Texas State Library and Archives Commission

Texas Office of the Governor, Criminal Justice Division:

An Inventory of Records at the Texas State Archives, 1973-1990 (bulk 1987-1990)


Creator: Texas. Criminal Justice Division.
Title: Records
Dates: 1973-1990
Dates: (bulk 1987-1990)
Abstract: Records include correspondence, memorandums, copies of executive orders, executive pardon proclamations, copies of deeds and easements, legal records, studies, reports, and clippings, dating 1973-1990 (bulk 1987-1990). The majority of the records are from the office of Rider Scott, Executive Director of the Criminal Justice Division and General Counsel to the Governor during most of Governor William P. Clements' second term. These records include Scott's general office files as well as specific subject files.
Quantity: 28 cubic ft.
Language English.

Agency History

The Texas Criminal Justice Council was created by an Executive Order of Governor John Connally on October 18, 1968, and later reorganized by Governor Preston Smith, on October 8, 1971, Executive Order 71-5. It was established as a result of the federal Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act of 1968. The state needed a planning agency to administer the provisions of this Act in Texas, including state-wide planning and coordination of law enforcement activities, and development of a comprehensive law enforcement or criminal justice plan for the state. The Council was composed of the Governor, who served as chair, several ex-officio members--state administrators in criminal justice related agencies, and several representatives of local governments. These latter members were appointed by the Governor for three-year terms. An Executive Director was also appointed by the Governor. In the mid 1970s, the name of the Council was changed to the Criminal Justice Division Advisory Board.

Duties of the Council were: develop a comprehensive plan for the improvement of criminal justice throughout the state; assist the Governor in criminal justice related matters; develop, review, and recommend criminal justice programs and projects for the state, regional, and local government units; oversee the administration of all programs enacted under the provisions of the Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act of 1968; and assist staff in preparation and passage of criminal justice legislation. A principle component of the Council was its Executive Committee. This committee was composed of ten members from the Council, appointed by the Governor. Duties of the committee were to recommend the funding of planning and action grant applications, recommend the annual criminal justice plan of the Council, appoint subcommittees, and provide support and assistance to the Executive Director and staff of the Council. This staff was administered by the Council's Executive Director, who later became the Executive Director of the Criminal Justice Division.

The Criminal Justice Council/Advisory Board was provided staff from the Office of Criminal Justice Planning, now the Criminal Justice Division, of the Governor's Office. This Office/Division was administered by an Executive Director, appointed by the Governor for an indefinite term. In addition to his administrative duties, the Executive Director provided interpretations of statutes, both for state agencies and the general public involved in law enforcement and criminal justice. In October 1973, the Executive Director appointed an individual as General Counsel, to assist him in providing statute interpretations and in other matters relating to policies and procedures.

Duties of the Criminal Justice Division include or have included: assist the Governor in developing policies, plans, programs, and proposed legislation for improving the criminal justice system; prepare the comprehensive state criminal justice plan; administer the Criminal Justice Planning Fund; administer federal funds (grants) to state agencies, units of local government, and other eligible applicants for programs and projects recommended by the Criminal Justice Council/Advisory Board; and provide assistance, through a federal grant, to parolees seeking employment.

Scope and Contents

Types of records include correspondence, memorandums, copies of executive orders, executive pardon proclamations, copies of deeds and easements, legal records, studies, reports, and clippings, dating 1973-1990, mainly 1987-1990. The majority of the records are from the office of Rider Scott, Executive Director of the Criminal Justice Division and General Counsel to the Governor during most of Governor William P. Clements' second term. These records include Mr. Scott's general office files as well as specific subject files. The Executive Director files concern policy and administrative procedures of the Criminal Justice Division/Office of the General Counsel. The General Counsel Executive Clemency Files show the governor's and General Counsel's roles in considering requests for pardons, paroles, or commutations. Tort Claim Settlements document the pre-trial agreements reached by the State of Texas with plaintiffs suing the state for damages. Deed, Easements, and Land Patents are types of legal records that involve land transactions between the state and private parties. Grant award correspondence was sent out from Rider Scott informing legislators and their constituents of grants to be awarded them under crime-fighting programs administered by the Criminal Justice Division. The Blue Ribbon Commission on Criminal Justice was a civilian panel created and appointed by Gov. Clements in 1982 during his first administration to study the Texas criminal justice system and the prison overcrowding issue and make recommendations for improvement. Finally, the Criminal Justice Summit was a special forum of criminal justice professionals held in February 1988 and organized by Rider Scott to consider the prison overcrowding crisis. Also diverse are the many topics touched on in these records. Some of the criminal justice issues include prison overcrowding, crime-fighting grants and programs, executive clemency, and analysis of the criminal justice system of Texas. Correspondents include Governor Clements, various state and federal agencies, staff of the Criminal Justice Division and General Counsel's Office, and many other parties involved in legal activities. For related records see other entries of the Texas Criminal Justice Division.

To prepare this inventory, the described materials were cursorily reviewed to delineate series, to confirm the accuracy of contents lists, to provide an estimate of dates covered, and to determine record types.


Organization of the Records

These records are organized into seven series, and three subseries.
Executive Director files, 1973-1990, 13.5 cubic ft.
General Counsel executive clemency files, 1978-1990, 5 cubic ft.
  1. Clemency and criminal justice correspondence, 1989-1990, 3 cubic ft.
  2. Pardon files, 1987-1989, 0.5 cubic ft.
  3. Execution case files, 1978-1990, 1.5 cubic ft.
Tort claim settlements, 1978-1982, 1990, 4 cubic ft.
Deeds, easements, and land patents, 1978-1983, 2 cubic ft.
Grant award correspondence, 1987-1988, 2 cubic ft.
Blue Ribbon Commission for the Comprehensive Review of the Criminal Justice Corrections System, 1982-1983, 0.5 cubic ft.
Criminal Justice Summit, 1987-1988, 1 cubic ft.


Restrictions on Access


Restrictions on Use

Most records created by Texas state agencies are not copyrighted and may be freely used in any way. State records also include materials received by, not created by, state agencies. Copyright remains with the creator. The researcher is responsible for complying with U.S. Copyright Law (Title 17 U.S.C.).

Technical Requirements


Index Terms

The terms listed here were used to catalog the records. The terms can be used to find similar or related records.
Personal Names:
Clements, William P., 1917-
Briscoe, Dolph.
White, Mark, 1940-
Rider, Scott.
Corporate Names:
Texas. Governor (1987-1991: Clements)
Texas. Governor (1973-1979: Briscoe)
Texas. Governor (1983-1987: White)
Criminal justice, Administration of--Texas.
Crime prevention--Texas.
Document Types:
Correspondence--Texas-Criminal justice--1973-1990.
Memorandums--Texas--Criminal justice--1973-1990.
Legal documents--Texas--Criminal justice--1973-1990.
Reports--Texas--Criminal justice--1973-1990.
Clippings--Texas--Criminal justice--1973-1990.
Executive orders--Texas--Criminal justice--1973-1990.
Notes--Texas--Criminal justice--1973-1990.
Legislative records--Texas--Criminal justice--1973-1990.

Related Material

The following materials are offered as possible sources of further information on the agencies and subjects covered by the records. The listing is not exhaustive.

Texas State Archives
Texas Office of the Governor, Criminal Justice Division, Records, 1986-1995 (bulk 1991-1995), 97 cubic ft.
Texas Office of the Governor, Criminal Justice Division, Records, 1969-1979, 37 cubic ft.
Texas Secretary of State, Governors' clemency proclamations, 1946-1995, 14.71 cubic ft.
Texas Secretary of State, Deeds, abstracts, and deeds of cession of jurisdiction, 1848-1978, 9.12 cubic ft.
Cushing Memorial Library, Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas
See the Records of Governor William P. Clements.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

(Identify the item and cite the series), Records, Criminal Justice Division, Texas Office of the Governor. Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

Accession Information

Accession number: 1991/063

These records were transferred to the Archives and Information Services Division of the Texas State Library and Archives Commission by the Office of the Governor on January 15, 1991.

Processing Information

Paul B. Beck, May 1991

Detailed Description of the Collection


Executive Director files, 1973-1990,
13.5 cubic ft.

Types of records include correspondence, memorandums, copies of executive orders, studies, reports, copies of laws and regulations, printed materials, clippings, and notes. Records are the general files of Rider Scott, Executive Director of the Criminal Justice Division and General Counsel to the Governor during most of Governor William P. Clements' second administration, 1987-1990. Knox FitzPatrick became General Counsel in 1990 but his files are not included. Mr. Scott also held the position of Executive Director of the Criminal Justice Policy Council during this time period. Files of Deputy General Counsels and staff of the Criminal Justice Division are also present in these records. Files concern the establishment of policies and procedures, interpretation of statutes, existing and proposed legislation, budgets and audits, federal funding, grants, gubernatorial appointments, contract analysis, deeds of cession and easements, and requests for pardons and other acts of executive clemency. Specific topics include alcohol and drug abuse block grants, criminal justice, crime-fighting campaigns, emergency management of environmental disasters, energy surveys and management, prison overcrowding, juvenile justice, open records requests, and the pope's visit to Texas in 1987. Correspondents include Governor Clements; his chief of staff, Mike Toomey; heads of various state and federal agencies; and staff of the Criminal Justice Division and General Counsel's Office. Included in these files are copies of executive orders from Governor Dolph Briscoe from 1973 to 1979 and Governor Mark White from 1983 to 1987.
Files are oriented by either subject or proper name and are arranged as received, in a very rough alphabetical sequence. Researchers are strongly advised to look at all the box and folder listings when searching for a specific topic.
Box folder
1991/063-11 1. Agricultural Matters, 1988
2. Agricultural Development Task Force, 1988
3. TMA [Texas Medical Association] Conference on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse, 1987-1990
4. Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission, 1987
5. Appointments, Confirmation of, 1989
6. Appointments, [General], 1987-1989
7. Appointments - Hearing Aid Board, 1990
8. Appointments - Judges, 1990
9. Appointments - Lame Duck, 1986-1990
10. Bell County Health Facility, 1987
11. Bill Analyses, 1989
12. Texas Bond Review Board, 1988-1990
13. Bond Review Board - Rules, 1988
14. General Obligation Bonds, 1989
15. Bond - State Treasurer, 1988
16. Veterans Land Board Bonds, 1989
17. Budget - General Counsel, 1986-1990
18. MHMR [Mental Health/Mental Retardation] Budget Execution, 1988
19. Budget Execution Authority - General, 1988-1989
20. Attorney General/Child Support - Budget Execution, 1988-1989
21. Governor's Office - Budget and Planning, 1987
22-24. Capitol - Architect's Contracts, 1989
25. Cash Management Notes, 1988
26. DCCAC [Dallas County Community Action Center] - Department of Community Affairs, 1988
27-28. Agency Contracts, 1988
29. Contracts, 1987
30. Supervising Agency Contracts, 1988
Box folder
1991/063-12 1. [Contract] - Roy Graham and Preservation Board, 1988
2. [Contracts] - Weatherization, 1988
3. Energy Management Contract with Attorney General's Office, 1988
4. [Contract] Forms, 1989-1990
5. Grant Services Agreement, 1989
6. Interagency Contract, 1987-1989
7. Oil Overcharge Contracts, 1987-1988
8. Professional Services Contracts, 1988-1989
9. Texas Department of Corrections, 1989
10. Department of Corrections - Metal Fabrication Plant, 1989
11. James W. Borum - Court Martial, 1986-1987
12. Lawrence Court Martial, 1986-1987
13. Crime Victims, 1988
14. Crime Victims Compensation Program, 1988
15. Criminal Justice - General, 1988
16. CJD [Criminal Justice Division] Research & Program Evaluation Project, 1988
17. Deed of Cession - Copperas Cove, 1988-1989
18. Deed of Cession - Big Spring, 1987
19. Deed of Cession - Fort Hood, 1987-1988
20. Deed of Cession - Fort Worth, 1989
21. Deed of Cession - Fort Bliss, 1988-1990
22. TSTI [Texas State Technical Institute] System, Waco - Correction Warranty Deed, 1987
23. Deeds, 1987-1989
Box folder
1991/063-13 1. Disabled Persons, Governor's Committee for, 1988
2. Gray County - Pampa I.S.D. [Independent School District] Disaster, 1987-1988
3. Disaster Area - Saragosa, 1987
4. ADTR [Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment and Rehabilitation] Grant Application, 1988
5. Drug Abuse, 1986-1989
6. Federal Funds for Alcohol and Drug Abuse, 1989
7. Governor's Task Force [on Drug Abuse], 1987-1989
8. Drug-Free Workplace, 1989
9. Easements, 1987-1990
10. Task Force on Public Education, 1989
11. Higher Education Coordinating Board, 1989
12. Emergency Election, 1988
13. Emergency Elections, 1988-1989
14. EPA [Environmental Protection Agency] Superfund, 1987-1988
15. United Creosote Superfund Site, 1988
16. Employee Incentive Commission, 1988-1989
17. Texas Employment Commission (TEC), 1987-1988
18. TEC/DOL [Department of Labor] Unemployment Compensation Overpayment Agreement, 1988
19. Energy Efficiency Division, 1988-1989
20. Energy Management, 1987-1989
Box folder
Executive Orders:
Box folder
1991/063-13 21. State Complete Count Committee, 1990
22. East Texas Housing Finance Authority, 1990
23. Physical Fitness, 1990
24. National Science Foundation - Texas A&M, 1990
25. Education Economic Policy [Committee], 1990
26. Voter Registration, 1990
27. Sister State [Soviet Republic of] Georgia, 1990
28. Metro Transit Authority, 1990
29. Emergency Management, 1990
30. Hiring Restrictions (Not Done), 1990
31. Electronic Voting, 1990
32. Campaign Finance Reform Task Force, 1989
33. WPC-89-2, [All-Terrain Vehicle Safety and Education], 1990
34. WPC-89-3, [Policy Advisory Council on Weatherization Assistance], 1989
35. WPC-89-3a, [Policy Advisory Council on Weatherization Assistance], 1989
36. WPC-89-4, [Prison] Overcrowding Crisis, 1989
37. WPC-89-5, [Prison] Overcrowding Crisis, 1989
38. WPC-89-6, Public Utility Task Force, 1989
39. WPC-89-7, Prison Overcrowding, 1989
40. WPC-89-8, Oil Spill Advisory Committee, 1989
Box folder
1991/063-14 1. WPC-89-9, Prison Overcrowding, 1989
2. WPC-89-10, [State Employee Health Fitness Programs], 1989
3. WPC-89-11, [Transfer of Funds for Alabama-Coushatta Indian Tribes], 1989
4. WPC-89-12, [Assistance to Texas Native Americans], 1989
5. WPC-89-13, [Transfer of Lands for Alabama-Coushatta Indian Tribes], 1989
6. WPC-89-14, [Transfer of Lands for Ysleta del Sur Pueblo], 1990
7. WPC-89-15, [Transfer of Equipment for the Alabama-Coushatta Indian Tribe], 1989
8. WPC-89-16, [Transfer of Equipment for Ysleta del Sur Pueblo], 1989
9. WPC-89-17, [Prison Overcrowding], 1989
10. WPC-89-18, [National Community Volunteer Fire Prevention Program], 1989
11. WPC-89-19, [Public Education Task Force], 1989
12. WPC-89-20, State Agency Census Planning, 1989
13. WPC-88-1, All-Terrain Vehicle Operator Education and Certification Agency, 1988
14. WPC-88-2, Making a Finding of Fact and Authorizing the Expenditure of Funds, 1988
15. WPC-88-2, Establishing the Select Committee on Education, 1988
16. WPC-88-4, Water Resources Management, 1988
17. WPC-88-5, [Establishing the Texas Scientific Advisory Council], 1988
18. WPC-88-6, Task Force on Agricultural Development, 1988
19. WPC-88-7, Welfare Reform Task Force, 1988
20. WPC-88-8, Juvenile Justice & Delinquency Prevention Advisory, 1988
21. WPC-88-9, Prison Overcrowding Crisis, 1988
22. WPC-88-10, Christopher Columbus Quincentenary Texas Jubilee Commission, 1988
23. WPC-88-11, [Governor's Campaign Finance Reform Task Force], 1987
24. WPC-88-12, Mental Health Services Coordinating Council, 1988
25. Executive Orders, 1987
26. Copies - Executive Orders, 1987
27. WPC-87-1, Governor's Commission for Women, 1987
28. WPC-87-2, Texas Commission - Bicentennial of the U.S. Constitution, 1987
29. WPC-87-3, Texas Criminal Justice Task Force, 1987
30. WPC-87-4, Super Collider Advisory Council, 1987
31. WPC-87-5, Prison Overcrowding Crisis, 1987
32. WPC-87-6, Emergency Management, 1987
33. WPC-87-7, Teacher Appraisal System Career Ladder Program, 1987
34. WPC-87-8, Task Force-Vocational Education, 1987
35. WPC-87-9, Task Force-Drug Abuse, 1987
36. WPC-87-10, State Employee Incentive Pay and Budget Reduction Plan, 1987
37. WPC-87-11, Task Force-Savings and Loan Industry, 1987
38. WPC-87-12, Task Force on Accounting, Auditing and Financial Reporting, 1987
39. WPC-87-14, Suspending the Provisions of Certain Regulatory Acts, 1987
40. WPC-87-15, Texas Housing Agency, 1987
41. WPC-87-16, Committee for Disabled Persons Repealing Exeecutive Order MW 10, 1987
42. WPC-87-17, Select Committee on Education, 1987
43. WPC-87-18, [Internal Auditing], 1987
44. Missouri Extradition (Chet Upham/A.B. Jones), 1989
45. Exxon, 1987
46. Federal Communications Commission, 1987-1990
47. ADM [U. S. Alcohol, Drug Abuse, and Mental Health Administration] Block Grant, 1989
48. Freeze, 1989
49. Galveston Bay National Estuary Program, Agreement Between EPA and Texas, 1988
50. General Land Office, 1988-1989
51. State-of-the-State Address, 1988-1989
52. Orange County Grant, 1987-1989
53. Grant Proposals, LaMarque-Galveston, 1988
54. VOCA Grants, 1987
55-56. Highways and Public Transportation, State Department of, 1987-1989
57. Texas Housing Agency, 1987-1988
58. Texas Housing Agency - Certificate of Compliance, 1987
Box folder
Texas Commission on Jail Standards:
Box folder
1991/063-15 1. Non-compliance, 1987
2. Remedial Orders, 1987-1988
3. Jail Standards - Annual Report, 1988
3. Jail Standards - Annual Report, 1988
4. [Correspondence], 1987-1988
5. [Correspondence], 1988-1990
6. Interstate Commerce Commission, 1987-1989
7. International Bridge - Private Ownership, 1987-1988
8. Interagency Council on Mentally Retarded, Developmentally Disabled and Mentally Ill Offenders, 1988
9. Interagency Council on Early Childhood Development, 1988
10. Inmate Transfer to Mexico, 1987
11. Texas Industrial Accident Board, 1987-1988
12. Indian Related Matters, 1988-1989
13. H.B. 41 [Immigration and Naturalization Service], 1987
14. Immigration and Naturalization, 1987-1989
15. Hurricane Gilbert - Disaster Proclamation, 1988
16. Hurricane Gilbert - Election Postponement, 1988
17. Hurricane Gilbert, 1988
18. Human Services, Texas Department of, 1988-1989
19. Hudson, John Wayne, 1989
20. Houston-Galveston Area Council, 1987-1988
Box folder
1991/063-16 1. Governor's Office, 1987
2. [Jefferson County Land Exchange], 1989
3. Rules of Judicial Administration, 1989
4. Judicial Conduct Administration, 1987-1989
5. Judicial Pay Increase, 1988-1989
6. Special County Judges, 1987
7. Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Advisory Board, 1987-1988
8. Juvenile Justice, 1988
9. Juvenile Probation, 1988
10. Texas Juvenile Probation Commission, 1988
11. Lake Texoma, n.d.
12. 70th Legislative Session (Regular) - Bills Vetoed by the Governor, 1987
13. Legislative Proposals, 1988
14. [State] Law Library, 1987-1989
15. [Governor's] Mansion, 1988-1989
16. State Budget Execution (Interim Budget Changes), 1988
17. Employee/Agency Incentives, 1986-1988
18. McElroy Case - Termination from National Guard, 1987-1988
19. MOU [Memo of Understanding]/Annex with DOE [Department of Energy] re: Oil Research 1988
20. MOU [Memo of Understanding]/Annex - (Auburn Mitchell), 1989
21. MR, DD & MIO Offenders [Mentally Retarded, Developmentally Disabled & Mentally Ill] 1988
22. Mentally Retarded Offender Council - Surrogacy Contracts, 1987-1988
23. Mexico, 1987
24. Mexico - Border Children Justice Projects, 1986-1987
25. National Guard Adjutant General Personnel Actions, 1986-1988
26. Texas National Guard, 1988-1988
27. National Research Laboratory Commission, 1989
28. OCCP [Conditional Pardon] Revocation, n.d.
29. Occupation Tax on Attorneys, 1988-1989
30. Officer Standards & Education, Texas Commission On, 1988-1989
Box folder
1991/063-17 1. Physical Fitness Commission, 1988-1989
2. Polygraph Examiners Board, 1988
3-4. Pope's Visit, 1987
5. Pope's Visit and James Williams' Execution, 1987
6. News Clips Pope's Visit, 1987
7. Port of Texas, 1987
8. State Preservation Board, 1987-1988
9. [State Preservation Board] - Funds Management Agreement with State Treasury, 1990
10. State Preservation Board - Capitol Renovation, 1989-1990
11. Prison Management Act, 1988-1989
12. Prison Financing and Construction Plan, 1987
13. Prison Construction, 1988
14. Prison Facility, 1987
15. Prison Population Growth and Capacity, 1986
16. Troop Ship as Possible Prison, 1987-1988
17. Proclamations, 1987-1989
18. Proclamation - Dispute Resolution, 1988
19. Proclamation for STAND [Students Taking Action Not Drugs], 1988
20. Proclamations - Mark White, 1987
21. Request for Proclamations, 1987
22-23. Speed Limit Proclamation, 1986-1988
24. Veto Proclamation, 1988-1989 Budget, 1987
25. Productivity Bonus Commission, 1989
26. Project RIO [Reintegration of Offenders], 1987-1989
27. State Property Tax Board - Agricultural Appraisal Manual, 1988
28. Texas Public Building Authority, 1987
Box folder
1991/063-18 1. Open Meetings Act, 1985
2. Notices of Open Meeting, 1987-1989
3. Open Meetings Act (Notice Requirements), 1988
4. Open Records Form Letter, 1989
5. Open Records Decisions, 1988
6. Open Records Requests, 1987-1989
7. Pardon and Parole Procedures, 1988-1989
8. Governor's Letters to BP&P [Board of Pardons and Paroles], (pardon/no pardon), March 12, 1990
9. Pardons - Historical Information, 1987-1988
10. Pardon or Restoration of Civil Rights, 1987-1989
11. Personal Bonds, 1989
12. Personnel, 1987-1989
13. Personnel Policy, 1987
14. Office of the Governor - Personnel Policies and Procedures Manual, c. 1987
15. Public Utility Commission, 1987-1989
16. SPGSC [State Purchasing & General Services Commission] - Six Agency Lease Dispute Resulting in Rebid, 1988
17. State Purchasing, 1987
18. Quitclaims, 1987-1989
19. RRR [Reading to Reduce Recidivism] Contract, 1989
20. 3R Program, 1989
21. [RRR Program] - Confidentiality Consent for Disclosure of Information, 1991
22. Role of the Family in Reducing Recidivism - Advisory Committee, 1989
23. Runaway Hotline, 1988-1990
24. Rural Communities, Texas, 1987-1989
25. Rio Grande Savings and Loan, 1987
27. Savings and Loan Task Force, 1987-1988
Box folder
Executive Clemency:
Box folder
1991/063-19 1. Bench Warrants, 1988
2. Recommended Pardons, 1987-1988
3. Pending Executions, 1987-1988
4. Executions, 1988
5. Executions, 1987-1990
7. Smith, James - Death Row, 1990
8. Taylor, Peggy M., 1990
9. Taylor, Ruby Nell, 1990
9. Thacker, Thomas, 1990
10. Tompkins, Philip Daniel, 1990
11. Whittington, Glen O., 1990
12. Williams, Alfred, 1989
13. Woten, Michael A., 1990
14. [Legislation - Criminal Justice], 1988-1989
15. Legislation - Senate Criminal Justice Committee, 1989
16. Oil Import, 1987
17. Oil Overcharge Contracts, 1988
18. Oil Overcharge Funds, 1989
19. Oil Overcharge Task Force, 1987
20. Palestine Special Election, 1988
21. Pooling Committee, 1988
22. Productivity Improvement, Governor's Task Force on, 1989
23. Revolving Loan Program (Loanstar), 1990
Box folder
School Land Board:
Box folder
1991/063-19 24. Lease Sale, 1988
25. Deeds of PSF [Permanent School Fund] Lands to Trade Participants, 1989
26. Notes and Memoranda, 1989
27. School Land Board Resolution, 1989
28. Deeds Conveying Title Into State, 1989
29. Disposition Information (Info Sheets, Maps, and Appraisals) 1985-1988
30. Policy Statement and Compliance Report, 1989
31. Acquisition Information (Contract, Map and Appraisal)
32. Sierra Diablo Wildlife Management Area, 1990
33. Signature Identification and No-Litigation Certificate, 1987
34. Silver Haired Legislature, 1985-1986
35. Special Session Requests, 1987
36. State v. Jones v. College Station, 1989-1990
Box folder
1991/063-20 1. Select Interim Committee, 1987
2. State Auditor, 1987-1988
3. Stripper Well Funds, 1988
4. Submission Form, Proposed Preamble, 1988
5. Supreme Court of Texas, 1988
6. Substance Abuse Facilities Units, 1989
7. Tandy Equipment, 1987
8. Task Force - Open Meetings, 1988
9. Tax Court, 1989
10. Inventory Tax, 1987-1988
11. Tax Litigation, 1988
12. Telephone - General Counsel, 1987-1988
13. Texas Administrative Code, 1989
14. Texas-Mexico Agreement, 1990
15. Texas Register, 1987-1988
16. Texas Register, 1990
17. Traffic Safety, Task Force on, 1988-1989
18. Tourism Advisory Board, 1989
19. Travel Vouchers, 1987
20. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers & State of Texas Agreement, 1990
21. U.S. Department of Energy, 1987-1988
22. U.S. Department of Justice, 1987-1989
23. U.S. Department of Transportation, 1988
24. Veteran's Affairs, 1989
26. Veteran's Land Refunding Bonds, 1990
27. Wastewater Treatment, 1989
28. Water Commission, Texas, 1987-1988
29. [Water Commission] - Capacity Assurance Plan, 1989
30. Water Commission - Department of Agriculture, 1988-1989
31. Water Development Board, Texas - Replacement of Lost Bonds, 1988-1989
32. West Publishing, 1988-1989
33. Women's Commission, 1987-1988
34. Workers' Compensation, 1988
35. [Workers' Compensation] Commission Member Eligibility, (Dean Bernal), 1990
Box folder
1991/063-21 1. Texas Animal Health Commission, 1987-1989
2. Texas Department of Agriculture, 1987-1989
3. Bankett, Rodney D., 1988-1989
4. Texas Bovine Brucellosis Program, 1988
5. Dispute with DHS [Department of Human Services] re: Administrative Costs Rehabilitation, 1990
6. Equine Proclamation #41-2185, 1987
Box folder
Energy Management:
Box folder
1991/063-21 7. Energy Management Center, 1989
8. Proposal to Conduct a Management Study of the Criminal Justice Division and Energy Management Center, 1989
9. EMC [Energy management Center] Forms, 1990
10. EMC - Lobbying Prohibition, 1990
11. Auburn Mitchell's ERO [Energy Resource Optimization] Contract, 1989
12. Sample Contract, 1989
13. Boilerplate, 1989
14. Stripper Well Funds, 1989
15. Paper Size Requirements for State Agencies and Government Documents, 1986
Box folder
Emergency Management:
Box folder
1991/063-21 16. Emergency Management, 1988-1989
17. Governor's Emergency Fund, 1987
18. Disaster Options, 1989
19. Emergency Appropriations, 1989
20. State Cemetery - Article 601B, 1989-1990
21. Sam Gilley, 1988
22. Patents, 1987-1989
23. Kirbyville Health Facilities Development Corporation, 1988
Box folder
Office of the Governor - Procedures Manuals:
Box folder
1991/063-21 24. Administration Division, 1990
25. Press Office, General Counsel, Legislative Affairs Office, State Development Office, and Budget and Planning Office, 1990
Box folder
1991/063-22 1. Valmor Bernier, 1989-1990
2. Brown, Buster - Legislation, 1990
3. Cash Management Bonds Issue, 1990
4. Castillo, David C. - Execution, 1989-1990
5. Census Complete Count Committee, 1989-1990
6. Dawson, William Thomas, 1990
7. Dullnig, Steven Fred, 1990
8. East Texas Housing Finance Corporation, 1990
9. El Paso Land Transaction, 1989-1990
10. Ellis, Edward Anthony, 1990
11. Executions, 1989
12. Executive Orders, 1989-1990
13. Executive Order WPC-89-18 [Fire Prevention Program], 1989
14. Executive Order - AG [Attorney General] LO [Letter Opinion] 90-6, 1990
15. Fielding, B. Donald, 1990
16. Form Letters - Approval from Mike Toomey, 1987-1990
17. GLO/MMS [General Land Office/Minerals Management Service] Contract, 1990
18. Hinojo, Laura I., 1990
19. Interstate Contracts Letters, 1989-1990
20. Kimsey, Martin Eual, 1990
21. Land Patents Procedure, 1989-1990
22. Land Patents, 1989-1990
23. Luttmer, Timothy, 1990
24. Martin, Bradley J., 1990
25. Martin, Woodrow Lincoln, 1990
26. Mays, Edward E., 1990
27. McKey, George H., 1990
28. Memos, General Counsel Office, 1988
29. Memos, Office, 1989
30. Memos, Office, 1990
31. Micklitz, Siegfried, 1990
32. Texas Military Advisory Commission, 1989-1990
33. Mineral Wells Property Transfer, 1990
34. Pace, Larry L., 1990
35. Pardons and Paroles, Board of, 1990
36. Pardon and Parole Information, 1988-1989
37. Pardon - Organizational Materials, 1987-1988
38. Parole Eligibility, 1988
39. Rules of the Board of Pardon and Paroles, 1989
40. PMA [Prison Management Act], 1987
41. Prison Management Act - Recidivism, 1987
42. Prison Management Act, 1987-1989
43. Pomerlow, Wayne, 1990
44. Quitclaim Deeds, 1990
45. Red Cross, 1989
46. S.A.C.C. [State Agency Coordinating Committee], 1989-1990
Box folder
1991/063-23 1. Alcohol, Drug Abuse and Mental Health Block Grant, 1988-1990
Box folder
Executive Clemency:
Box folder
1991/063-23 2. Pardon Proclamations, 1987-1988
3. Conditional Pardon Revocations, 1988
4. Emergency Medical Reprieves, 1987-1989
5. Speed Limit - 55 mph, 1978-1986
Box folder
Executive Orders:
Box folder
1991/063-23 6. Governor William P. Clements, jr., 1979-1983
7. Governor Mark White, 1983-1987
8. Governor Dolph Briscoe, 1973-1978
9. Executive Orders #1, Governor Dolph Briscoe, 1973-1977
10. Executive Orders #2, Governor Dolph Briscoe, 1978
11. Veterans Programs - Vietnam, 1981-1983
12. GTE [General Telephone Company] Southwest - Public Utility Commission, 1989
Box folder
Criminal Justice Policy Council:
Box folder
1991/063-35 18. Systemic Policy Development, 1986
19. Emergency Fact Finding-Prison Population, 1988
20. Central Texas Parole Violator Facility, 1989
21. Drug Use and Recidivism, 1989
Box folder
Criminal Justice Task Force:
Box folder
1991/063-35 22. Texas Adult Probation Commission, 1986
23. Prison Financing Newspaper Articles, 1987
24. Committee on Corrections, 1988
25. Texas Department of Corrections - Capital Construction Update, 1988
26. Full Task Force Meeting, November 16, 1988
27. Legislative Update, 1989
Box folder
Texas Board of Criminal Justice:
Box folder
1991/063-35 28. Briefing Document for Technical Advisory Subcommittee, 1990


General Counsel executive clemency files, 1978-1990,
5 cubic ft.

Records present in this series include correspondence, executive orders and proclamations, and legal records, covering the years 1978-1990. These records concern the roles of the governor and the Office of the General Counsel in the criminal justice system. Most records involve the use of executive clemency: the governor's powers, or lack of, to pardon or commute criminal sentences. Others concern the execution of death row inmates.
Organization of the Records
These records are organized into three sub-series:
Clemency and criminal justice correspondence, 1989-1990, 3 cubic ft.
Pardon files, 1987-1989, 0.5 cubic ft.
Execution case files, 1978-1990, 1.5 cubic ft.
Clemency and Criminal Justice correspondence, 1989-1990,
3 cubic ft.
Records consist of original incoming correspondence received by the Office of the General Counsel and copies of its outgoing replies, dating 1989-1990. Most of the correspondence comprises requests to the governor for pardons and paroles. The General Counsel staff replied that requests for pardons or paroles begin with the Board of Pardons and Paroles and that the governor acted on their recommendations. Therefore, the correspondents were referred to the Board on Pardons and Paroles, which in 1990 became the Department of Criminal Justice-Parole Division. Other correspondence on criminal justice topics addressed to the Governor and handled by the General Counsel include protests against specific individuals getting paroled, use of the death penalty, the location of parole halfway houses in neighborhoods, crimes committed by parolees, victims of domestic violence being imprisoned, and the rising crime rate. A small portion of the correspondence concerns other legal topics such as civil judgments against state universities, proposed legislation aiding crime victims, and transferring the responsibility for the care of the Alamo from the Daughters of the Republic of Texas and placing it with the State.
Correspondence is divided chronologically and then arranged alphabetically by name of correspondent.
1991/063-24 Correspondence, A-Z, 1989
1991/063-25 Correspondence, A-L, 1990
1991/063-26 Correspondence, M-Z, 1990
Pardon files, 1987-1990,
0.5 cubic ft.
Records consist of the pardon files submitted to the governor from the Board of Pardon and Paroles and maintained by the Office of the General Counsel from 1987 to 1990. People convicted of crimes who sought pardons and/or restoration of their civil rights initiated such a request with the Board of Pardons and Paroles. The Board examined each request and made a recommendation to the governor. If the governor approved of the Boards' recommendation for a pardon, he would then issue a pardon proclamation. Approved pardon files include recommendation forms from the Board of Pardons and Paroles which usually contain a synopsis of an applicant's arrest and imprisonment record, a copy of the cover letter from the governor to the Board announcing his decision, and copies of the governor's pardon proclamations. These records date from 1987-1989. There is a separate file from 1990 of letters from the governor to the Board rejecting pardon applications.
Record are arranged by last name of the applicant.
Box folder
1991/063-27 1-24. Approved Pardons, A-Z, 1987-1989
25. Pardon Rejection Letters, 1990
Execution case files, 1978-1990,
1.5 cubic ft.
Records are the case files of prisoners executed by the State of Texas, Texas Department of Corrections, kept by the Office of the General Counsel, Governor's Office, dating 1978-1990. The General Counsel kept track of each condemned prisoner's case for the governor as it moved through the judicial process including all appeals to the governor for commutations or stays of execution. All prisoners represented in these files were eventually executed. These case files concentrate on the facts and legal history of each case. Records include memos in the Office of General Counsel covering the status of reprieves and commutation requests, legal appeals, recommendations for execution, and execution summaries. Legal records include copies of trial court judgments, appellate court opinions, stays of executions, and denials of writs of certiorari from the U.S. Supreme Count. Some files include execution case summaries prepared by the staff of the Board of Pardons and Paroles that give a detailed history of the case and may contain copies of arrest records, confessions, and other police reports. Other background materials may include correspondence from the prisoners and newspaper clippings on their cases. There are no medical records or psychological profiles present. Additional execution case files, dating 1954-1964, can be found in the records of the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles.
Records are filed alphabetically.
Execution case files
Box folder
1991/063-27 26. DeLuna, Carlos, Execution #744, 1986-1989
27. Derrick, Michael James, Execution #701, 1989-1990
28. Franklin, Donald Eugene, Execution #546, 1985-1988
29. Hernandez, Ramon Pedro, Execution #667, 1980-1987
Box folder
1991/063-28 1-3. Johnson, Eliot Rod, Execution #709, 1986-1987
4. King, Leon, Execution #624, 1979-1989
5. Landry, Raymond, Execution #738, 1987-1988
6. McCoy, Stephen, Execution #769, 1984-1989
7-8. Moreno, Eliseo, Execution #759, 1987
9. Paster, James Emery, Execution #752, 1983-1989
10. Smith, James Edward, Execution #763, 1984-1990
11. Starvaggi, Joseph Blaine, Execution #586, 1985-1987
12. Streetman, Robert S., Execution #756, 1985-1988
13. Thompson, John Russell, Execution #610, 1987-1989
14. Williams, Anthony Charles, Execution #619, 1978-1987


Tort claim settlements, 1978-1982, 1990,
4 cubic ft.

Records include correspondence, memos, court records, and copies of the vouchers paying the settlements that range in date from 1978-1982 and 1990. Records document settlements reached with plaintiffs who had filed lawsuits based on tort claims against the State of Texas. Frequently, the Attorney General would negotiate with the plaintiff before going to trial to reach a proposed settlement. The governor had to approve the payment of each settlement. To assist the governor, the Office of the General Counsel reviewed the proposed settlements from the Attorney General, made its recommendation to the governor, and retained copies of some of the records for their files. Correspondence and memos include incoming correspondence from state agencies informing the Attorney General about tort claims; from the Attorney General to the Governor analyzing pending cases and judgments rendered; from the General Counsel to the governor's Chief of Staff recommending courses of action and payment; and from the General Counsel to the Comptroller authorizing payment. Records from 1978-1982 mostly include cover memos and vouchers. Records from 1990 have more detailed legal materials and settlements packets that include Attorney General's correspondence, General Counsel Office memos, and signed vouchers.
Settlements from 1978-1982 are in chronological order; settlements from 1990 are in alphabetical order according to the name of the state agency.
Tort claim settlements, 1978-1982:
Box folder
1991/063-29 1. 1978
2. 1979
3. 1979-1980
4-5. 1980
Box folder
1991/063-30 1-2. 1981
3. 1982
Tort claim settlements, 1990:
Box folder
1991/063-31 1. Adjutant General's Department
Box folder
1991/063-30 2. Agriculture, Department of
3. Alcohol and Beverage Commission
4. Animal Health Commission
5. Attorney General
6. Battleship Texas Advisory Board
7. Blind Commission
8. Texas Cancer Council
9. Chiropractic Examiners, Board of
10. Department of Commerce
11. Texas Cosmetology Commission
12. Texas Employment Commission
13. Board of Examiners in the Fitting and Dispensing of Hearing Aids
14. General Land Office
15. Department of Health
16. House of Representatives, Texas
17. Human Services, Department of
18. Insurance, Board of
19. Judges
20. Parks and Wildlife
21. Parks and Wildlife, Ferry v. Travis
22. Mental Health/Mental Retardation (MH/MR)
Box folder
1991/063-32 1. Mental Health/Mental Retardation - RAJ v. Dennis Jones
1. Mental Health/Mental Retardation - RAJ v. Dennis Jones
2-3. Public Safety, Department of
4. Public Utility Commission
5. Railroad Commission
6. State Preservation Board
7. State Purchasing
8. Teacher Retirement System
9-10. Universities
11. Water Commission
12. Youth Commission
13. Ruiz Payments
14. Lopez Interest Payment


Deeds, easements, and land patents, 1978-1983,
2 cubic ft.

Types of records include copies of deeds and easements; certified copies of the minute orders approving the transaction by the Texas State Highway and Public Transportation Commission; correspondence and memos of the General Counsel with the Governor's Office, Attorney General, Highway Department, Department of Corrections, and General Land Office; and sketches and maps of the property, dating 1978-1983. Deeds, easements, and land patents are types of legal instruments that convey an interest or title to land. In this series these types of records document land transfers involving the state of Texas. If the state was receiving, granting or transferring a land title, or allowing access across public land, the governor had to sign and execute a deed, easement or patent. Before the governor signed, however, the Office of the General Counsel received the paperwork, reviewed it, and arranged for the governor's signature. Land transactions represented in this series originated in various state agencies including the Department of Highways and Public Transportation, the Department of Corrections (now part of the Department of Criminal Justice), and the General Land Office. For example, in a quitclaim deed situation the state of Texas, acting through the Department of Highways and Public Transportation, relinquishes, or quitclaims, the state's interest in parcels of land or right-of-way. The Attorney General then prepares a cover letter for the governor that states the number of quitclaim instruments, the grantees, and the county in which the land is located. Frequently included is a memo from a highway department engineer describing the transaction and the reason it is recommended. The General Counsel verifies this information, prepares a summary of the transaction, and makes a recommendation for the governor to sign. Other types of deeds and legal instruments related to land have a similar paperwork trail. The General Counsel coordinated the signing by the governor of all of these types of documents. Patents are not included in these records.
Records are arranged chronologically.
Box folder
1991/063-33 1. Deeds and Easements, 1978
2. Deeds, 1979
3. Deeds - State Institutions, 1979
4-5. Deeds, 1980
6. Deeds, Patents, and Easements, 1980
7. Deeds, Patents, Etc., 1981
Box folder
1991/063-34 1-3. Deeds, 1982
4. Deeds from Participants - Exhibit Only, 1982
5. Easements, 1981-1983
6. Patents, 1978-1983


Grant award correspondence, 1987-1988,
2 cubic ft.

Records consist of outgoing correspondence from Rider Scott, executive director of the Criminal Justice Division, notifying recipients of crime-fighting grants awarded under programs administered by the Criminal Justice Division, dating 1987-1988. Award notices were sent to Texas state senators and representatives notifying them of approved grants for criminal justice projects in their legislative districts. Statements of awards were also sent to agencies and local officials impacted by the grant. Grant programs were intended to address a broad range of concerns: from working with juveniles to crime-prevention projects to training of law enforcement officers. Particular programs include Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) Assistance, Child Abuse Counseling, Crime Prevention/Neighborhood Watch, Rape Crisis/Women's Centers, and the Texas Narcotics Control Program. Much of the funding for these programs came from federal grants. Award letters are divided into statements of awards sent to local officials and award notices sent to representatives and senators.
Records are arranged chronologically.
Box folder
1991/063-37 1. Representatives, September 3, 1987
2. Senators and Representatives, September 10, 1987
3. Statements of Awards, September 14, 1987
4. Statements of Awards, September 21, 1987
5. Senators, September 21, 1987
6. Representatives, September 21, 1987
7. Statements of Awards, September 28, 1987
8. Senators, October 2, 1987
9. Representatives, October 2, 1987
10. Senators, October 13, 1987
11. Representatives, October 13, 1987
Box folder
1991/063-38 1. Statements of Grant Awards, October 14, 1987
2. Statements of Grant Awards, October 19 and 22, 1987
3. Representatives, October 21, 1987
4. Representatives and Senators, October 27, 1987
5. Senators, November 3, 1987
6. Representatives, November 3, 1987
7. Statements of Grant Awards, November 4, 1987
8. VOCA [Victims of Crime Act] Grants, November 1987
9. Texas Narcotics Control Programs, December 1987
10. Award Statements, December 2, 1987
11. Senators and Representatives, December 21, 1987
12. Award Statements, December 23, 1987
13. Award Statements, January 1988
14. Senators, January 28, 1988
15. Representatives, January 28, 1988
16. Award Statements, February 17, 1988
17. Award Statements, March 11, 1988
18. Senators and Representatives, March 22, 1988
19. Senators and Representatives, March 30, 1988
20. Senators and Representatives, April 1988
21. Senators and Representatives, May 26, 1988
22. Award Statements, June 22, 1988


Blue Ribbon Commission for the Comprehensive Review of the Criminal Justice Corrections System, 1982-1983,
0.5 cubic ft.

Records consist of minutes, agenda, meeting materials, correspondence, memos, draft recommendations, and copies of the executive order creating the Blue Ribbon Commission for the Comprehensive Review of the Criminal Justice Corrections System. Most of the correspondence is outgoing from Chairman Lipshy. Correspondents include Governors Clements, other members of the Commission, state agency officials, and organizations invited to address their concerns to the commission. Records cease in January 1983. No copies of the commission's reports on prison overcrowding or its long-range recommendations are present in the records.
The commission was created by Governor Clements via executive order WPC-45 on June 10, 1982 and charged to 1) develop a master plan to carry the state's corrections system into the twenty-first century; 2) conduct a comprehensive review and evaluation of the state's criminal justice system including prison overcrowding, review of criminal laws, deterrents to criminal behavior, pre-trial and pre-sentencing alternatives, and confinement and release alternatives; and 3) make recommendations to the Governor's Office for necessary legislation or action to promote the purpose of the commission. The commission was to consist of not more than twenty members, all appointed by the governor. Governor Clements appointed Bruce A. Lipshy as chairman. The working title of the commission was the Blue Ribbon Commission on Criminal Justice. The commission held regular meetings and several public hearings to identify issues in its evaluation of the Texas criminal justice system. Four functional committees were established: Classification and Facilities; Diversions and Inmate Programs; Laws, Courts and Governments; and, Release and Linkages. The Commission made an initial report in January 1983 on ways to relieve prison overcrowding. A long-range report with recommendations on the entire criminal justice system was due later in 1983.
Records are arranged chronologically.
Box folder
1991/063-35 1. Meetings/Meeting Minutes, July 22, 1982
2. Chairman Lipshy, Prehearing Briefing, August 11, 1982
3. Chairman Lipshy, Briefing Meeting, August 11-12
4. Minutes, August 12, 1982
5. Agenda Books, August 12, 1982
6. Commission on Criminal Justice Corrections, Meeting Minutes, August 1982
7. Commission Meeting, September 30, 1982
8. Minutes, Commission Meeting, September 30, 1982
9. Commission Meeting, October 26, 1982
10. Minutes, October 26, 1982
11. Public Hearing, November 12, 1982
12. Commission Meeting, November 22-23, 1982
13. Minutes, November 22-23, 1982
14. Meeting Canceled, January 27, 1983
15. Governor Mark White, 1982
16. Correspondence - Governor Clements, 1982
17. Correspondence - Chairman, Bruce Lipshy, 1982


Criminal Justice Summit, 1987-1988,
1 cubic ft.

Records include correspondence, memos, lists of participants, program brochures, press release, background materials, and a summit packet from 1987 to 1988. The Criminal Justice Summit was a forum held in February 1988 and designed to address jail and prison overcrowding in Texas. It was made possible by a grant from the Bureau of Justice Assistance, United States Department of Justice. The summit included all state criminal justice agencies and was assisted by the Governor's Office, the Board of Pardons and Paroles, the Texas Department of Corrections, and the Criminal Justice Policy Council. The purpose of the summit was to assess the impact of corrections policies in Texas in relation to the overcrowding in state and local correctional institutions. The summit focused on developing short-term and intermediary strategies to relieve prison overcrowding. It also considered long-term solutions which would require action by the Texas Legislature. The summit participants considered fact finding reports, heard technical assessments from criminal justice and public policy experts, and met in focus groups to deliberate and reach a consensus. The resulting recommendations were printed in a final report. Records are from Rider Scott, head of Criminal Justice Division, Governor's Office, one of the key organizers of the summit.
Records are arranged chronologically.
Box folder
1991/063-36 1. Criminal Justice Summit Planning Group - Briefing Document, 1987
2. Agenda, Steering Committee, List of Participants, 1988
3. Summit Packet, 1988
4. Monographs and Enclosures, 1988
5. Follow Up Correspondence, March 1988
6. Background Information, 1988