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Artwork, 1916-1969

Clippings, 1916-1969

Correspondence, 1916-1969

Documents, 1916-1969

Ephemera, 1916-1969

Manuscripts, 1917-1969

Posters, 1916-1969

Programs, 1916-1969

Props, 1926-1964

Publicity, 1916-1969

Published Works, 1916-1969

Scrapbooks, 1926-1950

Scripts, 1916-1969

Photographs, 1916-1967

Club Pins, 1916-1969

Southern Methodist University

Southern Methodist University Arden Club collection

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Collector: Mary McCord/Edyth Renshaw collection on the performing arts
Title: Southern Methodist University Arden Club collection
Inclusive Dates: 1916-1969
Abstract: The Southern Methodist University Arden Club was the student dramatic group on campus from 1916 to 1969. The collection documents the activities of the club from its first production in 1916 and throughout its fifty-three year history and includes artwork, clippings, correspondence, documents, ephemera, manuscripts, posters, programs, props, publicity, published works, scripts, scrapbooks, photographs and club pins.
Extent: 25 boxes (9.56 linear feet)
Language: Material is in English
Repository Jerry Bywaters Special Collections, Hamon Arts Library, Southern Methodist University

Historical Note

The Arden Club of Southern Methodist University functioned as a student dramatic group from 1916 until 1969.

The club was formed in 1916 in order to perform the university’s first commencement play, As You Like It. The play was performed in a grove of trees on the southwest corner of campus, thereafter known as the Arden Forest. The entire campus participated in preparing the set and over 800 people attended. This performance began the tradition of a Shakespeare play and occasional Greek play performance during commencement exercises from the years 1916 to 1942 when World War II interrupted. The tradition was reinstated in 1947 and continued intermittently until the club’s disbanding in 1969.

The Arden Club performed in several different locations on campus throughout its fifty-four year history. The club began performing in the Arden Forest (located approximately where Perkins School of Theology stands today), but weather and chiggers soon drove performances inside. The club then began performing in the chapel on the third floor of Dallas Hall. The chapel was eventually remodeled into the Arden Playhouse and became the club’s primary performance space (known as the McCord Auditorium today). In addition, the Arden Club also performed outside on the steps of Dallas Hall. This location proved very popular as the production of Taming of the Shrew during commencement exercises in June 1919 drew an audience of over 2,000 people. The Arden Club also gave several productions in McFarlin Auditorium, such as the 1936 production of Winterset, the first nonprofessional performance of the play after its opening on Broadway in 1935. Also, in the years 1917-1935, the Arden Club not only gave performances on the SMU campus, but also in nearby towns such as Plano, Grand Prairie, Cement City and Duncanville. Arden Club performances were often reviewed by John Rosenfield in The Dallas Morning News and occasionally in Theater Arts.

Mary McCord was the sponsor and director of the Arden Club for twenty-seven years as well as the head of the Speech Department. In 1927, Edyth Renshaw and David Russell, faculty members in the Speech Department, also began directing Arden Club performances. After Mary McCord’s retirement in 1943, Edyth Renshaw became the sponsor and director of the club until 1969. The Arden Club coordinated with many other departments on campus in producing its plays such as the English, Music, and Dance departments. For example, for the 1928 production of Hamlet, English professors John McGinnis and Henry Nash Smith revised and adapted a script for this particular production which played in McFarlin Auditorium before a capacity audience. The Arden Club also involved the art community in its productions. In 1935, the club hosted the Festival of Southwestern Plays which included a set design created by artist Jerry Bywaters and plays by writers John William Rogers, Lynn Riggs and Maxwell Anderson.

In 1921, the Junior Arden Club was formed. It had more open membership and allowed more student participation as well as allowing more experienced actors to try out for the Senior Arden Club. The Junior Arden Club was also known as the Arden Club Workshop. In addition, the Arden Club Alumni group formed in 1938 and also presented plays to the community. During the 1930s, the Arden Club grew to have almost 300 members, making it one of the largest dramatic organizations in the country.

Members of the Arden Club went on to a variety of successful careers after graduation as actors and other professions in the performing arts, clergy, lawyers, college presidents, and educators. Prominent Arden Club alumni include television and film producer Aaron Spelling, United States Senator John Tower, Academy Award winning actress Kathy Bates, director of Starlight Operettas (later known as the State Fair Musicals and Dallas Summer Musicals) Charles Meeker, Dallas actor Jerry Haynes (known for his 30 years on television as Mr. Peppermint), playwright Jack Heifner, Dallas actress Ludi Mai Sensabaugh Goode, author and Southern Methodist University professor Lon Tinkle, and many others.

The Arden Club operated as a student dramatic club until it merged with the Division of Theatre in the Meadows School of the Arts in 1969.


Abbott, Billy Mack. A History of the Arden Club of Southern Methodist University from 1915 to 1942 ... [Dallas], 1951.

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Scope and Contents of the Collection

The SMU Arden Club Collection consists of a wide variety of materials including artwork, clippings, correspondence, documents, ephemera, manuscripts, posters, programs, props, publicity, published works, scripts, scrapbooks, photographs and club pins. Records of the point system used by the Arden Club can be found in handwritten notes throughout the collection on programs, publicity and ephemera.

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Arrangement of the Collection

The collection is organized into fifteen series:
Series 1: Artwork, 1916-1969
Series 2: Clippings, 1916-1969
Series 3: Correspondence, 1916-1969
Series 4: Documents, 1916-1969
Series 5: Ephemera, 1916-1969
Series 6: Manuscripts, 1917-1969
Series 7: Posters, 1916-1969
Series 8: Programs, 1916-1969
Series 9: Props, 1926-1964
Series 10: Publicity, 1916-1969
Series 11: Published Works, 1916-1969
Series 12: Scripts, 1916-1969
Series 13: Scrapbooks, 1926-1950
Series 14: Photographs, 1916-1967
Series 15: Club Pins, 1916-1969

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Access to Collection:

Collection is open for research use. Appointment with curatorial staff at Hamon Library is required.

Publication Rights:

Permission to publish materials must be obtained from the staff of Jerry Bywaters Special Collections.

Copyright Statement:

It is the responsibility of the user to obtain copyright authorization.

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Access Terms

This collection is indexed under the following terms in the Southern Methodist University Libraries' online catalog. Researchers desiring related materials may search the catalog using these terms.
Southern Methodist University -- Arden Club.
Southern Methodist University -- History.
Theater -- Texas -- Dallas -- 20th century -- Sources.
College theater -- Texas -- Dallas -- 20th century -- Sources.
College theater -- Texas -- Dallas -- History -- 20th century.

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Related Materials

This is one of the collections in the Mary McCord/Edyth Renshaw collection on the performing arts. Related materials are located in the Bywaters Special Collections of the Hamon Arts Library of Southern Methodist University and Southern Methodist University Archives, DeGolyer Library, Southern Methodist University.

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Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Southern Methodist University Arden Club Collection, Mary McCord/Edyth Renshaw collection on the performing arts, Jerry Bywaters Special Collections, Hamon Arts Library, Southern Methodist University.

Acquisition Information

The Southern Methodist University Arden Club Collection was acquired as a component of the Mary McCord/Edyth Renshaw collection on the performing arts. The McCord/Renshaw Collection originated as the McCord Theatre Museum at Southern Methodist University in 1933. It was transferred to the Hamon Arts Library in 1990.

Processing Information

The Southern Methodist University Arden Club Collection was received in little discernable order. During its processing, the collection was divided into separate files for clippings, correspondence, documents, ephemera, programs, publicity, and published works. Folded documents were flattened, and the papers were arranged alphabetically/chronologically by subject and medium, placed in acid-free folders, and stored in acid-free boxes.

Transfer of one box of materials from SMU Archives, 2011.

Processed by

Emily George Grubbs, 2008.

Finding aid written by

Emily George Grubbs, 2011.

Encoded by

Ada Negraru, 2011.

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Detailed Description of the Collection


Series 1:
Artwork, 1916-1969

The artwork consists of costume designs and stage designs by members of the Arden Club for its productions. In addition, it includes a set design by Jerry Bywaters for the 1935 production of Night Over Taos.
Box Folder
1 1 Costume Design- "As You Like It"
2 Stage Design
3 Stage Design-"All My Sons"
Set design by Jerry Bywaters for Night Over Taos, 1935.

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Series 2:
Clippings, 1916-1969

The clippings contain articles and advertisements about the Arden Club from various Dallas newspapers.

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Series 3:
Correspondence, 1916-1969

The correspondence contains letters regarding all aspects of the SMU Arden Club from congratulatory notes on its 50th Anniversary from Carol Burnett and others to financial and copyright permissions correspondence.
Box Folder
1 4 Arden Club
5 Arden Club Alumni
6 Arden Club 50th Anniversary
7 Registrar’s Office
8 General
9 Finances-Student Appropriations
10 Brandt & Brandt
11 Dramatists Play Service
12 Samuel French, Inc.
13 Mary McCord
14 Edyth Renshaw
15 Edyth Renshaw- Wedding Invitations
16 Harold Weiss
17 Western Costume Company

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Series 4:
Documents, 1916-1969

Documents include financial records, production notes and forms. The financial records consist of receipts, statements, and checkbooks.
Box Folder
2 1 Documents
2 Addresses
3 Arden Club Alumni
4 Arden Club Banquet
5 Arden Club Members
6 Arden Club Members
7 Arden Club Members
8 Arden Club Points
9 Arden Club Productions by Year
10 Arden Club Workshop
11 Arden Club Workshop 1950-1951
12 List of Authors
13 1959 Arden Club Reunion Party
14 "A Charted History of the Arden Club"
15 Constitution of the Arden Club
16 Costumes
17 A Festival of Southwestern Plays
Box Folder
3 1 Financial 1926
2 Financial 1929
3 Financial 1932
4 Financial 1936
5 Financial 1938
6 Financial 1947
7 Financial 1948
8 Financial 1948
9 Financial 1948
10 Financial 1948
11 Financial 1949
12 Financial 1950
13 Financial 1954
Box Folder
4 1 Financial 1955
2 Financial 1956
3 Financial 1957
4 Financial 1957
5 Financial 1957
6 Financial 1958
7 Financial 1959
8 Financial 1960
9 Financial 1960
Box Folder
5 1 Financial 1961
2 Financial 1961
3 Financial 1961 Dulcy
4 Financial 1961 Five Finger Exercise
5 Financial 1962
6 Financial 1962 Shakespeare Festival
7 Financial 1963
8 Financial 1963 checkbook
9 Financial 1964
10 Financial 1964
Box Folder
6 1 Financial 1965
2 Financial 1966
3 Financial 1967
4 Financial 1964-1967 check stub book
5 Financial 1968
6 Financial 1969
7 Financial Junior Arden Club
8 Financial No Date-circa 1952-1955
9 Financial No Date circa 1960-1961
10 Financial No Date
11 Financial Student Senate Budget Reports
12 Financial Treasurer’s Records
Box Folder
7 1 Forms
2 Forms-Arden Club Information Sheet
3 Forms-Arden Club Information Sheet
4 Forms-Arden Club Information Sheet
5 Forms-Arden Club Workshop Information
6 Forms-Assignment Sheets
7 Forms-Costume Information
8 Forms- Lighting Crews
9 Forms- Lighting Cues
10 Forms- Lighting Set Up
Box Folder
8 1 Junior Arden Club Constitution
2 Production Staff Duties
3 Production Staff-Actors
4 Production Staff-Assistant Director
5 Production Staff-Costume Crew
6 Production Staff-House Manager
7 Production Staff-Prompter
8 Production Staff-Lighting Crew
9 Production Staff-Makeup Crew
10 Production Staff-Sound Crew
11 Production Staff-Stage Crew
12 Production Staff-Prop Crew
13 Production Staff-Stage Manager
14 tage and Prop Measurements
15 SMU students killed in WWII
Box Folder
9 1 Stage Productions "As We Liked It"
2 Stage Productions "Blithe Spirit"
3 Stage Productions "The Caretaker"
4 Stage Productions "Crewcuts and Curlycues"
5 Stage Productions "Dulcy"
6 Stage Productions "Elizabeth the Queen"
7 Stage Productions "Epitaph for George Dillon"
8 Stage Productions "The Fan"
9 Stage Productions "The Flies"
10 Stage Productions "Hamlet"
11 Stage Productions "Hedda Gabler"
12 Stage Productions "Hey You, Light Man!"
13 Stage Productions "I Knock at the Door"
14 Stage Productions "The Importance of Being Earnest"
15 Stage Productions "Ladies in Retirement"
16 Stage Productions "The Man"
17 Stage Productions "Midsummer Night’s Dream"
18 Stage Productions "Once in a Lifetime"
19 Stage Productions "The Skin of Our Teeth"
20 Stage Productions "A Sleep of Prisoners"
21 Stage Productions "Trojan Women"
22 Stage Productions "Twelfth Night"
23 Technical Orientation
24 Ticket Reservations

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Series 5:
Ephemera, 1916-1969

The ephemera contain address lists, envelopes, tickets and ticket stubs and notecards recording the Arden Club point system. Ephemera of note include tickets and ticket stubs from Arden Club performances.
Box Folder
9 25 Ephemera
26 Address List
27 Envelopes
28 Notecards
29 Tickets

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Series 6:
Manuscripts, 1917-1969

Manuscripts consist of the Arden Club Minutes from 1917 through 1967 as well as copies of several poems.
Box Folder
10 1 Manuscripts
2 Arden Club Minutes
3 Arden Club Minutes 1917-1918
4 Arden Club Minutes 1918-1919
5 Arden Club Minutes 1919-1920
6 Arden Club Minutes 1920-1921
7 Arden Club Minutes 1921-1922
8 Arden Club Minutes 1922-1923
9 Arden Club Minutes 1923-1924
10 Arden Club Minutes 1924-1925
11 Arden Club Minutes 1925-1926
12 Arden Club Minutes 1926-1927
13 Arden Club Minutes 1927-1928
14 Arden Club Minutes 1928-1929
15 Arden Club Minutes 1929-1930
16 Arden Club Minutes 1930-1931
17 Arden Club Minutes 1942-1943
18 Arden Club Minutes 1948-1949
19 Arden Club Minutes 1949-1950
20 Arden Club Minutes 1951-1952
21 Arden Club Minutes 1967
22 Junior Arden Club Minutes 1921-1922
23 Junior Arden Club Minutes 1922-1923
24 Junior Arden Club Minutes 1923-1924
25 Junior Arden Club Minutes 1924-1925
26 Junior Arden Club Minutes 1926-1927
27 Junior Arden Club Minutes 1930-1931
28 Junior Arden Club Minutes 1934-1935
29 Junior Arden Club Minutes 1935-1936
Box Folder
11 1 Arden Club Alumni Guestbook
2 Benet’s Western Star
3 Edyth Renshaw
4 Poetry-"Among Trees"
5 Poetry-"Charivari"
6 Poetry-"How Spindletop Came In"
7 Poetry-"Intimations on The Battle of Adobe Walls"
8 Poetry-"It is May-And I Am Blind"
9 Poetry-"The Man in That Airplane"
10 Poetry-"Mountain Cowboy"
11 Poetry-"Night Song"
12 Poetry-"Peace"
13 Poetry-"The River"
14 Poetry-"Song"
15 Poetry-"Songs of the Range"
16 Poetry-"To A Spirea"
17 Poetry-"Trail Blazer"
18 Poetry-"Waiting"
19 Poetry-"Winter Twilight"
20 Poetry-"A Word To Lovers-Which They May Not Hear"

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Series 7:
Posters, 1916-1969

The posters, located in flat shelving, consist of simply designed posters advertising Arden Club productions.

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Series 8:
Programs, 1916-1969

Programs from Arden Club performances range from 1916 to 1969. The folders are organized chronologically, with exceptions for programs without a clear date and performances outside of the regular season. The programs include almost every stage production by the SMU Arden Club as well as the Arden Club Workshop and the Junior Arden Club.
Box Folder
12 1 1916-1919
2 1920-1925
3 1926-1929
4 1930-1931
5 1932-1933
6 1934-1935
7 1936-1937
8 1938-1939
Box Folder
13 1 1940-1941
2 1942-1945
3 1946-1947
4 1948-1949
5 1950-1951
6 1952-1953
7 1954-1955
8 1956-1957
9 1958-1959
Box Folder
14 1 1960-1961
2 1962-1963
3 1964-1965
4 1966-1967
5 1968-1969
6 Arden Club Alumni
7 Arden Club-Misc.
8 Arden Club Workshop
9 Junior Arden Club 1922-1929
10 Junior Arden Club 1930-1936

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Series 9:
Props, 1926-1964

These include props used in productions of the SMU Arden Club. The 8 props consist of the following: a large paper-mache donkey head from either the 1926 or 1964 production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream as well as 7 paper-mache masks created for The Life of Man in 1930.

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Series 10:
Publicity, 1916-1969

The publicity includes advertisements, press releases and various other publicity materials from Arden Club productions.
Box Folder
15 1 (A-O)
2 (P-Z)
3 Arden Club
4 Arden Club Productions
5 Arden Club Production Invitations
6 Arden Club Production Tryouts
7 Dramatists Play Service Inc.
8 Samuel French, Inc.
9 Press Releases
10 SMU

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Series 11:
Published Works, 1916-1969

The published works consist of various periodicals on the subject of theatre as well as theatre supply catalogs.
Box Folder
15 11 Articles
12 Catalogs
13 Magazines
14 Misc.
15 Newsletters

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Series 12:
Scrapbooks, 1926-1950

The scrapbooks consist of 11 scrapbooks that date from 1926-1950 and include clippings, programs, and photographs. The scrapbooks are located on flat shelving.

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Series 13:
Scripts, 1916-1969

The scripts primarily consist of marked copies of scripts and prompt books used in Arden Club productions. Records for the majority of scripts can be found through the Southern Methodist University Library Catalog.
Box Folder
16 1 Arden Club Orientation
2 "Bell, Book, and Candle"
3 "If Men Played Cards"
4 "I Knock At The Door"
5 ""Improvisation
6 "The Lesson"
7 "Melting Snow"
8 "A Modern Version of the Famed Balcony Scene from Romeo and Juliet"
9 "The Seagull"
10 "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty"
11 "Suppose"
12 "Sydney Carton of Mullinsville"
13 "Who Gets the Car Tonight"
14 Unidentified
Box Folder
17 1 Prompt Books-"As We Liked It"
2 Prompt Books-"Blithe Spirit"
3 Prompt Books-"The Crucible"
4 Prompt Books-"Dulcy"
5 Prompt Books-"Dulcy"
6 Prompt Books-"Epitaph for George Dillon"
7 Prompt Books-"The Fan"
8 Prompt Books-"The Fan"
Box Folder
18 1 Prompt Books-"Five Finger Exercise"
2 Prompt Books-"The Flies" or "Les Mouches"
3 Prompt Books-"The Flies"
4 Prompt Books-"The Heiress"
5 Prompt Books-"I Knock At the Door"
Box Folder
19 1 Prompt Books-"Kind Lady"
2 Prompt Books-"Light Up the Sky"
3 Prompt Books-"The Man"
4 Prompt Books-"Not in the Book"
5 Prompt Books-"Once in a Lifetime"
1 Prompt Books-"Sabrina Fair"
2 Prompt Books-"The Skin of our Teeth"
3 Prompt Books-"The Skin of our Teeth"
4 Prompt Books-"A Thurber Carnival"

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Series 14:
Photographs, 1916-1967

The photographs primarily consist of photographs of stage productions and various Arden Club events. Photographs of note include the 1951 stage production of “Accent on Youth” with Senator John Tower and snapshots of Aaron Spelling as a student and Arden Club member at Southern Methodist University.
Box Folder
P/S 1 1 Arden Club-Misc.
2 Arden Club Picnic
3 Arden Club Reunion
4 Stage Productions-"Accent on Youth" 1951
5 Stage Productions-"The Adding Machine" 1951
6 Stage Productions-"All My Sons" 1950
7 Stage Productions-"The Alligators" 1963
8 Stage Productions-"Allison’s House" 1934
9 Stage Productions-"Anastasia" 1956
10 Stage Productions-"Arms and the Man" 1956
11 Stage Productions-"As You Like It" 1916
12 Stage Productions-"As We Liked It: A Shakespeare Festival" 1962
13 Stage Productions-"The Bald Soprano" 1962
14 Stage Productions-"Bell, Book, and Candle" 1953
15 Stage Productions-"Beyond the Horizon" 1946
16 Stage Productions-"Bill of Divorcement" 1931/1932
17 Stage Productions-"Blithe Spirit" 1947
18 Stage Productions-"The Blithe Spirit" 1963
19 Stage Productions-"The Blood Knot" 1963
20 Stage Productions-"Brothers Forever" 1936
21 Stage Productions-"Candida" 1958
22 Stage Productions-"The Caretaker" 1966
23 Stage Productions-"The Chalk Garden" 1957
24 Stage Productions-"The Chalk Garden" 1964
25 Stage Productions-"Charley’s Aunt" 1965
26 Stage Productions-"“The Cocktail Party" 1956
27 Stage Productions-"The Confidential Clerk" 1965
28 Stage Productions-"Cradle Song" 1957
29 Stage Productions-"Cranford" 1922
30 Stage Productions-"The Crucible" 1958
31 Stage Productions-"Cry Havoc" 1945
32 Stage Productions-"Dangerous Corner" 1948
33 Stage Productions-"The Dream Play" 1934
34 Stage Productions-"Dulcy"1961
35 Stage Productions-"Elizabeth the Queen"1949
36 Stage Productions-"Epitaph for George Dillon"1960
37 Stage Productions-"Euripides Alcestis"1930
38 Stage Productions-"An Existentialist Evening" 1964
Box Folder
P/S 2 1 Stage Productions-"The Family Reunion" 1957
2 Stage Productions-"The Fan" 1947
3 Stage Productions-"The Fan" 1960
4 Stage Productions-"Five Finger Exercise" 1961
5 Stage Productions-"The Flies" 1959
6 Stage Productions-"Fly Away Home" 1937
7 Stage Productions-"Gammer Gurton’s Needle" 1929
8 Stage Productions-"The Glass Menagerie" 1960
9 Stage Productions-"Goodbye My Fancy" 1960
10 Stage Productions-"Hamlet" 1928
11 Stage Productions-"The Hasty Heart" 1946
12 Stage Productions-"The Hasty Heart" 1958
13 Stage Productions-"Hay Fever" 1958
14 Stage Productions-"The Heart of a City"
15 Stage Productions-"Hedda Gabler" 1954
16 Stage Productions-"Hell Bent for Helen" 1948
17 Stage Productions-"The Heiress" 1950/1951
18 Stage Productions-"Hey You, Light Man!" 1966
19 Stage Productions-"The House of Bernarda Alba" 1962
20 Stage Productions-"I Have Been Here Before" 1958
21 Stage Productions-"I Knock at the Door" 1963
22 Stage Productions-"Imaginary Invalid"
23 Stage Productions-"Improvisation" or "The Shepherd’s Chameleon" 1962
24 Stage Productions-"The Importance of Being Earnest" 1946
25 Stage Productions-"The Importance of Being Earnest" 1963
26 Stage Productions-"In The Summer House" 1954
27 Stage Productions-Ionesco Play 1954
28 Stage Productions-"Iphigenia in Tauris" 1936
29 Stage Productions-"Knight of the Burning Pestle" 1942
30 Stage Productions-"Knight of the Burning Pestle" (negative) 1942
31 Stage Productions-"Jenny Kissed Me" 1951
32 Stage Productions-"The Laughing Window" 1939
33 Stage Productions-"The Laughing Window" 1946
34 Stage Productions-"Ladies in Waiting" 1944
35 Stage Productions-"Ladies in Retirement" 1964
36 Stage Productions-"The Lesson" 1962
37 Stage Productions-"The Little Foxes" 1948
38 Stage Productions-"Love’s Labours Lost" 1932
Box Folder
P/S 3 1 Stage Productions-"The Man" 1960
2 Stage Productions-"The Man of Destiny" 1934
3 Stage Productions-"The Man Who Married a Dumb Wife" 1946
4 Stage Productions-"The Man Who Married a Rich Wife" 1939
5 Stage Productions-"Masterbuilder" 1931
6 Stage Productions-"A Midsummer Night’s Dream" 1963
7 Stage Productions-"The Mix Up" 1952
8 Stage Productions-"The Molluse"
9 Stage Productions-"Montserrat" 1952
10 Stage Productions-"Mr. Faintheart" 1934
11 Stage Productions-"Much Ado About Nothing"
12 Stage Productions-"My Three Angels" 1956
13 Stage Productions-"Night Must Fall" 1946
14 Stage Productions-"Night Over Taos" 1935
15 Stage Productions-"Not in the Book" 1961
16 Stage Productions-"Objective Case" 1962
17 Stage Productions-"Once in a Lifetime" 1959
18 Stage Productions-"Othello" 1948
19 Stage Productions-"Our Hearts Were Young and Gay"
20 Stage Productions-"Outward Bound" 1938
21 Stage Productions-"Outward Bound 1953"
22 Stage Productions-"Our Town" 1953
23 Stage Productions-"Patience"
24 Stage Productions-"Papa Was A Preacher" 1955
25 Stage Productions-"The Passing of the Third Floor Back" 1940
26 Stage Productions-"Philadelphia Story" 1955
27 Stage Productions-"Preacher Dahlstrom" 1936
28 Stage Productions-"The Romantic Age" 1928
29 Stage Productions-"Royal Gambit" 1965
30 Stage Productions-"Sir David Wears A Crown" 1929
31 Stage Productions-"Sabrina Fair" 1957
32 Stage Productions-"A Scrap of Paper" 1955
33 Stage Productions-"The Silver Cord" 1948
34 Stage Productions-"Six Characters in Search of an Author" 1947
35 Stage Productions-"The Skin of Our Teeth" 1961
36 Stage Productions-"So This is London" 1929
37 Stage Productions-"Sparks Fly Upwards" 1965
38 Stage Productions-"Summer and Smoke" 1960
Box Folder
P/S 4 1 Stage Productions-"The Taming of the Shrew" 1942
2 Stage Productions-"Tartuffe" 1942
3 Stage Productions-"The Tempest" 1924
4 Stage Productions-"The Tempest" 1951
5 Stage Productions-"Twelfth Night" 1955
6 Stage Productions-"Village Wooing"
7 Stage Productions-"Visit to a Small Planet" 1958
8 Stage Productions-"Voice of the Snake" 1928
9 Stage Productions-"Western Star" 1955
10 Stage Productions-"Winterset"
11 Stage Productions-"The Winter’s Tale"
12 Stage Productions-"You Never Can Tell"
13 Stage Productions-Southwestern Plays-"Green Grows the Lilacs" 1935
14 Stage Productions-Southwestern Plays-"Night Over Taos" 1935
15 Stage Productions-Southwestern Plays-"Westward People" 1935
16 Stage Productions-Unknown-Actors Identified
17 Stage Productions-Unknown
18 Stage Productions-Unknown
19 Stage Productions-Unknown
20 Stage Productions-Unknown

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Series 15:
Club Pins, 1916-1969

This series consists of 6 club pins with the Southern Methodist University Arden Club logo.

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