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Barry Lopez:

An Inventory of His Papers [Part 1], 1964-2001 and undated, at the Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library

Descriptive Summary

CreatorLopez, Barry, 1945-
Title:Barry Lopez Papers,
Dates:1964-2001 and undated
Abstract:Papers of author Barry Lopez from 1964-2001.
Collection #R14.1
Quantity:76 boxes and 2 tubes (67.0 linear feet)
Repository:Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library, Texas Tech University

Biographical Sketch

Barry Lopez is an essayist, author, and short story writer. His books include Arctic Dreams, for which he received the National Book Award, and Of Wolves and Men, a National Book Award finalist, as well as several collections of short stories and two collections of essays. He has received fellowships from the American Academy of Arts and Letters, the John Burroughs Society, the Orion Society, and other institutions. In his nonfiction, Mr. Lopez writes often about the relationship between physical landscape and human culture. In his fiction, he frequently addresses issues of intimacy, ethics, and identity. His work has been widely anthologized and translated into thirteen languages. He travels widely and has collaborated with a number of artists on a variety of projects in theater, music, and the fine arts. Since 2003 he has been Visiting University Scholar at Texas Tech University. He lives on the McKenzie River in rural western Oregon.

Book publications include:

  • Lopez, Barry. Resistance. New York: Knopf, 2004.
  • Lopez, Barry. Vintage Lopez. New York: Vintage, 2004.
  • Lopez, Barry. Light Action in the Caribbean. New York: Knopf, 2000.
  • Lopez, Barry. About This Life. New York: Knopf, 1998.
  • Lopez, Barry. Apológia. Athens: U of Georgia P, 1998.
  • Lopez, Barry. Lessons from the Wolverine. Athens: U of Georgia P, 1997.
  • Lopez, Barry. Field Notes. New York: Knopf, 1994.
  • Lopez, Barry. The Rediscovery of North America. Lexington, UP of Kentucky, 1990.
  • Lopez, Barry. Crow and Weasel. Berkeley: North Point, 1990.
  • Lopez, Barry. Crossing Open Ground. New York: Scribner, 1988.
  • Lopez, Barry. Arctic Dreams. New York: Scribner, 1986.
  • Lopez, Barry. Winter Count. New York: Scribner, 1981.
  • Lopez, Barry. River Notes. Kansas City, MO: Andrews & McMeel, 1979.
  • Lopez, Barry. Of Wolves and Men. New York: Scribner, 1978.
  • Lopez, Barry. Giving Birth to Thunder. Kansas City, MO: Andrews & McMeel, 1978.
  • Lopez, Barry. Desert Notes. Kansas City, MO: Andrews & McMeel, 1976.

Scope and Contents

The collection contains correspondence, research materials, manuscripts, speaking engagement files, guest teaching files, book reviews, college class work, and magazines. Most of the materials concentrate on Lopez’s research for Arctic Dreams, Of Wolves and Men, Apologia, Crow and Weasel, and other writings. The guest teaching files deal with his time at Notre Dame and Eastern Washington University.

The collection is in good condition and is part of the James Sowell Family Collection in Literature, Community and the Natural World.



The collection is organized into the following series:
1. Emphera and interviews
2. Correspondence – business and reader
3. College class work, radio material
4. Articles and manuscripts for magazines
5. Manuscripts and research for books: (a) Desert Notes 1976, (b) Of Wolves and Men 1978, (c) Giving Birth to Thunder 1978, (d) River Notes 1979, (e) Winter Count 1981, (f) Arctic Dreams 1986, (g) Crossing Open Ground 1988, (h) Crow and Weasel 1990, (i) The Rediscovering of America 1991, (j) Field Notes 1994, (k) Lessons From the Wolverine 1997, (l) About This Life 1998, (m) Apologia 1998, (n) Beginnings of new books.
6. Research – miscellaneous and concerning wolves
7. Projects
8. Guest teaching - Notre Dame and Eastern Washington University
9. Speaking engagements
10. Calendars
11. Closed Boxes
12. Newspaper collection
13. Small artifacts
14. Manuscripts and research: miscellaneous
15. Arctic Dreams
16. Reviews and oversized research
17. Of Wolves and Men
18. Calendars
19. Oversized boxes and tubes of maps, broadsides, newspapers
Photographs, slides, contact sheets and negatives have been placed in SWCPC 834. With the exception of photos from Of Wolves and Men, photocopies of photographs and contact sheets have been placed in the original folders as a guide to researchers.
Due to the size of the inventory, this finding aid has been split into three files:
Ephemera and Interviews, Correspondence, and Research for Books, Boxes 1-20
Manuscripts and Research, Boxes 21-64
Manuscripts and Research - Miscellaneous, Boxes 65-76


Access Restrictions

Items are open for research, with the exception of boxes 64 and 65.

Index Terms

The subject headings used by the Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library are derived from the Library of Congress and/or locally developed.
Subjects (Persons)
Lopez, Barry Holstun, 1945-
Lopez, Barry Holstun, 1945- --Archives
Lopez, Barry Holstun, 1945- --Correspondence
Lopez, Barry Holstun, 1945- --Manuscripts
Arctic regions.
American literature--20th century
Natural history
Natural history in literature
Novelists, American--20th century--Correspondence

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Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Barry Lopez Papers, 1964-2001 and undated, Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas

Collection accession #(s):
2000-0297-X, 2002-0052-B

Purchase, 2000

Processed by

Edie Wishman, 2001

Collection Inventory


Ephemera and Interviews

11Ephemera I: Gleeson Library, U of San Francisco, 1995; Writing and the Natural World, Proceedings, 1994 (2 copies); Wild Duck Review; U of Oregon, minutes of Univ. Assembly, 1994; invitation, A Tribute to Governor Roberts, 1994; typescript, 3 p., author unknown; catalogs: Dave Formena's Books of the Big Outside, Fall 1991; Yolla Bolly Press, Fall 1995; TallMountain Circle (1995?) (Newspapers put in flat boxes), 1990s and undated
2Ephemera II: catalogs: Oregon Ink, 1995 (3 copies); Authors of the West, 1995; newsletter, P-R Connection Winter 1994; magazine, Horizon Air, March 1995 (3 copies); (P"&"W News, Fall 1995 removed for flat storage) 1994-1995
3Ephemera III: catalogs and promotional material: Poets"&"Writers (1996?); Orion; George D. Smith; Literature and the Environment, U of Utah P; Writing Nature, Summer 1995 (Newspapers put in flat boxes, photos in SWCPC 834), 1990s
4Ephemera IV: Correspondence and announcements: Friends of Eugene Public Library (1998); John Haines (1996); Garrett Hongo; Margaret Prentice (1993); Ave Maria, a.d. (1970); Second Perennial Poetic Hoohaw and newspaper clipping (1977) (Newspapers put in flat boxes), 1970-1998 and undated
5Journals and articles (Journals) EcoTraveler, Oct. 1996; Offbeat, Aug. 1993; Portland, Summer 1996;( (Articles) "Finding Moritz Thomsen, by Patricia A. Wand; (Wild Duck Review and newspaper removed for storage),
6Heather Newbold Interview, (Original Tandy Disk removed for storage) 1995
7John A. Murray interview, Bloomsbury Review, typescript and correspondence, 1998


Correspondence: Business

21Business Correspondence, 1971
2Business Correspondence (Newspaper put in flat box for storage), 1970
3Business Correspondence, 1969
4Business Correspondence, 1968
5Business Correspondence, 1966
6Business Correspondence, 1965
7Correspondence (Photo with card signed Tim in SWCPC 834), undated
8Business Correspondence, Ave Maria, 1968-1981 and undated
9Business Correspondence, Audubon, 1972-1985 and undated
10Business Correspondence, American Forests, 1974-1975
11Business Correspondence, American West, 1972-1984 and undated
12Business Correspondence, Anchorage Daily News, 1908s
13Business Correspondence, Bear Claw Press, 1970s and undated
14Business Correspondence, Bethel Photo Agency, 1972-1973 and undated
15Business Correspondence, Cascades, 1969-1972 and undated
16Business Correspondence, Chouteau Review, 1976-1985 and undated
17Business Correspondence, Country Journal, 1979-1984 and undated
18Business Correspondence, East/West Review, 1974-1975
19Business Correspondence, Environmental Action, 1971-1977 and undated
20Business Correspondence, Esquire, 1970-1985 and undated
21Business Correspondence, Fine Woodworking, 1969-1980
22Business Correspondence, Focus Michania, 1968 and undated
23Business Correspondence, Geo, 1979-1982
24Business Correspondence, Lopez Productions, 1968-1975 and undated
25Business Correspondence, Materials for Today’s Learning, Inc., 1970-1971
26Business Correspondence, MS, 1973-1980 and undated
27Business Correspondence, National Geographic, 1989-1990 and undated
28Business Correspondence, National Wildlife, 1971-1980 and undated
29Business Correspondence, Northwest, 1969-1988 and undated
30Business Correspondence, Northwest Review, 1973, 1976
31Business Correspondence, Not Man Apart, 1970-1977 and undated
32Business Correspondence, Notre Dame Magazine, 1973-1984
33Business Correspondence, Oceans, 1972-1974 and undated
34Business Correspondence, Old Oregon, 1971, 1978, 1987
35Business Correspondence, Oregon, 1974-1980 and undated
36Business Correspondence, Outdoor World, 1971-1975 and undated
37Business Correspondence, Pacific Northwest, 1981-1983 and undated
38Business Correspondence, Passages, 1970-1972
39Business Correspondence, Popular Mechanics, 1973, 1975 and undated
40Business Correspondence, Parabola, 1978-1983 and undated
41Business Correspondence, Popular Science, 1970-1978 and undated
42Business Correspondence, Quest, 1977-1981 and undated
43Business Correspondence, Reader’s Digest, 1973-1980 and undated
44Business Correspondence, Saga, 1971-1973
45Business Correspondence, Sierra, 1977-1980 and undated
46Business Correspondence, Sports Illustrated, 1972-1983
47Business Correspondence, Smithsonian, 1975-1978
48Business Correspondence, Time/Life, 1972-1975
49Business Correspondence, Travel and Leisure, 1974-1988 and undated
50Business Correspondence, True Magazine, 1970-1971 and undated
51Business Correspondence, U.S. Catholic, 1970-1974 and undated
52Business Correspondence, Washington Post, 1971-1975 and undated
53Business Correspondence, Way, 1970-1974 and undated
54Business Correspondence, Wilderness, 1973-1983 and undated
55Business Correspondence Publisher Correspondence Bruce Publishing, 1967-1968
56Business Correspondence Dream Garden Press, 1979-1989
57Business Correspondence, Graphics Arts Press, 1980-1981
58Business Correspondence National Park Service, 1978-1981
59Business Correspondence Publisher Correspondence Sheed Andrews (Newspapers removed into flat box for storage), 1972-1988 and undated
60Business Correspondence, Toyota Today, Toyota Topics, 1970-1974 and undated
61Business Correspondence Publisher Correspondence University of Arizona Press, 1983-1986 and undated
62Business Correspondence Yolla Bolly Press (Photos in SWCPC 834), 1981
63Business Correspondence Apple Pie Correspondence and Manuscript Ideas and Drafts (Newspaper clippings and oversized material removed for storage in flat boxes), 1974-1975 and undated
64Business Correspondence Dennis Corrigan Correspondence on Writing, 1973
31Business Correspondence, 2000
2Business Correspondence, 1999
3Business Correspondence (cassette tape sent with letter from Morgan Smith placed in storage, CD sent with World Environment Day letter removed for storage), 1997
4Business Correspondence, 1996
5Business Correspondence, 1995
6Business Correspondence, 1993
7Business Correspondence, 1991
8Business Correspondence, Jan.-June 1990
9Business Correspondence, July-Dec. 1990
10Business Correspondence (Newspaper removed to flat boxes for storage), 1989
11Business Correspondence, 1988
12Business Correspondence, Jan.-May 1987
13Business Correspondence, (\photos in SWCPC 834 June-Dec. 1987
14Business Correspondence, (Photo in SWCPC 834), Jan.-June 1986
15Business Correspondence, July-Dec. 1986
16Business Correspondence, 1985
17Business Correspondence, 1984
18Business Correspondence,(Photo in SWCPC 834) 1983
19Business Correspondence (Poster removed for flat storage), 1982
20Business Correspondence, 1981
21Business Correspondence, 1980
22Business Correspondence, 1979
23Business Correspondence (Photos in SWCPC 834), 1978
24Business Correspondence, 1977
25Business Correspondence, 1976
26Business Correspondence, 1975
27Business Correspondence, 1974
28Business Correspondence (Card with photo in SWCPC 834), 1973
29Business Correspondence, 1972


Correspondence: Reader

41Miscellaneous Reader Correspondence, 1992
2Miscellaneous Reader Correspondence (3 photos in SWCPC 834. One attached to card; black and white photo is from Rolf Provant letter.), 1991
3Miscellaneous Reader Correspondence (Photos in SWCPC 834. Photo of man and a wolf from letter from Jeffrey Burns, 2 photos from a card from Jenny Dwyer, and a card with photos attached and also inside from envelope from Idell S. Conway.), 1990
4Miscellaneous Reader Correspondence (Handmade book made by Brad Bealmear removed for storage, no title.), 1989
5Miscellaneous Reader Correspondence1988 (Newspaper removed for flat storage, photo in SWCPC 834),
6Miscellaneous Reader Correspondence (Photos in SWCPC 834. One was sent from letter dated October 8, 1987 from Morton Thich.), 1987
7Miscellaneous Reader Correspondence (Newspaper clipping removed for flat storage from letter dated April 2, 1986 by Mr. Reed.), 1986
8Miscellaneous Reader Correspondence (Slide in SWCPC 834, from Jim Henterly sent in card on December 6, 1985), 1985
9Miscellaneous Reader Correspondence (Slide in SWCPC 834, from Jim Henterly sent in card on July 12, 1984. Photo from card also in SWCPC 834.), 1984
10Miscellaneous Reader Correspondence (Photo from a card sent by Robin Dorn, and photo from letter sent March 17, 1983 in SWCPC 834), 1983
11Miscellaneous Reader Correspondence (Letter removed with newspaper attached for flat storage), 1982
12Miscellaneous Reader Correspondence (Mounted photo from Liz Crosby in SWCPC 834. Some of her letters are in here.), 1981
13Miscellaneous Reader Correspondence (Feather removed to proper storage from a letter sent by “Gilbert” dated March 1, 1980.), 1980
14Miscellaneous Reader Correspondence (Leaf removed to proper storage from a letter sent by Susanna Moore dated November 9, 1979.), 1979
15Miscellaneous Reader Correspondence, 1978
16Miscellaneous Reader Correspondence (Newspaper clippings removed to flat storage), 1977
17Miscellaneous Reader Correspondence, 1976
18Miscellaneous Reader Correspondence, 1975
19Miscellaneous Reader Correspondence, 1974
20Miscellaneous Reader Correspondence, 1973
21Miscellaneous Reader Correspondence, 1972
22Miscellaneous Reader Correspondence (Newspaper clipping removed and placed in flat storage from a letter sent by unknown and cannot read signature. Letterhead says “Versus.”), undated


College Class Work

51Miscellaneous Class papers/University of Oregon,
2“Set Breaking” Mythology Paper,
3Proposal for a School,
4Radio Commercials, South Bend, 1967
5Radio WSND,
6Theater - Notre Dame/Saint Mary’s (Newspaper clippings removed for flat storage),
7Existentialism = Notre Dame (Newspaper clippings removed for flat storage),
8English Class: University of Notre Dame,
9Records: Paper - No Man is an Island, May 1964


Articles and Manuscripts for Magazines

Years: 1966-1967
61Short Stories/Notre Dame (Includes “Monkey House,” "Justice," and “Two Worlds”),
2Miscellaneous Fiction/Notre Dame,
3Book Review of "Too Far to Walk,"
4“The Fence” (Unpublished),
5“The Quiet Debacle of Death” (Unpublished),
6“You and Me,”
7“This is Mine” (Unpublished),
8“The Nineteenth Nervous Breakdown” (Unpublished),
9“The Bounty Hunter” (Unpublished),
10“The Coat” (Unpublished),
11“A Ramification in Black” (Unpublished),
12“The Fire” (Unpublished),
13“Goddammit” (Unpublished),
14“Cauley Wright” (Unpublished),
15“The Rustlers” (Unpublished),
16“The Sun Was Gone” (Unpublished),
Years: 1966-1971
71“Spider” (Unpublished),
2Precipice / Radio Show Scripts (Unpublished)
3“Americana” Radio Show Script (Unpublished)
4The Quiet Debacle of Death,
5“The Gift,”
6“Morocco” (Newspaper clippings and poster removed for flat storage; photos and negatives in SWCPC 834),
7“The Psychedelic Christ,”
9“The Crucifixion of Christ,”
10“Until Death Do Us Part,”
11“Afternoon at Little League Hill” (Newspaper removed for flat storage, photos and contact sheet in SWCPC 834),
12“Together, Separately” (Unpublished),
13“The Family Orchard” (Unpublished),
14“I Knew You Sunrise, Sunset” (Unpublished),
15“Brother Haas” (Unpublished),
16“Madeleine” (Unpublished),
17Miscellaneous Writing, 1968
18“Different Place, Same Time” (Unpublished) (Newspaper clipping removed for flat storage),
19“Sunday” (Unpublished),
20“A Time Away” (Unpublished),
21“The Expanded McGuffey’s Reader” (Unpublished),
22“Audiovisuals and the Perception of Reality: The Creative Writing Class,”
23The Environmental Consumer (Unpublished) (Newspaper clippings removed for flat storage, photos in SWCPC 834),
24“Sunblood” (Unpublished),
25“White T-shirts at Dusk” (Unpublished),
26“Fort Rock Camping” (Unpublished),
27“Miniature Museum for Big Wagons” (Photos in SWCPC 834),
28Book Review: Look Around Pilgrim,
29“Odey’s” (Contact sheet and photo in SWCPC 834),
30“The Gull in the Rocks,”
31“The Garage Theory,"
32“Anti Pollution Pays” (Unpublished),
33“Dialogue in a Prison” (Unpublished),
34“Pollution in Oregon”; for the New York Times (Unpublished),
35“Getting Straight,”
36“Ecological Rape” (Newspaper clippings removed for flat storage),
37Manuscript pages done in 1968?, 1968
38“People: A Town in Defense of Itself” (Newspapers removed for flat storage; photos in SWCPC 834),
39“Nessie, The USO” (Newspapers removed for flat storage),
40Paul Newman / “Sometimes a Great Notion” Movie Review (Oversized magazine clipping removed for flat storage), 1970
41“Interior Decorating” (Photos, slides, and contact sheet in SWCPC 834), 1970
42“The Widening Gyre”; The Flavor of the 70’s, a.d. (Negatives, contact sheets, and photos in SWCPC 834), 1970
43“Jean’s First Time Around”; The Flavor of the 70’s, a.d., 1970
44“An Animal's Ability...”; The Flavor of the 70’s, a.d. (Photos in SWCPC 834), 1970
45 "Four Wheel Drive Road Tests" (Photos in SWCPC 834, poster in rolled tube #1 should be placed in flat storage), 1970
46“Recreational Vehicle Boom,” 1970
47Environmental Primer (Photos in SWCPC 834), 1970
48Bill Drake for The Washington Post, 1970
49“Stainless Steel Forever” (Unpublished), 1971
50“What to Take” (Unpublished), 1971
51“The Other Desert,” 1971
52“On the Brink of a Park” (Photo in SWCPC 834), 1971
53“Meditation” (Slides in SWCPC 834), 1971
54“Buying a 4 Wheel Drive,” 1971
55“Getting Away from the Great Getaway,” 1971
56“Up Against the Ecological Wall,” 1971
57“A New Wheel with a Built in Suspension” (Newspaper clippings removed for flat storage, photos in SWCPC 834), 1971
58“A Walk in the Woods,” 1971
59“Electric Trucking,” 1971
60“Roscoe,” 1971
61Roscoe Research (Newspaper clippings removed for flat storage, a copy of FEDUP, cassette tape, and also removed; photos and slides in SWCPC 834), 1971
62Whole Earth Catalogue Demise (Newspaper clipping removed to flat storage), 1971
63“Calapooya Renaissance” (Unpublished) (Newspaper clipping removed to flat storage, photos and negatives in SWCPC 834), 1971
64“Perfecting the 4WD,” 1971
65On Outward Bound (Unpublished), 1971
66“Over the Wall” (Photos in SWCPC 834), 1971
67Book Review: Catalog of Manuscripts in the University of Oregon Library, 1971
68“Survival/George Wasson” (Newspaper clippings removed for flat storage, photos in SWCPC 834), 1971
69“At Night by the Sea,” 1971
Years: 1972-1974
81“The Lady’s Game” (Unpublished), 1972
2“Cascade Legends,” 1972
3“Charles Simic” (Photos and negatives in SWCPC 834), 1972
4“The Earth’s Great Cycles,” 1972
5“A Limit to Reaction,” 1972
6“A Perspective,” 1972
7“The Toy Teacher” (Photos and negatives in SWCPC 834), 1972
8“On Missing the Point” (Unpublished), 1972
9“Audi 100LS” (Negatives in SWCPC 834), 1972
10“Oregon Ruling Threatens Wilderness Area Mining” (Newspaper clippings removed for storage), 1972
11Book Review: Desert Solitaire, 1972
12“The Box, and How to Live with It” (Photos in SWCPC 834), 1972
13“Best Sellers and Brass Tacks” (Unpublished), 1972
14“Paradental Education: A New Look,” 1972
15“Toward an Equitable Arrangement,” 1972
16“The Marijuana Myths,” 1972
17“A Place of Refuge” (Newspaper clippings removed to flat storage), 1972
18“A New Sea,” 1972
19Book Review: Slaughter the Animals, Poison the Earth, 1972
20“Scientist Oppose National Park Plan” for the New York Times, 1972
21“The Inkle Loom” (Negatives and contact sheet in SWCPC 834), 1972
22“Toyota Celica ST,” 1972
23“Getting Away from it All,” 1972
24“It’s Not Easy to Love a Deformed Child,” 1972
25“The African Queen” (Photos, negatives, and contact sheet in SWCPC 834), 1972
26“The Little Creek,” 1972
27“Secret Journey” (Photos in SWCPC 834, writing on the back of photos), 1972
28“Error Message,” 1972
29 “Redding Hotshots” (Photos in SWCPC 834), 1972
30“Nez Perce Country” (Photos in SWCPC 834), 1972
31“The Pendleton Round-Up,” 1973
32“Sneakers,” 1973
33“Domed Workshop” (Unpublished) (Photos, contact sheets, and negatives in SWCPC 834), 1973
34“Climbing Ascenders” (Photos, negatives, and contact sheet in SWCPC 834), 1973
35“Fall,” 1973
36“Indian Translations” (Newspaper clippings removed for flat storage, photos with writing on back in SWCPC 834), 1973
37“A Moral Dilemma,” 1973
38“The Invisible People” (Unpublished) (Newspaper removed for flat storage), 1973
39“Little Cars and Empty Dreams” (Unpublished), 1973
40Book Review: Registry of Faculty Professional Interests, 1973
41“Circles” (Unpublished), 1973
42Pendleton Manuscript, 1973
43“The Northern Channel Islands” (Photos with writing on back in SWCPC 834), 1973
44“The Chinese Cure” (Newspaper clippings removed for flat storage, photos in SWCPC 834), 1973
45“Toyota LC/script,” 1973
46“Datsun 240-Z,” 1973
47“Little Things,” 1973
48“The Child in a Shadow of a Tree,” 1973
49“Weekend,” 1973
50: “Cutting Your Own Firewood” (Photos in SWCPC 834), 1974
51“Backpacking with Dogs” (Negatives, contact sheet, and photos in SWCPC 834), 1974
52“Remember Man,” 1974
53 “On Being Born at Home” (Negatives in SWCPC 834), 1974
54“How the Pros Fall a Tree” (Negatives, photos, and contact sheets in SWCPC 834), 1974
55“Smaller Fires,” 1974
56“A New Space” Published as “To the Country and Back” in Ladies Circle 1975 (Photos, negatives, and contact sheet in SWCPC 834), 1974
57“Winter Driving in a Four-Wheel Drive” (Contact sheet and photo in SWCPC 834), 1974
58“Cooling it in Oregon,” 1974
59“Oregon,” 1974
60Book Review: Let ‘Er Buck, 1974
61“Reflections on a Waiting Dog” (Contact sheet in SWCPC 834), 1974
62“Country Inn,” 1974
63“Why is this Man Running” (Unpublished) (Newspapers removed for flat storage, slides in SWCPC 834), 1974
64“Ashland” (Unpublished), 1974
65“New Neighbors” (Unpublished), 1974
66“The Other Arizona,” 1974
67“Mt. Shasta” (Newspapers removed for flat storage), 1974
Years: 1974-1976
91“Notes in Common” (Newspaper clipping removed for flat storage, photo with writing on back in SWCPC 834), 1974
2“Going Down with the Bulls” (This title was used on another story), 1974
3“Farmer’s Almanac,” 1974
4“Oregon’s Big Trees” (Photos in SWCPC 834), 1974
5“Trusting Your Photographic Eye,” 1974
6“Perverting the 4 Wheel Drive” (Negatives and contact sheet in SWCPC 834), 1974
7“Saving the Dead” (Unpublished), 1975
8“Saving the Dead” II, 1975
9“Women and Wolves” (Unpublished), 1975
10“Water/Oregon”; Travel and Leisure, 1975
11“Jury Trial” (Newspapers removed for flat storage), 1975
12“Wolves: a Sobering Experience” / Fentress / Lockhart (Newspaper clippings removed for flat storage), 1975
13Fentress / Wolves II, 1975
14“Scareface Visits the Sun,” 1975
15“The Birth,” 1975
16“The Night of the Bulls” (Newspaper clipping removed for flat storage, photos in SWCPC 834), 1975
17“Three Found Dead in Desert Arroyo,” 1975
18“Fred” (Newspaper clipping removed for flat storage), 1975
19“In Inheritance,” 1975
20“The Black Cottonwood,” 1975
21“The Passing of the Night” (Photo with writing on back in SWCPC 834), 1975
22Book Review: Mind in the Waters, 1975
23“Chickadee,” 1975
24Book Review: Winter in the Blood, 1975
25“My Horse” (Photos and negatives in SWCPC 834), 1975
26“Oregon’s Endangered Plants” (Newspaper clippings removed for flat storage), 1975
27“Looking for Wolves,” Travel and Leisure, 1976
28“The Deserts of the Great Basin”; Desert / Travel and Leisure, 1976
29“Wolf Kill” (Newspaper clippings removed for flat storage), 1976
Years: 1977-1981
101“The Photographer,” 1977
2“Silence,” Travel and Leisure, 1977
3“The Aesthetic View,” 1977
4“Cottonwoods,” 1977
5“On the Preservation of Other Creatures,” 1977
6“Woods Words,” 1977
7“Screws,” Fine Woodworking (Negatives, contact sheet and photos in SWCPC 834), 1977
8“Wooden I-Beams” (Negatives and contact sheet in SWCPC 834), 1977
9“Winter in Fairbanks,” 1977
10“Alaska”; Environmental Action (Alaska’s Dilemma), 1977
11“Northern Edge”; Barrow/ Harper’s, 1977
12“Desert Reservation” (Newspaper clippings removed for flat storage), 1978
13“A Visit Home,” 1978
14Book Review: Keepers of the Game, 1978
15Book Reviews: Animal Books/ Harper’s, 1978
16“Dave’s Story: Five Dollar Dogs,” 1978
17“The Creek,” 1978
18“Rodeo / The Bullrider,” 1978
19Sperber “Alaskan Mills” (Photos in SWCPC 834), 1978
20Alaska Mills / Popular Science (Photos, contact sheet, and negatives in SWCPC 834. Lopez comments: picture of wolf bite was during Barry’s first encounter with wolves March 1976 in Nelchina, Alaska. They were trying to shoot a wolf with a dart gun and it bit his companion.), 1978
21“The American Indian Mind” (Oversized proof copy removed for flat storage), 1978
22“The American Indian Mind” Continued, 1978
23“Wilderness and Natural Order” Oral Testimony, 1979
24“Trying the Land,” 1979
25“Against the Earth,” 1979
26“Grown Men” (Photos in SWCPC 834), 1979
27Book Review: New York Times Book Reviews of Four Animal Books, 1979
28Sierra Introduction (Sierra Club calendar), 1979
29“A Presentation of Whales” (Newspaper removed for flat storage), 1979
30Whales / Rapho, Became “Presentation of Whales” in Harper’s March 1980 pages 68-79, 1979
31Whales II, 1979
32Whales III, 1979
33Book Review: The Tree, 1980
34Book Review: The Sinking Ark, 1980
35“On an Island, in Debt to Basho and a Water Ouzel,” 1980
36“A Man Who Had Maps,” 1980
37“Gone Back into the Earth,” 1980
38“Our Garden is the Water,” 1981
39“A Faint Light on the Northern Edge,” 1981
40“A Faint Light on the Northern Edge” II, 1981
41“A Faint Light on the Northern Edge” III, 1981
42“A Faint Light on the Northern Edge” IV, 1981
43“A Faint Light on the Northern Edge” V, 1981
44“A Faint Light on the Northern Edge” VI, 1981
Years: 1981-1982
111“The Stride of the Long Distance Runner,” 1981
2“Borders,” 1981
3Dummy of Anne Guilfoyle’s Glimpses, 1981
4“Report on Atlantis Foul Weather Gear,” 1981
5Book Review: Seven Visions of Bull Lodge, 1981
6“Out of a Desert Landscape,” 1981
7“A Story in the Land,” 1981
8“In a Country of Light, Among Animals,” 1981
9“Mountain Lions” / German Geo, 1981
10“Mountain Lions” / American Geo, 1981
11Mountain Lions / Research, 1981
12Mountain Lions / Research, 1981
13Mountain Lions / Research, 1981
14“The Elusive Mountain Lion,” 1981
15“Murder: A Memoir,” 1981
16“American Indian Art” (Newspapers removed for flat storage, photos in SWCPC 834), 1981
17“Indian Running,” 1982
18“Children in the Woods,” 1982
19“The Lives of Seals,” 1982
20“Snow Geese” (Flowers removed for proper storage), 1982
21“Yukon Charley” (Negatives and contact sheet in SWCPC 834), 1982
22“One for the Heart” (Newspaper removed for flat storage), 1982
23“One for the Heart” II, 1982
Years: 1983-1987
121“Searching for Ancestors,” 1983
2Book Review: The Biology of People, 1983
3“The Country Beyond Nome,” 1983
4Book Review: The Last Kings of Thule, 1983
5“Renegotiating the Contracts,” 1983
6Book Review: The Clam Lake Papers: A Winter in the Northern Woods, 1983
7“The Dark Road,” 1983
8“The Ravens,” 1983
9“Meeting Ed Abby,” 1984
10“A Short Manifesto,” 1984
11Book Review: Make Prayers to the Raven, 1984
12“Landscape and Narrative,” 1984
13“Class Notes,” 1984
14Book Review: Indian Country, 1984
15Book Review: In a Patch of Fireweed, 1984
16“Winter Reprieve,” 1984
17“The Passing Wisdom of Birds,” 1985
18“At Rest in Northern Canada,” 1985
19“Jordan Valley” I, 1985
20“Jordan Valley” II, 1985
21“The National Book Award Speech,”
22“The Stone Horse,” 1986
23“A Short Passage in Northern Hokkaido,” 1986
24Antaeus: Natural History Issue (Bibliography), 1986
25Childhood Books New York Times Book Review (Influence of Childhood reading), 1986
26“The Resplendent Oryx” (Newspaper clippings removed for flat storage), 1987
27“The Resplendent Oryx” II, 1987
28“Introduction,” The Sagebrush Ocean, 1987
29Life Magazine Essay, 1987
30Orion Bibliography, 1987
Years: 1988-1992
131“A Chinese Garland,” 1988
2“Informed by Indifference,” 1988
3“Antarctica”/Washington Post, 1988
4“Inlets” Alan Magee, 1989
5“Take My Advice” Statement for James Harmon, 1989
6“Galapagos Sea Lions” (Photos in SWCPC 834), 1989
7“Galapagos: Orchids on the Volcano”, 1989
8“Galapagos: Orchids on the Volcano” II, 1989
9“Life and Death in Galapagos,” 1989
10“Night Walking,” 1989
11“Camped at the Antipodes,” 1989
12“Camped at the Antipodes” II, 1989
13“The American Geographies” I, 1989
14“The American Geographies” II, 1989
15“Apologia” (Photo in SWCPC 834), 1990
16“The Gulf War,” 1991
17“Discovering the Animals, Again,” 1991
18“Environmental Statement [- Buzzworm],” 1991
19“Introduction” for Natural Light, 1991
20“Beyond Wilderness,” 1991
21“Robert Adams Lecture,” 1991
22 “Introduction” Bighorse, The Warrior, 1991
23“Zoo Letter”/David Quammen, 1991
24“Forward” Helping Nature Heal, 1991
25“Very Personal Hospitality,” 1991
26“Columbus for the Imagination," 1992
27“Remembering Orchards” (Photos in SWCPC 834), 1992
Years: 1992-1993
141: “The Interior of North Dakota,” 1992
2“The Interior of North Dakota,” 1992
3“Benjamin Claire... ,” 1992
4“The Rediscovery of North America"; an abridgement, 1992
5“Replacing Memory” (Newspapers removed for flat storage, photos in SWCPC 834), 1992
6“Replacing Memory,” 1992
7“The Hitter,” 1993
8“Thomas Lowdermilk’s Generosity,” 1993
9“Statement” PEN Statement about writing, 1993
10“Implacable Corridors of Death,” 1993
11“Into the Ice,” 1993
12Statement [for Mānoa], 1993
13“The Gift of the Good Land,” 1993
14Offshore Research I, 1993
15Offshore Research II, 1993
16Offshore Research III, 1993
17Offshore Research IV, 1993
18“Offshore” I, 1993
19“Offshore” II, 1993
20“Offshore” III, 1993
21“Offshore: A Journey to the Weddell Sea” (with envelope it came in), 1993
22Nathaniel B. Palmer (Newspaper removed for flat storage; US-CCP Ice Station patch removed for storage), 1993
23Ship Plans, Nathaniel B. Palmer (2 Videocassettes removed for storage), 1993
24Ship Plans, Nathaniel B. Palmer, 1993
California Desert: Research, National Geographic, 1985-1986
151Guides and Informational Brochures, 1985-1986
2 Research Material California Desert (Identification tags removed for storage), 1985-1986
3California Desert Research Material: The California Desert: Conservation Plan, 1980
4California Desert Research Material: Cultural Resources of the California Desert 1776-1980: Historic Trails and Wagon Roads, 1985-1986
5California Desert Research Material: Granite Mountains Resource Survey, 1985-1986
6California Desert Research Material: Background to Historic and Prehistoric Resources of the East Mojave Desert Region, 1985-1986
7California Desert Research Material: Evaluation of Early Human Activities and Remains in the California Desert, 1985-1986
8California Desert Research Material: Final Environmental Impact Statement and Proposed Plan Volume A (1 of 3), 1985-1986
9California Desert Research Material: Final Environmental Impact Statement and Proposed Plan Volume A (2 of 3), 1985-1986
10California Desert Research Material: Final Environmental Impact Statement and Proposed Plan Volume A (3 of 3), 1985-1986
161Steno notebook for California Desert, 1985-1986
2National Geographic Correspondence, 1985-1986
3Desert Expenses, 1985-1986
4Research I (Rock and 2 tape cassettes removed for storage), 1985-1986
5Research II (Newspaper clipping removed for flat storage), 1985-1986
6Research III, 1985-1986
7Research IV, 1985-1986
8Research V (Newspaper clippings removed for flat storage), 1985-1986
9Research VI (Newspaper clippings removed for flat storage), 1985-1986
10Research VII (Oversized photocopies of newspaper clippings removed for flat storage), 1985-1986
11Research VIII (Oversized photocopies of newspaper clippings removed for flat storage), 1985-1986
12Research IX, 1985-1986
13Research X(Oversized photocopies of newspaper clippings and originals removed for flat storage), 1985-1986
14Research XI, 1985-1986
15Research XII, 1985-1986
16An Island Called California, 1985-1986
17“California Desert” 1st Draft, 1985-1986
18Edited Manuscript, 1985-1986
19Final Manuscript Copy (Newspaper clippings removed for flat storage), 1985-1986
20The California Desert, 1985-1986
21The California Desert: Conflicts of Desire, 1985-1986
22Reader’s Correspondence, 1985-1986
23California Desert version edited by Charles McCarry 5/97 for W.G.S. From the Field, 1997
24Research Material: “California Archaeology” Chapters, 1986 and undated
Flight: Research [Published as "On the Wings of Commerce", Harper's, October 1995]
171“Flight” materials: Box of a Northwest cargo plane model,
2Miscellaneous material from researching “Flight” (Baggage tag and tape cassette removed for storage),
3Correspondence for “Flight,”
5Research materials for “Flight,”
6Newspaper articles (Original Newspaper clippings removed for flat storage),
7Anchorage, January 13, 1977
8I 747 Final Assembly,
9II Cape Town,
10III Horses,
11IV Hallucinating,
12V Seoul,
14“Flight” Manuscript,
15Untitled Folder,
16Notes from Lewis rewrite 1st manuscript, draft letter to Lewis,
17“Flight” Manuscript,
18Manuscript “Flight” with corrections,
191st galleys,
202nd galleys,
21First pages,
22About this Life manuscript,
23“Flight” draft with corrections,
24Custom Service Record, December 1994
25Notebooks “Flight,”
26Flight Materials: Airwise guide, KLM world timetables, global voice air logistics, altitude enroute charts,
27Flight Materials: booklets from various air cargo companies: Boeing, Antonov (Photos in SWCPC 834),
28Flight Materials: Boeing 747 Freighter product review,
29Flight Materials: ACF 96’ DUBAI Information Pack,
30Flight Materials: Boeing 747 Combi Product Review,
31Flight Materials: Boeing Press Information (3 folders) copy of AirCargo News (Photos in SWCPC 834),
33Miscellaneous Travel Materials (Photos in SWCPC 834),
34Cargo Lists,
36Miscellaneous Travel,
39Miscellaneous notes,
41Northwest “Return,”
181A.D. (3 items), 1970
2African Wildlife International Edition, September/October 1978
3Alaska, May 1991
4American Bookseller, January 1995
5American Forests, August 1975
6American Short Fiction (2 items), 1991-1993
7American Studies Journal No. 40, Summer 1997
8American Way (4 items), 1988-1998
9American West (2 items), 1982-1984
10The Amicus Journal Vol. 13 No. 4, Fall 1991
11Antarctic Journal of the United States, July 1992
12Aperture, Winter 1998
13Audubon, 1973-1995
14Autodriver (5 items), 1969-1970
15Ave Maria (6 items), 1968-1969
16Blind Donkey Vol. 12 , No. 3 and 4,
17Brick No. 59,
18Buzzworm, March/April 1991
19Cascades, February 1971
20Chouteau Review (3 items), 1975-1978
21College and University Journal, January 1972
22Colorado Plateau Advocate, Spring 1996
23Contemporary Literature in Translation, Fall/Winter 1974
24Country Journal, September 1981
25Dalmo’ma, January 1978
26Defenders, September/October 1989
27Double Take, Spring 1998
28Environmental Action (4 items), 1973-1977
29Equinox, July/August 1986
30Earth Island Journal, Fall 1995
31Earth Letter, January 1996
32Esquire, November 1994
33Eugene, September 1976
34Fine Wood Working, Fall 1977
35Gate Ways, Spring 1999
36Geo (2 items), 1981
37The Georgia Review (2 items), 1993-1996
38The Gettysburg Review, Autumn 1996
39Harper's (14 items), 1976-1998
40Heat 2, 1996
41Island (2 items), 1996-1999
42Jeopardy, Winter 1980
43Journal of Energy, Natural Resources, and Environmental Law Vol. 11 No. 1, 1990
44Journal (North American Wolf Society) Vol. 2 No. 2,
45Literary Cavalcade, November/December 1998
46Lady’s Circle (2 items), 1975-1993
191Mānoa (4 items), 1992-1996
2Mariah, August/September 1978
3Merkur, December 1993
4The Minnesota Volunteer (2 items), 1978-1980
5Mountain Record, Summer 1995
6Men’s Journal, December 1996
7National Geographic Adventure, January/February 2000
8National Geographic Traveler, October 1999
9National Geographic, January 1987
10National Wildlife (2 items), 1973-1975
11North American Review (17 items), 1974-1994
12Northern Lights, Summer 1995
13Northwest Review (3 items), 1976-1991
14Notre Dame (5 items), 1974-1986
15Oceans No. 6, 1973
16Old Oregon, Autumn 1991
18Oregon Quarterly, Spring 1998
19Oregon, January 1980
20Orion (11 items), 1985-1999
21Our Family, February 1975
22Outdoor World (3 items), 1971-1974
23Outlook, Spring 1983
201Outside (8 items), 1981-1998
2Pacific Northwest (3 items), 1981-1982
3Pacific Wilderness, Feb./March 1975
4Parabola (2 items), undated
5Paris Review (2 items), 1992-2000
6Plateau Vol. 53 No. 3, undated
7Imported Cars (2 items), 1969-1970
8Popular Mechanics, December 1973
9Popular Science (4 items), 1974-1978
10Portland (5 items), 1994-1999
11Quest (2 items), 1977-1978
12Ranger, Winter 1986/1987
13Reader's Digest May 1973
14Resurgence (2 items), 1995-1999
15Rocky Mountain Magazine, May/June 1981
16Running (2 items), 1981-1983
17Saga, March 1974
18Science, November 1982
19Sierra (2 items), 1978-1980
20Siglo, Summer 1996/1997
21Skywriting (3 items), 1978 and undated
22Story (2 items), 1998-1999
23Strobe (2 items), 1969
24Tail Wind, Spring 1986
25Teacher, February 1990
26Toyota Topics (2 items), 1973-1974
27Travel and Leisure (2 items), 1977
28The Travel Review, March/April 1991
29U.S. Catholic (5 items), 1972-1998
30UTNE Reader, July/August 1995
31Way (3 items), 1971-1975
32West Northwest, Spring 1994
33Walking, October 1989
34Wilderness, Fall 1982
35Wild Earth, Summer 1998
36Wind Row, Spring 1985
37Witness, Winter 1989

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