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Creator: Texas Methodist
Title: The Texas Methodist Photograph Collection
Dates: 1960-1972
Abstract: The Texas Methodist Photograph Collection consists of an estimated 5000 black and white photographs dating from 1960 to 1972. These photographs were printed in (or considered for publication in) The Texas Methodist, predecessor to today’s United Methodist Reporter.
Accession No: Collection BridArch 3.037
Extent: 3 boxes (2.5 linear feet)
Language: Material is in English
Repository Bridwell Library, Perkins School of Theology, Southern Methodist University

Historical Note

The Texas Methodist, a state-wide denominational newspaper, was established in 1847 as the Texas Christian Advocate and Brenham Advertiser (1847). Later name changes included The Texas Christian Advocate (1848), Texas Wesleyan Banner (1848), Texas Christian Advocate (1854), Southwestern Advocate (1932), Christian Advocate (1949), and Texas Christian Advocate (1952). In 1960 Texas Christian Advocate became The Texas Methodist. Twenty-one years later, in 1981, The Texas Methodist adopted the name United Methodist Reporter to reflect its expanded vision of serving the entire United Methodist Church. In 2010, the website described United Methodist Reporter as "an independent weekly newspaper for United Methodists and other people of faith, produced by UMR Communications in Dallas, Texas."

This collection contains numerous photographs produced by Religious News Service (RNS). It is interesting to note that United Methodist Reporter, the successor to The Texas Methodist, acquired Religious News Service (RNS) in 1983. RNS was an inter-faith news organization founded by Louis Minsky in 1934 under the auspices of the National Conference of Christians and Jews. In 1994 RNS was purchased by Newhouse News Service. At that time its name was changed to Religion News Service (

Scope and Contents of the Collection

The Texas Methodist Photograph Collection comprises three boxes (2.5 linear feet) of black and white photographs of many different sizes dating from 1960 to 1972. These photographs were printed in (or considered for publication in) The Texas Methodist. Many photographs have printing job tickets attached.

Approximately one tenth of the collection consists of 8x10" Religious News Service photographs with captions. These photographs were produced before United Methodist Reporter acquired Religious News Service. Their presence in the collection indicates a close working relationship between The Texas Methodist and Religious News Service during the 1960s and 1970s.

Arrangement of the Collection

The six topical series of this collection are as follows:
The first three series are Texas Methodist or United Methodist-specific. The last three series are more general in nature and more heavily associated with Religious News Service.
Series 1: Texas Conferences
Series 2: Churches and Parsonages
Series 3: Institutions
Series 4: Denominations and Faiths
Series 5: People
Series 6: Topics


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Preferred Citation

[Identification of item], The Texas Methodist Photograph Collection, Bridwell Library, Perkins School of Theology, Southern Methodist University.

Acquisition Information

Acquired prior to 2007, possibly through the efforts of historian Walter N. Vernon, Jr. (1907-1993).

Processing Information

This collection was arranged and described in 2010 by Timothy S. G. Binkley.

Encoded by

Lara Corazalla, 2010.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Series 1: Texas Conferences
34 folders

Series one consists of thirty-four folders of photographs of Central Texas Annual Conference, North Texas Annual Conference, and Southwest Texas Annual Conference Methodist Church (post-1968 United Methodist Church) people, events, and places. All images in this series date between 1960 and 1972.
Box Folder
419 01-05 Central Texas Conference, 1960-1972
06-15 Central Texas Conference, 1970-1972
16-19 Central Texas and North Texas, 1960-1972
20-33 North Texas Conference, 1960-1972
34 Southwest Texas Conference, 1960-1972

Series 2: Churches and Parsonages
21 folders

Series two, Churches and Parsonages, is comprised of twenty-one folders, alphabetically arranged, of images of Texas Methodist Church (United Methodist Church post-1968) church buildings and parsonages. All photographs in this series date between 1960 and 1972.
Box Folder
420 1 A, 1960-1972
2 B, 1960-1972
3 C, 1960-1972
4 D, 1960-1972
5 E, 1960-1972
6 F, 1960-1972
7 G, 1960-1972
8 H, 1960-1972
9 I, 1960-1972
10 J, 1960-1972
11 K, 1960-1972
12 L, 1960-1972
13 M, 1960-1972
14 N, 1960-1972
15 O, 1960-1972
16 P, 1960-1972
17 R, 1960-1972
18 S, 1960-1972
19 T, 1960-1972
20 U, 1960-1972
21 W, 1960-1972

Series 3: Institutions
30 folders

Series three, Institutions, includes thirty alphabetically arranged folders of photographs of Texas Methodist-related educational and benevolent institutions. All images in this series date between 1960 and 1972.
Box Folder
420 22 Butman (Camp) – Abilene, TX, 1960-1972
23 C. C. Young Memorial Homes – Blanton Gardens, 1960-1972
24 Ceto Canyon, 1960-1972
25 Crestview Homes, Inc., 1960-1972
26 Glen Lake, 1960-1972
27 Golden Age Home, 1960-1972
28 Harris Hospital, 1960-1972
29 Hilltop Village, 1960-1972
30 Holding Institute, 1960-1972
31 Lake Bridgeport, 1960-1972
32 Lakeview Methodist Assembly, 1960-1972
33 Lon Morris College, 1960-1972
34 Lubbock Inner-City Parish, 1960-1972
35 Lydia Patterson Institute, 1960-1972
36 McMurry College, 1960-1972
37 The Methodist Home (for children), 1960-1972
38 Methodist Home for Unwed Mothers, 1960-1972
39 Methodist Hospital, Dallas, 1960-1972
40 Methodist Hospital, Houston, 1960-1972
41 Methodist Mission Home of Texas, 1960-1972
42 Morningside Manor, 1960-1972
43 Mount Wesley, 1960-1972
44 Rainbow, 1960-1972
45 Southern Methodist University, 1960-1972
46 Southwest Texas Methodist Hospital, 1960-1972
47 Southwestern University, 1960-1972
48 Texas Wesleyan College, 1960-1972
49 The Wesleyan, 1960-1972
50 Wesley Manor, 1960-1972
51 Wiley College, 1960-1972

Series 4: Denominations and Faiths
18 folders

The fourth series, Denominations and Faiths, consists of eighteen folders containing Religious News Service photographs representing many different faith groups. All images in this series date between 1960 and 1972.
Box Folder
420 52 Amish, 1960-1972
53 Anglican, 1960-1972
54 Baptist, 1960-1972
55 Buddhist, 1960-1972
56 Catholic Church, 1960-1972
57 Christian Church, 1960-1972
58 Church of Christ, 1960-1972
59 Episcopal, 1960-1972
60 Hindu, 1960-1972
61 Judaism, 1960-1972
62 Methodist, 1960-1972
63 Mormon, 1960-1972
64 Orthodox Christian, 1960-1972
65 Presbyterian, 1960-1972
66 Quaker, 1960-1972
67 Reformed, 1960-1972
68 Seventh-Day Adventist, 1960-1972
69 Unitarian, 1960-1972

Series 5: People
21 folders

Series five includes three hundred twenty-one photographs of two hundred seventy-eight named newsworthy persons. These photographs are arranged alphabetically in twenty-one folders. All images in this series date between 1960 and 1972; almost all are Religious News Service photographs. Please see the Index to Series Five at the end of this document for a complete listing of names.
Box Folder
420 70 A, 1960-1972
71 B, 1960-1972
72 C, 1960-1972
73 D, 1960-1972
74 E, 1960-1972
75 F, 1960-1972
76 G, 1960-1972
77 H, 1960-1972
78 I, 1960-1972
79 J, 1960-1972
80 K, 1960-1972
81 L, 1960-1972
Box Folder
418 1 M, 1960-1972
2 N, 1960-1972
3 O, 1960-1972
4 P, 1960-1972
5 R, 1960-1972
6 S, 1960-1972
7 T, 1960-1972
8 U-V, 1960-1972
9 W-X-Y-Z, 1960-1972

Series 6: Topics
4 folders

The final and smallest series is topical in nature. The topics covered do not fall precisely into the previous series. These photographs also date between 1960 and 1972.
Box Folder
418 10 Bishops – Methodist 1960-1972
11 Missions 1960-1972
12 Texas Conference of Churches 1969-1972
13 Women’s Liberation 1960-1972

Appendix: Index to Series 5: People

[Note: RNS = Religious News Service]

Name (Last, First) Year Caption Studio
A (Box 420, File 70)
Abernathy, Ralph David 1969 Emerges from Jail RNS
1969 Arrives at White House RNS
1970 Declaration of Recife RNS
1970 Heading for Atlanta RNS
Alexei, Patriarch 1970 Patriarch Alexei Dies RNS
Allen, Jimmy no date The Rev. Jimmy Allen
Ali, Muhammad 1970 Congratulations RNS
Alves, Rubem 1970 Third World Theologian RNS
Andrews, Barbara 1970 Happy to be Second RNS
Armstrong, Neil A. 1970 One Year After RNS
Athans, Christine 1970 Nun to Head Ecumenical Group RNS
B (Box 420, File 71)
Bacon, Margaret
Baker, Joseph E. 1968 Suspended by Church Group RNS
Banks, Dennis 1969 Indian Spokesman RNS
Bart, Mary Corrinne 1970 Nun "Replaces" a Bishop RNS
Beatrix, Crown Princess 1972 Princess at World Council Meeting RNS
Belafonte, Harry no date
Benfield, William A. 1970 Moderator of Southern Presbyterians RNS
Bennard, Hannah no date
Bennett, John C. no date
Bernstein, Leonard 1971 Bernstein's Labor of Love RNS
Berrigan, Daniel 1970 Fugitive at Cornell RNS
1970 Fugitive Priest Speaks RNS
Black, Hugo L. 1971 Justice Black Retires
Blackmun, Harry A. 1970 Supreme Court Nominee RNS
Blake, Eugene Carson 1970 Dr. Blake Receives NCCJ Award RNS
Blake, Eugene Carson 1970 Dr. Blake Welcomes Brazilian Prelate RNS
Blessitt, Arthur 1970 End of Journey RNS
Boegner, Marc 1970 Marc Boegner Dies RNS
Boone, Pat 1969 "Turn-On" RNS
Booth, L. Venchael 1969 Baptist Fellowship Officers RNS
Borlaug, Norman E. 1970 Agronomist Wins Peace Prize RNS
Boyd, Marvin L. no date
Boyle, Eugene J. 1969 Halted Panther Book Distribution RNS
Brandt, Willy 1969 West German Chancellor RNS
Bright, John D. 1972 A. M. E. Bishop Dies RNS
Brooke, Edward W. 1970 Senator Tours Troubled Area RNS
Brooks, Angie 1969 Church Women Hear U.N. Leader RNS
Brooks-Randolph, Angie 1970 U. N. Official Addresses BWA RNS
Broshi, Magen 1969 The "Keeper" of the Dead Sea Scrolls RNS
Brown, Dillard H. 1969 American Bishop Slain in Liberia RNS
Brown, Hugh B. 1960 Mormons Reaffirm Negro Policy RNS
Brown, Raymond E. 1970 Union, Woodstock Name Joint Professor RNS
Bunche, Ralph Johnson 1971 Ralph Bunche Dies RNS
Burger, Warren Earl 1969 New Chief Justice RNS
Burger, Warren Earl 1969 Court Orders Integration "At Once" RNS
Burgess, John M. 1970 Episcopal Bishop Installed RNS
Butler, Ed 1970 A "Square" Revolutionary RNS
Byrne, William M., Jr. 1970 Will Look at Campus Unrest RNS
C (Box 420, File 72)
Calley, Jr. William L. 1970 Lt. Calley Court-Martial Opens RNS
Cameron, Sheila M. 1970 The 'First' RNS
Cammack, Pauline 1969 Little Lady with a Big Mission RNS
Carberry, John J. no date
Carnevali, Luigi 1969 Mao, Mao on the Wall RNS
Carswell, Judge G. Harold 1970 Nominated to Supreme Court RNS
Cashin, Dr. John 1970 Black Candidate for Alabama Governor RNS
Chappell, Wallace 1961 RNS
Chavez, Caesar 1970 Chavez Speaks at Riverside Church RNS
Christopher, George 1970 First NCCJ Orthodox Co-Chairman RNS
Cleage, Rev. Albert B. 1970 Announces Black Christian Convention RNS
Collins, Clem W. 1970 President of Christian Science Church RNS
Collins, Judy no date
Columbus, Christopher 1970 Discoverer of America RNS
Cooke, Terence J. no date
Cooper, Jr., Owen 1972 Southern Baptist Convention President RNS
Coulter, Richard E. 1970 Shelton College Dean Suspended RNS
Cox, Dr. Harvey 1969 "Celebration" for Panthers RNS
Criswell, Dr. W. A. 1969 SBC Leaders RNS
Crow, Paul no date
Cushing, Cardinal Richard 1969 Cardinal Honors Orthodox Leaders RNS
1970 Cardinal Cushing Resigns RNS
1970 Cardinal Cushing Dies RNS
D (Box 420, File 73)
Dearden, John F. no date
DeBruyn, Harry 1972 President of Reformed Church RNS
Defregger, Bishop Matthias 1969 Bishop Involved in Wartime Executions RNS
DeGaulle, Charles 1970 Gen. DeGaulle Dies at 79 RNS
1970 DeGaulle Dead RNS
Denny, Dr. Robert S. 1969 Baptist World Alliance Secretary RNS
Devlin, Bernadette 1969 Bernadette Devlin Sentenced RNS
Diangienda, Joseph 1969 Spiritual Leader of New WCC Member RNS
Dirksen, Everett McKinley 1969 School Prayer Champion Dies RNS
Donegan, Bishop Horace W. B. 1972 Bishop Donegan Announces Retirement RNS
Donham, Cary E. 1970 West Pointer Seeks C.O. Discharge RNS
Doran, Father Dermot 1969 Biafran Lives Imperiled RNS
Douglass, Dr. Truman 1969 Dr. Truman Douglass Dies RNS
Drinan, Father Robert F. 1970 Political Priest RNS
1970 The 'Rev' Becomes a 'Rep' RNS
1970 Priest a Winner in Primary RNS
Duffey, Rev. Joseph D. 1970 Congratulations are in Order RNS
Dylan, Bob 1969 [Nashville: Self Portrait recording session] [Clayton?]
E (Box 420, File 74)
Eheln, Dr. Arlis J. 1972 Amid Theological Dispute RNS
Eisenhower, Gen. Dwight D. 1969 Ike Undergoes Surgery RNS
Eisenhower, Mrs. Dwight D. 1969 Mrs. Eisenhower at Funeral RNS
Ellsberg, Dr. Daniel 1971 Pleads Not Guilty RNS
Espy, Dr. R. H. Edwin no date
1968 Alumni Group Honors Dr. Espy RNS
Evers, Mayor Charles 1969 Mayor Charles Evers RNS
Prince Charles 1969 Prince to be 'Invested' RNS
Queen Elizabeth II 1970 Birthday for a Queen RNS
1970 Queen Elizabeth Opens Anglican Synod RNS
F (Box 420, File 75)
Fauntroy, Rev. Walter E. 1971 Black Minister Elected Capital Delegate RNS
ffrench-Beytagh, Rev. G. A. 1972 Freed Dean Preaches RNS
Fick, Rev. Ulrich 1972 Head of United Bible Societies RNS
Flemming, Dr. Arthur S. 1969 Dr. Fleming Receives Award RNS
Font, First Lt. Louis P. 1970 West Pointer Seeks C.O. Discharge RNS
Ford, Dr. Leighton 1970 Address United Presbyterians RNS
Forman, James 1969 James Forman Addresses NCC Assembly RNS
1969 Symbol RNS
Fortas, Abe 1969 Justice Resigns RNS
Franco, Generalissimo Francisco 1969 Franco Designates Successor RNS
Fredrickson, Dr. Robert L. 1970 American Baptist President RNS
G (Box 420, File 76)
Gandhi, Mohandas K. 1969 Gandhi's Birth Celebrated RNS
Garmatis, Iakovos 1969 New Greek Orthodox Bishop for Detroit RNS
Gibson, Kenneth A. 1970 Black Elected Mayor RNS
Gill, Rev. Donald H. 1969 Leads New England Association RNS
Goodall, Dr. Harrison 1969 Tragedy Brings Them Together RNS
Grace, J. Peter 1970 National Bible Week Chairman RNS
Graham, Billy no date RNS
Groppi, Father James 1969 Father Groppi Arrested RNS
Guttmacher, Dr. Alan E. 1970 Holds 'Alarm' on Pill Unwarranted RNS
Gwalter, Miss L. Ivimy 1969 New President of Christian Science Church RNS
H (Box 420, File 77)
Haggard, Miss Connie no date
Hambro, Ambassador Evard 1970 General Assembly's President RNS
Harris, Dr. Frederick Brown 1970 Senate Chaplain Dies RNS
Harrison, George 1970
Hayes, Rev. Thomas 1970 Minister to Deserters RNS
Haynsworth, Judge Clement F. 1969 Supreme Court Nominee RNS
1969 Senate Rejects Haynsworth Nomination RNS
Heath, Edward 1970 Britain's New Prime Minister RNS
Heckel, Prof. C. Willard 1972 Moderator of United Presbyterian Church RNS
Hesburgh, Father Theodore M. 1972 Honored by Religious Heritage RNS
1970 Honored by NCCJ RNS
Hill, Calvin no date
Hope, Bob 1970 Independence Day Salute RNS
Hoppe, Rev. Robert A. 1970 Project Equality Director RNS
Hromadka, Dr. Josef L. 1969 Resigns from Peace Conference RNS
1969 Dr. Hromadka Dies RNS
Huddleston, Bishop Trevor 1970 Anglican Bishop Condemns Media RNS
I (Box 420, File 78)
Iakovos, Archbishop 1969 Primate Completes Tour RNS
1970 Sees New Epoch in Making RNS
J (Box 420, File 79)
Jackson, Rev. Jesse no date
1970 Tours Housing Area RNS
Johnson, Rev. Bruce and wife Eugenia 1969 Methodist Minister, Wife Slain RNS
Johnson, Rev. Edward H. 1969 New Canadian Presbyterian Moderator RNS
Joyce, Steven 1970 Narrates the Sermon on the Mount
K (Box 420, File 80)
Kallos, Archimandrite Christodoulos 1970 Named Greek Orthodox Bishop RNS
Kautz, Richard C. 1970 Board Chairman of YMCA RNS
Kelly, Rev. Colin P. 1967 Hero's Son Ordained RNS
Kennedy, Ethel 1969 Widow Visits Kennedy's Grave RNS
Kennedy, John F. 1969 JFK Started Moon Quest RNS
Kennedy, Joseph P. 1969 Joseph P. Kennedy Dies RNS
1969 Last Rites for Family Patriarch RNS
Kennedy, Mrs. Joseph P. 1969 National Shrine RNS
Kennedy, Robert F. 1969 Tribute to Robert Kennedy RNS
Knutson, Dr. Kent S. 1970 New President of ALC RNS
Krummach, Bishop Friedrich-Wilhelm 1969 Barred from Lutheran Talks by Regime RNS
King, Sr. Rev. Martin Luther 1969 Warns of Possible Race War RNS
Kucharsky, David E. 1972 Covering Nixon Trip for RNS RNS
Kim, Dr. Helen 1970 Korean Church Woman Dies RNS
L (Box 420, File 81)
Lackey, Rev. Othal H. 1970 Led Opposition to Original Plan on Bishop RNS
Laird, Melvin R. 1969 Explains Troop Reduction RNS
Laubach, Dr. no date Is Shown Demonstrating
Lawson, Rev. Phillip 1970 Minister Testifies on Panthers RNS
Leestma, Rev. Harold F. 1971 Sermon Winner RNS
Levesque, Michael 1970 Wins Freedoms Foundation's Top Award RNS
Lincoln, Abraham 1970 Abraham Lincoln RNS
Lindsay, Mayor John V. 1970 Family of Man Awards RNS
Loane, Rev. M. L. 1970 Boycotts Ecumenical Service with Pope RNS
Lohse, Bishop-Elect Eduard 1970 Lutheran Leader of Hanover Church RNS
Lombardi, Vince 1970 Vince Lombardi, A Sports Giant, Dies RNS
Lombardy, Father William 1972 Priest 'Second' to Fisher in Chess Playoffs RNS
Lynn, Dr. R. Matthew 1969 New Moderator RNS
M (Box 418, File 1)
Mangrum, Rev. John F. 1972 A Well-Rounded Man RNS
Marshall, Becky 1972 Victory for Daughter, Dismissal for Pastor RNS
Marty, Dr. Martin 1972 Wins National Book Award RNS
Makarios, Archbishop 1970 Archbishop Makarios Escapes Attack RNS
Matulis, Rev. Janis 1969 New Head of Latvian Lutheran Church RNS
Mauriac, Francois 1970 Nobel Laureate Dies RNS
May, Bishop Gerhard 1968 Austrian Lutheran Bishop to Retire RNS
McCarthy, Jr., Sen. Eugene 1969 Won't Seek Re-election RNS
McCartney, Paul 1970 United Artists
McClure, Dr. Robert Baird 1969 Churchman Backs Compulsory Sterilization RNS
McCracken, Dr. Paul W. 1972 National Bible Week Leader RNS
McIntire, Dr. Carl 1970 Leaves for Saigon RNS
McMillan, Commissioner Donald 1969 Salvation Army Leader Dies RNS
Mead, Margaret 1969 Says Marijuana Laws are Harmful RNS
Miller, Jr., Rev. Clyde J. 1968 Named to Project Equality Post RNS
Mills, Miss Stephanie 1969 Scores Over-Population RNS
Minh, Ho Chi 1969 North Vietnamese Leader Dies RNS
Mondlane, Dr. Eduardo Chivambo 1969 Dr. Mondlane Killed RNS
Moore, Jr., Bishop Paul 1969 Bishop Named New York Coadjutor RNS
1969 Coadjutor Installed RNS
Mosley, J. Brooke no date
Muzorewa, Bishop Abel T. 1971 Bishop Muzorewa Briefs Church Leaders RNS
Muzorewa, Bishop Abel T. 1972 Leads Opposition to Anglo-Rhodesian Act RNS
Myers, Bishop C. Kilmer 1969 Condolences for Widow RNS
N (Box 418, File 2)
Nasser, Pres. Gamal Abdel 1970 On Maneuvers RNS
1970 Egypt's Nasser Dead at 52 RNS
Nathan, Abie J. 1970 Man with a Mission RNS
Nelson, J. Robert 1972 Heads Boston U. Theology School RNS
Newman, Edwin 1970 At NCCJ Board Meeting RNS
Niles, Daniel Thambyrajah 1970 Dr. Niles Dies RNS
Nolde, O. Frederick 1972 Dr. O. Frederick Nolde Dies RNS
Nordenhaug, Josef 1969 Dr. Nordenhaug Dies RNS
O (Box 418, File 3)
Odetta 1970 Black Arts Festival RNS
Oldham, Joseph Houldsworth 1969 Ecumenist Dies RNS
O'Neill, Terence 1969 Northern Ireland Votes RNS
Owens, Steve 1969 Heisman Winner Plays for Christ RNS
P (Box 418, File 4)
Paisley, Ian 1970 Winning Candidate RNS
1970 Protests Canterbury Mass RNS
1970 Australia Denies Paisley Visit RNS
Parker, Everett C. 1969 Wins Broadcasting Award RNS
Parker, Roy H. 1970 Former Army Chief of Chaplains Dies RNS
Paolo, Pier 1969 Controversial Movie-Maker RNS
Peale, Norman Vincent 1969 Youthful Honor Guard RNS
1970 Dr. Peale Honored RNS
Peter, Paul, and Mary no date
Pew, J. Howard 1971 J. Howard Pew Dies RNS
Pike, James A. no date
1969 Bishop Pike Leaving Church RNS
1968 Reported Missing RNS
1969 Abandoned Car RNS
Pike, Diane [Mrs. James A.] 1969 Tried to Get Help RNS
Pilon, Jr., Percy 1970 Warning from an Addict RNS
Platz, Elizabeth 1970 Denomination's First Woman Minister RNS
1970 A First RNS
Pomerance, Rocky no date
Porter, Philip A. 1972 Elected WCC General Secretary RNS
Powell, Adam Clayton 1972 Adam Clayton Powell Dies RNS
Powell, William 1969 Rare Accomplishment RNS
Presbyterian Church of Scotland 1969 Queen Attends Scots Presbyterian Assembly RNS
Priesand, Sally 1970 May Become First Woman Rabbi RNS
R (Box 418, File 5)
Ramsey, Michael 1970 Among the Children RNS
1970 The Archbishops RNS
1969 Forty Years a Priest RNS
1970 Painting of Canterbury Causes Stir RNS
1970 Archbishops Confer RNS
Rehnquist, William H. 1972 Supreme Court Justice Profiled RNS
Respes, Rabbi Abel 1970 Plans Emigration to Israel RNS
Reuther, Walter 1970 Walter Reuther Killed in Crash RNS
Richards, Charles G. 1970 Christian Literature, Broadcast Units May Merge RNS
Roberts, Edward 1969 Bishop Travels by Boat RNS
Roberts, Oral no date [3 photographs]
Robinson, Dillard 1969 Named Dean of Cathedral RNS
Rockefeller, Nelson 1970 Ground-Breaking for Cadet Corps Building RNS
Rogers, William P. 1970 The Decision on Jets for Israel RNS
Romney, George 1969 Honored by Religious Heritage RNS
Russell, Bertrand 1970 Bertrand Russell is Dead RNS
S (Box 418, File 6)
Sayre, Jr., Francis B. 1969 Christmas at Washington Cathedral RNS
Schachern, Harold J. 1969 Noted Religion Reporter Dies RNS
Scherer, Paul E. 1969 Dr. Scherer Dies RNS
Schiotz, Fredrik A. 1969 Law Officials Set Assembly RNS
Schutz, Roger no date
Segura, Ernesto 1971 Catholic Bishop Addresses Lutheran Congress RNS
Shannon, James P. 1969 Bishop Weds RNS
Shaumba, Pierre no date
Sheen, Fulton J. no date [3 photographs] 1 RNS
Sims, Wesley S. 1972 Honored by Disciples RNS
Sirhan, Sirhan B. 1969 Sirhan with Lawyer RNS
Smith, John Coventry 1969 New United Presbyterian Moderator RNS
Smith, Jr., Joseph Fielding 1970 Mormon Church Elects New President RNS
Smith, Preston no date
Spock, Benjamin 1970 Dr. Spock, Clergymen Arrested RNS
Spottswood, Stephen G. 1970 Assails Nixon Administration RNS
Stamper, George 1970 Seeks to Locate Runaway Youths RNS
Sterling, Chandler W. 1968 Plans 'Half-Way' House for Priests RNS
Stokes, Carl B. 1969 Victory Kiss RNS
Stringfellow, William 1970 Indicted in Berrigan Case RNS
Suenens, Leo-Joseph 1970 Cardinal Suenens Interviewed RNS
1970 Canterbury and Cardinal RNS
Sullivan, Leon H. 1971 Black Named to G.M. Board RNS
Swing, Thomas 1970 Named to Ecumenical Institute RNS
T (Box 418, File 7)
Taliwongso, Sylvia 1969 Beauty Queen Church Activist RNS
Thieu, Nguyen Van 1969 After Midway Summit Meeting RNS
Thorp, Almus M. 1969 Heads Episcopal Seminary Program RNS
Toston, Kevin 1970 Dies from Heroin-Laced Candy RNS
Tremaine, Bob 1969 A Minister of Size RNS
U-V (Box 418, File 8)
Valenzuela, Raymond no date
Vance, Mike no date
Vandergriff, Tom J. 1962
Vandiver, Sally 1968
Vardiman, Boyce no date [2 photographs]
Vaughan, Alton 1961
Verheyden, Clyde J. 1961 [also one undated photograph]
Viets, Donald C. no date
Villot, Jean Cardinal 1969 Cardinal Villot RNS
Vivian, C. T. 1969 Start 'Curfew' Controversy RNS
Voegeli, C. Alfred 1969 To Fill Liberian Post RNS
Vohnyve no date
Vorster, B. J. 1970 South African Prime Minister RNS
Voss, Kay no date
Voss, Tom 1961
W-X-Y-Z (Box 418, File 9)
Walsh, James E. 1970 Prelate Freed by Communist Regime RNS
Ward, Hiley no date
Warren, Earl 1969 Warren and Allen Honored by NCCJ RNS
Washburn, Bishop Paul A. no date
Waters, Ethel 1972 The Ethel Waters Story, Part 2 RNS
Wayne, John 1970 John Wayne 'Adopts' a Family RNS
Wedel, Cynthia no date
Wedel, Theodore O. 1970 Canon Theodore Wedel Dies RNS
Welsh, Elliott Ashton 1970 Good News RNS
West, Robert M. 1969 Unitarian Universalist Head RNS
Wetmore, J. Stuart 1968 Episcopal Bishop in Catholic Pulpit RNS
Wilkins, Roy 1969 NAACP Leader Opposes 'Reparations' RNS
Willebrands, Jan Cardinal 1970 Cardinal Remarks on Luther's Works RNS
Williams, Hosea 1970 SCLC Leader Enters Primary RNS
Williams, Sam 1970 Pastor and Builder RNS
Wolf, Frederick B. 1969 Children Question the Bishop RNS
Woods, Frank 1970 In 'Boycott' Dispute RNS
Wright, H. Elliott 1972 Receive Faith and Freedom RNS
Wright, John Cardinal 1969 Highlights in Wright's Career RNS
Wright, John J. no date
Wright, Nathan 1969 Dr. Wright at NCCJ Parley RNS
1969 Dr. Wright to Head Afro American Department at Albany RNS
Young, Mrs. Cleatus 1969 Mail from All Over RNS