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Military Board of Texas:

An Inventory of Military Board Records at the Texas State Archives, 1861-1867, 1955, bulk 1861-1865


Creator: Military Board of Texas.
Title: Military Board records
Dates: 1861-1867, 1955
Dates: bulk 1861-1865
Abstract: The Texas State Military Board (also known as the Military Board of Texas) was established to sell or exchange state bonds for supplies and establish foundries and ordnance factories. Records include correspondence, agency meeting minutes, invoices, contracts, bonds, and reports, dating 1861-1867, 1955, bulk dating 1861-1865.
Quantity: 6.75 cubic ft.
Language: These materials are written in English.
Repository: Texas State Archives

Agency History

The Texas State Military Board (also known as the Military Board of Texas) was established to sell or exchange state bonds for supplies and establish foundries and ordnance factories. Creation of the Board was deemed necessary due to the state’s general inability to import necessary supplies for its defense due to the Union blockade of its ports. The Board was created on January 11, 1862 by the 9th Texas Legislature (Chapter 81, Regular Session). The Board was composed of the Governor, the Comptroller, and the Treasurer (respectively Francis Lubbock, Clement R. Johns, and C. H. Randolph).

During the 10th Legislature (Regular Session) on December 16, 1863, an amendment (Chapter 39) to the existing act that partially reconstituted the Board was passed. The Governor still headed the agency ex officio, but was now able to appoint and remove the remaining two members; the Board’s functions remained the same despite this change. Although Pendleton Murrah had replaced Lubbock as Governor in 1863, the Comptroller and Treasurer continued to serve on the Board under the auspices of the first act until April 12, 1864. From April 12, 1864 until May of 1865 when the Civil War ended, effectively nullifying the need for the Military Board, Governor Murrah and appointees James Holman and N. B. Pearce were its members.

Other laws enacted during the 10th Legislature (Regular Session) called for the Board to be given appropriations in order to construct spinning jennies (Chapter 13) and iron foundries (Chapter 54). These bills became law due to the increasingly dire need for supplies on the part of Confederate volunteers in Texas. The proceeds from selling the spinning jennies to the public were to be sent to the Treasury, while most of the iron produced was to be used for military defense. Any remainder could be sold to the public with the revenue then placed in the Treasury.

After the war, Governor A. J. Hamilton appointed a commission to audit the board's accounts. The report declared the original board's records intact, the new board's records confused or destroyed, and large funds and considerable property unaccounted for. None of the property due the state from the board was recoverable, except a few United States bonds held by private individuals. In 1865, at the request of the Texas attorney general, the records of the Military Board were audited by the state auditor to determine whether the claims of individuals who held state bonds were eligible for payment. The conclusion was that the proceeds of all bonds were expended directly or indirectly on activities arising from the Civil War and not on usual and proper government activities. They were therefore part of the debts repudiated by Texas as part of the requirements of readmission to the federal Union. The report also stated that all expenditures of the Military Board were proper, thus reversing Governor Hamilton's commission's report.

(Sources include: The Texas State Historical Association Handbook of Texas Online (http://www.tshaonline.org/handbook/online/articles/mdmnd), accessed April 26, 2011; the Southwestern Historical Quarterly Online (http://texashistory.unt.edu/ark:/67531/metapth101086/citation/), accessed May 24, 2011; Ramsdell, Charles W. "The Texas State Military Board, 1862-65," Southwestern Historical Quarterly 27 (April 1924); and Report of the Special Examination of the Records of the Military Board of Texas for the Period from January, 1862 to May, 1865 (Austin: Texas State Auditor's Department, 1955).)

Scope and Contents of the Records

The Texas State Military Board (also known as the Military Board of Texas) was established to sell or exchange state bonds for supplies and establish foundries and ordnance factories. Records include correspondence, agency meeting minutes, invoices, contracts, bonds, and reports, dating 1861-1867, 1955, bulk dating 1861-1865. Letters and board minutes detail the formation and organization of both the old and new Boards, and also contain duplicates of communications between Board members and various agents responsible for acquiring and/or building state military defenses. Bonds, contracts with purchasing agents, salary reports, and sales invoices also show the Board’s expenditures in the fulfillment of its duties. Reports and correspondence on the purchase and outfitting of the gunboat Bayou City, on ordnance, as well as the sale and distribution of cotton and wool cards to citizens are also present as is a report by the Texas State Auditor on the records of the board, published in 1955. The end of the inventory contains a small amount of correspondence, orders and a few financial documents that were previously part of the State Archives' Strays Collection.

To prepare this inventory, the described materials were cursorily reviewed to delineate series, to confirm the accuracy of contents lists, to provide an estimate of dates covered, and to determine record types.


Arrangement of the Records

The records are arranged as received from the agency.


Restrictions on Access

Materials do not circulate, but may be used in the State Archives search room. Materials will be retrieved from and returned to storage areas by staff members.

Restrictions on Use

Most records created by Texas state agencies are not copyrighted and may be freely used in any way. State records also include materials received by, not created by, state agencies. Copyright remains with the creator. The researcher is responsible for complying with U.S. Copyright Law (Title 17 U.S.C.).

Technical Requirements

Many of the records are fragile and may need stabilization prior to use.

Index Terms

The terms listed here were used to catalog the records. The terms can be used to find similar or related records.
Corporate Names:
Bayou City (Gunboat)
Military Board of Texas--Appropriations and expenditures.
Military Board of Texas--Auditing.
Quartermasters--Texas--History--Civil War, 1861-1865.
Iron foundries--Texas.
Warships--Texas--Gulf Coast.
Texas--History--Civil War, 1861-1865.
Texas--History--Civil War, 1861-1865--Economic conditions.
Confederate States of America.
Document Types:
Reports--Texas--Military records--1861-1867.
Financial records--Texas--Military records--1861-1865.
Audits--Texas--Military records--1861-1867, 1955.
Correspondence--Texas--Military records--1861-1865.
Invoices--Texas--Military records--1861-1865.
Contracts--Texas--Military records--1861-1865.
Bonds (negotiable instruments)--Texas--Military records--1861-1865.
Protecting state.

Related Material

The following materials are offered as possible sources of further information on the agencies and subjects covered by the records. The listing is not exhaustive.

Texas State Archives
Texas Adjutant General's Department Civil War records, 1855, 1860-1866, undated, bulk 1861-1865, 17.96 cubic ft.

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Detailed Description of the Records


Military Board records, 1861-1867, 1955,
6.75 cubic ft.

2-10/298 State Auditor's Report, 1955
Letterpress books:
March 29, 1862-December 27, 1862
December 27, 1862-January 25, 1864
January 28, 1864-April 29, 1864
January 20, 1864-May 26, 1864
2-10/299 Alexander, A.M. and C.C.
Alexander, McCarty and Beard
Baker, M.W.
Ball, Hutchings and Co.
[3 folders]
Bartley, D.E.
Beaumont, J.
Billups and Hassell
[2 folders]
Bouldin, James E., Capt.
Brazos Mfg. Co.
Bremond and Co.
Briggs and Yard
Brown and Todd
Browne, James
Buckley, C.A.
Burchand and Co.
Chapell Hill, Mfg. Co.
Clarke, George R.
Cooke, F.J.
Crockett, John M.
Crow, Peter
Cunningham, L.C. and Co.
Cunningham, T.W.
Dallas Mfg. Co.
Dance, I.H. and Bros.
Doughtery, James
Drennon, S.D.
Droege, Oetling and Co.
[2 folders]
Florian and Jefferson
Gatewood, Berry
Gay, James L.
Giddings, George H.
Groesbuck and (C.H. Alexander)
Gross, F. and Co.
Harcourt, John T.
Hays, F.M.
Heard, D.W.
Henderson, John D.
House, T.W. and Co.
Houston and Texas Central Railway Co.
Hughes and Totty
Independence Manufacturing Co.
Jeffries, A.
Johnson and Dewey
Johnson, M.T.
2-10/300 Johnston, McKenzie, M.D.
Kendall, Phillips and Co.
Key, John P.
King, R. and Co.
Kingsbury, S.G.
Kirkland, W.H.
Kittredge, E.B.
Koester, Theo.
Landa, J. and Co.
Lavenburg and Bros.
Lea, Pryor
[2 folders]
Lockhart, R.
Lusk, James A.
McElroy, J.
McMiller, John and Co.
McReynolds, J.B.
Marchbanks, H.D.
Mayer, H. and Co.
Mevin, John
Mills, R. and D.G.
Moore, John M.
Nance and Moffett
Nichols, J.R.
Oliver and Bros.
Osgood and Cavender
Patten, Charles
Peck, Benjamin P.
Perkins and Co.
Pfeiffer, George
Phoenix Iron Works
Pitts, W.C.
Putnam and Henderson
Raker, John M.
2-10/301 Rice, F.A.
Richardson and Co.
Richardson and D.
Roberts, J.F.
Robinson, W.T.
Rogers, M.N.
Root, J.B.
Rowen, William
Rugby, John
Runge, Henry
Ryan, M.K.
Sampson and Henricks
Sappington and Owings
Sawyer, Risher and Hall
Schwarz and Co.
Shepherd, B.A.
Sherrard, Taylor and Co.
Short, Biscoe and Co.
Simpson, J.P.
Smith, John M. and Co.
Smith, P.R.
Smith, Robert W.
Stachely, J.A.
Stark, J.B.
Sutton and Spring
Sublett, F.B.
Swisher, John M. and Co.
Tanner, N.B.
Texas Powder Co.
Thomas, W.R.
Thomas, W.S. and Co.
Thomason, J.H.
Thomason, W.G. and Co.
Travis Powder Co.
Trinity Mills Mfg. Co.
Tucker, Sherrard and Co.
Tyler Press
Watts, Alex M., Col.
Weber, Juan
Weston, John
Whitescarver Campbell and Co.
White, William H.
Williams, John L.
Williams, W.H. and J.H.
Willis, R.S.
Wilson, J.T.D.
Wilson, James T.D.
Yarbro, J.C.
Young, Alex
Young, George
2-10/302 Nichols, Gen. E.B.
Vance and Bros.
Armstrong, T.C., Col.
Texas Loan Agency:
January 1864
February 1864
March 1864
April 1864
May 1864
June 1864
July 1864
August 1864
September 1864
October 1864
November 1864
December 1864
January 1865
February 1865
March 1865
April 1865
May 1865
Cotton subscription lists
2-10/303 U.S. Texas Indemnity Bonds
State bonds, cotton
State bonds and coupons
Correspondence relative to state bonds
Aids for 8% bonds from citizens
Purchase of cotton correspondence, accounts, receipts
Purchase of cotton correspondence, receipts, accounts, in spec. bonds
Transfer of cotton
Purchase of cotton, bonds correspondence, specie
Transfer of cotton
[2 folders]
General cotton correspondence
Cotton - general (not correspondence)
Texas cotton office, W.J. Hutchins
2-10/304 Foundry
[2 folders]
Ordnance stores--percussion cap factory
[2 folders]
State armory, William Caston
Ordnance-Powder Factory
Ordnance-general correspondence
[4 folders]
Quartermaster General’s Office
Abney, A.H.
Finnin, Ed., Capt.
Ordnance stores--percussion cap factory
Henricks, Capt. Ben
Miscellaneous material, ordnance, 1862-1863
Securities and bonds
2-10/305 Gunboat Bayou City:
January 9, April 3-30, 1862
May 1-16, 1862
May 17-24, 1862
May 24-28, 1862
May 29-31, 1862
June 1-14, 1862
June 14-21, 1862
June 21-28, 1862
June 28-July 5, 1862
July 5-19, 1862
July 19-August 2, 1862
August 2-5, 1862
August 5-29, 1862
September 1-8, 1862
September 9-30, 1862
October 1-8, 1862
October 8-30, 1862
November 1-26, 1862
December 1-16, 1862, undated
Cotton cards to be interfiled
Cotton and woolen cards to be interfiled
Cotton and woolen cards:
October 1, 1862-December 30, 1863
January 19-April 26, 1864
May 3-June 23, 1864
July 5-December 27, 1864
1864, January 16, 1865
January 23, 1865-May 20, 1865
2-10/306 Adjutant General’s Office (Inspector)
Exam of Military Board
Military Board reports
Legislative Committee Report on the Military Board, November 1864
General receipts
General correspondence and miscellaneous
Appointment of J.S. Holman to Military Board
Administrative expenses of Board
Expense accounts and salaries for agents of Board members
Clothing receipts, accounts
[2 folders]
Merchandise and cash accounts, invoices, expense accounts
Abstracts of accounts and disbursements
Balance sheets
2-1/300 Daily cash account book, April-August 1864
[Expense accounts: foundry, cap factory, agents (A.H. Abney), freight, members of the Board; payment for cotton and wool cards; account of Travis Powder Mill Co.]
2-1/302 No. 95
[Texas State Loan Agency correspondence of (General) E.B. Nichols, agent of state to agents in Laredo, San Antonio, Eagle Pass; to firm of Sawyer, Risher and Hall; also incoming correspondence to Governor Murrah and to Nichols from Laredo agent T.C. Armstrong. General correspondence of Laredo Agency.]
2-1/310 No. 96 1862-1864, January 13, 1862-April 1864
[Itemized expenditures; all transactions of Military Board involving payment, including US Indemnity Bonds; purchase of Bayou City from Messrs. House, Hutchins and Shepherd; ordnance contracts with Whitescarver, Campbell and Co.; percussion cap factory; cotton and wool cards.]
2-1/311 Foundry day book No. 98
[Account with state foundry for work performed for Board January 1863-February 1864; salaries of chemists, blacksmiths, laborers; salaries of carpenters, molders, carriage makers, clerks.]
2-1/317 Foundry ledger No. 105
[Accounts of expenditures and supplies, February-May 1865; manufacturer of field batteries, machinery and tools, expenditures for refining copper, same as 2-1/311; crucible, coffee, flour, varnish, firm of Allen and Griffith.]
2-1/318 New Board letter press book, April 28, 1864-March 27, 1865
[Furloughs and exemptions for purposes of Military Board (E. G. Hauling); outgoing correspondence of Military Board-Philip E. Peers, Secretary, and W. B. Pearce, J. S. Holman (Board Members); delivery and purchase of cotton; correspondence to General Nichols; Ball, Hutchins and Co. to Thompson & Co., agents for the state; A.T. Ward & Co., agents manufacture of salt.]
2-1/319 Journal book--new Military Board, April 1864-July 1865, 1867
[Includes statements of auditory (audit?), 1867; statement of balance of books; U.S. 5% Indemnity Bonds sold during old Board to John M. Swisher and Co., T. D. Wilson, James Thorp; sold during New Board to White and Chiles; register of U.S. 5% Indemnity Bonds delivered to: L. Oliver & Bros., James Thorp, George Peabody, Esq., Latimer & Taylor, South Pacific Railroad Co.; bonds belonging to state (in Chancery Court in England); cotton accounts of various firms, 1867.]
2-1/320 Ledger No. 104, receipts and disbursements, April 1864-July 1865
[Indexed by subject: Confederate cash, cotton and wool cards, state warrants, 5% state bonds, cash (specie), profit and loss, interest and premium accounts, foundry, cap factory, A.H. Abney, Ball, Hutchings and Co., State Quartermaster, saline salt works, accounts for various firms: Griffith and Allen, White and Chiles, Bolden Riggs and Walker, Juan Weber.]
2-1/321 Ledger book No. 97, receipts and disbursements, January 1862-April 1864
[Indexed by subject: G.H. Giddings, Pryor Lea, F.R. Lubbock, W.B.P. Gaines, Contingent Fund, U.S. Coupons, R. Lockhart, Premium. Account. P. DeCordova, S.C. Kingbury, purchase of arms, purchase of saltpeter and sulphur, foundry-penitentiary, cotton cards, San Antonio Power Co., various agents, various firms.]
2-1/333 List of personnel assigned to special details, April-August 1864
[Lists dates, names, by whom detailed (firm), for what purpose (e. g., hauling cotton, manufacturing spinning jennies, agent), remarks (cancelled, proprietor, exempt).]
2-1/334 Ledger of consignments, accounts of exportations and of consignments through state agents, June 1864-May 1865
[Indexed by name and subject: cotton accounts, expense accounts, various agents, State Bonds, consignments and firms (e.g. Vance and Bros., Sawyer, Risner and Hall, Smith and Graves), several firms acted as agents.]
2-1/554 Minutes of Board of Investigation, August 1865
[Contains abstract of contracts, amount of cotton to be exported, machinery to be introduced, abstract of cotton sold to Military Board--date, firm, agents, cost of exportation, cost of machinery, remarks.]
2-7/824 Number 101--Record of Proceedings of Military Board of the State of Texas, January 13, 1862-March 24, 1863
[Instructions for ordering cotton and woolen cards for people to use in preparing this for spinning; May 12, 1862; L.G. Kingsbury appointed as general agent, procuring teams for cotton trains and to get the cotton to market with economy and dispatch; "Address to the People of Texas" setting forth a plan for obtaining arms and war supplies, exchanging 8% bonds for cotton (pp. 21-26); letter to Ryan, February 21, 1862, (pp. 34-36); instruction requiring agents to classify cotton, pay no more than 10 cents per bale highest quality, to prepare cotton for shipment to Brownsville (cf. pp. 57-58 to J.M. Hays); letters: to Pryor Lea on selecting agent in Matamoros, to Rice Maxey (p. 43) suspending orders for cotton in North Texas until transportation could be afforded, to J.M. Hays (p. 57) suspending orders for cotton in South Texas until transportation could be found; (pp. 11-13) 100 U.S. bonds turned over to confederate agent, Giddings was unable to negotiate them; rifle and gun contracts (also found throughout outgoing correspondence of Military Board).]
4-20/406 Old Board blotter, January 1862-April 1864
[Payment in cash, specie, bonds for premiums, salaries, services, purchase of ordnance stores, purchase of tools, wood, coal, stationery, Neat’s Foot Oil, blankets, cotton, cards, payment to firms, foundry and cap and powder factory accounts.]
Strays MB Correspondence, orders, etc., 1860s
[Note: Appears to include some material from other record groups.]
Miscellaneous financial documents, 1862-1864
[Note: Found with the unprocessed Adjutant General records.]
Abstract of expenditures, 1864
[Note: Found with the Army Papers, ledger 401-1140.]