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Capt. James A. Baker and the Rice Institute papers UA 200

creator Baker, James Addison, 1857-1941
Title: Capt. James A. Baker and the Rice Institute papers
Dates: 1844-1940
Abstract: The material in this collection was removed from the Rice Institute Business Manager's Records, dating from circa 1844-1940. It is composed primarily of legal materials, receipts, correspondence, bank records, court case records, and diaries.
Identification: UA 200
Quantity: 5 Cubic Feet(10 boxes)
Language: English
Repository: Woodson Research Center, Rice University, Houston, Texas

Biography of Capt. James A. Baker

BAKER, JAMES ADDISON (1857-1941). James Addison Baker, lawyer, son of Rowena and James Addison Baker,qv was born in Huntsville, Texas, on January 10, 1857. He graduated from Texas Military Instituteqv in Austin and was admitted to the bar in 1880. On January 10, 1883, he married Alice Graham; they had five children. Baker practiced law in Houston, where he eventually headed Baker, Botts, Andrews, and Wharton, a 100-year-old law firm (see BAKER AND BOTTS). After the Commercial National Bank, which he organized, merged with South Texas National Bank, he became chairman of the board. He was founder and board member of the Houston Gas Company, organizer and first president of the Guardian Trust Company, and one of the organizers of the Galveston, Houston and Henderson Railway and the Southwestern Drug Company. Baker was also president of the Houston Bar Association and a member of the Philosophical Society of Texasqv and the Presbyterian Church. He won special renown as the personal attorney of William Marsh Riceqv in the litigation concerning Rice's will, which left Rice Institute a trust fund. Baker, as an executor of the will, was instrumental in proving that Rice had been murdered and that a second will, leaving the bulk of Rice's estate to Albert Patrick, was forged. He then became the first chairman of the board of trustees for the institute and served in that capacity until his death. Baker died in Houston on August 2, 1941, and was buried there in Glenwood Cemetery. In his will he left his home, the Oaks, to Rice Institute.

Information taken from the Handbook of Texas Online, http://www.tshaonline.org/handbook/online/articles/BB/fba28.html

Scope and Contents of the Papers

Material removed from the Rice Institute Business Manager’s Records including: diaries, will, and settlement and insurance papers from the estate of Judge James A. Baker, dating from 1888 to 1897; receipts, correspondence, notes, bank books, and financial notes from Captain James A. Baker, dating from 1874 to 1904; agreements, bonds, correspondence, deeds, mortgages, settlements, vouchers, and court cases dating from 1837-1908; abstracts, correspondence, deeds, receipts, canceled checks, and rental property of the Rice Institute, dating from 1883-1940; correspondence and financial materials of the W.M. Rice Estate Papers dating from 1873-1913.


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This material is open for research.

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Permission to publish from the Capt. James A. Baker and the Rice Institute papers must be obtained from the Woodson Research Center, Fondren Library, Rice University.

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Texas -- Houston
receipts (financial records)
legal documents
Baker, James Addison, 1857-1941
Rice University.

Related Materials

James A. Baker family papers, 1853-1971, MS 40

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Rice Institute Business Manager's Records

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Capt. James A. Baker and the Rice Institute papers, UA 200, Woodson Research Center, Fondren Library, Rice University


Removed from the Rice Institute Business Manager's Records / basement of Allen Center, Summer 1993


No future additions are expected for this material.

General note

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Detailed Description of the Collection

Series I: Estate of Judge James A. Baker

Box Folder
1 1 Diaries 1888
2 Will 1895
3 Settlement 1895-1897
4 Settlement 1897
5 Repairs to Parish residence in Huntsville 1896
6 Insurance 1897

Series II: Financial - Captain James A. Baker

Box Folder
2 1 Account books 1900-1904
2 Tax receipts 1874-1892
3 Railway correspondence and financial records 1875-1892
4 Loan-Morgan Baker/J.S. Baker 1875
5 Promissory note - Robert Baker/Henry Freund 1891-1892
6 Promissory note - S.R. Smith 1884
7 Promissory note - Irvin/T.W. House 1890
8 Loans - promissory notes - Lewis and Rosenberg 1893-1897
9 Loans - promissory notes - J.S. Rice and W.M. Rice 1898
10 Loans - promissory notes book
11 Vouchers 1877-1904

Series III: Legal

Box Folder
3 1 Agreement - Putnam and Irvin 1892-1895
2 Agreement - James Baker, Jr., William Marsh Rice, Jr., Barten, Jr., Thomas House 1903
3 Correspondence: Bowen-Hart land 1895-1908
4 Court case: Carey vs. Patrick and Jones 1900
5 Court case: Rice vs. Holt 1878-1921
6 Court case: S.R. Smith 1881-1885
7 Deeds: Stubblefield-Sexton-Sublet 1841-1881
8 Lucas Hull insurance
9 Land title transfer, Mackey to W.M. Rice 1892-1899
10 Mortgage: Captain James Baker 1894
11 Mortgage: Houston and Texas Central Railroad Co. 1892-1895
Box Folder
4 1 Early deeds/copies 1837-1867
Scope and Contents
Henry Tierwester to Cnizer and Moore 1837 (1868 copy)
Cnizer and Moore to John Hill 1839 (1868 copy)
John Hill to Wesley Haigler 1840 (1868 copy)
Wesley Haiger to John Doran 1840 (1868 copy)
Doran - Mitchell Martin 1840 (1868 copy)
John Doran - Timothy Donnallan 1840 (1868 copy)
T.D. - Henry Donnallan 1840 (1868 copy)
Silas Dodd - John Hill 1854
Cnizer and Moore - J.Y. Hill 1854
Prieps and wife - James Willie 1860 (1868 copy)
B.F. Eude - James Lawrence and James W. Scott 1867 copy
H.C. Allen - Henry Allen and W.R. Baker 1838
Jason Smith and wife - James W. Scott 1861
De Eude - Scott 1861
Mexican government translation to John Austin 1824 (1867 copy)
Extract from contract, Austin and Williams 1853
Austin and Williams colonization contract 1831 (1847 copy)
Parrott and wife to J.K. and A.C. Allen 1837 (1867 copy)
H.R. and S.L. Allen - James Holman 1840 (1867 copy)
A.C. and J.K. Allen - S.L. and H.R. Allen 1839 (1867 copy)
R. Hudson - H.E. Whech 1838 (1869 copy)
James Holman - C.M. Allen and M.E>W. Converse 1840 (1867 copy)
John Austin title to 2 leagues of land granted (translation) 1824 copy
2 Bond of release, John Austin to T.F.L. Parrott and Elisabeth 1834
3 Correspondence: John Parrott and wife - McKinney 1867
4 Court cases 1861-1867
5 Power of Attorney - A.C. Allen 1838
6 Sketch of land survey n.d.
7 Promissory note: James Smith and wife - George Goldthwaite 1861
Box Folder
5 1 Settlements, Baker and Gillespie 1875-1882
2 Settlements, Baker and Moseley 1875-1876
3 Settlements, Branch and Gelveston land 1880
4 Settlements, Groesbeck and Rice 1883-1886
5 Settlements, miscellaneous estates 1880-1904
6 Protest - Empire Oil Co. 1880
7 Protest - Illinois Steel Co., Sabine Valley 1893
8 Purchase - Sabine Co. Timberland 1903
9 Vouchers for cases 1871-1882

Series IV: Rice Institute

Box Folder
6 1 Abstract, Town Co. 1883, 1914-1916
2 Correspondence, Dallas property 1939-1940
3 Correspondence, Haskell County land 1886
4 Deed, canceled 1919-1925
5 Deeds, Burnett 1905-1917
6 Deeds, H.B. Rice 1892-1901
7 Deeds, L.A. Abercrombie 1876
8 Deeds, W.M. Rice 1904-1908
9 Deeds, Galveston County
10 Grantee and grantor title search 1870-1891
11 Grantee and grantor records 1971-1890
12 Request to convert property, Rice Ranch 1903-1904
13 Receipts, rent 1902-1905
14 Receipts, Rice Institute 1891-1904
Box Folder
7 1 Canceled checks 1902-1907
2 Canceled checks 1904-1906
3 Rental property 1875-1877
4 Rincon Pipe Line Co. leases and gauge reports 1943

Series V: W.M. Rice Estate Papers

Box Folder
8 1 Canceled checks 1905-1906
1 Correspondence 1904
2 Loans, Merchants and Planters Oil Co. 1901
3 Payments and receipts 1877-1933
4 Payments and receipts 1901-1902
5 Payments and receipts 1903-1905
6 Receipts, tax 1886-1899
7 Receipts and settlements, bank 1902-1904
8 Statements, bank 1873-1898
9 Statements, bank 1875-1913
Box Folder
9 1 Correspondence 1900-1906
2 Correspondence, stock 1905
3 Estate of Elizabeth Rice 1899
4 Inventory of William M. Rice papers 1900
5 W.M. Rice will 1900
6 Outstanding bill settlements 1900-1904
7 Patrick trial 1901-1906
8 Payments for professional services 1902-1907
9 Property leases 1905-1906
10 Sabine Tram Co. agreement 1903
11 Trust fund correspondence and receipts 1904-1910
12 Miscellaneous 1875-1904

Series VI: Land deed certificates (oversize / vault)

10 John Lovejoy from H.R. Runnels as Gov. of the State of Texas, 1887 (wrc04684) 1887
Mark Manning from Sam Houston as President of the Republic of Texas, 1844 (wrc04685) 1844
William M. Rice from E.M. Pease as Governor of the State of Texas, [1859?] (wrc04686) 1854
Obedience Smith from Anson Jones as President of the Republic of Texas, 1845 (a 1874 copy thereof) (wrc04687) 1874 copy
A. Girard from Anson Jones as President of the Republic of Texas, 1845 (1907 copy from General Land Office) (wrc04688)
Samuel R. Smith from Sam Houston as Governor of the State of Texas, 1860 (1903 copy by General Land Office) (wrc04689)
Andrew Lester from Mirabueau B. Lamar as President of the Republic of Texas, 1841 (1915 copy by the General Land Office) (wrc04690)