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Texas Governor Allan Shivers:

An Inventory of Records: Personal and Political Files at the Texas State Archives, 1946-1957, undated (bulk 1950-1956)


Creator: Texas. Governor (1949-1957 : Shivers)
Title: Records: Personal and political files
Dates: 1946-1957, undated
Dates: (bulk 1950-1956)
Quantity: 107 cubic ft.
Repository: Texas State Archives
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Agency History

The governor of Texas is the chief executive officer of the state, elected by the citizens every four years. The duties and responsibilities of the governor include serving as commander-in-chief of the state's military forces; convening special sessions of the legislature for specific purposes; delivering to the legislature at the beginning of each regular session a report on the condition of the state, an accounting of all public money under the governor's control, a recommended biennial budget, an estimate of the amounts of money required to be raised by taxation, and any recommendations he deems necessary; signing or vetoing bills passed by the legislature; and executing the laws of the state. The governor can grant reprieves and commutations of punishment and pardons, upon the recommendation of the Board of Pardons and Paroles, and revoke conditional pardons. He appoints numerous state officials (with the consent of the Senate), fills vacancies in state and district offices (except vacancies in the legislature), calls special elections to fill vacancies in the legislature, fills vacancies in the United States Senate until an election can be held, and serves as ex officio member of several state boards.

The office of governor was first established by the Constitution of 1845 and superseded the office of president of the Republic of Texas. The position now exists under authority of Article IV, Section 1 of the Constitution of 1876 and Texas Government Code, Chapter 401. To be elected governor, a person must be at least thirty years old, a United States citizen, and a resident of Texas for at least five years preceding the election. In 1972, the term of office was extended from two to four years, effective in 1975. Since 1856 the governor has had the use of the Governor's Mansion.

In 1949 the Office of the Governor had less than 30 full-time equivalent employees. The office was not formally organized into divisions or departments.

Allan Shivers Biographical Sketch

Allan Shivers was born on October 5, 1907, in Lufkin, Texas. Shivers attended high school in Port Arthur and college at the University of Texas. He practiced law in Port Arthur before winning election to the Texas Senate in 1934, at age 27 the youngest member ever to sit in that body. He entered the army during World War II and served in North Africa, Italy, France, and Germany. He was discharged as a major, with five battle stars and the Bronze Star. In 1946 he was elected lieutenant governor and worked closely with Beauford Jester on an ambitious modernization program. He became governor upon Jester's death in 1949.

Shivers set the stage for the emergence of Texas as a powerful modern state. He helped create the Legislative Council and Legislative Budget Board to put the making of laws on a more professional footing. He was able to pass tax increases to upgrade state services across the board.

The most important issue faced by Shivers was his defense of state claims to the Tidelands, off-shore oil reserves in the Gulf of Mexico. Texas had held title to the submerged lands of the Gulf since the Republic of Texas days, and had dedicated its revenues to the public school fund. After oil was discovered offshore, federal officials tried to seize the Tidelands of Texas and other oil-producing states. This action precipitated a crisis between state and federal authority. In 1952, Shivers broke with the national Democratic party over the issue and helped deliver the state's electoral votes to Dwight Eisenhower, the first Republican to carry the state since Reconstruction. Finally, the Tidelands were returned to the states through federal legislation.

After leaving office in January 1957, Shivers managed business enterprises in the Rio Grande Valley and served as an executive for a number of banks. He served on and chaired the University of Texas Board of Regents in the 1970s. He died January 14, 1985.

Scope and Contents of the Records

These records have not been processed. The folder inventory is an almost exact transcription (some typographical errors were corrected) of an earlier one based on existing box and folder titles. Rough, non-exclusive groupings by title and date were formed to comply with the TARO project's file size restrictions. Researchers are advised to review all the finding aids for subjects of interest. Inconsistent titles and dates are evident. Misidentifications and misfilings are possible.

This finding aid describes one series of the Allan Shivers records. See Texas Governor Allan Shivers, Records for more records series, especially Campaign files and General files.


Arrangement of the Records

These records are arranged as received.

Related material

The following materials are offered as possible sources of further information on the agencies and subjects covered by the records. The listing is not exhaustive.

Texas State Archives
Texas Governor Beauford H. Jester, Records, 1946-1949, 84 cubic ft.
Texas Governor Price Daniel, Records, 1944-1966, undated, (bulk 1957-1962), approximately 466 cubic ft. See especially Governor Allan Shivers proclamations, 1955-1956, 2 cubic ft.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

(Identify the item), Personal and political files, Records, Texas Governor Allan Shivers. Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

Detailed Description of the Records


Records: Personal and political files,
Dates: 1946-1957, undated (bulk 1950-1956),
107 cubic ft.

General files, 1949-1950:
1977/081-282 Political File--cards made on contents
N.C. Political File

[4 inches of loose political material]
Mr. Booth Mooney's File
Political File
Personal and trip files:
1977/081-280 Appointment Books
[2 books]
Appointments Lists
[loose material]
Beaumont Lodge Meeting, August 9, 1956
Executive Committee of Interstate Oil Compact Commission, Santa Fe, August 6 and 23, 1956
Telephone Call to Lions International President, John L. Stickley
National Hairdressers and Cosmetologist Association Convention, cancelled, July 16, 1956
Fort Hood 36th Infantry Division's Governor's Day, June 23, 1956
Address National Press Club, Washington, D.C., June 28, 1956
Catto Ranch Alpine Hunt, December 12, 13, 14
Interstate Oil Compact Commission Meeting, Miami Beach, December 6, 7, and 8, 1956
Camp Eagle Deer Hunt, November 30 and Dec. 1, 1956
Texas Research League Luncheon, Austin, November 2, 1956
37th Annual Meeting--Mid-Continent Oil and Gas Association, Houston
Dallas Interstate Oil Compact Commission Meeting, May 31-June 2, 1956
Personal files, 1946:
1977/081-375 Election as Lt. Governor
[2 unlabeled folders]
Election as Lt. Governor
[unlabeled folder]
Campaign correspondence
[2 unlabeled folders]
Letters from State Representatives
Campaign for Lt. Governor correspondence
[unlabeled folder]
Report to Secretary of State
Allan Shivers--Lt. Governor
Campaign for Lt. Governor correspondence
[4 unlabeled folders]
Campaign material
Personal files, 1946-1950:
1977/081-492 Form Letters
Radio Speeches (Lt. Governor)
Cancelled Checks and Financial Statements
Christmas cards
Newspaper Clippings
Telegrams received during campaign
Democratic Convention, 1948
Birthday Greeting, October 5, 1950
Inauguration, 1949
Truman Inauguration, Washington, Jan. 18-20, 1948
Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinner
Antelope Hunt, 10-2-1950
Senate Duck Hunt, Nov. 29-Dec. 2
American Legion Convention, 1948
Guatemala--Mexico City, Oct-Nov, 1948
Trip Files
[2 folders]
Governor's Schedules
Council of State Governments
Delinquent Taxes--H. J. Porter and Weaver Moore
Football, etc.
Gilmer-Aikin Report
Personal files/Campaign files, 1946-1950:
1977/081-493 In Re: Appointments, etc., 1949
Mail Lists, July-December, 1949
[5 folders]
Office Schedules, July
Inter-office Memoranda
Requests for pictures
Gonzales Foundation
Unclaimed mail
[unlabeled folder]
University of Texas File
Black Book List
Out of State Correspondence
Leading Citizens Listing and Letter
Incoming Mail
Acceptances for Regional Meetings
Form Letters to County Chairmen
Attendance Lists--Regional Meetings
Returned for Better Address and Towns not Listed in Texas Almanac
Form Letters to Miscellaneous Groups
Headquarters Equipment
Estimated Vote Prediction by County
Personal files, 1947-1948:
1977/081-418 Library Legislation
Lieutenant Governor Senate Apartment (Neiman Marcus File)
Livestock Legislation
[2 folders]
Personal files
[3 folders]
Mrs. Mittie B. Phillips
Poet Laureate
Pollution Laws
Port Isabel Light House
Pollard, Maury, Beaumont, Texas
Prison Board, Huntsville
Proclamations, 1948
Public Safety Department
Radio Publicity
Railroad Commission
Real Estate
Recommendation Letters
[empty folder]
1977/081-419 National Capital Sesquicentennial
Notaries Public
Nurses Association
W. Lee O'Daniel
Oil and Gas
Old Age Pensions
Orange Co. District Court
Pardon Board
Pari-Mutuel Legislation
Pay Rolls
Peoples Legislative Committee
Peddy, George
Mason--Lions Ladies Night
Laredo--Rotary Club, Nov. 5th
Miami Florida--American Legion Convention
Midland--Rotary Club
Nacogdoches Banquet (Invitation)
Navasota Speech
Oklahoma City--Legislative Council
Palacios Chamber of Commerce (Invitation)
Pasadena (Invitation)
Port Arthur--Golden Jubilee, 1948
Port Arthur--Port Arthur Lions Club, 12/10/48
Port Arthur--Woman's Club address
Port Neches--Jaycees
San Angelo College, San Angelo
San Antonio--A.F. of A Convention
San Antonio, Alamo Heights Silver Jubilee
San Antonio--Kiwanis Club
San Antonio--Lions Club, 8/6/1947
San Antonio Optimists, June 1948
San Antonio--South Texas Press Association
Taylor, 6/26/1947
Tyler Rose Festival, Oct. 1948
Valley Mills Speech
Victoria--Chamber of Commerce
Wharton--District Bar Association Meeting
Washington Trip
Woodville Dogwood Festival, 3/27/1948
Intracoastal Canal Association
Irrigation District Leases
[empty folder]
Jay, C.A. Texas Industrial Conferences
Jefferson County
Rivers and Harbors
Roark, Alf
Rockland Dam
Rogers, Nathan J.
Mrs. J. T. Rountree
Sabine Pilots
Safety Program
School Appropriations
School Legislation
Personal files, 1947-1950:
1977/081-467 Inaugural Address, 1947
Inaugural Address, 1949
[2 folders]
Oak Cliff Lions Club, April 13, 1949?
American Dehydrators Association
Dedication State Highway 105, Feb. 15, 1949
Statement on State Finances, June 14, 1949
Old Newspaper
[10 inches]
Personal files, 1947, 1950:
1977/081-546 Old newspapers
Personal files, 1947-1952:
1977/081-486 National and Senate Magazines and Newspapers carrying stories pertaining to Shivers
Chef's hat
1977/081-487 Newspapers carrying stories pertaining to Shivers and Jester
1977/081-544 San Antonio Express Magazine
[7 copies]
[Note: These items were transferred from Box 4-9/205 to Oversize Box 4-9/254 when the Shivers records were inventoried. The boxes were renumbered sometime after the finding aid was originally prepared. The box number to the left is correct.]
[Note: as above.]
[Note: as above.]
Campaign postcards
[Note: as above.]
Shivers and Senators
[Note: as above.]
Fiesta San Jacinto Invitation
[Note: as above.]
Scott and White Hospital
[Note: as above.]
Honorary award
[Note: as above.]
Personal files, 1947-1949:
1977/081-518 Miscellaneous Texas Newspapers
1977/081-539 Miscellaneous Texas Newspapers
[Note: These newspapers were transferred from Box 4-9/236 to Oversize Box 4-9/249 when the Shivers records were inventoried. The boxes were renumbered sometime after the finding aid was originally prepared. The box number to the left is correct.]
Personal files, 1948-1953:
1977/081-358 Congratulations--Messages, 1953
Sympathy messages--death
Christmas Mailing List A-Z
[22 folders]
Changes in Christmas List
Out of State Xmas Card List folder and 1 envelope
Christmas Letters, Acknowledgment of Christmas cards, etc.
Lists of Christmas cards, 1953
Personal files, 1949-1953:
1977/081-357 Deficiency Appropriations, 1949-50
Deficiency Appropriations, 1951-52
Honorary Commissions, 1952
Appointments, Ex-Officio, Press Memos
Special Election Proclamation, 13th Congressional District, Sept. 8, 1951
Swank, Rev. W. Fred, Comments re: letter, 1950
Special District Judge Appointments
Special County Judge Appointment Procedure
State Governor's--List
Good Neighbor Commission
Democratic Executive Committee
Reciprocal Enforcement of Support Act
RESA--Letters Written, 2/10/1953
RESA--Letters Written, 2/16/1953
Honorary Commissions, No. II, 1953
Honorary Commissions, No. III, 1953
Honorary Commissions, No. I, 1953
Honorary Commissions, I-A and 1-B, 1953
[2 folders]
Honorary Commissions, No. 4, 1953
Announcements Received
Deaths--Sympathy Messages
Foreign Countries, Letters of Introduction to
Personal files, 1949:
1977/081-451 Letters received by Shivers after assuming governorship after Jester's death
[5 unlabeled folders]
Letters received and carbons of letter sent re: Shivers' assuming office
[15 unlabeled folders]
Personal files, 1949-1951:
1977/081-452 Letters received and carbons of letters sent re: Shivers' assuming office
[5 unlabeled folders]
Pictures taken during visit to Mexico City
[unlabeled folder]
Houston Chronicle clippings
Ft. Worth Star Telegram clippings
Mexican trip photos
[unlabeled folder]
San Antonio Evening News and Express, Port Arthur News, Mission Times Clippings
Houston Chronicle clippings
Austin American Statesman clippings
The Port Arthur News
[4 copies]
1977/081-453 Parade Magazine
[approximately 5 inches]
The American Statesman, Jan. 16-17, 1951
Newspaper clippings--
[3 folders]
Mexican Newspaper Clippings--Shivers visit to Mexico
Personal files:
1977/081-8 Tom Connally
Press Clippings, Hot Springs
Southern Governors' Conference
43rd Governors' Conference, 1951
Southern Governors' Conference
Governors' Conference--Gatlinburg, Tennessee, Sept. 30 1951
Southern Governors' Conference--Charleston
Governors' Conference--White Sulpher Springs, June 18-21, 1950
Christmas Gifts Received, 1951
List--Gifts Received
For reference--Gifts received and acknowledged, 1950
Christmas Turkeys
Executive Department list
[unlabeled folder]
Christmas Fruit List
Syrup List, 1950
Turkey and Ham List
1977/081-11 Funny File
[unlabeled folder]
Funny File
Thank you Notes for Fruit
Christmas cards: Received
Miscellaneous Gifts and Thank you Notes
Christmas Gift List, 1950
1977/081-12 Thank you Letters for Gifts Received
Letters of Good Wishes, etc.--Christmas, 1950
Christmas cards, 1950:
Thank you Letters Received for Christmas cards, 1950
Sterling W. Steves
November Mail Lists, 1951
October Mail Lists
September Mail Lists
August Mail Lists
July Mail Lists, 1951
June Mail Lists, 1951
May Mail Lists, 1951
April Mail Lists
March Mail Lists
February Mail Lists, 1951
January Mail Lists, 1951
Governor Allan Shivers' speech at Ft. Belknap, Wichita Falls, TX., Radio Station KTRN
[tape recording]
Personal files, 1950-1956:
1977/081-372 Miscellaneous Employees--Governor's Office
[unlabeled folder]
M. W. Acers, June, 1950-December 1952
Banks, Jimmy
Brown, S. Perry--Texas Employment Commission Commissioner, 1956
Dillard, Jack
Howard Carney--Secretary of State
Farmer, Garland R.
Ed Felder
Noel K. Brown
Margaret Craig
Weldon Hart, 1950-1951
[3 folders]
Weldon Hart, 1954-1956
William L. McGill, 1955
William L. McGill, 1956
Drouth, 1954-1956
1977/081-373 William L. McGill, 1954
William L. McGill, 1953
William L. McGill, 1952
William L. McGill, 1951
William L. McGill, 1950
M. W. Acers, 1953-1956
John Osorio
Rudder, Earl, Land Commissioner
Lt. Governor Ben Ramsey
Reavley, Tom, Secretary of State
Saunders, J. Byron, Insurance Commission
Personal files, 1950-1951:
1977/081-475 Mailing Lists, January-December, 1950
[12 folders]
Trip Schedules
Chicago-New York Trip, March 20-31, 1950
Two Texas Governor License Plates
Monthly Stock Digest
[10 copies]
Business…Big and Small…Built America
[1 copy]
Inaugural Programs
[approximately 4 inches]
Personal files, 1950-1953:
1977/081-506 Request File, 1950-1952
[5 folders]
Stun file A-Z
[6 folders]
Inauguration Invitations
1977/081-507 The American Magazine
[3 copies]
Governors of Other States, thru June 1953
Legislature--Suspense, 1953
Monthly Letter on Economic Conditions Government Finance
Inauguration, 1951
St. Edward's University Honorary Degree, 5/28/50
Baylor University folder
Souvenir Programs
[empty folder]
Honorary Certificates
East Texas Baptist College, Marshall
Keepsake File
[4 folders]
Scramble Calf "Governor"
Personal files, 1950:
1977/081-508 Correspondence A-G
[14 folders with 7 dividers]
1977/081-509 Correspondence H-P
[15 folders with 10 dividers]
1977/081-510 Correspondence Q-Z
[11 folders with 8 dividers]
Legislature folder
Personal files:
1977/081-7 Black shorts
[2 disc records]
I Hail From Texas --words and music
Sigma Delta Chi Honorary plaque
Passes, Membership Certificates, etc., 1950
Passes, Membership Certificates, 1951
Chicago-N.Y.-Dallas, Sept. 16-19, 1951
Newspaper clippings
[unlabeled folder]
Bills and receipts, 1951
Out-of-state and Foreign Christmas cards, 1951
1977/081-299 Inaugural Invitations and programs, several Christmas cards, and political mats
Sketch of Governor Shivers, capitol, pressed flowers
[3 glass framed pictures]
43rd Annual Governors' Conference, 1951 scrapbook, Gatlinburg, Tenn.
[3 copies, 1 leather bound, 2 paper]
Southern Governors' Conference material
42nd Annual Governors' Conference
Car License from National Governors' Conference, N.Y. 1954
Studies and reports on different programs
[16 booklets]
Official Inaugural Edition
1977/081-540 Fiesta San Jacinto Association
[2 scrapbooks]
[Note: These scrapbooks were transferred from Box 4-9/16 to Oversize Box 4-9/250 when the Shivers records were inventoried. The boxes were renumbered sometime after the finding aid was originally prepared. The box number to the left is correct.]
Personal files, 1951-1952:
1977/081-315 and 316 Miscellaneous Correspondence
1977/081-333 Mail List, January-June 1956
[6 folders]
Requests for Contributions, 1956
[4 folders]
STUN file, A-Z, 1956
[5 folders]
Personal files, 1951-1956:
1977/081-334 California Trip, September, 1954
[3 folders]
Third Term--Editorials and Letters and cartoon letters
General Douglas McArthur
Chicago--Adlai Stevenson
Governor's Race, Yarborough, 1954
Governor's Race, (Confidential), 1954
Miscellaneous--Campaign, 1950
1977/081-338 A&M College
American Legion
Agriculture Legislation
Adoption Laws
American Rice Growers
Banking Legislation
Barber Board
Bar Association
Basic Science Bill
Bills and Receipts
[2 folders]
Caucus Report, 1947
Chambers of Commerce
Cities and Towns
Citrus Commission
Civil Service Legislation
Clarke, John, Chicago
Clipping Service--Candidates, 1948
College Building Amendment
Council of State Governments
Culberson, Olin
Crank Letters
Dallas Move
Daniel, Price, Attorney General
Delta Theta Phi Fraternity
Democratic Committee
Democratic Resolution Letters
1977/081-339 Duck Hunt, 11-29-1948
Educational Investigating Comm.
Ellis, O.B.--Manager of Prison System
Engineering Legislation
Eleemosynary Legislation
Expense Account File
[empty folder]
Fair Trade
Farm to Market Roads
Farmers State Bank
Federal Aid
Fink, Irving--Extradition Matter
Fishing Party--Manor Lake, 6/27-28/1949
Game, Fish and Oyster Commission
Godfrey, Berl, Securities Act
Dinner Given for Governor Shivers, 7-15-1947
Press Party, 7-16-1947
State Service Records--30 years
Acting Governor, 7-14-1947, 7-18-1947
Governor's Nomination
Harris County District Court
Hayes, Roy
Health Legislation
Hi-Y Boys--Legislative Session
[empty folder]
Higher Education Building Program
Highway and Motor Traffic
[3 folders]
Abilene--Boy Scouts
Alice, Texas--Dedication of K.B.K.I
Amarillo--Baptist Brotherhood Convention
Beaumont--American Legion Convention
Beaumont--Newsboys Banquet
Brownsville Junior College Commencement Address
Corpus Christi--Managers of Chamber of Commerce
Corpus Christi--First Methodist Church
Corpus Christi--Texas Ex-Banquet
Dallas--Business and Professional Women's Club
Dallas--Democratic Women's Club--Invitation
Dallas--United Jewish Appeal Luncheon
El Paso Chamber of Commerce--Invitation
Ft. Worth--American Legion Convention
Ft. Worth Fat Stock Show--Invitation
Ft. Worth--Kiwanis, December, 1947
Ft. Worth-N.E.A.
Ft. Worth--Southwestern Industrial Exposition, 1948
Ft. Worth--Texas Democratic Barbecue
Galveston--Texas Auto Dealers Association
Galveston--Sponsored by United Jewish Appeal
Hearne--Alfalfa Fiesta
Hillsboro Speaking
Houston--Texas Mfg. Association
Kerrville--Ladies Night Lions Club
Kingsville--Chamber of Commerce
Personal, 1951:
1977/081-397 District Attorney 42nd District
District Attorney 38th District
District Attorney 34th District
Board of Education
Embalming, State Board of
Game, Fish, and Oyster Commission
Hairdressers and Cosmetologists, State Board of
Good Neighbor Commission
Hospitals and Special Schools Board
Industrial Accident Board
Lake Texoma Advisory Board
Lamar College Board of Regents
Library and Historical Commission
Liquor Control Board
Livestock Sanitary Commission
Naturopathic Board
Neches River Conservation District Board of Directors
Optometry Board
Parks Board
Pecos River Compact Commission
Pilot Commissioners for Matagorda and Lavaca Bays
Poet Laureate of Texas
Public Accountancy, State Board of
Public Weighers, State Appointments
Railroad Commission
Real Estate Commission
Registration for Professional Engineers, State Board of
Sabine River Authority
Teachers Retirement System, Board of Trustees
Texas A&I College, Board of Directors
Texas Civil Judicial Council
Texas Employment Commission
Texas State College for Women
Upper Red River Flood Control District
Water Engineers, State Board of
Pilot Commission for Sabine Bar, Pass and Tributaries
Personal files, 1951-1956:
1977/081-402 Requests for photos--autographed and plain, January 1, 1955
[3 folders]
Requests for photos
[4 folders]
Portrait File
Valley Medical Center
John C. White
Texas Research Foundation
Texas Tax Study--A Prospectus by Institute of Public Affairs, University of Texas for TIPRO, 12-15-1955
Texas Observer, 1956
[2 folders]
Texas Academy of Science, 1955
Sunday School Lessons, Beginning June, 1956
Christmas Bills, 1954
1977/081-403 Bills and Receipts--official business, 1952
[3 folders]
Bills and Receipts--official, 1954
[3 folders]
Christmas cards, (photos) 1955
1977/081-404 Teacher Pay--correspondence
[4 folders]
Teacher Pay Increases--opposed to increase
Teacher Form Letters
Attorney General Opinion on Required Payment of Poll Tax by Servicemen
Absentee Voting by Texas Servicemen, 1954
Teacher Pay Problem correspondence--questionable
Teacher Pay Problem correspondence--pro
[3 folders]
Personal files, 1951-1952:
1977/081-460 Official Memorandum
Old Age Assistance
Digest of Opinions--Price Daniel
Organizations of Interest
Press Memorandum
Press Release--Oil Progress
Procedure--Appointments, bills, citations, clemency
[empty folder]
Ed Reichelt--Personal
[empty folder]
Governor's Schedule
State Boards
State Colleges
Article 16, Sec. 33-40--Holding of More than one Civil Office
Statutes--Oil Leases
T.B. Association
Tax Conference--Dallas, Nov. 26-29, 1951
Information of State of Texas
Weddings, Sympathy, etc.
Printed material--amendments
[unlabeled folder]
Short Broadcasts
Miscellaneous Speeches
Speech--Introducing Vice President Barkley, Austin, May 27, 1950
Speech--Galveston Texas State Federation of Labor, June 26, 1951
Speech--American Legion Convention, San Antonio, August 17, 1951
Speech--Constitution Day, September 17, 1951
Speech--Crusade for Freedom--Broadcast from TQN, September 17, 1951
Speech--Katy Railroad Luncheon, Austin, October 12, 1951
Speech--Dedication of Engineering Building Lamar College, Beaumont, Tx., October 14, 1951
Speech--Governor Shivers, Texas League of Municipalities, Mineral Wells, Tx., Oct. 23
Speech at Mineral Wells
Speech--A. Harris Texas Award, Dallas, Tx., October 26, 1951
Speech--County Judges and Commissioners Association, Corpus Christi, November 2, 1951
Speech--Texas Sheep and Goat Raisers' Association, San Angelo, Tx., November 6, 1951
Speech--Maurice Acers--W.T.C.U.. November 15, 1951
Port Arthur, Texas--Rudolph Lambert Post #7, American Legion, November 26, 1951
Waco, Texas--Heart O' Texas Council of Boy Scouts, December 7, 1951
Austin--Governor Hogg, December 8, 1951
Governor Allan Shivers'--American Citizenship Month
Price Daniel's announcement speech, January 21, 1952
Address by Governor Shivers, Bismarck, ND, January 23, 1952,
Governor Shivers--Opening Highway Week, January 27, 1952
Price Daniel--Cooper, Tx; Delta County Hi-way Celebration, January 29, 1952,
Political Calendar, 1952
Federal Administration
Governor Candidacy
Newspaper Publishers
State Democrat Party
State Democratic Executive Committee
State Democratic Executive Committee, 1951
Horace C. Wilkinson vs. State Democratic Executive Committee--brief
Snyder--State Democratic Executive Committee Meeting, September 27, 1951
Democratic Stationery--Executive Committee
[empty folder]
Snyder meeting
[empty folder]
An Economic Approach to Antitrust Problems
[empty folder]
The American Federationist
CAUX--Information Service World Assembly for Moral Re-Armament
The Clipsheet--Methodist Temperance, etc.
Clover Leaf Business Letter
Common Sense
Evils and Money
Here and There--T.B. Association
The Jonquil
The Lookout
Miscellaneous Pamphlets
News Reel
The Port Arthuran
Reorganization News
The States' Righter
Summary of 82nd Congress
The Southern Conservative
United Nations World
Texas Bar Journal
Personal files, 1951-1954:
1977/081-521 Campaign Telegrams
1949-1950 Texas Almanac
Report of the Committee Appointed by the President of the State Bar of Texas,
[2 copies]
Campaign Buttons
Texas Southern University Year Book
44th Annual Governors' Conference, Houston, TX
[3 copies]
[autographed photo]
Texas Parade Magazine
[several copies]
Visitor's Registers
[3 copies]
1977/081-523 Campaign Telegrams
President Eisenhower, Prior to 1956
Eisenhower Campaign, 1952
Evett, Philip John (British Sculptor)
Facts Forum, 1955
Governors of Other States, 1956
Sam Houston, 1955
Miscellaneous Correspondence A-Z
[23 folders]
Personal files:
1977/081-77 Recommendation and Identification, 1956
A&M Research Foundation, 1956
Schedules, Governor's, 1956
John Ben Shepperd--American Legion
Scottish Rite and Shriners, 1952-1955
Scramble Calf, Houston Stock Show, 1956
Letters from People--Named Shivers, prior to 1954
Southwest Research Institute
Miscellaneous State Institutions and State Departments
1977/081-303 44th Annual Governors' Conference, Houston, Texas program, 1952
[20 copies]
Personal files:
1977/081-304 44th Annual Governors' Conference, Houston, Texas program, 1952
[21 copies]
Personal files, 1950-1952:
1977/081-378 Dean Pilkington
Glenn Hendrickson
Inamae Russell Claypool, Whiteface, Texas
Ed R. Meyer
James L. Martin, Jr.
Leathie Peartly
Harold Galloway, Dallas
James B. Knight
Cordie Mae Keplinger
Wm. Slatton, McAllen, Texas
L. D. Butler, Tyler, Tx.
R. A. Wheeler
[2 folders]
"Dr." Lula Henry, San Antonio, Tx.
[4 folders]
Mary Belle Berge
Personal files, 1950-1952:
1977/081-379 Stun files--Jeanette E. Treadwell
Harry Katz--Houston
John J. Flech
Mrs. Ora Thornton
[2 folders]
Stun file
A. M. Howard, San Antonio, Tx.
Stun files
[6 folders]
Personal files, 1952:
1977/081-380 Hotel Facilities
Invitations Accepted
Ladies' Luncheon and Style Show, June 30
Personnel, Supplies and Equipment
Pool Party, July 1
Press Releases
Reports--Governors' Conference, Houston, 1952
Reception, Sunday evening, June 29
Round Tables
State Dinner, June 30
Special Program for Annual Governors' Conference
1977/081-381 Memos
[unlabeled folder]
Governors Conference Reports
[2 unlabeled folder]
[3 folders]
National Governors' Conference, 1952
Offers of Aid
Boat Trip, July 1
Correspondence--Frank Bane
Governors' Conference--General
[2 folders]
Master List
Host Committee (Entertainment)
Host Committee--Members, Honorary Vice Chairman
[3 folders]
Personal files, 1952-1953:
1977/081-382 Hospital for the Criminally Insane
Land Board--Correspondence, 1952
Land Board--Supplements, 1952
Memos--Interoffice, 1952
Clemency Press Memorandums
Mimeographed Official Memorandums
Mimeographed Press Memorandums
Applications for Employment, 1953
Appointments, 1953
Appropriations Reports, 1953
Austin Report, Stuart Long's, 1953
Barber Examiners, State Board of, 1953
Brooks, Glenn, 1953
Clark, Charles, Execution Case, 1954
Clemency--General Clemency, 1953
Clemency--Press Memos, 1953
1977/081-383 Drought Situation, 1953
Falcon Dam, 1953
Forrest Fires, 1953
Governor--Discussions, 1953
Governor--Memos to the Governor, 1953
Highway Program, 1953
Holidays, State (For the Governor's Office), 1953
Hospital for Criminally Insane, 1953
Inauguration--Governor's Inauguration, Jan. 20, 1953
Inauguration--Invitations (Extras), 1953
Land Board--Meeting Records, 1953
Land Board--Files, Correspondence, etc., 1953
Land Board--School Land Board, 1953
[2 folders]
Land Board--Supplements, 1953
Legislature--53rd Legislature, 1953
Committee Assignments, 53rd Legislature
Downer, A. D. (Rep.)--Legislature, 1953
Loan Bill--Legislature, 1953
Out of date Form Letters, Re: 52nd Legislature
Pending Bills, Legislature, 1953
Signed Bills, Legislature, 1953
1953 Calendar
Personal files, 1952:
1977/081-447 Governors of Other States
Scottish Rite Barbecue
Banff--Interstate Oil Compact Commission
Birthday File
Passes and Membership Certificates
Texas A&M Research Foundation
[3 folders]
Southwest Research Institute
[3 folders]
1977/081-448 Xerox copies of Allan Shivers' Inventory listings
Handwritten copies of Allan Shivers' Inventory listings
Shivers Papers--Location Numbers
Democratic Convention, 1952
[2 folders]
National Democratic Convention--Suspense
Party-Democratic Executive Committee, 2/25/1950
Football, 1951
Honorary Texas Citizens
Honorary Commissions--Miscellaneous
Culberson File
[newspaper clippings]
Caso March
Price Daniel
Personal files, 1952-1955:
1977/081-488 Governors' Conference Highway Committee Meeting, Chicago, Nov. 9, 1954
Council of State Governments Meeting, Chicago, December 1954
Republic National Bank Dedication, Dallas, November 30, 1954
Dedication--Cotton Belt Railroad Building, Tyler, March 22, 1955
Houston Fat Stock Show, Houston, February 2, 1955
Washington--Intergovernmental Relations Meeting, December 5-8, 1954
Houston, St. Thomas Mardi Gras, February 21-22, 1955
Dallas--Texas and Southwestern Cattleraisers Association Dinner, March 21, 1955
State Conference, Texas Society, Daughters of the American Revolution, Houston, March 8, 1955
National Governors' Conference, Houston, Texas, June 29-July 2, 1952,
[2 folders]
Mail Lists, January-June, 1955
[6 folders]
Stun--Anonymous mail
Mrs. C. E. Buck
1977/081-489 Editorials
[3 folders]
Campaign-Editorial comments
Inauguration, Jan. 18, 1955
[2 folders]
Stun files A-Z
[5 folders]
Horace Sherman Miller--Stun, 1955
1977/081-490 Requests for Donations
[4 folders]
Graduation Invitations, 1954
[8 folders]
Personal files, 1952-1956:
1977/081-524 A&M College--General, 1956
Ahepa Membership
American Automobile Association
Boy Scouts, 1955-1956
Leon H. Brown
Castledine, Jimmy, District Attorney, Wichita Falls
Governor Frank Clement
Democratic Butler
Demo-Pol--Campaign for the 48 States--R. B. Snowden (Governor is not a member, declined)
University of Southern California, Los Angeles, June 11, 1955
[2 folders]
Far East Trip
Korea Trip
[3 folders]
[Note: See also Korea Trip Material in Oversize 1977/81-527]
Printed Material
Personal files, 1952-1954:
1977/081-525 Democratic Party--National, Prior to 1956
State Democratic Executive Committee, 1956
State Democratic Executive Committee
Editorials, 1955-1956
John Robert Goodwin
[3 folders]
President Eisenhower, Prior to 1956
Democratic Party--General, Prior to 1956
Democratic Party, National, 1956
Stun--Horace Sherman Miller, 1956
First Baptist Church, Austin, 1950-1956
Bills and Receipts--Personal, 1956
Price Daniel, 1956
Fagan Dickson, Loyalists
1977/081-526 Christmas Thank-you Letters, 1952
Christmas Card List
Birthday, October 5, 1953
Christmas, 1952
Duval County
Korean Trip, May, 1954
[Note: See also Korea Trip Material in Oversize 1977/81-527]
Football, 1952
Christmas, 1953
[2 folders]
Texas Safety Association, 1954
Korea Visit
[3 notebooks]
Korean Trip
[2 folders]
Personal files:
1977/081-18 Scottish Rite and Shriners, 1953
Requests for Autographed Photos, January 1, 1954-December 1954
Requests for Autographed Photographs, March 20, 1953-December 1953
Texas Telegraph Centennial
[several copies]
1977/081-19 Gifts Received at Office--Christmas, 1955
Christmas, Bills and Receipts and Miscellaneous Gifts sent, 1955
National Politics, 1956
National Politics, Prior to 1956
Personal, 1955
Personal, 1956
Gerald Smith--Wm. L. McGill Memos, 1953
Arthur Wright Bonds
Judd Stuart
George W. Cox
Football, 1955-1956
Thank you Letters Received, Christmas, 1955
Gifts Received at Mansion--Christmas, 1955
Ham-Turkey List--Christmas, 1955
Speech List
Insurance Commission
Personal files, 1953-1954:
[7 film reels]

[18 tapes]
Personal files, 1953-1956:
1977/081-466 Mailings lists
[3 binders]
Mr. and Mrs. Wright Morrow
[3 folders]
FBI Fracas
Communism--Loyd D. Moss
Football, 1953-54
Personal files, 1953:
1977/081-498 Index of votes cast by Allan Shivers
Sixteenth Biennial Appropriation Budget
[2 copies]
H. H. Gray (Dedication of Big Bend National Park), 1955
[picture album from Gray]
Christmas cards
Campaign Pictures, Summer, 1954
Magazines and Newspapers
Sketch of "Woodlawn House"
1977/081-543 Campaign sketches, Annual Governors' Conference brochures, Ike photos, honorary awards
[Note: These items were transferred from Box 4-9/216 to Oversize Box 4-9/253 when the Shivers records were inventoried. The boxes were renumbered sometime after the finding aid was originally prepared. The box number to the left is correct.]
Personal files:
1977/081-2 Newspapers--Utecht, Byron
Civil Defense--Address of Wm. L. McGill
Civil Defense--Memorandum and Press Releases
Civil Defense--Memorandum and Press Releases
State Highway Department (Deeds)
Land Deal, The, 1954
Letters returned to 33, etc. back, 1954
Alphabetically filed letters of 33, 1-7-1957
Water Resources Committee
Press Memorandum
Public Welfare, State
Copies received at 33
Stun, Anonymous and insufficient address letters
Governor's Address to Senate
Clemency Correspondence
Personal files, 1954:
1977/081-461 Campaign Correspondence files
[3 folders]
Ft. Worth Fat Stock Show, Ft. Worth, Jan. 27-Feb. 5, 1956
Carr P. Collins' Farm, Dallas, cancelled, Jan. 25, 1956
Banquet at Goodfellow Air Force Base, San Angelo, Feb. 8, 1956
Methodist Men's Club, St. Paul's Methodist Church, Houston, Mar. 20, 1956
Inaugural Convocation for Dr. S. M. Nabrit, Houston, March 18, 1956
Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association, cancelled, Ft. Worth, March 13, 1956
National Resources Conference, Waco, March 12, 1956
Founders' Day, Delta Theta Phi Law Fraternity, Austin, April 28, 1956
Texas Title Association Convention, Austin, April 27, 1956
Kerr County Centennial Celebration, Kerrville, April 26, 1956
State Convention--Texas Garden Clubs, Commodore Perry Hotel, April 24, 1956
San Jacinto Day, Meet the Stars Program, Houston, April 21, 1956
National Association of Insurance Commissioners, Convention, Dallas, April 19, 1956
Fiesta de San Jacinto, San Antonio, April 15, 1956
Golden Deeds Award Dinner Honoring Arch Rowan, Ft. Worth, Apr. 12, 1956
National Cotton Compress and Warehousemen--Convention, Galveston, April 12, 1956
Stag Dinner--Higher Education Committee, Austin, April 8, 1956
Women for Better Government Meeting, cancelled, Terrell, April 10, 1956
University of Texas Round-up, Austin, April 6-8, 1956
Golf Party at Austin Country Club, Austin, May 11, 1955
San Antonio Municipal Auditorium, Honorary Doctor of Laws degree, cancelled, San Antonio, May 25, 1956
State Democratic Executive Committee Meeting, Ft. Worth, Oct. 6, 1955
Alabama State Chamber of Commerce Meeting, Birmingham, Nov. 17, 1954
[2 folders]
White House Governors' Conference, Washington, May 2- 4, 1955
Formal Opening of Fairway Motor Hotel, McAllen, June 11, 1956
National Governors' Conference, Chicago, August 9-12, 1955
Personal files, 1954-1956:
1977/081-462 Trip File, New York, Sales Executive Club of New York, June 26-30, 1955
[2 folders]
Dallas--Scottish Rite Ceremonies, January 13-14, 1956
McAllen--Annual Banquet of the Valley Chamber of Commerce, January 9, 1956
Houston--Houston Fat Stock Show, Feb. 22-Mar. 4, 1956
Beaumont--Rotary Club Luncheon, Feb. 1, 1956
Atlantic City, N.J.--Pennsylvania Bankers Association Convention, May 5, 1956
Searchlight on TB Meeting, Austin, May 14, 1956
Carrizo Springs--Chamber of Commerce Barbecue, May 17, 1956
Huntsville--Dedication of new dam and park, May 18, 1956
Austin--State Convention of Retail Merchants Association, Stephen F. Austin Hotel Ballroom, May 21, 1956
Chamber of Commerce, Seguin, May 24, 1956
Waco--Baylor University, President Eisenhower, May 25, 1956
Dallas--Oak Cliff Lions Club, May 30, 1956
Miscellaneous Trips and Parties, 1954-1955
[2 folders]
Santa Fe, N.M., Interstate Oil Compact Commission Meeting, December, 1955
Price Daniel, Prior to 1956
Southwest Research Institute, 1955
Moore Field Reactivation
New York Athletic Club
Amon G. Carter
Phillips, Jimmy--Governor's Race, 1955
Governor's Conference, Finance, 1952
Letters of Recommendation and Identification, 1955
1977/081-463 Dallas--Cotton Bowl Game, Dec. 31-Jan. 3
San Antonio--Dedication Baptist Youth Building, Nov. 7, 1955
San Antonio--Scottish Rite Banquet, Dec. 10, 1955
Waco--Masonic Grand Lodge Meeting and Legion of Honor Degree, Dec. 6-7, 1955
Austin--Jesters, Book of the Play, Dec. 5, 1955
Quail Hunt, Lubbock, Dec. 4-5, 1955
Big Bend National Park, Dedication, Nov. 21, 1955
Deer Hunt, Peterson Ranch, 11/18/1955
Ft. Worth--Assembly Ball of Ft. Worth, Nov. 11, 1955
San Antonio--Charity Ball, Nov. 10, 1955
Austin--County Judges and Commissioners Convention, Nov. 8, 1955
Beeville--South Texas Hereford Association--parade and luncheon, Nov. 7, 1955
San Antonio--National Convention--United Daughters of the Confederacy--Gunter Hotel, Nov. 7, 1955
Austin--University of Texas Dads' Association, annual dinner, Nov. 4, 1955
Rosenberg--Jess Ward Golf Party, Nov. 2-3, 1955
San Antonio--San Antonio Livestock Exposition, Feb. 10-19, 1956
Killeen--Chamber of Commerce Banquet, Feb. 16, 1956
Dallas-Governor's Luncheon--American Society of Civil Engineers, Feb. 15, 1956
Highway Program--Miscellaneous
Highway, 1955
Hospitals, State--Miscellaneous
Miscellaneous--Governor's Staff
Newspapers-- The Texas Observer
General Correspondence, 1956
[3 folders]
Newspapers Correspondence
[2 folders]
Personal files, 1954:
1977/081-480 Requests files
[5 folders]
Mrs. C. E. Buck Papers (D.A.R.), Corpus Christi
[2 folders]
Stun files--J-Z
[3 folders]
1977/081-481 Stun files A-Z
[6 folders]
Stun--Anonymous and List
1977/081-482 Scramble Calf, 1954
Stun, 1954
Austin Report, Stuart Long's, 1954
Bethea, Dr. J. M., 1953
Campaign, Political, 1954
O. B. Ellis Conference File, 1953
Clemency, General Clemency, 1954
Clemency--Pearl Rose Johnson, 1953
Clemency, Press Memos, 1954
Control, State Board of, 1956-1955
Conventions and Important Dates, 1954
Council of State Governments, 1953-1954
Council of State Governments Meeting
Davenport, Mrs. O. H.
Defense and Disaster Relief
Duval County, 1953-1954
Election Returns, 1954
F.B.I. Episode
Franchise Tax, 1954
Funeral Directors, Colored, 1954
Armory Board
Applications for Employment, 1954
Alcoholism, Texas Committee, 1953-1954
Personal files, 1953-1954:
1977/081-483 Game and Fish Commission, 1954-1955
Galveston Situation--Ely Thornton, 1954
General Research Co, Houston, Texas, 1954
Good Neighbor Commission, 1954
Staff Conference--Governor's Staff Conference, 1954
Governor--Invitations, 1954
Governor's Schedule, 1954
Green, Dr. H. M.
Guffey, Ray V.
Hawaii Employers Council Research Department
Highway Department, 1954
Honorary Admiral Certificate
Hyacinth Problem, Caddo Lake, 1954
Insurance Commission
Insurance, Lloyd's of North America, Houston, Texas, 1954
Intergovernmental Relations Commission
53rd Legislature--Special Session, 1954
53rd Legislature--Special Session Bills, 1954
Mail Reports (Weekly), 1954
Mansion, Security, 1954
McClelland, Andrew, 1954
Memos, 1954
Memos--re: Appointments and General, 1954
Memos--Telephone Conversations, 1954
Memos, 1954
[2 folders]
Memos--To file, General Information, 1954
Memos--Inter-Office, 1954
Memos--Official, 1954
Tom Moroney
Memos--Press, 1954
Memos to the Governor, 1954
Newspaper Clippings, 1953
National Guard Hangar, Houston, 1953
Obiter Dictum--Report of Attorney General's Office, 1954
Office Supplies and Machines, 1954
Oil and Gas--General, 1954
Political, 1954
Political, Port Arthur, 1954
Pharmacy, State Board of, 1954
Rutherford, John
San Antonio Morning Globe , 1954
Smith, Brad, 1954
Segregation, 1954
Staff Conference--Office, 1954
State School, Austin, 1954
State Democratic Executive Committee, 1954
State Hospital and Special Schools, 1954
State-Federal Inspection Problem
Telephone Calls, 1954
Texas Education Agency
Texas Foundations and Trust Funds, 1954
Timber Estimates
Toll Roads
Valley Information, 1954
Valley Labor Situation
Visitors, 1954
Waco, 1954
Water Engineers, State Board of, 1954
Water Situation, Rio Grande Valley, 1953-1954
Weld, Joan
Wetbacks, 1954
Xerograph, 1953-1954
Young Democrats, 1954
Personal files, 1954-1956:
1977/081-491 Graduation Invitations and Carbons of answered letters, A-Z
[9 folders]
Graduation Exercises, 1956
Graduation Invitations, 1956
Graduation Letters, 1956
[4 folders]
Personal files:
1977/081-527 Itinerary, Seoul City Map, 8th Army map, Album--2 empty box (tie), Assistance to Korea Program, newspapers, and magazines ( Post) May 24-29, 1954
1977/081-76 Kefauver, Estes
Knights of Pythias, thru 1956
Laughlin, C. Woodrow
54th Legislature, 1955
Governors Mansion
Memberships, 1956
Morrow, Wright and Mrs. #2 (File #1 retired June, 1956)
National Election, 1956
Passes, 1956
Nixon, Maston--Southern Minerals Corporation, Corpus Christi, Texas
Wallace Savage
Personal in re: Matters of Policy
Plane (private and commercial)--data, exp. info.
Newspaper Editors, Staff Writers, Cartoonists, etc.
Personal Critical Letters
Personal files, 1955:
1977/081-519 Texas A&M Research Foundation, 1955
A&M College
American Automobile Association
Wedding Invitations and Birth Announcements
[3 folders]
Boy Scouts
[3 folders]
Christmas Gift Catalogs
Economic Conditions and Government Finance, 1955
Food Price Lists and Literature
Gonzales Warm Springs Foundation for Crippled Children
Governors of Other States, 1955
U. S. Government and Department of Agriculture Bulletins, Lists, Publications, Handbooks, etc.
Hayes-Travis Game Protective Association
1977/081-520 Human Events (Newsletter)
Johnson, C. T.--Candidate for Lt. Governor, 1954
Passes, 1955
The Saturday Evening Post Article, "He's Got Texas in the Palm of his Hand," June 27, 1953
State Journal
The Texas Observer
Scramble Calf-Houston Stock Show, 1955
Stun A-Z, July-December, 1955
[4 folders]
Stun--Anonymous, July-December 1955
Governor's Schedules, 1955
Mrs. C. E. Buck, July-December 1955
Stun--Horace Sherman Miller, July-December 1955
Drouth Clippings, 1954-1955
Mail Lists, July-December, 1955
[4 folders]
1977/081-20 Speeches of Other People, 1956
Speeches of Other People, Prior to 1956
Speech Material
Industrial Accident Board
Lyndon Johnson, Prior to1956
Lyndon Johnson, #2
Intergovernmental Relations
Requests, July-December 1956
Personal files (Campaign):
1977/081-23 Governor Allan Shivers' TV Speech, March 1 1956
[3 3-inch reels of 16 mm motion picture film ]
[Note: transferred to Prints and Photographs motion pictures holdings]
Texas Medical
[1 reel of 16 mm motion picture film]
[Note: transferred to Prints and Photographs motion pictures holdings]
Reels--1-7, untitled
[2 9-inch reels, 3 10 1/2-reels, and 2 12-inch reels of 16 mm motion picture film]
[Note: transferred to Prints and Photographs motion pictures holdings]
untitled and unnumbered reel
[1 reel of 16mm motion picture film]
[Note: transferred to Prints and Photographs motion pictures holdings]
Personal files, May 1956-January 1957:
1977/081-275 Miscellaneous, May 1956
Appointments, May 1956
Invitations Declined, May
Appointments, June 1956
Miscellaneous, June 1956
Invitations Decline, June
Interstate Oil Compact Commission Executive Committee Meeting, Oklahoma City, January 9, 1956
Miscellaneous, July 1956
Office Appointments, July 1956
Invitations Decline, July
Office Appointments, August 1956
Miscellaneous, August 1956
Invitations Declined, August
Office Appointments, September 1956
Miscellaneous, September 1956
Invitations Decline, September
Personal files:
1977/081-1 Correspondence re: Reelection campaign
[2 inches loose]
Names and addresses
[unlabeled folder]
Campaign correspondence
[unlabeled folder]
Miscellaneous Lists
Editorial Excerpts
Campaign material re: Yarborough
[unlabeled folder]
File Folder, A-Z
Adams Magazine
Slim Suttles
1977/081-16 Personal correspondence, A-K
[loose with 11 dividers]
1977/081-17 Personal correspondence, L-Z
[loose with 14 dividers]
1977/081-416 Aikin, A.M., Jr.
Bell, John
[empty folder]
Bullock, Pat
Carney, Howard A.
Chadick, T. C.
Cousins, W. R., Jr.
Crawford, A.B.
Brown, Buster
Hardeman, Dorsey B.
Harris, Fred "Red"
Hazlewood, Grady
Jones, Charles R.
Kelley, Rogers
Federal Estate Tax (Keith Kelly)
Lane, Wardlow
Mauritz, Fred
Moffett, George
Morris, G.C.
Parrish, Sterling J.
Phillips, Jimmy
Proffer, R. L.
Ramsey, Ben
Stanford, James A.
Strauss, Gus J.
Stewart, Lacy, Mrs.
Taylor, James E.
Tynan, Walter
Vick, Kyle
Weinert, R. A.
[empty folder]
Winfield, H. L.
York, J. Alton
Un-American Activities Commission
Uniform State Laws
University of Texas
War Assets Administration
Water Engineers
Weights and Measure Bill
Woman's Federated Club
[empty folder]
Women Jurors
York, Edwin
Young Democrats
Y.M.C.A. Youth and Government Program
Telephone and Telegram Bills
Texaco Male Chorus
Texas Forestry Association
Texas Good Neighbor Commission
Texas Parade--Hugh Williamson
Texas State Railroad
Texas Unemployment Commission
Texas Tech
Thank You Notes
Tuberculosis Association
Tyler Co. Publishing Co.
Personal files (Some Jester files):
1977/081-417 Secret Ballot
Securities Act (See Berl Godfrey)
Senate Committees--50th Legislature
Senate Employees
Senate Expense Account
Senate Journal Mailing List
Senate Rules
Shary, John II
Shivers Law Office
Sail Conservation
Spanish-Speaking People
Spastic Children
Taxation--Natural Resources
Teachers' Salaries
Jester, Beauford--Governor
Labor Legislation
Lamar College
Jones, Roland
Oath of Office
Land Office
Legislative Audit Committee
Politics and miscellaneous letters:
1977/081-118 Politics--Miscellaneous
1977/081-119 Politics--J-Z
Personal and political files, 1957:
1977/081-101 Appointments--Senate Nomination, Jan. 1957
Appointments--Recommendations and Commendations
Christmas Card (New Year), 1957
Colonels on Governor's Staff
Commending Shivers Administration, Supporters and Special Friends, Jan. 1957
Commendation, Shivers Administration, 1957
[4 folders]
Shivers Personal
Commissions, Honorary, Jan. 1957
Congratulatory Messages
FCDA--General File--mailings, etc.
Federal Patronage
Garcia, Pascual--Permanent Visa
Good Neighbor Commission
1977/081-102 Letters of Introduction and Greetings, etc.
Lists of mailing addresses
[unlabeled folder]
List File
Barber List
Mail Lists, Jan. 15, 1957-Dec. 1957
[13 folders]
Mexican Ambassadorships--Commending Shivers Administration
Miscellaneous, 1955
Miscellaneous, 1957
Press Release, Feb. 1957
Recommendations, Letters of
Senate Committee Appointments, 1957
Senate Recommendations
Supreme Court Vacancy
Sympathy Messages--Death and Illness
Tidelands--Dorsey B. Hardeman Speech
Tidelands (Louisiana suit), 1957
Thanks, Letter of, Jan. 1957
Personal files:
1977/081-276 Miscellaneous, October 1956
Office Appointments, October 1956
Invitations Declined, 1956
Miscellaneous, November 1956
Office Appointments, November 1956
Invitations Declined, November
Miscellaneous, December 1956
Office Appointments, December 1956
Invitations Declined, December
Miscellaneous, January 1957
Office Appointments, January 1957
Invitations Declined, January
[2 folders]
1977/081-302 44th Annual Governors' Conference, Houston, Texas, program, 1952
[20 copies]
Personal correspondence, 1953:
1977/081-391 Alphabetically filed correspondence A-G
[13 folders]
1977/081-392 Alphabetically filed correspondence H-S
[14 folders]
1977/081-393 Alphabetically filed correspondence, T-Z
[8 folders]

[binder notebook]
General files, 1951-1952:
1977/081-248 Promises of Political Support (Mostly for U.S. Senate), 1951
Political Support, 1951
General Correspondence, 1951
Anti-Truman Letters, 1951
General files, 1952:
1977/081-162 Political Files, A-Z, 1952
[23 folders]
Correspondence--Miscellaneous, (political, Personal, etc.), 1951-52
Correspondence, Miscellaneous, 1951,
[2 envelopes]
1977/081-249 Letters of Endorsement (Eisenhower), For Shivers and Tidelands correspondence, Anti-Shivers, Let People Decide letters, Postcards of poll taken
1977/081-250 Letters of Endorsement for Eisenhower, For Shivers and Tidelands, Anti-Shivers
General files:
1977/081-268 State Democratic Executive Committee, A-Z
[2 folders]
Thank you letters for work and contributions, A-N
[18 folders]
1977/081-269 Thank you letters for work & contributions, O-Z
[11 folders]
Suspense--Miscellaneous Trips
Miscellaneous Parties, Trips and Entertainment, 1956
Christmas, 1956
Ham and Turkey List, Christmas, 1956
Gifts Received at Office, Christmas, 1956
General files, 1956:
1977/081-319 Politics--Favorable to 4th Term, Feb.-Mar. 1956
Politics--Unfavorable to 4th Term, Feb.-Mar. 1956
Politics--General Support, March 1956
Politics--Precinct Convention, May 5, 1956
Politics--May Conventions Support, April 1956
Politics--May Conventions Support, April 1956
1977/081-320 Politics--General (Out of State), Mar.-June, 1956
Politics--Interposition, Mar.-June 1956
Politics--Meet the Press, March, April, 1956
Politics--Meet the Press (Out of State), Mar., April 1956
Politics--Face the Nation, TV Program
Politics--State Democratic Executive Committee Speech--letters
Trip files:
1977/081-60 Invitations Declined, Nov. 1954
Invitations Declined, Nov. 1954
Invitations Declined, Nov. 1954
Invitations Declined, Nov. 1954
Invitations Declined, Nov. 1954
Office Appointments, January 1954
Office Appointments, December 1953
Office Appointments, March 1954
Office Appointments, February, 1954
Office Appointments, September 1954
Office Appointments, May 1954
Office Appointments, June
Office Appointments, July 1954
Office Appointments, August 1954
Office Appointments, April 1954
Miscellaneous Correspondence, January 1954
Miscellaneous Correspondence, February 1954
Miscellaneous Correspondence, March, 1954
Pending Decision, March, 1954
Miscellaneous Correspondence, May 1954
Miscellaneous Correspondence, April 1954
Pending Decisions, April, 1954
Miscellaneous Correspondence, June 1954
Miscellaneous Correspondence, August, 1954
Miscellaneous Correspondence, July 1954
Miscellaneous Correspondence, September 1954