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Ellington Field research collection

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Morrow, Kathryn Black
Title: Ellington Field research collection
Dates: 1917-2009
Abstract: This collection contains ten boxes of material related to the history and operation of Ellington Field, also known as Ellington Air Force Base, near Houston, Texas. The majority of the records date from 1917-2007, and include historical research materials, photographs, books, microfilm, postcards, and memorabilia. The foundation of the collection was material assembled by historian Kathryn Black Morrow for the publication of a history of Ellington Field.
Identification: MS 547
Quantity: 5 lin. ft. (10 boxes)
Langauge: Materials are in English.
Repository: Woodson Research Center, Fondren Library, Rice University, Houston, Texas.

Historical Sketch

Ellington Field was officially opened November 27, 1917, as the United States' largest pilot and navigator training base, and the nation's first aerial bombing school. By the end of World War I, Ellington Field had grown to the size of a small city which housed 20,0000 men and 250 aircraft. Like most bases, it was closed after World War I, but unlike most other military installations, it was reopened and saw at least partial use until World War II, when it was rebuilt as one of ten strategic defense bases in the United States. It was the only strategic defense base on the Gulf Coast. The location of the field was, and still is, crucial to the defense of the Houston Ship Channel, the ports of Galveston and Houston and one of the United States' largest oil refining centers. In 2005, the field was once again expanded to become a Joint Reserves base, to house the combined military forces Reserve Units. In 2005, the U.S. Department of Defense recommended retiring Ellington Field's 147th Fighter Wing F-16 Falcon fighter jets. The aircraft were replaced with MQ-1 Predator unmanned drones and the unit was redesignated as the 147th Reconnaissance Wing. The ANG 272nd Engineering Installation Squadron, was also relocated to Ellington Field. From 1976 to 2007, Ellington Field was partially owned and managed by the Houston Airport System, and the base was also home to the Texas State Guard, NASA's Johnson Space Center, a U.S. Coast Guard Search and Rescue unit, and other aviation related businesses.

Biographical Sketch

Kathryn Black Morrow (1948- ) assembled this collection during her research for a master's thesis, which she completed at the University of Houston, Clear Lake campus, in 2003. She expanded her thesis research and published a history of Ellington Field called Defender of America's Gulf Coast, A History of Ellington Field, Texas 1917-2007 , in 2007. Ms. Morrow was born in Houston Texas, and works as a researcher, writer of Texas history, and archivist. Her other books include Guide to the Texas Slave Trade Series, 1818-1886, The 79th Aviation Squadron, Ellington Field, Texas, in World War II, Southeast Texas Colored Voter Registrations, 1867-1869, and Meant to Fly; The Memoirs of Captain A.J. High, Pilot for Trans-Texas Airways.

Scope and Contents

The Ellington Field research collection relates to the history of Ellington Field (later designated Ellington Air Force Base) and the development of military aviation from World War I through to the Space Age. Subjects include the history of the airfield and some of the units that served there, women in the military at Ellington Field, African Americans in the military, NASA, Johnson Space Center, the Air National Guard, Texas National Gaurd, and the Houston Airport System. Photographs date from 1917- 2007, diaries, postcards and memorabilia date from World War I and World War II. Two rolls of microfilm from the Air Force History and Research Agency ( AFHRA) contain the base records and reports from 1940-1945. Documentation includes Morrow's research notes and copies of primary sources such as crash investigation reports, Houston Aiport System records, leases, press releases and newspaper clippings. Books include diaries, memoirs, unit histories, and military histories. Recorded and live interviews date from 1967-2007.



The material is organized into four series.
Series I: Research materials
Series II: Personnel photographs
Series III: Books
Series IV: Oversize items


Access Restrictions

This material is open for research.

Use Restrictions

Permission to publish from The Ellington Field Collection must be obtained from the Woodson Research Center, Rice University.

Index Terms

Cold War
Ellington Field, Texas
Texas Red River Campaign, March-May 1864
WAC(Women's Army Corps)
WASP(Women's Air Service Pilots)
147th Fighter Interceptor Group, Ellington Field, Texas
African Americans in the military
Coast Guard
Desgregation in the military
Ellington Air Force Base, Texas
Houston Airport System
Military Aviation, 20th Century
Johnson Space Center, Houston, Texas
The 79th Aviation Squadron
Women in the military
World War I
World War II
Subjects (People)
Byerly, Capt. Kirk
Grimm, Dean
Helms, Susan ,
Kinzler, Jack
Lang, Dave
Salton Clark, .Laurel
Sharp, Lt. Col. George,
Aldridge, Roy
Algranti, Joe
Anderson, Michael
Armstrong, Col. Neil
Brown, David
Bush, Lt. George W.
Byrnes, Martin
Chawla, Kalpana
Edmonds, Eugene
Godwin, Linda
Goforth, Col. Art
Hjornevik, Wesley
Ivins, Marsha
Jemison, Mae
McLeaish, John
Parker, William
Radcliffe, Vaughan
Reid, Col. Walter H.
Stepchinski, Col. Aloysius
McCool, William
Wells, Lt. Col. Stephanie
Audio tape

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Ellington Field Collection, MS 547, Woodson Research Center, Fondren Library, Rice University.

Acquisition Information

This collection was donated by Kathryn Black Morrow May 4, 2009.


Future additions may be expected for this material.

Detailed Description of the Collection


Series I: Ellington Field research materials, 1917-2009

box folder
1 1 Written histories 1950-1963.
2 Articles, evolution of the Air Force 1914-2002.
3 Articles, general aviation and local history 1917-2001.
4 History, 111th Fighter Squadron 1917-2007.
5 History, 147th Fighter Interceptor Group 1990-2007.
6 History, 158th Aircraft Control and Warning Group, 1951-2002.
7 History, 340th Navigation Training Squadron undated
8 History, 446th Tactical Airlift Wing undated
9 History, 2516th AAF Base Unit, Eagle Pass, Texas, 1945.
10 Histories, 3605th Aircraft Observer Training Unit, 1950-1955.
box folder
2 1 Articles, Johnson Space Center, "Space News Roundup", 1963-1991.
2 Johnson Space Center Economic Impact Studies, 1967,1980.
3 Johnson Space Center History Collection information, 2003.
4 Oral history interviews 1943, 1967,1968, 2004. Note: MSC/JSC Interviewees (1967,1968) were Dave Lang, Joe Algranti, Dean Grimm,Wesley Hjornevik, John McLeaish, Roy Aldridge,Martin Byrnes, Eugene Edmonds, Capt. Kirk Byerly, Jack Kinzler, William Parker. NASA biographies were of Marsha Ivins, Tamara Jernigan,Linda Godwin, Mae Jemison,Susan Helms,Kalpana Chawla, William McCool, David Brown, Michael Anderson, and Laurel Salton Clark. Live interviews (2004) by Kathryn Black Morrow were Lt. Col. George Sharp, Vaughan Radcliffe, Col. Art Goforth. Ellington Field World War II interviews (1943) were Lt. Col. James H. von Pein, Mrs. Walter H. Reid, T/Sgt. Robert G. Hahn, Mr. R.A. Laird, Mrs. Alexine G. Watts, Mr. Robert A. Wilkins, Col. Walter H. Reid, 1943, 1967,1968, 2004.
5 Joint Use Agreements, GSA, NASA, Air Force 1978-1979, 1981-1983.
6 Closing of Ellington as an active duty base 1975-1976.
7 History, Project Gemini, book excerpt 2002.
8 Texas Military Forces, Economic Impact 1996, 1998.
9 Ellington Field Master Plan Studies, 1987,2002.
10 Houston Airport System Economic Impact Study, 1998.
11 Press releases, memoranda, articles 1967,2007.
12 Wings Over Houston Souvenir programs 2002, 2009.
13 Articles, air races 1916-1920.
14 Certificate copies 1919,1942.
box folder
3 1 Newsclippings 1917-1920.
2 Newsclippings 1921-1925.
3 Newsclippings 1940-1945.
4 Newsclippings 1946-1949.
5 Newsclippings 1950-1954.
6 Newsclippings 1955-1959.
7 Newsclippings 1960-1969.
8 Newsclippings 1970-1979.
9 Newsclippings 1980-1985.
10 Newsclippings 1986-1889.
11 Newsclippings 1990-1995.
12 Newsclippings 1996-2000.
13 Newsclippings 2001-2004.
14 Newsclippings 2004-2007.
box folder
4 1 Cassette tape, TDK 90 minute, KUHF 88.7 FM Radio Station, Interviewer, Paul Pendergraft. Interview 1., Col. Steve Jones, Vice Flight Commander,147th Fighter Interceptor Group, Texas Air National Guard, Ellington Field,October 9, 2001, Interview 2. Col. Bob Luna, Military Public Affairs Officer, Texas National Guard, Ellington Field, October 14, 2001. 2001.
2 AFHRA Microfilm reel, B2175, Ellington Field historical records, 1940-1946.
3 AFHRA Microfilm reel, B2176, Ellington Field historical records 1944-1946.
4 Ellington Field Joint Reserve Base promotional buttons undated.
5 Civil Air Patrol manuals, history 1992- 1994.
6 Texas National Guard newsclippings 1968-1975.
7 National Guard magazine, 50th anniversary issue, June 1994.
8 Adjutant General's Office overview, Texas National Guard, Texas State Guard histories undated.
9 Military Equal Opportunity Climate survey c. 1991.
10 Historical records copies, Air Force History and Research Agency (AFHRA) microfilm reel B2175, items 7, 8, 12, 15. 1940-1944.
11 Historical records copies, Air Force History and Research Agency (AFHRA) microfilm reel B2176, items 3, 4, 6. 1944-1945.
12 Historical records copies, Air Force History and Research Agency (AFHRA) microfilm reel B2175, item 6. 1944.
13 Articles, newsclippings, 2002-2007.
box folder
5 1 Programs, memorabilia 1917-2007.
2 Photographs 1914-2007.
3 Postcards, World War I, World War II 1917-1945.
4 Book, Ellington 1918 1918.
box folder
6 1 Letters home from Ellington Field; Osgood, Merriman 1943, 1994.
2 Letters home from Ellington Field, Cadet Ira McNair diary, 1 of 2 1918.
3 Letters home from Ellington Filed, Cadet Ira McNair diary, 2 of 2 1918.
4 "Searching the Skies; The Legacy of the United Satate's Defense Radar Program" c. 1985-1991
5 "Reach for the Skies" promotional brochure, Clear Lake Economic Development Foundation 1987- 1991.
6 Booklet, " A Camera Trip Through Ellington Field" c. 1943.
7 Book, Ellington Field Class 43-D 1943.
8 Book, Ellington Field Class 43K 1943.
9 Book, "The Astro-Dome," Ellington Field Class 44-3 1944.
10 Book, "No Mindus de Murkus," A History of the Air National Guard Jet Instrument School, Ellington Field 1957-1961.
11 "Aviation Weekly' magazine, May 27, 1968. Note: Article on Lunar Landing vehicle (LLV) crash involving Col. Neil Armstrong on page 55. 1968.
12 "Tailspin" newspaper November 19, 1943. 1943.
13 "Texas, the Defense Community," Texas Military Preparedness Commission Annual Report 2004-2005. 2004-2005.
14 "Texas Military History Quarterly," Note: Article Military Aviation in Texas, 1917-1919 includes information on the establishment of Ellington Field on pages 8,9. The article, " Texas Forces in the Red River Campaign , March-May 1864, pages 15-22 includes a map of the campaign in an envelope at the back of the magazine... Spring, 1963.


Series II: Personnel Photographs

box folder
7 1 Abbey, George W.S.
2 Abbott, Ross M.
3 Adams, Claude B., Jr.
4 Adams, Edwin W., Jr.
5 Adams, Thomas C., Jr.
6 Adamson, Thomas W.
7 Adger, John H.
8 Adkins, John W.
9 Ahrens, Clarence R.
10 Akin, Frank A.
11 Akin, Robert G.
12 Albels, Ernest E.
13 Alford, R.L.
14 Allbright, Joe E.
15 Allen, Gale H.
16 Allen, Julius C.
17 Allen, Michael E.
18 Allen, Michael H.
19 Allen, Robert G.
20 Allen, Samuel J.
21 Anderson, Bobbie D.
22 Anderson, Darryl K.
23 Anderson, Kenneth D.
24 Anglin, Jerry P.
25 Antill, Gene C., Jr.
26 Archer, Donald L.
27 Armstrong, Nobel B., Jr.
28 Arnold, Glenn T.
29 Arnold, Jerry N.
30 Arnold, Willie R.
31 Artiaga, Pete
32 Ash, Jimmie C.
33 Atkins, Thomas A.
34 Atwill, James H.
35 Ault, Donald E.
36 Avenell, Paul R.
37 Aycock, Hollis E.
38 Baer, Robert G.
39 Bailey, Eldridge B.
40 Baker, Earl J.
41 Baker, Franklin R.
42 Baker, James A.
43 Baker, Robert A.
44 Baker, Vernon E., Jr.
45 Baker, William J., Jr.
46 Baldwin, William D.
47 Ballard, Hoyt B.
48 Banzer, Franz A., Jr.
49 Barfield, Billy J.
50 Bariteau, Albert A.
51 Barko, Andrew J.
52 Barmore, Gaston C., Jr.
53 Barnell, David K.
54 Barnes, Bernard E.
55 Barnes, Joseph E.
56 Barnes, Lewis W., Jr.
57 Barnett, Clyde R.
58 Barnett, Derrell L.
59 Barnett, Donald M.
60 Barnhart, Donald D.
61 Barrera, George T.
62 Barrera, Narciso
63 Barrett, Kenneth H.
64 Barstow, William F.
65 Bartels, Victor J.
66 Bartle, Thomas F.
67 Barton, Cecil L.
68 Bartula, Raymond A.
69 Bascom, Clarence C., Jr.
70 Bass, James D.
71 Bath, James R.
72 Bauerkemper, Gary R.
73 Baugh, William F., Jr.
74 Beach, James R.
75 Beall, H.H.
76 Beall, James L.
77 Beard, Oliver C., Jr.
78 Beck, Billy B.
79 Becker, Robert L.
80 Befeld, Herman A..
81 Belcher, Edgar M.
82 Bennett, Jimmy L.
83 Bensen, Jan A.
84 Benton, Donald A.
85 Bernshausen, Clarence
86 Berryman, Bernard C.
87 Bertelson, Roger A.
88 Bertram, Emil O.
89 Best, L.C.
90 Bilsky, James C.
91 Bishop, James E., Jr.
92 Blanco, Bobby G.
93 Blankenship, Charles V., Jr.
94 Blankenship, Earl
95 Blankenship, Randle L., Jr.
96 Bleil, Bert E.
97 Blevins, William V.
98 Blissard, Robert J.
99 Block, James A.
100 Bock, Edward S., III
101 Bolin, Rex E.
102 Bond, William H.
103 Bonner, Jerry W.
104 Bookout, Ronald L.
105 Boothe, Walter T.
106 Booton, Richard L.
107 Bordelon, Darvin A.
108 Borden, Richard B.
109 Bosworth, Ted L.
110 Bowen, James W.
111 Bowman, James M.
112 Boxx, Eldon L.
113 Brady, James P.
114 Brant, Charles E.
115 Brasfield, Lee L.
116 Bravenec, Robert R.
117 Brazell, Ernest C.
118 Brent, John B.
119 Briggs, William
120 Bright, David E.
121 Briscoe, James R.
122 Britt, George W., Jr.
123 Brock, James E.
124 Broussard, Eloie C., Jr.
125 Brown, James C.
126 Brown, Jimmie D.
127 Broyles, Walter S.
128 Bruder, Harry E.
129 Bruemmer, Robert E.
130 Bryan, James D., III
131 Bryant, James M.
132 Buchanan, Carroll L.
133 Buchanan, Ronald J.
134 Burroughs, James C.
135 Busch, Robert D.
136 Butcher, William L., Jr.
137 Butler, Albert D., Jr.
138 Butler, Marshall W., Jr.
139 Buxton, Charles W.
140 Caddell, Leon J., Jr.
141 Caffey, Clarence R.
142 Caldwell, Alan B.
143 Caldwell, Charlie
144 Calvert, Kenneth E.
145 Campbell, Walter D.
146 Canady, James P.
147 Caplovitz, Nathan
148 Carbone, Charles M.
149 Carby, Wayne K.
150 Carpenter, Gerald D.
151 Carr, Marion A.
152 Carr, Rex B.
153 Carrillo, Albert A.
154 Carroll, David V.
155 Carroll, Gayle G.
156 Carroll, James R.
157 Carter, James B.
158 Carter, James R.
159 Carter, Robert C.
160 Casey, Kenneth R.
161 Cash, Joseph A.
162 Castillo, Jose G.
163 Castro, Guadalupe, Jr.
164 Cauley, James M.
165 Chadwick, James L.
166 Challton, Robert L.
167 Chamberlain, Robert E.
168 Chambers, Raymond W., Jr.
169 Chaney, Clair V.
170 Chapman, William P., III
171 Charlton, Robert R.
172 Chaudier, James B.
173 Cheatham, Robert D.
174 Chilek, Charlie F.
175 Chilek, Davie S.
176 Christa, David L.
177 Christmas, Carl K.
178 Clark, James W.
179 Clay, Kenneth B.
180 Coker, Raymond L.
181 Cole, James E.
182 Cole, Raymond E.
183 Coleman, William R.
184 Conner, Floyd O.
185 Conrad, Ronald O.
186 Contreras, Herman A.
187 Cook, Alton H., Jr.
188 Cook, Charles H.
189 Cook, John C.
190 Cooke, Gary L.
191 Cooper, Coral L.
192 Cooper, John H., Jr.
193 Cortez, Ricardo, Sr.
194 Coskey, Johnny A.
195 Coslett, Walter R.
196 Cotrone, Joseph C.
197 Counce, Jackie W.
198 Coupland, Robert D.
199 Cox, James M.
200 Crain, James T.
201 Craven, Joseph L.
202 Croes, Mirto D.
203 Croes, Sixto R.
204 Cromwell, Henry A., Jr.
205 Crone, Roy D.
206 Crump, Major James T.
207 Crump, Ray A.
208 Cuevas, Roy R.
209 Culbreth, Alfred B.
210 Cummings, Harry J.
211 Cummings, Lawrence C.
212 Cunningham, Ronald E.
213 Currier, Charles D.
214 Cuthbertson, Floyd E.
215 Czekanski, Ronald W.
216 Dabney, William R.
217 Daigle, Wayne D.
218 Darling, William D.
219 Daugherty, John A., Jr.
220 Davis, Arthur R.
221 Davis, Bobby A.
222 Davis, Carl F.
223 Davis, Carl F.
224 Davis, James A.
225 Davis, Jon M.
226 Davis, Lyn D.
227 Davis, P.E.
228 Davis, Ralph D.
229 Davis, Robert G.
230 Deanovich, Michael G.
231 Dehart, Richard W.
232 Dehay, Hedwig H.
233 Desazo, Robert T.
234 Dever, James P.
235 Deviney, Howard L., Jr.
236 Dewees, Olen E., Jr.
237 Dicamillo, Lawrence R.
238 Dicker, Charles, A., Jr.
239 Dickson, Thomas E., Jr.
240 Dietrich, Frank B.
241 Dimicelli, Joseph A.
242 Dimler, Dale R.
243 Divin, Albert J.
244 Dobbins, James R.
245 Doehring, Billy J.
246 Dombrowski, Henry T.
247 Donaldson, John W.
248 Doran, Harold G..
249 Dougherty, James A.
250 Douglas, Donald C.
251 Douglas, Garth D.
252 Dowell, Aubrey C.
253 Dowler, Earl R.
254 Dowling, Alfred P., Jr.
255 Downes, Robert W.
256 Dudley, Donald G.
257 Dudley, Ronald D.
258 Due, Grady D.
259 Dukeminier, Randell A.
260 Dumkay, William H.
261 Dunavent, Dale E.
262 Dunkin, Lawrence G.
263 Dunn, Robert E.
264 Dunne, Thomas Y.
265 Durant, Cecil J.
266 Dyer, Michael H.
267 Dyer, Walter C., Jr.
268 Dynis, Dale N.
269 Earle, James K.
270 Ebersole, Frank E.
271 Eckert, Charles M.
272 Eddings, Selman D., Jr.
273 Edwards, Howard H., Jr.
274 Elam, Robert O.
275 Ellard, Charles J.
276 Ellis, Allen A.
277 Erickson, Eric W., Jr.
278 Escamilla, Johnny M.
279 Eubanks, Richard L.
280 Everhard, Clay
281 Ewing, Lawrence C.
282 Fagan, Jerry S.
283 Falco, Joseph
284 Farley, Stacy G., Jr.
285 Feld, Jerry
286 Fenn, Jerald D.
287 Fenner, Richard G.
288 Fenton, Lewis, Jr.
289 Fernandez, James W.
290 Fernandez, Orlando O.
291 Files, Kenneth O.
292 Fincher, William G.
293 Finn, William J.
294 Fiorito, Cyde A.
295 Fischer, Carl F.
296 Fisher, Larry F.
297 Fleming, Robert L.
298 Fletcher, Wilson L.
299 Flinn, William W.
300 Floeck, Charles L.
301 Folwell, John C.
302 Fontenot, Paul N.
303 Ford, Charles P.
304 Fortune, Donald M.
305 Foster, Edward A.
306 Foster, Graves N.
307 Foster, Weldon T.
308 Fowler, Bradley A.
309 Fowler, Coy L.
310 Fowler, Gordon J., Jr.
311 Fowler, Guy B.
312 Frank, Henry V.
313 Frankson, Wilbur R.
314 Fraser, Lawrence G.
315 Frederking, David V.
316 Freeman, Billy D.
317 Freeman, Robert L.
318 Freeman, William D.
319 French, Larry L.
320 Fuchs, Carroll G.
321 Fugate, George M.
322 Gaedke, Waldo A.
323 Gaffey, Edward J.
324 Gallagher, William J.
325 Gandee, Ronald L.
326 Gandy, Robert E.
327 Ganske, Irwin J.
328 Gantt, Luddie R.
329 Garcia, Luis H.
330 Garcia, Roberto C.
331 Garcia, Ruben R.
332 Garison, Ira G.
333 Garland, Bobby T.
334 Garmany, Richard P.
335 Garrison, Donald E.
336 Gates, Milburn J.
337 Gawlik, James D.
338 Geldmeier, William L., Jr.
339 Gervais, Neil F.
340 Getso, Joseph L., Jr.
341 Gibson, David D.
342 Gibson, Virgil L., Jr.
343 Gilliam, Ronald R., Jr.
344 Glaze, Lawrence B.
345 Goad, Edwin L.
346 Godbey, Luther D.
347 Godhelp, Gustave F.
348 Goers, Roger T.
349 Goeters, Joseph E.
350 Golden, James M.
351 Gonzales, Jerome E., II
352 Gonzales, Robert A.
353 Goodner, Gary L.
354 Goodwin, Truman W.
355 Gordon, Edward C., Jr.
356 Gordy, Valrie O.
357 Gore, Alan H.
358 Gore, Edward L., Jr.
359 Gouger, Norman E.
360 Gounaris, George J.
361 Graf, Charles H.
362 Graham, Jordan J.
363 Grant, William J., Jr.
364 Graves, Donald E.
365 Grawey, Anthony F.
366 Green, Dan E.
367 Green, Donald C.
368 Green, Henry O., Jr.
369 Green, Robert S.
370 Greer, Jewell L.
371 Grelecki, John R.
372 Grier, Donna B.
373 Griesmyer, Steven C.
374 Gross, Howard H.
375 Grossholz, Gene P.
376 Guerrero, Joe J.
377 Guess, Ottis C., Jr.
378 Guettner, David F.
379 Guffey, Everette V.
380 Guyon, Donald K.
381 Lawson, James M.
382 McCartney, Richard K.
383 Montgomery, Norman H.
384 Ogden, William J.
385 Ordelheide, Meyer F.
386 Osteen, Robert L.
387 Otte, William K., Jr.
388 Pagan Saez, Nelson
389 Pagliuss, Eugene F., Sr.
390 Pascal, James B.
391 Penney, Billy B.
392 Phillips, Charles T.
393 Piel, Charles W.
394 Potter, Byron R.
395 Potter, Ceil
396 Present, Stuart M.
397 Pullen, William T.
398 Raines, William H.
399 Ratisseau, Sidney A.
400 Reis, Marion L.
401 Rodriguez, Joe R.
402 Roy, Arda J., Jr.
403 Santos, Gumercindo, Jr.
404 Schiebel, Richard H.
405 Schofield, Larimer M.
406 Schoppe, Donald L.
407 Schroeder, Wayne E.
408 Seale, Henry M.
409 Shellshear, Thomas M.
410 Shepherd, Billy R.
411 Sheppard, Alton L.
412 Silguero, Benito
413 Sinclair, Richard D.
414 Skyvara, Richard J.
415 Slaughter, James
416 Smaistrla, Daniel C.
417 Smith, Lindsey T.
418 Smith, Marvin R.
419 Sorenson, Nils A.
420 Sparks, James C.
421 Staudt, Walter B.
422 St. Cyr, Mark V.
423 Stepchinski, Aloysius M.
424 Stockton, Kenneth F.E.
425 Stockwell, William K.
426 Strode, Hubert B., Jr.
427 Taylor, Curtis E.
428 Taylor, Robert H., III
429 Taylor, Travis C.
430 Thedford, Robert B.
431 Thomas, James W.
432 Thompson, Frank W., Jr.
433 Thompson, Leroy
434 Tomchesson, Arlan R.
435 Totsky, Herbert P.
436 Vick, Joe E.
437 Vick, Joe E.
438 Vincer, Samuel C., Jr.
439 Wahrenberger, James E., Jr.
440 Wahrenberger, John W.
441 Walker, Morgan B.
442 Warren, Jimmie L.
443 Waxler, James K., Jr.
444 Westervelt, Lloyd H.
445 Westervelt, Ronald D.
446 Wiatrak, William A.
447 Willard, Charles R.
448 Wind, Erwin L., Jr.
449 Woodard, Wendell L.
450 Woodring, Albert L.
451 Woodring, Joseph S.
452 Woods, Paul H.
453 Yerkes, Joseph
454 Young, Raymond
455 Zimmer, Bill E.
456 Zwerneman, Willard W.
457 unidentified
458 Officers Wives Club
459 Officers Wives Club
460 Officers Wives Club
461 Officers Wives Club
462 Officers Wives Club
463 Officers Wives Club - Christmas
464 Officers Wives Club - Cocktails
465 Officers Wives Club – Dinner
466 Officers Wives Club – Dinner
467-471 Officers Wives Club – Fashion show
472-476 Officers Wives Club – Luncheon
477 Col. Mrs. Staudt, Col. Mrs. Rank
478 147th Airborn best airmen for Nov. 1958
479 Beck invention – extractor
480 Coupland’s tires


Series III: Books

box folder
8 1 Book, Granville, Tales and Tail Spins from a Flyer's Diary, 1919.
2 Master's Thesis,A History of Ellington Field, 1918-2003; Eighty-Five Years of Defense in Texas. May, 2003.
3 Book, From Jennies to Jets; The Story of the 111th Squadron, June 1923-29 June 1973. 1973.
4 Book, Navigation School; Ellington Air Force Base, 1950 1950.
5 Book, Ellington Air Force Base, Aircraft Observer Training 1955-2956.
6 Book, Ellington Air Force Base Class 53-16, 3605th Observer Training Group, 1953.


Series IV: Oversize Items

box folder
9 1 Magazine, "Yank," Middle Pacific Edition, December 28, 1945.
2 Photograph, Women Airforce Service Pilots of WWII(WASP) 1943.
3 Photograph, Air Show at Ellington Field, Texas, 1 of 2 1957.
4 Photograph, Air Show at Ellington Field, Texas, 2 of 2 1957.