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Guide to the Natural gas research materials of Chris Castaneda, ca. 1930-1990 MS 566

creator Castaneda, Christopher James, 1959-
Title: Natural gas research materials of Chris Castaneda
Dates: ca. 1930-1990
Abstract The collection consists of research materials collected for the purpose of writing historical texts about the natural gas industry. Included are articles about people and companies active in the industry, as well as published works and videos.
Identification: MS 566
Quantity: 8.0 cubic ft. (8 boxes)
Repository: Woodson Research Center, Rice University, Houston, Texas

Biographical/Historical note

Christopher J. Castaneda, Professor of History at California State University, Sacramento, graduated from Rice University in 1981 with a bachelor’s degree in English and Fine Arts, and from the University of Houston with an M.A. in 1986 in Public History and a PH.D. in 1990 in U.S. History. His area of expertise is 20th-century U.S. History, particularly concerning the energy industry. In addition to teaching, he has directed both a Public History Program and an Oral History Program. The materials in this collection have been used in the preparation of several publications, among them his Regulated Enterprise: Natural Gas Pipelines and Northeastern Markets, 1938-1954 (Ohio State University Press, 1993).

Scope and Contents note

This collection consists of research materials on the natural gas industry compiled by Christopher Castaneda. He is the author of four books that cover many aspects of the industry, including its history, particular companies and pipelines, and the development of regulation. Thus, there is detailed information on all of these subjects. The specific companies represented range in size from small regional operations to large corporations, including Coastal Corporation, Duke Energy, Enron, Panhandle Eastern, Texas Eastern Transmission, and Transcontinental Gas Pipeline. Also included is information about regulatory legislation and commissions established for regulatory purposes. There is material about participation of the industry in the war effort in the 1940’s. A number of individuals prominent in natural gas development are represented in the collection by correspondence. Finally, the collection includes five video recordings, mostly of Pacific Gas and Electric Company’s Officers’ and Directors’ meetings.


Conditions Governing Access note

This material is open for research.

Conditions Governing Use note

Permission to publish material from the Natural Gas Research Materials of Christopher Castaneda must be facilitated through the Woodson Research Center, Fondren Library.

Index Terms

Gas industry--United States
Natural gas
Natural gas pipelines
clippings (information artifacts)
digital moving image formats

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation note

Natural Gas Research Materials of Christopher Castaneda, MS 566, Woodson Research Center, Fondren Library, Rice University.

Immediate Source of Acquisition note

This collection was a gift donated by Christopher Castaneda August 30, 2011.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Series I: Alphabetical Subject Folders (letter size)

Box Folder
1 1 Advisory Council for Historic Preservation
2 Alaska Natural Gas
3 Alaska Oil Reserves
4 Alexander, Clyde
5 Algonquin Gas/Transmission Company
6 Algonquin Gas/Transmission Company
7 American Gas Association Proceedings, WWII Era
8 American Gas Association Articles - Proceedings, Post WWII
9 AMWAY - Marketing, 1990s
10 Anoka Electric Cooperative
12 Arkla, Inc.
13 Articles, Miscellaneous
14 Associated Gas and Electric
15 Atlanta Gas Light Company
11 Anti-Trust and Pipelines
16 Baker & Botts and Pipeline Companies (from Background, Baker Botts History Project)
17 Baker & Botts, War Emergency Pipeline Status, 1941-42
18 Baltimore Gas and Electric Company
19 Belmont, August
20 Bibliography
21 Brooklyn Union Gas Company
22 Brown, George
23 Brown, George and Herman
24 Brown & Root 75th Anniversary
25 Brown & Root
26 Brown Biography, Oral History Index
27 Brown & Root, LBJ
28 Brown & Root, Mohole Project
29 Brown & Root, Mohole Project
30 Brown & Root, Mohole Project
31 Brown & Root, Mohole Project
32 Brown & Root, Mohole Project
33 Brown & Root, Offshore
Box Folder
2 1 Brown & Root, Offshore
2 Brown & Root, Offshore
23 Brown & Root, Offshore
Box Folder
1 4 Brown & Root, Operating
Box Folder
2 5 Brown & Root, and Texas Eastern Corporation
6 Brown & Root, Vietnam
7 "Buried Treasure"
8 California, Geysers
9 California and Natural Gas
10 California, Oil and Gas
11 Canadian Natural Gas
13 Christopher Castaneda, "Gas Barons & Gas Dogs"
14 Chrisopher Castaneda, Regulated Enterprise, Ph.D. Dissertation Draft
15 Christopher Castaneda, Regulated Enterprise, Maps
16 Centerpoint Energy, History
17 Centerpoint Energy/ENTEX Ads
18 Charts/Data
19 Charts, Gas Facts
20 Charts, Historical Statistics of Gas Industry (AGA)
21 Charts, Panhandle Eastern Company, Data
22 Chicago Gas Industry, People's Gas Light and Coke Company (history)
23 Chicago, "Natural Gas to Chicago," Presentation, 1934
24 Chronology
25 Chronology
26 Cities Service Company
27 Coal, Miscellaneous
28 Coastal Corporation
29 Columbia Gas System
30 Columbia Gas System, History
31 Columbia Gas System, History
33 Congressional Record, Cole Bill, Original Hearing
34 Consolidated Gas Company of New York
35 DeGolyer, Everette (Texas Eastern Stock)
36 DeGolyer, Everette Lee
37 Deregulation of Natural Gas
38 Des Moines Gas Company, History (internal)
39 Doherty, Henry
40 Duke Energy
41 Duke Energy Corporation
42 Early Natural Gas Pipeline Development Study
43 East Ohio Gas Company
44 Electric Power Industry (History, Miscellaneous)
45 Eminent Domain, Regulation
46 Energy Market. 1947-85
47 Enron
48 Enron
49 Entex
Box Folder
3 1 Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, Historic Pipelines (miscellaneous)
2 Federal Power Commission
3 Federal Power Commission, Early History
4 Federal Power Commission, Natural Gas Act, 1955
5 Federal Power Commission, Natural Gas Investigation, Staff Report, 1947
6 Federal Power Commission, Natural Gas Investigation, Staff Report, 1947
7 Federal Power Commission, Natural Gas Investigation, 1947
8 Federal Power Commission, Natural Gas Regulation
9 Federal Power Commission, Reception Address, 1963
10 Federal Trade Commission, Final Report 84-A
11 Federal Trade Commission, Investigation of Natural Gas Industry
12 Federal Trade Commission, Investigation of Natural Gas Industry
13 Fish, Ray
14 Gaslighters, 19th Century
15 Gazprom
16 Glassell (Jr.), Alfred C.
17 Gordon, Hugh
18 Hargrove, R.H.
19 Hope Natural Gas Company, History
20 Houston Gas & Fuel Company
21 Houston Gas Light Company
22 Houston Gas Light Company
23 Historic Gas Pipelines, Legislative/Amendments
24 Houston Industries Inc.
25 Houston, Miscellaneous
26 Ickes, Harold
27 [Big] Inch Bid Analysis, Original
28 Inch Line Bids, Controversy
29 Inch Lines, Bidding For
30 Industrial Fuel Prices
31 INGAA, Statistics-Carriage
32 Interstate Natural Gas Association and Historic Pipelines
33 Iowa, Manufactured Gas
34 Iowa Power and Light, History
35 Lighthouses
36 Manufactured Gas, 19th Century
37 Maps, General/Miscellaneous
39 Missouri-Kansas Pipeline Company, Early History
40 Missouri Pipeline Company, Minutes
41 Missouri Valley Pipeline Order, 1931
42 National Conference of State Historic Preservation Officers
43 National Fuel Gas Company
44 National Helium Corporation, & Wilson, Ross
45 National Helium Corporation, Pamphlet
46 National Historic Preservation Act, 1966
47 Natural Gas Act, 1938
48 "The Natural Gas Act and its Administration"
49 Natural Gas, Displays
50 Natural Gas and EBB
51 Natural Gas in Iowa, Historical Articles
52 Natural Gas in Iowa, Mason City
53 Natural Gas Industry, 20th Century, Pre-1938
54 Natural Gas History, Miscellaneous
55 Natural Gas History, Miscellaneous Articles
56 Natural Gas Publications, Miscellaneous
57 Natural Gas Marketing, Miscellaneous
58 "The Natural Gas Monopoly," by the Cities Alliance
59 Natural Gas Pipeline Company of America, History
60 Natural Gas Policy Act, 1978
61 Natural Gas Shortage Pamphlet
62 Natural Gas in WWII, Congressional Record, 1943
63 New England, Articles, Competition
64 New England Competition (1 of 3)
65 New England Competition (2 of 3)
66 New England Competition (3 of 3)
67 New York, Fredonia (city)
68 New York, PSC & Conversion Data, Natural Gas
69 19th Century Gas Industry, Miscellaneous
Box Folder
4 1 Northern Border Pipeline, Miscellaneous
2 Northern Gas Transmission Company, New England
3 Northern Natural Gas Company, A-Line Abandonment
4 Northern Natural Gas Company, Early Articles
5 Northern Natural Gas Company, Environmental Report
6 Northern Natural Gas Company, Historic Context
7 Northern Natural Gas Company, Historic Context Report
8 Northern Natural Gas Company, InterNorth
9 Northern Natural Gas Company, Maps
10 Northern Natural Gas Company, Pipeline Corrosion
11 Northern Natural Gas Company, Research (miscellaneous)
12 Northern Natural Gas Company, Section 7 Application
14 O'Shields, Richard L.
15 Panhandle Eastern Pipeline Company
16 Panhandle Eastern Pipeline Company
17 Panhandle Eastern Pipeline Company, History Project, 1957
18 Panhandle Eastern, Acquisition of Texas Eastern
19 Panhandle Eastern Pipeline Company, Artwork
20 Panhandle Eastern Pipeline Company, Chapter Drafts, comments from Professor Lou Galambos
21 Panhandle Eastern Pipeline Company, Document Lists
22 Panhandle Eastern Pipeline Company, Federal Power Commission Reports
23 Panhandle Eastern Pipeline Company, vs. Federal Power Commission
24 Panhandle Eastern Pipeline Company, History
25 Panhandle Eastern Pipeline Company, Maps/Charts
26 Panhandle Eastern Pipeline Company, and Phillips Petroleum, Contract
27 Panhandle Eastern Pipeline Company, Transportation, Anti-Trust
28 Panhandle Field/Hugoton Field
29 Peale, Rembrandt
30 Pennsylvania, Titusville (city)
31 Petroleum Administration for War, History
32 Petroleum Administration for War
33 Philadelphia Gas Works Company
34 Philadelphia Gas Works Company
35 Philadelphia Gas Works Company, History
37 Pittsburgh Gas
38 Pittsburgh Gas, 19th Century
39 Poe, E. Holley, PRC
40 Public Utility Holding Company Act, 1935, Deregulation
41 Pyramiding, Utility Companies
42 Rayburn, Sam
43 Reconstruction Finance Corporation, Minutes
44 Regulation, Rates, 1950s and 1960s
45 Reserve Gas Pipeline Company
46 "The Natural Gas Spring - USA," by Luke Scheer, (manuscript in preparation)
47 Sesquicentennial of Gas
48 Shaddegg, John
49 Shortage and Deregulation
50 Smith, Nelson Lee
51 Standard Oil and Natural Gas
Box Folder
5 52 Stone & Webster, Holding Companies
Box Folder
4 53 Symington, Stuart
54 Symonds, Gardiner
Box Folder
5 1 Take-or-Pay, Analysis
2 Tennessee Gas Transmission Company
3 Tennessee Gas Transmission Company
4 Tennessee Gas Transmission Company, Annual Reports, 1946-50
5 Tennessee Gas Transmission Company, Annual Reports, 1951-54
6 Tennessee Gas Transmission Company, Defense Plant Corporation, Miscellaneous
7 Tennessee Gas Transmission Company, Defense Plant Corporation, Minutes
8 Tennessee Gas Transmission Company, Federal Power Commission Reports
9 Tennessee Gas Transmission Company, History
10 Tennessee Gas Transmission Company, Early History
11 Tennessee Gas Transmission Company, Lease of the Inch Lines
12 Tennessee Gas Transmission Company, WPB, 1943
13 Texas Eastern Transmission Corporation
14 Texas Eastern Transmission Company, Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity
15 Texas Eastern Transmission Company, Coastal Takeover Attempt
16 Texas Eastern Transmission Company, Purchase, copy
17 Texas Eastern Transmission Company & Panhandle Eastern, Files/Indexes/Sources
18 Texas Eastern Transmission Company, History
19 Texas Eastern Transmission Company, History Files
20 Texas Eastern Transmission Company, Internal Histories
21 Texas Eastern Transmission Company, Historic Context
22 Texas Eastern Transmission Company, Watson "A History of the Texas Eastern Corporation"
23 Texas Eastern Transmission Company, "A Short History of Texas Eastern"
24 Texas Eastern Transmission Company, Early History, Correspondence, with Marginalia (Charles I. Francis)
25 Texas Eastern Transmission Company, Letterhead
26 Texas Eastern Transmission Company, Programmatic Agreement
27 Texas Eastern Transmission Company, Closing, Seating Chart
28 Texas Eastern Transmission Company, Statistics
29 Texas Eastern Transmission Company, Stock Transfer (Jess Larson)
30 Texas Eastern Transmission Company, Witness List, Natural Gas Investigation
31 Texas Railroad Commission
32 Transcontinental Gas Pipeline Corporation
33 Transcontinental Gas Pipeline Corporation
34 Transcontinental Gas Pipeline Corporation, Annual Reports, 1950-59
35 Transcontinental Gas Pipeline Corporation, Bibliography
36 Transcontinental Gas Pipeline Corporation, Map
37 Transcontinental Energy, Oral History Notes
38 Transcontinental Energy Company
39 Transwestern Pipeline Company
40 Trunkline Gas Company
41 Trunkline LNG Company, Algeria
42 United Gas and Elecrtic Bond and Share Company
43 United Gas
44 War Assets Adminsitration, Envelopes
45 War Assets Administration, Reports
46 War Assets Corporation, Minutes
47 War Emergency Pipeline Conversion
48 War Time, Manufactured Gas (also coal/labor problems)
49 War Production Board, Miscellaneous
50 Washington, George
51 Williams, Claude
52 Williams, Harrison
53 Wimberly, Harrington
54 Wyatt, Oscar

Series II: Alphabetical Subject Folders (legal size)

Box Folder
6 1 Allen, George Edward
2 Andrews, Frank L.
3 Brown & Root, Historical/Miscellaneous
4 Canadian Natural Gas
5 Charts and Data, Prepared by Christopher Castaneda
6 ConEdison
7 Consolidated Natural Gas System
8 Dall, Curtis B., Correspondence/Miscellaneous
9 Detroit City Gas Company, and William G. Woolfolk
10 Federal Power Commission, Miscellaneous
11 Federal Power Commission, Relations with War Production Board
12 Francis, Charles I.
13 Gamble, J. Ross
14 Hannegan, Robert E.
15 Hope Natural Gas Company, Application Materials for SW to NE Pipeline
16 Hope Natural Gas Company, Petroleum Administration for War
17 Hope Natural Gas Company, Petroleum Adminsitration for War, Petroleum Coordinator for National Defense Conference, Dec. 4, 1941
18 Inch Lines, Bidding (1 of 3)
19 Inch Lines, Bidding (2 of 3)
20 Inch Lines, Bidding (3 of 3)
21 Inch Lines, Bidding Research Notes
22 Inch Line Bid Financing, Stock Holders
23 Inch Line Bid Proposal, Research
24 Inch Line Bid Proposals, GRB Telegram, C. Francis Letter with G. Allen Marginalia
25 Inch Lines, Early Operations, 1946-48 (1 of 4)
26 Inch Lines, Early Operations, 1946-48 (2 of 4)
27 Inch Lines, Early Operations, 1946-48 (3 of 4)
28 Inch Lines, Early Operations, 1946-48 (4 of 4)
29 Jones, Jesse, Commerce Department
30 Kerr Bill, Natural Gas Regulation
31 National Security Resources Board
32 New York, Regulation
33 Northern Natural Gas Company
34 Pennsylvania Coal Industry
35 Pennsylvania Natural Gas
36 Philadelphia Electric Company
37 Pittsburgh, PA, Correspondence from Companies Requesting Natural Gas
38 Public Utility Holding Company Act, 1935
39 Reconstruction Finance Corporation, Reorganization of Surplus Property
40 Regulation of Natural Gas, Legislative Bills
41 Shortage of Natural Gas, 1940-43
42 Tennessee Gas Transmission Company
43 Tennessee Gas Transmission Company
44 Tennessee Gas Transmission Company and Chicago Corporation, Petroleum Administration for War, WWII
45 Tennessee Gas Transmission Company, History Files, Index Compiled by Christopher Castaneda, visit to Tennessee Gas Co. Office, ca. 1992
47 Texas Eastern Corporation
48 Texas Eastern Corporation, Historical Marker
49 Texas Eastern Corporation, J. Ross Gamble, Q & A
Box Folder
7 1 War Assets Administration
2 War Assets Corporation, Miscellaneous
3 War Emergency Pipelines
4 War Emergency Pipelines, Right of Way, Pennsylvania
5 War Production Board, Fuel and Utilities office of Civilian Supply
6 War Production Board, Manufactured Gas Division
7 War Production Board, Natural Gas Committee
8 War Production Board, Natural Gas Division
9 War Production Board, Natural Gas Division, History and Organization
10 War Production Board, Order L-31
11 War Production Board, Petroleum Pipelines

Series III: Published Works

Box Folder
7 12 America's Natural Gas Industry and Pandhandle Eastern, "Some Remarkable Gas Wells," New York -- West Virginia
13 Bragdon, Earl D., The Federal Power Commission and the Regulation of Natural Gas
14 A History of the Baltimore Gas and Electric Company, 1816-1987, (1 of 2)
15 A History of the Baltimore Gas and Electric Company, 1816-1987, (2 of 2)
16 The Natural Gas Monopoly
17 Texas Eastern, "North Sea Energy Development"
18 War Emergency Petroleum Pipe-Line Systems, "Hearings Before the Special Committe Investigating Petroleum Resources," 1945
19 US Department of Energy, "Department of Energy, 1977-1994," Energy History Series
20 American Gas Association, Historical Statistics of the Gas Industry
21 Consolidated Edison Company of New York, "The Manufacture & Distribution of Gas"
Box item
8 1 Internorth: The First Fifty Years
2 Washington Gas Light Company, Growing With Washington
3 Beck, Bill, The Mondakonians: Energizers of the Prairie
4 Beck, Bill, The Service People: An Illustrated History of Midwest Energy Company
5 "A History of the Cincinnati Gas & Electric Company, 1837-1956"
6 "Citizens Gas & Coke Utility Company"
7 The First 175 Years: A Pictorial History of the Baltimore Gas and Electric Company, from 1816 to 1991
8 Ellis, William Donohue, On the Oil Lands with Cities Service
9 History and Information Concerning the Gas Service Company, 1925-1957
10 Littlefield, Douglas R. and Tanis C. Thorne, The Spirit of Enterprise: The History of Pacific Enterprises from 1886 to 1989
11 Mangan, Frank,The Pipeliners
12 Meyers, William A., Iron Men and Copper Wires: A Centennial History of the Southern California Edison Company
13 Murphy, Robert E., Brooklyn Union: A Centennial History
14 Pennsylvania Power & Light Company, PP&L: 75 Years of Powering the Future
15 The Spirit of Progress: The Story of the East Ohio Gas Company and the People Who Made It
16 Tate, James H., Keeper of the Flame: The Story of the Atlanta Gas Light Company, 1856-1985
17 The Vision and Will to Succeed: A Centennial History of the Peoples Natural Gas Company

Series IV: Videos

7 Pacific Gas & Electric Company, Officers and Directors Meeting, 2002; 2002 Company Vision Video; 2002 TV Advertising Campaign
Pacific Gas & Electric Company, Officers and Directors Meeting, 2003; 2003 TV Advertising Campaign
Pacific Gas & Electric Company, Officers and Directors Meeting, 2003; "100 Years of Progress"
Pacific Gas & Electric Company, Officers and Directors Meeting, 2004; 2004 Advertising Campaign
Entex/Centerpoint Presentation Reel, 2004