Texas State Library and Archives Commission

Texas Legislature, Joint Select Committee on Workers' Compensation Insurance:

An Inventory of Records at the Texas State Archives, 1927, 1938, 1971-1991, undated (bulk 1986-1989)


Creator: Texas. Legislature. Joint Select Committee on Workers' Compensation Insurance.
Title: Records
Dates: 1927, 1938, 1971-1991, undated
Dates: (bulk 1986-1989)
Abstract: Records comprise proposals, data, hearing testimony, correspondence, memoranda, printed materials, statistical information, minutes, agenda, witness affirmation cards, publications, notes, and computer discs, dating 1927, 1938, 1971-1991, undated (bulk 1986-1989), that document the work of the 1988 Texas Legislature's Joint Select Committee on Workers' Compensation Insurance to conduct a study of the workers' compensation system in Texas, the impact of the system on employees and employers, and how other states addressed the problems facing Texas.
Quantity: 19 cubic ft.
Language English.

Agency History

The Texas Legislature created the Joint Select Committee on Workers' Compensation Insurance (House Concurrent Resolution 27, 70th Legislature, 2nd Called Session, 1987) because the state workers' compensation system was poorly understood and perceived to be out of control. Problems with the workers' compensation system in Texas had been evident for 50 years, first detailed in a 1938 report submitted to Governor Allred and periodically the subject of a variety of legislative investigative committees. By the late 1980s, workers' compensation rates had increased over 67% in 30 months, costing $2.3 billion in premium costs and $600 million in medical costs per year, and additional increases had already been approved by the State Board of Insurance. Both large and small businesses claimed that the rates were causing undue hardship but, simultaneously, labor interests argued that the Texas rates were among the lowest in the nation. The committee, therefore, was intended to conduct a detailed study of the workers' compensation system in Texas, the impact of the system on employees and employers, and how other states addressed the problems facing Texas.

Specifically, the Committee was to gather information relating to the procedure for the payment of claims; determine the actual impact of the workers' compensation system on economic development and job creation; study the efficiency of the current system of workers' compensation benefits to the injured; study the operation and organization of the Industrial Accident Board; probe the means by which employers indemnified themselves against claims; perform a general study of job safety and the means by which to improve it; investigate the workers' compensation assigned risk pool and its efficiency; and study the manner in which other jurisdictions addressed the same problems. The Committee was composed of five House and five Senate members, led by co-chairs Representative Richard Smith and Senator Bob Glasgow, and could request assistance from a variety of state agencies. Additionally, it could appoint an Advisory Panel on Workers' Compensation Reform, to be composed of six individuals who would review information, make recommendations, conduct research, and make reports to the Committee, as requested.

In order to fulfil its mandate, the Committee conducted nine public meetings to receive testimony and information from state officials, invited experts, the principle workers' compensation interest group representatives, the public, and committee staff and consultants. Expert and public testimony was taken at four of these meetings, held in Austin, Houston, Lubbock, and Arlington between January and June of 1988, and additional expert testimony was taken at two additional meetings in July. The main body of the Committee's research was released in the Research Papers of the Joint Select Committee on Workers' Compensation Insurance in September 1988.

The Committee's final report was submitted to the 71st Legislature on January 10, 1989. According to the report, the Committee and its consultants recommended changes in the responsibilities, sizes, and functions of the agencies and bodies responsible for workers' compensation issues; adjustments in benefits and in the means of determining benefits; changes in the methods of dispute adjudication; an increase in the promotion of job safety issues; and modifications to insurance company and coverage requirements and minor miscellaneous issues.

As a result of the recommendations, the Texas Industrial Accident Board became the Texas Workers Compensation Commission, effective April 1, 1990, and the Texas Workers' Compensation Research Center was created to advise the new commission and conduct professional studies on benefits delivery, cost and quality of medical benefits, drugs in the workplace, insurance policies and rates, rehabilitation and re-employment of injured workers, workers' litigation, workplace health and safety, and other workers' compensation related topics. At the same time, the Legislative Oversight Committee on Workers' Compensation Insurance was also created. Finally, in 1995, the Legislature amended the Workers' Compensation Act to create the Research and Oversight Council on Workers' Compensation (House Bill 1091, 74th Legislature, Regular Session, 1995), commonly referred to as the ROC. The new council, merging the functions of the Texas Workers' Compensation Research Center and the Legislative Oversight Committee on Workers' Compensation Insurance, was to serve as an advisory body to the Texas Workers' Compensation Commission and conduct studies of the Texas Workers' Compensation Insurance Fund.

Scope and Contents of the Records

Records comprise proposals, data, hearing testimony, correspondence, memoranda, printed materials, statistical information, minutes, agenda, witness affirmation cards, publications, notes, and computer discs, dating 1927, 1938, 1971-1991, undated (bulk 1986-1989), that document the work, activities, and interests of the Texas Legislature's Joint Select Committee on Workers' Compensation Insurance. The Committee operated during the 1988 interim legislative session and conducted a study of the workers' compensation system in Texas, the impact of the system on employees and employers, and how other states addressed the problems facing Texas. Subjects of interest to and studied by the Committee include workplace safety, insurance, medical care, vocational rehabilitation, legal and litigation issues, benefits, the economics of Texas businesses, the Texas Industrial Accident Board, the Texas State Board of Insurance, the Texas Workers' Compensation Assigned Risk Pool, and workers' compensation as managed by other states, particularly California.

A detailed listing of file contents may be found in a printed database housed in the accession files.

To prepare this inventory, the described materials were cursorily reviewed to delineate series, to confirm the accuracy of contents lists, to provide an estimate of dates covered, and to determine record types.


Arrangement of the Records

These records are arranged in the order in which they arrived; the majority of materials are in alphabetic order by subject, with a number of miscellaneous files at the end. The records were originally created by the Texas Legislature's Joint Select Committee on Workers' Compensation Insurance and then passed into the hands of the Research and Oversight Council on Workers' Compensation. It is unclear whether the current arrangement of the records retains the original order of the records as they were maintained by the original legislative committee.


Restrictions on Access

Because of the possibility that portions of these records fall under the Public Information Act exceptions including violations of the privacy of individuals, these records must be reviewed by an archivist before they can be accessed for research. The records may be requested for research under the provisions of the Public Information Act (Texas Government Code, Chapter 552). The researcher may request an interview with an archivist or submit a request by mail, fax, or email including enough description and detail about the information requested to enable the archivist to accurately identify and locate the information requested. If our review reveals records covered by exceptions to the Public Information Act, we are obligated to seek an Open Records Opinion from the Attorney General before the files can be provided to the researcher. The Public Information Act allows the Archives ten business days after receiving the written request to make this determination.

Restrictions on Use

Where necessary, records will be redacted or restricted to comply with the Public Information Act and the Attorney General's decision.

Index Terms

The terms listed here were used to catalog the records. The terms can be used to find similar or related records.
Corporate Names:
Texas. Industrial Accident Board.
Texas. State Board of Insurance.
Workers' compensation--Texas.
Workers' compensation--Law and legislation--Texas.
Legislative bodies--Texas--Committees.
Industrial safety--Texas.
Vocational rehabilitation--Texas.
Insurance, Employer's liability--Texas.
Employer's liability--Texas.
Document Types:
Proposals--Texas--Workers' compensation--(bulk 1986-1989).
Testimony--Texas--Workers' compensation--(bulk 1986-1989).
Correspondence--Texas--Workers' compensation--(bulk 1986-1989).
Memorandums--Texas--Workers' compensation--(bulk 1986-1989).
Reports--Texas--Workers' compensation--(bulk 1986-1989).
Minutes--Texas--Workers' compensation--(bulk 1986-1989).
Agendas--Texas--Workers' compensation--(bulk 1986-1989).
Publications--Texas--Workers' compensation--(bulk 1986-1989).
Notes--Texas--Workers' compensation--(bulk 1986-1989).
Floppy discs--Texas--Workers' compensation--(bulk 1986-1989).
Researching workers' compensation.
Representing state.

Related Material

The following materials are offered as possible sources of further information on the agencies and subjects covered by the records. The listing is not exhaustive.

Texas State Archives
Texas, Research and Oversight Council on Workers Compensation, Records, 1989-1999, 12 cubic ft.
Texas, Legislative Oversight Committee on Workers' Compensation, Agenda and minutes, 1990-1995, 0.12 cubic ft. [unprocessed, restricted]
Texas, Research and Oversight Council on Workers Compensation, Minutes and agenda, 1998, 2000, fractional cubic ft. [unprocessed]
Texas Workers' Compensation Commission, Records, 1961-1988, 2 cubic ft.
Texas Workers' Compensation Research Center, Board of directors' meeting agenda and minutes, 1991-1995, fractional cubic ft.
Texas Workers' Compensation Commission, Minutes, meeting documents, and agenda and exhibits, 1994-2001 [ongoing], 2.31 cubic ft. [unprocessed]
Texas Legislature, Senate, Records of Senator Cyndi Taylor Krier, 1974-1993 (bulk 1985-1992), 160.47 cubic ft.
Texas Industrial Accident Board, Records, 1913-1956, 27.81 cubic ft.
Martin Urling Company. Occupational safety and health in Texas workplaces : a study for the Joint Select Committee on Workers' Compensation Insurance : job safety information system. [United States? : Martin Urling Co., 1988-
Texas. Legislature. Joint Select Committee on Workers' Compensation Insurance. A report to the 71st Texas Legislature / Joint Select Committee on Workers' Compensation Insurance. [Austin, Tex.] : The Committee, [1988]
Research papers of the Joint Select Committee on Workers' Compensation Insurance : state profiles. [Austin, Tex.] : The Committee, [1988?]

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

(Identify the item), Records, Joint Select Committee on Workers' Compensation Insurance, Texas Legislature. Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

Accession Information

Accession number: 2002/062

These records were transferred to the Archives and Information Services Division of the Texas State Library and Archives Commission by the Texas Research and Oversight Council on Workers' Compensation on November 6, 2001.

Processing Information

Nancy Enneking, December 2001

Detailed Description of the Records


Records, 1927, 1938, 1971-1991, undated (bulk 1986-1989),
19 cubic ft.

Administration files:
2002/062-1 Advisory panel information, 1987
Annual economic indicators report, 1987
Assorted resumes, 1987
Attorney General and WC [workers' compensation] fraud, 1986, 1988
Bibliographies, 1986-1987
Bob Leonard, claims process draft, undated
Bobby Gierisch travel expenses, 1987-1989
Budget and purchase information, 1988-1989
Center for Enterprising proposal, 1988
Charts, undated
Committee member lists, undated
Consultants, 1987-1990
Consulting contracts and proposals, 1988
[wallet file]
CSHB [Committee Substitute House Bill] 1, Sunset Comments, 1989
Economic impact of WC rates, 1988
Expenses and requests, 1987-1988
HCR [House Concurrent Resolution] 27, 1987
Henry Lewis, report, 1986
Howard Bunn, notes, undated
Ins. Co. Rep. [Insurance company representative] meeting, 1987
Interim report to the 70th Legislature, 1987
James Chelius - WC notes, undated
Legislative Council letters, 1987-1989
Liberty Mutual letter, 1988
Mailing lists, 1988
Martin Urling Company letters, 1988
Original copies of information, 1988
Peter Barth, travel expenses, 1988
Requests for proposal papers, 1988
Research design meeting, 1988
Research notes, 1988
Research resumes, 1987
Copies of press releases, 1987-1988
Richard Geiger, letter, 1988
Rick Victor, conclusions of back pain, 1988
Ron Ogden, charges, 1986
SRI information, 1988
Supply requests, 1988
Samia El-Badry, personnel file, 1988
Secretarial resumes, 1987
SWL-MIC, 1989
TEC [Texas Employment Commission] publications, 1986-1987
TRC [Texas Rehabilitation Commission] proposal, 1988
Tx. Comp. Ins. Assn. [Texas Compensation Insurance Association] reports, 1988
Texas Department of Health and OSHA [Occupational Safety and Health Act], 1988
Tx. Emp. Ins. Asn. [Texas Employers Insurance Association], 1988
Texas Medical Association opinion, 1988
2002/062-2 Texas Register Letters and Style Book, 1987-1988
Various travel expense forms, 1987-1989
Agricultural/Farm workers:
2002/062-2 Recom/draft legislation 68th Legislature, 1984
Reports, 1983, undated
WC [workers' compensation] for farm workers, 1985
A&M - IAB [Industrial Accident Board]:
2002/062-2 Data, July 22, 1988
Data, LOGIC, July 15, 1988
Data, DIFFS 2, July 16, 1988
Data, UNIV, July 16, 1988
Data, ANOVA, July 17, 1988
Data, July 17, 1988
Data, CTNY, July 21, 1988
American Medical Association, 1993
Assigned risk pool:
2002/062-2 68th Legislature, legislation and study, [1983]
Briefing, 1988
Charts, [undated]
Governing committee eligibility, 1983
Information about assigned risk pool 1986
Insurance, 1990
Rate information, 1971-1982
Removal of exemption, 1981-1982
Resolution authorizing WC [workers' compensation] study, 1981
Risk pool reform, 1987-1989
2002/062-3 State Board of Insurance meeting, 1989
Surcharge information, 1987
Tax and deposit information, 1982, undated
2002/062-3 ABT Associates, 1988
Actuarial Risk Services, Inc., 1986-1987
Arthur Andersen & Co., 1987-1988
Bills by author, 1989
Bills by bill number, 1989
Bills by subject, volume 1, 1988-1989
Bills by subject, volume 2, 1989
Comparison of various bills, undated
General Land Office of Texas, 1976
Hancock Workers' Compensation, 1987
John Lewis, 1988
Martin Urling Company, Inc., 1987-1988
MGT Consultants, 1987
Milliman & Robertson, Inc., 1987
2002/062-4 NuStats, Inc., 1988
Price Waterhouse, 1988
Research and Planning Consultants, 1988
Stanford Consulting Group, Inc., 1988
State of Wisconsin report, 1983
E. James Stergiou Risk Consultants, 1988
Syracuse University, 1986-1988
Texas A&M Research Foundation, 1988
Texas Engineering Experiment Station, 1988
Texas WC [Workers' Compensation] compared to other states, undated
University of Texas Graduate School of Business, 1988
Claimants survey, 1988
[wallet file]:
Survey schedule
Supplemental sample
Facts for injured workers on the Texas Workers Compensation Law
2002/062-4 [Untitled wallet file]:
Insurance company claim reports, 1982-1985
Aetna groups, 1986, 1988
Allstate groups, 1986
American Financial group, 1986
American General groups, 1986
American Indemnity groups, 1986
American International groups, 1986
Chubb groups, 1986
Cigna groups, 1986
City of Houston, undated
CNA groups, 1986
Commercial Union groups, 1986
Continental groups, 1986
Crum and Forster groups, 1986
Fireman's Fund groups, undated
Gulf group, 1986
Hartford groups, 1986
Highlands groups, 1986
Home groups, 1986
Houston General groups (Tokio Marine and Fire), 1986
Kemper groups, 1986
Liberty Mutual group, undated
Lincoln National group, 1986
Nationwide group, 1986
Northwestern group, 1986
Old Republic group, 1986
Rockwood group, 1986
Royal group, 1986
St. Paul groups, undated
Sentry group, 1986
Service Lloyds group, 1986
Southern Farm Bureau, 1986
State Employees Workers' Compensation, undated
State Farms groups, 1986
Teledyne groups, 1986
Texas Employers groups, undated
Texas Municipal League, undated
Transamerica groups, 1986
Travelers group, 1986
Western Employers, 1986
U.S.F.&G. groups, 1986
Zurich-American groups, 1986
Grant Thornton, 1987
John Hawkins data:
2002/062-4 Cost Chapter, undated
CPI, undated
Employment information, miscellaneous, 1987, undated
Graphs, charts, tables, undated
Outlines, 1987-1989
Overview chapter, undated
State average weekly wage, 1988
2002/062-5 Statistical information (SBI), 1988, undated
Hearing to consider revision of workers' compensation and employers liability rates, 1987
[3 wallet files]
Hearing to consider revision of workers' compensation and employers liability rates, 1989
[3 wallet files]
Interagency Task Force on Workplace Safety and Health, work plan and final report, 1978
Industrial Accident Board [IAB]:
2002/062-5 Data, notes, and miscellaneous, 1988, undated
Statistical data, 1987
Annual reports, 1980-1987
Auditor's report, 1987
Board rules and criticism, 1988
2002/062-6 Claims for which compensation has been paid or [awarded by most recent action], 1982-1987
Fees and benefits meetings, 1986-1989
Glossary of terms, undated
History of WC [workers' compensation] and current problems, 1987
IAB operation reports, 1982, 1985, 1987-1988
IAB rules, 1989
Med[ical] Guide Supplement, 1988
Newsletters, 1988-1989
Pre-hearing notes, 1988
Preliminary fiscal notes, 1989
Report on delivery of medical care, 1986-1987
Report [on opportunities for increased efficiency and effectiveness], 1989
Number, source, and type of injuries and death, 1989
TWCARP [Texas Workers' Compensation Assigned Risk Pool], 1986-1989
2002/062-6 Assigned risk pool, 1987
Compensation rates and information, 1986-1987
SBI correspondence, 1989
SBI rate hearing, 1988-1898, 1993
WC [workers' compensation] rate hearing, 1987-1988
Insurance company survey results, 1986-1988
Interstate cost comparisons, 1987-1988
Job safety:
2002/062-6 Articles on job safety, 1985, undated
Disability, prevention, and management and WC claims, 1988
Experience rating and injury prevention, 1983
2002/062-7 Influence of WC on Safety Incentives, 1981/1982
Interagency council representatives, 1984
Job safety studies and reports, 1987-1988
Nat. Traum. Occup. Fatal. [National Traumatic Occupational Fatalities], 1988-1989
Occupational disease clippings, 1988
Occupational disease reports, 1983, 1987-1988
[2 wallet files]
Occupational pesticide poisoning, 1988
Rep. and Recomend. on Wk. Rel. Accid. [Report and Recommendations on Work Related Accidents], 1982
Texas job safety legislation, 1987-1988
Texas Occupational Safety Act, 1985
Various safety, injury and WC, 1982-1983, 1986-1988, undated
WC [Workers' Compensation] and workplace safety, 1982
Work related injury research, 1986
Workers' Compensation research, 1987
Joint Committee on Self Insurance of WC Claims, Henderson, Chair, undated
Law and economics of Workers' Compensation, 1987-1988
2002/062-7 Cases and opinions, 1980, 1988, undated
CWCI [California Workers' Compensation Institute] Lit. Study, undated
Judgements, 1987
Mandatory Workers Comp bill, Mauzy, 1985
Medical Issues:
2002/062-7 Conference on cost containment issues, 1987
Health care cost articles, 1987-1988, undated
Health Care Fin. Admin. Data Compend. [Health Care Financing Administration Data Compendium], 1988
Hospital stay statistics, 1988
IAB [Industrial Accident Board] medical fee guidelines and advice, 1986-1988
2002/062-8 IAB Phys. Util. and Cost Cont. [Physical Utilization and Cost Containment], 1987-1988
MCRS [Medical Claims Review Services, Inc.] Information, undated
Medical benefits by state, 1987
Medical care cost containment form, 1988
Medical cost statistics, 1988
IAB Med. Cost. Con. Prog. [Medical Cost Containment Program], 1987, undated
Medical Cost Containment Handbook, 1987
Medical fee statistics and guidelines, 1988
Official fee guidelines, 1988
Senate Bill 1355, 1987
WC Rehab[ilitation] Laws and Prog[rams], 1987
Meetings, TX-JSC [Texas - Joint Select Committee?] :
2002/062-8 October 19, 1987 [1987-1988]
[wallet file]
January 8, 1988 [1987-1988]
February 12, 1988 [1986-1988]
[2 files]
2002/062-9 Testimony, March 18, 1988
Agenda and minutes, March 18, 1988
[wallet file]
Background information, March 18, 1988
Lubbock, March 18, 1988
[loose notebook]
Agenda and minutes, June 3, 1988
Testimony, June 3, 1988
[wallet file]
Background information, June 3, 1988
[wallet file]
Agenda and minutes, July 1, 1988
Background information, July 1, 1988
Testimony, July 1, 1988
Agenda and minutes, July 8, 1988
Background information, July 8, 1988
Testimony, July 8, 1988
Agenda and minutes, October 19, 1988
Agenda and minutes, December 9, 1988
Final report, 1988-1989
NCCI [National Council on Compensation Insurance]:
2002/062-9 IIAT [Independent Insurance Agents of Texas] newsletter, 1989
NAIC [National Association of Insurance Commissioners] report on probability, 1987
2002/062-10 NCCI articles and publications, 1985-1988
[wallet file]
NCCI correspondence, 1988
[wallet file]
NAIC [National Association of Insurance Commissioners] tables of contents, 1982
Self-insurance information, 1983, 1993, undated
[wallet file]
Texas WC [workers' compensation] rate hearing, 1987
WC agency guidelines, 1988
Rate-making, 1989
Ratemaking information:
2002/062-10 AIA Workers' Compensation seminar, 1988
Analysis of selected issues in WC [workers' compensation], 1987
Miscellaneous, 1987-1988
NAIC [National Association of Insurance Commissioners] Workers' Compensation Task Force, 1982, 1987
Rate hearing, 1989
[wallet file]
Ratemaking in Texas SBI [State Board of Insurance], 1987
[wallet file]
SBI [State Board of Insurance] statistical information, 1985-1988
[wallet file]
Texas Workers' Compensation insurance rating, 1988
WC costs by firm size, 1988
WC - initial experiences with, 1986
Workers' compensation information, 1987, 1989
Workers compensation rating laws (NCCI), 1983
Reports and correspondence:
2002/062-10 Miscellaneous testimony, 1988
[wallet file]
2002/062-11 Newsclips/articles, 1987, undated
Report of Texas WC Advisory Commission, 1980
Report to the SBA [Small Business Association], November 1987
State WC laws, 1987-1988
Wage-loss articles, 1982, 1987
WC 1976-1980 benchmark revisions, 1984
WC programs in the 1970s, 1979
WC rates - determination and regulation, undated
WC Reform: Challenge for the 1980's, 1979
WC study - general correspondence, 1988-1989
White paper on Texas WC system - Granoff, undated
Work disincentives of benefit payments, undated
Rehabilitation and workmen's compensation, undated
Representative David Cain
Representative Richard Smith, 1988-1989
Representative Rick Perry, 1988
Senator Carl Parker, 1989
Senator Cyndi Krier, 1987-1989
Senator Kent Caperton, 1988
Senator Bob Glasgow, 1989
Correspondence to JSC [Joint Select Committee] members, 1988
Coverage, benefits, and costs, 1980-1983
Disability and PI [personal injury] benefits - Larson, 1988
Impairment guidelines, 1989
The Incentive to Prevent Injuries, 1983
Information requested by JSC [Joint Select Committee], 1988, undated
Interstate cost variations, 1988, undated
JSC meeting agendas, 1987-1988
Miscellaneous articles, 1987, undated
Miscellaneous correspondence through 1987, 1976-1988
Miscellaneous correspondence, 1987-1989:
2002/062-12 D-F
Safety, 1989
SBI [State Board of Insurance]- miscellaneous, 1981-1982
[Note: states are listed according to their postal code]
2002/062-12 AK WC [workers' compensation] Act, 1988
AL WC law, 1987
AR WC report and information, 1986-1987
AZ WC laws and rules, 1986-1987
Staff report, Joint Study Committee, 1986
WC agency structure and process, 1987
WC legislation and changes, 1988-1989
WC notes and miscellaneous, 1987-1988
WC rating bureau, 1983, 1986-1987
WC statistics, 1986-1987
CO WC cost containment report, 1987-1988
CT WC studies and miscellaneous, 1984, 1987-1988
Agency structure and process, 1986-1988
2002/062-13 Law and miscellaneous reports, 1986, 1989, undated
Notes and miscellaneous, 1986-1988
Occupational safety and rehabilitation, 1987-1988
Reimbursement manual, 1988
Statistics, 1985-1988
Wage loss information, 1979, 1988, undated
[wallet file]
Workshop packet, 1986
GA WC annual report and miscellaneous, 1986
HI WC report on cost implications, undated
IA WC brochure, 1988
IL WC Act, 1984
KY House Bill 1, 1987
LA WC legislation analysis, 1983, 1989
Agency structure and process, 1988
Annual report and miscellaneous, 1986, 1988, 1994
Legislation, 1987, undated
[wallet file]
Statistics/budget, 1987-1988
ME WC reports and studies, 1984, 1987-1988
MI WC reports and miscellaneous, 1984, 1987
Fund report and miscellaneous, 1986-1988
Handbook, 1988
2002/062-14 Insurers Rating Association v. Markman, 1981-1982, 1987
Reports to the legislature, 1988
MS WC report to the legislature, 1987
MT WC reform, 1986-1987
NC Industrial Commission report, 1984-1986
ND WC Act, 1987
NH WC pamphlets, 1987
NJ WC reports, 1984, 1986-1988
NM WC reports, 1987, 1991
NV WC Act and reports, 1986-1987
Final report/permanent partial disability, 1980
[wallet file]
The state insurance fund, undated
Annual report and miscellaneous, 1985, 1987, undated
[wallet file]
Agency structure and process, 1987
Legislation and review process, 1982, 1983, 1987
Research papers and final report, 1986
Statistics, 1986
OH WC report and miscellaneous, 1981, 1986-1987
2002/062-15 OK WC report and OHS [Occupational Health and Safety] Act, 1987-1988, 1990
Oregon WC laws and major issues, 1987-1989
PA WC case management review, 1987
RI WC laws, 1986
SC WC annual report, 1987
SD WC laws and Act, 1988
VT WC laws, 1986
WA industrial insurance laws, 1988, undated
[wallet file]
WI information and reports, 1986-1988
[wallet file]
WV WC law and annual reports, 1987-1988
Summary/Research paper of the JSC [Joint Select Committee's] Industrial Accident Board, 1987
Texas private passenger automobile liability and physical damage, 1982
2002/062-16 Texas Workers' Compensation Insurance Rating Plan, Volumes 2, 3, and 4, 1988
Vocational rehabilitation:
2002/062-16 Vocational rehabilitation, 1988
Articles, 1983-1988
[wallet file]
LA and AR [Louisiana and Arkansas], 1986
MI and MN [Michigan and Minnesota], 1988
Texas Rehabilitation Center, 1987-1988
WI, NM, AK [Wisconsin, New Mexico, Alaska], 1982, 1985, 1987-1988
Wage loss, undated
WC [workers' compensation]:
2002/062-16 Claimant survey results, undated
Insurance claim survey, miscellaneous, 1988
[wallet file]
Questionnaires and survey instruments, 1988
Project - Texas A&M, 1988
2002/062-17 Study, sampling process and codebook, November 1988
Law changes, 1988
Notes on JSC [Joint Select Committee], 1988
Wrongful damages, 1989
Miscellaneous files:
2002/062-17 Articles, 1987-1989
Interim Committee on Insurance Ratemaking, 1989
The Selection Commission on Workers' Compensation Administrative Review, functional manual, undated
J.S.C.-W.C. [Joint Select Committee - Workers' Compensation]
[wallet files]:
October 16, 1987
January 8, 1988
February 12, 1988
March 18, 1988
April 17, 1988
June 3, 1988
July 1, 1988
July 8, 1988
2002/062-18 Survey, 1988
Data runs, 1988:
Texas A&M, IAB [Industrial Accident Board], R-2, R-3, R-2x3, medians
Texas A&M, IAB-Plots, R-2, R-3, R-2x3, means
Texas A&M, IAB, Difs 1
Texas A&M, 2400 and 600, 81, 31, 88
Masters thesis; report to Governor Allred, 1927, 1938
Insurance claim summaries:
2002/062-18 Ins, employer, claim number, inj cnty, undated
Cases est September 1, 1981 thru April 1, 1988, run report no. IAM4300, April 15, 1988
Cases est September 1, 1981 thru May 10, 1988, run report no. IAM4300, May 10, 1988
2002/062-19 Cases est September 1, 1981 thru May 10, 1988, run report no. IAM4300, May 10, 1988
Phase II sample, 1986[?]
Miscellaneous, 1988
Awards A-L, January 1, 1986 thru December 31, 1986, run date, April 27, 1988
Awards N-Z, January 1, 1986 thru December 31, 1986, run date, April 27, 1988
Miscellaneous runs:
Buckley, Mascotte, Greenberg, Harder, Kilpatrick, Duffy, Noha, and Harris, 1988
Rolland, Adjustco, Mullen, Luecke, Countryman, Fisher, Stover, Harris, Ansbro, and Haugh, 1988
Stephens, McCormick, Thomas, Duble, and Meenaghan, 1988
Gray, Flahive, State employees, Rust, Webster, Nozake, Budd, Isom, Mosley, Jamieson, and McClendon, 1988
Hudson, Seinhimer, Lynn, Haaven, and Linder, 1988