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An Inventory of Ethics Commission State Officers Personal Financial Statements at the Texas State Archives, 1990-2012


Creator: Texas Ethics Commission.
Title: Ethics Commission state officers personal financial statements
Dates: 1990-2012
Abstract: The Texas Ethics Commission administers a number of filings previously administered by the Texas Secretary of State, Disclosure Filings Section. Among these are state officers personal financial statements, which were created to comply with state ethics legislation providing for the disclosure of financial assets and possible conflicts of interest of elected, salaried, or appointed officers and executive heads of state agencies, and candidates for elected office. These filings help to ensure public accountability from state officers, encouraging high ethical standards by means of public scrutiny of the appropriate records. These records consist of personal financial disclosure statements of state candidates and officeholders, associated correspondence, and request forms to see those financial statements, dating 1990-2012. Files report the financial activities of the individual, and of his spouse and dependent children (if the individual had actual control over that financial activity during the preceding calendar year).
Quantity: 506 cubic ft.
Location: Please note that these records are stored at the State Records Center. Because of the possibility that portions of these records fall under the Public Information Act exceptions, these records must be reviewed by an archivist before they can be accessed for research. Records requested before 10:00 a.m. will usually be available for review by an archivist by 4:00 p.m. the same day. Records requested after 10:00 a.m. and before 3:00 p.m will usually be available for review by an archivist by noon the next day. See the "Restrictions on Access" statement in this document for further information.
Language: These materials are written in English.
Repository: Texas State Archives
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Agency History

The Texas Ethics Commission was created by a constitutional amendment which the voters approved in November 1991 (Article III, Section 24a); it was established by Senate Bill 1, 72nd Texas Legislature, Regular Session, 1991, and began operations in January 1992. It has the following powers: to pursue sworn complaints alleging violations of state ethics laws (investigations into sworn complaints are confidential, but formal hearings on allegations are public); to penalize violators of state ethics laws; to sponsor ethics training and informational programs, and to explain compliance guidelines; to issue advisory opinions, which apply ethics laws to specific situations of fact; to require regulatory agencies of the executive branch to develop rules for the commission's approval that limit the acceptance of benefits from regulated entities; to recommend salary levels for members of the legislature and the lieutenant governor, which are submitted to the voters at the next general election; and to set the per diem paid to legislators and to the lieutenant governor.

The laws and regulations that the commission enforces include those concerning the following: political contributions and expenditures and political advertising; lobbyist activities; financial disclosure and conduct of state officers and employees; and the contributions and expenditures for the race for speaker of the house. Prior to the creation of the Ethics Commission, the Texas Secretary of State's office administered the filings required by these ethics laws. The advisory opinions which the commission issues concern these laws as well as laws governing bribery, corrupt influence, and abuse of office. These advisory opinions can be used as a defense in a criminal prosecution or in a matter involving civil penalties if the defendant relied on an opinion of the commission in making decisions regarding his or her behavior, or if the defendant's situation is substantially similar to that outlined in the opinion (the identity of a person requesting an advisory opinion is confidential).

The Ethics Commission consists of eight members representing the general public, serving overlapping four-year terms. Four are appointed by the governor, two by the lieutenant governor, and two by the speaker of the house, all of them chosen from lists provided by senate and house caucuses representing political parties required by law to hold primary elections (currently the Democratic and Republican parties). They are non-salaried positions, and the members annually elect a chair.

The Ethics Commission was preceded by a Public Servant Standards of Conduct Advisory Committee, created in 1981 to expire in 1983 (House Bill 3, 67th Legislature, Regular Session); and a State Ethics Advisory Commission (appropriation: Senate Bill 22, 68th Legislature, 1st Called Session, 1983).

A code of ethics for state officers and employees was created in 1957 by House Bill 3, 55th Legislature, Regular Session. This legislation set forth standards of conduct for state officers and employees regarding possible conflicts of interest between their private interests and official duties. An individual having controlling interest in a business entity under state regulation was required to file an affidavit with the Secretary of State disclosing such interest. A stock fraud scandal involving several state officials, including the speaker of the house, was uncovered in 1971, leading to a demand for tougher and more comprehensive ethics legislation. In 1971, the 62nd Legislature passed a new ethics law, House Bill 203, which called for more comprehensive financial disclosures and for the filing of these statements by all elected and appointed state officials, and any state or legislative employees whose salary exceeded $11,000. Few disclosure filings were made under this law as it was declared unconstitutional by the Texas Attorney General in January 1972. The 63rd Legislature reworked the ethics legislation and passed House Bill 1 in 1973. Under the terms of this legislation annual financial statements are required to be filed by elected officers and candidates, salaried appointed officers, appointed officers of major state agencies, and executive heads of state agencies. These financial disclosures include a listing of assets and liabilities, all boards of directors that the person serves on, and executive positions held in corporations. These statements also include financial disclosures for the official's spouse and any dependent children over which he has actual control.

When the Ethics Commission was created in 1991, the law removed the requirement that appointed officers not required to file these personal financial statements must file an affidavit with the Secretary of State if they have, acquire, or divest themselves of substantial interest in a business entity subject to state regulation or a business entity conducting business with any state agency.

This filing was originally administered by the Enforcement Division of the Office of the Secretary of State, then (in the early 1980s) by the Campaign and Ethics Section of the Elections Division, which was renamed the Disclosure Filings Section by 1984. In 1992, the Texas Ethics Commission was created, and assumed the administration and enforcement of this filing. As of 2008, approximately 3,300 public officials are required to file reports with the Ethics Commission (a more current figure is not readibly available).

(Sources include: Texas Ethics Commission appraisal report (May 2000); Guide to Texas State Agencies, 10th edition (1999); John G. Johnson, Texas Ethics Commission, Handbook of Texas Online; the Texas Ethics Commission Strategic Plan, FY 1998-FY 2003; and the Texas Ethics Commission web site (http://www.ethics.state.tx.us), accessed November 2015.)

Scope and Contents of the Records

The Texas Ethics Commission administers certain ethics filings which were previously administered by the Texas Secretary of State, Disclosure Filings Section. Personal financial statements were created to comply with state ethics legislation providing for the disclosure of financial assets and possible conflicts of interest of elected, salaried, or appointed officers and executive heads of state agencies, and candidates for elected office. These filings help to ensure public accountability from state officers, encouraging high ethical standards by means of public scrutiny of the appropriate records.

These records consist of personal financial disclosure statements of state candidates and officeholders, associated correspondence, and request forms to see those financial statements, dating 1990-2012. Texas state law requires the following persons to file these personal financial statements with the Ethics Commission: state officers (i.e., elected officers at the state or district level, appointed officers, and executive heads of state agencies), candidates for elective office at the state or district level (including a member of the Texas Legislature, statewide elected officer, justice of a court of appeals, district judge, district or criminal district attorney, and member of the State Board of Education), board members and executive heads of river authorities, and party chairmen (if the party received more than two percent of the votes for governor in the most recent general election). Beginning in 1998, former or retired judges sitting by assignment were also required to file. Files report the financial activities of the individual, and of his or her spouse and dependent children (if the individual had actual control over that financial activity during the preceding calendar year). Those financial activities reported increased from 12 categories originally, to 18 categories as of 2007. They include the following types of assets and liabilities:

  • (1) sources of occupational income and retainers: a list of all sources (identified by employer, or if self-employed, by the nature of the occupation); also retainers (identified by source, recipient, and the category of the amount of all such fees received);
  • (2) stock: identification by name and the category of the number of shares of stock of any business entity held or acquired, and if sold, the category of the amount of net gain or loss realized from the sale;
  • (3) bonds, notes, and other commercial paper: a list of all held or acquired, and if sold, the category of the amount of net gain or loss realized from the sale;
  • (4) mutual funds: the category of number of shares of each held or acquired, and if sold, the category of the amount of net gain or loss realized from the sale;
  • (5) income from interest, dividends, royalties, and rents: identification of each source, and the category of the amount of income in excess of $500 derived from each source;
  • (6) personal notes and lease agreements: identification of each guarantor of a loan, identification of each person or financial institution holding a note or lease agreement, and the category of the amount of the liability (in excess of $1,000 at any time during the year);
  • (7) interests in real property and business entities: identification by description of all beneficial interests in real property held or acquired, and if sold, the category of the amount of the net gain or loss realized from the sale (same with business entities);
  • (8) gifts: identification of a person or organization from which the individual or the individual's spouse or dependent children received a gift of anything of value in excess of $250, and a description of each gift (excluding: a gift received from an individual related to the individual within the second degree by consanguinity or affinity; a political contribution that was reported as required by law; and an expenditure required to be reported by a person required to be registered as a lobbyist under Texas Government Code, Chapter 305);
  • (9) trust income: identification of the source and the category of the amount of income received as beneficiary of a trust; and identification of each asset—if known to the beneficiary—from which income was in excess of $500;
  • (10) blind trusts: identification of each blind trust, the category of the fair market value, and the date created; and a statement from the trustee that they have not revealed any information to the beneficiary (except what can be disclosed);
  • (11) assets and liabilities of business associations: name and address of business association, and identification by description and category of the amount of all assets and liabilities (corporations or partnerships in which 50 percent or more of the outstanding ownership was held, acquired, or sold);
  • (12) boards and executive positions: a list of all boards of directors of which the individual is a member, and all executive positions that the individual holds in corporations, firms, partnerships, or proprietorships, stating the name of each organization and the position held;
  • (13) expenses accepted under honorarium exception: name and address of any person providing transportation, meals, or lodging expenses permitted under Texas Penal Code, Section 36.07(b), and the amount of those expenses (other than items already reported as political contributions, or expenditures required to be reported by a lobbyist under Texas Government Code, Chapter 305);
  • (14) interest in business in common with lobbyist: any partnership, joint venture, or other business association (excluding a publicly held corporation), in which both the state officer and a lobbyist registered under Texas Government Code, Chapter 305 have an interest;
  • (15) fees received for services rendered to a lobbyist or lobbyist's employer: identification of the person or entity for whom services were provided, and the fee category;
  • (16) representation by legislator before state agency: identification of the state agency, the person represented, and the category of the amount of the fee received for the representation (applies only to members of the Texas Legislature);
  • (17) benefits derived from functions honoring public servant: identification of a benefit, plus the name and address of the source of the benefit, when the benefit is used solely to defray expenses that accrue in the performance of duties or activities in connection with the office which are nonreimbursable by the state or a political subdivision (Texas Penal Code, Section 36.10); and
  • (18) legislative continuances: identification of any legislative continuance applied for or obtained (under Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code, Section 30.003), including name of party represented, date retained, style, cause number, court and jurisdiction, date of continuance application, and whether the continuance was granted.

In addition to correspondence between the filer and the Ethics Commission, files may also contain Financial Statement Request Forms, containing (in accordance with Texas Government Code, Section 572.032) the name and address of each person who has requested to see the financial statement, the name of the business or person represented by the requestor (if any), and the date of the request.

Some of the earliest filings, in 1990-1991, were filed with the Secretary of State and then transferred to the Ethics Commission in 1992.

To prepare this inventory, the described materials were cursorily reviewed to delineate series, to confirm the accuracy of contents lists, to provide an estimate of dates covered, and to determine record types.


Arrangement of the Records

These records are arranged in three chronological groups, and therein alphabetically by the last name of the filer. Researchers should note that there were many typos on the original list received from the agency, some of which have probably not been corrected. For the second group, 1996-2007, and the third group, 2008-2012, only the first and last name in each box is listed in this inventory. Please contact Archives staff to determine whether a specific individual's filing is in either (or both) of these last two groups.


Restrictions on Access

Because of the possibility that portions of these records fall under Public Information Act exceptions including, but not limited to, bank account numbers (Texas Government Code, Section 552.136); driver's license numbers (Texas Government Code, Section 552.130); Social Security numbers (Texas Government Code, Section 552.147); and home addresses and phone numbers of government employees or officials (Texas Government Code, Section 552.117), an archivist must review these records before they can be accessed for research. The records may be requested for research under the provisions of the Public Information Act (Texas Government Code, Chapter 552). The researcher may request an interview with an archivist or submit a request by mail (Texas State Library and Archives Commission, P. O. Box 12927, Austin, TX 78711), fax (512-463-5436), email (director.librarian@tsl.texas.gov), or see our web page (https://www.tsl.texas.gov/agency/customer/pia.html). Include enough description and detail about the information requested to enable the archivist to accurately identify and locate the information. If our review reveals information that may be excepted by the Public Information Act, we are obligated to seek an open records decision from the Attorney General on whether the records can be released. The Public Information Act allows the Archives ten working days after receiving a request to make this determination. The Attorney General has 45 working days to render a decision. Alternately, the Archives can inform you of the nature of the potentially excepted information and if you agree, that information can be redacted or removed and you can access the remainder of the records.

Materials do not circulate, but may be used in the State Archives search room. Materials will be retrieved from and returned to storage areas by staff members.

Restrictions on Use

Most records created by Texas state agencies are not copyrighted. State records also include materials received by, not created by, state agencies. Copyright remains with the creator. The researcher is responsible for complying with U.S. Copyright Law (Title 17 U.S.C.).

Technical Requirements


Index Terms

The terms listed here were used to catalog the records. The terms can be used to find similar or related records.
Corporate Name:
Texas. Secretary of State.
Political ethics--Texas.
Financial disclosure--Texas.
Document Types:
Financial statements--Texas--Financial disclosure--1990-2012.
Correspondence--Texas--Financial disclosure--1990-2012.
Enforcing political ethics.

Related Material

The following materials are offered as possible sources of further information on the agencies and subjects covered by the records. The listing is not exhaustive.

Texas State Archives
Texas Secretary of State, Elections Division, Disclosure Filings Section: State officers personal financial statements, 1957-1991, bulk 1973-1990, 36.5 cubic ft., 156 reels microfilm
Texas Legislature, House of Representatives Committee to Investigate Bribery Charges Against Representatives Dale and Moore records, 1927, fractional
Texas Legislature, Joint Anti-Nepotism Committee, Reports, 1933-1934, 0.15 cubic ft.
Texas Legislature, House of Representatives, Committee of the Whole House in Investigation of Charges Against Hon. J.T. Robison, Commissioner of the General Land Office, Records, 1929, 0.94 cubic ft.
Texas Legislature, House of Representatives, Committee of the Whole in the Investigation of Charges Made in the House of Representatives Against S.H. Terrell, Comptroller, Proceedings, 1930, 0.24 cubic ft.
Texas Legislature, House of Representatives, Committee to Investigate Job Selling, Reports, 1933-1934, 0.24 cubic ft.
Texas State Securities Board, Records, 1933-2008, 10.26 cubic ft. [especially Sharpstown scandal newspaper clippings, 1973-1975, 0.2 cubic ft.]
Lists of late filers of ethics filings are published in the Texas Register.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

(Identify the item), Texas Ethics Commission state officers personal financial statements. Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

Accession Information

Accession numbers: 2007/181, 2013/011, 2016/017, 2016/051

These records were transferred to the Archives and Information Services Division of the Texas State Library and Archives Commission by the Texas Ethics Commission on June 14, 2007; September 21, 2012; and September 9 and October 27, 2015.

Processing Information

Processed and initial inventory created by Tony Black, July 2007

Initial inventory finalized by Tony Black, March 2009

Two inventories merged into one by Tony Black, October 2013

New accession added, and additional corrections by Tony Black, April 2014

Additional corrections by Tony Black, November 2014

New accession added, and additional corrections by Tony Black, September 2015

New accession added by Tony Black, November 2015

Appraisal Information

Texas State Archives staff completed an appraisal of the Texas Ethics Commission records in May 2000. (This appraisal report is online at http://www.tsl.texas.gov/arc/appraisal/txethics.html, and also in the search room of the Texas State Archives.) Thirteen series on the agency's retention schedule were determined to be archival, including State officers personal financial statements.


The Ethics Commission periodically transfers these records to the State Archives.

Detailed Description of the Records


State officers personal financial statements, 1990-1996,
67 cubic ft.

2007/181-1 Aaron, Ann Marie Cerda
Abalos, Delma Jimenez
Abascal, Amado Jose, III
2016/017-46 Abascal, Amado Jose, III, 1996
[additional document]
2007/181-1 Abbee, James G.
Abbott, David
Abbott, Greg
Abbott, Gregory W.
Abbott, Michael
Abla, Jack E.
Ables, Stephen B.
Aboussie, Marilyn
Abraham, Malouf
Schattman, Michael D.
[Misfiled as Achattman.]
Ackerman, John Edward
Acuna, Gilbert P.
Adame, Juan J.
Adams, Donald Gilbert, Sr.
Adams, Edward B.
Adams, Franklin Pete
Adams, James Rouce
Adams, Kent
Adams, Patricia A.
Adask, Alfred
Aday, Thomas A.
Addington, Dr. Elmer Artemus, III
Aderholt, Ben Louis
Adkins, Dave W.
Adkison, Ron
Adrian, Curtis
Aguayo, Patricia
Aguero, Bidal
Aguilar, Dee Lynn
Aguirre, Anna
Aguirre, Eduardo, Jr.
Aguirre, Gilberto
Aguirre, Pedro, Jr.
Ahn, Suzanne Insook
Aiken, Bruce Tansill
Aikin, A. M. (Bob)
Aikin, Deborah Ann
Akers, Bob
Akers, Cecilia Garcia
Akin, Ted
Alamia, Jose R.
Albers, Rick M.
Albracht, David E.
Alcala, Dick
Alcorn, Dorothy Jean
Alderete, Joe V.
Alderman, George Ray
Aldrick, Robert Cecil
Aldridge, Arlene R.
Aldredge, Vaughn R.
Alexander, Charles W.
Alexander, Clyde Hamilton, II
Alexander, Doris Ruth
Alexander, James Robert
Alexander, Ray
Alexander, Wayne
Alfaro, Pete C.
Alkek, Albert B.
Allaway, William H., Jr.
Allee, Donald W.
Allee, Henry E.
Allen, Lama A.
Allen, David H.
Allen, Gary L.
Allen, George H.
Allen, Emmett
Allen, Joseph P., IV
Allen, Joshua, Sr.
Allen, Lemuel Byron
Allen, Marion
Allen, Phil Lynn
Allen, Ray
Allen, Robert A.
Allen, Robert H.
Allen, Robert Raymond
2007/181-2 Allen, Roland Craten, III
Allen, Roland L. (Ron)
Allen, Russell Wayne
Alley, David
Allison, Aubrey James
Allison, Karen
Alvarez, Feliz, Jr.
Alonzo, Gladys A.
Alsup, James M.
Alvarado, Antonio
Alvarado, Carol
Alvarado, Leo, Jr.
Alvarado, Richard
Alvarado, Vincent R.
Alvarez, Manny
Alvarez, Micaela
Alwin, Lawrence
Alworth, Jon Randall
Alworth, Lee G.
Amacher, Ryan C.
Ambriz, Francisco, Jr.
Ambrose, Mary Louise
Ames, Eugene L., Jr.
Amidei, Maurice
Ammel, William Louis
Amos, Karen
Anastasiadis, Demetri
Anchondo, Robert S.
Ancira, Ernesto, Jr.
Andell, Eric
Anderson, Brenda Foster
Anderson, Carl C.
Anderson, Charles E.
Anderson, D. Kent
Anderson, Florence P.
Anderson, Gary Wayne
Anderson, John C.
Anderson, John Sharp
Anderson, Kathleen
Anderson, Keith A.
Anderson, Kenneth W.
Anderson, Marshall W.
Anderson, Mike
Anderson, Ray Douglas
Anderson, Ron J.
Andrew, Sylvia R.
Andrews, Frank
Andrews, Gilbert E.
Andrews, Henry G.
Andrews, Thomas A.
Andrews, Thomas M.
Angel, Daniel D.
Angelini, Karen Anne
Angelini, Raymond Cris
Angelo, Betty Lou
Angelo, Ernest, Jr.
Aninao, Tony
Anisman, Martin J.
Anschutz, Everett
Anthony, Arthur Joseph
Antonielli, Louis Sergio
Aparicio, Edward G.
Apffel, E.A. (Trey), III
Aplin, Arca J. (Beaver)
Applewhite, Myrta K.
Arambula, Michael R.
Archer, Forrest M., Sr.
Archer, Forrest M., Sr.
Archer, Van Henry, Jr.
Arellano, Richard G.
Armbrister, Kenneth Lynn
Armendariz, Albert, Jr.
Armendariz, Juan
Armstrong, Carolyn P.
Armstrong, Ernie B.
Armstrong, Jennifer G. S.
Armstrong, John Russell
Armstrong, Ruby J.
Arnett, Brenda F.
2007/181-3 Arnold, Anita Ray
Arnold, Barbara Fry
Arnold, Billy L.
Arnot, W.G., III
Arnst, James E.
Arntlen, Charles
Aronoff, Phillip A.
Arredondo, Rodolfo, Jr.
Arrell, Vernon N.
Arrington, George W.
Arsht, Marjorie Meyer
Ashby, Anne
Ashby, Jon K.
Ashley, Calvin
Ashley, Janelle C.
Ashley, Steve C.
Ashorn, Alvin C.
Ashworth, Clyde R.
2016/017-46 Ashworth, Clyde R., 1993
[additional document]
2007/181-3 Ashworth, Glen M.
Ashworth, Kenneth H.
Askanase, Susan S.
Atchley, Elizabeth Hane
Ater, Gene
Atkins, Jim
Atkins, Robert S.
Atkins, William Lee
Atkinson, William C.
Atlas, Nancy Friedman
Aubet, George
Aufill, Bennett Brantly, III
Auld, Bruce
Auld, Dick L.
Auld, Lexa
Aumann, Glenn S.
Austin, Ella
Austin, Jeff, Jr.
Austin, Jeff, III
Austin, Laurel Ann (Sissy)
Autry, Carol
Autry, Mary Bess (Dunlap)
Averitt, Barry (Kip)
Avery, Johnnie Lon
Avery, Richard Owen
Aycock, Charles
Azio, A. D.
Babin, Brian
Baca, Jose J.
Bacarrisse, Albert L.
Bachus, William Earl, Jr.
Bacon, Carolyn R.
Bacon, Mary Elizabeth B.
Bacon, Drew O'Neal
Bacon, Robert J.
Baggett, W. Make
Bagsby, Dionne Phillips
Bailes, Joseph S.
Bailey, Barbara
Bailey, Bill
Bailey, Bob
Bailey, Dinah
Bailey, Doyne
Bailey, Joe Murray
Bailey, Kathleen F.
Bailey, Kevin E.
Bailey, Michelle
2007/181-4 Bailey, Nan Hutchins
Bain, Cecil W.
Bain, Jerry
Baird, Charles F. (Charlie)
Baird, Russell J.
Baker, Andrew Z.
Baker, Ann P.
Baker, Caroline E.
Baker, Charles Ross
Baker, Darrel Paige
Baker, James A.
Baker, John M., Jr.
Baker, K.
Baker, Steven R.
Baldwin, Victoria Hunter
Baldwin, Wayne
Ball, Rey H.
Ballanfant, Kathleen
Ballard, Donna
Ballard, Shannon E.
Banales, J. Manuel
Bandy, Roy
Banks, James H.
Bankston, Susan D.
Banner, Paul
Barajas, Angie
Barajas, Richard
Baraka, Larry W.
Barbary, George F.
Barber, Carl H.
Barber, Patrick
Barber, Steve
Barber, William A., Jr.
Barger, Carol M.
Bargas, Dairo
Barger, Albert
Barger, Claude
Barger, Lisa
Barina, Bobby Dale (Bob)
Barker, Charles, R.
Barlow, James
Barlow, Karen Haun
Barnes, Cynthia F.
Barnes, Elizabeth
Barnes, Eva G.
Barnes, Phillip
Barnes, Robert C. (Bob)
Barnes, Robert F.
Barnett, Benjamin Edwin
Barnett, Ames Edward
Barnett, Joe P.
Barnett, Margueritte
Barnett, Patrick
Barnhart, Herbert L.
Barnhill, Jane Cook
Barr, James L.
Barr, Jeannine Southwick
Barr, Marciela Rodriguez
Barrera, Elma
Barrett, John Michael, Jr.
Barrett, Karen Anne
Barrett, Robert Norton
Barrientos, Gonzalo
Barrios-Ogden, Teresa
Barron, Elaine Mowinski
Barron, Gene R.
Barron, Kenneth R.
Barron, Patrice Melinda
Barron, P. Michael
Barron, Charles Wallace
Barshop, Samuel
Baron, Erwin
Baron, Jon Kevin
Baron-Bonillas, Paula J.
Base, Garold R.
2007/181-5 Baskin, James
Baskin, Pat McKinney
Bass, James William (Bill), Jr.
Bass, Graham
Bass, J. Stewart
Bass, Lee Marshall
Bass, Ogden L., Jr.
Bass, Perry R.
Bass, Robert W.
Bass, Sam
Bass, Suzanne
Bastida-Gonzalez, Elena
Batchelor, Linda A.
Batiste, John Paul
Batman, Kent
Baum, Rogert B.
Bauman, Virginia M.
Baur, George Weldon
Baxley, Trena
Bayless, Sam
Bayless, W. David, Sr.
Baylor, Jo
Bayne, Donald S.
Bayoud, George Salim, Jr.
Bayoud, George S.
Beach, Leroy
Beacom, Richard A., Jr.
Beadel, Ann Hargrove
Beale, David
Beall, Burgess J.
Beall, Thomas A.
Beals, Terry Lee
Beaman, Glen E.
Beard, Benjamin
Beard, James W., Jr.
Beard, Marianna
Beard, Thomas, III
Beasley, Helen A.
Beasley, Robert Palmer
Beaty, William E.
Beaumont, Jean P.
Beacham, Charles
Bechtol, Hubert Edwin
Beck, Daniel
Beck, David
Beck, Henry, III
Beck, Maria Angel Flores
Beckett, Sheila W.
Beckles, Robert O.
Becton, Julius W., Jr.
Bedard, Theo
Bedell, Susanna E.
Beecherl, Louis, Jr.
Beerwinkle, Dale
Beggs, William Dale
Behnke, Mary G.
Behrman, Charles Thomas (Tom)
Beinke, Allen P., Jr.
Belcher, Madge E.
Belew, John
2007/181-6 Bell, Deborah Hughes
Bell, Hubert, Jr.
Bell, John
Bell, Lea J.
Bell, Spurgeon E.
Bell, William Franklin
Beltrane, Sheryl Ann
Belvin, Wardaleen F.
Benavides, Fortuna T. P.
Benavides, Miguel
Benavides, Roger James
Bender, Bill
Benedict, Jerry Lynn
Benestrante, Judi J.
Benger, Margie Crippens
Bennett, George Kemble, Jr.
Bennett, John M.
Bennett, Max Leon
Benningfield, Anna Beth
Bentley, Bascom William, III
Bento, Levi J.
Beran, Douglas Aronld
Berchelmann, David A., Jr.
Berdahl, Robert M.
Berend, Donald
Berlange, Mary Helen
Bernal, Joe J.
Benardino, Anthony Kyle
Bernisse, Donald
Bernsen, David Eric
Berry, Claude Randolph (Randy)
Berry, Jamerson J., Jr.
Berry, Wilkes
Berryhill, Renda S.
Bertanzetti, Paul J.
Besselman, Lynn
Besteiro, Raul A., Jr.
Bethea, Charlie Bellinger
Bethel, Donald R.
Bianchi, Richard P.
Biard, Aubrey Webb
Bickel, Stephen Douglas
Biddy, William Joseph
Biel, Albert, Jr.
Bier, Samuel
Biery, Samuel Frederick, Jr.
Biggers, Julian L., Jr.
Biggerstaff, Joan W.
Biggs, Glenn
Bill, Antonio
Billings, L. Charles
Birch, Stephen P.
Bird, Lloyd Phillip, Jr.
Birdwell, Jerry R.
Birnberg, Gerald M.
Bishop, C. Anne
Bissell, Charmaine R.
Bissett, Gerald T.
Bitner, Jimmy J.
Bivin, William W. (Bill)
Bivins, Miles Teel
Black, Charles Layton
Black, Clyde Smith
Black, Horace Dickson, Jr.
Black, James Phillip
Black, Norman W.
Black, William Carl
2007/181-7 Blackburn, Ben
Blackburn, Juan E.
Blackburn, Marvin, Jr.
Blacklock, Matthews Jan
Blackmon, Robert
Blackmon, Robert
Blackwell, Patricia S.
Blackwell, Thomas D.
Blackwell, William A.
Blackwood, William Robert (Buddy)
Blain, Sylvia T.
Blair, Fred L.
Blair, John L.
Blair, Nelda Luce
Blake, Roy M., Sr.
Blake, Ruth J.
Blakely, David H.
Blakey, Katus R.
Blakeman, Ralph William
Blanton, William M., Jr.
Bleil, Charles Mills
Blend, Stanley L.
Blevins, Hubert Wayne
Bliss, Ronald G.
Block, Gary M.
Block, Ron
Blodgett, Glenn P.
Blomquist, Emil
Blount, R. E. (Peppy)
Blumhardt, Ralph
Boales, Brian M.
Bobbitt, Shelly H.
Bodner, Emanuel
Boeckman, Duncan E.
Boehm, Theodora V.
Bogan, Chauncey
Bohac, Dwayne Alan
Bohman, Nancy S.
Boldin, Rosalie M.
Boles, Bennie Charles
Boleton, James Louis
Bomer, Elton
Boney, Jew D.
Bonham, Robert E.
Bonilla, Ray
Bonnen, Dennis H.
Bonner, Cathy
Bonnett, James (Ted)
Bonnett, John D.
Bono, Ben P.
Bonsell, Sandra L.
Booker, Kenneth W.
Booker, Tarlton T., Jr.
Boone, James C. (Daniel)
Borchard, Richard
Bordelon, Roderick (Rod)
Bordini, Mario P.
Borgo, Joseph B. (Joe)
Borman, David G.
Borninski, Jack W.
Bosse, Fred M.
Boston, Nancy Lou
Bosworth, Richard A.
Botello, Leopoldo P.
Botello, Trinidad, Jr.
Bouma, Bradley D.
Bounds, Walters M.
Bournias, Sam Bill
Bowen, Dick
Bowen, Ray M.
Bowers, Elliot
Bowers, Gary C.
Bowers, Gideon M.
Bowie, James S.
Bowles, Harry L.
Bowman, Margaret
2007/181-8 Box, Eden Vanzandt
Box, Richard A.
Boyd, Howell Lynn (Hal)
Boyd, John H.
Boyd, John T.
Boyd, L. Jean Hudson
Boyd, Mary A.
Boyd, Ralph
Boyd, Will C.
Boyle, David R.
Brabham, David R.
Brackett, William Q.
Bradford, Debra Ann
Bradford, John M.
Bradley, Jon M.
Bradley, Walter A., III
Brady, Kevin P.
Bradshaw, John
Braly, Dudley Q.
Bramblett, Mary Ann
Branson, D. Elliot
Brantley, Charlotte M.
Branton, James L. (Jim)
Brass, Rick
Braswell, Henry G.
Bratcher, Harold
Brathwaite, Dollie
Brattin, Esperanaza J.
Bratton, Nettie Ruth
Bratton, Terry A.
Breckenridge-Sterling, Lorraine E.
Brekken, Alvin L.
Brelsford, John P.
Branch, Daniel H.
Branch, Theldon R., III
Brandon, Ronald A.
Brannon, Nancy Davis
Brender, Jean Diane
Brenner, Ginger N.
Brennan, Suzanne E.
Brentlinger, W. Brock
Bretz, Claudia A.
Bricker, Sammie Lou
Bridewell, Dennis Wayne
Bridges, Howard B., Jr.
Bridges, David L.
Bridges, Joe D.
Bridges, Judith
Birers, Stanley J.
Birgham, William H.
Brimer, Kenneth K., Jr.
Brink, Betty B.
Brinkley, Fred S.
Brisco, Alison
Briscoe, Dolph, III
Briscoe, Judy Jenkins
Brister, James Larry (Jim)
Brister, Scott Andrew
Bristow, Stephen E.
Brite, J. Taylor
Brittnacher, Jim
Brock, M. H.
Brockwell, Cindy
Bronk, Marjorie A.
Bronson, Rebecca
Brookes, James Neilson
Brooks, Chet E.
Brooks, David Kress
Brooks, Henry Tebbs
Brooks, Roy Laverne
Brookshire, Jack A.
Brookshire, Richard Austin
2007/181-9 Brophy, William J.
Brosnan, Dermot N.
Brotherton, Robert P.
Brough, A. J.
Broussard, Earl P., Jr.
Broussard, Judy
Brown, Betty Ho
Brown, Daphne Ann
Brown, David P.
Brown, Douglas C.
Brown, Douglas K.
Brown, Eric
Brown, Ernest L
Brown, Harvey G., Jr.
Brown, J. Curtiss
Brown, J.E. (Buster)
Brown, John Robert
Brown, John Roy
Brown, Jo-Christy Texas
Brown, Lee
Brown, Lillian K.
Brown, Lou
Brown, Lynn
Brown, Nolton L.
Brown, R. A., Jr.
Brown, Raleigh
Brown, Rema Lou
Brown, Susan B.
Brown, Terry
Brown, Todd Kevin
Broyles, Gordon
Broyles, Linda P.
Brucks, Anton B.
Brumbelow, Robyn Ray
Brummett, Jay Clift
Bruner, Melinda
Bruner, Thomas
Brunjes, Jim C.
Bruns, Bernard
Bruseth, James
Bruun, Lance
Bryan, Mary Ann
Bryant, Brad
Bryant, Claudette W.
Bryant, Frank
Bryant, Lydia
Bryce, Homer
Bubeck, Allen F.
Buchanan, Mary L.
Buchnolz, Robert
Buckingham, Robert
Buckley, Robert G.
Bucy, J. Fred, Jr.
Buehner, Kathleen
Bullock, Freeman
Bullock, Jan Flets
Bullock, Robert D. (Bob)
Bunch, Michael Anthony
Burck, Robert Daniel
Burden, Henry
Burdette, Robert N. (Bob)
Burdock, Bill
Burgess, Don
Burgess, Victor John
Burke, Beatrice
Burke, Richard
Burkhart, Bill
Burkhart, David J.
Burkholder, Henry L., III
Burk-Schlzman, Mary
Burleson, Mickey R.
Burley, Jerry T.
Burman, Lon
Burner, Burnie
Burnett, Jay W.
Burnett, Joe
Burnett, William G.
Burney, Zinetta
2007/181-10 Burns, Andrew L.
Burns, Joycie L.
Burns, Marc H.
Burns, Paul A.
Burson, Jimmy Dean
Burton, V. F. Jack
Burton, Joseph (Randy)
Burton, Leonard
Burwell, Russell
Busch, George
Bush, Darrell
Bush, David C.
Bushong, Stewart
Bustamante, Cleo
Butcher, Reginald
Butler, Burtram
Butler, Marium Ted
Butler, Penelope
Butrum, Herbert
Butterfield, Wayne
Butterworth, Hughes
Butts, Shirley
Bybee, Bob L.
Bynum, Arlen (Spider)
Bynum, Grover L.
Bynum, James Ben
Byne, Roger
Byrne, Timothy
Caballero, Irma
Caballero, Rose M.
Cabell, Enos M., Jr.
Cabello, Refino
Cable, Chad
Cable, Mary F.
Cabrera, Ramiro
Caceres, Armando G.
Cadena, Carlos C.
Cadenhead, Charles
Cadenhead, Ernest F., Jr.
Caffesse, Raul D.
Cagle, Cactus J.
Cahoon, Frank Kell
Cain, Clarence D.
Cain, David H.
Cain, Don E.
Cain, Hollis H., Jr.
Caldwell, Clara
Caldwell, James L.
Caldwell, Janice M.
Caldwell, Katherine A. (Katy)
Caldwell, Neil
Caldwell, Shirley W.
Calhoun, Galloway
Calhoun, Jerry L.
Callahan, Ricky D.
Callan, James M.
Callan, Sam W.
Camacho, Jose E.
Camarillo, Leonardo
Cameron, Raymond B.
Cammack, Kerry N.
Cammack, William White, II
Camp, C. Thomas
2007/181-11 Camp, Frank W.
Campbell, Ben D.
Campbell, Charles F.
Campbell, Craig H.
Campbell, Helen L.
Campbell, James E.
Campbell, Joe W.
Campbell, Robert Gyle
Campbell, William Russell
Campos, Carlos
Canady, Jim
Canales, Adolph
Canales, Terry A.
Canas, Eduardo
Cannon, William B. (Bill)
Cannon, Joe B.
Cano, Manuel A.
Cantu, Antonio G.
Cantu, David
Cantu, Fernando
Cantu, Mary Helen
Cantu, Norma
Cantu, Pete, Jr.
Cantu, Reynoldo
Cantu, Santiago
Capra, Cynthia E.
Caprielian, Jacob E. (Jake)
Carathers, Margaret L.
Cardenas, Jose L.
Cardenas, Ruben R.
Cardenas, Tomas, Jr.
Cardone, Kathleen
Carley, Pamela
Carlile, Kenneth Q.
Carlson, Merle M.
Carman-Merrifield, Carolyn R.
Carmona, Frank T.
Carnes, Alfred B. (Burt)
Carona, John J., Sr.
Carpenter Zerle L.
Carper, Brian A.
Carper, Sharon J.
Carr, Cassandra
Carr, Ron
Carrasco, Jesse
Carriker, Steven A.
Carrington, Alice
Carrillo, Jaime E.
Carroll, James L.
Carroll, Joe
Carroll, Philip H.
Carruth, Dolores
Carson, Ernestine
Carter, Bill G.
Carter, Earl A.
Carter, George
Carter, Jack E.
Carter, John R.
Carter, Thomas D., Jr.
2007/181-12 Carver, Charles D.
Carver, Spencer
Cash, Wanda
Casillas-Lowenberg, Lupe
Caskey, Robert
Casner, Kenneth W.
Carson, George
Cassaday, Herman B.
Casseb, Solomon, Jr.
Casso, Ramiro R.
Castenada, Blas
Castillo, Max
Castillo N-Revis, Kathleen
Castro, Isaac
Castro, Robert
Cate, Thomas
Cater, Betty Ann
Caton, Ralph
Catterton, Randy
Cauley, Irma
Caussey, J. Carl
Cavazos, Eddie
Cave, David Craig
Caven, Hubbard S., Jr.
Cawthon, Dorothy L.
Cayce, John J., Jr.
Ceaser, Pearl
Ceverha, Bill
Ceverha, Mary Ellen C.
Chadderon-Frantz, Betsy
Chadick, T.C.
Chamber, Eugene (Gene)
Chamber, James T.
Champagne, Joseph E.
Chan, Lawrence W.
Chaney, Claire B.
Chang, Cheng Ming
Chang, James C.
Chapa, Alfonso
Chapline, Gene
Chapman, Charles L.
Chapman, Charles W.
Chapman, George E.
Chapman, Ron
Chapman, Roy Lee
Chater, Shirley
Chatman, Charles E.
Chavarria, Phil, Jr.
Chavez, Alfredo
Chavez, Luis
Chavez, Melchor
Chavez, Nora W.
Chavez, Norma P.
Cheaney, Robert J., II
Cheney, Susie B.
Chennault, John S.
Cherry, Johnson B., Jr.
Cheshire, Robert S.
Chew, David W.
Chew, Linda Y.
Childre, Edward
Childress, Barbara J.
Childs, Daniel B.
Chisum, Warren D.
Choate, John J.
Choate, Mary Ann
Chou, Michael Y.
Chow, David
Christman, Perry
2007/181-13 Christensen, Carrielu
Christian, George E.
Christian, Walter W.
Christie, Jack
Christley, Georgia H.
Christopher, Larry J.
Christopher, Tracy E.
Churchwell, Birdia
Churchwell, Charles S.
Chudleigh, James
Cigainero, Barbara
Cigarroa, Joaquin
Cisneros, Mary Alice
Clack-Culver, Barbara
Clack, James A.
Clancy, Catherine Ann
Clapp, Harold B.
Clapp, Patricia A. (Pattie)
Clappsaddle, Charles F.
Clardy, Brad
Clardy, Thelma S.
Clark, Albert R., Sr.
Clark, Ben, Jr.
Clark, Charles D.
Clark, Donald D.
Clark, Fred
Clark, James H., Jr.
Clark, John E.
Clark, Norma Jean
Clark, Patrick A.
Clark, Roger B.
Clark, Ronald H. (Ron)
Clark, Sarah C.
Clarke, Janna Ward
Clarke, Neville P
Class, Ramon
Class, Willie L.
Claunch, Bennie Frank
Claunch, Kirk M.
Clawson, Charles L.
Clawson, James F., Jr.
Clayton, Billy W.
Clayton, Joe D.
Clayton, Ruth G.
Clements, George Henry, III
Clemons, Billy
Clemons, Harvey, Jr.
Clendennen, James D.
Cleveland, David G.
Cliffors, Eric S.
Cline, Edward L. (Ed)
Clinton, Sam H.
Clinton, Thomas
Cloud, Linda L.
Clyde, Nita J.
Clymer, John R., Jr.
Coats, W.E. (Bill)
Cobb, Amelie
Cobb, Bill B.
Cobb, Howell
Cobb, Sharon W.
Cochran Ann T.
Cochran, Cathy
Cochran, Winston E., Jr.
Coe, Barbara June
Cofer, Hume
Coffey, Don
Coffield, Jeanette H.
Cogburn, Edmund Lewis
Cohen, Murry B.
Cohen, Sharon
Coker, B.F. (Bill)
2007/181-14 Coker, Lynn Jay
Colbert, Paul
Cole, Clyde E.
Cole, Collier M.
Cole, Dave C.
Cole, Phyllis
Cole, Phyllis J.
(misfiled as Colo.)
Coleman, Donna M.
Coleman, Garnet F.
Coleman, Isaiah, Jr.
Coleman, Jack A., Jr.
Coleman, Kenneth N.
Coleman, Milburn L., III
Coleman, Stephanie
Collard, Bobby L.
Collard, Mary L.
Collazo, Frank, Jr.
Colley, Paul S.
Collier, Brenda H.
Collier, Jefferson D. (Jake), III
Collier, Virginia S.
Collins, David L.
Collins, Denise
Collins, Eugene W.
Collins, Evelyn S.
Collins, James A
Collins, John E.
Collins, Sam F
Collins, William N. (Robin)
Collins, William W., Jr.
Colson, Sybil K.
Colvin, Kathy D.
Combs, Susan
Compton, Gary D.
Conaway, K. Michael
Condra, Betty M.
Condra, Gary D.
Coneway, Peter R.
Conkright, Robert K.
Conley, Karyne J.
Conn, Carroll W., Jr.
Conn, Dorothy
Conn, Texana F.
Connally, Joseph
Conner, Ada G.
Connolly, Michael
Connolly, Patricia L.
Connolly, T.J. (Timothy)
Connor, Geoffrey S.
Connor, M.F. (Red)
Connor, William H.
Conrad, Eleanor N.
Conrad, Emmett J.
Contreras, Greg D.
Cook, Dana
Cook, Eugene A.
Cook, George E.
Cook, John R.
Cook, Lewis
Cook, Robert L., Jr.
Cook, Robert (Robby), III
Cook, Shirlene S.
Cooke, C.C. (Kit)
Cooke, Walter P.
Cooley, Dana W.
Cooper, Charles M.
Cooper, Gaylyn L.
Cooper, Lanetta M.
Cooper, Margaret (20024)
Cooper, Margaret (20020)
Cooper, Travis R.
Copeland, Marsha
Coppedge, John
Coppinger, Frances D.
2007/181-15 Corbin, James E.
Cordobes, Roland E.
Corkey, Paul J., Jr.
Cormier, Rufus, Jr.
Cornelius, William J.
Cornyn, John
Corral, Carlos H.
Correa, Carlos L.
Correu, Larry M
Corte, Frank J., Jr.
Cortez, Erlinda D.
Cortez, Robert
Cortner, Johnell M.
Cory, David Lloyd
Cosby, Brenda K.
Cosper, Ann C.
Cossum, John Stewart
Cote, Joseph A.C.
Cothrun, Sherri L.
Cottle, Rex L.
Cottrell, Comer J.
Coulter, Theodore
Counts, David
Counts, Walter D., Jr.
Courson, Harold, D.
Courter, Mary A.
Cousmier, Lisa H.
Covington, Suzanne
Cowart, Mark G.
Cowden, James C. (Coley)
Cowen, Philip T.
Cowen, Ralph
Cox, Alston Ray, Jr.
Cox, James Bruce
Cox, Ronald Evertt (Ron)
Cox, Shenikwa D.
Cox, Travis B.
Cox, William R.
Coyle, Charles G.
Crabb, James E.
Crabb, Jean M.
Crabb, Joe F.
Craddick, Thomas R.
Craft, Kathy
Craft, Mary
Craig, Larry T.
Craig, Willina F.
Crandell, Mark E.
Cranford, Susan C.
Craven, Patrick A.
Crawford, Brad
Crawford, Carolyn
Crawford, David S.
Crawford, Denise V.
Crawford, Mark Edward
Crawford, Raymond L., Jr.
Crawford, Richard L.
Crawford, Stephen
Crawford, Tammy Legg
Crawford, William R.
Craymer, Dale K.
Creuzot, Cheryl D.
Creuzot, John C.
Creuzot, Percy P
Crew, Anne C.
Crew, Barbara K.
Cribbs, James A.
Criner, Walter H., Sr.
Criss, David
Crofts, Thomas H.
Cromwell, James H.
Crook, William H.
Crosier, E. Byron
Cross, Lila
Crouch, James L.
2007/181-16 Crowe, Jerald D.
Crowe, Patsy Y.
Crowley, Beryl P.
Crowley, George A.
Crowley, Martha
Crowley, Michael J.
Crowley, Timothy J.
Crowson, George M.
Crowson, Jason P.
Crozier, Richard L.
Cruikshank, Robert J.
Crum, Tom W.
Crump, Jack E.
Crump, Robin
Crutcher, Joe M.
Cuellar, Enrique R. (Henry)
Cuellar, Renato
Cuevas, Rojelio
Culberson, John A.
Culver, Thomas R., III
Cummings, Berlin Michael
Cummings, Bobby L.
Cummings, Jerry (Jay)
Cummings, Polly
Cummins, Lisa T.
Cunningham, Jerry P.
Cunningham, Joe B.
Cunningham, Tenonia (Tony), II
Cunningham, Tom A.
Cunningham, William H.
Cunningham, William L.
Cupit, Bill
Curl, Samuel E.
Curan, Patricia A.
Curry, Kenneth C.
Curry, Peter M.
Curtis, John J.
Cusack, Mark E.
Czech, Richard L.
Daggett, Allen J.
Dahlberg, Lester R.
Daiker, David R.
Dalby, Gile W.
Dalby, Perry V.
Dalehite, Henry G., Jr.
Dally, Carl E. F.
2007/181-18 Dally, Carl E. F.
[Misfiled as Dolly.]
2007/181-16 Daly, Richard P.
Dameron, Joseph D.
Damrel, Lydia
Danburg, Debra
Daniel, Chloe N. (Jack)
Daniel, David E.
Daniel, Don O.
Daniel, J. Neil
Daniel, William O., Jr.
Daniels, Thelma T.
Danish, John C.
Dannenbaum, James D.
Darden, Margaret F.
Darnell, Jim B.
Daross, James A.
Darst, Evelyn M.
Daugherty, Annie G.
Daugherty, Hal M.
Dauphinot, Lee Ann C.
Davenport, Monty E.
Davidson, Mark D.
Davidson, Roseanna C.
Davies, Carol G.
Davila, Diana
Davila, Frank, II
2007/181-17 Davis, Alfred, IV
Davis, Algenita S.
Davis, Barry J.
Davis, Bobby Lee
Davis, Claude D.
Davis, Connie M.
Davis, Edward A., III
Davis, Fred W.
Davis, George H.
Davis, Harvey D.
Davis, Hulen M.
Davis, James B.
Davis, Jerry A.
Davis, Jim
Davis, John E.
Davis, Johnnye
Davis, L. Clifford
Davis, Luther E. (Rob)
Davis, Paul R., Jr.
Davis, Rex D.
Davis, Richard H.
Davis, Robert B. (21847)
Davis, Robert E. (21849)
Davis, Thomas A., Jr.
Davis, Thomas G.
Davis, Thomas J., Jr.
Davis, Will D.
Davis, Yvonne
Dawkins, Pattilou P.
Dawson, Marvin G.
Day, James M., Jr.
Day, Paula C.C.
Day, Sam J.
Dean, Donald F. (Don)
Dean, Joe N.
Dean, Keith
Dear, Homer P.
Deats, James Alan
Decker, Louis J.
DeCluitt, Douglas R.
Dedman, Robert
Deere, Jerald D. (Jerry)
Deere, William C.
Dehart, Kenneth D.
Deily, Linnet F.
Deiterman, Louis H.
De La Garza, C. (Connie)
De La Garza, Eddie
De La Garza, Michael A.
De La Garza, Richard F.
Delaney, John M.
De Lara, Jose G.
DelCarmen, Rolando V.
Delco, Wilhelmina R.
DeLee, James A.
DeLeon, Steve G.
Delagado, Charles R.
Deliganis, Tom
Delisi, Dianne W.
Dellana, Jerry A.
De Los Santos, Ofelia
Del Rio, Frank
Deluca, Robert C.
Demars, Caron E.
Demas, Lee A.
Dement, Robert S.
Dempster, Georgia
Dennard, Jerry N.
Dennis, Dan O.
Denny, Mary C.
Denny, Otway B., Jr.
Denny, Samuel A.
Denson, Woody R.
Denton, Betty
Denton, Bradford D.
De Rouen, Peggy
Derrick, Francis
De Santiago, Jose E.
Des Champ, L.T. (Skeet)
DeSpain, Ron
Deter, Dwight M.
2007/181-18 Detering, Herman
Devaney, Joseph A. (Joe)
De Vasto, Diane
Devine, John P.
Dewlen, Barry E.
Dewolfe, Clinton M.
Dewolfe, Kevin D.
Dial, Preston H., Jr.
Diaz, Daniel, Jr.
Diaz, Pedro Antonio (Tony)
Dibrell, Joe B., Jr.
Dickens, J. Pink
Dickson, Charles Robert (Bob)
Dickey, Maurine
Dickey, Roger P.
Dickie, Martha S.
Dickson, Mary K.
Dickson, Robert M. (Bob)
Dickson, Temple
Didion, Palmer A., Jr.
DiDomenico, Lucille
Diehl, Dennis W.
Dietz, John K.
Diggles, Walter G., Sr.
Dillard, Donald D.
Dillard, William I.
Dillman, Virginia G.
Dilly, Arthur H.
Dimas, Erlinda C.
Dinkowitz-Beyer, Stacy
Dinsmoor, Robert
Dippel, Donnie
Dittmar, Ray E.
DiTucci, Frank
Diviney, Glenn
Dixon, Robert R.
Dobrowolski, Lynda
Dodge, Honey L.
Dodier, Elihu H.
Dodson, Carlton B.
Dodson, James F.
Doggett, Lloyd
Doggett, Teresa H.
Dohoney, Robert G.
Dominguez, John F.
Donaldson, Richard C
Donovan, James P.
Donovan, John
Dorchester, Ernest D.
Dorrycott, Joyce
Dorsett, Susan G.
Dorsey, J. Bonner
Doss, Darla P.
Dotson, Cheryl L.
Dotson, Fred
Doughty, Michael O.
Doughty, Ross E.
Douglas, Gregory K.
Douglas, James M.
Douglas, Karen
Douglas, Kenneth A.
Douglas, Roy A.
Douthitt, Frank J.
Dowd, Steven M.
Dowell, Jairl P.
Downey, Daniel M.
Downs, Daniel L.
Doyal, Scot M.
Doyle, Danny R.
Doyle, Matthew T.
Doyle, Michael D.
Dozier, D.C. (Jim)
Drago, Joe, II
Draheim, Richard N. (Rick)
Drake, Carol
Draper, E. Linn, Jr.
Draper, Lloyd Ray
Draughn, Joe L.
Dreiss, Thomas Edward
Drescher, Alfred E.
Drew, Kathi A.
Driscoll, L.E. (Jack)
Drissel, James W.
Driver, Joe Luther
Driver, Temple
Drollas, John C., Jr.
Duarte, Pete T.
DuBose, Willie B.
Dubuisson, Larry M.
Dudensing, Carl
Duffy, Thomas J.
2007/181-19 Duggan, Lee, Jr.
Dukes, Dawnna
Duke, James H., Jr.
Dulaney, Gene L.
Dulaney, Joe Bob
Dumas, Jerry
Duncan, Charles W., Jr.
Duncan, Churchell W., Jr.
Duncan, Jimmie
Duncan, Julie
Duncan, R.H.
Duncan, Robert G.
Duncan, Robert L.
Duncan, Sarah B.
Dung, Houchi
Dunham, Walter, Jr.
Dunigan-Wilson, Anne
Dunkin, Robert B.
Dunlap, Charles L.
Dunlap, Lillian
Dunn, Charles R.
Dunn, D. Camille
Dunn, David A.
Dunn, James L., Jr.
Dunn, Roger
Dunn, Thomas E.
Dunnan, James R.
Dunning, Thomas M.
Dunsinger, Deborah D.
Durbin, Richard L.
Durham, David R.
Durkin, William J., III
Durrett, Larry K.
Dutton, Harold V., Jr.
Dutton, Ronald J.
Dwight, Margie D.
Dyess, Arthur D.
Dysart, Leland
Eagle, Charles D.
Earley, Robert A.
Earney, William H.
Eason, Patricia
East, Nathan A.
Eastland, Richard G.
Easter, Vernon
Easton, Bennett N.
Echols, Donald E.
Eckels, Robert A.
Eckstein, Deece
Eddington, Larry D.
Edelman, Richard H.
Eden, C.J.
Edmonds, Charles
Edmonds, James T.
Edrozo, Lawrence R.
Edwards, Al
Edwards, Ben Thomas (Tom)
Edwards, Billy J.
Edwards, David L.
Edwards, Frederick E.
Edwards, Thomas (Tom)
Eernisse, Donald A.
Eernisse, Virginia K.
Eggert, Allen W.
Ehlers, Cindy
Ehlers, Earl J.
Ehlers, Keary K.
Ehrhardt, Harryette B.
Ehrlich, Shirley
Eikenburg, Frank C.
Eiland, Allen C. (Craig)
Eisenbert, Michael S.
Eisenhauer, Patricia M.
Eissler, Victor C.
Elam, Harry B.
Elder, Mary O.
Elder, Norman D.
Elizalde, Thelma
Elkins, Gary W.
Elkins, Thelbert R.
2007/181-20 Eller, James M.
Elliott, Brady G.
Elliott, Carl L.
Elliott, Paul
Elliott, William D.
Elliott, William M.
Elliott, William R.
Ellis, Al
Ellis, Alfred W.
Ellis, Earl D.
Ellis, Elmer G.
Ellis, Emma
Ellis, George T.
Ellis, Mark K.
Ellis-Kirk, Matrice
Ellis, Paul H.
Ellis, Rodney
Ellis, Stephen
Ellison, Johnette
Elmore, Bennie L.
Emanuel, H.L. (Herb)
Emerson, Don R.
Emory, Emerson
Ender, Elma T.S.
Endsley, Albert C. (Al)
Engel, Daniel R.
Engelke, Roy Charles, Jr.
England, Donald H.
Engler, Paul F.
English, Woodrow B.
Enlow, Paul W.
Enns, Ronald E.
Enoch, Craig T.
Enriquez, Ann M.
Entz, Furman H.
Erickson, John B.
Erlandson, Delores
Ernst, Erwin G.
Ervin, Clark K.
Erwin, Thomas W., III
Eschenburg, Robert Lee, III
Escobedo, John
Esparza, Jaime
Espino, Rebecca R.
Espinosa, Gary
Espronceda, Ruben
Estes, Claudia
Estes, Craig
Estes, Herry
Estes, Pamela Key
Estrada, Graciela G.
Estrada, Robert A.
Eudaly, Olivia
Eugster, Albrecht K.
Euresti, Benjamin, Jr.
Evans, Albert H., Jr.
Evans, Allene
Evans, Catherine J.
Evans, Clayton E.
Evans, David L.
Evans, Donald L.
Evans, Frank G.
Evans, James W.
Evans, Joseph W. (Joe)
Evans, John
Evans, Larry D.
Evans, Vernon D.
Eversberg, Helen M.
Evins, Joe B.
Ewald, Lois N.
Ewell, Yvonne
Ewing, Edward L.
Ewing, Joyce R.
Eyeington, April
Fabelo, Tony
Fagan, Jim M.
Fahy, Michael T.
Fairless, Lon
Fairweather, Albert H.
Fallon, James P.
2007/181-21 Fannin, Cam L., Jr.
Farbes, John G.
Faritcky, Marlene
Farrar, Becky
Farrar, Charles J. (Jack)
Farrar, Jessica S.
Farrar, Sidney C., Jr.
Farrel, Jim
Farrington, Jerry S.
Farrington, Michael S.
Farris, David F.
Farris, James M.
Farris, Larry W.
Farrow, Michael C.
Faulconer, Vernon E.
Faulkenberry, Thomas R.
Faulkner, Curtis
Faulkner, Royce
Fayad, Sam Texas
Feeney, Harold
Fegett, Clifford
Fehrenbach, T.R.
Felder, Robert E.
Fennell, Pearlie M.
Fenton, Mary V.
Ferguson, Clarence M.
Ferguson, Jack N.
Ferguson, Paul
Fernandez, David
Fernandez, Noe
Fernandez, Raul R.
Fernandez, Robert I.
Ferris, Bobby E.
Fields, Janie D.
Fields, Otha Lee
Fifield, Charles H.
Fillmore, Debbie
Finch, Robert L.
Fines, James O., III
Finke, Eugene I.
Finley, Charlesetta W.
Finely, George A., III
Finnell, Charles A.
Firestone, Linda D.
Fischer, Denise
Fish, Harry A.
Fisher, John W.
Fisher, Timmy R.
Fisher, William L.
Fitch, Bonnie
Fitzsimmons, Hugh
Fitzwater, Martha
Flannery, Jill B.
Flannery, Sheila S.
Flatt, Horace P.
Flawn, Peter
Fleming, Carole A.
Fleming, David A.
Fleming, William H., III
Fletcher, James
Fletcher, Herbert
Fletcher, Vernon D.
Fleuriet, Kenneth R.
Flichum, James
Flint, Georgia
Flores, Aida
Flores, David U.
Flores, Elizabeth G.
Flores, Enrique (Henry)
Flores, Ismael K.
Flores, Manuel R.
Flores, Maria T.
Flores, Romeo
Flores, Santiago N. (Jimmy)
Flores, Vickie
Flores, Yolanda
2007/181-22 Flowers, Wilford (Wil)
Floyd, Donald J.
Fly, Everett L.
Flynn, Daniel A.
Fogo, Donald
Folmer, Christine T
Folse, Parker C., III
Fontenot, Robin
Fontaine, Jerry G.
Forbes, Herman H.
Forbes, Jerry G.
Forbis, John T.
Ford, Gerald J.
Ford, Kikujo
Ford, Margaret L.
Forehand, Ann L.
Forkner, Rebecca E.
Formby, J. Clinton (Clint)
Fornerette, Lynette T.
Fortney, Walter S.
Fostel, John H.
Foster, Alfred E. (Al)
Foster, Bruce T.
Foster, C. (Skeete)
Foster, John
Foster, Rosa P.
Fowler, Bob J.
Fowler, Wanda M.
Fowler, William IV
Fox, Jeannene
Fox, Ruth H.
Fox, Troy G.
Fraga, David
Francis, Debbie
Francis, James B., Jr.
Francis, Molly M.
Francis, Robert
Franklin, David L.
Franklin, James R. (Jim)
Franz, John D.
Fraser, Troy L
Frayser, Victoria
Frazier, Bennye
Frederiksen, Jan E.
Freed, Floyd, III
Freeman, David J.
Freeman, Maxine B.
Freeman, Minita
Freeman, Valerie
Frels, Kelly
Frey, Demarious
Friedberg, Thomas H.
Friedholm, De Ann
Friese, Janice H.
Friesen, John D.
Frost, Robert H.
Frost, Tom C.
Frush, Joe C.
Fry, James R.
Fuelberg, Ann S.
Fuller, Charles
Fuller, Larry L.
Fuller, Rex
Fulton, Joe P.
Fulton, Kyle
Funkhauser, Barbara
Furgason, Robert R.
Furman, John R., III
Fuson, David L.
Gable, John Paul
Gabriel, Eleanor L.
Gabriel, Johnny D., Jr.
Gage, E. Dean
Gaines, Jim L.
Gaither, Harold C., Jr.
Galbraith, David
Gale, Jennifer L.
Galik, Annette
Galindo, Ramiro A.
Gallagher, Carolyn L.
Gallagher, Carolyn L.
Gallardo, Juan F.
Gallegos, Mario V., Jr.
Gallegos, Ramon
Gallegos, Steven
2007/181-23 Gallo, Sylvia
Galloway, Carolyn K.
Galloway, Michael L.
Galloway, Wil
Galvan, Robert
Gamble, David S.
Gamble, Roland
Gamble, Steven
Gammage, Robert A.
Ganju, Vijay
Gant, Catherine A.
Garces, Jorge
Garcia, Alex L., Jr.
Garcia, Antonio
Garcia, Ariel A.
Garcia, Baltazar
Garcia, Carmen C.
Garcia, Carolyn C.
Garcia, Catalina E.
Garcia, Domingo
Garcia, Gustavo L.
Garcia, Irene M.
Garcia, Juliet V.
Garcia, Lucille E.
Garcia, Lucinda J.
Garcia, Marc A.
Garcia, Mario T.
Garcia, Orlando L.
Garcia, Patrick
Garcia, Raul C.
Garcia, Ricardo H.
Garcia, Roland, Jr.
Gard, Thomas W.
Gardner, Jack R
Gardner, Joseph E., Jr.
Gardner, Merle S.
Garey, Alan Jack
Garison, Jack S.
Garland, Clyde L.
Garland, Jennifer J.
Garland, Lavonne L.
Garmon, Hollis D.
Garner, David E.
Garner, Paul T.
Garner, Peggy S.
Garner, Tom, Jr.
Garnett, Ervin
Garnett, Richard
Garrett, Carolyn
Garrett, Gerald L.
Garrett, Jerry
Garrett, Katherine M.
Garrett, Reginald F.
Garris, Deborah
Garrison, F.L.
Garrison, Thomas S.
Garvey, Ronald F.
Garza, David
Garza, Felipe
Garza, Ignacio
Garza, Jesus
Garza, Jim
Garza, John G.
Garza, Leonel, Jr.
Garza, Margarito C.
Garza, Robert
Garza, Robert S.
Garza, Tony O., Jr.
Gay, Willie L.
Gayle, James R. (Ray), III
Gee, Harry, Jr.
Gee, Robert W.
Gelb, Jeffery P.
Georgas, Paul
George, Murphy
2007/181-24 Gerard, Dominique P.
Gerard, Josephe C.
Geren, Charles L.
Geries, Dickie G.
Germer, Lawrence
Gerry, Robert L., III
Getterman, Louis T., III
Getty, Carlton A.
Geyer, Robert
Ghiglieri, Catherine A.
Gholson, Linda C.
Ghrist, Elizabeth L.
Gibbs, Dan
Giberson, Jack B.
Gibson, Benjamin B.
Gibson, Ethelind S.
Gibson, J.J.
Gibson, Jay
Gibson, Marhree G.
Gibson, Michael R.
Giddings, Helen
Gieseke, James A.
Gil, Jose M.
Gilbert, Don
Gilbert, Richard L.
Gill, James H.
Gill, Robert K.
Gillen, Gary L.
Gilles, George D. (Jody)
Gillett, Aubrey L. (Larry)
Gilliland, Lukin, Jr.
Gilmore, Henry H.
Gilmore, Vanessa D.
Giolma, Theresa K.
Gipson, T. Beck
Gist, Larry
Givens, Ronald D.
Glasgow, Robert J. (Ron)
Glass, Willie Lee
Glaze, Bob S.
Gleason, David L.
Gleason, William K.
Glenn, Amy S.
Glenn, Ernie
Glenn, Joel
Glenn, Ronald J.
Glenn-Johnson, Cleo
Glickman, Julius
Glossbrenner, Ernestine
Glover, Mary K.
Gloyna, Earnest F.
Gloyna, Emmett
Godbey, David
Godinez, Carlos D.
Godwin, George H.
Goehres, Homer R.
Goerke, Glenn A.
Goerke, James D.
Goettsche, Jacqueline R.
Goetz, Curtis G., Jr.
Goff, Leonard S.
Goforth, W. Preston
Gohmert, Louis B., Jr.
Goldberg, Rick
Golden, Joe B.
Goldstein, Nathan, III
Goldston, James D.
Gollob, Michael
Gomez, James N.
Gomez, Paula
Gomez, Rudy V.
2007/181-25 Gonzales, Alberto
Gonzales, Arnold, Jr.
Gonzales, R. J. (Reggie)
Gonzales, Roel
Gonzalez, Alex R.
Gonzalez, Antonio
Gonzalez, Charles A.
Gonzalez, Cynthia A.
Gonzalez, Diana B.
Gonzalez, Dora L.
Gonzalez, Edmundo R., Jr.
Gonzalez, Georgina S.
Gonzalez, John M.
Gonzalez, Juanita Maria
Gonzalez, Lita
Gonzalez, Noe
Gonzalez, Raul A.
Gonzalez, Vidal
Gooch, William D.
Goodfriend, Sarah J.
Goodman, Kay W.
Goodman, Maxine R.
Goodman, Toby
Goodrich, Gloria D.
Goodrum, C. Greg
Goodson, Jerry M.
Goodwin, Don E.
Goodwin, Gerald A.
Goodwin, Kerry L.
Goolishian, Leslie E.
Goolsby, Tony
Gordon, Herman
Gordon, Patty S.
Gore, Carol N.
Gore, John A.
Gorman, Frank W.
Gorman, James
Gorris, M.E.
Gose, Margaret L.
Goss, Jay B.
Gossett, J. Clay
Gougler, Michael C.
Grace, Horace Raymond
Grace, Sharon J.
Graff, Hazel
Graham-Moore, Brian
Graham, Jerry V.
Graham, Larry M.
Granado, Joe L.
Granado, Joe M.
Granberry, James H.
Granoff, Alvin R.
Grant, Ben Z.
Grant, David C.
Grant, Gary D.
Grant, Manuel Eugene (Gene), Jr.
Grasty, Dorothy L.
Gray, Edward W.
Gray, Geo[rge]
Gray, Gordon
Gray, James E.
Gray, Jill M.
Gray, Patricia
Grays, Charles E., Jr.
Greaves, Jan F.
Green, Barbara H.
Green, Brenda G.
Green, Dale R.
Green, David O.
Green, Kenneth
Green, Paul W.
Green, Peggy
Green, Raymond E.
Green, Rudolph
Green, Sandra Rae
Greenberg, Sherri R.
Greene, Karen J.
Greenfield, Jim
Greer, John O.
Greer, Pattye L.C.
Gregg, James W.
Gregory, Marvin A.
Grett, Thomas R.
2007/181-26 Grey, Merril M.
Greytok, Marta
Griffith, Carl R., Jr.
Griffin, Florita B.
Griffin, Frank G.
Griffin, Guy W.
Griffin, James W.
Griffin, John W.
Griffith, Susan C.
Grigsby, Anthony
Grimes, Ellen E.
Grimes, James F.
Grimes, James R.
Grimes, Pearson, Jr.
Grimsley, Marcia
Grinstein, Carolyn H.
Grinstein, Gerald
Grisham, Ray F.
Groff, Waldean
Gross, Jenard M.
Grossenbacher, William
Groves, Cecil L.
Grusendorf, Kent
Guaderrama, Bonnie R.
Guaderrama, David C.
Guarino, Joseph
Guerra, Edward F.
Guerra, Fidencio, Jr.
Guerra, Hector, Sr.
Guerra, Jose
Guerra. Laura G.
Guerrero, Celeste
Guerrero, R. David
Guerrero, Ruben L.
Guest, William F.
Guiberteau, Milton J.
Guice, Carroll V.
Guillen, Graciela
Guittard, Clarence
Gulley, David (Wes)
Gulley, James L., Jr.
Gunn, Joe D.
Gurney, Gerald W.
Gustafson, Carl D.
Gustausen, Martha N.
Guthrie, Hal D.
Gutierrez, J. David
Gutierrez, Hector, Jr.
Gutierrez, Ricardo
Gutierrez, Roberto
Gutierrez, Ruby N.
Guttilla, Frank
Guzman, Jane L.
Guzman, Ramiro
Haas, Rene Marie
Haberecht, Rolf R.
Haberman, Carol R.
Hacker, Aleta
Hadden, Arthur R.
Haddock, Charles, E.
Haddock, Stanley C.
Haden, Clovis
Hadnot, Cloyd O.
Hafernick, Harry L.
Hager, Delmar G.
Haggerty, Patrick B.
Hagstette, Eric S.
2007/181-27 Hahn, Buddie J.
Hajek, David W.
Halbach, Joseph J., Jr.
Halbert, Bill
Halbert, Ellen W.
Halbreich, Nancy S.
Hale, Karen F.
Hale, John R.
Hale, Selden B., III
Hale, William M.
Halebian, Jane
Haley, Bill
Halff, Alex H
Hall, Cynthia E.
Hall, Gary
Hall, J. Hadley
Hall, Jerry R.
Hall, John L.
Hall, John R.
Hall, Sheldon
Hall, Sue
Hall, Vic
Hall, William I., Jr.
Hallmark, Dan S.
Halsey, Toy B.
Halstead, Donna D.
Hamill, Wallace
Hamilton, Billy C.
Hamilton, Kathleen A.
Hamm, George F.
Hamman, Philip J.
Hammond, Deborah
Hammond, Donald V.
Hammond, William O. (Bill)
Hammond, Morris J.
Hampton, Karen
Hamric, Peggy A.
Hanby, Clinard J.
Hancock, Glen C.
Hancock, Mackey K.
Hancock, Patricia A.
Hancock, Patrick L.
Haneberg, Ronald L.
Hanes, Pat C.W.
Haney, Patrick W.
Hankinson, Deborah G.
Hanna, Mart C.
Hanna, Martha E. (Betty)
Hannah, John, Jr.
Hannifin, Maxine E.
Hansard, George H.
Hanson, Joe L.
Hanson, Nancy K.
Hanson, Randall B.
Haragan, Donald R.
Haralsen, Ernest F., Jr.
Hardberger, Phillip
Harber, Bennett L.
Hardcastle, Donald L.
Harden, Ada
Harden, Margarett L.
Hardin, Martin (Ben), Jr.
Harding, Louis R.
Hardwick, Betty C.
Hardy, Michael J.
Hardy, Robert D., Jr.
Hargett, Mary A.M.
Harle, Sidney L.
Harle, Thomas S.
Harless, Fred
Harmon, Rita P.
Harmon, William T.
Harney, Naomi
Harnsberry, John G.
Harper, H. Lon
Harper, Patsy
Harrell, Pete
Harris, B.L.
Harris, Bernard, Jr.
Harris, Charles
Harris, Christopher J.
Harris, Ed J.
2007/181-28 Harris, Frances A.
Harris, Gerald L.
Harris, Jack H.
Harris, James D.
Harris, Jesse S.
Harris, Mary L.
Harris, Michael H.
Harris, Nelda F.
Harris, Orland H. (Ike)
Harris, Renee E.
Harris, Richard O.
Harris, Ron E.
Harris, Ron
Harris, William W.
Harrison, Brooks T.
Harrison, Ellen
Harrison, Guy N.
Harrison, John R.
Harrison, Kenneth D.
Harrison, L.C.
Harrison, Orrin, III
Harrison, Ronnie E.
Harrison, Vernon
Harrison, Warren T.
Harrison, William E., Sr.
Hart, Ira R.
Hart, Jane A.
Hart, Joseph H.
Hart, Linda W.
Hart, Thomas A.
Hartley, James T. (Jim)
Hartman, David A.
Hartman, Glen N.
Hartman, Julia
Hartman, Mary M.
Hartman, Merrill L.
Hartnett, Will
Harvard, Jack C.
Harvey, Richard S.
Harville, Vernon D.
Hasdorff, C.M. (Chuck)
Hasie, Monte
Hasette, Nanette
Hassell, Morris W.
Hastings, Steven C.
Hathcox, VaLinda
Hathoot, Joe B.
Hatlen, Philip H.
Hatten, William M.
Hawkins, Albert
Hawkins, Marian S.
Hawkins, Robert
Hawkins, Wayne R.
Hawley, John B.
Hawley, Judy S.
Hawthorne, Teresa
Hawtrey, John E.
Hay, Michael T.
Hayes, Richard D.
Hayes, Robert S.
Haynes, Karen S.
Haynes, Lanny C.
Hays, Carl
Hayse, Edward K. (Red)
Haywood, Charles T.
Haywood, Karen G.
Haywood, Norcell D.
Hazlett, Guy
Head, Howard M.
Heard, Wyatt H.
Hearn, Charles J.
Hearon, Genevieve
Heartfield, Thad
Heath, Patrick R.
Heath, Richard W.
Hebert, Allen T., Jr.
Hebert, Robert E.
Hecht, Nathan L.
Heckman, Susan W.
Hedges, Adele O.
Hedges, Tony G.
Heflin, Talmadge L.
Heidman, John A.
Heines, Martin J.
Heiskell, Michael P.
Heldenfels, Fred W., IV
2007/181-29 Hellums, Bonnie C.
Helton, Betty G.
Heltzel, Karen M.
Hembrey, Lisa A.
Hemphill, Jan E.
Hemphill, Zeno
Henderson, Barnie O., Jr.
Henderson, Barry
Henderson, Bill
Henderson, Bobbie A.
Henderson, Curt B.
Henderson, Donald B.
Henderson, Martha W.
Henderson, Richard A.
Henderson, Rubye H.
Hendrick, John C.
Hendricks, Cathy L.
Henderickson, Martha W.
Henneke, Frederick L.
Henrichson, Preston E.
Henry, Jake, Jr.
Hensley, Dianne L.
Hensley, Stephen R.
Herald, Robert M.
Herber, Deborah C.
Herd, Harvey T.
Herder, Paul K.
Hereford, Rosa
Hernandez, Bill
Hernandez, Christine
Hernandez, Elizabeth (Lisa)
Hernandez, Francisco, Jr.
Hernandez, Mike
Hernandez, Paul A.
Hernandez, Paz (Mike)
Herndon, David
Herndon, Dealey D.
Herod, Steven R.
Herring, James C.
Hershey, Teresa T.
Hesselsweet, Sayra
Hester, Darrell
Hester, J. Robert, Jr.
Hester, Robert H.
Hester, Steve
Heuer, David A.
Heusinkueld, Karen B.
Hibbetts, Jesse L., Jr.
Hickie, Jane
Hickman, James R.
Hicks, Bill D.
Hicks, Larry W.
Hicks, Maryellen W.
Hicks, Thomas O.
Hiebert, Franz K.
Hiers, Craig
Higginbotham-Brooks, Renee
Higgins, Carlos W.
High, Doyle E.
High, Roberta W.
Hightower, Allen R., Jr.
Hightower, Jack E.
Hilbert, Paul J.
Hildebran, Harvey R.
Hile, Richard C.
Hiler, Edward, A.
Hill, Anita
Hill, Belinda J.
Hill, C. Stratton, Jr.
Hill, Carrol E.
Hill, Charles E. (Ernie)
Hill, Forest G.
Hill, Fred
Hill, J. Marcus (Marc)
Hill, John G.
Hill, John H.
Hill, John R.
Hill, Marcus
Hill, William J.
Hill-Storks, Hattie
2007/181-30 Hillencamp, Kimball T.
Hiller, Paul W., Jr.
Hilsabeck, Jeanette A.
Hilton, Wilburn D., Jr.
Hinchman, Gary A.
Hindman, E. James
Hine, James R.
Hines, Charles A.
Hines, Marshall
Hines, Michael E.
Hinojosa, A. Robert
Hipp, Richard A.
Hirsch, Melissa
Hirschi, John M.
Hitt, Raymond W.
Hixon, George C.
Hoagland, Robert L.
Hobbs, Claude C.
Hobbs, Jimmie D.
Hobby, Paul W.
Hobby, William P.
Hobson, Carolyn D.
Hochberg. Scott
Hodge, Ann F.
Hodge, Gladys
Hodge, Jerry H.
Hodge, Michael P.
Hodges, William H.
Hoelscher, Ralph E.
Hoffman, Leonard E., Jr.
Hogan, Laverne H.
Hogan, Wilma R.
Holcomb, Charles R.
Holcomb, Weldon
Holderman, Patricia (Tricia)
Holekamp, Mary V.
Holiman, Dere K.
Holladay, Jack
Holland, Jack H.
Holland, George D., Jr.
Holland, Verla S. (Sue)
Hollenback, George M.
Holley, Marvin
Holliday, Ron
Hollis, Raymond
Holloway, Jess
Holloway, Roselyn B.
Hollums, John R.
Holman, Dixon W.
Holmes, Zan W.
Holt, Robert B.
Holubec, Henry, II
Holybee, Marshall R.
Holzheauser, Steven G.
Hood, Gerald K.
Hopkins, Alton F.
Hopkins, Roberto R.
Hopkins, Steve
Horn, Clifford L.
Horn, James N. (Jim)
Horton, Joann
Horton, John C., III
Horton, Terence D.
Horwitz, Rita
Houchins, Jerijean W.
Housson, J. B.
Houston, Carol A.
Houston, Ira S.
Houston, Joel O.
2007/181-31 Howard, Charlie F.
Howard, Mellie R.
Howard, Percy, Jr.
Howard, Ranson
Howard-Chrane, Susan
Howe, John P., III
Howell, Charles B.
Howell, Mark F.
Howell, Pix D.
Hoyt, Kenneth M.
Hoyt, Theda N.
Hrivnak, Chris
Hromas, Kevin B.
Huane, Philip
Hubbard, Keith
Hubbell, Phillip J.
Hubenak, Joe A.
Hubert, Karl R.
Huckabee, Charles
Huckabee, Cloyce M.
Hudson, David
Hudson, James H. (Jr.)
Hudson, Samuel W., III
Hudson, William L.
Hudspeth, Harry L.
Huff, J. Kenneth, Sr.
Huff, Jewett E. (Gene)
Huff, Michael
Huffines, James L.
Huggins, Ken
Hughes, David C.
Hughes, Evangelina
Hughes, Jack G.
Hughes, John W.
Hughes, Jon N.
Hughes, Kenneth J.
Hughes, Patrick K., Sr.
Hughes, Raul, Jr.
Hughes, Robert I., Jr.
Hughes, William L., Jr.
Hughey, Bob
Hugman, Joyce P.
Hulett, Jimmy D., Jr.
Hull, Michael S.
Hulsey, Earnest
Hulsey, Donald G.
Humphrey, Jacqueline G.
Humphreys, Joe B.
Humphreys, June N.
Hunsaker, Roger C.
Hunt, Jennifer I. (Skipworth)
Hunt, Justin T.
Hunter, Evelyn A.
Hunter, Jack E.
Hunter, John R.
Hunter, Robert D. (Bob)
Hunter, Todd A.
Hupp, Suzanna G.
Hurley, Alfred F.
Hurst, Charles
Hurst, George A.
Hury, James F., Jr.
Hutchens, Jon M.
Hutchison, Kay Bailey
Hutchison, William L.
Hutton, Darrell L.
Hutton, Mary Jo
Hyde, John G.
Hyman, Ladelle M.
Hymans, Allen M.
Hynson, Katherine K. (Kathy)
Ibanez, Manuel L.
Idoux, John Paul
Imholt, Louis W.
Infante, Martin
Ingels, Kirk
Ingle, Laura Jane
Ingram, Thomas P.
Ireland, Rose
Irvine, Patricia S.
Isdale, Sidney E.
Isett, Carl H.
2007/181-32 Ivey, Gary T.
Ivey, Janna L.
Ivey, Patricia P.
Ivy, Albert A.
Jackson, Alphonso
Jackson, Andrew, Jr.
Jackson, C. L.
Jackson, Donald W.
Jackson, E. Penn
Jackson, James M.
Jackson, John H.
Jackson, Mae J.
Jackson, Milton R.
Jackson, Ronald Gene
Jackson, Sam
Jackson, Sandra
Jackson, Willard L., Jr.
Jacobi, Lawrence R., Jr.
Jacobson, Susan H.
Jacoby, Robert
Jacques, Carmen
Jaggers, Patrick C.
Jambers, George T.
James, Daniel, III
James, Jimmy
James, John A., Jr.
James, Randall S.
James, Ronnie E.
James, Thomas L.
James, Thomas N.
Jamison, Martha Hill
Jandt, Elizabeth C.
Janek, Kyle L.
January-Beavers, Deborah
Jarratt, Joyce H.
Jasik, Kay L.
Jaynes, Linda
Jefferson, Dwight E.
Jenifer, Franklyn G.
Jenkins, Brenda G.
Jenkins, Cynthia A. L.
Jenkins, David B.
Jenkins, Jo Ann
2016/017-46 Jenkins, Jo Ann, 1992
[full report]
2007/181-32 Jenkins, Lawrence R.
Jenkins, Robert W.
Jenkins, Robert W., Sr.
Jenness, Charles W.
Jericho, Mary Ellen
Jessee, Nancy Lee
Jiles, Jodie L.
Johanson, Robert
John, Ramona Freeman
Johns, Glenna Hynds
Johnson, Alfred (Chip)
Johnson, Alfred R.
Johnson, Amy Ruth
Johnson, Carolyn M.
Johnson, Charles
Johnson, Cheryl A.
Johnson, Claire A.
Johnson, Clay G.
Johnson, D.J.
Johnson, Deloris
Johnson, Derwood
Johnson, Derrell E.
Johnson, Eddie Berniece
Johnson, Erma C.
Johnson, Faith
Johnson, Gary E.
Johnson, Harry E., Sr.
Johnson, James L.
Johnson, James N.
Johnson, James R.
Johnson, J. D.
Johnson, Jerome W.
Johnson, Jerry K.
2007/181-33 Johnson, Joe L.
Johnson, Joe N.
Johnson, Joel B.
Johnson, John M. (Jack)
Johnson, Janet
Johnson, Karen R.
Johnson, Kurt
Johnson, Lance G.
Johnson, Larry P.
Johnson, Larry R.
Johnson, Marcia
Johnson, Patsy
Johnson, Paula O.
Johnson, Rachel R.
Johnson, Richard
Johnson, Robert
Johnson, Samuel
Johnson, Sharon G.
Johnson, Susan R.
Johnson, Valerie N.
Johnston, Marlin W.
Jonas, Davene S.
Jones, Alice B.
Jones, Anita S.
Jones. Bill R.
Jones, Billy B.
Jones, Charles B. (C. B.)
Jones, Claude S.
Jones, David A.
Jones, Delwin L.
Jones, Dennis C.
Jones, Dennis R.
Jones, Donald R.
Jones, Edward
Jones, Eula Mae
Jones, Gaynelle Griffin
Jones, Guilford L., III
Jones, Guy
Jones, Jesse W.
Jones, John G.
Jones, Lawrence K.
Jones, Linda Z.
Jones, Luther G., Jr.
Jones, M. Brooks, Jr.
Jones, M. Thomas
Jones, Mark W.
Jones, Michael
Jones, Michael E.
Jones, Nancy
Jones, Norman S.
Jones, Ray C.
Jones, Robert D.
Jones, Robert Donald
Jones, Robert S.
Jones, Ross L.
Jones, Steven D.
Jons, H. Ritman
Joplin, Julian Michael
Jordan, Janelle S.
Jordan, N. M. (Buck)
Jordan, Rick
Jordan, V. Murray
Journeay, Glen
Juarez, Jose Benavides
Juarez, Rumaldo Z.
Judice, C. Raymond
Junell, Robert A.
Junell, William E.
Jurado, Yolanda U.
Jurey, Wesley L.
Justice, Jason Edward, Jr.
Kahn, Alan R.
Kaiser, Frances A
Kalwarf, Kenneth L.
Kamel, Ted A.
Kane, Jerry
Kapche, Ronald A.
Kaplan, Jeffrey A.
Karahan, Jay T.
Karr, Kay
Kaspar, Jean W.
Kaster, James J.
Kastrin, Deborah C.
Katine, Mitchell
Kastman, Marjorie C.
Kaufman, Kimberly (Kay)
Kay, Rayford Glenn
Kazen, E. James
Keasler, Michael E.
Keck, Jeffery B.
Keegan, Patricia G.
Keel, John
Keel, Mary L.
Keel, Patrick O.
Keel, Patricia G.
Keel, Terrence M.
2007/181-34 Keele, Sara J.
Keene, Henry
Keeney, C. Robert
Keeshan, James H.
Keffer, James L. (Jim)
Kekans, Joe
Keith, Laura A.
Kekkeher, Joan N.
Keller, Sharon
Keller, Claude J., Jr.
Kelley, Oliver
Kelley, Retta B.
Kelly, Brian
Kelly, Don
Kelly, Eugene E.
Kelly, James F.
Kelly, Joseph P.
Kelly, Marvin
Kelly, Robert L.
Kelly, Thomas
Kelsey, Carmen Y.
Kelsey, John W.
Kelton, George M.
Kemp, Joseph
Kemp, Naomi
Kendall, Elton Joe
Kenderdine, Stewart M.
Kenemore, O. D.
Kennedy, Benny Paul
Kennedy, James W.
Kennedy, Kent A.
Kennedy, M. K. (Katie)
Kennedy, Nathelyne A.
Kennedy, Noah O.
Kennedy, Ramona
Kennemer, Everet E., III
Kent, Cynthia S.
Kent, Don Wayne
Kent, Patte B.
Kenyon, Thomas
Kercher, Glen A.
Kern, Robert
Kerr, John C.
Kerr, Raymond S.
Kersten, Milton L.
Kessler, Austin R.
Kester, Jim H.
Ketelsen, James L.
Key, William M.
Khoury, Alvin
Kidd, Dorothy E.
Kierstead, Joe
Kilgore, Whayland W.
Killian, Cheryl L.
Kimbrough, Jay T.
Kimmons, Rob L.
Kincaid, Mark L.
Kinder, Anne L.
King, Art
King, Austin I.
King, Brian P., Jr.
King, Don C., Jr.
King, Ed
King, Jack R.
King, Marilla B.
King, Mary Jo
King, Patti
King, Ralph L.
King, Tracy O.
Kinkade, Kevin
Kinkeade, Ed
Kirby, Billy E.
Kirk, David J
Kirk, Don W.
Kirk, Ronald
Kirk, Weldon (Charles)
2007/181-35 Kirkpatrick, Samuel A.
Kirksey, Thomas D.
Kirksey, Warren P. (Pat)
Kirven, Joe W.
Kiser, Samuel D.
Kissling, Gilbert J.
Kitchens, Lee G.
Kirtley, John T., III
Kitzman, Oliver S., Sr.
Klein, Elliot
Klein, Felix (Howard)
Klingeman, Fred V.
Knapp, Gregory
Knight, Angela D.
Knight, Robert B.
Knight, Sandra U.
Knize, Wesley G.
Knolle, Beth R.
Knox, Larry
Knox, Nicholas J.
Knox, Raymond S.
Kobes, Janie
Koch, James T. (Jim)
Koclanes, Harold
Koehler, Ward L.
Koehne, Philip M.
Kohutek, V. Sue
Kohutek, Yvonne L.
Kolenda, Johnny R.
Komatsu, Karl A.
Komet, Harvey
Koock, Lois J.
Koons, Donald D.
Koop, Kelly B.
Kopel, Kenneth
Korioth, Claire T.
Kosta, Larry E.
Kowalski, Thomas R.
Kozmetsky, George
Kramer, Denny K.
Kradeu, George S.
Kretzchmar, G. E. (Sonny)
Krier, Cyndi T.
Krier, Joseph R.
Kriscunas, Suzanne B.
Krist, Ronald D.
Krocker, Jan
Kroll, Hilda C.
Kroutter, Thomas E., Jr.
Kruegger, L. J. (Boots)
Krueger, Robert C.
Krueger, Vernon L.
Krug, Patricia M.
Krupala, Larry S.
Krusee, Michael (Mike)
Ku, Anchi H.
Ku, Charles
Kubiak, Dan
Kubosh, David J.
Kuempel, Edmund P.
Kugle, William H., Jr.
Kuntz, William H., Jr.
Kupper, Andrew J. (Andy)
Kuratko, Charles P.
Kurth, Scott E.
Kuykendall, William (Kirk)
Kwan, Paul P.
Kyle, Jack D.
Kyles, John H.
Kyles, Regina F.
Labatt, Weir
Laborde, Ana Maria
Labrado, Luis C.
Lack, Jane
Lacy, Arthur L.
Lacy, Eugene
2007/181-36 Ladd, Richard
Lagarde, Sue L.
LaGrone, John W.
Lake, Bettye J.
Laird, Henry
Lairson, Earl C.
Lam, Dominic
Lambert, Tim
Lancaster, Mary H.
Lancaster, Sally
Lance, Charles E.
Land, Nancy M.
Landrum, Michael
Landry, Edward J.
Landsman, Martha
Landsman, Richard M.
Lane, Donald H.
Lane, Pat L.
Lanehart, Chuck, Jr.
Laney, James E. (Pete)
Laney, David M.
Lanford, Norman E.
Lang, Daniel R.
Lang, Douglas S.
Langford, David K.
Langford, James E.
Langley, Eugene L.
Langley, Celeste
Langley, J. D.
Langston, David R.
Langston, Todd M.
Lanier, Elyse B.
Lanier, John F., Jr.
Lanier, Kenneth E.
Lanier, Odysseus M.
Lansford, Robert S.
LaPlante, Chris
Lappin, H. Grant
Lara, Olga
LaRoe, Donnie M.
Laroe, Marlene
Larry, Jerald H.
2016/017-46 Larsen, Arthur A., 1990-1991
[no report, but additional document]
2007/181-36 Larsen, Neal
Larsen, Paula
Larsen, Scott C.
Larsen, Susan J.
Larue, Stephen C.
Lasater, Mayola E.
LaShelle, Charles S.
Lasher, Patricia
Late, John S.
Latham, Margin K. S.
Latham, Richard
Latham, Steve
Latta, Mark A.
Lattimore, Hal M,
LaVaude, Louis P.
Lavender, George E.
Law, E. Janice
Lawhon, J. Lynn
Lawless, Robert W.
Lawlis, Monte D.
Lawlis, O. R.
Lawrence, F. Lee
Lawrence, Iris E.
Lawrence, Jere M
Lawrence, Leonard E.
Lawrence, R. W.
Lawrence, Steve G.
Lawson, William A.
Lay, Kenneth L.
Leahy, Mary Jane
Leal, Jose G.
Leal, Juan F.
Leal, Mary
Leamons, Charles A.
Lear, Andrew R.
Lebermann, Lowell H., Jr.
LeCrone, Harold, Jr.
Ledwell, Stephen
2007/181-37 Lee, El Franco
Lee, Jack P.
Lee, Judy J.
Lee, Louis M.
Lee, Nelda S.
Lee, Norman
Lee, Richard S.
Lee, Sheila J.
Lee, Sherry
Lee-Hosey, Melba
Lee-Shannon, Cheryl
Leedom, John N.
Leedy, Daniel W.
LeFlore, Byron L.
Leffler, Leonard D.
Leftwich, Snowden M., Jr.
Legan, Pat
Legg, Charles E. (Gene)
Leggat, Bonnie J.
Lehman, Edward L., Jr.
Leigh, Susan J.
LeMaistre, Charles A.
Lemon, W. Clyde
Lemon, Leslie
Lengefeld, David F.
Lenz, Lance
Leo, Teresa S. (Terri)
Leonard, Don
Leonard, Earnest W.
Leonard, Joe M., III
Leopard, Ruth J.
Lerner, I. Allen
Leroy, Leslie
Lesher, Arthur C., Jr.
Lester, Michael K.
LeTulle, Burton B.
Letulle, Tommy Z.
Levario, Lena
Leverette, John T.
Leverton, Reed W.
Levi, Mike
Levin, Steven H.
Levin, William C.
Levy, Ben G.
Levy, Bruce A.
Lewis, Donald G.
Lewis, Donald J.
Lewis, Gibson D.
Lewis, Glenn O.
Lewis, Harry D.
Lewis, Hazel W.
Lewis, Jeffry B.
Lewis, John M.
Lewis, Marion M.
Lewis, Otis H.
Lewis, Peter C.
Lewis, R. H., Jr.
Lewis, Robert
Lewis, Ronald E.
Lewis, Tryon E.
Leyendecker, Carolyn
Lezar, Tex
Liang, Shen P.
Liberato, Lynne
Licarione, Bernard W.
Lightsey, Rebecca
Lilly, Steve
Lin, Lisa Ping-Hui
Linares, Ernest
Linares, Nora A.
Lindell, John H.
Lindemann, William
Lindsay, Jon
Lindsay, Tony
Lindsey, Bobby L.
Lindsey, John H.
Lindsey, John R.
2007/181-38 Line, Herbert
Linebarger, Libby
Liner, Renil C.
Link, Scott R.
Lipe, James
Lipe, Jayne
Lipshy, Lynn H.
Littlefield, Kenneth W.
Littlejohn, Janet P. S.
Littlejohn, W. Rachel
Livingston, Terrie
Livingston, William S.
Lloyd, Russell T.
Lober, James M.
Locke, Maurice L.
Lockhoof, Walter
Loeffler, Nancy A.
Loeffler, Paul V.
Loeffler, Thomas G.
Loera, Barbara
Lofland, William B.
Loftis, Walton O.
Logue, Billy C.
Lollar, James L.
Long, Cecil B.
Long, Cynthia P.
Long, Dan F.
Long, Deborah
Long, H. L.
Long, Russell C.
Long, Sidney J.
Long, Virginia
Longaker, Andrew
Longoria, John A.
Longoria, Jose
Longoria, Raul L.
Looney, Donald R.
Lopez, Ebelardo (Abe)
Lopez, Alma L.
Lopez, Alonzo, Jr.
Lopez, Natividad (Nat)
Lopez, Romeo
Lopez, Rosalie M.
Lord, Phillip A.
Lorenz, Wanda L.
Lorenz, Winston W.
Lorton, Arthur F., III
Lott, William S.
Lotzer, Thomas E.
Loucks, Donald A.
Loughlin, Carol A.
Loughmiller, Deane A.
Love, Miron A.
Lovelady, Ron
Loveless, Howard E.
Lovett, Jim D.
Low, M. David
Low, Suzanne P.
Lowe, Douglas
Lowe, Ron
Lowe, Thomas W., III
Lowrance, Kenneth W.
Lowry, Robert L.
Lowry, Peter M.
Lowther, Darlene
Lubke, Norman D.
Lucenay, Thomas C.
Lucio, Eduardo A., Jr.
Luckie, Margaret W.
Lucksinger, Michael
Luevano, Ray
Lummus, Charles D.
Luna, Al
Luna, Gregory
Luna, John W.
Luna, Samuel, Jr.
Luna, Wilma
Lusted, Mary J.
Lykes, N. Sue
Lykos, Particia Rae
Lyle, Linda K. R.
Lynaugh, James A.
Lynch, Michael
Lynch, Peter J.
Lynch, Susan A.
2007/181-39 Lyon, Ted B., Jr.
Lyons, Anthony D.
Lyon, Norman B., Jr.
Lyons, Robert B.
Lyons, Theresa B.
MacDonald, George G., Jr.
Machado, Mike M.
MacIntyre, Robert S.
Mackie, L. Gail
MacLean, John R.
Macon, Jane
MacRae, Sharon
Madden, Jerry
Madden, Wales H., III
Madden, William B.
Maddox, Peggy
Madeley, Hank
Maedgen, Laneal
Madla, Frank, Jr.
Maes, Thomas
Maffitt, Theodore S., Jr.
Magallanes, Juan A.
Magee, Carrol N.
Magher, George
Magruder, Kathleen E.
Mahomes, William, Jr.
Mahood, Stephen C.
Maline, John P.
Mallory, Richard A. (Dick)
Mallory, Tommy G.
Mallouf, Robert J.
Malone, Daniel R.
Malone, William James, Jr.
Maloney, Francis
Maloney, Francis L. (Frank), Jr.
Maloney, Marvin
Mancera, Ray
Mancias, Fernando G.
Mancilla, Norma D.
Maner, John F.
Mangham, A. L., Jr.
Manifold, Jay Derek
Manley, Larry P.
Mann, Linda M.
Manne, Neal S.
Mansfield, Stephen W.
Mansolo, Ron P.
Mantooth, Deborah Ann
Mapula, Olga
Maradian, Steve
Marchant, Kenny E.
Maresh, Frank W.
Margo, Adair Wakefield
Margraves, Ross D.
Marion, Robert L.
Mark, Roscoe Dewey
2007/181-40 Martin, Alfred L.
Martin, Helen E.
Martin, Jack L.
Martin, James A.
Martin, Jesse D.
Martin, John C.
Martin, Marlene
Martin, Mike
Martin, Patsy W.
Martin, Randy
Martin, Robert A.
Martin, Robert S.
Martin, Robert T.
Martin, Steve
Martin, William C., III
Martinez, Alberto T.
Martinez, Benjamin A.
Martinez, Leodore, Jr.
Martinez, Mike P.
Martinez, Michael G.
Martinez, Nelda
Martinez, Philip (R) Phil
Martinez, Roel
Martinez, Roman
Martinez-Flores, Sylvia A.
Martinez, Ted, Jr.
Martinez, Vidal G.
Martinez, Walter
Marty, Wayne D.
Marvelli, Thomas L.
Mascorro, Robert A.
Mashburn, Diane
Mason, Corinne A.
Mason, Jimmie L.
Mason, Robert H.
Massey, Elizabeth S.
Massey, Tom C.
Masterson, Ann B.
Mata, Luis C.
Mata-Pistokache, Teri
Matheson, Daniel N., III
Mathews, Gerald K.
Mathis, Benny Morris, Jr.
Mathis, James O
Mathis, Johnoween S.
Mathis, Teri H.
Matkin, Karen C.
Matlock, Thomas O., Jr.
Matney, Jean
Matson, Jack B.
Matthews, F. Bryon
Matthews, Charles R.
Matthews, Sharon O.
Matthews, Stephen M. (Steve)
Matthijetz, Walter E.
Matz, James R.
Maurer, David T.
Mauro, Garry Paul
2016/017-46 Mauro, Garry P., 1993
[additional document]
2007/181-40 Mauzy, Catherine A.
Mauzy, Oscar H.
Maxey, Glen
Maxwell, Bobby
Maxwell, Donald A.
Maxwell, Harold C.
May, Eliza
May, John
May, Robert E.
May, Steven
May, Vincent J.
Mayer, Robert, Jr.
Mayes, Brian L.
Mayes, George A.
Mayes, Kenneth M. (Mike)
Mayfield, Alan
Mayfield, Deanna L. G.
Mays, Dianna G.
Mays, Richard
2007/181-41 McAdams, William L. (Bill)
McAfee, A.C.
McBee, Barry R.
McBryde, James
McCabe, Dennis P.
McCaig, Theresa
McCall, David B. (Austin)
McCall, David (Plano)
McCall, James B. (Brian)
McCall, Tommie C.
McCan, James R. (Bob)
McClain, William T., Jr.
McClellan, Bryan
McClellan, Suzette R.
McClendon, Ruth J.
McCloud, Austin O.
McCloud, Mary A.
McClung, Pat
McClung, Roy C.
McClure, Ann C.
McClure, Frederick D.
McCollough, J. Parker
McCollum, Paul
McComb, Joe A.
McConnell, Ira W.
McConnell, Jane D.
McConnell, John David
McCorkle, T. Lamar Jr.
McCormack, James M.
McCoulskey, Huey G., Jr.
McCown, Scott
McCoy, Bill
McCoy, David M.
McCoy, Edward, Jr.
McCoy, J. Robert
McCrady, Kenneth A.
McCrary, Guy
McCreary, Charles D.
McCree, Allen
McCroan, Carla S.
McCuistion, C. L., Jr.
McCulloch, Michael
McCullough, David T.
McCullough, Stephen W.
McCurry, James B.
McDade, James D.
McDade, Thomas
McDaniel, Carolyn
McDaniel, Lana R.
McDaniel, Reuben R., III
McDonald, Archie P.
McDonald, Carol T.
McDonald, Frank G.
McDonald, Gabrielle
McDonald, John B.
McDonald, Judith B. (Judy)
McDonald, Nancy H.
McDonald, Terrence W.
McDonald, William T.
McDowell, John P.
McEachern, Odelia
McFaddin, Jean
McFall, John R.
McFarling, Charles
McGarvey, Sue
McGee, William
McGehee, Benny O.
McGiboney, Wayne A.
McGiffert, John R.
McGinley, Ann M.
McGlassen, Jerry L.
McGrath, Robert (Bob)
2007/181-42 McGregor, Beth
McGregor, Frank B., Jr.
McGregor, Malcolm
McGruder, Deorsey
McHaney, Catherine
McHugh, M. Colleen
McIlhany, Granger
McIntyre, Lester
McInvale, Reid
McKay, Neil
McKay, Niccie L.
McKee, Evelyn P.
McKee, Larry
McKellips, John L.
McKenzie, Cecilia
McKenzie, Sally F.
McKenzie, William A.
McKim, Kenneth
McKim, Ray
McKinney, Michael
McKnight, Albert W.
McKool, Betty
McKool, Mike
McLain, Tuck M.
McLane, Marsha
McLaughlin, George
McLaughlin, Glen
McLaughlin, Scott
McLemore, Betty
McLendon, William E.
McMahen, Charles
McManus, Don
McMaster, I. D.
McMaster, Joe
McNamara, Lanella L.
McNeel, Martha
McNeel, Synott
McNeil, Charles R.
McNeil, Jerome
McQuary, Ray
McQueary, Carl
McQueen, Horace
McReynolds, James (Jim)
McReynolds, Von
McShan, George
McShane, Joe B.
McSpadden, Michael
Mead, Susan
Meadows, Patricia
Meadows, Vickers B.
Medina, David
Medina, Othon
Medrano, Darlene
Medrano, Hilda
Meek, Paul
Mehaffey, James
Mehl, Andrew
Mehos, Maneul
Meier, Gerry
Meier, Mary
Meindl, John N.
Mejia, Berta
Melass, David
Melendez, Alfonso
Mellard, Joan
Melontree, Andrew
Melton, Bill
Melton, Sandra
Menchaca, Ricardo
Mendelshon, John
Mendez, Benjamin
Mendez, David
Mendoza, Joe
Mendoza, Robert
Menefee, Michael
Meno, Lionel R.
Mercer, John R.
Mercy, John R.
Merrell, William J.
Merritt, Thomas
Merriweather, Ralph
Mery, Bruce John
Mery, Michael E.
Messec, Wendel
Messina, Clifford
Messing, Margaret
Metcalf, Leo
Meurer, W. Jeanne
2007/181-43 Meyer, Frederick R. (Fred)
Meyer, Paul G.
Meyer, Walter J., III
Meyers, James R.
Meyers, Lawrence
Meyers, Otto
Mgebroff, A. Earl
Michulka, Charles L.
Middlebrook, George F., III
Middleton, Robert F.
Miers, Harriet
Mighell, Kenneth
Mikeska, Bill J.
Mikeska, Robert F.
Mikhail, Adile
Milburn, Calvin V.
Miles, Bruce
Miles, Winona
Milholland, Thomas
Millard, Lisa
Millard, Richard
Miller, Betty
Miller, Camille D.
Miller, Catherine
Miller, Charles
Miller, Charles E., Jr.
Miller, Charles H.
Miller, David S.
Miller, Dee
Miller, Geraldine (Tincy)
Miller, John
Miller, John F.
Miller, Josephine
Miller, Laurence D.
Miller, Lou
Miller, Louis D.
Miller, Martha
Miller, Richard (Dick)
Miller, Sanford
Miller, Sharon L.
Mills, Bobby
Mills, Jay
Mills, Jeannene
Millspaugh, Judy S.
Mims, Con
Minard, Roger
Minarich, Ed
Minor, John L.
Minton, Goodridge
Minton, Robert
Mirabel, Margaret
Mireles, Paul
Mitchell, Byron
Mitchell, Carmen
Mitchell, Gene
Mitchell, Gregory E.
Mitchell, John W.
Mitchell, Lawrence W.
Mitchell, Monte M.
Mittler, Brant S.
Mizell, Patrick
Mobley, Gordon
Mobley, William
Moeller, Becky
Moeller, Thomas M.
Moffat, Nancy J.
Molina, Larry
Moncrief, Michael
Moncrief, W. A. (Tex)
Monday, Charles W.
Monday, Jane
Monroe, Frank
Monroe, Sam
Monroe, Vernice M.
Montague, Cecil J.
Montalvo, Frank
Montejano, David
Montes, Simon
2007/181-44 Montford, John T.
Montgomery, Barbara
Montgomery, John D.
Montgomery, Phillip
Montgomery, R. Gary
Montgomery, Robert E.
Montgomery, Sally L.
Montoya, David E.
Moody, William E.
Moon, Jerry A., Sr.
Moon, John H.
Mooney, David P.
Moor, Ted E.
Moore, Cora L.
Moore, Dan
Moore, David C.
Moore, Fred A.
Moore, Gary
Moore, Gene A.
Moore, Jerry D.
Moore, J. Lloyd, Jr.
Moore, James T.
Moore, Kelly G.
Moore, Louis M.
Moore, Matt
Moore, Melinda
Moore, Mike T.
Moore, Preston, Jr.
Moore, Randall R.
Moore, Robert M. (Bob)
Moore, Robert H., III
Moore, Sam J.
Moore, Susan L.
Moore, Wallace C.
Moores, Barry O.
Moores, John J.
Mora, Linda D.
Morales, Dan
Morales, Santa R.
Moran, Ismael
Moreno, Jose E.
Moreno, Paul C.
Morgan, Andrea J.
Morgan, Brian J.
Morgan, Don B.
Morgan, James E.
Morgan, John R.
Morgan, Randal
Morgan, Raymond V., Jr.
Morian, Wilhelmina R.
Morin, Joe H.
Mormino, Raymond R.
Mormon, Jimmie L.
Morrill, George P.
Morris, Jack R.
Morris, Jerry D.
2007/181-45 Mouton, Pauline M.
Mowery Anna R.
Moya, Richard A.
Moye, Bill D.
Moye, Eric V.
Mueller, Patty P.
Mugerauer, Cynthia A.
Muirhead, Chester E.
Mulanax, Virgil E.
Muldrow, Louis S., Jr.
Mullen, Bob
Mullican, William F.
Mullin, James O.
Mullino, George A., Sr.
Munger, Nancy E.
2016/017-46 Munger, Nancy, 1993
[additional document]
2007/181-45 Munn, John W.
Munoz, Adam, Jr.
Munoz, Henry R.
Munoz, Joe
Munoz, Sergio
Munoz, Thalia
Muns, James N.
Muns, Nedom C.
Murad, Jerry
Murchison, Lucille G.
Murphy, Carroll
Murphy, Charles
Murphy, Clifton (Cliff)
Murphy, James
Murphy, Jimmy W.
Murphy, Paul C., III
Murphy, Paul H.
Murphy, W. Edgar
Murry, Archie D.
Murray, Betty N.
Murray, Charles J.
Murray, J. G. (Ken)
Murray, Menton J.
Murray, Robert R.
Musick, Steven
Musser, Bob H.
Mutzig, Mary K.
Myers, David W.
Nabers, Mary Scott
Nabors, James S.
Naishtat, Elliott
Nall, Rayburn
Nancarrow, Mark
Nanze, Maxine
Naranjo, Dan A.
Narsutis, John
Nash, Charles D.
Nash, Elizabeth T.
Nash, John
Nash, Michaux, Jr.
Nash, Troy E.
Nasher, Raymond D.
Natalicio, Diana S.
Nau, John L., III
Navar-Clark, Connie
Navarrette, Llorente F.
Navarro, Arthur
Navarro, Olga
Navarro, Wilfred
Neal, John A.
Neal, Robert G.
Neal, William R. (Ron)
Nedderman, Wendell H.
Neder, Michael A.
Need, Howard L.
Neely, Robert B.
Neely, Robert G.
Neely, Thomas A.
Neighbors, Gary L.
Neill, Richard B.
Neill, Rosemary
Nelms, John R.
Nelms, Johnny R.
2007/181-46 Nelson, Alvin (Butch), Jr.
Nelson, John K.
Nelson, Vaught A
Nelson, J. David
Nelson, James E.
Nelson, James P.
Nelson, Jane G.
Nemir, Charles E.
Nesenholtz, David
Neutzler, Glenn D.
Nevarez, Miguel A.
Newby, Debra A.
Newcomer, Terry L.
Newman, James K.
Newsom, Robert E.
Newton, Jane W.
Newton, John
Nichols, Geraldine J.
Nichols, G Ron
Nichols, Juan D.
Nichols, Steven P
Nichols, Thomas C.
Nichols, William S., Jr.
Nicks, Oran
Niemiec, Donald W.
Nieto, Pedro G.
Nix, Ben C.
Nix, David M.
Nixon, Drew
Nixon, Joseph M.
Noble, Bette
Nobles, Edward B.
Nobles, Jerry E.
Noe, Carl E.
Nogueira, Michael D.
Nolan, Patrick B.
Noriega, Richard J.
Norman, David L.
Norris, Neal L.
Norris, Robert H., III
Northcutt, Frances M.
Norton, James A. (Dolph)
Norton, Jo Betsy
Norton, William D.
Novark, Mary
Novoa, Jose I.
Novy, Diane M.
Nuchia, Samuel M.
Nuessle, Joseph M.
Nugent, James E.
Nunez, Rene
Nutt, Milburn E.
Nutt, Roberta L.
Nye, Paul W.
O'Bannon, Don T.
O'Brien, Judy
O'Connor, Maconda B.
O'Connor, Michol
O'Connor, Thomas M.
O'Donnell, Robert (Bob)
O'Mahoney, Terrence P.
O'Neal, Horance
O'Neill, Edward
O'Neill, Eileen
O'Neill, Harriet S.
O'Neill, Michael J.
O'Quinn, John M.
2007/181-47 O'Reilly, Helen A.
O'Reilly, Henry C.
O'Reilly, Mary S.
O'Rourke, Terence (Terry)
O'Shea, John
O'Sullivan, Jouh
Oakley, William K.
Odam, John W.
Odell, Herbert W.
Odom, Wendell A.
Oehler, Donald C.
Oeller, Carol Ann G.
Oettinger, Marion
Oettmeier, Timothy
Oexmann, Henry
Offutt, Robert H. (Bob)
Ogburn, Wayne L.
Ogden, Stephen E. (Steve)
Ogg, Kimbra K.
Ohendalski, Richard S.
Ojeda, David, Jr.
Oleg, C. Patrick, Jr.
Olford-Hall, Shonna
Olivares, Kathleen H.
Olivares, Larry, Sr.
Oliveira, Celestino
Oliveira, Rene O.
Oliver, Arnold
Oliver, Jesse D.
Oliver, Lloyd W.
Oliver-Parrot, Alice
Olivo, Dora F.
Olsen, Susan B.
Olson, Charles D.
Olson, David O.
Olson, Lyndon, Sr.
Oltjen, Allan C.
Onion, James C.
Onion, John F., Jr.
Orman, Elise
Orr, Gregory S.
Orr, James (Jim)
Orr, Roy L.
Orr, Susan R.
Ortiz, Arnulfo (Fred)
Ortiz, Horacio (Horace)
Ortiz, Sara T.
Osborn, Arthur W.
Osborne, Michael
Osborn, Charles R.
Osborn, Max N.
Osso, Anthony
Osterberg, Susan S.
Oswalt, Harris
Ottis, Joseph A. (Joann)
Ouellette, Daniel S.
Ovard, A. R. (Augie)
Ovard, John D.
Overstreet, Morris L.
Oviedo, Jesse
Owen, Priscilla R.
Owens, Cynthia B.
Owens, Maurice
Owens, Ronald W.
Owens, Samuel W.
Oxford, Hubert, III
Pace, Robert K.
Pacheco, Arturo
Pack, Ernest W., Sr.
Packer, Anne
Padilla, Ignacio
Palmer, Sue
Palmquist, Patsy L.
Pangburn, Patricia H.
Paquette, Richard W.
Paris, Karen V.
Parish, Lauren L.
2007/181-48 Parker, Annie Mae
Parker, Nillie Lucille
Parker, Carl A.
Parker, Charles S.
Parker, David M.
Parker, Donna R.
Parker, Eddy R.
Parker, Gwendolyn
Parker, James, Jr.
Parker, Quay F.
Parker, Thomas W.
Parker, Wade
Parker, William R.
Parks, Bob
Parks, Leta S.
Parnell, Calvin B., Jr.
Parnell, Janet Ann F.
Parr, Michael T.
Parra, Gloria
Parra, J. Antonio (Tony)
Parrish, Lois C.
Parrish, Morris H.
Parrish, Robert
Parsons, James N.
Parsons, Mary L.
Parsons, Percy H.
Parsley, Edwin L.
Partida, Juan
Pasquella, G. Donald
Pate, Joe B.
Pate, Robert C.
Patrick, Diane P.
Patterson, Eldridge W.
Patterson, I. J., Jr.
Patterson, Janet P. (Jan)
Patterson, Jay
Patterson, Jerry E.
Patterson, L. P. (Pete)
Patterson, Michael M.
Patterson, Patti J.
Patterson, Penny B.
Pattillo, Darryl
Patton, Angela H.
Patton, Drew
Patton, Nancy Jo
Pauken, Thomas W.
Paul, Matthew W.
Pavelka, Miro A.
Pavlick, Juanita L. (Dougless)
Paxson, Sam M.
Payne, Hershel
Payne, Terrie R.
Payne, William H.
Peacock, Oren M., Jr.
Peale, Patricia C.
Pearle, Stanley C.
Pearson, Dan
Peavy, John W., Jr.
Peca, Peter S., Jr.
Peddicord, Kenneth
Peden, Betty H.
Pedersen, Craig D.
2007/181-49 Pederson, Elvin J.
Peebles, Sandra R.
Peek, William L., Jr.
Peebles, David
Pfeuffer, Robert T.
Peggram, Danny E.
Pemberton, Jeanie
Pemberton, Stanton
Pena, Andrew M.
Pena, Diego Jesus
Pena, John J. (J. J.)
Pena, Richard
Pennington, Jack C.
Pennington, Mickey R.
Pennington, Roland P., Jr.
Pepper, Grady P.
Perales, Gabriel, Jr.
Perdue, David R.
Perdue, Eugene S.
Perez, Alex, F.
Perez, Arminda
Perez, Bernardita
Perez, Esther Z.
Perez, Jane
Perez, Javier
Perez, Nicolas J.
Perez, Pete
Perez, Rey
Perez, Sonia A.
Perez, Vangie F.
Perkins, Danny R.
Perkins, James
Perkins, Larry
Perkins, Lloyd W.
Perkins, Mary K.
Perkins, Richard A.
Perkins, Robert S.
Perlmutter, Mark L
Perot, Bryan M.
Perry, Charles R.
Perry, James R. (Rick)
Perry, Mervin E.
Perry, M. Durman, Jr.
Perry, W. C.
Perryman, Lorraine
Persakis, John
Peschel, Dwight E.
Pesek, Leon F., Sr.
Peters, Lester J.
Peters, Robert K
Peterson, Donald M.
Peterson, Martin
Petrovich, George J., Jr.
Pettijohn, Leslie L.
Pettit, Emory B.
Pettie, John F.
Pettie, Lawrence
Petty, William E., Sr.
Peveto, Betty P.
Pfeifer, Jerilyn K.
Pfeiffer, Fred N.
Pfluger, Margaret M.
Phariss, Gerald D.
Pharo, Milam B.
Phillips, Ann M.
Phillips, Carroll W.
Phillips, Cynthia T.
Phillips, Jeanne
Phillips, John C.
Phillips, Joseph F.
Phillips, Ronald J.
Phillips, Thomas R.
Phillips, Will E.
Pickard, Wilford, Jr.
Picchioni, Anthony P.
Pickard, Sid
Pickard, Wilford, Jr.
Pickens, Beatrice C.
Pickens, Peggy
Pickering, James H.
Pickett, Hubert, Jr.
Pickett, Joseph C.
Pickett, Sandra J
Pickrell, Leah
Pieratt, Robert S.
Pierce, Billy Don
Pierce, George B.
Pierce, Frances
Pierce, Jack
Pigue, Ann
Pigue, Paul W.
Pillar, Roxanne L.
Pina, Joe A.
Pincoffs, Peter E.
Pinnelli, Joseph F.
Pins, Jenny F.
Pinyan, Hollis F.
Pirkle, Wylie A., III
Pirtie, Patrick A.
Pirtie, Sue M.
Pitre, Merline
Pittman, Bill C.
Pittman, Wesley Edward
Pittman, Wesley Edwin
Pitts, James R.
Piwetz, Eileen
2007/181-50 Place, Allen O., Jr.
Place, Susan B.
Placke, John L.
Platt, Robert M.
Pledger, James L.
Plotts, Peter B.
Plunk, Britton E.
Plunk, Mona V. B.
Poage, G. F. (Buz)
Poe, Ted
Poff, Bryan H., Jr.
Pogoda-Ciccone, Nanci
Polichino, Jean E.
Polk, Otis C., Jr.
Pollan, William A.
Pollard, Tom K.
Polunsky, Allan B.
Ponce, Manuel M.
Pond, Paul Gifford
2016/017-46 Pond, Paul G., 1993
[additional document]
2007/181-50 Ponton, Clint A.
Pope, Jack
Popp, Wayne E.
Porter, Cheryl J.
Porter, James E.
Porter, James W.
Porter, Jane W.
Porter, William R.
Porto, Joseph A.
Posadas, Alfonso
Posey, Stennett (Dee)
Post, Robert
Poteet, William D., III
Pouland, John
Pounds, Robert L.
Powell, Donald E.
Powell, Kathleen G.
Powell, Marie E.
Powell, Raymond D.
Powell, Thomas
Powell, William R.
Power-McHenry, Susan
Power, Winston C., Jr.
Powers, Gene R.
Powers, John E.
Poynors, W. J. (Jay)
Prather, Diane L.
Prather, Patricia S.
Prejean, Paul J.
Prejean, Robert J.
Prentice, Chris D.
Prescott, Jack W.
Preslar, Stephen F.
Pressler, Nancy
Pressler, Paul
Prestage, James G.
Preston, George L.
Preston, John E.
Preston, John P.
Prexter, Randall E.
Price, Albert J.
Price, Frank C.
Price, James B.
Price, Richard C.
Price, Thomas B.
Price-Nealy, Doris, Jr.
Priddy, Kathryn A.
Priest, Pat
Pritchard, Robert D.
Proctor, Mamie M.
Proffer, Heather
Prohl, Emil K.
Provan, Robert J.
2007/181-51 Pruett, Albert J., Jr.
Pruitt, Jim
Pruitt, Willima M.
Pryor, Molly A. (Mrs. W. Russell)
Pryor, Will
Puente, Frank, Jr.
Puente, Robert R.
Puente, Victor (Buddy), Jr.
Pulliam, George P.
Pullman, Saul A.
Punchard, Marianne L.
Purcell, Carolyn T.
Purcell, Floyd R.
Purcell, Graham G., Jr.
Purden, Jerry
Purdy, Bruce
Puryear, Cecil A.
Pyle, Jerry D.
Quimby, William H.
Quinn, Brian P.
Quintanilla, Gabriel G.
Quintero, Brian A.
Quisenberry, Clevert W.
Quortrup, William H.
Rabago, Karl R.
2016/017-46 Rabago, Karl R., 1993
[additional document]
2007/181-51 Rabin, Idelle G.
Rabuck, Robert H.
Race, Anne Ir.
Race, Deborah
Rad, Manzar J.
Radack, Steve
Radley, Rita M.
Raef, Kevin E.
Ragland, Tom
Ragsdale, Paul B.
Raiford, Burton F.
Raimer, Ben G.
Rains, James B.
Ramey, Tom B., Jr.
Ramirez, Alberto J.
Ramirez, Fernando R.
Ramirez, Marie E.
Ramirez, Raul
Ramirez, Robert
Ramirez, Sylvia S.
Ramming, John B.
Ramos, Angel M.
Ramos, Joe I.
Ramos, Mary M.
Ramsay, Charles R.
Ramsay, Lanny
Ramsay, Thomas D.
Ramsey, Michael R.
Ramsey, R.H., Jr.
Randolph, Catherine L.
Randolph, Joe Neal
Randolph, Willie
Rangel, Irma
Rangel, M. Guadalupe L.
Rapoport, Bernard
Rarus, Timothy B.
Rasheed, Jamal R. A.
Raspberry, Ronald L.
Rath, Diane D.
Ratliff, Gene A.
Ratliff, Gene A.
Ratliff, William R.
Rauch, Leonard
Rauch, James A.
Ray, Bennie
Ray, Elizabeth
Ray, James F.
Ray, John R. (Bobby)
Ray, William H.
Rayburn, Charles N. (Chip), Jr.
Rayfield, Cynthia H.
Raymond, Richard E.
Reagan, Sydney C.
Reasoner, Macey H.
Reaud, Wayne A.
Reavis, Don H.
2007/181-52 Redwine, Thomas A.
Reece, William E.
Reece, William T.
Reed, Norma
Reed, Pamela G. (Pam)
Reed, Susan D.
Reed, Thomas A. (Tom)
Reed, Thomas W.
Rees-Jones, Trevor
Reese, Robert A., Jr.
Reeves, Blair
Reeves, Bruce
Reilly, Michael A.
Reis, Steven E.
Reiter, Putnam K.
Reitmeyer, James C.
Relyea, Spencer C.
Renaud, C. Louis
Repp, Glenn A.
Resech, Ronald M.
Rex, James L.
Reyes, Delia M.
Reyes, Jo Ann
Reyes, Linda
Reyna, Elvira
Reyna, Felipe
Reynolds, Don C.
Reynolds, Donald
Reynolds, H. Gene, Jr.
Reynolds, Homer
Reynolds, Katherine B. (Chula)
Reynolds, Richard F.
Rhea, Bill
Rhea, Billy A.
Rhea, John W.
Rhodes, Alec
Rhodes, Cephus
Rhodes, Richard C.
Riccardi, Robin E.
Rice, Bryan M.
Rice, Robert J.
Rice, William H.
Rice, William Y.
Rich, Alan B.
Rich, Joe E.
Rich, Laurie M.
Rich, Marvin A.
Richard, N. M. (Rick)
Richards, Ann W.
Richards, Brian C.
Richards, David L.
Richards, David M.
Richards, Don R.
Richards, Freddie L.
Richardson, Frank H.
Richardson, Harry H.
Richardson, Herbert H.
Richardson, Johnnie Mae
Richeson, Joseph B.
Richter, Martin E.
Rickhoff, Tom
Rico, Fernando, Jr.
Rieck, Florence
Riedel, Nile B.
Riess, Richard L.
Rigler, Bruce
Riley, James E.
Riley, Randall H.
Rios, Luis M.
Ripley, Jenilyn F.
Risinger, Carl
Risinger, Milton
Rist, David J.
Rittenberry, Charles L.
Ritter, A. W. (Dub)
Ritter, Donald G.
Rittgers, Mateele B.
Rivas, Maria O.
Rivera, Guadalupe
Rivera, Manuel
Rivera, Raul
2007/181-53 Rivers, Charles H.
Rivers, Steve D.
Rives, Don L.
Roach, John R.
Roan, John A.
Roberson, C. A.
Roberts, Dan L.
Roberts, Harriet L.
Roberts, Jeffie H.
Roberts, Michael A., Jr.
Roberts, Paul H.
Roberts, Paul K.
Roberts, Roy A.
Roberts, Truman
Roberts, Virginia
Roberts, Wanda B.
Roberts, Warren
Robertson, Bob
Robertson, Paul E.
Robertson, Sam
Robinson, Gilbert
Robinson, Gleniece A.
Robinson, James A.
Robinson, Mallory G.
Robinson, Margaret
Robinson, Matilda T.
Robinson, Opal
Robinson, Steve M.
Robison, Jack
Robnett, Nolan J.
Rocha, Joe
Rodgers, George R.
Rodgers, Pam W.
Rodriguez, Abraham
Rodriguez, Albert L
Rodriguez, Antonio M.
Rodriguez, Carmen E.
Rodriguez, Ciro D.
Rodriguez, Gilbert
Rodriguez, Louis
Rodriguez, Martha
Rodriguez, Nelda V.
Rodriguez, Paul
Rodriguez, Rafael
Rodriguez, Richard
Rodriguez, Anthony
Rogers, Anthony
Rogers, Brad A.
Rogers, John D.
Rogers, Jonathan W.
Rogers, Karla J. M.
Rogers, Max M.
Rogers, Rick
Rogers, Robert W.
Rogers-Johnson, Brendolyn
Rohne, Wayne A.
Roland, Peter S.
Roman, Mary D.
Romans, Charles H.
Romeo, Lucille
Romero, Raul R.
Romine, Jane H.
Romo, Daniel J.
Rose, Mark N.
Rose, Martha A.
Rosenberg, Barbara E.
Rosenkranz, Frank, Jr.
Rosenthal, Gary L.
Ross, Donald R.
Ross, Nelwyn G. (Pettey)
Rosson, Peggy
Roth, Carl
Roth, Donna
Rothra, John L.
Rothrock, Char P.
Rourke, James K., Jr.
Rowe, Gordon H., Jr.
Rowland, Brad
Roy, Alvin J.
Rubben, Pauline
Rubinett, Lynn E.
Rucker, Mary M.
Rucker, Morton V., II
Rucker, R. D.
Ruckman, Hugh B., III
Rudd, Jimmy R.
2007/181-54 Ruff, Jere J.
Ruffino, Carolyn L.
Ruiz, Abel R.
Runge, Edward (Ed)
Runnells, Clive
Runyan, Debra S.
Rusk, L. Giles
Rusling, Barbara N.
Russell, Ann G.
Russell, Sam
Rust, Sparks, Jr.
Rutchik, Martin
Rutford, Robert H.
Rutledge, Joe
Rutter, Allan
Ryan, Lynn N.
Ryan, Vernon L.
Ryder, Gene E.
Rylander, Carole K.
Saatkamp, Herman J., Jr.
Sabrusula, Herman D.
Sachtlenben, Don
Sadberry, Anthony J.
Sadler, Paul L.
Saemann, Lisa
Saenz, Alvaro D.
Saenz, Carla M.
Saenz, David
Saenz, Hector
Saenz, Idelma A.
Sage, Robin D.
Saginaw, Jane
Salazar, Antonio, Jr.
Saldana, Ricardo
Sale, Jim
Salinas, Eduardo
Salinas, Guadalupe (Lupe)
Salinas, Homer
Salinas, Norberto, Sr.
Salisbury, Mary I.
Sallop, Marvin B.
Salmon, Robert
Salmons, Celia M.
Salvant, Wayne F.
Saly, Michael D.
Salyer, Clay (Virgil)
Salyer, W. Jack
Sammons, Martin Z., Jr.
Sample, Aubrey N.
Sampson, DeMetris A.
Sams, Robin M.
Samuel, Audwin M.
Samuel, Jacob N. (Jake)
Sanchez, Alberto G.
Sanchez, Aurora
Sanchez, Crispin
Sanchez, Louis L.
Sanchez, Margarita (Margie)
Sanchez, Orlando
Sanchez, Reynaldo
Sanchez, Tomas R., Jr.
Sandel, Jerry A.
Sanders, Bluford (Blu), Jr.
Sanders, Clema D.
Sanders, Lee
Sanders, Pannal L.
Sanders, Robert S.
Sanders, Roger D.
Sanderson, James G.
Sandoval, Charles F.
Sandoval, M. T.
Sandoval, Olivia
Sanford, Phala R.
Sanford, Phil E.
Sanger, Mary
Sansom, Andrew H.
2007/181-55 Santamaria, Henry, Jr.
Santos, Emilio D.
Santos, Ray E.
Santry, Carol
Santucci, Alan P.
Sapp, Mary
Sarabia, Fermin
Saritzky, Marlene S.
Sasser, Jimmy F.
Satterlee, Harold E.
Saulconer, Vernon
Saunders, James W.
Saunders, Marcia W.
Savage, William R.
Savroy, Madeline K.
Sawyer, Drew G.
Saxon, Gerald D.
Saxon, Stella
Sayaverdra, Leo
Scales, Gregory B.
Scales, Ralland T.
Schattman, Michael D.
2007/181-1 Schattman, Michael D.
[Misfiled as Achattman.]
2007/181-55 Schechter, Sure
Schein, David D.
Schendel, Clarence F.
Scheopner, James J.
Schiefen, Willima
Schiermeyer, Ruth C.
Schiff, Joyce G.
Schless, Michael J.
Schmidly, David J.
Schmidt, Bobby D.
Schmidt, Randall
Schneider, Herbert
Schneider, John
Schneider, Michael H.
Schneider, Robert A. (Bob)
Schnorrenberg, Terri B.
Schockner, Alison
Schoenfeld, Lawrence
Schollmaier, Rae
Schomp, Bonnie Jan
Schonberger, Olivia C.
Schoolcraft, Alan
Schrandt, Tom
Schraub, B. B.
Schubert, Vickie L.
Schuble, Henry G.
Schultz, Sally W.
Schulze, James
Schur, Gary W.
Schwartz, Anne L.
Schwartz, Larry H.
Schwartz, Renee M.
Schwarzentraub, Paul
Schweitzer, Steve
Scioli, Eugene
Scoggins, Ralph W.
Scogin, Roy A., Jr.
Scott, Daniel E.
Scott, Doyle W.
Scott, Jacalyn
Scott, William
Scott, Yava D.
Scroggins, Timothy A.
Seale, Fred A.
Seale, Sam D.
Seaman, Eugene J.
Seamans, Aimee
Sears, Ross A.
Seawright, Gaye L.
Secreat, Jerry
Sedeno, Lorenzo (Bubba)
2007/181-56 Seeger, Ruth
Seerden, Robert J.
Segovia, Herman H.
Seidel, Esther J.
Seidenschwarz, Todd
Seidlits, Curtis L., Jr.
Selden, Audrey L.
Sell, John M.
Sellers, Chuck
Sellers, Elizabeth
Sellers, William T.
Senigaur, Eddie
Sentell, Marvin
Sepulveda, Luis D.
Sena, Edward
Serna, Gilberto
Sewell, James H.
Seymour, John L.
Shackelford, Kenneth B.
Shade, Denise L.
Shaffer, Diane
Shahan, J. Michael
Shamblin, Ronald H.
Shanblum, Laurie
Shaner, Karl L.
Shanklin, Marsha
Shannon, Bob
Shannon, Cheryl L.
Shannon, Jacqueline L.
Shapiro, Florence
Shapleigh, Eliot G.
Sharlot, Susan
Sharp, John S.
Sharpe, Edwin
Sharpless, C. T. (Carlos)
Shaver, Doug
Shaver, William R.
Shaw, Billy S.
Shaw, Murray
Shea, Gwynnelle
Shearer, Sergio
Sheehan, William H. (Bill)
Shelby, Elizabeth
Shelby, Michael T.
Shell, Barbara B.
Shelley, Daniel O.
Shelton, James T.
Shelton, Patrick S.
Shepherd, Edna M.
Shepherd, Guy A.
Sherman, Jerome N.
Sherman, Max R.
Sherrill, Charles E.
Sherron, Charles R.
Shields, John H.
Shine, Hugh D.
Shinoda, Phillip
Shipley, Donald K.
Shipman, Lawrence D., Jr.
Shivers, Allan, Jr.
Shon, Steven P., Jr.
Shore, Herbert
Shores, Gary H.
Short, James L.
Shotkin, Bruce M.
Showers, Wayne A.
Shuffield, Milton G.
Shull, Alfred E.
Sibley, David M.
Sieve, Michael R.
Siebert, William R.
Siebman, Clyde M.
Siegel, Jeffery C.
Sifford, Charlotte J.
Sifuentes, Marina P.
Silberberg, Barbara
Sikes, Andrew L.
Simek, John E.
Simms, James H.
Simons, Dennis S.
2007/181-57 Sims, Betty E.
Sims, John C.
Sims, Lennie C.
Sims, Michael O.
Sims, Randall C.
Sims, William M. (Bill)
Singer, Elton
Singleton, Leroy, Sr.
Singleton, Martha R.
Sisk, John
Skeen, Marc L.
Skipworth, Jennifer L.
Sklar, Daniel R.
Slack, Richard C.
Slagle, Robert C., III
Slataper, Michael T.
Slaughter, Dale L.
Sloan, Phillip
Sloan, Raymond E.
Sloan, Raymond E.
Slover, Barbara T.
Smetana, Jennie R.
Smiley, Bruce A.
Smithey, Martha E.
Smith, Allison R.
Smith, Bea Ann
Smith, Carl S.
Smith, Cheryl
Smith, Creed, Jr.
Smith, D. Ryan
Smith, David R.
Smith, David W.
Smith, Don N.
Smith, Earl W.
Smith, Emmitt S.
Smith, Frank J.
Smith, Glenda F.
Smith, Gloria J.
Smith, Jack H.
Smith, James B.
Smith, James L.
Smith, Jerry N.
Smith, Joe E.
Smith, John L.
Smith, Kenton L.
Smith, Laresa
Smith, Larry E.
Smith, Leonard B.
Smith, Martha Ann
Smith, Oliver R., Jr.
Smith, Paul H. (Pete)
Smith, Peggy B.
Smith, Robert S.
Smith, Ronald G.
Smith, Russell L.
Smith, Sam H.
Smith, Sandra K.
Smith, Scott B.
Smith, Scott C.
Smith, Shelton
Smith, Stephen N.
Smith, Todd A.
Smith, Tommy V.
Smith, Victor
Smith, William D. (Bill)
Smith, William F., Jr.
Smithee, Patricia J
Snell, Iris L.
Snodgrass, Hugh
Snodgrass, Wayne R.
Snyder, Donna L.
Sockwell, Vernon K.
Soechting, Charles E.
Soifer, Jan
Soileau, Curtis L.
Solis, Celina
Solis, Jim
Solis, Miguel (Mickey)
2007/181-58 Solito, Peter S.
Sollers, Henry R.
Solo, Richard A.
Solomon, Mollie A.
Solomon, Ratna
Solomons, Burt R.
Sonnen, Connie A.
Sonnenberg, Dorris M.
Sorber, Charles A.
Sorrells, Rosie M. C.
Sorrels, Randall O.
Sorrells, Rick D.
Sosa, Esteban
Souhoff, Lillian J.
Soussan, Susan S.
Southerland, John R.
Soward, Larry
Sowell, James E.
Sowell, Virginia
Spaling, Stacie
Sparkman, Roy T.
Sparks, Glen E. (Gene)
Spaw, Steven N.
Spears, Carleton B.
Spears, Helen
Spears, Monroe
Spears-Peterson, Carolyn
Specht, John H.
Specia, John J., Jr.
Specks, Gracie M.
Spector, Morris
Spector, Rose
Speed, John R.
Speight, Jerry G.
Spencer, Beverly A.
Spencer, Donald C.
Spencer, Marsha
Spinks, Mary
Sprague, Charles C.
Springer, Robert L.
Spruce, Susan
Spurlock, Joe, II
Squier, James D.
St. Clair, Jackie W.
St. John, Kathleen J.
Stacey, Steve
Staelin, Earl
Stafford, Gwendolyn C.
Stafford, Trudie B.
Stahl, Susan Herring
Stalder, Janel
Stalder, Kelley Martin
Staley, Joe H., Jr.
Stallworth, Jerry
Stamper, Jennifer J. N.
Standish, Tom R.
Stanley, Marc Robert (Mrs.)
Stansbury, Thomas O.
Staples, Douglas Toss
Staples, William A.
Stapleton, Terry R.
Stark, Cathy Ann
Stark, Roy Leon
Stark, Steve
Starkey, Alonzo L., III
Starr, Jim D.
Starr, Kent
Starr, Judge Larry
Stassney, Richard
Staudt, Randall C.
Stavinoha, Jodie Edward
Steadman, Douglas
Steib, Curt F.
Stein, Dr. Marsha L.
Steiner, John P.
Steinhart, Ronald G.
Stem, Robert
Stephanow, Richard
Stephens, Bill J.
Stephens, Donnya Elle
Stephens, F. L.
Stephens, Gary R.
2007/181-59 Stephens, Hugh L.
Stephens, Michael K. (Spanky)
Stephens, Pollyanna
Stephens, Ronald D., M.D.
Stern, John Armand
Stevenson, Clarence N.
Stevenson, Randall T.
Steves, Nancy
Stewart, Annette
Stewart, Bobby D.
Stewart, James B.
Stewart, Rachel Duanne
Stewart, Ruth F.
Stewart, Teresa L. (Terri)
Stewart, Wanda F.
Stewart, Wells
Stigall, Charles C.
Stiles, Mark W.
Stilley, Allen Louie
Stofer, Preston A.
Stoker, Raymon
Stokes, Dalila B.
Stokley, Richard M., Jr.
Stone, Catherine
Stone, Kathleen S.
Stone, Peter A.
Stone, Richard D.
Stone, Susan Anne
Storch, Donald G.
Stotesbery, William D.
Stovall, Van Clifton
Stovall, Wanda White
Stover, Earl Bishop, III
Strader, Dick G.
Strain, Carl
Strain, Herald W.
Strake, Frances A.
Strauss, Gus J.
Strauss, Henry J.
Strauss, Olin B.
Stream, Kathryn S.
Stream, Richard W.
Street, Joe W.
Street, John, Jr.
Strieber, Ann
Stripling, Hogan
Stripling, Johnnie R.
Strong, Nelda G.
Strother, Ralph T.
Struck, Edward
Stuart, Ed
Stuart, Claudia
Stubbeman, David G.
Stubblefield, Billy Ray
Sturns, Louis E.
Suarez-Garrio, Antonio
Sudderth, Bonnie
Sudela, William
Sugarek, Patricia H.
Sullivan, Frank W., III
Sullivan-Armstrong, Jennifer
Sullivan, Patricia A.
Summers, J. W.
Sumrall, Douglas L.
Supple, Jerome Henry
Surles, Carol D.
Surouik, Joseph T.
Sutter, Emily G.
Sutton, John E.
Sutton, Oliver C., II
Sutton, Roger K.
Sutton, Walter L., Jr.
Swafford, Melba W. G.
Swain, Gerard
Swartz, Marie F.
Swearingen, Joyce B.
Sweeney, Jack Cook
Sweeney. Paula F.
Swerdlow, Robert A.
Swift, David M.
Swift, Frankie D.
Swift, Richard E., Jr.
Swinford, David A.
Swinney, Bennie (Ben)
Sykora, Nolene
Sylvester, John W.
Symonds, Bonnie E.
Taft, Timothy G.
Tagle, Hilda
Talbot, David A., Sr.
Talbot, Theodore
Tallas, James L. (Jim)
2007/181-60 Tamayo. Lucila E.
Tamez, Simon
Tanner, Martha B.
Tanner, Perry A.
Tarrance, Carter W.
Tarvin-Garland, Marie
Tate, Garvin L., Jr.
Tatum, David
Tatum, John G.
Tatum, Stephen L.
Tauss, Cynthia Sue
Taylor, Charles W., Jr.
Taylor, James F. (Jim)
Taylor, John C.
Taylor, M. A.
Taylor, Nicholas G.
Taylor, Sharlene F.
Taylor, Shelia B.
Taylor, Stephen M.
Taylor, William J.
Taylor, William J., III
Teague, Johnny
Tedrow, William P.
Tefteller, Charles T.
Tegtmeyer, Karen A.
Tejeda, Frank M.
Tejeda, Robert, Sr.
Telford, Barry B.
Temple, Ellen C.
Templeton, Bobbie F.
Templeton, Joe
Teran-Almanza, Maria
Terracina, Joseph T.
Teschner, Lisa S.
Therwhanger, Jack A.
Thomas, Adolph
Thomas, Amy C.
Thomas, Bob L.
Thomas, Dennis L.
Thomas, Dudley M.
Thomas, Faye R.
Thomas, Katherine A.
Thomas, Leslie L.
Thomas, Linda B.
Thomas, Milton H.
Thomas, Raymond R., Jr.
Thomas, Thomas A.
Thomas, William N. (Bill)
Thomason, Jess Ann
Thomassen, James A. (Jim)
Thompson, Barry B.
Thompson-Warren, Emma
Thompson, Foster Louie
Thompson, Frank, Jr.
Thompson, Garfield W.
Thompson, James P.
Thompson, Jere W., Jr.
Thompson, Jimmie N.
Thompson, Linda Gayle
Thompson, Michael
Thompson, Philip A.
Thompson, Ray R.
Thompson, Senfronia
Thompson, Shirley C.
Thomson, Carr Benton, Sr.
Thomson, Linda A.
Thorn, Charles
Thorner, Arnold M.
Thornton, Cynthia Ann
Thornton, Floyd L.
Thornton, Joe G.
Thornton, Robert Ernest
Thorogood, Nellie C.
Thorpe, Thomas B.
Thrower, Vernice L.
Thorn, Linda
Thurman, Mace B., Jr.
Thurmond, George
Tibbets, Hoye Dee
Tibbets, Nancy A.
Tickle, Edwin T.
Tijerina, Pete
Tillery, Dale B.
Tilney, William S.
2007/181-61 Tiner, Tammy H.
Tinsley, Jack Ray
Tinsley, Richard
Tinsley, Willard
Tipps, Arthur R.
Tipton, Lorita
Tisdale, Lloyd
Tittle, James O.
Titzman, Marvin J.
Todd, Jane D.
Toler, Fred
Tolia, Nalin
Tolle, Mark
Tomlinson, Billy E.
Tomlinson, Maxine
Topp, Darlene
Torrence, Elizabeth
Torres, Gerard L.
Torres, Isaias
Torres, Israel
Torres, Arcus [Marcus?]
Totty, Francelia E.
Touchy, Hugo
Touchy, Stephen H.
Tounget, Craig R.
Tourtellotte, Thomas N.
Tovar, Sandra
Towery, Roger E.
Townsend, Millard A.
Townsend, Courtney M., Jr.
Towslee, Harold R.
Trapp, Robert A.
Travis, Charles D.
Traylor, Weldon, Sr.
Treacy, William
Treadway, Timothy T. (Tom)
Treat, C. H.
Trejo, Humberto R.
Trent, Sandra
Trevethan, Alice O.
Trevino, Ciro
Trevino, Julian H.
Trevino, Rene A.
Trevino, Rose T.
Tricater, Joseph G.
Trimble, Terry
Triplett-Hurt, Betsy Ann
Triplett-Horn, Susan Kae
Trotter, Matthew A.
Trowbridge, Joe Dean
Truan, Carlos F.
Trudd, Martha J. (Janie)
Trujillo, Tino
Tunnell, Byron
Tunnell, Curtis Dale
Tunnell, Joe
Turberville, Ashley H.
Turchen, Lesta V.
Turco, Charles P., Sr.
Turk, Sam C.
Turlington, Lester
Turner, Cleveland, III
Turner, Dimitra
Turner, Glenn A.
Turner, J. C.
Turner, James W.
Turner, Jenat T. (Teddy)
Turner, Jerry
Turner, John M.
Turner, Leticia M.
Turner, Robert Ray (Bob)
Turner, Sylvester
Turner, Timothy J.
Turner, W. Dan
Tweedy, Patricia S.
Tyson, Candace G.
Uher, D.R. (Tom)
Umphrey, Thomas W.
Umstead, Diane E.
Underwood, Bradley S.
Underwood, Olen
2007/181-62 Untermeyer, Emily F.
Upham, Chester R., III
Urbanovsky, Lamar G.
Uribe, Hector
Uribe, Thomas R.
Utley, Ann K.
Utley, Gary
Utt, Rita R.
Utterback, William R.
Vaclavik, Linda E.
Valderas, Harold L.
Valdez, Rogelio
Vale, Raymond J., Jr.
Valencia, Isaac
Valenza, J. Michael
Valverde, Dora I.
Van, Stephen L.
Vance, Callaway S.
Vance, Carol
Vance, Danny Frank
Vance, Estil, Jr.
Vance, William R. (Bill)
Vandervoort, Kenneth L.
Van de Putte, Leticia P.
Vanecek, Joe W.
Van Fleet, William J. (Jeff)
Van Horn, Jeffery L.
Van Manen, Mary L.
Van Ness, Dudley E.
Van Orden, Charles H.
Van Way, Ronald A.
Varella, Donald D.
2007/181-63 Walker, Ann Lee
Walker, Betty F.
Walker, Carl, Jr.
Walker, David
Walker, Gary Lee
Walker, George E., Sr.
Walker, George L.
Walker, James K.
Walker, Janice Martin
Walker, Kathryn K.
Walker, Leslie Lynn
Walker, Otis L.
Walker, Robert Paul
Walker, Roger J.
Walker, Ronald L.
Walker, Sue
Walker, Thelma R.
Walker, Tilmon Lee
Walker, William G.
Wall, Gary G.
Wallace, Alice Anne
Wallace, James P.
Wallace, Lonnie James (Jim)
Wallace, Ralph, III
Wallace, Tommy W.
Waller, Dan R.
Wallis, Bill W.
Walls, Mary K.
Walls, Max E.
Walsh, Judy W.
Walston, Norma Lee
Waltermire, Frank G.
Walters, Elinor M.
Walters, Robert R.
Walthall, Roy D.
Walther, Barbara Lane
Walton, Bret L.
Walton, Dan E.
Wanger, Diane M.
Ward, Elizabeth C.
Ward, John K.
Ward, John R.
Ward, Mary
Ward, Nancy Darlene
Ward, Shirley T.
Warder, Janice Lough
Ware, Constance M.
Ware, Theodis
Warne, Douglas C.
Warner, Judith D.
Warner, Thomas D.
Warnick, William F.
Warren, Gary Leonards, Sr.
Warren, Michael J.
Warren, William S. (Bill), Jr.
Warrick , Alan E.
Washington, Matthew
Washington, Samuel Walter
Waters, Leland W. (Lee)
Watkins, Gary L.
Watson, Edward Lee
Watson, Forrest E.
Watson, Kirk P.
Watson, Laurie Brown
Watson, Ricard W.
Watson, Robert A.
Wattley, Cheryl B.
Watts, Guy G.
Wawro, John J.
Way, Clarence R. (Mutt)
2007/181-64 Weakley, Beth M.
Weatherall, Eugene L. (Gene), Jr.
Weaver, Charles G.
Weaver, Harland T.
Weaver, Myra G.
Weaver, Richard K.
Webb, Alana
Webb, Jack M.
Webb, John L.
Webb, Mary Esther
Webb, Roberts, III
Webb, Roger A.
Webb, Stephen P.
Webster, Jeffery S.
Weddell, Monty Thomas O.
Weddle, John C.
Weeks, John W.
Wehby, John M.
Weinblatt, Jack S.
Weiss, Michael
Weis, Joe E.
Welch, Don
Welch, Mary S.
Welch, William O.
Wells, Dorothy G.
Wells, Judith G.
Wells, Linda G.
Wells, Thomas E.
Wells, William W.
Weltman, Steven L.
Wendler, Ken
Wentworth, Jeffrey (Jeff)
Werlein, Ewing, Jr.
Werner, Robert B.
Werst, Sally Ann
West, George E. (Buddy)
West, John R.
West, Mary Nan
West, Neil
West, Robert G.
West, Robert L.
West, Royce B.
West, William David
West, William E., Sr.
Westbrook, Pat D.
Wester, James W.
Westergren, Mike
Westerlage, John
Westhoff, August E., II
Wetsel, William E.
Wettman, Bruce W.
Wetzel, Jane
Weyman, Edward B.
Weyrauch, Paul H.
Whaley, Thomas L (Tommy), Sr.
Wharton, J. Taylor
Wheat, Josiah
Wheeler, Keith Paul
Wheeler, Stephen F.
Wheeler, William G.
Wheles, Raymond G.
Whitacre, Edward E., Jr.
Whitaker, Melvin D.
Whitaker-Kellagher, Sheila
White, Alan B.
White, Albert
White, Bette G.
White, Bill M.
White, Bob
White, David C.
White, Gordon E.
White, Inman
White, Janet H.
White, Jimmy L.
White, Lunita J.
White, Nathan E., Jr.
White, R. Harold, Jr.
White, Raleigh R., IV
White, Walter C.
White, William H.
2007/181-65 Whiteaker, Wayne
Whitehead, Martha F.
Whitehurst, Absalon D. (Davis), Jr.
Whiteside, Clyde Emerson
Whiteside, Wilfred D.
Whitham, Warren
Whitlow, Stuart
Whitmire, John Harris
Whittenberg, Audrey Jo
Whittenberg, Thomas N.
Whittington, John H., Jr.
Whittington, Harry M.
Whitworth, Robert J.
Whitworth, William P.
Wiatrowski, Wayne Allen
Wice, Brian
Wied, Ellen
Wieland, Jeff Christian
Wientzek, Ray
Wiewel, Bradford G.
Wiggins, Janis E.
Wiggins, Kevin B.
Wilborn, Carroll E., Jr.
Wilbur, Janet
Wilcox, Harold W.
Wildenthal, Claud Kern
Wiles, William D.
Wiley, Mike
Wilhelm, James K.
Wilkerson, Ray Allen
Wilkerson, Walter D., Jr.
Wilkins, Merle D.
Wilkinson, James M.
Wilks, La Wanda G.
Willeford, George, III
Willeford-Whatley, Harriette
Willeford, Pamela Pitzer
Willess, Florence (Pasie)
Williams, Arthur B.
Williams, Carolyn B.
Williams, Charles E., Sr.
Williams, Clarence E., Jr.
Williams, Dana
Williams, Donna R.
Williams, Eva P.
Williams, Janna Whatley
Williams, James M. (Don)
Williams, Jay
Williams, Keith R.
Williams, Kemper S., III
Williams, Marshall
Williams, Mary Pearl
Williams, Michael
Williams, Otis E.
Williams, Patty J.
Williams, Paul J.
Williams, Peter
Williams, Roger
Williams, Susan
Williams, Thomas D. (Tommy)
Williams, William H., II
Williamson, Audrey G.
Williamson, Barry A.
Williamson, Holly Harvey
Williamson, Lee Roy
Williamson, Mary Beth
Williamson, Richard E.
Willingham, Carl West
Willis, Dan
Willis, David
Willis, Doyle
Willis, John G.
Willmann, Rudolph Robert
Willy, Anthony
Willy, John G.
Wilmot, Luis
Wilson, Charles E.
Wilson, Charles M., III
Wilson, David V.
Wilson, Davie L.
2007/181-66 Wilson, Donald B.
Wilson, I. Lee
Wilson, James R. (Ft. Worth)
Wilson, James R. (Round Rock)
Wilson, Martha J. (Janie)
Wilson, Mary
Wilson-Webb, Nancy
Wilson, Pat A.
Wilson, Robert B.
Wilson, Ron
Wilson, Sharen
Wilson, Thomas D.
Wilson, Walter E.
Wilson, William C.
Wimberly, Cecil W.
Wimberly, Ruby J.
Winchester, Patricia K.
Windham, James M., Jr.
Windham, Terrence
Winkelman, Ronald C.
Winkfield, Earnest D.
Winick, Seth R.
Winters, William D.
Winters, Richard W.
Wirth, Charles
Wisch, David Scott
Wise, Miguel D.
Wisenbaker, Royce E.
Wisser, Jon N.
Witt, Robert W.
Witte, Mark D.
Wittig, Don
Woelk, Sarah E.
Wohlgemuth, Arlene R.
Wolens, Steven D. (Steve)
Wolfe, Michael P.
Wolfe, Robert C.
Wolford, Larry M.
Womack, Dana
Womack, Paul
Wommack, Herman H., Jr.
Wong, Paul, Jr.
Wood, James F.
Wood-Yanez, Janet
Wood, John A.
Wood, Logan, Jr.
Wood, Patrick H., III
Wood, Robert A.
Wood, Sharolyn P.
Wood, Willis L.
Woodard, Carole A.
Woodard, Hayden
Woodard, Jerry
Woodfin, Max
Woodlock, Jerry W.
Woods, Lonnie E.
Woods, Wilber G., Jr.
Woodward, Warren G.
Woolery, Donn O.
Woolley, Beverly M.
Wooten, Charley V.
Wormley, Leroy J.
Worrall, Walter D.
Wray, Wanda
Wren, Carl Dewayne
Wright, Ann Elizabeth
Wright, Carolyn I.
Wright, Clinton M. D.
Wright, Curtis
Wright, Deborah L.
Wright, Durwood
Wright, E. M.
Wright, Harold (Chris)
Wright, Herman
Wright, James E.
Wright, James W.
Wright, Jimmy Ray
Wright, Joan
Wright, John
Wright, John H.
Wright, Larry
Wright, Peggy
Wright, Robert C.
Wright, Robert L. (Ft Worth)
Wright, Robert L. (Victoria)
Wright, Topsy
Wright, Vicki L.
2007/181-67 Wroten, Leah Ray S.
Wulf, Fred A.
Wulfe, Lonnie C.
Wyatt, Mary Anne
Wyley, Charles J.
Wynne, Anna S.
Wynne, B. J.
Wyrick, Robert D.
Yancey, Jerry E.
Yancey, Lorraine J.
Yancy, Marcus L., Jr.
Yanez, Linda Reyna
Yarborough, Bill H.
Yarborough, Grady
Yarborough, Kenneth W.
Yarborough, Michael
Yates, John Griffin
Yates, Leslie Brock
Yatsum, John S.
Yeager, Kathryn Anne
Yeager, Ronald M.
Yeakel, Earl L., III
Yokle, Gary L.
Yollick, Eric Lyf
York, James M.
York, Paul M.
Yost, Gerald V.
Young, Barbara
Young, Carole S.
Young, David L.
Young, French Anne
Young, Jack D.
Young, Leo Everett, Jr.
Youngblood, David W.
Youngblood, Kneeland C.
Yudof, Mark George
Zaffirini, Judith
Zaharoff, Annette M.
Zamora, Alfredo, Jr.
Zamora, Manuel E.
Zamora-Cope, Rosie
Zapata, Louis J., Sr.
Zapata, Ray
Zardenetta, Antonio
Zayas, Joe D.
Zbranek, J. C.
Zbranek, Zeb
Zeagler, Millard F., Jr.
Zeek, Paul T.
Ziegler, Phillip H.
Zepeda, Gilberto, Jr.
Zetzmann, Naruin R.
Zimmern, Kenneth A.
Zitelman, Janice R.
Zuniga, Jesse
Zuniga, Laura


State officers personal financial statements, 1996-2007,
271 cubic ft.

2013/011-1 Abakoui, Said - Abramson, Morrie K.
2013/011-2 Acevedo, Fidel - Ahn, Suzzanne
2013/011-3 Ahrens, Jerry - Alexander, Thomas E.
2013/011-4 Alfaro, Pete C. - Almendarez, Arturo
2013/011-5 Alonzo, Roberto - Alvarez, Manny D.
2013/011-6 Alvarez, Micaela - Anderson, Joseph L., II
2013/011-7 Anderson, Keith A. - Antuna, George, Jr.
2013/011-8 Antwi, Katherine A. - Arrington, George W.
2013/011-9 Arrington, Thomas L. - Avery, Stephen I. "Steve"
2013/011-10 Avila, John, Jr. - Bailon, Roberto
2013/011-11 Bain, Bruce W. - Banner, Paul
2013/011-12 Banowsky, Loretta K. - Barnhart, H. Mack
2013/011-13 Barnhill, Jane C. - Barrios-Ogden, Teresa
2016/017-46 Barr, James L. "Jim," 1999
[additional document]
Barrett, Phil, 2002
[additional document]
2013/011-14 Barron, Beverly - Batton, Patricia A.
2013/011-15 Bauer, Boyd W. - Bedwell, Barry
2016/017-46 Beard, Val Clark, 2000
[additional document]
2013/011-16 Beever, Stephen G. "Steve" - Bender, Bill
2016/017-46 Bell, J. Michael, 1999
[additional document]
2013/011-17 Benedict, Jerry - Bergh, Ana
2013/011-18 Berkley, Susan L. - Biggerstaff, Joan W.
2013/011-19 Bigham, Beverley R. (Stiles) - Blackwell, Thomas D.
2013/011-20 Blackwell, William A. "Bill" - Blunt, Jeffrey C.
2013/011-21 Boales, Brian M. - Bost, Eric M.
2013/011-22 Boston, John - Boyd, Jean H.
2013/011-23 Boyd, John T. - Branch, John B.
2013/011-24 Brandler, Eric A. - Briers, Stanley J.
2013/011-25 Brigham, William H. - Brooks, Suzanne
2013/011-26 Brookshire, Jack A. - Brown, Joe B.
2013/011-27 Brown, Joe F. - Bruno, Dominick B. Nick
2013/011-28 Brunson, Blaine - Bunch, Ronald E.
2013/011-29 Bunte, Leslie W., Jr. - Burnside, Floyde W., Jr.
2016/017-46 Burck, R.D., 2000
[additional document]
2013/011-30 Burr, Thomas D. - Byrd, Billy W.
2016/017-46 Burwell, Bettye R., 2000
[additional document]
2013/011-31 Byrd, Lance R. - Caldwell, V. Neil
2016/017-46 Cabell, Enos M., Jr., 2000
[additional document]
2013/011-32 Calhoon, Jerry L. - Campbell, Joan
2013/011-33 Campbell, Joe W. - Cantu, Mary H.
2013/011-34 Cantu, Pete - Carmona, Frank T.
2016/017-46 Cardenas-Hagan, Elsa, 2000
[additional document]
Cardenas-Jarvis, Eric, 2003, 2005
[annual reports]
2013/011-35 Carnes, Alfred B. "Burt" - Carroll, Joe
2013/011-36 Carroll, Philip J. - Casseb, Solomon, Jr.
2016/017-46 Casey, Constance B. "Tammy" (maiden name Linbeck), 1997, 1998
[annual reports]
2013/011-37 Casso, Ramiro R. - Cavern, Hubbard S., Jr.
2013/011-38 Cavin, Elmo M. - Chapman, Ronald W. "Ron"
2013/011-39 Chapmond, Stanley T. - Chew, Linda Y.
2013/011-40 Childers, James E. "Jim" - Christopher, Tracy E.
2013/011-41 Chu, Min - Clark, Jerry C.
2013/011-42 Clark, John E. - Clingman, Teresa J.
2013/011-43 Cloud, Linda L. - Coker, Elizabeth E.
2016/017-46 Cochran, Cathy (maiden name Herasimchuk), 2000
[additional document]
2013/011-44 Coker-Garcia, Laura D. - Collins, William W., Jr. "Bill"
2013/011-45 Colston, Sean D. - Cook, Byron C.
2013/011-46 Cook, Jake - Cornelius, William J.
2013/011-47 Cornett, Renee S. - Covington, Don O.
2013/011-48 Covington, Suzanne - Crabb, Joe F.
2013/011-49 Craddick, Thomas R. "Tom" - Crawford, Denise V. "Denny"
2013/011-50 Crawford, Gerry N. - Crumley, William T. "Dub"
2013/011-51 Crump, Jack E. - Cummings, Jay
2013/011-52 Cummins, Lisa Trevino - Dameron, Joseph D.
2013/011-53 Danburg, Debra L. - Davenport, Valorie W.
2013/011-54 Davidson, Danny B. - Davis, Grace L.
2013/011-55 Davis, Harvey D. - Dawson, Marvin G.
2013/011-56 Day, Aaron D. - Deffenbaugh, Douglas G.
2013/011-57 Dehart, Kenneth D. - Dennis, Patricia D.
2013/011-58 Denny, Mary C. - Dewhurst, David H.
2013/011-59 Dewlen, Barry E. - Dickson, Gloria
2013/011-60 Dickson, James David - Dixon, Robert R.
2016/017-46 Dillman, Virginia G., 2000
[additional document]
2013/011-61 Dobbs, Mack L. - Dotson, Alphonse A.
2013/011-62 Dougherty, James S. "Jim" - Dryden, Kimberly M.
2013/011-63 Duarte, Demetrio, Jr. - Duncan, Robert L.
2013/011-64 Duncan, Sarah B. - Dutton, Ronald J. "R.J."
2016/017-46 Dunlap, Lillian "Lil," 1999
[additional document]
2013/011-65 Duzinski, Philip J. - Edwards, Billy John
2013/011-66 Edwards, Dennis K. - Elder, Frank G., Jr.
2013/011-67 Elder, Mary O. - Ellis, Mark A.
2013/011-68 Ellis, Mark K. - Emmert, Steven R.
2016/017-46 Ellison, Pamela Jo "PJ" (maiden name Kalil), 2001, 2002
[annual reports]
2013/011-69 Emory, Emerson - Escamilla, Hector, Jr.
2013/011-70 Escareno, Narciso - Eugster, Albrecht K.
2013/011-71 Euresti, Benjamin, Jr. - Fallon, James P.
2013/011-72 Fancher, Regenia Sue - Faulkner, Larry R.
2013/011-73 Faulkner, Royce W. - Fisher, John C.
2013/011-74 Fisher, Kimberly K. - Flores, Dionicio V. "Sonny"
2016/017-46 Flannery, Shelia S., 1999
[additional document]
2013/011-75 Flores, Graciela G. - Flynn, Eugene J.
2013/011-76 Fogleman, Benny L. - Fowler, Dorothy M. "Dottie"
2013/011-77 Fowler, Jackie Ann - Fraser, Clara Jane
2013/011-78 Fraser, Troy - Frost, Kem T.
2013/011-79 Frost, Robert H. - Gabriel, Johnny D.
2016/017-46 Fuller, Cheryl A. (Yarbrough-Halliburton), 1999
[annual report]
2013/011-80 Gaddis, Gay Warren - Gant, Catherine A.
2013/011-81 Garcia, Alexander L., Jr. - Garcia, Oscar X.
2013/011-82 Garcia, Patrick M. - Garrison, Thomas
2016/017-46 Garner, Robert Kyle, 2003, 2005, 2006
[annual reports]
Garrett, Carolyn M., 1999
[additional document]
2013/011-83 Garson, Arthur - Garza, Norma S.
2013/011-84 Garza, Richard Lee - Gerber, William F.
2016/017-46 Garza, Rosemarie Rivera, 2000
[additional document]
Gerber, William F., 2000
[additional document]
2013/011-85 Geren, Charles L. "Charlie" - Gilbert, Donna D.
2013/011-86 Gilbert, Gwen B. - Glatz, Jeffrey D.
2016/017-46 Gilliland, Lukin T., Jr., 1999
[additional document]
Gilliland, Woody F., 1999
[additional document]
2013/011-87 Golden, Dennis D., Sr. - Gonzalez, Hector R.
2013/011-88 Glaze, Bob D. - Golden, David Dixon
2013/011-89 Gonzalez, Humberto - Gordon, Herman
2013/011-90 Gordon, Karen L. - Granado, Arthur
2013/011-91 Granberg, Connie S. - Green, Donald C.
2013/011-92 Green, Gordon H. "Corky" - Griffin, Florita Bell
2013/011-93 Griffin, Gerald D. "Gerry" - Guarino, Michel J. "Mike"
2013/011-94 Guckian, James C. - Gutierrez, Roberto
2013/011-95 Gutierrez, Ruby N. - Hairston, Terrie L.
2016/017-46 Halberecht, Rolf R., 2000
[additional document]
2013/011-96 Hajek, David W. - Hamilton, Carlos R., Jr.
2013/011-97 Hamilton, Jack - Hanen, Andrew S. "Andy"
2013/011-98 Haney, Lee - Hargrave, Susan L.
2013/011-99 Hargrove, William R. - Harris, Frances A.
2013/011-100 Harris, Heath G. - Hartman, Merrill L.
2013/011-101 Hartnett, Will F. - Hawk, Susan L.
2013/011-102 Hawkins, Albert, III - Hearon, Genevieve
2013/011-103 Heath, Adrian David - Hemphill, Alice E.
2013/011-104 Henderson, Bill - Herder, Paul K.
2013/011-105 Herkenhoff, Ann L. - Herrington, Clyde M.
2013/011-106 Herrington, Jeffrey D. "Jeff" - High, Roberta W.
2013/011-107 Hight, C. T. - Hill-Storks, Hattie
2013/011-108 Hilley, Van Galen - Hitchcock, Charles L. "Chip"
2013/011-109 Hixon, Karen J. - Hoffman, Martin
2013/011-110 Hoffman, Richard G. "Casey" - Holman, Dixon W.
2013/011-111 Holmes, John B., Jr. - Hopkins, Stephen
2013/011-112 Hopson, Charles - Howe, John Prentice, III
2016/017-46 Howard, Charles F. "Charlie," 2005
[additional document]
2013/011-113 Howe, Kevin F. - Huffman, C. Joan
2013/011-114 Huffman, Hope Wilson - Hull, Louise E.
2013/011-115 Humber, Jeffrey J. - Huston, Robert J.
2013/011-116 Hutchens, Jon M. - Jacks, Karen A.
2013/011-117 Jackson, Alphonso R. - Jalomo, Gilbert D., Jr.
2013/011-118 James, Carla H. - Jeffus, Larry F.
2013/011-119 Jemison, Mae C. - Johnson, Alan L.
2013/011-120 Johnson, Alfred "Chip" - Johnson, Jerry K.
2013/011-121 Johnson, Joe N. - Johnson, Veal C.
2013/011-122 Johnston, Cynthia L. - Jones, Jerome
2016/017-46 Jones, Charles Alvin, 2000
[additional document]
2013/011-123 Jones, Jesse W. - Jordan, Vernon M.
2016/017-46 Jones, Michael E., 2000
[additional document]
2013/011-124 Jorge, Juan F. - Katz, Samuel B. "Sam"
2013/011-125 Kauffman, Greg A. - Keffer, William R. "Bill"
2013/011-126 Kegans, Joe - Kennedy, Mike
2013/011-127 Kennedy, Nathelyne - Khoury, Andrew G. "Andy"
2013/011-128 Kidd, Lee M. - King, Pattie C.
2013/011-129 King, Phillip S. "Phil" - Kirk, William C. "Bud"
2013/011-130 Kirkpatrick, Samuel A. - Knight-Sheen, Carol R. (Haberman)
2013/011-131 Knize, Wesley G. - Komorn, Robert M.
2013/011-132 Koock, Lois J. - Kruckemeyer, Robert J.
2013/011-133 Krueger, L. J. "Boots" - Kyle, Stella Ortiz
2013/011-134 Labatt, Thomas W., III - Lakusta, Anne H.
2013/011-135 Lalani, Munir A. - Lang, Daniel R.
2016/017-46 Lang, Daniel R., 1999
[additional document]
2013/011-136 Lang, Douglas S. - Lauck, Alan R.
2013/011-137 Lavey, Gerald M. - Lazo, Tom, Sr.
2013/011-138 Leach, Leon J. - Lee, Sam J., II
2016/017-46 Lee, Gordon K., 2000
[additional document]
2013/011-139 Lee, Sherry L. - Lebrock, Larry Robert
2013/011-140 Leifeste, Randy C. - Lewis, Marion M.
2013/011-141 Lewis, Pete C. - Liner, Renil C.
2013/011-142 Link, James E. - Lockhart, Bobby L.
2013/011-143 Locus, Paul A. - Lopez, Ebelardo
2013/011-144 Lopez, Eduardo A. "Ed" - Lowe, Douglas E.
2016/017-46 Lopez, Victor, 2000
[additional document]
2013/011-145 Lowe, Gail A. - Luitjen, Mark R.
2013/011-146 Lujan, John, III - Lyon, William R. "Bill"
2013/011-147 Lyons, Anthony D. - Madison, Sandy
2013/011-148 Madla, Frank L. - Malone, Valeri S.
2013/011-149 Maloney, Frances J. - Marchant, Kenny E.
2013/011-150 Marchesoni, Victor C. - Marsh, Gwendolyn "Wendy"
2013/011-151 Marshall, Diana E. - Martinez, Daniel E.
2013/011-152 Martinez, Emilio - Mathis, Teri H.
2013/011-153 Matkin, Karen C. - Mayes, K. Michael
2013/011-154 Mayfield, Alan M. - McCaig, Theresa
2013/011-155 McCall, James B. "Brian" - McCloud, Mary A.
2013/011-156 McCloy, James M. - McCoy, David M.
2013/011-157 McCoy, Edward, Jr. - McDougal, Michael A.
2013/011-158 McDowell, Bridget G. - McHaney, Joe
2013/011-159 McHugh, M. Colleen - McLelland, Michael E.
2013/011-160 McLemore, Carlos Eugene - Meade, Nikelle S.
2013/011-161 Meadows, William W. "Bill" - Melton, Williams A. "Bill," Sr.
2013/011-162 Menard, Vicki L. - Merritt, Thomas C.
2013/011-163 Mesa, Tom C., Jr. - Miers, Harriet Ellan
2013/011-164 Mijarcs, Humberto L. "Bert" - Miller, Geraldine
2013/011-165 Miller, Gary H. - Mims, Con
2013/011-166 Miner, Bruce H. - Mizell, Patrick W.
2013/011-167 Moeller-Hedge, Becky - Montgomery, Philip O'Bryan, III
2013/011-168 Montgomery, Ray L. - Moore, Jason Allen
2016/017-46 Moore, Conny M., 2000
[additional document]
2013/011-169 Moore, John M. - Moreno, Clement
2016/017-46 Moore, Kelly G., 2000
[additional document]
2013/011-170 Moreno, Joe E. - Morrison, Ray L.
2013/011-171 Morrison, Stella M. - Motley, Travis A.
2013/011-172 Mount, Michael G. - Mullins, Philip M.
2013/011-173 Multhaup, Steven R. - Murphy, Terrell I.
2013/011-174 Murrah, Thomas W. "Watt" - Natalicio, Diana S.
2013/011-175 Natarajan, Sridhar - Neely, Lynn H.
2013/011-176 Neely, Tom A. - Neves, Kerry L.
2013/011-177 New, Arron G. - Nier, James E.
2013/011-178 Nieto, Pedro G. - Nunez, Rene
2013/011-179 Nursey, Robert - O'Prey, Sharon L.
2013/011-180 O'Quinn, John M. - Offutt, Robert H.
2013/011-181 Ogden, Stephen E. - Oliver, William M. "Bill"
2013/011-182 Olivo, Andrew C. "Andy" - Ovard, John D.
2016/017-46 Ovard, John, 2000
[additional document]
2013/011-183 Overstreet, Kristan O. "Kris" - Palmer, Crece C.
2013/011-184 Palmer, James L. "J.L." - Parks, Bob
2013/011-185 Parnell, Janet F. - Patrick, Donald W.
2013/011-186 Patrick, Katherine C. - Paxson, W. Kenneth
2013/011-187 Payan, Tony - Peeples, H. David
2013/011-188 Peffley, Ellen B. - Pepperdine, David C.
2013/011-189 Perales, Gabriel, Jr. - Perryman, Thomas S.
2013/011-190 Pertile, Arthur L., III - Pfuger, Margeret M. "Mey"
2013/011-191 Phariss, Gerald Don - Pickett, Joseph C.
2013/011-192 Pickett, Sandra Jean "Sandy" - Pitts, Jim R.
2013/011-193 Place, Allen D., Jr. - Polland, Patricia S. "Trisha"
2013/011-194 Polnick, David A. - Powell, Judith D.
2013/011-195 Powell, Kathleen G. "Kathy" - Price, William R., Jr.
2013/011-196 Priddy, Bruce - Purser, Gary L.
2013/011-197 Puryear, Cecil G. - Raimer, Ben G.
2013/011-198 Rains, James B. - Rangel, Irma L.
2013/011-199 Rangel, M. Guadalupe - Ravenburg, Vicki T.
2013/011-200 Rawles, Thomas A. - Redwine, Mickey R.
2013/011-201 Reed, Byron K. - Reue, Matthew A.
2013/011-202 Reveley, Dawn E. - Reza, Homer
2013/011-203 Rhea, Billy A. - Richie, Boyd L.
2013/011-204 Richman, Phillip H. - Rivera, Diane M.
2013/011-205 Rivera, Gilbert - Robertson, Sam
2013/011-206 Robinson, Beverly H. - Rodriguez, Gilbert
2013/011-207 Rodriguez, Johnny A., Jr. - Rogers, Robert W.
2013/011-208 Rogers, Shelby R., Jr. - Rosenthal, Gary L.
2013/011-209 Rosenquest, Albert G. - Rucker, R. D.
2013/011-210 Ruckman, Hugh B., III - Russell, Steve
2013/011-211 Russenberger, Brent A. - Saldana, Sarah R.
2013/011-212 Sales, George "James", III - Sanchez, Antonio R., Jr.
2013/011-213 Sanchez, Eduardo J. - Sawyer, Beverly W.
2013/011-214 Saxon, Brenda G. - Schneider, Joseph R.
2016/017-46 Schmidt, Bobby D., 2000
[additional document]
2013/011-215 Schneider, Michael H. "Mike" - Scott, Douglas N.
2013/011-216 Scott, Doyle W. - Seibold, Michael E.
2013/011-217 Self, Edward L. "Ed" - Seymore, Charles W.
2013/011-218 Shackelford, Jerry F. - Shaver, William R. "Bill"
2013/011-219 Shaw, Alvin A. - Sherron, Charles R.
2013/011-220 Shields, Bradford T. - Sibbet, Albert B.
2013/011-221 Sibley, Ann F. - Simms, James H. "Jim"
2013/011-222 Simons, Kay W. - Skiles, Clifford A., Jr.
2013/011-223 Skinner, William L. "Bill" - Smith, Claude D., Jr.
2016/017-46 Smiley, Martha, 1999
[additional document]
2013/011-224 Smith, Daniel J. "Dan" - Smith, Ricky B.
2013/011-225 Smith, Robert L. "Lanny" - Smith, William R.
2016/017-1 Smithee, John T. - Solomons, Burt R.
2016/017-2 Solon, Shelley M. - Sowell, Charles L., Jr. "Sonny"
2016/017-3 Sowell, James E. - Speier, Charles C. "Chuck"
2016/017-4 Spence, James W. - Stanley, Marc Robert (Mrs.)
2016/017-5 Stansbury, Thomas O. - Steib, Curt F.
2016/017-6 Stein, Marsha L. - Steves, S. Taylor
2016/017-7 Stewart, Annette - Stine, Phyllis A.
2016/017-8 Stiner, Daisy A. - Stovall, Van C.
2016/017-9 Stovall, Wanda White - Strauss, Sharla V.
2016/017-10 Strayhorn, Carole Keeton - Stubbs, Paul E.
2016/017-11 Stunja, Joseph L. - Suttle, Stephen H.
2016/017-12 Sutton, Hugh D. - Szurek, Marion
2016/017-13 Tabor, Waco W. - Taylor, Larry W.
2016/017-14 Taylor, Marcellus A. - Terrill, John E.
2016/017-15 Terry, Mary R. "Becky" - Thomas, Nancy A.
2016/017-16 Thomas, Raymond L. "Ray", Jr. - Thorburn, Wayne J.
2016/017-17 Thorne, Lawrence E. "Larry," III - Tisch, Richard A. "Rick"
2016/017-18 Tisdale, Lloyd B. - Tracy, Edward J. "Ed"
2016/017-19 Trahan, Margaret F. "Peggy" - Triana, Gisela D.
2016/017-20 Triantaphyllis, Anastassios "Tasso" - Turner, J. C.
2016/017-21 Turner, James W. "Jim" - Underwood, Gregory L.
2016/017-22 Underwood, Martin E. - Vailas, Arthur C.
2016/017-23 Valadez, Albert G. - Vance, Leslie
2016/017-24 Vance, William R. "Bill" - Velarde-White, Angelina
2016/017-25 Velasquez, Angela "Vanessa" - Vitz, William H. "Bill"
2016/017-26 Vo, Hubert - Walker, Carl, Jr.
2016/017-27 Walker, David - Wallace, Lonnie James "Jim"
2016/017-28 Wallace, Patrick L. - Ward, Richard H.
2016/017-29 Ward, Shirley - Waters, Leland W. "Lee"
2016/017-30 Waters, Michael A. - Watts, W. David
2016/017-31 Waugh, Marcia G. - Weiner, David R.
2016/017-32 Weinheimer, Calvin R. - West, George L.
2016/017-33 West, Joel - Whisman, Georg T.
2016/017-34 Whitacre, Edward E., Jr. - White, John D.
2016/017-35 White, Kathleen H. - Whittington, Harry M.
2016/017-36 Whittington, John H., Jr. - Wilkes, Thomas K.
2016/017-37 Wilkins, Dan F. - Williams, Harvey P.
2016/017-38 Williams, Janna W. - Wilson, David B. "Dave"
2016/017-39 Wilson, David V. - Winger, Debra A.
2016/017-40 Wingo, Robert V. - Wittig, Don E.
2016/017-41 Woelk, Sarah E. - Wood, Sharolyn
2016/017-42 Wood, Ted - Wright, Ann E.
2016/017-43 Wright, Carolyn I. - Wynne, Anne S.
2016/017-44 Yancey, Lorraine J. - Young, Julianne M. "Julie May"
2016/017-45 Young, Leo E., Jr. - Zbranek, Zeb D.
2016/017-46 Zedler, William W. - Zygourakis, Kyriacos
Documents and reports missing from earlier boxes, 1990-1993, 1996-2003, 2005-2006
[These have been listed in their proper place (chronologically and alphabetically) in the preceding box/folder listing.]


State officers personal financial statements, 2008-2012,
168 cubic ft.

2016/051-1 Abascal, Amado III - Adams, Wanda E.
2016/051-2 Adamson, John R. "Bob, Sr." - Alexander, James L.
2016/051-3 Alexander, Katherine "Kay" - Allfrey, Kris
2016/051-4 Alligood, Richard L. - Anderson, Devon D.
2016/051-5 Anderson, Elizabeth M. "Beth" - Antcliff, Christopher A. "Chris"
2016/051-6 Anzaldua, J. Veronica - Autry, Steven D.
2016/051-7 Avant, Gayle R. - Baker, Joshua D.
2016/051-8 Baker, Lester - Barnard, Marialyn P.
2016/051-9 Barnes, Daniel T. "Dan" - Barton, Robert A.
2016/051-10 Barzin, Amir H. - Beckham, Tammy R.
2016/051-11 Beckman, Bruce - Bennett, Donna R.
2016/051-12 Bennett, George K., Jr. "Kem" - Bernal, David J.
2016/051-13 Bernhardt, Michael - Blackburn, Abigail H. "Abby"
2016/051-14 Blackmon, Kimberly A. - Boddy, Diane J.
2016/051-15 Boenigk, Rebecca - Bournias, Sam B.
2016/051-16 Bow, Jonathan D. - Brady, Zachary S. "Zach"
2016/051-17 Bramblett, Mary Anne - Brocato, Sam F.
2016/051-18 Brock, Dale - Brown, Mary K.
2016/051-19 Brown, Randel "Randy" - Buchenau, George H., Jr.
2016/051-20 Buchholtz, William H. "Bill" - Burnett, Chuck
2016/051-21 Burnett, Jay W. - Cain, Erwin A.
2016/051-22 Caldera, Stella A. - Campbell, Joan
2016/051-23 Campbell, Linda S. - Carlson, Patricia L.
2016/051-24 Carlton, Katura M. "Kay" - Carson, Elroy
2016/051-25 Carter, Donna D. - Catterton, Randy
2016/051-26 Catuzzi, Lawrence R. - Chaumette, Jacqueline "Jacquie"
2016/051-27 Chavarria, Phil, Jr. - Chriss, Lola V.
2016/051-28 Christal, Christopher D. - Clark, Carole W.
2016/051-29 Clark, Eugene A. "Gene," II - Cluck, Monte D.
2016/051-30 Coalter, Robert P. - Collins, William W., Jr. "Bill"
2016/051-31 Colonnetta, Joseph "Joe" - Cook, Sherry (maiden name Koenning)
2016/051-32 Cooke, C. C. Kit, III - Coughran, Larry L.
2016/051-33 Counts, Donald R. - Crampton, Holly G.
2016/051-34 Cranberg, Alexis "Alex" - Crownover, Myra E.
2016/051-35 Crump, Karin R. - Danford, Harold J.
2016/051-36 Daniel, David E. - Davis, Conrith W.
2016/051-37 Davis, Fred E. - Dehart, Kenneth D.
2016/051-38 Dehay, Loretta R. - Deshotel, Joseph D.
2016/051-39 Deshotels, George W. - Dickerson, Linda W.
2016/051-40 Dickey, Nancy W. - Donovan, John J.
2016/051-41 Doreman, Samuel G. "Grant" - Dudley, John E.
2016/051-42 Dueser, Frederick S. - Dyess, Reta K.
2016/051-43 Dykeman, Greg M. - Eidson, Judy M.
2016/051-44 Eiland, Allen C. - Eltife, Kevin P.
2016/051-45 Emerson, Don R. - Estes, Terence S. "Teri"
2016/051-46 Estevez, Ana E. - Farrar, Jessica C.
2016/051-47 Farrar, Remelle M. - Fillmore, Robert M. "Bob"
2016/051-48 Fincannon, Homer - Florence, Kenneth B., Jr.
2016/051-49 Flores Camarena, Lucila "Lucy" - Forrest, Thomas L.
2016/051-50 Forsythe, Richard W., Jr. - Franks, Michael
2016/051-51 Fraser, Troy - Fry, Wilson B. "Ben"
2016/051-52 Fudge, Wayne B. "Barney" - Gandy, Francis I., Jr.
2016/051-53 Gann, Tom H. - Gardner, Barbara
2016/051-54 Garland, Lloyd M. - Garza, John V.
2016/051-55 Garza, Jose L. - Giam, Patrick
2016/051-56 Gibbs, Gary D. - Glaser, Richard E.
2016/051-57 Glass, Gene S. - Gonzales, Veronica
2016/051-58 Gonzalez, David O. - Gough, Tamela L.
2016/051-59 Gould, Warren H. - Greene, John W.
2016/051-60 Greenlaw Stine, Martha - Guillen, Candace Y. (spouse's name Kettelkamp)
2016/051-61 Guillen, Ryan - Haggerty, Patrick B. "Pat"
2016/051-62 Hagler, Brooks H. - Hampton, Jean M.
2016/051-63 Hampton, Keith S. - Harless, Patricia
2016/051-64 Harney, Naomi - Hatch, Richard D., III
2016/051-65 Hatchel, John - Hellums, Bonnie C.
2016/051-66 Helm, Thomas R. - Hernandez, Ana Luna
2016/051-67 Hernandez, Angelica E. - Hicks, Maryellen W.
2016/051-68 Hicks, Richard R., III "Trey" - Hinojosa, Juan J. "Chuy"
2016/051-69 Hinson, Waymon R. - Holland, William S. "Bill"
2016/051-70 Holliday, James S. - Hood, William R.
2016/051-71 Hooper, Mark - Hubbell, Gerald W. "Jerry"
2016/051-72 Hubert, John T. - Hughey, William T.
2016/051-73 Hull, James B. "Jim" - Iselin, Louis H.
2016/051-74 Isenberg, Marc D. - Jamison, Martha H.
2016/051-75 Janacek, Gary L. - Jimenez-Martinez, Anna Maria
2016/051-76 Jocher, John D. - Johnson, Philip W. "Phil"
2016/051-77 Johnson, Raymond C. "Ray" - Jones, Teralea D.
2016/051-78 Jordan, Andrew H. - Keeling, Kenneth H. "Ken"
2016/051-79 Keeney, Jon R. - Kennedy, Christopher D.
2016/051-80 Kennedy, Katherine "Katie" - Khan, M. J.
2016/051-81 Khator, Renu - Kinkaid, Robert W., Jr. "Rob"
2016/051-82 Kinney, Eugene W. "E. Wally" - Klein, Rebecca "Becky"
2016/051-83 Kleinpeter, Priscilla J. - Kosub, Anthony M. "Tony"
2016/051-84 Kraemer, Donald L. "Don" - Kyker, Robert P. "Rob"
2016/051-85 Labatt, Thomas Weir, III - Lanehart, Paula L.
2016/051-86 Lanford, Norman E. - Leal, Ricardo D. "Ricky"
2016/051-87 Leal, Victor - Leitner, James M. "Jim"
2016/051-88 Lemkuil, Daniel J. - Lilly, Kevin J.
2016/051-89 Limas, Abel C. - Lombardino, James
2016/051-90 London, Stacy G. - Loughmiller, Deane A.
2016/051-91 Loveday, Gory D. - Lunsford, James M.
2016/051-92 Lupton, Stephen R. - Madden, Joseph
2016/051-93 Maddox, Barney T. - Margrave, David R.
2016/051-94 Marin, Michael D. - Martinez, Scott
2016/051-95 Martinez, Weston - May, Harold D. "Danny"
2016/051-96 May, Larry S. - McCan, James "Bob"
2016/051-97 McCartt, Debra A. - McCoy, Charles T.
2016/051-98 McCoy, David M. - McElwee, David G. "Mac"
2016/051-99 McFarland, Jaclanel M. - McLaughlin, Scott A.
2016/051-100 McLelland, Michael E. - Meadows, William W. "Bill"
2016/051-101 Mechler, Thomas R. "Tom" - Merica, Jo Ann
2016/051-102 Merket, Sherri Kay Brannon - Miller, Charles E.
2016/051-103 Miller, Dana F. "Rick" - Mireles, Paul A. "Andy"
2016/051-104 Mishou, Nancy - Montford, Melinda "Mindy"
2016/051-105 Montgomery, Larry R. - Morales, Ernest A.
2016/051-106 Morales, Hector R. - Morriss, Josh R., III
2016/051-107 Morrow, Allyson "Missy" - Mulanax, Virgil E.
2016/051-108 Mullin, Philip E. - Murrah, Thomas W. "Watt"
2016/051-109 Murray, Menton J. - Neal, Nancy R.
2016/051-110 Neale, James W. - Newsom, Robert
2016/051-111 Newton, Jonathan B. - Norman-Keeney, Lilian
2016/051-112 Norris, Benjamin W. - O'Shaughnessy, James G.
2016/051-113 Oakes, Natalia C. - Olvera, Rene
2016/051-114 Oncken, Michele S. - Owens Tharp, Jennifer A.
2016/051-115 Oxer, John Paul D. "J. Paul" - Parker, Randall D. "Randy"
2016/051-116 Parker, Scott S., Sr. - Pattillo, Vicki
2016/051-117 Patton, Larry L. - Pena, Rene M.
2016/051-118 Pena, Robert, Jr. - Pertile, Arthur L.
2016/051-119 Peschel, Dwight E. - Phillips, Penny R.
2016/051-120 Phillips, Sherry L. - Plunk, Britton E. "Britt"
2016/051-121 Plunkett, Paul W., III - Porter, William R. "Bill"
2016/051-122 Poteet, Kandice E. "Kandi" - Pritchett, Robert M.
2016/051-123 Proctor, W. Thomas "Tommy" - Raggio, Lorraine A.
2016/051-124 Ragland, Brian D. - Rascoe, Terry G.
2016/051-125 Rasmussen, Deneesa A. - Reed, James R. "Jim"
2016/051-126 Reed, Richard D. "Rick" - Reyna, Felipe
2016/051-127 Reyna, Rose G. - Rister, Milton A., Jr.
2016/051-128 Ritchie, Herbert "Herb" - Robison, Jack
2016/051-129 Robison, Judith L. - Roeling, Barbara
2016/051-130 Rogers, Debra Y. - Rossi, Arthur J., Jr. "Art"
2016/051-131 Rostig, Grant E. - Russell, Carl M., Jr.
2016/051-132 Russell, Jacoba-Jetske S. "Cobie" - Salin, Victoria S.
2016/051-133 Salinas, Homer - Saxon, Stella H.
2016/051-134 Sayers, Clinton "Clint" - Scholer, Karen G. (Johnson)
2016/051-135 Schrader, George R. - Seale, Michael M.
2016/051-136 Seale, Shirley K. - Shafto, Deborah B. "Deb"
2016/051-137 Shah, Kiran - Sheffield, Jesse D., II "J.D."
2016/051-138 Sheffield, Ralph E., Jr. - Shutt, John J.
2016/051-139 Sibley, David - Simmons, Patrick H. "Pat"
2016/051-140 Simmons, Ralph - Skyrme, Michelle
2016/051-141 Slaton, Amber - Smith, Scott P.
2016/051-142 Smith, Stephen C. "Craig" - Snyder, Philip
2016/051-143 Sokolosky, Stephanie - Spector, Rose
2016/051-144 Speedlin, Phylis J. - Steen, Ida L.
2016/051-145 Steen, John T., Jr. - Stewart, James M. "Mac"
2016/051-146 Stewart, James O., Jr. "J.O." - Stovall, Dwayne B.
2016/051-147 Stovall, Suzanne - Stuart, Ann
2016/051-148 Stuart, Barkley J. - Sykora, Toni A. (Johnson)
2016/051-149 Taft, Timothy G. - Tays, Cynthia
2016/051-150 Teeple, Mary H. - Thomas, Steven R.
2016/051-151 Thomas, Tommy B., Jr. "Brock" - Tintera, John J.
2016/051-152 Tipton, Joyce A. - Townsley, Janet M.
2016/051-153 Towslee, Harold R. - Tuggey, Timothy N.
2016/051-154 Tull, Steven C. - Upham, Chad M.
2016/051-155 Urban, Karl G. - Vassberg, Peggy L. "Lew"
2016/051-156 Vaughan, Edward G. - Villarreal, Michael
2016/051-157 Villescas, Ruben - Walker, Noble D., Jr. "Nobie"
2016/051-158 Walker, Robert P. - Ward, John K. "Kevin"
2016/051-159 Ward, Mary A. - Watkins, Karen
2016/051-160 Watley, Andy M. - Weems, Jefry D. "Jeff"
2016/051-161 Weems, Mary K. "Suzy" - West, W.E., Jr. "Bill"
2016/051-162 Westfall, Mollee B. - White, Philip M.
2016/051-163 White, Walter C., III - Williams, Clarence E., Jr.
2016/051-164 Williams, Cornelius D., Jr. - Wilson, Mary E. (Pincoffs)
2016/051-165 Wilson, Phillip L. - Wolter, R. Patrick
2016/051-166 Womack, Beverly S. - Workman, Paul
2016/051-167 Worley, Garry K. "G. Kent" - Yoo, Tina J.
2016/051-168 York, Brian - Zwanziger, Edward