, poems written in Canadian high arctic], undated


The Solace of Open Spaces

329The Solace of Open Spaces, author’s galleys / page proofs, [1984]
30The Solace of Open Spaces, author’s final mss. with publisher’s cover letter, [1984]-1987
31The Solace of Open Spaces, typescript draft, undated
32The Solace of Open Spaces, photocopy draft, undated
33The Solace of Open Spaces, Cover and letter from Viking, Sept. 4, 1985
34The Solace of Open Spaces, Viking correspondence, notes, April 12 & June 4, 1985 and undated
35The Solace of Open Spaces, Artwork (photocopy) and correspondence; Isabelle A. Carlhian; Camille (no surname on letter), 1985
36The Solace of Open Spaces, Correspondence from publisher with sample layouts, 1985
37The Solace of Open Spaces, Publicity material- Viking, (moved to flat storage), [1984]
38The Solace of Open Spaces, Editing suggestions, 1984 and undated
39The Solace of Open Spaces, a.k.a. Wyoming Essays; “The Book Outline,” outline, handwritten notes, [1981-1984?]
40The Solace of Open Spaces, “Book: complete manuscript,” undated drafts and tables of contents, [1981-1984?]
41The Solace of Open Spaces, Book outlines and revision notes, 1984
41The Solace of Open Spaces, Preface, galley proof, [1984]
2The Solace of Open Spaces, Preface, drafts and notes, [1984]
3The Solace of Open Spaces, “About Men, notes and copies NY Times 1983,” [1983]
4The Solace of Open Spaces, “About Men” typescript, undated
5The Solace of Open Spaces, “About Men: Postscript, Bedford Reader,” undated
6The Solace of Open Spaces, “Animals,” notes and drafts, undated
7The Solace of Open Spaces, “Animal Thinking,” notes, drafts, newspaper clippings, 1985-1989 and undated
8The Solace of Open Spaces, “Brightness of Winter, NY Times, Dec. 1981,” (became: The Smooth Skull of Winter), notes and drafts, 1981 and undated
9The Solace of Open Spaces, “City forests & avenues of space,” typescript, undated
10The Solace of Open Spaces, “City & country,” typescript, photocopy, handwritten notes and drafts, research materials, undated
11The Solace of Open Spaces, “Fall,” handwritten notes, undated
12The Solace of Open Spaces, “False spring, spring, & the vernal equinox,” photocopy, (galley proof removed for flat storage), undated
13The Solace of Open Spaces, “False spring, spring & the vernal equinox,” drafts and notes, undated
14The Solace of Open Spaces, “Five walks,” drafts and notes, 1980-1982 and undated
15The Solace of Open Spaces, “Friends & foes,” (became: Friends, foes and working animals), drafts and notes, undated
16The Solace of Open Spaces, “Herding sheep,” original notes, 1st and 2nd drafts (became: From a sheepherder’s notebook), drafts and notes, undated
17The Solace of Open Spaces, “Harper’s,” handwritten drafts and notes, undated
18The Solace of Open Spaces, “Just married & Other lives,” drafts, notes and research materials ( 1984 Time magazine moved to flat storage), 1980-1984 and undated
19The Solace of Open Spaces, “Letters to an architect, original & copies,” undated
20The Solace of Open Spaces, “Letters to an architect, notes – source material,” (1 item removed for flat storage), 1982-1983 and undated
21The Solace of Open Spaces, “Letters to an architect, notes – personal,” undated
22The Solace of Open Spaces, “Letters to an architect,” research, newspaper clippings, reviews, journal articles, 1980-1982 and undated
23The Solace of Open Spaces, “Letters to an architect,” drafts and notes, undated
24The Solace of Open Spaces, “Loners, idiots, hermits & outlaws” a.k.a. “Portraits,” 2 typed versions, 1 summary, undated
25The Solace of Open Spaces, “Loners, idiots, hermits & outlaws,” handwritten notes and drafts, undated
26The Solace of Open Spaces, “The meaning of solace,” drafts and notes, undated
27The Solace of Open Spaces, “Obituary,” galley proof, [1984]
28The Solace of Open Spaces, “Obituary,” typescript, undated
29The Solace of Open Spaces, “On solace,” typescript, undated
30The Solace of Open Spaces, “Other lives,” 1st draft, undated
31The Solace of Open Spaces, “Other lives,” photocopy, undated
32The Solace of Open Spaces, “Passion 1st, 2nd, 3rd drafts,” typescript and 3 copies with holographic changes, [1980-1981]
33The Solace of Open Spaces, “”Passion,” 2nd draft, [1980-1982]
34The Solace of Open Spaces, “Passion – Notes – Nov. 80-81”
35The Solace of Open Spaces, “Passion – draft pages, 1982”
36The Solace of Open Spaces, “Passion – notes, 1982”
37The Solace of Open Spaces, “Rodeo,” Rules of the Game, notes and drafts, undated
38The Solace of Open Spaces, “A Season of Passion,” original and copies, 1982
39The Solace of Open Spaces, “A Season of Passion,” 3rd draft, 1982
51The Solace of Open Spaces, “A Sheepranch’s Passing,” (became: Obituary), notes and drafts, 1983 and undated
2The Solace of Open Spaces, “The Solace of Open Spaces,” early drafts, undated
3The Solace of Open Spaces, “The Solace of Open Spaces,” handwritten notes and drafts, undated
4The Solace of Open Spaces, “The Solace of Open Spaces” (Wyoming Space June-Oct.) 1st unrevised version, undated
5The Solace of Open Spaces, “The Solace of Open Spaces,” typescript & Atlantic May 1981 publication, 1981
6The Solace of Open Spaces, “Spring, false spring & the vernal equinox,” typescript, undated
7The Solace of Open Spaces, “A storm, the cornfield, and elk,” typescript and 3 photocopies with holographic corrections, undated
8The Solace of Open Spaces, “A storm, the cornfield, & elk,” typescript, undated
9The Solace of Open Spaces, “A ceremony of summer,” (To live in two worlds) photocopy of article in New Age Journal, June 1984
10The Solace of Open Spaces, “Sundance & Crow Fair,” (To live in two worlds) galley proofs with corrections, 1984
11The Solace of Open Spaces, “Sundance & Crow fair,” notes, drafts, research material, Official Rodeo Program, 65th Crow fair rodeo, 1983 and undated
12The Solace of Open Spaces, “Sundance & Crow fair,” copyedited draft and correspondence, New Age Journal, April 1984
13The Solace of Open Spaces, “Water,” handwritten notes and drafts, undated
14The Solace of Open Spaces, “Water,” typed drafts, undated
15The Solace of Open Spaces, “On Water,” (Water) typescript draft and notes, undated
16The Solace of Open Spaces, “Water,” typescript, undated
17The Solace of Open Spaces, “Wyoming essays: Men & women,” handwritten notes, summary, typed drafts, undated
18The Solace of Open Spaces, “Wyoming journal,” original versions and early notes, correspondence, 1977 undated
19The Solace of Open Spaces, “Wyoming journal,: notes, newspaper clippings, correspondence, 1976-1977 and undated
20The Solace of Open Spaces, “Wyoming journal, rewrite,” notes, drafts, correspondence, 1977 and undated
21The Solace of Open Spaces, “Wyoming journal: notes, 2nd year and summer,” handwritten notes and drafts, typed drafts, 1977 and undated 1977 and undated
22The Solace of Open Spaces, “Wyoming Journal,” handwritten notes, [1976?]
23The Solace of Open Spaces, “A Wyoming journal (working title) drafts and notes, 1976 and undated
24The Solace of Open Spaces, “Wyoming journal, first draft, A Cowley journal,” May 27, 1976
25The Solace of Open Spaces, “Wyoming journal, 2nd draft, ‘Notes from the interior,’” May-Oct. 1976
26The Solace of Open Spaces, “Wyoming space,” (became: The Solace of Open Spaces) typescript, undated
27The Solace of Open Spaces, “Wyoming space,”(became: The Solace of Open Spaces), June-October, typescript, undated
28The Solace of Open Spaces, “A Wyoming Report: Indian Summer,” (became: To live in two worlds), drafts and notes, undated
29The Solace of Open Spaces, “A Wyoming Report: Indian Summer,” draft (21 p.) and photocopy, undated
30The Solace of Open Spaces, “A Wyoming Report: Indian Summer” draft (21 p.) receipt for mailing to Atlantic Monthly, 1983
31The Solace of Open Spaces, “Rejected pages,” undated
32The Solace of Open Spaces, Handwritten notes, undated
33The Solace of Open Spaces, Correspondence from readers, 1988
34The Solace of Open Spaces, Correspondence, business, “Atlantic – ‘81” business correspondence, galley proofs, ms. “The Solace of Open Spaces” essay, 1980-1983 and undated
35The Solace of Open Spaces, Correspondence, business, “Harper’s: 1985” business correspondence, “About Men,” galley proofs, 1985
36The Solace of Open Spaces, Correspondence, business, Special Expeditions, author agreement to use quote from book, undated
37The Solace of Open Spaces, Reviews, 1985-1988, 1990 and undated
38The Solace of Open Spaces, Reviews, correspondence, (some items removed for flat storage), 1985-1986
39The Solace of Open Spaces, Study Guides for Angle of Vision: interpreting contemporary Western fiction – bibliography; guides for Stegner, Eastlake, Silko, Rios, Ehrlich, Anaya, Olsen, Nicols, 1986
40The Solace of Open Spaces, Study Guide for The Solace of Open Spaces by Gretel Ehrlich by Janet L. Jacobsen, 1986
41The Solace of Open Spaces, American Academy of Arts & Letters, 1986
42The Solace of Open Spaces, Denver Center Productions, docu-drama proposal, 1988
43The Solace of Open Spaces, “Notes for film of Solace,” correspondence (George Ayoub); drafts of screen play; notes, Lucian Freud brochure (removed for flat storage), 1993-1994 and undated
44The Solace of Open Spaces, “Solace – Treatment – March 1996,” drafts and notes, research, (programs removed to flat storage), 1996
45The Solace of Open Spaces, film, notes, faxes, and letters, 1996
46The Solace of Open Spaces, film, The Couturie Co., 1996
47The Solace of Open Spaces, film, draft, March 16, 1997
48The Solace of Open Spaces, film treatment, 4 p., 2 copies, (1998-99); Mary Stuart Masterson & Ehrlich notes dated March 1, 1997, 1997-1999 and undated
49The Solace of Open Spaces, film treatment, notes; correspondence with Mary Stuart Masterson, Feb. 16, 1998
50The Solace of Open Spaces, film, 2 versions and notes, undated
51The Solace of Open Spaces, film, option agreements, [1990s]
52The Solace of Open Spaces, film treatment; also includes drafts of “Teddy’s Story,” “The Orchard,” and “Mei Guo,” undated


Heart Mountain

61Heart Mountain, galleys and editorial corrections and annotations, [April 9, 1988]
71Heart Mountain, page and galley proofs, with corrections and annotations, undated
81Heart Mountain, binding die copy, undated
91Heart Mountain, 4th draft with 5th draft revisions, Jan. 1, 1988
101Heart Mountain, 3rd draft, Jan. 1, 1988
111Heart Mountain, 3rd draft with holographic corrections, Jan. 1, 1988
121Heart Mountain, clean draft, June 16, 1987
131Heart Mountain, 2nd draft, Nov. 30, 1987
141Heart Mountain, [part I] draft with holographic corrections, undated
2Heart Mountain, draft in black binder, 2 copies, 90 p. each, undated
3Heart Mountain, draft, on colored paper, undated
4Heart Mountain, draft (“4 copies, collate, some paste up” – yellow post-it), undated
5Heart Mountain, Part I, draft in spiral binding, Sept. 29, 1986
6Heart Mountain, Part II, draft, undated
7Heart Mountain, Part II, draft (pink post-it on title page), undated
8Heart Mountain, miscellaneous pages with paste ups, June 16, 1989
9Heart Mountain, manuscript pages returned by publisher, letter, March 12, 1990
10Heart Mountain, copy editor’s style sheet, undated
11Heart Mountain, title page and page proofs (originals moved to flat storage), undated
12Heart Mountain, correspondence with Viking Penguin (Dan Frank), 1987
13Heart Mountain, correspondence with Viking Penguin (Dan Frank), 1988
14Heart Mountain, correspondence with Viking Penguin on BOMC, May 5, 1989
15Heart Mountain, correspondence, Sawako Saitani, artist (6 snapshots and 1 check removed for separate storage), Feb. 1988
16Heart Mountain, correspondence, business and personal, 1988-1994 and undated
17Heart Mountain, correspondence, “Letters defending HT. MT.,” 1988
18Heart Mountain, cover art, Viking Penguin, note from publisher, undated
19Heart Mountain, artwork, notes, photographs and correspondence (photographs removed for storage), 1988 and undated
20Heart Mountain, publicity, Oct. 22, 1988
21Heart Mountain, framed invitation to reception, 1988
22Heart Mountain, “Heinman: Ht.Mt. British edition,” correspondence, cover art, catalogs, contract (Heinemann); correspondence from Phenomenon Productions and Mandarin (publisher) (some items removed for flat storage), 1988-1989 and undated
23Heart Mountain, “omitted pages and problems,” undated
24Heart Mountain, “misc. draft pages, ‘outs’ from 3rd draft,” undated
25Heart Mountain, “revisions, notes, ‘outs’,” undated
151Heart Mountain, “revision notes, Oct. 1987”
2Heart Mountain, 4th draft “outs,” undated
3Heart Mountain, 3rd draft, last pages “outs,” undated
4Heart Mountain, “early notes,” drafts and notes, undated
5Heart Mountain, “chapter descriptions & Dan’s notes – 3rd draft”’ drafts and correspondence from Dan Frank, Viking Penguin, July 1987 and undated
6Heart Mountain, notes, chapters 1-3, undated
7Heart Mountain, chapters 1-6, copy, undated
8Heart Mountain, chapter 8, drafts and notes, undated
9Heart Mountain, “notes – Part I & repairs”; drafts and notes, chapters 8-13, undated
10Heart Mountain, chapter 7 & 9, notes, undated
11Heart Mountain, chapter 10, Part I, drafts and notes, undated
12Heart Mountain, Chapter 11, Part I; drafts and notes, undated
13Heart Mountain, Chapter 12, Part I; drafts and notes, undated
14Heart Mountain, Chapter 13, Part I; drafts and notes, undated
15Heart Mountain, “Part II Notes”; drafts and notes, undated
16Heart Mountain, “Part III – 1943”; drafts and notes, undated
17Heart Mountain, “Notes – 1944”; drafts and notes, undated
18Heart Mountain, “Endings”; drafts and notes, undated
19Heart Mountain, “Precis”; drafts and notes, postcard [from S], Feb. 15, 1985 and undated
20Heart Mountain, “Unincorporated pages,” undated
21Heart Mountain, “Bataan – POW”; drafts and notes, undated
22Heart Mountain, “Part II Bobby”; drafts and notes, undated
23Heart Mountain, “Bobby”; drafts and notes, undated
24Heart Mountain, “Bobby’s dream & Willard’s roosters: August, 1945”; drafts and notes, undated
25Heart Mountain, “Bonsai & waiting: Spring 1943”; drafts and notes, undated
26Heart Mountain, “Camp chapters”; notes, photocopy of poem, 1981 and undated
27Heart Mountain, “Carol Lyman & Willard, Part II”; drafts and notes, undated
28Heart Mountain, “Champ comes home, 1945”; drafts and notes, undated
29Heart Mountain, “Eclipse – Part III”; drafts and notes, undated
30Heart Mountain, “Forest fire – 1945”; drafts and notes, undated
31Heart Mountain, “Fourteen & Delerium”: drafts and notes, undated
32Heart Mountain, “Kai”; drafts and notes, undated
33Heart Mountain, “Kai – notes, all chapters,” undated
34Heart Mountain, “Kai/Mariko & Will 1943&44 Part II”; drafts and notes, undated
35Heart Mountain, “Kai: 1944- Fair Play Comm.”; notes, undated
36Heart Mountain, “Kai: camp chapters – outs,” undated
37Heart Mountain, “Kai ‘1943’ Part II”; drafts and notes, undated
38Heart Mountain, “Leaving camp – 1945; Kai on train”; drafts and notes, undated
39Heart Mountain, “A letter from Henry”; drafts and notes, undated
40Heart Mountain, “Letters from Ted”; notes, undated
41Heart Mountain, “Madeline – 1944 ‘Waiting’”; drafts and notes, undated
42Heart Mountain, “Mariko & Abe-san visit – 1945, Abe-san dies, Spreading ashes”; drafts and notes, undated
43Heart Mountain, “Mariko & McKay 1944”; drafts and notes, undated
44Heart Mountain, “Mariko’s play” (empty folder with notes on inside of cover, undated
45Heart Mountain, “McKay”; drafts and notes, undated
46Heart Mountain, “McKay – 1943 – Part II”; drafts and notes, undated
47Heart Mountain, “McKay & Madeleine Part II”; drafts and notes, undated
48Heart Mountain, “McKay & Mariko – Part II”; drafts and notes, undated
49Heart Mountain, “McKay & Mariko: ‘Cold Turkey’ Part III – 1944”; drafts and notes, undated
50Heart Mountain, “McKay: Bucked off in water: Rapture”; drafts and notes, undated
51Heart Mountain, “McKay & Champ – 1944, finished chapt.”; drafts and notes, undated
52Heart Mountain, “McKay: ending”; drafts and notes, undated
53Heart Mountain, “Noh play”; drafts and notes, undated
54Heart Mountain, “Original pages – first draft; Pinkey”; drafts and notes, undated
55Heart Mountain, “Pinkey”; drafts and notes, undated
56Heart Mountain, “Pinkey & McKay”; draft, undated
57Heart Mountain, “Snuff – Part II”; drafts and notes, undated
58Heart Mountain, “Snuff and Carol’s wedding”; drafts and notes, undated
59Heart Mountain, “Tough & tender / Male & female”; drafts and notes, undated
161Heart Mountain, “Thursdays at Snuff’s, (Carol Lyman, Carol Lyman’s storey)”; drafts and notes, undated
2Heart Mountain, “Velma Vermeer”; drafts and notes, undated
3Heart Mountain, “Vincent: Party & Journal”; drafts and notes, undated
4Heart Mountain, “Part II: The Wild Man”; notes, undated
5Heart Mountain, “Willard”; drafts and notes, undated
6Heart Mountain, “Willard: McKay & Mariko, 2nd passion”; drafts and notes, undated
7Heart Mountain, Notes and drafts, undated
8Heart Mountain, Notebook, March – Oct., 1985
9Heart Mountain, Notebook, undated
10Heart Mountain, “Copies of chapters for readings”; Ch. 3 (p. 33-48); p. 326-331; The Fog, undated
11Heart Mountain, “Chapters retyped for magazine submission & readings,” undated
12Heart Mountain, Research, “Boy from Nebraska, Kenny”; photocopy, undated
13Heart Mountain, Research, “Dave Nelson,” photocopied material, undated
14Heart Mountain, Research, “Frank Emi,” photocopied material, 1944 and undated
15Heart Mountain, Research, “Japanese American Redress Committee,” 1987
16Heart Mountain, Research, “Japanese-Americans, Nisei”; news articles, 1979-1987 and undated
17Heart Mountain, Research, “Nisei,” 1983-1986 and undated
18Heart Mountain, Research, “Noh mask – carvers”; exhibition catalog, correspondence with Charles Kikuchi, notes (catalog removed for flat storage), 1986-1987 and undated
19Heart Mountain, Research, “1987, Notes, carving & misc.,” [1987]
20Heart Mountain, Research, On history, notes, undated
21Heart Mountain, Research, “Newspaper notes, 1942-1945,” undated
22Heart Mountain, Research, “Quotes & epigraphs,” undated
23Heart Mountain, Research, Ukiyo-E, notes from UCLA Research Library, Dec. 23, 1986
24Heart Mountain, Research, “War with Japanese”; newspaper articles, 1945 and undated
25Heart Mountain, Research, “WWII,” 1985-1987 and undated
26Heart Mountain, “Research notes,” undated
27Heart Mountain, “Research,” correspondence, précis, synopsis, newspaper clippings, 1983-1986 and undated
28Heart Mountain, Research notes (newspaper removed for flat storage), 1986 and undated
29Heart Mountain, Research, 5 postcards of Pearl Harbor (1941), correspondence, newspaper article (removed for flat storage), 1941-1988 and undated
30Heart Mountain, Research, Notebook, spiral bound, Nisei notes, Jan-March, 1981
31Heart Mountain, Research, 2 spiral bound notebooks, (1: Sundance, Heart MT, story notes, Sept. 1991; 2: HM notes), 1991 and undated
32Heart Mountain, Newspaper clippings, notes, articles, 1944-1988 and undated 1944-1988 and undated
33Heart Mountain, Newspaper clippings, 1974-1987 1974-1987
34Heart Mountain, Newspaper clippings, 1991
35Heart Mountain, “Ht. MT - Clippings,” 1991-1992
36Heart Mountain, Newspaper clippings, “Japan, general,” 1991-1992
37Heart Mountain, Newspaper clippings, 1991-1992 and undated
38Heart Mountain, Newspaper clippings and notes (newspaper article removed for flat storage), 1992 and undated
39Heart Mountain, “Asia Society, NYC,” invitation and program, 1988
40Heart Mountain, Heart Mountain Reunion III, 1989
41Heart Mountain, Notes and drafts for talk by Ehrlich, newspaper clippings, 1988-1989 and undated
42Heart Mountain, Reviews and articles, 1988-1990 and undated
43Heart Mountain, “When East meets West: the passions of landscape and culture in Gretel Ehrlich’s Heart Mountain” by G.L. Morris, 1992
44Heart Mountain, Correspondence, Charlene Février (about film project; photo removed for storage), Aug. 10, 1989
45Heart Mountain, Film proposal, notes, undated
46Heart Mountain, Film proposal, notes, newspaper clippings, undated
47Heart Mountain, Film proposal, notes (originals had water damage), undated
48Heart Mountain, Film proposal, New World Television, correspondence, 1988
49Heart Mountain, Film proposal, United Artists Pictures, correspondence, legal documents, 1988
50Heart Mountain, Film proposal, William Morris Agency, correspondence, summary, 1988
51Heart Mountain, Film proposal, Wind River Films, correspondence, legal documents, summary, [1988?]
52Heart Mountain, Film proposal, correspondence, (newspaper clippings removed for flat storage), 1990-1991
53Heart Mountain, Film proposal, “Breakdown of novel for screenplay,” handwritten notes, undated
171Heart Mountain, Film proposal, Fax to Robert Redford, undated
2Heart Mountain, Film proposal, “Bob’s version, 1991”; synopsis for Sundance, correspondence with Redford, notes and drafts, 1991
3Heart Mountain, Film proposal, “Bob’s outline”; outline, 5 p., undated; outline, 12 p. 1st draft, 11-28-91; outline 12 p., revised 11-30-91; outline, p. 11-12 only, revised; 3 copies p. 11; newspaper & journal clippings on Peter Greenaway, 1991 and undated
4Heart Mountain, Film proposal, includes Ehrlich biographical sheet, précis, correspondence, drafts and notes, Newsweek article, 1991
5Heart Mountain, Film proposal, spiral bound notebook (Story conferences, 1992), notes, movie house flyer (removed for flat storage), 1992 and undated
6Heart Mountain, screenplay 1st draft, Dec. 1991
7Heart Mountain, screenplay revised, includes notes and newspaper clippings, Dec. 2, 1991
8Heart Mountain, screenplay, Feb. 10, 1992
9Heart Mountain, screenplay, undated
10Heart Mountain, screenplay, handwritten and typed, early draft, undated
11Heart Mountain, film proposal, newspaper clipping on Arthur Cohn, undated
12Heart Mountain, Artist Project proposal, 1989
13Heart Mountain, East West Players, 1992


Wyoming Stories / Drinking Dry Clouds

1714Wyoming Stories, précis, drafts and notes, Jan. 21, 1986
15Wyoming Stories, draft, undated
16Wyoming Stories, “First drafts: Wyo. Stories, Capra,” undated
17Wyoming Stories, [“Thursdays at Snuff’s] published in Wyoming Horizons, Feb. 2, 1986
18Wyoming Stories, “Thursdays at Snuff’s” draft, undated
19Wyoming Stories, “Capra Press: Wyo. Stories,” galleys, 1986
20Wyoming Stories, Capra Press, contract, 1989
21Wyoming Stories, “Capra: Wyo. Stories correspondence, reviews, etc., ” includes poetry postcard (At Night the Salmon Move, by Raymond Carver), 1983-1984
22Wyoming Stories, Correspondence, Capra Press, 1990
23Wyoming Stories, “Capra Press: Publicity,” Capra author biography form (original moved to restricted file), undated
24Wyoming Stories, Reviews, 1985-1987
25Drinking Dry Clouds, Part I, typeset pages, Jan. 18, 1991
26Drinking Dry Clouds, Part I & II, typeset pages, Jan. 18, 1991
27Drinking Dry Clouds, Wyoming Stories, Part II, draft, undated
28Drinking Dry Clouds, Part II, revised, Feb. 4, 1991
29Drinking Dry Clouds, “Wyoming Stories, Bobby,” 1990
30Drinking Dry Clouds, “Wyoming Stories, Carol Lyman,” 1990
31Drinking Dry Clouds, “Wyoming Stories, Champ," 1990
32Drinking Dry Clouds, “Wyoming Stories, Henry’s day, Henry’s night,” undated
33Drinking Dry Clouds, “Wyoming Stories, Kai’s mother,” 1990
34Drinking Dry Clouds, “Wyoming Stories, Madeleine,” 1st and 2nd drafts, 1990
35Drinking Dry Clouds, “Wyoming Stories, McKay,” 1990
36Drinking Dry Clouds, “Wyoming Stories, Pinkey,” 1990
37Drinking Dry Clouds, “Wyoming Stories, Velma Vermeer,” 1990
38Drinking Dry Clouds, Story notes, 1990
39Drinking Dry Clouds, Wyoming Stories, notes and correspondence, 1990
40Drinking Dry Clouds, Reviews, 1991
41Drinking Dry Clouds, Book cover, [1991]


Islands, the Universe, Home

181Islands, the Universe, Home, Precís, undated
2Islands, the Universe, Home, author’s original, setting manuscript, correspondence from publisher, 8-25-92, (some items removed for flat storage), [1990]-1992
3Islands, the Universe, Home, galleys, May 15, 1991
4Islands, the Universe, Home, draft with corrections, artwork, correspondence: Al Silverman, Penguin, Feb. 25, 1991, 1990-1991
5Islands, the Universe, Home, draft with corrections, artwork, notes, correspondence: to Akira Kurosawa, March 8, 1991, 1989-1991
6Islands, the Universe, Home, clean copy, 1990
7Islands, the Universe, Home, draft with corrections, 1990
8Islands, the Universe, Home, draft with corrections and artwork, 1990
9Islands, the Universe, Home, original artwork and photocopies, undated
10Islands, the Universe, Home, cover proofs, Penguin, [1991]
11Islands, the Universe, Home, revisions, corrections, notes, photocopied artwork, correspondence: Pantheon Books, March 5, 1991, (computer disk removed for storage), 1991 and undated
12Islands, the Universe, Home, “Architecture 1989 – notes,” drafts and notes (Letters to an Architect), 1989
13Islands, the Universe, Home, “Architecture – outs – 1990,” drafts, notes, correspondence, 1990
14Islands, the Universe, Home, “Autumn 1989,” notes and drafts, 1989
15Islands, the Universe, Home, “The blueprint,” undated
16Islands, the Universe, Home, “The Bridge to Heaven, typescript with corrections (1 original, 2 copies), undated
17Islands, the Universe, Home, “The Bridge to Heaven – Tohoku,” drafts and notes, 1900
18Islands, the Universe, Home, “The fasting heart,” draft with corrections, undated
19Islands, the Universe, Home, “The Fasting Heart 1990”; 1st, 2nd (2 copies), 3rd, 4th (2 copies, 1 dated Feb. 25, 1991) drafts, correspondence: Al Silverman, 1900-1991
20Islands, the Universe, Home, “The Fasting Heart – 1990” drafts and notes, 1990
21Islands, the Universe, Home, “From a Winter Journal; A Winter Journal ‘ 84”; drafts, undated
191Islands, the Universe, Home, “Chumash; Home is How Many Places?” report from a Chumash nation, Santa Barbara, California”; notes and drafts, 1984 and undated
2Islands, the Universe, Home, “Home is Two Places,” 1st draft 1990; 1st draft 1986, 1986-1990
3Islands, the Universe, Home, “Idleness: ‘Spring’ notes,” undated
4Islands, the Universe, Home, “Island – Fall, notes and drafts, 1989
5Islands, the Universe, Home, “Island,” 3 versions, artwork, misc. pages, 1989
6Islands, the Universe, Home, “The Lake – Spring, 1990, (empty folder), 1990
7Islands, the Universe, Home, “Landscape: Polaroid Corp. 1987, correspondence, notes and drafts, 1987
8Islands, the Universe, Home, “Looking for a Lost Dog,” draft and notes, undated
9Islands, the Universe, Home, “Looking for a Lost Dog,” three versions, undated
10Islands, the Universe, Home, “Passion 1989”; typescript, p. 134-173, research material, correspondence, notes, 1983-1989 and undated
11Islands, the Universe, Home, “The Pond: Winter,” drafts and notes, [1990]
12Islands, the Universe, Home, “San Miguel 1990” drafts and notes, 1990
13Islands, the Universe, Home, “Spring – 1986 – Antaeus,” drafts and notes, 1986
14Islands, the Universe, Home, “Spring,” galley sheets, typescript with corrections, photocopy, 1986 and undated
15Islands, the Universe, Home, “Spring Storm June 1991,” correspondence, notes, drafts, 1990-1991 and undated
16Islands, the Universe, Home, “Summer,” drafts and notes, undated
17Islands, the Universe, Home, “Summer,” drafts and notes, [1988]
18Islands, the Universe, Home, “Summer 1988,” drafts with revisions, letters from Viking and Harper’s (May 22, 1989), 1988-1989
19Islands, the Universe, Home, “Summer 1990,” 2nd draft, 1990
20Islands, the Universe, Home, “Summer: drafts, 3rd draft, also 2nd and 1st,” [1990?]
21Islands, the Universe, Home, “Summer Solstice, the River, and the Palm at the End of the Mind,” photocopy, undated
22Islands, the Universe, Home, “This Autumn Morning,” galley proofs with corrections, Feb. 5, 1990
23Islands, the Universe, Home, “This Autumn Morning,” drafts, notes, correspondence, 1989
24Islands, the Universe, Home, “Outs,” 1990
25Islands, the Universe, Home, “Exploratory notes -1987,” drafts, notes, research material (3 items removed for flat storage), 1987-1989
26Islands, the Universe, Home, Misc. pages and notes, 1989
27Islands, the Universe, Home, “Misc. notes, 1990,” includes APR July/Aug. 1989 with Eugenio Montale: six poems, 1989-1990
28Islands, the Universe, Home, Outside Magazine, View from an Island, notes, 1989
29Islands, the Universe, Home, Notes (Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History brochure removed for flat storage), 1990
30Islands, the Universe, Home, Deadlines, Nov. 1990
31Islands, the Universe, Home, Research, Birds, includes Ehrlich essay and Summary of 19 Sheridan Christmas Bird Counts, 1969-1987, [1988] and undated
32Islands, the Universe, Home, Research, Botanics: Living in harmony and conflict, includes correspondence (Nabhan), 1988-1990 and undated
33Islands, the Universe, Home, Research, Botany, includes notes, 1989 and undated
34Islands, the Universe, Home, Research, California, includes correspondence, 1987-1989 and undated
35Islands, the Universe, Home, Research, California, Nature Conservancy News Oct/Nov 1986, 1986
36Islands, the Universe, Home, Research, Channel Islands, includes correspondence (newspapers and brochures removed for flat storage), 1986-1989 and undated
37Islands, the Universe, Home, Research, Chumash, (brochure removed for flat storage), 1987 and undated
38Islands, the Universe, Home, Research, Eki – Part II, K, Kanazawa, Kyoto, Iyo, notes, undated
39Islands, the Universe, Home, Research, Farallon Islands, includes correspondence: Jack Swenson, (Point Reyes Bird Observatory brochure removed for flat storage), 1979-1982
40Islands, the Universe, Home, Research, Hawaii – Bea Krauss (map removed for flat storage), 1985-1986
41Islands, the Universe, Home, Research, Hawaii, Nature Conservancy News, Feb/March 1987, 1987
42Islands, the Universe, Home, Research, Islands, Ft. Jefferson, includes correspondence (map removed for flat storage), 1986-1987 and undated
43Islands, the Universe, Home, Research, Japan – Tohoku – 1989, includes correspondence, (photo removed for storage), 1987-1989 and undated
44Islands, the Universe, Home, Research, Japan- Tohoku – 1990, notes, [1990]
45Islands, the Universe, Home, Research, On Women, 1989
46Islands, the Universe, Home, Research, P/Halley: the Universe, drafts and notes, research materials, 1986-1998 and undated
47Islands, the Universe, Home, Research, Roger Kavache (?), includes correspondence (photo removed for storage), 1988
48Islands, the Universe, Home, Research, San Miguel Island, June 1989
49Islands, the Universe, Home, Research, The Universe, 1988-1989 and undated
50Islands, the Universe, Home, Reviews, 1991


A Match to the Heart

201A Match to the Heart, page proofs, and 2 pages of notes, 1994
2A Match to the Heart, page proofs, 1993
3A Match to the Heart, revised galleys, Dec. 18, 1993
4A Match to the Heart, setting copy, correspondence (Dan Frank), Oct. 1993
5A Match to the Heart, Lightning Strikes Twice, 184 p., includes correspondence (Dan Frank), Aug. 6, 1993
6A Match to the Heart, Lightning Strikes Twice, 121 p., includes correspondence (Dan Frank), Aug. 5, 1993
7A Match to the Heart, Lightning Strikes Twice, 1st of 2 final drafts, July 17, 1993
8A Match to the Heart, Lightning Strikes Twice, 3rd draft, [July 1993?]
9A Match to the Heart, Lightning Strikes Twice, 2nd draft, 185 p., notes, undated
10A Match to the Heart, Lightning [empty folder] 1st draft, July 21st 1993
11A Match to the Heart, Lightning Strikes Twice, typescript and insert pages, undated
12A Match to the Heart, partial typescript and photocopies, undated
13A Match to the Heart, drafts, notes, research material, correspondence (Dan Frank), undated
14A Match to the Heart, Lightning Strikes Twice, typescript with corrections, correspondence (Dan Frank), undated
15A Match to the Heart, Lightning Strikes Twice, typescript, t.p. p. 33, undated
16A Match to the Heart, cover art, Penguin, undated
211A Match to the Heart, Intro, Chapters 1-5, undated
2A Match to the Heart, Chapter 5, March 4, 1993
3A Match to the Heart, Chapter 5 & 6, March 10, 1993
4A Match to the Heart, Chapter 5, 6, & 7; Chapter (New Year’s), undated
5A Match to the Heart, Chapter 6, 7, & 8; Chapter (A black-crowned…”; Chapter “Death, which we …,” undated
6A Match to the Heart, Chapter 10, undated
7A Match to the Heart, Chapter “Does fire put…,” undated
8A Match to the Heart, Chapter “The mustard held sway…”; Chapter “In spring the surf…,” undated
9A Match to the Heart, Chapters? “The physics of lightning,” 3rd draft, undated
10A Match to the Heart, 5 misc. pages, undated
11A Match to the Heart, “Bab’s – Notes,” notes and drafts, undated
12A Match to the Heart, “Deep in the ocean…” various drafts, Sept. 18, Sept. 10, Aug. 12, Aug. 11, Aug. 21, and undated
13A Match to the Heart, “Narrative,” notes and drafts, undated
14A Match to the Heart, “Misc. notes and narrative – unused stuff,” undated
15A Match to the Heart, “unused bits,” artwork (Aug. 6), undated
16A Match to the Heart, “Lightning Book,” notes and drafts, undated
17A Match to the Heart, Correspondence, Howard Norman (includes his translation: How the Narwhal got its Tusk), 1993
18A Match to the Heart, Correspondence, business and personal (includes letters from Ehrlich, unmailed), 1992-1996
19A Match to the Heart, Research, material on the body, undated
20A Match to the Heart, Research, “The Brain – 1989,” 1984-1989 and undated
21A Match to the Heart, Research, “The Brain,” 1990-1992 and undated
22A Match to the Heart, Research “Earth & Ocean & Atmosphere,” 1988-1989
23A Match to the Heart, Research, “The Heart,” 1984-1990 and undated
24A Match to the Heart, Research, “Homeostasis,” undated
25A Match to the Heart, Research, Life magazine, March 1992
26A Match to the Heart, Research, material on lightning injuries, 1989-1993 and undated
27A Match to the Heart, Research, :Lightning: myths,” 1923-1972 and undated
28A Match to the Heart, Research, “Lightning – Questions,” Sept. 22, no year
29A Match to the Heart, Research, “Lightning Strike and Electric Shock Victim’s International,” (brochure removed for flat storage), 1991-1993 and undated
30A Match to the Heart, Research, “Lightning,” notes, undated
31A Match to the Heart, Research, “Nervous System,” 1984 and undated
32A Match to the Heart, Research, “Ocean, waves; lightning,” 1993 and undated
33A Match to the Heart, Research, “Sam’s map of smells,” notes, undated
34A Match to the Heart, Research, “Science & literary tear sheets,” undated
35A Match to the Heart, Research, “The sea,” 1993 and undated
36A Match to the Heart, Research, Stan Meyer, photocopies, 1992
37A Match to the Heart, Research, Swarthmore College Bulletin, May 1993
38A Match to the Heart, Research, “Syncope,” 1990-1991
39A Match to the Heart, Research, “Tibet, Japan, China: non-Western medicine,” notes, undated
40A Match to the Heart, Research, Misc. reviews and articles (some items moved for flat storage), 1987-1994 and undated
41A Match to the Heart, Research, Notepad, legal size, yellow, undated



221Yellowstone, “Incompletes of 1st draft [on file folder]”; “2nd draft incomplete [on manuscript], [1995]
2Yellowstone, drafts, “to be spared the vandalism of improvement,” includes correspondence, reviewers comments, notes, (envelope removed for flat storage), [1995]
3Yellowstone, Captions and foldouts, Nov. 22, 1994 and Nov. 29, 1994
4Yellowstone, Ehrlich’s draft before editing by Tehabi Books, includes correspondence and poem by Ehrlich, 1994-[1995]
5Yellowstone, “Copies 1st final draft, Tehabi Books,” 1994
6Yellowstone, “Gretel’s copy,” 1994
7Yellowstone, Misc. pages with correspondence from publisher, 1994
8Yellowstone, “Tehabi – Yellowstone Plateau,” notes and drafts, business correspondence, 1993-1994 and undated
9Yellowstone, “Yellowstone Botany, Outside, 1989,” notes, drafts and research material (newspapers removed for flat storage), 1984-1989
10Yellowstone, “Endangered Wonder Yellowstone – Traveler magazine, notes and 1st draft,” 1991
11Yellowstone, “Traveller [sic] Mag. ‘Yellowstone,’” notes and drafts, 1991 and undated
12Yellowstone, Research, Botany, undated
13Yellowstone, Research, “Yellowstone Fires – Notes,” newsclippings, magazine articles, notes and research (some items removed for flat storage), 1972-1989
14Yellowstone, Research, “Yellowstone – geology,” Aug. 26, 1994
15Yellowstone, Research, “Grizzly Bears,” 1989
16Yellowstone, Research, “Mind & Geology,” notes, drafts, and research, 1988 and undated
17Yellowstone, Research, pamphlets on Yellowstone fires, ecology, and grizzly bears, 1973-1991
18Yellowstone, Research, newspaper clippings about Yellowstone fires (Yellowstone today, Summer 1989, removed for flat storage), 1988-1989
19Yellowstone, Publicity material, 17 large postcards, [1996?]
20Yellowstone, Publicity material, Harper Collins catalog (removed for flat storage), 1995


Questions of Heaven

2221Questions of Heaven, Original manuscript, setting copy with cover letter from publisher, 1998
22Questions of Heaven, typescript with holographic corrections and correspondence from publisher, 1996
23Questions of Heaven, 2nd draft, Oct. 11, 1996
24Questions of Heaven, 3rd draft, draft with corrections and artwork, 1996
25Questions of Heaven, [3rd draft], with corrections, 1996
26Questions of Heaven, typescript, p. 1-123, [1996]
27Questions of Heaven, typescript, p. 1-123, [second copy], [1996]
28Questions of Heaven, typescript, single-spaced, undated
29Questions of Heaven, Various draft segments, mostly “The Road to Emershan,” [1995-1996]
30Questions of Heaven, misc. manuscript pages, [1995-1996?]
231Questions of Heaven, Dust-jacket proof (removed for flat storage), [1996?]
2Questions of Heaven, Original artwork, Chinese characters, [1995-1996?]
3Questions of Heaven, Research, Raoul Birnbaum, 1986-1995 and undated
4Questions of Heaven, Research, Booklists and research notes, undated
5Questions of Heaven, Research, “Emei-Shan,” undated
6Questions of Heaven, Research, “China – late notes,” 1986 and undated
7Questions of Heaven, Research, “China – clippings,” 1993-1995 and undated
8Questions of Heaven, Research, “China – newspaper clippings,” 1995-1996 and undated
9Questions of Heaven, Research, “China – research info.,” 1984-1995 and undated
10Questions of Heaven, Research, “China: Sacred Mts.” And “T’ang Poetry: Shi,” 1988-1995 and undated
11Questions of Heaven, Research, “China – Summer, 1995,” 1995 and undated
12Questions of Heaven, Research, “China – Travel info.,” 1995
13Questions of Heaven, Research, “Hermits – Bill Porter,” notes, undated
14Questions of Heaven, Research, “’Inscribed Landscapes’: Shan-Shui” news clippings and notes, 1996 and undated
15Questions of Heaven, Research, “Nation Palace Museum Art Gallery Guide and other material, clippings on silk art, cover for Mandarin Chinese language tapes (brochure removed for flat storage), 1992-1995 and undated
16Questions of Heaven, Research, “Tibet,” 1995 and undated
17Questions of Heaven, Research, Travel info., on Lijiang, (brochure on the Na-Khi Orchestra removed for flat storage), 1988 and undated
18Questions of Heaven, Research, National Geographic articles, booklists, notes, 1926-1996 and undated
19Questions of Heaven, Research, Magazines and articles: China Now, China Today, The New York Times, China Pictorial, Time, Travel & Leisure, 1993-1996
20Questions of Heaven, Research, Notes, clippings, articles, correspondence, 1983-1996 and undated
21Questions of Heaven, Research, group of empty folders: Lofu Shan, Jiuhua-Shan, Wutai-Shan, Tai-shan (has notes on outside of folder), China: booklists, undated
22Questions of Heaven, Research, 2 Yellow notepads, undated
23Questions of Heaven, Research, Misc. articles and reviews, 1997-1998
24Questions of Heaven, photographs and slides removed for storage (about 100 snapshots; 10 boxes of slides), [1995-1996]
25Questions of Heaven, photograph, slide, photo envelopes, negatives (photographs, negatives, slide removed for storage), [1995]
26Questions of Heaven, photographs and slide, China, research, 1995
27Questions of Heaven, empty photo envelopes, business cards, undated


Horse Whisperer,

2328“Horse Whisperer,” draft with handwritten corrections, [1998?]
29“Horse Whisperer,” notes and research material, essay “Ray Hunt: Riding Colts,” [1998?]
30“Horse Whisperer,” Interview with Buck Brannaman, 1998
31“Horse Whisperer – Companion,” notes and drafts, 1998 and undated
32“Horse Whisperer: Companion,” correspondence from publisher, notes, Feb. 24, 1998
33“Horse Whisperer,” correspondence from publisher, April 6, 1998


A Blizzard Year

2334“A Blizzard Year,” “Almanac,” early draft, notes, correspondence, 1997
35“A Blizzard Year,” draft and cover, 1999
36“A Blizzard Year,” final draft notes, correspondence, 1999
37“A Blizzard Year,” 2 drafts, 1999
38“A Blizzard Year,” artwork, sample proof pages, draft, correspondence, 1998-1999
39A Blizzard Year, reviews, 2000
40A Blizzard Year, correspondence and reviews, 1998-2000
41A Blizzard Year, William Allen White Award, 2000
42A Blizzard Year, four copies of paperback book, 1999


Cowboy Island (Santa Rosa Island(

2343Cowboy Island, drafts and notes, 1998
44“Island Farewell Text, SRI book,” two typescripts with corrections, [1998?]
45Santa Rosa Island, preface notes and manuscript with corrections, “Gretel 3,” [1996?]
46Santa Rosa Island, typescript, p. 2-59, undated
47Santa Rosa Island, preface “Gretel 4,” notes, omitted sections, undated
48Santa Rosa Island, “Island Farewell,” preface and chapter with notes, 1999
49Santa Rosa Island, “Island Farewell,” preface, 2 computer disks: Gretel 5; Gretel 6, 9/1/99 (disks removed for storage), 1999
50Santa Rosa Island, transcript of interview with Jack Crawford, May 4, 1993
51Santa Rosa Island, transcript of interview with Ted Naftzger, Jan. 19, 1993
52Santa Rosa Island, transcript of interview with Tom Thornton, June 15, 1987
53Santa Rosa Island, Research, “Once Was Enough,” by Catherine Sutherland Vail, undated
54Santa Rosa Island, Research, “Diego: A Brief Look,” by Lourdes Cuevas, May 7, 1992
55Santa Rosa Island, Research, Islands of the Cowboys, by Kerry Blankenship Allen, 1996
56Santa Rosa Island, The New Yorker, notes, drafts, transcript of speech by Will Woolley, 1997 and undated
241Santa Rosa Island, “Women Outside,” draft, correspondence, articles (map removed for flat storage), 1999
2Santa Rosa Island, correspondence, notes, research, 1993-1996 and undated
3Santa Rosa Island, notes, Oct. 1998
4Santa Rosa Island, notes, 1999
5Santa Rosa Island, loose notes, “Margaret,” undated
6Santa Rosa Island, Research, magazine articles, correspondence, news clippings (newspapers removed for flat storage), 1965, 1996 and undated
7Santa Rosa Island, publicity, 2000
8Santa Rosa Island, award, undated
9Santa Rosa Island, talk, Historical Society, 2000
10Santa Rosa Island, photocopies of photographs, [2000?]
11Santa Rosa Island, slides, photographs, negatives (removed for storage), 1997 and undated


John Muir, Nature’s Visionary,

2412John Muir, Chapters 3 and 4, [2000?]
13John Muir, draft, [2000?]
14John Muir, Several chronologies of Muir’s life and work, notes, drafts of introduction and epilogue, 2000 and undated
15John Muir, Introduction, The Mountains of California, 1988 and undated
16John Muir, Correspondence with National Geographic, notes and research materials, 1999-2001 and undated
17John Muir, National Geographic Society Contract (original moved to restricted file), 2000
18John Muir, Yosemite guides and travel information, 2000
19John Muir, Research and notes, undated


Introduction to John Muir’s My First Summer in the Sierra

2420John Muir, My First Summer in the Sierra, Introduction, Penguin, 1986
21John Muir, My First Summer in the Sierra, Boock cover, [1987]


This Cold Heaven

2422This Cold Heaven, photocopied draft with photocopied changes, p. 1-100, [2001]
23This Cold Heaven, photocopied draft with photocopied changes, p. 101-200, [2001]
24This Cold Heaven, photocopied draft with photocopied changes, p. 201-300, [2001]
25This Cold Heaven, photocopied draft with photocopied changes, p. 301-400, [2001]
26This Cold Heaven, photocopied draft with photocopied changes, p. 401-538, [2001]
27This Cold Heaven, correspondence, first-pass proofs with holographic corrections by Ehrlich, last draft before copy-editor’s draft, p. 1-100, [2001]
28This Cold Heaven, first-pass proofs with holographic corrections by Ehrlich, last draft before copy-editor’s draft, p. 101-200, [2001]
29This Cold Heaven, first-pass proofs with holographic corrections by Ehrlich, last draft before copy-editor’s draft, p. 201-300, [2001]
30This Cold Heaven, first-pass proofs with holographic corrections by Ehrlich, last draft before copy-editor’s draft, p. 301-400, [2001]
31This Cold Heaven, first-pass proofs with holographic corrections by Ehrlich, last draft before copy-editor’s draft, p. 401-527, [2001]
32This Cold Heaven, uncorrected proof, correspondence, 2001
33This Cold Heaven, uncorrected proof with holographic corrections, torn paper bookmarks at p. 180 and 348, 2001
251This Cold Heaven, excerpts from, bound, four copies, 2001
2This Cold Heaven, Correspondence with Pantheon Books, holographic notes, page proofs, style sheet, [2001?]
3This Cold Heaven, note from copy editor, loose, undated
4This Cold Heaven, Proof, with maps, correspondence, 2001
5This Cold Heaven, cover art, illustrations, notes, (1 map removed for storage, a fold out brochure Nuna Eqqissisi removed for storage), [2001?]
6This Cold Heaven, Book covers, British ed. (3 copies), undated
7This Cold Heaven, “Any Clear Thing That Blinds Us With Surprise,” “1st draft,” [1 of 2 folders], [2000]
8This Cold Heaven, “Any Clear Thing That Blinds Us With Surprise,” “1st draft,” [2 of 2 folders], [2000]
9This Cold Heaven, “Seeing in the Dark,” typescript, (water damage) [2000]
10This Cold Heaven, Draft, June 16, 2000 and June 14, 2000
11This Cold Heaven, typescript, p. 1-176, [2000]
12This Cold Heaven, “Any Clear Thing that Blinds us with Surprise,” print, p. 4-113, unusable draft, Dec. 3, 2000
13This Cold Heaven, Any Clear Thing that Blinds Us with Surprise, draft and notes, April 1999
14This Cold Heaven, “Printout – Draft- Nov. 97,” Nov. 1997
15This Cold Heaven, “Printout – Draft [and notes], Nov. 1997,” Nov. 1997
16This Cold Heaven, “Any Clear Thing that Blinds Us with Surprise,” typescript with corrections, 1996
17This Cold Heaven, “Any Clear Thing that Blinds Us with Surprise,” typescript, t.p. -250, 1993-1999
18This Cold Heaven, “Any Clear Thing that Blinds Us with Surprise,” typescript, 251-527, 1993-1999
19This Cold Heaven, “Any Clear Thing that Blinds Us with Surprise, attempted printout of second draft, since revised,” undated
261This Cold Heaven, “Any Clear Thing that Blinds Us with Surprise,” complete, March 1996 draft, before Harper’s edits; The Second Thule Expedition; 1998; Aliberti’s Ride; misc. drafts, 1996-1998 and undated
2This Cold Heaven, “Any Clear Thing that Blinds Us with Surprise,” incomplete draft, March 1996, original folder labeled: Greenland – Darkness – draft, 1996
3This Cold Heaven, Any Clear Thing that Blinds Us with Surprise, Part III, Jan. 1998
4This Cold Heaven, Any Clear Thing That Blinds Us with Surprise, misc. pages with corrections, [1996]
5This Cold Heaven, “Part I: In Those Days,” 1st draft, misc, pages, undated
6This Cold Heaven, “Cold Comfort,” page proofs, Harper’s, March 1997
7This Cold Heaven, “Cold Comfort,” with notes, Harper’s, March 1997
8This Cold Heaven, “Cold Comfort,” photocopy, March 1997
9This Cold Heaven, “Darkness,” Harper’s draft, 1996-1997 and undated
10This Cold Heaven, “Darkness” typescript, 1995
11This Cold Heaven, “Darkness” typescript, Spring 1995
12This Cold Heaven, “Darkness #1,” undated
13This Cold Heaven, “Bits from Darkness,” undated
14This Cold Heaven, “Fifth Thule Expedition, 1921-1924,” typescript, undated
15This Cold Heaven, “Fifth Thule Expedition, 1921-1924,” “duplicate” typescript, undated
16This Cold Heaven, “Fifth Thule Expedition,” late notes, articles, illustrations, 1993-1997 and undated
17This Cold Heaven, “Greenland,” typescript, undated
18This Cold Heaven, “Greenland: Islands Mag., tear sheet,” May 1993
19This Cold Heaven, Greenland, 1st draft, Islands Magazine (water damaged, photocopied), [1993?]
20This Cold Heaven, “Greenland poems,” 1997, 1998 and undated
21This Cold Heaven, Greenland, images, 1994 and 1996 and undated
22This Cold Heaven, Greenland, miscellaneous notes and quotes, undated
23This Cold Heaven, “1997 – Greenland & Light, Dark,” notes, drafts, research, v
24This Cold Heaven, “Greenland: Light 1997” & “Greenland: So the Darkness Shall Be Light, Summer, 1997,” (two file folders), draft, p. 15-123, 1997
25This Cold Heaven, “Greenland Summer Light,” draft, Nov. 1996
26This Cold Heaven, “Greenland Winter Darkness: notes,” 1996
27This Cold Heaven, “Greenland, misc. notes,” (newspapers removed for flat storage), 1996-1997
28This Cold Heaven, Greenland “Ikuo Oshima,” notes, 1999 and undated
29This Cold Heaven, “Howard Norman” draft with holograph corrections, [2000]
30This Cold Heaven, “January twenty-seven” typescript with corrections, [1997-1999?]
31This Cold Heaven, “Jens Danielson” early draft, typescript, April-May 1999
32This Cold Heaven, “The Last Leg: Palo’s Wedding,” typescript, undated
33This Cold Heaven, Light, 3rd draft, Nov.-Dec. 1996
34This Cold Heaven, “Mid-summer 1998,” [1998?]
35This Cold Heaven, “Preface,” draft, Aug. 3, 2000
36This Cold Heaven, “Preface” 2nd, typescript and holograph draft, 1999
37This Cold Heaven, Preface, draft, undated
38This Cold Heaven, “Prologue: In Those Days,” 1993
39This Cold Heaven, “Prologue: In Those Days,” 2nd draft, 1996
40This Cold Heaven, “Prologue: In Those Days,” 1st draft, undated
41This Cold Heaven, “Qaanaaq 1998,” p. 1-166, 1998
42This Cold Heaven, “Qaanaaq, 1999, insert,” 1999
43This Cold Heaven, “1917, 2nd Thule Expedition,” [2000]
44This Cold Heaven, “The Second Thule Expedition” & “Fifth Thule Expedition,” [2000?]
45This Cold Heaven, “So the Darkness Shall Be the Light,” typescript with holograph corrections, p. 12-102, 1996
46This Cold Heaven, “So the Darkness Shall be the Light,” early draft, “Summer Ilulissat,” typescript, undated
47This Cold Heaven, “So the Darkness Shall Be the Light,” draft, “Summer Ilulissat,” Aug 16, [no year]
48This Cold Heaven, “Summer,” p. 27-92, [1995?]
49This Cold Heaven, “Summer, Qaanaaq, 1999,” typescript, revised, Aug. 3 [2000?]
271This Cold Heaven, “This morning a sundog…” 2 drafts: 1. June 9, goldenrod paper; 2. undated, lavender paper, undated
2This Cold Heaven, “To Northern Greenland April 1917,” duplicated, undated
3This Cold Heaven, “Uummanaaq 1998,” rewrite, 1999
4This Cold Heaven, “The Weather Inside: Uummannaq,” “1st, pl A1,” undated
5This Cold Heaven, Notes and newspaper articles, 1998-2002
6This Cold Heaven, Notes, (some papers had water damage), 1993-1995
7This Cold Heaven, Notes, undated
8This Cold Heaven, “Dump” not for publication, 5 sets, [1997-1999]
9This Cold Heaven, “Dumps and parts of drafts,” 1995, 1999 and undated
10This Cold Heaven, “Dump pages – Part III,” 1997-1998
11This Cold Heaven, Darkness, outs, misc. pages, (some water damage), undated
12This Cold Heaven, From Darkness, dump, typescript, undated
13This Cold Heaven, Draft, “Microsoft – Cut,” undated
14This Cold Heaven, Correspondence, “Greenland correspondence, 1996-1997,” 1996-1999 and undated
15This Cold Heaven, Greenland, correspondence, Sept. 1998
16This Cold Heaven, Artwork, Karl Kruse, Hans Lynge, includes Painter of Light: the Art of Hans Lynge, by Bodil Kaalund, 1993-1997
17This Cold Heaven, Maps (many removed for flat storage), 1989 and undated
18This Cold Heaven, “Arctic- expenses and receipts,” 1995
19This Cold Heaven, Arctic, new notes, summer, 1995
20This Cold Heaven, “Greenland travel info. Fall 1997,” (brochure moved to flat storage), 1989-1998 and undated
21This Cold Heaven, Harpers, one page of misc. notes, 1994
22This Cold Heaven, “Travel receipts: France & Greenland,” May 1997-March 1998
23This Cold Heaven, Far North, Synopsis, undated
24This Cold Heaven, Initial Proposal, Oct. 21, 1991
25This Cold Heaven, Research, Alaskan Arctic, maps (removed for flat storage), 1994
26This Cold Heaven, Research “Arctic, Pearyland: 2001,” notes, maps, journal article (1 map and newspaper removed for flat storage), 1996-2000 and undated
27This Cold Heaven, Pearyland, old notes, 2001 and undated
28This Cold Heaven, Pearyland, draft, Jan. 31, 2002 and undated
29This Cold Heaven, Research, “Canada: High Arctic – 1997,” correspondence, notes, map, journal issue, 1996-2000 and undated
30This Cold Heaven, Research, “Canadian Arctic, etc, 1994,” (NY Times Aug. 29, 1993 removed for flat storage), 1993-1995
31This Cold Heaven, Research, Great Sledge Expedition, 1997
32This Cold Heaven, Research, “Greenland by the Polar Sea,” photocopy, undated
33This Cold Heaven, Research, “Greenland by the Polar Sea,” notes and index, Sept. 1999 and undated
34This Cold Heaven, Research, Greenland, file index, 1995-1997 and undated
35This Cold Heaven, Research, Greenland, newspaper clippings, brochures (1 item removed for flat storage), 1993-1996 and undated
36This Cold Heaven, Research, Greenland, notes and articles on early history, undated
37This Cold Heaven, Research, Greenland, notes, undated
38This Cold Heaven, Research, “Greenlandic Words,” undated
39This Cold Heaven, Research, Kalaallit Nunaat Tourist Nature Greenland Travel (some water damage), Aug. 1993-July 1996
40This Cold Heaven, Research, News Articles, July 1993-July 2000
41This Cold Heaven, Research, National Geographic, two issues, Feb. & May, 1996
42This Cold Heaven, Research, Tourist information, maps and guides, 1993-1996
43This Cold Heaven, Research, Tourist information, May 1990-June 1996
44This Cold Heaven, Research, Xilinx, research material, maps, photographs (photographs removed for storage), Bennington alumni magazine, 1997-1999 and undated
45This Cold Heaven, Misc. newspaper clippings, copies from books and journals, 1992-1993 and undated
46This Cold Heaven, Reviews, 2003
47This Cold Heaven, postcards, cards, journal photo essay by Art Wolfe, 1991-1995 and undated
48This Cold Heaven, slides, business card, receipt (slides removed for storage), [1999?]
49This Cold Heaven, photographs (removed for storage), 1995 and undated
50This Cold Heaven, photographs and negatives (removed for storage), [Sept. 3, 1993]
51This Cold Heaven, photographs and negatives (removed for storage), [Sept. 1, 1993]
52This Cold Heaven, photographs and negatives (removed for storage), [Aug. 31, 1993]
53This Cold Heaven, photographs and negatives (removed for storage), [Aug. 30, 1993]
54This Cold Heaven, photographs and negatives (removed for storage), [1993?]
55This Cold Heaven, photographs and negatives (removed for storage), [1993?]
56This Cold Heaven, photographs and negatives (removed for storage), [1993?]


The Future of Ice

2757The Future of Ice, Galleys and correspondence, Aug.-Sept., 2004
58The Future of Ice, Galleys, second set, Aug. 25, 2004
59The Future of Ice, 2nd final draft, Feb. 22, 2004
281The Future of Ice, Final draft, Feb. 11, 2004
2The Future of Ice, Final draft with corrections, Feb. 8, 2004
3The Future of Ice, Draft revisions, Feb. 5, 2004
4The Future of Ice, Drafts, sequential, correspondence, Feb. 3, 2004
5The Future of Ice, Manuscript [1 of 2 files], 2004
6The Future of Ice, Manuscript, [2 of 2 files], 2004
7The Future of Ice, Draft, Nov. 10, 2003
8The Future of Ice, “Draft, second of two sent to Dan Frank,” correspondence, Sept. – Nov. 2003
9The Future of Ice, “1st draft sent to Dan,” Aug. 25, 2003
10The Future of Ice, Draft, Aug. 14, [2003]
11The Future of Ice, “Next to last draft,” Aug. 11, 2003
12The Future of Ice, “Next to last draft,” Aug. 11, [2003?]
13The Future of Ice, Draft with corrections, p 6-140, undated
14The Future of Ice, drafts and notes, 2003-2004
15The Future of Ice, early copy sent to Dan Frank of Pantheon books, with Frank’s revisions, 1999-2000 and undated
16The Future of Ice, draft pages with notes and corrections, undated
17The Future of Ice, “early draft, Future of Ice, partial,” undated
18The Future of Ice, notes, [2003]
19The Future of Ice, notes, pink legal pad, undated
20The Future of Ice, “General notes,” April-May 2003 and undated
21The Future of Ice, “A thousand mile sailing trip to Spitzbergen,” May-June 2003
22The Future of Ice, “The White Day,” miscellaneous notes, March-April 2003 and undated
23The Future of Ice, book, advanced reader’s editions, book marks at pages 65, 70, and 108, 2004
24The Future of Ice, Research, Astronomical theory notes, May 2003 and undated
25The Future of Ice, Research, “Extinctions pace,” May 2003
291The Future of Ice, Research, notes on glaciers, 1999-2002 and undated
2The Future of Ice, Research, notes on greenhouse, etc, May-Aug. 2003 and undated
3The Future of Ice, Research, Greenland, misc. notes, 2002
4The Future of Ice, Research, Misc. notes on Greenland, Aug. 12 and undated
5The Future of Ice, Research, Notes on the Navajo, Feb. 23, 2003
6The Future of Ice, Research, Patagonia,” notes, Feb.-March 2003
7The Future of Ice, Research, Articles on science and plants, May 13, 2003, Sept.-Oct, 1997 and undated
8The Future of Ice, Research, Notes on “Science: Ocean,” 2002-2003 and undated
9The Future of Ice, Research, Misc. Spitzbergen articles, pamphlets, notes, April 2003 and undated
10The Future of Ice, Research, notes, news clippings, draft notes, Feb-Nov. 2003 and undated
11The Future of Ice, Research, articles, notes, 2001-2003 and undated
12The Future of Ice, Research, e-mail, articles, 2001-2003 and undated
13The Future of Ice, Research, newspaper articles, 2002-2003 and undated
14The Future of Ice, Above and Beyond, May/June 2001
15The Future of Ice, Audubon, March/April 1998
16The Future of Ice, Natural History, June 2003 & April 2003
17The Future of Ice, Science News, issues: 161.9,162.24, 163.3, 163.5,163.8, 163.10, 163.15, 164.3, 164.4, 164.5, 164.7, 164.11, 164.12, 164.15, 164.16, 164.17, 2002-2003
18The Future of Ice, Scientific American, Oct. 1999 and Sept. 2003
19The Future of Ice, photographs (removed for storage), Don and Dort Theye, [2004?]


Home Ground

2920Home Ground, Research, correspondence (Lopez and Gwartney,) 2003-2004 and undated


Literary Production – Scripts and related material

2921Autopsy, draft, [1969?]
22Autopsy, 45 p., [1969]
23Autopsy, 78 p., [1969?]
24Autopsy, 120 p., [1969?]
25Bypass, with holograph changes, 86 p., [1972]
26Bypass, two copies, with Writer’s Guild registration stamp, 28 p. green folder (includes misc. material), blue folder, Dec. 22, 1972
27“The American Ethnographic Film: A Series,” proposal, credentials, photographs (photographs removed for storage), [1975]
28“American Ethnographic Film,” photographs, proposal, credentials (photographs removed for storage), [1975]
29“American Ethnographic series: current,” correspondence, newspaper clippings, proposal, 1974-[1975] and undated
30“Ethnographic Film Series,” proposal, correspondence, drafts, article, photographs (photographs removed for storage), [1975]
31Laura Gilpin, notes, correspondence, retrospective catalog, journal issue, 1974-1976 and undated
32Laura Gilpin, business correspondence, U.S. Dept. of Interior, April 16, 1975
33Laura Gilpin, business correspondence with Amon Carter Museum, 1979-1989 and undated
34Laura Gilpin, records of film sent to Amon Carter, Dec. 1985
35One Man Sawmill, Public broadcasting and Ethnographic film, correspondence, manuscripts, journals, news clippings, misc. film related memorabilia, 1967-1975 and undated
36One Man Sawmill, correspondence, notes, flyers and pamphlets, photograph (photograph removed for storage, oversize brochures and posters removed for storage), 1974-1975 and undated
37The Hundred Thousand Songs of Milarepa, film proposal, typescript, 13 p., [1970?]
38Milarepa film workshop, 1972
39Milarepa film workshop and Hospital Conference transcripts, 1972
40“Jockey,” clippings and draft for “Penny Ann Early: First Woman Jockey, 1968-1969 and undated
41“Jockey Stills,” photographs, slides, negatives (removed for storage), 1969
301Dear Desperado, screenplay by Victoria Hitchcock and Anne Raitt, correspondence, [Ehrlich’s] version of script, yellow cover; “A Lady’s Life in the Rocky Mountains, blue cover, 1991
2A Lady’s Life in the Rocky Mountains, script, 1978
3A Lady’s Life in the Rocky Mountains, correspondence, script, resume, notes, 1978
4A Lady’s Life in the Rocky Mountains, script, notes, correspondence, May 1975 and undated
5The Swimming Party, script for Discovery program, drafts, notes, research (newspaper removed for flat storage), 1992 and undated
6Women, The American Woman, notes, research material, film proposal, 1969-1971 and undated
7Women in Communes: a proposal, 1970


Literary Production – Drafts sent to Lilla Kalman

308Lilla Kalman draft, The Bridge to Heaven, May 30, 1990
9Lilla Kalman draft, The Fasting Heart, May 24, 1989
10Lilla Kalman draft, Letters to an Architect; The Storm, the Cornfield and Elk, Sept. 5, 1982 and Nov. 10, 1982
11Lilla Kalman draft, Looking for a Lost Dog; The Pond; Pinkey; This Autumn Morning, 1985 and undated
12Lilla Kalman draft, Spring, Sept. 1987 and May 16, 1986
13Lilla Kalman draft, Summer, Oct. 16, 1990
14Lilla Kalman draft, Ted’s Night, July 24, 1990
15Lilla Kalman Journals, for Lear’s May issue, [1987?]
16Lilla Kalman, journals and letters, 1979-1987
17Lilla Kalman, correspondence, interview, 1977 and undated


Literary Production – Miscellaneous

3018About Reading, 1997
19After the Fires, undated
20Alaska, 1988-1989 and undated
21Book reviews by Ehrlich, Jan. 1988-July 1989 and undated
22Book review, Lopez Arctic Dreams, 1986-1987
23Book review, Cave in the Snow, 1998
24Book review, The Floating World, (photograph removed for storage), June 1998
25Book review, The Folding Cliffs, W.S. Merwin, July-Aug. 1998 and undated
26Bowing to the Landscape, from Harper’s Legacy of Light, 1987
27Buying a Ranch, notes and draft, undated
28Colorado Magazine, draft, undated
29Colorado River essays, A Place of Spirit, 1997
30Cowboy Take Me West, notes, drafts, correspondence, Jan. 2000 and undated
31Dancing a Jig with Fear, drafts and editor’s notes, 1997
32[Dancing a Jig with Fear], Fear, notes, Feb. 1997
33Defections, [1975?]
34Defections, copy and recent notes, [1975?]
35Defections, notes and unused drafts, [1975?]
36Dreamers, 1981
37Dreamers, correspondence, (some items removed for flat storage), 1987
38Early Morning at the Bird Café, 1998
39Early Morning at the Bird Café, and, Mockingbird Morning by Joanne Ryder (photocopy), 1997
40Essays, notes, 1982
41Essay for Women’s Health and Fitness magazine, 1994
42Even Cowgirls get the Muse, 1988
43The Feel of Snow, 1994
44Fire Diary, and, After the Fires, [1988-1989?]
45Fire Diary, drafts and notes, 1988-1989 and undated
46From a Winter Journal, 1984
47From the Journals of Gretel Ehrlich, Antaeus, [1988]
48From the Journals, notes, Sept. 1988
49Growing Lean, Clean Beef, Journal of Gastronomy, 1989 and undated
50Happiness, O Magazine, draft, notes, correspondence, 2000
51Hard Times for Lovers, 1980
52Healing Nurses, Denver Magazine, notes and original draft, Nov. 1980
311Seamus Heaney, drafts, Oct. 1986
2Seamus Heaney, correspondence, 1986
3Seamus Heaney, research material and notes, 1985-1986
4A House Built by a Storm, Arch. Digest, 1996
5Idleness, notes, undated
6Iliamna, research, notes, drafts for Pond Time, Dec. 1996
7Iliamna: Pond Time, 2nd draft, 1997
8Illorsuit, notes and dump, July 1996 and undated
9In a Land of Ice, and, Greenland, 1994
10In a Life’s Work, Ed Colhepp, undated
11In a Life’s Work, Ellen Cotton, undated
12In a Life’s Work, Howard Eyerlay, undated
13In a Life’s Work, McConahay-Sponsel, undated
14In a Life’s Work, Al Pacella, undated
15In a Life’s Work, notes, [1982?]
16In a Life’s Work, correspondence, photographs, contracts, research material, (photographs removed for storage), 1975-1977 and undated
17Jim Marshall, and, Alaska, typescript, notes, draft, correspondence with Summit magazine, 1993 and undated
18Mike Hinkley, eulogy, 1989
19La Falda, National Geo. The Soul of the Rockies (maps removed for storage), 1988-1989 and undated
20La Falda: The Rocky Mountain West, undated notes and drafts, National Geographic, 1988
21La Falda, Nat. Geo. Galleys, correspondence, and notes, Dec. 1988-March 1989 and undated
22Late notes, 1998-2000
23Letters from a Women Homesteader, introduction, notes, correspondence, 1988
24Love stories, 1996
25Lust, Outside, 1997
26Mike, galley proofs, draft, correspondence, 1999
27Misc. daily notes: Shell-Summer, poem 1979
28Misc. manuscripts, undated
29Montana Myths, galleys, etc, 1989
30The Mountain West, 1989
31Neighborhood Bears, 1996
32Nests, partial draft, articles, notes, Nov. 1998 and undated
33New Work, 1977
34New Work, 1975-1976
35Night Calver, undated
36Night Calver, drafts with corrections, 1983
37Notes and review of “Reconstituting the Shumashi,” undated
38Notes From a Sheepcamp on Burnt Mountain, undated
39Notes From a Sheepcamp on Burnt Mountain, revised, correspondence, 1979 and undated
40Notes from Wapiti, 1978
41Novel notes, 1974 and undated
42Novel notes, 1978
43Obituaries: Bobby Good, Joel Grabbert, Smokey Grabbert (photo removed for storage), undated
44Obituary, Al Vail, Jan. 4, 2000
45Old Timers, transcripts, 1976 and undated
46On Writing, undated
47Palm-in-the-hand stories, 1989-1990
48Pleasure of Sex, correspondence, notes, drafts, 2000-2001 and undated
49Pond Time, corrected final draft, Jan. 16, 1998
50Pond Time, revisions, Feb. 3, 1998
51Portraits, undated
52A Rancher’s Week With no End, draft and correspondence, 1988
53Ray Hunt, April 4, 1998
54Ray Hunt, drafts and original, 1986
55Reflections, draft, correspondence, Feb.-June 1995 and undated
56Resolute, drafts, galleys, letters from editor, 1991
57Resolute, correspondence, research, draft, 1991
321Road to Osorezan, undated
2Road to Osorezan, undated
3Road to Osorezan, 1st draft, undated
4Allan Savory, draft and notes, 1994 and undated
5Shape, Living Fit, essay, correspondence, 1996
6Sheepranching, drafts and notes, March 1980
7Sierra Club Wilderness calendar, introduction, 1989
8Space, notes for, misc. notes and drafts, undated
9St. Francis, drafts, June 6, 1999
10St, Francis, draft, April 27, 1999
11St. Francis, 1st and 2nd drafts, March 1999
12St. Francis, research material, notes, brochures (1 pamphlet removed for flat storage), 1999 and undated
13St. Francis, notes, correspondence, research, Feb. 1999 and undated
14St. Francis, partial draft, undated
15St. Francis Goes to Gubbio, uncut drafts, undated
16A Spring Hunt in Northwest Greenland, April-May 1999
17Takashi’s Book, Ehrlich’s introduction, 1992
18Time Magazine essay, March 1994
19Time on Ice, March 1992
20To Northern Greenland by Dogsled, 1996
21View from Burnt Mountain, 1979
22View from Burnt Mountain, business correspondence, contracts, galley proofs, 1979 and undated
23View from Horseback, 1990-1995 and undated
24View from a Saddle, notes undated
25Wallace Stevens, the image and the imagination, June 1967
26Why Coyotes Howl, undated
27Why Coyotes Howl, drafts, notes, research material, undated
28Winter in Wyoming (1 item removed for flat storage), 1994
29Winter Thoughts: A Duck’s Green Head, undated
30Wive’s Book, 1974-1975 and undated
31The World in a Grain of Rice, 1996
32A World Made of Ice, June 1999
33The Writer on her Work, 1992
34Book reviews: Heart Mountain, Blizzard Year, This Cold Heaven, Cowboy Island, Match to the Heart, (newspapers removed for flat storage), 1986-2000 and undated
35Book reviews, reviews and tearsheets, 1988-1997 and undated
36Book reviews, reviews and articles (items removed for flat storage), 2000-2004
37Book reviews: This Cold Heaven, Blizzard Year, Cowboy Island, John Muir and The Future of Ice, 1997-2004
38Book reviews, correspondence about A Match to the Heart, Solace of Open Spaces, Wyoming Stories, Santa Rosa, Questions of Heaven, misc. notes, 1986-1988 and undated
39Book reviews, reviews and articles, 2002-2005 and undated
40ABA, brochures, flyers, undated
41Across the River & Into the Trees, a screenplay by Allan Scott, undated
42Actors, Producers, Distributors, notes and correspondence, 1967-1970 and undated
43“Afganastan,” 1981-1986
44“After the War,” stories and clippings, 1991-1994 and undated
45Algeria, 1981
46American Indians, 1973-974 and undated
47Antaeus: Nature Series, book lists, correspondence, 1985
48Anthropology, 1970 and undated
49Archeology, 1979
50“Architectural Digest 1996,” correspondence, sample columns, draft, 1995 and undated
51Art, 1968 and undated
331Articles, Research, Reviews, (8 items, mostly newspapers, moved to oversized boxes for flat storage), 1981-1993 and undated
2Photocopies of Articles, 1981-1991 and undated
3Artwork, Research, Stationary, 1990 and undated
4Astronomy, 1972-1974 and undated
5Research materials, astronomy, 1986-1987
6“Baja,” 1985-1986
7Jane Barnes, April 29, 1996
8Miscellaneous project notes and correspondence to Jon Blair, undated
9Book Collecting, November 15, 1987
10Book Lists, (1 Brochure for “The Cook Inlet Book Company,” removed to oversized boxes for flat storage) 1995, 1997, and undated
11Booklists, 1990
12Parmer Books (books to find), 7 issues, undated
13Books, Reviews, Etc, 1969-1974 and undated
14“Borges on Life and Death, “ by Amelia Barili, book review, July 13, 1986
15Breyten Breytenbach: American Poetry Review, July/August 1984
16Joseph Brodsky: “Sextet,” “Eclogue IV:Winter,” North Baltic,” “Allenby Road,” and “In a Room and a Half,” 1984-1988 and undated
17Center for Holistic Research Management, November / December, 1992
18Alston Chase: “How to Save our National Parks,” July 1987
19“Martha Clarke: ABT Ballet,” correspondence between Ehrlich and Clarke, undated
20“Glenn Close Project ,” notes, 1992 and undated
21Glenn Close Project, “Lear’s”, December 1991
22“The Composition Process of Gretel Ehrlich,” essay by Charles I Schuster, December 6, 1988
23Barnaby Conrad: “My Four Weeks at the Betty Ford Center,” January 11, 1987
24Joseph Conrad: “Remembering of a Writer,” by Edward W. Said, NY Times Book Review, and Joseph Conrad and Lady Ottoline Morrell,” by Nancy Caldwell Sorel, March 1986
25Contacts, January 1974-November 1977 and undated
26JM Coztec: “Into the Dark Chamber,” NY Times Book Review, undated
27“Cowgirls,” Television Series Proposal, 1993
28Merce Cunningham: NY Times, October 5, 1986
29“Dance,” articles, flyers, posters, brochures, (11 posters/flyers removed for flat storage), 1965-1975 and undated
30Newsletter: From the Danish Polar Center, June 1997
31Jaime DeAngulo: Netzahualcoyotl News, Summer 1979
32Simone DeBeauvoir “Sartre’s Last Year,” Harper’s, Feb. 1984
33Denver Stock Show notes, 1981
34Direct Relief International – Siberia, 1990 and undated
35Drawing, undated
36Drawings, etc., 1967-1968
37Jay Dusard, (1 plate removed for flat storage), 1993 and undated
38Jay Dusard, 1987-1994 and undated
39Jay Dusard, Open Country, [1994]
40Isabelle Eberhardt film rights, (one article titled “The Secret Sahara” moved to oversized boxes for flat storage), 1978-1980
41Isabelle Eberhardt Script Notes, undated
42Eco-Traveller, January 19, 1995, and undated
43Eki-New Year’s, undated
44The Environment: HRM, Savory, etc., 1987-1989, and undated
45Louise Erdrich: Voice Literary Supplement, September, 1986
46Esquire, September, 1992
47“Xeroxes about European Explorers,” undated
48“Gretel Ehrlich: An Evening With the Author” (6 copies), undated
49“Expedition Notes and one article titled “Circumpolar Journal,” (one pamphlet removed to oversized boxes for flat storage), undated
50“Film,” 1967-1973 and undated
51Faxed Film Reviews to Ehrlich from Patrick, November 19, 1991
52Catalogue for “The 7th New York Film Festival,” September 16-October 2, 1969
53Catalogue for “The Thirteenth Annual San Francisco International Film Festival,” October 22-November 2, 1969
54Catalogue for the “Seventeenth Annual San Francisco International Film Festival,” October 17-28, 1973
55Flyer for the “22nd National Student Film Festival,” March 1967
56Film School: Notes and documents, 1967-1968 and undated
57Jane E. Frances, “Arctic Eden,” undated
58Carlos Fuentes: “The Novel Always Says: The World is Unfinished,” undated
341“Gardens:” Photos, Notes, and Typescript, (4 black and white photos removed for storage), undated
2Paul Gauguin: NY Times, September 28, 1986
3William H. Gass: “The Face of the City,” undated
4Julio Gonzales: Magazine article, undated
5Lewis L. Gould, “Johnson Co. Cattle War,” 1967
6Groundwater information, undated
7Mark Helprin: “The Pacific,” Atlantic Monthly, March 1986
8Ernest Hemingway: Time article, and New Yorker Article, August 25, 1986, June 10, 1986
9High Country News, November 4, 1991
10History: “Knight of Old” by George Steiner, May 26, 1986
11Edward Hoagland, “The Final Fate of the Alligators,” photocopy undated
12Edward Hoagland, Kwan’s Coney Island, photocopy, undated
13Edward Hoagland: “Nectar Feeding,” and “Africa Brought Home,” undated
14Hoagland, LA Times, 1995
15Hoagland, Fowles, Sontag and others, and various other news articles, photocopies, 1979-1981
16Houses and Architects, 1966-1974 and undated
17The House, drawings, finances, etc, 1981-1982 and undated
18Sue Hubbell: “In Missouri: The Cicada’s Song,” June 15, 1985
19“Human Migration,” 1993
20Human Smuggling, April-June 1993
21John Huston: “Huston Films a Cult Classic,” by Herbert Gold, undated
22In Health, November-December, 1991 and undated
23“In the Vineyard,” 1992
24Indians, news clippings, Peter Matthiessen article photocopy, (one article titled “The Nation” moved to oversized boxes), 1983
25Notes on Inscription Rock and Chip Thomas, 2002
26Karl Isaken Doro, “Angakkoq,” 1991
27Itinerary for China trip with Dennis Schmitt, September 15-October 9, 2004
28Itinerary for China trip with Dennis Schmitt, September 15–October 9, 2004
29Eugene Ionesco: “Playing for Time,” by Katherine Knorr, undated
30Japan: News articles, guidebooks, tourist info., 1985-1987 and undated
31Robinson Jeffers: “Home,” American Poetry Review, November–December, 1987
32Job Offers: magazines and universities, Summer 1987 and undated
33Journey and notes on Jose Limon Dance Company (photographs removed for storage), 1972 and undated
34Alfred Kazin, “New York,: The Writer in the Powerhouse,” October 10, 1985
35Rockwell Kent, miscellaneous notes, articles, correspondence, and research about, 1995-1996 and undated
36Kobe Earthquake, (newspapers removed for flat storage), January 1995
37Milan Kundera, “An Introduction to a Variation,” and “The Novel and Europe,” January 6-July 19, 1985
38Kuril Islands, 1990
39“Light,” notes, 1996
40“Lightning: Bardos,” handwritten notes, undated
41“Lightning” – NASA Report, June 1994
42Lightning: “Red Sprites, Blue Jets and Elves,” faxes and draft, 1998
43Lightning, research and notes, 1992-1998 and undated
44Physics of Lightning: research and notes, 1992 and undated
45Lovell, Wyoming: Newspaper articles, April 4, 1979
46Making Faith Stand to Reason, [Pico?] undated
47Bernard Malamud, Time Magazine obituary, March 31, 1986
48Thomas McGuane, newspaper article, August 18, 1986
49John McPhee, The New Yorker articles, September 2, 1985–March 10, 1986
50Medicine: brains, fetuses, spectroscopes, etc. (photos removed for storage), 1968-1972 and undated
51“Mei Guo,” 1993
52“Mei Guo,” Chinese Immigrants, 1993
53“Mei Guo,” Mosaic of a Massacre,” by Virginia Huidekoper, 1987
54Herman Melville: NY Times, “Melville Ashore,” August 17, 1980
55Miscellaneous, 1986-1992 and undated
56Miscellaneous notes, 1983
57Miscellaneous notes from journals and diaries, 1982
58Miscellaneous notes, undated
59Miscellaneous Personal, (photos removed for storage), 1969-1972 and undated
60“Mongolia,” (one brochure removed to oversized boxes for flat storage), 1994
61Music, 1968-1971 and undated
62Mythology: NY Times Book Review “Origins of Myth-Making Man,” December 18, 1983
63V.S. Naipaul, Time Magazine, March 2, 1987
64National Book Award: Fiction Panel, 1989
65National Book Award Program, 1989
66National Geographic Adventure, Autumn 2000
67National Geographic Adventure: “Polar Bear Hunt” with editor’s notes, July 18, 2000
68National Geographic, “Explorer Series,” 1992-1993
351Natural History 10/00, 2000
2Nature Conservancy short story, 1996
3Newsletters and notices of readings and lectures (photograph removed for storage), 1998-2003 and undated
4Newspapers and clippings, (3 items removed to oversize) 1990-1993 and undated
5New York, June 1978
6New Zealand: Hemingway faxes and undated notes (photograph removed for storage), May 1992
7The Northern Raven, Fall 1987
8Notes, Oct. 1997–Jan. 1998
9“Novel Writing” articles, 1984, 1988, and undated
10Georgia O’Keeffe: Time Mag. obituary, March 17, 1986
11“Opera: Early Clippings,” Clippings, notes, correspondence, and maps, 1992 and undated
12“Opera Notes,” (1 item removed to restricted files), 1992-1993
13Osamu Dazai, undated
14Osorezau, undated
15Painters of interest, 1989-1991 and undated
16Octavio Paz: NY Times “Edith Piaf Among the Pygmies,” Sept. 6, 1987
17Pedal steel guitar, undated
18People of personal interest (not ethnographic), 1969-1974 and undated
19Peregrine falcons: Newspaper article, July 21, 1987
20Petroleum: The Atlantic “The Origins of Petroleum,” Feb. 1986
21“Philharmonic Hall,” 2 copies, Sept. 20-30, 1967
22Photographs (1 photo removed for storage), 1968-1970 and undated
23Photography (1 slide removed for storage), 1966-1973 and undated
24Physics: Scientific American, Dec. 1986 and 2 articles, 1986
25Pilgrims Inn, Haguio, undated
26Places (photos removed for storage, 1972-1973 and undated
27Plains Indians: Special Souvenir Edition (removed for storage), June 14, 1979
28Plays, undated
29Play notes, 1976-1977 and undated
30Stanly Plumly: “The Wyoming Poetry Tour” 3 copies, undated
31Politics, 1968-1970 and undated
32Portland: daily journal stuff and cancer notes and Co [--] (photograph removed for storage), 1977 and undated
33Prose and writings: Poetry (not by Ehrlich), undated
34Ranch economics, notes, interview with Jake Kittle, 1980-1983 and undated
35A Rancher’s Year, 1990: handwritten notes, 1990
36Refugees, 1980-1981 and undated
37Regional Writers Project notes and Colorado Review interview transcript, 1986, 1987, and undated
38Religion Script, 1969-1971 and undated
39Research, 1986-1997 and undated
40Research, 1999-2001
41“Research Questions, faxes, articles, and notes from friends,”(some water damaged items photocopied), 1998
42Reviews, correspondence, event brochures, flyers, nametags, newsletters, 1987-1998 and undated
43Reviews: Writers of the Purple Sage, 1983-1984
44Rainer Maria Rilke: New Yorker, July 7, 1986
45Trungpa Rinpoche: articles on his death, Time, June 22, 1987 and undated
46Sabastiao Salgado, photographer, NY Times Mag., Sept. 7, 1986
47“Sandy,” notes on Sandhill cranes, undated
48Santa Cruz Island Nature Conservancy, Winter 1986, Fall 1987 and undated
49Santa Fe, Book, undated
50Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival: programs and flyers, July 12-Aug. 4, 1987
51Schools of interest, 1973
52Science articles and magazines, 1993-1994
53Science News: 11 issues, Feb 24, 1996–Sept. 4, 1999
54Scientific American, July 1996, March 1997
55Scientific American, Aug. 1996, Nov. 1998
56Seminars Afloat: Jonathan White, 1991
57Shakers, 1974
58Georges Simenom: NY Times Book Review, July 1, 1984
59Sioban Davies Dance Co. and England (1 item removed to oversize), 1991
60Sports Illustrated – Kentucky Derby: “Prose for the Roses” by Whitney Tower, undated
61William Stafford’s poem for Ehrlich, Commencement address, etc., May 1990
62Stegner Tribute, April 26, 1995
63John Steinbeck: “A Life of Dubious Battle” by Kevin Starr and “In Search of an American Muse” by Robert Bly, Jan. 22, 1984
64Strange Events – for fiction ideas, visuals, 1970-1973 and undated
65“Sugihara San,” 1992-1994 and undated
66Summer: Cora, Allen, Teddy, Otis, Washington Post, 2003
67Summit, various notes and articles about the elements and seaons, 1987-1993 and undated
68Summit: Polartec Board, 1994
69Sun Valley Writers Conference, July 30-Aug. 2, 1995
70Sundance, April-June 1991
361“Ted’s Story – Mexico,” including correspondence from Ehrlich regarding the film, undated
2“Redford’s Film: Ted’s Story,” undated
3“Ted’s Story: Third Draft,” draft, notes, correspondence, 1991-1992 and undated
4Terry Tempest Williams, 2001
5“Theatre,” 1995
6Theatre articles and flyers (2 items removed to oversize), 1968 and undated
7Theatre – articles, brochures, and notes, 1970-1973 and undated
8A Thief of Time, screenplay by Dick Beebe, 1991
9A Thief of Time, notes, undated
10Thoreau’s Book of Life by Geoffrey O’Brian, Jan. 15, 1987
11Information about Tibet, 1985
12Time Mag. Natural Disaster notes, 1994 and undated
13Travel Book: Viking, Al Silverman (photographs removed for storage), 1991-1993
14Traveler Mag: Conde Naste and travel info, 1990-1992
15Tuckernuck Island, 1990
16James Wackett interview transcript, 1989
17“Weather” 2 pages of notes, Life Mag article, Sept. 1993 and undated
18Wilderness Congress: brochures, correspondence, articles, 1987
19Wildlife: animals, plants, geology, etc, undated
20Edmund Wilson: “Visiting Malraux and Nabokov,” Aug. 14, 1986
21Wine – Winery, Texas: Wall Street Journal, July 22, 1986
22Whiting Award, 1987
23Donald Worster: the West, undated
24Women Composers: “Gideon and Talma at 80,” news article, undated
25Women of interest (not political), 1973-1974 and undated
26Zen Center, Wind Bell, Intro, 2001



3627Resumés 1996
28Resumés (photo removed for storage), 1994
29Resumés and bibliographies, [1988]
30Resumés, 1982-1985 and undated
31Resumés “Recent,” [1975?]


Business/Financial Materials

3632Audio Press: Licensing Agreement for Solace of Open Spaces, “Spring,” “Waterfall,” and “Looking for a Lost Dog,” Jan. 15, 1988
33Guggenheim, 1985-1988
34Guggenheim Grant, Relationship of Human [to] Landscape, 1988
35Islands – Author Agreements, July 29, 1993 and Sept. 26, 1995
36Japan Foundation, 1982
37Contract: A Lady’s Life in the Rocky Mountains, 1981
38Magazine contracts, Fall 1998
39Contract: Majic Hour Films (Solace), 1988
40NEA application, 1986
41NEA – Japan Grant, 1985
42Contract: Questions of Heaven, 1996
43Contracts: Redford, Heart Mountain, 1991-1992
44Contracts, etc. Siobhan Davies, 1991
45Contract: Publishing agreement Trinity University Press, Oct-Dec 2003
46Contract: University of Montana, 1993
47Royalties (moved to restricted file), no information


Teaching Notes

3648Bennington notes, 1999
49Bennington: school info and materials, Fall 1998 and Spring 1999
50Bennington, “Myth,” 1998
51Teaching at Deep Springs College, 1988-1995 and undated
52“McKee Notes,” undated
53“Nikki” Teaching notes and materials, Japanese diaries class, undated
54P.I.T.S. photocopied poems for class, 1981 and undated
55Teaching notes, 1980’s
56UCSB – College of Creative Studies, 1997 and undated
57The Vanishing West, 1999


Lecture Notes

371“An Act of Surrender,” undated
2“City Arts and Lectures,” 1998
3“Chicago Talk,” undated
4Geography, undated
5Greenland, undated
6Greenland, Healing, Annie Dillard, undated
7Greenland, “The Natural Order and Healing,” undated
8Commencement Address, Hulett School, 1990
9“Montana Myths,” Humanities Conference, May 1984
10The land, animals, compassion, undated
11“Sacred World,” Lecture delivered at Mankato State University, February 26, 1987
12Miscellaneous lecture notes, Coetzce, China, 1995
13Montana State University, May 1991
14New Mexico, advice on writing, 1997
15“The 92nd Street Y” and other notices for reading and lectures, 1981-1992 and undated
16“On writing,” undated
17Reno, April 22, 1992
18Women and Nature, undated
19Notes on the talk “Women and Ranching,” Jackson Hole, 2002
20Writing, undated
21Writing non-fiction, undated
22Writing Process, undated
23Language, Wyoming Outdoor Council Talk, 1987



3724Desk notes, 2001-2002
25“Desk,” notes, Fall 1998
26“Desk,” articles of interest, notes, letter from Ehrlich to Linda, 1997
27“Desk,” clippings, 9 postcards (one with writing), and one poem, 1995-1996
28“Desk,” miscellaneous news articles, May-June 1994
29“Desk,” miscellaneous notes, research, and articles, May-July 1994
30“Desk,” news articles, 1994
31“Desk,” NY Times article concerning the death of William Shawn, December 1992
32“Desk,” miscellaneous articles (one newspaper removed to oversized boxes for flat storage), 1991-1992 and undated
33“Desk,” miscellaneous—land, Takashi, HRM. etc. (photographs removed for storage), 1990-1991


Journals and Notebooks

37341 red journal, untitled, drawings, Geode/Rock Body publicity material, [1970?]
351 journal, with article and notes, April 1970-Aug. 1971
361 journal, with newspaper clipping, correspondence, notes, photograph (photograph removed for storage), Sept. 1971-April 1973
371 journal, with correspondence (postcard and letters), notes, April-Dec. 1973
381 journal, with notes, news clippings, R. Creeley poem, photograph (photograph removed for storage), Oct. 31, 1973-Aug. 30, 1974
391 journal, with leaves, diagrams, newspaper articles and cartoons, [Sept. 1974?-Jan. 1975?]
401 journal, with notes, schedule, newspaper article, Feb. 1975-Nov. [1975]
411 journal, with correspondence, photograph, news clippings, postcards, including 3 with Laura Gilpin images, (photograph removed for storage), Nov. 17, [1976]-Feb. 1978
3811 notebook, “Notes: February,” [1976]
21 notebook, “we can always go back…” “In a Life’s Work, notes, Sept. ’77,” 1977
31 notebook, “Notes: Spring, 1979 – Wapiti,” 1979
41 notebook, correspondence, notes, July 1979-[Dec. 1979]
51 notebook, “Notes: 1980 –Feb-Aug,” 1980
61 notebook, “Notes: 1980 Aug-,” 1980
71 notebook, misc. notes, “Notes – 1980: Aug-Feb. ’81,” 1980-1981
81 notebook, misc. notes and newspaper clippings, “1981 – Feb-Nov. 1981,” 1981
91 notebook, “Nov. 8, 1981-June, 1982”
101 notebook, “Notes for Solace 1981,” 1981
111 notebook, “June 1982”
121 notebook, Dec. 1982-Sept.1983
131 notebook, Sept. 1983-Jan. 22, 1984
141 notebook, April 1984
151 notebook, Nov. 1984-June 1985
161 notebook, June 1985-[Dec. 1985]
171 notebook, Dec. 1985-[April 1986]
181 notebook, April 21-28, 1986-June 12, 1986
191 notebook, Ray Hunt, June 13, 1986
201 notebook, Sept. 1986-Jan. 1987
211 notebook, Feb. 1, 1987-June 23, 1987
221 notebook, June 24, 1987-Nov. 1987
231 notebook, Nov. 1987-Aug. 1988
3911 notebook, Aug. 5, 1988-April 28, 1989
21 notebook, May 1989-Aug. 1989
31 notebook, Aug. 1989-March 1990
41 notebook, April 1, 1990-Oct. 5, 1990
51 notebook, Santa Barbara, Nov. 12, 1991-Jan. 10, 1992
61 notebook, Feb. 1992-May 17, 1992
71 journal, June [1992?]
81 notebook, Petersburg, Alaska, July 5, 1992
91 notebook, newspaper clippings, notes, May 18, 1992-Aug. 10, 1992
101 notebook, Aug. 10, 1992-Oct. 27, 1992
111 notebook, poems, Nov. 3, 1992-March 20, 1993
121 notebook, March 21, 1993
131 notebook, “Lightning Conference, May 1993”
141 notebook, photocopied, with water damage, newspaper clipping, Greenland, 1993
151 notebook, newspaper clippings, Oct. 6, 1993
161 notebook, March-June, July 5, 1994
171 notebook, newspaper and magazine clippings, July 9, 1994-Jan. 12, 1995
181 notebook, newspaper clippings, notes, Jan. 12, 1995
191 notebook, newspaper and magazine clippings, Aug. 6, 1995-March 29, 1996
201 notebook, [1996]
211 notebook, newspaper clippings, March 8, 1997
221 notebook, newspaper clippings, poems, notes, Oct. [1997?]
231 notebook, postcards, correspondence, Aug. 1998-Jan. [1999]
4011 notebook, notes, correspondence, newspaper clippings, Feb. 1999-Dec. 31, 2000
21 notebook, notes on John Muir, March 6, 2000
31 notebook, June 13, [no year]
41 notebook, Nov. 18, [no year]
51 notebook: “water separates us,” newspaper clippings, undated
61 notebook: “personal eccentricity aside,” undated
73 notebooks: 1) Laura Gilpin film, 2) Fall-’81, 3) Fall Round up notes, 1975-1981 and undated
83 notebooks: 1) Heart Mountain notes and notes on ecology, 2) Grady, 3) “On the Marston [?] Fork,” 1984-1987
92 notebooks: 1) Fairbanks I, 2) Fairbanks II, 1989
103 notebooks: 1) John Muir, 2) Field notes III, 3) unlabeled, “the kelp cutter,” March–Nov. 1989
113 notebooks: 1) Fire diary 1988, 2)Fire diary 1988, 3) San Miguel, Sept. 1988-June 1988
123 notebooks: National Geographic 1-3, 1988
133 notebooks: 1) Ariz-New Mexico with Gary Nabhan, Book 1, 2) Ariz-New Mexico Book II, 3) untitled, “Talk – New Yorker,” 1989
143 notebooks: Japan Field Notes, 1989-1990
153 notebooks: Japan Field Notes, 1990 and undated
163 notebooks: 1) Yellowstone, 2) Yellowstone, 3) Field notes III, 1990-1991
173 notebooks: 1) Northern Rockies, Natl. Geo. 1988, 2) Chihuahua, Ted’s Story, 1991, 3) Chihuahua, Mexico, 1991, 1988-1991
184 notebooks: 1) France, 2) unlabeled, 3) Yellowstone, 4) Yellowstone, 1991-1994
194 notebooks: 1) Hospital/Lightning, 2) Lightning, rounds with BAB, 3) Santa Rosa Island, 4) Santa Rosa Island, 1993-Aug. 1998 and undated
203 notebooks: Questions of Heaven China I, April 28, 1995, China II, May 15, 1995, China III, undated, 1995 and undated
214 notebooks: 1) “Greenland: an open dialog,” 2) Santa Rosa, 3) Santa Rosa Island, 4) Robert Thurman, 1997-1998
223 notebooks: 1) Ray Hunt, 2) untitled, March-April 1998, 3) untitled, April 1998, 1998
234 notebooks: 1) Santa Rosa book III, 2) Santa Rosa book III, shipping and interviews, 3) “Dizzy today,” 4) St. Francis notes, 1998-1999
244 notebooks: 1) Italy book III (red), 2) Italy book II (yellow), 3) Italy book IV, 4) Zimbabwe, book III, 1999-2001
254 notebooks: 1) Warming land, Greenland, 2) Warming land, Greenland, June-July, 3) “Day one I was learning,” 4) Polebridge, MT, June 2001-Sept. 2002
264 notebooks: 1) Tierra del Fuego, 2) “don’t you know anything about plants,” 3) Spitzbergen/Cape Farewell book I, 4) Spitzbergen/Cape Farewell book II, Feb. 2003-May 2003
273 notebooks: 1) Heart Mountain, 2) untitled “Mexico,” 3), Field notes, Nov. 27-Dec. 10 [no year] and undated
284 notebooks: 1) “we search for words,” 2) “Obsidian cliff, Yellowstone,” 3) “Anacapa Island,” 4) “looking at the Milky Way,” undated
4114 notebooks: 1) Tom Dorrance/Lightning, 2) “There is Wallace Stevens,” 3) “Amaryllis at 1st light,” 4) “Sleep, Sink, Sinikpog,” undated
22 notebooks: 1) “plane sputters suddenly,” 2) “a dolphin leaps straight up,” undated
34 notebooks: 1) “Sometimes a sheepherder stumbled in,” 2) “Architecture,” 3) Kitchen scene,” 4) “A place for pilgrimage,” undated
41 notebook, Michael Roseu, undated
51 message book, July and August 1998
61 message book, “mail box,” undated
71 message book, “Monday – Jules,” undated
81 message book, “to play,” undated
91 message book, “Press blue bar to hear messages,” undated
101 message book, “Liz,” undated
111 message book, “Apollo Antenara,” undated
121 message book, “Nov.17, Blythe, Naropa,” undated
131 message book, “call mother,” undated
141 message book, “Roy might come,” undated
151 calendar diary, 1994



421Alaska Airlines Magazine, Jan. 1989
2The American Scholar (2 copies), Autumn 2001
3The Atlantic (5 copies), May 1981
4Audubon, Sept./Oct. 1998
5Bennington Alumni Magazine, includes correspondence, March 16, 1999
6Blair and Ketchum’s Country Journal (2 copies), Jan. 1982
7California Review, Spring 1967
8Cowboys & Indians, Jan. 1998
9Dance Perspectives 38, Summer 1969
10Denver Magazine (4 copies), Oct. 1980
11Diversion, Apr. 1982
12Diversion, Sept. 1982
431Elements, Autumn/Winter 1991
2Glamour, Dec. 1985
3Harper’s, includes correspondence (2 copies), Nov. 1985
4Harper’s (2 copies), Sept. 1987
5Harper’s (2 copies), Dec. 1988
6Harper’s (2 copies), Aug. 1989
7Harper’s, includes correspondence, April 1990
8Harper’s (2 copies), March 1992
9Harper’s, Sept. 1996
10Harper’s (4 copies), March 1997
11Harper’s Bazaar (2 copies), June 1994
12Health (5 copies), May/June 1994
13Hippocrates, June 1994
441Islands (3 copies), Aug. 1996
2Islands (2 copies), Dec. 1998
3Isthmus, Aesthetic Madness, 1976
4Kuksu: Journal of Backcountry Writing, no.5, 1976
5Lear’s, May 1989
6Marie Claire, July 2001
7Mirabella (2 copies), June 1994
8National Geographic Adventure (4 copies), Sept./Oct. 2000
451New Age Journal, June 1984
2New Age Journal, Nov. 1984
3New Age Journal (2 copies), June 1986
4The New Yorker, Nov. 30, 1987
5The New York Times Magazine (2 copies), June 6, 1999
6Northern Lights (2 copies), March/April 1986
7Orion (2 copies), Nov./Dec. 2004
8Outside, Nov. 1988
9Outside, June 1994
10Outside (2 copies), June 1997
11El Palacio, Winter 1994
12People Weekly, Dec. 9, 1985
13People Weekly (3 copies), Sept. 8, 1997
14Pursuits, Summer 1988
461Quest/79 (4 copies), June 1979
2Reader’s Digest (2 copies), Jan. 1981
3Reader’s Digest, May 1981
4Reader’s Digest, May 1982
5Reader’s Digest (2 copies), Nov. 1983
6Santa Barbara Magazine, Feb./March 1986
7Santa Barbara Magazine, March/Apr. 1992
8Santa Barbara Magazine, Summer 1995
9Santa Barbara Magazine (2 copies), Summer 1998
10Science News, May 13, 2000
11El Semanal, 29 Sept.–5 Oct. 2002
12Shambhala Sun, Nov. 1994
13Shambhala Sun (4 copies), July 1998
471Shambhala Sun (4 copies), March 1999
2Shambhala Sun (3 copies), May 2000
3Special Report on Living, Feb.-Apr. 1989
4Sundance, Fall 1998
5Sun Valley Magazine, Summer/Fall 2000
6Super Science Blue, March 1996
7Terre Sauvage, May 1997
8Terre Sauvage, includes photograph of Greenland Icebergs (2 copies of journal, photograph removed for storage), Nov. 1997
9Time, Oct. 6, 1986
10Time, Dec. 7, 1987
11Tricycle: the Buddhist Review, Spring 1996
12Women Outside (2 copies), Summer 1999



481From: Correspondence, Takashi Masaki, 1991-1996
2From: Correspondence, Jack Swenson, 1995-1998
3From: Correspondence, Letters A-L, 1980-1981 and undated
4From: Correspondence, Business and personal, 1990
5From: Correspondence, Business and personal, 1994
6From: Correspondence, Business and personal, 1996
7From: Correspondence, Business and personal, 1997
8From: Correspondence, Business and personal, 1998
9From: Correspondence, personal, undated
10From: Poems, “Events // Signatures,” 1973-1975
11From: Correspondence, David Uhlir, 1986
12From: Heart Mountain, artwork, notes and correspondence, 1988 and undated
13From: Heart Mountain, correspondence, Sawako Saitani, Feb. 1988
14From: Heart Mountain, correspondence, Charlene Fevrier, Aug. 10, 1989
15From: Islands, the Universe, Home, Research, Roger Kavache, 1988
16Questions of Heaven (1 photo), undated
17Questions of Heaven (80 photos), undated
18Questions of Heaven (68 photos), undated
19Santa Rosa Island (40 photos), 1998
20This Cold Heaven (32 photos), [Sept. 1993]
21This Cold Heaven (28 photos), [Aug. 1993]
22This Cold Heaven (37 photos), [1993?]
23This Cold Heaven (24 photos), [Aug. 30, 1993]
24This Cold Heaven (27 photos), [1993?]
25This Cold Heaven, (13 photos), [1993?]
26This Cold Heaven (25 photos), [Sept. 1, 1993]
27This Cold Heaven (5 photos), [1999?] and undated
28From: This Cold Heaven, photographs of China, Research, 1995
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