San Antonio Municipal Archives

Public Information Office Records – Videotape Collection, 1976-2007

Title: Public Information Office Records – Videotape Collection, 1976-2007
Dates: 1976-2007
Identification: 2009-14
Quantity: 167 ft.
Language: English

Administrative History

The Department of Communications and Public Affairs manages the Cityʹs communications and media relations activities, develops information and public awareness campaigns, produces internal and external publications, oversees content on the Cityʹs website and manages TVSA the Cityʹs cable television channel. Communications and Public Affairs coordinates programming for TVSA, cable channel 21. This government access channel is another tool the City uses to broadcast City Council meetings, Bexar County Commissionerʹs Court meetings, insightful talk programs hosted by City Council members and by City departments, and special programs produced by the department.

Scope and Content

The collections consists of 164 boxes of video tapes covering city council meetings, city television programs and footage of events around the city from 1976 – 2007.


Arrangement of the Papers

I. Television programs
II. City council meetings
III. Subject videos
IV. B Footage
V. Photographs
VI. Assorted printed material


Unrestricted access.

Index Terms

San Antonio (Tex.).

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

[Box #, Folder title], Public Information Office Records – Videotape Collection, 1976-2007 San Antonio Municipal Archives.

Processing Information

This collection was processed with financial assistance from the National Historical Publications and Records Commission.

Detailed Description of the Collection



116 Airport
AP-001, Airport, undated
AP-002 San Antonio Airport, Tape 1, undated
AP-003, San Antonio Airport, Tape 2, undated
AA-006, Airport Airwaves, July 24, 2002
MISC-002, NBC News Noise Abatement Story and CNN News Noise Abatement Story, undated
Alamodome (ALD)
NFL-001, NFL Application, Tape 1, undated
NFL-002, NFL Application, Tape 2, undated
ALD-001, Dome, undated
ALD-002, Thom Walbran, "Stormy Dome," undated
ALD-003, Council at Dome Office, Tape 1, Summer 1992
ALD-004, Council at Dome Office, Tape 2, Summer 1992
ALD-005, City Newsmakers – Dome Advisory Committee Meeting, undated
ALD-006, Alamodome Video News Release, Clip and B-Roll, Undated
ALD-007, Alamodome Insider Show #1, September 16, 2003
ALD-008, New Orleans Saints Ticket Spot and New Orleans Saints Fight to the Finish, undated
ALD-009, Dome Interfaith Service, undated
ALD-010, Channel 5, Alamodome Delay, Aquifer Springs, 6 PM and 10 PM, undated
ALD-011, Channel 41, Alamodome Delay, Nelson Wolff, Baseball Stadium, 5PM and 10 PM, June 10, 1992
ALD-012, Channel 5, Eyewitness Want to know, the Dome Dig, 5PM, March 6, 1992
ALD-013, Alamodome Accessibility Presentation – Rev. without Interpreter, undated
ALD 014, Alamodome Accessibility Presentation – Rev. with Interpreter, undated
ALD-015, Alamodome Presentation, April 9, 1991
ALD-016, Alamodome Presentation, April 9, 1992
ALD-017, Alamodome, 1991
ALD-018, Dome Construction Video, July 1, 1991
ALD-019, Alamodome Grand Opening, May 15, 1993
Arts and Cultural Events
MISC-001, Margaret Putnam – Very Special Arts, undated
MISC-003, Hardeman - Smyer Vocals and Guitar, 2000
117 PIO-001, Thanksgiving, undated
PIO-002, Deo Gratias, Drum Rhythms, Slow Beat, undated
PIO-003, Asian Festival, Institute of Texas Cultures, February 12, 2005
PIO-004, San Antonio Museum of Art, "El Alma Del Pueblo," September 23, 1997
PIO-005, Fandango Dancers, August 3, 1994
PIO-006, City Employee’s Art Festival, Tape 1, undated
PIO-007, Music, undated
PIO-008, Christmas Music, 1994
PIO-009, National Art Program, undated
PIO-010, Carver Cultural Center, undated
PIO-011, Music, undated
PIO-012, (1) At the Carver – Generic Program (2) At the Carver – Jazz Festival Preview, undated
PIO-013, At the Carver, February 1992
PIO-014, A Very Special Arts Story, undated
PIO-015, Rhythms, Grooves and Riffs, August 1997
PIO-016, Music – Freeway Jazz, undated
PIO-017, Kooky Music, undated
118 PIO-018, Music, undated
PIO-019, African, Caribbean Festival, undated
PIO-020, Music Video with Terence Blanchard and Betty Carter, undated
PIO-021, Multiculturalism in Public Art, Parts 1 and 2, undated
PIO-022, Multiculturalism in Public Art, Part 3, undated
PIO-023, Art beat #674, July 21, 1994
PIO-024, Special Arts Festival, undated
PIO-025, Spanish Pan Flute Music, undated
PIO-026, Another View, A Sculpture Installation by Ann Gazelle, undated
PIO-027, New Carver Animation, December 23, 1998
PIO-028, Des’ree: "You Gotta Be" and "Feel So High, " undated
B-Rolls (secondary footage)
PIO-029, B-Roll, undated
PIO-039, King William, Vacant Lots, Bus Stop, Victoria Courts, House Renovation, Durango and Iowa Bridge Construction Dignowity Hill, Housing, undated
PIO-040, McCruff SAPD Program B-Roll, Airport Traffic Control, undated
PIO-041, District 2, B-Roll, WW White Road Businesses, Lavender Lane Apartments, Lone Oak Mall, June 26, 1986
PIO-042, District 5, B-Roll, Senior Citizens Food Service, undated
PIO-043, District 7, B-Roll, Beacon Hill Area, Bunk Haus, Woodlawn Neighborhood, Monticello Park, Catholic Church, undated
PIO-044, District 8, Loop 410 Construction, Medial Complex, Babcock and Wurzbach, undated
PIO-045, District 9 Aquifer, Water Shots, Broadway Mansion Homes, SAMM Shelter, undated
119 PIO-046, Health, B-Roll, September 17, 1985
PIO-047, SAPD, Stolen Goods, B-Roll, undated
PIO-046, Health, B-Roll, September 17, 1985
PIO-047, SAPD, Stolen Goods, B-Roll, undated
PIO-048, Firing Range, B-Roll, undated
PIO-049, EMS, B-Roll, undated
PIO-050, Library, B-Roll, undated
PIO-051, Market Square, B-Roll, undated
PIO-052, Older Workers, Fiesta Plaza, B-Roll, undated
PIO-053, Solid Waste, B-Roll, undated
PIO-054, SAPD, B-Roll, undated
PIO-055, Building Inspection, Older Workers, B-Roll, undated
PIO-056, Nelson Garen Landfill, B-Roll, undated
PIO-057, Mayor PSA, undated
PIO-058, Public Works, B-Roll, August 12, 2004, A T-Rex Named Sue, Institute of Texas Cultures, August 15, 2004
PIO-059, Celebrate San Antonio, B-Roll New Years Eve Event, undated
PIO-060, Cows News Conference, B-Roll, undated
PIO-061, Shriners of North America parade, B-Roll, undated
PIO-062, Park Bench, B-Roll, August 18, 2004
PIO-063, St. Mary’s Parking Garage, B-Roll, March 6, 2002
PIO-064, Personnel, B-Roll, Parking Meters, undated
PIO-065, District 6, B-Roll, Kids Playing, Construction Equipment, Kennedy Park Residential, Bob Thompson District Office, South San ISD West Campus, Southwest High School, undated
PIO-066, District 7, B-Roll, St Mary’s University, Memorial High School, Monticello Park, Southwest Research, John Jay High School, Northside Secondary, Edgewood High School, Holy Family Parish, undated
120 PIO-077, Kids Day at San Pedro Park, B-Roll, April 16, 1998
PIO-078, Holiday Dub Reel, undated
PIO-079, Zoning Commission, October 21, 1997
PIO-080, Field Videos, October 17, 1997
PIO-081, TVSA Shows, undated
PIO-082, Field Videos, May 6, 1997
PIO-083, Field Videos, September 3, 20[ ]
PIO-084, Field Tape, July 15, 1997
PIO-085, Field Tape, June 20, 1995
PIO-086, Field Tape, November 18, 1997
PIO-087, Field Video, June 3, 1997 and June 17, 1997
PIO-088, Employee Video, B-Roll, undated
PIO-089, Field Video, April 15, 1997
PIO-090, Kirs’ Master Tape, Hall Packages, undated
PIO-091, Texas Folklife Festival Public Service Announcement and B-Roll, June 10-13, 2004,
PIO-092, Maverick Tapings, B-Roll, Code Compliance, undated
PIO-093, City B-Roll, At Your Service, John Zublions, At Your Service, Joe Garcia, At Your Service, Willie Bates, undated
PIO-067, City of San Antonio, City Budget, Stu Summers and C.A. Stubbs, KSAT, Channel 12, 10 PM News, March 24, 1986
PIO-068, Budget, 1987-1988
PIO-069, Budget, undated
PIO-070, Budget Presentation, 1994-1995
PIO-071, Budget Presentation, August 15, 1996
PIO-072, Five Year Forecast, 1995-1999
PIO-073, Budget, 1985
PIO-074, Open House Budget, May 13, 2002
PIO-075, First Budget Hearing, undated
PIO-076, Budget Presentation, undated
PIO-094, City Council Meeting, February 24, 2000
121 PIO-095, Budget, 1985-1986
PIO-096, Budget, 1986-1987
PIO-097, Budget, 1987-1988
PIO-098, City Council Budget Presentation, 1989-1990
PIO-099, Budget Reduction Plan, 1990-1991
PIO-100, Budget Proposal, 1990-1991
PIO-101, Proposed City Budget, 1991-1992
PIO-102, Budget Presentation, 1990-1994
PIO-103, Budget Forecast, 1990-1994
PIO-104, Budget Proposal, 1994-1998
PIO-105, Budget Video, undated
PIO-106, Budget: City Building Refurbishment, undated
PIO-107, Budget Key Result Area Video, undated
PIO-108, Mayor on City Budget, undated
PIO-109, Budget Graphics, City Managers Tape, undated
PIO-110, City Budget Presentation, undated
PIO-111, CG’s for Environmental Management, CG’s for Budget, Video of Information Resources, undated
122 City Newsmakers (CN)
CN-001, City Newsmakers (1) News Conference on San Antonio Education Partnership, June 28, 1990 (2) City Manager’s Fiscal Year 1990-1991 Budget Proposal, August 21, 1990
CN-002, City Newsmakers (1) Dome Groundbreaking Ceremony, November 24, 1990 (2) Civic League All American City Jury Hearings, January 9, 1991
CN-003, City Newsmaker (1) Operation Cool It, June 26, 1991
CN-004, City Newsmaker (1) the Year of Opportunity (2) FBI Joins Gang War, 1992
CN-005, City Newsmakers (1) Alex Briseno’s News Conference on Becoming the City Manager, (2) News Conference of Delegation’s Trip to Mexico and Visit with the President of Mexico, undated
City Public Service (CPS)
CPS-001, CPS Community Update, February 1991
CPS-002, CPS Community Update (1) Call Answer System, (2) SBA (3) United Way Award, (3) July 1995
CPS-003, CPS Community Update, December 1996
CPS-004, CPS Community Update (1) Kite Flying (2) Water Heater (3) Water Conservation Efforts, February 1997 and March 1997
CPS-005, CPS Community Update (1) CPS Board (2) VIPS (3) Air Conditioning (4) South Side Customer Service Center, July 1997
CPS-006, CPS Community Update, April 1998
CPS-007, CPS Community Update, November 1998
CPS-008, CPS Home and Lifestyle Show, #57, October 20, 2002
CPS-009, CPS City Shots, undated
123 CPS-010, CPS Board Meeting, July 30, 2001
CPS-011, CPS Board Meeting, August 27, 2001
CPS-012, CPS Board Meeting, October 29, 2001
CPS-013, CPS Board Meeting, November 26, 2001
CPS-014, CPS Board Meeting, December 21, 2001
CPS-015, CPS Board Meeting, January 25, 2002
CPS-016, CPS Board Meeting, February 25, 2002
CPS-017, CPS Board Meeting, March 25, 2002
CPS-018, CPS Board Meeting, April 29 2002
CPS-019, CPS Board Meeting, May 28, 2002
CPS-020, CPS Board Meeting, June 24, 2002
CPS-021, CPS Board Meeting, July 29, 2002
CPS-022, CPS Board Meeting, September 20, 2002
CPS-023, CPS Board Meeting, October 29, 2002
Construction and Infrastructure
PIO-112, Trans Guide Technical Video, Texas Department of Transportation, San Antonio District, undated
PIO-113, Texas Department of Transportation, Trans-Texas Corridor, Ric Williamson, February 9, 2004
PIO-114, Cen-Tex CDC, undated
PIO-115, The Downtown Triparty Transportation Improvements Project, undated
PIO-116, Ten Minute Reconstruction of Street, undated
PIO-117, Fredericksburg Road Reconstruction Project Presentation, undated
PIO-118, Public Works, Cibolo Street Construction, undated
PIO-119, Speed Humps, Austin/Dallas, June 29, 1995
PIO-120, Zoning Commission, December 3, 1996
PIO-121, Zoning Commission, October 7, 1997
PIO-122, Zoning Commission, October 21, 1997
PIO-123, Zoning Commission, November 4, 1997
PIO-124, Planning, undated
PIO-125, Building San Antonio, September 16, 2003
PIO-126, Building San Antonio, June [undated]
PIO-127, Botanical Garden Construction, Tape 1, undated
PIO-128, Botanical Garden Construction, Tape 2, undated
PIO-129, City of San Antonio Housing and Community Development, Success in San Antonio, undated
PIO-130, Development Services, B- Roll, undated
PIO-131, Botanical Garden Construction, February 12, 1988
PIO-132, Botanical Garden Construction, undated
PIO-133, Capitol Improvement Video, undated
PIO-134, SAMM Shelter/Neighborhood Housing, undated
PIO-135, Road Closure, undated
PIO-136, River/Alamo, undated
PIO-137, Public Works, Downtown Streets, undated
PIO-138, Public Works, Cabal Street, undated
PIO-139, Public Works, Cibolo Street, undated
PIO-140, Code Compliance Violations, undated
125 Economics
126 PIO-151, Public Safety Bond Presentation, 1987
PIO-152, Public Safety Bond Issue, 1987
PIO-153, Eastside Economic Summit, Part 2, undated
PIO-154, Eastside Economic Summit, Part 3, undated
PIO-155, League of Cities, Tax Reforms, undated
PIO-156, Tax Seminar, Tape 1, undated
PIO-157, Tax Seminar, Tape 2, undated
PIO-158, IRS Public Information Office, undated
PIO-159, How to Prepare IRS Form W-4, undated
PIO-160, NAFTA Forum, March 1995
PIO-161, NAFTA Signing, NAFTA Video, NAD Bank Luncheon, undated
PIO-162, UMAST Meetings, undated
PIO-163, Megatrends: Twelve Minutes of Facts and Figures on San Antonio Texas, July 1993
PIO-164, Good Life for Business, undated
127 Environmental issues
PIO-165, Steel Recycling Institute, Texas, undated
PIO-166, A.I.A. Environmental Design Charrette Central Team, undated
PIO-167, Energy, In-Treg, #1, undated
PIO-168, Energy and the Home, #3, undated
PIO-169, Automated Garbage Collections, undated
PIO-170, Automated Garbage Interviews, undated
PIO-171, Energy Seminar Presentation, December 6, 1982
PIO-172, Solid Waste, undated
PIO-173, Environmental Management, Automated Truck Program, undated
PIO-174, Conveyor Scene, Gas Control Room, Coal Control Room, Boilers, Turbines, undated
PIO-175, Dos Rios Treatment Plant, undated
PIO-176, The Curbtender – Wayne Engineering – Virginia Minnesota, undated
PIO-177, The Curbtender – Demonstration Tape, undated
PIO-178, HHW – DOC, undated
PIO-179, Trash Automation Video, undated
PIO-180, Work session: Environmental/DCS/Health, September 17, 2002
PIO-181, What’s the Point? Keeping It Clean – City of San Antonio Household Hazardous Waste Program, undated
PIO-182, Office of Public Utilities – Landfill Gas, Problem or Profit – Turbine Generated Electricity Using Landfill Methane, undated
PIO-183, City of San Antonio Recycling Awareness Campaign, undated
PIO-184, Regional Environmental Enterprise Zone, July 15, 1993
128 Fire Department and Emergency Medical Services
FR-001, Fire Department Master Plan, December 27, 1996
FR-002, EMS News Tape, February 1986
FR-003, Fire Engineering’s "Bread and Butter" Operations, Search and Rescue in Private Dwellings, Part 1: the Search Plan, By Bill Gustin, 2000
FR-004, Rescue Specialist, Vehicle Extrication: Jammed Door Removal, Roof Removal, Rescue Scenarios Part 1, Rescue Scenarios Part 2, April 1995
FR-005, San Antonio Fire Station, Realignment Process, January 1997
FR-006, Backdraft, undated
FR-007, 4 Alarm Fire, May 3, 1997
FR-008, 3 Alarm Fire, February 27, 1997
FR-009, On the Streets with Americas Heroes, San Antonio Firefighters, May 15, 1992
FR-010, City of San Antonio Fire Department Recruitment Tape, undated
PIO-185, Ethics, Hollis Grizzard’s Ethics Code Stories, undated
PIO-186, City of San Antonio New Ethics Ordinance, Office of Community Relations, undated
PIO-187, San Antonio Housing Task Force Public Hearing, undated
PIO-188, Mayor’s Good-bye Open House, Tape 1, undated
PIO-189, The Council-Manager Plans Excellence in Local Government, International City Management Association undated
PIO-190, Lou Fox on KUUMAT, City Manager, Kansas University MPA Program, undated
PIO-191, Henry Cisneros Comment on ECMA Conference, undated
PIO-192, City Council Neighborhood Planning, undated
129 PGA-001, Public Forum, PGA Village, Tape 1 of 2, January 16, 2002
PGA-002, Public Forum, PGA Village, tape 2 of 2, January 16, 2002
POI-193, Stray Dogs, undated
PIO-194, City of San Antonio Management Initiatives, undated
PIO-195, Texas Municipal League Cities, undated
PIO-196, Legislative Study Group, Health Care Policy Forum, November 29, 1995
PIO-197, District 5, Town Hall Meeting, February 3, 2003
PIO-198, HAZMAT Public Hearing, January 24, 2000
PIO-199, Alamo Plaza Committee, undated
PIO-200, Briseno Presentation to TCMA, June 1993
PIO-201, Proposed Development Agreement, District 2, undated
PIO-202, Housing Master Plan Task Force, Public Hearing, April 4, 1990
PIO-203, Public Heating on the Availability of Insurance (Homeowners and Automobile) Texas Department of Insurance, 1994
PIO-204, Commissioner Court Hearing, Bexar Metro 911 Budget, September 1, 1998
PIO-205, Department of Education Town Meeting, 2000
PIO-206, Tom Crawford, Wayne Cook, Lou Fox, undated
PIO-207, Mayor’s Press Conference, December 9, 1987
PIO-208, Neighborhood Conferences #1, #2, #3, undated
PIO-209, Heart of the City, undated
PIO-210, Henry Cisneros, undated
PIO-211, Mayor’s Commission on the Status of Women, May 9, 1990
PIO-212, Mayor, State of the City, December 3, 1987
130 PIO-213, Johnson – Dempsey, Tape 1, undated
PIO-214, Johnson – Dempsey, Tape 2, undated
PIO-215, Jones – Kell, Tape 1, undated
PIO-216, Jones – Kell, Tape 2, undated
PIO-217, RVBK, Tape 3, undated
PIO-218, Mayor’s News Conference for Carmen, undated
PIO-219, Henry [Cisneros] on Chief of Police, undated
PIO-220, Henry Cisneros Comments on ECMA, undated
PIO-221, Alamo, Lou Fox Message, undated
PIO-222, Public Hearing Donaldson Street Construction, undated
PIO-223, Municipal Magazine, Volume 3, Number 1, June 1998
PIO-224, Town Hall Meeting on Mayor’s Integrity and Trust Commission, January 7, 2005
PIO-225, State of the County, undated
PIO-226, Swearing in Ceremonies of The Mayor and City Council, June 1, 1999
PIO-227, Mayor’s Tape, 1991
PIO-228, Mayor’s State of the City Address, Civic Center Mater Plan, undated
PIO-229, Mayor’s Annual Address to Council, January 5, 1995
PIO-230, Mayor’s State of the City, October 15, 1993
PIO-231, State of the City, January 25, 2006
PIO-232, State of the City, undated
PIO-233, State of the City Address with Mayor Ed Garza, January 30, 2004
PIO-234, Mayor’s State of the City, October 1994
PIO-235, Mayor’s First of the Year Address to Council, January 9, 1997
131 PIO-236, Mayor’s Blue Ribbon Commission on San Antonio’s Economy, Tape, 1, November 18, 2001
PIO-237, Mayor’s Blue Ribbon Commission on San Antonio’s Economy, Tape 2, November 18, 2001
PIO-238, Mayor’s Blue Ribbon Commission on San Antonio’s Economy, Tape 3, November 18, 2001
PIO-239, Press Conference on Terrorism, December 20, 2001
PIO-240, City Manager’s Report, Better Jobs, undated
PIO-241, Dan Cardenas and Sharon Garza for Sister City , Japan, undated
PIO-242, Crockett Street Opening, December 3, 2001
PIO-243, Accordion Festival, Press Conference, July 24, 2001
PIO-244, Historic Civic Center, River Park Dedication, Ribbon Cutting Ceremony, Tape 1, September 30, 2001
PIO-245, Historic Civic Center, River Park Dedication, Ribbon Cutting Ceremony, tape 2, September 30, 2001
PIO-246, Inner City Games, July 27, 2001
PIO-247, Inner City Games, July 27, 2001
PIO-248, Jody – Traps, undated
PIO-249, Jody – Traps, undated
PIO-250, Jody – Traps, undated
PIO-251, Convention Center, Riverside, June 20, 2001
PIO-252, Accordion Festival, City Games, 2001
PIO-253, Bike and Hike Week Promo, April 2001
PIO-254, San Antonio River, B-Roll, November 9, 2001
132 PIO-275, Mayor’s Comments on Terrorist Events, 2001
PIO-276, Press Conference Week after Terrorist Attack, 2001
PIO-277, Day of Prayer, New York Remembered, September 14, 2001
PIO-278, Day of Prayer, B-Roll, New York Remembered, September 2001
PIO-279, Press Conference, Terrorism Attack, Word Trade Center, September 11, 2001
PIO-280, News Conference, 5PM, September 11, 2001
PIO-281, Press Conference, World Trade Center, September 11, 2001
PIO-282, Mayor’s Closing Remarks, 2001
PIO-283, Press Conference, Town Hall Meeting and Thanksgiving Parade and Lighting Event, undated
PIO-284, undated
PIO-271, Metropolitan Health District, undated
PIO-272, Health District, June 12, 1997
PIO-273, Project WORTH, Working on Real Teen Health, undated
PIO-274, June Garcia on Carl, undated
SU-001, Shape-Up San Antonio with Diego Vacca, February 10, 1987
SU-002, Shape-Up San Antonio with Diego Vacca, February 17, 1987 and February 24, 1987
SU-003, Shape-Up San Antonio with Diego Vacca, January 17, 1989
ANC-001, Animal Control, Kennels, undated
ANC-002, Animal Resource Center, undated
ANC-003, Animal Care Services Division, undated
133 SU-004, Shape-Up San Antonio, Part 5, March 10, 1987 and Part 6, March 17, 1987
SU-005, Shape-Up San Antonio with Diego Vacca, undated
HLT-001, Day Care Regulation Meeting, undated
HLT-002, Day Care Regulation Meeting, CG Matters, undated
HLT-003, Day Care Services, CG Work Tape, undated
HLT-004, Day Care Center, Food Services, undated
HLT-005, Day Care, Food Preparation, undated
HLT-006, Daily Business Satellite, "Salmonella in Eggs," undated
HLT-007, Health Department, Number 1, undated
HLT-008, Health Department, Number 2, undated
HLT-009, Discarded Syringes, undated
HLT-010, Metro Health District, Kathy, Juan and Nena, MHD-PSA- 01, July 9, 1991
HLT-011, Frio Street Report, Hosted by Jesse Sanchez, with Dr. Fernando Guerra, January 10, 1989
HLT-012, Women, Families and AIDS, Conference Program, Part 1 and Part 2, October 17, 1990
ANC-004, Animal Control Facility for Joe Callahan, undated
132 Legal
131 PIO-255, Wide Shot, Behind the Badge, undated
PIO-256, Close-up, Behind the Badge, undated
PIO-257, Domestic Violence in Chambers, Tape 1, undated
PIO-258, Domestic Violence in Chambers, Tape 2, undated
PIO-259, Domestic Violence, Phoenix Award Winner Interview, Part 1, undated
PIO-260, Domestic Violence, Phoenix Award Winner Interview, Part 2, undated
PIO-261, Phoenix Award Interviews, Jane Shafer, October 17, 2001
PIO-262, Alamo City Heat, Anti-Tobacco, Convention Center, undated
PIO-263, Phillipus Retires, Tape 1, undated
PIO-264, Phillipus Retires, Tape 2, undated
PIO-265, Press Conference, 9-11 and City Response, Police Officers, October 11, 2001
PIO-266, National Night Out, 2001
132 PIO-267, Grand Jury - Barrera, KMOL, October 18, 1996
PIO-268, Excerpts from Conley Deposition, PRIVILEDGED and CONFIDENTIAL, June 28, and July 12, 1994
PIO-269, Video Deposition of Kristina Inclan Corina Vasquez v. City of San Antonio, August 30, 1990
PIO-270, Mendez v. City of San Antonio, Video Deposition – Dr. Daniel Wilson, June 23, 1989
134 Library
LBR-001, Library Architectural Design Competition, Announcement to the Board, Summer 1991
LBR-002, Library Architectural Design Competition, Interviews with Board Members, Summer 1991
LBR-003, Library Architectural Design Competition, Press Conference, Summer 1991
LBR-004, Library Architectural Design Competition, Interview with Library Director David Leamon, Summer 1991
LBR-005, Library Architectural Design Competition, Competitors, Short Legoretta Footage, Summer 1991
LBR-006, Library Architectural Design Competition, Competitors, RVBK, Tape 1, Summer 1991
LBR-007, Library Architectural Design Competition, Competitors, RVBK, Tape 2, Summer 1991
LBR-008, Library Architectural Design Competition, Competitors, Saldana and Associates, Tape 1, Summer 1991
LBR-009, Library Architectural Design Competition, Competitors, Saldana and Associates, Tape 2, Summer 1991
LBR-010, Library Architectural Design Competition, Competitors, Unpacking Models, Summer 1991
LBR-011, Library Architectural Design Competition, Juror’s Interviews, Early on, Summer 1991
LBR-012, Library Architectural Design Competition, Juror’s Interviews, During Competition, Summer 1991
LBR-013, Library Architectural Design Competition, Juror’s Interviews, After, Summer 1991
LBR-014, Library Architectural Design Competition, Juror’s Interviews, After, Summer 1991
LBR-015, Elvis Sightings (1) Main Library, Music Only (2) Main Library, Speaking (3) Hertzberg Circus, (4) Book Cellar, undated
LBR-016, Talk About It, San Antonio Library, undated
LBR-017, Public Library Special, San Antonio Stories, undated
135 News stories
PIO-285, Critical Issues, 1986
PIO-286, Federacion Mexicana de Futbol, Entrevistas/Interviews, November 10, 2004
PIO-287, Kens-5 Mayor and Bullet Train, Catfish Family Dispute, Gancy Taskforce, Botanical, Immunization, Lutheran General, September 24, [undated]
PIO-288, KSAT-12, Park Rangers, August 21, 2001
PIO-289, Ready South Texas, May 2005
PIO-290, El Parian News Stories, 1991
PIO-291, Share the Story, News Conference, October 17, 2001
PIO-292, KENS- 5 Morning Crew, Edited for Training Video, undated
PIO-293, News Shows, undated
PIO-294, KLRN Panel Discussion, January 24, 1999
PIO-295, [KENS]-5, February [undated]
PIO-296, [KSAT]-13, November [undated]
PIO-297, City Fest, Public Service Announcement, News Stories on Kumamoto Delegation, June 1985
PIO-298, CPS Public Service Announcement and SAPD Security Public Service Announcement, undated
PIO-299, Crime Stoppers, Show 2, undated
PIO-300, Crime Stoppers, Show 3, undated
PIO-301, SOS , Local Segments, undated
PIO-302, The Living Show, January 24, 2003
PIO-303, Eyewitness News, Henry Cisneros, March 26, 1984
PIO-304, Senior News, Widowed Persons, June 30, 1987
PIO-305, Senior News, Elderly Abuse, May 1986
PIO-306, Senior News (1) Alzheimer’s, July 21, 1987 (2) Older Workers Program, August 4, 1987
136 PIO-323, News Conference, Mayor and Library Foundation, February 27, 1990
PIO-324, Channel 5, undated
PIO-325, KAST p Deputy Chief Promotions, NAD Bank Stories, Opening Day at Municipal Baseball Stadium, April 18, 1994
PIO-326, Channel 6, November 4, [undated]
PIO-327, Channel 5, KENS, undated
PIO-328, Channel 6, July 20, 1993
PIO-329, SACVB 3 Video Presentations, July 9, 2004
PIO-330, Briseno Newscasts, March 31, 1990, April 2, 1990, June 1991
PIO-331, Channel 5 and Channel 12, Miller Pond Stories, June 22, 1991
PIO-332, Channel 4, KMOL-TV, Anti-Crime Handbook, Promo, Vignettes and News Reports, 1992
PIO-333, Positive News Stories, 1991
PIO-334, Negative News Stories, 1991
PIO-307, March of Dimes, "The Choice, " undated
PIO-308, March of Dimes, "Now That April’s Here, " September 21, 1981
PIO-309, March of Dimes, "Battleground ICN, " October 1982
PIO-310, March of Dimes, "Alcohol: Crisis for the Unborn," February 8, 1985
PIO-311, March of Dimes, "A Grant in Time, " February 8, 1985
PIO-312, Lupus Foundation, July 30, 1983
PIO-313, F.L.A.S.H. "TADD-Texas, " May 20, 2005
PIO-314, Enterprise Foundation News Conference, October 17, 1996
PIO-315, Project WORTH," Not Me, Not Now, " undated
PIO-316, Heaven Help Us, Travis M. Bishop, undated
PIO-318, United Way Meeting, Briseno’s Speech, September 20, [undated]
PIO-319, United Way, New Employee Greeting, September 29, 2003
PIO-320, United Way, TV Spots, 2003
PIO-321, United Way, City of San Antonio, 2006
PIO-317, Employee video, "Taking Care of Business, " undated
PIO-322, (1) City Manager’s Message to employees, March 1987 (2) Mayor’s 2 Year Message, May 7, 1987
137 JL-001, Job Line, Carmen Gonzalez/Linda Lawrence, December 17, 1984
JL-002, (1) Job Line, Generic, July 24, 1986 and (2) Job Line, Lewis/Gonzales, August 18, 1986
JL-003, Job Line, Lewis/Gonzales, December 6, 1985
JL-004, Job Line, Gonzalez/Edwards, January 31, 1986
EMP-001, Reasonable Accommodation: The Employment Story, undated
EMP-002, Music for Employee Video, undated
EMP-003, Perception of City Employees: Past, Present and Future, undated
EMP-004, Employee Assist Program, undated
EMP-005, Employee Review at International Center, undated
EMP-006, Employee Video, undated
EMP-007, Employee Video, Audio, undated
EMP-008, City Manager’s Message to Employees, March 1987
EMP-009, City Manager’s Message to Employees, March 4, 1987
EMP-010, Employee Video, November 17, 1993
EMP-011, Employee Appreciation Video, 1996
EMP-012, Employee Service Banquet, 2004
138 Police Department
PD-001, SAPD on the Job, Host Paul Buske (1) Special Operations Unit and Officers on Patrol with Jeff Smith and Russell Peters (2) Municipal Integrity with Detective Jerry Clancy, August 21, 1989
PD-002, SAPD on the Job, Host, Paul Buske (1) Blue Santa, November 27, 1989
PD-003, SAPD on the Job, Host Paul Buske (1) Alamo City Heat, May 15, 1989, May 22, 1989, August 21, 1989
PD-004, SAPD Chief Gyna Bivens and Charles Rodriguez, February 24, 1986
PD, 005, Foot Patrol Dedication, undated
PD-006, Crime Prevention Bonds, undated
PD-007, Conventional Forcible Entry, District 10, undated
PD-008, Secure SA, undated
PD-009, Dallas Police Department, Presentation Video, undated
PD-010, Crime Watch, 1994
PD-011, Drug Bust, undated
PD-012, Cadet Graduation, Chief of Police, helicopter, Bike Patrol, Cellular on Patrol, Police Vehicles, Police at TAC, Police Academy, SWAT, undated
PD-013, Police Training, Demo, undated
PD-014, Police Sub-Station Open-House, undated
PD-015, Police Interviews, undated
PD-016, SAPD SWAT, undated
PD-017, SAPD, Officer Castille, January 2002
PD-018, Show 20/20, Smith Murder, March 5, 1987
PD-019, SAPD, A Better Ride: Improving the Taxi Cab Experience, undated
PD-020, Inspecting Dangerous Premises, Code Compliance, undated
PD-021, Smoke Detector Installation, undated
139 PD-021, SAPD/Stenson Fire Station, undated
PD-022, Gang Hotline with Mayor Wolff , undated
PD-023, Gang Hotline, undated
PIO-335, (1) Mentor Program (2) Shriners Help San Antonio, undated
PIO-336, (1) Springs of San Pedro Park, Plaza Nites (2) Shriners, undated
PIO-337, (1) Shriners Video (2) Milam Park (3) S.A. Smarts (4) Cemetery Clean-up, undated
PIO-338, (1) Hertzberg Circus Collection (2) City Hall Renovation (3) Brown Bag Days, undated
PIO-339, (1) City Seal, (2) Splendors of Mexico (3) Mayor and Council Swearing-in (4) Water Use Around House (5) MLK Celebration, undated
PIO-340, (1) Personnel Profile – Henry Souvignet (2) Personnel Profile, Capriano (Seapy) Rodriguez, undated
PIO-341, (1) Art Search Video, (2) Municipal Courts – Code Compliance, (3) City Clerks Office, undated
PIO-342, (1) At Your Service, Raymond Torres (2) At Your Service, Soapy Rodriguez, (3) At Your Service, Albert Garcia, (4) At Your Service, Frank Salinas, undated
PIO-343, St. Paul Square, undated
PIO-344, News 4, Michael Lukaszewsky, undated
PIO-345, KSAT 12, Danny Martinez, Resume, undated
PIO-346, Lone Star Card Promo, undated
PIO-347, NBA Inside Stuff from San Antonio, June 19, 1999
140 PIO-348, St. Paul Square, undated
PIO-349, (1) Backdraft (2) Lackland Terrace Community Center for the Handicapped, undated
PIO-350, SIN, Grand Prix, 1985
PIO-351, International Center Update, September 1997 (2) Public Service Announcement, Health (3) City Showcase, January 1998 (4) Community Link/Kiosk, Public Service Announcements, (5) Neighborhood Sweeps, undated
PIO-352, Grand Prix of America, undated
PIO-353, (1) SW Bell Moves to San Antonio (2) CASA, (3) Northwood Elementary Sound Proofing (4) Downtown Campaign Kickoff, undated
PIO-354, Holiday in Lights (2) River walk and Parade, Christmas Tree, Hertzberg Circus (3) Lights Repair, undated
PIO-355, (1) Los Jardines Program (2) Traffic Department, undated
PIO-356, San Antonio, The Best Time, Every Time, San Antonio Convention and Visitors Bureau, 1991
PIO-357, Public Works, Pothole Repair (2) Street Repair, (3) Mosquito Control, undated
PIO-358, (1) City Employee Profile, Martin Gonzales, (2) City Employee Profile, Butch Constantino, undated
PIO-359, (1) WIC Infant Immunization (2) Mexico Trip Delegation, undated
PIO-360, (1) Call City Hall (2) Senior News (3) SAPD on the Job (4) Jobline (5) On Your Street (5) To Your Good Health, undated
PIO-361, Cathedral Stoneworks, undated
PIO-362, Vectorworx Animation, Theatro Holomagica Walk-thru, undated
PIO-363, Not Now Campaign Programs, undated
141 PIO-364, (1) Market Square (2) International Relations (3) Alamo City Heat, undated
PIO-365, (1) Recycling (2) Graffiti Wipe Out (3) Downtown Musical (3) Recycle Now, Spanish and English, undated
PIO-366, (1) City-Wide Clean-up Graffiti (2) Happy Holidays (3) Airport Parking (5) Urban Smarts, undated
PIO-367, (1) 911 Computer Service (2) Youth Activities (3) Central Shops (4) Immunization Clinic (5) Youth Initiatives, undated
PIO-368, Yellow Ribbon Art Class (2) Planning (3) Oiler Football (4) Christmas Tree, undated
PIO-369, Carver Center, Harlem Dance Theatre, February 6, 1993
PIO-370, (1) Sulfur Springs Road (2) Botanical Center (3) Dome Opening Celebration (4) Youth Summer Work, undated
PIO-371, Carver Programs (2) River tunnel Construction and Graphics (3) Emergency Operations Center (4) Market Square Christmas Lighting, undated
PIO-372, Four Seasons SACVB, Fall 1991
PIO-373, Convention Center Expansion Preview and Opening, August 1999
PIO-374, San Antonio Cultural Arts, Corazon Y Familia Mural 5K Run/Walk, undated
PIO-375, Envision San Antonio, San Antonio Sports Foundation, May 13, 1998
PIO-376, Camel GT Highlights (Car and Race Footage), 1986
PIO-377, Plaza Nites, Kill October 29th, undated
PIO-378, VIA Spots, Tandberg for City Council, July 14, 2005
PIO-379, Show Openings: (1 ) Solutions to Your Good Health (2) Earth Matters (3) Park Bench (4) Cover to Cover (5) Behind the Badge, undated
PIO-379A, Promos: (1) Water Rescues, May 5, 1993 (2) Grand Prix (3) Summit Highlights (3) Chicago Is (4) Baseball Sites (5) Baseball Imaging (6) What I Like About Texas (7) Cuautitlan Ezcalli, July 16, 1994
PIO-379B, (1) Alamodome (2) Public Works (3) Library (4) Mentors Party (5) Convention Expansion (6) Arbevirus Project (7) Fireworks (8) Community Link (9) Houston Street (10) 311 Center (11) Alamo Bowl (12) Solid Waste (13) Building Inspection, undated
142 Public Service Announcements (PSAs)
PIO-380, Texas Run Away Hotline "Are You Really Going to Run Away , " undated
PIO-381, Texas run Away hotline "Are You Really going to Run Away, " undated
PIO-382, Texas Department of Protective and Regulatory Services "Drive-By," December 27, 2000
PIO-383, Give Kids the World "These are the Days, " August 31, 2004
PIO-384, Domestic Violence Public Service Announcement, undated
PIO-385, Project WORTH, Take the Quiz, 2005
PIO-386, American Lung Association of Texas, "Asthma: Get the Facts, " undated
PIO-387, Shrine of North America, San Antonio Public Service Announcements, undated
PIO-388, El Protector, Public Service Announcements, undated
PIO-389, Barry Waldman, Demo, undated
PIO-390, Brett Mauser, undated
PIO-391, Earth Matters, undated
PIO-392, Cat Paws, Public Service Announcements, undated
PIO-393, Texas Veterans Land Board, "New Loan Limits, " undated
PIO-394, Texas General Land Office, "Adopt-A-Beach," April 25, 1998
PIO-395, City Opens Time Warner, undated
PIO-396, "The Treasure of the Lost Wells," August 30, 1995
PIO-397, Promo, Mexico vs Dominica, April 19, 2004
PIO-398, Manager’s Report Promo, At the Dome, undated
PIO-399, San Antonio Working for You, undated
PIO-400, Lou Fox UMAST, undated
PIO-401, (1) Graphics for Tax Seminar (2) Public Works, Street Construction (3) Public Works, Casterville (4) Public Works, Cibolo Street, undated
PIO-402, NHBA Convention Promo, 1991
PIO-403, (1) SA Bookscene (2) Call City Hall (3) City Hall Jobline (4) SAPD on the Job (5) Senior News (6) On Your Streets (7) To Your Good Health, undated
PIO-404, Mayor Henry Cisneros Prayer Breakfast, undated
PIO-405, (1) Convention Expansion (2) Community Link Opening (3) Hazardous Materials Clean-up (4) Neighborhood Sweep (5) Graffiti (6) United Way Fund Raising (7) One Stop Construction Counter (8) Census (9) Convention Demolition (10) Health Public Service Announcement, undated
PIO-406, Demo Tape, 2006
PIO-407, Director Maria Molina Public Service Announcement, Youth in Government, undated
PIO-408, Public Service Announcement (1) Medic alert (2) Alcohol Abuse (3) Stay in School (4) Rotary Club Word for Peace (5) American Red Cross (6) Texas Sesquicentennial Celebration (7) Pets are Wonderful (8) United Way (9) Illiteracy Program (10) American Chiropractic Association, undated
143 PIO-409, Public Service Announcement, "Census Takers Are Coming," 1990
PIO-410, Internal Revenue Service, "Make Your Taxes Less Taxing, " 1988
PIO-411, Public Service Announcements, Office of the Secretary of State, "Voter, " 1988
PIO-412, Public Service Announcement, "Water Conservation," undated
PIO-413, Public Service Announcement, "Wage Withholding for Student Loan Default, " 1994
PIO-414, Public Service Announcement, Police Recruiting, undated
PIO-415, City Wide Recycling Video, undated
PIO-416, Public Service Announcement, (1) San Antonio Police, (2) Brush Pick-up, (3) Immunization, undated
PIO-417, Public Service Announcement, The Carver Community Cultural Center, undated
PIO-418, Public Service Announcements, Shriners Hospital for Crippled Children, undated
PIO-419, Department of Protective and Regulatory Services, "Runaways," undated
PIO-420, Department of Protective and Regulatory Services, "Talk About Abuse, " December 2, 1994
PIO-421, Department of Protective and Regulatory Services, "Talk About Abuse, " October 1, 1994
PIO-422, Department of Protective and Regulatory Services, "Talk About Abuse, " undated
PIO-423, Public Service Announcement, WIC, August 1989
PIO-424, Runaways, Texas Runaway Hotline, undated
144 PIO-425, Public Service Announcements (1) Building Inspections (2) Immunizations (3) Water Board, undated
PIO-426, Public Service Announcement, Neighborhood USA Conference, undated
PIO-427, Public Service Announcements (1) Water Heater Insulation (2)Couch Potato (3) Energy Agencies, undated
PIO-428, Texas Youth Hotline, undated
PIO-429, Texas Prevention Partnership (1) Drowning (2) Cafeteria (3) Ceiling Tiles (4) Spoon-Feeding (5) Nightmares (6) Under Your Nose (7) Kid Brother (8) Party, undated
PIO-430, Public Service Announcements, Immunization for the Family, Elderly, Adult Women, undated
PIO-431, Texas Adopt-A-Beach, Fall 1998
PIO-432, Texas Recycles Day, 1998
PIO-433, Public Service Announcement, Texas Veterans Land Board, "San Antonio Veterans Seminar, " 1996
PIO-434, Public Service Announcement, Lil Joe A.D.s, undated
PIO-435, Public Service Announcements, 1988-1989
PIO-436, Public Service Announcements, undated
PIO-437, Public Service Announcement, Direct Deposit, undated
145 PSAS-001, Public Service Announcement, Bexar County Juvenile Probation Department, Volunteers in Probation, "City Kids, " undated
PSAS-002, Academy of Health Sciences, "Incest: the Victim Nobody Believes, " February 16, 1979
PSAS-003, Public Service Announcement, City of San Antonio, Child Abuse Prevention, undated
PSAS-004, Kens 5, "Gang Hotline, "Spanish, undated
PSAS-005, Public Service Announcement, "Immunization, " undated
PSAS-006, Public Service Announcement, Ticketmaster, "Tickets for Guns, " February 2, 1994
PSAS-007, Public Service Announcement, Airport, undated
PSAS-008, Houston Oilers Training Camp, undated
PSAS-009, Public Service Announcement, "Hill Street Blues, " 1990
PSAS-010, Public Service Announcement (1) Carpool (2) Garbage Collection, undated
PSAS-011, Public Service Announcement (1) San Antonio Rideshare (2) Cine Festival, undated
PSAS-012, Public Service Announcement, San Antonio Marathon, undated
PSAS-013, Market Square Lights, Christmas Tree, Christmas in San Antonio, Fiesta, 1993
146 PSAS-014, Public Service Announcement, "Ready South Texas," undated
PSAS-015, Public Service Announcement, "Water, " May 26, 1989
PSAS-016, Public Service Announcements (1) Mayor Cisneros (2) Pope’s Visit, undated
PSAS-017, Texas Transportation Institute, No Local Tags, January 4, 2006
PSAS-018, Public Service Announcement, Recycling, undated
PSAS-019, Public Service Announcement, Christmas Tree Recycling, undated
PSAS-020, City of San Antonio, "Stand for Children, " May 15, 1997
PSAS-021, The Advertising Council, Cassette 19, (1) Peace Corps (2) Drug Abuse (3) Energy Efficiency (4) New Teachers (5) The Guard/Reserves (6) Child Abuse (7) Forest Fire Prevention (8) Safety Belt Education (9) United Negro College Fund (10) Crime Prevention (11) Aids, January – June 1991
PSAS-022, Public Service Announcements, "Flu, " undated
PSAS-023, Public Service Announcements, Airport, undated
PSAS-024, Public Service Announcements (1) Airport Holiday, (2)Cavalcade of Stars, undated
PSAS-025, Public Service Announcements (1) Little Joes Aids (2) Automated Garbage (3) Rail Road Crossing Gates, undated
PSAS-026, Public Service Announcement, Anti-Violence/Spurs-NBA, June 13, 2005
PSAS-027, Public Service Announcements, "Keep Texas Beautiful, " with Pat Green , Cory Morrow, Roger Creiger and Kevin Fowler, undated
PSAS-028, Public Service Announcements (1) Don’t Mess with Texas (2) Not Me – Not Now (3) Firefighter Dad, undated
PSAS-029, Public Information, New Logo, April 18, 2002
PSAS-030, Texas Veterans Land Board, "San Antonio VLB Seminar," Fall 1999
PSAS-031, Public Service Announcement, Disability Parking with David Robinson, undated
PSAS-032, Replace Smoke Alarms, undated
PSAS-033, Public Service Announcements, (1) Voting Booths (2) Police Recruiting (3) Market Square Fiesta, undated
PSAS-034, Public Service Announcement (1) Police Recruiting, City of San Antonio (2) Child Immunization, undated
PSAS-035, (1) Solutions (2) Economic Development (3) Earth Matters (4) To Your Health (5) Cover to Cover (6) Behind the Badge (7) Information Perspective, undated
PSAS-036, Public Service Announcements (1) Water Hotline (2) Neighborhoods in the 90’s (3) to Your Good Health (4) Hertzberg Circus, undated
164 MISC-089, Public Service Announcements, Alamo Area Council of Governments, AACOG, (1) Rape (2) Fire, (3) Wreck, undated
147 San Antonio Footage
SAF-001, City sites Series, #1, Streetscape, March 1, 1985
SAF-002, City sites Series, #4, The Old and the New…Side by Side, March 1, 1985
SAF-003, City sites Series, #5, The Changing Neighborhood, March 1, 1985
SAF-004, City sites Series, #6, Corridor, March 1, 1985
SAF-005, City sites Series, #7, A Quality of Life, March 1, 1985
SAF-006, San Antonio Summit, B-Roll, Scenes of San Antonio, undated
SAF-007, SACVB, Convention Presentation, undated
SAF-008, Background shots of San Antonio, undated
SAF-009, San Antonio Baseball Stadium, undated
SAF-010, Destination San Antonio, undated
SAF-011, (1) Municipal Auditorium, Outside Shots (2) SWBT, Architecture on Building (3) Vietnam Memorial Statue (4) Downtown Buildings, undated
SAF-012, The Heart of the City, undated
SAF-013, Downtown Shots (1) Majestic Theater (2) Foot Patrol (3) Bike Patrol, (4) Park Ranger (5) Parking Garage (6) Parking Meters (7) Trash Collection (8) Apartment Living (9) Handicap Access, (10) River Center, undated
SAF-014, Baseball Stadium Sites, undated
SAF-015, (1) HemisFair Water Park (2) River Center, River Entrance, undated
SAF-016, (1) River Center (2) River (3) Market Street (4) Commerce Street (5) Convention Center, undated
148 SAF-017, City of San Antonio: Kennedy Park Pool and San Pedro Park Pool, undated
SAF-018, Relocation America: San Antonio, undated
Special Events
SPE-001, Flood Video, 1998
SPE-002, Flood Video, #1, October 21, 1998
SPE-003, Flood Video, #2, October 21, 1998
SPE-004, The Big Flood Special, Channel 4, 1998
SPE-005, City of San Antonio, The Flood of 1998, 1998
SPE-006, Flood, Chanel 5, October 19, 1998
SPE-007, Flood Video, undated
SPE-008, Flood Relief: Councilman Castro, Terry Brechtel, Councilwoman Conner, undated
SPE-009, Marathon, undated
SPE-010, Marathon, undated
SPE-011, Kumamoto Kids (1) Baseball Line-up (2) At Sea World, undated
SPE-012, Kumamoto Kids (1) At Council, undated
SPE-013, Kumamoto Visit, undated
SPE-014, Kumamoto Visit (1) Bus Dedication (2) River Barge Dedication (3) 14 Point Agency Update Meeting, undated
SPE-015, Kumamoto Visit (1) River walk technical Tour (2) Bar-B-Q Dinner with Mayor and Deputy Mayor Singing, undated
SPE -016, Elizabeth Costello in Kumamoto, undated
SAT-001, SA Today with David Leamon and Milton Babbitt, August 13, 1991
SAT-002, SA Today: The Bob Thompson Show, with Charles Rodriguez, September 17, 1991
SAT-003, SA Today: The Bob Thompson Show with Linda Billa Burke and Ed Herrington, September 24, 1991
149 SPE-017, September Events Highlights, undated
SPE-018, Bono for UMAST Show, undated
SPE-019, New City Flag Ceremony, March 1993
SPE-020, Alex Briseno and Henry Cisneros, undated
SPE-021, Employee Recognition, undated
SPE-022, (1) Code Compliance, Code Violations (2) Flag Day Ceremony, Dixie Flag Company, undated
SPE-023, (1) SAPD Academy Art Work (2) Commerce Street, (3) Bond Package, 1986
SPE-024, Quest Productions, "Kick-Off 94, " December 10, 1991
SPE-025, Olympic Torch Runners, February 4, 2002
SPE-026, Centro San Antonio Amigos Kick Off, January 26, 2000
SPE-027, Grand Opening River Center Mall #1, undated
SPE-028, Ceremonial, December 19, 1991
SPE-029, KSAT Championship Parade Coverage, undated
SPE-030, City Showcase Booths, undated
SPE-031, Springtime Skate Plaza, undated
SPE-032, Flood, October 19, 1998
SPE-033, Symposium, Tape 1, undated
SPE-034, Alamo Grand Prix, Helicopter, undated
SPE-035, Pope Footage, undated
SPE-036, Donaldson Street Ribbon Cutting Ceremony, undated
SPE-037, Toyota Celebration, Institute of Texas Cultures, undated
150 SPE-038, Opening Ceremony – Council Chamber, May 19, 1994
SPE-039, Mayor’s Good-Bye and Open House, undated
SPE-040, Symposium, Tape 2, undated
SPE-041, Kids Day at HemisFair Park, June 1996
SPE-042, Coliseum Oaks Playground Tape 2, undated
SPE-043, Location Expo ’91, March 1991
SPE-044, Accordion Festival, 2003
SPE-045, Parade, September 14, 1996
SPE-046, Cesar Chavez Proclamation, undated
SPE-047, Martin Luther King Awards, undated
SPE-048, Martin Luther King, January 15, 2005
SPE-049, Governor Bush, Reading Summit, Council Chamber, November 1996
SPE-050, KMOL coverage, NBA Finals, Game 3, undated
SPE-051, Code Compliance Painting and Picnic, Robert Ortiz, undated
SPE-052, "The Harder They Fall, " November 16, 1981
SPE-053, New Years Eve, 5-10 PM , 2000
SPE-054, New Years Eve, 10-Midnight, 2000
SPE-055, Export Assistance Ceremony, undated
SPE-056, Grand Opening River Center Mall, Tape 2, undated
SPE-057, (1) Groundbreaking for Fire station #44 (2) Dedication Menchaca/Albert/[ ] (3) HemisFair , March 28, 1987
SPE-058, Botanical Center Dedication with the Mayor, undated
SPE-059, Zachary Plaza Dedication at Institute of Texas Cultures, undated
SPE-060, Water Park Dedication at HemisFair, undated
SPE-061, Dos Rios Plant Ceremony, undated
151 SPE-062, (1) Pope Stories (2) Kind and Queen of Spain, undated
SPE-063, George Foreman Rally at Community Center, May 1992
SPE-064, George Foreman, The Company, July 28, 1992
SPE-065, President Clinton on Kelly, July 13, 1995
SPE-066, President Clinton on Kelly, July 13, 1995
SPE-067, B.R.A.C.C. Clips, 1993-1995
SPE-068, 1997 Fall Parade of Homes on Claude W. Black Street, 1997
SPE-069, Spurs Championship Parade, KNOW, undated
SPE-070, Literacy for Life, City of San Antonio Learning Center, undated
SPE-071, Mentor Program Party, June 5, 1992
SPE-072, Market Square Lighting for Christmas, December 7, 1991
SPE-073, Travis Park, September 1991
SPE-074, United Way Celebration at Reeler Pavilion, September 20, 1998
SPE-075, St. Paul Square Summerfest, 1987
SPE-076, Plans for HemisFair Anniversary, January 14, 1988
SPE-077, Martin Luther King, MLK, TV Special with Christine Patmon, 2004
SPE-078, Martin Luther King, MLK, Celebration, March 1992
SPE-079, Joe Madison’s Farwell Show, Spring 1990
SPE-080, Helicopters Shot of Route, undated
SPE-081, (1) City Council Open (2) Child Abuse Prevention Tag, undated
SPE-082, Travis Farwell, undated
SPE-083, Grand Prix File Stories, undated
SPE-084, Nissan Alamo Grand Prix, undated
152 SPE-085, A Salute to City Heroes, undated
SPE-086, San Antonio Cow Parade, 2002
SPE-087, Fiesta Plaza, Tape 2, March 1986
SPE-088, KLRN Women’s Health Conference, September 11, 2004
SPE-089, "Kick-Off ‘94," December 10, 1991
SPE-090, Speakers: Mayor Henry Cisneros, Leonard Andrews and Lou Fox, Tape 2, undated
SPE-091, King of Spain and Pope at Mass, November 5, 1987
SPE-092, Alex’s Retirement Tour, Tape 2, undated
SPE-093, "It’s Your Future," Presented by the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), June 1998
SPE-094, Police Store Front Opening Ceremony, Las Palmas, undated
SPE-095, (1) Houston Street Festival (2) Mayor Santa Goes in River, undated
SPE-096, River walk Conference, Tape 1, undated
SPE-097, River walk Conference, Tape 2, undated
SPE-098, River walk Conference, Tape 3, undated
SPE-099, Building Collapse, 200 E. Commerce, December 4, 2002
SPE-100, Train Derailment, June 28, 2004
SPE-101, Train Wreck, Brackenridge High School, September 25, 2004
SPE-102, SAH and DRC, May 17, 1995
SPE-103, Video of Scalehouse Move at Nelson Gardens, March 10, 1989
SPE-104, New Orleans Evacuees – Lackland AFB, undated
SPE-105, "Federacion Mexicana de Futbol Entrevistas/"Interviews, November 10, 2004
SPE-106, "Gobierno de las Islas Carnarias, "Video de las Islas Canarias, undated
SPE-107, La Casa San Antonio, Mexico City, Volume II, undated
153 SPE-108, Employee Service Awards, 1955-1995
SPE-109, Employee Appreciation, 1997
SPE-110, Nickelodeon in San Antonio for NBA Finals, undated
SPE-111, KENS Championship Parade, undated
SPE-112, Game 1, NBA Championship Pre-Game, KMOL, undated
SPE-113, KABB-TV, SPURS Party, undated
SPE-114, U.L.I. Study: San Antonio Convention Center, 1994
SPE-115, "Architecture for Excellence, " undated
SPE-116, Sweeps and Showcase, undated
SPE-117, Coverage of Alamo with George Bush and Henry Cisneros, Texas Independence Day, undated
SPE-118, Fiesta San Antonio, The Best Party of the Millennium, 2000
SPE-119, Fandango Dancers, undated
SPE-120, UMAS, Charlie Gonzalez, undated
SPE-121, Public Service Announcement, MLK Scholarship Golf Tournament, March 3, 1994
SPE-122, HemisFair (1) O’Gorman Mural Dedication (2) VIP Barge Float (3) Naturalization of Citizens, undated
SPE-123, (1) Export Assistance Ceremony (2) Flag Day Ceremony, Dixie Flag Company, undated
SPE-124, Bloopers, 1993
WTR-001, Water Conservation, undated
WTR-002, Waterlines, November 1989
WTR-003, Waterlines: Edward Aquifer, with Mike Albach, May 1990
154 WTR-004, Waterlines with Chris Powers, February 1990
WTR-005, Waterlines, March 1990
WTR-006, Waterlines: Applewhite Project with Bill Allanach, June 1990
WTR-007, Waterlines: Safety Precautions with Ed Mycock, December 1990
WTR-008, Waterlines, June 1993
WTR-009, Waterline, July [undated]
WTR-010, Water Issues, August 22, 1996
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B Footage

3 B
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B-57, undated
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B-77, undated
B-78, Jam Session, 1996
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B-92, undated
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B-101, Esquivel, "At Your Service,” " undated
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B-104, Police Memorial #2, 1996
B-105, Senior Services - Judy and Mary Lynn and Roland Morales, undated
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B-107, Pump Station at Mitchell Lake - Mission DeLargo Golf Course and Roving Leader, undated
B-108, Senior Citizen Meals, undated
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B-110, Municipal Magazine Open, undated
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B-112, Traffic Cover Downtown, undated
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B-117, The Atkins Agency, San Antonio Convention & Visitors Bureau, "Pure San Antonio"# 3-4, Spanish, May 1, 1996
B-118, San Pedro Creek Tunnel – In Tunnel and Sullivan Carriage House, undated
B-119, Kids at Hemisfair Park, June, 1996
B-120, Cemetery Clean-up News Conference, June 1996
7 Municipal Magazine
B-121, EMS Paramedics on Bikes and Street Sweepers, undated
B-122, Interview with Republican Spokes man for J. Vasquez and Speed Humps, undated
B-123, Stacey Shipley, "At Your Service," undated
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B-125, Sound Bite and Cover at Border Conference and Frio City Road Housing Site, September 1996
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B-127, Greater Kelly Development Corp, News Briefing, Tape 2, undated
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B-136, Days of Caring and B-Roll and Interviews #2, 1996
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B-138, Police Awards Ceremony #2, September 18, 1996
B-139, Youth Mentor Luncheon #1, September 20, 1996
B-140, Youth Mentor Luncheon #2, September 20, 1996
B-141, Youth Mentor Luncheon #3, September 20, 1996
B-142, Portrait Unveiling, San Steves, undated
B-143, Abel Arizza, "At Your Service," undated
B-144, Health Public Service Announcement (PSA) – Senior Citizens, undated
B-145, Low River Level at Houston, Villita Street and Marina, undated
B-146, Short Program Reel, School Smarts and CASA San Antonio Promo, undated
B-147, Seniors at Sacred Heart and Bertha’s Piece for Municipal Magazine, undated
B-148, Municipal Magazine – Judy and Perez, Bolden, Guerra #1, October 11, 1996
B-149, Municipal Magazine – Judy and Guerra, Cam… Carver, #2, October 11, 1996
B-150, Municipal Magazine – Judy and Carver, CDBG Footage #3, October 11, 1996
B-151, undated
B-152, Municipal Magazine 3 – CVG Takes, October 16, 1996
B-153, Health Public Service Announcement (PSA) Hardin and Day of Caring 1996, and Prenatal Care and AYUSA and Botanical Gardens, 1996
B-154, Habitat for Humanity and Olmos Dam (aerials) and Dome (aerials), 1996
B-155, Municipal Court – NLC, undated
B-156, Christmas Lights and Graffiti and habitat for Humanity, November 1996
B-157, Youth Interviews-Graffiti, October 29, 1996
B-158, Building Inspection – NLC, October 28, 1996
B-159, NLC Videos – Budget, Storm water, Building Inspection, Municipal Courts, Graffiti, Automotive, Recycling, TRT, undated
B-160, Drainage & Rain Run-off Systems, undated
B-161, Automotive Facilities #1 undated
8 B-162, Automotive Facilities #2, undated
B-163, Mayor’s News Conference and Enterprise Foundation, October 17, ****
B-164, Recycling Stand-ups, undated
B-165, undated
B-166, Mayor’s State of the City #1, November 22, 1996
B-167, Mayor’s State of the City #2, November 22, 1996
B-168, Recycle Public Service Announcement (PSA) (Raw) and Jorge Recycle A****, undated
B-169, Blue Santa, undated
B-170, Christmas Lights, Interview & Cover for City Manager’s Report, December 1996
B-171, UTSA Construction, Avanida Guadalupe, Elderly Housing Complex, South T***, Diabetes Const., Huentes Learning Center and Barrio Clinic, undated
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B-173, NLC Booths & Interviews #2, December 9, 1996
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B-177, Carrie Zapata, "At Your Service"(raw) January 6, 1997
B-178, MAGIC 105 "Coffee Break for Garbage Crew," January 21, 1997
B-179, MLK Awards Ceremony, Council Chambers, January 18, 1997
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B-181, Municipal Magazine #5 (Raw) Bertha - Code Compliance, undated
B-182, Municipal Magazine #5 (Raw) – Bertha – Marty Rodriguez, Code Compliance, undated
B-183, Municipal Magazine #5 (Raw) Kelly Irvin – Friedrich Park, undated
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B-187, Library – Bluebonnet Video #2, undated
B-188, 40 year Employees, 1997
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B-190, Municipal Magazine #5, undated
B-191, Builders Association Breakfast, Tape 1, undated
B-192, Builders Association Breakfast, Tape 2, undated
B-193, Villa de Experanza, Ribbon Cutting and Cover, undated
B-194, Bloopers 1997 and Bloopers 1998, 1997-1998
B-195, CCMS Office, undated
B-196, Alex and Tony, "At Your Service"(raw), February 1997
B-197, Election Judge Training Tape (raw), undated
B-198, Chief Presents Award to COP Recipient, undated
B-199, City Store Opening with Alex Bite, February 1997
B-200, Dorie Miller Center Ceremony, Tape 1, undated
B-201, Dorie Miller Center Ceremony, Tape 2, undated
B-202, Election Training Video, undated
9 B-203, 40 Year Employee’s and Health Lady, March 1997
B-204, Alamodome Handicap Access and Technology Center, undated
B-205, Information Technology Center Opening, Tape 1, undated
B-206, Information Technology Center Opening, Tape 2, undated
B-207, Election Public Service Announcement (PSA) (Raw), undated
B-208, Berti Vaughn, "At Your Service"(raw), undated
B-209, Interview with Norma Rodriguez and Bexar County Election Official, undated
B-210, Fire Memorial Procession, May 8, 1997
B-211, Youth Recognition Banquet, Tape 1, April 1997
B-212, Youth Recognition Banquet, Tape 2, April 1997
B-213, "Choices "Promo – CTDM Dub from Edited Master, undated
B-214, City Showcase at Ingram Mall, April 1997
B-215, Municipal Magazine Newscast #6, undated
B-216, Black Firefighters News, Conference on Racism, April 1997
B-217, Puro San Antonio News Conference, May 1997
B-218, "To Your Good Health,""Cover to Cover,""Behind the Badge, ""Renaissance San Antonio, " 1997
B-219, Convention Center Expansion - Groundbreaking, May 21, 1997
B-220, City Showcase – Windsor Mall – Bono Speaks, May 1997
B-221, Police Memorial #1, May 1997
B-222, Police Memorial #2, May 1997
B-223, undated
B-224, Kelly Air Force Base, GKDC, undated
B-225, Bike to Work, June 6, 1997
B-226, Community Action – Homeless Shelter, undated
B-227, Municipal Magazine, Interview for Nutrition Program, Kelly Irvin Stand-up, undated
B-228, Municipal Magazine, Library Story, May 1997
B-229, City Showcase - Central Park, May 31, 1997
B-230, City Showcase Booths at Ingram, Public Works – Street Cleaning, Council Bloopers, 1997 – 1998
B-231, Mary Jo McCabe Interview and Brackenridge Golf Course Cover and Interview, undated
B -232, City Showcase – South Park Mall, undated
B-233, Mayor Pitches for Inner City Games – Groundbreaking Alamodome/Cherry St. Project, Tape 1, undated
B-234, Groundbreaking Alamodome/cherry St. Project, Tape 2, undated
B-235, Ceremony for Blue Star on Fred. Rd. , Tape 1, undated
B-236, Ceremony for Blue Star on Fred. Rd., Tape 2, and Show Case at Convention Center, June 1997
B-237, Oscar de la Hoya and Company, June 12, 1997
B-238, Bike Rodeo, June 3, 1997
B-239, Linda Finch Welcoming Ceremony, Stinson, June 30, 1997
B-240, Health Department Introduction Tape, undated
B-241, UMAST Meeting, Tape 1, May 1997
B-242, UMAST Meeting, Tape 2, May 1997
B-243, Botanical Workers "At Your Service," July 1997
B-244, Health, Public Service Announcement (PSA ) (Raw) and Graffiti, July 1997
10 B-245, Council/Directors Work session, Tape 1, July 1997
B-246, Council/Directors Work session, Tape 2, July 1997
B-247, PD Helicopter and Camera Imaging – Sandy Perez, July 1997
B-248, Community Link Kiosk and Library’s "Party in the Park," July 1997
B-249, Manager’s News Conference on the 1997-1998 Budget, Tape 1, August 1997
B-250, Manager’s News Conference on the 1997-1998 Budget, Tape 1 and Municipal Magazine – Carmen’s Segment, August 1997
B-251, San Pedro Park Pool and Co. Ice Skating Party; and Graffiti Public Service Announcement (PSA) (RAW) Outside Municipal Courts/Inside Holding Cell/Recycling Bin/Police Car/ Arrests/ Taggers, undated
B-252, Graffiti Taggers and Mayor’s Kiosks Stand-up and Andy Ballard’s Bite on School Zone Lights and School Zone Light/Signs/Kids Crossing and Scott’s Stand-up for School Zone and Graffiti on Dumpster and Phone, undated
B-253, undated
B-254, Council Footage, 1997
B-255, Bosman’s Kiosk Stand-up, August 1997
B-255B, Kiosk Dedication – Ingram Mall, September 1997 and Mayor Learn Internet Services, September 1997
B-256, Elderly Dance Contest- Centro de Artes and Mayor Learns Internet Services, September 1997
B-257, Cherry Street Housing Project - Construction, and Hemisfair House at New Site and Cherry Street Housing Project, September 1997
B-258, Moving Houser from Hemisfair Grounds, August 1997
B-259, Cherry Street Builders Breakfast, Tape 1, September 1997
B-260, Cherry Street Builders Breakfast, Tape 2, September 1997 and Cherry Street Project Ribbon Cutting, Tape 1, September, 1997
B-261, Cherry Street Housing Project Ribbon Cutting, Tape 2, and Fake Dad Arrested and International Center Construction, September 1997
B-262, Wescott Street Housing Project Ribbon Cutting, undated
B-263, Airport Parking Garage Groundbreaking, September 1997
B-264, Dies y Seis News Conference and Public Works Truck Driver Rodeo, undated B-265, Community Link Service Center Ribbon Cutting, September 1997
B-266, America’s Challenge with General Powell and Governor Bush at the Municipal Auditorium, Tape 1, September 1997
B-267, America’s Challenge, Tape 2, undated
B-268, America’s Challenge, Tape 3, undated
B-269, America’s Challenge, Tape 4, and Ed Garza’s Statement (Not City Related), undated
B-270, Opening Ceremony of Animal Resource Center, September 1997
B-270B, Days of Caring, Tape 1, 1997
B-271, Days of Caring Tape 2, 1997 and City Store, October 1997
B-272, Children’s Librarian Sound Bite – Racing to Library Cover and Fire Fighter Bite on Fire Safely and Immunization Nurse Bite, and Gene Camargo Biote and Terry Brechtel and Convention Expansion, September 1997
B-273, CVG Segment for Municipal Magazine, October 1997
B-274, CO Kids River Dancing, undated
B-275, Kiosk Cover and United Way Fundraisers, undated
B-276, Literacy Centers, undated
B-277, Opening Ceremony of Billa Literacy Center, November 1997
B-278, Turkey Race in Basement and Mayor at Library on Computer, undated
B-279, Texas Recycled Day Celebration at hard Rock Cafe, undated
B-280, Police Hero Award, undated
B-281, Convention Center Expansion, undated
B-282, Biz Focus Center, undated
B-283, Ciro Rodriquez Emission Award and Dr. Lamers ARC Bite and International Center Construction Update and Jelynne Burlye Bite, November 1997
11 B-284, S**** Christmas Package and Bandit Builders Signs and International Center Art Project, undated
B-285, Mayor – State of the City, December 9, 1997
B-286, Mayor’s News Conference – New Regulations on Contract Bidders, December 1997
B-287, Tunnel Press Conference Audio on Ch-1 and Ch-2 –Starts on Judge Krier, undated
B-288, Tunnel Pictures/Tour and Sunken Gardens, undated
B-289, Kelly Irvin New Years Party and Firefighters Press Conference, undated
B-290, Dwyer House Christmas Presents, undated
B-291, Visitor Bureau and WIC, undated
B-292, Municipal Magazine #11 – Sergio’s Bite, undated
B-293, Census, Part 1, December 1997
B-294, Census, Part 2, December 1997
B-295, Convention Center Construction Site and Census Part 3, December 1997
B-296, Downtown Christmas Lights, undated
B-297, Mayor Peek on Computer and Sound Bite Surfing the Net and Kiosk Dedication at *****Mall, undated
B-298, Beth Castell Bite on United Way and Sonny Saenz AYS (Raw) and Heroes Award Tape 2, November 1997
B-299, Public Service Announcement (PSA) Reel – 21 CHIC and Christmas Video and Kiosk and Community Link Service Center and Stand for Children and TX On Line.Com, undated
B-300, Short Reel – Working For You and Newhardt Video Clip and Working for You (Update), undated
B-301, New Year Eve Party – KWEX-TV, undated
B-302, Community Link Service Center and Christmas Tree Pick- up, undated
B-303, Fireworks Press Conference, Inner City Meeting (Raw), undated
B-304, Graffiti Public Service Announcements (PSA) English, undated
B-304A, Graffiti Public Service Announcements (PSA) Spanish, undated
B-305, Road Rally, undated
B-306, Community Link Service Center, undated
B-307, City of San Antonio/Community Imitative – Children’s Resources Division, "Stand for Children Day, " undated
B-308, Press Conference, B Session, ITT, Sheraton, Part 2, undated
B-309, Press Conference, B Session, ITT Sheraton, Part 2, Question and Answers, (Q & A), undated
B-310, Press Conference, B Session ITT Sheraton, Part 3, Question and Answers, (Q & A) and Christmas Light Removal from Trees, undated
B-311, Press Conference – Raising Fines in School Zones, undated
B-312, Street Construction B Session, Tape 1, undated
B-313, Street Construction B Session, Tape 2, undated
B-314, 40 Year Employee – Gordon Dahlmann, 1998
B-315, Municipal Magazine, Carmen, February, 4, 1998
B-316, Municipal Magazine, Tony, undated
B-317, PD Records Decentralization – Sgt. E.Celaya, undated
B-318, Showcase of City Departments at South Park Mall, Tape 1, January 1998
B-319, Showcase of City Departments at South Park mall, Tape 2, January 1998
B-320, Press Conference City Showcase, Brazen Library Tea Party, undated
B-321, Dan Cardenas – Public Works Decentralization, undated
B-322, Diana Sound Bite and Code Compliance and Parks and Police Chief, undated
12 B-322A, Leadership Development P** (Tony), undated
B-323, Beth Castillo, International Building, undated
B-324, Neighborhood Action Meeting February 9, 1998
B-325, Municipal Magazine, Frances, February 12, 1998
B-326, Neighborhood Sweep, undated
B-327, Billa Burke Center Gift, Press Conference and Neighborhood Clean-up, March 9, 1998
B-328, Clean Sweep and D*** Brooks, undated
B-329, Showcase of City Programs at Rolling Oaks Mall and Special Events at Community Link Service Center, VIA Elderly ID Cards, undated
B-330, Neighborhood Action Press Conference, Clean-up, undated
B-331, Community Revitalization Advocacy Meeting at Brackenridge High School, undated
B-332, BIZ Mall Sweeps, undated
B-333, Bluebonnets #1, undated
B-334, Bluebonnets #2, undated
B-334B, Bluebonnet Awards Books, undated
B-335, ICC, David Rusk(Raw) Part 1, undated
B-336, ICC, David Rusk (Raw) Part 2, undated
B-337, ICC, David Rusk (Raw) Part 3, with Questions and Answers, undated
B-338, ICC, David Rusk (Raw) Part 4, with Questions and Answers, undated
B-339, Finance Video, and Aquifer Video, Ron Zimmerman, undated
B-340, Fiesta Floats and Chief Carl Wedige, undated
B-341, Inner City Games, Press Conference, March 18, 1998
B-342, Bowling Interview with Denny and Introduction with Kelly Irwin, undated
B-343, City Showcase at Ingram Mall, Tape 1, 1998
B-344, City Showcase at Ingram Mall, Tape 2, 1998
B-345, Inner City Symposium at UTSA , Downtown Campus, Tape 1, March 23, 1998
B-346, Inner City Symposium at UTSA, Downtown Campus, Tape 2, March 23, 1998
B-347, Inner City Symposium at UTSA, Downtown Campus, Tape 3, March 23, 1998
B-348, Municipal Magazine, Rudy Satillo and Municipal Magazine, George Cisneros and Alamodome Set-up for Final 4 Weekend, undated
B-349, Cover Video of Alamodome During Final 4 Weekend, undated
B-350, Interview with Citizens about Sweep, Neighborhood Sweep Area, Before, Clean Sweep Bridge with Tractor in Drainage, International Building Video Wall, and Clean- up San Antonio News Conference, March 30, 1998
B-351, Municipal Magazine #12, Carmen Vazquez Gonzalez, undated
B-352, Third Sweep Before Shots, undated
B-353, Tower of the Americas 30th Anniversary, undated
B-354, Clean-up Day, April 4, 1998
B-355, Easter Egg Hunt, April 4, 1998
B-356, City Clean-up #3 and East Side Clean-up News Conference, and House Demolition, April 13, 1998
B-357, Health Department Photo Novella and NCAA Alamodome Sound bite, undated
B-358, Mary Louise Lake Sign Change with Sound bite, undated
B-359, City Showcase, Windsor Park Mall, Tape 1, undated
B-360, City Showcase, Windsor Park mall, Tape 1, undated
13 B-361, Sidewalk Construction at Corral Elementary, undated
B-362, SAWS Presentation at B Session, Tape 1, undated
B-363, SAWS Presentation at B Session, Tape 2, undated
B-364, SAWS Presentation at B Session, Tape 3, undated
B-365, Speed Humps on Wickersham Road, undated
B-366, Colby School, Officers in Blue, undated
B-367, International Center and Library Central, and Empire/Majestic, May 1998
B-368, Press Conference, Direct Deposit and City Cleanup/National Clean-up Week, undated
B-370, Budget B Roll, South Side, Brooks Air Force Base and J.T. D*** Power Plant, undated
B-371, Making Connections, Judge Krier, F.M. Nelson Wolff, Mall, undated
B-372, City Showcase, Central Park Mall, undated
B-373, Cuts in Street and Downtown Symposium Work Session, May 1998
B-374, Hazardous Waste Collection and UTSA Downtown Campus and Alameda Theater Façade and Adams Mark, Convention Center with Expansion and Cherry Street Houses and St. Paul Square, May 1998
B-375, Elderly Luncheon at Catholic Church and Afterschool Challenge and Vacant Lot, 1400 Stonewall and Garbage Pick-up, undated
B-376, Bike to Work with Mayor Peak, May 1998
B-377, Arson News Conference, May 1998
B-378, Press Conference, Alex vs. Cable, undated
B-379, Victims Advocacy #1, undated
B-380, Victims Advocacy #2, undated
B-381, Victims Advocacy #3, undated
B-382, Victims Advocacy #4, undated
B-383, Police Memorial, Part 1, May 11, 1998
B-384, Police Memorial, Part 2, May 11, 1998
B-385, Sandy Perez, "Behind the Badge," undated
B-386, Municipal Magazine, Sany Perez, Question and Answers, undated
B-387, Municipal Magazine, Health/Library, undated
B-388, Neighborhood Sweep, Green Machine, undated
B-389, Clean Sweep, District 9, undated
B-390, Tree Lady, undated
B-391, New*** and Airport and Bike and Foot Patrol and Councilman Garza Rides the Bus, undated
B-392, Municipal Magazine, Dave Palsey, undated
B-393, Underground Utility Conversion on Mission Trails and Randolph Air Force Base Gate Area and Library Snack Bar Construction, undated
B-394, Armed Forces Business Assistance Conference, June 1998
B-395, Fandango #1, undated
B-396, Fandango #2, undated
B-397, Fandango #3, undated
B-398, Fandango #4, undated
B-398B, Fandango, Second Night #1, undated
B-398C, Fandango, Second Night #2, undated
B-398D, Fandango, Second Night #3, undated
14 B-399, Council Budget Work Session, June 1998
B-400, UMAST – Charles Gonzalez, Speaker, Tape 1, undated
B-401, UMAST – Charles Gonzalez, Speaker, Tape 2, undated
B-402, Mayor’s Symposium – Philadelphia, Tape 1, undated
B-403, Mayor’s Symposium – Philadelphia, Tape 2, undated
B-404, Neighborhood Sweeps, District 1, Sidewalk Construction and Convention Center Construction, June 1998
B-405, Neighborhood Sweeps, District 1, Sidewalk Construction, Tape 2, June 1998
B-406, Neighborhood Conference Session Dispute Resolution, Tape 1, undated
B-407, Neighborhood Conference Session Dispute Resolution, Tape 2, undated
B-408, Showcase of City Departments at Neighborhood Conference, June 1998
B-409, Mayor’s and Manager’s Comments at Neighborhood Conference, undated
B-410, Mission Trails News Conference, undated
B-411, Neighborhood Sweep, District 6, Graffiti Abatement undated
B-412, UMAST – Time Management Seminar, Tape 1, undated
B-413, UMAST – Time Management Seminar, Tape 2, undated
B-414, UMAST – Time Management Seminar, Tape 3, undated
B-415, Mission Trails Ground Breaking, Tape 1, undated
B-416, Mission Trails Ground Breaking, Tape 2, undated
B-417, Mission Trails Ground Breaking, Tape 3, undated
B-418, City Showcase, McCreles Mall, undated
B-419, City Showcase, McCreles Mall, undated
B-420, City Department Booths at Housing Workshop, undated
B-421, International Trade Seminar, Mario Soles, Tape 1, undated
B-422, International Trade Seminar, Mario Soles, Tape 2, undated
B-423, International Trade Seminar, Mario Soles, Tape 3, undated
B-424, International Trade Seminar, Mario Soles, Tape 4, undated
B-425, Carver, B-Roll and Press Conference, undated
B-426, Carver Center Interviews, Tape 2, 1999
B-427, Convention Center, Natatorium, City Shield, undated
B-428, Woodlawn Lake, Part 1, undated
B-428B, Woodlawn Lake, Part 2, undated
B-429, San Antonio Volunteers at KLRN – TV Auction, undated
B-430, City Sweep, District 2, M. Salas, undated
B-431, Empowerment Zone Press Conference, undated
B-432, Empowerment Zone, Tape 1, undated
B-432B, Empowerment Zone, Tape 2, undated
B-433, Mentoring Program, Bonham Elementary, Phiser Elementary, undated
B-434, City Sweep, Humidity Problem, District 1, Rick Vasquez, undated
B-435, Mission Espada – Chambers, City Hall, undated
B-436, Milam Park, undated
15 B-437, Del Rio, ISD Training Class and Plaza Furniture Store Building Rubble, undated
B-438, Municipal Magazine, Natatorium, Tree Lady, undated
B-439, International Center Opening Ceremony, Ribbon Cutting, Tape 1, undated
B-440, International Center Opening Ceremony, Speeches, Tape 2, undated
B-441, International Center Opening Ceremony, Tape 3, undated
B-442, City Sweep, District 10, Press Conference, Woodlawn Lake, undated
B-443, Affordable Parade Homes – Claude W. Black, undated
B-444, Convention Center Expansion, undated
B-445, Denver Symposium, Tape 1, undated
B-446, Denver Symposium, Tape 2, undated
B-447, Denver Symposium, Tape 3, undated
B-448, Lou Hamilton Senior Center, undated
B-449, City Sweep with City Year, undated
B-450, Days of Caring – Mayor Visits Family Center, Tape 1, 1998
B-451, Days of Caring, Tape 2, 1998
B-452, Ceremony – Unveiling Mayor’s Portraits – Cockrell, Cisneros, Wolff, undated
B-453, News Conference on Adopted Budget, October 1998
B-454, News Conference on Flood Conditions and Relief, Monday, October 19, 1998
B-455, Flood Video – Glen Brier and Perrin Beitel; Olmos Basin off Basse; Holdbrook Road - Downed Power line; San Antonio River Tunnel - Inlet/Outlet, Monday, October 26, 1998
B-456, News Conference on Friday about Tejano Concert for Flood Relief, 1998
B-457, Flood Relief at Iralee and Perrin Bietel, Wednesday, (October) 21 and Mobile Command Center at Mobile Home Park & Residential Area off 16 South, Friday, October 23, 1998
B-458, Flood Video – Salado Creek at 410 South, Monday, (October) 19, Wheatley Heights, Monday (October) 19, Wheatley Heights, Tuesday, (October) 20, Plumnear and New Laredo Highway, Tuesday, October 20, 1998
B-459, Plumnear Flood Clean-up Damage, Tuesday (October, 20, Wheatley Heights Command Center, Tuesday (October 20, Green Briar and Perrin Bietel, Wednesday, October 21, 1998
B-460, Neighborhood Sweeps – Shenandoah Area Drainage, Mowing and Linda Wasserman Kiosk Bite, undated
B-461, Neighborhood Sweep, District 9, Mencke Park Area, Street Patching, undated
B-462, HEB Christmas Tree Lighting, 1998
B-463, Debt Manager, B-Session, Tape 1, October 15, 1998
B-464, Debt Manager, B-Session, Tape 2, October 15, 1998
B-465, Debt Manager, B-Session, Tape 3, October 15, 1998
B-466, Stage Performance at Health Fair/United Way Fundraiser with Alex Briseno, Alamo City Heat and Dr. Guerra, undated
B-467, Health Fair/United Way and Heloise Introduction, undated
B-468, State of the City, November 10, 1998
B-469, Municipal Magazine, Carmen, Raw, October 16, 1998
B-470, Kiosk Dedication at HEB and Christmas Tree Sales, undated
B-471, Heloise Raw, undated
B-472, Christmas Lights Maintain ace, Store Windows with Christmas Themes, Christmas Tree Installed at Milam Park, City Store Cover and Bite, undated
B-473, Neighborhood Sweep, District 6, Scrapping Streets, undated
B-474, San Fernando Cathedral Christmas Lights Installed, Wheatley Heights Financial Assistance and Airport Parking Garage Construction, November 1998
B-475, Flood Check, First One from City, undated
16 B-476, Holiday Parking ticket and Milam Park and Gazebo, December 1998
B-477, New Year’s Eve Celebration News Conference and Neighborhood Sweep, District 4 Cleaning Drainage and Painting Hand Rails, December 1998
B-478, Christmas Tree Recycling News Conference, January 1999
B-479, Beginning to Look Like Christmas and Christmas Tree Recycling, December 1999 and Kiosk, October 1999 and HIP HOP Bunny Drop, April 2000 and Spring Time in San Antonio, April 2000 and 311 Call Center, June 2000, and Household Hazardous Waste, November 2000 and Christmas Tree Public Service Announcement, 2000 and Landscape Awards, January 2001, and Food Stamp Public Service Announcement in English and Spanish, 2000
B-480, Sweeps, August 6, 1998 and Showcase, August 6, 1998 and School Flashing Lights, August 20, 1998 and Mentor - After School Challenge, August 27,1998 and Public Work - Air Quality, September 3, 1998 and International Building, September 10, 1998 and Parks and Recreation – Community Link, September 17, 1998 and Convention Center Expansion, September 24, 1998 and Carver, October 1, 1998 and Demolition – Plaza, October 8, 1998, Cellular on Patrol, October 15, 1998 Flood Video, October 22, 1998 and Street Sweepers, November 12, 1998 and Green Machines, November 12, 1998
B-481, Hazard Materials, undated
B-482, Graffiti Abatement and Murals and CCMS and Botanical Garden and Economic Development and Public Safety and Public Works and Health and CMR and MGRI and After School Challenge, undated
B-483, Briseno’s Comments and Presentation at Economic Conference, undated
B-484, City Sweep and Southwest Airline Clean-up, January 10, 1999
B-485, Martin Luther King Awards, January 16, 1999
B-486, Sunset Depot, January 19, 1999
B-487, Bloopers, February 19, 1999
B-488, Urban Renaissance, Ms. Kate Joneas, February 1, 1999
B-489, Urban Renaissance, Ms. Kate Joneas, February 1, 1999
B-490, Showcase - Rolling Oaks and City Manager Blooper, Employees at Mall, February 13, 1999
B-491, Train-Move, undated
B-492, New Year Celebration – KWEX, 1999
B-493, Mission Trails Construction, undated
B-494, Clean Gas Press Conference, March 1, 1999
B-495, City Sweep, District 2, March 2, 1999
B-496, Parade of Homes – Brookside and Blanco Area, January 1999
B-497, Parade of Homes – Brookside, January 1999
B-498, Parade of Homes and 40 Year Employees – Linda and P.G., 1999
B-499, Parade of Homes, 1999
B-500, City Showcase – North Star Mall, January 23, 1999
B-501, University of Texas, San Antonio – Tax Increment Finance (TIF) Seminar, Tape 1, February 5, 1999
B-502, University of Texas, San Antonio – Tax Increment Finance (TIF) Seminar, Tape 2, February 5, 1999
B-503, University of Texas, San Antonio – Tax Increment Finance (TIF) Seminar, Tape 3, February, 5, 1999
B-504, University of Texas, San Antonio – Tax Increment Finance (TIF) Seminar, Tape 4, February 5, 1999
B-505, University of Texas, San Antonio – Tax Increment Finance (TIF) Seminar, Tape 5, February 5, 1999
B-506, St. Mary’s Learning Center, undated
B-507, Bond Program, 1999 and UMAST, Tape 1, March 12, 1999
B-508, Bond Program, 1999 and UMAST, Tape 2, March 12, 1999
B-509, Bond Program, 1999 and UMAST, Power Point, Tape 3, March 12, 1999
B-510, New Trolley Station, undated
B-511, Christmas in April, March 1999
B-512, City Sweep, District, Paul Prado, undated
B-513, Convention Expansion, April, 1999
B-514, School Speed Zone Monitor, undated
B-515, Trolley, Street Car, Station Opening, undated
17 B Footage, At Your Service
B-516, International Perspective – Opening and Closing, undated
B-517, UMAST – Cadillac Club, Tape 1, April 16, 1999
B-518, UMAST – Cadillac Club, Tape 2, April 16, 1999
B-519, International Building, February 1999
B-520, Neighborhood Sweeps – Oxbox, April 1999
B-521, Neighborhood Showcase – Pasadena Heights, April 5, 1999
B-522, Showcase Set-up – Building Inspections, Tape 1, 1999
B-523, Showcase Set-up – Building Inspection, Tape 2, 1999
B-524, Showcase Set-up – Code Compliance, 1999
B-525, Showcase Set-up – Alamodome, Tape 1, 1999
B-526, Showcase Set-up – Alamodome, Tape 2, 1999
B-527, Showcase Set-up – Multiple Booths, 1999
B-528, Showcase Set-up – Employee Interviews, 1999
B-529, Showcase Set-up – Pipe and Draping, Tape 1, 1999
B-530, Showcase Set-up - Pipe and Draping, Tape 2, 1999
B-531, Convention Center Update, February 23, 1999
B-532, IP Interview, April 21, 1999
B-533, Downtown Video #1, undated
B-534, Downtown Video #2, undated
B-535, "One Perfect Day 97, "The Atkins Agency, September 11, 1998
B-536, Mock Trial, May 7, 1999
B-537, Augusta Street Bridge and Tour of Convention Expansion, May 15, 1999
B-538, City Employees and 40 Year Employees, undated
B-539, "At Your Service,"Dolores Lake and Pete Guerrero, May 18, 1999
B-540, "At Your Service,"Barbara Lisy and Carlos Carrasco, May 24, 1999
B-541, "At Your Service,"Ernest Levine and Troy Smith, May 9, 1999
B-542,"At Your Service," Troy Smith, May 9, 1999
B-543, Woodlawn Lake, May 19, 1999
B-544, Parade of Homes – Pasadena Heights, Tape 1, May 25, 1999
B-545, Parade of Homes – Pasadena Heights, Tape 2, May 25, 1999
B-546, Walker Ranch Park Opening Ceremony, Tape 1, undated
B-547, Walker Ranch Park Opening Ceremony, Tape 2, undated
B-548, Urban Renaissance – Pittsburgh, Tape 1, undated
B-549, Urban Renaissance – Pittsburgh, Tape 2, undated
B-550, Police Memorial, Tape 1, 1999
B-551, Police Memorial, Tape 2, 1999
B-552, Graffiti Paint Party, June 9, 1999
B-553, Party – Sunset Station, Tape 2, June 9, 1999
B-554, B. Pderaza’s Segment – Renaissance, June 10, 1999
B-555, Dome Set-up for MBA Finals, undated
18 B-556, Accessibility at Pasadena Heights and Spurs Spirit at City Hall, undated
B-557, Go Spurs Go, undated
B-558, Spurs Spirit in Offices – Go Spurs Go, undated
B-559, Convention Center Expansion, August, 3, 1999
B-560, Police Memorial Plaza Cover and Neighborhood Sweep, District 6, June 14, 1999
B-561, Marshall Street House Dedication for Renaissance, San Antonio, undated
B-562, Opening Ceremony at Community Link Service Center at McCreless Mall, Tape 1, undated
B-563, Opening Ceremony at Community Link Service Center at McCreless Mall, Tape 2, undated
B-564, "At Your Service", Ernest Lavin/Troy Smith, "At Your Service" Doloris Lake/Pete Guerro and "At Your Service", Barbara Lyssy/Carlos Corrasco, undated
B-565, Neighborhood Sweep, District 2, Salas, undated
B-566, City Store and Alamodome and Christmas Tree Recycling and ISD and Martin Luther King and Neighborhood Community Revital Zone, and Showcase and Parade of Homes and Neighborhood Action, and Building Inspection and Police Car and Clean-up Day and Convention Expansion and Police Memorial and Public Works Week and Parks and Recreation and Pasadena Heights Ribbon Cutting and Go Spurs Go, undated
B-567, New York City NBA Pay-off at City Hall, undated
B-568, George Pedraza Speaking at AIA Luncheon, undated
B-569, Garrett Center, July 17, 1999
B-570, Renaissance, San Antonio, undated
B-571, Budget Work Session, June 1999
B-572, Kiosk, Travis, City Manager, July 15, 1999
B-573, City Managers Report, Travis, July 13, 1999
B-574, Spurs City Celebration, undated
B-575, UMAST, Luncheon, Part 1 of 2, July 16, 1999
B-576, UMAST, Luncheon, Part 2 of 2, July 16, 1999
B-577, Urban 15, Dance/Parade/Interviews, Tape 1, undated
B-578, Urban 15, Dance/Parade/Interviews, Tape 2, undated
B-579A, Y2K Drill, Tape 1 of 6, 1999
B-579B, Y2K Drill, Tape 2 of 6, 1999
B-579C, Y2K Drill, Tape 3 of 6, 1999
B-579D, Y2K Drill, Tape 4 of 6, 1999
B-578E, Y2K Drill, Tape 5 of 6, 1999
B-579F, Y2K Drill, Tape 6 of 6, 1999
B-580, Farmer’s Market Vender’s, undated
B-580B, Market Square, B-Roll Footage and Interview for Una COSA Buena, October 1999
B-581, Mission Trails Phase I Ribbon Cutting, undated
B-582, Downtown Plan and Taking Care of Business and Una COSA Buena and Community Initiative Showcase Video and Days of Caring 2000 and Supervisors, 2000 and Season’s Greetings and CAT and Smarts Program and Martin Luther King (MLK) Program, 2000
B-583A, Airport Opening, #1, undated
B-583B, Airport Opening, #1 and George Pedraza, South Side and King William Area, undated
B-583C, Airport Opening #2, undated
B-584, Southtown and Friedricks Building, undated
B-585, Recycled Elvis, undated
B-586, Convention Center Party, August 28, 1999
B-587, Convention Center Opening, Tape 1, August 28, 1999
19 B-587B, Convention Center Opening, Tape 2, August 28, 1999
B-588A, UMAST, Moderator, Bob Ashcroft, Planning Consultant with Manuel Longoria, Economic Director and Emil Moncivais, Planning Director, Tape 1, November 5, 1999
B-588B, UMAST, Tom Robey, Tape 2, November 4, 1999
B-589, Health Fair, Tape 1, October 1999
B-590, Flu Vaccinations and Flood Anniversary News Conference, undated
B-591, Days of Caring, B-Roll and Sound Bites, undated
B-592, Suzanne’s Video, undated
B-593, Dies y Seis News Conference and Fundraiser, Neighborhood Action and Una COSA Buena Meeting and Una COSA B Buena, Evelyn Interview and Fundraiser, Community Relations, Community Initiative, Code Compliance Finance and Intergovernmental, undated
B-594, Raise the Roof Cleaning Vacant Lot and Airport Parking Garage, undated
B-595, Department Heads at Softball Field, undated
B-596, Department Heads at Road Rally , Fire Outfits, undated
B-597, Lions Field House and Commander’s House, September 1999
B-598, City Sweeps, District 5, September 7, 1999
B-599, Neighborhood Sweep – Monticello Park, undated
B-600, Travis and Judy and ITF Signs, undated
B-601, Dies y Seis Award Ceremony in Chambers and Dies y Seis Senior Citizens and Fundraisers, Code Compliance, Parks and Recreation and Interview with Sandy Jenkins and One Stop Building Permit Counter, undated
B-602, Fundraising and Interviews and Christmas Light Hanging on the River and Mentor’s Introduction at Bonham Elementary September 1999
B-603, Raise the Roof House Painting and More Department Head Fire Outfits, undated
B-604, Dee Howard – Lisa Burkhardt, Plane Moving Across Streets, undated
B-605, City Manager’s Report, November 15, 1999
B-606, City Manager’s Report, November 16, 1999
B-607, Library Christmas Displays, McCreless, Westfall, Cody, undated
B-608, AIA Meeting with Bonny Conner, January 24, 2000
B-609, Kennedy High School – Education Partnership, undated
B-610, Martin Luther King (MLK) Chambers, 2000
B-611, Ribbon Cutting Ceremony on Woodlawn Street, November 1999
B-612, Winston Elementary School, Martin Luther King (MLK) Day, January 11, 2000
B-613, Alamodome Final Set-up, Celebration San Antonio, Dies y Seis, CRAG Meeting, Supervisor, ITF, Farmer’s Market, Flue Shots, CRAG II, Commercial Revitalization, Code Compliance, Hertzberg Museum, Elderly Month, Municipal Courts, Mentors and UDC, undated
B-614, Interview on Accessible Housing, undated
B-615, HealthFair #2 – Pig Kissing and Handicap Accessible Housing, undated
B-616, Christmas Tree Pick-up, January 2000
B-617, Slides for CRAGII and Christmas Lights with IWU and Frost Bank Park, December 1999
B-618, Community Initiatives Utility Assistants and George Pedraza Introduction to His Show, undated
B-619, CRAG II Part 1, undated
B-620, CRAG II Part 2, undated
B-621, George Pedraza’s CRAG II, Presentation for San Antonio Renaissance, undated
B-622, CRAG II – Housing, Tape 1, January 25, 2000
B-623, CRAG II – Housing with Cutaways, Tape 2, January 25, 2000
B-624, Census, 2000
B-625, Mayor’s State of the City, February 2000
20 B-626, 40 Year Employees, February 7, 2000
B-627, Demolition of House, After Flood of 1998, Wheatley Heights, East Side, January 2000
B-628, Manager’s Report – Mayor’s Forum, undated
B-629, City Store, Blue Santa Collecting Goods at Area Schools, December 1999
B-630, City Manager’s Videos and Blue Santa and Sonny Saenz and City Store and New Years Celebration and San Antonio Airport and Henry Cisneros, undated
B-631, "At Your Service,"Flood Buy-out Team and Mauro Calvo and James Misner and Fire Payroll Creators and Airport Traffic Detail, undated
B-632, "At Your Service,"Flood Interviews, undated
B-633, "At Your Service,"Flood Interviews, 2 Sites, Wheatley Heights and Perrin Beitel, undated
B-634, Better Jobs, Open/Closed, August 11, 1999 and Ascend, Open/Closed, March 9, 2000
B-635, New Years Press Conference – Y2 K Bug, undated
B-636, Park Footage – Schnabel and San Pedro, undated
B-637, Hertzberg Circus, March 1, 2000
B-638, Midtown/Deco Distract Footage and Cops on Night Patrol, undated
B-639, Botanical Garden, April 4, 2000
B-640, Mentor’s Party at Douglas Elementary, undated
B-641, Uniforms – Sonny Saenz, undated
B-642, UMAST Speaker, Alex Briseno, Tape 1, undated
B-643, UMAST Speaker, Alex Briseno, Tape 2, undated
B-643B, UMAST Speaker, Alex Briseno, Tape 3, undated
B-643C, UMAST Speaker, Alex Briseno with B-Roll, Tape 4, undated
B-644, UMAST Speaker, Dan Morales and San Pedro Park Pool, June 2000
B-645, City Sweep, District 3, and Graffiti Clean-up, March 27, 2000
B-646, Employee Services Awards and Employee Interviews, undated
B-647, "At Your Service"Roving Leader Segment, undated
B-647B, "At Your Service"Roving Leader Interviews, undated
B-647C, "At Your Service"Roving Leader Segment, undated
B-647D, "At Your Service"Rover Leader Cover, undated
B-648, Senior’s Bar-B-Q, District 10, Gunn Sports field, undated
B-649, Project Worth, News Conference, undated
B-650, CCMS – Office Cover, Day Care Cover, undated
B-651, City Sweep, District 5, David Garcia, June 30, 2000
B-652, Police Memorial, Tape 1, May 2000
B-653, Police Memorial, Tape 2, May 2000
B-653B, Police Memorial, Tape 3, May 2000
B-654A, Code Compliance Mock Trial, Tape 4 and Dark Screen, July 16, 2002
B-654B, Opens, Various, undated
B-654C, CPAT (Candidate Physical Ability Test) with Tommy Thompson, Open/Close, undated
B-655, 311 Press Conference, undated
B-656, Leap Lead and Read Library News Conference, May 2000
B-657, Neighborhood Sweep, District 6, March 2000
B-658, Fraud Awareness Program at Lions Field, Tape 1, June 2000
B-659, Fraud Awareness Program at Lions Field, Tape 2, June 2000
B-660, Showcase at Ingram Mall, undated
B-661, Valero 2001 Conf. Room Meeting and Human Resource, One on One, undated
B-662, Senior Nutrition Center Check Ceremony and Neighborhood Public Art, undated
B-663, Various Shots with Carmen – Dignowity Hill, City Cemeteries, Jefferson High Schools Wishing Well on Fredericksburg Road, Woodlawn Lake Area, May 2000
B-664, "At Your Service, "Mario Calvo, undated
B-665, International Relations, Kumomoto Gardens, April 7, 2000
B-666, Health Department – Chicken Virus and Creek Spraying and Convention Construction, June 2000
B-667, San Pedro Park Ribbon Cutting, Tape 1, undated
B-668, San Pedro Park Ribbon Cutting, Tape 2, undated
B-669, San Pedro Library,"The Lure of Lolita, " and B-Roll Pictures, undated
B-670, Supervisor’s Video, undated
B-671, Renaissance, San Antonio – Lavaca Neighborhood Segment, undated
B-672, Briseno Dubs from ¾, undated
B-673, H.A.R.P. News Conference, Tape 1, December 15, 2000
B-674, H.A.R.P. News Conference, Tape 2, December 15, 2000
B-675, Dies Y Seis Dance, Senior Center, undated
B-676, "At Your Service, "James Mishner, August 7, 2000
B-677, Convention Expansion, November 29, 2000
B-678, Dies y Seis News Conference, September 6, 2000
B-679, Painting Hanging at the Convention Center and International Center, undated
B-680, Convention Center and After School Challenge, November 2000
B-681, Opening of the Valley View Community Link Center, December 2000
B-682, Opening of the South Park Mall Community Link Center, November 2000
B-683, Health Fair – Kiss the Pig, undated
B-684, Baseball News Conference, Japanese, undated
B-685, Baseball, Japanese, undated
B-686, Martin Luther King (MLK) Press Conference, January 8, 2001
B-687, Multicultural Presentation, undated
B-688, Department Heads Comments to Alex for Retirement, undated
B-689, Road Rally at Fire Station – Putting Out Fires and Jack Daniels and Department Head Comments on Malt House, undated
B-690, River walk Press Conference, January 30, 2001
B-691, River walk to Travis, – Cracks, etc., January 31, 2001
B-692, City Managers Report, B-Roll, Public Service Announcements, Comanche Lookout and Lou Hamilton Community Center and Bridge Construction on Leon Creek and Garza Community Center and South Flores and Linear Park and Mural undated
B-693A, State of the City, Tape 1, January 29, 2001
B-693B, State of the City, Tape 2, January 29, 2001
B-694, CMR – Downtown Project, St. Mary’s Parking Garage and Presa Street River Link and News Business and Construction on Houston Street and Crockett Street and River Construction and Civic Center Link, January 17, 2001
B-695, Valley View Community Link Center, December 29, 2000
B-696A, Police Hero Awards (Homer Cam), Tape 1, undated
B-696B, Police Hero Awards (Homer Cam), Tape 2, undated
22 B-696C, Police Hero Awards (John Cam), Tape 1, undated
B-696D, Police Hero Awards (John Cam), Tape 2, undated
B-697, Library – Youth Wired, June 30, 2000
B-698, Martin Luther King – Comments from Middle School Students and SASMART – Art Program Rodriguez Elementary, undated
B-699, Mayor’s New Years Greeting to Kumomoto Japan, undated
B-700, City Sweep, Raul Prado, B-Roll News Conference, September 11, 2000
B-701, City Sweep, Raul Prado, News Conference, September 11, 2000
B-702, Civic Center Expansion – River and Fire Fighters Footage and Immunization, undated
B-703, "At Your Service, "Fire Department, October 2000
B-704, School Zone Flashing Lights and "At Your Service, "Bob Heckman, undated
B-705, Henry Sauvignet, Speech to Mock United Nations, undated
B-706, Houston Street – Main Plaza Fountain, undated
B-707, City Manager’s Show - B-Roll – East and South San Antonio, October 25, 2000
B-708, Mural – Buildings, undated
B-709A, Phoenix Awards, Tape 1, undated
B-709B, Phoenix Awards, Tape 2, undated
B-710A, Beyond the Alamo, Tape 1, undated
B-710B, Beyond the Alamo, Tape 2, undated
B-711, Press Conference on FHA Monies/Insurance Program for Home Loans – Be Careful, Bad Tape, undated
B-712, undated
B-713, Tobin Hill City Sweep News Conference and Street Being Laid, Tar/Gravel, September 26, 2000
B-714, City Sweep – David Garcia, December 5, 2000
B-715, City Sweep/Press Conference – Raul Prado, District 4, Bookmobile, January 12, 2001
B-716, Days of Caring, 2000
B-717, Christmas Lights, undated
B-718, Holiday Greetings from Employees – Airport/Police/Fire/Park Rangers/Woodlawn Lake Clean-up Crew/ISD/ Alamodome/311, undated
B-719A, "At Your Service," Airport Police Parking Department, Tape 1, undated
B-719B, "At Your Service", Airport Police Parking Department, Tape 2, undated
B-719C, "At Your Service", Airport Police Parking Department, Interviews – Smith /Doliyole, undated
B-720, Press Conference, Early Child Learning, Pre-K Education, undated
B-721, International – Coverage of Mock U.N. and Kris as Clint and Book time at Central Library, undated
B-722, Torch Run – Olympics – News Conference, 2002
B-723, Project Worth, February, 14, 2001
B-724, 40 Year Employees – George Whitfield, Susan Soderquist, Gilbert Paiz and Mary Lou Perez, February, 2001
B-725, News Conference, Terry Brechtel, undated
B-726, SATAI (San Antonio Technology Accelerator Initiative) Announcement at Sunset Station Terry Brechtel First Official Duty, April 3, 2001
B-727, Terry Brechtel Party and Carmen and Terry DLP President Talk, April 2001
B-728, undated
B-729, STAND for Children Promo and Terry Brechtel at UMAST, April 2001
B-730, UMAST Luncheon with Terry Brechtel, Tape 1, May 2001
B-731, Police Memorial, (John Cam) Tape 1, May 2001
B-732, Police Memorial (Homer Cam) Tape 1, May 2001
B-733, Police Memorial (John Cam) Tape 2, May 2001
23 B Footage – Park Bench
B-734, Police Memorial (Homer Cam) Tape 2, May 2001
B-735, Cover of Police Memorial and Artist Web Page News Conference, May 2001
B-736, UMAST Luncheon with Frances Gonzalez, Romero Lavasos, Dennis Campa – Better Jobs, Tape 1, March 30, 2001
B-737, UMAST Luncheon with Frances Gonzalez, Romero Lavasos, Dennis Campa – Better Jobs, Tape 2, March 30, 2001
B-738, UMAST Luncheon with Frances Gonzalez, Romero Lavasos, Dennis Campa – Better Jobs, Tape 3, March 30, 2001
B-739, undated
B-740, Park Bench, April 6, 2001
B-741, Park Bench, April 6, 2001
B-742, Jodi, B-Roll, River Walk, April 20, 2001
B-743, Showcase – South Park Mall, March 17, 2001
B-744, Group Picture – City Hall, undated
B-745, City Council Help Force, Donna Lee, January 3, 2001
B-746, Better Jobs, May 4, 2001
B-747, Alex Briseno’s Good-Byes from Employees and News Conference, City Sweep, David Garcia, March 21, 2001
B-748, Celebrate San Antonio – B-Roll for VNR, undated
B-749, Travis Bishop, undated
B-750, Survivor and Good-Bye Alex (Briseno), undated
B-751, Good-Bye Alex (Briseno), undated
B-752, Good-Bye Alex (Briseno), undated
B-753, Convention Expansion, February 28, 2001
B-754, UMAST, Amy Freeman Lee, Tape 1, June 29, 2001
B-754(B), Employee Video, 2002
B-755, UMAST, Amy Freeman Lee, Tape 2, June 29, 2001
B-756, UMAST, Tony Bosman’s "Why Didn’t Someone Tell Me That , "Tape 1, June 20, 2001
B-757, UMAST, Tony Bosman’s "Why Didn’t Someone Tell Me That , "Tape 2, June 29, 2001
B-758, Ed Garza – Community Link Kiosks, July 5, 2001
B-759, Police Awards Program (Kris Cam) Tape 1, July 10, 2001
B-760, Police Awards Program (Kris Cam) Tape 2, July 10, 2001
B-761, Police Awards Program (Kris Cam) Tape 3, July 10, 2001
B-762, Police Awards Program (Homer Cam), July 10, 2001
B-763, Helicopter Ride, Tape 1, undated
B-764, Helicopter Ride, Tape 2, undated
B-765, Heat Relief Fans Press Conference at City Hall, Dennis Campa, undated
B-766, Swearing-In Ceremony, Tape 2, June 1, 2001
B-767, Community Link with Sound Bites and City Hall, undated
B-768, Evacuation Plan of School, Courtesy KABB-TV, undated
B-769, Reserved Parking with David Robinson, undated
24 B3 Footage, The Hall, Park Bench, In the Line of Fire
B3-001, Fans 4 San Antonio and Titles 5 Year Financial Forecast and S**** Proposition 3, Drinking Water, June 3, 2002
B3-002, Clean-Out Drainage Creek, April 8, 2002
B3-003, Christian Boot camp and City Employees City Sweep, undated
B3-004, 100th Sweep, B-Roll and Speakers, undated
B3-005, CMR B-Roll, Recycle Footage and Toxic Waste Disposal, Arizona Package, undated
B3-006, Governor Perry’s Press Conference, July 3, 2002 and Flood, 2002
B3-007, City of San Antonio Flood Relief FEMA Special Program, July 26, 2002
B3-008, Flood Repairs, 2002 and Leon Creek B-Roll for Proposition 3, July 8, 2002
B3-009, Brooks Signing Agreement, B-Roll, May 14, 2002
B3-010, Parks and Recreation, Jody, B-Roll of Parks, May 28, 2002
B3-011, Airport, San Pedro Gazebo, Fort, Brackenridge, Jose, Park Benches and Engineer for a Day – CMR and Dan and Pam, undated
B3-012, One Stop Interviews, Middleman, Flo, Manny and B-Roll/Cover, January 31, 2003
B3-013, Flaco Jimenez, Accordion Festival, undated
B3-014, Dr. Guerra, Small Pox and David Carpenter, Library, undated
B3-015, Advanced Technical Center. Video #1, June 17, 2002
B3-016, The Hall - Art Contest, B-Roll and Interview and Milo and Bond and Bodell Wigen Burke and Firefighter Lady and New Parks, undated
B3-017, Brooks Air Force Base, B-Roll, July 6, 2002
B3-018, Brooks Air Force Base, Medical/Biographies, undated
B3-019, The Hall - Public Work Academy, Tom Wendorf, September 10, 2002
B3-020, The Hall - Literary Center, undated
B3-021, Hike and Bike, May 10, 2002
B3-022, District 10 News Conference, Terry Brechtel and David C., Digging/Front-end Loader, undated
B3-023, The Hall - David Garza Interview, B-Roll, September 6, 2002
B3-024, The Hall - Rainbow Hills Park and Art, Norma and Clerks and Award Terry, undated
B3-025, Ground Hog Kids and HR + ITSD, undated
B3-026, The Hall - New Parks and Travis B – MLK and Cow Parade and Schuber/Commuter Rail and Hall Chat and Frances Gonzalez and Mayor, Southside, undated
B3-027, Planning Special and Rediscover Card, undated
B3-028, The Hall - Norma Video and Park Police and 311, undated
B3-029, The Hall - George Whitfield, Records and Norma Farewell and Hall Chat and Smoke Alarms, undated
B3-030, Kris’ Work Tape, undated
B3-031, The Hall - Norma Video and Mayor Garza and Sanders and Southern Command, undated
B3-032, Victim’s Advocacy and Terry’s United Way, September 10, 2002
B3-033, Kris’ Miscellaneous Tape - Texas House of Representatives and City Web Sites and Witte Museum Renovation, undated
B3-034, Nani Falcon and Randy Ganibay, Flaco Promo, and Native Texas, June 6, 2002
B3-035, The Hall - Martin Bridge, Diez y Seis Parade with Interviews, September 13/14, 2002
B3-036, The Hall - Kris’ Miscellaneous Tape – Virginia Gill Interview and Di and Bertha and Budget Cover and Carpenter and Houston Street and Audio, undated
B3-037, Diez y Seis Parade and Lanier Mariachi Group, September 14, 2002
B3-038, Branch Libraries, November 20, 2002
B3-039, Flood opens and Closes and Salvation Army and Public Works Flood Report, 2002
B3-040, undated
B3-041, Environmental Service, Trash Hauler and Health Inspector, 2002
B3-042, Community Initiatives, Municipal Court, Parks and Recreation and Airport, undated
5 B3-043, Miss U.S.A., Producers/Film Commission, Riverwalk, Municipal Auditorium, undated
B3-044, Presa Street opening, undated
B3-045, undated
B3-046, Sweep School with Moorhouse, Valencia, October 21, 2002
B3-047, Aggressive Driving, undated
B3-048, B-Roll Planning Commission Meeting For Building SA, undated
B3-049, Martin Luther King Parade, January 18, 2003
B3-050, Celebrate San Antonio, undated
B3-051, undated
B3-052, CMR Fiesta, undated
B3-053, Camp DCC (Dallas Cowboys) Footage, undated
B3-054, Pearsall Park Community Center, and Martin/Campa B- Roll, October 1, 2002
B3-055, Riverwalk Project, Fire Alarms, Building Inspection, Housing, Parks and Recreation, Library, CCMS, Building Inspection, Convention and Visitors Bureau, Convention Expansion, Alamo dome, Mayors Forum, Accomplishments, 40 year Employees 2000, Council Action Teams, February 2001
B3-056, Public Service Announcements – Tourism, Police, CPS, Health, EOC, emergency Kit, Airport, ADA Parking, "Not Me Not Now," undated
B3-057, Police, Fire, Municipal Courts, Code Compliance, Airport, International, Neighborhood, Fan Give Away, Fire, undated
B3-058, Carver Center, Library, Southside initiative, Carver Exterior, undated
B3-059, National Night Out, City Hall, undated
B3-060, San Antonio Flood Relief, Salvation Army and Tunnel News Conference, Flood, 2002
B3-061, undated
B3-062, Toyota News Conference, February 5, 2003
B3-063, Toyota News Conference, February 5, 2003
B3-064, Smallpox, February 18, 2003
B3-065, Music Video, "YoVeo Manana/I See Tomorrow," undated
B3-066, undated
B3-067, Hall Chat, What Makes San Antonio Great and City Managers Report B-Roll, Immunization, undated
B3-068, Norma Video, Toni Moorehouse, Travis Bishop, undated
B3-069, HARP Segment for City Managers Report, TIF Housing Area, Showcase 2001 /South Park, Convention Center/ Rotary International, undated
B3-070, 9-11 Anniversary, Tape 2, undated
B3-071, 9-11 Anniversary, Tape 2, undated
B3-072, B-Roll, Riverwalk, October 16, 2002
B3-073, Sweep, Brooms, Tree Lighting Set-up, October 14, 2002
B3-074, The Hall and Houston Street Opening, undated
B3-075, undated
B3-076, Police Awards Ceremony, August 27, 2002
B3-077, Police Awards Ceremony, Park Police, August 27, 2002
B3-078, Police Memorial, B-Roll, May 14, 2002
B3-079, City Managers Report and Rediscover Downtown and Hall B-Roll, undated
B3-080, Harp Homes Day Care Center, August 20, 2003
B3-081, Hike and Bike, Flaco Jimenez, May 10, 2002
B3-082, undated
B3-083, undated
B3-084, Hike and Bike Week – Mayor, Atkisson, Castro, Judge Wolfe, undated
B3-085, Construction, New Home Building, March 26, 2002
B3-086, Airport, Animal Control Facility, February 20, 2002
B3-087, undated
B3-088, Signs School Line, Neighborhood Improvements, February 13, 2002
B3-089, A1701-02-0199, RT 13:30, "Pale Horse 2002,"San Antonio News Briefings, 2002
B3-090, Brooks #1, Signing, undated
B3-091, Emergency Kit, undated
25 B3-092, Police Heroes Awards, undated
B3-093, Behind the Badge – Swat, undated
B3-094, undated
B3-095, News Conference and B-Roll, 1038 New Laredo Highway and Demolition for New Fire House, undated
B3-096, Airport – People in Line Inside, undated
B3-097, Kuzniar B-Roll and Convention and Planning and Economic Development and Community Initiatives and Municipal Staff and Parks and Recreation, undated
B3-098, Neighborhood Action and Printing and Police Captain, undated
B3-099, Police Chief - Aggressive, undated
B3-100, Hike and Bike Rally, May 10, 2002
B3-101, Albert Ortiz, New Chief of Police News Conference, undated
B3-102, EMS Light Control, undated
B3-103, Kids Day 2000, B-Roll, Time Warner Cable, 2000
B3-104, Santana at the Dome and Chris Brady – DBS Center and Youth Commission and School Signs – B-Roll, undated
B3-105, School Signs, B-Roll part 2 and Trash Pick-up , B- Roll and River walk Draining and Police, B-Roll, Mitchell, undated
B3-106, Police Awards and Interview with Chief Ortiz, March 4, 2003
B3-107, Sweep – Anson Middle School and Mayor on Bike and Judge on Bike and Economic Development- Seminar/Roundtable and Hike and Bike Logo, undated
B3-108, undated
B3-109, Police Hero Awards, Tape 1, March 4, 1003
B3-110, Chief Miller and Tom Wendorf and EMS – Special Operations Unit, undated
B3-111, Potholes and Dee Dee Poteet Interview and Miss USA in San Antonio, undated
B3-112, undated
B3-113, Miss USA Pageant and Rehearsal, undated
B3-114, The Hall, B-Roll, March Edition, Tape 1 and SBA Classes and Mayor Cleaning River and America’s Moving, 2 Film Crew on Tower, January 31, 2003 and Toyota Celebration , February 10,2003
B3-115, The Hall, B-Roll, March Edition 2 and Toyota Celebration , Part 2, February 10, 2003 and Despierta America, B-Roll Interview, February 11, 2003 and Toyota B-Roll Red Mac’s and Scott Standup 1, February 12, 2003
B3-116, The Hall, B-Roll, March Edition 3, Municipal Courts, B-Roll, October 17, 2002 and Project Worth News Conference and Interview, February 14, 2003
B3-117, The Hall, B-Roll, March Edition 4, Carver and Scott’s Stand-up at Toyota Site, February 12, 2003
B3-118, The Hall, B-Roll, March Edition 5, Interview with Chief Ortiz, February 14, 2003 and CAT Officers in the Field, February 19, 2003
B3-119, B-Roll , Graffiti Removal Part 1 of 2 and DBS Center, March 10, 2003
B3-120, The Hall Interview, CC Conner, CC Bobby, February 13, 2003 and B-Roll , Graffiti Part 2 of 2, March 2003
B3-121, Toyota Bond Rough Cut and Brooks City Base and Stand-up, undated
B3-122, Job Fair, April 1, 2003
B3-123, Vita News Conference, Dennis Campa and R-Roll, April 1, 2003
B3-124, New York Bombing Crisis, B-Roll, Fire Chiefs and Police, Terry Brechtel, undated
B3-125, Park Bench, San Pedro Park and N****** and Lt. Castro, February 22, 2002
B3-126, City Sweep, District 4, Martin, March 20, 2002
B3-127, Dead Animal Pick-up and Garbage Collection, undated
B3-128, Luncheon - Brooks, undated
B3-129, News Conference – Stage 1 Aquifer Restriction, June 26, 2002
B3-130, B-Roll, Al Philipus, undated
B3-131, Traps, undated
B3-132, The Hall, Mayor Working Out and Roy Kaiser, undated
B3-133, B-Roll, Mayor/Norma, Terry/Norma, Scott/Garage Henry C, undated
B3-134, B-Roll, CMR Remote, June 24, 2002
26 B3-135, Parks and Recreation Award, B-Roll and Tim Duncan Live It! B-Roll and Jason Cosby Interview and Lions Park & Bamberger Park, undated
B3-136, Pool Maintenance and I-10, Left Lane and Brackenridge Maintenance, undated
B3-137, Fire Department – Jaws of Life, Neighborhood Sweeps, 16 de Sept., Neighborhood Improvement Program, Literacy Center, Kiosk and Youth W***, Paintings at Convention Centers, School Zone Flashing Lights, Kinder Readiness Program, Carver Program, EDD Video, Cultural Video, Elderly S***, Community Relations, After School Challenge, Downtown Projects, and River walk Project, undated
B3-138, The Hall – Firefighter, undated
B3-139, Muni Mock Trial, undated
B3-140, undated
B3-141, Fiesta B-Roll and San Antonio Flood Relief, July 11, 2002
B3-142, Flood Video, B-Roll, undated
B3-143, ES1 - Public Works, Brush Collection Violations, undated
B3-144, ES2 – Earth Matters, Brush Collection, undated
B3-145, ES3 – Brush Collection and News Conference with B-Roll and Dan Cardenas and Martin Rodriguez, November 2, 2001
B3-146, ES4 – Brush Collection, Illegal Dumping and News Conference with Dan Cardenas, undated
B3-147, Planning Master and Post Flood Tour, undated
B3-148, Teen Court, B-Roll, April 16, 2003
B3-149, Teen Court and Interview with Judge Torres and DBS Center with Interviews by Terry and Bobby Perez, April 16, 2003
B3-150, Press Conference, Code Orange, March 18, 2003
B3-151, CMR, Terry, "The Firefighter, " undated
B3-152, Brush Collection, B-Roll and Scubert and Christmas Lights, October 15, 2002
B3-153, Interviews, DBS Center, Troy Elliot, Terry and Bobby, undated
B3-154, PR8 – Traps, Jody, undated
B3-155, A5 – Airport and Convention Center, October 3, 2001
B3-156, SA05 – Medical Center and Blanco Café and Los Colorines and Woodland Stores, undated
B3-157, SA04 – South Park Mall and Infrastructure and 410/I10 and Airport and Quarry, undated
B3-158, SA03 – River Center Mall and River walk and Marriot and Skyline and Alamodome, undated
B3-159, SA02 – New Horizons and Bandera/1604 and De Zavala/I10 and Aerospace Academy, undated
B3-160, SA01 – Historical Gardens and Alamodome and Tower and Convention Center and Paul’s Square and Rosedale, undated
B3-161, CM8 - Terry Brechtel Municipal Courts and Finance, August 21, 2001
B3-162, Brooks Ceremony G. and O., 2002
B3-163, Little Read Wagon and Police Memorial B-Roll, May 14, 2002
B3-164, CM-18 - House Moving, Cincinnati Street, undated
B3-165, Public Service Announcements – Martin Luther King, Convention Expansion, Household Hazardous Waste, 2000-2001 Budget, Dancing Fountain, Downtown, Showcase, Hike and Bike, and Stand for Children, January 1999
B3-166, San Antonio Convention and Visitor Bureau Holiday B-Roll Package and Las Posada and Alamo and River walk with Holiday Lights and Celebrate San Antonio – New Year’s Eve Celebration, undated
B3-167, Blue Santa – Courtesy, KABB-TV, undated
B3-168, Chopper Cam Over 1604, undated
B3-169, Jody’s Footage at HemisFair Park, undated
B3-170, DBS Center, B-Roll, Claude Black, Senior Nutrition Center, Pt. 1, undated
B3-171, Claude Black Center and Project EASE and Budget Award and Police at City hall and Website for Permits, undated
B3-172, UTSA Students, undated
B3-173, UTSA Students and New Northeast Service Center, Bond Projects, NIOSA, undated
B3-174, Weather Work, Cold Freeze and SBC Logo and 1 Stop Development Center and Stand-up , B-Roll, February 25, 2003
B3-175, Springview, Part 1, B-Roll and Kids in Pool at Brackenridge Park and Municipal Plaza and County Courthouse, Under Construction and City Hall Exterior, Old B****at San Fernando and Springview Homes, undated
27 B3-176, Springview Homes, Part 1, Interviews and B-Roll, George Whitfield Municipal Records Facility, Vital Records Only and King William Neighborhood and H.F. Garcia Boulevard Sign, B-Roll and John H. Wood Courthouse, Application of Appointment B- Roll and City Clerk’s Office, B-Roll, undated
B3-177, The Hall, NIOSA, (Night in Old San Antonio) Clean-up and Mike Abington, Interview on X- Games, undated
B3-178, The Hall, Interviews, Can C. July 31, 2002 and Brush-up Sweep News Conference, June 21, 2002
B3-179, NIOSA – After Cleaning, Garbage and Dead Animal, undated
B3-180, Wildflowers – Project Worth, 2002
B3-181, Hall Chat Lady and DBS Interviews and Vietnam Memorial, undated
B3-182, DBS Center, News Conference, undated
B3-183, Carver News Conference, April 29, 2003
B3-184, DBS News Conference, undated
B3-185, St. Mary’s Parking and Scott and Luis on Bikes, undated
B3-186, Hugman Bridge News Conference Including Mrs. Hugman, May 9, 2003
B3-187, Police Memorial, Tape 1, 2003
B3-188, Police Memorial, Tape 2, 2003
B3-189, Graffiti Clean-up, Northeast Service Center and X Games Sign-on Alamodome, May 15, 2003
B3-190, Animal Control - Dog Bite, Dr. Interview and Prayer Service, undated
B3-191, Library Summer Reading, X-Games, undated
B3-192, Interviews with Officers – Officer Robert Hyson and Officer Maciel, undated
B3-193, Interview with Officer Maciel, Part 2 and Cow Parade and Interview with Roland Lozano, undated
B3-194, Traps, 2003
B3-195, PGA with Di Galvan, undated
B3-196, Northeast Service Center Grand Opening with B- Roll, May 21, 2003
B3-197, The Hall, Trash Cans and Cross Walks – Timed and Cross Walks - Beeps and Scott’s Audio, Homeless, undated
B3-198, Garbage Can Story and Generic People in Plaza de las Islas, undated
B3-199, Shelter – Playground –Kids on Art at Library and SAMM Shelter, undated
B3-200, EOC – Nim Kidd, May 21, 2003
B3-201, Witte Exterior Art at Library, American and Texas Originals, June 3, 2003
B3-202, Spurs Rally, Camera A, 2003
B3-203, Prayer Service, B-Roll and Energy Saving Tips and Spurs Rally, Camera B, 2003
B3-204, Library Birthday Party - 100th, June 8, 2003
B3-205, Park Bench, Camera A, Tape 1, undated
B3-206, Park Bench, Camera B, Tape 1, undated
B3-207, Park Bench, Camera A, Tape 2, undated
B3-208, Park Bench, Camera B, Tape 2, undated
B3-209, A2, Stinson Ceremony, Tape 1, August 24, 2001
B3-210, A3, Stinson Ceremony, Tape 2, August 24, 2001
B3-211, Prayer Service for Military Troops, May 1, 2003
B3-212, Brooks City Base, undated
B3-213, undated
B3-214, undated
B3-215, City Shield and Building SA Close and CMR Open, undated
B3-216, B-Roll Literacy Services, undated
B3-217, In the Line of Fire – Holiday Safety, undated
B3-218, Dark Screen, Tape 1, September 13, 2002
B3-219, Dark Screen, Tape 2, September 13, 2002
28 B3-220, Dark Screen, Tape 3, September 13, 2002
B3-221, Dark Screen, Tape 4, September 13, 2002
B3-222, Dark Screen, undated
B3-223, Goals n’ Objectives, Tape 1, 2003
B3-224, Goals n’ Objectives, Tape 2, 2003
B3-225, Public Service Announcement – Project Worth - Not Me Not Now, June 17, 2003
B3-226, Public Service Announcement – Project Worth – Not Me Not Now, June 17, 2003
B3-227, PB-71, Park Bench, Denise Parks, Barbara Fenlon and Brenda Burton, July 2003
B3-228, New Opens – Park Bench and City Manager’s Report and In the Works, undated
B3-229, Council B-Roll and Terry S. from Budget and Eastside Houses, July 25, 2003
B3-230, Hall Chat – Tourism and Immunization Shots and Fireworks Hazards and Bee Removal and Japan vs. America Baseball and Rose Ryan – Trash Pick-up and Dennis Campa – Elderly Affairs and David Newman – Point Bank, undated
B3-231, Half Price Books and Health Department, and Lila Cockrell and Laura Ortiz and Ken Slavin and Bob McCullagh, July 1, 2003
B3-232, Jon Todd and Nelly Shannon, Graffiti Clean-up, undated
B3-233, Budget Video, B-Roll, Police Headquarters and DB Center and Soflo- NAD – Building and Downtown with River walk and Jon Todd, Stand-up and Jim Campbell interview, undated
B3-234, Senior Nutrition Center and Ron Segovia and David Garza and Scott’s "Sit-up", Phoenix Awards Tape 2, undated
B3-235, International Perspective, Laredo, Tape 1, undated
B3-236, International Perspective, Laredo, Tape 2, "Can it"GFX, undated
B3-237, Budget Video, B-Roll, Meeting at Media Briefing Center and City Manager with Assistants and Lou Lendman, undated
B3-238, Homebuyer Class, 1400 S. Flores, July 15, 2003
B3-239, Jazz’s Alive, 2002
B3-240, The Hall, Scott Bond Stand-up, September 24, 2003
B3-241, Toyota, Tape 1, October 17, 2003
B3-242, Toyota, Tape 2, October 17, 2003
B3-243, Toyota, Tape 3, October 17, 2003
B3-244, Toyota, Music, Interviews and Jody, Lincoln and Jesse at Market, undated
B3-245, Library, Interviews and Centennial Babies, Interviews, undated
B3-246, Terry at Cemetery, November 4, 2003
B3-250, San Antonio Skyline, River walk, Alamodome, Park Property, and Flood Damage of 1999 on Leon Creek, undated
B3-251, undated
B3-252, Terry as 311 Rep(resentative), Side Camera, Tape 1, undated
B3-253, Terry as 311 Rep(resentative), Camera Terry, Tape 1, undated
B3-254, Photo Sept*****, Hispanic M**** and Stablewood Apartments 214 Muncey, 405 Seguin, undated
B3-255, CMR, (City Manager) McAllister Park, December 11, 2003
B3-256, Terry as 311 Rep(resentative), Side Camera, Tape 2, undated
B3-257, Terry as 311 Rep(resentative), Camera Terry, Tape 2, undated
B3-258, Safety Work session and Jason and Exterior Library, October 7, 2003
B3-259, Budget Video, 2003
B3-260, undated
B3-261, The Hall, April Edition, VSA Opens, undated
B3-262, undated
B3-263, CMR (City Manager), Cemetery, Mono Sound, undated
B3-264, On Your Job with the City Manager at 311, undated
29 B3-265, Brooks Signing Agreement, May 14, 2002
B3-266, Airport Airwaves, Last Show of 2003 2003
B3-267, undated
B3-278, Tom Wendort, January 13, 2004
B3-269, Patti Radle Interview on Homelessness and Council B-Roll Hass and Castro in B-room, undated
B3-270, Scott’s Stand-up and B-Roll of Traffic, undated
B3-271, EOC, Charley Gonzalez, January 30, 2004
[ ], Scratch Tape undated
[ ], undated
[ ], undated
B3 Footage, Behind the Badge - BB
BB-03, Behind the Badge, Host: Paul Buske, 1. "Personnel Assignments "Guest: Sgt. Tyrone Powers, Taped: December 19, 1989, Aired: No Date, December 19, 1989,
BB-[ [], Behind the Badge, 1. "SAPD 1990,"Guest: Capt. Jimmy Kopeck, Taped: February 6, 1990, Aired: February 26, 1990 and March 19, 1990, 2. "Vice Squad", Guest: Lt. Jerry Pittman, Taped: March 6, 1990, Aired: March 12, 1990, and April 9, 1990, February 6, 1990 and March 6, 1990
BB-[ ], Behind the Badge, Host: Paul Buske, 1. "Evidence Investigation Unit "Guest: Aurelio Chavez and John Saucedo, Taped: June 12, 1990, Aired: August 6, 1990 2. “Arson Investigation”, Guest: Larry Foraker and Danny Warner Taped: June 19, 1990, Aired: July 9, 1990, June 12, 1990 and June 19, 1990
BB-[ ], Behind the Badge, Host: Sgt. Paul Buske, 1."Downtown Foot Patrol and Bike Unit, "Guest: Sgt. Harry Griffin and Officer Joe Correa, Taped: August 7, 1990, Aired: No Date, 2, "S.W.A.T.", Guest: Sgt. Robert Moczygemba and Officer Armando Ramirez, Taped: September 18, 1990, Aired: October 22, 1990 and November 26, 1990, August 7, 1990 and September 18, 1990
BB-[ ], Behind the Badge, Host: Paul Buske, 1. "Protect Your Children ,"Guest: Detective Johnny Barnes, Taped: September 5, 1990, Aired: September 24, 1990, 2. "Helicopter Unit", Host: Sandy Perez, Guest: Sgt. Robert Lewis, Taped: October 16, 1990, Aired, October, 29, 1990 and Public Service Announcement, Economic Summit, November 9, 1990, September 5, 1990 and October 16, 1990
BB-[ ], Behind the Badge, Host: Sgt. Paul Buske, 1. "Robbery Unit, "Guest: Detective John Jennings, Taped: December 4, 1990, aired December 26, 1990, 2. "Violence", Host: Sandy Perez, Guest: Sgt. David Ramos, Detective Jimmy Holguin, Taped: December 8, 1990, Aired: January 7, 1991, December 4, 1990 and December 8, 1990
BB-[ ], Behind the Badge, Host: Sgt. Paul Buske, 1."Combating the User of Fire Arms, "Guest: Capt. Jimmy Kopek, Dan Conroy and Mike Dodd, Taped: January 29, 1991, Aired, No Date, 2. "Crime Statistics", Guest: Officer Martin Landgrave, Taped: February 5, 1991, Aired: No Date, January 29, 1991 and February 5, 1991
BB-07, Behind the Badge, Host: Sgt. Paul Buske, 1."Downtown Foot Patrol and Fiesta, "Guest: Lt. Rudy Vernon, Taped: April 2, 1991, Aired: April 19, 1991, 2. "Fire Arms Safety", Guest: Sandy Perez and Detective B. McClennan, Taped: April 30, 1991, Aired: No Date, April 2, 1991 and April 30, 1991
BB-06, Behind the Badge, 1. "Police Memorial"Taped: May 14, 1991, Aired: June 1, 1991, May 14, 1991
BB-[ ], Behind the Badge, 1. "Wounded in the Line of Duty , "Guest: Officer Henry Alonzo and Officer Ruben Gonzales, Taped: June 4, 1991, Aired: No Date 2. "Police Athletic League", Guest: Officer Troy Smith and Officer Ruben Gonzales, Taped: June 18, 1991, Aired: No Date, June 4, 1991 and June 18, 1991
BB-11, Behind the Badge, 1."New Police Officers,"Guest: Sgt. Frank Davis, Christopher Baldit and Joseph Myers, Taped: July 16, 1991, Aired: No Date, 2. "Murder", Guest: Lt. Albert Ortiz, Taped: July 30, 1991, Aired: No Date, July 16, 1991 and July 30, 1991
30 BB-02, Behind the Badge, 1. "Motor Vehicle Theft, "Guest: Sgt. John Gruchacz, Taped: January 28, 1992, Aired: No Date, January 28, 1992
BB-10, Behind The Badge, Host: Sgt. Paul Buske, 1."D.A.R.E."Guest: Officer Hooly Cheatu, Gail Jackson, Taped: June 23, 1992, Aired: No Date, 2. "Police Application Process", Guest: Officer Bobby Hyatt, Taped: August 4, 1992, Aired: No Date, June 23, 1992 and August 4, 1992
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BB-03, Behind the Badge, 1. "Child Abuse and Prevention" Guest: Sgt. Bill Ewell, Sgt. Eddied Pinchback and Sgt. David Ramos, Taped: October 27, 1992, Aired: No Date, 2. "What Parents Should Know About Gangs", Guest: Officer Kay Frausto, Taped: January 12, 1993, Aired: No Date, October 27, 1992 and January 12, 1993
BB-01, Behind the Badge, 1. "On Patrol", Host: Sgt. David Ramos, Guest: Officer, Rafael Gonzalez, Taped: February 16, 1993, Aired: No Date, February 16, 1993
BB-12, Behind the Badge, 1."Police Memorial" , Guest Sandy Perez, Taped: July 26, 1993, Aired: No Date, July 26, 1993
BB-08, Behind the Badge, 1. "Community Police programs" Host: Sgt. David Ramos, Guests: Officer Ray Frausto and Officer Tom Preston, Taped: September 22, 1993, Aired: No Date, September 22, 1993
BB-09, Behind the Badge, 1. "Police Athletic League", Host: Sandy Perez, Guest: Officer Troy Smity, Richard DeKan and Rudy Belmares, Taped: May 10, 1994, Aired: No Date, May 10, 1994
BB-10, Behind the Badge, 1. "Halloween and Child Safety" Host: Sandy Perez, Guest: Eddied Ramirez and Bob Sills, Taped: September 25, 1996, Aired: No Date, September 25, 1996
BB-58, Behind the Badge, 1. "Police Recruiting Chaplains"Host: Sandy Gutierrez, Guest: Rev. E.E. Brown and Rev. Samuel Spencer, Date: January 26, 2000, January 26, 2000
BB-5*, Behind the Badge, 1. "National Night Out", H Ramirez and Bib Sills, Taped: June 21,2000, Aired: No Date, June 21, 2000
BB-60, Behind the Badge, 1. "Back to School Safety", Host: Sandy Gutierrez, Guest: Officer Tom Preston, Officer Bill Aniol, Minnie Garibay and Elen Norris, Taped: July 26, 2000, Aired: No Date, July 26, 2000
31 BB-59, Behind the Badge, 1. "Battered Women", Host: Sandy Gutierrez, Guest: Patricia Castillo, Joyce Coleman, Charlie Ricketts and Ester Diaz, Taped: August 23 2000, Aired, No Date, August 23 2000
BB-60, Behind the Badge, 1."Holiday Safety", Host: Sandy Gutierrez, Guest: Tom Preston and Eddie Ramirez, Taped: November 22, 2000, Aired: No Date, November 22, 2000
BB-61, Behind the Badge, 1. "Crime Victims Rights", Host: Sandy Gutierrez, Guest: Jane Shafer, Taped: February 19, 2001, February 19, 2001
BB -64, Behind the Badge, 1. "National Night Out", Host: Sandy Gutierrez, Guest: Bob S ills and Greg Whitlock, Date: July 25, 2001, July 25, 2001
BB-65, Behind the Badge, 1. "Recruiting Chaplains/Domestic Violence ", Host: Sandy Gutierrez, Guest: Richard Hobbs, Deacon and Jane Shafer, undated
BB-66 & 67, Behind the Badge, "Christmas Shopping Safety", No Date (One Tape), undated
BB-66, Behind the Badge, "Racial Profiling", Segment 1: Deputy Chief Jerry Pittman, Segment 2: Acting Captain Norbert Jacobs, Taped: January 23, 2002, Aired: No Date, January 23, 2002
BB-67, Behind the Badge, "Elderly Abuse", Segment 1: Jane Shafer and Desma Delgado, Segment 2: Jane Shafer and Desma Delgado, Taped: June 19, 2002 , Aired: No Date, June 19, 2002
BB-64, Behind the Badge, "Help for Domestic Violence Victims and Abusers ", Segment 1: Matt Fernandez and Elena Lucio , Segment 2: Officer Charlie Ricketts, Officer John Mills, Taped: August 28, 2002, Aired: No Date, August 28, 2002
BB-[ ], Behind the Badge, August 28, 2002
BB-65, Behind the Badge, "New Radio System for SAPD"Segment 1: Capt. William Smith, Taped: September 25, 2002, September 25, 2002
BB-68, Behind the Badge, October 2003
32 Beta Full Length Footage (BFL)
BFL-01, Villa de Esperanza, 1997 and Dorie Miller Center Opening, 1997 and Official City Store Opening, 1997
BFL-02, Municipal Magazine #4, December 1996 and Municipal Magazine #5, February 1997
BFL-03, Bluebonnet Book Awards, and Youth Recognition Awards and City Newsmakers: Claude Black Street/Wescott and Menefee Housing, undated
BFL-04, Municipal Magazine #6, April 1997 and Municipal Magazine, June 1997 and Municipal Magazine #8, August 1997
BFL-05, City Council Swearing-in Ceremony, June 1, 1997
BFL-06, Summer Youth Employment Welcome Mayor and Manager, June 16, 1997
BFL-07, Police Memorial, 1997
BFL-08, Convention Expansion Program, Bluestar on Fredericksburg Road, Deco District and Cherry Street Housing Project, undated
BFL-09, Mayor Peak’s Opening Statement and UMAST Keynote Speech by Briseno, June 5, 1997 and Manager’s Budget News Conference, August 1997
BFL-10, Municipal Magazine, #9, October 1997 V.2, #3 and Municipal Magazine #10, December 1997, V.2 #4, and Municipal Magazine #11, February 1998, V. 2 # 7, 1997-1998
BFL-11, City Newsmakers: Opening Ceremony of Billa Literacy Center, Days of Caring and San Antonio Police Hero Awards and One Perfect Day, 1995
BFL-12, [See Box 37 ], undated
BFL-13, Gatekeeper Elderly Assistance and City Newsmakers: School Zone Lights/City Services and Press Conference, ITT Hotel and Affordable Housing Music Video, undated
BFL-14, Community Link Update and Debt Management Plan, February 5, 1998
BFL-15, Bluebonnet Awards, 1998 and City Newsmakers: Communicating Our Message/Showcase 1998 and Street Maintenance Program and City Newsmakers: Neighborhood Sweeps, 1998
BFL-16, Cities Without Suburbs and Video for International Center Mural and Neighborhood Sweeps and Working Together with Schools, undated
BFL-17, Municipal Magazine #12, April 1998 and Municipal Magazine #13, June 1998 and Municipal Magazine #14, (August 1998), Best of Municipal Magazine, 1998
33 BFL-18, Bond Rating Presentation and Underground Utility, undated
BFL-19, Edwards Aquifer Study and "Urban Renaissance"Symposium, undated
BFL-20, Employee Appreciation Video, 1997 and Police Memorial, 1998, 1997-1998
BFL-21, Music, September 1998
BFL-21, Concepts of Urban Planning, Speaker Terry Goddard and City Sweeps, June 23, 1998
BFL-22, Five Year Financial Forecast Fiscal Year 1999 through 2003 and Health Clinic Story in Municipal Magazine and LDP-511 Video, undated
BFL-23, undated
BFL-24, Fandango, "Across the Seas", 1998 and Mayor’s Symposium, "The Philadelphia Experience, " undated
BFL-25, Frances Gonzalez Presentation to Council on Neighborhood Sweeps and Missions Trails Groundbreaking, June 27, undated
BFL-26, Keeping the Piece and Working Together/Better Neighborhoods, undated
BFL-27, Budget Presentation Program, August 15, 1998
BFL-28, Urban Renaissance: Denver, undated
BFL-29, International Center Grand Opening, undated
BFL-30, Budget, Tape 1, September 17, 1998
BFL-31, Budget and Ethics, Tape 2, September 17, 1996
BFL-32, Woodlawn Lake Project and Empowerment Zone and Economic Summit, undated
BFL-33, Municipal Magazine #15, November 1998 and Municipal Magazine, #16, December 1998, 1998
34 BFL-34, UMAST Keynote Speech – Charles Gonzalez and Department Management Plan, October 1998 and Mayor’s State of the City, November 10, 1998
BFL-35, Ethics Ordinance, Frank Guerra, 1998
BFL-36, Urban Renaissance: Seattle/Symposium, Kate Jones and Parade of Homes Ground Breaking, Pasadena Heights, undated
BFL-37, Brookside Parade of Homes, February 1, 1999 and Clean Fuels, March 1, 1999, 1999
BFL-38, Employee Banquet, 1958-1978, Presented March 19, 1999 and St. Mary’s Learning Center Opening and Bond Package-UMAST, 1999
BFL-39, Trolley Station Open and UMAST – Housing, undated
BFL-40, Showcase Speed Set-up and Y2K Project and Downtown Plan, undated
BFL-41, Simply the Best, May 1999 and Bloopers, May 1999 and Parade of Homes, Pasadena Heights Grand Opening and Simply the Best, No Tag, undated
BFL-42, Mayor and City Council Swearing in Ceremony and City Council Chamber, Municipal Plaza Building, San Antonio, Texas, Tuesday, June 1, 1999
BFL-43, Walker Ranch Opening, undated
BFL-44, A Night with Fandango, undated
BFL-45, Police Memorial, 1999 and Police Memorial, 2000
BFL-46, Five Year Financial Forecast 2000-2004, 1999
BFL-47, Urban Renaissance: Pittsburgh and UMAST, undated
BFL-48, At Your Service 1999 and Tourism: State of the Industry and Neighborhood Sweeps, Districts 6, 3 and 5, 2000
BFL-49, Arena Presentation, Tape 1, August 5, 1999
35 BFL-50, Community Link Opening at McCreless Mall and Urban 15 and Neighborhood Sweep, 1999
BFL-51, Phase 1 Mission Trails Completion Ceremony and Financial Budget Fiscal Year 2000, August 12, 1999
BFL-52, Municipal Magazine, Christmas Edition, undated
BFL-53, City Manager’s Report with Travis Bishop, undated
BFL-54, Convention Center Expansion and Diez y Seis News Conference, Supervisor Video 1999 and Office Montage and Spurs Celebration and Airport Garage Opening and City Manager’s Report, undated
BFL-55, 1998 Flood Anniversary news Conference with Flood Video at the Beginning and Raise the Roof and International Perspective and Bloopers, 2000
BFL-56, Urban Revitalization, 21st Century, UMAST, November 5, 1999
BFL-57, Economic Development, ED-18, undated
BFL-58, City Manager’s Report for December 9, 1999 and Y2k Presentation to Council, December 9, 1999 and Mayor’s State of the City/Census, 2000
BFL-59, Mock Trail Master, Tape 1 of 2 Tapes, undated
BFL-60, Press Conference with Demolition, Wheatley Heights, FEMA, undated
BFL-61, San Pedro Springs Park Ceremony Ribbon Cutting Ceremony and Don’t be Scammed – How to Avoid Fraud, undated
BFL-61, State of the City Speech, January 16, 2000 and Project WORTH Kick-off and Project WORTH Pregnancy Rate Updated, February 2001
BFL-61, Five Year Financial Forecast, Fiscal Years 2001 – 2005 and UMAST, May 26, 2000
BFL-64, City Manager Announces Retirement and Police Hero Awards, 2000
BFL-65, Beyond the Alamo and At Your Service, 2000 and Sweeps, 2000
36 BFL-66, Kindergarten Readiness Program News Conference and Valley View Community Link Service Center and Valley View Community Link without Tim and Housing Asset Recovery Program and Bloopers, 2001
BFL-67, Phoenix Award – Domestic Violence and Budget Presentation, 2000
BFL-68, undated
BFL-69, Community Link Opening at South Park Mall and Model United Nations in San Antonio and Earth Matters with Bertha and Scott and Housing Asset Recovery Program – HARP with Ed Garza, undated
BFL-70, Alex’s 10 Year Anniversary Presentation at City Hall, undated
BFL-71, Budget, 2000-2001
BFL-72, Urban Design, Andres Duany, undated
BFL-73, City Council Ceremonial and International Perspective, June 2000 and 10 Years of Accomplishments, May 2000 and Henry Cisneros, May 2000
BFL-74, Employee Appreciation Video for 1959 – 1999 and District 6 and 3 City Sweep and Parking Garage Bond Report and 311 News Conference and Sweep in San Antonio and Video Sampler and John German Retired and P. G. Mendez Retires and Gene Camargo Retires, undated
BFL-75, UMAST, May 4, 2001 and Early On Campaign, May 4, 2001
BFL-76, Farewell Wishes to Alex and Alex’s Tribute and Executive Team Farewell and Public Service Month, May 2001
BFL-77, Right-of-Way Program, 2001 and State of the City, 2001 and River Revitalization Project, undated
BFL-78, Better Jobs Program for UMAST and Park Bench – On the River, April 2001
BFL-79, Terry Wearing into Office and Mayor’s Goals, 2002
BFL-80, Swearing-in Ceremony, June 1, 2001
37 BFL-12, State of the City, December 1997 and Census, 2000 and Mayor Peak’s State of the City Address, November 1998
BFL-81, UMAST Annual Conference, Dr. Amy Freeman Lee “The Learning Curve”, June 29, 2001 and Goals and Objectives and Story Press Conference, undated
BFL-82, UMAST "Why Didn’t Someone Tell Me That!"with Tony Bosmans, June 29, 2001, and Sweeps Montage, July 2001 and St. Mary’s Street Parking, March 2002
BFL-83, Police Memorial, 2001
BFL-84, Police Awards, July 10, 2001 and Prayer Service September 14, 2001
BFL-84, Secure San Antonio, Town Meeting, October 26, 2001
BFL-85, Proposed Budget 2001-2002, 2001
BFL-86, 5 Year Financial Forecast, Fiscal Year 2002 to Fiscal Year 2006, Tape 1
BFL-87, 5 Year Financial Forecast, Fiscal Year 2002 to Fiscal Year 2006, Tape 2, 2002
BFL-88, Mayor Garza’s Agenda, 2001-2003, 2001
BFL-89, Stinson Historic Marker, August 24, 2001 and Historic Civic Center Link Ribbon Cutting, September 30, 2001 and Fire Departments Opticom System and Celebrate San Antonio, 2001
BFL-90, Earth Matter – Brush Collection and Earth Matters – Brush Collection – nondated and In the Line of Fire, undated
BFL-91, Solutions – Garret Center Picnic and Park Bench – Parks and Honoring City Employees Video, 2003
BFL-92, A Salute to City Heroes, Old and New, undated
BFL-93, 5 Year Financial Forecast, June 6, 2002



161 The Order of Granaderos de Galvez at San Fernando Cathedral and the Governors Palace, November 23, 1980
Mayor and Council Seated in Chamber, 1982
Event Proofs, undated
Golf Tournament, undated
United Way Campaign, undated
Blood Drive, undated
Groundbreaking with Mayor Cisneros, undated
Illegal Dumping Sites, November 5, 1982
China, People’s Republic Journalists, November 9, 1982
Request for Photographic Services from San Antonio Police Department, 1983
Barbara Jordan, May 1983
Helen Dutmer, March 1983
Mayor of Guadalajara in Council Chamber, March 1983
Oscar the Grouch and Harrington, February 1983
Apprenticeship Program, February 1983
Joe Aldeste, February 1983
Community Action Division, January 1983
Ceremonial: Girl Scouts and Clean and Beautiful, January 1983
Pete Guerrero and Barbershop Master Singers, January 1983
In Chambers with Mayor Cisneros and Council, 1982-1983
All American City Cake, 1983
Seated Council Members, 1983
Delegation, May 12, 1983
Old Night in San Antonio Poster, April 1983
Harrington Pro Tem, February 17, 1983
Apprenticeship Program, February 7, 1983
Mrs. Mark White’s Visit, February 3, 1983
Blood Drive, February 3, 1983
Ceremonial, Willie Bates, February 3, 1983
Ceremonial, Freeman, February 3, 1983
Human Resources Services for the Elderly, February 3, 1983
Ceremonial, Barbershop Master Singers, January 2, 1983
Ceremonial, Pancho Claus, December 1982
Ceremonial Choir, December 1982
Ceremonial, San Antonio Book, December 1982
Frank Wing, December 1982
Barbara Jordan, June 5, 1983
City Seal, undated
Employees at Work, undated
Mayor’s Office, undated
Working with Children, undated
Patrolling the River, undated
Landscaping, undated
Pipe Repair, undated
Hanging Christmas Lights, November 1976
Boards and Commissions, undated
164 Alamodome Construction, Prints/Slides, 1991-1993
Janie B. Cantu, Headshot, 1991
Unknown Headshots, undated
Events Negatives, undated


Assorted printed material

163 City of San Antonio, Cable Television Advisory Committee, 1978-1980
City of San Antonio, Cable Television Advisory Committee, 1980-1981
City of San Antonio Cable Television Advisory Committee, Report to City Council, January 15, 1987
City of San Antonio Cable Television Advisory Committee, Report to City Council, April 14, 1988
City of San Antonio Cable Television Advisory Committee, December 1988
City of San Antonio, Cable Television Advisory Committee, Report to City Council, November 14, 1990
City of San Antonio Proposed Annual Budget, 1991-1992
City of San Antonio, State of the City, 1991
Greater San Antonio Area Citizens Committee on Water, Report to the Mayor and City Council, March 1992
Public Announcement, The Formation of the Corporation, Medical Destination, April 17, 1992
Letter from Mayor Wolf to John Hall, Chairman, Texas Water Commission, April 13, 1992
Alamodome Opening Celebration Packet: Events Scheduled and Fact Sheets, May 15, 1992
Public Announcement, Crime Commission to Focus on Domestic Violence, May 14, 1993
Proposal for Designs for a New Generation of American Schools, By the San Antonio New Schools Development Foundation, 2000
Documents: The City Council Governance Committee Meeting, May 22, 2003
Weekly Users Report: Municipal Plaza Building, City Council Chambers and Support Meeting Rooms, 2003-2004
Award Letter, Program Guide, undated
164 Program Schedules, CATV – 5, 1985 – 1988
Technical Assistance Requests and Inter-Office Memos, 1988-1993
Public Healing – Paragon Cable Performance, 1990-1991
Calendar, John Lawler, Video Photographer, Public Information Office, 1991
City-County Communications and Marketing Association (3CMA) Annual Conference Packet, September, 1991
San Antonio Convention and Visitors Bureau Packet, 1991
Urban Management Assistance of South Texas, (UMAST) Seminar, June 1992
Requests for Advertisements of Bids, 1992-1993
Budget PowerPoint for Fiscal Year, 1993
San Antonio Flag - Vertically Blue and Red, a Large White Star Centered, upon which is an Outline Drawing of the Alamo in Black, undated