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Texas Governor Price Daniel:

An Inventory of Governor Price Daniel Campaign Files at the Texas State Archives, 1950, 1956-1962, bulk 1956-1962


Creator: Texas. Governor (1957-1963 : Daniel)
Title: Governor Price Daniel campaign files
Dates: 1950, 1956-1962
Dates: bulk 1956-1962
Abstract: Price Daniel was governor of Texas from January 15, 1957 to January 15, 1963. The governor of Texas is the chief executive officer of the state. The majority of the files document Daniel's three campaigns for Texas governor. These records are some of the campaign files consisting of correspondence, press releases, advertising, and files relating to state and national Democratic conventions. The dates of the records are 1950, 1956-1962, bulk 1956-1962.
Quantity: approximately 71 cubic ft.
Location: Please note that these records are housed at the Sam Houston Regional Library and Research Center, P.O. Box 310, Liberty, Texas 77575, 936-336-8821.
Language: These materials are written predominately in English .
Repository: Texas State Archives

Agency History

The governor of Texas is the chief executive officer of the state, elected by the citizens every four years. The duties and responsibilities of the governor include serving as commander-in-chief of the state's military forces; convening special sessions of the legislature for specific purposes; delivering to the legislature at the beginning of each regular session a report on the condition of the state, an accounting of all public money under the governor's control, a recommended biennial budget, an estimate of the amounts of money required to be raised by taxation, and any recommendations he deems necessary; signing or vetoing bills passed by the legislature; and executing the laws of the state. The governor can grant reprieves and commutations of punishment and pardons, upon the recommendation of the Board of Pardons and Paroles, and revoke conditional pardons. He appoints numerous state officials (with the consent of the Senate), fills vacancies in state and district offices (except vacancies in the legislature), calls special elections to fill vacancies in the legislature, fills vacancies in the United States Senate until an election can be held, and serves as ex officio member of several state boards.

The office of governor was first established by the Constitution of 1845 and superseded the office of president of the Republic of Texas. The position now exists under authority of Article IV, Section 1 of the Constitution of 1876 and Texas Government Code, Chapter 401. To be elected governor, a person must be at least thirty years old, a United States citizen, and a resident of Texas for at least five years preceding the election. In 1972, the term of office was extended from two to four years, effective in 1975. Since 1856 the governor has had the use of the Governor's Mansion.

In 1957 the Office of the Governor had 30 full-time equivalent employees including an executive secretary, a director of the Budget Division, and the state coordinator of civil defense and disaster relief.

Price Daniel Biographical Sketch

Price Daniel's political career spanned more than four decades and included all three branches of state government. Born in 1910 at Dayton, Texas, he was reared in Liberty and Fort Worth. After graduating from high school in Fort Worth, he attended Baylor University where he earned a degree in journalism. The following year, 1932, he received a law degree and returned to Liberty where he opened a law office.

During the next seven years, Price Daniel practiced law and assisted with publishing two local newspapers that he co-owned. In 1939 he was elected to the Texas House of Representatives and became a member of the State Democratic Executive Committee. The following year he married Jean Houston Baldwin and they had four children. After serving three terms in the legislature, he was chosen Speaker of the House in 1943. However, he resigned to enlist in the army as a private, though he soon completed officer candidate school. Stationed in Japan and the Pacific, he attained the rank of captain when he was discharged in May 1946.

Upon his return to Texas, he entered the race for attorney general and won the election. Running unopposed, he was reelected twice. His five years as Attorney General were noted for efforts against organized gambling and for Texas' rights to the Tidelands, the hallmark of his career. Daniel was elected U.S. Senator in 1952, serving as chairman of the senate's judiciary subcommittee and continuing to argue for Texas' rights to three million acres of submerged lands. He sponsored a bill that would return the Tidelands to Texas. His efforts resulted in passage and it became a law with President Eisenhower's signature. After four years as senator Price Daniel was elected governor, an office he held for three consecutive terms, from 1957 to 1963. Attempting to run for an unprecedented fourth term, he was defeated by John Connally in the gubernatorial primaries.

Although he established law offices in Austin and Liberty, Price Daniel returned to politics after a brief respite. He served as director in the office of Emergency Preparedness during the presidential administration of Lyndon Johnson. Soon thereafter, he was appointed to the Texas Supreme Court, remaining an associate justice from 1971 until his retirement in 1979. Daniel served as a special assistant to the Texas Attorney General for the Texas v. Louisiana boundary case. Maintaining memberships in many legal professional organizations, he was also active in a variety of civic and church activities until his death on August 25, 1988.

Scope and Contents of the Records

Price Daniel was governor of Texas from January 15, 1957 to January 15, 1963. The governor of Texas is the chief executive officer of the state. The majority of the files document Daniel's three campaigns for Texas governor. These records are some of the campaign files consisting of correspondence, press releases, advertising, and files relating to state and national Democratic conventions. The dates of the records are 1950, 1956-1962, bulk 1956-1962.

These records have not been processed. This folder inventory is a transcription of the original box and folder titles as they were received. Rough, non-exclusive groupings by title and date were formed to comply with the TARO project's file size restrictions. Researchers are advised to review all the finding aids for subjects of interest. Inconsistent titles and dates are evident. Misidentifications and misfilings are possible.

This finding aid describes the one series of Governor Price Daniel records. See Texas Governor Price Daniel records, Texas Attorney General Price Daniel records, and U.S. Senator Price Daniel papers for more records and papers.


Arrangement of the Records

These records are arranged as received.


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Restrictions on Use

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Index Terms

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Personal Names:
Daniel, Price.
Political campaigns--Texas.
Campaign literature--Texas.
Texas--Politics and government--1951-
Document Types:
Press releases--Texas--Governors--1944-1966.

Related Material

The following materials are offered as possible sources of further information on the agencies and subjects covered by the records. The listing is not exhaustive.

Texas State Archives
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Texas Attorney-General's Office, Court cases and investigations, 1880-1987
Texas Governor Allan Shivers, Records, 1937-1964, 1968, undated (bulk 1949-1956)
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Chrys Dougherty, Tidelands collection, undated, fractional
Inaugurations of Texas Governors, Papers, 1895-1965, 5 linear inches
Humble Oil and Refining Company v. State of Texas, Legal brief, 1953, 1 volume
Texas Democratic Executive Committee, Publications, 1961, fractional [inaugural address]
Sweatt v. Painter, Court records, 1946-1948, fractional
Texas State Archives at the Sam Houston Center
(Please note that these records are housed at the Sam Houston Regional Library and Research Center, P.O. Box 310, Liberty, Texas 77575, 936-336-8821.)
Texas Attorney General Price Daniel records, 1934, 1938-1941, 1944-1962, 1969-1970, 1978, 1986-1987, bulk 1947-1952, approximately 60 cubic ft.
Texas Governor Price Daniel records, 1944-1966. undated, bulk 1957-1962, approximately 466 cubic ft.
U.S. Senator Price Daniel papers, 1928, 1938-1939, 1942-1961, bulk 1952-1957, approximately 117 cubic ft.
Price Daniel Papers as Special Assistant to the Texas Attorney General for the Texas v. Louisiana boundary case, 1969-1973, 2.75 cubic ft.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

(Identify the item), Texas Governor Price Daniel campaign files. Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

Accession Information

Accession numbers: 1989/250, 1989/251, 1989/260

Price Daniel transferred his records as Governor of Texas to the Texas State Library and Archives Commission at the close of his administration as Governor of Texas in 1963. Included with the gubernatorial records were the majority of Daniel's records as Texas Attorney General and a large quantity of his papers as the United States Senator from Texas.

The Texas State Library transferred these documents to the Sam Houston Regional Library and Research Center in 1977. In 1989 Mrs. Price Daniel donated the private papers of Price Daniel as attorney general and governor in addition to his papers as U.S. Senator from Texas.

Processing Information

Carrie Griffin, April 1993

Detailed Description of the Records


Governor Price Daniel campaign files, 1950, 1956-1962, bulk 1956-1962,
approximately 71 cubic ft.

211 Campaign for Governor files, 1956:
Accounting - expense forms, expenditures by Greenhill, miscellaneous receipts, forms for candidate's statement of expense, Greyhound waybills
Travel Expense Reports, January- May
212 Travel Expense Reports, June-December
Petty Cash, April-December
Accounting, statements, April-December
Applications - State Headquarters employees (list of personnel in headquarters)
Automobiles - campaign
Applications for employment
Jane Cheever, miscellaneous
Price Daniel correspondence, general
Bill Daniel - Liberty Bicentennial
District Managers - copy of stencils
Election code
Election returns, accurate copy
Greenhill, personal letterheads
Interoffice memos
Lyndon Johnson for president
Legal opinions
Rural Electrification Association
State Bar of Texas
State Boards
State Democratic Convention, May 1956
Telephone directories (correspondence re:)
County managers, special mailing
County organization plans
Newspapers, editorials against
Editorials, narcotics
Literature invoices
Application forms
213 Editorials, unfavorable
Newspapers - requests for material
Belden polls
Polls - others
Newspapers, special mailings
Publicity, State Headquarters Staff
Texas Press Association
Newspapers, women's release
Magazine advertising-proposed
The Farmer-Stockman
Magazine advertising, general (summary)
Oil and Gas Review
Texas Outlook
Newspapers - news release
[2 folders]
Advertising, newspaper, Jewish Post, Catholic Pension News, Texas Senior Citizen, The Visitor, Daily Texan, VFW News
County Publicity Chairman, local
Newspapers requesting advertising
Billboards - locations, request for business cards
George Christian - Atlanta State Park clipping
Direct mail - brochures, letters to editors, etc.
Cancelled checks drawn from Austin National Bank
[9 packages]
Campaign for Governor files, 1960:
General correspondence files for Texas counties:
Anderson through Dallas
214 Dawson through Zavala
215 Miscellaneous folders:
Governor, third term
Races, clippings, 1960
Campaign, clippings, 1960
Campaign for Governor headquarters files, 1956:
Payroll records, Austin headquarters, 1956
Run-off promotion files
Teachers and education
Direct mail, post cards, Spanish brochures, "The Negro Postcard"
Endorsements - former O'Danielites, former Yarboroughites
Newspapers, editorials
News releases
State organization
Trade Associations
Platform - statements by Senator Daniel, general information
Gas bill
Left-wing radicals
Natural gas bill
George Parr
Race horse gambling
Hart's integration statement
Daniel's referendum committee
Socialized medicine
Southern manifesto
State Park Board Lodge program
Voting records
Veterans Land Board
House Investigation committee report
Veterans Land Board, Tex Connell, VFW statement
216 Veterans Land Board-minutes
Bill to prohibit use of "U.S." in business titles, 1956
Veterans Wives Vote
Lists (1st Primary Returns)
Democratic Candidate
Code of Fair Campaign Practices
Eligibility, Senate election question
Candidates for Governor, special information
Narcotics, special mailing to newspapers
Direct mail
Canvassed returns by county, corrected
Delegates to Republican National Convention
Legislative candidates
Democratic Advisory Council
Democratic County Chairmen of Texas
Democratic Executive Committee
County Managers
Members of Texas Legislature
Newspapers supporting right to work statistics
Outdoor writers
Newspapers, daily and weekly
State Agencies and Boards
State Press Representatives in Washington
State Representatives in Congress
Trade Associations and Professional Associations
Democratic Convention:
Platform, Big Steal pamphlet
Clippings, contested delegations
Convention committees
Party nominations
Rules of convention
Proxy forms
Temporary vice chairman
Notes - J. J. Pickle
Convention staff
Support of Democratic nominee
Photostats showing payment of Yarborough headquarters air conditioner
Johnson's statement about Daniel
Campaign ideas
217 Public Relations
Speeches (for delivery on behalf of Price Daniel)
Statewide campaign organization
Television, speeches
Narcotics documentary
Speech, March 26
Cost sheets - telecast rates of Texas stations
Trade associations-correspondence and lists
State Workers letter, public employees letter
Taxpayers Association, report on
218 Campaign, correspondence for counties, 1960:
Anderson through Erath
219 Falls through McCulloch
220 McLennan through Zapata
[Letters and notebook]
[2 notebooks]
Handwritten letters from a campaign worker touring the state interviewing Republican workers and a notebook of counties showing number of poll taxes paid in the county, county Democratic organization, Senator, Representative, County Judge, Daniel campaign manager, quantity of campaign material sent to each county (examples of 1960 campaign posters and bumper stickers located in Oversized Box #1)
221 Campaign, correspondence for counties, 1958:
Anderson through Guadalupe
Instructions to county campaign managers, including an outline of campaign organization and plan
[1 notebook]
222 Campaign, correspondence for counties, 1958:
Hale through Presidio
223 Campaign, correspondence for counties, 1956:
Galveston through Refugio
224 Roberts through Zavala and Senatorial District number 31
225 Campaign for Governor files, 1958:
1958 general election
Governor's campaign
Newspaper ads and editorials, 1958
Clippings of campaign, 1958
Press releases, file copies
Press memorandums
Other races, clippings, 1958
Rally at Wooldridge Park
Texas Legislative Service, returns in first Democratic primary, Senate and House of Representatives, July 27, 1958
Governor's race, general, 1956
Old campaign material
Newspapers, examples of advertisements: Texas Public Employee, good newspaper ads, Texas campaign facts, State Pension News, Legion News, etc.
County managers, 1958
Campaign clippings, 1958
Speech material, 1956
Daniel family pictures for campaign use
Correspondence - George Christian
Campaign Plans and Pictures
State Organization - Youth Division
News Releases and Notes, 1958
Campaign, correspondence for counties, 1956:
Correspondence concerning speaking engagements, 1956
226 Anderson through Rusk
Women's Activities, general
227 Campaign, correspondence for counties, 1956:
Anderson through Dallas
Orders for campaign materials, filed A-Z by name of recipient
228 Campaign, correspondence for counties, 1956:
Dallas through Presidio
Youth for Daniel, 1958
229 Campaign, correspondence for counties, 1956:
Raines through Zavala
Miscellaneous materials, campaigns, 1956, 1958:
Advertising mats, 1958
(see drop front oversized box)
Convention strength, 1958
Results of first primary, 1958
230 Shivers resignation statements
Senate vacancy
Appointment precedents
Brief, eligibility of governor
Vote counts:
Associate Justice Supreme Court, Places 1, 2, 3
Attorney General, 1st and 2nd primary
Comptroller of Public Accounts, 1st primary
Congressman at Large, 1st primary
Governors, 1st and 2nd primary
Legislation: compulsory attendance of children at integrated schools - intermarriage and federal encroachment
Lieutenant Governor, 1st and 2nd primary
Railroad Commissioner
State Treasurer
State office candidates, total votes
Kendall brief
Original minutes, nominations committee
Daniel Convention statements
Precinct chairman, miscellaneous, 1956
Certified Daniel campaign contributions and expenses, 1952, 1956
Governors Race, radio and television, 1958
Television speech of Governor Price Daniel, July 1958
Check stubs, City National Bank of Austin
Correspondence with county workers by county, 1958:
Rains through Swisher
231 Tarrant through Zavala
Out of state correspondence
Jake Jacobsen, personal
District managers
Memos from Brad Smith re: campaign in the Valley
Jake Pickle
Honorary citizenships
Campaign literature requests
Form letters
Form letters to managers
Soil Conservation letters
Letter to people of Hardin county - excluding negroes
Resolution for county convention
Letters to: Youth for Daniel, sample radio spots, D.A.V. lists, Travis county committee, stock brokers, old age pensioners, Texas Restaurant Association, Greek lists, newspaper editors, county managers, Spanish language folders, county and district managers, letter to Christmas card recipients with enclosures
Official returns from county managers
Liberty County brochure, bumper stickers, windshield stickers
Maps, campaign, 1956
Estimates on governor's race from county managers
Vote tally
State Democratic Executive committee
Governor's campaign, concerning jobs, 1958
232 Campaign for Governor, 1958:
Mail room lists
Ads and editorials
General election
Valley meeting
Belden polls
Contribution lists, 1958
Press releases and publicity
Campaign stationery
Advertising mats
Campaign for Governor, 1956:
Clippings, mostly from services, in folders by subject
Senator Price Daniel
Hon. Allan Shivers
Senator Price Daniel, November 1955-January 1956
John C. White
Jimmy Phillips
Ralph Yarborough
233 Clippings, stories speculating an announcement for governor
Senator Price Daniel
Governor's race, general
J. Evetts Haley
J.J. Holmes
W. Lee O'Daniel
Jimmy Phillips
Reuben Senterfitt
John C. White
Ralph Yarborough
Candidates (others), 1956
Candidates for U.S. Congress
Governor's race editorials
Reuben Senterfitt
Candidates, U.S. Congress
Price Daniel - against
234 Files containing newspaper clippings and miscellaneous material
Official election returns by counties
Linda Liles, Youth for Price Daniel lists
235 County Managers
[3 folders of lists]
District Managers - lists
Daniel Itinerary
July 4th schedule
District Managers
(1 folder for each name, correspondence included)
Thirtieth District Men
Book wires
Help and service offered
Financial assistance promised but not yet received
Assistant campaign chairman, official designations
Robo letter to county managers:
Anderson through Childress
236 Comanche through Frio
Pictures of General H. Miller Ainsworth, John D. (Pat)
Patton campaign headquarters in Childress
Campaign for Governor, 1962:
Advertising, Price Daniel, 1962
Announcement Speech, on television, February 2, 1962
Attorney General race, 1962
Campaign Policy
Citizens Law Enforcement Committee, 1962
1962 clippings, governor's campaign
John Connally
(includes photostat of Connally campaign expenditures to April 1962)
Editorial files
Farm Bureau
Field Men Reports, 1962
Marshall Formby, governor's race, 1962
Governor's race, 1960
Other candidates, 1962
Horse race betting, 1962
Insurance, Governor's campaign, 1962
Johnston, Dan Elliott - reports from
Robert Kennedy
(his remarks on Texas Revolution, clipping)
237 Campaign for Governor, 1962:
Material sent to managers, 1962
Mailing, Governor's race, 1962
Memo: Coy M. Turlington
Padre Island, Governor's race, 1962
Political Association of Spanish Speaking Organizations, 1962
Personnel, headquarters, 1962
Pictures, 1962,
(including the governor at his desk, family on steps, campaign shots)
Polls, December 1961
Post card orders
Press releases, 1962
Governor's race, press releases, 1960
State Democratic Executive Committee
Campaign songs
Spanish language folder
Special articles, 1962
Speeches for the governor's race, 1962
Suggested speeches on behalf of Price Daniel
Spot announcements, radio
Teachers - Higher education
May 4th telecast
April 30th telecast
Television, Governor's race, 1962
TIPRO magazine
Other political races, 1962
Radio governor's race
Election reform (Senate Joint Resolution 31 - moves to reform electoral method) 1956
238 Walker, General Edwin A. - Governor's race, 1962
Wilson, Will and Yarborough - candidates, 1962
Women's Organization for Price Daniel, 1962
Unfavorable letters, campaign, 1962
Correspondence, filed by county:
Anderson through Erath
239 Falls through Jones
Clippings, political races, 1960
TV program, bills, February 2, 1962
Finance Committee letters - additional funds
240 Finance Committee letters, 1962
(robo forms 1,2,3)
Letters soliciting contributions, filed A-Z
Mailing lists for contributions filed by county, A-Z
Advertising mats
(see oversized box #2)
241 Correspondence, filed by county:
Karnes through Uvalde
242 Out of State files: one folder for each county, containing correspondence concerning issues of the campaign, the campaign and contributions
Campaign for Governor, 1960, 1962
Yearbook of San Elizario School, 1961
Spanish language, campaign material, Laredo names
[looseleaf notebook]
(moved to oversized box #2)
County managers list, 1962
Book telegrams to managers
Headquarters memos and wires to managers
Comments on campaign by managers, filed by county: A-Z
Memos and general correspondence to residents, filed by county:
Anderson through Hidalgo
243 Campaigns for Governor, 1958, 1960, 1962:
Memos and general correspondence to residents, filed by county:
Hill through Zavala
Sample folder of materials sent to workers in Youth for Daniel
Miscellaneous press releases and articles
Campaign material
Newsclipping Index, 1956
Campaign workers listed
Jake Jacobsen, Trustee Account, 1958-59
Campaign finances, general, 1960
Payroll, 1960
Financial Report to Secretary of State, 1960,
244 Campaigns for Governor, 1958, 1960:
Margaret Behrens, bills
Cox contributors - partial list
Governor's race, polls, 1960
Lists, campaign, 1960
Campaign, Speech at Wooldridge Park, June 30, 1958
Campaign luncheon, 1958
Out of state campaign, 1960
Robo letter forms composed by Price Daniel
Report to Governor Daniel from Harris campaign
Campaign, 1960
Advertising, 1960
County Managers, general, 1960
Folders orders filled by E&I
List of county judges
Jack Cox
Governor's schedule
Job applicants
Miscellaneous reports
County managers list, 1960
Mailings to county managers
Manager materials
Radio - TV - general
State Democratic Executive Committee field reports
Special letters, 1960
TV films, April 25, 1960
TV films, May 2, 1960
Other TV broadcasts
Miscellaneous mailings
Finance committee mailings
(form 1,2,3 robo letters)
Unpaid bills, paid bills
245 District managers, 1958
Managers list, 1957
Daniel picture in Texas Parade for July 1958: "Texas Welcomes Industry"
[2 copies]
Single letters requesting names to be thanked for campaign work and support, filed by county (Anderson through Zavala)
Yearbook of the Pan American Round Table, 1961-1962
Thanks for campaign contributions (filed by name and contributor)
Correspondence, filed by county, 1956:
Anderson through Bell
246 Bexar through Terry
Out of state Governor's race and congratulations
247 Correspondence, filed by county, 1956:
Throckmorton through Zavala
Letters, re: resignation controversy
[on top of files, 4 black and white cartoons on cardboard]
Unmounted clippings, mostly 1956
Texas Press clippings, five envelopes
Agriculture, farm problems
Texas, Newsclippings:
Governor's race-primary prior to and including, July 28, 1956
[white labels]
Price Daniel
Price Daniel (against)
J. Evetts Haley
J.J. Holmes
W. Lee O'Daniel
Reuben Senterfitt
Ralph Yarborough
Candidates, others
Candidates - U.S. Congress
Daniel, Senator
Democrats for Eisenhower
Democratic, State Executive Committee
Democratic party
Democratic party (following governor's convention)
Editorials, governor's race
Gallup Poll
General election, William Bryant
General election, candidates, others
General election, Price Daniel, Democratic nominee
General election, Price Daniel, Democratic nominee, resignation: procedure for U.S. Senate race
248 Governor's Race - editorials
Price Daniel
General and opposed to Price Daniel
Governor's Race - runoff (from primary through August 25, 1956), 1956
Price Daniel
Price Daniel (against)
Ralph Yarborough
W. Lee O'Daniel
Candidates, others
U.S. Senate
Governor's Race - editorials
Price Daniel
Governor's Convention - Fort Worth, September 10-12, 1956
National News clippings:
Daniel, Senator
Democratic Majority Leader, Johnson
Democratic Party
Drew Pearson
Electoral College
Gas Bill
Labor, National
Lobbying probe, campaign expenditures
Presidential candidates - Eisenhower, Estes Kefauver, Adlai Stevenson
Republican Party
U.S. Congress, members and legislation
U.S. Supreme Court
Resource material, miscellaneous
General election - Allan Shivers
General election, editorials
General election, editorials, Daniel
General election, general
General election, O'Daniel, Constitutional Party Nominee
General election, Yarborough-Liberal Democratic party nominee
Liberty Bicentennial
National Clippings
Point Program by Daniel runoff, Governor's Race, Daniel (against)
Runoff, Governor's Race, Editorials, Daniel
Runoff, Governor's Race, Editorials
Senate, U.S. Race
Senate Race, Editorials
Shepperd, John Ben, Attorney General
Senate Resignation controversy
Editorials, General, Texas
Governor Allan Shivers
Editorials, General National
249 Correspondence, filed by county, 1956:
El Paso through Nueces
250 Menard through Zavala
Miscellaneous clippings, 1955-1956,
News release copies of 3 speeches:
Information about the People's Business, January 21, 1956
Senator Daniel's reply to Governor Shivers, November 21, 1956
Democracy vs. Communism, March 16, 1956
Advertising mats used in 1956 campaign
(see oversized box #2)
Newspapers containing mention of Price Daniel, 1956
(newspaper box #1)
251 Campaign for Governor, 1956:
Freedom of Information
Expense report filed, November 13, 1956
Financial statements
[4 folders]
Financial statements, Washington
Financial reports, data in regard to committee for local self-government
County managers lists
Brochure idea (Syers, Pickle & Wynn)
Furniture and Fixtures, headquarters
Trade Associations
Lists for mailings
Billboards, design and order
Governor's Race - Insurance questions and Veterans Land Board
Senate Natural Gas Act Material
[large folder]
Weekly reports, Congressional Quarterly
Instructions to county managers
Press releases and campaign plans
Copy of Texas, Our Texas, official state song
[sheet music]
Support for Governor's race, postcards,
[1 folder]
Miscellaneous county files, thanks and congratulations from mostly Harris county residents (in alpha order):
A through B
252 C through Z
Support for Governor's race, postcards,
[1 folder]
Subcommittee on Privileges and Elections
Contributions and expenditures
Final report of contributions
Veterans land board, 1950
Copies of newspapers
(see newspaper box #1)
Campaign correspondence filed by county, 1956:
Anderson through Bowie (some have correspondence summary)
253 Brazoria through Edwards
254 Ellis through Grimes
255 Guadalupe through Jefferson
256 Jim. Hogg through McLennan
257 McLennan through Sherman
258 Dallas (A-S)
259 Dallas (T-Z), Tarrant (A-Z), and Smith county
260 Smith and Travis (A-Z)
261 Bexar (A-F)
262 Bexar (G-Z) and Harris (A-G)
263 Harris (H-Z)
Congratulatory letters and telegrams
294 State Democratic Executive Committee files, 1957-1962:
State Democratic Executive Committee
Democratic party, election of precinct delegates
Democratic Party, 1958-1960
Governor's luncheon, January 19, 1957
Governor's luncheon, May 29 and 30
Plainview meeting, June 16
Democrats of Texas, 1958
Duval County Executive Committee
Jake Jacobsen
State Democratic Executive Committee, 1960
State Democratic Convention, 1962
Newspaper clippings, State Democratic Executive Committee, 1959-1960
Platform, 1960
State Democratic Executive Committee clippings, 1961
State Democratic Executive Committee, San Antonio, September 1958
State Convention in San Antonio, 1958
State Democratic Executive Committee letters, re: questionnaire
State Democratic Executive Committee, 1957
Democrats of Texas, 1957
Democratic Party, 1957
Party Registrations
State Democratic Executive Committee, 1962
537 Campaign, 1956:
Speeches, scripts
Miscellaneous fact sheets
Notes for speeches
Paid bills
Furniture and fixtures and headquarters
Check Stubs
Tax Data
Statement of expenses
Campaign clippings
"Consumer Loan Rate Regulation in Texas" by Donald A. Tyree
538 Miscellaneous files, 1960-1961:
Politics in Harris County, 1960-1961
State Democratic Executive Committee clippings
(Clipped by this organization on the subject of Texas politics and Governor Daniel in particular. This group is from various dates. The 1960 National Convention is covered in this group.)
553 Governor's Race, 1962:
Files and material from Margaret Behren's office
Financial and correspondence:
Appointees, Governor, list used in 1962 campaign
Contractor list, Governor's race
Thank you letters to those who helped retire deficit
Field Workers Expenses
Finances, general
Finance Committee
Finance Reports to Secretary of State
Payroll, campaign, 1962
Campaign press releases
Supporter lists by Senatorial districts
Appreciation dinner, lists used for invitations
John Connally
Will Wilson
554 Files and material from Margaret Behren's office
Financial and correspondence:
Don Yarbrough
Jack Cox
Check stubs
Card file with contributor's names and amounts
Newspaper clippings with subjects including Texas politics, Governor Daniel in particular; filed by date (daily)
[mounted on yellow paper]:
through March 27, 1961
555 March 28-May 1, 1961
556 May 2-June 22, 1961
561 and 562 October 6-December 31, 1961
558 and 559 Contributors to campaigns, 1956, 1960
[3×5 cards]
(Cards give name, address and amount of contribution.)
560 Files of county managers from campaign that list supporters and contain copies of material sent to the county managers, 1958
599 Campaign for Governor:
Governor's Race, legal questions
Governor's Race, opinion poll
Trade Association, runoff mailings
Campaign speeches, 1956
Governor's Race, County Chairmen, 1956
Governor's Race
[manila envelope]
Governor's Race, paid bills
Governor's Race, unpaid bills
Bills, Governor's Race
Campaign to re-elect speech
Legislative re-districting in Texas
Lands (agriculture)
Agriculture (#2)
Area Redeveloping
Information concerning cities of Texas
Texas, cities of
[manila envelope]
Employment Applications
Governor (miscellaneous information)
Governor for a Day - David W. Ratliff, June 30, 1961
Governor for a Day - Ray Roberts, May 1, 1961
Governor for a Day - Frank Owen, III, Jan. 6, 1961
Billie Sol Estes file, 1962
600 Campaign Folders, one per county, filed alphabetically
601 Campaign Folders (denoting contributions)
603 Correspondence relating to Price Daniel's campaign for governor, 1956