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Texas Governor Allan Shivers:

An Inventory of Records: Trip files at the Texas State Archives, 1949-1964, 1968 (bulk 1949-1964)


Creator: Texas. Governor (1949-1957 : Shivers)
Title: Records: Trip files
Dates: 1949-1964, 1968
Dates: (bulk 1949-1964)
Quantity: 38 cubic ft.
Repository: Texas State Archives
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Agency History

The governor of Texas is the chief executive officer of the state, elected by the citizens every four years. The duties and responsibilities of the governor include serving as commander-in-chief of the state's military forces; convening special sessions of the legislature for specific purposes; delivering to the legislature at the beginning of each regular session a report on the condition of the state, an accounting of all public money under the governor's control, a recommended biennial budget, an estimate of the amounts of money required to be raised by taxation, and any recommendations he deems necessary; signing or vetoing bills passed by the legislature; and executing the laws of the state. The governor can grant reprieves and commutations of punishment and pardons, upon the recommendation of the Board of Pardons and Paroles, and revoke conditional pardons. He appoints numerous state officials (with the consent of the Senate), fills vacancies in state and district offices (except vacancies in the legislature), calls special elections to fill vacancies in the legislature, fills vacancies in the United States Senate until an election can be held, and serves as ex officio member of several state boards.

The office of governor was first established by the Constitution of 1845 and superseded the office of president of the Republic of Texas. The position now exists under authority of Article IV, Section 1 of the Constitution of 1876 and Texas Government Code, Chapter 401. To be elected governor, a person must be at least thirty years old, a United States citizen, and a resident of Texas for at least five years preceding the election. In 1972, the term of office was extended from two to four years, effective in 1975. Since 1856 the governor has had the use of the Governor's Mansion.

In 1949 the Office of the Governor had less than 30 full-time equivalent employees. The office was not formally organized into divisions or departments.

Allan Shivers Biographical Sketch

Allan Shivers was born on October 5, 1907, in Lufkin, Texas. Shivers attended high school in Port Arthur and college at the University of Texas. He practiced law in Port Arthur before winning election to the Texas Senate in 1934, at age 27 the youngest member ever to sit in that body. He entered the army during World War II and served in North Africa, Italy, France, and Germany. He was discharged as a major, with five battle stars and the Bronze Star. In 1946 he was elected lieutenant governor and worked closely with Beauford Jester on an ambitious modernization program. He became governor upon Jester's death in 1949.

Shivers set the stage for the emergence of Texas as a powerful modern state. He helped create the Legislative Council and Legislative Budget Board to put the making of laws on a more professional footing. He was able to pass tax increases to upgrade state services across the board.

The most important issue faced by Shivers was his defense of state claims to the Tidelands, off-shore oil reserves in the Gulf of Mexico. Texas had held title to the submerged lands of the Gulf since the Republic of Texas days, and had dedicated its revenues to the public school fund. After oil was discovered offshore, federal officials tried to seize the Tidelands of Texas and other oil-producing states. This action precipitated a crisis between state and federal authority. In 1952, Shivers broke with the national Democratic party over the issue and helped deliver the state's electoral votes to Dwight Eisenhower, the first Republican to carry the state since Reconstruction. Finally, the Tidelands were returned to the states through federal legislation.

After leaving office in January 1957, Shivers managed business enterprises in the Rio Grande Valley and served as an executive for a number of banks. He served on and chaired the University of Texas Board of Regents in the 1970s. He died January 14, 1985.

Scope and Contents of the Records

These records have not been processed. The folder inventory is an almost exact transcription (some typographical errors were corrected) of an earlier one based on existing box and folder titles. Rough, non-exclusive groupings by title and date were formed to comply with the TARO project's file size restrictions. Researchers are advised to review all the finding aids for subjects of interest. Inconsistent titles and dates are evident. Misidentifications and misfilings are possible.

This finding aid describes one series of the Allan Shivers records. See Texas Governor Allan Shivers, Recordsfor more records series, especially General files and Personal and political files.


Arrangement of the Records

These records are arranged as received.

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Texas State Archives
Texas Governor Price Daniel, Records, 1944-1966, undated, (bulk 1957-1962), approximately 466 cubic ft. See especially Governor Allan Shivers proclamations, 1955-1956, 2 cubic ft.

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Detailed Description of the Records


Records: Trip files,
Dates: 1949-1964, 1968 (bulk 1949-1964),
38 cubic ft.

Trip files:
1977/081-415 Hi-Y Model Legislature
Greenville, 12/7/1949
Houston--National Association of Insurance Commissioners, 12/8/1949
San Antonio--Black and White Ball, 12/10/1949
Dallas, 12/13/1949
Kurth Dinner, 12/14/1949
Waco--Methodist Home, 12/16/1949
Dallas--Cocktail Party Honoring Tom Clark, 12/30/1949
Iowa Park and Wichita Falls Tex-Okla. Fair, YMCA Banquet, 9/26/1949
[loose pages]
Longview--J.J.C. Banquet, 8/4/1949
Quitman--Old Settlers Reunion, 8/5/1949
Fort Worth--American Legion, 8/5/1949
Amarillo--Col. Thompson's Party, 8/25/1949
Boerne Centennial, 8/26/1949
Lubbock--Lions Club, 8/30/1949
Estes Park, Colorado--Interstate Oil Compact Commission, 8/31/1949
McKinney--Soil Conservation Demonstration, 9/5/1949
Houston--Dallas Luncheon, Shrine Banquet, and Emanu-El, 9/5/1949
Houston--Texas Citrus Vegetable Growers and Shippers, 9/12-13, 1949
Dallas--International Police and Downtown Club, 9/13/1949
Mexico City Trip, 9/14/1949
Dallas--Oilwell Drilling Contractors, 9/21/1949
Floresville--Peanut Festival, 9/23/1949
San Antonio and Luling Luncheon, Legion Meeting, 9/24/1949
Wharton--Dedication WJC Buildings and Wharton Co. Fair, 4/27/1949
Tyler--Rose Festival, 9/30/1949
Lufkin--Forest Festival and Democratic Executive Committee, 10/1/1949
Huntsville--Rodeo, 10/2/1949
Fort Worth--Oil Compact, 10/4/1949
Austin--Texas State Health Education Luncheon, 10/5/1949
Waco--National Home Show, 9/24/1949
Dallas--Fair Opening Tex-Okla. Game, 10/8/1949
Austin--State Division, Council of Catholic Women, 10/9/1949
Snyder--Welcome Newcomer Barbecue, 10/10/1949
San Antonio--A.A. of S.H.O., 10/10/1949
Austin--United Daughters of the Confederacy Convention, 10/11/1949
Big Spring--Centennial, 10/3/1949
Houston--Mid-Continent Oil and Gas Association, 10/13/1949
Silsbee--Dedication H.S. Building, 10/14/1949
Austin--District and Appellate Judges, 10/14-15/1949
Abilene--Press Day, 10/15/1949
Fox Hunt, 10/17/1949
Galveston--County Judges and Commissioner, 10/18/1949
Fort Worth--Broadway Baptist Church, 10/19/1950
Mineral Wells--T.M.A. Banquet, 10/20/1950
Austin--Delta Theta Phi, 10/22/1949
Tyler--First Baptist Church, 10/23/1949
Marshall--Speech to Church, 10/23/1949
El Paso, 10/25/1949
Austin--Texas Personnel and Management Conference, 10/27/1949
Austin--Southwest Placement Officers Association, 10/27/1949
Mineral Wells, 10/28/1950
Fort Worth--Texas Young Democrats, 10/29/1949
Fredericksburg--All-Hill Country Commendation Banquet, 10/31/1949
Dallas--Daughters of the Republic of Texas Luncheon, 11/4/1949
Mission Barbecue, 11/6/1949
McAllen--Chamber of Commerce Banquet, 11/7/1949
South Texas Fair and Exposition, 11/8/1949
Sinton--Kiwanis Club, 11/8/1949
Beaumont--Dedication of War Memorial, 11/11/1949
Austin--State Board of Hairdressers and Cosmetologists, 11/14/1949
Heep-Hunt, 11/15/1949
Austin--T.F.W.C., 11/17/1949
Deer Hunt, 11/19/1949
Diboll--Arthur Temple Hunt, 11/20/1949
Mississippi--Southern Governor's Conference, 11/21-22/1949
Dallas Citizens Council Banquet, 11/22/1949
Fort Worth--Texas State Teachers Association, 11/24/1949
College Station--Bolton's Luncheon and Football Game, 11/24/1949
Port Arthur--Chamber of Commerce, 11/30/1949
Fort Worth Luncheon, 12/4/1949
Dallas--S.M.U. Notre Dame Game, 12/3/1949
Galveston--National Association Insurance Commissioners, 12/5/1949
New Orleans--Compact Meeting, 12/5-7/1949
1977/081-45 Chicago, Illinois--Executive Committee Meeting of Governor's Conference, 1-8, 9-5
Governors' Conference Executive Committee, 1-8-1952
Childress--Chamber of Commerce Banquet and Quail Hunt, 1-14-1952
Canyon Banquet, 1-15-1952
Memphis--Luncheon, 1-15-1952
San Antonio, Jaycees, 1-19
Bismarck, N.D.--Chamber of Commerce, 1-22-23-1951
Ft. Worth--Open Fat Stock Show, 1-25-1952
Austin--Highway Week, 1-27-1952
Ft. Sill, Okla., 1-29-1952
Houston--Fat Stock Show, 1-30-1952
Seguin--Dinner honoring Mrs. Weinert, 2-(1?)-1952
Yucatan Trip, 2-1-1952
Austin--Rotary Club, 2-5-1952
Belton, 2-5-1952
Austin Boy Scout Report, 2-9-1952
Houston--Meeting with John Reditt, 2-11-1952
Austin--Luncheon at Austin Club, 2-11-1952
San Antonio--Livestock Exposition, 2-15-1952
Austin--Texas Bankers Association, 2-15-1952
Smithville--Service Clubs Meeting, 2-19-1952
Gainsville--Chamber of Commerce, 3-4-1952
Cleburne--Address Civic Clubs, 3-3-1952
Denton--Honoring Billy Maxwell, 3-4-1952
Austin--Bergstrom Field--Awarding Distinguished Unit Citation to 27th Fighter Escort Wing, 2-1-1952
Dallas--Adolphus Hotel, 3-3-1952
Hogg Auditorium--Citizens Advisory Conference, 3-10-1952
Ranger--Chamber of Commerce Banquet, 3-11-1952
Kilgore--Chamber of Commerce Banquet, 3-18-1952
Ft. Worth--Texas Cattle Association, 3-18-1952
Austin--River Boat Commodore honoring Mr. Gibbs, 3-16-1952
Atlanta, TX--Chamber of Commerce Banquet, 3-19-1952
Tentative--Houston--Luncheon, 3-21-1952
Woodville--Dogwood Festival, 3-29-1952
Austin Cancer Crusade, 4-1-1952
Austin Country Club, 6:30 pm--Dinner honoring Joe Gibbs, 4-1-1952
Beaumont--First Ball Game--accepted, 4-14-1952
Chicago--Governor's Conference, 4-3, 4-1952
Austin--University of Texas Honors Day, 4-5-1952
Austin--LST Ball Game, 4-15-1952
Dallas--Sigma Delta Chi, Founders Day Banquet, 4-14-1952
New Braunfels--Executive Committee, (Jas. Wheat), 4-17, 18-1952
Tentative Trip--Austin--Delta Theta Phi, 4-19-1952
San Antonio--Dedication buildings--Mexican Baptist Orphans Home, 4-20-1952
San Antonio Battle of Flowers, 4-25-1952
Austin--Billy Graham welcome, 4-27-1952
Austin--District Rotary Clubs and Texas Frozen Food Locker Association, 4-28
Waco--Kick off YMCA Drive, 4-29
Houston--Jaycee Banquet, 4-30
Tyler--Chamber of Commerce Banquet, 3-8
Phoenix--Interstate Oil Compact Commission, 5-9, 10-1952
Caldwell--Chamber of Commerce Banquet, 5-13
Austin--Knights of Columbus Convention, 5-13
San Antonio, Democratic State Convention, 5-27
Austin--Santa Fe Luncheon, 5-28
1977/081-46 Port Arthur--Kiwanis Club, 6-11
Orange--Chamber of Commerce Banquet, 6-11
[empty folder]
Marble Falls--Dedication Wirtz Dam, 6-15
Yoakum--Tom Tom Rodeo Parade, 6-12
Freeport--Disabled Veterans, 6-13
Carthage--Testimonial Dinner, 7:30 pm, 6-16
San Antonio--National Association County Officials; Carthage--Testimonial Banquet, 6-16
Dallas Youth Festival, 6-17
Vernon--Lions Club, 6-3
Ft. Hood--36th Division Review, 6-7
Houston--Restaurant Association, 6-10
Galveston--Order of AHEPA Banquet, 6-10
Utopia--Centennial Celebration, 6-20
Ft. Hood--49th Division, 6-21
Corpus Christi--LULAC Reception, 6-20
Houston--Governor's Conference, 6-29
Houston--Cotton Congress, 6-19
Stamford--noon; Abilene--nite, 7-4
Abilene--morn; El Paso--noon and nite, 7-5
Texarkana--morn; Paris, pm; Tyler--nite, 7-7
Tyler--noon; Waco Area, noon and nite, 7-8
Brownfield--noon; Lubbock, nite, 7-9
Amarillo Area, 5-10
San Angelo--noon; Midland-Odessa--afternoon, 7-11
San Antonio, 7-12
Dime Box--SPJST Affair, 7-13
Houston--Beaumont Area, 7-14, 17
Chicago--National Democratic Convention, Leave Austin, 7-17
Campaign Letters
Chicago Convention Correspondence
Chicago Convention Correspondence
Chicago Convention Correspondence
Chicago Convention Correspondence
Chicago Convention Correspondence
Orange--Chamber of Commerce, 6-11
Dallas--American Legion Convention, 10:00 am, 8-9
Wichita Falls--Oil Bowl Charity Game, 8-22-1952
Wichita Falls--Oil Bowl Game; Springfield, Ill., 8-22
Banff, Canada Interstate Oil Compact Commission Meeting, 8-30/9-3
Dallas--Odd Fellows Convention, 7:00 pm, Baker Hotel, 9-15
(Duplicate) Austin--High School Faculty, 8-27
(Duplicate) Amarillo--State Convention, 9-9
Austin--Address Sigma Delta Chi, 9-16
Beaumont--Dinner honoring Olympic Star, 9-18
Hunting Invitations, 9-1952
Austin--Dedication Medical Library, 8:00 pm, 9-19
Austin--Dinner for Fuller Warren, 9-21
Huntsville--Sam Houston State Teachers College--honoring Robert A. Lovett, 9-23
Center--Dedication Poultry Processing Plant, 9-24
Dallas--Professional Football, 9-28
Austin--Commodore Perry Texas Society for Crippled Children, 9-26
Austin--ROJ Affair--night, 9-29
Austin--Physically Handicapped Meeting, 9-29-1952
Austin--South Austin Lions Club, 7 pm. Tower, 9-30
1977/081-47 Tyler--Rose Festival, 10-3
Austin--Notre Dame Game, 10-4
San Antonio--Texas Citrus Growers and Vegetable Growers and Shippers Dinner, 10-7
Ft. Stockton--Greet Governor Maynez of Chihuahua, 10-12
Huntsville--Prison Rodeo, Baptist Church, 10-5
Institute of Accountants (am), 1-6
Dallas--Texas vs OU, 10-11
Port Arthur--Chamber of Commerce Affair, 10-14
Houston--Dinner honoring Wright and Morrow, 10-16
Austin--TIPRO Meeting, noon; Univ. Fres. Council, 7 pm, 10-20
Ft. Worth--Tarrant Co. Doctors; Greenville--Chamber of Commerce, 10-21
Brownfield--Harvest Festival; Lubbock--Political Affair, 10-23
Austin--Masonic Ceremonial, 10-24
Houston--Rice-Texas Game, 10-25
Breckenridge--Political, 10-27
Marshall--East Texas Baptist College, 10-28
Jefferson--American Legion, 7:30 pm, 10-28
San Antonio--Pan American Ball, Maya Club, 10-25
Houston--National Metal Decorators Association, 10-29
Austin--Dinner honoring Gainza Paz, 10-31
Austin--Tent.--DeMolay Affair, John Winters, Rep., 10-30
Austin--Safety Committee Meeting, Senate, 10-30
Austin--UT Friar Breakfast, 11-2
San Antonio--Rural Electrical Coop., Plaza Hotel, 11-6
Austin--Women's Federated, 11-11
Dallas--Mid-Continent Trust Welcome Address, 11-13
Rockport--Lewis Kayton Affair, 11-11, 12
Waco--Texas vs. Baylor, Joe King Luncheon, 11-8
Austin--Lower Colorado River Authority Dinner, 11-7
Southern Governors' Conference--New Orleans, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, Nassau, B.I., 11-1952
New Orleans--Southern Governors' Conference, 11/14-18
College Station--Texas County Agricultural Agents Association, 11-20
Austin--Dinner at Mansion, 11-26
[empty folder]
Mexico, D.F.--Ruiz Cortinas Inauguration, 11-29
April-Dec.and Dec.
[2 journals]
Executive Committee of the Governor's Conference, Chicago, 12-1952
[unlabeled folder]
Wichita, Kan., Interstate Oil Compact Commission Meeting, 12/5, 6/52
Reserved--Patos, 12-7, 8, 9
Phoenix--Western Governors' Conference, 12-8, 9
Edinburg--Hidalgo Centennial, 12-10
Houston--Rutherford party; Woodville--Dan's wedding, 12-19; 12-20
Houston--A&M Club banquet--Shamrock, 12-12
Dallas--Savage Dinner, 12-17
Tarrant Co. Medical Meeting, 12-15
[unlabeled folder]
1977/081-48 Governor's Schedule, Jan. and Feb.
Dallas--Cotton Bowl, Jan. 1
Rockdale--Hospital dedication, Jan. 5
Austin--Sandlin Open House, Jan. 7
Brooks City--Quail Hunt, Jan. 10
Yorktown--Hunt with Hilgartner, Jan. 10
Dallas, Jaycee Affair, Jan. 16
Houston, Boy Scout Affair, Jan. 23, 1953
Houston--Boy Scout meeting, Jan. 23
Ennis--Baptist gathering, Jan. 29
Austin--TPA affair, Jan. 24
Austin, Prison Board luncheon, 1 pm, Jan. 26
Ft. Worth--Fat Stock Show, Jan. 30
Weatherford--Judge Zellers, Feb. 2
[empty folder]
Austin--Boy Scouts, Feb. 7
Austin--Capitol Steps (Pony Express), Feb. 9
Austin--Chamber of Commerce--Coliseum, 6:30 pm, Feb. 16
Austin--Bankers dinner, Feb. 17
Austin--House-presentation to Ernest Tupin, Feb. 17
Washington--Trip, Feb. 25, 1953
Washington trip file, Feb. 10
Austin, Austin Club--Cactus Pryor Stag, Feb. 18
Laredo--Washington Birthday Celebration, Feb. 21
San Antonio--Tent. Fat Stock Show, Feb. 20
Austin--Maximillian Room, Ashburn dinner, 6:30, Feb. 23
Austin--Lat. Am. Home Demo., Feb. 24
Dallas--Petroleum Club Stag Party, March 7
Austin--Scottish Rite affair 7:30 pm, March 4
Austin--Public School Week Broadcast-Senate, March 2
Austin--Tex. Res. League Luncheon, March 10
Austin--Bedouins dinner, March
Houston--Dinner Association for Christians and Jews, March 12
Ft. Worth--Gridiron Dinner, March 27
Woodville--Dogwood Festival, March 28
Austin--University Commons Ramshorn Club, April 6
Austin--TMA luncheon, April 7
Houston--Houston Press Club Gridiron dinner, April 8
Pittsburgh--Amen Corner Banquet, April 11
Pittsburgh--ALCOA luncheon Duquesne Club, April 11
Dallas--Southern States Parole banquet--Adolphus, April 13
Austin--Evening banquet--Masons, April 15
Dallas--Dallas Traffic Commission banquet, April 16
Garland--Chuck Wagon Barbecue, April 17
Austin--University Law Day--cancelled, April 17
Dallas--Regional Scout meeting, April
Dallas--Baker-Service Station Association banquet, April 18
Austin--Dinner--Mansion for Ambassador White, April 20
Galveston--Noon Lumbermen Association meeting, April 20
Austin--Lions International, cancelled, April 20
New Orleans--Interstate Oil Compact Commission meeting, April 24
Austin--Tentative--Baylor Club meeting, April 28
Houston--Tentative--Texas Medical Association Auxiliary banquet, noon, April 28
San Antonio--Osteopathic Convention, Gunter Hotel, noon, April 30
San Antonio--Luncheon-convention Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons, April 30
Louisville--Kentucky Derby, May 2
Austin--5:30 dinner party, J. B. Shepperd, May 12
Austin--Outdoor Advertising Association luncheon, May 14
Austin--Sigma Delta Chi, 10 am Commodore, May 16
College Station--A&M Ring Dance, May 16
Chester--Masonic celebration, May 23
Austin--Tentative--Rainbow Girls Masonic Temple, May 27
[empty folder]
Austin--Tentative--Jim Hart Dinner for Regents, May 28
Athens--Old Fiddlers Reunion, May 29
Austin--Joe Moore Dinner, May 30,
[empty folder]
Bellville--Barbecue and reunion-class of 39, 31, 32, May 31
San Antonio--CPA luncheon, June 1
Austin--Texas Research League luncheon, June 3
Kerrville--Tent. Peace Officers Conference, June 2
Ft. Hood--ll2th Armored Cavalry Review, June 6
Austin--Firemen's and Fire Marshals' Association meeting, June 9
Waco--Dinner honoring Mayor, June 9
Corpus Christi--Fishing Trip, June 10
Dallas--TRA dinner, June 11
Beaumont--Knights of Pythias Convention, June 16
Dallas--Ford 50th Anniversary Dinner, June 17
National Production Authority
Chicago--Executive Meeting Governors' Conference, March 13
New York--Vacation, April 12
Governors Conference with President
[unlabeled folder]
1977/081-49 Amarillo--Governors' Conference on Drouth, July 10
Colorado--Garden of Gods, June 18
Ft. Hood--49th Armored Division, June 20
Albany--Fandangle celebration, June 27, 1953
Ft. Worth--State Bar Convention; Ft. Hood--36th Division Review, July 1-4
Ft. Hood--36th Division Review, July 4
Houston--Tentative-- Syrian convention, July 4
Kenedy--Chamber of Commerce affair, July 7
Seattle--National Governors' Convention, August 1-6
[7 folders in large expanding folder]:
Seattle, National Governor's Convention, Aug 2-6
[2 folders]
Seattle--Data for Business Sessions
Advertisements--Seattle Trip
Bread and Butter Letters
[unlabeled folder]
Seattle--Accepted engagements
Miscellaneous data for trip
Governor Shivers--(Governors' Conference material)
Research Studies of the State College of Washington, Vol. XXI, No. 2
Minnesota--Trip with Edgar Tobin, cancelled, Aug. 17
Denver--Cherry Hills Golf Tournament, Aug. 18-20
Lufkin--East Texas Peace Officers Association, Aug. 25
45th Annual Governors' Conference--Seattle "Welcome to Washington" envelope
[approximately 1 inch unfoldered]
Vehicle license plates
[in envelope]
Billings--Interstate Oil Compact Commission meeting, Aug. 31-Sept.1
[expanding file]
Houston--Swearing-in Spud Bell and Bill Hamblen, Sept. 1
Ft. Worth--Southern States Apprenticeship Conference, Sept. 10
Austin--Penick Dinner, Sept. 5
Baytown--Tunnel dedication and formal opening, Sept. 22
Mineral Wells State Democratic Executive Committee, Sept. 11
Austin--Water Resources Commission meeting, Sept. 16
Berkeley, Calif.--Baylor-USC, Sept. 17
Washington, D.C., Sept. 24
Beaumont--Gumbo Jubilee, Phil Justice, (tentative)
Beaumont--1st Baptist Church address, Sept. 28
Woodville--Hospital affair, Sept. 29
Traffic safety material
[unlabeled folder]
1977/081-50 Tyler--Rose Festival 10 am, October 2
Livingston--Polk Co. Fair Piney Woods Festival, Oct. 1
Huntsville--Prison Rodeo, Oct. 4
Ft. Worth--3 pm, Texas Automotive Dealers Association, Oct. 6
Dallas--7 pm Oak Cliff Chamber of Commerce, Oct. 6
Ft Worth and Dallas--Auto Dealers Convention, Oak Cliff Chamber of Commerce, Oct 6
Austin--Texas Association School Administrators banquet, Oct. 8
Chicago Bread 'N Butter Letters
Kansas City--Governors' Drouth Conference, Oct. 15
Kansas City--Drouth Conference, Oct. 15
Falcon Dam--Valley, Oct. 17-20
[expansion file]:

[envelope containing approximately 25 invitations, blue cards and 1 white]
Falcon Dam THX folder
Falcon Dam Schedule
Falcon Dam, Valley, Oct. 17-20
Falcon Dam--Miscellaneous correspondence
Falcon Dam--Other invitations
Austin--Scottish Rite ceremonies, Oct. 19-22
San Antonio--Baptist General Convention, Oct. 21
San Antonio--Baptist Convention, Oct. 21
Gilmer--East Texas Yamboree, Oct. 22
New York Trip, Oct. 23
Washington--Intergovernmental Relations Committee, Oct. 28
Austin--Inauguration Pres. Wilson, Oct. 29
Hot Springs, Virginia, Southern Governors' Conference, Nov. 1-4
Dallas--Teen-Age Traffic Conference, Nov. 10
Dallas--SMU Youth Safety Conference, Nov. 10
Port Arthur--Duck Hunt, Nov. 29
Rock Springs--Hunt with Gilmer, et al., Nov. 12
Beaumont--Boy Scouts, Nov. 12
Port Arthur--Duck Hunt, Nov. 22
Ft. Worth--Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Nov. 24, 11 am
College Station--A&M game, Nov. 26
College Station--Texas-A&M, 10:30 am presentation, Nov. 26
Waco--Grand Lodge dinner, Dec. 2, 7:30 pm
Austin--Brownell's visit for Law School dedication, Dec. 4-5
Austin--Class '33 Breakfast, Dec. 5
Quail Hunt, Dec. 6, 7
Denison--Civic luncheon, etc., Dec. 8
Chicago--Council State Government, Dec. 10-11
Washington--Commission on Intergovernmental Relations, Dec. 12-17, 18
San Antonio--San Antonio Mfg. Association, 7 pm, Dec. 16
Dallas--Cotton Bowl Festivities, Dec. 30-Jan. 1
Washington--Conference on Highway Safety, Feb. 17-19
New York--New York Southern Society Dinner, Jan. 15, 1954
1977/081-51 Austin--Dedication State Bar Association Building, Jan. 22, 1954
Brownsville--Joint dedication Ft. Brown Memorial Center and State-Federal Pink Bollworm Center, Jan. 24, 1954
Austin--Austin Chapter Public Administration Society Panel Discussion, Feb. 2
Weatherford and Ft. Worth--Joint Civic Clubs meeting and Ft. Worth Fat Stock Show, Jan. 29, 1954
San Antonio, Houston and Corpus Christi, Feb. 3 & 4, 1954
Austin--Boy Scout Annual Report to the Governor Ceremony, Feb. 6
San Antonio--A. B. Frank Co. Luncheon, Jan. 21 1954
Austin--Capitol Area Boy Scout Council Dinner, Jan. 12
Hillje--Ground breaking ceremonies Czech-Catholic Home for the Aged, Feb. 7
Austin--Texas Federation of Coops., Feb. 8
St. Louis--Illinois Bankers Association Dinner, Feb. 11
Freeport--Brazoria County Chamber of Commerce Annual Banquet, Feb. 15 1954
Hot Springs--Southern Governors' Conference, Nov. 1-4
Eisenhower's Commission on Federal-State Problems
Washington--Commission on Intergovernmental Relations, Feb. 16-18
Waxahachie--First Baptist Church Men's Bible Class, Feb. 23
Washington--American Good Government Society, Feb. 22
Stephenville--Chamber of Commerce Banquet, Feb. 19
Mineral Wells--Young Democrats Convention, Feb. 26, 27-1954
Huntsville--75th Anniversary Sam Houston State College, March 2
Austin--Chamber of Commerce Banquet, March 5
Fort Worth--Address to Methodist Group, March 9, 1954
Austin--Visit of British Ambassador, March 11
Dallas--Ben Wooten Testimonial Dinner, March 22
San Antonio--Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers' Association, cancelled, Mar. 23
Fort Worth--Gridiron Dinner, March 26
Woodville--Dogwood Festival, March 27
San Angelo, West Texas Chamber of Commerce Meeting, cancelled, March 29
Austin--Breakfast, Austin Club, April 3
Wichita Falls--Annual Wildlife Conference, April 12, 1954
Houston--Gridiron Dinner, April 19
Beaumont--Rotary Club Luncheon, April 21
College Station--A&M College Muster, April 21
San Antonio--South Texas Press Association Luncheon, April 23
Rockdale--Aluminum Co. Plant Dedication, April 24, 1954
Lampasas--School Board Banquet, April 30, 1954
Washington--Conference on Occupational Safety, April 14-16
Washington, D.C.--Governors' Conference, April 26-28
McAllen--Dinner honoring Congressman Bentsen, cancelled, March 11
Trip files, 1953-1955:
1977/081-454 Scottish Rite and Shriners, 1954
Mrs. Pat Freeman and Paul Swift, 1955
Falcon Dam
Birthday, October 5, 1954
Point Clear, Alabama, Southern Governors' Conference, Oct. 17, 1955
Boca Raton, Florida, Southern Governors' Conference, Nov. 11-13, 1954
[2 folders]
Dallas Campaign Workers, Nov. 22
Austin Bedouin Dinner, Nov. 23
Austin Hi-Y Legislature, Dec. 10
Houston Dedication M.D. Anderson Hospital, Oct. 23, 1954
Girl Scouts Carol Singing, Dec. 21, 1954
Dallas Cotton Bowl Game, Jan, 1, 1955
Port Arthur--Leon Smith Wedding, Feb. 12, 1955
Water Conservation Committee of the Texas Cottonseed Crushers' Association, Austin, February 14, 1955
Retirement Party for Bob Potts, Highway Commission, Austin, February 24, 1955
Palm Springs Trip File, Feb. 1955
Dallas Trip file, March 2, 1955
Ambassador and Mrs. Heeney, Austin, March 29, 30-31
Texas Gridiron Dinner, Fort Worth, April 1, 1955
Fiesta de San Jacinto, April
Mrs. Ferguson's Birthday Party, Austin, June 13, 1955
Sheffield's Ferry Barbecue, June 23, 1955
Annual Meeting--Texas Committee for the Employment of the Physically Handicapped, Austin, September 27, 1955
1977/081-455 Requests for Contributions, July-Dec., 1955
[2 folders]
Hsbbs Knight of the Road
[ notebook]
Cherry Hills Golf Tournament, Denver, Aug. 18-20
Shivers' license plates
Mississippi Economic Council, Jackson, Miss., April 12, 1954
Southern Baptist Convention, Brotherhood Address, St. Louis, May 30, 1954
Annual Pastors' Conference Southern Baptist Convention, St. Louis, Mo., May 31, 1954
Swingaroo, cancelled, June 15-17, 1954
National Governors' Conference, Lake George, N.Y., July, 1954
Governor Kennon Testimonial Dinner, New Orleans, Oct. 5, 1954
Official Opening, State Fair, Dallas, Oct. 9, 1954
Retail Druggists Association Convention, Houston, Oct. 12, 1954
Panel Discussion, 1st Baptist Church, Austin, Oct. 24, 1954
Eastern Star Grand Chapter Session, Houston, Oct. 25
Texas Research League, Austin, Oct. 26
Arizona National Livestock Show Membership Dinner, Phoenix, Oct. 28
Conference on American Ideals, cancelled
Highway Conference, Austin, Oct. 13, 1954
Antelope Hunt, Alpine, October 2, 1955
State Fair of Texas, October 7, 1955
Medical and Surgical Hospital Dedication, Austin, Oct. 11, 1955
Mrs. Shivers Campaign, Houston Press Story, 1954
Governor's Race, Letters of Congratulations, etc., 1954
Governor's Race, 1954
Letters of Recommendation and Identification, 1954
Trip files:
1977/081-59 Cleburne, May 2
Nacogdoches--175th Birthday Celebration, May 3, 1954
Old Point Comfort, VA.--Southern Regional Conference Council of State Government, May 3-5, 1954
Big Spring--Address Webb Air Force Base Graduating Class, (cancelled), May 26
Brady--Chamber of Commerce Banquet, May 13, 1954
Glen Rose--Optimist Banquet, May 14, 1954
Tyler--Shrine Banquet, May 15, 1954
Korean Trip, May 20, 1954
[Note: See also Oversize 1977/081-527]
Houston--University of Houston Commencement, June 4, 1954
Houston--DeMolay Conclave, June 5, 1954
Odem--Kiwanis District Convention, June 8, 1954
San Antonio--Lackland Air Force Base Graduation, June 9, 1954
Dallas--Luncheon, June 10, 1954
Austin--Employment of Physically Handicapped Meeting, June 12
Austin--LULAC Reception, June 12, 1954
Houston--Texas Cottonseed Crushers' Association, June 14, 1954
Governor's Trip Schedule, June 14-20, 1954
Pasadena--Pasadena Chamber of Commerce Banquet, June 14, 1954
Amarillo--Soil Conservation Meeting, June 16, 1954
Corpus Christi--Lon Hill Testimonial Dinner, June 17, 1954
Ft. Worth--TPA Convention, June 18, 1954
Arlington--Arlington Chamber of Commerce Banquet, June 18, 1954
North Ft. Hood--36th Infantry Division Review, June 19, 1954
Big Spring--Webb Air Force Base Graduation, June 24, 1954
Ft. Worth, Weatherford, Wichita Falls, June 25, 1954
Alvin--Rally, June 26, 1954
Kerrville--Annual Chamber of Commerce Banquet, June 26, 1954
Clarksville--Annual Chamber of Commerce Banquet, June 29, 1954
San Antonio--State Bar Association, July 1, 1954
Monahans, San Antonio--Campaign Trip files, July 1-4
North Ft. Hood--49th Armored Division Review, July 3, 1954
Belton--Independence Day Celebration, July 5, 1954
Trip files--Navasota, Belton, Ft. Worth (Benbrook Dam)-Denton, Sherman, McKinney, Waxahachie, Corsicana, Hillsboro, Waco, Sulphur Springs, Greenville, Orange, Beaumont, July 5-11, 1954
Lake George, New York--Annual Governors' Conference, July 11-14
Trip files--Center, Marshall, Carthage, Longview, Kilgore, Tyler, Henderson, Nacogdoches, Rusk, Palestine, Athens, Canton, Terrell, Dallas, Brownfield, Lubbock, Plainview, Amarillo, Mission, July 12-18
Trip File--Brownsville, Pt. Isabel, Los Fresnos, San Benito, Harlingen, La Feria, Mercedes, Weslaco, Donna, Alamo, San Juan, Pharr, McAllen, Denison, Houston, Baytown, Pasadena, Conroe, Huntsville, Dallas, Victoria, Woodville, July 19-25
Trip File--Ft. Worth, July 26
Ft. Worth--American Legion Convention, July 31, 1954
Pampa--Top O'Texas Rodeo, Aug. 6, 1954
Trip File--Dallas, Alvarado, Ft. Worth, Houston, Pt. Arthur, Marshall, Dallas, Woodville, Praha, August 9-15
Marshall--Telegraph Centennial, August 12, 1954
Denver--Hillsdilly Golf Tournament, (cancelled), Aug. 16-18
Trip File--Anson, Stamford, Hamlin, Rotan, Roby, El Paso, Haskell, Rule, Rochester, Knox City, Seymour, Electra, Wichita Falls, Austin, Dickinson, LaMarque, Texas City, Galveston, Hitchcock, Angleton, Freeport, Lake Jackson, Brazoria, West, Columbia, Alvin, San Marcos, New Braunfels, San Antonio, August 16-23
Trip File--Brownwood, Comanche, Goldwaite, Brownwood, Georgetown, Killeen, Belton, Temple, Waco, Mexia, Fairfield, Crossroads, Henderson, Houston, Woodville, August 24-28
Mineral Wells--State Democratic Convention, Sept. 14, 1954
Invitations Declined, Oct. 1954
Invitations Declined, Oct. 1954
Invitations Declined, Oct. 1954
Invitations Declined, Oct. 1954
Invitations Declined, Oct. 1954
Invitations Declined, Oct. 1954
Invitations Declined, Oct. 1954
Invitations Declined, Oct. 1954
Invitations Declined, Nov. 1954
Personal and trip files:
[2 appointment books]
Appointments Lists
[loose material]
Beaumont Lodge Meeting, August 9, 1956
Executive Committee of Interstate Oil Compact Commission, Santa Fe, August 6 and 23rd, 1956
Telephone Call to Lions International President, John L. Stickley
National Hairdressers and Cosmetologist Association Convention, cancelled, July 16, 1956
Fort Hood 36th Infantry Division's Governor's Day, June 23, 1956
Address National Press Club, Washington, D.C., June 28, 1956
Catto Ranch Alpine Hunt, December 12, 13, 14
Interstate Oil Compact Commission Meeting, Miami Beach, December 6-8, 1956
Camp Eagle Deer Hunt, November 30 and Dec. 1, 1956
Texas Research League Luncheon, Austin, November 2, 1956
37th Annual Meeting--Mid-Continent Oil and Gas Association, Houston
Dallas OOCC [IOCC?] Meeting, May 31-June 2, 1956
1977/081-457 Vice President and Mrs. Nixon, Dinner, Washington, D.C., Jan. 4, 1961
Detroit--Presidents Conferences Public Affairs, United States Chamber of Commerce, Jan. 5
National Swimming Pool Institute, Dallas, 1/9/1961
Swimming Pool Association Convention, Dallas, Jan. 9, 1961
Longview, NE Texas Industrial Council, Jan. 10, 1961
Annual Convention Pipeline Contractors' Association, Jan. 14-18
B. R. Sheffield case, Hillsboro, Jan. 23, 1961
Lunch honoring Sinclair Executives, Tues., cancelled, Jan. 24, 1961
U.S. Chamber of Commerce Annual Legislative Conference of National Chamber of Commerce, Feb. 6-8, 1961
Olin Mathieson Chemical Co. Duck Hunt, E. Alton, Ill., Nilo Farm, Feb. 7-8, 1961
Ross Sams Charity Ball, Waco, 2/11/1961
Champlin Board Meeting, Ft. Worth, Feb. 15, 1961
Annual Citizenship and Career Conference, Ft. Worth, Jan. 27, 1961
Texas Gulf Sulphur Board Meeting, Feb. 16, 1961
Palm Springs, Ca., 2/19/1961
Mailing List and Labels, Europe Trip, 6/5/1961-7/15/1961
National Bank of Commerce, 1961
U.S.Chamber of Commerce Board Meeting, Washington, D.C., Feb. 23-25
Spring Reunion, Scottish Rite, Feb. 25, March 11 and 25, April 8, 1961
Texas Exes Richard Hudson, Mar. 2, 1961
Butler Golf Party, Augusta, Ga., March 6-8
Newcomen Society, N.Y.; Dallas meeting, Mar. 16, 1961; April 13, 1961
State Meeting, Personnel and Management Association-luncheon, Mar., 16, 1961
Red Cross of Constantine, Waco, March 18, 1961
DeMolay Conclave, Red Cross of Constantine Conferral of Orders, March 18, 1961
Texas Fund and Texas Fund Management Commission, Houston, Mar. 20, 1961
Executive Committee, Champlin O & R Co., Ft. Worth, Mar. 22, 1961
Industrial Conference, Houston, Mar. 23, 1961
St. Timothy Conclave, Conferral of Orders, Mar, 25, 1961
Dogwood Festival, Woodville, Mar. 25, 1961
Houston Landmen's Association Meeting, Houston Club, Houston, Mar. 27, 1961
Crestival, Ft. Worth, May 18-20, 1961
Pine Valley Golf, N.Y., May 24 and 25, 1961
Exchange Club--to speak, May 31, 1961
Interstate Oil Compact Commission, Houston, June 1-3, 1961
New Frontiers of Technology, June 1, 1961
Committee on New Frontiers of Technology Meeting, US Chamber of Commerce, Washington, D.C., June 1, 1961
R.C.C. Conferral of Orders and Banquet, June 3, 1961
Texas Breakfast, Shrine Association Meeting, Miami, Fla., June 20, 1961
European Trip--Bills, Receipts, Purchases, 6/5/1961
[2 folders]
General and Trip files, 1961:
1977/081-458 European Trip, Shivers' Family, June 5, 1961
Ties from Rome and Paris and Postcards from Europe List, 6/5/1961
European Trip, June 5, 1961
European Trip--Family, 6-5-1961
Tennessee Bank and Trust Co. Stockholders Meeting, Aug. 25, 1961
Lander OneShot, 9/1-2/1961
Valley, Whitewing Hunt, Sept. 6, 1961
Dyches' Party, Houston, 9/16/1961
Ft. Worth Champlin Dinner and Board Meeting, 9/17-18, 1961
Texas Gulf Sulphur Board Meeting NY, Sept. 21, 1961
Patricia Ann Scott Wedding, accepted, 9/23/1961
Texas Mid-Continent Oil and Gas Association annual meeting, Hotel Texas, 9/25/1961
US Chamber of Commerce Board Meeting, Washington, 9/28/1961
New York and Lawrenceville, 10/4/1961
Atlanta Gas Light Co. Public Service Commission Hearing on Application of, 9/27/1961
Washington Trip File, (US Chamber of Commerce N.F. Committee Meeting), 10/8/1961
Baylor President Inauguration, Oct. 12 and 13, 1961
President's Conference on Public Affairs US Chamber of Commerce, San Francisco, Ca. Oct. 12, 1961
Grand Orient of Washington, Regular Session Supreme Council, Washington, 10/16/1961
Myopia 4-Ball K. Anderson, Boston, 8/31/1961-9/2/1961
A.G.A. Convention, Dallas, Cocktail Party, 10/3/1961
State Fair of Texas, Dallas, Oct. 7-22
Texas Research League 9th Annual Meeting and Conference on Texas Government, Oct. 26, 1961
Las Vegas and San Francisco, 11/4/1961
Homecoming University of Texas Banquet; Life Member Breakfast 11th, 8 am, etc., Nov. 10-12
New York T. G. S. Board Meeting, 11/15/1961
Interstate Oil Compact Commission Meeting, Denver, Dec. 4-6, 1961
Royal Order of Scotland Degree, Washington, DC, Oct. 19, 1961
Shrine Circus, 10/29-11/4/1961
Scottish Rite Fall Reunion, 9/23 & 30; 10/21 and 28, 1961
Jester Meeting, Maximillian Room, Driskill, Nov. 9, 1961
US Chamber of Commerce Government Operations and Expenditures Committee, Washington, D.C., Nov. 16 and 17, 1961
Hunt, H. H. Coffied, 12/1/1961
TGS Board Meeting, New York and San Francisco, Dec. 6, 1961
The Oil and Gas Compact Bulletin
Little Rock to speak, Annual Chamber of Commerce banquet, accepted, Dec. 14, 1961
Newcomen Society General File, 1961
Jesters, R. O. of 1961
Miscellaneous Parties and Trips, 1960-61
General files, 1950-1952:
1977/081-277 Texas 4-H Club Work
Interstate Oil Compact Commission, Wichita, Kansas Meeting, December 1952
General Correspondence, Interstate Oil Compact Commission
Compact Membership
Extension of Interstate Oil Compact
Interstate Oil Compact Commission Extension Governor's Statement
Interstate Oil Compact Commission Spring Meeting, Phoenix, Arizona, May 9-10, 1952
Interstate Oil Compact Commission Executive Committee, Oklahoma City, February 6, 1952
Interstate Oil Compact Commission Meeting, Banff, Aug. 29-Sept. 2, 1952
Little Rock Interstate Oil Compact Commission Business Meeting, Dec. 12, 1951
[2 folders]
Interstate Oil Compact Commission Luncheon, Gatlinburg, Tenn., October 2, 1951
Interstate Oil Compact Commission Meeting, Fort Worth, September 10-12, 1951
Interstate Oil Compact Commission Committee Hearing, Washington, D.C., June 10-12, 1951
1977/081-278 Interstate Oil Compact Commission Spring Meeting, Santa Fe, April 26-27-28, 1951
Interstate Oil Compact Commission Executive Committee Meeting, Austin, February 10, 1951
Arrangements to New Mexico and in Santa Fe
Santa Fe Conference--Business Meeting
Santa Fe Conference--Resolutions
Interstate Oil Compact Commission Meeting, Denver
Executive Committee Meeting (after Santa Fe)
Executive Committee--Interstate Oil Compact Commission
Governor's Interstate Oil Compact Commission Committees
Press Releases, Interstate Oil Compact Commission
Correspondence, 1951
Texas Property Defense Association
Clippings and Publications, 1951
Tidelands--Governor's Wire
Soil Conservation
1977/081-281 Texas State Guard--General Berry
Lt. Col. James L. Sandlin, Chaplin Pastor, Central Christian Church Greenville, Texas
Invitations Pending
Appointments Pending
Party honoring Miss Ima Hogg and Pete Coffield, Austin Club, May 1956
Face The Nation, Washington, D.C. (Also New York trip following TV program) May 6, 1956
Precinct Convention--Letters, May 5, 1956
Leading Meat Producing States
Boy Scout Steering Committee File
Governors' Conference--Highway Program
Eisenhower Trips
McCullough Ranch Hunting Trip, November 21-22, 1954
Hunting Invitations
Duck Hunt, St. Charles Bay Hunting Club, January 9, 1956
Hunting Trip to Maner Lake and Anahuac, January 7-8, 1956
Port Arthur-Beaumont Duck Hunt, December 11, 12, 1955
Los Patos Hunting Trip, December 18, 1955
Duck Hunt Beaumont-Port Arthur, December 12, 13, 14, 1954
Hunting Trip--Grand Chenier Hunting Lodge, Southern Cameron Parish, La.
Texas Fox and Wolf Hunters Association, Camp Tonkawa, Nov. 1, 1954
Nomads Meeting, Dec. 10, 1954
Atomic Energy Conference Dallas, April 19, 1955
Executive Board--Baptist General Convention, Dallas, March 1, 1955
San Antonio Fat Stock Show, San Antonio, February 18, 1955
Fort Worth Fat Stock Show, Ft. Worth, January 28, 1955
Southern Association of Science and Industry, Inc.
Groundbreaking Ceremonies for New Firestone Plant, April 1956
The Western Railway Club, April 16, 1956
Dogwood Festival, Woodville, March 24, 1956
Gridiron Dinner and Show, (Dallas), May 13, 1955
Texas Shrine Association Convention, Galveston, May 28, 1955
National Council of Boy Scouts, St. Louis, Mo., May 20-21, 1955
Texas Research Foundation, Dallas, May 18, 1955
National Resource Conference, Austin, May 16, 1955
49th Armored Division Review, North Fort Hood, June 25, 1955
Golf Game--Bob Hope, et al., United Cerebral Palsy Benefit, June 1955
Bohemian Grove--Sleepy Hollow, California, July 1955
East Texas Peace Officers' Association Convention, Nacogdoches, Sept, 1955
Banquet of American Oil Well Drilling Contractors, Houston Club, Sept. 1955
Texas Automobile Dealers Association Convention, Shamrock Hotel, Sept. 1955
Conference--State Building Commission, State Planning Commission, Master Plan Committee of the Austin City Plan Commission, Sept. 1955
Press Party--Garland Farmer and Jimmy Banks, Austin, Sept.
Texas Automotive Dealers Association, Sept. 1956
1956 Rotary District Conference--Driskill Hotel, Nov. 19, 1956
West Central Texas Oil and Gas Association, Abilene, Nov. 8, 1956,
Cerebral Palsy Benefit Golf Match, Riverlake Country Club, Oct. 28
Speak at Luncheon of the International Good Neighbor Council--Menger Hotel, San Antonio October 19, 1956,
Texas Fire Prevention Conference
Southern Association of Ice Cream Manufacturers, Shamrock Hotel, Houston, Nov. 27, 1956
Introduce Ed Sullivan, Boysville, San Antonio, Nov. 20
Texas County Agricultural Agents Association Annual Meeting, Houston, Oct 1956
Port Arthur Duck Hunt, December, 1956
Arkansas Duck Hunt, cancelled, 1954
Duck Hunt Old Gulf, December 19, 1954
General files and trip files, 1958:
1977/081-351 New York Luncheon--Acceptances and Regrets
New York Marvin Collie Luncheon; Letters of Invitation
Cotton Bowl Game, January 1, 1958
Open date, Quail Hunt, Lubbock, Everett Fulgham, January
Menard, January 3
Jesters Annual Meeting, Crystal Ballroom Driskill Hotel, Jan. 10
[empty folder]
Official Opening 75th Annual University of Texas procession, Jan. 10, 1958
Annual Meeting Stockholders, Austin National Bank, January 14, 1958
New Orleans--Governor and Mrs. Shivers and Mr. and Mrs. Jessen, Jan. 14, 1958
Pipe Line Contractors Association Annual Convention, Boca Raton, Florida, January 10-22, 1958
El Paso YMCA Dedication, Jan. 26, 1958
Colorado Springs, January 26-28
United Fund Annual Dinner, January 29
Rehearsal; Potentate's Ball, January 31, 1958,
[empty folder]
All State Meeting, Dallas (Masonic), Feb. 2,
[empty folder]
Fort Worth--to Speak to Ft. Worth Ch. TMA, Feb. 12, 1958
Junior League Charity Ball, Feb. 15, 1958
Executive Comm., Committee of 75--to prepare agenda for Mar. 7 meeting, Feb. 17, 1958
Pipe Line Con. Association of Canada, Feb. 20-22, 1958
Scottish Rite Temple, Washington's Birthday Celebration, Feb. 22
Luncheon--Acers, re: Boys Club Work, Parliament Room, Headlines Club, Feb. 26, 1958
Bastrop Blue Lodge Lincoln Farris, Feb. 28, 1958
Corpus Christi, Centuria Party, H. Heads, Sept. 19, 1958
Washington-New York Trip File, Mar. 1-Mar. 4
Ben Hur Committees Dinner Meeting Flamingo Room, Terrace Motor Hotel Restaurant, Mar. 5, 1958
Houston Trip file, Mar. 1958
Committee of 75, Mar. 7, 1958
Country Club of Austin, Party for New Members, March 8, 1958
Dr. Farmer, Mar. 13-14,
[empty folder]
Scottish Rite Reunion, Mar. 15, 29, and April 12 and 26
Houston Chamber of Commerce Invitational Golf Tournament, Mar. 20, 21 and 22
Junior Helping Hand Style Show, Mar. 20, 1958
Optimist Club, Austin Hotel to Judge Contest of some kind, Mar, 26, 1958
Oppenheimer Book Review, Country Club, Mar. 28
University of Texas Round Up, Mar, 28-29
Dogwood Day at Woodville, Mar. 29, 1958
San Antonio--to speak to San Antonio Rotary Clubs, Anacacho Room, St. Anthony Hotel, April 2, 1958
Fairway Farm Hunt Club, April 2
Maunday Thursday Speech at Scottish Rite Temple, April 3, 1958
Boy Scout Dates Annual Regional Meeting, Galveston, Apr. 11-12, 1958
Jesters Waco Party, April 12
Acacia Fraternity--Presenting AS honorary membership, April 13, 1958
Woodville--tentative, April 15, 1958
Ben Hur Honorary Membership, April 23, 1958
Texas State Historical Association, Driskill Hotel, April 25-26
Jep Fuller, Governor for a Day, Austin, April 28
Southern Gas Association, Dallas, April 29, 1958
George Washington Day Dinner, April 30, 1958
Southern Gas Association Speaking Engagement, Dallas, April 29, 1958
International Good Neighbor Council, McAllen, May 1-3, 1958
O. Kelley Andersons' visit to Governor and Mrs. Shivers, May 6, 1958
Scottish Rite Foundation Meeting, Dallas, May 9-10
Annual Cotillion Court, May 10, 1958
Mission Chamber of Commerce, May 12
Freedom in Action Film, Houston, Music Hall, May 15, 1958
Lampasas--Shrine, May 16
Hayden Head, Mexico trip, cancelled
All State Shrine Meeting, San Antonio, May 22-24
Shrine Ceremonial Parade, May 30-31
Committee of 75, June 6, 1958
General files, 1954-1955:
1977/081-289 United Daughters Confederacy, San Antonio, Nov. 7, 1955
Kiwanis Club, Austin, November 14, 1955,
[empty folder]
Texas Conference on Education, Austin, Oct. 31, 1955
Texas Heritage Foundation, Honoring Oveta Culp Hobby, Oct. 21, 1955
Dedication, Medical and Surgical Building, Austin State Hospital, Oct. 11, 1955
Democratic Barbecue, Fort Worth, Oct. 6, 1955
Sales Executive Club, New York City, June 28, 1955,
[empty folder]
University of Southern California, Los Angeles, Ca., June 11, 1955
To 54th Legislature, Re: Sine Die Adjournment, May 19, 1955
Southwestern Legal Foundation, Dallas, Texas, April 19, 1955
To Members of 54th Legislature, re: Drouth, March 14, 1955
[empty folder]
Daughters of American Revolution, Houston, Texas, March 8, 1955
Inaugural Address, January 18, 1955
Independence Day Dinner, Dallas, Tx., March 2, 1955
Message to 54th Legislature, January 12, 1955
[empty folder]
State Hospital Board Advisory Committee, December 17, 1954
Interstate Oil Compact Commission, Chicago, Ill., Dec. 3, 1954
1977/081-290 Republic National Bank Dedication, Dallas, Tx, Dec. 1, 1954
Alabama Chamber of Commerce, Birmingham, Alabama, Nov. 17, 1954
Eastern Star, Texas Chapter, Houston, Texas, Oct. 25, 1954
National Association of Retail Druggists, Houston, Texas, Oct. 12, 1954
New Orleans, Louisiana, Honoring Governor Robert Kennon, Oct. 5, 1954
Speeches--Campaign, June-August, 1954
State-wide Radio Broadcast from San Antonio, Tx, June 30, 1954
Opening Campaign Speech, Lufkin, Texas, June 21, 1954
Texas Press Association, Fort Worth, June 18, 1954
Texas Committee for Employment of Physically Handicapped, June 12
Dallas Luncheon, June 10, 1954
Lackland Air Force Preflight Graduation, San Antonio, June 9, 1954
University of Houston Commencement, June 4, 1954
[empty folder]
The Man and His Program, Campaign Literature, June, 1954
Southern Baptist Convention, St. Louis, Missouri, May 31, 1954
51st Annual Muster, A&M College, April 22, 1954
Message to Special Session, 53rd Legislature, March 14, 1954
Sam Houston State Teachers College, Huntsville, Tx, March 2, 1954
[empty folder]
Washington Day Dinner--American Good Government Society, Feb. 22, 1954
To Illinois Bankers Association, St. Louis, Mo., Feb. 11, 1954
[empty folder]
Dedication Ceremonies for New Terminal Grain Elevator, Feb. 4
Texas Federated Women's Club Luncheon, San Antonio, Feb. 3
Segregation Petitions
Dedication to, Home of State Bar of Texas, Austin, Jan. 22
New York Southern Society, New York City, Jan. 15
Facts Forum, January 26, 1954
General files, 1957-1959:
1977/081-286 Clyde Smith's Dinner Given in honor of Allan Shivers
PLCA Convention, Miami, Florida, Jan. 11-15
Austin Chamber Commerce Speech (Rex Shields), Jan. 22, 1959
University of Texas Exes Meeting--Jack Maguire, Jan. 24, 1959
Owensboro, Kentucky, W. M. Elmer, Feb. 1, 1959
Bill Morris; A. S. Reception, Tulsa, Oklahoma, Feb. 3, 1959
Dallas, Cipango Club, Eddie Zimmerman, 2/5/59
Spring Reunion, Scottish Rite
Charity Ball
New York--Governor and Mrs. Shivers, Feb. 16-19, 1959
Houston--Speech, Club Mgrs. Association of America (cancelled), 2/19/59
Beaumont Rotary Club, Ken E. Ruddy, Mar. 4, 1959
Palm Springs, Monty Moncrief, 2/21/59
Texas Gulf Sulphur Board Meeting, Mar. 19, 1959
Anderson's Invitation, Phoenix, March 1959
S.A.R.[Sons of the American Revolution?] Gold Medal Award, R. Mulholland, 3/22/59
Dogwood Festival, Woodville, 3/28/59
St. Timothy, Red Cross of Constantine, Mar. 28, 1959
Golf Tournament, Houston Country Club, Apr. 2-4, 1959
Annual Texas Gridiron Dinner, April 3, 1959
Braniff Board Meeting and Golf, Dallas, April 4-6, 1959
New York and Chicago Trip, April 12, 1959
University Club of New York Annual Meeting, 4/14/59
S.R. Dinner, Villa Capri; Clinic and Workshop, SRT and Dinner SR Dorm, April 14-15
Champlin Annual Stockholders Meeting, Chicago, April 16, 1959
Texas Gulf Sulphur Board Meeting, April 16, 1959
Mexico, Hacienda Tamiahua, Hayden Head, 4/16/59
Brownwood H-Payne College--to introduce Nixon, April 17, 1959
Texas Gulf Sulphur Annual Stockholders Meeting, April 23, 1959
Delta Theta Phi Founders Day Observance, 4/25/59
George Washington Dinner, Sheraton Park Hotel, April 30, 1959
Parkhouse Dinner; Parkhouse Cocktail party at Woodlawn, 4/30/59
True D. Morse to be in Austin, May 2 and 3
All State Shrine, Fort Worth, May 7, 8 and 9, 1959
Spain and France, May 7, 1959
Crestival, Fort Worth, May 7, 8 and 9, 1959
Cotillion Club Spring Court, May 9, 1959
Winrock Farm, Morrilton, Ark. Santa Gertrudis Sale, May 9, 1959
International Petroleum Exposition, Tulsa, May 14-13, 1959
SAR [Sons of the American Revolution?] Gold Medal--University of Texas, May 14
Champlin Board of Directors Meeting, Ft. Worth, May 18, 1959
H. T. Chilton, Service P.L. Co., Tulsa, Ok., May 19, 1959
Scottish Rite Association's 7th Grand Annual Banquet, Ft. Worth, 5/20/59
Camp Waldemar, 1959
Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs; Al Hill and Air Force Academy, June 1959
Interstate Oil Compact Commission Meeting, New Orleans, June 1959
Santa Barbara IBA Group--Schwabacher, June 28, 29 and 30, 1959
Santa Barbara Speech, June 1959
Annual Reunion, Law Class of '31, July 1-4, 1959
Imperial Council, Atlantic City, July 6, 1959
Texas Gulf Sulphur Reg. Board Meeting, N.Y., 7/16/59
Owensboro, 7/23/59
Omaha, Nebraska and Colorado Springs, August 1959
Hillsdilly, August 1959
Patterson-Johansson Fight, New York, 6/25/59
1977/081-287 Mexico City, August 1959
Boston, Kelley Andersons, Sept 2-6
Meeting, Board of Trustees, Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Crippled Children, Dallas, Sept. 8, 1959
Gene Woodfin, J. R. Butler and Raybourne Thompson; NBC Board Meeting, Houston, Sept. 8
Whitewing Hunt, Mission, 9/11, 13, and 15
Broadmoor Golf Club USGA Amateur Champ. T. Colorado Springs, Colorado, 9/14-19/59
Circus S[ain?]ts and Sinners--Governor and Mrs. Nelson Rockefeller, Sept 22, 1959
Gold Good Citizenship Medal--Lee Lockwood, 9/24/59
F.I.A. Meeting, Houston (Judge Fouts) accepted, 10/2/59
Tentative, Marshall, TX, Oct. 5 and 6, 1959
Champlin Board Meeting, Ft. Worth, Oct. 12, 1959
Scottish Rite Fall Reunion, Oct. 12, 13, 14 and 15
Houston--J. R. Butler--gold and football, Oct. 15-17, 1959
Transco Party, Rice Hotel, Houston, Oct. 19, 1959
J. R. Butlers and Vernon W. Frosts, of Houston--guest, Oct. 23-24, 1959
Terrace Motor Hotel Reservations, PR Rutherford and J. R. Butlers, Oct. 23 & 24, 1959
Shrine Circus, Oct. 26-31, 1959
University of Texas, Wednesday, Harry Holloway, Oct. 28
Idlewild Ball and Southern Methodist University Game, Dallas, Oct. 30-31, 1959
P.L.C.A. Business Meeting, Pt. Clear, Alabama, Nov. 2-3, 1959
Political Forum, Dallas, Nov. 3, 1959
Mullets Tournament, Shary Oaks County Club, Ben Hogan, Ft. Worth, Nov. 4-5
Texas Research League 7th Annual Meeting, Driskill Hotel, Nov. 5, 1959
Invitation to Bill Elmer Family to visit, Nov. 14
Two For Seesaw, Municipal Auditorium, Nov. 12, 1959
New York, T.G.S. Board Meeting, 11/17/59
Waco, Annual Meeting Scottish Rite Foundation, Ridgewood Country Club, 12/1/59
Grand Lodge of Texas Annual Meeting, 12/2-3/59
Supreme Court Dedication Ceremonies, Judge Hickman, 12/3/59
Interstate Oil Compact Commission Meeting, Philadelphia, Penn., 12/3-5/59
Bachelors Presentation Ball, 12/5/59
Philosophical Society of Texas, San Antonio, 12/5/59
Duck Hunt, R. L. Taylor, Oak Grove, Dec. 6 and 7, 1959
Special Meeting, Braniff Board, 12/7/59
Louisiana Trip Inspection--Columbia Gulf Transmission job, 12/14/59
Dark At Top of Stairs, Municipal Auditorium, Dec. 15, 1959
T.G.S. Board Meeting, New York, 12/16-17/59
East Alton, Ill.--W.C. McGee, Jr., et al. TGT, Dec. 16-18
Anahuac Duck and Goose Hunt, H. Frensley, 12/18-20-59
Dallas Rodeo's First World Series, J.V.C., Dec. 26-30, 1959
Appointments, Request for, 1959
Austin Public Schools--Citizens Advisory Committee, 1959
Bedouins Meetings, 1957-1959
Capital National Bank, 1957
Capital National Bank Board of Directors, Austin, 1958
Capital National Bank, 1959
Chamber of Commerce Discussion Group, 2/13/59
Cipango Club
Champlin Oil and Refining Co. Board of Directors, 1959
Cotillion Club of Austin, 1958
Cowboy Hall of Fame, 1959
Jesters Meeting Notices, 1957
Knights of Pythias Meetings
Law Enforcement Foundation, 1958
Miscellaneous Parties and Trips, 1957-1958
National Bank Commerce, 1957-1958
National Bank of Commerce, 1959
Nomads, 1957
Schedules, Monthly, 1958
Schedules, Monthly, 1959
1977/081-288 Bonham Commencement Address
Austin--Paul J. Thompson Dinner
Austin--Dirt Farmers Speech, 2/18/49
Anahuac--White Herons Fish Fry
McAllen--American Legion
Kennedy--Flax Festival
Hearne--Alfalfa Festival
Greenville Speech
Galveston--Wholesale Beer Distributors
Galveston--Texas Dehydrators
Houston--National Oil Scouts
Fort Worth--Chamber of Commerce Oil and Gas Commission
Fort Worth--Gridiron
Fort Worth--Bar Meeting
Fort Clark--Herman Brown
El Paso--College of Mines Commencement
Denton--North Texas State Commencement
Peasant Pheasant Dinner, 7/4/49
Yoakum--Tom Tom
Re: 1950 Campaign
Houston--Andy Anderson Party
Houston--Shamrock Opening
Trip Files and Invitations, 1949
Galveston--Medical School
Port Arthur--Texas Exes Speech, 3/2/49
Meridian--Chamber of Commerce
Houston--Shamrock--Citrus Convention
Galveston--Banquet for Lou Calder
Montgomery--Highway 105 Dedication, 1949
Boerne--Centennial Association, June 1949
Trip--Shivers Lt. Governor
[empty folder]
Amarillo--Amarillo College
Woodville--Dogwood Festival
Waco--Brotherhood Locomotive Firemen and Engineers
Tyler--Dedication of Synagogue
Silsbee--High School Dedication
San Antonio--Texas Junior Chamber of Commerce
San Antonio, O.P. Schnabel
San Antonio--Fiesta
San Antonio--Exchange Club Golden Deeds Banquet
San Antonio--Ahepa Convention
Dallas--Sports Show
Dallas--Oak Cliff Lions Club
Dallas--Dr. Cary's Dinner on April 12
Corpus Christi--Junior Chamber of Commerce
College Station A&M Cotton Ball
Caldwell--American Legion Home
General files, 1958:
1977/081-409 New York Trip--Collies, Sept. -Oct., 1958
Birmingham Friends--Texas-Tulane Game, Sept. 25-27, 1958
Annual Symphony Ball, Oct. 3
Dallas--Speech--Opening of Higher Education Center, State Fair, Oct. 4, 1958
Education, Higher--Dedication of Centex Speech, Oct. 4, 1958
Pipe Line Contractors Association Meeting, St. Louis, Oct. 5-8
Senior Golf Tournament, San Antonio, Oct. 6, 1958
Scottish Rite Reunion, Oct. 6-9
Coffields' Party, West Lake Drive, Austin, Oct. 9
Houston Personnel Association Dinner Meeting, Oct. 14, 1958
Dallas, Oct. 10-11, 1958
Tentative--Annual Convention Printers Industry, Dallas, Oct. 15
Cocktails--University of Texas, 10-17-58
University of Texas Board of Regents and Committee--Cocktails, Woodlawn, Oct. 17, 1958
Committee of 75, Oct. 17-18, 1958
Texas Research League, Driskill Hotel, Austin, Oct. 17, 1978
Fred Waring Party, Oct, 21, 1958
Houston--Golf and Football Game, Oct. 23-24-25
Geo. Robinson's Party, Oct. 31-Nov. 1
Fairway Farm Hunt Club--Open date, 1958
International Good Neighbor Council, El Paso, Oct. 30, 31 and Nov. 1
Ft. Worth Assembly Ball, Nov. 7-8, 1958
Las Vegas
Rutherford-Buda Dinner
Debutantes Ball (Bachelors of Austin) Driskill Hotel, Dec. 6
Wichita Falls--Stated Meeting, Dec. 9, 1958
Hunt, near Junction, cancelled
Stuttgart, Arkansas, Dec. 12-14, 1958
Philosophical Society, Dallas, Dec. 13, 1958
Texas Gulf Sulphur Board Meeting, New York, Dec. 17-18
Anahuac Hunt, Dec. 19-20-21
Coronet Club-Dance, Dec. 20, 1958
Rutherford Wedding, Houston, Dec. 23, 1958
Dallas, Dec. 30-31, Jan 1-2
Sugar Bowl Game File
Wichita Falls Shrine Meeting, Nov. 22-23
Interstate Oil Compact Commission Meeting, Kansas City, Missouri, Dec. 1-3, 1958
Waco, Scottish Rite Foundation Meeting, Dec. 2, 1958
Council of State Governments, Chicago, Board Mgrs. Meeting, Dec. 3-5
Joint Meeting with Board Regents, University of Texas, Dec. 6, 1958
Mexico City, Nov. 27, 1958
[2 folders]
Hunt, Oak Grove Duck Club, at Lake Charles, La, Nov. 21-22, 1958
Mexico City, Nov. 27-Dec., 5, 1958
General files, 1960:
1977/081-293 150 Anniversary of Independence of Mexico
[unlabeled file]
South American Trip File, 2/14/60
Huntsville and Walker County Chamber of Commerce Annual Meeting Jan. 12, 1960
Brazosport Chamber of Commerce, Freeport, 1/15/60
New York TGS Board Meeting, Jan. 20, 1960
United Fund Annual Dinner Meeting, 1/19/60
Odd Man In--Municipal Auditorium, Jan. 23, 1960
[empty folder]
Annual Stockholders Meeting, Austin Club, Jan. 26, 1960
Capital National Bank Annual Stockholders Meeting, Jan. 26, 1960
Koppers Co., Inc. and Eastern Gas and Fuel Associates Lunch, 1/28/60
Annual Meeting Austin Chamber of Commerce, Jan. 28, 1960
PLCA Convention, Los Angeles, Jan. 30, 1960
St. Mary's College Symposium, California, Feb. 3-4, 1960
Braniff South America Trip, Feb. 13-23, 1960
Austin Ballet Society, Municipal Auditorium, Feb. 20
Appearance Dinner, Gene Woodfin, Houston, Colorado Club, Feb. 25 and 27
South America Trip, 2/14/60
Houston--Chas. Lingo, Mar. 4
National Golf Club--Augusta, Mar. 7-9
Austin Ballet Society Municipal Auditorium, Mar. 10
Woodville Chamber of Commerce, Billy Mitchell, Mar. 11, 1960
Waco--Baylor, Rotary; First Baptist Church, Mar. 14, 1960
Waco Speeches, March 14
Jack Cox Dinner, Houston, Mar. 21, 1960
A&M College Inauguration of President Earl Rudder, March 26, 1960
Austin Lions Club, Mar. 31
Woodville, Dogwood, Festival, March 26, 1960
Junior Helping Hand Style Show, Mar. 31
Lions Club, Mar. 31, 1960
Grain and Feed Dealers Association, April 1, 1960
Braniff--Annual Shareholders and Directors Meeting, April 4, 1960
Friar Breakfast, Crystal Ballroom, Driskill Hotel, April 3, 1960
Odessa Downs Dinner, April 7, 1960
Abilene Rotary Club--and Odessa, April 8
Houston Gardiner Symonds Party, etc. April 9, 1960
Scottish Rite Spring Reunion, 1960
Angelina Farm and Ranch Club, April 12, 1960
Traditional Banquet St. Timothy Conclave, Red Cross of Constantine, Ft. Worth, April 16, 1960
Chicago and New York, 4/20/60
Champlin Annual Stockholders Meeting, April 21, 1960
SGA Convention, Galveston, April 24, 27, 1960
Texaco Party, Tuesday, Houston, April 26
Houston Light and Power Co. Annual Meeting Stockholders, April 27, 1960
T.G. Sulphur Co. Annual Stockholders Meeting, Houston, April 28, 1960
Tulsa Speech, 4/28/60
Houston Classic, Golf Tournament, April 28-May 1, 1960
Annual PL, Conference, Tulsa, April 28, 1960
Washington Day Dinner, April 30, 1960
U.S. Chamber of Commerce, May 1-4, 1960
1977/081-294 Washington, DC, U.S. Chamber of Commerce Annual Meeting, May 1-4
Texas Federation Womens Clubs, Austin Convention, May 4, 1960
Kentucky Derby--Owensboro, May 5, 1960
Collie Party, Houston 5/10/60
Country Club Golf Championship Tournament
Washington, DC, Member-Guest, Burning Tree Club, May 12-15, 1960
Winrock Farms, Morrilton, Ark--Santa Gertrudis Sale, May 14, 1960
Fort Worth Crestival Golf Tournament, May 19 and 20
Colorado Springs, May 22
Downtown Kiwanis Club, El Paso, May 15
Kerrville Chamber of Commerce, 5/26/60
Kerrville, May 26, 1960
El Paso and Kerrville
Annual Scottish Rite Seminar, Waco, May 28, 1960
Boy Scouts of America 50th Annual Meeting, Washington, June 2-3
Washington, D.C. Dinner, The White House, June 3, 1960
Desk and Derrick Speech, June 5, 1960
All State Shrine, Austin, June 9-11, 1960
All State Jester Party, at J. Bland's Ranch; breakfast 10th, June 9
USGA 60th Open Championship, Cherry Hills, June 13-18, 1960
Deltec Corp., New York, June 15, 1960
Houston TPA [Texas Press Association?], 6-18-60
Texas Press Association, Houston, June 18, 1960
Washington, US Chamber of Commerce Board Meetings, December 2
Texas Butane Dealers, Dallas, June 29
Class '33 Breakfast, Houston, State Bar Association Meeting, July 1, 1960
Geo. Butler, Roaring Gap Golf Tournament, N.C., June 23-25
Denver, Imperial Council, July 9-12
Calgary-Banff, Canada, July 19
New York Trip
Quebec, Canada, 8/14/60
Swainsboro, Ga. tentative, August 26, 1960
Boston, Mass, August 29-Sept. 4, 1960
Mexico City, Sept. 11-16, 1960
Red Cross of Constantine, St. Austin Conclave Meeting, Sept. 17, 1960
Washington, D.C., USCofC [U.S. Chamber of Commerce?] Meeting, 9/22/60
Los Angeles Gas Salute Luncheon, Sept. 18
Dallas Trip File, 9/28/60
San Antonio Argyle Club, Oct. 3, 1960
Washington, D.C. USC of C [U.S. Chamber of Commerce?] Tax Com. Meeting,--cancelled
University of Texas Gregory Gym to introduce Bob Hope, Oct. 4, 1960
Joe C. Thompson Party and Ceremonies, Dallas, Oct. 7, 1960
Scottish Rite Fall Reunion, Oct. 10-13, 1960
Fort Worth, Champlin Board Meeting, Oct. 19
New York Tex. Gul. Sul, Board Meeting, Oct. 20, 1960
Ben Hur Shrine Circus, Oct. 23-29
South Texas Chamber of Commerce to speak, Houston, Oct. 24
Annual Conference Texas Research League, Austin, 10/27/60
Bill Elmers' Visit to Woodlawn, Oct. 28, 1960
Life Member Breakfast University of Texas Texas Union, Oct. 29
Woodlawn, River Oaks Garden Club to tour, Nov. 1 or 2, 1960
New York, Gil Perkin Braniff Eldorado Reunion, Nov. 1, 1960
Tucson, Arizona, State Bankers Association, Nov. 11-1960
Washington, D.C., USCofC [U.S. Chamber of Commerce] [U.S. Chamber of Commerce?] Govt. Op. Com. Meetings, Nov. 14, 1960
Freedom in Action, Houston, Nov. 18-19
J. Ray Polston, Tulsa, Angus Sale, 11/19/60
Symonds Parties, Houston, Nov. 20-21, 1960
USCofC [U.S. Chamber of Commerce] [U.S. Chamber of Commerce?] Meeting, cancelled, Dec. 1-3, 1960
Ft. Worth--Martha Baldridge Wedding, Dec. 3, 1960
Braniff Special Meeting, Dec. 5, 1960
Interstate Oil Compact Commission Meeting, Houston, Shamrock Hilton, cancelled, 6/19-21/61
Waco--Annual Meeting Scottish Rite Foundation of Texas, Inc. Dec. 6, 1960
Waco--Banquet, Karem Temple, Dec. 7, 1960
Anahuac--Hunt, Dec. 9-11
Fort Clark, Philosophical Society, 12/9-11/60
NBC Board Meeting and Trust Comm. Meeting, Houston, Dec. 13, 1960
New York--Tex Gul Sul Board Meeting, Dec. 14, 1960
Woodville--Magnolia Lodge No. 495--Judge Wheat 50-year pin, Dec. 17, 1960
General files (Trip files), 1961:
1977/081-456 South America, Proposed trip, Mar. 1961
Maundy Thursday and Easter Sunday, Scottish Rite, Mar. 30 and April 2
Braniff Stockholders Meeting, Dallas, April 3, 1961
Houston Inv. Member-Guest Tournament, Shamrock, April 6-8, 1961
Round Up Activities, April 7-9
Sunday, Friar Breakfast, April 9, 1961
Tyler Gas Service Annual Meeting, Dallas, April 13, 1961
Harlingen, Wesley Methodist Church, April 16, 1961
Coal and Oil Annual Stockholders Meeting, Ft. Worth, April 19, 1961
Etex-Lou-Ark Gas Technology Symposium-Luncheon Speech, Tyler, April 20, 1961
Southern Gas Association Convention, New Orleans, April 24-26, 1961
Texas Gulf Sulphur Annual Stockholders Meeting, Houston, Texas, April 27, 1961
George Washington Dinner, Washington, D.C., April 28, 1961
State Shrine Convention, Galveston and Jesters Party, May 11, 12 and 13
Cotillion Club, Austin, Country Club, May 13, 1961
Winrock Farms Sale, Morrilton, Ark., May 13, 1961
Sinclair Annual Meeting and Luncheon, Shamrock Hotel, May 17, 1961
Sam Snead Festival, White Sulphur Springs, W. Va., May 18-21
Texas Gulf Sulphur Board Meeting, May 18, 1961
Invitations Declined, Jan.-Dec., 1961
[6 folders]
Requests for Appointments, 1961
General files, 1962-1963:
1977/081-295 El Paso Chamber of Commerce, Jan. 11, 1963
Alumni Fun TV Panel Taping, 1/18/63
California Chev. du Tastevin Party, tentative, Jan. 15, 1963
Inaugural Activities, Jan. 14-15, 1963
USCofC [U.S. Chamber of Commerce] Board Meeting, Washington and PLCA Convention, Miami-Boca Raton, Jan. 25, 26, 1963
Fort Worth--B. Brown, Feb. 4, 1963
Palm Springs, California trip file, Feb. 5-12, 1963
Aircade USCofC [U.S. Chamber of Commerce], Feb. 22, 1963
Beaumont, (Miss Mattie Rysinger), Feb. 26, 1963
Dallas, Jaycee Speech (Ben Wooten), Feb. 27, 1963
Trip file, cancelled
Port Arthur, Texas Ex. Meeting, tentative, Feb or Mar
Texas Exes Meeting, Huntsville, Mar. 6, 1963
Austin National Bank, Mar 13-14, 1963
USCofC [U.S. Chamber of Commerce] Board Meeting, Washington and N.Y., Mar. 13-14
Golf Party--August, Ga., Mar. 25-27, 1963
Braniff--Annual Stockholders Meeting and annual Board Meeting--golf and dinner, March 31 and April 1
South and East Dallas Chamber of Commerce Banquet, April 2, 1963
Houston--Orville Carpenters--golf, April 4-6, 1963
Washington, D.C., USCofC [U.S. Chamber of Commerce] Committee on Science and Technology Meeting, April 8, 1963
Scottish Rite Spring Reunion, Mar. 16, 23 and April 13 and 20
Retail Furniture Association Convention, Corpus Christi, May 6 or 7, 1963
Houston Rotary Club, May 9, 1963
Ben Hur Speech, May 10, 1963
Ft. Worth--Crestival, May 16-18, 1963
Graduate Research Board Meeting, Dallas, May 22, 1963
San Antonio Law Day in May--tentative, May, 1963
Conferie dinner, Dallas, June 1, 1963
Ernie Koy Barbecue, Bellville, June 9, 1963
Gulf-Southwest Capital Corp. Annual Shareholders Meeting, June 13, 1963
Chemical Bank Special Stockholders Meeting and Special Board Meeting, August 21, 1963
Texas Citrus Mutual Meeting, McAllen, Sept, 17, 1963
Directors Meeting, Braniff Airways, Dallas, Sept. 23, 1963
Knife and Fork Club, cancelled,
Judge T. W. Davidson, Memorial Chapel, tentative, Sept. 28, 1963
U.S.CofC [U.S. Chamber of Commerce] Board Meeting, Washington, DC, Sept. 27, 1963
Scottish Rite Fall Reunion, Sept. 14 and 28
Houston--Alf Roarks, Oct. 4-5-6, 1963
Government Operations and Expenses Com. Meeting, USCC [U.S. Chamber of Commerce], Washington, Oct. 10-11, 1963
Texas-Oklahoma University Weekend, Dallas, Oct. 12, 1963
1977/081-296 NBC Shareholders Meeting, Houston, Oct. 15, 1963
Omaha, Nebraska, Oct.17, 1963
Supreme Council Meeting, Washington, DC, Oct. 21, 1968
Comm. on Science and Technology Meeting, Washington, Oct. 22, 1963
Dresser Ind.--Board Meeting, N.Y., Oct. 24, 1963
Distinguished Alumnus Award, University of Texas, Oct. 25, 1963
I.P.A.A. Meeting, Dallas, 10-28-63
Confrerie Des Chevaliers Du Tastevin, Dallas, Oct. 29, 1963
Junior Helping Hand Style Show, April 2 and 3, 1963
Graduate Research Center, Meeting of Board and Advisory Council, Dallas, Oct. 29, 1963
Woodlawn Dinner honoring Duke and Duchess of Abercorn, Weavers, Motleys, Oct. 31, 1963
Petroleum Recognition Week Banquet Speech, Enid, Ok., Nov. 7, 1963
Lawrenceville Parents' Day, Nov. 9, 1963
American Petroleum Institute Convention, Chicago, Nov. 10-13, 1963
Braniff Special Shareholders Meeting, Dallas, Nov. 15, 1963
Houston-NY-Washington, Nov. 20-23, 1963
330 & KCCH Investiture, Austin, Nov. 27, 1963
Philosophical Society Meeting, Fredonia Hotel, Nacogdoches, Dec. 6-8, 1963
Chamber of Commerce Speech, Houston, Dec. 10, 1963
Dick Tayloe Hunt, Lake Charles, La., Dec. 10-12, 1963
TGS Board Meeting--Butch Morrison Wedding, New York, Dec. 18-22, 1963
Stocks and Bonds--Market Reports, 1961-1963
Gulf-Southwest Capital Corporation Reports, Statements, Minutes, Prospectus, 1961-1962
General files, 1962:
1977/081-297 St. Mary's University Forum, Jan. 31-Feb. 1, 1962
Champlin Board Meeting, Fort Worth, Jan. 8, 1962
Lawrenceville School--Public Service Panel, Jan. 14, 1962
Executive Symposium--St. Mary's College, Jan. 31-Feb. 1, 1962
Association Public Affairs Conference, Washington, DC USCofC [U.S. Chamber of Commerce], Jan 24 and 25, 1962
San Antonio--to speak; Boy Scout Annual Council, Feb. 5, 1962
New York TGS Board Meeting, Feb. 14, 1962
Houston, American Institute of Consulting Eng. Mason Lockwood, Feb. 20, 1962
Washington, D.C. USCofC [U.S. Chamber of Commerce] Board Meeting, Feb. 21, 1962
Houston Rotary, Feb. 22, 1962
A&M Century Council Meeting, College Station, Texas, Mar. 1 and 2, 1962
Brotherhood Banquet, 1st Baptist Church, Mar. 5
Exes Meeting Crystal Ballroom, Driskill Hotel, Mar. 6, 1962
Public School Week--Management and Labor Day, Mar. 6, 1962
Aircade--General Correspondence, 3/8/62
USCofC [U.S. Chamber of Commerce] Aircade, Austin, Mar. 8, 1962
HH Coffield Lunch, Mar. 10, 1962
NBC Board Meeting, Houston, Mar. 13, 1962
Sales Executive Club Speech, Mar. 13, 1962
Tentative SDX Mtg., Mar. 13, 1962
Newcomer Society, N.Y., Mar. 15, 1962
LeRoy Williams Appreciation Banquet, Georgia, Mar. 16, 1962
Dallas Symposium, Graduate Education, Mar. 19, 20, 21, 1962
St. Mark Conclave RCC Traditional Banquet, Dallas, Mr. 24, 1962
Dallas Real Estate Board Lunch-Meeting, Mar. 29, 1962
Scottish Rite Spring Reunion, Feb. 24, Mar. 10 and 24, and April 7th, 1962
York Rite Festival, Mar. 29, 30 and 31, 1962
BSA [Boy Scouts of America?] Annual Regional Meeting, Austin Hotel, Mar. 30-31, 1962
Clasp Meetings, Feb. 6 and Mar. 26
Shivers' Party Honoring the Jim Pipkins, NY, 3/27/62
Gardiner Symonds, Dinner, Ramada Club, Houston, 3/29/62
Dogwood Festival Woodville, Mar. 31, 1962
Braniff Stockholders Annual Meeting and Board Meeting, Dallas, April 2, 1962
Georgia, Rowans' Party, April 4-10
Friars Breakfast Max. Room, Driskill Hotel, April 8, 1962
Washington, DC, Science and Technology Com. Meeting, April 12, 1962
Palm Springs, J.R. Butler Golf Party, April 15, 1962
New York--Shivers Family, April 19, 1962
Champlin, Stockholders Meeting, April 19, 1962
1977/081-298 TGS Annual Stockholders Meeting and Lunch, April 26, 1962
USCofC [U.S. Chamber of Commerce] Annual Meeting, Washington, DC, April 27
Southern Gas Association Annual Meeting, April 30-May 1 and 2, 1962
George Washington Dinner, Washington, April 29, 1962
Pipe Lines Club of Houston, May 7, 1962
Winrock Farms, Santa Gertrudis Sale, May 12, 1962
A&M Century Council, A&M, College Station, May 10-11, 1962
Crestival, May 16, 1962
Inauguration--Dr. Fleming, Southwestern University, May 4, 1962
Country Club Golf, Club Champion., Austin, May 12-20-1962
Woman's Auxiliary TMA Tour Woodlawn, May 14, 1962
Sales Exec. Meeting, Dallas, May 23, 1962
Dallas--Family, May 26
Traditional Banquet, June 16, 1962
Interstate Oil Compact Commission Omaha, June 18-20, 1962
Roaring Gap Golf Party, June 21, 1962
Com. on Science and Technology, USCofC [U.S. Chamber of Commerce], Washington, DC, June 28, 1962
USCofC [U.S. Chamber of Commerce] Board, Washington, DC, June 29-30, 1962
Dallas--Confrerie des Chevaliers du Tastevin Dinner, July 14, 1962
TGS Board Meeting, New York, July 18, 1962
Hillsdilly, August 20-24, 1962
Braniff Board Meeting, Dallas, July 27, 1962
Ft. Worth--Champlin Meeting, July 22, 1962
San Antonio Bar Convention--29th Annual Class Reunion Breakfast, July 3-6, 1962
Gulf SW Board Meeting, Shareholders Meeting, Houston, June 11, 1962;July 19, 1962
Gulf-SW Cap. Cor. Annual Meeting Shareholders, July 19, 1962
Midland--Baldridge Wedding, etc., August 1, 1962
Austin Aqua Festival, Aug. 3-12, 1962
Birmingham, Atlanta, Swainsboro, Aug. 12, 1962
Boston--Myopia, Aug. 30, 1962
Fishing Trip, Arkansas, August, 1962
Lake Charles, La.--Grand Lodge, La. to speak, Sept. 9, 1962
Whitewing Season, Valley, Sept. 7 and 9, 1962
Royal Order Scotland, Phila., 9/27/62
Texas Gulf Sulphur, Plaza Hotel, NY, 9/19/62
Pre-Game Dinner, Westwood Country Club, 9/22/62
TMA Public Rel. Conference, Sept. 22, 1962
Hot Springs, Ark. Party, 9/23/62
University of Texas Exes Luncheons, Oct. 11 and 12, 1962
USCofC [U.S. Chamber of Commerce] Board Meeting, Washington, Oct. 19-20-1962
Oklahoma University, Dallas, TX, Oct. 12
Champlin Dinner and Board Meeting, Ft. Worth, Oct. 14 and 15
Lunch with Tom Lamont, NY, Oct. 17, 1962
Scottish Rite Fall Reunion, Sept. 15 and 29; Oct. 13 and 27, 1962
Homecoming University of Texas Distinguished Alumnus Award Banquet--Life Member Breakfast, Oct. 19 and 20
Amarillo--Texas Exes Luncheon, Oct. 24, 1962
Kiwanis Club, Austin, Nov. 19, 1962
Kilgore--Dedication of Community Inn, Dec. 3, 1962
Salesmanship Club, Dallas, Oct. 25, 1962
Texas-Rice Football Game, Houston, Oct. 26, 1962
Confrerie Initiation, Houston, Oct. 29, 1962
Omaha-Chicago-New York, Nov. 8, 1962
A&M Convocation Program; Century Council Members Invited, Nov. 16, 1962
Port Arthur Charity Ball, 11/17/62
Board of Regents, University of Texas et al., Nov. 22, 1962
Corpus Christi--Cocktail Party and Dinner, Nov. 29, 1962
Dallas--Braniff Meeting, Nov. 30, 1962
Midland--Hunt, Som Sealy, Dec. 1, 1962
The Philosophical Society of Texas Annual Meeting, Dec. 7 and 8, 1962
Interstate Oil Compact Commission, Miami Beach, Florida, Dec. 10, 1962
New York TGS Meeting, Dec. 11, 1962
PLCA Convention, Boca Raton Hotel and Club, Jan. 7-10-1962
General files, 1964:
1977/081-308 U.S.C. of C.[U.S. Chamber of Commerce]--Aircade Meeting, 1964
Stockholders Meeting/Tennessee Bank and Trust Co., Houston, January 14, 1964
Austin Chamber of Commerce Annual Meeting, January 16, 1964
Austin Personnel Association Speech, Westwood Country Club, Jan. 17, 1964
Dallas, Graduate Research Center Annual Meeting, January 22, 1964
Board of Directors, Dresser Industries, New York City, January 23, 1964
Texas Bottlers Association Convention, Austin, Jan. 27 or 28, 1964
Headliners Award Party, Austin, Coffield Party, Feb. 1, 1964Jan. 31
Lufkin Jr. Chamber of Commerce Luncheon Speech, Feb. 6, 1964
Government Operations and Expenditures Committee, U. S. Chamber of of Commerce, Feb. 6 and 7, 1964
James Schwabacher Concert, University of Texas Hogg Auditorium, Feb. 8, 1964
API Public Affairs Com. Meeting, NY, Feb. 13, 1964
Spring Reunion, Scottish Rite, Feb. 15, 29/Mar. 14, 28
TMA Regional Meeting, Austin, Feb. 27, 1961
Dallas (Investiture Service for Knight of Order of San Jacinto), Feb. 29, 1964
Texas Ex. Mtg, Big Spring, Feb/Mar
Delta Theta Phi Law Frat, Spring, 1964
Dallas Aircade, March 6, 1964
Texas Employers Insurance Association, Rehabilitation Symposium, Dallas, May 6 and 7, 1964
Nablico Annual Meeting, Dallas, March 10, 1964
API Public Affairs Committee, New York, Mar. 12
Dresser Industries, Inc. Annual Meeting of Shareholders, cancelled, March 16, 1964
Houston--National Bank of Commerce Trust Meeting--Board of Directors, cancelled, Mar. 17, 1964
National Newcomen Dinner, New York, Mar. 19
Trip File Palm Springs and San Francisco, Mar. 20-29
Fitzgerald Lecture, Austin, University of Texas, Mar. 24
Dresser Industries, Inc., Board Meeting, Dallas, cancelled
Augusta Butch Butler Golf Party, Apr, 30
Braniff Airways, Annual Meeting of Stockholders, Apr. 6, 1964
Jackson, Miss., Economic Council, Apr. 7, 1964
API, New York Public Affairs Committee Mtg., April 9, 1964
Texas Gulf Sulphur Board Meeting NY, Apr. 16, 1964
Texas Gulf Sulphur Board Meeting, Houston, Apr. 23, 1964
API, Houston Natural Gas Committee Meeting, Apr. 23, 1964
API Board Meeting, Houston, Sheraton-Lincoln Hotel, Apr. 24, 1964
Washington, DC Annual Meeting Chamber of Commerce of US, Apr. 26-29
American Good Government Society Dinner, Washington, DC, Apr. 30, 1964
Trip File: Champlin Oil and Refining Co., Board of Directors, Ft. Worth, April 27, 1964
Houston Trip File, April 20-24, 1964
Houston Baptist College, Houston, May 8, 1964
Crestival Invitation, Ft. Worth, May 14, 15, and 16, 1964
New York, Texas Gulf Sulphur Board Meeting, May 21, 1964
Confrerie Des Chevaliers Du Tastevin, Houston, May 31, 1964
New Orleans Trip, May 24-27
Bud's Graduation, Lawrenceville, New Jersey, June 4-7, 1964
New York--Texas Gulf Sulphur Board Meeting, cancelled, June 18, 1964
Ft. Worth--Shady Oaks Golf Tournament, June 18, 19, and 20
Criminal Bar Association Ceremony, June 26, 1964
Dresser Industries Board Meeting, New York, June 25, 1964
Law Class Reunion, Houston (class of '31), July 1-4, 1964
New York--Texas Gulf Sulphur Meeting, July 8, 1964
New York--Texas Gulf Sulphur Board Meeting, July 16, 1964
Shivers Family Vacation, New York, Bermuda, San Juan, Mont. Bay, N.O., July 26
New York Chamber of Commerce of the U.S.--Government Operations and Expenditures Com., cancelled
New York--API Public Affairs Committee Meeting, September 10, 1964
Whitewing Season, Valley, September 12-13
The University Cancer Foundation Meeting, Houston, September 15, 1964
New York--Texas Gulf Sulphur Board Meeting, September 17, 1964
U.S. Chamber of Commerce Board Meeting, Washington, DC, cancelled
API Meeting, White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia, Sept. 27, 28 and 29
API, Committee On Public Affairs, New York, Oct. 8, 1964
Southland Paper Mills, Inc. and Perkins-Goodwin Co. Party, Dallas, Oct. 9, 1964
1977/081-309 Texas-Oklahoma Football Game, Dallas, Oct. 9-10
Fall Reunion Scottish Rite, Oct. 12, 13 and 14
Texas Gulf Sulphur Board Meeting, New York, Oct. 15, 1964
Tex-Ex Corp. Annual Meeting of Board of Directors, Dallas Club, Dallas, Oct. 9, 1964
Presentation of Distinguished Alumnus Awards, Austin's Municipal Auditorium, Oct. 16, 1964
Annual Banquet of the Oak Cliff Chamber of Commerce, Dallas, Oct. 23, 1964
Delta Theta Phi Law Fraternity Luncheon, Stephen F. Austin Hotel, Oct. 31, 1964
Dean Nowotny Appreciation Dinner, University, Oct. 31, 1964
Texas Research League Annual Meeting and Conference on Texas Government, Austin, Nov. 6, 1964
Confrerie Des Chevaliers Du Tastevin Dinner, Nov. 10, 1964
August National Golf Club, Nov. 5, 6 and 7
API 44th Annual Meeting, Chicago, Ill., Nov. 9-11, 1964
Task Force on Economic Growth and Opportunity Meeting, Chamber of Commerce of U.S., Nov. 19
American Good Government Society Board of Trustee Meeting, Washington, D.C., Nov. 20, 1964
Joe Kilgore Appreciation Dinner, McAllen, Nov. 30, 1964
Hunting Trip in Falfurrias, Dec. 7, 8 and 9, 1964
The Philosophical Society of Texas Annual Meeting, Austin, Dec. 4-5 1964
Thanksgiving, November 26, 1964
U.S. Chamber of Commerce Atomic Energy Commissioners and Atomic Advisory Panel Meeting, Dec. 10, 1964
Texas Gulf Sulphur Board Meeting, New York, Dec. 17, 1964
Champlin Petroleum Co. Financial Statements
[13 folders]
Nablico--Financial and Annual Reports, 1963
[large expanding folder]
Bills and Receipts, 1964
[large expanding folder]
General files and trip files:
1977/081-352 National Landmen's Association, New Orleans, La. Speech, June 12-13, 1958
Capital National Bank Executive Committee Meeting Lunch, June 18, 1958
Disneyland--Office Working File
Disneyland and Los Angeles (Family), 6/26/58-7/1/58
Salt Lake City Interstate Oil Compact Commission Meeting, June 24, 1958
Las Vegas, 6/25/58
Law Class Reunion, July 3-5, 1958
Shrine International at Chicago, July 13-17
Birmingham--Southern Natural Gas Co. et al., 8/4/1958
Window Rock and Gallup Inspection Trip, 8/8/1958
Las Vegas; Los Angeles, Patterson-Harris Fight, Aug. 15-17, 1958
Englewood (Denver) and Hillsdilly, Aug. 10, 1958 and Aug. 17, 1958
East Texas Peace Officer Association, Aug. 25
Canada, Reg. Hammond, reminder, Sept. 1, 1958
One Shot Antelope Hunt, Sept. 2-4, 1958
Birmingham, Alabama, Sept, 8-10, 1958
Mission, Hunt, R. Corwe, et al.., Sept. 14, 1958
Westwood Country Club, Logan Wilsons Party, Sept. 14
1977/081-42 Denton--T.S.C.W. Dining Hall, 5-12-1950
Austin--50th Anniversary of Daily Texas, 5-13-1950
Houston--Soil Conservation Banquet, 5-16-1950
Form Letters
Ft. Worth, TX., 5-16-1950
Tulia--Commencement Address to the Tulia High School, 5-19-1950
Amarillo, 5-19-1950
Austin--Business and Professional Womens' Club, 5-20-1950
Ft. Worth--Texas Bankers' Association, 5-23-1950
Austin--Ten Year Pasture Dinner, 5-24-1950
Athens--Old Fiddlers' Convention, 5-26-1950
Austin--Barclay Dinner, 5-27-1950
[empty folder]
St. Edward's University Commencement and Address, 5-28-1950
Austin--Dedication of Travis County World War II Memorial, 5-28-1950
Austin--Business Association Luncheon, 5-29-1950
Midland, Texas, 5-31-1950
Madisonville Sidewalk Cattlemen's Association, 6-1-1950
UT Commencement Address, 6-3-1950
Houston, TX--University Commencement, 6-5-1950
Dallas, TX, 6-7-1950
Gonzales, TX, 6-8-1950
Cedar Valley, TX, 6-14-1950
Bluebonnet Girls State--Austin, 6-15-1950
Halletsville, TX, 6-15-1950
Ft. Worth, T.P.A, 6-15, 16, 17-1950
West Virginia Governors Conference, 6-18, 22-1950
Austin--Conference on Children and Youth, 6-23-1950
Pt. Lavaca, TX, 6-24-1950
Anahuac and Victoria, TX, 6-24-1950
Brownwood and Taylor, TX, 6-27-1950
Giddings, TX, 6-28-1950
Ballinger, TX, 6-29-1950
San Angelo, TX, 6-29-1950
Stamford, TX--Texas Cowboys' Reunion, 7-1-1950
Dallas, TX--Station KRLD--Stamps Quartet, 7-1-1950
Odessa, TX, 7-4-1950
Pecos, TX--West of the Pecos Rodeo, 7-4-1950
College Station, TX, 7-5-1950
San Antonio, TX--State Bar Association, 7-6, 8-1950
Dallas, 7-7-1950
Corpus Christi, TX, 7-12-1950
Grand Prairie, TX, 7-13-1950
Tyler, TX, 7-14-1950
Mineral Wells, TX, 7-15-1950
Denison, Sherman and Texarkana Campaign/Camp Hood--49th Armored Division, 7-18, 19-1950
Austin, TX--36th Infantry Division Review, 8-26-1950
Austin, TX--Soil Conservation Meeting--Austin Hotel, 9-6-1950
American Legion Convention--Galveston, TX, (evening); Mid-Continent Oil and Gas Association--Midland, TX, 9-8-1950
Mineral Wells, TX--State Democratic Convention, 9-10-1950
Texas Citrus and Vegetable Growers and Shippers Association, Shamrock Hotel, Houston, TX, 9-13-1950
Floresville, TX--Peanut Festival and San Antonio, TX./Pan American Celebration, 9-22-1950
Texas Real Estate Association Convention, Austin Press Party--Herman Heep
Forest Festival, Lufkin, TX (tentative) Ottis, E. Luck, 9-25-1950
Championship Rodeo, Corsicana, TX, 9-26-1950
Rotary Club and Lions Club, Seguin, TX, 9-27-1950
Austin, TX--Petroleum Marketers Association, 9-28-1950
Dallas, TX--Interstate Oil Compact Commission Meeting, 9-29-1950
Baylor University Stadium, Waco, TX, 9-30-1950
Prison Rodeo--Huntsville, TX, 10-1-1950
Alpine, TX--Antelope Hunt--D.M. Pollard, 10-2-1950
A&M 75th Anniversary, College Station, 10-4-1950
Dallas--Attend Future Farmers of America and 4-H Club Awards Banquet, 10-5-1951
Tyler, TX, 10-6-1950
[empty folder]
Dallas, TX--Opening of State Fair of Texas, 10-7-1950
State Auto Dealers' Convention, Ft. Worth, TX, 10-8-1950
Austin, TX--Meeting to discuss possibility of an overall State Workshop in Camping Education, 10-10-1950
Lockhart, TX--Ladies Night at Business Men's Club, 10-12-1950
Dallas, TX--Downtown Club Reception to O.U. Game, 10-13, 14-1950
Levelland, Texas, Lamesa, TX, 10-16-1950
Pampa, TX/Borger, TX, 10-17-1950
All American Jersey Show Banquet (ten.) Baker Hotel, Dallas--Herman Heep, 10-18-1950
Woodville, TX--Testimonial Dinner honoring James E. Wheat, 10-19-1950
Longview, TX--John Wrather (evening) barbecue, Galveston, TX (morning) Order of Eastern Star, 10-24-1950
Dallas, TX--Oil Party, 10-27-1950
Marshall--East Texas Baptist College Degree, etc., 10-24-1950
Austin, TX--Traffic Safety Conference, 12-8-1950
Austin, TX--Texas vs LSU Football game, 12-9-1950
Houston, TX--Interstate Oil Compact Commission Meeting, 12/11-13/1950
Dallas, TX--American Farm Bureau Federation 32nd Annual Meeting, 12-12-1950
1977/081-43 Dallas, TX--Cotton Bowl Game, 1-1-1951
January 4--Austin Club, 7 pm
Yorktown, TX--Joe Wischkaemper's Hunt, 1-12-1951
Austin, TX--Inauguration Day, 1-16-1951
Austin, TX--Joint Session of House and Senate to present National Commander of American Legion, Earle Cocke, Jr., 1-22-1951
Dallas, TX, 1-25-1951
Ft. Worth, TX--Southwestern Exposition and Fat Stock Show, 1-25-1951
Austin, TX--Texas Press Association Meeting, Reception at Mansion following Meeting, 1-27-1951
Austin, TX--Interagency Committee Meeting on Arkansas-White-Red River, 1-30-1951
Houston, TX--did not go--Houston Fat Stock Show and Livestock Exposition Rodeo, 1-31-1951
Austin, TX--(postponed) Meeting of Hays-Travis Game Protective Association, 2-3-1951
Victoria, Tamaulipas--Inauguration of Governor Elect of State of Tamaulipas, Horacio Teran, 2-5-1951
Austin, TX--Seventh Annual Meeting of Texas Agri. Federation, 2-15, 16-1951
San Antonio, TX--San Antonio Exposition Parade, 2-16-1951
American Association School Administrators, Atlantic City, 2-20-1951
Houston, TX--Dinner honoring Honorable Wm. P. Hobby & Oveta Culp Hobby, 2-28-1951
Austin, TX--Texas Prison Board Dinner, 3-4-1951
Austin, TX--Texas Public Employees Association Luncheon, 3-5-1951
Austin, TX--Presentation of Service Medal of United Daughters of the Confederacy, 3-9-1951
Dallas, TX--Meeting of Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association, 3-13-1951
Austin, TX--Supper for Board of Regents at Chancellor Hart's home, 3-16-1951
Austin, TX--First Baptist Church Laymen's Club Meeting, 3-19-1951
Houston, TX--Houston Gridiron Dinner, 3-28-1951
Ft. Worth, TX--The 1951 Texas Gridiron Dinner, 3-30-1951
Austin, TX--Initiatory Ceremonies and Official Banquet of the AHEPA Committee, 4-1-1951
Austin, TX--Statewide Broadcast in connection with launching 1951 Cancer Crusade, 4-2-1951
Austin, TX--Breakfast for Representatives at Governor's Mansion, 4-3-1951
Austin, TX--Breakfast for Representatives at Governor's Mansion, 4-4-1951
Ardmore, Okla--Oil and Gas Meeting at Lake Murray Lodge--did not go, 4-9-1951
Austin, TX--Luncheon at Governor's Mansion, 4-11-1951
Austin, TX--Dedication of Fountain at Travis County World War II Memorial, 4-11-1951
Austin, TX--Seton Hospital Golden Anniversary Celebration, 4-15-1951
Austin, TX--Acceptance of Oil Portrait of Captain Audie Murphy, 4-17-1951
Austin, TX--Austin Lions Club "Legislative Day" Program--Governor Shivers to be made Honorary member, 4-19-1951
San Antonio, TX--Annual Banquet of South Texas Press Association, 4-20-1951
San Antonio, TX--Battle of Flowers Parade, 4-20-1951
Austin, TX--Banquet honoring The Most Reverend Louis J. Reicher, 4-22-1951
Austin, TX--Joint Session of Legislature to hear Donald R. Wilson, guest of American Legion, 4-23-1951
Santa Fe, N.M.--Interstate Oil Compact Commission Meeting, 4/26-28/1951
Denver, Colorado--Mid-Year Meeting of Independent Petroleum Association of America, 5-8-1951
Canyon, TX--Meeting of Panhandle-Plains Historical Society, 5-11-1951
Houston, TX--Texas Night Banquet (The Texas Federation of Women's Clubs), 5-14-1951
Austin, TX--Program honoring Col. Garrison and members of Department of Public Safety, 5-15-1951
Houston, TX--"Save the Soil and Save Texas" Dinner, did not go 5-17-1951
Austin, TX--Address District 2S-3 Lions International Convention, 5-22-1951
Houston, TX--Address Kiwanis Club, 5-23-1951
Waco, TX--Conferring of Honorary LL.D. Degree of Baylor University, 5-27-1951
Austin, TX--Receive Dreicer Award for Texas' Finest Grapefruit, 5-28-1951
Ft. Worth, TX--Commencement Exercises at TCU for Senior Class, 5-28-1951
Austin, TX--Luncheon honoring Speaker Sam Rayburn at UT, 6-2-1951
Colorado City, TX--Colorado City Chamber of Commerce Annual Membership Banquet, 6-1-1951
Washington, Interstate Oil Compact Commission hearing in Washington (Hart has file) 6/10-12/1951
Austin, TX--General MacArthur to address Joint Session of House and Senate, 6-13-1951
Dallas, TX--Press Association, 6-15-1951
Galveston, TX--Texas State Federation of Labor Convention, 6-25-1951
Knoxville, Tennessee--Visit to Scona Lodge, 6/22-24/1951
Dallas, TX and Brackenridge (Lions)--Address Department of Texas, Veterans of Foreign Wars of U.S. Encampment, 6-25-1951
Ft. Worth, TX--Coffield wedding, 6-29-1951
Diboll--11 am Address and barbecue, 7-3-1951
Dallas, TX--UT Law School Alumni Luncheon, 7-7-1951
Colorado Springs, Colorado--Garden of the Gods Club Visit, 7-7-1951
Chester, TX--Lions Club--did not attend, 7-17-1951
Dedication of E. O. Siecke State Forest, 7-18-1951
Camp Cravens (Kirbyville), Fish Fry and Park Dedication, 8-9-1951,7-18(?)
Amarillo, TX--Barbecue for San Jacinto Youth Center, 7-4-1951
San Antonio, TX--10:00 am--American Legion Convention, 8-17-1951
Beaumont--Address Rotary Club, 8-15-1951
Camp Polk, La--Review honoring Governor Shivers, 8-25-1951
Ft. Worth--Interstate Oil Compact Commission Meeting, 9/9-10-11/1951
1977/081-44 Corpus Christi, TX--Celebration of opening Port of Corpus Christi, 9-13-1951
Robinson, Illinois--Independent Oil Producers and Land Owners Association Meeting 9-15-1951
Austin--Receive Flag at Texas-Ky. Game, 9-22-1951
Houston--"Cullen Night" Houston University vs Baylor, 9-22-1951
Dallas, TX--Texas Citrus and Vegetable Growers and Shippers' 9th Annual Convention, 9-25-1951
Gatlinburg, Tenn--Governors' Conference, 9-30/10-3-1951
Snyder--Democratic Executive Committee Meeting, 9-27-1951
Austin--Cocktail Party--Paul Bolton, 10-5-1951
Huntsville--Opening of Prison Rodeo, 10-7-1951
Beaumont, TX--Dedication of Engineering Building, Lamar College, 10-9-1951
Dallas--Governors' Day--State Fair, 10-10-1951
Austin--Katy Railroad Luncheon, 10-12-1951
Dallas--Texas vs. Oklahoma, 10-13-1951
Brenham--Dedication of building at Blinn Jr. College, 10-14-1951
Burnet--Dedication of Boy's Ranch, 10-16-1951
Chihuahua, Mex--Meeting with Mexican officials re: Highways, 10-30-1951
New York--Section of Mineral Law, American Bar Association, 9-18-1951
Houston, TX--National Wholesale Druggists' Association, 10-15-1951
Dallas--Banquet honoring Governors--State Fair, 10-9-1951
Paris, TX--Chamber of Commerce Banquet, 10-17-1951
Beaumont--South Texas State Fair, 10-18-1951
Mineral Wells--League of Texas Municipalities, 10-23-1951
Woodville, 10/19-22/1951
[empty folder]
Austin--Bradford Dinner, Dinner honoring Dr. Marney and REA Dinner (Calvert) 10-26-1951
Austin--Texas vs Rice, 10-27-1951
Corpus Christi--County Judges and Commissioners Association Convention, 11-2-1951
Houston--Texas Automotive Association, 11-5-1951
Ft. Belknap--Centennial Celebration, 11-3-1951
El Paso--Texas Sheep and Goat Raisers Association, 11-6-1951
Chicago, Illinois-Address American Petroleum Institute, 11-8-1951
Austin, TX--Texas vs Baylor, 11-10-1951
Hot Springs, Ark--Southern Governors' Conference, 11/12-14/1951
Hot Springs, Ark--1951 Southern Governors' Conference, 11-11, 12, 13-1951
Luncheon honoring Winthrop W. Aldrich, 11-15-1951
Near San Marcos--White-wing Hunt; 11-15-1951
Austin, TX--Texas vs. TCU, 11-17-1951
[empty folder]
West, TX--(?)--Black-tail Deer Hunt, 11-19-1951
Port Arthur--Testimonial Dinner for Governor Shivers, 11-26-1951
Beaumont--Duck Hunt, 11-25, 26, 27-1951
College Station, TX--Texas vs A&M Football Game, 11-29-1951
Amarillo--Quail Hunt--L. R. Hagy, Shelby M. Kritser, 11-29/12-1-1951
Cotulla Hunt, 12-5-6
Austin--James Stephen Hogg Day, 12-8-1951
Waco--Heart-O-Texas Council of Boy Scouts, 12-7-1951
Austin--Christmas Dinner--Scottish-Rite Dorm., 12-9-1951
Waco--Methodist Home Christmas Party, 12-14-1951
Little Rock, Ark--Interstate Oil Compact Commission, 12/10-12/1951
Harrison, Ark--did not go (empty folder), 12-12, 13-1951
Austin--5:15 Capital National Bank Party; 7:00 Sunday School Party, 12-18-1951
McAllen--Bentsen Dinner, 12-21-1951
El Paso--Sun Carnival, 12-28-1951
Dallas--Cotton Bowl Game and Brunch, declined, Jan. 1, 1952
Executive and Travel Guides
[2 copies]
1977/081-41 Dallas--Cotton Bowl, 1-2-1950
San Marcos--Chamber of Commerce, 1-12-1950
Austin--USO, 1-13-1950
Austin--Luncheon, 1-17-1950
Waco--Jaycees, 1-14-1950
Austin--Tom Abbot Luncheon, 1-17-1950
Austin--St. Edward's University, 1-22-1950
Ft. Worth Rotary and Fat Stock Show, 1-27-1950
Austin--Methodist Church, 2-5-1950
Austin--Girl Scouts, 2-6-49
San Antonio--Charro Association, 2-17-1950
San Antonio--Live Stock Exposition and Rodeo, 2-17-1950
Laredo--did not go, 2-21-1950
McAllen--State Democratic Executive Convention, 2-25-1950
Dallas--Julius Schepps, 3-6-1950
Corsicana--Jaycees, 3-10-1950
Waco--First Methodist Church, 3-12-1950
San Antonio--Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association, 3-14-1950
Beaumont, 3-15-1950
Galveston, 3-16-1950
[2 unlabeled scratch books]
Huntsville--Future Farmers of America, 3-18-1950
Crockett and Palestine, 3-17-1950
Houston--Chronicle Sport Show, 3-18-1950
Wichita Falls--did not go, 3-25-1950
Gridiron Dinner--Ft. Worth, 3-31-1950
Woodville--Dogwood Festival, 4-1-1950
Livingston--District Convention, 4-2-1950
Austin--Speech for Cancer Group, 4-3-1950
Bryan and College Station--Judge Barron, 4-4-1950
Wichita Falls, 4-6-1950
Stamford--Golden Anniversary, 4-5-1950
Mount Pleasant, 4-7-1950
Paris, Texas, 4-7-1950
Moulton--Easter Celebration, 4-9-1950
Dallas, 4-11-1950
Houston--Gridiron Dinner, 4-12-1950
San Antonio Fiesta, 4-15, 17, 21, 22-'50
Austin Baseball Club, Inc., 4-18-1950
San Antonio--South Texas Press Association, 4-21-1950
Austin--Delta Theta Phi, 4-22-1950
Austin--Southwestern Ice Mfg. Inc., 4-26-1950
Schulenburg--Chamber of Commerce, 4-27-1950
Dallas--Southwestern Sports and Vacation Show--Ray Osborn, 4-28-1950
Austin--Thomason Portrait, 4-29-1950
Austin--Sigma Delta Chi Initiation, 4-29-1950
Austin--Friar Breakfast, 4-30-1950
Vernon--Santa Rosa Roundup, 5-1-1950
Stamford, Texas, 5-1-1950
Dallas--Henry English Dinner, 5-3-1950
Houston--Rotary Club and Andy McBride Testimonial Dinner, 5-4-1950
Henderson and Terrell Vetch Festival--did not go, 5-5-1950
Kenedy--Flax Festival, 5-6-1950
Waxahachie--Lions Club, 5-9-1950
Sulpher Springs--Future Farmers of America Banquet and Civic Club Banquet, 5-9-1950
Hearne--Alfalfa Fiesta, 5-11-1950