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Barry Lopez:

An Inventory of His Audio-Visual Material, 1964-2007 and undated, at the Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library

Descriptive Summary

Creator Lopez, Barry, 1945-
Title: Barry Lopez Audio-Visual Collection,
Dates: 1964-2001 and undated
Abstract: Audio-visual material from the papers of Barry Lopez.
Collection # R14.1
Quantity: 3 boxes (2.8 linear feet)
Language English.
Repository: Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library, Texas Tech University

Biographical Sketch

Barry Lopez is an essayist, author, and short story writer. His books include Arctic Dreams, for which he received the National Book Award, and Of Wolves and Men, a National Book Award finalist, as well as several collections of short stories and two collections of essays. He has received fellowships from the American Academy of Arts and Letters, the John Burroughs Society, the Orion Society, and other institutions. In his nonfiction, Mr. Lopez writes often about the relationship between physical landscape and human culture. In his fiction, he frequently addresses issues of intimacy, ethics, and identity. His work has been widely anthologized and translated into thirteen languages. He travels widely and has collaborated with a number of artists on a variety of projects in theater, music, and the fine arts. Since 2003 he has been Visiting University Scholar at Texas Tech University. He lives on the McKenzie River in rural western Oregon.

Book publications include:

  • Lopez, Barry. Resistance. New York: Knopf, 2004.
  • Lopez, Barry. Vintage Lopez. New York: Vintage, 2004.
  • Lopez, Barry. Light Action in the Caribbean. New York: Knopf, 2000.
  • Lopez, Barry. About This Life. New York: Knopf, 1998.
  • Lopez, Barry. Apológia. Athens: U of Georgia P, 1998.
  • Lopez, Barry. Lessons from the Wolverine. Athens: U of Georgia P, 1997.
  • Lopez, Barry. Field Notes. New York: Knopf, 1994.
  • Lopez, Barry. The Rediscovery of North America. Lexington, UP of Kentucky, 1990.
  • Lopez, Barry. Crow and Weasel. Berkeley: North Point, 1990.
  • Lopez, Barry. Crossing Open Ground. New York: Scribner, 1988.
  • Lopez, Barry. Arctic Dreams. New York: Scribner, 1986.
  • Lopez, Barry. Winter Count. New York: Scribner, 1981.
  • Lopez, Barry. River Notes. Kansas City, MO: Andrews and McMeel, 1979.
  • Lopez, Barry. Of Wolves and Men. New York: Scribner, 1978.
  • Lopez, Barry. Giving Birth to Thunder. Kansas City, MO: Andrews and McMeel, 1978.
  • Lopez, Barry. Desert Notes. Kansas City, MO: Andrews and McMeel, 1976.

Scope and Contents

The audio visual collection contains audio and video cassettes, reel-to-reel audio tapes, computer disks, and CDs. Many items were removed from the Barry Lopez Papers, 1964-2000 and undated, during processing. Also includes items sent to the Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library by Barry Lopez from 2000-2007. Some of the items are commercially produced, but the bulk consists of unique copies of recordings of interviews and readings by Barry Lopez.

Materials were inadvertently dispursed while being digitized. Some materials have digital copies but originals were not located in March 2016.

The collection is in good condition and is part of the James Sowell Family Collection in Literature, Community and the Natural World.



The collection is organized by material type. Audio cassettes and small reel-to-reel tapes have been placed in labeled file boxes which are then stored in the manuscript boxes. This is indicated by 1A (smaller box A inside of box 1) and 2B, etc.
Contents of box 2 were inadvertently dispursed during digitization process and have not been located as of March 31, 2016. The box 2 of this collection is a newly labeled box and it holds digital copies only.


Access Restrictions

The collection is open for research. However, all non-commercial items must be reformatted to preservation copies prior to use. Therefore, researchers should allow at least 2-5 working days for this processing.

Copyright is retained by the authors of items in this collection, or their descendants, as stipulated by U.S. copyright law.

Copy requests in excess of 5 pages must be approved by the donor or his representative.

Index Terms

The subject headings used by the Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library are derived from the Library of Congress and/or locally developed.

Subjects (Persons)

Lopez, Barry Holstun, 1945-
Darling, David, 1941-
Hampl, Patricia, 1946-
Stegner, Wallace Earle, 1909-1993
Terkel, Studs, 1912-
White Bear Woman
Cavett, Dick
Wilson, Edward O.
Lueders, Edward G., 1923-
Darling, David, 1941-
Adams, Robert, 1937-
Chief Dan George, 1899-1981


Arctic regions


Environmental ethics
Natural history
Natural history in literature
Indians of North American -- Folklore
Coyote (Legendary character)
Radio programs
Children's theater
Music--United States--20th Century

Related Material

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Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Barry Lopez Audio-Visual Collection, 1964-2007 and undated, Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas

Collection accession #(s):
2000-0297-X, 2002-0052-B

Purchase, 2000-2007

Processed by

Diane Warner, 2007

Collection Inventory


Video Cassettes

box item
1 1 Learning to See: An Arctic Primer, Southwestern Univ. Brown Symposium #26 (VHS), undated
2 Seal/Taylor Valley, Diane McKnight Group (VHS), undated
3 NTC Arctic Dreams, 55 minutes. Denver Center Media (VHS), April 11, 1990
4 Concluding remarks and reading / Barry Lopez. Southwestern University's Brown Symposium XXVI, Arctic Journey (VHS), undated
5 Barry Lopez, CBC-TV Vancouver (VHS), June 29, 1998
6 Barry Lopez, 60 minutes, Lannan Videos #30 (VHS), 1992
7 Prescott College Environmental Award, 75 minutes, Video Lab Specialities (VHS), Dec. 19, 1992
8 Cavett/Barry Lopez Of Wolves and Men, Thirteen WNET (U-matic), Jan. 24, 1979
9 R.V.I.B. Nathaniel B. Palmer 1st cruise, (VHS), April-May 1992
10 Seapower Antarctica, some scenes (VHS), 1992
11 Barry Lopez “Take Five” CBC Radio, TV Ontario (VHS), (unable to locate, 3-31-16), undated
12 Barry Lopez Lecture, Russell Banks Lecture, Barry Lopez Reading: Spring Literary Festival, Ohio University, (VHS), May 7-9, 1997
13 Vintage Books Innovation #711 Antartica (sic) Barry Lopex (sic) interview 27:30 minutes (VHS), June 6, 1989
14 Barry Lopez reading Crow and Weasle [sic], (VHS), June 17, 1993
15 Crow and Weasel 2 30 second spots, “All About Kids” interview with B. Lopez 2/16/94 Cable Ch. 6. The Children’s Theatre Company (VHS), 1994
16 "Promoting Environmental Messages Through the Arts," 57:35 minutes, Educational Communications, Inc. Los Angeles, CA. (VHS), 1990
17 Langridge Dance/Theater Artaud, 1994 “Landscape Memory" 4/16/94; “A Matter of Thirst” 4/15/94; “Road 27” 4/16/94; “Landscape Memory” 4/15/94 (VHS), 1994
18 UO Today, show #121, Barry Lopez, 30:00 minutes (Letters of Heaven), U of Oregon (VHS), 2000
19 No information, Sony: L-250 (Betamax), undated
20 The Schoenfeldt Distinguished Writers: a Tribute to Wallace Stegner, Univ. of Portland, 1 hour, 45 minutes, featuring John Daniel, James R. Hepworth, William Kittredge, George Venn, Terry Tempest Williams, Barry Lopez (VHS), 1993
21 Oil on Ice, California Academy of Sciences, hand-written label (VHS), undated
22 Oil on Ice, California Academy of Sciences, exhibition video, with typed note (VHS), 2004
23 Lopez–Hampl, with typed note: "Audio and video of a lecture delivered at Bread Loaf Writers Conference August 2000 and a reading, separate but same venue," (VHS), 2000
24 Coyote Dreams (VHS), undated
25 Barry Lopez (VHS), in black container, undated


Audio CDs

box item
1 26 Readers and Writers on the Air, Airdate: April 5, 2001, Guest: Barry Lopez, North Country Public Radio, 2001
27 Pulse of the Planet CD#1; Seg. 1: 42.02 minutes; Seg. 2: 10.16 minutes, 1998
28 Pulse of the Planet CD#2; Seg. 3: 24.39 minutes; Seg. 4: 34.02 minutes, 1998
29 World Environment Day “Pulse of the Planet,” compiled and written by David White, CD1, undated
30 World Environment Day “Pulse of the Planet,” compiled and written by David White, CD2, undated
31 Dark Wood, David Darling, cello; includes Disturbing the Night, a story by Barry Lopez, 1995
32 A Childhood Remembered, a musical tribute to the wonder of childhood, (includes: Crow and Weasel, music by Eric Tingstad and Nancy Rumbel) with booklet, 1991
33 Raven River by David Lynn Grimes, with booklet, note from Grimes to Lopez, and David Grimes address, 1999
34 Coyote Dreams, music by Dana Brayton, undated


Computer Discs

box item
1 35 Crow and Weasel, Olema Draft(3 ½” floppy), Aug. 1992
36 Barry Lopez Transcript (5 ¼” floppy), Oct. 1995


Computer Printouts

box folder
1 37 Crow and Weasel, Olema draft, print of text, Aug. 1992


Audio Cassettes

box item
1A 38 BearWalker and Other Stories told by White Bear Woman and music by Ritambhara Tyson, 2 cassettes, NorthWord Press, Inc., 1994
39 Four Decades with Studs Terkel, a compilation of extraordinary interviews from 40 years of broadcasting, 4 cassettes, HighBridge Company, 1993
40 Yale, undated
41 “What is Revealed,” undated
42 Sample of 5 Word on The Environment segments, undated
43 Interview, Barry Lopez, KUNM–FM / Charlie [Zelnquesky?], undated
44 Crow and WeaselInterview Vancouver, B.C. with Vicki Gabereun, CBC Radio, undated
45 Barry Lopez speech + TABA ’86 by Andy Lyman, 1986
46 Barry Lopez, UMKC 14 June ‘87, 1987
47 Lyman and Story with Barry Lopez, undated
48 Crossing Open Ground Rough Edit 6/17/94, side 1: Trying the Land; The Stone Horse. side 2: The Lives of Seals; Children in the Woods; Borders, 1994
49 City Lights: Stegner Tribute, Terry Tempest Williams, Barry Lopez, undated
50 Barry Lopez, April 1990
51 Arctic Dreams, Denver, March 17, 1986
52 Tom Meersman, Minnesota Public Radio, Oct. 22, 1990
53 I. Raven/ River Notes II. Winter Count, undated
54 Barry Lopez, April 11, 1990
55 Barry Lopez, The Dick Cavett Show, undated
56 Barry Lopez, Tucson, AZ, AAUP Annual Meeting, June 16, 1987
57 The Pulse of the Planet ’99 Segments 1-3, 1999
58 Landscape and Imagination / Univ. of Iowa, Oct. 15, 1985
59 Reflections in Montana “Wolves,” undated
60 Don Gay, J. Robinson, undated


Digital Copies for Patron Use

box item
2 1 Untitled, #4, undated
2 Untitled, #3, undated
3 Untitled, #8 (Play), undated
4 Playboy letter, undated
5 Untitled, #2, undated
6 Radio broadcast, Notre Dame, undated
7 Hopkins-Waters, undated
8 Precepice, Eliot, etc., undated
9 Bob Dylan, Precepice, undated
10 Folk tape, Belafonte, undated
11 Folk tape, Camp, disk 1, undated
12 Folk tape, Camp, disk 2, undated
13 Side show I, disc 1, undated
14 Folk tape, Camp, disk 2 undated
15 Jewish Traveling Theatre: Stories Make the World, undated
16 A Tribute to Wallace Stegner, undated
17 The Christian Science Monitor, undated
18 Barry Lopez on NPR, undated
19 Society of Environmental Journalists, disc 1, undated
20 Society of Environmental Journalists, disc 2, undated
21 Barry Lopez, Winter Count, undated
22 American Prose, Barry Lopez, undated
23 Field Notes, Teal Creek, disc 1, undated
24 Field Notes, Teal Creek, disc 2, undated
25 Crossing Open Ground, Disc 1, undated
26 Crossing Open Ground, Disc 2, undated
27 Crossing Open Ground, Disc 3, undated
28 Crossing Open Ground, CD 2, undated
29 Imagine: Adventures in Nature, undated
30 American Audio Prose Library, undated
31 New Letters on the Air, undated
32 New Letters on Open [sic] Air, disc 2, undated
33 Make Prayers to the Raven, undated
34 Stories About Stories, Barry Lopez, undated
35 Newsletters, undated
36 Pearyland, The Negro in the Kitchen, disc 1, undated
37 Pearyland, The Negro in the Kitchen, disc 2, undated
38 Got to Know There’s Wild in the World, undated
39 Lady Jane, Havens-Hardin, undated
40 Ken Nordine, undated
41 Folk talk Kingston, disc 1, undated
42 Folk talk Kingston, disc 2, undated
43 Odey Casell, disc 1, undated
44 Odey Casell, disc 2, undated
45 Christ show, Black flag, disc 1, undated
46 Christ show, Black flag, disc 2, undated
47 Folktales, Joshua, undated
48 Barry Lopez conversations on the Coast, About This Life, 1998
49 Barry Lopez, KSFI-FM, tape 1, March 1, 1981
50 Barry Lopez, KSFI-FM, tape 2, March 1, 1981
51 Barry Lopez, People in the Public Eye, with Al Beard, WYTZ-FM, undated
52 Lopez, Eschner and Hobson, KQED-FM, May 2, 1997
53 Barry Lopez to Ed Johnson, Portland, OR, July 13, 1998
54 Barry Lopez, UMKC, June 14, 1987
55 Barry Lopez, UMKC, tape 2, June 14, 1987
56 Barry Lopez, KUNM-FM, undated
57 Barry Lopez, KBOO Radio, undated
58 Barry Lopez on KUOW, 94.9 FM Seattle, Dec. 23, 1997
59 Barry Lopez on KUOW, 94.9 FM Seattle, tape 2, Dec. 23, 1997
60 Barry Lopez on the Dick Cavett Show, undated
61 Barry Lopez, Minnesota Public Radio, undated
62 Barry Lopez and Edward O. Wilson, disc 1, undated
63 Barry Lopez and Edward O. Wilson, disc 2, undated
64 Barry Lopez and Edward O. Wilson, disc 3, undated
65 Barry Lopez interview on KLCC, Light Action in the Caribbean, with Morgan Smith, Dec. 6, 2000
66 Barry Lopez interview, Nov. 18, 1997
67 All Things Considered, Barry Lopez, April 9, 1996
68 Barry Lopez interview, KLCC, About This Life, May 12, 1998
69 Barry Lopez interview, KLCC, May 18, 2000
70 Barry Lopez with Studs Terkel, Side 1, Oct. 17, 1990
71 Barry Lopez with Studs Terkel, Side 2, Oct. 17, 1990
72 The Christian Science Monitor, March 11, 1986
73 Barry Lopez, The Ecological Imagination, Oct. 26, 2000
74 Barry Lopez, The Ecological Imaginations, “Pearyland,” Oct. 26, 2000
75 Barry Lopez, Arctic Dreams interview, CHQT, undated
76 Barry Lopez on NPR, Oct. 17, 1995
77 Barry Lopez on Your World, WVBF, July 30, undated
78 Barry Lopez, Utah Public Radio, Dec. 1, 1994
79 Barry Lopez, Terry Tempest Williams interview, Dec. 4, 1984
80 Barry Lopez, Audio Prose Library, 1, undated
81 Barry Lopez, Audio Prose Library, 2, undated


Audio Cassettes

box item
2B 1 John Feutress interview, 5/17, undated
2 The Children’s Theatre Co. Crow and Weasel undated
3 Sour on the Bayou, in Inuktitut, ("raw and finished tape for CTC promotions" written on pink post-it note), undated
4 Crow and Weasel music by John Luther Adams and musicians, recorded at the Children's Theatre Company, Minneapolis, Jan 1-5, 1994
5 Not Labeled, Chromium dioxide Memorex 90, undated
6 Not Labeled, TDK SA 90, in SA-C90 TDK case, undated
7 Barry Lopez Of Wolves and Men dub, 8 pm-9pm, From Joan Buxton of Davis Neuman Show WXYZ Radio, 20777 W. Ten Mile Rd, Southfield, MI 48075, Oct. 18, 1979
8 Barry Lopez and Paul Pintoricle, Portland, Ore., KBOO Radio, Jan. 23, 1986
9 Not Labeled, AMPEX 350 recording cassette 60, in AMPEX 60 case, undated
10 Bob [Lanes?], Bob Decker, Ray Decorby, undated
11 BFBSUK, Dec. 5, 1986
12 Bob Decker/ Decorby, Anne Ourm, undated
13 “In the Liquid State” and “Pastoral”; stories by NPR’s, The Sound of Writing no. 128, Final year of Airing, To:Barry Lopez. Thanks for all your encouragement. From: Mary Lockewood, Sept. 25, 1994
14 Vision and Flamma Flamma, and a feather in case, undated
15 Footprints From Her Snows: A Dancer’s Memoir of Dancing. Jan. 17, 1994 Patricia Bulitt; Song: collected in Hooper Bay, Alaska and recorded by Patricia Bulitt with Neva Rivers, Natalia Smith, Helen Smith, 1981, 1981 and 1994
16 David Darling Solo, undated
17 River Notes: the Dance of Herons, music by David Darling, 1982
18 The EMC Masterpiece Series Literature and the Language Arts 5 – Understanding Literature, undated
19 Leonard Lopate Show, Re: Resistance. 2 copies, June 23, 2004
box item
2C 1 W. Lane Rogers interviewing Barry Lopez, FM-100 KSFI, alt Lake City, Utah, March 1, 1981
2 Crow and Weasel reading by Barry Lopez at Amon Carter Museum, 2 cassettes, May 13, 1993
3 Interview with Morgan Smith, Nov. 18, 1997
4 All Things Considered, April 9, 1996
5 Crow and Weasel dub of mix for Barry Lopez, Oct. 15, 1991
6 Lopez, undated
7 Barry Lopez, Nov. 22, 1987
8 Barry Lopez, Modern Lang. Auditorium 8 p.m. University of Arizona, Nov. 28, 1991
9 Barry Lopez, March 8, 1991
10 The Pulse of the Planet ’99 Segment 7-8 1999
11 People in the Public Eye, Al Beard – WYTZ FM undated
12 Barry Lopez, March 8, 1991
13 Barry Lopez on KVOW, Dec. 23, 1997 (?)
14 Interview with Ed Johnson at KQPB Portland, Oregon, July 13, 1998
15 Barry Lopez, author reading at Harbourfront, Toronto, "Remembering Orchards" and "Passing Wisdom of Birds" recorded at the Harbourfront Reading Series on Tuesday, March 13; Broadcast on CJRT-FM on Earth Day 1990 (Sunday, April 22) 1990
16 AWP San Diego, April 1985
17 Forest without Leaves, John Luther Adams undated
18 Barry Lopez, undated
19 Barry Lopez II, undated
20 Forum: Lopez, Eschner and Hobson, KQED-FM, May 2, 1997
21 Diane Rehm Show, Washington, DC March 3, 1989
22 Lopez, from Al Bells at New Letters Nov. 15, 1978
box item
2D 1 John Fentress 5/17, side 3 and 4 undated
2 Rodeo VI, J. Davis, undated
3 River Notes, 2nd mix, "Dawn," "Drought," and "Logjam" 4/30, undated
4 What is Revealed, undated
5 Lopez on Fresh Air, March 1, 1989
6 New Man, undated
7 Writing Natural History: Dialogue #1 Barry Lopez and Edward O. Wilson with Edward Lueders, Moderator, Feb. 1, 1988
8 Alan Jones, undated
9 Rodeo I/II, undated
10 Mech, undated
11 10 # go, undated
12 Freckles Brown undated
13 Carol Berger / Mech, undated
14 The Sound of Writing #65, "In Trees" by Robin Breman and "Remembering Orchards" by Barry Lopez, undated
15 “The Gift of Light” Barry Lopez, in conjunction with Roberts Adams Exhibition, Amon Carter Museum Feb. 17, 1990
16 Studs Terkel with Barry Lopez, Oct. 17, 1990
17 Barry Lopez May 7, 1997 reading and May 9, 1997 Lecture, May 1997
18 Crossing Open Ground Rough Edit: Searching for Ancestors, Landscape and Narrative, Grown Men, The Passing Wisdom of Birds, June 17, 1994
19 Conversations on the Coast from the Hotel Rex, San Francisco Barry Lopez: About This Life, Air Date 9/9/98, 1998
20 Interview re: About this Life KLCC / Morgan Smith, May 12, 1998
21 California Desert, undated
22 California Desert, rough notes, April 3-7, 1985
box item
2E 1 Book show #356 Barry Lopez, with letter from New York State Institute 1995
2 Barry Lopez, Black Oak Books, Berkeley, CA, with note from Susan Stone March 12, 1989
3 Barry Lopez KLCC interview with Morgan Smith, KIDD award, May 18, 2000
4 Rosco, Moon Dog, Lost John, undated
5 Christmas Greeting, Radio spot for Sir Grace Mizrahi, undated
6 John Stepman Demo, Arctic Dreams interview CHQT, Edmonton, Alta, undated
7 Your World, WVBF, July 30, undated
8 10/78 – ROLQ – 1st 10, WOLF with Sherry Henry WOR, Oct. 16, 1978
9 Rehm Hr 2, Lopez – Resistance, June 22, 2004
10 Alan James 3, undated
11 Chief Dan George, undated
12 Rodeo 3 and 4, undated
13 Rita be, undated
14 7 and 8 [Rodeo?] undated
15 Not Labeled, Chromium dioxide Memorex 90, undated
16 Shoulders, Intro to Rodeo, Bull Action, undated
17 Empty case, shutterbugs, “Flash,” May 13, 2001
18 Barry Lopez, Interview on KLCC re. Light Action in the Caribbean with Morgan Smith, 9 min., Dec. 6, 2000
19 Lopez reading. Copyright 2000 by Barry Lopez, 2000
20 Ecological Imagination, Barry Lopez, Oct. 26, 2000
21 Sedge Thomson’s West Coast Live San Francisco’s Radio Show to the World, June 27, 1998
22 Lopez Lecture. Copyright 2000 by Barry Lopez, 2000
23 The Ecological Imagination Barry Lopez, “Pearyland,” Oct. 26, 2000
box item
3F 1 Stories Make the World: Interviews with Barry Lopez, 2 copies, Traveling Jewish Theater, San Francisco, CA, 1991
2 Stories about Stories, Traveling Jewish Theater, San Francisco, CA, 1990
3 New Letters on the Air, Barry Lopez Coyote Stories, New Letters, KC, Mo., Feb. 1978
4 New Letters on the Air. Barry Lopez Crow and Weasel. Barry Lopez II. New Letters, Kansas City, Mo., 19?, undated
5 Crossing Open Ground, read by Barry Lopez, 2 cassettes. NorthWord Audio Press, advance copy undated
6 A Tribute to Wallace Stegner, recorded live at the Herbst Theatre, hosted by Maya Angelou. Produced by Pacific Vista Productions for City Arts and Lectures, Inc., April 27, 1995
7 Barry Lopez reads "Winter Count," "Trying the Land," "Searching for Ancestors" and "A Short Manifesto." American Audio Prose Library, Columbia, MO, undated
8 American Prose Series, Barry Lopez. American Audio Prose Library, Columbia, MO, undated
9 A Talk With Barry Lopez, Society of Environmental Journalists, 9th national conference, Los Angeles, Society of Environmental Journalists, Sept. 16-19, 1999
10 Field Notes 1st text edit, side 1: Sonora – side 2: Lessons from the Wolverine, The Runner. NorthWord Audio Press, undated
11 Field Notes 1st text edit side 1: Pearyland, The Negro in the Kitchen – Side 2: The Entreaty of the Wiideema, Homecoming. NorthWord Audio Press, undated
12 Field Notes, Read by Barry Lopez, Piano by Philip Aaberg. Advance Copy, Northword Audio Press, undated
13 Field Notes 1st text edit Side 1: Introduction, Teal Creek – Side 2: Empira’s Tapestry, The Open Lot. NorthWord Audio Press, undated
14 Make Prayers to the Raven, music by John L. Adams, undated
15 Barry Lopez interview with Kay Bonetti. American Audio Prose Library, Columbia, MO, undated
16 Conversations with The Christian Science Monitor, 1986
17 Imagine: adventures in nature. Fax Tales International, Peoria, Ill., 1993
18 Got to know there’s wild in the world, missing March 31, 2016 1992
19 Barry Lopez on NPR (dub), Oct. 17, 1995
20 UMKC Cockefair, Chair Barry Lopez, Unity Temple on the Plaza, March 23, 2006
21 Molly's Typing Service, dictation by Peter Schults, Lopez agent, with letter from Lopez (to Diane Warner, Dec. 1, 2004) explaining that this tape also includes a phone conversation between Lopez and Schults, also glassine envelope with writing (2003) and note, (photocopies made for AV collection), 1981?, 2003, 2004


Reel-to-Reel Audio Tapes

box item
3 1-5 1 small reel; 4 medium reels (March 31, 20160: previously had 7 small (3") reels; 5 medium (5") reels, undated
6 1 medium reel, Barry here’s tape of your commercials, undated
7 1 medium reel, unlabeld, in Truetone box, empty March 31, 2016, undated
8-9 2 large reels (7"), Hopkins–Waters, Hammond–Rush – Bad Tape, undated
10 1 large reel, Odey Cassel, undated
11 1 large reel, Folk Tape, PPM – 12, Belafonte 2, undated
12 1 large reel, Folk Tape, Camp, Hardy – top world, undated
13 1 large reel, Slide Show 1, undated
14 1 large reel, Ken Nordine,
15 1 large reel, Bob Dylan–Precipice, undated
16 1 large reel, Precipice–Eliot etc., undated
17 1 large reel, Folk Tape, Joshua–4th Street, undated
18 1 large reel, Christ Show–Black Flag, undated
19 1 large reel, Lady Jane, Heavens–Hardins 7 ½, undated
20 1 large reel, Folk Tape, Kingston PPM, undated
21 1 large reel, Unlabeled, Scotch 201 box, undated


Audio Cassettes

box item
3 22 About This Life. Dove Audio, 1998
23 Crossing Open Ground, HighBridge Co., 1994
24 Crow and Weasel. Random House Audio Books, 1991
25 Field Notes, HighBridge Co., 2000


Video Cassettes

box item
3 26 Murphy visiting author, Barry Lopez, Murphy Programs in Language and Literature: Henryetta Vanaman Reves Recital Hall, Hendrix College, March 28, 2006



box item
3 27 Hendrix College, Barry Lopez, 2006 Murphy Visiting Poet, Hendrix-Murphy Foundation Programs in Literature and Language, Reves Recital Hall, April 28, 2006