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Texas Governor Allan Shivers:

An Inventory of Records: General Files (part 1) at the Texas State Archives, 1946-1964 (bulk 1949-1956)


Creator: Texas. Governor (1949-1957 : Shivers)
Title: Records: General files (part 1)
Dates: 1946-1964
Dates: (bulk 1949-1956)
Quantity: 74 cubic ft.
Repository: Texas State Archives
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Agency History

The governor of Texas is the chief executive officer of the state, elected by the citizens every four years. The duties and responsibilities of the governor include serving as commander-in-chief of the state's military forces; convening special sessions of the legislature for specific purposes; delivering to the legislature at the beginning of each regular session a report on the condition of the state, an accounting of all public money under the governor's control, a recommended biennial budget, an estimate of the amounts of money required to be raised by taxation, and any recommendations he deems necessary; signing or vetoing bills passed by the legislature; and executing the laws of the state. The governor can grant reprieves and commutations of punishment and pardons, upon the recommendation of the Board of Pardons and Paroles, and revoke conditional pardons. He appoints numerous state officials (with the consent of the Senate), fills vacancies in state and district offices (except vacancies in the legislature), calls special elections to fill vacancies in the legislature, fills vacancies in the United States Senate until an election can be held, and serves as ex officio member of several state boards.

The office of governor was first established by the Constitution of 1845 and superseded the office of president of the Republic of Texas. The position now exists under authority of Article IV, Section 1 of the Constitution of 1876 and Texas Government Code, Chapter 401. To be elected governor, a person must be at least thirty years old, a United States citizen, and a resident of Texas for at least five years preceding the election. In 1972, the term of office was extended from two to four years, effective in 1975. Since 1856 the governor has had the use of the Governor's Mansion.

In 1949 the Office of the Governor had less than 30 full-time equivalent employees. The office was not formally organized into divisions or departments.

Allan Shivers Biographical Sketch

Allan Shivers was born on October 5, 1907, in Lufkin, Texas. Shivers attended high school in Port Arthur and college at the University of Texas. He practiced law in Port Arthur before winning election to the Texas Senate in 1934, at age 27 the youngest member ever to sit in that body. He entered the army during World War II and served in North Africa, Italy, France, and Germany. He was discharged as a major, with five battle stars and the Bronze Star. In 1946 he was elected lieutenant governor and worked closely with Beauford Jester on an ambitious modernization program. He became governor upon Jester's death in 1949.

Shivers set the stage for the emergence of Texas as a powerful modern state. He helped create the Legislative Council and Legislative Budget Board to put the making of laws on a more professional footing. He was able to pass tax increases to upgrade state services across the board.

The most important issue faced by Shivers was his defense of state claims to the Tidelands, off-shore oil reserves in the Gulf of Mexico. Texas had held title to the submerged lands of the Gulf since the Republic of Texas days, and had dedicated its revenues to the public school fund. After oil was discovered offshore, federal officials tried to seize the Tidelands of Texas and other oil-producing states. This action precipitated a crisis between state and federal authority. In 1952, Shivers broke with the national Democratic party over the issue and helped deliver the state's electoral votes to Dwight Eisenhower, the first Republican to carry the state since Reconstruction. Finally, the Tidelands were returned to the states through federal legislation.

After leaving office in January 1957, Shivers managed business enterprises in the Rio Grande Valley and served as an executive for a number of banks. He served on and chaired the University of Texas Board of Regents in the 1970s. He died January 14, 1985.

Scope and Contents of the Records

These records have not been processed. The folder inventory is an almost exact transcription (some typographical errors were corrected) of an earlier one based on existing box and folder titles. Rough, non-exclusive groupings by title and date were formed to comply with the TARO project's file size restrictions. Researchers are advised to review all the finding aids for subjects of interest. Inconsistent titles and dates are evident. Misidentifications and misfilings are possible.

This finding aid describes one part of one series of the Allan Shivers records. See Texas Governor Allan Shivers, Recordsfor more records series, especially General files (part 2) and Trip files.


Arrangement of the Records

These records are arranged as received.

Related Material

The following materials are offered as possible sources of further information on the agencies and subjects covered by the records. The listing is not exhaustive.

Texas State Archives
Texas Governor Beauford H. Jester, Records, 1946-1949, 84 cubic ft.
Texas Governor Price Daniel, Records, 1944-1966, undated, (bulk 1957-1962), approximately 466 cubic ft. See especially Governor Allan Shivers proclamations, 1955-1956, 2 cubic ft.
Texas Legislative Reference Library, Governors' speeches and other statements, 1947-1969, 2.35 cubic ft.
Texas State Archives Manuscripts Collections
William McGill Papers, 1943-1955, 1958
Inaugurations of Texas Governors Papers, 1895-1965, 5 linear inches
Collier Read Granberry Papers, ca. 1922-1962, undated
Center for American History, University of Texas at Austin
Allan Shivers Papers, 1949-1984, 32 ft., 9 in.
Oral History Collection, University of North Texas
Transcripts of interviews including Allan Shivers and Weldon Hart

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

(Identify the item), General files, Records, Texas Governor Allan Shivers. Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

Detailed Description of the Records


Records: General files (part 1), 1946-1964 (bulk 1949-1956),
74 cubic ft.

General files, 1947-1956:
1977/081-420 Governor's Campaign Speeches, 1954
Miscellaneous Campaign Speeches, 1954
Speeches, 1953
Speeches, 1952
Speeches, 1951
Speeches, 1950
Denver Hillsdilly, Aug. 10-17, 1956
Sulphur Springs, W. Va--Southern Governors' Conference, Sept. 9-12, 1956
Alaska--Hunting Trip, Summer, 1956
Chairman of Texas Delegation, (Shivers vs. Johnson), 1956
1977/081-421 Announcements-Births-Weddings, 1956
Collie, Daniel L.
Communism, Labor, Labor Unions, 1956
Communism-Labor, DPOWA, Port Arthur
Duval County, 1953-1956
San Antonio Speech--Timely Topics Club, Menger Hotel, Nov. 8, 1956
Mexico--Continental Hilton, Dec. 7-11, 1956
One-Shot Antelope Hunt, Lander, Wyo., Sept. 1-2, 1955
Omaha, Nebraska, Meeting of the National Civil Defense, Sept. 20-21, 1955
Proposed Trip (cancelled), Nassau, February 28-March 3, 1956
Lawrence E. Spivak, Meet The Press, Ft. Worth, March 25, 1956
Copies of Governor's Speeches, Miscellaneous
[2 folders]
Speeches--Governor Allan Shivers, 1955
Speeches, 1956
Message to 54th Legislature, January 12, 1955
Inaugural Address, January 18, 1955
Speeches, 1954
1977/081-422 Speeches through 1949
Book Correspondence, 1956
Birthdays--Miscellaneous, 1954-1955
Birthday and Anniversary, 1956
[2 folders]
Political File--Santa Fe Day
Office File (Shivers and Keith)
State Democratic Convention--Beaumont
Political File--Newspaper Clippings
Allan Shivers, Personal
Campaign File
Newspaper Clippings
[2 folders]
General files, 1948-1949:
1977/081-472 Ashley, Carlos
Aikin, A. M., Jr.
Bell, John J.
Bullock, Pat
Carney, Howard A.
Colson, Neveille H. (Mrs.)
Corbin, Kilmer
Cousins, W. R., Jr.
Hardeman, Dorsey B.
Harris, Fred Red
Hazlewood, Grady
Hudson, Hill D.
Jones, Charles R.
Kelley, Rogers
Kelly, Keith
Lane, Wardlow
Lock, Ottis E.
Martin, Crawford C.
McDonald, Warren
Moffett, George
Moore, W. T. (Bill)
Morris, G. C.
Phillips, Jimmy
Proffer, R. L. (Bob)
Shofner, W. A. (Son)
Stewart, Lacy (Mrs.)
Strauss, Gus J.
Taylor, James E.
Tynan, Walter
Vick, Kyle
Weinert, R. A.
Apartment Accounts
Pages and Porters, 1949
Applications for Legislature, 1949
A&M College
Agriculture Legislation
American Legion
Annual Sessions of Legislature
Appropriations folder
Aeronautics Commission
Arnold, John E. (East Texas Oil Association)
Banking Legislation
Barber Legislation
Bar Association
Bills and Receipts
Blind Commission
Bluebonnet Girls' State
Buildings (State)
Bullitt, William C.
Campaign--51st Legislature
Capitol Flower Beds
Certified Public Accountants
Chiropractic Bill
[2 folders]
1977/081-473 Citrus Legislation
Texas Citrus Commission--Vernon Hill
Cocktails Before Jackson Day Dinner
Congratulatory Correspondence
Constitution of Texas--(Changes, etc.)
Constitutional Amendments
Cosmetology Legislation
Council of State Governments
Letters--Crank mail
Criminal Procedure
Dallas Medical School
Daniel, Price, Attorney General
Democratic Executive Commission
Dental School at Houston
Education System (Gilmer-Aikin)
[3 folders]
Eleemosynary Institutions
Election Laws
Rep. Tom Whiteside
Employment Compensation Amendments (H.B. 417)
Engineering Legislation
1977/081-474 Fair Trade
Farm-to-Market Roads
Firemen's Pension
Galveston Medical School
Game and Fish
Game and Fish--O. J. Baker
[empty folder]
Good Neighbor Commission
Governor's Nominations
Governor--Acting--21st 6/18/49
Harris, M. M. (Mike)
Health Legislation
Houston Medical School
Inauguration (Texas)
Inauguration (Washington)
Inaugural Replies
Inaugural Invitations
Industrial Accident Board
Interstate Cooperation Commission
Intracoastal Canal Association
Venezuela file
[3 folders]
1977/081-476 Jackson Dinner Day
Jester, Beauford, Governor
Jury Service
Kerrville Lions Club Boys Recreation Project
Kirksey, Geo. and Associates
Labor Legislation
Lamar College
[2 folders]
Legislative Audit
Legislative Council
Library Legislation
Liquor Legislation
Livestock Sanitary Legislation
Lone [Loan?] Shark Bill--Strauss
Lowry's, Ray--Capitol Letters
51st. Legislature A-L and M-Z
[2 boxes]
1977/081-477 Miscellaneous
Magnolia Hills--Woodville
Mineola Technical Institute
Mosquito Control
National Guard
Negro Education
Notaries Public
Nursing Association
Oath of Office
Oil and Gas
Old Age Assistance
Opinions, Attorney General
Pardon Board
Pari-mutuel Legislation
Texas State Parks Board, August 31, 1948
Pharmacy Legislation
Poet Laureate
Poll Tax
Pollution Laws
Port Isabel Lighthouse
Press Cards
Press Party, 6/28/49
Press Releases
[3 folders]
General files (Includes Beauford Jester's unfinished term), 1949:
1977/081-122 Kerr Bill--Congress
Adjutant General, 1949
Agriculture (State Department of), 1949
American Red Cross
M.D. Anderson Hospital (Form Letters)
Appointment with Governor
Commission for Reorganization of the State Executive Department
Attorney General, 1949
Board of Control
Capital Building Plan
Chest X-Ray Program
Christmas Greetings
Comment on Message to Special Session
Commission for the Reorganization of the State Executive Department
Congratulations to Members of the Legislature
Congratulations on Reelection
Congratulatory Letters
Congress H. R. 6000
Constitutional Revisions Commission (Jester Administration)
Cotton Bowl Committee
Council of State Governments
Denison Cotton Mill Labor Dispute
Domestic Relations Court, Potter County
Duval County Election
East Texas Chamber of Commerce Speech
Easter Greetings
Education, State Board of
General files:
1977/081-123 Education, State Department of
Eleemosynary Institutions
Employment, 1959
Employment (From W. L. McG. [McGill?], Cards in McG. files)
Goodspeed Extradition Case
Extraditions Pending, 1947
Layne, Cecil John--Requisition
Farm Credit Administration
Farm Safety Week
Foot and Mouth Disease
Forestry and Timber Conservation Essay Contest, Letters of Congratulations from the Governor
Fort Hood
Gas Exports
General Gorgas (New York University Hall of Fame)
Governors Conference in White Sulphur Springs, 1950
Grandstaff Movie
Gulf Storm
Hagedorn Case
Harbor Island Causeway
Game Fish and Oyster Commission
George Harrington Airplane Crash
Health Department, 1949
Highway Department, 1949
Highway Department , Wage Rate Dispute
Hi-Y Model Legislature
Honorary Commissions
Hoover Report Miscellaneous Comment
Houston Farm and Ranch Club
Houston Flower Show
Hydrogen Bomb Plant Location
In Our Image Display
Inflation, General Comment
Industrial Safety
1977/081-124 Jefferson National Expansion Memorial
S. B. Jones Case
Ernest L. Kurth Dinner
Recodification of Chapter 17, (Employers, Liability Insurance Companies)
Recodification of Chapter 19 (Lloyd's Plan)
Recodification of Title 32 (Title Insurance Companies)
Recodification of Title 71 (Group Hospitalization)
Recodification of Chapter 20 (Indemnity Contracts)
Recodification of Chapter 8 (Fraternal Benefit Societies)
Recodification of Chapter 7 (Mutual Life Insurance Companies)
Recodification of Chapter 20 (Indemnity Contracts)
Recodification of Chapter 21 (General Provisions)
Recodification of Title 32 (Title Insurance Companies)
Recodification of Title 71 (Group Hospitalization)
Recodification of Chapter 10 (State Insurance Commission)
Recodification of Chapter 11 (Fire and Marine Companies)
Recodification of Chapter 16 (Surety and Trust Companies)
Recodification of Chapter 17 (Employers' Liability Insurance Companies)
Recodification of Chapter 18 (General Casualty Companies)
Recodification of Chapter 19, (Lloyd's Plan)
Recodification of Chapter I (The Board, Its Powers and Duties)
Recodification of Chapter 2 (Incorporation of Insurance Companies Other than Life)
Recodification of Chapter 3 (Life, Health and Accident Insurance)
Recodification of Chapter 4 (Texas Securities and Gross Receipts Tax)
Recodification of Chapter 7
Recodification of Chapter 8 (Fraternal Benefit Societies)
Recodification of Chapter 9 (Arts 4860a-1 to 4860a-19, incl.)
Insurance Commissioners, Board of
Interstate Oil Compact--Fort Worth, Oct. 1949
Interstate Oil Compact, New Orleans, Dec. 1949
Interstate Oil Compact--Estes Park, Sept. 1949
Oil and Gas--Oil Regulation Reports, 1949
Invitations Accepted, July
Invitations Declined, July
Invitations Accepted, August, 1949
Invitations Declined, August
Invitations Accepted, September
Invitations Declined, September
Invitations Accepted, October
Invitations Declined, October
Invitations Accepted, November
Invitations Declined, November
Invitations Accepted, December
Invitations Declined, December
1977/081-125 Governor to Governor--Correspondence, 1949
Land Office
Legal Advice, 1949
Bills Vetoed by the Governor, 1950
Labor Statistics, State Department of
Labor Charter for Transport Workers
Special Session File II & III--
[2 folders]
Letters of Introduction
Liberty Bell
Special Session of the Legislature--Comment, Notes, Memos, Mail Counts, etc.
Walter Long
Miscellaneous, August
[2 folders]
Miscellaneous, September, 1949
Licensing of Shrimp Boats
Liquor Control Board
Livestock Sanitary Commission
Miscellaneous, July
Lone Star Gas Co. Strike
1977/081-126 Miscellaneous, October-December, 1949
McGee Case
Medical Education and Profession (Speech Comment)
Menhaden Investigation
Middle Rio Grande Project
[unlabeled material]
Missouri Pacific Rail Road Petitions
Marshall Plan (Miscellaneous Comment)
Missouri Pacific Strike
National Conference on Uniform State Laws
National Water Conservation Conference
Natural Gas Export Comment
Northeast Texas Ice Storm
Nueces County Adult Probation
The State Educational Program and Related Information
Leland Olds File
Office File
Orange County Flood
Pacific National Exhibition
Palo Duro State Park
Pan American Friendship Week
Pan American Round Table
Pan American Union
Pardons and Paroles, State Board of
Parks Board
Passenger Train Service
Passes (Football Games, etc.)
Patriotic Women of America
Pioneer Girls Town Program
Polio Fund Drive
Poll Tax Comment
Port Arthur Strike
Prime Minister of Pakistan
Prison System
Department of Public Safety
1977/081-127 Railroad Commission, 1949
William R. Ray Case
Request for Miscellaneous Information
Walter Rogers, Pampa
Sabine Watershed Association
Sales Tax, General Comment
San Antonio Arsenal (Pan American Cancer Foundation)
San Antonio Livestock Exposition, Inc.
Savings Bond Payroll Deduction Plan
Secretary of State, Referrals
Sex Crimes File
Shrimp Industry
Socialized Medicine Comment
Sons of Confederate Veterans
Southern Foundation
State Democratic Convention at Mineral Wells
Telephone Rates
Telephone Strike
Texas Conservation Society
Texas Council of Church Women
Texas Employment Commission, 1949
Texas Freedom Train
Texas State Hospitals and Special Schools Board, 1949
Texas Medical Center
Texas Police Association
Texas Rose Bowl
Texas Rural Roads Association
Texas Safety Council
Texas Society for Mental Hygiene
Texas Sports Hall of Fame
Texas State Polio Planning Comm.
John W. Thomason Memorial Committee
Texas Vigilance Committee
Textbook Adoptions
Tornados, Information and Press Information
Tulia Speech Comment
United Nations (Miscellaneous Comment)
Bureau of Economic Geology University of Texas
University of Texas Bureau of Municipal Research
University of Texas, Sweatt Case
Water Development Committee
Watson Clemency Case
Wedding Anniversary Congratulations
Welcome Wagon
West Point of the Air Location
West Virginia Speech (Re: Tidelands to Governors' Conference)
Wichita Falls Flood
Duke of Windsor's Visit to Texas
Womens Conference on National Security
Inaugural, 1951
General files:
1977/081-128 Magazine Correspondence
Official Memorandums
Proclamation, Also see Hart
Proclamation, 1948
"A" Miscellaneous, (official memos), 1949
Boys, (official memos), 1949
"B" Miscellaneous, (official memos), 1949
C-D Miscellaneous, (official memos), 1949
[2 folders]
Employ the Physically Handicapped, 1949
"E" Miscellaneous, (official memos), 1949
Farming, (official memos), 1949
Fire, (official memos), 1949
F-G-H Miscellaneous, (official memos), 1949
[3 folders]
Heart Association, on Heart Month (official memos, etc.), 1949
I-Z Miscellaneous, (official memos), 1949
[15 folders]
Greetings from the Governor
General files, 1951:
1977/081-141 East Fork Association
East Texas Chamber of Commerce
Economic Stabilization Administration
Election Laws Committee
Employment, 1951
Employees Retirement System
General files, 1949-1950:
1977/081-231 Civil Defense--correspondence, Inter-office Memoranda, 1950
Civil Defense--Press Releases, 1950
Disaster Correspondence, 1950
Disaster Procedure and Press Releases, 1950
Press Releases, January-December 1950
[8 folders]
Correspondence, 1949
[3 folders]
Correspondence, 1950
Press Releases, 1950
Senate Confirmation--51st Legislative and Special Session of 51st
Licenses--Revoked or Restored, 1950
Press Releases, 1950
Clemency Rejections, 1950
Correspondence, Memoranda, 1950
Texas Economy Commission, 1950
[2 folders]
National Capital Sesquicentennial Commission
1977/081-232 Interstate Oil Compact Commission--Houston, December 1950
Interstate Oil Compact--General, 1950
Interstate Oil Compact, August 1950
Interstate Oil Compact Commission Executive Committee Meeting--Dallas, September 29, 1950
Interstate Oil Compact Commission Conference, Houston--Invitations and Replies & Thank You's, 1950
Interstate Oil Compact--Biloxi, May 1950
Interstate Oil Compact, Oklahoma City, January 1950
Interstate Oil Compact, Little Rock, Arkansas, March 1950
Interstate Oil Compact Comments and Reports and Publications, 1950
Higher Education, 1949
Gilmer-Aikin Committee
Regional Education, 1949
Public Schools, 1949
Democratic Platform
[2 inches of loose material]
General files, 1949-1953:
1977/081-234 Texas Medical Center
State Hospitals and Special Schools Press Releases
State Hospitals file
State Hospitals and Special Schools Clippings and Publications, 1950
State Hospitals and Special Schools Correspondence and Clippings, 1949
State Hospitals and Special Schools Clippings and Publications, 1951
Report on Texas State Hospitals
State Hospitals and Special Schools Correspondence, 1950
State Hospitals and Special Schools Correspondence, 1951
Christian Rural Overseas Program
Heart Association
Texas Farm Bureau Federation
Girl Scouts
Petroleum Marketers Association of Texas
Red Cross
Texas Research Foundation
Women Voters, Texas League of
American Heritage Foundation
American Legion
Boy Scouts of America
Election Code
Minutes and Agenda of Meetings
[empty folder]
Publications and Clippings
Recommendations--Not Annotated
[empty folder]
Civil Defense--McGill's Speeches, Releases, etc.
Civil Defense Correspondence, 1953-54
Civil Defense Press Releases, 1953-54
Correspondence, 1952
Press Releases, 1952
State Disaster--Correspondence and Press Releases, 1951
Civil Defense by Counties
National Emergency
Civil Defense Press Releases, 1951
[expanding folder]
Civil Defense Correspondence, 1951
[expanding folder]
General files, 1949-1950:
1977/081-235 Oil and Gas--Oil Imports--Correspondence, 1950
Oil and Gas--Kerr Bill Correspondence, and Clippings, 1950
Oil and Gas--Clippings and Publications--General, 1950
Oil and Gas--General Correspondence, 1950
Oil and Gas--Oil Depletion Allowances--Correspondence and Clippings, 1950
Oil and Gas--Oil Regulation Reports, 1950
Tidelands--Correspondence, 1949
Tidelands--Correspondence, 1950
Letters from Governors re: Petition for Rehearing of Texas Tidelands Case
Tidelands--Clippings and Publications
Tidelands booklet--Supreme Court
Water--Correspondence, 1950
Water--Correspondence, 1949-1948
Water--Press Releases, 1950
1977/081-236 Water--Press Releases, 1949-1948
Water--Clippings and Publications, 1950
Water--Clippings and Publications, 1949-1948
Water--National Rivers and Harbors, Congress, 1950
Water--Texas Water Conservation Association Bulletin
Water--National Water Conservation Conference Newsletter
Christmas Broadcast, December 24, 1950
Interstate Oil Compact Conference--Houston, December 12, 1950
Interstate Oil Compact Commission, Houston-- The Fuel-Use Dictator … Enemy of Conservation, Dec. 12, 1950
Traffic Safety Conference--Austin, December 8, 1950
Operation Democracy, December 7, 1950
Freedom Fire Broadcast--Austin, December 7, 1950
Southern Governors' Conference--Tidelands Statement and Report
Farm Bureau Broadcast--KTBC, October 10, 1950
Texas A&M--74th Anniversary, October 4, 1950
American Legion State Convention--Galveston, September 8, 1950
Texas A&M College--College Station, July 5, 1950
[empty folder]
Woodville Homecoming Rally, July 20, 1950
Texarkana, Texas, July 19, 1950
Texas Property Defense Association House of Representatives, July 13, 1950
Tri-County Farm Bureau, Mercedes, Texas, July 11, 1950
Texas A&M College, College Station, July 5, 1950
Committee on the Mid-Century White House Conference on Children and Youth Senate Chamber, June 23, 1950
Southern Governors' Conference Tidelands Committee, White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia, June 19, 1950
Texas Economy Commission, Austin, Texas, June 13, 1950
Guadalupe-Blanco REA-Gonzales, June 8, 1950
University of Texas--Commencement, Austin, Texas, June 3, 1950
Sesquicentennial Commission, May 29, 1950
St. Edward's University--Commencement, Austin, Texas, May 28, 1950
Vice-President's Dinner, Austin, Texas, May 27, 1950
District I Soil Conservation, Tulia, Texas, May 19, 1950
East Texas Chamber of Commerce, Tyler, Texas, April 18, 1950
Lions Club Address, Bryan, Texas, April 4, 1950
Cancer Radio Broadcast, Austin, Texas, April, 1950
Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers, San Antonio, Texas, March 14, 1950
Texas Safety Conference, Dallas, March 6, 1950
Address of Governor Allan Shivers, March 2, 1950
51st Legislature--Called Session, February 1, 1950
American Legion, Gladewater, December 7, 1949
Address of Governor Allan Shivers, Terrell, Texas, December, 1949
Interstate Oil Compact Commission, New Orleans, Louisiana, December 6, 1949
Texas Personnel and Management Conference, Austin, Texas, October 27, 1949
Texas Power Reserve Convention, El Paso, Texas, October 26, 1949
East Texas Baptist College, Marshall, Texas, October 24, 1949
Texas Manufacturers' Association, Mineral Wells, Texas, Oct. 20, 1949
Texas Manufacturer's Association, Austin, Texas, October 18, 1949
International Association of Chiefs of Police, Dallas, Texas, September 13, 1949
Princeton, Texas, September 5, 1949
St. Mary's University--Commencement, San Antonio, Texas, August 18, 1949
Child Welfare Banquet, Fort Worth, Texas, August 5, 1949
Woodville, Governor Jester Speech, July 16, 1949
[empty folder]
Governor Reports--Civil Defense, December 18, 1950
Governor Report--Operation Democracy, December 4, 1950
Governor Reports--Atomic Defense, November 6, 1950
Governor Reports, Sept. 4 and 25, 1950
[2 folders]
Governor Reports, August 7, 14, 21, 23, 1950
[4 folders]
The Governor Reports, July 10, 17, 24, 31, 1950
[4 folders]
1977/081-237 Governor Reports, June 5, 12, 19, 26, 1950
[4 folders]
Governor Reports, May 1, 8, 15, 22, 29, 1950
Governor Reports, April 17, 24, 1950
[2 folders]
Miscellaneous files A-P
[10 folders]
Polish Constitution Day, 1950
Miscellaneous files R-T
[3 folders]
United Nations Day, 1950
Miscellaneous file W
January-December, 1950 files
[12 folders]
Speeches, 1950
Speeches--Governor Reports
Speeches, 1949
Itinerary, 1951
Itinerary, 1950
General files, 1949-1951:
1977/081-238 Itinerary, 1949
Mexico Trip--Clippings, September, 1949
Press Releases, January-December, 1951
[12 folders]
Oil and Gas--Oil Imports, Clippings and Publications, 1950
General files, 1949-1950:
1977/081-239 Press Memos, January-December, 1950
[12 folders]
Memos to Governor Shivers
Governor's Schedule
Memos to Mr. Carmichael
Memos to W. L. McGill
Memos to Office Staff
Memos to Mrs. Craig
Memos to H. D. Carmichael
Memos to Major George C. Hawley
Memos to G. Smith
Memos to Van Cronkhite
Memos to Miss Avery
Memos to Mr. Hart
Child Welfare, August 5, 1949
Condition of Your State Government, August 3, 1949
Soil Conservation, Princeton, Texas, Sept. 5, 1949
Chief of Police, International Association., Dallas, Sept. 13, 1949
Texas Power Reserve Convention, Oct. 26. 1949
Address of Allan Shivers at Texas State Teachers Association, Ft. Worth, TX, November 24, 1949
Managing the State's Business at the Texas Personnel and Management Conference, Oct. 27, 1949
Texas Oil Progress Report for 1949 at the Interstate Oil Compact Commission, Dec. 7, 1949
Senate Messages to the Eleemosynary Institutions, 3 articles for Texas Weeklies, Jan. 21, 1950
51st Legislature, Speech to Special Session by Allan Shivers
New Year's Day Address
Special Session, 51st Legislature, Feb. 23, 1950
Report to the People, March 2, 1950
Texas Safety Conference, March 6, 1950
Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association Annual Convention, San Antonio, Texas, March 14, 1950
Radio Station WOAI, Cancer, April 3, 1950
Lions Club, Bryan, Texas, April 4, 1950
East Texas Chamber of Commerce, Tyler, TX, April 14, 1950
Governor Reports, April 24, 1950
The Governor Reports, re: Crime in Texas, May 1, 1950
[empty folder]
The Governor Reports, re: Soil Conservation, May 8, 1950
The Governor Reports, re: National Guard, May 15, 1950
The Governor Reports, re: Youth Development Council, May 22, 1950
The Governor Reports, National Sesquicentennial Commission, May 29, 1950
University of Texas Commencement Address, June 3, 1950
The Governor Reports, re: Candidacy for Governor, June 5, 1950
Guadalupe-Blanco REA, June 8, 1950
Tideland Speech at West Va., June 19, 1950
Governor Reports, June 19, 1950
Mid-Century White House Conference on Children and Youth, June 23, 1950
Governor Reports, Reporting on Governor's Conference, June 26, 1950
Texas A&M College, (Presentation of Liberty Bell), July 5, 1950
The Governor Reports, July 10, 1950
Property Defense Association, Texas, July 13, 1950
The Governor Reports, July 24, 1950
[empty folder]
The Governor Reports, July 31, 1950,
[empty folder]
The Governor Reports, re: State Capitol, August 7, 1950
The Governor Reports, August 28, 1950
[empty folder]
Governor Shivers' Speech, A&M 74th Annual Anniversary
The Governor Reports, Civil Defense Dec. 18, 1950
[empty folder]
General files, 1949-1953:
1977/081-255 Mansion, The Governor's
March of Dimes
Medical Matters
Memoranda, Inter-office
Medical Matters, Plan of Action
Miscellaneous File
Oath Blanks
Governor's Photographs
Rent Control
Recommendation, Letters of
Savings Bonds
Selective Service
Service Stations
Spindletop Commission
State of Texas--General Information
Texas Public Employees Association
Texas Research League
"The Texas Letter"
Toll Roads
Traffic Safety
1977/081-256 The University of Texas Postgraduate School of Medicine
Utecht Letters
Water Engineers, State Board of
Wildlife Conservation
Williamson, Hugh
State Democratic Executive Committee of Texas
Politics, 1953
San Antonio Convention
Democrats for Ike
Preferential Primary (Presidential Nominees)
Price Daniel
Senator Tom Connally
Dies, Martin
Senator Richard B. Russell
Political Races, 1952
Campaign, 1952
Johnson, Lyndon B.
Statewide Committee for an Uninstructed Delegation
Washington, Resources for Future, Inc., April 21-22
News Releases, Advance Releases, memos, etc.
[approximately 4 inches of loose material]
General files, 1949-1951:
1977/081-259 Agriculture
Constitutional Revisions
Economy Commission
Governor Shivers' Mats
Good Neighbor
Government, General
Longhorn Letters
[empty folder]
Public Safety
Senate and House Journals
State Hospitals and Special Schools
Texas Cities
General Files, 1949-1952:
1977/081-264 Script for Radio Transcription, Jan. 6, 1952
Architectural Examiners
Democratic Convention
1950 State Democratic Convention
Texas Economy Commission
Houston Meeting of Governors' Conference, 1952
[2 folders]
National Governors' Conference--Executive Committee Meeting, January 1952
Governors' Conference--Executive Committee Meeting, April 4, 1952
Human Relations Commission
Oakville Dam
Regional Education--Correspondence
Speeches, 1951
Speeches, 1949-1950
State Hospitals and Special Schools
Southern Governors' Conference
1977/081-265 Traffic Safety
Year's End
Regional Education, 1950
Governors' Conference, 1951
Governors' Conference, 1950
Governors' Conference, 1949
Southern Foundation
Southern Governors' Conference, 1951
Southern Governors' Conference
Regional Education
Future Broadcast Material
Crime Reports
Civilian Defense
Wick Fowler,
[2 folders]
Broadcast, May 8
Letters of recommendation
General files (some Jester material), 1949-1950:
1977/081-283 Political Reports--Pickle
Pickle's carbons
Appointments on Calendar--Jester, January 1, 1948-July 10, 1949
Attorney General
Mailing Lists
[2 volumes]
General files, 1949-1956:
1977/081-284 Speeches and Correspondence, 1956
Speeches-Drafts, 1955-1956
Speeches, 1956
Speeches--Extemporaneous Remarks, 1955
Speeches, Miscellaneous, 1955
[unlabeled folder]
Bricker Amendment, 1954
Boyd, Reverend Marvin, Correspondence, 1954
General Correspondence, 1955
Big Bend National Park, 1955
General Correspondence, 1954
Correspondence--Personal, 1954-1955
Facts Forum--Miscellaneous, 1954-1955
Presidential Election Thank you's
George Parr Biographical Sketch
Presidential Election
General files, 1949-1956:
1977/081-285 Presidential Election Correspondence
Presidential Election, Out of State Letters
Prison Board Meeting Minutes
Klevenhagen Incident
Department of Public Safety Wyant Case
Department of Public Safety Special Reports, 1952
Public Welfare, 1952
Radio, 1953
Railroad Commission, 1952
Railroad, Texas State, 1952
Re-Election, Comments
Russell, Richard B., file
Secretary of State, 1952
Selective Service System, 1952
State Approval Agency for Veterans Education
Veterans' Approval Agency--Confidential
State Library, 1952
Invitations Declined, July 1949-June 1950
Lower Colorado River Authority Appointments and Correspondence, 1952-1959
Lower Concho River Authority, 1955-1956
Medical Examiners, State Board of, 1953-1956
Morticians, State Board of, 1953-1955
Naturopathy, Board of, 1952-1956
North Texas State College Regents, 1953
Nueces River Conservation District, 1953-1955
Board Nurse Examiners, 1953-1955
Optometry, State Board of, 1952-1955
Pardons and Paroles, Board, 1952-1955
Parks Board, 1952-1956
Pharmacy Board, 1953-1955
Pilot Commissioners, Matagorda and Lavaca Bay, 1952
Plumbing Board, 1953
Prison Board, 1952-1955
Appointments--Miscellaneous Misfiled, 1953-1955
Governor--printed articles, Financial, etc.
Governor, University of Southern California, 1955
Governor Thank You, 1955
Highway Department, 1955
Boards, State, Miscellaneous--Inter office memos, 1955
Education, Conferences on, 1955
Atomic Energy Advisory Commission, 1955
Segregation, Advisory Commission on, 1955
General files (As Governor), 1949:
1977/081-396 San Antonio Court of Civil Appeals
Anderson, Charles W.
Caldwell, J. Daffan
Davis, William C.
Gerhardt, Raymond
Miller, James L. M.
Weber, John K.
General Recommendations
General Information--45th
General Information--73rd
Hidalgo County District Judge
34th Judicial District Judge
38th District Judge
46th Judicial District Judge
64th Judicial District Court
73rd Judicial District Court, Bexar County
85th Judicial District Judge
92nd District Court
100th Judicial District Judge
105th Judicial District Judge
112th Judicial District Judge
134th Judicial District Judge
Advisory Hospital Council
Aeronautics Commission
Architectural Examiners, State Board of
Banking Commission
Barber Examiners, State Board of
Basic Science Board
Board of Control
Branch Pilots for Pass Cavalia
Brazos River Conservation and Reclamation District
Central Colorado River Authority
Chiropractic Examiners, State Board of
Citrus Commission
Commission on Uniform State Laws
Dallas County Flood Control District
District Attorney 79th District
General files, 1950:
1977/081-131 Adjutant General, 1950
Administrative Cabinet
Aviation in Virginia
Agriculture Department, 1950
Advertising File
Air Force Academy Location
Alamo Library Museum
Alice Flood
Amateur Radio Operators
American Heart Association
American Heritage Foundation
American Public Welfare Association
American Red Cross, 1950
American Social Hygiene Association
Federal Maritime Commission
Attorney General, 1950
Attorney General Opinion, 1949
Appointments with the Governor, 1950
Vice President Barkley
Battleship Texas
Beaumont Strike
Bergman Film Ban
Big Bend Park
Birthday Greetings
Board of Control (Prison System)
Board of Control, 1950
Books Received
Boys Ranch
R. Bradley Matter
Brazoria-Galveston Soil Conservation District
Calf Scramble
Camp Swift
Cancer Welfare Fund
Capitol Building Speech
Child Welfare League of America, Inc.
Citizens Committee on Mental Health
Civil Rights Congress
Clipping Service
Community Facilities Service
Consul of Belgium
Employment, 1950
Accounts of the State Governments, 1950
Council for the Study of Human Relations
County Judges (Special Appointments)
Crime Wave
Displaced Persons
1977/081-132 Firemans Pension Commission
Fulbright Scholarships
Future Farmers of America
Game, Fish, and Oyster Commission, 1950
Gilmer-Aikin Minimum Foundation
Good Neighbor Commission
Governor's Advisory Board, Texas State Guard Reserve Corps
Governor's Highway Safety Conference
Governor's Tax Study Commission
Health Department, 1950
Highland Hereford Breeders Association
Highway Department, 1950
Honorary Commission, 1950
Industrial Survey Project (A&M)
Insurance Commission, 1950
International Association of Governmental Labor Official
Iranian Embassy
Invitations Accepted, January 1950-February 1951
[13 folders]
Invitations Declined, January 1950-February 1951
[13 folders]
General files:
1977/081-133 Labor Department, 1950
Lake Texoma Compact
Land Office, 1950
Legal Advice, 1950
Letter of Introduction, 1950
Liquor Control Board, 1950
Livestock Sanitary Commission, 1950
Lower Rio Grande Authority
Miscellaneous, January-August, 1950
[8 folders]
1977/081-134 Miscellaneous, September-December, 1950
[4 folders]
McGee Bend Dam Project
Mental Hygiene Conference
Merit System Council
Mexican Battle Flag Exchange
Muscular Dystrophy Research Foundation
National Basic Land Inventory
National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics
National Capital Sesquicentennial
National Conference on State Parks
National Parks Association
National Rivers and Harbors Congress
National Tax Association
Naturopathic Examiners, State Board of
Neches-Sabine River Authority
Nueces River Conservation and Reclamation District
Oil Depletion Allowance Comment
Oil Imports
Olney Disaster
Parton and Parole Board, 1950
Parks Board, 1950
Petroleum Marketers Association of Texas
Presidents Communications Policy Board
Prison System, 1950
J. C. Gunn Case, Prison System
Prison System, Rucker Case
Public Assistance
Department of Public Safety, 1950
[3 folders]
General files, 1950:
1977/081-135 A&M College Board
[3 folders]
Aeronautics Commission
Barber Examiners, State Board of
Basic Sciences, State Board of Examiners in,
Battleship Texas Commission
Bexar County District Attorney
[4 folders]
Blind, State Commission for the
Board of Pardons and Paroles
Board of Pilot Commissioners Sabine River
[2 dividers--A-B]
1977/081-136 Central Colorado River Authority
Chiropody Examiners, State Board of
Chiropractic Examiners, State Board of
[2 folders]
Commission for the Blind
Dental Examiners, Board
30th Judicial District Attorney
District Attorney 35th. District
District Attorney 100th. District
District Attorney 104th. District
District Attorney 119th. District
District Attorney 132rd. District
Employment Commission, Texas
Embalmers, State Board of
Finance Commission
Firemen's Pension Commissioner
Game, Fish, and Oyster Commission
Game Commission, 1951
[8 folders]
Good Neighbor Commission
[5 dividers--C-G]
1977/081-137 James T. Jolley
Highway Commission, State
A. F. Mitchell
Bronson Morgan
Guy C. Jackson, Jr.
Harris County Judicial and District Attorney
[3 folders]
Hairdressers and Cosmetologists, State Board of
Highway Commission-Letters of Endorsement, 1951
[2 folders]
Highway Commission
Health, State Board of
1977/081-138 Insurance Commission
Insurance Commission--Letters of Endorsement
Industrial Accident Board
Lamar State College Board
Liquor Control Board
Livestock Sanitary Commission
Lower Colorado River Authority
Municipal Retirement System Advisory Board
Medical Examiners, State Board of
Naturopathic Examiners, State Board of
North Texas State College, Board of Regents
Nurse Examiners, State Board of
Optometry, State Board of
Parks Board, State
Pecos River Compact Commission
Pharmacy, State Board of
Pink Bollworm Commission
Pilot Commissioners for Galveston
Prison Board
Plumbing Examiners, State Board
Public Accountancy, State Board of
Public Safety Commission
Public Welfare Board
Public Weigher--State Wide Appointments
General files, 1949-1953:
1977/081-233 Interstate Oil Compact Commission
Executive Committee, Wichita, January 31, 1953
Interstate Oil Compact Commission Meeting--Billings, Montana, 1953
Interstate Oil Compact--Wichita, December 5-6, 1952
Compact Comments
[empty folder]
Statewide Committee on the Problems of Alcoholism
Texas Economy Commission, 1951
Texas Economy Commission, 1952
Texas Economy Commission, 1953
Traffic Safety Committee
National Tax Conference, 1951
Industry Advisory Committee
Pasture Improvement Program
Traffic Safety Conference
Human Relations Council
Higher Education, 1954
Public Schools, 1953
Regional Education, 1953
[empty folder]
Public School, 1952
Higher Education, 1953
Higher Education, 1952
Education--Higher Education Survey
Regional Education, 1952
Public Schools, 1951
Higher Education, 1950
[empty folder]
Public Schools, 1950
Negro Education
Rural Aid
School Teachers

[4 booklets:]
Texas Education-Agency
The Texas Way
Handbook for Local School Officials
A Report on The 1950 Citizens Advisory Conference on Education
The School Executive, Vol. 70
Surplus Property Agency
Warm Springs Foundation
Committee on Water Conservation
State Hospitals and Special Schools Correspondence, 1953
State Hospitals and Special Schools Press Releases, 1953
State Hospitals and Special Schools Clippings and Publications, 1953
[empty folder]
State Hospitals and Special Schools Correspondence, 1952
State Hospitals and Special Schools Clippings and Publications, 1952
Gainesville School
Hospital for Criminally Insane
M. D. Anderson Hospital for Cancer Research
General files, 1950-1951:
1977/081-240 Supreme Court
Barron, W. S.
Bell, Spurgeon
Blair, Mallory B.
Bond, Joel R.
Harvey, Hicks
Ikard, Frank
Jackson, Penn J.
McCall, Dean Abner V.
McClendon, James W.
McDonald, Atwood
Williams, I. N.
Murray, William O.
Smith, Clyde E.
Scott, Alfred M.
Stokes, W.L.
Surles, E. Russell
Yarborough, Ralph W.
Appointment 135th Judicial District, 1951
5th Administrative Judicial District
6th Administrative Judicial District
10th District Court
14th Judicial District Judge
17th Judicial District Court
20th District Court
26th Judicial District Judge Appointment
23rd District Court
24th Judicial District Judge
30th Judicial, District, Wichita County
37th Judicial District Judgeship, Bexar County
43rd Judicial Court Recommendations, Jack, Parker, Wise Counties, 1950
1977/081-241 17th Judicial Court Recommendations, Fort Worth, 1950
20th Judicial Court Recommendations, Milam County, 1950
72nd District Court
65th District Court
67th District Court
124th District Judge
132nd District Judge
132nd Judicial District/District Attorney-District, Judge (Scurry and Borden Counties)
135th Judicial District
63rd District Judge
79th District Court
94th District Court
96th District Court, Fort Worth
[3 folders]
General files, 1950-1953:
1977/081-242 Burial Association Rate Board
Lower Concho River Authority
Nueces River Conservation and Reclamation District
Sulphur River Board
Hogg, James Stephen Memorial Commission, June
[empty folder]
Fannin State Park Commission, September
Matagorda-Lavaca Bays Pilots Commission
Miscellaneous Endorsements
Texas National Guard Armory Board
[empty folder]
Accountancy, Texas State Board of Public,
Burial Association Rate Board
Medical Examiners, State Board of
Board of Mansion Supervisors
Texas Southern University
Upper Guadalupe River Authority
[2 folders]
State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners
Vocational Nurse Examiners, State Board of,
Water Engineers, State Board of
San Jacinto River Conservation and Reclamation District
Teacher Retirement Board of Trustees
San Jacinto Park Board
Sabine River Authority
Sabine Compact Commissioner
Rio Grande Compact Commission
Optometry, State Board of
Pardons and Paroles, Board of
Parks Board, State
Plumbing Examiners, State Board of
Public Safety, Commission of
Real Estate Commission, Texas
State Board of Naturopathic Examiners
Neches River Conservation District
North Texas State College, Board of Regents
Municipal Retirement System Advisory Board
Youth Development Council
General files, 1950-1952:
1977/081-279 Baylor Law Review, Vol.III, No.2

[3 audiotapes]
Compact Comments
Oil and Gas Meeting, January 16 & May 16, 1950
Requests for Photos, 1957
Interstate Oil Compact Commission Expenditures
Compact Clippings and Publications
Statements and Publications
Venezuelan Oil Trip--Caracas, Venezuela, Sept.. 9-18, 1951
Out of State, re: Russell
General files, 1950:
1977/081-325 Angelina Co., correspondence filed by county
Austin County
Deaf Smith
De Witt
El Paso
Fort Bend
Jack County
Jim Wells
[10 dividers]
1977/081-326 Karnes Co.
Orange Co.
Palo Pinto
Red River
San Augustine
San Patricio
Starr, Webb, Duval Counties
Tom Green
Van Zandt
Val Verde
Out of State
[15 dividers]
General files, 1951:
1977/081-139 Adjutant General, Jan.-Dec., 1951
[4 folders]
Adult Probation
Advisory Commission to the Banking Commission
Advisory Committee to the Texas Health Council
Advisory Council of the Texas Employment Commission
Advisory Hospital Council
Aeronautics Commission, 1949
Agriculture Department, 1951
Agriculture (U.S. Department of)
Alcoholics Anonymous
Alcoholism Study
American Association on Mental Deficiency
American Association of School Administrators
American Automobile Association
American Cancer Society
American G.I. Forum of Texas
American Legion
American Relief for Korea
American Society for Public Administration
Anatomical Board
Anderson Cancer Hospital
Appointments with the Governor, 1951
Architectural Examiners, State of
American Red Cross, 1951
Attorney General, 1951
Attorney General, U.S.
Austin Area Economic Development Foundation
Auditor, State
Austin Chamber of Commerce
Autograph, Requests for
Automatic Tax Board
Banking Commission
Barber's Examiner Board, 1951
Barber Board
Basic Science Board
Big Creek Project
Biographical Sketch, Request for
Black and White Ball
Blind Commission
Board of Control, 1951
Border Project
Boy Scouts of America
Budget Division
Bureau of the Budget
Bureau of the Census
Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce
Bureau of Mines, U.S.
Bureau of Reclamation, Department of Interior
Burial Insurance Rate Board
1977/081-140 Care File
Chiropody Examiners, State Board of
Chiropractic Examiners Board
Citrus Commission
Civil Aeronautics Board
Civil Defense Division
Civil Defense
Civil Service Commission
A&M College
A&M Research Foundation
East Texas State Teachers College
Lamar College
North Texas State College
Prairie View University
Sam Houston State Teachers College
Southwest Texas State Teachers College
Stephen F. Austin State College
Sul Ross State College
Texas College of Arts and Industries
Texas State College for Women
Texas State University for Negroes
Texas Tech
Commission on Interstate Cooperation
Commission on Uniform State Laws
Committee on Criminal and Penal Code Study
Texas Penal Code Committee--Report
Communist Party
Community Chest
Comptroller, 1951
Constitutional Amendments--U.S. Constitution
Constitutional Amendments
Council of State Governments, 1951
Courts of Civil Appeals
Crime Prevention
Dairy Products Institute
Daughters of the American Revolution
Daughters of the Republic of Texas
Deeds of Cession
Defense Production Administration
Defense Transportation Administration
Deficiency Appropriation Adjutant General Department
Deficiency Appropriation Application Board of Architectural Examiners
Deficiency Appropriation for the State Banking Department
Court of Criminal Appeals Deficiency
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Federal Communications Commission
Federal Power Commission
Federal Public Housing Administration
Federal Security Agency
Federal Trade Commission
Fire Insurance Commission
Forest Service, U.S.
French Legation--Austin
Galveston Indictments
Game Fish and Oyster Commission, 1951
General Service Agency
Gifts Received
Gonzales Warm Springs Foundation
Good Neighbor Commission, 1951
Governors Conference, Tennessee
Governor to Governor
Greetings from the Governor, 1951
Gulf States Marine Fisheries Compact
Hairdressers and Cosmetologists, State Board of
Health Department, January-December, 1951
[6 folders]
Highway Commission, 1949
Highway Department, January-December, 1951
[6 folders]
Higher Education (Council of State Governments)
Hogg Foundation
Honorary Commissions, 1951
Deficiency Appropriation for the Fire Insurance Commission
Good Neighbor Commission Deficiency Appropriation
Deficiency Appropriations Library and Historical Commission
Deficiency Appropriations Livestock Sanitary Commission
Deficiency Appropriations Miscellaneous
Data Re: Prison System Deficiency Appropriations
Deficiency Appropriations Soil Conservation Board
Deficiency Appropriation Board of Water Engineers
Deficiency Appropriation West Texas State College
Democratic National Committee
Democratic Party Affairs
Dental Examiners, Board of
Department of the Air Force
Department of the Army
Department of Commerce, U.S.
Department of National Defense
Department of the Navy
Distribution of Surplus Commodities
Donations, Requests for
1977/081-142 Honorary Memberships
Hoover Report
Housing and Home Finance Agency
Housing Expediter
Immigration Department, U.S.
Independent Petroleum Association of America
Industrial Accident Board
Industrial Development Conference
Insurance Code Committee
Insurance Commission, 1951
Interior, U.S. Department of
Internal Revenue, U.S. Department of
Interstate Commerce Commission
Interstate Compacts (Other than Oil)
Interstate Oil Compact Commission
Invitations Accepted, March-September, 1951
[7 folders, several empty]
Invitations Declined, March-December, 1951
[9 folders, no November folder]
Invitations Extended
Invitations Tentative
Iron Curtain Refugee Campaign
Governor Beauford H. Jester
Korean Atrocities
Labor, U.S. Department of
Labor Department, 1951
Land Office, 1951
Land Lease Board (Land Office)
League of Women Voters
League of Texas Municipalities
Legal Advice, 1951
Legislative Budget Board
Legislative Council
[26 folders]
Letters of Introduction, 1951
Liquor Control Board, 1951
Livestock Sanitary Commission Proclamation
Livestock Sanitary Commission, 1951
1977/081-143 MacArthur Visit
Magazine Correspondence
March of Dimes Campaign
Medical Examiners, Board of
Mentally Retarded Children
Messages to the Legislature
Military Government Association
Moody State School for Cerebral Palsied Children
Mother of Texas, 1951
National Association of Attorneys General
National Association for the Advancement of Colored Peoples
National Association of the Deaf
National Conference on Citizenship
National Conference on Labor Legislation
National Council for Stream Improvement
National Employ the Physically Handicapped Week
National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis
National Guard
National Highway Safety Committee
National Industrial Conference Board
National Institute of Mental Health
National Mental Health Committee
National Planning Association
National Safety Council
National Security Resources Board
Newspaper Correspondence
Noble (Herbert) Bombing
Nurses Examiners, State Board of
Office of Price Stabilization
Office of Rent Stabilization
Office, 1949
Official Memo, 1951
Oil Industry Advisory Committee
Optometry, State Board of
Miscellaneous, January-May, 1951
[6 folders]
1977/081-144 Miscellaneous, June-December, 1951
[6 folders]
Pan American Highway Association
Pan American Round Table
Pardon and Parole Board, 1951
Parks Board, 1951
Pasture Improvement Committee
Petroleum Administration for Defense
Photographs Received
Photos, Requests for
Pharmacy Board
Prison Board
Plumbing Examiners, State Board of
Post Office Department
Presidents Conference on Industrial Safety
Presidents Highway Safety Conference
Presidents Materials Policy Commission
Prison Board Minutes
Prison System, January-December, 1951
[6 folders]
Prison System--Homer B. Adams Case
Proclamations, 1951
Professional Engineers, State Board of Registration for
General files:
1977/081-145 Public Accountancy, State Board of
Public Assistance, January-Dec., 1951
[2 folders]
Public Safety, Department of, January-December, 1951
[11 folders]
Frank C. Beale Investigation--Department of Public Safety
Brewer Case--Department of Public Safety
Public Welfare, 1951 Annual Report
Department of Public Welfare, 1951
[2 folders]
Railroad Commission, 1951
Railroad Strike
Rationing Boards
Real Estate Commission
Reconstruction Finance Corporation
Request for Miscellaneous Information, 1951
Request for Texas Flags
Rent Control, General Comment
Resignations from State Departments
1977/081-146 Rural Electrification Administration
San Jacinto State Park Commission
Secretary of Defense
Secretary of State, 1951
Selective Service System, 1951
Senate General Investigating Committee
Sheriffs Association of Texas, Inc.
Slot Machine Law
Social Security Administration
Soil Conservation, Miscellaneous
Soil Conservation, State Board of
South Texas Chamber of Commerce
Southwest Research Institute
Southern Governors' Conference
Special Session
Special Elections
Special Committee to Investigate Organized Crime in Interstate Commerce
Star Spangled Banner Flag House Association
State Bar of Texas
State Fair of Texas
State Library, 1951
State Treasurer
State, U.S. Department of
St. Lawrence Seaway Project
State Approval Agency for Veterans Education Under Public Law 346
Study of Secondary Education
Sulphur River Conservation and Reclamation District
Taxes (Miscellaneous Comment)
Texas Academy of Science
Texas Butane Dealers Association
Texas Economy Commission
Texas Education Agency, 1951
TEC [Texas Employment Commission?] January-December, 1951
[8 folders]
Texas Engineering Experimental Station
Texas Fine Arts Association
Texas Forest Service
Texas Good Roads Association
Texas Heritage Foundation, Inc.
General files, 1951:
1977/081-147 Pharmacy, State Board of
[empty folder]
Political, 1952
[unlabeled folder]
Texas Hospital Board, January-December, 1951
[7 folders]
Texas Independent Producers and Royalty Owners Association
Texas Library and Historical Commission
Texas Legislative Service
Texas Manufactures Association
Texas Medical Association
Texas Memorial Museum
Texas Mid-Continent Oil & Gas Association
Texas Military District
Texas National Guard
Texas National Guard Armory Board
Texas Oil Jobbers Association
Texas Parade
Texas Police Association
Texas Press Association
Texas Public Employees Association
Texas Research Foundation
Texas Safety Association
Texas School for the Deaf
Texas Social Welfare Association
Texas Society for Mental Health
Texas Society of Professional Engineers
Texas Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association
Texas State Florists Association
Texas State Guard Reserve Corps
Texas Surplus Property Agency
Texas Tuberculosis Association
Texas United Pension Association
Thayer Case
Tideland, 1951
Traffic Safety
Treasury Department, (State and U.S.)
Tri-State Industrial Conference
Tuberculosis Nurses Examiners State Board of
Uniform Reciprocal Enforcement of Support Act
United Daughters of the Confederacy
United Negro College Fund
United States Military Academy
Universal Military Training
University of Houston
University of Texas, 1951
University of Texas Bureau of Business Research
University of Texas Development Board
University of Texas Division of Extension
University of Texas Correspondence with C. R. Grandberry
Medical Branch, University of Texas
Southwestern Medical School, University of Texas
Texas Western College, University of Texas
University of Texas--Texas Interscholastic League
State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners
Vocational Education, State Board of
Vocational Nurses Examiners, State Board(?)
War Claims Commission
Deficiency Appropriation, Board of Water Engineers
Water Engineers, State Board of
West Texas Chamber of Commerce
1977/081-148 Youth Development Council, 1951
Arkansas, White and Red River
Brazos River Conservation and Reclamation District
Brownwood Dam
Canadian River Project
Capitol Area Water and Sanitation Association
Carlsbad Federal Reclamation Project
Central Colorado River Authority
Colorado River Municipal Water District
Colorado River Project
Corps of Engineers--U.S. Army
Fort Sumner Irrigation Project--New Mexico
Guadalupe, Blanco River Authority
Intercoastal Canal Association
International Boundary and Water Commission, U.S. and Mexico
Interstate Compact Commissioner on the Canadian, Red and Sabine Rivers
Lower Colorado River Authority
Middle Rio Grande Project
National Reclamation Association
Oakville Dam
Oakville Dam--Form Letters
Pecos River Compact Commission
President's Water Resources Policy Commission
Sabine River Authority
San Marcos River Dam
Texas Water Conservation Association
Trinity River Project
Upper Red River Flood Control
Upper Rio Grande Project
Water Conservation of the Lower Rio Grande Valley
1977/081-149 Telegrams, 1951
[approximately 4 inches of loose telegrams]
High School Invitations, 1952
[approximately 2 inches of loose material]
Old Age Assistance, (A-M), 1951
[14 folders]
1977/081-150 Old Age Assistance, 1951
[10 folders]
Governor Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1951
[24 folders]
General files, 1951-1952:
1977/081-243 January-December files, 1951
[12 folders]
Correspondence, 1951
[2 folders]
Press Memorandum, January-December, 1952
[12 folders]
Press Releases, 1951
[2 folders]
1977/081-244 Statements, 1951-1952
[2 expanding folders]
Speeches and Statements, General
Speeches, 1951
Speeches, 1952
Tidelands--General Correspondence
Statewide Tidelands Committee of Texas
Letters on Tidelands Statement
1977/081-245 Report to the Governor and the Legislature
[loose material]
Attorney General's Opinions

[loose material]
Bills, Press Releases
Bills, Proposed Legislation, etc.
Confirmation of Appointments
Oil and Gas
Automobile Inspection Law
52nd Legislature--Budget
52nd Legislature--Interim Committee
52nd Legislature--Correspondence
52nd Legislature--Personnel
Clippings and Publications
Texas Tax Journal
State Government
1977/081-246 Oil Regulation Reports
Biennial Revenue Estimate
Board of County and District Road Indebtedness, December 31, 1950
Message to the Legislature
Report on Ad Valorem Taxes and Funded Indebtedness of Local Units of Government in Texas for the Year 1950
Constitutional Amendments and Revisions, 1951
Constitutional Amendments and Revisions
Interim Committee--51st Legislature
Personnel--51st Legislature
Special Session--Correspondence
Special Session--Press Releases
Special Session--Memoranda
Special Session--Publications, Clippings
Legislature 50th--General
Legislature 51st--Americanism
Legislature 51st--Appropriations
Legislature 51st--Bills
Legislature 51st--Bills, Signed
Legislature 51st--Bills, vetoed
Legislature 51st--Budget
Legislature 51st--Capitol Building Commission and Bill
[empty folder]
Legislature 51st--Committee
Constitutional Amendments and Revision
Legislature 51st--Dead File
Legislature 51st--Education
Legislature 51st--Election Laws
Legislature 51st--Interim Committee
[empty folder]
Legislature 51st--Library
Legislature 51st--Medical
Legislature 51st--Messages
Legislature 51st--Personal
Legislature 51st--Parks
Legislature 51st--Personnel
Legislature 51st--Prisons
Legislature 51st--Senate
[empty folder]
Legislature 51st--Veterans
[empty folder]
Legislature 51st--Miscellaneous
1977/081-247 Motor Vehicle Inspection Law Form Letters
Motor Vehicle Inspection Act. II Form Letters
Form letters
[8 unlabeled folders]
[pertaining to Inspection Law]
Anti-Truman Letters, 1951
General files, 1951-1953:
1977/081-257 Oil and Gas General Correspondence, 1953
Oil and Gas Clippings and Publications, 1953
Oil and Gas--General Correspondence, 1952
[empty folder]
Oil and Gas--Clippings and Publications, 1952
[empty folder]
Oil and Gas--General Correspondence, 1951
Oil and Gas--Clippings & Publications, 1951
Oil Regulation Report
Petroleum Advisory Committee
Press Releases, 1953
Clippings and Publications, 1953
Correspondence, 1952
Press Releases, 1952
Clippings and Publications, 1952
Texas Petroleum Research Committee
Transcript of Radio Discussion
The Oil Industry and The Oil Producing Industry In Your State
[2 booklets]
Oil and Gas--Tri-State Industrial Conference
Correspondence, 1953
Correspondence on Oakville Dam Project
Correspondence, 1951
Press Releases, 1951
Clippings and Publications, 1951
Final Report of Texas Water Code Committee
Drought--General Correspondence, 1953
Tidelands--Correspondence, 1953
1977/081-258 Tidelands--Clippings and Publications, 1953
Tidelands--Washington, D.C., Trip, February 1-13, 1953
Tidelands--Press Releases, 1953
[empty folder]
Poll Tax
Civil Rights, 1949-1950
Civil Rights, 1948
List of U.S. Governors
Inaugural messages--out of state governors
[18 booklets]
Message of Fuller Warren, Florida
Suggested State Legislation
Southern Governors' Conference
National Tax Conference, 1952
National Association of Tax Administrators
Governors' Conference
Governors' Conference--State-Federal Study
Council of State Government
Inauguration, 1953
Itinerary, 1953
Itinerary, 1952
Magazine Cover Letters, Time and Newsweek September 27, 1952
General files, 1951-1954:
1977/081-353 Clemency--Press Releases, January-December, 1954
[3 folders]
Clemency--Restoration of Hunting and Drivers Licenses, 1954
Speeches, (Miscellaneous), 1953
[2 folders]
Speeches--Drafts, Suggestions, etc., 1953-1954
[3 folders]
Press Releases, January-May 1953
[5 folders]
1977/081-354 Press Releases, June-December, 1953
[7 folders]
Press Room
Speeches, 1951
[7 folders]
General files, 1947-1951:
1977/081-505 Inauguration, 1951
Miscellaneous correspondence A-B
[2 folders]
Miscellaneous C-F
[4 folders]
Fire, Firemen, etc.
Miscellaneous G-P
[10 folders]
Polish Constitution Day, 1951
Miscellaneous R-T
[3 folders]
United Nations Day, 1951
Miscellaneous V-Z
[3 folders]
Democratic Committee
State Democratic Executive Committee--Amarillo, Sept. 8
General files, 1951-1952:
1977/081-511 Attorney General's Opinions, 1951-1952
Auditor, State, Mr. Cavness
Budget Message, 1951
Congratulatory Messages, October, 1951
Congressional Representatives, Apportionment of, 1951
Constitutional Amendments, 1951
County Officials, List of, 1951-52
Democratic Committee Chairmen, List of, 1949-1950
Garrison, Homer--Request (Twitchell Case)
Governors, List of, 1950-1951
Highway Department Deeds
Honorary Commissions (Authentic Little Texans)
Legislature, List of 52nd, 1951
Legislature, List of 52nd, Mailing Addresses
Library--Accession Record
Memos, Miscellaneous, 1951
Memos From and To Staff, 1952
Personnel, List of Governor's Office (Addresses & Phone Numbers)
Press Memos--Miscellaneous
Press Room List, Capitol, 1951
State Rooster, Texas, 1951
Shivers' Biography
Mail Lists, November 1-December 31, 1951
[4 folders]
Extraditions (Referred to Secretary of State for Hharing [Hearing?]), 1951
Extraditions and Requisitions (Uncontested--Referred to Secretary of State), 1951
Adjutant General
Appointees, Governor's (By Senatorial Districts & Counties), Jan. 1951
Appointments, Governor's Interim (Submitted to 52nd Legislature), 1951
Extraditions and Requisitions (Referred to Attorney General), 1952
Extraditions and Requisitions (Miscellaneous), 1952
Extraditions and Requisitions (Returned for Correction), 1952
General files, 1952:
1977/081-154 Agriculture Department, 1952
Air Pollution
Accountancy, State Board
Adjutant General, March-December, 1952
[6 folders]
Advisory Committee to the Southwestern Legal Foundation
Aeronautics Commission, 1952
Ambassador to the Vatican
American Bar Association
American Committee on United Europe
American Heart Association
American Heritage Foundation
American Petroleum Institute
American Public Welfare Association, Inc.
[empty folder]
American Red Cross, 1952
Anniversary of the Highway Department
Anonymous Letters
Attorney General, 1952
Appointments with the Governor, 1952
Architectural Examiners Board, 1952
Auditor, State, 1952
Austin Report
Autographs, Request for, 1952
Banking Commission, 1952
Barber Board, 1952
Basic Science Board, 1952
[empty folder]
Battleship Texas Commission, 1952
Biographical Sketch, Request for, 1952
Blind, Commission for, 1952
Board of Control, 1952
Board of Law Examiners
Boys State
Buffalo Bayou and Tributaries
Bureau of the Customs
Bureau of Mines
Chiropody Examiners, State Board of
Chiropractic Examiners, State Board of
Citrus Commission
Civil Aeronautics Board
Civil Rights Question
Civil Defense
A&M College
Arlington State College
Lamar College
North Texas State College
Prairie View University
Sam Houston State Teachers College
Southwest Texas State Teachers College
Stephen F. Austin State College
Sul Ross State College
Texas State College for Women
Texas State University for Negroes
Texas Tech
Conference of American Small Business Organizations
Commissioner of Deeds
Connally Statement
Control, Board of, 1952
Corps of Engineers, U.S. Army
U.S. Engineers
Council of State Governments
Court of Civil Appeals
Dallas Crime Commission
Damon Runyon Cancer Fund
Deeds of Cessions
Deficiency Appropriation--A&M College
Deficiency Appropriation--Dental Examiners Board
Deficiency Appropriation--Industrial Accident Board
Delivery of Military Personnel to Civil Authorities
Democratic Party Affairs
Dental Examiners, State Board of, 1952
Department of Commerce
Disabled American Veterans
Donations, Request for, 1952
Embalming Board
Eisenhower File, General Comment
Employment, 1952
Employees Retirement System, 1952
Extraditions, 1952
Federal Communications Commission
Federal Reserve System
[44 dividers]
1977/081-155 Fire Insurance Commission, 1952
Firemens Pension Commission, 1952
[2 folders]
Game and Fish Commission, 1952
Gas Gathering Tax, Comment
General Revenue Deficit
Good Neighbor Commission, 1952
Gonzales Warm Springs Foundation, 1952
Governor's Conference (Council of State Governments)
Governor's Industrial Development Committee
Governors' Conference, Houston, Texas
Governor to Governor, 1952
Governor's Speeches, 1952
Graham, Billy, File, Comment
Greetings from the Governor
Gulf States Marine Fisheries Compact, 1952
Hairdressers and Cosmetologists, State Board
Health Department, January-December, 1952
[6 folders]
Highway Commission
Highway Department, January-December, 1952
[6 folders]
Honorary Commissions
Honorary Memberships
[empty folder]
Immigration Department
Immortal Forty
Industrial Accident Board
Insurance Commission (Board of Insurance Commissioner)
Interagency Committee on Recreation
Interagency Industrial Development Committee
U.S. Department of the Interior
Internal Revenue
Interstate Commerce Commission
Interstate Oil Compact Commission
Invitations, January-December, 1952
[5 folders]
Invitations Extended by Governor
Invitations Tentative
Jefferson County Mosquito Control Commission
Judiciary Change
Kefauver, Candidacy for President
[35 dividers]
1977/081-156 Labor Statistics, State Bureau of
Land Lease Board (Land Office)
[empty folder]
Land Office
Senate and House Letters
Legislative Budget Board
Legislative Council
Letters of Introduction
Liquor Control Board
Lovett, Robert A. Day, Huntsville
Livestock Sanitary Commission Proclamation
Livestock Sanitary Commission
Vesicular Exanthema
Miscellaneous, January-August
[8 folders]
1977/081-157 Miscellaneous, September-December
[4 folders]
Magazine Correspondence
Maxwell Memorial Foundation
Medical Examiners, State Board of
Migratory Farm Labor
Military Jurisdiction
Motor Vehicle Responsibility Law
Moody Bill
Motor Vehicle Inspection Law
National Association of Manufacturers
National Committee for Police Information
National Conference of State Liquor Administrators
National Social Welfare Assembly, Inc.
National Guard
Naturopathic Examiners, State Board of,
Newspapers Correspondence
Nurse Examiners, State Board of
Office of Defense Mobilization
Official Memorandum
Oil Workers Strike
Optometry, State Board of
Vick Case
Pardons and Paroles, State Board of
Parks Board
Pharmacy, State Board of
Photos Received
Photos Requested
Pink Bollworm Commission--Department of Agriculture
Plumbing Examiners, State Board of
Polio File
Poll Tax--General Comment
Preferential Primary System
[8 dividers]