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Archive of German WWI Documents: Apfelbaum, Charles Collection:


Descriptive Summary and Abstract

Title Archive of German WWI Documents: Apfelbaum, Charles Collection:
Dates 1883-1960
Abstract The Archive of WWI Documents is composed of correspondences including handwritten and typed letters with envelopes, post cards from different places in Europe, some made by soldiers. The collection also includes diaries, manuscripts, and photographs including photographic albums, newspaper clippings, ID booklets, passports, maps, metal ID tags, and drawings. The collection is written in German, from German soldiers all around Europe during the war, writing primarily to their families. This collection also contains a hand written book by Eugen Bechler about the German Navy.
Identification MIL MSS 00170
Extent 4 linear ft.
Language English.
Repository Cushing Memorial Library College Station, TX 77843-5000

Biographical Note

No biographical information included. Majority of correspondents are German soldiers during WWI.

Scope and Content Note

The collection contains over 2600 letters and post cards from German soldiers writing to family and friends. There are many photographs in this collection. Some contain pictures of German soldiers in uniform and some are landscapes. There is a 200 page manuscript book of German Naval Information written by Eugen Bechler in box 1 folder 2. NCO Bernhard Bunk wrote a 42 page manuscript diary that also as his ID booklet, passport and a photograph in box 1 folders 3 and 4. August Ellendt typed an unusual 166 page diary that includes photos, drawings, maps, and his metal ID tag in box 1 folders 18-35. There are 31 photos in a hand made album with military scenes and 36 loose photos that Lt. R. Walter Gretschel put together in box 2 folders 1-3. Johan Horn has a group folio document relating to his schooling in Munich, Germany in box 2 folders 25-26. In box 3, folder 1 is a photo of Lt. Fritz Kierfer and his grave site. Lt. Major Walther D. Krebs pasted photographs on a sheet of small paper and wrote letters to his wife around the pictures in box 3 folders 11-12. Located in box 3 between folders 13-14 is a custom made box containing a photo album with 81 pictures from Belgium with writing on the back by Lt. Major Walther Mirsch. Richter has 2 diaries with newspaper clippings pasted in them in box 3 folder 27.


Organization of the Papers

This collection is organized into 1 series:
Series 1. Correspondence, 1923-1945.



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Usage Restrictions

Copyright is retained by the authors of items in these papers, or their descendants, as stipulated by United States copyright law.

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Bechler, Eugen
Bunk, Bernhard
Ellendt, August
Gretschel, Lt. R. Walter
Horn, Johan
Kiefer, Lt. Fritz
Krebs, Lt. Major D.
Mirsch, Lt. Major Walther
Des Musketiers
German Navy
Germany Army
Manuscript Diaries
Newspaper Clippings
Photo Albums
Post Cards

Administrative Information


Purchased from Charles Apfelbaum.

Processing Information

Processed by Nafisah Hankins in 2004.

Detailed Description of the Collection


Series 1. Correspondence, 1923-1945.

1/1 Austrian 49th Jager Rgt., 1915-1918.
36 page manuscript diary, 1915-1918, mostly from Russian front.
1/2 Bechler, Eugen, 1912-1938.
German Naval Sea Captain; 200 page manuscript book, 1912-1938, with extensive Naval information, WWI, then after on the German Africa Line.
1/3-1/4 NCO Bunk, Bernhard, 1915-1916, 1945.
NCO; 42 page manuscript diary, 1915-1916; ID booklet, passport, & photo, 1945.
1/5-1/7 Bestenreiner, Karl, 1915-1917.
KUK 21 Inf - Telephone Abt; 110 letters & cards, 1915-1917, by this Austrian officer, mostly from Poland and Italy.
1/8 Bley, Fritz, 1915-1918.
Des Musketiers, 94th Inf; 99 page typed diary, 1915-1918, with excellent & lengthy entries.
1/9-1/13 Dinslage, Hauptmann, Apr. 1914 - Dec. 1915.
125 letters & postcards, Apr. 1914 - Dec. 1915.
1/14-1/17 Ebing, Albert, Nov. 1915 - July 1918.
95 letters & postcards, Nov. 1915 - July 1918, to & from him & his family in Koln.
1/18-1/35 Ellendt, August, 1915-1918.
Batt. 112; Most unusual typed diary, 166 pages, from several Fronts (Belgium, Italy, Poland, Romania, etc.), on 6x8 and 8x10 sheets, single-spaced with Photos, Exceptional drawings, Maps inserted, 1915-1918; metal ID tag.
1/36-1/47 Franz/Bohm Family, Sept. 1914-Aug. 1918.
140 postcards, Sept. 1914-Aug. 1918, from several soldiers.
1/48 Geib, Hans J., undated.
63 page manuscript diary with excellent photo in uniform.
1/49-1/51 Gortz, Fritz, 1916-1918.
12th Co-10th Lothringer Inf; 110 picture postcards, 1916-1918; 102 are written on, some are real snapshots of military scenes, mostly from France & Russia.
2/1-2/3 Gretschel, Lt. R. Walter, 1915-1917.
Archive of 89 letters & cards, 1915-1917; 31 photos in a hand made album, mostly military scenes; 36 loose photos, almost all identified.
2/4-2/6 Hansen, J., 1916-1918.
110 picture postcards, 1916-1918; most written on, some are real snapshots, all are military scenes, mostly from France.
2/7-2/20 Hofer, Georg, 1914-1919.
Pioneer-Officer (Pioneer Co 8); 500 letters & cards (270 from his to his wife in Schwabach, 230 from his wife to him), from France & Belgium, 1914-1919.
2/21-2/22 Hoppe, Sgt. Fritz, 1915-1918.
35 page manuscript diary, 1915-1918; 13 unknown documents and ephemera; passport.
2/23-2/27 Horn, Johan, Mar. 1883- April 1960.
2d Res. Inf; 110 letters and postcards, Nov. 1907- June 1917; a group of folio documents relating to his schooling in Munich Mar. 1883- April 1960; misc, unknown dates of letters and postcards.
3/1 Kiefer, Lt. Fritz, 1915-1916.
121st Inf; 125 page manuscript diary, 1915-1916; he was killed in action near Yper on July 17, 1961; excellent and rare with 2 photos.
3/2 Knaitz, Hans, 1914-1921.
125 page manuscript diary, 1914-1921.
3/3-3/4 Konig, Fritz, 1916-1917
150 letters and cards, 1916-1917.
3/5-3/10 Koth, Richard, 1915-1917.
Archive of letters and photos: 72 letters and postcards to and from him, 1915-1917; 45 black and white snapshots by him, mostly army scenes, many identified; 4 printed ephemera; his metal name plate and his dog tag.
3/11-3/12 Krebs, Lt. Major D., Mar. 1915- May 1916.
Austrian; 60 unique cards with real photos attached, Mar. 1915- May 1916; he pasted in a real photo-snapshot and wrote his letter around the photo to his wife in Vienna; excellent WWI scenes.
3/13a Luerssen, Diedrich, 1916-1918.
2 Bty, 36 Btn; 100 photo-picture post-cards (many original military scenes) 1916-1918; 20 more photo-cards with no message (80 written to his wife).
3/13b Mirsch, Lt. Major Walther, 1915-1916.
81 picture postcards from Belgium, mostly 1915-1916, most cards densely written on to his wife. An album with hand-drawn cover.
3/14-3/20 Mosler, Edvard, 1914-Mar. 1915
15th Inf; 86 letters and postcards, 1914-Mar. 1915, to and from him and his wife in Munich; letters with 5 R.I.P. cards.
3/21-3/22 Reichert, Karl, Apr. 1913- July 1918.
80 postcards, Apr. 1913- July 1918.
3/23-3/26 Renter, A.M., 1915-1918
210 letters and cards, 1915-1918.
3/27 Richter, 1916-1917.
2 dairies with a total of 225 pages, 1916-1917.
3/28 Roth, Ernst, 1914-1915.
Inf Rgt 171 or 176; 30 page mss diary, 1914-1915.
4/1-4/2 Salzer, Franz, Apr. 1914- Nov. 1918.
KUK Inf Rgt 84; 90 letters and postcards, Apr. 1914- Nov. 1918, by this Austrian officer on the Western Front.
4/3-4/7 Sauer, Wilhelm, Feb. 1912- Dec. 1939.
108 letters and postcards, Feb. 1912- Dec. 1939.
4/8-4/9 Schwalbe, Vizefeldweber Kurt undated.
85 letters and cards, mostly from France.
4/10 Tagebuch, 1914-1915.
German Army, WWI; 76 page mss diary, 1914-1915 of this regiment.
4/11-4/18 Thies, Hans, 1916-1918.
Archive of 4 mss diaries and 3 ID notebooks, 1916-1918; total of 108 pages.
4/19 Wahler, Guido, 1915.
71 page manuscript diary, 1915.
4/20 Walther, Major Friedrich, 1915.
Commander of I. Jager Battalion, 3rd Bavarian Inf Rgt; 116 page manuscript diary by this commander, in Serbia during WWI, 1915.
4/21-4/22 Wamhof, Heinrich, 1914-1915.
92nd Inf; 59 page manuscript diary, 1914-1915; 92 page diary, 1915.
4/23-4/24 Wilke Family, 1915-1918.
100 letters and cards, 1915-1918.
4/25 Wobbeking, Lt. Richard, 1914-1915.
Bty 44; 176 page manuscript diary, 1914-1915; mostly in France with 13 ephemeral items in a pocket.
4/26 WWI Diary, 1914-1915.
Inf Rgt 470; 32 page manuscript diary, 1914-1915.
4/27-28 Zeritsch, Gottfried, Sept. 1914- May 1919.
185 postcards, Sept. 1914- May 1919; 2 photos.