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Texas Governor Beauford H. Jester:

An Inventory of Records at the Texas State Archives, 1946-1949


Creator: Texas. Governor (1947-1949 : Jester)
Title: Records
Dates: 1946-1949
Abstract: These records consist of correspondence files and general files including reports of Texas Governor Beauford H. Jester. Jester served from January 21, 1947 to July 11, 1949. The records date from 1946 to 1949. Texas governors work with all state agencies, with the judiciary, and with local and federal governments. Governors make appointments to governing boards and fill some judicial and legislative vacancies. Correspondents include the citizens of Texas and private organizations as well. Issuing proclamations, deciding on clemency petitions, and reviewing extradition orders are other facets of governors' duties documented in governors' records. Notable subjects in Governor Jester's records include the reorganization of public schools and teacher pay raises, the Texas City disaster, civil rights, the Tidelands Case, veterans affairs.
Quantity: 84 cubic ft.
Repository: Texas State Archives
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Agency History

The governor of Texas is the chief executive officer of the state, elected by the citizens every four years. The duties and responsibilities of the governor include serving as commander-in-chief of the state's military forces; convening special sessions of the legislature for specific purposes; delivering to the legislature at the beginning of each regular session a report on the condition of the state, an accounting of all public money under the governor's control, a recommended biennial budget, an estimate of the amounts of money required to be raised by taxation, and any recommendations he deems necessary; signing or vetoing bills passed by the legislature; and executing the laws of the state. The governor can grant reprieves and commutations of punishment and pardons, upon the recommendation of the Board of Pardons and Paroles, and revoke conditional pardons. He appoints numerous state officials (with the consent of the Senate), fills vacancies in state and district offices (except vacancies in the legislature), calls special elections to fill vacancies in the legislature, fills vacancies in the United States Senate until an election can be held, and serves as ex officio member of several state boards.

The office of governor was first established by the Constitution of 1845 and superseded the office of president of the Republic of Texas. The position now exists under authority of Article IV, Section 1 of the Constitution of 1876 and Texas Government Code, Chapter 401. To be elected governor, a person must be at least thirty years old, a United States citizen, and a resident of Texas for at least five years preceding the election. In 1972, the term of office was extended from two to four years, effective in 1975. Since 1856 the governor has had the use of the Governor's Mansion.

In 1947 the Office of the Governor had less than 30 full-time equivalent employees. The office was not formally organized into divisions or departments.

Beauford H. Jester Biographical Sketch

Beauford Halbert Jester was born at Corsicana, Texas on January 12, 1893, the son of Frances and George Taylor Jester.

Jester received his B.A. in 1916 from the University of Texas. He joined the U.S. Army, going through World War I officer training at Leon Springs. He emerged as a captain and served with the Ninetieth Division during World War I. After the war he attended Harvard Law School and the University of Texas Law School. He received his L.L.B. degree from the University of Texas in 1920 and went on to practice law in Corsicana.

In 1929 Jester was appointed to the Board of Regents of the University of Texas, serving as the Chairman of the Board from 1933 to 1935. He was appointed to the Texas Railroad Commission in 1942 and was later elected to it, serving from 1942 to 1946.

Jester was elected Governor in 1946. A major contribution of his administration was the passage of the Gilmer-Aiken law, which reorganized the public schools. Other events include the passage of several constitutional amendments and Texas City Explosion of April 16, 1947, one of the state's worst tragedies. Governor Jester was elected to a second term and was the first Texas governor to die in office.

Beauford H. Jester married Mabel Buchanan on June 15, 1921. He died on July 11, 1949.

Scope and Contents of the Records

These records consist of correspondence files and general files including reports of Texas Governor Beauford H. Jester. Jester served from January 21, 1947 to July 11, 1949. The records date from 1946 to 1949. Texas governors work with all state agencies, with the judiciary, and with local and federal governments. Governors make appointments to governing boards and fill some judicial and legislative vacancies. Correspondents include the citizens of Texas and private organizations as well. Issuing proclamations, deciding on clemency petitions, and reviewing extradition orders are other facets of governors' duties documented in governors' records. Notable subjects in Governor Jester's records include the reorganization of public schools and teacher pay raises, the Texas City disaster, civil rights, the Tidelands Case, and veterans affairs.

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Index Terms

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Personal Names:
Jester, Beauford Halbert,--1893-1949.
Corporate Names:
Texas. Office of the Governor.
Administrative agencies--Texas.
Criminal justice, Administration of--Texas.
Disabled veterans--Vocational rehabilitation--Texas.
Educational change--Texas.
Teachers--Salaries, etc.--Texas.
Civil rights--Texas.
Petroleum in submerged lands--Texas.
Submerged lands--Texas.
Texas--Officials and employees--Selection and appointment.
Texas--Politics and government--1865-1950.
Texas City (Tex.)
Document Types:
Administering Texas.
Decision making.

Related Material

The following materials are offered as possible sources of further information on the agencies and subjects covered by the records. The listing is not exhaustive.

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Texas Governor W. Lee O'Daniel, Records, 1938-1941, undated, 73.79 cubic ft. See especially Anti-American activities files, 1939-1941, 1.41 cubic ft.
Texas Governor Price Daniel, Records, 1944-1966, undated, (bulk 1957-1962), approximately 466 cubic ft. See especially Legislative files, 1947, 1956-1962 (bulk 1957-1962), approximately 36 cubic ft.
Texas State Archives Manuscript Collections
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William McGill Papers, 1943-1955, 1958
Inaugurations of Texas Governors Papers, 1895-1965, 5 inches
University of North Texas Archives Oral History Program
Oral history interviews about Jester.

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(Identify the item), Records, Texas Governor Beauford H. Jester. Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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Accession number: 1985/024

These records were transferred to the Archives and Information Services Division of the Texas State Library and Archives Commission by the State and Local Records Management Division of the Commission in 1961.

Processing Information

Inventoried by Archives staff

Detailed Description of the Records


Beauford H. Jester records, 1946-1949,
84 cubic ft.

4-14/43 General Files:
House Bill 727
[6 folders]
W.R. Newton
[6 folders]
4-14/44 General Files:
House Bill 727
[14 folders]
McGill Memorandum
4-14/45 Appointments to Various State Boards:
Miscellaneous unidentified manuscripts
University of Texas, Board of Regents, A.M.G. (Swede) Swenson
Assistant Adjutant General, William H. Martin
Labor Commissioner, M.B. Morgan
Gonzales State Park Commission, Mrs. Henry Reece III, Mrs. B. Duncan Davis, Mrs. A.G. Blackwelder
Criminal District Judge, Court No. 1, Robert A. Hall
Board of Plumbing Examiners, James M. Odom
Civil Judicial Council, Richard M. Morehead
Judge, 129th Judicial District Court, Dan W. Jackson
Board of Pharmacy, Leon L. Kahanek, Shine Phillips
James S. Hogg Memorial Commission, B.G. Byars
Employees Retirement System, Board of Trustees, Joe Fletcher, C.F. Boulden, Fred Bennett
Judge, 133rd Judicial District Court, Wilmer Hunt
Board of Health, A.W. Rogers, T.C. Terrell, John H. Mitchell
Board of Embalming, Glenn W. Massie
Burial Association Rate Board, W.W. Rix, Harry Skinner, M. Shannon, G. Fry, J.E. Keever, T. Welch
Fannin State Park Commission, Mrs. H. Swickheimer, R. Bego, A. Killebrew
Board of Nurse Examiners, Laura Cole, Maurine Bridwell
Judge, 5th Judicial District Court, E. Harold Beck
Board of Optometry, Dr. J.H. Clark, Dr. N.J. Rogers
Advisory Hospital Council, Dr. H. Renger, Dr. M. Minter, B. Templeton, M. Griffin, T. Head, Dr. J.D. Nichols, Dr. R.W. Kimbro, J.W. Hammond, Dr. H. Baker, B. Giesecke, C.T. McLaughlin
Texas Employment Commission, Dwight Horton
Industrial Accident Board, Leonard Carlton
Veterinary Medical Examiners, J.W. Barton, J.B. Mimms, R.L. Rhea, J.D. William, H.K. Maier, W.N. Porter, N.A. Cox
Nueces River Conservation and Reclamation District, T.A. Hardin, Jr., L. DeVilbiss, L. Ricks, F.C. Richter, T. Miller, F.W. Pulliam, F.B. Lefevre
Dallas County Flood Control District, Albert Hagman, Sr.
Texas College of Arts and Industries, Board of Directors, L. Sims, P. Peareson, A. Martin
Board of Public Accountancy, O.H. Maschek, J.A. Phillips, C.A. Freeze
Good Neighbor Commission, K. Hoblitzelle, Gen. J.M. Wainwright, H. Halff, Bishop C.E. Byrne, D. Roderick, G.J. Warren, L.C. Bentsen, H.H. Coffield, R.E. (Bob) Smith
Board of Cosmetology, B.L. Autry
Associate Justice, Supreme Court, Jas. P. Hart
Board of Water Engineers, Col. E.V. Spence
Aeronautics Commission, V.L. Musick
Upper Colorado River Authority, W.D. Holcomb, R.E. Bruce, C. Ivey
San Antonio River Canal and Conservancy District, M.L. Roark, A. Schroeter, M. Giesecke
Board of Registration for Professional Engineers, J.B. Thomas, E.W. Pittman
Board of Pharmacy, L.T. Stinson
Public Weigher, Jefferson County, R. Jones
Public Weigher, Grayson County, R.L. Campbell
Library and Historical Commission, L.W. Kemp, J. Gould
Y.M.C.A. Advisory Committee, W.O. Reed, Lt. Gov. A. Shivers, Rep. O. Locke, Sen. R.L. Proffer
Prison Board, B.A. Stufflebeme
Board of Barber Examiners, G.W. Dick, J.B. Burris
Board of Architectural Examiners, B. Cocke
Board of Chiropody Examiners, Dr. K.L. Rice, Dr. O.M. Murphy
Board of Trustees, Municipal Retirement System, R.H. Laird, A.H. Grantham, C.E. Damron, D.D. Nixon
Goliad State Park Commission, Mrs. K. Woods
Board of Trustees, Teacher Retirement System, J.W. Edgar
Prison Board, E.L. Lincoln
Battleship Texas Commission, A.W. Neville
Liquor Control Board, L.B. Brown
Prison Board, F.M. Robertson
Associate Justice, Court of Civil Appeals, 3rd Judicial District, R. Gray
Battleship Texas Commission, F. Butler
Commission for the Blind, W.R. Taylor
District Attorney, 32nd Judicial District, E.B. Mahon
Liquor Control Board, G.H. (Jack) Little
Aide-de-Camp, Governors Staff, W.T. Bondurant
Advisory Board State Guard Reserve Corps:
Maj. Gen. C.V. Birkhead
Maj. Gen. J.W. Page
Col. I.S. Ashburn
Col. K.R. Mallory
Col. E.K. White
Col. R.C. Allen
Lt. Col. A.D. Rooke
Lt. Col. S.N. Ekdahl
Lt. Col. E.D. Konken
Lt. Col. L.M. Bentsen
Training School Code Commission:
S.L. Bellamy
Dr. W.H. Elkins
Mrs. R. Fonville
D.L. Jackson
Rev. W.K. Kerr
H. Russell
R. Townsend
Gilmer-Aikin Commission:
H.A. Moore
B.F. Pittenger
N. Proctor
Mrs. Jesse G. Smith
H.W. Stilwell
Dr. R.J. Turrentine
Rio Grande Compact Commission, L.A. Scott
Rio Grande Compact Commission, J.E. Quaid
Judge, 83rd Judicial District, A.R. Fraser
Board of Control, T.B. Warden
Public Safety Commission, G.W. Cottingham
Game, Fish and Oyster Commission, G. Howe
Chief Justice, Supreme Court, J.E. Hickman
Associate Justice, Supreme Court, St. J. Garwood
Board of Education, R.B. Cousins, Jr.
Board of Medical Examiners, Dr. W.A. Stiles
Civil Judicial Council, L. Jaworski
Board of Medical Examiners, Dr. H.O. Smith
Battleship Texas Commission, T.C. Dunn, Jr.
District Attorney, 76th Judicial District, J.R. Cornelius, Jr.
San Jacinto State Park Commission, O.H. Carlisle
Firemen's Pension Commissioner, F. Williams
Board of Dental Examiners, Dr. Emmett R. Johnson
Board of Mansion Supervisors, Mrs. G.B. Butler
James S. Hogg Memorial Commission, C. Estes
Commission of Public Safety, H.H. Thompson
State College For Women, Board of Regents, Mrs. C.B. Fletcher
Lower Colorado River Authority, J.C. Lewis
Board of Barber Examiners, E.O. Burrer
Board of Medical Examiners, Dr. L.H. Denman
Parks Board, L.F. Fuller
Judge, 37th Judicial District, Wm. C. Davis
Central Colorado River Authority:
C. Averett
R.G. Hollingsworth
W.T. Stewardson
C. Thate
Board of Embalming, T.E. Schier
Commissioner of Deeds (New York State), F.J. Silverstein
Commissioner, Uniform State Law, B.H. Powell
Surplus Property Committee, L. Moses, K.L. Mills
Judge, 126th District Court, J. Roberts
District Attorney, 53rd Judicial District, R.J. (Bob) Long
Presiding Judge, Third Administrative Judicial District, A.P. Mays
Board of Barber Examiners, E.O. Burrer
Merit System Council member, Col. Ike Ashburn
Upper Red River Flood Control and Irrigation District, T.J. Dunbar and J.A. Whaley
Board of Public Accountancy, A.H. Freemon and L.O. Lewis
Judge, 11th District Court, B.F. Moorhead
James S. Hogg Memorial Commission, G. Calhoun
Judge, 87th District Court, R.W. Williford
Texas Employment Commission, Col. D. Horton
Judge, 30th District Court, F. Ikard
University of Texas, Board of Regents:
Mrs. M. B. Tobin
D.M. Warren
D.K. Woodward
Lake Texoma Commission, Sen. Chas. R. Jones, and Rep. C.C. Gardner
Judge, 101st District Court, D.A. Blankenship
Lake Texoma Commission:
J. Cooper
W.W. Lechner
A.G. McRae
State Service Officer, J.C. Jones
Judge, 70th District Court, P. Moss
Veterans Affairs Commission, M. Weems
Board of Education:
G.M. Denman
W. Hughston
A. Temple
J. Binion
State College For Women, Board of Regents:
M. Pollard
Mrs. A.F. Dietreich
R. Craig
Judge, 87th District Court, R.W. Williford
Upper Colorado River Authority:
G.C. Allen
C.S. Coleman
F. Cannon
Lower Colorado River Authority:
J.C. Lewis
C. Kuykandall
A. Hardin
State Teachers Colleges, Board of Regents:
H.L. Mills
N.S. Harrell
E.M. Brotze
Municipal Retirement System, Executive Trustee, R.H. Laird
Board of Registration for Professional Engineers, W.M. Andrews:
James S. Hogg Memorial Commission, Miss Ima Hogg
Highway Commission, A.F. Mitchell
Agricultural and Mechanical College, Board of Directors:
G.R. White
E.W. Harrison
A.E. Cudlipp
Liquor Control Board, F.H. Minor
District Judge, 126th Judicial District, R.C. Archer
Highway Commission, R.J. Potts
Goliad State Park Commission, B. Albrech
Board of Nurse Examiners, Sister C. Elizabeth
4-14/46 General Files:
Emergency Matters Submitted to The Legislature
Confirmation of Governor's Appointments
Memoranda on Bills
[2 folders]
Appointments By Letter To The Secretary of State (Not Requiring Senate Confirmation)
Addresses of Democratic Nominees, 51st Legislature (Legislation List)
Bills Introduced
Governor's Messages To The 51st Legislature
Messages To The Senate (51st) (Appointments)
County Democratic Chairmen (list)
Senatorial Districts (list)
Chamber of Commerce (list)
51st Legislature, Membership
Modern Trends In State Government Report
Committee Report to Southern Governors
State Departments in Austin (Addresses)
Governors Speech on Tidelands Issue
Curtis Morris Report to Governor on Tidelands Issue
Tidelands Committee
Memoranda on Bills
Governor's Speech at Ashville, North Carolina, 1947
Gas Legislation, Correspondence
Members 51st Legislature
Committees, House and Senate
Replies from Senate and Congress Re: Tidelands and Filibuster
Mexican Officials
Texas Delegation in Congress, Mail list
Youth Development Board
Correspondence, Oil Situation
Letters on Tidelands Discussion
State Governors, Mail List
Tidelands (Letters to New Governors)
Brazos District, Whitney Dam Project
Past Session Vetoes
Beaumont-Port Arthur Strike Situation
4-14/47 General Files:
Miscellaneous unidentified manuscripts
Information, General
Jefferson-Jackson Committee
Jefferson National Expansion Memorial Association
Junior Chamber of Commerce International World Congress
Junior Achievement, Inc.
Juvenile Delinquency
U.S. Department of Labor, 1949
U.S. Department of Labor, 1948
Labor Statistics, Bureau of, 1949
Lake Texoma Compact
Labor Statistics, Bureau of, 1948
Land Commission, 1949
[2 folders]
Land Commission, 1948
Land Lease Board (General Land Office)
Board of Examiners of Land Surveyors
Land Surveyors, State Licensed
Latin-American Scholarships
League of Texas Municipalities
Legal Advice, 1948
Legal Advice, 1949
Letters of Congratulations from Governor to Re-Elected Members of Legislature
Letters From Governor To Members Of The House and Senate Forwarding The "Report To The People"
Bills Governor has signed, Letters to House and Senate Members
[2 folders]
One-Year Plan
Oil and Gas Information
Letters of Introduction, 1949
Letters of Introduction, 1948
[folders A-G]
4-14/48 General Files:
Branch Pilot, Sabine Bar, C.M. Bancroft
Branch Pilot, Sabine Bar, S.W. Levingston, Jr.
Branch Pilot, Sabine Bar, A. Pederson
Branch Pilot, Sabine Bar, J.E. Gonzales
Branch Pilot, Sabine Bar, G.R. Robinson
Sabine Pass, Bar and Tributaries Branch Pilots, 2 year terms
Galveston-Texas City Branch Pilots
Port of Galveston Branch Pilots
Galveston Bar and Houston Ship Channel Branch Pilots
Lower Colorado River Authority, A. Hardin
Mouth of the Brazos River and Bar, Wm. S. Allen and S.W. Hudgins
Branch Pilot, Port Isabel and San Benito, J. Kelly and A.D. Shaw
Texas Civil Judicial Council
Veterans Affairs Commission
Advisory Hospital Council, Mrs. W. Reed
Fireman's Pension Commission, H.B. Satterfield
Letters and Memos Pertaining to Appointments
Mail Lists:
August 1948
September 1948
October 1948
November 1948
March 1948
April 1948
June 1948
July 1948
December 1948
October 1948
February 1948
May 1948
January 1948
Immigration and Naturalization Service (U.S. Government)
Independent Petroleum Association of America
Industrial Commission of Texas
Industrial Accident Board, 1947
Industries in Texas
Industrial Survey
Industrial Encyclopedia of the Southern States
Industrial Safety Program
Board of Insurance Commissioners, 1949
Board of Insurance Commissioners, 1948
Interior, U.S. Department of
Inter-Agency Committee on Migrant Farm Labor
[2 folders]
Inter-American Congress of Municipal History
Inter-Coastal Canal Association
Interim Council on Regional Planning
Internal Revenue, U.S. Bureau of
International House, New Orleans
International House of Texas
Interstate Oil Compact Commission, 1949
Interstate Oil Compact Commission, 1948
Interstate Oil Compact Commission Meeting New York City, Sept. 1, 1948
Interstate Commerce Committee
4-14/49 General Files:
Miscellaneous unidentified documents, 1948:
[2 folders]
Miscellaneous unidentified documents, 1949:
4-14/50 Appointments to Various State Boards:
Letters and Memos Pertaining to Appointments
[folders H-W]
Library and Historical Commission, 1947
Liquor Control Board, 1949
Liquor Control Board, 1948
Livestock Sanitary Commission, 1949
Livestock Sanitary Commission, 1948
Lower Colorado River Authority, 1949
Lower Neches Valley Authority
Prison Board
Board of Registration for Professional Engineers
Commission of Public Safety
Department of Public Safety (Texas Rangers)
Department of Public Welfare
Public Weighers
[2 folders]
Rio Grande Compact Commission
San Jacinto Park Board
San Antonio River Canal and Conservancy District
Board of Pilot Commissioners, Sabine Bar and Tributaries
Railroad Commission
[2 folders]
Sabine-Neches Conservation District
Securities Commission
State Employees Retirement System
Teacher Retirement System
Sulphur River Conservation and Reclamation District
Texas Employment Commission
Texas Citrus Commission
Texas Civil Judicial Council
[2 folders]
Texas Dental Society Appointments
Texas State Educational Agency for Surplus Property
Texas School for Deaf, Board of Trust
Texas State Guard Reserve Corps, Advisory Board
Texas Training School Code Commission
Upper Colorado River Authority
Upper Red River Control and Irrigation District
Veterans Affairs Commission
[2 folders]
Veterans Advisory Committee
Veterans Service Officer
4-14/51 General Files:
House Bill 632 (Fraternities and Sororities)
House Bill 695 (Tax Foreclosure sale)
House Bill 702
House Bill 813
House Bill 835
House Bill 843
Senate Bills Passed
General Files, Correspondence:
Senate Bill 20
Senate Bill 24
Senate Bill 36
Senate Bill 46
Senate Bill 74
Senate Bill 76
Senate Bill 131
Senate Bill 178
Senate Bill 217
Senate Bill 227
Senate Bill 302
Senate Bill 304
Senate Bill 313
Senate Bill 375
Senate Bill 431
Various House and Senate Bills
[4 folders]
Invitations Declined, High School Commencements
[3 folders]
4-14/52 General Files:
Correspondence, April, 1949
[2 folders]
Correspondence, May, 1949
Correspondence, June, 1949
Mansion Supervisors, Board of
Maritime Commission, U.S.
Mathias, Joe (Chief of Canadian Indians)
McDonald Observatory Ceremony
McKinney Cyclone
Medical Examiners, Board of, 1947
Memorial Day
Memos from Governor Jester
Memos from Secretary of State's Office
Merit System Council (Texas EmploymentCommission)
Mexican Labor
Mexican Segregation in Public Schools
Mid Continent Oil and Gas Assoc.
Cardinal Mindszenty Trial
Missouri Valley Authority
Municipal Retirement System, Board of Trustees
National Association of Assessing Officers
National Association of Attorneys General
National Association of the Deaf
National Association For The Advancement of Colored Peoples
National Association of Tax Administrators, 1947
National Cancer Foundation
National Committee For Mental Hygiene
National Conference of Juvenile Agencies
National Conference on Prevention and Control of Juvenile Delinquency
National Committee For Alcoholism
National Confederation of Small Agricultural Property Owners
National Conference of Catholic Charities
National Defense Reserve Facilities Board
National Education Association
National Employ the Physically Handicapped Week
National Farm Chemurgic Council
National Foundation For Infantile Paralysis
National Guard
National Guard of Texas
National Labor Relations Board
National Reclamation Association, 1947
National Safety Council, 1947
National Association of Railroad and Utilities Commissioners
Natural Gas Situation, 1947
National Rivers and Harbors Congress
National Tax Association Meeting, Miami, Fla.
Navarro County Junior College
National Guard Armory Board
Navy Department, U.S.
New Jersey, Alfred E. Driscoll (Governor)
Board of Nurse Examiners
N.Y.A. [National Youth Administration] Property, Palestine
Negro Education Facilities, 1947
Negro Football Players
4-14/53 Bills of the House and Senate (Passed):
House Bill No. 455
House Bill No. 631
House Bill No. 632
House Bill No. 403
House Bill No. 543
House Bill No. 34
House Bill No. 379, 380
House Bill No. 23
House Bill No. 27
Additional House Bills Passed
Palo Duro Park Bill
4-14/54 General Files, Appointments:
Veterans Land Board
Board of Veterinary Examiners
[3 folders]
Washington State Park Commission
Board of Water Engineers
[2 folders]
Water Conference
Texas A & I, Board of Directors
A & M College Board of Directors
A & M College
Lamar Tech.
Texas State University For Negroes
[2 folders]
North Texas College Board
Texas Tech, Board of Regents
[2 folders]
Texas State College For Women, Board of Regents
State Teachers College, Board of Regents
[2 folders]
University of Texas, Board of Regents
4-14/55 Miscellaneous Publications
[unorganized, without folders]
4-14/56 General Files:
Invitations, 1946,
[22 folders]
Employees Affidavits
Extradition Request, H.C. Coker
War Bond Purchase Record
4-14/57 Clemency Correspondence
[26 folders]
4-14/58 General Files:
Mail List, 1945
Invitations Accepted, 1946
Miscellaneous unidentified documents
Invitations Declined, 1946
Correspondence, Unidentified
[5 folders]
4-14/59 General Files:
Library Development Legislation
Liquor Legislation
Ethical Medical Practices Legislation
Negro Education
Oil and Gas
Old Age Assistance Legislation
Labor Legislation, 1947
[2 folders]
General Legislation
Fair Trade Practices Act
[2 folders]
Horse Racing, Pari-Mutual Betting
State Board of Health
Cooperative Hospitals
Hotel Fire Prevention Legislation
Interstate Oil Compact Commission Bill
Corporal Punishment Legislation
Child Delinquency
Highway Legislation
Labor Legislation
Labor Relations
Basic Science Bill
[2 folders]
Big Bend National Park
Boll Weevil Control
Bureau of Economic Geology
Business Corporation Act
Chiropractic Legislation
Civil Service Law
Claims Bill Legislation
Committee for Personal Liberty
Criminal Statutes Legislation
Divorce Legislation
Eleemosynary Institutions
Federal Municipal Relations
Forest Fire Protection, Emergency Appropriation
Game, Fish and Oyster Commission
Gas Conservation, Proposed Legislation
Basic Science Bill Correspondence, 1947
[3 folders]
4-14/60 General Files:
Rent Control
Panhandle Hereford Breeders Association
Pan American Optimist Club
Parks Board, 1947
Payne Family
Penn State Negroes (Re: Cotton Bowl)
Pioneer Air Lines Case
Plaque Presentation
Board of Pardons and Paroles, 1947
Plague, Letters from Dr. N.E. Wayson
Prefabricated Housing, Governor's Office
Prison Board (Board Members), 1947
Public Finance
Prison System, Newspaper Comment
Prison Board, 1947
Prison System, 1947
Prison System (General Manager), 1947
Department of Public Safety, 1947
State Democratic Executive Committee
Democratic National Committee, 1947
Organization of State Democrats, Officers
Democratic Executive Committee Members
Political Organizations
Political Philosophy
Young Democrats of Texas
Young Democrats Controversy
4-14/61 General Files:
Public Welfare, Department of
[folders A-Z]
Bullitt, William C., Speech to Legislature
Bureau of Reclamation (Department of The Interior)
Burial Association Rate Board
Bureau of the Budget
Butane Gas Shortage
Brazos Island Harbor Project
Brazos River Conservation and Reclamation District, 1947, 1948, 1949
British Stone Presentation
Brownwood Convention
Books Received
Boys Scouts of America, 1947
Board of Control, 1949
Board of Control, 1948
Baseball File
Beaumont Strike
Belton Dam
Bids on State Textbooks
Big Bend Park, 1947
Birthday Greetings, 1948
Blind Commission
U.S. Attorney General
Auditors Office
Austin Chamber of Commerce
Automatic Tax Board
Banking Commission, 1947
Lubbock State Bank, (Banking Commission)
Banking Department, 1947
Barber Board, 1947
Battleship Texas Commission, 1949
4-14/62 General Files:
Attorney General Opinions, 1948-1949
Attorney General, 1948
Arkansas, State of
Archer City Water Shortage
Atascosa County Soil Conservation District
Attorney General of Texas, 1949
Angelina River Pollution
Anglo-American Petroleum Agreement
[2 folders]
Announcements for State Office
Appointments with the Governor, 1949
American Silent Guest Committee
American Legion, 1948-49
Anatomical Board of Texas
Anderson Cancer Hospital
McDonald Indictment, State Department of Agriculture
United States Department of Agriculture
Air Line Pilots Association
Alamo Museum
American Association of Blood Banks
American Association of Mental Deficiency
American Bible Society, 1947
American Cancer Society
American Goiter Association
American Graves Registration (U.S. Army)
American Heart Association
American Ordnance Association
American Overseas Aid
American Petroleum Institute
American Prison Association, 1947
American Red Cross
Administrative Cabinet
Ad valorem Tax
Advertising Federation of America
Advisory Committee, Texas State Guard
Texas Aeronautics Commission, 1949
Texas Aeronautics Commission, 1948
Administrative Cabinet Transcripts
Agriculture, Department of, 1947
Administrative Cabinet
Administrative Cabinet Meeting, March 25, 1948
Acting Governors File
Adjutant General, 1949
Adjutant General, 1948
Naylor and Ainsworth Special File
4-14/63 General Files:
Correspondence, 1947
[10 folders]
District Attorney, 25th Judicial District, Ellison, W.E.
District Attorney, 47th Judicial District
District Attorney, 50th Judicial District
District Attorney, 66th Judicial District
District Attorney, 72nd Judicial District
District Attorney, 76th Judicial District
Division of Information
Donations, Requests for
Driver Education and Training (Advisory Committee)
Democratic Platform, 1948
Democrat-Republican Contributions
Board of Dental Examiners, 1947
Department of the Air Force
Department of the Army
District Attorneys
District Attorneys Pay Bill
District Attorney Nueces County
District Attorney 25th Judicial District
District Attorney 7th Judicial District
District Attorney 32nd Judicial District
Council of State Governments, 1948
County Judges, Special Appointments
Democratic Platform
Courts of Civil Appeals
Courts, Misc.
Courtesy File
County Taxes
Criminal Code Revision
Crippled Children
Ezekiel Cullen Information
Deficiency Appropriations, Requests, 1947
DeNovo Bill
Democratic Executive Committee, 1947
Democratic National Convention
Democratic National Committee
4-14/64 General Files:
Press Releases, June-Dec. 1946
Press Releases, Jan.-May 1946
Old Age Assistance, Cases
[folders A-F]
Press Releases and Memos to Press, Jan-Mar. 1947
Press Releases, April-July 1947
Press Releases, 1946-1947
Special Press Releases by Mrs. O'Neil
Press Releases, 1947
[16 folders]
4-14/65 General Files:
Invitations Declined, Sept. 1948
Invitations Accepted, Oct. 1948
Governor's Dallas Visit
Invitations Declined, Oct. 1948
Invitations Accepted, Nov. 1948
Invitations Declined, Nov. 1948
Invitations Declined, Dec. 1948
Invitations Accepted, Dec. 1948
Invitations Declined, July 1948
Invitations Accepted, Aug. 1948
Governor's Abilene Visit
Governor's Pampa Visit
Governor's Big Spring Visit
Invitations Declined, Aug. 1948
Invitations Accepted, Sept. 1948
Invitations Declined, June 1948
Invitations Accepted, July 1948
Carthage Centennial Anniversary, July 15, 1948
Banquet State Bar of Texas, Houston
Navasota Watermelon Festival and Testimonial Dinner, Gladewater Texas
Stamford Rodeo, July 3, 1948
Invitations Declined, May 1948
Invitations Accepted, June 1948
Southwestern University, Honorary Degree
Shrine Convention, Atlantic City
Round Rock, Swedish Old Settlers
Conroe Lions Club, Guest Speaker
Dedication, Legion Post Building, Moody, Texas
Invitations Declined, April 1948
Invitations Accepted, May 1948
Alcoa Trip to Port Lavaca
Caldwell County Celebration
Texas Wesleyan College, Address to Graduation
Texas Bankers Association, San Antonio
Old Fiddlers Convention, Athens
Invitations Declined, March 1948
Invitations Accepted, April 1948
Lon Morris College, 75th Anniversary Celebration
San Antonio, Alamo Address by the Governor
4-14/66 General Files:
General Folder
Birthday Greetings
Congratulatory Telegrams and Letters
Driver Test Clinic
Highway Map, Statement by Governor Jester
National and Inter-American Music Week Committee
Inaugural Address
Inaugural Ceremonies, 1947
Mexican Delegation, Inauguration
Inaugural Invitations
Inauguration, 1946
"A Charge I Have To Keep" (Inauguration)
Mexican Delegation
Inaugural Invitations
Appropriation, General Revenue Fund by 50th Legislature
Appropriations for State Departments
Proposed Legislation, 1947
H.R. 5206, Physically Handicapped and Disabled Legislation
Boxing and Wrestling Commission
Basic Science Law Legislation
Aviation, Bills on
Basic Science Law Correspondence
[4 folders]
4-14/67 General Files:
Mexican Consul General, 1947
Poland Consul General, 1947
Consul of Switzerland
Corsicana Centennial
Corsicana Chamber of Commerce
Compulsory Spanish in Public Schools
Constitutional Amendments (State)
Council of State Governments, 1949
Congress, Natural Gas Act
Rizley Bill (H.B. 4051)
H.R. 4646
Argentina, Embassy
Belgium Consul General, 1947
British Consulate General, Houston
Consul of China, 1947
Czechoslovak Consul, 1947
Ecuador, Vice-Consul
Egyptian Ambassador
Consul of El Salvador (Brownsville, Texas)
Consul General of France, 1947
Consul of Haiti
Consulate General of Lebanon
Republic of Liberia, Liberian Council
Constitution of the United States, Proposed Amendments
Corps of Engineers (U.S. Army)
Commission on Interstate Cooperation
Committee on Election Laws
Committee on Constitutional Revision
Community Chest
Conference on Labor Legislation
U.S. Congress, Committees, Bills and Appropriations
Bulwinkle Bill (S.B. 110)
Senate Bill 2231
H.R. 2239 (Amendment to the Surplus Property Act)
Senate Bill 2286
H.R. 3194
Jenkins-Rogers Bill (H.R. 3345, 5645)
College Building Amendment Committee
Commerce, U.S. Department
Communist Party
Comptroller of Texas, 1948
Comptroller of Texas, 1949
Committee for Constitutional Government
Commissioner of Deeds
Comments as to Political Future
Negro University, 1947-1949
North Texas State Teachers College
Sam Houston State Teachers College
Stephen F. Austin State Teachers College
Sul Ross State Teachers College
Texas College of Mines and Metallurgy, El Paso
Texas Military College, Terrell
Texas Technological College
Texas State College For Women
Collector of Customs
Agricultural and Mechanical College, 1947
Arts and Industries, College of, 1947
East Texas State Teachers College
John Tarleton Agriculture College
Lamar College
North Texas Agricultural College
Prarie View State, Normal and Industrial College
Civil Aeronautics Commission
Civil Air Patrol
Civil Service Commission
Civilian Defense
Clipping Service
Closed Sessions, State Departments
Coastal Area Water Conference
4-14/68 General Files:
Capital Plan
Central Texas Water Conservation Conference
Child and Youth Week
Childrens Court Bill
Chiropody Examiners, State Board
Christian Rural Overseas Program
Christmas Greetings
Citrus Commission
Calf Scramble, 1949
Cameron County Elections
Camp Bowie Game Preserve
Campaign for Governor, 1948
Camp Swift
Canada (Dental Meeting)
Caucuses of the Texas Delegation Democratic Convention at Philadelphia
Invitations Tentative, 1949
Southwestern Cattleraisers Association
San Angelo F.S.S. and Rodeo
Invitations Tentative, 1948
Invitations Extended, 1948
Invitations Extended, 1949
Raymondville Ceremony
Dallas, Ft. Worth, Stephenville
Invitations Declined, May 1949
Invitations Accepted, May 1949
Invitations Accepted, June 1949
Invitations Declined, June 1949
Invitations Declined, March 1949
Invitations Accepted, March 1949
Invitations Declined, April 1949
Invitations Accepted, April 1949
Invitations Declined, Jan. 1949
Invitations Accepted, Jan. 1949
Invitations Declined, Feb. 1949
Invitations Accepted, Feb. 1949
Invitations Declined, Feb. 1949
Washington's Birthday Celebration, Laredo
Associated General Contractors
Graduation Exercises, Medical School, Galveston
Invitations Accepted, March 1949
Illinois Oil and Gas Association
4-14/69 General Files:
Eradication of Sparrows
Extraordinary Session
Park Commissioners Council
Farm Labor Supply Centers in Texas
Federal Aid Spending in Texas
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Federal Communications Commission
Federal Housing Expediter
Federal Power Commission
Federal Security Agency
Federal Trade Commission
Federal Works Agency
Federal Youth Assistance Program
State Finance Committee
Fire Insurance Commission, 1947
Firemen's Pension Commission, 1947
Fort Travis
Forest Fires, East Texas
Ft. Bliss Centennial Celebration
Franklin D. Roosevelt Birthday Memorial Committee
Franklin D. Roosevelt Warm Springs Memorial Commission
Freight Rates, 1947
French Friendship Train
[2 folders]
Ft. Worth Convention
Ft. Worth Flood
Fuel Oil Shortage
Game, Fish and Oyster, 1949
Game, Fish and Oyster, 1948
Garrison, Homer (Honorary Dinner)
George Washington Carver Foundation
Georgia, Department of Agriculture, Farmers Markets
Gifts Received, 1949
Gifts Received, 1948
Gilmer-Aikin Commission
Good Neighbor Commission, 1948
Good Neighbor Commission, 1949
Government Reports, Office of
Governors Advisory Committee on Veterans Education
Governors Highway Safety Conference
4-14/70 General Files:
Governors Highway Safety Conference
Governors Staff
Governors Tax Study Committee
Governors Scripture Passages
Governor to Governor, 1949
Governor to Governor, 1948
Grants-in-Aid Committee (Council of State Governments)
Council of State Governments (Washington D.C.)
Gray Report
Hairdressers and Cosmetologists, Board of
Gribble, Robert W.
Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority, 1947
Gulf Exploration File
Health Department, 1949
Health Department, 1948
Gulf States Marine Fisheries Compact
Hotel Dieu Hospital Case
Highway Department, 1949
Invitations Declined, Jan., 1948
Invitations Accepted, Jan., 1948
Houston Fat Stock Show and Rodeo, Jan., 1948
Invitations Accepted, Feb., 1948
Highway Department, Aug., 1948
Hilton Dinner
Hogg Foundation (University of Texas)
Hoof and Mouth Disease, 1949
Hoof and Mouth Disease, 1948
Honorary Commissions, 1949
Honorary Commissions, 1948
Hospital Advisory Council
Houston Horse Show Association
Housing Shortage Comment
Houston Water Conference
Hunter Memorial
4-14/71 General Files:
Miscellaneous, October
Miscellaneous, September
Miscellaneous, August
Miscellaneous, July
Miscellaneous, June
Miscellaneous, May
Miscellaneous, April
Miscellaneous, March
Miscellaneous, February
Miscellaneous, January
Mail Lists, 1947
Maine, State of
Management Consultants
Man of the Year Banquet
Mental Institutions
Mexican Politics, 1947
Milk Shortage
Millionth Telephone
National Legislation, 1947
National Politics
Nevada, Governor Vail Pittman
New Orleans Trip
Newspapers, Radio Stations
New Hampshire, Charles M. Dale Governor
New Jersey, Alfred E. Driscoll Governor
New York, State of
Office of Price Administration
Ohio, Thomas J. Herbert Governor
Oil and Gas Situation, 1947
Oil Supply-Demand Statistics, Dec. 1947
East Texas Forest Survey, 1947
East Texas Water Conference
Education Department, 1948
Education Department, 1949
Easter Cards
Education, State Board of
Eighth Service Command, 1947
Eleemosynary Institutions Board
Emergency Crash Landing
Emergency Food Conservation Commission
M.P. Food
Emergency Fuel Commission
4-14/72 General Files:
Labor, U.S. Department of
Labor Statistics, Bureau of, 1947
Labor and Management
Labor File (Memos, Letters, Information and Legislation)
Land Commission, 1947
Invitations Accepted, 1947
Invitations Tentative, 1947
Invitations Extended, 1947
Law Enforcement Conventions
Le Tourneau Technical Institute
Legislative Council
Letters of Introduction, 1947
Governor's Nomination Committee
Members of Legislature, 1947
H.C.R. 97-104
Governors File H.B. 17
Governors File H.B. 27
H.B. 111
H.C.R. 147
Governors File H.B.632
House and Senate Bills and Resolutions
House Bill 727
SJR 2 to Governor from Senator Moffett
Lincoln, Abraham
Lump Sum Appropriations
Legal Advise
Liquor Control Board, 1947
Livestock, Sanitary Commission, 1947
Lower Colorado River Authority, 1947
Misc., December
Misc., November
4-14/73 General Files:
Correspondence on the Teacher's Pay Increase (Bulk, un-organized)
4-14/74 General Files:
Correspondence on the Teacher's Pay Increase (Bulk, un-organized)
4-14/75 General Files:
Correspondence on Rent Control
[9 folders]
4-14/76 General Files:
Correspondence on the Teacher's Pay Increase (Bulk, un-organized)
4-14/77 General Files:
U.S. Senate Race Comments
United States Judges (District)
U.S. Public Health Service
Universal Military Training
Veto Messages, 1949
Voluntary Parole System, 1948
Voluntary Parole System, 1949
Disabled American Veterans, 1949
Veterans Administration, 1949
Veterans Administration, 1948
Veterans Affairs Commission, 1949
Veterans Affairs Commission, 1948
Veterans Bonus Comment, 1949
Veterans Bonus Comment, 1948
[2 folders]
Veterans Land Board
[2 folders]
Veterans Employment Service
State Board for Vocational Education, 1949
State Board for Vocational Education, 1948
War Assets Administration, 1949
War Assets Administration, 1948
Water Engineers, State Board of, 1949
Water Engineers, State Board of, 1948
Water Conservation Conference, 1948
Water Conservation Conference, 1949
Water Shortages; Bexar, Atascosa, Medina Counties
Texas Training School Code Commission
[2 folders]
West Texas Water Conference
Womens National Defense Council
Whitney Dam
World Affairs and Politics
Women's Christian Temperance Union
Woolen Industry in Texas
YMCA Youth and Government Program
4-14/78 General Files:
Young, Robert R., Banquet
Youth Clubs
Youth Development Council
Texas Training School Code Commission
[3 folders]
Zavala Family
Rent Control Package Correspondence
Youth Development Bill
Rent Control
High School Graduation Form Letters, 1949
[3 folders]
4-14/79 General Files:
Reports of Various State Offices
4-14/80 General Files:
Bulletins and Reports
Texas Highway Department
4-14/81 General Files:
Request for Misc. Information
Railroad Commission, 1947
Industrialization of Texas
Rainey, Dr. Homer P.
[empty folder]
Request for State Information
Research Agencies
School Teacher Financing
[2 folders]
Rickenbackers Texas Visit
Rice Experimental Program
Rio Grande Valley Cotton Valley Case
Roosevelt Speech File
Safety Conference
Sales Tax Comments
San Jacinto Poem
San Marcos Telephone Strike
M.P. Schools
Inaugural Address of Governor R.J. Williams (South Carolina)
South Carolina, J. Strom Thurmond Governor
State Advertising
State Approval Agency for Veterans Education under Public Law 346
State Selective Service System, 1947
Directors, State Selective Service System
4-14/82 General Files:
Texas Safety Association
Texas Society of Professional Engineers
Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association
Texas Social Welfare Association
Texas State Aviation Association
Texas State Dental Society
Texas State Guard
Texas State Health Education Council
Texas School for the Deaf Investigation
Texas Sheep and Goat Raisers Association
Texas State Soil Conservation Board
Texas Social Welfare Association
Texas State Dental Society
Texas State Library
Texas State Teachers Association
Texas Water Conservation Association
Third Party
Travis County Forest Fires
Treasury Department, U.S.
Truman Inauguration
Truman's Visit to Texas
Tucker Automobile Stock Sale Question
Two-Thirds Rule
Unification Bill
Uniform State Laws
United Nations Appeal for Children, 1947-1949
Union Labor
United Nations
Bureau of Business Research, (University of Texas), 1948
Heman Marion Sweatt Case (University of Texas)
Medical School, Galveston (University of Texas), 1949
Medical School, Galveston (University of Texas), 1948
San Antonio Medical School (University of Texas)
University of Texas Development Board
University of Texas, (C.R. Granberry), 1949
Bureau of Business Research, (University of Texas), 1949
University of Texas, 1949
University of Texas, 1948
U.S. Army
United States Chamber of Commerce
U.S. Junior Chamber of Commerce
United States Forest Service
United States-Mexico Fisheries Conference
U.S. Military Academy
4-14/83 General Files:
Rent Decontrol Legislation Letters
4-14/84 General Files:
Rent Decontrol Legislation Letters
4-14/85 Bills:
House Bill 727
Correspondence on House Bill 727
4-14/86 Bills:
House Bill 727
4-14/87 Inauguration Material
4-14/88 General Files:
Correspondence, General, 1949
[8 folders]
Eddie Vaughn, Special File
Pecan Meeting
Governors, Acting
Fire Prevention
Public Welfare
Industrial Survey
Interstate Cooperation
Medical Matters
Public Safety
School Land Board
Secretary of State
Youth Development
Treasury Department, State
Brotherhood Week
Directories, Special
Land Office
Vocational Education
Lower Colorado River Authority
Rent Decontrol
4-14/89 General Files:
Invitations Accepted, December
Invitations Declined, December
Uvalde Veterans of ForeignWars, Invitation Accepted
Interstate Oil Compact Commission Meeting, Oklahoma City, Invitation Accepted
Invitations Declined, November
Prison Board, C.V. Compton
Veterans Affairs Commission
Veterans Affairs Commission, Governors Appointments
Secretary of State
Secretary to the Governor
Referrals to Veterans Affairs Commission
Veterans Affairs Commission, Endorsements for Appointments
Fritz Thompson
Eugene Thompson
Highway Commission, Fred Wemple
Industrial Commission of Texas
Poet Laureate of Texas
[2 folders]
Post-War Economic Planning Commission
4-14/90 General Files:
Reports and Bulletins
4-14/91 General Files:
Press Releases
4-14/92 General Files:
Memphis-West Texas Cotton Chemurgic & Ceramics Carnival
31st First Camp Roll Call Invitation accepted, Dallas, Baker Hotel
Conference of Southern Governors, Asheville, N.C.
Invitations Declined, October
Invitations Accepted, November
Invitations Declined, September
Invitations Accepted, September
Invitations Accepted, October
Invitations Accepted, July
July 2, 3, 4, 5, (Stamford, Floydada, Amarillo, Dallas.)
Invitations Declined, July
Invitations Declined, June
Invitations Accepted, August
I.O.C.C. Trip Great Falls Montana
Invitation Accepted Fredericksburg, June 26
Annual Chamber of Commerce Meeting
Invitation Accepted, Hearne
Invitation Accepted, Taylor
Invitation Accepted, May
Invitation Accepted, Normangee, Athens, Corsicana, May
Invitation Accepted, Brenham, Veterans of Foreign Wars May
Invitation Accepted, Oklahoma, Jefferson Day Speech, May
Invitation Accepted, Olney and Houston, May
Invitation Accepted, June
Tomato Tom-Tom, Yoakum, June 13,
Corpus Christi - Buccaneer Days, June 14.
4-14/93 General Files:
Civil Rights (Favoring the Govs. Stand)
[7 folders]
Southern Governors Conference - Washington, D.C.
Civil Rights (Mail Counts and Average)
Civil Rights
Civil Rights (Petitions and Resolutions)
Civil Rights (Notes, Memos, Form Letters, Misc.)
Civil Rights (Poll Tax)
Civil Rights (Southern Governors Conference)
Civil Rights (States Rights Comments)
Southern States "Revolt"data
Magazine Correspondence, 1948-1949
Messages to the Legislature, 1949
Newspaper Correspondence, 1949
4-14/94 General Files:
Newspaper Correspondence, 1948
Official and Unofficial Greetings, 1948
Official and Unofficial Greetings, 1949
Proclamations, 1948
Proclamations, 1949
Radio Broadcast and etc., 1948
Radio Broadcast and etc., 1949
Invitations Accepted, April
Invitations Accepted, Balmorhea, April 5
San Jacinto Day, 1947
Texas and Oklahoma Celebration, April 21-22
Invitation Accepted, Galveston Centennial of Diocese, April 29 1947
Invitation Accepted March, Pan American Roundtable San Antonio, Texas
Invitations Declined, May
Invitations Declined, April
[2 folders]
Invitations Declined, Feb. and March 1947
[2 folders]
Invitations, January 1947
Invitations Accepted, Feb. - April 1947
4-14/95 General Files:
Fire Prevention
[2 wallets]
Court of Civil Appeals Cases
Fred Wemple
Highway Appointments
Abney, Fred S.
Robertson, French M., Highway Commission
Daniel, Ray S.
Highway Commission, Misc. Names
Thompson, Charles C.
4-14/96 General Files:
Appointments with the Governor, 1947-48
Gubernatorial Appointments, Misc.
Designating State Board of Health to Comply with S191, State Advisory Council
Appointments General, Comments
Appointments, Secretary of State
Senate Correspondence and Memos, Appointments
Appointments to be made
Appointments, lists and confirmations
State auditor's Budget for 1947, for the Governor
Auditor, 1947
American Legion, 1947
American Red Cross, 1947
American Red Cross in Texas
Attorney General of Texas, 1947
Attorney Generals Opinions, 1947
Adjutant General, 1947
Austin Chamber of Commerce, 1947
Adjutant General Referrals, 1947
United States Department of Agriculture, 1947
Aeronautics Commission (Texas) 1947
Civil Rights (Against the Govs. Stand)
[4 folders]
Favoring the Governors Stand Southern Governors Mail Counts, Memos, etc.
4-14/97 General Files:
Council of State Governors, 1947
Co-operative Hospitals
County Committees
Calf Scramble, 1947
Camp Fire Girls
Christmas Card List
Christmas Presents, 1947
Comptrollers Department, 1947
Budget, 1947
San Jacinto Day
Board of Control, 1947
Appointments with governor, 1947-48
A & M College
Burial Association
Governor Earl Warren Inauguration
Capital Punishment
Christmas Greetings
Citizens Food Committee
Battleship Texas Commission, 1947
Battle Ship Texas
Boys State
4-14/98 General Files:
Oil and Gas
Aeronautics Commission
Attorney General
Board of Control
Adjutant General
Employment Commission
American Legion
Boy Scouts
Community Chest
USO, United Service Organization
Warm Springs Foundation
Women Voters
Civil Defense
Clemency, Press Memorandums
Licenses, revoked or restored
Governor, 4 year term
Election Laws Committee
Election Laws, Personnel
Election Laws, Suggestions
Election Laws, Press Releases
Election Laws, Outside Material
Election Laws, Members' Reports
Election Laws, Agenda
Election Laws, Suggestions, State not annotated
[6 folders]
4-14/99 General Files:
County Courts and Judicial Districts
Governor Walter W. Becon, Delaware
Driver Education
Eisenhower, Ike
Criminal Extraditions
Farm to Market Road
Fire Prevention
Flood Control
Supreme Court
Eleemosynary Schools
Farm Home Administration
Federal Hospital
Filing System
Foreign Trade in Texas
Food Conservation
4-14/100 General Files:
Court of Civil Appeals
Bexar County District Judgeship
Corpus Christi Criminal District Court
Dallas County Criminal District Court
[2 folders]
Grayson County Court at Law
Harris County Courts
Harris County District Court
Houston Judgeships
Juvenile District Court (Harris Co.)
District Judge and Attorney (Nueces Co.)
Orange County District Judge
Third Administrative Judicial District
Fifth District Court
Courts, Special 9th, Judicial District Court
25th Judicial District
30th District Court
33rd Judicial District
34th El Paso District Court
48th District Court
70th Judicial District Court
83rd District Court
4-14/102 General Files:
Correspondence on the Teacher's Pay Increase
4-14/103 Bills:
Basic Science Bill
Black Fly Legislation
Book Aid Program
Capital Punishment (Legislation)
"Citizens Tax"
Confederate Pension Bill
Communist Legislation
Driver Responsibility Law
Election Laws
Eleemosynary Institutions (Legislation)
Eighteen Year Old Vote Bill
Firemans Disability and Retirement Law
Gas Measurement Bill
Four Year Term for Governor
High School Fraternities and Sororities
[2 folders]
Gilmer Aikin for Governor (kit)
Gilmer Aikin Committee Report
Good Neighbor Commission Bill
Higher Education Bill
House Bills by number
House Bill 52
4-14/104 Bills (House and Senate):
House Bill 59
House Bill 72
House Bill 73
House Bill 76
House Bill 78
House Bill 85
House Bill 100
[2 folders]
House Bill 107
House Bill 207
House Bill 209
House Bill 238
House Bill 292
House Bill 339
House Bill 346
House Bill 432
House Bill 440
House Bill 466
House Bill 757
House Bill 779
House Bill 787
House Bill 881
House Bill 897
House Bill 914
Insurance Premium Tax Bills
House Bill 471, 472, 473
House Bill 471, 837
Jury Service for Women
Labor Laws
Liquor Law Changes
Lamar College Bill
Old Age Assistance
[3 folders]
Poll Tax
Pool Hall Bill
Prison System, Proposed Legislation
Private Detectives Bill
Public Accountancy Act
Real Estate Board
Rural Roads
Salary for County Agricultural Agents
School Library Legislation
School Legislation
Secret Ballot Bill
Senate Bill 334
Senate Bill 29
Senate Bill 70
Senate Bill 27
Senate Bill 445
Soil Conservation Bill
State Bar Examinations Legislation
State Bar 92 and 157
State Bar 159
4-14/105 General Files:
National Sunday School Week
Memoranda on Bills
Returning Bills to House and Senate, Messages from Governor
Memoranda on Bills
House and Senate Committees
Public School Financing
Confirmations and rejections
Memoranda on Bills, etc.
Messages to the Legislature
Governor's First Message to the Legislature
Emergency Legislation, Submission by Governor
Messages to Senate
Press Releases, Bills Signed
Labor Department Bill
State Educational Agency (Texas) for Surplus Property
Appointment to be made, press release issued
Senatorial Districts
Good Citizenship Week
"Corpus Christi Day at Arlington Cemetery"
Garden Planning Week
Good Friday
Fire Prevention
March of Dimes Proclamation
Youth Week
Boy Scout Month
National Security Week
American Brotherhood Week
Distributive Education Day
Future Farmer Week
American Legion Memberhsip Week
United Jewish Appeal Week
Chamber of Commerce Week
Appointment Surplus Property Officer
Proclamations Request
Pink Bollworm Commission Proclamation
Calling Special Senatorial Election (Harris County)
Cancer Central Month
Livestock Sanitary Commission Proclamations
Music Week
Mother's Day
Hospital Day
Farm Safety Week
Arbor Day
Forestry Week in Texas
Air Force Day
"Blue Grass Day"
Parent-Teacher, Membership of Texas
Buccaneer Days
Boys and Girls Week
Boys Club Week
Buddy Poppy Day
United Jewish Appeal
Help China Help Herself
Texas City Disaster Proclamation
Italy Day
Firemans Week
Swim for Health Week
Day of Prayer
National Service Life Insurance Reinstatement Month
Disch Day
Motor Transportation
"Dairy Month"
Velletri Day
Flag Day and Week
Father's Day
Motor Transportation Week in Texas
Constitution Day Proclamation
Child Safety Week Proclamation
National Guard Week
Employ the Physically Handicapped Week
Proclamations, Misc. requests
White Cane Week
Women Broadcasters Day
Nationwide Bible Reading
Calling Special Papers Election, John J. Bell's Vacancy
Optimist Week
Future Home Makers of America
All Veterans Day
Y.M.C.A. Day
Czechaslovak Independence Day
Marine Corps Week
Texas Farm Organization Week
Religious Education Week
Soil Conservation Week
Turkey Trot Week, Cuero
Recruiting Month
Air Day in Texas
Hearing Week
Red Cross Month
Governor's Highway Safety Conference in Dallas
Cancer Control Month
Pink Bollworm Regulation Month
Pediatrics International Meeting
Christmas Seal Sale Month
Business Womens' Week
4-14/106 General Files:
Atomic Energy Week
"Good Friday"
Audio-Visual Education Week
Air Marking Week
National Hearing Week
Proclamation Requests
Pink Bollworms Proclamation
Gold Star Remembrance Day
Pan American Health Day
Battleship Texas Day
Honoring World War II Dead
"Youth Week"
Jay Cee Week
Universal Military Week
Citrus Week in Texas
Distributive Education Week
National Marine Corps Reserve Week
National Social Hygiene Week
Boy Scout Week
National Heart Week
George Washington's Birthday and Arbor Day
Texas Statehood Day
Texas Statehood and Heritage Day
Brotherhood Week
World Day of Prayer
National Security Week
Texas Week
Red Cross Month
Friendship Day
Spring Clean-Up Week
[2 folders]
Fire Prevention Week Proclamation
Boys' Club Week
"Courtesy and Safety" on the Highways
Appreciation Week
Army Day of Texas
Corpus Christi Day at Arlington Cemetery
Good Neighbor Proclamation Request
Good Government Week
Security Loan Campaign
Texas Chamber of Commerce Week
Child Health Day and Week
Maritime Day
Mother's Day
Stars and Bars Week
Forestry Week in Texas
Constitution Day
Boys and Girls Week
National Pharmacy Week
Teachers College Day
Fraternal Week
"Be Kind to Animals Week"
"Alfalfa Day" Proclamation
White Cane Week
Texas Photographic Week
Requests for Proclamations
Air Mail Service Week
Childs and Youth Week
World Trade Week
Hospital Day
Pink Bollworm Commission Proclamation
Real Estate Week
Cotton Week in Texas
I am American Day
Air Reserve Week in Texas
Square Dance Week
National Music Week
June Dairy Month for the State of Texas
Texas Firemen's Week
"Sic Week in Texas"
Father's Day
Air Derby Day
Sheet - In's Day
Texas Air National Guard Day
Naval Air Reserve Day
Maddy Week
Farm Safety Week
Statewide Clean-up And Extermination Week
Draft Proclamation, 1948
United Nations Church Day in Texas
"Train of Gratitude"
Air Force Day
National Home Week
"Texas Jersey Week"
Parental Week
Pink Bollworm Regulated Area
National Guard Day in Texas
Child Safety Month
Fire Prevention Week
Parent-Teacher Membership Week
"Call to Prayer" Proclamation
Salvation Army Flag Day
Audio-Visual Education Week
Texas Farm Bureau Federation Organization Week
Rural Electrification Week
National Guard Deferment
Fire Prevention Week
National CARE Week
National Employ the Physically Handicapped
"Constitution Day"
Rural Youth Day
Business Women's Week
State Employees Day
Navy Day, 1946
Grandmother's Day
Letter Writing Week in Texas
United Nation's Week
Better Parenthood Week
Navy Day, 1948
Marine Corps Week
National Bible Week
Future Home Makers of Texas Week
National Flower Week
American Education Week
"Silent Guest Plan," 1948
Optimist Week
"Youth Democrats" Day
Women's Broadcasters Day
S. Perry Brown Day
Good Neighbor Month
Gonzales Warm Springs Foundation
Nursing Progress Week
Proclamations Misc.
Bill of Rights Day
Christmas Safety Month
Christmas Carol Hour
Aid for Disabled (D.P.W.) Laws
Barbers Minimum Price Bill
Anti-Lynching Bill
Misc. materials
[2 folders]
4-14/107 General Files:
Good Neighbor Commission of Texas
Governors Advisory Committee on Veterans Education
Gov. Hogg Memorial Shrine Commission
Gov. Committee on inter-state cooperation
Guadalupe-Blanco river Authority
Health, State Board of
State Highway Commission. Misc.
Historical Commission, Texas
Industrial Accident Board
Insurance Commission
Endorsement State Insurance Commission Judge J.J. Greve
Endorsement State Insurance Commission Judge J.P. Gibbs
Endorsement State Insurance Commission Sylvan B. Jones
Interstate Compact on Fisheries (Endorsements)
Interstate Oil Compact Commission
Labor Commission (File 1)
Labor Commission (File 2)
4-14/108 General Files:
Labor Commission (Boxing and Wrestling Commissioners)
Library Commission
Liquor Control Board
Livestock Sanitary Board
Livestock Sanitary Commission
Lower Colorado River Authority
[2 folders]
Lower Neches Valley Authority
Mansion Supervisors, Board of
State Board of Medical Examiners
[3 folders]
Municipal Retirement System (Executive Trustee)
National Guard, Texas
Negro University Regents
Nueces River Conservation and Reclamation District
Nurses Examiners, State Board of
National Guard Armory Board
Texas State Board of Examiners in Optometry
Rogers Protest, State of Board of Optometry
Pardons and Paroles, Board of, Endorsements
Board of Pardons and Paroles, Applications
State Parks Board
[2 folders]
Pecos River Compact Commission
Pease River Flood Control District
Pharmacy, State Board of
State Board of Plumbing Examiners
Pink Bollworm Commission
4-14/109 Correspondence:
Tidelands, Attorney General
Tidelands Hearings, Senate Bill 1988
Tidelands, Congress
Tidelands Resolutions, Replies from Congressmen
Tidelands Misc.
Tidelands General File (III)
Tidelands General File (II)
Tidelands General
Tidelands, Governor
Tidelands Resolution, Replies from Governors
Tidelands Land Commissioner
Tidelands Legislation
Tidelands Resolution
Tidelands, McGrath
4-14/110 Correspondence:
McGrath Correspondence, Tidelands
Newspapers Clippings on Tidelands
Tidelands, Misc. news clips
Tidelands, Resolution sent to Governors and Congressional Deligations
Tidelands Staff
United States of America vs. The State of California, original tidelands case
Tidelands Case
Tide Water Resolutions
Kansas City Tidelands Meeting
Tidelands Material From Washington D.C. Hearings Filed as is from Governors Office
Tidewater Lands Case
Tidelands speeches by Governor Jester
Tidelands Hearings, Senate Bill 1988
Tidelands telegrams and replies, 1948
Tidelands statement
Tidelands Misc.
Tidelands statements of Governors and/or representatives to appear before Senate and House Subcommittees
Price Daniels and contributions
Tidelands Memoranda from Attorney General and Land Commissioner
Tidelands Progress Reports
Tidelands Breakdown by states
Tidewater Lands Letters
From Governor Jester
Memos from Kirk B. Mallory, Secretary of State
Secretary of State, Col. Brown
4-14/111 Correspondence:
Correspondence A-P, 1948
General Files
4-14/112 General Files:
Department of Public Safety, 1948
Department of Public Safety Report on Cole Anthony
Department of Public Safety Report re: Frank Alva
Department of Public Safety Report re: F.R. Ashley
Department of Public Safety Report on Henderson County Jail and Treatment of Prisoners
Department of Public Safety Report on Luke Bagley
Department of Public Safety Report on Roy Billman
Department of Public Safety Report on Lawrence N. Caraway
Department of Public Safety Report on Ike Carrolls
Department of Public Safety Report on J. Carpenter
Department of Public Safety Report on C.I.O. Oil Strike in Coastal Fields
Department of Public Safety Report on re. Charles Gault
Department of Public Safety Report on James M. Henderson
Department of Public Safety Report on Mrs. Charles B. Mason
Department of Public Safety Report on Charles Doss McWilliams
Department of Public Safety Report on Ernest E. Milburn
Eugene Miller Case, Department of Public Safety
Department of Public Safety File on Fred Mullins
John Roe Case, Department of Public Safety
Department of Public Safety File on Henry P. Rogers
Department of Public Safety Report: Top-O-Hill Terrace Gambling Raid
Department of Public Safety Report on John Edwin Pender Jr. (Murder)
Public Welfare, Board of
Photographs, requests for
Photos (Jester) received
Special Photos
Photographs, received (general)
Quail Stamp Law and program
Reconstruction Finance Corporation
Railroad Commsion, 1949
Railroad Commsion, 1948
Telegrams to Congressmen re: Meeting with Governors' Committee on Education
Regional Education
[3 folders]
Pro Referendum
Referendum (County Conventions)
Engineers, Board of Registration for Professional, 1947
4-14/113 General Files:
Oil Imports
Oklahoma Flag Presentation, Jan. 13, 1947
Optometry, Board of Examiners, 1947
Pacific Queen
Pacific War Memorial
Pan American Strike, Texas City
Parks Board, 1948
Passes, Baseball, etc.
Pecan Conference
Pecos River Compact Commission, 1947
Petitions for Rewards
Pharmacy Board, 1947
Pikes Peak Project
State Board of Plumbing Examiners
Poems, Odes, etc.
Panhandle Tornado Disaster
Pardon and Paroles, Board of, 1949
Pardon and Paroles, Board of, 1948
Parks Board, 1949
Poll Tax
Prison Board, 1949
Polio Situation
Post Office, Department U.S.
Post War Economic Planning Commission
Presidents National Conference on Industrial Safety
Presidential Preferential Primary
President's Highway Safety Conference, 1947
Prison Board, 1948
Prison Board Members, 1949
Prison Board Members, 1948
Prison System, 1949
Prison System, 1948
Prison System General Manager, 1948
Prison System General Manager, 1949
Prison System Reports
Williams File (Prison System)
Progress Report, 1948
Public Accountancy, Board of, 1947
Publicity about Texas
Publicity about Texas about Nationwide pictures Proposal
Department of Public Safety Truck Length and Weight regulations
Department of Public Safety, 1949
4-14/114 Correspondence:
Correspondence, Q-Z, 1948
Biographical sketches
Personal (Gov. Jester, Ransom, McGill)
4-14/115 General Files:
State Selective Service System, 1948
State Selective Service System, 1949
State Records
State, U.S. Department of
State Treasurer
Stevenson, Gov. Coke R.
Texas City Receipts
Teachers Retirment System
St. Lawrence Seaway Project
Supreme Court of Texas
Surplus Funds
Sweeney Diabetic Foundation
Symington Visit to Texas Secretary of Air
Taft-Hartley Law
Taxes on Natural Resources
Teachers Pay Comment
Texas Academy of Science
Texas Adult Probation Committee
Texas Association of the Deaf
Texas Association of Manufactures
Texas Butane Dealers Association
Texas Democratic Bar B Q (Ft. Worth)
Texas Dirt Farmers Congress
Texas Disaster Relief Plan
Texas Centennial of Statehood Commission
Texas Civil and Judicial Council
Texas Civil Protection Act
Texas Committee on Children and Youth
Texas Council of Negro Organizations
Texas Credit Union League
Texas Employment Commission, 1948
Texas Employment Commission (Ted Clifford), 1948
Texas Employment Commission, 1949
Texas Employment Commission (Ted Clifford), 1949
Texas Freedom Train
Texas Forest Service of A & M College
Texas Fine Arts Association
Texas Heritage Foundation
Texas Independent Producers and Royalty Owners Association
Texas League of Women Voters
Texas League of Municipalities
Texas Legislative Service
Texas Library Association
Texas Lost Battalion
Texas Memorial Museum
Texas Pension Association
Texas Personnel Conference
Texas Press Association
Texas Prison Association
Texas Public Employees Association
[2 folders]
Texas Parade
Texas Research Institute
4-14/116 General Files:
Misc. correspondence on Teacher's Pay Increase
Ranger Force Chanbes
Mr. Jester's Statement re: constitutional Amendment, Texas College funds
Secret Ballot Bill
College Building
Schools and/or Education Legislation
College Building (Education), Governor's Office
4-14/117 Correspondence:
Correspondence, A-Z
4-14/118 General Files:
General Files, A-Z
Stun File
4-14/119 General Files:
Governor to Governor, 1947
Guatemala Trip
Gypsum Strike, Sweetwater, Texas
Health, Board of, 1947
Highway Suggestions (Governor's Ofice)
Home Building Industry, 1947
Highway Department, 1947
Honorary Commissions, 1947
House and Senate Letters
Foot and Mouth Disease Bill
Industrial Exhibit Committee
Inflation File, Comments, General Information
Board of Insurance Commissioner, 1947
Insurance Complaints, Governor's Office
Iowa, Robert D. Blue, Governor
Iturbi Concrete
Jewish People, Situation, Comments
Jimmy Lloyd Rice Case
John Paul Jones
Junior United Nations Organization
Labor Commission
4-14/120 General Files:
Resolutions from County Commissioners
Republican Party in Texas
Request for misc. information, 1949
Request for misc. information, 1948
Return of the Military Dead
Revision of the Texas Constitution
Rio Grande Compact Commission
Rio Grande Project (Middle Rio Grande Project?)
Rodent Extermination Campaign
Sabine River Authority
San Jacinto River Conservation and Reclamation District
Salerno Monument
Salvation Army
"San Jacinto"
San Jacinto Park Commission
Savings Bond Campaign
Secretary of Defense
Secondary Recovery Information Reference, Railroad Commission
Secretary of State Referrals
Secretary of the Senate
Secretary of War
Senate Race
Small Business Committee Gov. Jester's Statement to Senate
Smith Dinner
Social Security Administration
Society for the Preservation and Encouragement of Barber Shop Quartet Singing in America
Songs, 1949
Back in Texas (Song File)
Southern Governors Resolution Comment
Southern Governors Conference
South Carolina Governor J. Strom Thurmond
Pending File, John M. Scott, S.W. College of Industrial Arts
South Texas Water Conference
Corpus Christi Trip (Water Conference)
[2 folders]
Southern States Foundation
Southern States Coastal Erosion Control Conference
Southern States Paroles, Probation and Prison Conference
Special Elections
Special Session for School Aid
Speech Material
Square Dance
State Agency for Surplus Property
State Advisory Committee on Brucellosis
State Archivist
State Bar of Texas
State Approval Agency for Veteran Education under Public Law, 346, 1949
[2 folders]
State Employees Retirement System
State Fair of Texas
State Finances
State Medical Association of Texas
State Pension Organization
4-14/121 General Files:
Court of Civil Appeals, 7th District
Criminal Laws Committee
Dallas County Flood Control District
Dental Examiners, State Board of, Endoresements
Dental Examiners, State Board of
[2 folders]
District Judges
Election Committee
Eleemosynary Board Endorsements
Presiding District Judges
Ernest Coker Appointment, Comments (District Judge)
State Board of Education
State Board of Embalming
State Board of Embalming, 1948
State Board of Embalming, 1947
Fannin State Park Commission
Finance Commission of Texas, Appointment of
Firemen's Pension Commissioner
Game, Fish, and Oyster Commission
[2 folders]
Governor Advisory Committee on Veterans Training
Gilmer Aikin Commission Appointment made
Goliad State Park Commission
4-14/122 General Files:
Good Neighbor Commission, 1947
Great Southwestern Music Festival
Guatemala, Mexico Trip
Gifts Received
[2 folders]
Administrative Cabinet Meeting
Democratic County Chairmen, misc. and By-Laws
American Legion Constitution
Governor's Schedule
Governor's Report Announcement
Governor's Report to the People, Work Draft.
Legislative Service
Galveston File from E.H. Thornton
Gambling, 1947
Stevenson Messages to 50th Legislature
Game, Fish, Oyster Commission, 1947
Garza County Investigation
GI flight training schools
Speech at Fort Worth Barbeque
4-14/123 General Files:
San Antonio Medical School Bill
Social Welfare Legislation
Spastic Legislature
Taxation Legislation
Teachers Salaries Legislation
Teachers Retirement Legislation
Tx. Association of Commerce
Traffic Legislation
Uniform State Laws
Medical Branch, University of Texas Legislative Appropriation
Veterans Legislation
[2 folders]
Veterans Affairs Commission
House Bill 329, Appropriation of $55,000 for Veterans
Veteran's Bond Amendment
Veterans Land - legislation
Vocational Rehibilitation Legislation
State Veterans Affairs Commission
W.T. Murphy, Director Vocational Rehibilitation
Veterans Affairs Bill
Minutes, Meeting, Dec. 5, 1946
Minutes, Meeting, Dec. 17, 1946
Veterans Affairs
Veterans Affairs Committee Material
Veterans Affairs Committee Correspondence
Pardons and Parole Board
Plumbers License Bill
Prison System
4-14/124 General Files:
Endorsements for State Department and Commissions
State Board of Accountancy
Adjutant General
[2 folders]
Aides de Camp, Adjutant General
A & M College Board of Directors File
Advisory Hospital Council
Aeronautics Commission
Architectural Examiners, Board of
Auditor, State
Board of Banking Commissioners Appointment made
Barber Examiners, State Board of
Basic Science Board Endorsement
[2 folders]
Battleship Texas Commission
Big Bend Park Commission Endorsement
Blind, Commission for the
Board of Control
Board of Pilot Commissioners for Galveston, Texas City
Branch Pilot, Port Aransas Bar, Corpus Christi Bay and Tributaries
Branch Pilots for Houston Ship channel and Galveston Bar
Burial Association Rate Board
Chiropractic Board Endorsement
Chiropody Examiners, State Board of
Civil Appeals, Judges in Court of
Central Colorado River Authority
Comptroller Department Endorsement file
4-14/125 Correspondence:
Misc. Correspondence on Teacher's Pay Increase
4-14/126 General Files:
Savings Bonds
Tax Study
Texas Pride
Safety, Traffic
War Trophies
Silent Guest Plan, 1948
Moses Austin File
Governor Jester
Speeches and Statements
Regional Education
July 11, 1949
Public Schools, 1948
Correspondence, 1948
Press Releases, 1948
[2 folders]
4-14/127 Correspondence
Misc. Correspondence on Teacher's Pay Increase