San Antonio Municipal Archives

San Antonio Bicentennial Committee Records, 1971-1977 (b. 1974-1976)

Title: San Antonio Bicentennial Committee Records, 1971-1977
Dates: 1971-1977
Abstract: Records document the activities of the San Antonio Bicentennial Committee Records between 1971-1977.
Identification: 2008-25
Quantity: 3 ft.
Language: English

Administrative History

The United States celebrated its 200th anniversary, its Bicentennial, on July 4, 1976. As part of the celebration, committees were set up at national, state, and municipal levels to plan Bicentennial celebration events across the country. These are the records created by the San Antonio Bicentennial Committee.

Scope and Content

The collection provides an overview of Bicentennial activities in the city of San Antonio during 1975 and 1976.


Arrangement of the Papers

I. Subject files
II. Special events and activities
III. Subcommittees


Unrestricted access.

Index Terms

Bicentennial Committee (San Antonio Tex.).
American Revolution Bicentennial, 1976—San Antonio (Tex.).
American Revolution Bicentennial, 1976.
United States – Centennial celebrations, etc
United States – History – Revolution, 1775-1783.
San Antonio (Tex.).

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

[Box #, Folder title], San Antonio Bicentennial Committee Records, 1971-1977, San Antonio Municipal Archives.

Processing Information

This collection was processed with financial assistance from the National Historical Publications and Records Commission.

Detailed Description of the Collection


Subject files

1 American Revolution Bicentennial Administration (ARBA)
Advisory Committee, 1975
Bicentennial Ethnic Racial Council (BERC), 1975-1976
Correspondence, undated
Dallas office, 1975-1976
Washington, D.C. office, 1974-1976
Graphics manual, undated
American Revolution Bicentennial Commission
Report to the President, undated
American Revolution Bicentennial Commission of Texas
The American Revolution Bicentennial in Texas brochures, undated
San Antonio Bicentennial Committee
January-June, 1975
July-December, 1975
Bicentennial calendar, 1976
Bicentennial commemoratives and collectables catalog, 1976
Bicentennial Information Network (BINET), 1975-1976
Board of directors, memos, minutes of meetings, 1975
Certificates of appreciation, 1976
Downtown San Antonio Historic Walking Tour booklet, 1975- 1976
Fiesta San Antonio brochure, 1975-1976
Minutes of general meetings, 1975
Report to the city on activities for 1976-1977, 1977
Bicentennial Times
Vol. 1, 1974
Vol. 2, 1975
Vol. 3, 1976
USA 200, 1972-1976
Miscellaneous titles, 1976
Newspaper articles, 1971-1977
Press releases, 1975
Photographs, undated
San Antonio in the 18th Century, 1976
1776movie premiere, 1972
Correspondence, undated
Ticket reservations , undated
Newspaper articles and printed materials, undated
American Independence Week, undated


Special events and activities

1 Budget for events, 1976
Arts and crafts fairs, 1975-1976
Balloon race, June 27, 1976
Bike races, July 4, 1975, 1976
Correspondence, undated
Photographs, 1974
Canoe races,
Great Uncle Sam Canoe Race, June 30, 1974
San Antonio 200 Mile Canoe Race, July 3, 1976
Talent shows, 1974-1976
Uncle Sam essay contest, 1974
Uncle Sam poster contest, July 4, 1974
Mayoral proclamation, 1976
Newspaper articles, 1974-1976
Press releases, 1974-1976
2 American Revolution Bicentennial Commission of Texas Festival USA, undated
Tour of Guatemala,
Correspondence, 1973
Newspaper articles, 1973
Guatemalan delegation visit to San Antonio
Correspondence, 1974
Photographs, 1974
Expo ’74, World’s Fair, Spokane, WA information kit, 1974
Deirdre Stanforth reception, November 15, 1974
Bob Hope Show, March 20, 1975
Pleasanton Ranch Tour, May 24, 1975
Tricentennial- 300th Anniversary of Bosque-Larios Expedition, First Mass in Texas, Mission San Jose, May 28, 1975
Freedom Fiesta pre-Bicentennial gala, June 17, 1975
"Ben Franklin, Citizen,"one-man show, October 17, 1975
Military band party, October 28, 1975
Alsatian delegation visit to Castroville and San Antonio, November 5-11, 1975
Texas State Historical Theater groundbreaking, Mission San Jose, December 9, 1975
Freedom Arts and Crafts Fair, December 11-13, 1975
American Freedom Train Art Show, February 11-14, 1976
Armed Forces Bicentennial Caravan, March 5, 1976
Dawn of Freedom,multi-media production, March 23-27, 1976
President Ford’s visit to San Antonio, April 9, 1976
BMI-Carl Haverlin Bicentennial Exhibit of American Papers, April 12, 1976
U.S. Armed Forces Bicentennial Band Concert, April 20, 1976
Marine Drum and Bugle Corps and Silent Drill Team program, April 22, 1976
UTSA Chamber Chorale Concert, April 25, 1976
"Texas Day"in Philadelphia, Freedom Folksingers trip, May 22, 1976
"San Antonio, Mirror of the Past, Window to the Future," photograph exhibit, UT Health Science Center, May 30-June 26, 1976
John Warner visit to San Antonio, July 22-23, 1976
"Sweet Flower Mound Land,"historical musical play, August 14-15, 1976
Freedom Arts and Crafts Fair, September 11-12, 1976
Canary Islanders delegation visit to San Antonio, September 17-20, 1976
"200 Years of American Prints in San Antonio Collections,"art exhibit, UT Health Science Center, September 26-October 24, 1976
U.S. Marine Band concert, October 5, 1976
Italian-American Bicentennial Celebration, October 8-10, 1976
Spanish Ballet, October 17, 1976
Freedom Arts and Crafts Fair, October 30-31, 1976
Calder Art Plane visit to San Antonio, December 5, 1976
Freedom Flame Fountain dedication, Landmark Building, December 15, 1976



2 Arts Committee
Roster , undated
Correspondence, 1972-1975
Meetings, notices, and minutes, 1975-1976
Photographs, undated
Business and Professional Organizations Committee, 1974
Calendar of Events Committee
Roster, undated
Correspondence, 1973-1976
Rejected applications, 1974-1976
Bicentennial calendar, 1976
Brochures, 1975-1976
Lists of events, 1976
Photographs, 1976
Community Involvement Committee
Roster, undated
Correspondence, 1974-1975
Printed materials, 1974
Photograph, undated
Idea sessions,
Correspondence, 1974-1975
Downtown, 1974-1975
Eastside, 1974-1975
3 Northside , 1974-1975
Southside , 1974-1975
Westside, 1974-1975
Newspaper articles, newsletters, and press releases , 1974-1975
"Heritage ‘76"Committee
Correspondence, 1972-1976
Committee report, May 28, 1974
History, DAR guidelines, SAR Texas ancestors, undated
Meetings, 1973-1975
Mexican market project, 1973-1974
Planning manuals for community anniversary celebrations, undated
Articles and publicity, 1973-1976
International Affairs Committee
Rosters , undated
Correspondence, 1974-1976
Meetings, notices, and minutes, 1973
Photographs, undated
Foreign participation,
China, Central America, 1973-1976
France, Germany, Great Britain, 1973-1976
Ireland, Israel, Italy, 1973-1976
Japan, Korea, Mexico, 1973-1976
Mexico , 1973-1976
Philippines, Poland, 1973-1976
Spain, 1973-1976
Plans and Programs Committee [later the Ways and Means], 1974
Public Relations Committee, 1974-1976
School Involvement and School Activities Committee
Roster, undated
American freedom train, 1976
DRT pilgrimage to the Alamo, 1976
Archdiocese of San Antonio, 1976
Public school districts correspondence
Alamo Heights, 1976
East Central, 1976
Edgewood, 1976
Fort Sam Houston, 1976
Harlandale [America: The First 200 years],1976
North East, 1976
San Antonio, 1976
South San Antonio , 1976
Southside, 1976
Traveling Smithsonian Bicentennial exhibit, 1976
Speaker’s Bureau Committee, 1973-1974
Sports Committee, 1973-1976
Ways and Means Committee
Statement of purpose, guidelines, organization, 1974
Correspondence [re: grant funding], undated
American Revolution Bicentennial Commission of Texas, 1973-1976
Texas Commission on the Arts and Humanities, 1974-1977
Various private foundations, 1973-1976
National Endowment for the Arts project grant application, undated
Meetings, 1974-1975
Photographs , undated
"Winds of Freedom"Committee [local original bicentennial play]
January-May, 1976
June-August, 1976
Audition information and applications, undated
Budget/financial statements, undated
General, undated
City of San Antonio, undated
Fact sheets , undated
Gala Premiere at Mission San Jose, July 2, 1976
Meetings, 1975-1976
Press releases , undated
Rehearsal schedules , undated
Scripts, undated
Special performances , undated
Ticket outlet reports, undated
Printed materials, undated
Newspaper articles/publicity, undated
Photographs/slides, undated
Tape recording [5” reel- to-reel], undated