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Texas Governor Coke R. Stevenson:

An Inventory of Records (Part 1) at the Texas State Archives, 1941-1948


Creator: Texas. Governor (1941-1947 : Stevenson)
Title: Records (part 1)
Dates: 1941-1948
Abstract: These records consist of correspondence files and general files including reports of Texas Governor Coke R. Stevenson. Stevenson served from August 4, 1941 to January 21, 1947. The records date from 1941 to 1948. Texas governors work with all state agencies, with the judiciary, and with local and federal governments. Governors make appointments to governing boards and fill some judicial and legislative vacancies. Correspondents include the citizens of Texas and private organizations as well. Issuing proclamations, deciding on clemency petitions, and reviewing extradition orders are other facets of governors' duties documented in governors' records. Notable subjects in Governor Stevenson's records include Depression-era policies, the effects of World War II on Texas, post-war employment of veterans, and employment of the physically handicapped.
Quantity: 61 linear ft.
Repository: Texas State Archives
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Agency History

The governor of Texas is the chief executive officer of the state, elected by the citizens every four years. The duties and responsibilities of the governor include serving as commander-in-chief of the state's military forces; convening special sessions of the legislature for specific purposes; delivering to the legislature at the beginning of each regular session a report on the condition of the state, an accounting of all public money under the governor's control, a recommended biennial budget, an estimate of the amounts of money required to be raised by taxation, and any recommendations he deems necessary; signing or vetoing bills passed by the legislature; and executing the laws of the state. The governor can grant reprieves and commutations of punishment and pardons, upon the recommendation of the Board of Pardons and Paroles, and revoke conditional pardons. He appoints numerous state officials (with the consent of the Senate), fills vacancies in state and district offices (except vacancies in the legislature), calls special elections to fill vacancies in the legislature, fills vacancies in the United States Senate until an election can be held, and serves as ex officio member of several state boards.

The office of governor was first established by the Constitution of 1845 and superseded the office of president of the Republic of Texas. The position now exists under authority of Article IV, Section 1 of the Constitution of 1876 and Texas Government Code, Chapter 401. To be elected governor, a person must be at least thirty years old, a United States citizen, and a resident of Texas for at least five years preceding the election. In 1972, the term of office was extended from two to four years, effective in 1975. Since 1856 the governor has had the use of the Governor's Mansion.

In 1942 the Office of the Governor had less than 30 full-time equivalent employees. The office was not formally organized into divisions or departments.

Coke R. Stevenson Biographical Sketch

Coke Robert Stevenson was born in Mason County on March 20, 1888, son of Robert Milton and Virginia Stevenson.

Stevenson received seven years of formal schooling and as a teenager he went into the freight business. He studied history and bookkeeping, became a janitor in the Junction State Bank, did its bookkeeping, and by the age of twenty, he was a cashier. He studied law at night and passed the State Bar in 1913. He practiced law and organized the First National Bank in Junction, serving as its president. He soon became involved in numerous small businesses in Junction.

Stevenson served as the county attorney of Kimble County from 1914 to 1918 and as county judge from 1919 to 1921. In 1928 he was elected to the Texas House of Representatives, serving from 1929 to 1939. He served as the Speaker of the House from 1933 to 1937. In 1939 he was elected Lieutenant Governor. He held that office until 1941.

Stevenson became governor when Governor W. Lee O'Daniel resigned in 1941 to enter the United States Senate. In 1942 Stevenson was elected governor on his own. He was reelected in 1944. Some high points and issues of his administration include a concern for soil conservation laws; the expansion of, and a permanent financing policy for, the state highway system, an enlarged building program at the University of Texas; and teacher salary increases. He was against the centralization of governmental power, and he opposed some of President Franklin Roosevelt's domestic policies. He emphasized conservative financial policies, beginning his administration with a State Treasury deficit, and ending with a surplus in the Treasury.

Stevenson ran for the U. S. Senate in 1948 and was defeated by Lyndon B. Johnson by eighty-seven votes. This was a highly controversial race, and the loss of it took Stevenson out of political life. He became disenchanted with the Democratic Party and supported Republican presidents Dwight D. Eisenhower and Richard M. Nixon.

Coke Stevenson married Fay Wright on December 24, 1912 and they had one son. She died in January 1942. In 1954 he married a widow, Marguerite (King) Heap and they had one daughter. Governor Stevenson died on June 28, 1975.

Scope and Contents of the Records

These records consist of correspondence files and general files including reports of Texas Governor Coke R. Stevenson. Stevenson served from August 4, 1941 to January 21, 1947. The records date from 1941 to 1948. Texas governors work with all state agencies, with the judiciary, and with local and federal governments. Governors make appointments to governing boards and fill some judicial and legislative vacancies. Correspondents include the citizens of Texas and private organizations as well. Issuing proclamations, deciding on clemency petitions, and reviewing extradition orders are other facets of governors' duties documented in governors' records. Notable subjects in Governor Stevenson's records include Depression-era policies, the effects of World War II on Texas, post-war employment of veterans, and employment of the physically handicapped.

These records have not been processed. This finding aid is based on the existing folder titles. Misidentifications and misfilings are possible.

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Arrangement of the Records

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Index Terms

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Personal Names:
Stevenson, Coke R.--(Coke Robert)--1888-1975.
Corporate Names:
Texas. Office of the Governor.
Disabled veterans--Vocational rehabilitation--Texas.
Administrative agencies--Texas.
World War, 1939-1945--War work--Texas.
World War, 1939-1945--Civilian relief--Texas.
War--Economic aspects--Texas.
War and emergency legislation--Texas.
Criminal justice, Administration of--Texas.
Texas--Politics and government--1865-1950.
Texas--Officials and employees--Selection and appointment.
Document Types:
Administering Texas.
Decision making.

Related Material

The following materials are offered as possible sources of further information on the agencies and subjects covered by the records. The listing is not exhaustive.

Texas State Archives
Prints and Photographs Collections. See especially Texas Department of Public Safety, Photographs, 1937-1959, undated, 16 cubic ft.
Texas Secretary of State, Governor's clemency proclamations, 1846-2002
Texas Governor W. Lee O'Daniel, Records, 1938-1941, undated, 73.79 cubic ft. See especially Anti-American activities files, 1939-1941, 1.41 cubic ft.
Texas Postwar Economic Planning Commission, Records, 1943-1949, 7.71 cubic ft.
Texas State Archives Manuscript Collections
Campaign material, (bulk 1928, 1933, 1941-1944), fractional
Coke R. Stevenson, Literary productions (2 speeches and a proclamation), 1943, 1945, fractional
Byron C. Utecht, Collection, 1948-1958, fractional. See especially a scrapbook on the Texas Senate race of 1948
University of North Texas Archives Oral History Program
Oral history interview with Coke R. Stevenson and interviews with others about Stevenson.
Lyndon Baines Johnson Library and Museum
Oral history interview transcript with Callan Graham. [Graham was a legislator, he worked for Governor Stevenson, and was director of the Texas Catholic Conference among other things.] A copy of the interview transcript is also available at the Catholic Archives of Texas, Texas Catholic Conference Records.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

(Identify the item), Records, Texas Governor Coke R. Stevenson. Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

Accession Information

Accession numbers: 1985/024

These records were transferred to the Archives and Information Services Division of the Texas State Library and Archives Commission by the State and Local Records Management Division of the Commission in 1961.

Processing Information

Inventoried by Archives staff

Detailed Description of the Records


Coke R. Stevenson records (part 1), 1941-1948,
61 cubic ft.

4-14/128 General Files, 1941:
Professional Engineers
Department of Public Safety
State Service Officer C.R.S.[Coke R. Stevenson]
Teacher Retirement Board
T.S.E.S., 1941
T.U.C.C., 1941
Bureau of Vital Statistics
Public Welfare, Department of, C.R.S. Referrals
Railroad Commission
Blind Commission, 1941
Board of Public Accounts
Adjutant General Referrals, 1941
Agriculture Department
Attorney General Department C.R.S. Referrals
Auditor, State Department, C.R.S. Referrals
Barber Board
Comptroller C.R.S. Referrals
Insurance Commission, 1941
Cosmetology, 1941
Red Cross Referrals
Drivers License
Education, Department of
Department of Public Health
State Highway Department
Game, Fish and Oyster Department of, Referrals
Industrial Accident Board
Industrial Division
Labor Commission
Land Commission
State Library, 1941
Liquor Control Board
Department Surplus Marketing
Misc. Referrals
Nurse Examiners, 1941
N.Y.A., 1941
Pardon-Paroles, 1941
Texas State Parks Board, 1941
Official Bond, 1941
Pension, August 1941
Pension Misc., 1941
Confederate Pension
4-14/129 Correspondence:
Farm Security Administration
Aid, Request for
Information Request for Army & Navy
Acknowledge and Thank
Work, want
Department of Public Welfare Referrals, 1942
[3 folders]
4-14/130 General Files:
Information, Request for Legal
House Bill 100
Legislation - Pension
Interstate Commerce Commission
[2 folders]
Information, request for misc.
Information, request for Law Enforcement
Employment, March-August 1943
[3 folders]
4-14/131 General Files:
Telegrams, Jan.-July 1942
[8 folders]
Texarkana Lynching
Texas Highway Advisory Committee
Texas Institute of Natural Resources and Industrial Development
Texas Roadside Development Program
Texas Safety Association, Inc.
Texas Sheep and Goat Raiser Association, Inc.
Texas Technological College
Texas School Administrators' Conference
Texas Unemployment Compensation Commission
Texas Women's Press Association
30th Judicial District
31st Judicial District Attorney
Tire Rationing Administration
Trade Barriers
Tubeless Tires
Un-American Activities
United China Relief
United Service Organization
United States Employment Service
United States Treasury Department
Variety Club
Ving-et 'un Island
Voluntary Parole Board
University of Texas
War Time Commission on Education
Washington Day Dinner Program
Washington's Birthday Celebration
Washington on the Brazos
Water Engineers, Board of
Wheat, Tom H., Personal
Women's Auxiliary Army Corps
Women's Christian Temperance Union
[2 folders]
Absenteeism, 1943
Adjutant General, 1943
Adjutant General Referral, 1943
Agricultural and Mechanical College, 1943
Agriculture, Department of, 1943
Agriculture, Department of, Referral, 1943
Air Raid Protection Regulations
American Academy of Political and Social Science
American Association for Social Security, Inc.
American Defense Society, Inc.
American Legion, 1943
American Prison Association
American Public Welfare Association
American Red Cross, 1943
American Society for Public Administration
Annexation of Texas - Joint Resolution
Appointment of Special County Judges, 1943
4-14/132 Correspondence:
Attorney General, 1943
Appointment of Special District Judges, 1943
Arts and Industry College, 1943
Attorney General Referral, 1943
Auditor, 1943
Auditor Referral, 1943
Austin Lions Club Roster
Banking, 1943
Banking Department, 1943
Banking Department Referral, 1943
Barber Board, 1943
Barber Board Referral, 1943
Big Bend Park, 1943
Bills, 1943
Blind Commission, 1943
Blind Commission Referral, 1943
Board of Control, 1943
Board of Control Referral, 1943
Boy Scouts of America
Brazos River Conservation and Reclamation District
Capital Punishment
Certificates of Honor
Chiropractic Examiners, Board of, 1943
Civil Service Commission, U.S.
Civilian Defense
Civilian Air Patrol
Civilian Defense, Office of, 1943
Cochran County Case
Commencement Announcements, 1943
Committees, Forty-eighth Legislature
Comptroller's Department, 1943
Comptroller's Department Referral, 1943
Cosmetology Board, 1943
Cosmetology Board Referral, 1943
Council of State Governments, 1943
Dallas Tuberculosis Association
Dancy, Oscar C., County Judge, Brownsville, Texas
Daylight Saving Time
Deeds of Cession
Defense Guard, 1943
Defense Transportation, Office of
Deficiency Appropriation, Request for 1943
Dental Examiners, Board of, 1943
Detention Camps, 1943
District Judges
Donations, 1943
East Texas Blast Projects
Education, Board of
Education Department, 1943
Education Department Referral, 1943
Educational Institutions
Eighth Transportation Zone
Employment, Jan. - Feb. 1943
Department of Public Welfare Referral, Nov.-Dec.
Department of Public Welfare Referral, Sept-Oct.
4-14/133 General Files:
Letter of Recommendation, Navy, 1943
Letter of Recommendation, W.A.A.C., 1943
Lewis, Abner L. (Hon.)
Library and Historical Commission
Liquor Control Board, 1943
Liquor Control Board Referral, 1943
Livestock Sanitary Commission, 1943
[2 folders]
Livestock Sanitary Commission, Proclamations, 1943
Lower Colorado River Authority, 1943
Lower Colorado River Flood Control Association
Maritime Association of the Port of New York
Medical Examiners, Board of, 1943
Members of the Legislature in Armed Forces
Mexican Governors' Correspondence
Military Order of the Purple Heart, 1943
Misc., Jan., Feb., 1943
Misc., March - Dec. 1943
McArthur, Douglas (General), 1943
McGill, William L., Coordinator, (National Defense), 1943
National Association of Training Schools
National Clearing House Committee
National Legislation, 1943
National Economic Council, Inc.
National Politics, 1943
National Reclamation Association, 1943
National War Fund, Inc., 1943
Navy Department
Norris, Gene Paul, Case
Office, 1943
Oil Resources, 1943
Old Age Assistance
Page, J. Watt
Pardons and Paroles, Board of, 1943
Pardons and Paroles, Board of, Referral, 1943
Parks Board
Parks Board Referral
Pecos River Compact Commission, 1943
Penicillin, 1943
Pension Situation
Pharmacy, Board of, 1943
Pharmacy Board of , Referral, 1943
Pink Boll Worm Commission, 1943
Poet Laureate
Pollution, 1943
4-14/134 General Files:
Special Session
[2 folders]
Speed Limit Reduction
State Bar Association
State Governoment Operation
State Teachers Colleges
Synthetic Rubber Situation
Telegrams, Dec. - Aug. 1942
4-14/135 General Files:
Board of Control Purchase orders
4-14/136 General Files:
Press Release, Apr, May, June 1943
Press Release, Oct., Nov., Dec. 1943
Press Release, July, Aug., Sept. 1943
Price Administration, Office of, 1943
President's Birthday Celebration, 1943
Prison Board, 1943
Prison Board Referral, 1943
Prison Broadcast, March 1943
Prison Labor, 1943
Prison System, 1943
Prison System Referral, 1943
Proposed Natural Gas Pipeline, 1943
Post War Planning Commission, 1942
Public Safety, Department of, 1943
Public Safety, Department of, Referral, 1943
Public Welfare, Board of, 1943
Public Welfare, Department of, 1943
Public Welfare, Department of, Referral, 1943
Race Riot
Racial Discrimination, 1943
Railroad Commission, 1943
Railroad Commission Referral, 1943
Rationing (Farm Machinery), 1943
Rationing (Food and Meat), 1943
Rationing, 1943
4-14/137 General Files:
Branch Pilots, Galveston Bar and Houston Ship Channel
Branch Pilot, Sabine Bar, Pass and Tributaries
Branch Pilot, Port Aransas Bar etc.
Post War Economic Planning Commission
Appointments, Confirmation of, 1943
Appointments, 1943
W.J. Townsend, Chairman, Liquor Control Board
Paul G. Brown, Judge Special District Court, Rusk County
Clayton F. Heare, Associate Justice, Court of Civil Appeals, 7th District
Gerald C. Mann, Attorney General
A.H. Britain, Member, Texas Civil Judicial Council
Resignation: Christian, Stayton, Texas Civil Judicial Council
E.D. McCormick, Postwar Economic Planning Commission
John C. Burns, Member, Board of Directors, A & M
H.H. Weiner, Member, Board of Regents, University of Texas
E.E. Murphy, Commissioner, Uniform State Laws
Gerald C. Mann, Attorney General
Ralph Logan, District Attorney, 51st Judicial District
L. Hamilton Lowe, Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Law
Resignation of Luther A. Johnson, Member of Congress
Walter Dillard, Member, Texas Prison Board
F.M. Law, Member, Board of Directors, A & M College
John B. Honts, District Attorney 69th Judicial District
Hill D. Hudson, Judge, 109th Judicial District
Resignation of Milburn McCarty, Texas Technological College
Dr. Sam. E. Thompson, Resignation, Board of Health
Member, State Board of Health, Dr. J.C. Davis, Rule, Haskell County.
Resignation, Bruner R. Pennimman, Blind Commission Chairman
Resignation, James W. Witherspoon, District Judge, 69th Judicial District
Resignation, Charlie W. Blount, District Attorney, 50th District
Resignation, Gaylor Stone, Texas Prison Board
Resignation, Ernest Robertson, District Judge, 89th Judicial District
Resignation, Kenneth McCalla, District Judge, 127th District
Resignation, Alan Fraser, District Attorney, 83rd District
Notice of Intention to resign, J.M., Associate Justice, Court of Civil Appeals, 9th
Resignation of Ernest S. Goens, District Attorney, 7th Judicial District
T.L. Tyson, - Cannot Accept District Judge Appointment
Prison Board Member Resignation
G.M. Sims Resignation
Board of Health resignation of H.W. Van Hovenberg
Public Weighers, 1942
Texas College of Arts and Industries Board of Directors Appointment, Holman Cartwright
Sabine, Bar, Pass & Tributaries
Galveston Bar and Houston Ship Channel
Branch Pilot for Port Aransas Bar, Corpus Christi Bay and Tributaries Appointment
Railroad Commission, Beauford Jester
Chiropody Examiners, State Board of
Governor's Committee on Interstate Cooperation Chairman William J. Lawson
Barber Board
Banking Commissioner
Commission on Uniform State Laws, Harry P. Lawther, Dallas
Upper Rio Grande Drainage Basin Commission
A&I Board of Regents
Industrial Accident Board, H.G. Hamrick, Amarillo
Aides de Camp, on Governors Staff, 1942
Lower Colorado River Authority, B.O. Elzner
Engineers, Board of Registration of Prop.
31st Judicial District, Attorney Appointment
Engineers, Board of Registration of Professional, Datus E. Proper, San Antonio
Embalming Board, Robt. L. Burgess
District Attorney, 53rd Judicial District, Benton Coopwood
District Attorney, 27th District, M.M. White
7th Judicial District, Otis T. Dunagan
District Judge, 26th Judicial District, D.W. Wilcox
District Judge, 113th Judicial District, W.W. Moore
112th Judicial District Attorney Appointment, Callan Graham
District Attorney, 75th Judicial District, Thomas J. Hightower
District Judge 27th Judicial District
District Attorney, 53rd Judicial District Appointment
20th District Attorney Appointment
District Attorney, 66th District, Wm. B. Martin, Hillsboro
District Attorney, 35th District, Nark Callaway, Brownwood
Board of Control Appointment, Weaver H. Baker
Central Colorado River Appointment, Hudson
Special Commissioner, Court of Civil Appeals, El Paso, 8th Judicial District Supreme
Civil Judicial Council
Board of Barber Examiners, J.H. Francis, Longview
Architectural Examiners, Board of
Lease No. W-58-Q.M. 584
Brazos River Conservation and Reclamation District
Brazos River Conservation and Reclamation District, Walter Humphrey
Fourth Administrative Judicial District, W.W. McCrory
Pecos River Compact Commissioner, A.H. Dunlap, Barstow
Texas Civil Judicial Council, J.W. McClendon
31st Judicial District Attorney resignation
31st Judicial District Attorney recommendations
Public Weighers
Hogg, James Stephen, Memorial Commission, Sidney Latham
Prison Board, E.L. Kurth resignation
Interstate Cooperation Appointment
Auditor, Cavness
Barber Examiners, Jack Warden
Board of Education, Dr. A.M. Long
Optometry Board Appointment, Dr. J. Howard Clark and Butler
Nueces River Conservation and Reclamation District Appointment, Elmer Dittmar
Liquor Control Board, Morris Roberts
Library and Historical Commission, L.W. Kemp
Board of Education, M.T. Junker resignation
Auditor, C.H. Cavness, San Antonio, Correspondence
District Judge, Harris County
District Judge 111th
Unemployment Compensation Commission, Harry Benge Crozier reappointment
Upper Guadalupe River Authority Appointment, Fred Junkin
Texas Unemployment Compensation Commission, Crozier
Texas Unemployment Compensation Commission, Robert M. McKinley, Austin
Texas Civil Judicial Council, Ex Officio Member, Lorenz Broeter
Teachers Retirement Board of Trustees
Presiding Judge, 7th Administrative Judicial District, O.L. Parish, Ballinger
Pharmacy Board, L.L. Kahanek
Pease River Flood Control District, Board of Directors
Game, Fish and Oyster Commission
Interstate Oil Compact Commission
District Judge 49th District
Land Surveyor Vacancies
Press Release
Public Safety Appointment, J. Price Maddox
Commission of Public Safety, George W. Cottingham
Commission of Appeals, Appointment
A&M Board of Directors
University of Texas Board of Regents, Scott Schreiner, Kerrville
University of Texas Board of Regents, D.F. Strickland, Mission
University of Texas Board of Regents, Hon. Bickett, Jr.
Texas Technological College Board of Directors
Texas Technological College Board of Directors - Resignation of A. Riddle
Legislation, Liquor, 1943
Legislation, Trinity Levees
Letter of Introduction, 1943
Letters of Recommendation, Army, Jan. - Dec. 1943
Letters of Recommendation, Coast Guard, 1943
Letters of Recommendation, Employment, Jan. - Dec. 1943
Letters of Recommendation, Marines, 1943
Letters of Recommendation, Medical School, 1943
Letters of Recommendation, Military Schools, 1943
Letters of Recommendation, Misc., 1943
4-14/138 General Files:
Proclamations, misc.
Revocation of Cowboy Henry's Clemency
Red Cross Month
Registration Day Proclamation, June 20, 1942
Appointments, Stevenson, acted on by 47th Legislature, 1st Called Session
Uniform State Law Commission, Lucian Morehead, member
10th District Court Judge Appointment, Russell Markwell, Galveston
Special Commissioners, Red River Compact Commission, Tuck, Alexander, Harwell, Speakley, Tucker
11th Judicial District Court Judge, W.W. Moore
Judge, 9th Special District Court, E.T. Murphy
District Judge, 13th Judicial District, A.P. Mays
Optometry Board, Dr. Nelson Greeman, and Dr. H.G. Towle
Embalming Board, George W. Loudermilk, Clyde Branon
Dental Board, Zappe, McNeil
Lower Colorado River Authority, P.R. Hamill
2nd Judicial District, H.T. Brown
99th Judicial District Appointment, J.E. Vickers
Hairdressers and Cosmetologists, Mrs. E.L. Avery, Member
Industrial Accident Board Chairman John W. Laird
Veterinary Medical Examiners, Dr. N.A. Cox
Water Engineers, John W. Pritchett
Branch Pilots Galveston and Texas City
Game, Fish and Oyster Commission, Murrell Buckner, Dec Davenport, Aug. 23, 1943
Texas State Railroad
District Attorney, 46th District, Raymond R. Donaghey, Aug. 26, 1943
Chiropractic Board
Finance Commission
District Attorney, 51st District (Resignation Ralph Logan), Appointment of Robert Hughes
District Judge, 90th District Court, Floyd Jones, Breckenridge (John Lee Smith's Appointment)
Texas College of Arts and Industries, Mrs. Frank Lewis of San Antonio, Frank C. Smith, Houston
Engineers, Board of Registration for Professional, Reappointment, Datus E. Proper, J.S. Hudnall
Chiropody Examiners, Dr. Edward H. Kott, Dr. Marshall Harvey
Barber Examiners, reappointment, J.B. Burris, Jack Warden
Court of Civil Appeals, 7th District, Associate Justice, Clayton Heare
District Judge - 75th District, Clyde Smith
Court of Civil Appeals, 9th District, Associate Justice, Thos. B. Coe
Civil Judicial Council
Health, State Board of, Dr. A.W. Rogers (Corsicana Dental member)
Liquor Control Board, Member Fred H. Minor, Denton
Architectural Examiners, John Thomas Rather, Jr.
Associate Justice, Court of Civil Appeals, 8th District, Joseph McGill
Attorney General, Grover Sellers, Sulphur Springs
Board of Control, Tom DeBerry, Member
Teacher Retirement System, Board of Trustees, George M. Sims
District Attorney, Seventh Judicial District, Leslie M. Neill, Tyler
Commission of Public Safety, Member J. Price Maddox, Sweetwater, Nolan County
Commissioner of Deeds Appointment
Texas College of Arts & Industries, A.L. Cramer, Edinburg
Brazos River Authority, Oxsheer Smith
A.O. Willman, Veteran State Service Officer, Approval of Appointment
District Judge, 20th Judicial District
W.C. Dowdy, District Judge 59th District
Appointment of Chairman, Commission for the Blind, Walter Buckner, San Marcos
Hill Hudson, District Judge, 109th District
Appointment of District Attorney, 50th Judicial District, Thomas F. Glover, Seymour
Appointment of District Attorney, 83rd. District, Travers Crumpton, Ft. Stockton
Appointment of District Judge, 69th Judicial District, John H. Aldridge, Jr., Farwell
Appointment of District Judge, 127th Judicial District, William M. Holland, Houston
Appointment, Member, Texas Prison Board, R.J. Edwards, Denton
Appointment, Presiding Judge, First Administrative Judicial District, W.L. (Jack) Thornton, Dallas
Appointment, Judge Criminal District Court, Dallas, Winter King
Appointment, District Judge, 101st District Court, Wm. M. Cramer, Dallas, 1944
James D. Willis, District Attorney, 109th District, 1944
Texas Tech Board of Directors, Member, Lee, Pfluger, Eden, Concho County
Members of Texas Civil Judicial Council, Major T. Bell, Payton B. Randolph
District Judge, 109th Judicial District, Henry Russell, Pecos
District Judge, 18th Judicial District, Penn J. Jackson, Cleburne
District Attorney, 33rd Judicial District, Roscoe Runge, Mason
District Attorney, 69th District, King Fike, Dalhart
Board of Commissioners of Pilots, for Galveston, Texas City Member, Captain A.M. Carlson, Galveston
Member, Commission for the Blind, Howard West, Houston
Member, State Board of Health, Dr. O.B. Kiel, Wichita Falls
Member, Goliad State Park Commission, Edward E. Martin
Member, Board Barber Examiners, J.H. Francis, Longview (reappointment)
Branch Pilots, Sabine Bar, Pass and Tributaries, William F. Fredeman, Sanford, West
Hon. William M. Cramer, to act in selection of an auditor, Texarkana
Member, Board of Directors, A & M College, E.W. Harrison, South Bend
University, Board of Regents, Dr. Judson Taylor, Dudley K. Woodward Jr., and David M. Warren
Member, Board of Regents, The University of Texas, Dr. Terrell, Ft. Worth
Member, Board of Directors, A & M College, Rufus R. Peeples
Asa G. Farmer, Member, Board of Examiners, Land Surveyors
Prison Board Member, Lindsay T. Murray, Keeland
Member, Texas Unemployment Compensation Commission, Robert M. McKinley, Austin, Travis County
State Military Affairs Committee
Temporary File, Unlisted Public Weighers and Branch Pilots
Court of Civil Appeals, Reuben A. Hall, Chief Justice, R.H. Harvey, Associate Justice, Robert S. Vance, District Judge, 5th Judicial District
Post War Economic Planning Commission, Member at Large, Dr. Walter Prescott Webb
S. Maston Nixon, Member, Postwar Economic Planning Commission
Members, Postwar Economic Planning Commission, P.B. Doty, W.H. Hitzelberger, A.P. Rollins
Public Weighers
District Attorney, 81st District, John F. May, Kenedy, Karnes County
San Jacinto State Park, Commissioners, J. Perry Moore, Miss Mary Todd, Will Kendall
Upper Guadalupe River Authority, Frank, Center Point, Kerr County
District Attorney, Criminal, Harris County, A.C. Winborn
Fireman's Pension Commissioner, H.B. Satterfield, Austin, Travis County
Court of Civil Appeals, 9th District, Chief Justice, Thomas B. Coe, Beaumont
District Attorney, 30th Judicial District, George W. Anderson, Wichita Falls.
Library and Historical Commission
Appointments, 1944
Loy Sims, Members, Board of Directors, A&I College, Kingsville
Good Neighbor Commission, Arnulfo Zamora, Laredo
Judge, 96th District Court, Ft. Worth, Tom J. Renfro
Chas. O. Betts, District Judge, 98th Judicial District
Ralph Logan, District Attorney, 51st Judicial District
Frank Quinn, Resignation
Robert Hughes, Resignation as District Attorney
Commissioner of Deeds, Request for Information
Postwar Economic Planning Committee
Resignation of A.L. Cramer, and Withdrawal
Cancellation of Capt. A.L. Uries, Commission as Branch Pilot Sabine Bar, P&T
Martin M. White, District Attorney, 27th District
Special 9th District Court, Judge E.I. Murphy, Livingston
Water Engineers, Board of , C.S. Clark, Donna
Brazos River and Freeport Bar, S.W. Hudgins, William Allen
Firemen's Pension Commissioner, H.B. Satterfield, Austin
James Stephen Hogg, Memorial Shrine, Puckett, Cooper, Byars
Chiropody Board, Dr. Clifford H. Robinson, Graham Scuddy
Associate Justice, Court of Civil Appeals, 11th Supreme Judicial District, Courtney Gray
Optometry Board
Game, Fish and Oyster Commission, Dr. Will Watt, Cap McDannald
State Board of Medical Examiners, Member, Klotz, Austin, 1945
Dallas County Flood Central District, Stemmons, Foley, Smithson
State Board Public Accountancy
Member Board of Directors, Nueces River Conservation and Reclamation District, Ray M. Keck, Cotulla
Sabine-Neches Board of Directors
Criminal District Judge, Jefferson County, Quentin Keith
State Aeronautics Commission, Ayres, Buchanan, Prouty
District Judge, 112th Judicial District, J.B. Randolph
Prison Board Members, W.A. Lee, Houston
Post War Economic Planning Committee, Labor Representative, Gene Powers
Engineers, Board of Registration for Professional, Mitchell, Carl L., Swenson
Library and Historical Commission, Heinsohn, Hobby.
College of Arts and Industries, Board of Directors
Texas Unemployment Compensation Commission, Henry B. Crozier, Chairman, Jack Reed, Member
Barber Board, J.B. Burris, Seguin, Jack Warden, McKinney
Chief Justice, Court of Civil Appeals, 10th District
Giles P. Lester
District Judge, 74th Judicial District, Harmon, Waco
P.K. Carmichael, Industrial Accident Board
Lower Colorado River Authority, Member, Board of Directors, Corder, Burnet
Thomas C. Ferguson, resignation, Lower Colorado River Authority
Architectural Examiners, Board of, Thomas D. Broad, Dallas, Reappointment
Member, Board of Trustees, Teacher Retirement System, Miss Quata Woods, Dallas
Liquor Control Board, Member, Mills P. Walker, Bryan (reappointment)
District Attorney, 30th Judicial District, Elmer H. Parish, Wichita Falls
Judge, 10th Judicial District, Galveston, J.G. Howard
Texas Unemployment Compensation Commission, Tom Bullock Hyder
Governor's Representative on the Interstate Oil Compact Commission
District Attorney 27th Judicial District, James K. Evetts, Belton, Texas
Commission of Public Safety, George W. Prendergast, Marshall, Harrison County
Board of Control, Hale H. Logan, College Station, Brazos County
Good Neighbor Commission (9 members)
Nueces County Navigation District, Branch Pilot
Galveston Bar and Houston Ship Channel Branch Pilots, 1945
Sabine Bar Pass and Tributaries, McFarland, Petersen, Mesbrooks
Public Weigher
Resignation, J.W. Keeland, Prison Board
George W. Anderson, District Attorney, Wichita Falls
Commissioner of Deeds, request for appointment
Notification of Death of Judge Marvin H. Brown, Associate Justice, Court of Civil Appeals
Branch Pilot, application for appointment
Liquor Control Board Member Mills P. Walker, Bryan, Morris Roberts, Chairman
Commissioner of Deeds, 1941-45
Board of Regents, Texas State College for Women, Brim, Briggs Barker
Commissioner of Deeds, John J. Dwyer, N.Y.
Appointments, 1945
Free a Marine to Fight Month proclamation, May 30, 1943 to June 30, 1943
Proclamation Motor Transportation Week, May 17, 1942
Lone Star Battalion Proclamation
Proclamation Helen Keller, Nov. 9, 1941
Keep'em Flying proclamation, Nov. 28, 1941
Join the Waves Month Proclamation, Feb. 1943
Independence Day of Faith, July 4
Proclamation National Honey Week, Oct. 26-Nov. 2, 1941
Home Food Garden Enrollment Week Proclamation, Feb.23-28, 1942
Health and Clean-Up Week Proclamation, April 4-10, 1943
American Made Rubber Day Proclamation, June 28, 1943
Food Fights for Freedom Month
Food for Freedom Week Proclamation, Nov. 3-9, 1941
County Defense Coordinators and Municipal Defense Coordinators
Employment Week, May 3, 1942
Proclamation Dental Health Week, Oct. 27 - Nov. 3, 1941
Defense Stamp and Bond Days, First and 15th of every month
Proclamation Corn Products Week, Sept. 21-27, 1941
Civilian Defense, Creating Texas State War Council
Proclamation Civilian Defense Clean-Up Week in Texas, March 29 - April 4, 1942
Civilian Defense Week
Bible Comment, letters, unanswered
Proclamation, Greek Day
Gonzales State Park
Pink Bollworm Commission
Brazos River Conservation and Reclamation District, A. Neilson Denton, Waco
Brazos River Conservation and Reclamation District
Nueces River Conservation and Reclamation District
District Judges, 63rd District, Del Rio, Roger Thurmond of Del Rio, Val Verde County.
Governor's Staff Appointments
Associate Justice, Court of Civil Appeals Eastland, Courtney Gran, Brownwood
Public Weighers, Misc.
Branch Pilot, Port of Galveston, Texas City
Branch Pilot, Galveston Bar and Houston Ship Channel, Marina and Rowland
Board of Pilot Commissioners for Galveston and Texas City, Fred F. Hunter
Sabine Bar, Pass and Tributaries Branch Pilots
Brazos. Santiago Pass Bar and Tributaries, Stanley E. Ridley
Port Aransas Bar, Corpus Christi Bay and Tributaries
Harry Benge Crozier, Texas Unemployment Compensation Commission Chairman
District Attorney, 7th Judical District, McKay, Quitman
Criminal District Attorney, 124th Judicial District, Oscar Jones
Board Barber Examiners, J.H. Francis, Longview
Board of Pilot Commissioners, Sabine Bar, Pass and Tributaries, Frank Hustmyre, Orange
Texas State College for Women, Board of Regents, Mrs. Charles Ashcroft, Carl Runge
Board of Control member, Ashley, Llano
Commission on Uniform State Law, J.C. Hall, San Antonio, TX
Public Accountancy, State Board of, A.H. Freeman, George R. Dannell
Judge Criminal District Court of Jefferson County, Lord
District Judge, 109th Judicial District, G.C. Olsen Kermit
B.E. Pickett, State Board of Health
Court of Civil Appeals, 2nd District, Hall, Henrietta, District Judge, 97th, Judicial District, Louis J. Holland, Montague, 1946
Board of Cosmetology, Mrs. Margaret Greenwood, Greenville
Good Neighbor Commission, Joe M. Rose
Good Neighbor Commission, Joe M. Rose Roaring Springs, resignation of W. Marcus
State Labor Commissioner, Mrs. Moore
Industrial Accident Board, Leonard Carlton, Commerce
Assistant Adjutant General, Col. Martin, Houston, 1946
Instudrial Accident Board, Glewellen, Eastland County
Proclamation, Sweet Potato Consumption Week in Texas, March 22-28, 1942
Farm Mobilization Day
American Education Week
Minute Women at War Week
Glider Pilot Day
American Junior Red Cross Enrollment Time
Proclamations, misc. correspondence
Proclamations, School Defense Week, Nov. 3-11, 1941
Plant for Victory Week Proclamation, March 1-7, 1942
National Veteran's Week
Proclamation National Youth Day in Texas, Oct. 16, 1941
Marine Corps Day
Proclamation, National Defense Day, Oct. 12, 1941
National Recreation Association Meeting, Invitation to send delegates, Sept. 29, - Oct 3, 1941
Navy Call for Binoculars
4-14/139 General Files:
Labor Statistics, Bureau of, Referrals
Land Commission Referrals
Liquor Control Board Referrals
Mines & Metallurgy, Bureau of, Referrals
Medical Examiners, State Board of, Referrals
Misc. Referrals
Nurse Examiners, Board of, Referrals
Office of Dependency Benefits
Office of Price Administration Referrals
Office of Defense Transportation Referrals
Public Safety, Department of, Referrals
Game, Fish, and Oyster Commission
Public Welfare, Department of, Referrals, April, May
Request for Misc. Material, Jan-June
Request for Misc. Material, July
Request for Aid
Public Welfare, Department of, Referrals, Feb.-March
Public Welfare, Department of, Referrals, Aug.- Sept. 1943
Public Welfare, Department of, Referrals, Oct.- Nov. 1943
Selective Service System Referrals
Railroad Commission Referrals
Secretary of State Referral
State Library Referrals
State Parks Board
State Service Officer Referral
Texas Unemployment Compensation Commission Referrals
Texas Prison System Referrals
Teacher's Retirement Commission Referrals
U.S.D.A. War Board Referrals
Vital Statistics, Bureau of, Referrals
United States Employment Service Referrals
Internal Revenue, Collector of, Referrals
Insurance Commissioner's, Board of, Referrals
Highway Department Referrals
Health Department Referrals
Public Welfare, Department of, Referrals, January
Public Welfare, Department of, Referrals, June-July
Unamerican Activities
Unanswered A
Unanswered B
Unanswered C
4-14/140 General Files:
Unanswered Correspondence D-Z
Wants Work
Work Projects Administration
A&I Board of Regents, W.M. (Mike) Griffith
A&I Board, Kingsville
Confirmation of appointments - A
Navy Appreciation Week
Nimitz Day Celebration
Navy Aviation Week
Poll Tax Payment Proclamation
Prayer for Peace Proclamation
Prayer for Guidance
January 30th, President's Birthday Anniversary
Nurse Recruitment Week
Onion Week, June 8-15, 1942
Texas Palestine Day, Nov. 2, 1944
Paper Salvage Month
Pecan Week proclamation, Nov. 25, 1941
Peanut Week, Jan. 23-31st, 1941
Pledge Allegiance to the Flag Week
Texas Poets Week
Fourth War Loan Drive
National Furniture Week Proclamation, Oct. 4-11, 1941
Good Neighbor Proclamation
Health Aid Week (Pending)
Junior Chamber of Commerce Week Proclamation, Jan 14-21, 1943
Merchant Marine Fleet Month
Marine Recruiting Program Proclamation
Marine Corps Day Proclamation, Nov. 10, 1941
Marine Enlistment Proclamation
China Relief Week
National Cotton Week in Texas Proclamation, May 17-22, 1943
Cotton Christmas Proclamation, Nov. 29, 1941
Cotton Congress Week Proclamation, July 6-11, 1942
National Cotton Week Proclamation
Dairy Month, June 1942
Deposit Bottle Return Month
Proclamation, Called Session 47th Legislature, Sept. 9, 1941
Divine Guidance Proclamation
List of Proclamations
Governor's Message, Centennial of Statehood Opening Celebration
Egg Month
National Family Week Proclamation, May 2-9, 1943
Founder's Day, Warm Springs, Gonzales Foundation
Fourth Club Week
Proclamation Bluebonnet Month in Texas, April 1942
Universal Bible Study
United States Cadets Nurse Corps Month
Proclamation Camp Fire Girls in Texas, March 15-21
X-Mas Mail Month for Soldiers
Texas Children's Week Proclamation, Feb. 28-Mar. 6, 1943
Avenger's of Pearl Harbor Week, June 1-7, 1942
Altrusa Week
Alien Registration Day
Texas Farm Ranch Scrap Metal Harvest Month
Cheese Week
Request for Proclamation
Bill of Rights Week, Dec. 8-15, 1941
Aviation Week
Bible Reading Proclamation
Bible Week I
4-14/141 General Files, 1941:
Bond Servicing Act, 1941
Birth Certificates, 1941
Acknowledge and Thanks, 1941
Autograph Seal, 1941
Official Bond
Bond Servicing Act, Aug.6, 1941
Advice and Suggestions, Aug. 1941
Biography of Governor, 1941
Legislation, Pension
Adjutant General Referrals
Agriculture, Department of, Referrals
Commission for the Blind Referral
Comptroller of Public Accounts Referral
Confederate Pension Division
County Official Referrals
Dental Examiners, Board of, Referrals
Board of Control Referrals
Education, Department of, Referrals
4-14/142 General Files, 1941:
Pension, Widow's CRS, 1941
Pension, July 1941
Requests, Governors Picture, 1941
Poems Sent in 1941
Poems Requested, Aug. 1941
Proclamation Religious Education Week.
Proclamation Misc., 1941
Radicals, 1941
Radio Misc.
Job, State Department, Sept. 1941
Job, State, Aug. 1941
2. Job, State, Sept. 1941
2. Job, State, October 1941
Dr. W.J. Johnson, San Antonio
Message, 1941
Letters of Introduction, 1941
Missing Persons C.R.S., 1941
Suggested Legislation
Misc., 1941
Odd Request
Information, Army and Navy, 1941
Information, legal, Aug.-Sept. 1941
Information misc., 1941
Information misc., Oct.- Dec. 1941
Information Law Enforcement, 1941
Information Legal, Oct. 1941
Information Prison System, 1941
Civil Aeronautics
National Defense, Stevenson
Notary Matters
Civilian Defense, 1941
Collector of Souvenirs etc., 1941
Complaints, Aug. 1941
Debate Material, 1941
Deeds Misc. C.R.S., 1941
Extradition, (General), 1941
Delinquent Tax, C.R.S., 1941
Chapa, Domingo Extradition, 1941
Richard Bedell Extradition
Blackwood Extradition, 1941
Barr, Geol. Extradition, 1941
Freeman Fred Extradition
S. Erenberg Extradition
Extradition, Erenbarge
Paul Edward Thomas Extradition, Wanted in Georgia
Financial Aid, 1941
Greetings, X-Mas, 1941
F.W.O.L. Losts, 1941
Help, Destitute, Aug. 1941
Inauguration, 1941
Help, Destitute, Blind, 1941
Bond Servicing Act, Aug.28-30, 1941
Bond Servicing Act, 1941
Certificate title
4-14/143 General Files:
Red Cross, 1948
Receipts for Warrants, 1947-48
Texas Warrant Co.
Government Employment Reports, 1948
Insurance Reports
Governor's Appointments
Payroll Copies, 1947
Requisitions, Office
Paid Bills, Office
Warrants, 1947-48
Unpaid Bills
Paid Bills
Community Chest
Fugitive Payments
Retirement System of Texas
Requisitions, Mansion
4-14/144 General Files:
Correspondence, 1947
Industrial Oil Compact
Payroll, 1946-47
Board of Control
Budget, 1945-46
Budget, 1946-47
Correspondence, 1946
Inventory, Office, 1941
Requisitions, Mansion, 1946-47
Paid Bills Office, 1946-47
From Comptroller
Attorney General
Executive Department, Jan 21, 1947
Delivery Slips
Payroll Withholding Tax, 1946-47
Texas Warrant Co.
Requisitions, Office, 1946-47
4-14/145 Correspondence, 1945-46:
Public Welfare, Department of, Referral, 1945
Public Welfare, Department of
Racial Discrimination, 1945
Pyle, Ernie, Memorial, Inc.
Railroad Commission, 1945
Railroad Commission Referral
Reagan Home, John H.
Reciprocity Agreements
Recreation Conference, 1945
Representatives, 1945
Requests, January -Feb. March, April, June, July, Aug., Sept. 1946
Adjutant General Referral
Department of Agriculture Referral
State Board of Barber Examiners
State Board of Chiropody Examiners
Commission for the Blind Referral
Comptroller Department Referral
Confederate Pension Division
State Board of Cosmetology
County Officials
Deeds of Cession
Board of Dental Examiners Referral
Department of Education Referral
Eleemosynary Division Referral
Board of Control
State Board of Fish, Game and Oyster Commission
Health Department Referral
Highway Department Referral
Insurance Board Referral
Internal Revenue Collector Referral
Labor Commission Referral
Labor Statistics, Bureau of, Referral
Land Office Referral
Liquor Control Board Referral
Land Commission Referral
Medical Examiners, Board of, Referral
Mines and Metallurgy, Bureau of
Nurse Examiners, Board of, Referrals
Office of Defense Transportation Referral
Birth Certificate, Bureau of Vital Statistics
Texas Unemployment Compensation Commission Referral
Public Safety, Department of, Referral
State Parks Board
Requests, July, Aug., Sept, Feb. March, June 1946
4-14/146 General Files:
Acknowledge and Thank
[2 folders]
Governor's Office air conditioning unit
Federal Housing (Public) Authority
Electric Typewriter (File Unused) we made on WPB, San Antonio, TX
Farm Security
House Bills
Income Tax Statements of Former Employees sent to Maurice for 1943
Law Enforcements
Legal Information
Misc. Information
Misc. Request
Aid, Request for
4-14/147 General Files:
Unemployment Compensation Commission, 1943
Unemployment Compensation Commission Referral, 1943
Uniform State Laws, Commission of, 1943
Agriculture, Department of, U S
Labor, Department of, U.S.
United States Chamber of Commerce, 1943
United States Department of Commerce
United States Employment Service, 1943
Secretary of State, U.S., 1943
United States Food and Drug Officials Association
U.S. Treasury Department, 1943
University of Texas, 1943
Vingt-Un islands, 1943
Voluntary County Parole Board System, 1943
War Food Administration
War Labor Board
War Department, 1943
War Man Power Commission
War Production Board, 1943
War Saving Staff
Ward, A.L., Dallas, Texas, 1943
War Prisoner Labor
Washington State Park, 1943
Water Engineers, Board of
W.A.A.C. Rally, 1943
Young Democratic Clubs
Master Intelligence
Adjutant General
Adjutant General Referral, 1944
Agriculture, Department of, 1944
Agriculture, Department of, Referral, 1944
Agricultural and Mechanical College
American Academy of Political and Social Science
American Association of State Highway Officials, 1944
The American Bible Society, 1944
American Democratic National Committee, 1944
National Foundation of Infantile Paralysis, 1945
National Garden Program
National Humane Association Convention
Natural Gas Situation, 1945
Natural Resources, 1945
National Legislation, 1945
National Memorial Tapestry, 1945
National Motion Pictures Committee, 1945
National Politics, 1945
National Reclamation Association, 1945
National Safety Council, 1945
Negro Education Facilities
National Tax Conference, 1945
Navy Goat
Nimitz Day Celebration, 1945
19th Division, 1945
4-14/148 General Files:
95th Division, 1945
National Probation Association, Inc.
Office, 1945
Oil and Gas Situation, 1945
Old Age Assistance, 1945
Optometry, Board of, Examiners
Palo Duro Park, 1945
Pan-American Association
Pardons and Paroles, Board of, 1945
Parks Board, 1945
Parks Board Referral
Pearl Harbor, 1945
Pecos River Compact Commission
Pharmacy Board, 1945
Pharmacy Board Referral, 1945
Pipeline, Natural Gas, 1945
Poet Laureate of Texas
Poll Tax, 1945
Pollution, 1945
Postwar Planning, 1945
Postwar Planning Commission, 1945
Postwar Planning Commission Referral, 1945
President's Highway Traffic Safety Conference
Praetorian Report, 1945
Prairie View State Normal and Industrial College, 1945
Predatory Animals, 1945
President's Commission on Higher Education
Press Releases, Jan.-June 1946
Press Releases, July-Dec. 1946
Press Releases, Jan-March 1945
Press Releases, April - June 1945
Press Releases, July - Aug. 1945
Press Releases, Oct. - Dec. 1945
Price Control
Prison Board Referral, 1945
Prison System, 1945
Prisoners of War, 1945
Proposed Legislation, 1945
Prison System Referral, 1945
Public Safety, Department of, 1945
Public Safety, Department of, Referral, 1945
Public Welfare, Board of, 1945
4-14/149 General Files:
Request, Jan.-Dec. 1943
Request for appointment, Jan. - Dec. 1943
Request for Flag
Request for Picture, 1943
U-Z, 1941:
University Medical School
University Board of Regents
V- Veterinary Medical Examiners, Board of
Voluntary Parole Board
W- West Texas Chamber of Commerce
Wheat Personal
Texas Highway Commission and Oklahoma Highway Commission
Texas State Soil Conservation Board
Texas Statehood Centennial
Texas Unemployment Compensation Commission
Thanksgiving Day
Treasury Department
Two-State Celebration
Texas Safety Association
Texas Safety Association Program
State Treasury Report, Aug. 31, 1941
State Treasury Report, 1941
Telegraph, October
4-14/150 Correspondence:
Request, Special Commission, 1943
Rio Grande Compact Commission, 1943
Salvage Commission
Schoch Acetylene Process
Secretary of Commerce
Secretary of State
Secretary of the Interior, 1943
Service Letters
Senate Bill 169, Pension Bill
Senate Bill 214
Selective Service System, 1943
Senate Bills, 1943
Social Security Board
Soil Conservation, 1943
Special Session
Speed regulation, 1943
State Bar of Texas
State Guard
State Teachers Colleges, 1943
Southern Governor's Conference, 1943
State War Chest
Statehood Commission, Texas Centennial of, 1943
Suggested Legislation, 1943
Suggestions, 1943
Synthetic Rubber, 1943
Taxation, 1943
Teacher Retirement Board, 1943
Telegrams, January - December 1943
Texas at War
Texas Civil Judicial Council
Texas Cottonseed Crushers' Association, 1943
Texas Elks Crippled Children's Institution, Inc., 1943
Texas League of Women Voters, 1943
Texas Memorial Museum, 1943
Texas Police Association, 1943
Texas Safety Association, Inc., 1943
Texas State Board of Embalming
Texas State College for Women, 1943
Texas State Railroad, 1943
Texas Technological College, 1943
Textbook Situation
Texas USO War Fund Campaign, 1943
Texas Women's Press Association
Thanksgiving Day
36th Division
Trade Barriers
Treasury Department
4-14/151 General Files:
Board of Control Referral, 1945
Bong, Richard Ira, Memorial Foundation
Boy Scouts of America
Brazos River Conservation and Reclamation District, 1945
British Consulate General, 1945
Bureaucracy, 1945
Butter Situation, 1945
Calf Scramble Contest, 1945
Camp Fire Girls, Inc.
Capital Punishment
Casualty Lists
Board for the Censorship of Moving Pictures, 1945
Chiropractic Examiners, Board of, 1945
Consul of China, 1946
Civilian Defense, 1945
Commencement Announcements, 1945
Communist Political Association, 1945
Community Canning Program for War Relief, 1945
Comptroller's Department, 1945
Comptroller's Department Referral, 1945
Compulsory Military Training, 1945
Corpus Christi
Council of State Governments, 1945
Council for Community Service, 1945
Courts, 1945
Czechoslovak Consul, 1945
Daylight Saving Time, 1945
Deeds of Cession, 1945
[empty folder]
Deficiency Appropriations, Request for, 1945
Dental Examiners, Board of, 1945
Disabled American Veterans, 1945
Donations, 1945
East Texas Forest Survey
Eastern Defense Command
Education, Board of, 1945
4-14/152 General Files:
Carnegie Fund Commission
Casualty Insurance Commission
Telegrams, November, 1941
Adjutant General
Adjutant General Referral
A & M College
A & M College Referral
American Academy of Political and Social Science
American Legion
American Red Cross, 1942
Appointment, District Judge, Exchange of Benches
Appointment Special Judges
Appropriation Bill
A & I College
Associated Press
Attorney General Referral
Agriculture, Department of
Austin's Seeing Eye Committee
Stephen F. Austin College
Banking Department
Barber Board
Biblical Quotation
Big Bend Park
Blind Commission
Blind Commission Referral
Board of Control
Board of Control Referral
Bond Taxation
Boy Scouts of America
Butane Gas
Christmas Carol Program
C.C.C. [Civilian Conservation Corps]
Civilian Defense
Coastal Cattle Association, Inc.
Committee on Pardons for Eligible Convicts to Military Service
Committee on Judicial Statistics Report
Comptroller's Department Referral
Comptroller's Department
Cosmetology Board
Cotton Christmas Tree Program
Cotton Stockings Report
Council of State Governments
Council for Democracy
Dairy Industry
Dallas Chamber of Commerce
[2 folders]
Dallas Negro Chamber of Commerce
Daylight Savings Time
Deed of Cession
Defense Guard
Defense Guard, 25th Battalion, Wichita Falls, Texas
Defense Savings Program
Office of Defense Transportation
O.D.T. Orders
Departments and Department Heads
Board of Education
84th Judicial District
Employment, Jan. - Feb.
Employment, Mar.-April 1942
Employment, May-June
Christmas Message
4-14/153 General Files:
Employment, July and August 1942
Employment, September and October 1942
Employment, November - December 1942
Employment, Wm. Eilers, Sr.
Employment, F.M. Nuse
Employment, Donald Shield
Employment, Carl F. Wheeler
Farm - Labor situation
Farm Machinery Equipment Rationing Board
Fifteenth District Attorney
Fifty-second Judicial District Attorney
Fire Insurance Division
Forty-eighth Legislature
Forty-seventh Legislature - 1st Called Session
Fourteenth District Court
Fourth Court of Civil Appeals
Future Farmers of America
Galveston Medical School
Gasoline Rationing, Unanswered
Game, Fish and Oyster Commission
Gasoline Rationing, Out of State
Gasoline Rationing, Clippings
Gasoline Rationing, Nov. 21 - Nov. 26, 1942
Gasoline and Rubber Rationing, 1942-1943, 1945
[unlabeled folder]
Gasoline Rationing, Nov. 1 - Nov. 20, 1942.
Gasoline Rationing, F. W. O. L.
Gasoline Rationing, Against Gov. Stand
Fair Employment Practices Committee, 1945
Employment, September, October 1945
Employment, November, December 1945
Engineers, Board of Registration for Professional, 1945
[empty folder]
Executive Department Budget, 1945
Farm-to-Market Road
Federal Regimentation, 1945
Fire Insurance Commission, 1945
Firemen's Pension Commission
Flood Control, 1945
Education, Department of, 1945
Education, Department of, Referral, 1945
Eighth Service Command, 1945
El Campo
Consul of El Salvador, 1945
Embalming, State Board of, 1945
[empty folder]
Employment, Jan., Feb., March, April, May, June 1946
Employment, July, Aug., Sept., Oct., Nov., Dec., 1946
Employment, Jan., Feb., 1945
Employment, March, April 1945
Employment, May, June 1945
Employment, July, Aug., 1945
4-14/154 General Files:
Academic Freedom
Adjutant General, 1945
Adjutant General - Referral, 1945
[empty folder]
Ad Valorem Taxes
Agricultural and Mechanical College, 1945
Agricultural Program, 1945
Agriculture, Department of, 1945
Agriculture, Department of, Referral, 1945
Air Day in Texas
Airport Consultant, 1945
American Academy of Political and Social Sciences, 1945
American Association of State Highway Officials, 1945
[empty folder]
American Association of Teachers Colleges, 1945
[empty folder]
American Bar Association, 1945
American Bible Society, 1945
American Democratic National Committee, 1945
American Legion, 1945
American Parole Association, 1945
[empty folder]
American Prison Association, 1945
American Red Cross, 1945
American Veterans of World War II, 1945
American War Dads, 1946
Anderson, M. D., Hospital for Cancer Research
Applied Research, Foundation of, 1945
[empty folder]
Arkansas Watermelon
Armistice Day Program, 1946
Army Air Force
Army Day
Army-Navy Program, Discharging Veterans, 1945
Army-Navy Program, Drafting teenage boys, 1945
Arts and Industries College, 1945
Attorney General, 1945
Athletic Institute, Inc.
Attorney General - Referral, 1945
[empty folder]
Auditor, 1945
Auditor, Referral, 1945
[empty folder]
Minutes of the Automatic Tax Board
Aviation, 1945
Baking [Banking?] Industry
Banking, 1945
Banking Department, 1945
Banking Department, Referral, 1945
Barber Board, 1945
Barber Board, Referral, 1945
[empty folder]
Bataan Memorial Society, 1945
Bay City Chamber of Commerce, 1945
Beaumont Melody Maids, 1946
Belgium Consul General, 1945
Bi-Racial Committee
Big Bend Park, 1945
Blind Commission, 1945
Blind Commission Referral, 1945
[empty folder]
Blue Cross Plan
Board of Control, 1945
4-14/155 General Files:
Federal Regimentation, 1943
Feed Situation, 1943
Freight Rate Discrimination
Food Production Drive, 1943
Gambling, 1943
Game Conservation Military Reservation
Game, Fish and Oyster Commission, 1943
Game, Fish and Oyster Commission Referral, 1943
Garrison, Homer, special file
Good Neighbor Commission
Governor to Governor, 1943
Governors' Conference, 1943
Grain Alcohol Processing Plants, 1943
Greetings from Governor, 1943
Guadalupe-Blanco Authority, 1943
Guayule Rubber, 1943
Health, Board of, 1943
Health Department, 1943
Health Department Referral, 1943
Highway Commission, 1943
Highway Department, 1943
Highway Department Referral, 1943
House Bills, 1943
Home Demonstration Clubs
Honorary Commissions
Houston Memorial, 1943
Hunt Case
Industrial Accident Board, 1943
Industrial Accident Board, Referral, 1943
Industry, 1943
Industry, Corn
Industry, Cotton, 1943
Iron Ore Industry
Industry, Livestock, 1943
Industry, Lumber
Industry, Milk and Feed
Industry, Poultry, 1943
Industry, Rice, 1943
Industry, Shell
Industry, Wool and Mohair, 1943
Infantile Paralysis, National Foundation of
Employment, Sept., Oct. 1943
Employment, Nov., Dec. 1943
Engineers, Board of Registration for Professional
Farm Program, 1943
Farm Subsidy
4-14/156 General Files:
Insurance Commission, 1943
Insurance Commission Referral, 1943
Interstate Commerce Commission, 1943
Interstate Commission on Crime, 1943
[empty folder]
Interstate Cooperation Committee
Interracial Discrimination, 1943
Inter-American Affairs, 1943
Kaufman Chamber of Commerce
Kiwanis Club
Kiplinger Washington Letter
Labor Agreement, 1943
Labor Statistics, Bureau of, 1943
Labor Statistics, Bureau of, Referral, 1943
Land Commission
Land Commission Referral
Legislation, 1943
Legislation, Basic Science Bills, 1943
Legislation, Appropiations Bill, 1943
Legislation, Child Labor Regulation
Legislation, Confederate Pension, 1943
Legislation, Judicial Districts, 1943
Legislation, Labor, 1943
Judicial Districts
4-14/157 General Files:
Clemency J, 1943-44
Clemency K, 1943-44
Clemency L, 1943-44
Clemency M, 1943-44
Clemency misc., 1943
[unlabeled folder]
Clemency Mc, 1943 -44
Clemency N, 1943 -44
Clemency O, 1943 -44
Clemency P, 1943 -44
Clemency Q, 1943 -44
Clemency misc., 1943-44
[unlabeled folder]
Clemency R, 1943-44
Clemency S, 1943-44
Clemency T, 1943-44
Clemency U, 1943-44
Clemency V, 1943-44
Clemency W, 1943-44
Clemency X,Y,Z, 1943-44
Stay of Execution, McKinley, Morris
Stay of Execution, Robinson, Richards,
C. L. Turner, Stay of Execution,
Stay of Execution, Ben Walker
Stay of Execution, Wilson, Arthur Lee,
Stay of Execution, Jimmy Alford
Stay of Execution, Orrin J. Brown
Stay of Execution, Fidel Contreras,
Stay of Execution, Edward Hart
Stay of Execution, Luther Hill
Stay of Execution, Rogers Lee King
Stay of Execution, Leo Lera
Stay of Execution, Charlie Goldsby
Stay of Execution, Emiliano Benavides
Stay of Execution, Emiliano Benevidez
Clemency S
[unlabeled folder]
Jose Rocha
Joseph W. Oglesby, Execution No. 273, Friday, August 3, 1945
Clemency Y,Z,
[unlabeled folder]
Honorable Elster M. Haile, Chairmen, Board of Pardons and Paroles, Austin, Texas
Information about Texas
4-14/158 Clemency:
G, 1945-46
H, 1945-46
I, 1945-46
J, 1945-46
K, 1945-46
L, 1945-46
M, 1945-46
Misc., 1945-46
Mc, 1945-46
N, 1945-46
O, 1945-46
P, 1945-46
Q, 1945-46
R, 1945-46
4-14/157 Clemency S
[unlabeled folder]
4-14/158 T, 1945-46
U, 1945-46
V, 1945-46
W, 1945-46
Clemency A, 1943-44
Clemency B, 1943-44
Clemency C, 1943-44
Clemency D, 1943-44
Clemency E, 1943-44
Clemency F, 1943-44
Clemency G, 1943-44
Clemency H, 1943-44
Clemency I, 1943-44
4-14/159 General Files:
Texas Navy, 1945
Requests, 1946
Requests for Proclamation
Yam Week
Business Women's Week
Requesting Emergency Approiations
Czechoslovak Independence Day
Air Force Day
Admiral Halsey Day
Proclamation, Army Day in Texas, April 6, 1942
George Washington's Birthday
Texas Annexation Celebration Day
Air Force Day, August 1, 1946
Air Day in Texas
"Honor Your Baker" Week
Balfour Day
Bataan Memorial Day
Back-to-School Week
Boy Scout Publicity
Boys Ranch Day
Blue Cross Day
Boys and Girls Week
Brotherhood Week Proclamation, Feb. 15-22, 1942
Buddy Poppy Day
Calling Special Senatorial Election, Bexar County, Spears Vacancy
Roy (Pete) Traxler
[empty folder]
Calling Special Elections to Fill Legislative Vacancies, June 11, 1942
Calling Special Election for Voting Bonds to Purchase Land for Texas Veterans, July 31, 1946
Calling for General Election, 1946
General Election Proclamation
Cancer Control Month
Carrot and Beet Week
Child Health Day
Child Protection, Crime Prevention Week, December 3-9, 1945
Christmas Mail Month for Soldiers, 1945
Christmas Seal Sale
Citrus Week in Texas
Proclamation, Crippled Children's Week, March 30-April 5, 1942
Dairy Month
Day of Prayer, San Francisco Meeting, April 22, 1945
Disabled American Veterans' Month
Display Education Week
National "Employ the Physically Handicapped" Week
Engineer Corp Week
Elizabeth Kenny Day, December 8, 1945
Texas Elks Crippled Children's Memorial Hospital Week
Enlistment Proclamation, 1945
Eisenhower Day , April 20, 1946
Proclamation, Friendship Day, April 7, 1942
Fat Salvage Month
National Farm Safety Week
Father's Day Proclamation
Fire Prevention Week
Flag Week and Flag Day, June 8-14, 1942; June 14, 1942
Fraternal Week in Texas
National Flower Week
Forestry Week
Forget-Me-Not Week
Founder's Week, Soroptimist Clubs
D. A. V., Forget-Me-Not Day
Foster Field Day
Fredericksburg Day, May 8, 1946
Future Homemakers of Texas Week
Benjamin Franklin's Birthday, January 17, 1946
Proclamation, General Pulaski's Memorial Day, Oct. 11, 1941
George Washington's Birthday and Arbor Day, Feb. 22, 1942
Good Friday Proclamation
Admiral Halsey Day
[empty folder]
Highway Week
Hearing Week
Proclamation, Hospital Day
"I Am An American" Day Proclamation
Infantry Day
Junior Chamber of Commerce Week
Kiwanis Week
Lost Battalion Day
Maritime Day
Memorial Day, May 30, 1942
Motor Transportation Week
Mother's Day
Navy Day, October 27, 1942
New Braunfels Day, May 12, 1946
National Boys and Girls Week Proclamation, April 24-May 1, 1943
National War Fund Month
Needlework Guild Week
Marine Corps Week
Newspaper Boy Day, Oct. 6, 1945
Nimitz Day