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Carlton R. Young Collection of 1935 Methodist Hymnal Commission records

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Creator: Young, Carlton R.
Title: Carlton R. Young Collection of 1935 Methodist Hymnal Commission records
Dates: 1897-2010
Abstract: The 1935 Methodist Hymnal Commission was created to revise the 1905 hymnal used by the Methodist Episcopal Church and the Methodist Episcopal Church, South. The Carlton R. Young Collection of 1935 Methodist Hymnal Commission records document the commission’s process of selecting, researching, and organizing hymns to include in the hymnal. Materials include correspondence, tunes, hymns, minutes, programs, and photographs.
Accession No: Collection BridArch 3.102
Extent: 4 boxes (5 linear feet)
Language: Material is in English
Repository Bridwell Library, Perkins School of Theology, Southern Methodist University

Organizational Note

In 1928 the General Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church appointed a commission to revise the hymnal and psalter which had been in use since 1905. The commission included thirty-six members from the Methodist Episcopal Church: bishops William F. Anderson, Edwin Holt Hughes, Frederick D. Leete, H. Lester Smith, and Titus Lowe; ministers Henry Hitt Crane, Joseph M. M. Gray, Earl E. Harper, John W. Langdale, and Oscar Thomas Olson; and laymen Karl P. Harrington, James R. Houghton, Howard Wilder Lyman, Robert G. McCutchan, and Albert Riemenschneider.

In 1930, the commission united with groups from the Methodist Episcopal Church, South and the Methodist Protestant Church to form the Joint Commission on the Revision of the Hymnal and the Psalter.

The Methodist Episcopal Church, South appointed the following: bishops Warren A. Candler, John M. Moore, Urban V. W. Darlington, Sam R. Hay, and A. Frank Smith; ministers Nolan B. Harmon, Jr., Ivan Lee Holt, D. N. Hotchkiss, Fitzgerald S. Parker, and Wilbur Fisk Tillett; laymen Walter Kirkland Greene, J. Abner Sage, Guy E. Snavely, Henry N. Snyder, and Charles C. Washburn.

The Methodist Protestant Church appointed ministers John C. Broomfield (President), Hugh Latimer Elderdice, Harlan Luther Feeman, Charles Edward Forlines, J. W. Hawley, and Eugene C. Makosky.

Robert Guy McCutchan was elected editor of the Joint Commission, and John W. Langdale was elected editor of the Editorial Committee. Thousands of hymns were examined, some from previous editions and some that were new. The tunes of twenty-six hymns which had been questioned were replaced by new tunes or adaptations under McCutchan’s leadership. Care was taken to continue to associate words and music that had grown familiar by long continued use.

Attention was given to the selection and arrangement of the most helpful responsive readings which were published for trial use in 1932. Thus, there is a 1932 date in the hymnal copyright notice. The Joint Commission constantly held in mind the perpetuation of the Wesley tradition, the varied desires of the church, the different ages of church members, the continued value of evangelism, and the emphasis upon applying the Gospel to everyday life.

The revised hymnal contained 210 new hymns, 206 new tunes, and 163 hymns from other hymnals. Two hundred hymns were removed. Hymns by Charles Wesley were reduced from 121 to 54 and those of John Wesley from 50 to 17. However, Wesley hymns continued to be the foundation of the hymnal. In 1939, the hymnal became the authorized hymnal of The Methodist Church, formed that year from the Methodist Episcopal Church, 1780; The Methodist Protestant Church, 1828; and The Methodist Episcopal Church, South, 1844.

Carlton R. Young, the creator and donor of the collection, served as the editor of the 1966 Methodist Church and 1989 United Methodist Church hymnal revisions. Young directed graduate studies in church music at the Perkins School of Theology, Southern Methodist University from 1964 to 1975.


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Scope and Contents of the Collection

The Carlton R. Young Collection of 1935 Methodist Hymnal Commission records chronicle the seven year process the commission went through revising the Methodist Hymnal. The materials, produced and collected by Robert G. McCutchan and John W. Langdale, indicate the difficult process of compiling a hymnal that would suit a geographically scattered and theologically diverse faith community. The collection contains five linear feet of correspondence, tunes, hymns, minutes, pamphlets, programs, and photographs produced between 1897 and 2010.

Arrangement of the Collection

The collection has been arranged into seven series:
In processing, photographs and oversize materials were removed from their original folders and made into separate series. Otherwise, the collection remains in original order. The first four series were named after the box labels that Carlton R. Young created.
The first three series retain their original folder designations. Series four was less organized than the first three series. Most items were not in folders, and the few folders present often lacked useful labels.
Series 1: Research on Hymn Sources, 1897-1945
Series 2: Hymnal Revision 1935, 1924-1945
Series 3: Tunes, 1910-1955
Series 4: Committee Records, 1930-1937
Series 5: Photographs, 1925-1935
Series 6: 2010 Additions, 2004-2010
Series 7: Oversize, 1921-1937


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Carlton R. Young papers, Bridwell Library, Perkins School of Theology, Southern Methodist University.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

[Identification of item], Carlton R. Young Collection of 1935 Methodist Hymnal Commission records, Bridwell Library, Perkins School of Theology, Southern Methodist University.

Acquisition Information

Gift of Carlton R. Young, 1964.

Custodial History

The contents of the collection were produced by Robert Guy McCutchan, hymnal editor, and John W. Langdale, Book Editor of the Methodist Episcopal Church, during their service on the 1935 Methodist Hymnal Commission. The records were from four related but separately maintained and organized repositories which Carlton R. Young obtained and combined to create this collection. Dr. Young deposited the records at Bridwell Library in 1964 and officially donated them in 2010.

Processing Information

This collection was arranged and described in 2010 by Allison Osborn.

Encoded by

Lara Corazalla, 2011.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Series 1: Research on Hymn Sources, 1897-1945

The first series, Research on Hymn Sources, consists of twenty-four folders of Robert G. McCutchan’s research for his book, Our Hymnody: A Manual of the Methodist Hymnal. Hymn authors, tune writers, and origins of the hymn and tunes considered for the book are included. A majority of the correspondence concerns biographical information for the men and women contributing their work to the hymnal. Newspaper articles and sheet music are also included.
Box Folder
565 01 Handbook 1A 1933-1945
02 Handbook 1B 1935-1937
03 Handbook 2 1937
04 Hymn Tunes Notes-A 1934-1936
05 Hymn Tunes Notes-B 1928-1936
06 Hymn Tunes Notes-C 1879-1936
07 Hymn Tunes Notes-D 1913-1936
08 Hymn Tunes Notes-E 1936
09 Hymn Tunes Notes-F 1928-1936
10 Hymn Tunes Notes-G 1910-1936
11 Hymn Tunes Notes-H 1935-1936
12 Hymn Tunes Notes-I, J 1935-1937
13 Hymn Tunes Notes-K 1936
14 Hymn Tunes Notes-L 1928-1936
15 Hymn Tunes Notes-M 1916-1937
16 Hymn Tunes Notes-N 1935-1936
17 Hymn Tunes Notes-O 1936
18 Hymn Tunes Notes-P, Q 1935-1936
19 Hymn Tunes Notes-R 1931-1936
20 Hymn Tunes Notes-S 1928-1936
21 Hymn Tunes Notes-T 1925-1942
22 Hymn Tunes Notes-U, V 1936
23 Hymn Tunes Notes-W 1934-1936
24 Hymn Tunes Notes-X, Y, Z 1936

Series 2: Hymnal Revision 1935, 1924-1945

The second series, Hymnal Revision 1935, reflects the work and decision-making that went into revising the Methodist Hymnal. The correspondence between McCutchan and John William Langdale particularly represents the process involved in producing the book. In addition to correspondence, the sixty-six folders contain sheet music, newspaper and magazine articles, notes, programs, and pamphlets.
Box Folder
565 25 Hymnal-A 1930-1934
26 Bishop William F. Anderson 1928-1932
27 Doctor William K. Anderson 1931-1936
28 Rev. James Anderson 1937
29 Hymnal-B 1928-1937
30 John C. Broomfield 1934-1936
31 Hymnal-C 1930-1937
32 Bishop Warren A. Candler 1932-1934
33 Hymnal-D 1931-1935
34 Hymnal-E 1931-1936
35 Hymnal-F 1930-1935
36 Hymnal-G 1930-1936
37 Doctor Joseph M. M. Gray 1931-1934
38 Hymnal-H 1930-1936
39 Doctor Nolan B. Harmon, Jr. 1931-1933
40 President Earl E. Harper 1931-1935
41 Professor Karl P. Harrington 1931-1935
42 Doctor J. W. Hawley 1931-1935
43 Doctor Ivan Lee Holt 1932-1934
44 Professor James R. Houghton 1931-1933
Box Folder
566 01 Bishop Edwin H. Hughes 1931-1933
02 Hymnal-I 1932-1935
03 Hymnal-J 1931-1934
04 Hymnal-K 1929-1936
05 Hymnal-L 1931-1935
06 Doctor John W. Langdale 1933-1934
07 Doctor John W. Langdale 1932-1933
08 Doctor John W. Langdale 1934-1937
09 Doctor John W. Langdale 1932-1935
10 Doctor John W. Langdale 1929-1934
11 Doctor John W. Langdale 1934
12 Doctor John W. Langdale 1934
13 Doctor Calvin W. Laufer 1931-1935
14 Hymnal-M 1930-1935
15 Doctor O. Grant Markham 1931-1934
16 Doctor E. C. Makosky 1931-1935
17 Hymnal-Mc 1932-1936
18 Bishop John M. Moore 1931-1935
19 Hymnal-N 1924-1935
20 Hymnal-O 1931-1933
21 Doctor Oscar Thomas Olson 1933-1935
22 Doctor Oscar Thomas Olson 1931-1933
23 Hymnal-P 1931-1935
24 Doctor Fitzgerald S. Parker 1933-1935
25 Doctor Fitzgerald S. Parker 1931-1933
26 Doctor Carl F. Price 1931-1935
27 Hymnal-Q 1932
28 Hymnal-R 1931-1937
29 Doctor Albert Riemenschneider 1931-1935
30 Hymnal-S 1930-1935
31 Hymnal-T 1930-1935
32 Dean W. F. Tillett 1931-1935
33 Charles A. Tindley 1937
34 Doctor Thomas Tiplady 1931-1935
35 Doctor Thomas Tiplady 1932
36 Hymnal-U 1932
37 Hymnal-V 1931-1932
38 Hymnal-W 1930-1935
39 Mr. B. A. Whitmore 1934-1937
40 Professor Charles C. Washburn 1931-1934
41 Hymnal-X, Y, Z 1932-1935
42 Permission & Copyright 1933-1935
43 Preface 1934-1935
44 A. P. Gilson/Production 1934-1935
Box Folder
567 01 Promotion 1933-1943
02 Ritual-Post 1939, 1928-1942
03 General Articles-Methodist Episcopal 1925-1945

Series 3: Tunes, 1910-1955

The third series is comprised of six folders containing tunes submitted to the Hymnal Commission.
Box Folder
567 04 Unsolicited Tunes & Music 1932
05 Text & Tunes 1910-1934
06 Text & Tunes 1930-1933
07 Music Submissions to RGM 1937-1955
08 Misc. Tunes 1922-1932
09 Misc. Tunes 1912-1935

Series 4: Committee Records, 1930-1937

Series 4, Committee Records, contains sixteen folders of correspondence, minutes, voting forms, hymns, and booklets from several of the commission’s committees. These materials reflect the arduous process the commission went through in selecting which hymns to include in the hymnal.
Box Folder
567 10 Hymns 1931-1932
11 Hymns 1931-1937
12 Booklets 1932-1934
13 Voting 1932-1934
14 Minutes 1933-1934
15 Hymn Lists 1932-1934
16 Readings & Worship 1932-1934
17 Introits, Responses, etc. 1923-1933
18 Editorial Committee 1932-1933
19 Committee on New Tunes 1930-1932
20 Joint Committee on Hymn Selection 1933-1934
21 Chicago 1934
22 Classification 1933-1934
23 Chautauqua 1932-1933
24 Editorial/Classification 1934
25 Hymns Recommended for Omission 1932

Series 5: Photographs, 1925-1935

Box Folder
567 26 1935 Hymnal Commission 1935
27 Portraits & Tunes [1925-1935]

Series 6: 2010 Additions, 2004-2010

The sixth series includes biographical information, correspondence, and collection descriptions supplied by Carlton R. Young in 2010.
Box Folder
567 28 2010 Additions 2004-2010

Series 7: Oversize, 1921-1937

Series seven contains oversize tunes, articles, hymns, and correspondence that were removed from their original folders.
Box Folder
1978 01 Oversize materials 1921-1937