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Inventory of the Slavery/Emancipation Documents:


Descriptive Summary and Abstract

Title Slavery/Emancipation Documents:
Dates 1827-1875, n.d.
Abstract 19 manuscript documents related to slavery, the transference of property, or emancipation in the states of Texas and Missouri.
Identification Area/Ethnic Studies MSS 00160
Extent 1 oversized box (19 items)
Language English.
Repository Cushing Memorial Library College Station, TX 77843-5000

Biographical Note

These items were purchased from L & T Respess Books. Catalog items are related to slavery in Texas and Missouri. The slaves are only mentioned by their first names with no history or genealogy provided.

Scope and Content Note

All 19 items are related to slavery or emancipation in the states of Texas and Missouri. The descriptive write-up provided by Respess is used in the listing of documents. Each document purchased has a title, date, and some have an abbreviated transcription of the text. The Texas document recounts the hiring, auctions, renting and transferring ownership of slaves. The Missouri documents concern the purchase and transferring of ownership of slaves named Nancy, George, Phebe, Washington, Lucinda, Madison, Benjamin, and Sarah. No last names or additional information is provided except that Nancy is a Mulatto Woman and George is "of the age of seventeen or thereabouts." Of particular note are two documents, a Texas free woman of color filing a complaint regarding an illegal beating by a group of five men one and the other document is from Missouri and details a sale of slaves by a woman, a rarer document than those recording sales by men.


Organization of the Papers

The collection is divided into two series:
Series I: Texas documents- 1838-1875, n.d.
Series II: Missouri documents- 1827-1861.



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Barnes, Abraham
Bryan, John Gans
Calvert, Robert
Castleman, William L.
Daugherty, Elizabeth
Davis, Calvert & Hanna firm
Davis, William
Dickinson, P. M.
Garnett, F. R.
Hanna, J.S.
Parkinson, John
William Woodson
Wyman, Jacob
Slavery-United States
Emancipation-United States
Caldwell, Texas
Cape Girardeau, Missouri
Cooper County-Missouri-United States
Dewitt County-Texas-United States
Harrison County-Texas-United States
Jackson County-Texas-United States
Leon County-Texas-United States
Lexington, Missouri
Milam County-Texas-United States
Palestine, Texas
Robinson, Texas
Waco, Texas
Washington County-Texas-United States
Washington County-Missouri-United States

Administrative Information


Purchased from L & T Respess Books; PO Box 1604; Charlottesville, VA 22902-1604

Processing Information

Processed by Rebecca Hankins in August 2004-2006.

Detailed Description of the Documents:


Series I: Texas Documents- n.d. 1838-75,

1/1 The sale of five slaves as recorded in an autograph document transferring ownership of "Sundry Negroes slaves for life (to wit) Jim, July, Harriet, Ann & George with their Increase" to D. A. Perry for $2400, signed by S. W. Perry of Washington County, Republic of Texas, 28 February, 1838. Half-sheet 4to. One-page, approximately 50 words; docketed on verso/ Folded; traces of an attached sheet on verso.
1/2 Renting a slave for the interest on a debt as recorded in an autograph document transferring temporary ownership of "a negro woman named Lucretia about 18 years old copper complexion or yellow" from Wyatt Hanks for a period of 12 or 20 months, for the interest on $900, to John Campbell and his wife of Dewitt County, Texas, and signed by John Campbell and Hanks, 24 July 1857. Folio. One page, approximately 200 words; docketed on verso. In a signed statement on the verso, a bit less than two years later, Hanks relinquishes claims on the slave for $300. Folded; some edgewear and browning.
1/3 Transferring ownership of "a negro woman named Harriet, about thirty years old," to J. S. Hanna for $1000, in a manuscript document, signed by J. C. Rogers of Milam County, Texas, 6 October 1857. Folio. 1-page, docketed on verso. Signed by A. M. Massengale and D. R. Cole as witnesses.
1/4 Accounting for the hiring and rent of land and slaves, a one page accounting for the estate of F.R. Garnett. Listing includes five slaves, identified by name, and one parcel of land; for each slave entered the "hirer" and the monthly fee paid to the estate for services or use; William Woodson of Harrison County, Texas, was acting as administrator for the estate. February 8, 1858.
Announcing the auction of slaves in Caldwell, Texas, in an autograph document headed "notice", signed by Ellis Gregg as administrator of the estate of John Gregg, deceased, 27 September 1858. Half-sheet 4to. One page, approximately 65 words. "I will sell to the highest bidder at the Court House door in the town of Caldwell on the first Tuesday in November next … the Negro woman named Ellen and children named Frances, Jinny, and Austin." Pin holes at corners from original mounting; another hole in the middle of document, taking parts of two letters.
Seeking $10,000 in damages for an illegal beating, a plaintiff’s attorney’s manuscript complain, signed by L. T. Harris and R. L. Elkins in February (?), 1960 on behalf of Rose Ann, "a free woman of color, and a resident of Jackson County." Folio. 2 pages approximately 325 words. Malcolm Gandy, Andrew Sea, William Wingfield, John White, and Adam McDaniel, all of Jackson County, allegedly "with force of arms & without right … dragged the said pltf. Who is an old and defenseless woman, about 60 years of age, a considerable distance, and then and there with force of arms, …beat, bruised & wounded the said plaintiff with sticks, clubs, and quirts." Rose Ann is later described as "a citizen of Texas at the date of the Declaration of the Independence of Texas," the first such description we’ve seen for an African-American. Folded (some wear and short separation at folds); some browning and smudging. The complaint was prepared for the March term of the Lavaca County Court, but bears no court markings or docketings (the complaint is apparently a copy or was never filed).
Transferring ownership of "thirty seven negroes," from Jesse Tubbs to William Davis, Robert Calvert and James S. Hanna for $36,750, in a manuscript document, signed by Davis, 15 October 1860. 4to. 1-page, docketed on verso. Signed by T. W. Cunningham as witness.
Transferring ownership of "a negro man by the name of Tom," from H.J. Willson, to "Davis, Calvert & Hanna," for $1050 ($25 down payment made here), in a manuscript document, signed by Willson, 25 October 1860, at "Railway Camp." 4to. 1-page, docketed on verso. Signed by T.W.Cunningham as witness.
Printed slave hire, a partly printed document completed in manuscript and signed by J. D. Billups, John Billups, and G. W. Beauchamp. [Palestine, TX?], January 1st, 1861. Handbill, 8 x 6.5 inches. "[blank] By the Twenty-fifth day of December next, we, or either of us, promise to pay to W. W. Quarles, as guardian of M. Quarles, [blank] Dollars, for the hire of a Negro [blank] named [blank] said Negro we are to furnish with three suits of good clothing, one of which to be woolen; two pairs of shoes, one [blank] and one good blanket. And we are to pay the Taxes, and are to employ a Physician, when necessary, and pay the Physician’s bill: --and we are to pay five Dollars for every article of clothing we fail to furnish according to the above agreement. Ten per cent for maturity/ January 1st 1861." The blank spaces are here completed appropriately in manuscript. While autograph slave hires are among the most common slavery related documents, this is the first printed form for one that we have encountered.
Promising to pay $25 per month for "three Negro Boys to work," to Geo. R. Tubb, in a manuscript document, signed "Davis, Calvert, & Hanna," Leon County, 21 October 1860, additionally agreeing to "clothe and feed said boys". Half-sheet 4to. 1-page, docketed on the verso. Over the hire is written "Cancelled & the Negroes taken home & payment made in full to G.R. Tubb this day February 7th 1861."
Promising to "furnish [sic] Samuel King a negro man four months at 20 dollars per month", in a manuscript document, signed by James S. Hanna, in "Sterling", [TX?], 8 March 1862. Half-sheet 4to. 1-page. Hanna further notes the $80, "being the balance due him for buck work done in the year 1861."
Transferring ownership of "a certain negroe girl named Banbry, about seventeen years of age," in a manuscript document, signed by Joseph Mason of Harrison County, Texas, 2 January 1854. Folio. 1-page, docketed on the verso. Signed by Pendleton Murrah as a witness. Folded as for filing, but very good. Benjamin Young and Alfred Johnson purchased the slave for $1041. Murrah ( 1826 – 1865) was elected governor of Texas in 1863 and served to the end of the war when he fled to Mexico, dying there of tuberculosis in August, 1865.
Posting bond for an accused murderer of "Jack Hunter a negro man, formerly belonging to Mrs. A.M.J. Hunter on the Seventh of April A.D. 1864," in a manuscript document, signed by Joseph W. Slater, as Justice of the Peace, Thomas W. Hull, the accused , and 16 of his supporters, all of Harrison County, Texas, 18 September, 1865. Folio. 1-page; docketed on the verso. Folded, but very good.
Paying a J.S. Hanna a $25 bounty as a "reward for recovery of a Freedman Rance Ross – charged with horse stealing," in an autograph document , signed by M.F. Harman, 9 December 1875, on a "John Orr & Co." billhead, dated Calvert, Texas. 8 vo. 1-page.
Transferring ownership of "a negro boy named Stephen, said boy … about twenty years of age … and slave for life" from W.W. Watts to J.S. Hanna for $4000, in a manuscript document, signed by Watts, 7 December 1863 (i.E., after the Emancipation Proclamation), at Robinson, Texas. Half-sheet 4to. 1-page. Signed by W. Rowland as witness. n.d.


Series I: Missouri Documents- 1827-1861

1/16 Emancipating Sam, "a certain Black man slave of ours"; a 2 page manuscript document signed by Abraham Barnes and Jacob Wyman of Cooper County, Missouri. "We do hereby…release and exonerated the said black man slave from all and every obligation of servitude to us… and we do hereby also freely and voluntarily restore the said black man slave to freedom."December 14, 1827.
Transferring ownership of Nancy, "a certain Mulatto Woman, a slave for life;" a one page manuscript document signed by John Gans Bryan of Washington County, Missouri. John Parkinson, also of Washington County, purchased the slave for $315. "I do covenant…that the girl Nancy is sound and about thirty years of age."January 20, 1830.
Transferring ownership of the slave George "of the age of seventeen or thereabouts;" a one page manuscript document, signed by Elizabeth Daugherty of Cape Girardeau, Missouri. P.M. Dickinson, also of Cape Girardeau, purchased the slave for $710.
Transferring ownership of the slaves Phebe, Washington, Lucinda, Madison, Benjamin, and Sarah; a one page manuscript document signed by William L. Castleman of Lexington, Missouri. Isaac Hockaday, on whose land the Battle of Lexington was fought in September 1861, purchased "one fifth interest" in the slaves for $800. Phebe was 32 at the time of the sale, the other slaves ranged in age from one year to 18.