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Texas Governor Allan Shivers:

An Inventory of Records: General Files (part 2) at the Texas State Archives, 1946-1964 (bulk 1949-1956)


Creator: Texas. Governor (1949-1957 : Shivers)
Title: Records: General files (part 2)
Dates: 1946-1964
Dates: (bulk 1949-1956)
Quantity: 92 cubic ft.
Repository: Texas State Archives
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Agency History

The governor of Texas is the chief executive officer of the state, elected by the citizens every four years. The duties and responsibilities of the governor include serving as commander-in-chief of the state's military forces; convening special sessions of the legislature for specific purposes; delivering to the legislature at the beginning of each regular session a report on the condition of the state, an accounting of all public money under the governor's control, a recommended biennial budget, an estimate of the amounts of money required to be raised by taxation, and any recommendations he deems necessary; signing or vetoing bills passed by the legislature; and executing the laws of the state. The governor can grant reprieves and commutations of punishment and pardons, upon the recommendation of the Board of Pardons and Paroles, and revoke conditional pardons. He appoints numerous state officials (with the consent of the Senate), fills vacancies in state and district offices (except vacancies in the legislature), calls special elections to fill vacancies in the legislature, fills vacancies in the United States Senate until an election can be held, and serves as ex officio member of several state boards.

The office of governor was first established by the Constitution of 1845 and superseded the office of president of the Republic of Texas. The position now exists under authority of Article IV, Section 1 of the Constitution of 1876 and Texas Government Code, Chapter 401. To be elected governor, a person must be at least thirty years old, a United States citizen, and a resident of Texas for at least five years preceding the election. In 1972, the term of office was extended from two to four years, effective in 1975. Since 1856 the governor has had the use of the Governor's Mansion.

In 1949 the Office of the Governor had less than 30 full-time equivalent employees. The office was not formally organized into divisions or departments.

Allan Shivers Biographical Sketch

Allan Shivers was born on October 5, 1907, in Lufkin, Texas. Shivers attended high school in Port Arthur and college at the University of Texas. He practiced law in Port Arthur before winning election to the Texas Senate in 1934, at age 27 the youngest member ever to sit in that body. He entered the army during World War II and served in North Africa, Italy, France, and Germany. He was discharged as a major, with five battle stars and the Bronze Star. In 1946 he was elected lieutenant governor and worked closely with Beauford Jester on an ambitious modernization program. He became governor upon Jester's death in 1949.

Shivers set the stage for the emergence of Texas as a powerful modern state. He helped create the Legislative Council and Legislative Budget Board to put the making of laws on a more professional footing. He was able to pass tax increases to upgrade state services across the board.

The most important issue faced by Shivers was his defense of state claims to the Tidelands, off-shore oil reserves in the Gulf of Mexico. Texas had held title to the submerged lands of the Gulf since the Republic of Texas days, and had dedicated its revenues to the public school fund. After oil was discovered offshore, federal officials tried to seize the Tidelands of Texas and other oil-producing states. This action precipitated a crisis between state and federal authority. In 1952, Shivers broke with the national Democratic party over the issue and helped deliver the state's electoral votes to Dwight Eisenhower, the first Republican to carry the state since Reconstruction. Finally, the Tidelands were returned to the states through federal legislation.

After leaving office in January 1957, Shivers managed business enterprises in the Rio Grande Valley and served as an executive for a number of banks. He served on and chaired the University of Texas Board of Regents in the 1970s. He died January 14, 1985.

Scope and Contents of the Records

These records have not been processed. The folder inventory is an almost exact transcription (some typographical errors were corrected) of an earlier one based on existing box and folder titles. Rough, non-exclusive groupings by title and date were formed to comply with the TARO project's file size restrictions. Researchers are advised to review all the finding aids for subjects of interest. Inconsistent titles and dates are evident. Misidentifications and misfilings are possible.

This finding aid describes one part of one series of the Allan Shivers records. See Texas Governor Allan Shivers, Recordsfor more records series, especially General files (part 1) and Trip files.


Arrangement of the Records

These records are arranged as received.

Related Material

The following materials are offered as possible sources of further information on the agencies and subjects covered by the records. The listing is not exhaustive.

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Texas Governor Beauford H. Jester, Records, 1946-1949, 84 cubic ft.
Texas Governor Price Daniel, Records, 1944-1966, undated, (bulk 1957-1962), approximately 466 cubic ft. See especially Governor Allan Shivers proclamations, 1955-1956, 2 cubic ft.
Texas Legislative Reference Library, Governors' speeches and other statements, 1947-1969, 2.35 cubic ft.
Texas State Archives Manuscripts Collections
William McGill Papers, 1943-1955, 1958
Inaugurations of Texas Governors Papers, 1895-1965, 5 linear inches
Collier Read Granberry Papers, ca. 1922-1962, undated
Center for American History, University of Texas at Austin
Allan Shivers Papers, 1949-1984, 32 ft., 9 in.
Oral History Collection, University of North Texas
Transcripts of interviews including Allan Shivers and Weldon Hart

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

(Identify the item), General files, Records, Texas Governor Allan Shivers. Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

Detailed Description of the Records


Records: General files (part 2), 1946-1964 (bulk 1949-1956),
92 cubic ft.

General files, 1952:
1977/081-158 Prison Board
Guards Strike (Prison System)
Prison System, January-December, 1952
[6 folders]
Production and Marketing Administration
Professional Engineers Registration Board
Proposed Legislation
Proposed Legislation--Miscellaneous
Public Accountants Board
Public Assistance, January-December, 1952
[2 folders]
Public Health Service
Public Safety, Department of, January-December 1952
[12 folders]
Public Welfare, State Board of
[2 folders]
Public Welfare, Department of, January
[6 folders]
Public Welfare, Department of--Surplus Commodity, 1953
Radio File (Broadcasts, Transcriptions)
Railroad Commission
Real Estate Commission
Request for Miscellaneous information
Request for Texas Flags
Rent Control, Retail Merchants Association of Texas
Resignations from State Departments and Offices
Revision of the Judicial Section of the State Constitution
Robert A. Lovett Day, Huntsville
Roel, Eduardo Garland, Visit to Texas
Rural Electrification Administration
Salvation Army
San Jacinto State Park Commission
[empty folder]
Secretary of Defense
Secretary of State
Selective Service System
1977/081-159 Servicemen's Vote, General Comment
Social Security Administration
Social Security Administration
Somoza Visit to Austin
Soil Conservation, State Board of
Southern Regional Council, Inc.
Special Elections
Special Judges Appointments
Special Session, General Comment
Soil Conservation Districts Reports
State Fair of Texas
State Chemist (A&M)
State Library
State Treasurer
State, U.S. Department of
Surplus Commodities
Teachers Retirement System
Texas Committee on Alcoholism, Inc.
Texas Economy Commission, Report on examination
Texas Economy Research Corporation
Texas Economy Commission
Texas Education Agency
T.E.C. [Texas Employment Commission?], January-December, 1952
[6 folders]
Texas Federation of Womens Clubs
Texas Forest Service
Texas Hospital Board, January-December, 1952
[6 folders]
Texas Library and Historical Commission
[empty folder]
Texas Medical Center
Texas Memorial Museum
Texas Military District
Texas Municipal Retirement System
Texas National Guard
Texas Property Defense Association
Texas Public Employees Association
[empty folder]
Texas Safety Association
Texas State Guard
Texas State Railroad
Texas Telephone Association
Texoma Redbud Planting Association
Toll Roads (Financing, Comment, etc.)
Tourist Letters, 1952
Truman File, General Comment
Tuberculosis Nurses Examiners, State Board of
[empty folder]
Two Thirds Rule, General Comment
1977/081-160 University of Texas, General File
Medical Branch, Galveston
Southwestern Medical School, Dallas
Valley Papers (Purchase and Policy)
Vegetable Growers Association of America, Inc.
Vocational Education--Texas Education Agency
Vocational Nurses Examiners, State Board of
War Department
Washington's Birthday Celebration Association
Water Engineers, State Board of
Weaver H. Baker Memorial Tuberculosis Sanitorium (Moore Field)
Weaver Baker
Weaver H. Baker Memorial Sanatorium
Moore Field, etc.
Youth Development Council
Youth Development Council--Gainesville School
Veterans Affairs Commission
Veterans Administration
Veterans of Foreign Wars
Welfare Correspondence, 1952
[24 folders and 14 dividers]
1977/081-161 Arkansas, White, and Red River Interagency Committee
Amarillo Water Resources Planning Commission
Brazos River Conservation
Cooper Dam Project
Fort Gibson Project
Grapevine Dam
Guadalupe Blanco River Authority, 1952
Guadalupe and San Antonio Rivers Flood Control Project
Irrigation and Drainage, National Committee of the International Commission on
Lower Colorado River Authority
Lower Nueces River Project
McGee Bend Dam
Oakville Dam Official File--Engineering Reports, Government Correspondence, etc.
Pecos River Compact Commission
Port Aransas-Corpus Christi Waterway
Portales-Lubbock Water File
Red River Bridge Project
Rio Grande Compact Commission
Rio Grande Valley Water Situation (Also Matamoros Water Shortage)
Sabine-Neches Waterway Project
Sabine River Authority
Upper Colorado Authority
Washita River Sub-Basin
Water File (Miscellaneous Comment)
Water File--Government Commission
Veterans Land Board
1977/081-163 Auto license plates
[unlabeled folder]
Miscellaneous, 1951
Miscellaneous, letters & referrals, A-Z
[24 folders]
Migratory Farm Labor Problems
Corpus Christi Naval Base
Interstate Compact Commissions
Records from 26
Mid-Continent News
[7 copies]
Lists of State Democratic Executive Committee
[several copies]
Shivers' Appointees list
[index cards]

[record book]
General files, 1949-1955:
1977/081-182 Executive Department, 1954
Invitations Declined, 1954-1955
Miscellaneous--Trip and Appointments, 1954
Port Arthur Strike Situation, 1954
Judicial Appointments--Miscellaneous, 1952-1953
Duval, 1954
Duval County--George Parr
Executive Department--Bob Baldwin
Executive Department--Memos, 1954
Legal Advice, 1954
TEC [Texas Employment Commission?] Misfiled
Wm. L. McGill, 1954
Information Requested, 1954
LBJ [Lyndon Baines Johnson] to Bob Baldwin, 1954,
[empty folder]
Politics, 1954
Liberal Democrats, 1953
Appointments and Recommendations and Interoffice memos, 1952-1957
54th Legislature Personnel--Members of 53rd Legislation who supported Governor Campaign, 1954
Executive Department--Memos, 1955
Appointments, General File, 1955
Executive Department, 1955
Executive Department--Politics, 1955
Executive Department--Miscellaneous, 1955
Water Resources Board, 1953
Vocational Nurse Examination, 1953-1955
Youth Development Council, 1955
Miscellaneous--Appointment Correspondence, 1955
Insurance Commission--Fire, 1952
Governor, 1952
Hart and Van Cronkhite, Inc.
Health Department, 1952
Highway Commission, 1952
Industrial Accident Board, 1952
Barber Board, 1952
Board of Control, 1952
A&M, 1952
Executive Department--Reports and Religion, 1954
Executive Department--Song
Executive Department--State Affairs, 1954
Beauford Jester, Oil, 1949
1954 Campaign
Federal Legislation (Sherman Adams), 1954
Federal, 1954
Federal--Segregation, 1954
Memorandums--Inter-Office Memorandums, 1950-1953
Memorandums--Memorandums to the Governor
Alcoholism, 1953
Federal Patronage, 1953
Interstate Truck Operation, 1952
Deficiency Appropriation--Board of Pardons and Paroles, 1951
Governor's Appointments
Executive Department--Mansion, 1954
Executive Department--Political (Anti-Johnson), 1954
Press Releases, (duplicates), Jan., 1951
General files, 1952-1953:
1977/081-251 Photos and Pamphlets--Governors' Conference
Fiesta City, 1952
Federal Power Commission
Governors' Conference--Miscellaneous
Under Texas Skies , Vol.1, No. 10
Photograph Requests
Governors' Conference, 44th Annual Meeting
Highway Safety notebook
Summary Tablet
The National Guardsman
[2 copies]
The American Heritage
Texas Preview
Soil and Water
[2 copies]
Public Safety
[2 copies]
Palomino Horses
Texas Parade
A National Water Policy
The American Legion Magazine
[5 copies]
A Proposed Hydraulic Research Laboratory at the University of Texas
Texas Game and Fish
O Cats and People (alcoholism)
Report of State-wide Committee on Alcoholism
National Association of Automotive Mutual Insurance Companies
Official Information Directory
Special Telephone Directory
The Travelers

The Texas Plan
Union Securities Corporation
Texas Highway Building
Under Texas Skies
Water for Texas
[2 copies]
Civil Defense Program
A Guide for the Big Bend
Better Highways Awards
Traffic Law Enforcement
Uniform Traffic Laws
The National Automobile Dealers Association
The Traffic Institute
Traffic Quarterly, Oct. 1952 and Jan. 1953
[2 copies]
The Daily Tribune and The Houston Post
1977/081-252 Alcoholism--Governor's Committee
Report of Governor's Statewide Committee on Alcoholism
Chicago Convention
Dr. Cox--Letters re: State Health Department
Drouth--Report on Hay Ordered and Shipped, U.S. Department of Agriculture
Drouth--General Correspondence, January-December, 1952
[2 folders]
Drouth--General Correspondence, 1953
Federal Appointment Letters
Federal Job File
Flag, Texas--General Correspondence
Fort Worth Trip, March 27, 1953
1977/081-253 Governors' Conference (National)
Governor's Mansion--Description of
Highway Financing and Development
Information on Texas
Jester Portrait Hanging
Korea, Aid to Korea Week
Conference on Teachers Salaries and Related Problems
[2 copies]
Statistical Report on Teachers Salaries and Related Problems
[2 copies]
Canadian River Legislation
Legislation--General Correspondence
Miscellaneous Letters
March of Dimes--State Employees
McCloskey Hospital
Mexican Governors--Re: Washington's Birthday Celebration in Laredo
Powered Flight Anniversary
Thank You Letters for Publications
Retail Grocers
San Antonio
Cattle Scenes
Sheep and Goats
Selective Service, 1952
Soil Conservation
Southern States Probation and Parole Conference and Southern States Prison Association
State Forums
Teacher Pay Raise--newspaper clippings
Tidelands--General Correspondence
Teacher Pay Raise, 1953
Democratic Party Platform, 1952
General files, 1952:
1977/081-254 Miscellaneous A-B, 1952
[2 folders]
"Boys," 1952
Miscellaneous C, 1952
Correspondence, 1952
Clemency Rejections
Clemency Correspondence, 1953
Clemency Press Releases, 1953
Clemency Press Releases, 1952
Miscellaneous D-E, 1952
[2 folders]
Miscellaneous F, 1952
Farming, 1952
Fire, 1952
Miscellaneous G-H, 1952
[2 folders]
Heart Month--Heart Association
Miscellaneous I-Z, 1952
[14 folders, XYZ folder empty]
General files, 1952-1956:
1977/081-271 Memos, January-December, 1954
[12 folders]
Memos, January-December, 1956
[12 folders]
Polish Constitution Day, 1952
Memos, January-December, 1952
[12 folders]
Memos, January-December, 1953
[12 folders]
Memos, January-December, 1955
[12 folders]
Safety Posters
[9 posters]
General files, 1952:
1977/081-314 Miscellaneous Addresses
[unlabeled folder]
Miscellaneous Address
[unlabeled folder]
General Correspondence
[loose material]
General files, 1952-1954:
1977/081-349 Governor's Schedules, 1953-1954
Economic Conditions--Government Finance, 1952-1954
Governors of Other States, 1954
Senterfitt, Reuben (Speaker of the House), 1954
Legislature--Special Session--53rd Legislature, Beginning March 15, 1954
Legislature, 1953-1954
1977/081-350 Passes and Memberships
[unlabeled folder]
Passes and Memberships
Southwest Research Institute, 1953-1954
Inauguration, 1953
Texas A&M Research Foundation, 1953-1954
General files, 1952-1953:
1977/081-515 Tidelands Information
House Water Bills
House Bill 447-454
[8 folders]
Statement by J. B. Thomas, Ft. Worth

[3/4 inch of loose material]
Water Bills
Traffic Safety
Traffic Safety Committee--Reports, Recommendations, Information
Traffic Safety Committee--Recommendations for Membership
Traffic Safety Committee--State and Local Officials' National Highway Safety Committee
Traffic Safety Committee--General Correspondence, 1953
Traffic Safety Committee--General Correspondence, 1952
1977/081-516 Veterans' Organizations
Water Conservation Committee--Appointment and Acceptance letters
Replies from Water Committee
Water Resources Committee
Water Conservation Committee--General Correspondence, 1953
[2 folders]
Water Conservation Committee--General Correspondence, 1952
[3 folders]
Printed Water Bills
[Mail Lists, Regulations, Graduation Invitations, Long Distance Records, N.E.P.H. Progress, Governor Appointment Books, Fiesta San Jacinto Invitation]
1977/081-27 Graduation Invitations, 1953
[3 unlabeled folder]
Supply Requisitions
[large folder]
1977/081-28 Incoming Mail, 1953
[loose lists]
Supply Requisitions
Appointment Books
1977/081-542 NEPH and Fiesta San Jacinto
[Note: These scrapbooks were transferred from Box 4-12/28 to Oversize Box 4-9/252 when the Shivers records were inventoried. The boxes were renumbered sometime after the finding aid was originally prepared. The box number to the left is correct.]
General files:
1977/081-96 Appointments--Press Releases, 1953
Appointments--Press Releases, 1954
Atomic Energy--Miscellaneous
Attorney General's Opinions--Miscellaneous
Big Bend National Park--Miscellaneous
Bricker Amendment--Brochures
Bricker Amendment--Correspondence
Colleges, State-Supported--Miscellaneous
Correspondence--General, 1955
[2 expanding folders]
Correspondence--General, 1954
Daughters of American Revolution--Miscellaneous
Economic Advisory Commission--Miscellaneous
Good Neighbor Commission--Miscellaneous
Heritage Foundation, Texas--Miscellaneous
Inauguration, 1955
Inauguration, Programs, 1951 and 1953
Labor--Miscellaneous, (A-L), 1954-1955
[13 dividers]
General files, 1953:
1977/081-164 Accountancy, Board of, 1953
Adjutant General, 1953
Adjutant General National Guard, 1953
Aeronautics Commission, 1953
Agriculture Department, 1953
Agriculture Department Pink Bollworm Commission, 1953
Alcoholism, 1953
American Legion, 1953
Anatomical Board, 1953
Anonymous Letters, 1953
[3 folders]
Applications, 1953
Architectural Examiners, Board of, 1953
Attorney General, 1953
Attorney General Opinions, 1953
Attorney General, Tideland, 1953, January-December-
[2 folders]
Auditor, State, 1953
Banking Commission, 1953
Bar Association, State, 1953
[2 folders]
Barber Examiners, Board of, 1953
Basic Sciences Examiners, Board of, 1953
[empty folder]
Battleship Texas Commission, 1953
Blind Commission, 1953
Citrus Commission, 1953
Colleges and Universities, A&M College, 1953
Colleges and Universities, Arlington State College, 1953
Colleges and Universities, Arts and Industries, Texas College, 1953
Colleges and Universities, Lamar College, 1953
Colleges and Universities, North Texas State College, 1953
Colleges and Universities, Sam Houston State Teachers College, 1953
Colleges and Universities, Southwestern State Teachers College, 1953
Colleges and Universities, Stephen F. Austin State College, 1953
Colleges and Universities, Sul Ross State College, 1953
Colleges and Universities, Texas State College for Women, 1953
Colleges and Universities, Texas Technological College, 1953
Colleges and Universities, East Texas State Teachers College, 1953
Colleges and Universities, Prairie View A&M College, 1953
Colleges and Universities, Texas Southern University, 1953
Colleges and Universities, University of Houston, 1953
Colleges and Universities, University of Texas, Jan.-Dec., 1953
[2 folders]
Cosmetology Board
Comptroller, Department of, 1953
Control, Board of, 1953
Control, Board of School Buses, 1953
[3 dividers]
1977/081-165 Trip File--Chicago, Illinois Board of Managers, Council of State Governments, Dec. 11 and 12, 1953
[8 folders, including publications]
Council of State Government--Interstate Cooperation Comm., 1953
Council of State Governments Legislative Service Conference, 1953
Trip File--National Association Budget Officers, Atlantic City, New Jersey
Sept., 1953
[2 folders]
Courts--Civil Appeals, Court of, 1953
Courts--Criminal Appeals
Court--Supreme Court, 1953
Daughters of American Revolution, 1953
Daughters of Republic of Texas, 1953
Deficiency Appropriation--Agriculture Department, 1953
Deficiency Appropriations, Judicial Retirement System, 1953
Deficiency Request, Livestock Sanitary Comm., 1953
Deficiency Request, Vocational Nurse Examiners, 1953
Democratic Party, 1953
Dental Examiners, 1953
Drought Relief
Education Agency
[unlabeled folder]
Education Commission, Higher, 1953
Education Agency, 1953
[2 folders]
Education Agency, Blind, Texas State School, 1953
Education Agency, Vocational Rehabilitation Division, 1953
Election Voting, 1953
Embalming Board, 1953
Employees Association, Texas Public, 1953
Employees Retirement System of Texas, 1953
Employment Commission, Texas, 1953
Texas Employment Commission--Todd Decision
Engineers, Board of Registration for Professional, 1953
Sales of Alcoholic Beverages to Minors
1977/081-166 Executive Department, Jan.-Oct., 1953
[5 folders]
Executive Department--Clemency, Executive, 1953
Executive Department--County and City Jurisdiction, 1953
[2 folders]
Executive Department County and City Jurisdiction (Floyd), 1953
Executive Department--Defense and Disaster
Executive Department--County and City Jurisdiction (Duval), 1953
Executive Department--Defense and Disaster Relief, 1953
Executive Department--Defense and Disaster--Drought
[2 folders]
Executive Department--Esquire Magazine Article, 1953
Executive Department--Drought
Executive Department, Flags, 1953
Interstate Oil Compact Commission--Executive Committee Meeting, Oklahoma City, June 15, 1953
Interstate Oil Compact Commission--Spring Meeting, New Orleans, La., April 25, 1953
1977/081-167 Executive Department--Information, Requests for, 1953
[3 folders]
The Interstate Oil Compact Quarterly Bulletin
A Legal Report of Oil and Gas Conservation Activities for the Year 1952
Executive Department--Interstate Oil Compact Commission, 1953
Executive Department--Legal Advice, Jan.-Dec., 1953
[3 folders]
Mansion Ice Box
Executive Department--Mansion, 1953
Executive Department--Memos, 1953
Executive Department--Political, 1953
Executive Department--Reports, 1953
Judicial Statistics
Executive Department--Songs, 1953
Executive Department--State Affairs, General Comment, 1953
[2 folders]
Executive Department--Religion, 1953
Federal--Agriculture, Department of, 1953
Federal--National Rural Electric Cooperative Association
Federal, 1953
Federal Air Force, Department of, 1953
Federal Army, Department, 1953
1977/081-168 Federal Bureau of Investigation, 1953
Federal Civil Aeronautics, Board, 1953
Federal Civil Aeronautics Board--Briefs
Federal Civil Service, 1953
Federal Commerce, Department of, 1953
Federal Deed of Cessions, 1953
Federal Defense, Department of, 1953
Federal Health, Education and Welfare, Department of (Federal Security Agency), 1953
Federal Firemen's Pension Commission, 1953
Federal Immigration and Naturalization, 1953
Federal Inter Governmental Relations Commission, 1953
Federal Internal Revenue, Department of, 1953
Federal Interior, Department of, 1953
Federal Interstate Commerce Commission, 1953
Federal Labor, Department of, 1953
Federal Navy, Department of, 1953
Federal Power Commission, 1953
Federal Social Security Administration, 1953
Federal State, Department of, 1953
Federal Legislation, Jan.-Dec., 1953
[2 folders]
Federal State of Union, General Comment, 1953
Federal State of Union, July-Dec., 1953
Federal Treasury, Department of, 1953
Firemen's Pension Commission, 1953
Foreign Affairs, 1953
Forest Service, Texas, 1953
Good Neighbor Commission, 1953
Governor, 1953
Governor Aid, 1953
1977/081-169 Governor Appointments, 1953
Game and Fish Commission, 1953
Governor Announcements, 1953
Governor Autographs, 1953
Governor Congratulations, Jan.-Dec., 1953
[2 folders]
Governor Membership, 1953
Governors' Conference, Southern, 1953
Governor Invitations, 1953
Governor Financial Aid, 1953
Governor Gifts, 1953
Governor Greetings, 1953
Governor Press Releases, 1953
Governor Printed Articles, 1953
Governor Proclamations, 1953
Governor Recommendations, 1953
Governor Recommendations, Request for, 1953
Governor--Thank You, 1953
Governor, Photographs, 1953
Governor--Recommendation--Poet Laureate, 1953
[2 folders]
Governor Speeches, 1953
Governor--Third Term, 1953
Governor Trips, 1953
Governor Visits, 1953
Hairdressers and Cosmetologists, Board of, 1953
Handicapped, 1953
Health Department, Jan.-Dec., 1953
[2 folders]
Health Department--Air Pollution, 1953
Health Department--Cox, 1953
Health Department--Nursing Homes, 1953
1977/081-170 Honorary Commission, State, 1953
Historical Survey Commission, 1953
Highway Department, State, 1953
[2 folders]
Hospitals and Special Schools, State, 1953
[2 folders]
Hospitals and Special Schools, Austin State Hospital, 1953
[2 folders]
Hospitals and Special, Cameron County Tuberculosis Hospital, 1953
Hospitals and Special Schools, Indian Reservation, 1953
Hospitals and Special Schools, Hospital Board, 1953
Hospitals and Special Schools, Rusk Hospital, 1953
Hospitals and Special Schools, Terrell State Hospital, 1953
Hospitals and Special Schools, Waco State Home, 1953
Hospitals and Special Schools, Weaver Baker, 1953
Industrial Accident, Board, 1953
Industrial Commission, 1953
Insurance Commission, 1953
Insurance Commission Casualty, 1953
Insurance Commission Fire, 1953
Insurance Commission Life, 1953
Labor Statistics, State Board, 1953
Land Office, 1953
Law Examiners, Board of, 1953
Legislative Council, 1953
Legislature, 1953
Legislature Appropriation Bill, 1953
Legislature--Barber Bill, 1953
Legislature--College Merger, 1953
Legislature--Election, 1953
Legislature--Fair Competition Act, 1953
Legislature--Gas Tax, 1953
Legislature--Handicapped, 1953
Legislature--Highways Toll Roads, 1953
Legislature--Higher Education, 1953
Legislature--Horse Racing, 1953
Legislature--Hospital and Special Schools, 1953
Legislature--Hunting and Fishing Licenses, 1953
Legislature--Investigating Committee--El Paso, 1953
[empty folder]
Legislature--Insurance, 1953
Legislature--Judicial Redistricting, 1953
Legislature--Liquor, 1953
Legislature--Livestock, 1953
Legislature--Loans, 1953
1977/081-171 Legislature--Naturopathy, 1953
Legislature--Optometry, 1953
Legislature--Poll Tax, 1953
Legislature--Proposed Legislation, 1953
[3 folders]
Legislature--Proposed Legislation--Miscellaneous, 1953
[2 folders]
Legislature--Proposed (Veto), 1953
Legislature--Public Schools, 1953
Legislature--Public Welfare, 1953
Legislature--Signed Bills, 1953
Legislature--Special Sessions, 1953
Legislature--State Employees Salaries, 1953
Legislature--Taxation, 1953
Legislature--Teachers Salaries, 1953
[4 folders]
Legislature--TV Advertisements, 1953
Legislature--Utilities Commission Bill, 1953
Legislature--Water, 1953
Library and Historical Commission, 1953
Library and Historical Commission, Library, Texas State, 1953
Liquor Control Board, 1953
Livestock Sanitary Commission, 1953
Livestock Sanitary Commission Proclamations, 1953
Livestock Sanitary Commission, Vesicular Emanthema, 1953
1977/081-172 Medical Examiners, Board of, 1953
Naturopathic, Examiners Board, 1953
Nurse Examiners, Board of, 1953
Optometry, Board of, 1953
Organizations, Jan.-Dec., 1953
[3 folders]
Organizations--Official Memo, Requests for, 1953
Organization--Junior Chamber of Commerce, 1953
Organizations--Gonzales Warm Springs Foundation, 1953
Organizations--National Muscular Dystrophy Research Foundation, Inc., 1953
Organizations--Red Cross, 1953
Organizations--Salvation Army, 1953
Organizations--Scouts, Boys, 1953
Organization--Scouts, Girls, 1953
Organizations--Texas Federation of Women's Clubs, 1953
Organizations--Texas Heritage Foundation, 1953
Organizations--Texas Medical Association, 1953
Organizations--Texas State Teachers Association, 1953
Organizations--Wooden Church Crusade, 1953
Park Board, 1953
Park Board--Big Bend National Park, 1953
Pardon and Paroles, Board of, 1953
Pharmacy, Board of, 1953
Planning Committee, State, 1953
Plumbing Examiners, Board of, 1953
Prison System, 1953
Prison System, Prison Board, 1953
Public Safety, Department of, 1953
[2 folders]
Public Safety, Department of Drivers Financial Responsibility Law, 1953
Public Safety--Narcotics, 1953
Public Safety, Department of--Safety Committee, 1953
Public Safety, Department of Motor Vehicle, Safety Inspection Law, 1953
Public Safety--Missing Persons Bureau, 1953
Public Welfare, Jan.-Dec., 1953
[2 folders]
Public Welfare, Department of Child Support, 1953
Public Welfare, Department of Old Age and Needy Blind, 1953
Public Welfare, Department of Youth Development Council, 1953
Railroad Commission, 1953
1977/081-173 Railroad, Texas State, 1953
Real Estate Commission, 1953
Republican Party, 1953
Research League, Texas, 1953
Resignations, 1953
Secretary of State, 1953
Selective Service, 1953
Selective Service--Military Jurisdiction, 1953
[3 folders]
Soil Conservation, Board of, 1953
Surplus Property Agency, Texas, 1953
State Hospitals, re: Tubercular hospital
Teacher Retirement System, 1953
Texas Research League (Texas Economy Comm.), 1953
Treasury Department, State, 1953
[empty folder]
Veterinary Medical Examiners, Board of, 1953
[empty folder]
Water, 1953
Washington--November 20 Intergovernmental Relations
Water--Alice Creek Flood Control Project, 1953
Water--Amarillo Water Resources Planning Comm., 1953
Water--Arkansas, White and Red River, Jan-Dec., 1953
[3 folders]
Water--Canadian River Project, 1953
Water--Brazos River Conservation and Proclamation District, 1953
Water--Brownwood Dam, 1953
Water--Cooper Dam Project, 1953
Water--Falcon Dam, 1953
Water--Governors Water Comm., 1953
Water--Guadalupe, Blanco River Authority, 1953
Water--Inter Coastal Canal Association, 1953
Water--Pecos River Compact Commission, 1953
Water file
[unlabeled folder]
Water--Rio Grande Compact Commission, 1953
Water--Red River Bridge Project, 1953
Water--Sabine Neches Waterway Project, 1953
Water--Sabine River Authority, 1953
Water--Trinity River Project, 1953
Water--Upper Colorado Authority, 1953
Water--Upper Neches River, Municipal Water Authority, 1953
Water--Washita River Sub-Basin, 1953
Water--Water Conservation of Lower Rio Grande Valley, 1953
Water Engineers, Board of, 1953
1977/081-261 Miscellaneous, A-B
[2 folders]
Brotherhood Week
Miscellaneous C-E
[3 folders]
Employ the Physically Handicapped
Miscellaneous F
Fire, 1953
Farming, 1953
Miscellaneous G-H
[2 folders]
Hand Signal Month
Miscellaneous I-U
[12 folders]
United Nations Day, 1952-1953
Miscellaneous V-Z
[3 folders]
General files, 1953-1954:
1977/081-386 Bills--53rd Legislature
Bills Signed--53rd Legislature
Bills Vetoed--53rd Legislature
Bills--Election Code--53rd Legislature
Budget--53rd Legislature
Buildings--53rd Legislature
Confirmation of Appointments--53rd Legislature
Congressional Redistricting--53rd Legislature
Board of Control--53rd Legislature
Courts Vetoed, 1953, 53rd Legislature
Foreign Trade--53rd Legislature
Governor's Message, 53rd Legislature, January 14, 1953
General--53rd Legislature
Higher Education--53rd Legislature
Higher Education (Special), 53rd Legislature
Highways--53rd Legislature
House Daily Reports--53rd Legislature
Judicial Redistricting--53rd Legislature
Labor--53rd Legislature
Personnel--53rd Legislature
Press Releases--53rd Legislature
Public Schools--53rd Legislature
Senate Committees--53rd Legislature
Senate Daily Reports--53rd Legislature
Service Stations--53rd Legislature
Special Messages--53rd Legislature
Special Session--Bills Signed
Special Session--Bills Vetoed
Special Session--Teacher Pay
1977/081-387 Special Session Business, 1954
Special Session--Oil and Gas Meeting
Special Session--Confirmation of Appointments, 1954
Special Session--Texas Legislative Service, 1954
Special Session-Teletype Reports from W. L. McGill, 1954
State Hospitals--53rd Legislature
Special Session--53rd Legislature
Taxes--53rd Legislature
Toll Roads--53rd Legislature
Water--53rd Legislature
Water Bills--53rd Legislature
Aikin, A. M., Jr., Sen.
Ashley, Carlos, Sen.
Bell, John J., Sen.
Bracewell, Searcy, Sen.
Colson, Mrs. Neveille H., Sen.
Corbin, Kilmer B., Sen.
Fuller, Jep S., Sen.
Hardeman, Dorsey B.
Hazlewood, Grady
Kazen, Abraham, Jr.
Kelley, Rogers
Lane, Wardlow
Latimer, O.
Lock, Ottis E.
Martin, Crawford C.
McDonald, Warren
Moffett, George
Moore, William T.
Parkhouse, George
Phillips, Jimmy
Ben Ramsey, Lieutenant Governor
Rogers, A. J.
Rogers, Johnnie B.
Russell, Joe
Rutherford, J. T.
Sadler, Harley
Secrest, Jarrard
Shireman, William H.
Strauss, Gus J.
Wagonseller, Wayne W.
Weinert, R. A.
Willis, Doyle
Abington, W. H. (Bill), Rep.
Allen, William W.
Allison, Mack
Andis, Bill R.
Armor, L. L.
Atwell, Ben
Baker, Robert W.
Banks, Stanley, Jr.
Bates, Garth C.
Bates, James S.
Bell, Marshall O.
Bergman, Douglas E.
Berlin, Edgar L.
Berry, George S.
Bishop, A. J., Jr.
Blair, Anita (Miss)
Bradshaw, Floyd
Briscoe, Dolph, Jr.
Bristow, J. Gordon
Brooks, Phil
Brown, Hulen B.
Bryan, Jack C.
Buchanan, D. H.
Burkett, Joe, Jr.
Burkett, Omar
Carmichall, Jim
Carpenter, Frank H.
Carr, Waggoner
Carter, Ellis
Caufield, Stanley
Chambers, W. R.
Chapman, Joe N.
Cheatham, Tom
Clements, Jamie H.
Cobb, Carroll
Cobb, Morris G.
Cowen, Warren C. (Red)
Crain, Frank H., Jr.
Crim, E. F.
Crosthwait, John L.
Crouch, Doug
Daniel, Bill
De La Garza, Eligio
Dewey, B. H., Jr.
Dougherty, Dudley T.
Downer, A. D.
Duff, Virginia (Miss)
Ehlert, William J.
Elliott, William M. (Bill)
Fenoglio, Anthony (Tony)
Fisk, Jack G.
Fort, Curtis
Ford, Mr. George D.
Garrett, Gabe
Garrett, Gustin (Gus)
Gillham, J. O.
Glass, W. W.
Glusing, Ben A.
Gray, J. F.
Gurley, Dorothy Gillis (Mrs.)
Hale, L. Dewitt
Hall, Bert
Hancock, Charles A.
Hazlett, Guy
Heideke, H. A.
Henderson, Bill (Jitterbug)
Hightower, Jack E.
Hill, Paul
Hinson, George T.
Hogue, Grady
Houston, Horace B., Jr.
Huffman, Reagan R.
Hughes, Charles E.
Hull, H. A. (Salty)
Hutchins, Edgar, Jr.
Isaacks, Miss Maud
Isaacks, S. J.
Jackson, J. Horace
Johnson, Pearce
Jones, Obie
Joseph, Thomas R., Jr.
Kennard, Don
Kilgore, Joe M.
Kimbrough, John
King, Tom
Kirkham, Charles D., Jr.
Kirklin, W. G.
Kugle, William H., Jr.
Latimer, Truett
Lee, Otis
Lehman, Henry G.
Lieck, Charles, Jr.
Livley, Lamar A.
Lindsey, Jim T.
Maverick, Maury, Jr.
Meridith, Fred V.
Miller, William A., Jr. (Bill)
Moore, Carlton, Sr.
Moore, Mr. Jim
Morris, Jimmy R.
Murphy, Charles
Murray, Menton J.
McDaniel, Bert T.
McIlhany, Grainger, W.
McNeil, W. T.
Neimann, Fred
Osborn, Jesse M.
Osborn, William E.
Owen, Frank, III
Parish, Harold B.
Patten, Robert
Paxton, James R.
Pearson, G. P., Jr.
Perry, W. W.
Pipkin, Maurice
Pool, Joe R.
Pyle, Joe
Ratliff, David W.
Reeves, Elbert
Ross, W. C., Sr.
Sandahl, C. L., Jr.
Sanders, Barefoot
Saul, Leroy
Sayers, Scott P.
Schram, Mr. O. H.
Seay, Harold
Seeligson, F. S.
Sellers, Sam
Sentell, C. F.
Senterfitt, Reuben E.
Sheridan, Ed
Slack, Richard C.
Smith, Max C.
Smith, Vernon "Gene"
Smith, Will L.
Spacek, R. B.
Spring, Gilbert M.
Stark, Richard S.
Stewart, Vernon J.
Stilwell, Thomas H.
Stone, Stanton
Strickland, R. L. (Bob)
Stroman, W. A.
Svadlenak, Frank
Talasek, Reuben
Vale, A.J.
Walling, J. B.
Ward, J. F.
Warden, John A.
Weaver, Russell H.
Wohlford, Sam E.
Wood, Bill
Wright, T. B.
Yancy, James W.
Yezak, Herman
General files, 1954-1956:
1977/081-115 Adjutant General's Department
Atomic Test--Confidential
Attorney General, Texas
Civil Defense and Disaster Relief, 1955-56
Delegate File--21's Appointment of,
Drought--General Correspondence, 1955-56
Education Agency, Texas
Federal Appointments, 1955
Budget, Federal, 1955
Governor's State Guard Advisory Board
Industrial Commission (Study of Communism), 1953
Legislation, National--Nomination and Election of Vice President and President
Miscellaneous, 1956-1957
National Cowboy Hall of Fame, 1956
Press Releases, Oct-Dec. 1956
Public Safety, Texas Department of
Public Schools, 1954
Recommendation, Letters of
Reference Material
Texas Manufacturers Association
Texas Research League
Texas State Guard Reserve Corps
Traffic Safety, 1955
UN--(United Nations Day in Texas)
USS Alamo
Water--General Correspondence, 1955
Young Democrats
[24 dividers]
General files, 1954:
1977/081-178 Adjutant General, 1954
Adjutant General--National Guard, 1954
Aeronautics Commission, State, 1954
Agriculture Department, 1954
Alcoholism, 1954
Anonymous Letters, 1954
[4 folders]
Applications, 1954
Architectural Examiner, Board of, 1954
Attorney General, 1954
Attorney General--Tidelands, 1954
Attorney General--Opinions, 1954
Auditor, State, 1954
Bar Association, State, 1954
Barbers Examiners Board, 1954
Banking Commission, 1954
Battleship Texas Commission, 1954
Blind Commission, 1954
Colleges and Universities--Miscellaneous, 1954
[unlabeled folder]
Colleges and Universities, 1954
Colleges and Universities--University of Houston, 1954
[empty folder]
Colleges and Universities--A&M College, 1954
Colleges and Universities--University of Texas, Galveston Medical Branch, 1954
Colleges and Universities--University of Texas, 1954
Colleges and Universities--University of Texas Bureau of Business Research, 1954
Colleges and Universities--University of Texas, Southwestern Medical Branch, 1954
Colleges and Universities--University of Texas, Dental School, 1954
Colleges and Universities--West Texas State College, 1954
Comptroller, Department of, 1954
Control, Board of, 1954
Control Board of San Jacinto State Park
[unlabeled folder]
Council of State Governments, 1954
1977/081-179 Council of State Governments--Interstate Corp., 1954
[2 folders]
Council of State Government material--Attendance list, addresses Preliminary Reports, etc.
Council of State Governments--National Association of State Budget Officers, 1954
Council of State Governments--Governors Conference, 1954
Council of State Governments--Legislative Service Conference
[empty folder]
Courts, Supreme, 1954
Courts, 1954
Courts--Civil Appeals, Court of, 1954
Board of Dental Examiners
[unlabeled folder]
Democratic Convention--Democratic Party, 1954
Democratic Party, 1954
Executive Department--Editorial
[unlabeled folder]
Economic Advisory Commission, 1954
Education Agency, Jan.-Dec., 1954
[2 folders]
Education Agency--Veterans Approval Agency, 1954,
[empty folder]
Education Agency---Blind, Texas School for the, 1954
Education Agency---Deaf, Texas School for the, 1954
Education Agency--Vocational Rehabilitation Division, 1954
Election, 1954
Election--Voting, 1954
Embalming Board, 1954
Employment Commission, Texas, 1954--Jan.-Dec.
[2 folders]
Employees Retirement System, 1954
Engineers, Board of Registration for Professional Engineers, 1954
1977/081-180 Executive Department, Jan-Dec., 1954
[4 folders]
Executive Department--Budget Division, Maryland S. Planning Comm., 1954
Executive Department--Budget Division--Governor, 1954
Executive Department--Clemency, Executive, 1954
Executive Department--Communism, 1954
[4 folders]
Executive Department--Communism (Out of State Letters)
Executive Department--County and City Jurisdiction, Jan-Dec., 1954
[4 folders]
1977/081-181 Executive Department--Count and City Jurisdiction-Duval, 1954
[3 folders]
Executive Department--Defense and Disaster Relief, 1954
[3 folders]
Drouth Relief
[unlabeled folder]
Executive Department--Flags, 1954
Executive Department--Information, Requests for, Jan-Dec. 1954
[2 folders]
Executive Department--Interstate Oil Compact Commission, 1954
[2 folders]
Executive Department--Legal Advice, Jan.-Dec., 1954
[2 folders]
1977/081-183 Federal--State of Union, General Comment, Jan.-Dec., 1954
[3 folders]
Federal--Supreme Court, 1954
Federal--Treasury Department, 1954
Federal--Veterans Administration, 1954
Federal--War, Department of, 1954
Foreign Affairs, 1954
[2 folders]
Forest Service, Texas, 1954
Game and Fish Commission, Jan.-Dec., 1954
[3 folders]
Game and Fish Commission quarterly meeting
Governor--request (beauty contest)
[unlabeled folder]
Governor--Hall of Fame
[unlabeled folder]
Good Neighbor Commission, 1954
Governor, 1954
Governor--Announcements, 1954
Governor--Aid, Jan.-Dec., 1954
[2 folders]
Governor--Appointments, 1954
Governor--Autographs, 1954
Governor--Biographical Sketch, 1954
Governor--Congratulations, 1954
Governor--Financial Aid, 1954
Governor--Gifts, 1954
Governor--Greetings, 1954
Governor--Introductions, 1954
Governor--Invitations, 1954
Governor--Membership, 1954
Governor--Photographs, 1954
1977/081-184 Governor--Printed Articles, 1954
Governor--Proclamations, 1954
Governor--Recommendations, 1954
Governor--Recommendations--Request for, 1954
Governor--Speeches, 1954
[3 folders]
Governor--Speech, New Orleans, 1954
Governor--Statements, 1954
Governor--Thank You, 1954
Governor--Third Term, 1954
Governor--Trips, 1954
Governor--Visits, 1954
Hairdressers and Cosmetologists, Board of, 1954
Handicapped, 1954
Health Department--Texas State Plan
Health Department, 1954
Health Department--Nursing Home, 1954
[empty folder]
Highway Department, Texas State
[2 folders]
Historical Survey Commission, 1954
Honorary Commission, 1954
Honorary Commission
[unlabeled folder]
Hospitals and Special Schools, State, 1954
[2 folders]
Hospitals and Special Schools--Austin State School, 1954
Hospitals and Special Schools--Hospital and Special Schools Board, 1954
Hospitals and Special Schools--Indian Reservation, 1954
Hospitals and Special Schools--Terrell State Hospital, 1954
1977/081-185 Industrial Accident, Board, 1954
Industrial Commission, 1954
Insurance Commission, State Insurance, 1954
[2 folders]
Insurance Commission, State Casualty, 1954
Insurance Commission, State Fire, 1954
Insurance Commission, State Life, 1954
Labor Statistics, State Board of, 1954
Land Office, 1954
Proposed Legislation
[unlabeled folder]
Agriculture Experiment Station
[unlabeled folder]
Legislative Council, 1954
Legislature, 1954
Legislature--Proposed Legislature, January-December, 1954
[8 folders]
Legislature--Advertising on Alcohol, 1954
1977/081-186 Legislature--Bills, 1954
Legislature--Beer Tax Bill, 1954
Legislature--Franchise Tax Bill, 1954
Legislature--Legislators Letters, 1954
Legislature--Gas Tax Bill, 1954
Legislature--Sabine River Bill, 1954
Legislation--Special Session, 1954
Legislature--Southwestern Medical School, 1954
Legislature--Teachers Salary, 1954
[2 folders]
[unlabeled folder]
Library & Historical Commission, 1954
[empty folder]
Library, Texas State, 1954
Liquor Control Board, 1954
Livestock Sanitary Commission--Proclamations, 1954
[empty folder]
Livestock Sanitary Commission, 1954
Merit System
[unlabeled folder]
Medical Examiners, Board of, 1954
Nurse Examiners, Board of, 1954
Nurse Examiners, 1954
[unlabeled folder]
Optometry, Board of, 1954
[unlabeled folder]
Organizations, Jan.-Dec., 1954
[4 folders]
Organizations--American-Korean Foundation, 1954
Organizations--Gonzales Warm Springs Foundation, 1954
Organizations--Texas Heritage Foundation, 1954
Organizations--Official Memo, Request for, 1954
Organization--Texas Public Employees Association, 1954
Organizations--United Fund
Organizations--Facts Forum, 1954
Organizations--Crusade for Freedom, 1954
1977/081-187 Public Safety
[unlabeled folder]
Pardons and Paroles, Board of, 1954
Park Board, State, 1954
Pharmacy Board, 1954
Press Releases, Jan.-Dec., 1954
[6 folders]
Prison System--Prison Board, 1954
Prison System, January-December, 1954
[3 folders]
Public Safety, January-December, 1954
[3 folders]
Public Safety, Department--Safety Commission, 1954
Public Safety, Department--Drivers Financial Responsibility Law, 1954
Public Safety--Internal Security Division, 1954
Public Safety, Department--Missing Persons Bureau, 1954
Public Safety, Department--Motor Vehicle Safety Inspection Law, 1954
Public Safety, Department--Narcotics, 1954
Public Safety, Department--Texas Rangers, 1954
Public Welfare, January-December, 1954
[3 folders]
Public Welfare, Department Child Support, 1954
Public Welfare, Department Old Age and Needy, 1954
Public Welfare, Department Youth Development Council, 1954
1977/081-188 Real Estate Commission, 1954
Railroad Commission, 1954

[unlabeled empty folder]
Research League, Texas, 1954
Rio Grande Valley
[unlabeled folder]
Secretary of State, 1954
Selective Service, 1954
Selective Service--Military Jurisdiction, 1954
[2 folders]
Soil Conservation, State Board of, 1954
Turnpike Authority, Texas, 1954
Turnpike--Sam Houston
[unlabeled folder]
Teachers Retirement System, 1954
Treasury Department
[unlabeled folder]
Veterans of Foreign Wars
[unlabeled folder]
Water Resources Commission
Water, 1954
[2 folders]
Water--Arkansas-White-Red River, 1954
[2 folders]
Water--Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority, 1954
Water--Falcon Dam, 1954
Water--Ferrell's Bridge Reservoir Project, 1954
Water--Intercoastal Waterway, 1954
Water--National River and Harbor Congress, 1954
Water-Navarro-Mills Dam Project, 1954
Water--Pecos River Compact, 1954
Water--Trinity River Project
Water--San Juan-Chama Project
Water--Upper Neches River, 1954
Water Engineer Board of, January-December, 1954
[3 folders]
Postcards re: Passage of legislative amending liquor laws
General files, 1954-1956:
1977/081-464 Politics--Democratic National Committee
Politics--Democratic National Convention
Politics--Harris-Fulbright Bill, 1956
Politics--Lt. Governor
Politics--Phillips, Jimmy
Politics--Replies to Form Letters, 1956
Politics--Statements of Reuben Senterfitt, 1954
Shivers Statement
Politics--Shepperd, John Ben
Politics--Yarborough, Ralph
Politics--John White
Politics--State Democratic Executive Committee
Press Releases--Special
Press--Conference Material
Resources Conference, National, 1954-1955
Searchlight on Tuberculosis--Miscellaneous
Press memos
[unlabeled folder]
Communism (Clippings re: Labor Unions, etc.)--
[3 folders]
International Good Neighbor Council Honorary Member
Photo Album
General files, 1954:
1977/081-528 Southern Governors Conference
State Democratic Executive Committee
Drouth--General Correspondence, 1954
Governor's Conference--State-Federal Study (New York State), July 11-14, 1954
Governor's Conference, Washington, DC, 1954
Governor's Economic Advisory Commission
Statements, 1954
Politics, 1954
Reuben Senterfitt
John C. White
Oil and Gas--General Correspondence, 1954
Drouth--Press Releases, 1954
Water--Task Force on Water Resources and Power
1977/081-529 Water--General Correspondence, 1954
Water--Press Releases, 1954
Austin Report
Federal Appointments, 1954
Traffic Safety
[3 folders]
General files:
1977/081-68 Adjutant General, 1955
Adjutant General--National Guard, 1955
Aeronautics Commission, 1955
Aeronautics Commission--State Naval Air Training Base, 1955
Agriculture Department, 1955
Agriculture Department, 1955
Alcoholism, 1955
Anonymous Letters #4, 1955
Anonymous Letters #3, 1955
Anonymous Letters #2, 1955
Anonymous Letters #1, 1955
Applications, 1955
Architectural Examiner's, Board of, 1955
Attorney General, 1955
Attorney General--Opinions, 1955
Attorney Generals--Tidelands, 1955
Subversive Activities Control Board
Appointments, 1955
Auditor, State, 1955
Austin Report, 1955
Banking Commission, 1955
Bar Association, State, 1955
Barbers Examiners Board, 1955
Black and White Ball, 1955
Blind Commission, 1955
Building Commission, State
Chiropractic Board--Examiners
Colleges and Universities, 1955
Colleges and Universities, A&M, 1955
Colleges and Universities, University of Texas, 1955
Colleges and Universities, Sul Ross State Teachers' College, 1955
Colleges and Universities, Texas Southern University
Colleges and Universities, University of Houston, 1955
1977/081-69 Colleges and Universities, University of Texas, Bureau of Business Research, 1955
Colleges and Universities, University of Texas, Dental Branch, 1955
Colleges and Universities, University of Texas, Galveston Medical, 1955
Comptroller, Department of, 1955
Control, Board of, 1955
Cosmetology, State Board of, 1955
Council of State Governments (Gov. Conference), 1955
Council of State Governments, Interstate Corp., June-Dec., 1955
Democratic Party--Presidential Election
Democratic Party--Presidential Nominee, Nov.-Dec., 1955
Democratic Executive Committee--State Orientation Conference
Democratic Executive Committee
Democratic Party--Presidential Nominee, 1955
Democratic Convention-Democratic Party, 1955
Democratic Party, 1955
Council of State Governments--Interstate Corp., 1955
Council of State Governments--National Association of State Budget Offices, 1955
Courts, 1955
Courts--Civil Appeals, 1955
Democratic Party--No. 2
Council of State Governments, 1955
Dental Board--Examiners
Education Agency, July-December, 1955
Education Agency, Jan.-June, 1955
Education Agency--Vocational Rehabilitation Division, 1955
1977/081-70 Election, 1955
Election--Voting, 1955
Election--Soldier Voting
Employment Commission, July-Dec., 1955
Employment Commission, Jan.-June, 1955
Employees Retirement System, 1955
Employment Commission--State Texas Committee for Employment of Physically Handicapped
Engineers, Board of Registration for Professional, 1955
Executive Department, Nov.-Dec., 1955
Executive Department, Sept.-Oct., 1955
Executive Department, July-August, 1955
Executive Department, May-June, 1955
Executive Department, March-April, 1955
Executive Department, Jan.-Feb., 1955
Executive Department--Budget Division, 1955
Executive Department--Communism, Sept. 1955
Executive Department--Communism #1, Jan-Aug. 1955
Executive Department--County and City Jurisdiction, Oct-Dec., 1955
Executive Department--County and City Jurisdiction, July-Sept., 1955
Executive Department--County and City Jurisdiction, April-June, 1955
Executive Department--County and City Jurisdiction, Jan.-March, 1955
Executive Department--Defense and Disaster Drought, 1955
Executive Department--Defense and Disaster, July-Dec., 1955
Executive Department--Defense and Disaster, Jan.-June, 1955
Executive Department--Employment, request for, 1955
Executive Department--Flags, 1955
Executive Department--Information, requests for, July-Dec., 1955
Executive Department, Information requests for, April-June
Executive Department--Information requests for, Jan.-March, 1955
Executive Department--Interstate Oil Compact Commission, July-Dec., 1955
Executive Department--Interstate Oil Compact Commission, Jan.-June
1977/081-71 Executive Department--Legal Advice, Jan.-June, 1955
Executive Department--Legal Advice, July-Dec., 1955
Executive Department--Mansion, 1955
Executive Department--Political, Oct., 1955
Executive Department--Political, August-Sept., 1955
Executive Department--Political, June-July, 1955
Executive Department--Political, 1955
Jessie R. Morgan, August, 1955
Executive Department--Religion, 1955
Executive Department--Reports, July-Dec., 1955
Executive Department--Songs and Poems, 1955
Executive Department--Reports, Jan.-June, 1955
1977/081-72 Executive Department--State Affairs, Oct.-Dec., 1955
Executive Department--State Affairs, July-Sept., 1955
Executive Department--State Affairs, April-June, 1955
Executive Department--State Affairs, Jan.-March, 1955
Executive Department--Thank you
Federal, 1955
Federal Agriculture Department , 1955
Federal Air Force Department , 1955
Federal Army, Department of, 1955
Federal Civil Aeronautics Board, 1955
Federal Commerce, Department of, 1955
Federal, Communications Commission
Federal Deed of Cessions, 1955
Federal Inter Governmental Relations Commission, 1955
"The Federal Reserve Conspiracy"
Federal Defense, Department of, 1955
Federal--Interstate Commerce Commission
Federal Defense Mobilization Office, 1955
Federal F.B.I., 1955
Federal, Health, Education, and Welfare, 1955
Federal, Immigration and Naturalization, 1955
Federal, Interior, Department of, 1955
Federal, Internal Revenue, Department of, 1955
Federal, Interstate Commerce Commission, 1955
Traffic Safety Conference, 1956
Federal Labor Department, 1955
Federal Legislation, Jan.-June, 1955
Federal Legislation, July-Dec., 1955
Federal Navy, Department of, 1955
1977/081-73 Federal Post Office, 1955
Federal Segregation, December, 1955
Federal Segregation, October, 1955
Federal Segregation, November, 1955
Federal Segregation, No. 3, Aug.-Sept.
Federal Segregation, May-June
Federal Segregation, No. 2, July
Federal Segregation Court, No.3, Dec., 1955
Federal Segregation Court, No.1, Dec., 1955
Federal Segregation, Out of State, 1955
Federal Segregation, Out of State, No. 2
Federal Segregation Court, No. 2, Dec., 1955
Federal Segregation, Letter No. 2
Federal, State of the Union, May-August, 1955
Federal, State of the Union, Sept.-December, 1955
Federal Social Security Administration, 1955
Federal Veterans Administration, 1955
Federal Supreme Court, 1955
Federal State, Department of, 1955
Federal Treasury Department, 1955
Federal State of the Union, Jan.-April, 1955
1977/081-74 Foreign Affairs, July-Dec., 1955
Foreign Affairs, Jan.-June, 1955
Forest Service, Texas, 1955
Forest Service--Forestry Compact, 1955
Game and Fish Commission, Sept.-Dec., 1955
Game and Fish Commission, May-August, 1955
Game and Fish Commission, Jan.-April, 1955
Good Neighbor Commission, 1955
Governor, 1955
Governor-Aid, July-Dec., 1955
Governor-Aid, Jan.-June, 1955
Governor--Announcements, 1955
Governor--Appointments, 1955
Governor--Appointments, Requests for
Governor--Autographs, 1955
Governor--Biographical Sketch, 1955
Governor--Congratulation, 1955
Governor--Cowboy Hall of Fame, 1955
Governor--Endorsements, Requests for
Governor--Gifts, 1955
Governor--Greetings, 1955
Governor--Financial Aid, 1955
Governor--Introductions, 1955
Governor--Invitations, 1955
Governor--Membership, 1955
Governor--Photographs, 1955
Governor--Printed Articles, Aug.-Dec.1955
Governor--Printed Articles, 1955
Governor--Proclamations, 1955
1977/081-75 Governor--Recommendations, 1955
Governor--Recommendations, requests for, 1955
Governor Request for Recommendations--Harris County Home Rule Commission
Governor--Speeches, July-Dec., 1955
Governor--Speeches, Jan.-June, 1955
Governor--Speeches, Democratic Convention--Executive Committee
Governor--Speeches, remarks about, 1955
Governor--Speeches, Remarks about New York Speech
Governor--Speeches, Remarks About University of Southern California Speech
Governor--Thank You, 1955
Governor--Thank you States Rights, 1955
Governor Speeches Remarks--Legislation, 1955
Health Department, 1955
Higher Education Commission
Highway Department, Nov.-Dec., 1955
Highway Department --State, Sept.-Oct., 1955
Texas State Highway Department, July-August
Texas State Highway Department , April-June
Highway Department, Texas State, Jan.-March
1977/081-78 Legislation, (misfiled), 1955
Legislature--Proposed Cigarettes Tax, 1955
Legislature--Proposed Legislature Coroner System, 1955
Legislature--Proposed Legislature Gross Receipts Tax
Legislature--Proposed Legislature Liquor Control H.B. 602
Legislature--Proposed Legislation Narcotics, 1955
Legislative--Proposed Legislation Naturopathy, 1955
Legislative--Proposed Legislation Parks, Hotel Bill, 1955
Legislature--Proposed, Gas Tax Bill, 1955
Legislature--Proposed Legislation, H.B. 630 (Radio Tax)
Legislature--Proposed Legislation Public Welfare, 1955
Legislature--Proposed Legislation Social Security, 1955
Legislature--Proposed Legislation Trinity River Project, 1955
Legislature--Proposed Legislation Unfair Sales Act, 1955
Legislature--Proposed Legislation H.B. 63, Water Permit
Legislature--Proposed Legislation Vocational Nurses, 1955
Library and Historical Commission, 1955
Library, Texas State, 1955
Liquor Control, Board, 1955
Livestock Sanitary Commission, 1955
Medical Examiners Board, 1955
Morticians State Board
[unlabeled folder]
Nurse Examiners, State Board of, 1955
Nurse Examiners, State Board of Vocational, 1955
Organizations, January thru December 1955
[5 folders]
1977/081-79 Organizations--Patriotic, NDC, SAR [Sons of the American Revolution], DRT [Daughters of the Republic of Texas], 1955
Organizations--College Classroom, Teachers Association, 1955
Organizations--Junior Chamber of Commerce, 1955
Organizations--National Mental Health Commission, 1955
Organization--Texas Heritage Foundation, 1955
Organization--Texas Historical Foundation, 1955
Organizations--Texas Public Employees Association, 1955
Organizations--United Fund, 1955
Pardons and Paroles, Board of, 1955
Park Board, State, 1955
Pharmacy Board, 1955
Press Releases, Jan.-Dec., 1955
[6 folders]
Prison System--Prison Board, 1955
Prison System, January-December, 1955
[3 folders]
Public Accountants
[unlabeled folder]
Public Safety, Department of, Jan.-Dec., 1955
[3 folders]
Progress Report--The American Heritage Foundation
Report to Atty. General
[6 copies]
Public Safety, Department of, Driver's Financial Responsibility Law, 1955
Public Safety--Juvenile Delinquency, 1955
Public Safety, Department of, Missing Persons, Bureau, 1955
Public Safety, Department of, Motor Vehicle Safety Inspection Law, 1955
Public Safety, Department of Safety Commission, 1955
Public Safety Department of, Texas Rangers, 1955
1977/081-95 Southeastern Business and Industrial Conference, 1956
Speeches--Correspondence, 1955
Press Releases, January-December, 1955
[12 folders]
General files, 1955:
1977/081-324 Miscellaneous files, S-Z
[6 dividers]
Two license plates
Texana file
McCallum High Press Capades invitation
1977/081-540 Saturday Evening Post story, "He's Got Texas In the Palm of His Hand"
[Note: This magazine article was transferred from Box 4-9/41 to Oversize Box 4-9/250 when the Shivers records were inventoried. The boxes were renumbered sometime after the finding aid was originally prepared. The box number to the left is correct.]
1977/081-496 Honorary Commission, 1955
Historical Survey Commission, 1955
Hospitals and Special Schools, January-December 1955
[2 folders]
Hospital and Special Schools--Austin State School, 1955
Hospital and Special Schools--Indian Reservation, 1955
Hospitals and Special Schools--Terrell State Hospital, 1955
Industrial Commission, 1955
Industrial Accident, Board, 1955
Insurance Commission, January-December, 1955
[2 folders]
Insurance Commission--Fire, 1955
Securities--Insurance Commission, State
Insurance Commission--U.S. Trust and Guaranty Co., 1955
Labor Statistics, State Board of, 1955
Land Office, 1955
Legislation, 1955
Legislation, July-December
Legislation--Liquor Control, H. B. 602
Legislation--Special Session, 1955
Joint Legislative Committee on Interstate Cooperation, 1955
Legislative Council, 1955
Staff Research Report
Legislature, 1955
1977/081-497 Legislative Proposition #2, January-July, 1955--
[16 folders]
Legislature Bills, 1955
Legislature--Proposed Advertising Alcohol, 1955
General files, 1956-1957:
1977/081-83 Tidelands files
Lampasas Armory
Advisory Committee on Segregation in Public Schools
[unlabeled folder]
Adjutant General--National Guard, 1956
Aeronautics Commission, State, 1956
Agriculture Department, 1956
Agriculture Department--Drought, 1956
Agriculture Department--Hay Program, 1956
Alcoholism, 1956
Anonymous Letters, Jan.-Dec., 1956
[4 folders]
Anonymous--Illegible Signature, 1956
Applications, 1956
Attorney General--Opinions, 1956
Attorney General, 1956
Attorney General--Tidelands, 1956
Auditor, State, 1956
Banking Commission, 1956
Bar Association, State, 1956
Barbers Examiners, Board of, 1956
Battleship Texas Commission, 1956
Blind Commission, 1956
Building Commission, 1956
Building Commission, State; Supreme Court Invitations to Ground-Breaking
General files:
1977/081-84 Chiropractic Examiners Board
[unlabeled folder]
Colleges and Universities, 1956
Colleges and Universities--A&M, 1956
Colleges and Universities--University of Houston, 1956
Colleges and Universities--Sul Ross State Teachers' College, 1956
Colleges and Universities--Texas Southern University, 1956
Colleges and Universities, University of Texas, 1956
Colleges and Universities--University of Texas, Bureau of Business Research
Colleges and Universities--University of Texas, Galveston Medical, 1956
Colleges and Universities, University of Texas, Southwestern Medical School, 1956
Colleges and Universities--West Texas State Teachers College, 1956
Comptroller, Department of, 1956
Control, Board of, 1956
Cosmetology, Board of, 1956
Council of State Governments, 1956
Council of State Governments--Governors' Conference, 1956
Council of State Governments--Interstate Cooperation, 1956
Courts--Civil Appeals, 1956
Democratic Party, 1956
Democratic Executive Committee, State, 1956
Democratic Party--Presidential Nominee, 1956
State Democratic Executive Committee Meeting (Dallas)--Thank You Notes, May 22, 1956
Democratic Convention, 1956
South Western Reporter mats
[unlabeled folder]
Dental Examiners, Board of
[unlabeled folder]
Education Agency, 1956
Education Agency--Vocational Rehabilitation Agency, 1956
Election, 1956
Election--Special-Request for, 1956
Election--Voting, 1956
Political Calendar mats, 1956
Employment Commission, 1956
Employees Retirement System of Texas, 1956
Employment Commission--Texas Commission Employment of Physically Handicapped
Engineers Board--Registration for Professional, 1956
American Showcase
General files, 1956-1957:
1977/081-85 Executive Department, 1956
Executive Department--County and City Jurisdiction, 1956
Executive Department--Budget Division, 1956
Executive Department--Clemency, 1956
Executive Department--"Communism," 1956
Executive Department--Defense and Disaster Relief, 1956
Executive Department--Defense and Disaster Relief--Drought, 1956
Executive Department--Employment, Request for, 1956
Executive Department--Flags, 1956
Executive Department--Information Requests, 1956
Executive Department--Information Request, Jan.-Dec., 1956
[6 folders]
Executive Department--Interstate Oil Compact Commission, 1956
Executive Department--Legal Advice, January-December
[2 folders]
Executive Department--Mansion, 1956
Executive Department--Memos, 1956
Executive Department--Political, January-June, 1956,
[5 folders]
1977/081-86 Executive Department--Political, July-December, 1956
[6 folders]
Executive Department--Political--Anti Ike, 1956
Executive Department--Political--Jessie R. Morgan, 1956
Executive Department--Political--Kay Williams, 1956
Executive Department--Religion, 1956
Executive Department--Reports, Jan.-December, 1956,
[2 folders]
Executive Department--Songs and Poems, 1956
Executive Department--State Affairs--Comments, 1956
Executive Department--Thank You, 1956
General files--Federal:
1977/081-87 Federal--Segregation, January-December, 1956
Federal Segregation--Interposition, 1956
Federal Segregation--Interposition, Gov. Thos. B. Stanley, 1955-1956
Federal--Segregation letters 5-6, 1956
[2 folders]
Federal--Segregation (Mansfield), 1956
Federal--Segregation (Mansfield), Con, 1956
Federal--Segregation, (NAACP), 1956
Federal--Segregation--Out of State, Jan.-Dec., 1956
[2 folder]
Federal--Supreme Court, 1956
Federal--Treasury, Department of, 1956
Federal--Veterans Administration, 1956
1977/081-88 Information--Presidential nominee--printed
Federal--Agriculture Department, 1956
Federal--Air Force, Department of, 1956
Federal--Army, Department of, 1956
Federal--Attorney General, 1956
Federal--Civil Aeronautics Commission, Jan.-Dec., 1956
Federal--Commerce, Department of, 1956
Federal--Defense, Department of, 1956
Federal--F.B.I., 1956
Federal--Health, Education, and Welfare, Department of, 1956
Federal--Health, Education, Welfare--Water Pollution Control Board, 1956
Federal--Immigration and Naturalization, 1956
Federal--Intergovernmental Relations, 1956
Federal--Interior, Department of, 1956
Federal--Internal Revenue, Department of, 1956
Federal--Interstate Commerce Commission, 1956
Federal--Labor, Department of, 1956
Federal--Legislation, Jan.-Dec., 1956
Federal--Legislation--Gas Bill, 1956
Federal--Legislation--Interposition, 1956
Federal--Legislation, HR 3, 1956
Federal--Navy, Department of, 1956
Federal--Post Office, Department of, 1956
Federal--Social Security, 1956
Federal--State of Union, General Comments, 1956
Federal--State, Department of, 1956
General files:
1977/081-89 Adjutant General
[empty folder]
Appointments to Office, 1956-1957
Federal--Segregation , 1956
[printed article]
Race Relations Law Reporter Vol. 1, No.4
Foreign Affairs, 1956
Federal--Segregation, Letter 4, 1956
Forest Service--Texas, 1956
Forest Service--State, South Central Interstate Forest Fire Protection Compact, 1956
Forest Service--Woods Arson Committee, 1956
Game and Fish Commission, 1956
Good Neighbor Commission, 1956
Governor, 1956
Governor--Aid, 1956
Governor--Announcements, 1956
Governor--Appointments, 1956
Governor--Appointment--National Tax Association, 1956
Governor--Appointment (Texas Securities Advisory Committee), 1956
Governor--Autographs, 1956
Governor--Biographical Sketches, 1956
Governor--Congratulations, 1956
Governor--Cowboy Hall of Fame, 1956
Governor--Endorsements, Requests for, 1956
Governor--Financial Aid, 1956
Governor--Fourth Term, 1956
Governor--Fourth Term--Commendatory Remarks, 1956
Governor--Gifts, 1956
Governor--Greetings, 1956
Governor--Introductions, 1956
Governor--Invitations, 1956
Governor--Photographs, 1956
Governor, Jan.-April, 1956
[2 folders of printed articles]
Governor, Sept.-Oct.
[printed articles]
1977/081-90 Governor, May-Dec., 1956
[4 folders of printed articles]
Governor--Proclamations, 1956
Governor--Proclamations--Temperance, 1956
Texas State Plan
Governor--Recommendations, 1956
Governor--Recommendations, Request for, 1956
Governor--Senate Race, 1956
Governor--Speeches, 1956
Governor--Speeches, Remarks About, 1956
Governor--Speeches, Texas Southern University, 1956
Governor--Statements, 1956
Governor--Telegrams, 1956
Governor--Thank You, 1956
Health Department--Nursing Homes, 1956
[empty folders]
Health Department, 1956
Higher Education, Texas Commission, 1955-56
Higher Education--Commission on, 1956
Highway Department--Texas State, Jan.-Dec., 1956
[4 folders]
Honorary Commission--State, 1956
General files, 1956:
1977/081-91 Hospitals and Special Schools, January-December, 1956
[2 folders]
Hospitals and Special Schools--Austin State Schools, 1956
Hospital and Special Schools--Hospital and Special Schools Board, 1956
[empty folder]
Hospital and Special Schools--Indian Reservation, 1956
Hospital and Special Schools, Terrell State Hospital, 1956
Industrial Accident Board, 1956
Industrial Commission, 1956
[empty folder]
Insurance Commission--State, 1956
Insurance Commission--Casualty, 1956
Insurance Commission--Fire, 1956
[empty folder]
Insurance Commission--Life, 1956
Insurance Investigation
Insurance Commission--U.S. Trust and Guaranty Co., 1956
Labor Statistics, State Board of, 1956
Land Office, 1956
League of Texas Municipalities
[unlabeled folder]
Legislature, 1956
Legislature Council, 1956
Legislature--Proposed Legislation, 1956
[empty folder]
Legislation--Proposed Legislation--Income Tax Bill, 1956
Legislation--Proposed Legislation, Liquor Advertisements, 1956
Legislation, 1956
Legislation--Election Code, 1956
Legislation--Proposed Legislation, Narcotics, 1956
Legislation--(Thanksgiving), 1956
Legislature--Bills, 1956
Legislature, Special Session, 1956
Legislature--Special Session, Request for, August-Nov., 1956
[3 folders]
Library and Historical Commission, 1956
1977/081-92 Library--State Archives, 1956
Liquor Control Board, 1956
Livestock Sanitary Commission, 1956
Medical Examiners, Board of, 1956
Nurse Examiners, Board of, 1956
Nurse Examiners, Board of Vocational, 1956
Optometry, Board of, 1956
Organization, January-December, 1956
[12 folders]
Organization--American Heritage Protective Committee, 1956
Organizations, Junior Chamber of Commerce--Austin Chamber of Commerce, 1956
Organizations--Facts Forum, 1956
Organization--For America, 1956
Organization--Committee for Constitutional Government, Inc.
Organization--Gonzales Warm Springs Foundations, 1956
Organizations--Texas Heritage Foundation, 1956
Organizations--Texas Public Employees Association, 1956
Organizations--Texas Historical Foundation, 1956
General files:
1977/081-93 Pardons and Paroles, Board of, 1956
Park Board, State, 1956
Pharmacy Board, State, 1956
Press Releases, January-December, 1956
[4 folders]
Prison System, 1956
Prison System--Texas, Huntsville Rodeo, 1956
Public Accountancy, State Board of, 1956
Public Safety, Department of, January-December, 1956
[3 folders]
Public Safety--Department of Drivers' License Division, 1956
Public Safety, Department of Missing Persons Bureau, 1956
Public Safety--Motor Vehicle Safety Inspection Law, 1956
Public Safety--Narcotics, 1956
Public Safety--Safety Commission, 1956
[empty folder]
Public Safety--Texas Rangers, 1956
Public Welfare, January-December, 1956
[6 folders]
Public Welfare--Child Support, 1956
Public Welfare--Old Age and Needy, 1956
Public Welfare--Youth Development Council, 1956
Railway Age, Sept. 1956
1977/081-94 Railroad Commission, 1956
Real Estate Commission, 1956
Secretary of State, 1956
Selective Service, 1956
Selective Service--Military Jurisdiction, 1956
Soil Conservation, State Board of, 1956
State Fair
[unlabeled folder]
Veterans--Veterans Affairs Commission, 1956
Veterans--Veterans Bonus--State, 1956
Teachers Retirement System, 1956
Veterans, 1956
Water Engineers--Board of, Jan.-Dec.
[2 folders]
Water--Brazos River Authority, 1956
Water--Arkansas-White-Red, 1956
Water Engineers--Board of Guadalupe Watershed, 1956
Water--Falcon Dam, 1956
Water--Intracoastal Water Ways, 1956
Water--Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority, 1956
Water--Pecos River Compact, 1956
Water--Water Resources Committee, 1956
Water--Trinity River Project, 1956
Water--Upper Neches River Project, 1956
[empty folder]
1977/081-540 My Best to You
[1 12-inch record]
[Note: This records was transferred from Box 4-12/270 to Oversize Box 4-9/250 when the Shivers records were inventoried. The boxes were renumbered sometime after the finding aid was originally prepared. The box number to the left is correct.]
General files, 1952-1956:
1977/081-270 Miscellaneous A-E
[5 folders]
Employ the Physically Handicapped Nationally, 1954
Miscellaneous F, 1954
Farming, 1954,
[empty folder]
Fire, 1954
Miscellaneous G-H, 1954
[2 folders]
Hand Signal Month, 1954,
[empty folder]
Miscellaneous I-S
[10 folders]
Safe Driving Day, 1954
Miscellaneous T-U, 1954
[2 folders]
United Nations Day, 1954
United States Day--Proclamations, 1954
Miscellaneous V-Z, 1954
[3 folders]
Miscellaneous, 1954-1957:
1977/081-272 Christmas Card Correspondence, 1955
Miscellaneous Christmas Card File, 1955
Christmas Card File, 1956
Christmas cards--Thanks for, 1956
Christmas Card Operation, 1955
Christmas Card Thank you file, 1956
Christmas Card Thank you file, Jan. 15, 1957
Reception Lists, 1955
Intern Appointment files, A-Z
[22 folders]
Special County Judges, 1956
Public Weighers, 1956
Summary of Alphabetic Indexing and Filing Rules
First Camper Newsmagazine
Picture Christmas cards
General files, 1956:
1977/081-321 Passes and Membership, 1953
Governors of Other States from, June, 1953
Scramble Calf, 1953
STUN--A-Z, August, 1953
[2 folders]
STUN Files--Anonymous, 1953
Letters of Recommendation and Identification, 1953
General files, 1960:
1977/081-291 Sabine River Authority
San Antonio River Canal and Conservancy District
San Jacinto State Park Commission
Secretary of State
State Teachers Colleges, Board of Regents
State University for Negroes
State Hospitals and Special Schools, Board for Texas
Texas Civil Judicial Council
Texas State College for Women
Texas State Guard Reserve Corps--Advisory Board
Texas Tech College, Board of Regents
Texas Surplus Property Agency--Board of Control
Tuberculosis Nurses Examiners, State Board of
University of Texas, Board of Regents
Upper Colorado River Authority, Board of Directors
Upper Red River Flood Control District
Veterans' Affairs Commission
Veterinary Medical Examiners, State Board of
Vocational Nurse Examiners, State Board of
Water Engineers, State Board of
Appointments--Standard Operating Procedure
Appointments--Memoranda, Hart (Personal)
Appointments: Memos to Margaret Craig and/or Hart re: appointees
Appointments--Press Releases
Appointments--Confirmed by Senate
Appointments sent to Senate
A&I Texas College of, Board of Directors
Texas A&M College, Board of Directors
Appointments--Miscellaneous Correspondence
Appointments--Miscellaneous Memoranda--
[6 dividers]
1977/081-292 Architectural Examiners, State Board of
Barber Examiners, State Board of
Appointees--Shivers', As of January 26, 1952
Canadian River Compact Commissioner
Brazos River Conservation and Reclamation District, Board of Directors
Texas Citrus Commission
Chiropractic Examiners, State Board of
State Board of Chiropody Examiners
Control, Board of, December
Dental Examiners, State Board of
Dallas County Flood Control District
Engineers, Board of Registration for Professional
[file and envelope]
Embalming, State Board of
Employment Commission, Texas
State Finance Commission
Game, Fish, and Oyster Commission, Texas
General Information--Geographical Distribution of Appointees
General Information--Miscellaneous Endorsements and Candidates
General Information--Lists of Candidates
General Information--Miscellaneous
General Information--Newsclippings
General Information--Water
Good Neighbor Commission
Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority, Board of Directors
State Highway Commission
State Hospitals and Special Schools
Hospital Council, Advisory
General Hatchet file
Insurance Commission
Interstate Cooperation, Governor's Committee of
Interstate Compact Commission
Supreme Court
Civil Judicial Council
Courts of Civil Appeals
Court of Civil Appeals, Second Supreme Judicial District
6th Administrative Judicial District
8th Administrative Judicial District
First District, Galveston
[empty folder]
Second District, Fort Worth
Third District, Austin
Fourth District, San Antonio
Fifth District, Dallas
[empty folder]
Sixth District, Texarkana
[empty folder]
Seventh District, Amarillo
[empty folder]
Eighth District, El Paso
[empty folder]
Ninth District, Beaumont
[empty folder]
Tenth District, Waco
Eleventh District, Eastland
[empty folder]
16th Judicial District
43rd Judicial District
[empty folder]
23rd Judicial District
26th Judicial District
51st Judicial District
77th Judicial District
88th District Court
91st Judicial District
102nd Judicial District, Texarkana
Amarillo Judicial District--108th
District Attorney 109th District
District Judge--Possible Vacancy 109th District
119th Judicial District
[empty folder]
District Attorney/District Judge--132nd Judicial District
District Attorneyship
Bexar County Criminal District Court
Labor Statistics, Commission of
Lamar Technological College, Board of Regents
Land Surveyors
Library and Historical Commission
Liquor Control Board
Livestock Sanitary Commission
Lower Colorado River Authority
General files (Letters Regarding Legislation):
1977/081-152 Senate and House Bills correspondence
[loose material in no particular order]
1977/081-153 Senate & House Bills correspondence-High School graduation invitations
[loose material]
General files:
1977/081-310 Texas State Parks Board Budget of Expenditures for six months, 3-1-48 to 8-31-48
[2 folders]
Monthly Reports--Comptroller's Department
Monthly Statements--State Treasury
Speeches--Gov. Shivers
News releases and other Miscellaneous material
Conference Report
[several loose copies]
A Commencement Address by Lt. Gov. Shivers
[loose copies]
1977/081-384 American Legion
American Petroleum Institute
State Boards
Civic Organizations
Civil Defense
Civil Rights
Tom Connally
Price Daniel
Dixie Revolt
Democratic Party
Ethics and Morals
Federal Administration
Federal Aid
Flood Control
Game and Fish
Good Neighbor
Governor--Trips, Speeches, etc.
Driver Responsibility Law
State Hospitals
Industrial Development, Texas
Lyndon Johnson
Loyal Democrats
State Officials
Interstate Oil Compact Commission
Pension and State Welfare Roles
Persons of Note
Political Polls
Governor's Press Statements--Memorandum, etc.
State Prison System
Sam Rayburn
Republican Party
Revising Texas Constitution
U.S. Senators
Shivers' Campaign
Southern Governors
State Schools
Texas Politics
1977/081-385 Texas Employment Commission
Statutes--Water District
Encroaching Socialism
10th Anniversary Yearbook (of the Lower Rio Grande Valley)
Clippings (no clippings)

[scratch tablet]
State Institutions
[empty folder]
Clippings (no clippings)
Power and Light in Texas
Democratic Committee
Election Laws
Lamar College
Newspaper Clippings
Press Releases
Oil Conservation Speeches
Tideland Material
Shary Biography
Several newspapers
General files and press releases, 1947, 1950-1956:
1977/081-300 Press Releases, 1949-1952
1977/081-301 Press Releases, 1953-1956
Segregation reports, 1955-1956:
[printed material]
Report of the Legal and Legislative Subcommittee of the Texas Advisory Committee
[29 copies]
General files, 1954:
1977/081-459 Council of State Governments, 1954
National Tax Conference, 1954
State Agencies
Senate Bills
Boy Scouts--General Information
Biography--Governor Shivers
Carswell Air Field Deed of Cession
Correspondence--Seeking Appointment
Honorary Citizenship--Introductory Letters to Texans out of State
[empty folder]
Correspondence--Memorandum (Official and Press)
Driver Responsibility
Proclamation and Official Memo forms
Form Letters (General compliments, etc.)
Form Letters (General reply--not to Personal friends, Compliments on remarks, speeches, etc.)
Form Letters (If letter contained offer of support)
Game and Fish Commission
Good Neighbor Interests
Highway Week
Mail List--Current Month
Mail List--Ed Reichelt
[empty folder]
Motor Vehicle Responsibility Act
Financial Papers, 1950-1952:
(Some of Governor Jester's paper's included in box)
1977/081-335 Invitation lists to Jester's Inaugural and Ball (Jester's Files)
[2 folders]
Newspaper clippings regarding Jester's death
[2 unlabeled folders]
Gubernatorial Newspaper Clippings
Posting Purposes
[empty folder]
Campaign Specialty
Oil Imports
Economy Comm.
Special Session
State Finance
Shivers' Folder
Sympathy Messages
Congratulation Letters
Adjutant General
Attorney General
[empty folder]
Attorney General Memos
Garrison, Homer
Summary of Texas Election Laws
Texas Navy
[2 folders]
Purchase Requisition
[empty folder]
Extradition Papers Returned for Correction
Good Neighbor Commission, 1952
Harrison County--Special Judge
Warrant Receipts
[empty folder]
Letters of Recommendation
Staff Conference
Pink Boll Worm Commission
Receipts from Adjutant General
[empty folder]
Board of Control
[empty folder]
Board of Control--Mr. Warden
[empty folder]
Budget, 1951-1952
[empty folder]
Budget--Board of Control
[empty folder]
Budget--Legislative Budget Board
[empty folder]
Census, Bureau of
Deficiency Appropriations, 1951-1952
[unlabeled folder]
International Business Machines--Contract
Inventory, 1952
Mimeograph Machines
[empty folder]
Payroll memos
Pitney Bowes--Contract
[empty folder]
Receipts and Delivery Slips--Mansion
[empty folder]
Requisitions--Office, 1951-1952
Steck Company--Contract for Mimes Machine
[empty folder]
Unpaid Bills (Office),
[empty folder]
Unpaid Bills--Mansion
[empty folder]
Warrant Receipts, September, 1951-December, 1951
[4 folders]
1977/081-336 Warrant Receipts, January, 1952-August, 1952
[8 folders]
[empty folder]
[empty folder]
The State of Texas Annual Awards
Office Procedure
[unlabeled folder]
Attorney General
Board of Control
Board of Control--Mr. Warden
Budget, 1951
Census, Bureau of
Deficiency Appropriations, 1950-51
Insurance Reports
International Business Machines--Contract
Inventory, 1950-51
[empty folder]
Organization Chart
Pitney Bowes--Contract
Requisitions--Office, 1950-51
Receipts and Delivery Slips
Requisitions--Mansion, 1950-51
Retirement Fund, Spetember, 1950-August, 1951
Steck Company--Contract for Mimeo Machine
Texas Public Employees Association
[empty folder]
1977/081-337 Transfer of Funds
[empty folder]
Unpaid Bills--Office
Unpaid Bills--Mansion
[empty folder]
Warrant Receipts, September, 1950-December, 1950
[4 folders]
Warrant Receipts, January-August, 1951
[8 folders]
Withholding Reports, 1951
Budget Division
Former Employees--Executive Department, A-Z
[3 folders]
Telegrams, January, 1952-December, 1952
[12 folders]
Texas Public Employees Association