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Texas Governor Coke R. Stevenson:

An Inventory of Records (Part 2) at the Texas State Archives, 1941-1948


Creator: Texas. Governor (1941-1947 : Stevenson)
Title: Records (part 2)
Dates: 1941-1948
Abstract: These records consist of correspondence files and general files including reports of Texas Governor Coke R. Stevenson. Stevenson served from August 4, 1941 to January 21, 1947. The records date from 1941 to 1948. Texas governors work with all state agencies, with the judiciary, and with local and federal governments. Governors make appointments to governing boards and fill some judicial and legislative vacancies. Correspondents include the citizens of Texas and private organizations as well. Issuing proclamations, deciding on clemency petitions, and reviewing extradition orders are other facets of governors' duties documented in governors' records. Notable subjects in Governor Stevenson's records include Depression-era policies, the effects of World War II on Texas, post-war employment of veterans, and employment of the physically handicapped.
Quantity: 61 linear ft.
Repository: Texas State Archives
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Agency History

The governor of Texas is the chief executive officer of the state, elected by the citizens every four years. The duties and responsibilities of the governor include serving as commander-in-chief of the state's military forces; convening special sessions of the legislature for specific purposes; delivering to the legislature at the beginning of each regular session a report on the condition of the state, an accounting of all public money under the governor's control, a recommended biennial budget, an estimate of the amounts of money required to be raised by taxation, and any recommendations he deems necessary; signing or vetoing bills passed by the legislature; and executing the laws of the state. The governor can grant reprieves and commutations of punishment and pardons, upon the recommendation of the Board of Pardons and Paroles, and revoke conditional pardons. He appoints numerous state officials (with the consent of the Senate), fills vacancies in state and district offices (except vacancies in the legislature), calls special elections to fill vacancies in the legislature, fills vacancies in the United States Senate until an election can be held, and serves as ex officio member of several state boards.

The office of governor was first established by the Constitution of 1845 and superseded the office of president of the Republic of Texas. The position now exists under authority of Article IV, Section 1 of the Constitution of 1876 and Texas Government Code, Chapter 401. To be elected governor, a person must be at least thirty years old, a United States citizen, and a resident of Texas for at least five years preceding the election. In 1972, the term of office was extended from two to four years, effective in 1975. Since 1856 the governor has had the use of the Governor's Mansion.

In 1942 the Office of the Governor had less than 30 full-time equivalent employees. The office was not formally organized into divisions or departments.

Coke R. Stevenson Biographical Sketch

Coke Robert Stevenson was born in Mason County on March 20, 1888, son of Robert Milton and Virginia Stevenson.

Stevenson received seven years of formal schooling and as a teenager he went into the freight business. He studied history and bookkeeping, became a janitor in the Junction State Bank, did its bookkeeping, and by the age of twenty, he was a cashier. He studied law at night and passed the State Bar in 1913. He practiced law and organized the First National Bank in Junction, serving as its president. He soon became involved in numerous small businesses in Junction.

Stevenson served as the county attorney of Kimble County from 1914 to 1918 and as county judge from 1919 to 1921. In 1928 he was elected to the Texas House of Representatives, serving from 1929 to 1939. He served as the Speaker of the House from 1933 to 1937. In 1939 he was elected Lieutenant Governor. He held that office until 1941.

Stevenson became governor when Governor W. Lee O'Daniel resigned in 1941 to enter the United States Senate. In 1942 Stevenson was elected governor on his own. He was reelected in 1944. Some high points and issues of his administration include a concern for soil conservation laws; the expansion of, and a permanent financing policy for, the state highway system, an enlarged building program at the University of Texas; and teacher salary increases. He was against the centralization of governmental power, and he opposed some of President Franklin Roosevelt's domestic policies. He emphasized conservative financial policies, beginning his administration with a State Treasury deficit, and ending with a surplus in the Treasury.

Stevenson ran for the U. S. Senate in 1948 and was defeated by Lyndon B. Johnson by eighty-seven votes. This was a highly controversial race, and the loss of it took Stevenson out of political life. He became disenchanted with the Democratic Party and supported Republican presidents Dwight D. Eisenhower and Richard M. Nixon.

Coke Stevenson married Fay Wright on December 24, 1912 and they had one son. She died in January 1942. In 1954 he married a widow, Marguerite (King) Heap and they had one daughter. Governor Stevenson died on June 28, 1975.

Scope and Contents of the Records

These records consist of correspondence files and general files including reports of Texas Governor Coke R. Stevenson. Stevenson served from August 4, 1941 to January 21, 1947. The records date from 1941 to 1948. Texas governors work with all state agencies, with the judiciary, and with local and federal governments. Governors make appointments to governing boards and fill some judicial and legislative vacancies. Correspondents include the citizens of Texas and private organizations as well. Issuing proclamations, deciding on clemency petitions, and reviewing extradition orders are other facets of governors' duties documented in governors' records. Notable subjects in Governor Stevenson's records include Depression-era policies, the effects of World War II on Texas, post-war employment of veterans, and employment of the physically handicapped.

These records have not been processed. This finding aid is based on the existing folder titles. Misidentifications and misfilings are possible.

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Arrangement of the Records

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Index Terms

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Personal Names:
Stevenson, Coke R.--(Coke Robert)--1888-1975.
Corporate Names:
Texas. Office of the Governor.
Disabled veterans--Vocational rehabilitation--Texas.
Administrative agencies--Texas.
World War, 1939-1945--War work--Texas.
World War, 1939-1945--Civilian relief--Texas.
War--Economic aspects--Texas.
War and emergency legislation--Texas.
Criminal justice, Administration of--Texas.
Texas--Politics and government--1865-1950.
Texas--Officials and employees--Selection and appointment.
Document Types:
Administering Texas.
Decision making.

Related Material

The following materials are offered as possible sources of further information on the agencies and subjects covered by the records. The listing is not exhaustive.

Texas State Archives
Prints and Photographs Collections. See especially Texas Department of Public Safety, Photographs, 1937-1959, undated, 16 cubic ft.
Texas Secretary of State, Governor's clemency proclamations, 1846-2002
Texas Governor W. Lee O'Daniel, Records, 1938-1941, undated, 73.79 cubic ft. See especially Anti-American activities files, 1939-1941, 1.41 cubic ft.
Texas Postwar Economic Planning Commission, Records, 1943-1949, 7.71 cubic ft.
Texas State Archives Manuscript Collections
Campaign material, (bulk 1928, 1933, 1941-1944), fractional
Coke R. Stevenson, Literary productions (2 speeches and a proclamation), 1943, 1945, fractional
Byron C. Utecht, Collection, 1948-1958, fractional. See especially a scrapbook on the Texas Senate race of 1948
University of North Texas Archives Oral History Program
Oral history interview with Coke R. Stevenson and interviews with others about Stevenson.
Lyndon Baines Johnson Library and Museum
Oral history interview transcript with Callan Graham. [Graham was a legislator, he worked for Governor Stevenson, and was director of the Texas Catholic Conference among other things.] A copy of the interview transcript is also available at the Catholic Archives of Texas, Texas Catholic Conference Records.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

(Identify the item), Records, Texas Governor Coke R. Stevenson. Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

Accession Information

Accession numbers: 1985/024

These records were transferred to the Archives and Information Services Division of the Texas State Library and Archives Commission by the State and Local Records Management Division of the Commission in 1961.

Processing Information

Inventoried by Archives staff

Detailed Description of the Records


Coke R. Stevenson records (part 2), 1941-1948,
61 cubic ft.

4-14/160 General Files:
Map of Spanish Texas, 1835
Bulletins, Educational Service
Bulletins, Army and Navy Newspapers
Bulletins, American Public Welfare Association
Young Democratic Club, 1946
Wool Raising Industry, 1945
Women's Army Corps, 1945
West Texas State Teachers College at Canyon
Woman's Christian Temperance Union
Voluntary County Parole Board System, 1945
Water Engineers, Board of, 1945
Water Treaty, 1945
State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners, 1945
Veto Messages, 1945
Wallace, Henry A.
War Memorials
Washington-on-the Brazos Celebration
Washington's Birthday Celebration, 1945
Veteran's Program, 1945
Lower Colorado River Authority, Financial Report, Nov. 30, 1944
[foldered by Archives staff]
A Poster Portrait of Thomas Jefferson
[foldered by Archives staff]
Post-War Highway Policies
[foldered by Archives staff]
Ten Commandments for all Americans
[foldered by Archives staff]
Norman Rockwell's, "Four Freedoms"
[foldered by Archives staff]
National War Fund Poster
4-14/161 Correspondence:
War Assets Administration, 1947
Henry A. Wallace, Comments
Veterans, Comments, General Info. Etc., 1947
State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners, 1947
State Board for Vocational Education, 1947
Volunteers of America, 1947
Disabled American Veterans, 1947
Veterans Administration, 1947
Veterans Affairs Commission, 1947
Veto Messages, 1947
Virginia, William M. Tuck, Governor, 1947
Voluntary Parole System, 1947
U. S. O., 1947
Land Grant Maps from Sun Oil Co.
[unlabeled folder]
Medical School, Galveston, University of Texas 1947
Veterans State Service Office, K-Z, 1947
[empty folder]
University of Texas, C. R. Granberry, 1947
Court of Civil Appeals, Herman Sweatt vs. T. S. Painter, et al
Fort Crockett, University of Texas
Bureau of Business Research, University of Texas, 1947
San Antonio Branch of the University of Texas Medical School, 1947
University of Texas, 1947
Texas Legal Directory, 1945-46
Texas Department of Public Safety Biennial Report, 1947-48
Texas-Oklahoma Bank Directory
Registered Professional Engineers of Texas, July, 1945
League of Texas Municipalities, 1947
The Bank Directory, Sept. 1946
Opportunities for the Handicapped, Cincinnati, 1947-48
Brief of the Supreme Court, USA vs State of Louisiana Oct. 1948
[three unfoldered copies]
Brief of the Supreme Court, USA vs State of Texas, Oct. 1948
[five unfoldered copies]
Treasury Department Report to Congress, March 1949
Mexican Consul
Mexican Governors' Correspondence
Midland A. & M. Packing Company
Mile of Dimes
Misc., December 1942
Misc., November 1942
Misc., October 1942
Misc., September 1942
Misc., August 1942
Misc., July 1942
Misc., June 1942
Misc., May 1942
Misc., April 1942
Misc., March 1942
4-14/162 General Files:
"Optimist Week" Proclamation, Dec. 1, 1941
Parent Teacher Membership Day
April 15th, Pan American Day in Texas
Peach Week
Infantile Paralysis Campaign, President's Birthday Fund
Texas Pioneer Day Proclamation, August 12, 1941
Public Health Nursing Day
Potato Week
Prisoner of War Week
Request for Reward Proclamation
Railroad Manpower Drive Month, August 1945
Religious Education Week
Request for Reward Proclamation, Sheriff W.A. Scholl, New Braunfels
Shut-In Day Proclamation, June 6, 1943
Salerno Day, 1945
Salerno Day, Sept. 9, 1945
Sam Houston Commemoration Day
Soils and Souls Sunday
Soil and Water Conservation Month, May 1946
"Revitalization of Rural Life in Texas"
[unlabeled folder]
State Fair of Texas Days
Stars and Bars Week
Stevenson Personal
Texas Statehood Day
Thirty-Sixth Division Day
Thanksgiving, 1945
I Troop Carrier Command 3rd Anniversary Day
Veteran's Memorial Operating Fund Week
Victory Day, August 14, 1946
Victory Collection of Canned Foods Week
V-J Day Proclamation
[empty folder]
Victory Loan Band Drive
Victory Clothing Drive
Texas Wool and Mohair Week
Wainwright Day
Tax Adminstrators News
Telephone Strike, March 13, 1947 and April 7, 1947
Telephone Strike
Texas City Explosion
Texas City Explosion
Texas Employment Service, 1947
Texas Employment Commission, Ted Clifford, 1947
Texas Fine Arts Association
Texas Flag Presentation
Texas Fox and Wolf Hunters Association
Texas Funeral Directors and Embalmers Association
Texas Good Roads
Texas Graduate Nurses Association
Texas Hospital Association
Texas Memo Desk Calendar (Sent to all governors and others.) 1948
Texas Public Employees Association
Texas Poll
Texas Schools Receiving Federal Assistance under the Lanham Act
T-E-X-A-S Song
Texas State Guard Association
Texas State Rifle Association
Texas Youth and Government Program
Textiles, Governor's Office
Travis County Vocational School
President Truman Foreign Policy
Washington State Liquor Control Board
Address of Gov. Lester C. Hunt, Wyoming
Address of Gov. Clarence W. Meadows, West Virginia
Water Conservation Conference, 1947
Water Engineers, State Board of, 1947
4-14/163 General Files:
Request, October 1942
Request, August 1942
Request, July 1942
Request, June 1942
Request, May 1942
Request, April 1942
Request, March 1942
Request, February 1942
Request, January 1942
Request for Appointment, December 1942
Request for Appointment, November 1942
Request for Appointment, October 1942
Request for Appointment, September 1942
Request for Appointment, August 1942
Request for Appointment, July 1942
Request for Appointment, June 1942
Request for Appointment, May 1942
Request for Appointment, April 1942
Request for Appointment, March 1942
Request for Appointment, February 1942
Request for Appointment, January 1942
Request for Deficiency Appropriation
Request for picture
Rice Industry
Rubber Situation
Salvage Commission
Salvage Program
Salvation Army World War No. 1 Doughnut Recipe
Scrap Rubber Drive
Secretary of State
Secretary of War
Selective Service System
Selective Service Opposed to drafting 18 & 19 year old boys
Sheppard Field
Southern Governors' Conference, 1942
Federal Power Commission Gov. Coke Stevenson, 1942
Clippings, Gov. Coke Stevenson, 1942
Federal Communication
Federal Communication Gov. Coke Stevenson, 1942
Misc., Gov. Coke Stevenson, 1942
4-14/164 Correspondence:
Misc., February 1942
Misc., January 1942
Mohair Situation
National Committee for the Conservation of Manpower in Defense Industries
National Defense
National Defense, Luling
National Defense Aviation Board for Texas
National Defense Exposition
National Defense Committee
National Legislation
National Reclamation Association
Navy Relief Fund
Ninth Supreme Judicial District
Oil Situation
One Hundred Sixth Judicial District
Pardons and Paroles, Board of
Board of Pardons and Paroles Referral
Park Board
Parks Board Referral
Pecos River Compact Commission
People's Mission
Correspondence Re: Pensions (Unanswered) "Ceiling"
President's Birthday Celebration
Political Calendar
Press Release, October 1942
Press Release, August 1942
Press Release, July 1942
Press Release, June 1942
Press Release, May 1942
Press Release, April 1942
Press Release, March 1942
Press Release, February 1942
Press Release, January 1942
Price Administration, Office of
Prison Board, 1942
Prison Board Referral, 1942
Prison System, 1942
Proposed pipe line to the Eastern Seaboard
Public Safety, Department of, 1942
Public Safety, Department of Referral, 1942
Public Welfare, Department of, 1942
Public Welfare, Department of Referral, 1942
Proposed Legislation
Racial Discrimination
Railroad Commission
Rationing Administration
Rationing, Meat
Requests, December 1942
Requests, November 1942
Requests, September 1942
4-14/165 General Files:
Nut, 1942
Picture, Request, 1942
Request, misc., 1942
Adjutant General referral, 1942
Department of Agriculture referral, 1942
Auditor, State referrals, 1941
[empty folder]
Barber Examiners, 1942
Blind Commission referral, 1942
Board of Control referrals, 1942
Comptrollers, referrals, 1942
Board of Cosmetologist referrals, 1942
Crippled Children, Vocational Rehabilitation referral, 1942
Department of Education referrals, 1942
Health Department Publications, 1942
Highway Department, 1942
Bureau of Records and Identification, 1942
Industrial Accident Board referrals, 1942
Insurance Commission, 1942
Labor Commission, Jan.-June, 1942
Land Commission referrals, 1942
Library, State, 1942
Liquor Control Board referrals, 1942
Referrals, misc., 1942
Prison System Paroles referrals, 1942
Department of Public Safety, 1942
Railroad Commission referrals, 1942
Rationing Board referrals, 1942
Selective Service referrals, 1942
Tax Assessor referrals, 1942
Secretary of State referrals, 1942
Teacher Retirement referrals, 1942
Selective Service referrals, 1942
State Service Officer referrals, 1942
Surplus Marketing Ad. referrals, 1942
Texas Employment Service referrals, 1942
Texas Unemployment Compensation Commission referrals, 1942
U.S. Employment Service referrals, 1942
Bureau of Vital Statistics referrals, 1942
Public Welfare Department referral, Nov. 1941
Welfare, Public Department, referral, Dec, 1941
4-14/166 General Files:
Misc. Unanswered, 1942
[empty folder]
Q, R
[empty folder]
X, Y, Z
Radio Misc.
Missing Persons, 1942
National Youth Foundation for Infantile Paralysis, 1942
Interstate Commerce Commission, 1942
Trade Barriers, 1942
War Displacement, Texas Unemployment Compensation Commission, 1942
UnAmerican Activities, 1942
Requests, 1942
Pension, 1942
Confederate Pension, 1942
Widow's Pension, 1942
Requests, 1942
Religion, 1942
4-14/167 General Files:
Autographs of Governor, 1942
Biography of Governor's, 1942
Birth Certificates, 1942
Bond, Official, 1942
Civil Aeronautic's Board, 1941
[foldered and titled by Archives staff]
Civil Complaints, 1942
[foldered and titled by Archives staff]
Congratulations, 1942
Election, 1942
Employment, 1942
Financial Aid, 1942
Bureau of Vital Statistics, 1942
Information, Army and Navy, 1942
Information, misc., 1942
Social Security Information, 1942
Suggested Legislation, 1942
Letters of Introduction, 1942
Information, Prison System, 1942
Information, Law Enforcement, 1942
Commencement, 1942
Calendar and notes, Feb. - Dec. 1947
[unlabeled folder]
4-14/168 General Files, 1941:
Special Session, 1941
Special Session, 1941
Special Session, C.R.S., 1941
[empty folder]
Sympathy, C.R.S., . 1941
Tax Measure, 1941
Unamericanism, 1941
Requests, misc., 1941
Work, want, 1941
W. P. A., C.R.S., 1941
Q, R
[empty folder]
X, Y, Z
Anonymous, 1941
Anonymous letters, 1941
Nut File, 1941
Clipping, 1941
Federal Communications Commission, C.R.S., 1941
Nut File
Chambers of Commerce, 1941
Religion, C.R.S., 1941
Acknowledge and Thanks
4-14/169 Correspondence, 1944:
Federal Regimentation, 1944
Federal Works Agency, 1944
Feed Situation, 1944
Fifth War Loan Drive, 1944
Fire Insurance Commissioner, 1944
49th Legislature, Final List of Candidates for the 1944
4-H Club News
Freight Rate Discrimination, 1944
G. I. Bill of Rights, 1944
Gambling, 1944
[empty folder]
Game, Fish and Oyster Commission, 1944
Game, Fish and Oyster Commission Referral, 1944
Good Neighbor Commission, 1944
Governors' Conference, 1944
Governor to Governor, 1944
Greetings from Governor, 1944
Gulf Southwest Industrial and Agricultural Conference, Inc., 1944
Guayule, 1944
Harris County, District Attorney Vacancy, 1944
[empty folder]
Health, Board of, 1944
Health, Department of, 1944
Health, Department of, Referral, 1944
Highway Commission, 1944
Highway Department, 1944
Guadalupe-Blanco Authority, 1944
[empty folder]
Highway Department Referral, 1944
Indian Affairs, 1944
Industrial Program, 1944
Industrial Accident Board, 1944
Industrial Accident, Referral, 1944
[empty folder]
Industry, 1944
Infantile Paralysis, National Foundation of, 1944
Insurance Commission, 1944
Insurance Commission, Referral 1944
[empty folder]
Inter-American Affairs, 1944
Interracial Discrimination, 1944
Interstate Commerce Commission, 1944
Interstate Commission on Crime, 1944
[empty folder]
Interstate Cooperation Committee, 1944
[empty folder]
Invention, 1944
[empty folder]
Judiciary, 1944
Judicial Districts, 1944
Juvenile Delinquency, 1944
Kiplinger Washington Letter, 1944
Labor, 1944
Labor, Prisoner of War, 1944
Labor Statistics, Bureau of, 1944
Labor Statistics, Bureau of, Referral, 1944
[empty folder]
Lake Bridgeport, Proposal for location of an Army-Navy Rest or Recuperative Hospital, 1944
Land Commission, 1944
Land Commission Referral, 1944
Controversial Bills, misc.
House Bill 685
Tax Remission Bills
Legislation, 1944
Investigating Committees
Bills Filed Without Signature
Bills Signed
Letters of Introduction, 1944
Letters of Recommendation, Army, Jan., Feb., March 1944
Letters of Recommendation, Army, April, May, June 1944
Letters of Recommendation, Army, July, Aug., Sept. 1944
Letters of Recommendation, Army, October, Nov., Dec., 1944
Letters of Recommendation, Coast Guard, 1944
Letters of Recommendation, Employment, Jan., Feb., March 1944
4-14/170 Correspondence, 1944:
American Legion, 1944
American Parole Association
American Red Cross, 1944
Appointment, Special County Judges, 1944
Appointment, Special District Judges (Exchange of benches) 1944
[empty folder]
Foundation of Applied Research, 1944
Arts and Industries College, 1944
Attorney General, 1944
Attorney General Referral, 1944
[empty folder]
Auditor, 1944
Auditor Referral, 1944
[empty folder]
Aviation, 1944
[Note: includes an Air Marking folder.]
Banking, 1944
Banking Department, 1944
Banking Department Referral, 1944
[empty folder]
Barber Board, 1944
[empty folder]
Barber Board Referral, 1944
[empty folder]
Beaumont Dry Blocks, 1944
Beauty Culture, National Council, Boards of
Belgian Consul General
Big Bend Park, 1944
Bills, 1944
[empty folder]
Bishop, Leo, Situation, 1944
Blind Commission, 1944
[empty folder]
Blind Commission Referral, 1944
[empty folder]
Board of Control, 1944
Board of Control Referral, 1944
Boy Scouts of America, 1944
Brazos River Conservation and Reclamation District, 1944
[empty folder]
Bureaucracy, 1944
Calf Scramble Contest, 1944
Casualty Lists, 1944
Certificates of Honor, 1944
Chiropractic Examiners, Board of, 1944
Civil Aeronautics Board, 1944
Civil Service Commission, U. S., 1944
[empty folder]
Civilian Air Patrol, 1944
Civilian Defense, 1944
Civilian Defense, Office of, 1944
[empty folder]
Cochran County Case, 1944
[empty folder]
Commencement Announcements, 1944
Comptroller's Department, 1944
Comptroller's Department Referral, 1944
[empty folder]
Cook, Cecil C.
Cosmetology Board, 1944
Cosmetology Board Referral, 1944
[empty folder]
National Cotton Council of America, 1944
Council of State Governments, 1944
Courts, 1944
Coyotes, 1944
Dallas Tuberculosis Association, 1944
[empty folder]
Dancy, Oscar C., County Judge, Brownsville, Texas, 1944
Daylight Saving Time, 1944
Deeds of Cession
Deficiency Appropiation, Request for, 1944
Defense Transportation, Office of, 1944
Dental Examiners, Board of, 1944
[empty folder]
Dental Examiners, Board of Referral, 1944
[empty folder]
Disabled American Veterans
Discharged Soldiers, Reemployment of, 1944
[empty folder]
District Judges, 1944
[empty folder]
Donations, 1944
East Texas Iron Ore
Education, Board of, 1944
Education, Department of, 1944
Education, Department of, Referral, 1944
Educational Institutions, 1944
[empty folder]
Embalming, State Board of, 1944
[empty folder]
Employment, Jan., Feb. 1944
Employment, March, April 1944
Employment, May, June 1944
Employment, July, Aug. 1944
Employment, Sept., Oct. 1944
Employment, Nov., Dec. 1944
Engineers, Board of Registration for Professional, 1944
[empty folder]
Fair Employment Practice Committee, 1944
Farm Situation, 1944
[empty folder]
Farm to Market Roads, 1944
4-14/171 Correspondence, 1941:
Galveston Mardi Gras
Game, Fish and Oyster Commission
Game, Fish and Oyster Commission Referral
Game, Fish and Oyster Commission Report
Garrison, Homer
Governor to Governor
Governor's Conference
Health, Board of
[empty folder]
Health Department
Health Department Referral
Hi - Y Congress
Highway Commission
Highway Department
Highway Department Referral
[empty folder]
Hogg Memorial Commission
House Bill No. 942
House Simple Resolution No. 13
Hull, Cordell, Secretary of State
Interstate Oil Compact Commission
Insurance Commission, 1941
Insurance Department
Insurance Department, Referral
U. S. O. Sabbath in Texas, June 8th, 1941
Dean John W. Kidd, College of Mines and Metallurgy El Paso, Texas
Kinard Resolution
Know Texas
Labor Department
Letters of Recommendation for employment
Labor Department Referral
Land Commission
Letter of Introduction
Land Release, Caddo Lake District
Legal Examiners, Board of
Limitation of Payments
Liquor Control Board Referral
Livestock Sanitary Commission
Livestock Sanitary Commission Referral
Louisiana Claim
Board of Medical Examiners
Merit System
Mexican Government
Mexican Governors Correspondence
Patrick D. Moreland's Resignation of Texas Unemployment Compensation Commission
Misc., Dec. 1941
Misc., Nov. 1941
Misc., Oct. 1941
Misc., Sept. 1941
Misc., Aug. 1941
National Defense
National Legislation
National Reclamation Association Meeting, Phoenix, Ariz., Oct. 15-17
106th District Special Election
Orphan Project
Oil Situation
Parks Board
Parks Board Referral
Patriotic Rally
Pharmacy Board, 1941
Press Release, August
Press Release, September
Press Release, October
Press Release, November
Press Release, December
Press Release, Road Bond Assumption Problem, 8-5-41
Prison Board
Prison System
Prison System Report, 1941
Proposed N. Y. A. Nurse Project
Public Safety, Department of
Public Welfare, Department of
Public Safety, Department of, Referral
Public Welfare, Department of, Referral
4-14/172 General Files:
Proclamation, National Restaurant Week
Records for Our Fighting Men Month
State Contractors
Restaurant Week, May 4, 1942
Governor Personal, Deficiency Appropriations
Salute to Heroes
Texas in the War Week
Salvage of Old Clothes Proclamation
Scrap Rubber Drive Proclamation, June 15 - 30, 1942
South Plains Army Air Field Day
Social Hygiene Day Proclamation, Feb. 4, 1942
Scrap Metal Day
"Tribute to Poland" Day
Tribute to Russia Day
Triple 7 Day
Texas Aviation Week
School Safety Patrol Day
Seabee Day
Soldier's Mail Month in Texas
Soil Conservation Day
Personal File
Religious Education Week
Victory Fleet Day
Texas Safety proclamation, Nov. 42, 1941
Wartime Tuberculosis Fund Drive
WAAC Recruiting Time Proclamation, Jan. 15-Feb. 28, 1943
Victory Concerts
Victory Garden Harvest Show Week
Victory Fleet Day
National Veterans' Week Proclamation, June 28, 1942
Victory Pulpwood Drive
Victory Garden Week
Texas Farm and School "Victory Day"
Victory Book Campaign
[foldered and titled by Archives staff]
Texas Week Proclamation, March 1-7, 1942
Texas Traditions Day
Texas State Guard Week
USO Week
United States Merchant Marine Cadet Corps Day
U. S. O. Days
Thirty-sixth Division Day Proclamation, Nov. 16, 1941
Victory Book Day
Retailers for Victory Campaign Proclamation, July, 1942
Safety Week Proclamation
A & I College
A & M College
A & M College Referral
[empty folder]
Adjutant General
Adjutant General Referral
Agriculture, Department of
Agriculture, Department of, Referral
American Legion
American Red Cross
Application for Appointment
Appointment Special Judges
Attorney General
Attorney General Referral
Automatic Tax Statements, 1941
Banking Department
Banking Department Referral
[empty folder]
Barber Board
Blind Commission
[empty folder]
Board of Control
Board of Control Referral
Boy Scouts of America
Edmond Burke Memorial
Carnegie Fund Commission
Colorado - Texas Project
Community Chest
Comptroller's Department
Comptroller's Department Referral
[empty folder]
Consul of Mexico
[empty folder]
Cosmetology Board
Cosmetology Board Referral
"Cotton Christmas" tree, Dec. 17, 1941
Council of State Governments
Court of Civil Appeals Report, 1941
Supreme Court Report, 1941
Deaf, School for
[empty folder]
Deed of Cession
Defense Savings Committee
Dental Examiners, Board of
Dublin Chamber of Commerce
Defense Guard
East Texas Chamber of Commerce
Education Department
Education Department Referral
Firemen's Pension Law Committee
Flood Control
Fourth American Highway Congress
4-14/173 Correspondence, 1945:
Misc., July, Aug., Sept. 1946
Misc., Jan., Feb., March 1945
Misc., April, May, June 1945
Misc., July, Aug., Sept. 1945
Misc., Oct., Nov., Dec. 1945
Requests to Governor for Inaugural Messages, Messages to the Legislature, etc.
Pending File
Moore's Bond, Maureen
Mother's Day, 1945
Natchez Trace Parkway Association, 1945
National Aeronautic Association, 1945
National Association of Tax Administrators, 1945
National Association of Training Schools, 1945
[empty folder]
National Cemeteries
National Commission on Higher Education
National Committee for Traffic Safety
National Cotton Council of America, 1945
National Council of Boards of Beauty Culture, 1945
National Economic Council, Inc., 1945
National Education Association of the United States, 1945
National Federal of Commerce and Industry of France, Inc., 1945
National Foundation for G.I. Joe, Inc.
(material not in a folder - it was labeled and placed in a folder) Wood ad Mats for Printing for the Selective Service plaques
[26 mats of two different kinds. Foldered and titled by Archives staff.]
Request, October 1946
Request, November 1946
Request, December 1946
Request, January 1945
Request, February 1945
Request, March 1945
Request, April 1945
Request, May 1945
Request, June 1945
Request, July 1945
4-14/174 Correspondence, 1945:
Railroad Commission
Relief for Farmers
Request, December 1941
Request, November 1941
Request, October 1941
Request, September 1941
Request, August 1941
Requests for Appointment, August
Requests for Appointment, September
Requests for Appointment, October
Requests for Appointment, November
Requests for Appointment, December
Request for Deficiency Appropriation
Requests for Picture
Robertson Reward
Resignation, Oveta Culp Hobby
Secretary of State
School Land Board
Senate Bill No. 497
Service Men
76th Judicial District
Social Security Board
Map, Soil Conservation Service
[foldered and titled by Archives staff]
Southern Governors Conference
State House Reporter
[empty folder]
Strawberry Industry
Suggested Legislation
Teacher Retirement Board
Telegraph, September 1941
Telegraph, August 1941
Telegrams, December 1941
Legislation, Appropriation Bill, 1945
Legislation, Fish Law, 1945
Legislation, Old Age Assisstance, 1945
Legislation, Recreation Bill, 1945
Legislation, Redistricting, 1945
Legislation, Returning Veterans, 1945
Legislation, Rural Aid Per Capita Apportionment, 1945
Legislation, 1945
Legislation, 1945
Leon River Flood Control
4-14/175 General Files:
Special Session, Old Age Assisstance
Special Session, Redistricting
Special Session, Soil Conservation
Special Session, Teachers Salaries
Standing Committees, House and Senate - 49th Legislature, 1945
State Aeronautics Commission, 1945
State Bar of Texas, 1945
State Democratic Executive Committee, 1945
State Service Officier, Veteran, 1945
State Teachers College, 1945
Statehood Commission, Texas Centennial of, 1945
Submerged Lands
Sugar Situation
Taxation, 1945
Switzerland Consulate
Surplus Property, 1946
Suggestions, 1945
Suggested Legislature, 1945
Teacher Retirement Board, 1945
Telegrams, January 1947
Telegrams, Jan., Feb., March 1945
4-14/176 Correspondence, 1945:
Request, August 1945
Request, September 1945
Request, October 1945
Request, November 1945
Request, December 1945
Request for Appointment, Jan., Feb., March 1946
Request for Appointment, April, May, June 1946
Request for Appointment, July, Aug., Sept. 1946
Request for Appointment, Oct., Nov., Dec. 1946
Request for Appointment, Jan., Feb. 1945
Request for Appointment, March, April 1945
Request for Appointment, May, June 1945
Request for Appointment, July, Aug. 1945
Request for Appointment, Sept., Oct. 1945
Request for Appointment, Nov., Dec. 1945
Request for Flag, 1945
Request, Governor's Biography, 1945
Request for Picture, 1945
Returning Veterans, 1945
Rio Grande Compact Commission, 1945
Road Bond Servicing Law, 1945
President Roosevelt's Death, 1945
Rubber Industry, 1945
Rusk Blast Furnace, 1945
San Antonio Arsenal
Second Infantry Division, 1945
Secretary of State, 1945
Selective Service System, 1945
Selective Service Citations
Selective Service System Referral, 1945
Senate Bills, 1945
Senators, 1945
[empty folder]
Seventh Armored Division, 1945
Silkworm Industry
M. A. Smalley, 1945
Smith, Aldrice L., S/Sgt., 1945
Soil Conservation, 1945
Soldier Vote, 1945
Southern Governors' Conference, 1945
Southern States Pardon, Probation and Parole Conference
Special Election
Special Ninth District Court, 1945
Special Session, 1945
4-14/177 General Files:
Hearing (Congress), Title to Submerged Oil Lands
[foldered and titled by Archives staff]
Oil Conservation, 1941
[foldered and titled by Archives staff]
Congressional Record, House, (dealing with oil), 1941
[foldered and titled by Archives staff]
Important Facts About Texas Oil, 1940
[foldered and titled by Archives staff]
Report for Governor Coke Stevenson, Texas Interstate Oil Compact Commission
Law Ratifying Interstate Oil Compact Commission
Misc. Reports, Oil
Organization, Purposes and Functions of Interstate Oil Compact Commission
Mailing List by States, Interstate Oil Compact Commission
Production Statistics, Oct. 16, 1941
Conservation Legislation, meeting, Interstate Oil Compact Commission, Aug. 23, 1940
Address, Gov. Phillips, Sept. 30, 1941
Kornfeld Report, Interstate Oil Compact Commission
Recycling of Scrap Rubber
Interstate Oil Compact Commission Meeting, New Orleans, La., April 14, 1941
Quarterly Meeting Interstate Oil Compact Commission, New Orleans, La., Oct. 16, 1941
Endorsements to Gov. Allred, et al for positions
[empty half folder]
Report Regular Quarterly Meeting, Interstate Oil Compact Commission, Oklahoma City, Dec. 19-20, 1941
Interstate Oil Compact Quarterly Bulletin, April, 1946
Report of Meeting, Interstate Oil Compact Commission, Little Rock, Ark., March 27-28, 1942
Report of Meeting, Interstate Oil Compact Commission, Lexington, Ky., July, 1942
Quarterly Meeting, Interstate Oil Compact Commission, Chicago, Ill., Oct., 1942
Quarterly Meeting, Interstate Oil Compact Commission, Oklahoma City, Okla., Dec., 1942
Interstate Oil Compact Commission Meeting, Wichita, Kansas, April, 1943
Quarterly Meeting, Pittsburgh, Pa., June 25-26, 1943
Quarterly Meeting, Santa Fe, New Mexico, Sept. 24-25, 1943
Quarterly Meeting, New Orleans, La., April, 1944
Quarterly Meeting, Denver, Colo., July 1944
Quarterly Meeting, Interstate Oil Compact Commission, Oct., 1944
4-14/178 Correspondence:
Legislation, 1945
Legislation, 1945
Letter of Recommendation, Misc., Jan., Feb., March, April '46
Letter of Recommendation, Army, Jan. - June 1945
Letter of Recommendation, Army, July - December 1945
Letter of Recommendation, Coast Guard, 1945
[empty folder]
Letter of Recommendation, Employment, Jan. - June 1945
Letter of Recommendation, Marines, 1945
[empty folder]
Letter of Recommendation, Medical Schools, 1945
[empty folder]
Letters of Introduction, 1945
Letters of Recommendation, Employment, July - Dec. 1945
Letters of Recommendation, Military Schools, 1945
Letters of Recommendation, Misc., May-Aug. 1946
Letters of Recommendation, Misc., Sept.-Dec. 1946
Letters of Recommendation, Navy, 1945
Letters of Recommendation, Misc.
Liberia, Republic of, Centennial Commission
Library and Historical Commission
Liquor Control Board, 1945
Liquor Control Board Referral, 1945
Livestock Sanitary Commission, 1945
Livestock Sanitary Commission Proclamation, 1945
Livestock Sanitary Commission Referral, 1945
Logan, Hall H., 1945
Lone Star Boys' State, 1945
Lower Colorado River Authority, 1945
Manufacturers Record
Meat Situation, 1945
Medical Examiners, Board of, 1945
Medical Examiners, Board of, Referral, 1945
Melody Maids, 1945
Memorial Day, 1945
Merit System Council
Messages to the Legislature, 1945
Mexican Bear
Mexicans Consul General, 1945
Mexicans' Correspondence
Mexican Politics
Mexico, President of
Mihailovich, General Draja
Military Affairs Committee, State, 1945
[empty folder]
Milk Situation
Misc., Jan.-March, 1946
Misc., April-June 1946
4-14/179 General Files:
Extradition Process
Extradition Requests, Acted on, Closed
Senate Session, Jan. 1946
U. S. Collector of Internal Revenue, 1944
Budget, 1944-45
Automatic Tax Board Meeting, Minutes of, April 24, 1945
Editorials, Thank You Letters
Honorable Bascom Giles, Land Commissioner
Submitting Emergency Matters to Legislature
Bills Recalled
Press Releases, Bills Signed
Session Appointments, Senate Rejections
[empty folder]
Forty-ninth Legislature, Members of, Resignation, 1945
Resignations, House Members
Bills Recalled
Veto Messages, 1943
Emergency Matters Submitted
Appointments made by Governor
Accepting Appointments, Session appointments, 49th Legisature
Session Appointment, 49th Legislature
Attorney General's Opinion Re: Expiration Date of Terms of Office of Members of Board of Health
Attorney General misc.
[foldered and titled by Archives staff]
Proclamations Pending
Stevenson, Jan. 1947
Attorney General
Appointments, Confirmations, 49th Session
Appointments Pending, Left over from Stevenson Administration
Requisitions correspondence
Stevenson, Coke R., Jr. (Mrs.) 1943
Request, June - 1944
Request, July - 1944
Request, Aug. - 1944
Request, Sept. - 1944
Request, Oct. - 1944
Request, Nov. - 1944
Request, Dec. - 1944
Request for Appointment, Jan.-Feb. 1944
Request for Appointment, March, April 1944
Request for Appointment, May, June 1944
Request for Appointment, July, Aug. 1944
Request for Appointment, Sept., Oct. 1944
Request for Appointment, Nov., Dec. 1944
Request for flag, 1944
Request for Governor's Biography, 1944
Request for picture, 1944
4-14/180 General files:
Quarterly meeting, Interstate Oil Compact Commission, December 1944
Stripper Wells Report, December 1942
Journal, Research and Coordinating Committee, No. 3-5, 1943
Journal, Research and Coordinating Committee, No. 6-8
Text of Address by B. L. Majewski, Santa Fe, New Mexico meeting of Interstate Oil Compact, 9-25-43
Accounts, Interstate Oil Compact Commission Prorata Share of Expenses paid by Texas, 1941-42
Correspondence, Interstate Oil Compact Commission, 1941
Correspondence, Interstate Oil Compact Commission, 1942
Correspondence, Interstate Oil Compact Commission, 1943-44
Correspondence, Interstate Oil Compact Commission, 1945
Accounts, Interstate Oil Compact Commission, Prorata Share of Expenses paid by Texas, 1943-44
Address Beauford H. Jester - Quarterly Meeting, Oct. 1944
Anglo-American Oil Agreement Report National Oil Policy Comm., Dec. 5, 1944

[empty unlabeled folder]
Interstate Oil Compact Commission, Monthly Meeting reports, June and July 1945
[unlabeled folder]
Interstate Oil Compact Commission, Monthly meeting reports, Sept. and July 1945
[unlabeled folder]
Interstate Oil Compact Commission Misc. reports, 1946
[foldered by Archives staff]
Federal Power Commission Docket No. G-580
Interstate Oil Compact Comm., Quarterly Bulletin, Aug. '46
[foldered by Archives staff]
Interstate Oil Compact Comm., Quarterly Bulletin, July '44
[foldered by Archives staff]
Post War Planning Commission Acceptances
Requesting Transfer of Federal Prisoners to Texas for Texas Prison System
Bills Vetoed
Post Session Vetoes
Extraditions, Pending, Correspondence, Misc.
Extraditions, Pending
Extraditions Protests; Extraditions Acted on, 1945;1946
Extradition Request, Bagwell, U. E., Oklahoma
Extradition, James Martin Aceman, North Carolina
Extradition, Rathbone and others, New Mexico
Extradition, Floyd A. Hill, State of Oklahoma
Extradition, Marion Isum Bowling, Oklahoma
Extradition, Antonio Montelongo Valdez
Extradition, Harold George Donaghe
Extradition, Darrell V. Mason
Extradition, Darrell V. Mason, Missouri
Extradition, Darrell V. Mason, postponed 60 days, 1944
Extradition, Cecil Don Moss
Extradition, Alvin Marshal, Oklahoma, Action Suspended, "Child Stealing"
Extradition, Floyd Lutz, alias Robert Floyd Leonard, Minnesota
Extradition, Jack Osro Westfall, South Carolina, Hearing, Tues., Nov. 6, 1945
4-14/181 General Files:
Textbook Situation, 1944
[empty folder]
Thanksgiving Day, 1944
Thirty-sixth Division, 1944
Thirty-sixth Division Memorial, 1944
Trade Barriers, 1944
Training Schools, National Association of
Treasury Department, 1944
Unemployment Compensation Commission, 1944
Unemployment Compensation Commission Referral, 1944
[empty folder]
War Ballot Commission, U. S., 1944
War Department, U. S., 1944
United War Chests, Inc., 1944
Variety Club of Texas, 1944
Veterans of Foreign Wars, 1944
Voluntary County Parole Board System, 1944
War Food Administration, 1944
War Labor Board, 1944
[empty folder]
War Manpower Commission, 1944
War Production Board, 1944
War Savings Staff, 1944
[empty folder]
Washington State Park, 1944
[empty folder]
Washington Trip, 1944
Waste Paper Campaign, 1944
Water Engineers, Board of, 1944
Interior, Secretary of, U. S., 1944
Labor, Department of, U. S., 1944
U. S. Naval Air Training Center Directory, Corpus Christi, '44
Navy Department, U. S., 1944
[empty folder]
Social Security Board, U. S., 1944
State, Secretary of, U. S., 1944
Treasury Department, U. S., 1944
U. S. Veterans Administration, 1944
Uniform State Laws, Commission of 1944
United China Relief, Inc.
Agriculture, Department of, U. S., 1944
[empty folder]
Commerce, Chamber of U. S., 1944
[empty folder]
Commerce, Department of, U. S., 1944
Employment Service, U. S., 1944
Water Rights, 1944
Water Treaty, proposed, 1944
Weather Bureau, 1944
Young Women's Christian Association, 1944
Yucca, 1944
A, Clemency
B, Clemency
C, Clemency
D, Clemency
E, Clemency
F, Clemency
4-14/182 Correspondence, 1944:
Rio Grande Compact Commission, 1944
Salvage Commission, 1944
[empty folder]
Salvation Army, 1944
Schoch Acetylene Process, 1944
Secretary of State, 1944
Selective Service System, 1944
Selective Service System Referral, 1944
Senators, 1944
[empty folder]
Service Letters, 1944
[empty folder]
Sixth War Loan Drive, 1944
Soil Conservation, 1944
Soldiers Vote while in the Armed Forces
[unlabeled folder]
Southern Governors' Conference, 1944
Southwestern States and Republic of Mexico Livestock Sanitary Board Association
Stakes, D. W. (Major), Texas Prison System
State Bar of Texas, 1944
State Guard, 1944
State Rights, 1944
Special Elections, 1944
[empty folder]
Soldier Voting, 1944
Soldier Voting - Suggestions
[unlabeled folder]
Soldier Voting
[unlabeled folder]
Soldier Voting
[unlabeled folder]
Soldier Voting
[unlabeled folder]
Speed Regulation, 1944
[empty folder]
Special Session, 1944
State Seal
State Service Officer, Veteran
State Teachers Colleges, 1944
Statehood Commission, Texas Centennial of, 1944
Suggested Legislation, 1944
Suggestions, 1944
Tax Administrators, National Association of
Taxation, 1944
Teacher Retirement Board, 1944
[empty folder]
Teachers Colleges, American Association, 1944
Telegrams, Jan.-Feb. 1944
Telegrams, March-April 1944
Telegrams, May-June 1944
Telegrams, July-Aug. 1944
Telegrams, Sept.-Oct. 1944
Telegrams, Nov.-Dec. 1944
Texas Civil Judicial Council, 1944
[empty folder]
Texas Club of New York City, 1944
Texas Cottonseed Crushers Association, 1944
Texas Good Roads Association, 1944
Texas Home Federation, 1944
Texas League of Women Voters, 1944
Texas Memorial Museum, 1944
[empty folder]
Texas National Guard, 1944
Texas Police Association, 1944
[empty folder]
Texas Safety Association, Inc., 1944
Texas School of the Air Survey
Texas State Railroad, 1944
[empty folder]
Texas Technological College, 1944
Texas Woman's Press Association, 1944
[empty folder]
4-14/183 General Files:
Hull, Cordell, Secretary of State, 1942
Insurance Commission
Industrial Accident Board Referral
Industry, Livestock
Industry, Lumber
Interracial Discrimination
Interstate Commission on Crime
Interstate Cooperation Committee
Iron, Steel and Coke Industry
Junior Chamber of Commerce
King State Park
Know Texas
Labor Legislation, National Conference on
Labor Immigration
Labor Situation
Legislation, Budget
Legislation, Judicial
Legislation, Members of the House, Senate since 41st Legislature
Labor Statistics, Bureau of, Referral, 1942
Labor Statistics, Bureau of, 1942
Law Enforcement
League of United Latin American Citizens
Letters of Introduction, 1942
Letter of Recommendation, Army, Jan-March 1942
Letter of Recommendation, Army, April - June 1942
Letter of Recommendation, Army, July - Sept. 1942
Letter of Recommendation, Army, Oct. - Dec. 1942
Letter of Recommendation, Employment, Jan - March 1942
Letter of Recommendation, Employment, April - June 1942
Letter of Recommendation, Employment, July - Sept. 1942
Letter of Recommendation, Employment, Oct. - Dec. 1942
Letter of Recommendation, Marine Corps
Letter of Recommendation, Medical School
Letter of Recommendation, Military School
Letter of Recommendation, Miscellaneous
Letter of Recommendation, U.S. Naval Reserve
Letter of Recommendation, Reinstatement of Pilots Licenses
Letter of Recommendation, WAVES
Liquor Control Board
Liquor Control Board Referral
Livestock Sanitary Commission
4-14/184 General Files:
Gasoline Rationing, Oct. 1 - Oct. 31, 1942
Gasoline Rationing, Sept. 22 - 30, 1942
Gasoline Rationing, Aug. 19 - Sept. 21, 1942
Gasoline Rationing, May 25 - July 6, 1942
Gasoline Rationing, Dec. 9 - 23, 1942
Gasoline Rationing, Dec. 3 - 7, 1942
Gasoline Rationing, Nov. 27 - Dec. 2, 1942
Gasoline Rationing, Dec. 8, 1943
Governors' Conference, 1942
Governor to Governor
Greetings from the Governor, 1942
Gulf Water Supply District Report
Halifax' Celebration
Health Department, 1942
Health Department Referral, 1942
Highway Department, 1942
Guayule Rubber
Highway Department Referral, 1942
Historical Commission
Hogg, Jim, Memorial Commission
4-14/185 Correspondence, 1945:
[empty folder]
[empty folder]
Correspondence to Gov. Stevenson, Misc.
[2 unlabeled folders]
Telegrams, July - Sept. 1946
Telegrams, April - June 1946
Livestock Sanitary Commission Proclamations, 1942
Livestock Sanitary Commission Proclamations, referral, 1942
Lone Star Boys' State
Lower Colorado River Authority
McGill, Wm. L.
Medical Examiners, Board of
Merit System
Telegrams, Jan. - Feb. 1945
Telegrams, March - April 1945
Telegrams, May - June 1945
Telegrams, July - Aug. 1945
Telegrams, Sept. - Oct. 1945
Telegrams, Nov. - Dec. 1945
Telegrams, Oct. - Dec. 1946
Texas Memorial Museum, 1945
[empty folder]
Texas Civil Judicial Council, 1945
Texas Club of New York City, 1945
Texas Cottonseed Crushers' Association, 1945
Texas Elks Crippled Children's Institution
Texas Expeditionary Forces, 1946
Texas Federation of Women's Clubs, 1945
Texas Garden Clubs, Inc.
Texas Good Roads Association, 1945
Texas Home Federation, 1945
[empty folder]
Texas League of Women Voters, 1945
[empty folder]
Texas Military Forces, History of, 1946
4-14/186 Correspondence:
Correspondence, misc.
[foldered and labeled by Archives staff]
Unanswered correspondence, A
Unanswered correspondence, B
Unanswered correspondence, C
Unanswered correspondence, D
Unanswered correspondence, E
Unanswered correspondence, F
Unanswered correspondence, G
Unanswered correspondence, H
Unanswered correspondence, I
Unanswered correspondence, J
Unanswered correspondence, K
Unanswered correspondence, L
Unanswered correspondence, M
Unanswered correspondence, Mc
McClung, George
Correspondence, misc.
[unlabeled folder]
Correspondence, Unanswered, N
Correspondence, Unanswered, O
Correspondence, Unanswered, P
Correspondence, Unanswered, Q
4-14/187 General Files:
Interstate Commerce Commission, 1945
United States Junior Chamber of Commerce
Labor Department, 1945
Justice, Department of (U.S.), 1945
U. S. Library of Congress, 1946
Petroleum Administration for War, 1945
State, Secretary of, 1945
Social Security Board, 1945
Treasury Department, 1945
U. S. War Ballot Commission, 1945
U. S. War Asset Administration, 1945
War Food Administration, 1945
[empty folder]
Veteran's Administration, 1945
War Labor Board, 1945
[empty folder]
War Manpower Commission, 1945
[empty folder]
Office of War Mobilization and Reconversion, 1945
War Production Board, 1945
War Public Works Projects, 1945
Price Administration, Office of, 1945
U. S. Marine Corps
Maritime Commission, 1945
U. S. Bureau of Mines
National Housing Agency
Navy Department, 1945
Reconstruction Finance Corporation, U. S., 1945
V-E Day, 1945
Variety Club of Texas, 1945
[empty folder]
Veterans-on-the-job Training Comm.
Veterans Advisory Centers, Committee on
War Department, 1945
Veterans Housing Committee
Veterans of Foreign Wars, 1945
Governor's Conference, 1944
[foldered and titled by Archives staff]
Misc. files
[foldered and titled by Archives staff]
4-14/188 General Files, 1945:
Texas Public Employees Association, 1946
Texas Public Schools receiving Federal aid under the Lanham Act, 1945
Texas Retailers' Association, Council of
Texas, Republic of, Daughters of
Texas Rural Development Commission
Texas Safety Association, Inc., 1945
Texas School Executives and Teacher Trainers, 1945
Texas Social Welfare Association
Texas State College for Women, 1945
Texas State Guard, 1945
Texas State Industrial Union Council
Texas State Library, 1945
Texas State Teachers Association
Texas Technological College, 1945
Texas Water Conservation Association, 1945
Texas Women Press Association, 1945
Thanksgiving Day, 1945
The Woman's Foundation, Inc., 1945
36th Division, 1945
36th Division Memorial, 1945
[empty folder]
Tipica Orchestra
Federal Communications Commission, 1946
Trade Barriers, 1945
Treasury Department, 1945
Truman Administration, 1945
Unemployment Compensation Commission
Unemployment Compensation Commission Referral
[empty folder]
United Nations Organization
Uniform State Laws, Commission of, 1945
United Clothing Collection for War Relief, 1945
United Nations Relief and Rehabilition Administration
United China Relief, Inc., 1945
U. S. Highway 180
United War Chest, Inc., 1945
United Service Organizations
Civil Aeonautics Board, 1945
Civil Service Commission, 1945
Civilian Defense, Office of, 1945
[empty folder]
Civilian Production Administration
Commerce, Chamber of, 1945
Commerce, Department of, 1945
Defense Transportation, Office of, 1945
Employment Service, 1945
Federal Power Commission, 1945
Agriculture, Department of, 1945
Federal Security Agency, 1945
Internal Revenue, Collector of, 1945
Federal Works Agency, 1946
Interior, Secretary of, 1945
Press Release, May 22, 1944